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Insomniac Olympics

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>akaashi kissed me
>like, HE kissed ME
>not on the mouth, on the cheek
>and he thought i was asleep
>well i mean i kinda was. i was like, dozing off??
>and then i woke up BECAUSE HE TOTALLY KISSED ME

Bokuto’s frantic texts were interrupted when Kuroo responded.

>yeah ok holy shit. slow down. i have 1 critical question, ok?
>when are you gonna ask him out.

Bokuto’s blush reached the tips of his ears.

>idk? how am i supposed to ask him out?! i don’t wanna tell him i know he kissed me
>i think he might get nervous
>wtf should i do!! help me out ok i definitely can’t fuck this up

>ok, you’re not exactly the smoothest operator, not that akaashi seems to care
>anyway, play to your strengths. he likes your art, right?
>draw him something and give it to him on a date. make it all romantic. 11/10 plan, will not fail

Bokuto flopped down onto the couch as he closed his phone, and stared at the table with incredible intensity. Kuroo’s right! I’m an awesome artist, and Akaashi likes my stuff. But what should I draw?  He picked up a pillow and smooshed it over his face. Ugh. Him, obviously, but... how? Just another portrait like the ones he’s already seen isn’t gonna cut it!!

He rolled onto his side, a jumble of nerves as he brainstormed. Something meaningful, something to show how much he inspires me...

It was like a light went off in his head.

Carelessly, he threw the pillow to the floor and reached into his pocket for his cell phone; a moment later, he began to type a new message to Akaashi.

>hey so out of curiosity, what’s your fav color?!

The seconds felt like hours as he waited for a response, but Akaashi replied almost immediately.

>I like blues and greens. Why do you ask?

>no reason, just wondering!! seemed like a weird thing to not know since i know so much about you! :o

He felt his palms grow a little sweaty as he opened a new message to Kuroo.

>ok so i have an idea. but i definitely need your help. can you come shopping with me today?

>yeah sure. i’ll be free in like 45 minutes. why, what’s up?

Bokuto’s smile was confident and full of excitement; his hands shook with pent-up energy as he typed his response.

>i know exactly what i’m gonna draw, but i need my #1 best friend to make sure i don’t mess it up

>you don’t have to suck up, i’ve got your back. come by the shop, we’ll head out when i’m done
>operation ‘get bokuto a boyfriend’ has begun :^)

My favorite color... what a strange question for him to ask, Akaashi thought as he idly tapped a pen against his clipboard.

It was another day of almost nothing but paperwork; usually, he had no problems focusing, but his mind had been wandering all day. I can’t believe I kissed him. I wonder if I should confess, or wait for him to make the first move...

He drained the rest of his coffee, and stood up to get a bottle of water from the small refrigerator nearby. Hm. I think he’d likely be embarrassed and pout if I said something before he did... and knowing him, he’s probably already planning something. I’ll give it some more time. The water was cool and refreshing; he let out a content sigh as he set it down and reached for his phone again.

Embarrassment colored his features as he scrolled through his pictures on a whim. Of the 96 he had saved, 81 of them were from Bokuto -- a mixture of the photos the artist had taken of them together, and the drawings he’d worked on since they met.

He’s ridiculous. And about as subtle as a sledgehammer, he thought with exasperated fondness. He pulled up one of his favorite photos -- a picture of him and Akaashi at Kuroo’s cafe, with a black cat peeking over Akaashi’s shoulder.

He flushed a little, and then chuckled quietly as he recalled the texting mishap. I can’t believe he’s been having dreams about me. I wonder what they’re like... Absentmindedly, he signed off on another paper on his clipboard, and then added it to a stack of finished documents. And he’s so caught up in how... hot he thinks I am, he thought with a smile, but he’s definitely pretty easy on the eyes, too...

He sighed as he put his clipboard down, and ran a hand through his hair. I’m not going to get anything else done today... I’m too distracted. Might as well go home and make some dinner. There was an extra spring in his step as he shrugged his coat on, and carefully wrapped the scarf that Bokuto had given him around his neck.

The entire way back home, his thoughts were filled with affection and curiosity for what Bokuto might do next.

Kuroo liked to tease him, but when it came down to it, he really did have Bokuto’s back. After they got the supplies that Bokuto needed, they loitered outside of the store for a moment while the artist pulled up a few reference images on his phone. “Okay! So, this one is like that part, right? It matches up okay?”

