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When The Curtains Closes

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Curtains raises






“The Show Must Go On!” 




































“Oh god… I’m so sorry”












“Destiny lies upon us, I did what it takes to be on Position Zero”







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In most Academies, students should be living in a dormitory. It is uncommon to live in a house when accompanied by other talented art students, who are not in the same Academy. Living there is not obeyed by the Academy's system in the dormitory. Residents in the house all have responsibilities to keep things intact. Despite the similarities between each other, they are senpai and kouhai. As well as rivalry in one another. Today is like any other morning. Like everyone else, they all have their daily routines before heading out to their respected schools.


Walking in is a girl wearing a dusty orange hoodie. “Ohayo~” She greets in a low voice as she entered the room, ignoring the racket happening in the living room. Hot steam escaping from the coffee machine, the one brewing cups of coffee, Maya greeted back with a soft smile. “Good Morning Karemi-san, did you rest well?” Maya, one of the residents living here and a student of Frontier School of Arts and Karemi, a student of Seisho Music Academy living as a resident in the house. “Uh, I guess you can say that... Haha...” Karemi tries not to mention that she stayed up all night due to a “Simping Crisis” over an “idol” she fangirls 24/7. The girl sweatdropped and chuckled a little, brushing the back of her neck and hopefully, she can get away with it. In silence, before Maya could respond to Karemi.


“Sus!” said in harmony by the residents in the house.


In an instant, Karemi heard it. She faces down to the counter with a long “sigh” Maya already knew karemi had slept late. “there, there..” petting the girl lightly at the back. “Great. I probably going to be scolded by senpai again...” Karemi sighs. Coffee is now finished. Maya lays out the mugs filled with coffee and slides one over to the sleepy Siegfeld student, leaning her body towards the counter, yawning simultaneously. Inso picked up the coffee Maya brewed for her. Inso drinks the coffee. “Thanks, Maya,” She grinned. “Not a problem ” Maya had done her job for the morning and continued on her daily routine and returns to the kitchen.


Meanwhile, in the living room...


“I AM NOT A SIMP!” Maya’s kouhai, Wave yelled at the girl dressing a giraffe onesie


“Hm sure... You do notice I did not say “you simp” Right?” Karami's kouhai, Kat raised her brow while her arms are crossed. “Oh wow, so you are a simp,” she said with no surprise. The two kouhais began to quarrel.


“I AM NOT A SIMP” Wave disclaims


“Hm... Ok,” Kat replied bluntly.


“I AM NOT A SIMP” Wave yelled again.


“You said that the first time.” Kat almost smiled


“AND IM NOT” Wave revoked again.


“Ok,” Kat just nodded, the fact this dispute wasn't going anywhere.


“AM NO-“





Both went quiet and shifted to the person who spoke. Resting on the sofa is another resident living in the house, “Xero?” both said at the same time. “How long have you been sitting there?” It seems like the two were disputing at each other for a while that they didn't notice their friend was there the whole time. “Could you knock it off, there are others here still asleep you know...I swear your arguments are not even going anywhere...” Xero massaged her temples, soothing herself. Of course, she knew Wave is just in denial that she simps, however, Wave just love her wives.
Both look at each other and back at Xero “... Sorry” they excused in unison.


The living room became silent. The trio stayed silent until...




“???” Kat, Wave and Xero looked at each other. "What was that?" Xero stood up from the sofa, figuring who said 'Quack'




“Okay, we get that you are into animal sounds, so cut it out!” Kat said in a serious tone, staring at Wave, believing that she had pulled a prank or joke.
“But I didn’t” Wave responded in confusion “I think there's a real duck here?”
“Why would there be a duck in the hou-“

“Quack!” Xero stopped and stared at the entrance. A white duck, standing in front of them. "Quack" The duck flutters its tail and then waddles away.

Xero, Kat and Wave shifted looks, and with a nod, they start chasing after the duck. "ITS MINE!" They said in unison, pushing each other as one of them tried to catch the duck.



Meanwhile... Back at the kitchen... All still in their home wear. Maya, Inso, and a few others are chatting.


“... And then Teru--“ Kaito, a student from Rinmeikan: School of Traditional Arts. “-ITS LIKE ONE OF THE BESTS MOMENTS EVER ON THE STREAM!” Kaito said in excitement “Sorry I dragged you to watch the stream, Kabe.” A friend of Kaito’s facing the opposite direction from Kaito. “No you shouldn’t apologise, I agree with your offer. I am a Teru fan too” Kabe making hand gestures.


Once Kaito picks up their mug drinks the coffee Maya brewed earlier. "Woah, Maya! This coffee!!" Kaito loving the coffee, wondering if they should have a second cup. “Oh. Thank you” Maya smiles handing over Kaito a second refill. Artemis, another student from Siegfeld. “I agree with Kaito, the coffee today is pleasant” Artemis smiled. “Thank you, Artemis” Maya grinned as she received compliments from her senpais'.


