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It was just becoming the afternoon. It was quite normal for practice to begin. However, with it being summer, that became a bit weird. Everyone would go practice, just at different times. Currently, Yachiyo and Akira had the room to themselves. Neither had any idea what the other three were currently up to.

They were doing a dance routine from an older play to warm up. Since there were no actual plays to do right now, they had to improvise. So, they all started randomly choosing plays to do for the fun of it.

"That was fun. So, what's next?"

They had just concluded that dance. They had only just started. Neither were ready to be done yet. So, what else should they do today?

"I don't know. What else do you want to work on?"

"Hmm... wanna run through some parts of the play?"

"Sure. Any in particular?"

"How about the dance part to that one?"


After a small break, they began again. It wasn't a very complicated dance. It went quite well. Well, until one part. There was one tricky part to this dance. A turn. The turn was awkward to make if you weren't in the exact position you needed to be in.

And Yachiyo was not in the right position. They ended up tripping over their feet and falling. They yelped in pain as they landed hard on the floor.

"You okay?" Akira was beside them quickly.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Yachiyo replied, pushing themselves back into a sitting position, "I still can't get that part right..."

"It is tricky." Akira agreed, "A lot of people have said that."

Yachiyo sighed, "I just wanna get it right once... and stop falling over."

"You'll get there."

"Can we try it again?"

"As long as you aren't hurt, sure."

"I'm not. I promise."

And so, they went again. And again, Yachiyo messed up. So they continued. Yachiyo was determined to get this right if it was the last thing they did. They would succeed at this dance. They wouldn't accept any other outcome.

But, it wasn't working. They still kept messing up, tripping over their feet. They didn't fall as much, at least. Mainly because Akira kept catching them before they could. They were grateful for that. Saved them from possibly injuring themselves more. They already knew there would be a bruise on their shoulder from the first fall.

Hopefully that would be it. They really didn't want to fall any more today. But, they were still struggling a lot.

"Do you want to try something else?" Akira asked. She was seeing how frustrated Yachiyo was getting from not getting the part right.

Yachiyo shook their head, "No. I'm getting this right."

"Three more times. After that we're done. You're pushing yourself too much for this." Akira stated.

Yachiyo pouted at her, "Fine..."

"You should know better than to force it."

"But it shouldn't be that hard!" Yachiyo complained.

"But it is."

"Let's go again." Yachiyo huffed. They weren't in the mood to be scolded right now. Especially not from Akira.

"Alright. Go slower this time. Maybe that'll help."

"Fine." Yachiyo didn't exactly like that.

They went through the dance again. Going slower seemed to be helping. They were both able to get the moves completely smooth now. Yachiyo was getting confident that this time would be the one that they managed the turn.

Unfortunately, that didn't work and they tripped again. This time, they ended up knocking Akira down too. Yachiyo had grabbed at her in panic and drug her to the ground over top of them.

"I'm sorry!" Yachiyo immediately apologized.

"It's alright. Are you hurt?" Akira sat up straight.

"No. I think I'm fine." Yachiyo replied.

They sat up and sighed. They messed up again. This dance was seeming impossible now. Why couldn't they just get it right already?

"I think that's enough for today. Let's stop." Akira stated.

Yachiyo frowned, but didn't protest. It was pointless to. Akira probably wouldn't let them try again for a while.

Akira stood up and then held out a hand for Yachiyo. Yachiyo reached to take it, but winced and pulled their hand away. They rubbed their shoulder.

As they had stretched it, they had a jolt of pain run through it. That probably wasn't a good sign at all. And now it was pulsing in pain.

"What's wrong?" Akira questioned.

"Maybe I am hurt..." Yachiyo mumbled.

"What is it?" Akira knelt down next to them.

"What do you think?" Yachiyo shot back grumpily.

Akira blinked at them for a while. She hadn't been expecting that outburst.

"I know it's your arm, but what about it hurts?" Akira said.

"I don't know!"

"Hey, don't raise your voice at me." Akira stated.

"Sorry..." Yachiyo sighed, "I'm just mad at myself..."

"Let's go back." Akira said as she picked them up.

