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Kelly Severide had cornered Tara Little in the carpark of a shopping centre and began to angrily rattle off to her about how ridiculous he finds the criminal charges laid against him and how hysterical he finds the fact that CFD decided to promote the woman. Heads were beginning to turn in the direction of the two people as Tara repeatedly told Kelly to leave her alone. Eventually a man around Kelly’s height and build decides he no longer wishes to be a bystander to the situation and speaks up

“Are you okay ma’am?” he asks and it makes Kelly’s blood boil, this man had no idea what he was getting involved with and he shouldn’t stick his nose where it didn’t belong

“She’s fine” Kelly bites back as Tara climbs into her car and drives off, Kelly tries to call after her but Tara ignores him.



Matt lay in bed with Hallie in his arms, the feeling of familiarity was wonderful so he was taken aback when Hallie stood up to get dressed, he put his hands on his waist to pull her back down onto the bed

“I have a request” he says groggily still tired from the night before

“Yeah? What’s that?” Hallie smiles back

“That we never move from this spot for the entire day”

“Yeah? And skip your shift?” Hallie teases knowing how much he loved his job, which brought Matt back to his previous point, that Hallie was familiar, she knew everything about him and it was too hard to get to know anybody else the way Hallie knew him.

“I’ll just have the truck pick me up here if we get any calls” he says kissing her

“I don’t think these boxers are going to stand up against a fire”

“I’ll just call out orders from this spot” he mumbles against her lips “Cruz, grab a two and a hald, Mouch put down the sandwich” Hallie gently strokes Matt’s cheek kissing him again and again

“At 24 hours and one minute I wanna be right back here” she mumbles, Matt smiles up at her before they eventually move to start their day.



Gabby stopped by Sylvie’s house to pick her up for work as it was on her regular route and Sylvie had recently started an environment kick, she spent all her spare time researching ways to cut her fossil fuel usage and the amount of landfill rubbish she was generating, she began to spam her firefighting friend with National Geographic articles about melting icecaps and rising sea levels when eventually Gabby gave in Brett, if I start picking you up for work every day, will you stop sending me climate change articles, it’s depressing Gabby had said. So here they were stepping out of Gabby’s car as they watched Hallie and Matt kiss on the street.

“I’m happy for him” Sylvie says

“Me too” Gabby responds with a forced smile

“Are you?” she questions turning to her with sad eyes

“Without a doubt, yes” Gabby repeats as Sylvie decides to drop the subject and the two head inside, Herrmann calls out to Gabby and she jogs over to catch up with him as Sylvie heads into the locker room

“What up sunshine?” Leslie smiles as she finishes putting away the last of the supplies into the back of the ambulance the bells go off Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61. Building collapse, 800 South Carpenter Street.

“So we didn’t really talk about the whole Hadley thing” Leslie says seriously as she drove down the streets of Chicago

“What’s there to talk about, it’s over he’s gone” Sylvie shrugs not wanting to think about it

“Yeah but, surely you have feelings about it”

“I do what he did, sucks, nobody should ever have to deal with that, but it’s a fact of life when you’re a woman and I’ve accepted it”

“Well, you shouldn’t accept it, you shouldn’t stand for it. And the way you went off at him, Brett, I’ve never seen you that angry in my life and feelings like that don’t disappear overnight”

“Look Shay, you’re right, I’m still angry I’m still incredibly angry he made me feel violated for weeks but there’s no point doing anything about it now, what’s done is done and I’m just going to go on with my life. He’s lost his job and filing a police report is more hazard than its worth”

“You’re a far more forgiving person than me I’ll say that” Leslie sighs as they arrive at the scene to see police cars around a collapsed balcony, piles of wood were everywhere and young people were trying to jump out of the building in case more of it collapsed.