Artemis returns playing (*inserts game app*) on their phone as Kaito talks more about Teru to Kabe, a student of Seisho and resident living here also a fan of Ikuta Teru “Zzzz...” Inso had her 4th coffee yet still dreaming. “Kabe! Teru’s next stream Ayasa is the special guest for her stream” Kaito jumps excitedly, air punches up towards the ceiling. “Another Ayateru Livestream huh...” Kabe thought aloud while holding their chin, then makes a short grin. Kabe is also happy.


*Duck pattering intensifies*


Karemi’s ear perked up then she swifts her head at the kitchen doorway. Everyone went silent as they too hear pattering outside from the kitchen.


"Is there a bird in the house?" Maya questions hearing the pattering noise beating louder than earlier “It could be Platphos?” Artemis staring at Karemi, assuming Karemi's pet rabbit might have done it.


“QUACK” A duck smashes a hole through the door


“A DUCK?!/ THE DOOR!!” everyone screams while Artemis cries over the damaged door


“Aaaaaaaaaa” 3 others pushing one another. Breaking the remains of the poor wooden door.


“*pants* Okay... You two go over there, I’ll handle over here.” Xero pants as she and the 2 cornered the duck.








“They didn't notice we’re here too...” Karemi sweat dropped with a small laugh.


Wave continues to argue and then makes her move towards the duck, lodges forward but missed and damaged the wall as the duck ran under Xero’s legs and out of the kitchen.




Wave stood up and approached Kat “SEE THIS IS YOUR FAULT KAT!!!”


Kat crossed her arms and sighed “Oh come on... You are the one who didn't listen and made a move towards it. See you even damage the wall itself” Wave looked behind. A huge hole on the wall “Well… Damn I’m Strong! Also that’s not me” she lied.


“I thought you guys finished renovating yesterday?” Yawning in confusion. “What's going on here?” Celtic questions seeing the disaster happening in the kitchen. “Uh...” Everyone tried to explain short as possible, but before they can respond to Celtic's question.


“Quack!” The duck returns, next to Celtic. “OH! My Duck!” Celtic jolted up in energy, picks up the duck happily. Left everyone confused, Celtic then told a backstory about the duck who now is their official pet. “Hey, she should be Siegfeld’s mascot! Do you think, guys?” Celtic holding the duck, showing its cuteness in front of Xero, Artemis and Inso. Xero sighed “Sure why not? Duck would be a great mascot



The morning Duck chase is now over. Everyone continues on their ways for the morning, Now in their respective uniforms.


“Okay, I’m heading out first!” Artemis heads out early to Siegfeld followed by Inso taking the bus. Xero hops on her stallion. “Celtic, you ready?” Keeping her horse still. “One Second!” Celtic places their duck in their bag. “You not kidding bringing the duck with you huh?” Xero sweatdropped. Celtic hops on behind Xero. “Of course I’m not she’s my baby, I can’t leave her in the house that could hurt her...” Xero sighs “Fine, hold tight okay? Hiyah!!!”


“Maya! Let's go! The train is scheduled by this time, we can’t be a minute late!” Wave worries dragging Maya. “Ahh! Hold on! Did you have your pass?” Wave stopped. “Uhhh...” She checks her bag only to see books and personal items. “I forgot the pass on the table oops.” Wave laughed. “I’ll get it.” Maya runs back into the house, picks up the train pass, and hands it over to Wave. “Don’t worry we still have time to arrive at the station before our train come in” Maya smiles calmly. “Thank you... Yeah, I might’ve gone overboard as new ‘Class representative’, alright let's go?” Wave walks forward and Maya nods following Wave.


“I don’t get why you would not take the fast route” Kat talking to her senpai, seeing her hopping on the bicycle. “I’m just not used to trains yet” Karemi sets her foot on the paddle and wears a helmet for safety. “Then you should leave earlier... Arriving there would lead you to miss Homeroom” Kat shows her phone of directions to Seisho in arrival by bike. “That’s an hour off and taking just a train there are only 15 minutes” she compared. “Then.. I’ll find a shortcut!” Karemi starts paddling leaving Kat in a sigh “oh sure break the traffic rules!” she said in a blunt tone, walking to the station.


Kaito walks to a different stop for the bus as Rinmeikan is a little too far. “I should’ve gone earlier...” they sighed waiting for the next bus to arrive


Two Seiran students were left behind in the house with a sleepy Seisho student.