“No, no. It’s that part, over there. They’re kinda... I dunno, puffy? And blend together, like clouds in a sunset. Maybe a little sharper? So I don’t think you even have to be all that exact, anyway. Don’t stress over it.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “Send me some pictures as you work on it. I’ll let you know if it looks weird or anything.”

Bokuto peered at the photos closely, and then nodded his agreement. “All right, awesome!! Hey, you’re seriously great. Thanks for helping me out!”

Kuroo clapped him on the shoulder, and winked as he gave him a thumbs up. “Hey, no problem. Now, let’s get you back home so you can work your magic.”

Akaashi noticed that the number of texts he got from Bokuto over the next 48 hours had decreased dramatically.

Aside from the question about what his favorite color was, he didn’t start any conversations, and only replied to Akaashi’s occasional quips about space with what seemed like very distracted enthusiasm. Anxiety coiled in his gut, and fear whispered through his mind -- was Bokuto avoiding him?

No, that’s irrational, he reassured himself. He’s probably just up to something. I’m sure of it. He picked up the remote as he sat on his couch, and turned to a rerun of one of the crime dramas he’d been watching with Bokuto -- but his attention was elsewhere as his thoughts wandered in a hundred different directions, all converging back to a single point --

I wonder what he’s doing?

Really, who needed sleep anyway?

Sleep was irritating. It was a waste of time -- time he could spend working, or thinking about how to make the perfect drawing.

Kuroo wasn’t having it, though. At seven in the morning, he texted Bokuto -- because he knew him well enough to know what he was doing.

>hey. i know you’re still up. go to bed
>it’s not a race against time. akaashi’s not going anywhere.
>it’ll probably look better if you’re not running on nothing but coffee and willpower anyways

Bokuto groaned irritably and shut his phone as he rubbed his tired, bloodshot eyes with cramped fingers. The wastebasket in the corner of his work room was overflowing again, just like it had been before he met Akaashi.

It wasn’t even that the ideas he was coming up with were bad, or that he was having trouble drawing them -- it was that he wanted it to be perfect. Nothing too simple, but nothing too detailed, and not too meaningless... the list went on and on. Begrudgingly, he took Kuroo’s advice and went to sleep. He woke up about five hours later to a text from Akaashi about constellations. With a fond smile, he typed out a response, and got up to shower and make coffee.

In the shower, he had a breakthrough.

He finished quickly, and hastily dried himself off before dashing back to his office, completely naked. There was no time for trivial things like clothes or breakfast -- Bokuto Koutarou had an idea, and he had to get it down on paper right away.

Before long, he’d finished a rough sketch -- but this time, he didn’t tear the paper out and throw it away. Instead, he smiled and reached for his markers. Nearby, his phone vibrated with an incoming message, but he was so focused on what he was doing that he didn’t even notice.

Several hours later, his stomach growled, angrily reminding him that he’d neglected to do anything beyond taking a shower when he first woke up. He just smiled, though, and put down his marker -- he was done. All that was left was to snap a photo so that Kuroo could double-check, and maybe make a few adjustments if necessary.

Akaashi’s gonna love it!! At least, I’m pretty sure he will!  He stood up and stretched, and grinned sheepishly as he realized that not only had he forgotten to eat or drink anything, he’d spent the entire afternoon totally naked. Right on cue, his phone vibrated; it was a text from Kuroo.

>go eat something, cuz i know you probably haven’t

He rolled his eyes, and instead of replying, he snapped a photo of his drawing and sent it to Kuroo. The other man replied just as he finished pulling on a pair of sweatpants and a loose t-shirt.

>honestly, that’s damn good. he’ll say yes for sure. how’re you gonna ask him?

Bokuto practically skipped to the kitchen as he typed his response.

>ok, so it’s space themed right?! so i figure i could make it like. SUPER romantic
>i think akaashi would dig romantic right??
>anyway i’m gonna ask him to go back to the countryside with me over the weekend!!!
>and i can give the drawing to him there!!

>damn. i’d say that’s a brave move, but. there’s no way he’ll say no anyways

>really?! you think so?!

>seriously, man. i’ve seen the way he looks at you when he thinks you aren’t looking.
>you got this. hell, if you’re not fast enough, he might confess to you first! lol

A huge smile spread over Bokuto’s face as he closed his phone and got himself a glass of water; he downed the entire thing in a matter of seconds. Ooh, that hit the spot!! All right... I’ll ask Akaashi, and then reward myself with some delivery!

