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5th division member, Hanagaki Takemichi

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“-so I’ve decided that Takemitchy will enter in your division.”

Mucho had no idea how Mikey came to that decision.

Looking at the boy to Mikey’s side, the question got even heavier in Mucho’s mind. Hanagaki Takemichi was an enigma. He had appeared one day and completely turned Toman’s life around with his bright eyes and seemingly endless tears. In just a few weeks he had managed to charm most of the gang, especially after he saved Draken’s life all on his own when he wasn’t an official member yet.

Mucho wasn’t blind, he had seen captains looking, but Hanagaki seemed oblivious to all the eyes directed at him. Hell, he didn’t even seem to notice the clear favouritism Mikey showed to him when he brought Takemichi to all the meetings that usually wouldn’t allow outsiders.

Mucho didn’t have an opinion on Takemichi. His job was to find traitors and right now his sight was on Baji, he didn’t have the time to worry about Mikey’s new obsession.

Pity that Mikey seemed to have other ideas.

Mucho sent a glance to Sanzu who was trying to look uninterested, but it was clear that he was liking Mikey’s decision as much as Mucho. Which wasn’t much.

“... Fine.” Mucho looked at the yellowish bruises blossoming on Takemichi’s face. “But I’m not a babysitter, if he is a weight, he is out.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Mikey sounded so sure, his smile widening at Mucho’s agreement, like everything was going according to his plan. “Takemitchy will be a great addition to your division, trust me.”

Ugh. Whatever.

Takemichi took a step forward and Mucho was a little taken aback at how blue his eyes were. They sparkled so brightly, they were so innocent and pure. The complete opposite of what a guy in the fifth division needed.

“P-Please take care of me, captain.” Takemichi bowed, his voice loud and clear.

Mucho shared a glance with Sanzu.

This kid won’t last a week.

Hanagaki was, as Mucho found out in the following weeks, really stubborn.

It was clear he had no experience in fighting and even a ten year old kid could get the upper hand on him, but Hanagaki was more stubborn than a mule with a body that could take iron bars without breaking bones - Mucho had seen that happening, he was very impressed and very pissed that they dared to pick on his division - and always had a smile on his face even when he was crying his eyes out.

He was lasting more than Mucho - or anyone else - expected.

But still, the fifth division’s job was to find traitors among them, Mucho was sure Hanagaki was shit at that, especially since the boy couldn’t lie or play mind games to save his life, so Mucho was pretty sure Hanagaki would be disastrous in interrogation and Mucho would have a reason to put him in another division.

At that time, Mucho hadn’t realised the power Takemichi Hanagaki had in hand and he had clearly underestimated the kid.

“What’s going on?” Mucho asked when he entered the interrogation room and almost tripped when he saw what was happening.

The scene in front of him seemed to come out from a movie: Hanagaki was awkwardly patting Naito’s - the traitor of the week - back who, for some reason, was crying his heart out but didn’t seem to have been tortured in any way.

Mucho had many questions and turned towards the only person in the room that could give him answers. Sanzu had his back pressed against the wall, looking like a general ready for orders, whose face was twisted in annoyance but, most of all and to Mucho’s extreme surprise, he was very, very impressed.

“Hanagaki made Naito confess everything.” Sanzu said at Mucho’s questioning gaze.

Mucho blinked, not believing what he was hearing. “How.”

Sanzu’s eyes went from Hanagaki to Mucho. “He talked to him.”


“That’s it.” Oh, Sanzu sounded so amused right now. Mucho couldn’t blame him. For the first time in his life, Mucho himself was at a loss of words.

Mucho then turned to Hanagaki who went from patting the traitor’s back to give him a tissue. “What the hell did you say to him?”

Hanagaki jumped like he had just noticed Mucho was there. “Ah, captain!” He bowed and rubbed the back of his hand awkwardly. “We just… talked about stuff. Then, one thing and the other, Naito-kun told me how the Red Thunders paid him to get some intel on Toman. And here we are.”

“... only that?” Mucho was starting to think Sanzu was playing him a joke, but Sanzu’s jokes usually involved violence and lots of blood so he was totally sure about this theory.