“You sure you’ll handle it?—Ok, see you in the Institute” After a small wave Dana left. “Baby, it's not time for Sleephiru~” Ichii Mahiru goes to Seiran General Art Institute. “Zzz... Five more minutes~” Hina, a senpai for Seisho has a habit of sleeping in. “Mouu!” She shakes Hina side to side, yet she is still asleep. “Everyone did tell Hina not to stay up late on a school night, right?” Kabe readies in a Seisho uniform. “Mouuuuuuuu! Baby chuu~ Please don’t let me bonk you!” She tries to pull Hina out of the bed but there’s no chance of waking the baby up now. “Kabechu?” Mamahiru pouts the person behind her. “Nope, no-deal” Kabe crossed their arms of disapproval “WHA????” Kabe nods in disapproval. “I’m not giving you the baton” Kabe disapproves again.



“You know why”




“It’s still a no”







A/N: Hina, Mahiru and Kabe got in time before their homeroom starts ;)



“And it shall be bestowed upon you, the Star which you have longed for —“



“Friendship, Power, Betrayal —”



“Let’s Begin The Auditions!”




Chapter Text

Karemi tries not to mention that she stayed up all night due to a “Simping Crisis” over an “idol” she fangirls 24/7.


Xero: Bet the “idol” is Non-


Karemi: Don’t >:(


Kat: lmao


Xero: ‘Simping Crisis’ huh...



“Sus!” said in harmony by the residents in the house.


Karemi: (Reads Line) ....


Everyone: YES! *laughs*


Wave: Ahaha Sus!


Kaito: Good Job Director-san!


Karemi: ... (Walks Away)


Xero: Hey! Don’t leave Director-san XD



“I AM NOT A SIMP” Wave disclaims


Wave: I’m really not...


Karemi: You in denial Simp


Wave: NO, you are!


Karemi: We going through this again huh


Xero: *Sends Images of Wave’s “Wives”*


Wave: Who are they? They look pretty!


Xero: Your Wives..


Karemi: Simp.



“Okay, we get that you are into animal sounds, so cut it out!” Kat said in a serious tone


Wave: Nyan, Bark, Moo


Kat: So you really have a thing for making animal sounds


Wave: I don’t, Nyan


Kat: I’m not a cat


Wave: :3



Terujoshis on scene


Kaito and Kabe: Talks about Teru


Xero: (Looks at Script) Wait- Their lines are blank? Did you make a mistake or typo?


Karemi: Nope. They actually having a conversation about Teru





Kabe: Watashi?


Artemis: ... Yes you


Xero: A Tsunami crashes Kabe, good scene...


Karemi: (Writes)


Xero: ...


Karemi: I’m joking



“OH! My Duck!” Celtic jolted up in energy


Celtic: Meet Duck!


Everyone: Eh?


Celtic: Duck!


Wave: Duck names their pet duck “Duck”? Cool!


Inso: Yoo Not bad at all!


Kaito: Duck has duck names her Duck


Xero: My head is going to spin thinking about it, you agree with this Karemi?


Karemi: *Thumbs up* :)


Xero: ...


Chapter Text

A night ago. In The Meeting Hall:


“I see all representatives of each school are present” They all nodded “As Headmistress of Seishō Ongaku Gakuen, I hear by announced an Annual Celebration of Theatrical Arts”


“A festival?” A laugh coming from Seiran corner


“Is there something funny Yakumo-Sensei?” Souda stares at Yakumo


“Sure is! You just wanted an excuse to put our students down there”


“You don’t agree?” A folder slides across the table, she took a glimpse of the Folder, it labelled: ‘Seiran General Art Institute’ “Are these?”


“My top students will be auditioning in your so-called ‘Annual Celebration’”


In a confident tone, more other folders were placed on the table: 

  • Siegfeld Institute of Music
  • Rinmeikan High School of Traditional Arts
  • Frontier School of Arts


“I see you all prepared this would come” Souda was the last person to place her candidates for the Revue “Then it’s decided. Inform Elle-san about the auditions”


“May the ‘Top Star’ be their destiny towards the stage”




Footsteps echoed down the snake of stairs. An Underground Theatre lies beneath the school of Seisho, nobody knows but those who can audition are allowed to perform.


A large platform stands a giraffe. Walking towards the giraffe was a Woman with mint green hair and blue eyes


"Kirin. Here are the candidate papers from every representative for the audions"


Elle hand out the papers to the talking giraffe. Kirin chews the papers




Elle walks out and running to Elle is Andrew The Mole


"Elle! These candidates? who are they, doryuu?"


“Andrew be careful you could slip” She said in a blunt tone, yet can tell she cares for the clumsy mole.


“I’m fine! Doryuu!” Andrew running and hopping close to Elle.


"I have the list who’ll be in the auditions" Elle showed the list to her ‘Mole Friend’ and Andrew proceeds to read the list of names. 


“Ooh! They sure know how to pick their candidates, doryuu?” Andrew continues to read the list of names until a certain name has chills down to his body.


