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It’s been a year since the day Takemichi had saved everyone, and he was happy as well. Takemichi and Hina are not together anymore, but there were no hard feelings, and they were still friends. The young man is still in contact with his friends except one.

Takemichi was told that Mikey is doing his own thing and is leaving far away. Takemichi, the naïve, innocent guy, believed his friends, but that is far from the truth.

One night Takemichi got home from another day from work. He was heading home when he got a call from a familiar number.


“Takemichi, do you have time to talk right now?” It sounded like his friend had something important to talk to him about.

“What is it?” Takemichi asked as he spoke on the phone while walking.

“It’s about something toman lied to you about.” Takemichi didn’t understand what they could have lied to him about. “It’s about Mikey.”

“Mikey.” A familiar name that Takemichi hadn’t heard for a long time now. He was told that Mikey wasn’t in Japan anymore and that he went aboard.

Takemichi suddenly had this horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“Mikey never went aboard. He’s still in Japan. Takemichi knew where this was going. He made a gang and is doing dangerous things.”

“So Mikey was the only one not happy.”

Takemich felt like he knew something was wrong, but at the same time, he wanted to believe his friends.

“We didn’t want you to worry you,” Draken said. “But then we heard that Mikey is back in Japan.”

“Why are you telling all this to me?”

“It’s because he’s looking for you. We feel that you could be in trouble.”

“Thanks, Draken. For telling me everything.”

“Takemichi, go straight home and don’t even stop anywhere.”

“I got it.”

The call ended, but Takemichi couldn’t help worry about Mikey.

Draken said that Mikey had been doing dangerous stuff, so does that mean he’s scary too.

When Takemichi got home, he was tired from work. He was hungry too, but the young man was too lazy even to make something to do. He laid on his bed thinking about the conversion that he just had with Draken.

Takemichi eyes slowly closed, and he fell asleep. An hour later, he woke up from the sound of his doorbell ringing. He was still sleepy, but the young man got up from his bed and headed to the door. Takemichi never got visitors this late, and if it were his friends, they would let him know they were coming.

Takemichi opened the door, and a man stood there. Takemichi stared at the stranger. He looked familiar to Takemichi.

Suddenly it clicked inside Takemichi’s head. This man with long pink mullet hair reaches his shoulder and has two scars on both sides of his lips. This man looked different from what he remembered.


“Oh, you do remember who I am.” The man seemed happy that Takemichi remembers him. “We had a hard time trying to find you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The king missed you a lot. He went crazy not having you by his side.”

“The king?”

“Yes, the king searched everywhere. We in bonten helped look for you, but you were missing.”

“I don’t understand. Does king mean Mikey?”

“The king is happy to find you finally.”

“Find me? But I have always been in Japan.”

Takemichi then remembered that one time that Mitsuya told him to go to Osaka with Chifuyu.

“Takemichi, come with me to see the king.”

Just as Sanzu was about to grab Takemichi’s hand, another appeared in front of the pink-haired man.

“He will not be going anywhere with you.”


“Always ruining our plans.” Sanzu was annoyed. He didn’t want to make a scene here. “I’ll come again.”

Draken turned around to face Takemichi.

“Are you okay? You not hurt.”

“I’m fine. He didn’t do anything. But you have some explaining to do.”

Takemichi let the taller man inside his apartment.

They sat in the living room.

“That time Mitsuya told me to go to Osaka, did Mikey come looking for me.”

“Yes, he did. His men came looking too.”

“Mikey isn’t the same person you know. He will kill anybody in his way.”

“Why has he changed?”

“That day you left Toman is one of the reasons.”

“The day I left.” Takemichi doesn’t even remember since he was in the past, and when he came back, things had already changed. “Why did I leave?”

“That’s something I don’t know,” Draken said.

“I think I need to speak with Mikey.”

“Are you out of your mind? He’s not the same person anymore.”

“I know, but I want to speak to him.”

“I’m sorry, Takemichi, but that is something I won’t agree with.”


“I have to leave and don’t even try to contact Mikey.”

Once Draken was gone, Takemichi was alone once again.

That night Takemichi tried to go to bed, but then he had a dream.

In it, he saw Mikey as he remembered. Still, then something horrible happened the bodies of his friends were surrounding him, and the man was laughing at them as if they were nothing.

Takemichi woke up sweating.




Sanzu went back to the king, and everybody else was staying. It lived in a vast mansion.

“Sanzu, why have you come back alone?” The king spoke.

“I’m sorry, my king, but Draken appeared and stopped me.”

“Maybe I should go next time.” Kakucho said, getting up from his seat.” He would most like listen to me since I’ve known Takemichi since we were kids.”

“I don’t care what you guys do but bring him here.” The man is known as the king called Sano Manjiro walked out of the room where the rest of the guys were.

Mikey went to his room and took out a photo from one of the drawers, and he stared at the picture of Takemichi and him when they were in toman.

If his men couldn’t bring Takemichi to him, he had to do it himself.

The following day Takemichi got a call from a familiar number.

“Kaku-chan.” Takemichi picked up.

“Can we meet? I want to have a chat with you.”

Takemichi knew that his childhood friend was part of Bonten, where Mikey was. Takemichi knew that Draken wouldn’t allow this, but he had to find a way to learn how Mikey was.

Takemichi agrees to meet with Kakucho that afternoon.

Takemichi decided to meet his childhood friend at the mall. The young man was cautious, even if it was his friend from when they were kids.

They met at a café at the mall.

“Kaku-chan.” Takemichi smiled as he greeted his friend.


The man known as his childhood friend had changed. Looking nothing like the person he knew.

“Michi, come with me to Bonten.”

Takemichi had a feeling it was something like this since Sanzu wanted him to come too.

“Why are you asking me that?”

“The hero needs to be with us. No Manjiro needs you.”

Takemichi didn’t know what to say.

“Why are you even with Mikey?

Takemichi remembers that his childhood friend was loyal to Izana before he passed away. He would have never guessed that Kakucho would change his mind.

“Things happened, and I’m with Manjiro now.”

Hearing Kakucho called Mikey that name was strange to Takemichi because he is so used to everybody calling him Mikey back in toman.

“Let me think this through.”

Takemichi got up from his seat, about to leave.

