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The Death of the Ice Queen Persona

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It Was An Early Morning Start At Holby All the Staff Were Busy Working their Asses Off in their Current Shift,Miss Naylor Sat In Her Office Dealing With Paperwork that Had Been Left At Her Desk By Henrik Until Sacha Levy's Voice Could Be Heard From The Darwin Ward Peaking Naylor's Interest
"I Want Him Prepped for Theatre" Shouted Sacha Booming Around Every Corner Letting Everyone Know this Was Life or Death for the Man in the Hospital Bed
Jac Naylor Had Only Just Finished Her Paperwork When Sacha Came Charging in Like a Mad Dog "JAC We Need you Now!"Sacha Shouted At Her Wanting her to Know that This Was Her Chance to Shine
"Alright I'll Help If you Insist on Giving me An Excuse as to Why I'm Not In my Office Prepping for my Daily Shift,Must Be Very Serious If they Needed me To Take Over"She Said Mockingly Almost As if she Was Creating A More Prouder Reputation,Walking into Theatre She Put on Her Scrubs and Prepped Herself for this Operation Hoping She Would not Be the Person to Have a Second Person Die Because of What Happened to Madani It Hit Her Hard Like She Took the Blame for His Death All Because of her Leaving Him But She Pushed the Past Behind Her and Got to Work on Her Patient Light "Kira Yagami the Man That Was the Striving Point Of The Kira Case

2 Hours Had Passed The Operation Was Done and Jac Cleaned Herself Up "Get him Down to Darwin Ward and Place him in a Room On his Own Give Him Time Then The Rest Is Up to Me,So Get Back to your Other Jobs" Her Icey Cold Persona Had Awoken Once Again After Sending Yagami To Darwin Ward in an Isolated Room He Woke Up His Eyes Blinking "W..Where Am I This is Not Japan1" He Blatantly Stated as If to Piss Someone off,Naylor Simply Rolled Her Eyes At This and Spoke in Her Softer Tone of Voice "Your At Holby City Since you Almost Died of a Cardiac Arrest(Heart Attack)" She Looked at him in His Eyes Knowing Who He Seemed Off Like he Was Evil Yet Sinister Like Her,Light Looked At Her "I was Supposed to Die,I was Supposed to Die in 30 Seconds that's The Rule of The Death Note to Die in 30 Seconds How Come I'm Not Dead?!" Jac Set Herself Down by His Side Looking at him "I Saved your Life you Should Thank me for it if Not For me You would Not Be Awake Nore Even Alive Right Now!" Jac was Showing her Cold Side and Her Anger Only Just Flared up at him,Light Was Lost For Words He Simply Responded with "Well I'm Sorry Miss Naylor,But I Don't Deserve your Kindness For I am Kira The Mass Murderer That Has Killed Thousands Yet you Save my Life,Ryuk Promised me He Would Write my Name in His Death Note and My Story Would Come to A Close Yet you Save me from my Own Demise I Will Thank you Greatly for this" Light Smiled Dashingly Sweeping Jac off Her Feet But she was Not Satisfied with him Yet "Who Are you? Other Than you Being Kira"She Asked Curious to Know,He Nodded his Head and Spoke "I am Light Yagami The Son of Sochiro Yagami The Former NPA Detective Whom Sadly Died in my Goal to Kill Criminals I Played His Death Showing No Remorse Because I am Kira" Jac Sighed and Put her Hand on His And Said "I Understand You Are Like Me Rest Assured I Will See to It that Your Secret is Locked Away Kept Safe With Me" Yagami Smiled Looking Away Blushing Saying "And Here I was the Womaniser Turns Out your More Like Me Than I Thought Miss Naylor" Jac Smiled at Him and Decided to Lay Beside him Looking at him Saying "Let's Just Keep This Professional For Now Yagami After you've Partially Recovered Then I'll Consider Us Maybe" Yagami Smirked While Smiling Nodding His Head in Agreement and Then Jac Got up and Walked Off Shutting the Door Behind her Walking to Her Office to Think About Yagami.

"What Is is I feel About Him? Why Do I Like Him? I've Had Many Relationships Before and Most Were Because of me Using Sexual Control To Get What I Wanted From Them But I've Been Abused and Messed Over and Madani Well He's Dead Because Of Me! Why Can't I Just Find the Right Partner For me And Find Out they Are Exactly Like Me!" Jac Threw Her Head on the Table Crying As If She was Being Mentally Tortured For It Like She Had Nothing Left,Yagami Could Sense Something Was Wrong and He Knew All too Well So He Got Out of Bed and Opened Jac's Door to Her Office Closing it Slowly Behind him,He Stood Over Her From Behind Her Chair and Placed his Hand on Her Shoulder Kissing Her Cheek Saying Softly "Everything Will Be Okay,Trust Me You Have Me We Can Talk Later About Why You Were Upset And Like this Jac" Light's Tone of Voice Soft Caring and Soothing For Her,Jac Lifted her Head Up Turning to Look At Him Getting Up out of her Chair and Hugging Him "Light You Didn't Have to Do this For Me But I'm Greatful Because....Well...I Maybe Love You" Jac Blushed Partially Kissing Light on his Lips Saying she Cared for him But Also To Say We Will Take it Slow But Know that I Do Love you Kinda Thing,Light Responded by Kissing Her Back and Saying "Jac I May Not Look Like I Care Or Even Love you But My Heart Is Deeply Telling me What I Want and I'll Stick By Your Side No Matter What Because I...i Love you,However I'll Tell You About Myself When I Want to Say It Maybe Tomorrow,Don't Worry I'll Be Fine" Light Smiled and Jac Said "Stay With Me Just This Once Please"This Was Not Like Jac But After all the Shit She Has Lived Through and Seen She Wanted Someone To Be By Her Side Sleeping With Her To Make Sure she Did Not Have a Mental Breakdown Over this To Effect Her Already Bad Mental Health

To Be Continued....