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Breakfast in Bed

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"Well, in that case..." Cassie had a seductive look in her eyes as she started walking toward the staircase.

"Where are you going?" Sam asked.

"Someone made me breakfast in bed."

"Yeah, but you've already seen it," Sam pointed out.

"Seen what?" Cassie replied before quickly disappearing up the stairs.

A mesmerizing image flashed in Sam's mind about what was probably about to happen. He grabbed the tray of food and headed up the stairs.

He followed her down the hallway to their bedroom, and after he had walked in with the tray, Cassie shut and locked the door behind him. He set the tray on the trunk at the foot of the bed.

Once his hands were free, Cassie stepped closer and hugged him. His arms wrapped around her, and he kissed the top of her head. "What's that for?" he asked.

"A thank you for breakfast," Cassie replied. "That was a really sweet surprise."

"You're welcome, even if it didn't go according to plan."

Cassie pulled back from the hug to smile at him. "Remember, sometimes it's okay to forget the plan and just go with the flow."

Sam smirked. "Hey, I am much better at that now than I used to be."

Cassie smiled and nodded. "You are, for sure."

Sam's hands were resting on her waist, and he gave her a squeeze. "For example, if you were to tell me that you weren't hungry for breakfast right now and wanted to maybe do something else before we eat… I would be fine with that."

Cassie laughed and shook her head amusedly at her husband. She loved how he could always make her laugh. She glanced at the tray of food, and then at him. "You know, actually, I think I could probably hold off for a bit," she decided, and she started to take off her robe. "Maybe I should show you how much I appreciate your kindness this morning."

Sam watched her toss the robe onto her vanity chair, and then he nonchalantly shrugged. "Well, if you want to, I'd be completely fine with that because I'm good at going with the flow."

Cassie smiled. "So, if I were to suggest that you and I take off our clothes?"

"One hundred percent fine with that, too." Sam smiled and reached for the hem of her shirt. "Here, let me help."

Cassie raised her arms up in the air, and Sam pulled her pajama shirt up over her head. After he tossed it onto the chair behind her, he kissed her deeply, sliding his hands into her hair to cradle her head. Cassie's hands moved up and down his back, and then lingered at the hem of his shirt until their lips separated.

Cassie pulled his shirt up over his head and dropped it on the floor. She ran her hands slowly over his chest and shoulders, letting out a hum of approval. "You're very attractive, Doctor Radford," she told him.

"And you are stunningly beautiful." He pulled her body against his and kissed her again, and then added, "And addictive… I cannot get enough of you."

Cassie smiled and caressed his face with her hand. "Ditto."

Sam smiled and they shared another passionate kiss. When their lips parted, Sam tucked his fingers into the top of her pajama pants and started pulling them down, grabbing the waistband of her underwear along the way. Once the clothing was down to her ankles, she kicked it aside with her foot.

Cassie did the same to him, and pulled off his sweatpants and boxers off. He stepped out of them, and they both got on the bed.

Cassie lay on her back with her head against the pillow, and Sam began kissing her neck. The feel of his mouth on her skin sent small waves of arousal through her body, and she turned her head to the side, softly muttering, "That feels really good."

Sam smiled against her neck. He never had to wonder if she was enjoying herself, she always let him know, and that made him even more enthusiastic about pleasing her. He kissed his way to the other side of her neck, and sucked on it as she groaned approvingly.

He moved down to her chest and his lips connected with her breasts. Cassie was moaning as his tongue alternatively swirled over each nipple until they were hardened peaks.

He took a nipple between his teeth and pulled on it ever so slightly, making her gasp, and then he gently sucked on it. "Oh, Sam, yes," she murmured with pleasure. Sam knew exactly what to do to drive his wife crazy.

He moved back and forth between her breasts, loving the sounds of her soft moans as much as she loved the feel of his mouth against her trembling body. He started moving his mouth downward, pressing kisses to her stomach, letting his tongue circle her navel.

He moved down even further and brushed his lips against her thigh, and then he felt Cassie's hands on his shoulders, urging him up. "Sam," she said.

He lifted his head to look at her questioningly, and she sat up on the bed.

"Let's change positions," she suggested in her usual calm voice, gently running her finger along his bottom lip. "So your lips aren't the only ones keeping busy."

Sam raised an eyebrow at what she was suggesting, and she could see the excitement in his eyes as he nodded. "I can go with that flow."

Cassie smiled. She lay down on her side with her head toward the foot of the bed. Sam lay in front of her on his side in the opposite direction. His head was near her lower half, and hers was near his, allowing for the mutual stimulation she'd had in mind.

Sam watched Cassie with bated breath, waiting for her to make her first move. She took his cock in her hand, and while staring into his eyes, ran her tongue slowly over the tip.

"Cassie," Sam groaned with pleasure at how good it felt, not to mention how sexy it looked. "Jesus."

He watched as his wife wrapped her lips around him and slid them downward. His cock was in her mouth and her tongue was gliding against his shaft, and he was completely distracted by the amazing sensations coursing through his body.