“Michi.” Kakucho was about to grab Takemichi’s hand, but then another hand pushed it away.

“Chifuyu.” Takemichi looked surprised to see his best friend here.

“Stay the hell away from him!” Chifuyu looked angry.

The best friend took hold of Takemichi’s hand, and they left Kakucho.

“Takemichi, what are you doing here alone with that guy?” Chifuyu asked as they were walking through the mall.

“He wanted to talk, and I thought it would be okay since I was in a crowded place.”

“Are you an idiot? He’s part of bonten, so the people don’t care what they do because they are afraid.

Chifuyu walked Takemichi home even though there was no need. Chifuyu was afraid that something would happen to Takemichi.

When they arrived at Takemichi’s apartment, there was a back of a figure standing there.

“Who’s there?” Chifuyu called out. There was a familiar tattoo on the back of the guy’s neck that Takemichi had seen somewhere before.

“I had a feeling that Kakucho couldn’t take care of things.”

“That voice.”

“So it’s you, Mikey,” Chifuyu said.

Chifuyu stood in front of Takemichi, being all protective of him.

“Takemitchy, I came for you.” The man turned around.

Mikey didn’t look like what Takemichi remembered. His hair had changed and was short now. Mikey looked a bit pale, and those looks in his eyes were dangerous.

“Takemichi, you have to get out of here.”

“What do you mean?”

“Mikey isn’t the same person you knew.”

Mikey charged and attacked Chifuyu. He went down with a loud noise. Chifuyu got hurt since Mikey is stronger than him, even when Mikey looks weak.

“Chifuyu.” Takemichi cried in a worried tone.

He was about to run to his friend, but a hand grabbed him, pulled him in, and locked him.

“Now, now princess, wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”


“Takemichi,” Chifuyu called out even if he was hurt.

“Mikey-kun, please don’t hurt him.” Takemichi cried out. He didn’t want Chifuyu hurt.

Mikey was standing in front of the injured man.

“I promise to go with you, so please don’t hurt Chifuyu.”

Mikey turned away from Chifuyu and walked to where Takemichi was trapped.

“Takemichi, what are you doing?” Chifuyu tried to get up, but he couldn’t move, and his eyelid was slowly fading.

“Sanzu,” Mikey commanded.

Sanzu then hit the back of Takemichi’s head, and then his eyes slowly closed, losing consciousness.

Mikey touched Takemichi’s face gently before telling Sanzu to carry the conscious young man.

Sanzu threw Takemichi over his shoulder, and they left where Takemichi’s apartment was.




When Chifuyu opened his eyes, he saw that he was on a bed. Chifuyu whined in pain when he tried to get up from the bed.

“You’re awake.” Mitsuya was the one who entered the room when the other awoke.

“They took Takemichi.”

“I had a feeling it was something like that.”

“What happened?” Draken entered the room when he heard the commotion from Chifuyu.

The young man explained the whole thing that went down.

“Mikey actually came in person.”

“I don’t think he will hurt him since Mikey cares too much for him.”

Draken agrees what Mitsuya said was right, but he was still worried.

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“My king, you have a meeting,” Sanzu said.

Mikey looked over the sleeping figure. He still hadn’t woken up yet. He wanted to stay until the young man was fully awake, but business had to ruin it.

“Tell the Ran and Rindo to watch over him while we go to the meeting.”

“Yes, my king.” Sanzu was the first to leave the room.

Mikey touched his face one last time before leaving the room himself.

On his downstairs, he saw his men waiting for him.

“Ran, Rindou. Don’t let anything happen to Takemitchy.”

“No problem.” They both said in unison.

“Takemichi hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday since he was sleeping the whole time.” Ran said.

“Maybe we should get something for him to eat when he wakes up,” Rindou added on to what Ran said.

The two brothers decided to see if the young man had woken up yet. They went to the room that Takemichi was placed in. it was actually the king’s room. An enormous space in the mansion.

The brothers saw the young man was still asleep and hadn’t opened his eyes yet.

Ran and Rindou didn’t know Takemichi much, but they were there when he stood up to Kakucho and Izana when toman was getting beat. They never spoke once to each other but heard about the other often.

As they sat there thinking about the past, the young man on the bed started to stir. The first thing they saw was his blue eyes like the ocean. They were beautiful that the sea would be throw to shame.

“Takemichi, are you awake?”

Takemichi faced the two brothers, and then that reminded him of what happened last night.

“Where’s Mikey?”

“Oh, the boss is currently in a meeting right now,” Rindou said.

Rindou was surprised he thought that maybe Takemichi would look at them with a glare even try to run away, but the first thing he says is the king’s name.

The brothers knew they were together in toman and were probably close but thought maybe Takemichi wouldn’t care since they heard he had a girlfriend too.

“Are you hungry?” Ran asked.

“Yes. I am.” Takemichi was quiet and didn’t say much like there was a lot in his mind.

Rindou left the room to go to the kitchen.

Bonten might be a dangerous gang, but that didn’t mean they weren’t rich.

Rindou went to the kitchen and ordered the kitchen people that worked there to make some food. The people here were still afraid of everybody in the bonten, even if they worked with them.

Ran was still in the room trying to start a conversion with Takemichi.

“Do you know how many places Manjiro had searched to find you? He went crazy that he was almost willing to kill your friends.”

That made Takemichi flinch at what Ran said.

“Why did you hide from him? He wanted to see you and be with you so badly. He missed you that there were times he couldn’t sleep or eat.”

Takemichi’s heart sunk a bit. Takemichi didn’t know anything that was going on with Mikey. He had thought that Mikey was happy like everybody else was.

“Takemichi, you’ve grown to be such a pretty person.” Ran touched Takemichi’s face making the black-haired man shocked by the motion. “Everybody in bonten was searching for the princess.”

“What are you saying?” Takemichi finally spoke.

“Your Mikey’s little princess or maybe prince is a better word.”

Rindo came back carrying a tray of food. He laid the tray in front of Takemichi.

“Eat.” He said.

Takemichi felt awkward eating since the brothers were watching his every mood. While eating, something cut Takemichi that made him spill the food out, and a cut appeared on Takemichi’s lips.

The brothers looked surprised at what happened.

“Takemichi.” Rindo Dashed and bought a napkin to stop the bleeding a little bit. “Are you okay? Of course your not.”

