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Swan-feather Song

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some say Tuor was lost at sea...

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived an elven princess wise and fair.
Her name was Idril, and she was the only daughter of her father, the King.

One day Tuor the Man came there. His home had been conquered by Lorgan Orcfriend,
who had caught Tuor and made him into a slave. But Tuor escaped.

Now, the Sealord Ulmo knew that Lorgan wanted to make everyone in the whole world
into slaves, and so he found Tuor, and sent him to the High King, to warn him.

Tuor found a way to the secret city of the elves, and because he was so brave, princess
Idril fell in love with him. But the King was too proud to hear the warning he brought.

When the terrible enemy attacked the city of the elves, Tuor and the princess and their
little boy escaped through a magical tunnel that the princess made, and they went away
and lived in the Havens by the seashore.

When their little boy grew up, he became the Lord of the Havens. The princess said to Tuor:
Let us go to the land of the Elves across the Sea. So Tuor built a ship and they sailed away
to the land of the Elves in the Uttermost West, where they both lived happily ever after.