“Chief. All the schools are on spring break, big party. We were here on a D&D when we saw the whole thing collapse, one porch on top of another. There's at least a dozen trapped. Just tell us where you need us, Chief.” A police officer says walking up to Boden

“Get the surface victims first.” Boden says as the police officers disappear and Boden refocuses his attention to his team “Set up cribbing columns. K-12, sawzalls to cut away the timber.” Battalion 25 to Dispatch. We have a three-story deck collapse, multiple victims. Give me an E.M.S. plan 2 and two extra truck companies for manpower. Boden says into his radio to which the static voice confirms his request as Boden directs his attention to the screaming from the pile of rubble, he tells the woman who is trying to dig through the wood to stay back and has to stand between her and where her fiance, a young man is laying unconscious, his legs and body contorted, not visibly breathing on top of a car surrounded by wooden planks. Herrmann makes his way over to Paul and shakes his head to Boden to inform him that Paul is in fact dead, the woman accuses Boden of not doing anything and sobs hysterically as Herrmann leads her away from the scene.

Meanwhile, everyone is rummaging through the debris throwing it out of the way when Joe yells out that he’s found a victim alive, Leslie races over to see the woman and check the extent of her injuries, she has a sharp piece of wood sticking out her chest as firefighters begin to surround her and the paramedic as they offer their services in any way they can to get the woman to the hospital. Once they get her in the back of the ambulance, she is immediately supplied with an oxygen mask and Sylvie hangs and IV onto the hook above the stretcher before looking back to see Valerie’s heart rate dropping fast, she sings out to Leslie who from the drivers seat immediately begins talking into her radio

“61 to Lakeshore, we're coming in hot with a trauma victim, 20 years old, impalement injury, respirations are dropping.”

When they get to the hospital, Hallie races out to the ambulance faster than either of the paramedics had seen a doctor rush to a patient in their lives, her gloves are on her hands as she leaps into the ambulance calling medical jargon into the air knowing somebody from the hospital would pick it up and arrange the necessary tests.

After what was only a couple of seconds but felt like an eternity of Sylvie and Hallie rushing around the woman trying to get her heartrate up, Hallie announces she has a pulse and two nurses jump in and begin pushing Valerie inside.

“Nice work, Brett.” Hallie rushes out to Sylvie before disappearing inside.


When Truck 81 finally backs into the firehouse, Mouch jumps out the truck and says to everyone

“Could've been a hell of a lot worse. Two D.O.As, and I bet we saved a dozen or more.”

“That right there is what it's all about.” Joe replies as he’s hanging his turnout coat back in its designated space. Mouch then disappears inside to switch on the television with Pouch perched on his lap.

Herrmann and Otis walk into the common room, Herrmann had a model house used for fire demonstrations in his hand causing Otis to question what he was doing, to which Herrmann explains;

“I'm supposed to speak to Luke's class about fire safety. So I'm gonna rig one side of the house with flammable materials and then the other side with flame-resistant type stuff. Then, I'm going to demonstrate the difference. Kids are gonna love it.”

“Oh. What could possibly go wrong?” Otis mumbles in response before Joe comes rushing into the firehouse and in a panicked voice says

“Guys, guys, I have an announcement to make. Please, I need everybody's attention. Today, I came across something so upsetting that it literally shook me to the core. I was in the laundry room. I was pulling my stuff from the washer to the dryer, and I discovered these left inside.” Joe says as he holds up a pair of red briefs, his eyes land on Herrmann for a moment

“Don't look at me. I've been a fruit of the loom man since 1975.” Herrmann raises his arms in defence

“20 bucks to whoever finds the owner.” Mouch announces as Matt stands up and takes the underwear out of Joes hands and everyone breaks into a rowdy cheer for the lieutenant

“first, they ain't mine. Second, these don't come down until the owner steps forward.” Matt says as he pins the underwear to the bulletin board “I can't unsee this. Someone has to pay.”