“Which servants should I kill today?” When Ran said that, it shocked Takemichi.


“What is it?” Ran asked.

“I’m okay, so please don’t kill them.” It was funny for Takemichi to try to save somebody he doesn’t know.

“Alright, I won’t.” Ran said. He wouldn’t kill that person, but somebody else might.

“I like to take a walk. Is that okay?” Takemichi asked.

“Of course.” Rindou smiled.

“How about you freshen up, and we will come to get you?”

“Okay.” Takemichi nodded.

Rindou showed Takemichi where the towel was fresh new clothes.

The brothers had left, and Takemichi went inside the bathroom. Takemichi was thinking about how he could contact Chifuyu and the rest. He was worried about his best friend. Takemichi noticed his phone was not with him, so he had a feeling one of the bonten members might have taken it.

“The brothers are treating me nice somewhat.” Takemichi thought about the way Ran spoke to him.

Takemichi needed to see Mikey and speak to him about what he was doing. He never thought that Mikey would end making a new gang after disbanding toman. There was something wrong with this future.

“I left before toman was disbanded.” That didn’t make any sense.

Takemichi shook his head and try not to think about it now. He went into the shower and tried to cool off with these thoughts in his head.

After he was done, he wiped his body with the towel and opened the drawer for new clothes. Takemichi had a feeling they belonged to Mikey. After drying his hair, he went back to the bedroom.

The door opened, and the brothers had arrived as they said.

“Let’s go.” Ran said.

Takemichi was glad to be out of the bedroom.

Takemichi noticed it was quiet in the building. Takemichi wondered where he was exactly.

“Can we go outside? I want some fresh air.”

The brothers looked at one another.

“Am I not allow to go outside?”

“It's not like that. We can take you, but I don’t think you will like it.”

When they got outside, there was a horrible smell.

Is that smell of blood?”

“I think it's better to go inside.” Ran said.

Takemichi wondered where the blood was coming from or how it was there.

“Is your mouth okay?” Rindou examined the young man and saw it was a little better, but it was noticeable.

“It doesn’t hurt,” Takemichi said.

They were standing there when they heard the front door open, and Mikey and the others had entered.

“Mikey,” Takemichi called out the name like a whisper.

Mikey saw Takemichi and walked toward him, but the first thing that he noticed was the cut on his lips.

“What happened? He asked as he touched Takemichi’s lips.

“It was an accident,” Takemichi said.

“Let’s go back to your room.” Sanzu walked Takemichi back to the room he was in before. “The king will come to see you in a bit.”

“Tell what happened?” Mikey said.

The brothers told him how there was glass in one of the food that Takemichi was eating in.

“Kakucho, kill them.” He ordered with his stern voice.

After Mikey went to the room where Takemichi is at.

Sanzu came out of the room when Mikey was on his way there.

“Sanzu, bring the water and pill in a bit.”

“Yes, my king.”

Mikey entered the room and saw Takemichi sitting on the bed.

“Mikey,” Takemichi said.

Mikey walked to Takemichi was and sat beside him.

“Mikey, why did you make bonten?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

“Because I’m worried about you.”

“That makes me happy.” Mikey smiled.

“Why are you going against your friends?”

“Why?” They hid you from me.”


“I needed you by my side. You’re the only one that can make me happy. They took you away from me.”

They did that to protect me.”

“You ran away from me too.”

“I-I..” Takemichi didn’t know what to say because he wasn’t sure what happened.


“That scream.”

“That cook did a terrible job.”

“Why would you?”

“He made you food that hurt you.”

“That’s no reason to….” Takemichi didn’t want to finish that sentence.

“I’ll kill anybody who gets in my way. Even those that hurt you.”

“That isn’t right, Mikey-kun.”

“Takemitchy, why are you not on my side?” Mikey’s eyes were dark and dangerous, and it scared Takemichi, but he stayed strong.

There was a knock on the door, and Sanzu entered the room with a glass of water.

“Takemichi, you must be thirsty.” The pink-haired man said to bring the glass of water to him.

“I am a bit thirsty.” He didn’t have anything to drink since his meal.

Maybe the water would help since the conversation with Mikey wasn’t going well.

Takemichi drank the glass of water. It made his mouth good since it felt dry before. Once he finished, Takemichi turned to look at Mikey. He wanted to say something.

Suddenly his head started to hurt a bit. Everything in the room began to spin in his head.

“I feel strange.” He said, holding his head.

“Takemitchy, are you okay?” Mikey asked.

Mikey went over and held Takemichi in his arms.

“It’s okay.” He said.

Takemichi’s eyes slowly closed, and then he drifted off to sleep.

Mikey shoved a little bit of the shirt that Takemichi was wearing so he could see his naked back. “This is the perfect spot for the tattoo.”

“When should we process the tattoo?” Sanzu asked.

“We will do it tomorrow when he is fully awake.”

A smile crept its way to Sanzu’s face. “It sure will be painful for him.”

“It’s alright. I will be there to calm Takemitchy down.”

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Takemichi woke up the next morning feeling strange. The black-haired man can’t even remember how he fell asleep last night, but he knew he fell dizzy all of a sudden.

He was alone in the room. Takemichi stared out the window that was in the room. He wondered how Mikey and bonten could get all the money to have a place like this.

Suddenly Takemichi felt a chill go down his spine. He had a bad feeling come over him. His mind was telling him that he had to leave. The young man reached for the door, but the moment he did, Mikey and Sanzu opened the door before he could. That bad feeling was still there with the two standing there.

Something caught Takemichi’s eyes, and it was something that Mikey was holding.

“Mitchy, today I will make you one of us.” He smiled

Takemichi backed away, but Sanzu grabbed him before he could go too far back.

“It’s okay,” Mikey said.

Mikey ordered Sanzu to put Takemichi on the bed to be more comfortable for the pain that would happen.

“Stop, please,” Takemichi said.

“It’s going to be alright.” Mikey handed the tattoo gun to Sanzu, and then Takemichi felt something go inside his skin. A syringe needle had got inside his body without him noticing. Mikey had it hidden that Takemichi didn’t see it. It was painful, and tears appeared in Takemichi’s eyes. The pain has gotten worse, and his body is feeling hot.

“Stop, please.” He cried.