And then he quickly realized he was not reciprocating like he'd planned, and focused his attention on her. He began kissing along her thighs and slowly moved inward toward her center. When he traced the tip of his tongue down the center of her folds, Cassie moaned against his cock, and the vibrations he felt were amazing.

Sam explored her wetness with his tongue as he explored her body with his hands. He teased her clit with the tip of his tongue every so often, always leaving her wanting more. Cassie's lips were moving up and down his cock in perfect rhythm with her hand stroking him. She'd occasionally release him from her mouth to run her tongue against his balls and along his shaft before wrapping her lips back around him again. Sam was in heaven. They both were.

They continued for a few minutes, pacing themselves, savoring each other, and there was a constant stream of sexy noises from both of them. Sam brought her to the edge a few times before he finally focused on sending her over it.

When Cassie felt a climax approaching, and knew he was going to let her reach it this time, she pulled her mouth from his cock and rolled onto her back with a moan. "Oh, God," she panted as her hands rested on the back of his head. "Sam…"

His tongue moved relentlessly against her clit, and her body shuddered with pleasure as her orgasm rippled through it. She attempted to stifle her moans so the entire second floor of Grey House didn't hear her, but it was impossible to silence them completely. Not when she felt that good.

Cassie closed her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair, pushing the long strands away from her face. "Oh, my God," she exhaled as her body started to relax. "That was incredible."

Sam gave her a moment to recover, and placed a few gentle kisses to her thighs before he sat up on the bed to look at her. He ran his hand up the front of her body and then back down again, and Cassie smiled. Her eyes were still closed, and she was just enjoying the gentle caressing of his hand.

"You are so beautiful, Cassie... inside and out," Sam said softly as he smoothed his fingers across her flat stomach. He leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to her cheek. "I can't believe how lucky I am."

Cassie's eyes opened and she smiled up at him. "Is that the discovery you made?"

Sam nodded. "It's one I've known for a while... how lucky I am to be married to the most perfect woman in the world."

Cassie's smile widened. "Well, then, I guess it's fitting that I get to be married to the most perfect man."

"How lucky that we found each other," Sam remarked, his smile remaining on his lips.

"Very lucky," Cassie agreed, and then she gently ran her hand along his inner thigh. "I think I had some unfinished business to take care of for my perfect husband."

Sam shook his head. "It's okay, I have another idea in mind."

"Oh," she replied, smiling as she nonchalantly spread her legs. "Well, I can't imagine what that idea could be."

Sam smirked and moved his body over top of hers. As he guided his cock to her opening, Cassie stared into her husband's eyes, gasping softly as he entered her.

Sam groaned with pleasure as he inched his cock into her. "God, that feels amazing."

Cassie sucked her bottom into her mouth and nodded in agreement, letting out a soft sigh as he started thrusting into her. "Oh, Sam," she moaned softly, and then huffed out a breath. "That's so good."

Sam nodded and leaned down to kiss her. "Mmhmm," he muttered.

Cassie was moaning as he pushed into her with hard, deep thrusts, still at a relatively slow pace. She ran her hands over his body as she smiled up at his face. "You have such a focused look in your eyes."

Sam smirked in response. "Well, I'm very good at concentrating on the task at hand."

"Oh, so, I'm a task at hand, huh?" she teasingly replied.

Sam smiled and shook his head. "Wrong choice of words, sorry," he said, and then corrected himself, "I'm very good at concentrating on my beautiful wife."

Cassie smiled and pulled him down into a kiss. She was rocking against him, meeting his thrusts, and when Sam's pace picked up, hers did, too. "I'm close," he told her in between grunts, and Cassie nodded.

After a few more thrusts, he groaned loudly when he began to release inside of her, and Cassie stroked his back as he collapsed on top of her.

"Oh, my God," Sam muttered as he pressed a kiss to her neck. He was still for a few moments as he caught his breath. Cassie's hands were still moving against his back, and he loved the feel of her fingertips lightly caressing his skin.

Sam finally lifted his head to look at her. "I love you," he whispered before he kissed her.

"Mmm," Cassie hummed into the kiss, and when they separated, she smiled and replied, "I love you more."

"Because I made you breakfast in bed, right?" Sam joked. "I earned some extra husband points there, huh?"

Cassie smirked and nodded. "Yes. Except we didn't actually have breakfast in bed."

"We had dessert in bed," Sam pointed out. "Which is so much better."

Cassie giggled and ran her hands through his hair. "I love how you make me laugh."

"And I love hearing you laugh," he replied, giving her another kiss before he shifted his body off hers. He lay on his stomach beside her, their heads near the foot of the bed.

Sam reached toward the tray of food on the trunk at the end of the bed. He grabbed a small chunk of fruit and then held it up for her to see. "Watermelon?" he offered, and she nodded.

Sam brought it to her lips and she took a bite, and then Sam finished the rest of the piece himself.

"See, now it's actually breakfast in bed," he declared. "No better way to start the day."

Cassie smiled at him. "Yeah, I'd say this day is off to a pretty great start."