“He who smelt it hath dealt it.” Otis notes

“You're nuts. Those look like something that a Russian would wear on his wedding night.” Joe folds his arms over his chest accusingly

“They're not mine, but I will put my money on Capp.” Otis says

“Keep deflecting, Otis. That's a good strategy.” Mouch says as Herrmann’s model house is engulfed in flames earning a yelp from Pouch in a distance, Gabby is quick to spring into action calmly picking the fire extinguisher up from the corner of the kitchen and spraying the house

“Maybe I'll just let the kids wear the oxygen mask.” Herrmann sighs grumpily walking out of the room, he truly thought he had come up with a brilliant fool proof plan to engage the kids. He’s about to go for a walk around the block when a woman calls out to him

“Excuse me? Hi. Uh, I was wondering, um, do you guys allow kids in here to take a picture on a truck or something?”

“Yeah, of course we do. Where are the kids?”

“Oh. Um, I'm just checking. Some other time.”


Kelly steps out of the bathroom stall and is about to wash his hands when Boden appears next to him with an angry look on his face

“You confronted her in a parking lot.”

“I'm facing criminal charges. Damn right I confronted her.”

“You are not helping yourself.”

“Chief, I did nothing wrong.”

“You did today. You strengthened her case.”

“Whose side are you on?”

“I am trying to help you here.”

“Well, it doesn't feel like it. I'll handle this myself, thanks.”

“No, no. You contact her again, you go within 100 feet of her, you will force me to take away your squad.”

“That's your way of helping?”

“Yes.” Boden says matter of factly as Kelly storms out of the bathroom not giving another look toward his Chief.



Leslie was driving the ambulance back to the firehouse as Sylvie was giving her some anecdote about her father.

“My dad used to tell me, "you have a choice. You can either choose to be in a bad mood... " Right. "Or you can decide to be happy."

“Where is this going?”

“I need a rebound. I need to forget about Casey, at first I was happy to ‘share’ him with Dawson, neither of us had him and that was okay. But seeing him with Hallie makes me sad, it makes me think about what I could have had if I wasn’t such a nice person, so I’m going to choose to be happy and go out and find a rebound”

“Good for you girl” Leslie grins

“But it has been a lifetime since I’ve been out so I’m going to need your support”

“Absolutely, you’ve got it” they had only just arrived back at the firehouse before the bells went off again, it was one of those days where they could barely stop to breathe, the weather outside was dark and gloomy and the two blondes dreaded what the rest of their day held. When they arrived at the scene they were met with a construction site where a man was leaning against a maroon Holden Commadore, his face was white and he looked to be in incredible pain, Sylvie and Leslie are quick to act loading him onto the stretcher before he could collapse himself.

“Okay... "Virgilio Ventura." Welcome back, pal.” Leslie says opening his wallet to reveal his drivers licence

“You had a couple cocktails today?” Sylvie asks as he looks into the mans eyes

“No, I think something a little heavier.” Leslie sighs as she lifts Virgilio’s sleeve up What's your flavor, Virg? A little "H"? Huh. He's clean. What's up with you, buddy?” Leslie says confused by the man’s drowsy state, Sylvie turns on the heartrate monitor and it almost immediately begins to beep

“His heart rate's racing at 150. He's in S.V.T. We're gonna lose him if we don't stabilize his rhythm. Cardioverting at 100. Stand back.” Sylvie is about to turn on the defibrulator when Leslie calls out

“Brett, wait. His ears. Look at his ears. Look.” Sylvie turns the mans head to the side to reveal dried blood seared to the sides of his ear, Sylvie lifts up his shirt to reveal a large, sticky burn on the side of his hip that trailed all the way down his leg.

“Shay, he's got an electrical burn.” Leslie looked around at the patient before noticing

“His shoe's missing. It's a third-degree burn. He's got an exit wound.”

“He was hit by lightning.” Sylvie notes

“We can't shock him. His heart's had too much trauma. 6 mils of adenosine.” Leslie says as Sylvie reaches into the med bag to pull out the vial, Leslie starts a count down as she and Sylvie push the medication into the IV bag thar Sylvie was holding above the mans head. The man lets out a loud groan before they load him into the ambulance to head to the hospital.


The end of shift couldn’t have come sooner for anyone but especially Boden, he trudged out of the firehouse with Herrmann walking two steps in front of him when he turns around to face the chief

“What is it?” Herrmann asks

“Ah, nothing. Rough shift.”