“Well, what was I supposed to do? Torture him?” Hanagaki chuckled before patting Naito’s shoulder once again, completely unaware of the yes you were that Sanzu muttered beside Mucho. “I hope your father will be discharged soon and don’t do shady agreements like these again, okay?”

Naito nodded and sniffed, looking at Takemichi like he was a walking god. “Y-Yes, thank you Hanagaki.”

Takemichi nodded pleased, then he stared at the clock and paled. “Oh no!” He turned towards Mucho and bowed his head profusely. “I promised Mikey I would go out with him today, I’m sorry! I have to go!”

Mucho was so shocked by the unnatural scene he could only nod. “... You’re dismissed.” Then he added. “Good job.”

Hanagaki beamed at him - and damn those eyes were really blue - and walked past him with a pleased smile that almost split his face in two at Mucho’s praise.

As the door closed behind them, Mucho sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I knew Mikey would only give me troublesome guys.”

“The most important thing is protecting the king.” Sanzu hummed to his side. “I don’t care what Hanagaki does if he gets the job done.”

“You’re right.” Mucho cranked his knuckles and looked at Naito, who suddenly seemed to remember with whom he was sharing the room with and began to sweat nervously. “Hanagaki is shit at beating people up. But I’m not. I don’t find traitors pitiful. I don’t listen to their stories. I punch and then talk later.”

Sanzu locked the door beside them. Mucho couldn’t see his full expression because of the mask he had on, but Mucho knew he had a maniacal grin on his face. Sanzu was always thirsting for blood.

It didn’t take long for Naito to start screaming.

Hanagaki, apparently, was really good at this job.

Mucho only needed to throw the kid and the suspected traitor of the day in a room and, within two hours, Hanagaki had made him spill even their darkest secrets. There was something in Takemichi that simply pulled people towards him and made them tell him everything. Neither Mucho or Sanzu were unaffected, but thankfully they had more control over their emotions than others so they avoided embarrassing themselves in front of their underling.

But since Mucho wasn’t born yesterday, he was seeing how much Sanzu was getting closer to Takemichi. He didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.

It started slowly, with Sanzu hovering around Takemichi, who was a trouble magnet, like a mother hen, protecting Hanagaki during fights and in return getting patched up by the boy after a brutal fight. But the more weeks passed, Mucho saw how their relationship got stronger, where Sanzu began to insist on bringing Takemichi home and how they seemed to always accidentally meet out the Toman gatherings.

Which brought Mucho where he was now.

It was one of the slow days where there were no suspects to check and they could chill in the abandoned building they used as base. Mucho was checking some bike magazines, but his eyes kept glancing at the two people sprawled over the couch in front of him who seemed to be in their own world, unaffected by the people around them.

Mucho had never seen Sanzu so relaxed, looking like a slender, clever cat purring on Takemichi’s lap while the younger boy was braiding Sanzu’s long hair with a concentrated expression painted on his face. His hands moved slowly, he was careful not to thug and, if he did, he muttered some apologies with the softest tone Mucho had ever heard.

Were they dating? Mucho wasn’t sure and wasn’t in the mood to ask.

“Haurchiyo…” Mucho had no idea when those two got at first name basis, it just happened one day and it was something he had learned to accept. “Do you want something to eat? I have some chips here.”

Sanzu hummed in affirmation, but his eyes were closed in such bliss that Mucho was sure Sanzu didn’t even hear what Takemichi had said.

Nonetheless, Hanagaki stretched his arm to the side and grabbed the closest bag of chips and opened it. Smelling a treat, Sanzu opened one eye to take a peek of what Takemichi had in hand. Pleased of what he was seeing, Sanzu pulled his mask down and waited until Takemichi took the chips and fed them to Sanzy by hand.

Mucho wasn’t even surprised at this point. They could literally start to make out in front of him that he wouldn’t bat an eye.

“Haurchiyo, why do you keep on the mask?” Takemichi asked suddenly after Sanzu had swallowed.

Sanzu sent a quick look towards Mucho then he scrolled his shoulders. “They are quickly recognizable.”

Takemichi hummed before he fed Sanzu another chip. “But I think they’re cool. It’s a pity you always hide them.”

Sanzu suddenly stopped chewing.