The tears kept flowing from the pain. Sanzu started the process of the tattoo. Takemichi could feel the pain and hear the noise the gun made. It hurt, and the tears wouldn’t stop.

“I know it hurts, but it will be over.” Mikey then did something unexpected and pressed his lips to Takemichi’s, which shocked the young man from what Mikey had just done. He kissed him on the lips, but the pounding pain on the back was hurting that even while Mikey kissed him, more tears kept coming.

“Please, don’t do this.” He cried.

“This is the only way everybody knows who you belong to.”

Takemichi felt weak. He couldn’t push Mikey or Sanzu away. The kiss made it worse, and Mikey kept kissing him, and Takemichi didn’t like this feeling.

“Hate me all you want, but you belong to me, know.”

Even when it was all done, the tears hadn’t stopped.

Mikey took a look at the bonten mark on Takemichi’s back. It was breathtaking to him to have on such a beautiful person already.

The crying had slowed down, and the young man had fainted.

Sanzu had left Mikey alone with the sleeping figure.

“Is it done?” Kakucho had approached Sanzu, who walked out of the room.

“It sure was excited to see such tears.”

Kakucho had a worried look on his face. He wanted Takemichi with him in bonten but didn’t want pain for his childhood friend.

“It had to happen since you came to us,” Kakucho said.




“We have to find him!” Chifuyu couldn’t stand the thought that Takemichi was with Mikey, who was not the same person they once knew.

“You need to calm down. We will.” Mitsuya said.

“We need to find out where bonten’s base is,” Draken said.

Bonten was very secretive that nobody knew where they were, so finding Takemichi would be hard. They all had worried looks on their faces.

“I can ask my sister. Maybe she knows something.” Hakkai said.

“Maybe Naoto can help.” Chifuyu thought of the little brother of Hinata.

They needed clues and help from others since bonten is a group hard to find.

Chifuyu was still feeling guilty about what happened that night. He let Takemichi be taken away. If he was stronger and maybe things would have been different. Who was he kidding? There was no way that he could beat Mikey.

Chifuyu left the guys and started walking. He thought about what he should do. Chifuyu thought of contacting Naoto, but then he didn’t want to worry the guy and then there was Hinata too.

“Chifuyu.” The young man stopped when he heard his name being called.

“Kazutora.” He said when he turned to see who called him.

“I heard what happened to Takemichi.”

“It was my fault. I was there when he was taken away.”

“You shouldn’t blame yourself, and I’m sure Takemichi would say the same thing.”

What Kazutora said was right. That is how Takemichi is.

“I’ll help out since Takemichi has helped me too.”

Chifuyu wondered what Kazutora was talking about but knowing Takemichi, and he always does things that surprise everyone.




Takemichi felt weak and could hardly move. His eyes were open, and Mikey was there on the bed holding his hand. Mikey was saying something to him but couldn’t understand the Words that Mikey said.

“I did this so we can be together so nobody can take you away from me.”

Takemichi didn’t know what the man said, but he knew even without him hearing the words.

Draken and everybody were right that Mikey wasn’t the same person, but what made him change so much.

Did he do something in the past that made the former toman leader this way?

The door to the room opened, and Sanzu had entered. He was giving his reports as usual with his usual grin on his face.

“It looks like I have to leave again.” Mikey sighed. He wanted to be with Takemichi more. “Who do I have to kill for taking my time away from Takemitchy.”

Mikey kissed Takemichi on the forehead. “I’ll come back as soon as I can.”

They left the room, leaving Takemichi alone.

The two were near the entrance when somebody walked into the mansion.

“Kokonoi, your back from your trip.” Mikey had thought that the man would take longer.

“It wasn’t a big deal as I thought.” He sighed. “ Wasted my time.”

“Since you’re here, why not take care of somebody for me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Who else than the one we were looking for?” Ran popped out of nowhere.

“Takemichi?” Kokonoi said, realizing who they meant.

After Mikey and Sanzu left, Kokonoi went up to the room where Takemichi was resting. Kokonoi slowly opened the door, and there on the bed was the person he hadn’t seen for a long time, or maybe it felt long to him.

Takemichi eyes looked at the door and saw a familiar face. The man seems to have a different look.

Kokonoi saw how weak Takemichi looked. Mikey had explained that they had done the tattoo process. He wished that he was there when it happened.

The man went to bed where Takemichi was lying on.

Takemichi wasn’t that surprised to see Kokonoi in bonten since he heard about it. It was still hard to believe all these people he once knew were doing dangerous things.

Takemichi believed that he must have done something wrong in the past or missed something. He wanted to go back to the past and change this. There had been another way to go back to the past.

“Takemichi.” Kokonoi hugged the younger man.

It felt like it was a long time since Kokonoi felt this warmth.

“Why are you with bonten?”

There was silence and no answer.

“Things can’t always stay the same.” He said.

Takemichi didn’t understand what the man meant by that.

“I and everybody in bonten will protect you.”

Takemichi didn’t need protecting. He wanted things to go back to the way it was.

There was a determination in his eyes. The young had made up his mind. He had to find a way to escape this mess. He needed to get in touch with Chifuyu and the others. He knew that was a complex task when he didn’t have his phone with him.

My phone should be somewhere in this place.”

He hasn’t been allowed to go outside. It would be hard even to get out since there was always somebody watching over him. The only place he was allowed to go was the courtyard.

“Have you spoken to Inui?” Takemichi asked.

He was able to talk more now than he did before. The pain from the tattoo was fading a little.

“Why do you bring him up?” Kokonoi looked annoyed by what Takemichi asked. “Are you not talking?”

“I don’t care about that guy, and you shouldn’t either.”

Something was wrong since Takemichi remembers they were very close.


Chapter Text

It has been a week since Takemichi was taken.  Takemichi tried to find a way to get out, but it was hard when somebody was always watching over him. There was never a day that he wasn’t alone.

Takemichi was having his lunch when Rindou entered his face. He had a happy expression on his face, as he always does whenever Rindou faces Takemichi.

Takemichi saw the blood on his face. The young man should have gotten used to it all, but it still makes him sick inside. This man and everybody here kills, and they always have a smile on their faces.

“Is something wrong?” Rindou asked.

“It’s nothing. It just looks like you exhausted.” That was a lie, but Takemichi didn’t know what to say.