“Yeah. Hey, what are you doing for dinner tonight? I'm doing all the cooking now that Cindy's in the home stretch. So it's either gonna be pizza or steak. It's your call.”

“Well, I can never turn down a Herrmann steak.”

“All right. Great. Bring the beer, all right?”

“I will.” The two hug briefly and then part ways, Boden is about to turn to get in his car when he hears Peter Mills calling after him

“Hey! Excuse me, Chief. Um, I was wondering. Can I pick up a couple shifts at 51 next week? Maybe pull 48. These squad classes are breaking the bank, so... I just need the extra money.”

“What did your Lieutenant say?”

“Check with you.”

“Well, we can make that happen.”

“Yeah? I'll talk to the chief at your house and see if we can take you next week.”

“Thank you.” Peter says before disappearing

Not much further away Leslie and Kelly stood outside the firehouse talking

“I'm not exactly one to sit on my hands, you know?” Kelly says

“Yeah, well, you shouldn't.” Leslie furrows her eyebrow

“Yeah, well, that's not what the C.F.D. is advising. I'm running out of options here, Shay.”

“I'm telling you, the more I think about it, the more I think that she targeted you specifically. She knew your background, and she took, what, all of two seconds to start flirting up a storm? Anyone do a background check on her?”

“I've been on my heels this whole time, no.”

“Yeah, exactly. It's time to turn it around, go on the offensive.”


The following day Sylvie was waiting by the river for Leslie to arrive and sure enough she walks up to her with two pretzels in her hands

“You know when you said you wanted a rebound, a cute lunch date with me wasn’t really what I had in mind” Leslie says handing the pretzel to her friend

“Hey, you made it”

“Yeah bearing carbs, I figured if we weren’t drinking you might want another kind of comfort”

“You would be right about that. And this isn’t our rebound night out, this is me spending time with my best friend so I don’t feel so alone” Sylvie says biting into the pretzel



 Elsewhere in the city Kelly was doing a similar thing, he was staring out at the skyline waiting for none other than Antonio Dawson to arrive, he shakes hands with Kelly and Kelly thanks him for agreeing to meet

“You sure you know what you're doing?” Antonio asks

“Tsk. Like I told you on the phone, I'm... I'm feeling out of options.”

“Well, it might be worse than you think. I called the assistant State's Attorney. That Rutkowski's testimony landed, and they won't be accused of playing favorites for a fire fighter. They're gonna approve criminal charges.” Antonio says and Kelly shakes his head in disbelief “I ran a background check on Tara Little. She worked at an ad agency. There were criminal charges filed and then withdrawn.”

“Against her?”

“No. A fellow employee there named Clay White. There's an address in there.”

“I appreciate it.”

“If I was smart, I'd tell you to let a lawyer handle it from here.” Antonio asys before leaving Kelly alone, however Kelly didn’t listen, instead he drove to Clay White’s office.

“May I help you?”

“Are you Clay White?”

“I am.”

“I was told to talk to you about Tara Little.”

“Anything you wanna say about her, you can tell my lawyer. Now get the hell out.”

“It's... it's not like that. I... I need your help.”

“I was a middle level executive at Ramsey Call. I high-end ad agency on Michigan Avenue. Tara was one of 20 graphic designers we had on staff. Tara and I had hit it off. Was it inappropriate? She was game, and I wasn't married. It was all consensual. We had some fun but went in different directions, ended totally civil. Then we lost an account. The rumor mill started flying about downsizing. Next thing I know, Tara makes a claim, says I took advantage of her, it was a hostile work environment. I was fired and ostracized by the whole industry. I've got an M.B.A. And this is what I do to pay my mortgage. She got a nice settlement from what I heard.”

“Sounds familiar. Would you consider coming forward?”

“I signed a nondisclosure agreement, so she'd drop the criminal charges.”

“You didn't answer my question.”


