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Lunch time! Y/N x Grim (one-shot) [VORE WARNING]

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Grim looks at you. burps "Hey y/n, I'm getting kinda hungry...."
You slowly back away, knowing what's in store. You think to yourself, "He wouldn't, he can't, he won't," but as much as you try to convince yourself otherwise, you know what your fate is.
Grim creeps closer. He says "I don't have all these mouths for nothing, yknow that right?"
You just shake your head in disbelief, your back is pressed into the corner of the grimy room. Grim slowly unhinges one his 3rd mouth down and starts salivating. You start crying as you feel his sharp teeth press into your flesh and I can't write anymore im so sorry

(continued by Chim because I'm a terrible person and dont care how much you hate this)

Hot tears stream down the cheeks of your face as you feel Grim’s teeth pressing into the flesh above your knee.
“Bottoms up lol!” Grim snickers to himself as he takes your two legs down the his gullet. You Feel the warmth of his inner linings as you slide down the seemingly never ending purple man’s throat.
"Damn it grim," you think to yourself "if you were going to vore me, at least shorten your neck and make it easier for me asshole."

It wasn't like this was the first time Grim vored you, but that didn't make it any more enjoyable. Grim always chose you as the main course of his live meals. And you could never say no because despite how unpleasant the process of going down his oesophagus was, you always found comfort in the warmth of his stomach. The bubbling acid frying off the hairs off of your body.

It was kind of romantic really, being one with your lover. Knowing how he placed a hand on his stomach afterwards to thank you for doing this again. He didn't choose you, just because you could regenerate, he chose you because he loved you. He wanted to be one with you, in body AND soul.

You smile as you slide into the acidic hot tub within him.
"Grim?" You say, your voice echoing.

"Yes y/n?" Grim replies, his voice muffled.

"Enjoy your meal"