Rindou knew the young man was lying but just smiled it all off.

“The boss should be back soon.”

Takemichi didn’t know if it was a good thing or not to see Mikey. The person he knew has gone into the dark side and wouldn’t even listen to him.

“Do you miss your friend?” Rindou asked.


Why was this Rindou asking about his friends? His thoughts then went to Draken, Chifuyu and the others. He hopes they were doing well. He had this feeling that they were worried about him.

“Your thinking of them, right.” The man grinned.

“I was not.” Takemichi denied. He didn’t want anything to happen to them.

“I saw them the other day.”

Takemichi didn’t like the way this person was suddenly talking.

“Of course, I didn’t engage in any fight or even have an encounter with them. I just saw them across the street.”

Why is Rindou telling him all this?

“You want to see them right. But that isn’t something we can allow.” The voice tone became darker. “You belong to Mikey, and that means you belong to us.”

Rindou touched Takemich’s pale face. Those blue eyes were the same as he remembers that day he spotted them.

There was something that Takemichi wanted to say, but the words wouldn’t form in his mouth. He was afraid of what could happen.

The two heard the sound of the front entrance.

“Looks like Mikey and the others are back.” Rindou left the room to headed to the entrance.

“How is he?” Mikey asked the moment he spotted Rindou.

“He’s the same as always.”

Mikey headed straight to where Takemichi was without a word to anybody else. The boss was always in a rush to see his beloved.

There he saw the blue-eyed beautiful human lying on that same bed.

“Mitchy, I’m back.” He said when Mikey approached the young man. Takemichi gave a weak smile to him.

“I miss you so much. I miss you every time I have to leave you.” Mikey touched Takemichi’s skin and then looked at where the tattoo mark is. He kissed it, and it made Takemichi make a strange sound.

Mikey does this every day since he wants to make sure Takemichi is really here and his.

“You must be bored being here all day.”


Mikey took hold of Takemichi’s hands and kissed them. “I am happy that you are here with me.”

This Mikey was different. Sano Manjiro would say things that he would never speak to him before.

“Why are you doing all this?” Takemichi asked.

“It’s because I love you. I always have.”

Takemichi couldn’t feel the love that Mikey was expressing. This love obsessed with him. It was dangerous.

There was a sudden knock on the door.

“What is it?” Mikey asked, annoyed.

“There somebody here for you.” It was Kakucho on the other side speaking.

There was a murderous look on Mikey’s face.

“I will be back, my love.” Mikey kissed Takemichi underneath his right eye.

Mikey opened the door, and Kakucho was there waiting for him.

Takemichi watched as their figures disappear out of sight.

A man was waiting for Mikey, just like Kakucho said.

“What do you want?” Mikey didn’t mince his words at the man directly sitting across from him.

“It’s about the offer I suggested.”

“I thought my men and I made it clear,” Mikey said.

“Please, we promise to give you the bigger package.”

Mikey wasted his time seeing this man.

“You guys take care of this.” Mikey didn’t want to deal with this.

“Sano-san, please!” The man got angry that Mikey ignored him.

The twins appeared in front of the man blocking his way to Mikey.

“Don’t bother the boss.” Ran said. “You made him mad.”

The twins looked at each other with a smirk on their faces.

“We will take care of you for him.” Rindou is excited about what is to come.

“If you make a mess, then clean it up,” Kakucho said as he left them to the man.

When they were done with the man’s body, they heard a crash coming from Mikey’s room where the boss and Takemichi are.

They hurried there and saw a scene. Takemichi was throwing anything that was in the room at Mikey.

“Takemitchy, calm down.”

“Calm down! You kidnapped me and won’t let me out here, and now you tell me I can’t save you.”

“You can’t.” Mikey direct with his words. “You can’t go back to the past anymore because I don’t need saving. I like my life the way it is.”

“Don’t say that!” Takemichi cried out.

“What does he mean by past?” Ran asked.

“I don’t know.” Rindou wondered as well.

Mikey saw the brothers near the door and looked at them with his eyes. The brothers knew what to do. They sneaked in from behind and grabbed Takemichi.

“What are you doing!” He yelled, trying to break free.

“I didn’t want to do this, but it looks like I have no choice.”

In Mikey’s hand was a syringe needle, the same one when he got when they tattooed him.

Takemichi tried to break free, but he was too weak, and the two were stronger.

Mikey got closer and then put the needle on the neck, and in it went. Takemichi’s eyes felt like he couldn’t see anything, and his body felt weak, and he couldn’t move. Takemichi stopped moving, and Mikey threw the needle away and took the young man from the brothers.

“Everything will be okay.” He whispered to Takemichi, who couldn’t hear anything.

Mikey picked the young man into his arms and put him on the bed.

“Boss, what were you two talking about?”

“It’s nothing for you two to worry about,” Mikey said.

Mikey thought things were going his way since Takemichi hasn’t done anything and listened to him, but then today, he spoke up.

“It’s all that man’s fault. It’s because I left him alone.” Mikey cursed under his breath.

“Ran, Rindou.”


“Kill everyone that was connected to that man that came today.”

There was a smile on their faces.

“I bet Sanzu-san will be very happy.” Ran said.

The brothers left the room, leaving Mikey alone with Takemichi.

“What am I going to do with you?” Mikey sighed. “I need some fresh air.”




Mikey was planning on going out on his own, but Sanzu had come back in time and wanted to company the boss. He didn’t want Mikey to be alone. Mikey didn’t say anything and let the guy go with him.

“I heard what happened,” Sanzu said.

“I knew something like this would happen because Takemitchy is that kind of person.”

“Mikey.” Mikey was surprised when he heard his name with a familiar tone.

Mikey and Sanzu stared at the person.


Draken was looking at Mikey, but it wasn’t the same feeling anymore. They were enemies now.

“You have him, don’t you?” He asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Mikey, don’t lie to me. I know what happened that night.”

“I guess Chifuyu told you. Even if you know, I will never give you Takemitchy.”

“He’s not part of this world anymore.”

“You don’t understand!” Mikey yelled.” I need him. If he’s not there, then I will go crazy.”

“Mikey.” Draken wanted to grab him, but before he could, Sanzu stepped in front.

“I’m leaving this to you,” Mikey said as he left.

“You,” Draken said.

