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“Illya, do you trust me?”

Considering our current situation, Napoleon’s question surprised me.  It was more a case of when didn’t I trust him.  

As my partner, I rely upon trusting him, knowing that he will be right where he needs to be in any given situation.  I trust his world and his information without question and I never stumble when it comes to his character.

When trouble comes looking for us, as it so often does, I trust that he will have my back and that, no matter what, I will never be left behind.

As my friend, I have come to depend upon that trust more and more these days.  We have grown close over the years, some people say too close.  Yes, I can finish his sentences and he mine.  We have shared blood, beds, and clothes.  If we were any closer, we’d be joined at the hip.

Is he entirely trustworthy?  Well, there are moments, especially when women are involved.  Still, I know in the end, he will be at my side.

So, “Yes, Napoleon, I trust you.”

“Pull my finger.”