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Zhan zhao hasn't been feeling so well lately he is nauseous,has vomits,headaches,dizziness.His boyfriend and the SCI have tried to make him stay home and rest but he is stubborn and doesn't want to miss any day of work because that would be unprofessional on his part, they only sigh and resign themselves but what filled the glass was that the other day in the middle of a briefing he almost passed out so Bai yutong and the team forced him to go home, they even got him a doctor's appointment for the next day so he had to go.

And here he was waiting for the results of the blood test that the doctor asked for.Half an hour later the blood test results arrived confirming his suspicions of an anemia but what the doctor says next shock him completely

-"Congratulations Mr.Zhan you are pregnant"

The doctor says something more but he isn't paying attention,he is trapped in a turmoil of thoughts cause
'¿What is he going to do with a kid?' '¿How will Bai Yutong react?' '¿He is going to abandon me?' No no he wouldn't do something like that...would he?.

After that he goes out of the consult and goes to their apartment,when he arrives he sit on the couch and stare absentmindedly the sheets with the results,he stays like that for a long time and doesn't notice that he started crying,he also does not notice that Bai Yutong had already arrived.

Yutong notices the cat crying on the sofa and hurriedly goes to comfort him and ask him what's wrong.Zhan zhao starts crying harder and just repeats "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry". The brown haired man hugs him and asks him to tell him what is wrong,what has his kitten crying so inconsolably.Zhan zhao simply passes him the papers with the result so he can read them and the mouse just stare at them,he doesn't move for long five minutes before he exclaims


He sees how zhan zhao slowly nods and says with a smile

-"You're pregnant.We are going to have a mini-kitty"

But when he looks up again notices that the cat is still crying so he cups his cheek and ask

-"Wait ¿What do you want to do? ¿Do you want a baby? if not,it's your body so you decide, whatever you choose will be fine"

Zhan zhao stare at him before looking down with a little smile and whisper

-"Yeah... I want a baby"

The mouse now cups both of his cheeks and lift his face so he is looking at him now

"¿Are you really sure? I don't want to force you to anything" he tells him but the cat simply smiles and looks at him fondly and replies

"I'm sure i want this baby,it's a little piece of you and me"

Yutong smiles wildly and starts peppering his face with kisses repeating 'I love you' with each of them.Then he looks down to the plain abdomen of his kitten and leaves small kisses there murmuring all sort of things to their baby,calling him 'my kitty' to which Zhan Zhao mutters
"I thought I was your kitty" with a little pout and feigned indignation.

The heart of Bai Yutong melts at the sight so he jumps from the floor and tackles Zhan zhao into the couch kissing him with so much joy.When they separate they look into each other's eyes with small smiles in their faces and Bai Yutong says "You will always be my kitty and I'm sure that our child is going to be so cute and precious like you so we can call him "mini-kitty", ¿what do you think?"

The cat in question looks at him with lovely eyes and responds "I think is perfect" before starting another kiss.