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the eons between us

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“Zhao Yunlan,” 


The voice was barely a whisper, raspy and desperate. Although his head was pounding with pain, he opened his eyes. Shen Wei lay on the ground not far from him, still drenched in blood from the battle with Ye Zun. 


He was alive. 


Shen Wei was alive. 


The thought repeated itself in Yunlan’s head over and over. It was his mantra, the only thing keeping him clinging to consciousness. 


“Shen Wei,” he spoke, his voice not sounding like his own. Yunlan mustered his strength, dragging himself across the hard ground towards the former. He felt pain throughout the entirety of his being, but it didn’t matter. After everything, all that mattered was that Shen Wei was alive.


After an eternity of struggling, Yunlan reached Shen Wei’s side.


“Shen Wei,” he spoke once again, this time softer, masking years of ache and longing. His calloused hand found Shen Wei’s, grasping it as though he would slip through Yunlan’s fingers at any moment. And once again, Yunlan closed his eyes.