“If the king says he wants Takemichi, then he will.”


Mikey went back to the mansion and went directly to his room. Takemichi was sleeping on the bed just like he had left him. Mikey got on the bed and held Takemichi close.

“I won’t let Kenchin or anybody take you away from me. You belong to me. You can only be by my side.”

It felt like time had stopped as Mikey held onto the young man with blue eyes. Mikey felt comfort in his arms even though they had that argument.

“I wish I could erase your memories, but I wouldn’t want you to forget me.”

“I love you so much, but why can’t you feel the same way I do.”

Chapter Text

Takemichi didn’t know how many days he had been with her. He lost count since Takemichi is always indoors. He noticed the people who work in the mansion, like the maids, don’t like tending to him since they are afraid of making mistakes that might get them killed because Mikey cares a lot about Takemichi and the other bonten members.

Takemichi tried looking for a way to escape, but it was hard. There was the window, and he could go down, but he needed a long rope or something for him to go down. There was nothing he could use, so that was not a good idea.

He had another plan to disguise himself as one of the workers, but he’s sure they will figure him out since he is the only one with blue eyes, even if he wore a wig or something.

Takemichi couldn’t figure out anything. He wanted to look for his phone, but the worse outcome was that Mikey or the others threw it or even broke it so it couldn’t be used anymore.

“Takemichi.” The room to his door open.

The bonten gang never bothers to knock and comes in without warning.

Ran comes in with a smile on his face.

“Today, let me comb your hair and style it.”

Ran often came to do his hair. Ran liked touching his hair a lot.

Takemichi didn’t complain since he was doing his hair, and it didn’t hurt.

“Your hair is always so soft.” Ran said as he combed a brush through Takemichi’s black hair.

“Where is everyone?” Takemichi asked,

“They have another meeting, so this time I’m watching over you.”

“Is that okay for you not to go?”

“It’s not an important meeting anymore. I’m sure the boss is gonna piss the boss off again.”

Takemichi didn’t know what to say since he knew that Mikey wasn’t the same person as he was when they were in toman together.

“Takemichi, are you hungry? It’s almost lunchtime.” Ran got up and left the room before Takemichi could even say anything.

“Why are all of them like that?” He sighed.

When Ran came back, he bought a tray full of food.

“We could have eaten it in the kitchen.”

“I rather not you be around other people, and the boss wouldn’t like it either.”

The two started having their lunch. Takemichi took a look outside and saw it was a beautiful day out with the sun out, but even so, he wasn’t allowed outside.

Ran noticed the look, but there was nothing he could do but ignore it.

“You never belonged in this world, so why did you come in,” Ran mumbled.

“What?” Takemichi looked at the other male.

“I didn’t say anything. You must be hearing things.” Ran dodged what Takemichi had heard.

There was a sudden call for Ran, which made him upset.

“I have to head out to do something but don’t worry, Kokonoi is on his way to be with you.”

Ran left the room, and when he did, Takemichi had an idea.

He decided to look around the other rooms, and maybe he could find something of means of escaping.

He found an office room that Takemichi suspects that Mikey used. It was a big room with papers and books all over the table. The young man looked through the drawers but couldn’t even find anything that was worth his time.

Takemichi stopped what he was doing when he heard the front door. The good thing about this mansion was he could listen to things all the way from the entrance.

Takemichi hurried to his room and acted like nothing was wrong.

“Takemichi.” Kokonoi entered the room with a smile on his face. He was holding a plastic bag. “I bought something for you.”

Kokonoi took out a box in the plastic. A small white box was inside. Kokonoi opened it, and some cute-looking cupcakes were inside.

Takemichi was surprised that Kokonoi had bought.

“It’s cute.” Takemichi smiled.

Kokonoi was happy that a smile appeared on Takemichi’s face.

Takemichi knows that Kokonoi is a lovely person and likes him. Still, there are things that Takemichi wanted to ask, but the older wouldn’t answer him.

“What is the real reason he is with bonten? Things he can’t say easily. About Inui?

“Are you hungry?” Koko asked.

“It’s okay. I just had lunch with Ran-kun.”

Every day somebody would spend time with Takemichi. It was nice to have company, but Takemichi knew they were more there to watch him.

Takemichi wonders how the future gets so messed up. He thought that everything went well. Takemichi saved his friends from dying and thought Mikey wouldn’t go the dark path, but he was wrong. He wondered what happened.

If only I could go back and change this.”



That evening Takemichi was making some bracelets with some beads to past time. Kokonoi had gotten for him, and it was alright for the time, but he wouldn’t stop thinking of ways to escape. Takemichi did notice one thing that there is always a gap when another person comes to watch him, like today when Ran left before Kokonoi came.

The door opened again, and Takemichi knew who it was. Only that person had a strong aura surrounding him.

“Takemitcy, I’m sorry for leaving you again.”

Mikey walked to Takemichi, who was on the floor making beads.

“Did you do anything interesting?” he asked.

“Nothing really.”

“I had to deal with an annoying person today. I wish he would listen to me, or I wouldn’t have killed him.”

Takemichi stopped what he was doing when he heard what Mikey had just said. Takemichi was afraid of what Mikey had become, but there was nothing he could do, not right now.

“Can I go outside?” Takemichi asked.

“What are you saying?” Takemichi saw that Mikey was upset with what he had just asked.

“I’m always inside and would like to get out.”

“You know I can’t do that, Mitchy.”


Mikey caresses Takemichi’s face with his right hand.

“Your too beautiful for the outside world to see. I can’t let those ugly people see you.”


“Only here are you safe.”

Takemichi knew this conversation was going nowhere.

There was a knock on the door. Takemichi knew it was one of the workers since everybody, a bonten member, would walk in.

Mikey looked annoyed when he saw the maid. He glared at her, and Takemichi knew this wasn’t good.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you. I will come back.” The maid knew she had to leave.

“Why are they always messing up my alone time with you?”

“A-Are you going to kill here?”

“I know you don’t like me killing people, so that I will give you a choice.”


“Kiss me, and I will spare that little maid.”

“Kiss you.”


Mikey didn’t give Takemichi much choice since there was no way he would like the idea of somebody dying.

“Okay. I will kiss you.”