Mucho could see the exact moment Takemichi quickly rose above everyone else in Sanzu’s mind. Sanzu looked like he had been handed the world’s most precious treasure. It was the same expression Sanzu had when he looked at Mikey and thought Mucho wasn’t looking. Like he had seen a new god and was ready to worship him until his last breath.

Oh no. Mucho could already feel a headache coming.

Needless to say, Sanzu never wore his mask again from then on.

Takemichi was really impulsive and really loved, so it wasn’t a surprise to see him quickly rise up in ranks. Especially after he saved Baji’s ass during Bloody Halloween and almost got stabbed - Sanzu had been ready for murder that day - it didn’t come as a surprise for Mucho when Mikey asked him if Mucho was willing to have two vice-captains.

Mucho didn’t even ask who Mikey had in mind to be his left-hand man. Not that Mucho had any problems with that, Hanagaki proved himself countless of times and had his particular way in finding traitors, plus Sanzu actually listened to Takemichi when he spoke so that was another point to him.

Really, Mucho couldn’t find a reason to refuse. And it was worth the pretty blush that spread over Takemichi’s face when he told him.

“I-I won’t disappoint you!” Takemichi said in tears, bowing so deeply Mucho was afraid he was going to break his back.

Mucho was sure he wouldn’t.

But, after months of having Hanagaki in his division, Mucho found out he had another bigger problem to deal with.

All the other captains and vice-captains seemed to make their mission to steal Takemichi away from them.

First of all there was the second division, Mitsuya who made Takemichi’s uniform himself - which was something he only did for the founding members and the captains - and Hakkai who always found excuses to hang out with Takemichi and Mucho knew how bad Takemichi was at saying no. Then the fourth division with the twins sharing food with Takemichi at any given occasion which was something they never did (at least Hanagaki shared those snacks). The third division kept to themselves just because everyone knew there was bad blood between Takemichi and Kisaki, but Mucho saw Kisaki looking too much at Takemichi.

But the worst was the first division.

Baji and Chifuyu seemed to have made it their mission to get Takemichi at any cost. They were always so touchy, with Chifuyu calling Takemichi “partner” and Baji sending not too innocent looks to Mucho’s second vice-captain, their true objective was clear.

Sanzu was going to get himself in jail for murder if Mucho wasn’t there to stop him every time the pests of the first division gravitated around Takemichi.

Thankfully, Takemichi seemed to want to bring Sanzu everywhere he went so that psycho could scare away the other divisions and make them back off. Of course, Baji was too stupid to do that, but at least he refrained to put his hands around Takemichi’s waist after Sanzu almost cut his fingers off last time.

And, in all of this, Takemichi remained blissfully oblivious.

“Mikey! You can’t just decide on your own!” Takemichi’s voice was distressed and usually Mucho would get worried, but when their commander was involved, it was better not stick his nose in.

“Oh come on, Takemitchy! You can ride with me! You don’t have a bike!” Mikey pouted and tugged Takemichi’s sleeve like a little kid. After seeing a similar scene more than ten times, Mucho had stopped getting surprised at how childish Mikey became when Takemichi was involved.

Between everyone, the one who seemed like he wanted to keep Takemichi on his side forever was Mikey.

“But I had already promised Haruchiyo-”

“It’s okay.” Sanzu cut in, a smile stretching his lips making his scars more pronounced. “We can ride together another time, you go with Mikey.”

Takemichi blinked, unsure. “Are you sure?”

“Don’t worry about it.” Sanzu chuckled and patted Takemichi’s fluffy head.

Giving Sanzu a grateful smile, Takemichi finally decided to jump behind Mikey on his bike, placing his arms tightly around the older boy’s waist, knowing how much Mikey liked to speed up. Mikey, on the other hand, looked like Christmas had come early and was grinning like a madman as he turned his bike on.

“It’s really okay with you? Usually you’re more possessive than this.” Mucho asked Sanzu once Mikey and Takemichi had driven off.

Sanzu smirked as he stared in the distance, giving Mucho one of his bloodiest grins, the same one he showed when he was ready to draw blood. “Of course. Who wouldn’t want his queen and king to be together?” Then he added with a more cheerful smile. “And Takemichi’s heart is so big, there’s going to be a place for me too.”

For the second time in his life, Mucho was left speechless.

He wondered if it was time for him to retire.