He paced the kitchen restlessly for a moment, and wiped his slightly clammy palms on his pants. I got this! I like him, and he likes me! He made his way over to the couch and plopped down with no grace whatsoever. As he opened his phone again, he took a deep breath, and began to type a message to Akaashi. He bit his lip for a moment, but decided to send them before he had the chance to convince himself not to.

>hey!! so i was wondering, how about we do something special this weekend?
>i could get us a room back at the hotel we met at!! how’s that sound? <3

The seconds blended into a minute, then two, and three. Bokuto began to pace the room restlessly again as he waited -- and then finally, Akaashi responded.

>Sure. I’d like that a lot. Let me know how much I owe you, and I can pay you when we meet up.

“Yes!!”  Bokuto cheered. He pumped his fist in victory, and twirled as he walked to the kitchen. “Yes, yes, yes!”

>you don’t owe me anything!! it’s my treat! <3
>i’ll go take care of reservations and the train and everything! and i’ll tell you when we should meet! <3

He didn’t even wait for a response before he sprinted over to the couch and opened his laptop with slightly shaking hands.

This is it, he thought with a brilliant smile, my big chance!!

I gotta get this right. I can’t mess up!!

Bokuto coughed awkwardly as his reflection stared back at him in the bathroom mirror. “So, Akaashi, you’re pretty great -- no, that’s stupid,  I can’t open like that.” He ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath before starting over. “Akaashi, I drew this thing, and -- ugh, no.” He put his hands on his hips and grinned, “Hey, so I was thinking, I really like you, and...”

With a disgusted sigh, he shook his head and slumped against the wall. “This is stupid! I’m just gonna wing it. It’ll be fine!” He checked his reflection again, and smiled. “Yeah! I’m great, and I look great, too! Plus, he already kissed me, right? He’ll say yes for sure!”

With that thought boosting his confidence, he made his way back to his bedroom, and began to whistle as he packed his bags. Just ten more hours until they met up to take the train -- and soon after, Bokuto would finally make his move.

Akaashi spent more time than he cared to admit carefully selecting what he’d wear on the trip. It wasn’t uncommon for him to take a few minutes to make sure his outfit for the day looked good, but he had a feeling that this was something special, and he wanted to make sure he looked nice.

Though, I guess I don’t really need to worry about it all that much, he thought as he inspected a long sleeved, black v-neck. He already seems pretty convinced that I’m unreasonably attractive. With an embarrassed smile, he folded the shirt in his hands and packed it into a small overnight bag on his bed.

Packing only took a few minutes; they’d only be gone for a couple days, after all. His telescope was still bagged up from his last trip to the countryside, so he didn’t even have to bother with getting it ready -- and he was definitely bringing it along.

Looking up at the sky with Bokuto-san was enjoyable before, but now... it might really be something incredible, Akaashi thought with another smile. I’m looking forward to it.

Bokuto felt his heart start beating faster the second he heard Akaashi’s soft knock at the door.

He jumped up from his couch and ran over to answer it; he opened it without even asking who it was, and greeted Akaashi with a bright, warm smile. “Hey hey heeey! Let me grab my stuff really quick, and then we can head out! Sound good?”

“Sure. Should I wait here?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m all packed! It’ll just be a second!” He ran back over to the couch, and came back a moment later with his bag slung over his shoulder. “Okay, let’s go!”

“Aren’t you going to wear a scarf?” Akaashi asked as Bokuto locked the door behind him.

“Huh? ‘Course not! You’re wearing the one I gave you, right? So I don’t need to!”

Akaashi sighed. “Bokuto-san, we don’t always have to share, you know.”

“Yeah, but there’s no harm in it, right? It’s fun!” he beamed. “C’mon, don’t be so grumpy!” He reached for the end of Akaashi’s scarf as he laughed, and draped it over his shoulder with a little flair. “Wow, I look great, don’t I?” he asked with a wink.

“You’re embarrassing as ever,” Akaashi grumbled with no real malice. Bokuto just smiled wider when he noticed the faint tint of pink on the astronomer’s cheeks, and slung an arm around his shoulder; Akaashi tightened his grip on his bags so that he wouldn’t drop them. He gave the artist his best unimpressed stare, but Bokuto seemed entirely unfazed and just laughed once more.

“Want me to carry one of those for you? Oooh, is that the bag your telescope is in?!”