Mikey didn’t wait for Takemichi and kissed him right away forcibly. Mikey used his tongue to overcome Takemichi, and the young man had a hard time breathing a bit. Mikey saw the redness on Takemichi’s cheeks.

“Ah, your so damn cute.”

There is no way I hell I’m ever letting you outside.”


Mikey slowly pulled away from the kiss when he realized that Takemichi was having a hard time. He let Takemichi breathe and then scooped him up in his arms, threw him onto the bed, and then started kissing him again.

The kiss when non-stop, and when Takemichi thought he was done, Mikey’s lips went his way to his collar to the back up his neck where the tattoo was all the way to his stomach.

“Do you know what kind of face you are making right now?” Mikey said. “It’s a face that tells me that you want me.”

That night didn’t end with just kissing but bonding in more ways than one.

Takemichi had fallen asleep after they were done. Mikey watched the sleeping figure with marks all over his body, marks made by the king.

“My king, I’ve taken care of the girl.”

Sanzu said outside the door of their room.

That man knew precisely what Mikey was thinking.

“I didn’t say that I wouldn’t be the one killing her.” He smirked.

Mikey kissed Takemichi one last time as he grabbed his shirt and walked out the room where Sanzu was waiting for him.

Mikey wanted to do with his work quickly so he could go back to bed where Takemichi was.

That night Takemichi had a nightmare. He was standing in the middle of nowhere, and it was all dark, then the lights came on. All his friends lay on the ground with blood-covered, and then Takemichi saw his own hands covered in blood. He screamed and cried out. He rather the darkness since what he saw made him sick to the stomach.

When he opened his eyes, tears were rolling down his face.

“What’s wrong?” A worried Mikey was there with a concerned look on his face when he saw the tears.

At this moment, something came over him.

“Mikey-kun.” He cried. The tears didn’t stop, and this made Mikey worried. Mikey hugged the crying young man and tried to comfort him.

“It’s okay. It was all a nightmare.” He kissed the top of Takemichi’s hair.

After a while, the young man had fallen asleep again.

Mikey was scared when Takemichi woke up screaming and crying. Mikey never had since anything like this. Takemichi has called a lot in the past but nothing painful as this.

Mikey concluded that this often happens when he is all alone. Takemichi needs him, and he is the only one who can take care of Takemichi.

“It’s okay. I’ll protect you and won’t let anybody harm you.”

That’s why I won’t ever let you go back.”

Chapter Text

Mikey woke up in the middle of the night panting and sweating a lot. He had that dream again with the people who were dear to him that he lost. Mikey turned to the side of the bed and saw Takemichi, who was sleeping away. He was glad Takemichi was still here with him.

“I don’t want to lose you too.” He touched the young man’s face. The touch was soft and gentle, just like Takemichi is.

Mikey knew he couldn’t go back to bed, so he got out of bed. He made his way to the kitchen. Mikey grabbed a glass of cold water. He needed it after that nightmare.

“Boss, are you okay?” It was Kokoine that spoke out to him.

It wasn’t surprising seeing the other man since he sleeps late because of the tasks he does. Koko even does things that he never asked him to do.

“It’s nothing.”

Mikey never understood why this man joined him. He was brilliant and helped a lot, but he was loyal to Takemichi at one point. It’s not like he isn’t still since Koko was happy to see his former captain again. Koko changed a lot to his appearance to avoid dealing with Inui, his former friend.

“What were you doing?” Mikey asked.

“The black market has been going out of control, so I’m dealing with them.”

“Oh, that.”

Mikey didn’t like dealing with that, so he asked the others to deal with it. In the end, Koko took control of it.

“Are you rerunning rampage?”

“Yes, but don’t worry, boss, I have it under control.”

Koko was clever, so Mikey didn’t need to worry about it.

Mikey went back to his room after that little chat with Koko.

Takemichi was still there, sleeping, looking comfortable. The young man was like this now, but he knew that Takemichi would act up again, going against him. Who was he kidding when he thought that Takemichi would listen to him. The guy was always doing things unexpected like that time with the Black dragons.

“He won’t obey me.”

Mikey got in the bed and pulled Takemichi toward him. He held the younger male in his arms. It was nice hugging him like this. It made Mikey safe like he was years ago. Mikey shook his head suddenly. Why did he think of his time with Toman when Mikey did whatever he wanted here in Bonten.

“It’s okay. There is no way Takemichi can go back to the past.”

Mikey’s mind was going round in circles.

He had Takemichi with him and led the most feared gang in Tokyo, so why did he feel something wasn’t right.

Later that morning, Mikey had to deal with more annoying people. Takemichi hadn’t woken up yet, so he let the younger sleep. He had to bring all the Bonten members with him this time since it was an important meeting.

He told the guards to watch the place while they were gone. Mikey felt fear leaving Takemichi on his own.

Mikey kissed Takemichi’s forehead like he always did and left the other members. When the door was heard, and motorbike sounds were being droved away, Takemichi opened his eyes.

“This is my only chance.”

A maid knocked on the door like she did every morning. Takemichi took this chance and hit the maid, so she passed out. He searched and found that she had a mobile on her.

“I can contact Chifuyu and the others now.”

Takemichi looked out the window and saw the guards.

“It will be hard to do this on my own. I need to ask for help.”

The moment Takemichi dialled the number, his best friend had picked up right away.

“Who is this?” It was nice to hear Chifuyu’s voice again.

“Chifuyu, I need your help.”

“T-Takemichi!” The other was surprised hearing Takemichi’s voice.

“Mikey and the bonten members aren’t here, but I need help leaving here on my own.”

“Tell me where you are?”

It wasn’t hard to tell since Takemichi had been here for more than a week, so he knew where he was.

Takemichi told him the details about his whereabouts.

“So it used to be an abandon mansion,” Chifuyu said. “That’s why we couldn’t find it.”

“You have to hurry, Chifuyu. Mikey and the others have gone out, but I don’t know when they will be back.”

“Don’t worry. The prince will come to rescue the princess.”

“Stop joking around.” That made Takemichi embarrassed.

Takemichi waited, and after 20 minutes, he heard the door to his room open. Takemichi was surprised to see Chifuyu and the others we were looking for him.

“Takemichi.” Chifuyu ran toward him and looked up and down to see if he was okay.

“What did you guys do?” Takemichi had a bad feeling.