Matt had a paper bag in his arms as he pushed open the door to the clinic that Hallie worked part time at. Inside, Hallie was treating a patient with a broken thumb, she brings the patient back into the room and waves to Matt politely before returning promptly

“You used to always drop by the firehouse with lunch, so I'm returning the favor, if you have time.” Matt smiles holding up the bag, she turns to another doctor who says she will cover for Hallie so she shows Matt back through the clinic when a man comes up to her

“Steven Gooding. He started the clinic. This is my... this is Matt. Hey. Nice to meet you. Listen, Hallie, do you think you could help us out on Sunday, maybe noon to 5:00-ish? Dr. Arend can't make it.”

“Yeah, I think so. I just have to check my schedule over at Lakeshore.”

“Great. Just let me know, okay? Nice to meet you, Matt.” Steven walks away and Hallie heads into an office, Matt stood a few steps back pacing awkwardly. Hallie takes out a case file and looks at the front page

“Huh that’s weird” she mumbles to herself but another woman over hears and questions her about it, Hallie slides the file over and the woman assures her that she will take care of it, Hallie shrugs the moment off and looks to Matt

“Everything good?” Matt asks worriedly

“Yeah. I'm starving. Let's go.” The two head out to a bench outside the clinic as they sat eating sandwiches

“You really like it here?” Matt asks

“Yes. When I was away, I remembered why I got into medicine in the first place. I remembered a lot of things I wanted to reclaim for myself when I returned.”



The Herrmann household was busy as usual with two kids playing videogames while the other two were colouring in on the coffee table, Boden stood in the loungeroom with a smile on his face watching the commotion, a little light-hearted excitement was what he needed after the day he had. Cindy Herrmann was about to start doing dishes when Boden stops her

“Uh, uh, no, no. Doing the dishes is my specialty.”

“You're sweet, Wallace.”

“Anyway, ain't you supposed to be in bed?”

“You think I'm going to trust Chris alone with those monsters?”

 “Get outta here.” He smiles as Christopher gets two beers out the fridge when his tone shifts


“So? Okay. I, uh... I think I'm losing the respect of an important man in the house.”


“Between this Benny and this Tara thing... I think he thinks I'm the bad guy here.”

“Eh. What's that you always say? "Leaders lead from the front”

“Yeah. Sounds like me.”

“Up front can be lonely, that's for sure. But it goes with the territory, don't it?”

“Yeah. Thanks.” The two clink bottles before they drink.


Otis stood in the common room staring at the underwear when Matt comes in with his hands in his pockets

“Otis. Ready to lay claim to your undies?”

“Yeah, you wish.”

“Just come clean, Otis. No one will judge you. This is a safe room.” Mouch says craning his neck and back around to where a small group had formed around the bulletin board. Otis lets out an audible sigh before he begins to pull the underwear down

“You know what? No. I can't stand to look at these another shift.”

“That's it. Now I know they're yours.” Mouch says but before Otis has a chance to defend himself, the bells go off causing the conversation to be paused. Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61. Vehicle accident.


When they arrive at the scene a woman who had seen the accident take place comes out and explains that a smaller car that was now laying on its side was pulling out of the hotel carpark when the second larger car hit it straight on causing it to roll. Kelly announces that Squad would take charge of the larger car but when they approach it the driver was laying against the steering wheel unresponsive with blood trickling down his head

“He's D.O.A.” Kelly frowns as the attention of Truck 81 is redirected to the living victim inside the smaller car.

“Ma'am, try not to move until we get you collared and braced.” Matt says as he climbed onto the door of the car to talk to the young woman

“I need the report to say we're just co-workers, and we were coming from a lunch when that jackass hit us!” the woman cries

“We don't report that kind of stuff, ma'am.” Matt replies

“I gotta get out of here.”