“No, I’m fine, and yes, it is. I figured I’d bring it again, especially since the skies are supposed to be very clear this weekend.” A man on the elevator gave them a funny look as they stepped in; Akaashi felt a small trickle of unease, but Bokuto didn’t even seem to notice, and kept his arm firmly around Akaashi’s shoulders.

“Awesome! I can’t wait! Are you gonna look at Jupiter and Saturn again?” he asked cheerfully.

Akaashi nodded. “If you want to, sure. I can also look at some other planets, and point some constellations out to you, as well.”

Bokuto beamed at him, full of genuine warmth and adoration, and Akaashi felt his heart flutter. A moment later, the elevator reached the lobby floor, and the doors opened with a quiet ding; they stepped out and made their way to the train station, with Bokuto chattering excitedly the entire way. The station wasn’t very far, not that Akaashi would have minded if it was; walking with the charismatic artist was as enjoyable as ever.

Once they’d boarded their train, Bokuto sat unnecessarily close as always as he pulled a sketchbook and a pencil from his bag. Akaashi looked at him curiously, but Bokuto had already flipped to a blank page and begun to draw while he hummed a tune under his breath.

A rush of fondness nearly stole Akaashi’s breath away as he watched quietly. He could have been doing anything else; going over articles on his phone, reading a book, or even watching something on his laptop.

But as he watched Bokuto work, he felt at peace and content. The light of the sun illuminated the artist’s face with a warm, almost angelic glow -- and Akaashi had to fight back the sudden urge to lean over, to close that last little bit of distance between them and kiss him once again.

Soon, he thought with a small, private smile. Soon enough.

Bokuto practically skipped to the hotel and up to the front desk, with a mildly embarrassed and exasperated Akaashi following close behind.

He was cheerful all the way to their room, but as soon as he opened the door, he seemed to become a little more nervous. Akaashi followed him in and closed the door behind him; Bokuto set his bag on the bed near the window, and Akaashi put both of his on the one on the other side of the room.

“So, um!” Bokuto opened his bag and pulled out a sketchbook -- the same one that Akaashi had given him as a holiday present. “I sort of... Well... Close your eyes!”

Akaashi felt a tingle of anticipation as his eyes slipped shut. “...Are you going to give me something, Bokuto-san?”

“Yeah, I guess I’m pretty obvious, huh?” he laughed sheepishly.

“Subtlety isn’t exactly your strong point,” Akaashi agreed. Bokuto pouted a little, and even though Akaashi couldn’t actually see him do it, he sighed with exasperated fondness. “Your strength lies elsewhere.”

“Oho?” Bokuto smiled. “Like where?”

“I don’t really need to keep my eyes closed if you just want me to praise you, do I?” Akaashi asked drily.

“No no no! Keep them closed!” Bokuto pleaded. “Sorry! I’ll get you to compliment me later, I guess,” he said with a grin as he opened the sketchbook and pulled out a loose page. He put the book on the bed, and then walked closer to Akaashi with the drawing held carefully in his hands.

It was silent for a moment as he desperately tried to think of what to say, and suddenly he regretted not practicing more in front of his bathroom mirror when he had the chance. His thoughts stumbled over each other as he tried to come up with something, anything even vaguely romantic, and he blurted the first thing that came to mind --

“I know you kissed me the other night!”

Akaashi’s eyes flew open as his entire face turned red. Bokuto was pretty sure it was the first time he’d ever seen the other man completely speechless.

“Oh shit, I’m so bad at trying to be a smooth talker,” Bokuto groaned.

“Yes, that’s obvious,” Akaashi finally managed to say. His eyes flickered down to the drawing in Bokuto’s hands, and for the second time in the span of a few moments, he found himself speechless.



“I told Kuroo I wanted to confess, but I had no idea how!” Bokuto blurted. “So he told me to draw, but I wanted to do something a little different than normal, so uh...”

“It’s beautiful,” Akaashi said quietly. A soft smile spread over his face as he gently touched it. “You used the colors I told you I liked... Was that difficult?”

Bokuto stepped closer with a smile that was equal parts pleased and nervous. “A little!” he admitted. “I’ve only been using black, white and gray for so long, you know? But I... I really wanted to try and make something special for you. I wanted to show you how much you mean to me! Which is kinda why I wanted to give it to you where we met, too...” He shifted anxiously and laughed a little; when Akaashi took the drawing from his hands and set it carefully in the sketchbook, he looked confused.

