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how to (not) go unnoticed, a guide by eugene gale

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Wolf was smarter than he looked like. Of course he had to be, since he had an important position in the union for a long time before its abrupt end, and Donald would never let someone incompetent come close to his union. But still, you wouldn't imagine that he'd be one to read books or study for tests. So when Gray messaged him saying that he wouldn't make it to the arcade today because he had an essay to work on, he was surprised by Wolf’s reply.

‘I’m heading to the library.’

Gray knew that with this message, he meant ‘go to the library if you wanna meet.’

Surprisingly enough, Wolf was really there when Gray arrived, sitting like a normal person with a normal book — which amused Gray, for Wolf Keum was everything but a normal individual. Not wanting to disturb, Gray just took a seat on the same table and started working on his essay.

Studying like this was pleasant. None of them enjoyed chitchat, so it remained silent until Gray closed his notebook, meaning he had finished his assignment.

“I thought you were gonna bully the librarian or something, not that you would actually read a book.”

“If I were planning to bully the librarian, I wouldn’t invite you. Maybe you wouldn't stop me, but you'd keep giving me that look after. Not that it affects me, but it's a pain nonetheless." 

“... That's fair enough. But still, I didn’t think you liked to read.”

“Oh, this." Wolf closed the book. "I don’t enjoy it, but I don’t think it sucks that much either. I have to read it for school.”

“Since when do you take school seriously?”

“I don’t. I was going to read a summary from the internet, but yeah, since we are here and you were taking your sweet time writing, I might as well read this to pass the time.”

Gray was packing his things up when he looked at his acquaintance – friend? He wasn’t sure what to call it, but proceeded. “You mean we’re going to the arcade after that, right?”

“I didn’t spend nearly an hour reading a book just to leave when you finished the essay, so of course we are. Took you ages.”

“You waited because you wanted to, though.”

“... Whatever. I just don't have anything better to do.”

"You must have a lot of free time, then."

After that day, they often met at the library to study, or more specifically, Gray studied and Wolf just killed time, although it looked like he started doing some useful things and being more responsible as they met more and more times. Not that he suddenly became as dedicated as Gray (this would drain his soul or at least what was left of it), but based on his usual carelessness, you could say he was doing better. Maybe that was Gray rubbing off on him or maybe he was becoming less irresponsible by osmosis. Whatever it was, something had definitely changed. 




It was Friday afternoon and Eugene Gale totally wasn't sulking. Okay, maybe he was, but he could have passed his maths test if only he had gotten one more point. That was such a tiny amount it frustrated him to no end. However, in the middle of his moment of frustration, a voice echoing in his head reminded him of what Gray had told him once when he asked tips on how to fight. 'You should focus on your studies instead', he had said bluntly. Gray was right. If Eugene kept thinking about his problems, he wouldn't achieve anything! He nodded to himself and decided he wanted to study at a quiet and motivating place, which meant he started gathering his books to head to the library.



After two hours of going through pages of math problems, Eugene was starting to get tired, but also very proud of himself. If he kept this pace, he had a chance of doing better next time. He still didn't know how Gray did it — fighting and having perfect grades simultaneously didn't look easy at all. He made a mental note to thank Gray once again for his advice later. Maybe if he did everything right in the long term Gray could teach him some self defense and basic techniques.

Right when Eugene stood up to organize his things inside his school bag, the door opened and a familiar person walked into the establishment. It only took him a second before recognizing the purple hair. As a Shuttle Patch member and Gray's friend he had to recognize Wolf Keum's face, since he had been there for a while when Wolf fought Gray on the rooftop. Weird was an understatement: that didn't seem to be the place a guy like him would visit on his free evenings. Even so, he found a seat and opened a book, and Eugene fought against his will to hide and see what he was planning to do.

'Yes, it's better if I just leave and don't get myself involved with anything unnecessary right now.' He thought that, but his legs stayed in the same place. Ok, maybe that was his own fault, but you can't blame him for being curious. What on earth was a guy like him doing in a library? 

And as if things weren't strange enough, he had been so fixated on observing Wolf behind a bookshelf he hadn't noticed someone who had just arrived sitting down besides Wolf. In the same table. 

Eugene then squinted. He squinted hard, more than once or twice. It couldn't be — the person looked so much like Gray it was scary. 

He refused to believe it was Gray — didn't he notice the place where he was sitting? And none of them said anything. It was all silent. Then, after a good ten minutes of stalling – don't ask Eugene why he stayed spying — he heard his friend's voice.

"I'm finished for today." Just who was he talking to?

"Already? Why'd you come here then?"

"I just wanted to go through some notes. Besides, you were already waiting here." 

Wolf Keum and Gray Yeon were holding a normal conversation. Never once did he think this could happen. He had to hold a gasp at the sight.

"Shh!" The old lady that worked as a librarian shushed him. Perhaps he didn't hold the gasp as well as he thought he did. He looked at the unusual duo to see if they noticed him after the accident, but they were already leaving and didn't look back.

That time, Eugene was safe, and he could go to sleep knowing that he wasn't thought of as a stalker.

However, he had his doubts on whether he would be able to remember what he studied after that considerably big shock.





As the duo left the establishment, Wolf Keum mentioned something about a bespectacled guy who was staring at them through a gap in a bookshelf.

"I noticed," Gray answered. "That's Eugene."

"Why do you know a stalker?" Wolf said, but shrugged it away right after. "Nevermind that. Your friends are all weird in some way so I don't really wanna know."

"You're calling yourself weird." 

"Tch." Wolf looked at Gray, who wore a blank expression and showed no signs of awareness at all, or maybe he just didn't care about what he had said. Either way, it didn't escape Wolf that he had been referred to as a friend. He decided no to mention it. "You're not gonna talk to him?"

"To who, Eugene? No, I'll leave him be. He needs to study, after all."