"Hey! Put me down!" Yachiyo immediately started protesting.

"Ask me nicely and maybe I will."

"Akira!" Yachiyo whined.

"Then I guess we're going back like this."

"Akira! Put me down!" Yachiyo continued complaining, "I can walk!"

"I told you what you have to do." Akira replied.

Yachiyo huffed, "Please put me down."

"Better." Akira put them down.

"You're being mean." Yachiyo pouted at her.

"I'm trying to make you feel better."

Yachiyo didn't have a rebuttle for that. It had helped them forget about the pain for a little bit.

"Let's go..." Yachiyo mumbled.

They walked back to the dorms. Yachiyo went to their room. Akira didn't follow them right away. She went to the kitchen first.

She had hoped to not run into anyone, but that didn't happen. Shiori was in the kitchen. She was making something in the oven.

"Hello, Yukishiro-senpai." Shiori greeted her, "You guys done practicing?"

"Yes." Akira said, "Had a bit of a fall."

"Oh. Is Yachiyo-senpai okay?"

"Yes. It's nothing bad." Akira replied.

She grabbed an ice pack from the freezer and wrapped it in a paper towel. Once that was done, she went to Yachiyo's room. They were sitting on their bed.

"Here. Put this on it. Maybe it'll help." Akira handed them the ice pack.

"Fine..." Yachiyo took it and did so.

"Do you want anything else?" Akira questioned.

Yachiyo didn't respond with words. They patted the bed. Akira understood the message and sat down on it. Yachiyo leaned up against her. Akira wrapped an arm around them and pressed a kiss to their head.

"Are you mad at me?"

"A little bit."

"Sorry... I shouldn't have kept trying..."

"You've learned your lesson."

"Yeah... I won't try that again."

They fell into silence for a while. Yachiyo moved closer to Akira's side. Akira reached over and brushed some hair out of their face. Yachiyo sighed and removed the ice pack. They set it aside and wrapped their arms around Akira.

"What's up?" Akira asked.

"Too cold..."

"You can take a break from it."

Yachiyo seemed like they wanted to say something else. They didn't say anything for a while though.



"Cheer me up."


"I don't know."

"Fine." Akira gently shifted their positions so they were now laying on the bed.

She started pressing soft kisses all over Yachiyo's face. Yachiyo let out a soft sigh and closed their eyes. Akira took that as a sign to continue what she was doing.

"I love you." Yachiyo whispered.

"I love you too." Akira replied.

Soon enough, they ended up just cuddling on the bed. Akira was a bit hesitant since there was a higher chance of causing more strain onto Yachiyo's arm this way. She was very cautious about the way she moved.

"Do you feel any better?" Akira asked.

Yachiyo hummed and nodded. They did feel a bit better. Their arm wasn't hurting anymore. It still did if they moved it in certain ways, but that was easier to handle.

"That's good."

"So..." Yachiyo looked up at her, "I'm guessing no practicing for a bit."

"At least for a few days. You wouldn't want to accidently redo whatever you did to your arm." Akira confirmed.

"I don't. But, you're not practicing without me. Understood?" Yachiyo pouted at her.

"I think I can survive with that." Akira replied.

"Good. You aren't leaving me."

"Being possessive again, are we?" Akira teased.

"Hmmpf. You gotta care for me when I'm hurt, Akira!" Yachiyo huffed at her.

Akira chuckled, "I know, Yachiyo. I wouldn't dare leave you."

She ended that sentence with a kiss to Yachiyo's cheek. Yachiyo smiled and returned the kiss.

"What time is it?" Yachiyo questioned.

Akira glanced over at the clock, "Three."

"Good. We have more time."

"More time for what?" Akira asked, giving Yachiyo a questioning look.

"Cuddling." Yachiyo replied with a smirk.

"You never are satisfied, are you?"

"Hmmpf. Can't I want as much attention as possible from my girlfriend?" Yachiyo pouted at her, "And I don't see you stopping me."

"Who said it bothers me?" Akira replied.

"Akira!" Yachiyo whined.

"You're easy to tease now."

"Once I can actually move my arm properly you are in for it!"

"Once again. Who said anything you do bothers me?"