“I need that collar!” Matt calls out as  someone hands it straight to him. she puts it around her neck as they begin to peel the top of the car off

“Where are you taking me?” the woman asks as the paramedics begin to wheel her in the direction of the ambulance

“Lakeshore.” Leslie replies

“Will you call my husband and tell him you found me by myself?” she cries

“Ma'am, you're gonna have to take that up with the doctors at the hospital.” Leslie repeats wheeling her away from the scene. Once the second passenger of the car has been extracted Matt and Kelly leave the other firefighters to begin to clean up the debris

“Hey, I'm gonna need you to cover for me for an hour when we get back to the station.” Kelly says

“You got it.” Matt nods


Kelly Severide didn’t like going into headquarters but he knew that was the only way he would be able to talk to Tara, he walks into the building with Clay White hanging back behind him. Kelly finds Tara in the cafeteria and she walks up to him and says

“You're supposed to stay away from me.”

“Am I?” Kelly huffs back

“You're finished. You hear me? I am about to scream so loud.” Tara says making eye contact with Kelly, her focus is directly on him and she doesn’t notice Clay White walk into the room until he speaks

“Hi, Tara.”

“He can't. He signed...” Tara starts but she’s left speechless so instead Kelly decides to finish her sentence for her

“A nondisclosure and confidentiality agreement? What else can you take away from him? I checked with the union attorney, and it turns out in cases of fraud, the courts don't care much about those agreements.”


“Maybe we take you to criminal court, get testimony on the record. Or you retract your lie, quit this job. We never see each other again.” Kelly says



The woman Herrmann had spoken to earlier this morning walks into the firehouse with what appears to be her husband and a young girl.

“Excuse me? Yeah. Hi. I was the one that asked about the pictures.”

“Ah, yeah, of course. How are you?”

“Uh, this is my husband Roger... And our daughter Charlotte. Would you mind?”

“God, no. No problem at all. Come on, Charlotte. I'll show you around here. Come on.” Herrmann says as he leads the family through the firehouse. Joe takes a photo of the Charlotte and Roger with Gabby Otis and Mouch as in the distance, Herrmann speaks with the woman

“How old is she now?”

“Uh, 12.”

“That's incredible.”

“Yeah, plus, today is her birthday. So here we are.”

“Wow. She's really something. Yeah. Hey, do you have a few minutes? Because I think we can do a little better than a couple of photos.” Herrmann says as the woman nods and he wanders off into Boden’s office

“Hey, Chief. We got a kid's birthday party in the common room, and they'd like to see you.”

“You tell little Danny or Billy or Leo Happy Birthday for me, but I have a mountain of paperwork that I need to get through.”

“This one's important, Chief.” Boden then sighs puts down his pen and stands up walking out to the common room where he sees Charlotte and her family

“where are the other kids?” Boden mumbles turning to Herrmann

“Well, it's not that kind of party, Chief.” Boden then wanders over to the family curious as to what was so important about this particular child’s birthday

“Are you Chief Boden?” Charlotte asks excitedly

“Yes, I am. And are you the birthday girl?”


“And, um, what's your name?”


“Charlotte. And how old are you, Charlotte?”


“Well, Charlotte, Happy Birthday.”

“Do you recognize me?” Charlotte asks curiously

“Um, I... I'm sorry. No. I don't.”

“12 years ago today, I was left on the doorstep of this firehouse. He said you were the fireman who found me.”

“I always wondered what happened to you.”

“I was adopted. I live in Indiana now.”

“Look at you. Don't you look great?”

“She's always wanted the truth.” The woman speaks up

“When my mom and dad told me where I came from, I had to come here.”

“And I am very glad that you did.”

“Thank you.”

“No. Thank you, Charlotte. 'Cause you have made this Chief... a very happy man today.” Boden smiles as Herrmann emerges with a cake with a singular candle on top as the whole firehouse begin to sing happy birthday to the young girl and she blows out the candles as everyone cheers. After Charlotte and her family had gone home, towards the end of the shift, Mouch is in the locker room tying his shoes when Otis walks in with the underwear clutched between a pair of tongs

“You'll still pay a $20 bounty on these briefs?” Otis asks

“If you're ready to admit they're yours.”

“You wanna know something curious? I looked at the tag here. Interesting that they're a Japanese brand of underwear not sold in the United States. Japanese. The same language you've been studying.” Otis states matter of factly

“That... that doesn't...” Mouch tries to defend himself but fails miserably

“Japanese. The same proverbs you've been spouting for weeks, one of which you used to fleece me out of 20 bones.” Otis holds his hand out for the 20 dollars

“Fine. Thank you... very much. Go ahead. Go, tell everyone. Get a good laugh.”