The astronomer turned towards him and stepped close; he paused for a moment, and then reached down to take Bokuto’s hands into his own. “...Were you pretending to be asleep?” he asked suddenly.

“No!” Bokuto replied immediately. “I usually stay up later than that, but I was so comfortable next to you that I started dozing off, you know? But then I felt you move, and then you kissed me before I could come around entirely. And I didn’t wanna scare you off so I just sort of... froze?” He laughed nervously. “Um, but now that we’re both totally awake, y’know, I wouldn’t mind--”

Akaashi stepped forward and closed the remaining distance between them. His lips were warm and soft against Bokuto’s; he felt almost electric, surprised at his own boldness. Bokuto blinked in surprise for a moment, caught completely off guard, but then his eyes slipped shut and he pushed gently back into the kiss with a breathless little laugh.

“You’re amazing,” he said a moment later when he broke away. He smiled and squeezed Akaashi’s hands. “I... I really like you, Akaashi!”

“Yes,” Akaashi said with a soft smile, “I could tell. I like you too, Bokuto-san.”

Yes!!  Score! Oh, man, I’m so happy!” Bokuto danced in place a little with a radiant smile. “So, does that mean... are we... y’know. Boyfriends?” he asked.

“Yes,” Akaashi said with a small laugh, “we’re boyfriends.”

“Hell yeah!” Bokuto cheered again. “Oh, I should tell Kuroo! He’s been trying to set us up literally since the first day I saw you, I’m not even joking.”

“Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me.” He smiled as he said it, though. Bokuto sent a single message and then slipped his phone back into his pocket.

“He wants all of us to hang out sometime when we’re free. We could do something really, I dunno, low stress? Like a movie night, or something! Double dates! What do you think?” he asked with a warm smile.

“Sure. Sounds good,” Akaashi agreed easily. “I’d look forward to something like that, honestly.”

“Awesome!” Bokuto cheered. “Hey, wanna go look at the stars later on?” he asked brightly. “Our first real date as boyfriends!”

“Yeah,” Akaashi said as he pressed a soft kiss against Bokuto’s cheek, “I’d like that a lot.”

“How many stars are there?” Bokuto asked quietly.

They were laying side by side in the field and looking up at the sky together; Akaashi’s scarf was looped loosely around their necks.

“It’s impossible to know,” Akaashi replied. “Our own galaxy has around 300 billion stars, and astronomers generally agree that there are likely more than 100 billion galaxies... more than we can ever fathom. Space is truly endless.” He pointed up. “See these that connect there?”

“Uh... Oh! There? Like the two... sort of mushy square shapes? With arms?”

Akaashi laughed quietly. “Yes. That’s Orion. Those three stars right there are called Orion’s Belt. It was named after a hunter in Greek mythology.” He pointed to a different spot. “See that bright one, with the four others near it?”

“Yeah! Is that another one?”

“Yes. The other stars near it, too -- they make up another constellation called Taurus, the Bull,” he smiled. “Stars have been a source of awe and guidance for humanity for millennia. A lot of people like sailors have used them as navigation, to find their way.”

Bokuto was silent for a moment as he processed the information, and then a slow smile spread over his face as he reached over to gently hold Akaashi’s hand. “I guess they did that for me too, huh?”

Akaashi turned his head to look over at him. “What do you mean?”

“They led me to you.” He met Akaashi’s gaze, his golden eyes full of love and adoration. “That’s how we met, because of the stars.”

Warmth seemed to seep into every part of Akaashi’s soul at the words; he leaned forward, and gave Bokuto a soft kiss as the tips of his ears turned pink, both from the chill of the night and his own embarrassment. “...Thank you,” he said quietly.

“For what?” Bokuto asked.

“For finding me,” Akaashi smiled back.

Bokuto squeezed his hand and leaned in closer. “Thank you!  For... for existing!” he laughed breathlessly. “You’re amazing, Keiji.”

Akaashi felt like he was flying. “You’re pretty incredible too, Koutarou.” He gestured to the sky. “There are infinite stars and planets, glowing in the darkness of space. But... to me, you’re the brightest star of them all.”

Bokuto laughed, breathless and full of radiant joy as he leaned over to kiss Akaashi once again. Being with him feels as easy and as natural as breathing, Akaashi thought fondly. And I can’t wait to see what our future brings.

They stayed there for hours together, hand in hand, looking up at the canvas of the sky painted with planets and constellations.

If heaven on earth is real... then this is definitely it.


[ the meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. --carl jung ]