Elle noticed something wrong with Andrew “You alright?” she said in concerned toned


Andrew snapped back in reality "Oh it’s nothing doryuu!"


Elle grew more concerned "I noticed that gesture when there is something up in mind?"


Andrew sighed “I’m sorry Elle, there’s a weird feeling about this kid’s name, doryuu...”


Elle was confused and looks at the list “I see no problem with it? why?” She questioned 


“Elle please, you know these weird hunches aren’t wrong, doryuu.....” with a distressed tone Elle sighed.


“I know... so for now just let it be, hunches can change. Whatever happens, we cannot interfere even if your hunch is correct” 


“I understand, doryuu...” Andrew couldn’t let go of the thought that the cause of the ‘kid’ enters the revue, their opponent will be in trouble.




In the present day, in a local fast-food restaurant. A normal conversation between two friends:


“So an ‘Annual Celebration’ huh” Wearing a Seigfeld uniform, she examines the flyer and passes it back to her friend from Seisho.


“It seems big since Seigfeld is also hosting that event too, Karemi” Amare sips the soda that she ordered from the register. “Yeah, I can see that… It’s not just our schools will be in the event, Seiran and Frontier were mentioned here too” Karemi plucks a few fries and eats them, then designates the mentioned schools on the flyer. “Ahh, there’s Rinmeikan on the flyer too, cool” Downing the soda composing a slurping sound, now that is empty.


A small silence between the two.


Amare breaks the awkwardness “You think there’s going to be another audition holding under ‘there’?” Amare questions and made Karemi in thought. “I believe so, why would there be a ‘Festival Performance’ highlighting all schools of arts?” Karemi then responds and went deep in thought until someone tapped her shoulder from behind.


“KYAAAAAAAAHHH” Spooked Karemi and jumped out of her chair. She quickly shifted around and meet in front of the person who tapped her.


The people talking were quiet and focused on the startled girl.


“Karemi chill, its me Kaito.” Kaito motioned their hands as they try to calm down their friend. Karemi in realisation. “Oh. Hi Kaito!” She quickly greeted rigidly “What brings you here?” She switches up the mood out of the awkwardness.


“Uh we just grab something to eat and I saw you with Amare, so I tried to call you, then here we are now?” Kaito explains. “Oh… My bad, I kinda lost in thought about ‘this’” Karemi pulls out the flyer, Kaito notices the flyer and shuffles in their bag and shows the same flyer. “Rinmeikan announced it this morning”


“Kaito did you find some seats? Oh, Amare and Karemi are here too?” Kabe holding a tray with their orders, with Kabe is four more others holding their orders as well. Karemi and Amare waved to them. “Oh, one sec” Kaito finds an unoccupied table that is next to where Karemi and Amare sitting.


Everyone had settled in and begins, also chatting like how friends get along with each other.  


“Um, just curious but where’s Xero?” Karemi noticed and worries there were 4 Edels here not 5.


“Ohoho, why? You have developed feelings over her? or you might even miss her more~” Kaito teased. 


“WHAT! NOO! I’M JUST CURIOUS!!!” Karemi defended, her face gotten pink. “Just cause she usually with you guys all the time mostly with the Edels…” She hiddenly pouts.


“Hmm… ’Curious’ are you?” Inso grins and proceeds to tease. 


“Come on Inso…” Karemi pouts even more as her friends chuckled through the whole talk. 


A little while they took a breather. “Sorry, we had to, haha. Anyway, we can’t tell where Xero is but we can say is-” Kaito and the Edels looked at Artemis, Karemi figured her partner too wasn’t with her.


“It started.” They nodded. 


“Best of luck for the both of them”




Meanwhile at the Underground Theatre:


“Revue! Start!”




“Position Zero!”




“Winner! Xerano Xerovier!”



“Ow… I lost... Dammit...” Said Hina in disappointment


“Hina, I'm-” Xero was about to apologize but was interrupted.


“Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean our friendship ended” Hina stands up back on her two feet.




“I still get to revue again. Congrats and good luck on your next audition, Xero” Hina held out her hand.


“Thank You, Hina. You too!” Xero extends her hand and shakes


Both left the stage together. After a while of clean up:


"That Xerovier kid is good Elle! Doryuu!" Andrew commented.


"Hm, I agree" Elle looks at the profile of the participant. "Xerovier is from Siegfeld and an Edel, which makes sense about her strengths and talent during the revue" Elle stated


"So a strong opponent against other participants, doryuu?" Andrew tilted his head.


"Seems so" Elle looks at the list.


"We gotta prepare the next Revue, Kirin, announce the next participants!" Elle informs the giraffe.





Back at the surface, Karemi and her friends were walking home together. Suddenly they all hear Kirin's ringtone coming from Amare's phone and the second one from Karemi's.




A/N: Credits to Xerovier for the ideas! :D