“Oh, I will. I will.” Otis turns to leave and right as he’s about do disappear out the door Mouch begins to speak again

“I've been dating a Japanese woman. I'm doing everything I can to impress her, because quite frankly, I'm not getting any younger. Now, she mailed me the underwear as a gift. So that's a good sign, right?”

“Wait, wait. Mailed? From where?”

“Well, we've been, uh... our relationship is... we haven't actually met yet.”

“An Internet girlfriend.”

“I've talked to her on the phone...”


“A lot.”

“Right, right. How much have you spent on her?”

“Eh, not much. Yeah, a little. Please don't bust my balls on this, Otis. Otis!” Mouch calls after him but he’s already gone.

Kelly walked through the common room and was stopped by Boden

“Hey, just the man I was coming to find. I don't know if you've heard, but miraculously, Tara Little has quit the fire service and recanted her testimony against you.”

“Did she?” Kelly smirked

“What'd you do?” Boden asks

“Well, I... I...” Kelly stutters

“You know what? I'd rather not know.”

“It was on the up-and-up, Chief. I promise you that.” The two men chuckle as Boden says seriously

“Kelly. Throughout all this, I never doubted you. I want you to know that. Just had to be a Chief.”

“I know. I appreciate it.”

Truck 81, Squad 3, Engine 51, Ambulance 61. Building dire. 3331 West Halsted Road.

“That's Hallie's clinic. Let's go!” Matt’s voice booms as everyone begins racing out of the firehouse in the direction of their respected vehicle. When they arrive the clinic is already engulfed in flames as Matt mumbles to himself “Oh God” two police officers, one slung over the other emerge from the building coughing violently

“My partner Barnes, he went in further. He found a woman, but he couldn't get to her.” Matt rushes into the building faster than he’d run into any building in his life, Kelly instructs the members of truck 81 to stay together and that he would stick with Matt as Matt calls out to anyone that can hear him, his eyes meet with the locked medicine cage as he rushes over to it repeating Hallie’s name over and over desperately trying to get inside as her body was laying limp on the floor.

“This is an oven. Everyone out!” Boden orders as Mouch emerges from the building he pulls off his helmet and face mask, his hair dishevelled and sweat dripping down his face he says

“Hallie's in there.”

“Who?” the police officer asks as he’s being examined by Leslie

“His girl.” She replies looking back at the building, a sinking feeling in her stomach, she knew that if Matt hadn’t brought her out already there was a good chance she wouldn’t be coming out alive.

“Casey, where are you?” Boden says into the radio but Matt ignores the message as he continues to throw all of his body weight into the cage to get it open. When it finally budges he rushes into pick Hallie up. As Kelly and Matt are about to leave the building a flaming ceiling beam comes crashing down between the two firefighters causing them both to duck. “Casey, where the hell are you?” Boden repeats “Casey. Casey! Talk to me. Where the hell are you?” but there’s still no answer from Matt nor Kelly and just as Boden is about to head back into the building Kelly and Matt emerge with Hallie’s body in their arms, Sylvie and Leslie are quick to spring into action loading her into the ambulance faster than they’ve loaded any other patient. As Leslie speeds down the streets to get to the nearest hospital the heartrate monitor is failing to show any signs of activity except for Matt’s chest compressions. Sylvie watches the desperate look in his eyes as when they finally get to the hospital they are rushed inside.

Matt is pacing around the waiting room as everyone else is sitting around with their heads hung low, Matt sees a doctor and approaches him, everyone from 51 stand in anticipation as the doctor informs Matt of the news that part of him already knew as Matt began to sob heart wrenchingly into the doctors shoulder, Sylvie then steps forward thanking the doctor as Matt then begins to sob into Sylvie as she gently rubbed his back reassuringly but nothing could comfort the firefighter who had just lost everything.