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Welcome Back Kara

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And finally, last but by no means least, was: Kara's bestfriend, Kara's person, Kara's endgame. 


Lena stood before the blonde Kryptonion, tears trickling down her cheek as she allowed herself to be vulnerable with her hero. 

Kara's lips slipped seamlessly into a reassuring smile as Lena approached. Lena's resolve broke as Kara opened her arms, welcoming her into her warm embrace. It was a moment nearly a whole year in the making. 

It was the Supercorp reunion. 

The two pulled each other into a tight hug, holding desperately as they both wept tears. But for the first time since Kara revealed her secret at her Pulitzer award, they were tears of joy. 

Lena let out a silent sob. 

"I'm so sorry, I should never have let Lex- I should've done more. It's all my fault I-," Lena apologised profusely and Kara hugged her tighter. 

"No, Lena, it wasn't your fault. I don't blame you and besides..." Kara reassured her. "It's only because you're on the team that I'm here." 

Kara thanked Lena and Lena let a final tear roll. 

They pulled away and Kara's hands brushed Lena's, the latter beaming in delight. They peered deeply into each other's eyes until Kara's fell onto Lena's red lips. She leaned slightly, trembling with hesitation but faltered as she neared Lena. 

Lena tilted her head and closed the gap, inches away from Kara. Kara's breathing hitched as all the times she'd imagined this happening flooded her head: the night on Lena's couch in her office when she promised to always protect Lena, the time Lena called Kara 'her hero' and even the alternate timeline when she rescued Lena and exposed her own identity to the world. 

She was grounded by Lena putting a hand to her cheek, caressing it gently, and pressing their soft lips together. Kara returned the kiss, her full attention on lena as she put one hand around her carefully. Lena's lips tasted of big belly burger, fried sugary goodness and distant scotch but more importantly, like home. 

When the two eventually parted, they became very much aware of the fact that all their friends were standing around them, smiling and sending knowing glances at each other. They looked to them, grinning sheepishly. Alex was joint hand in hand with Kelly, Nia held her hands together as she fangirled beside a bemused Brainy, and J'onn had a look of pride that only the spacedad could pull off. 

"Finallly! I've been waiting for this to happen for like three years," Nia gushed. 

Lena chuckled and glanced at Kara adoringly. 

"You're not the only one," Lena teased and smirked. "Try waiting five." 

"Hey, it's not easy making a move like that! It takes a lot of courage," Kara retorted with a pout that made her look more like a golden retriever than normal. 

"I'm proud of you, Kara," Alex chimed in. 

"Right from my first encounter with you both I calculated a 99.9 percent chance that you would both end up in a romantic relationship," Brainy surmised confidently, already eating a slice of the cake he was told not to eat yet. 

"Wait, was was the 0.1 percent- and why are you eating Kara's cake?" Alex questioned. 

Brainy hid the reminder of the slice behind his back and Nia facepalmed. 

"An unexpected variable, nothing is ever truly 100%," Brainy replied with his mouth still full. 

Kara laughed and eyed Lena, the two still a little bashful from their actions. 

"Either way I'm very happy for you both. You've both been through a lot and deserve the love you give each other," Kelly told them honestly. 

"I couldn't have said it better myself," J'onn complimented. "Congratulations."

"Well, you know what we say..." Lena began and Kara knew exactly what she was thinking. 

"Stronger together." Kara affirmed. 

Kara then sighed in contentment and put her fists on her hips and she donned the iconic pose, safe at last... with her family. 

"Hello, everyone. What did I miss?" 

Zor-El entered the room. Completely unaware of the event that unfolded and looking around confused. Kara halted like a deer in headlight and attempted to compose herself, only to say an all too familiar phrase. 

"Oh dear."