“Takemichi, aren’t you supposed to be happy to see us.” Mitsuya had his crossed arms. He was angry. I can’t blame the guy since he went off with Mikey like that.

“We should hurry.” It was Draken’s turn to speak.

When they got out of the building, Takemichi saw bodies of the guards on the floor, beat up.

This reminded Takemichi of the time Draken had beaten all the members.

“Did you do this?” He asked, turning to the bigger and older man.

“Who else but him?” Chifuyu answered.

They were finally out there, and Takemichi felt free.




“Chifuyu, why do I have to dress like this?”

“It’s because that psycho Mikey might find you.”

“But we are inside your place.”

“You just like dressing him like that.” Mitsuya chuckled.

“You’re the one who got him the clothes.” Chifuyu counter back.

“We have to stop, Mikey,” Draken said.

“He’s right.” Mitsuya agreed, being so severe suddenly.

“You were right that Mikey changed.” Takemichi couldn’t deny it anymore.

“Did Mikey do anything to you?” Draken asked.

There were many things, but Takemichi didn’t want to say, especially branding him with that mark on his back.

“Nothing.” He lied.

Draken watched him as the man could see him, but the man said nothing.

“He’s gone too far.” Angry said. “We have to stop him.”

“Do you remember how well that went?” Pah chin said, remembering the fight they had and Mikey beating them up. They couldn’t win against him.

“But we have to do something,” Hakkai said.

“We need to stop Mikey-kun,” Takemichi said.

The room was silent for a bit after most of the former members left Chifuyu’s home. It was only Draken, and Chifuyu and Takemichi went.

“I need to go back to the past and change things.”

“How are you going to do that?” Chifuyu asked. “Mikey doesn’t want help.”

“Takemichi.” Draken got up from where he was sitting. “I’ve ignored Mikey since that day he changed. I want to save him, and I know you, and everybody else in Toman does. But I miss how happy we all were in Toman.


“So save him before he changed and formed Bonten.” Draken held out his hand.

“I will.” Takemichi was determined. He took Draken’s hand, and then a flash of electricity appeared.

“Hey, Partner.”

“Chifuyu!” Takemichi was surprised.

“Are the future Takemichi?” He asked since Takemichi looked surprised.

“Some things happened.”

Takemichi explained to Chifuyu what happened, and then his best explained the events were happening now.

“So Toman was just disbanded.”

I have time before the conflict with the others happens.”

“Where is Mikey-kun?”

“He may be near the beach. He has been going there often.”


Takemichi felt a little nervous going to meet Mikey since the one in the future is scary for what he has done to him. But he knew this Mikey was not the future one well, not yet, and he will stop that from happening.

Takemichi arrived at the beach, and there he saw the leader of Toman. Mikey was sitting there relaxing.

“Mikey-kun.” The blond turned around to faced Takemichi. “There you are.”

Mikey got up from where he was sitting and walked to Takemichi. It had been a while since Takemichi came looking for him.

“I’m glad you're doing okay.” He smiled.

“Wait, are you?” Mikey could already tell this Takemichi was different, like the one from the future.

“It’s me from the future.” He smiled.

“Why are you back here?” Mikey asked, confused by why the future Takemichi came.

“Things happened,” Takemichi said.  

It was nice to have this Takemichi, but something was bugging him.

“Mikey-kun, if something is bothering you. You can talk to me about it.”

“What are you talking about?” Something clicked in Mikey’s head. “Is the future not good?”

“It’s good.” He smiled.

Mikey could tell the young man wasn’t telling the truth.

Mikey didn’t say anything as long as the future Takemichi could stay for a bit longer.

The wind was picking up, and Mikey noticed that Takemichi wasn’t wearing a jacket. He took his off and put it over Takemichi.

“Mikey-kun, aren’t you cold?”

“I’m tougher, so the cold doesn’t bother me.” He grinned. “By the way, how did you find me here?”

“Chifuyu told me that you often go to the beach.”

“He sure is a know it.”

It was starting to get late and colder.

“We should head home now.”

“That’s right, and I shouldn’t get your home too late.”

“What are you saying? You’re going drop me home.”

“Yea. Since I’m sure, you didn’t bring your bike.”

“Yea, I came by bus.”

Mikey took Takemichi’s hand, and the future Mikey and this one overlap and Takemichi could feel the warmth from the past Mikey. It was gentle, and the tears came out suddenly.

“Takemitchy?” Mikey looked up at the younger, shocked.

“Sorry.” He cried.

Mikey was confused but didn’t say anything, but then he wiped the tears away.

“I see that crybaby will never change.” He smiled.

They got to where Mikey parked his motorbike. Mikey got on first, and then he let the other get on after.

Mikey would drop Takemichi off home but decided maybe it was better if they went to his place since Takemichi wouldn’t stop crying.

The dojo was the same as Takemichi remembers.

“Grandpa is probably sleeping by now.”

“Doesn’t he say anything? Like when you formed Toman and stuff.”

“He used to get mad about it. It started with my brother, and then I did the same thing. After some time, he stopped caring. I know he worries.”


“Anyway, let’s eat something. I’m sure your hungry.”

On the kitchen table, there was food already made, probably from the old man.

“There’ enough for us both.” He smiled.

They sat at the kitchen table and had the food that Mikey’s grandfather made.

“Have you seen anybody else since you came back?”

“Just Chifuyu. Then I came to look for you.”

“That makes me happy that you thought of me first.”

There was a sight blush on Takemichi’s face when Mikey said those words.

In the future, when Mikey is in Bonten, he tells him to love him. It’s not that he didn’t, but Takemichi didn’t want to love the person he had become.

After finishing eating, they went to Mikey’s room.

It felt nice having a sleepover like this. The shirt that Mikey gave Takemichi was a little oversized but still fit well.

Mikey couldn’t stop staring at him.

“Is something wrong?” Takemichi asked when he caught Mikey staring.

“Maybe you should wear more of my clothes often.” He mumbled.

“What did you say? I couldn’t hear you.” Takemichi asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Mikey smiled.

Mikey was the first to fall asleep on the futon they were sharing. Takemichi turned to the side of where Mikey was. It was strange being here with the past Mikey when the future Mikey had locked him up.

“Mikey-kun.” He cried as he reached his hand and touched the older male’s face.

I will save you.”