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Mulot Gun

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Once more, a sentimonster had appeared and was wreaking havoc over Paris.

Gabriel had grown sick and tired of it. His fiancée was less than two months away from giving birth, and he wanted the happy event to take place without a shroud of terror over it.

His power as Mulot Gris always felt like it brought him this close to defeating these new villains, only to have victory snatched from his hands at the very last instant.

... Given which, it stood to reason that any additional advantage, even a small one, would make the difference. But why stop at a small advantage when he could go even further? It had taken some doing, but today it was finally ready. When he saw the alert, he quickly slipped away to his old safe, behind what was left of Emilie's portrait, and retrieved it before transforming and joining the fray.


"Give up, 'heroes'!" Reine Royale was ranting. "We have you defeated once and for all — give us your Miraculous!"

It... already looked bad. Worse than usual.

Ladybug and Cat Noir were on their knees, and the adult heroes weren't doing much better. Equus wasn't in sight, though —

"Mulot Gris!"

Oh, there she is, Mulot Gris thought calmly to himself without leaping any number of meters into the air. "Equus! What's happened?"

"Fennec and I found the amok, but we can't get it purified without Ladybug."

"Have you used your power yet?"

"Not this session."

Mulot Gris looked over the field, almost imagining the world going greyscale as key points were highlighted in grey mousey patterns.

"I've got it. Send me there."

"Got it. Voyage."

Mulot Gris stepped through the portal, got a good look at the villains' backs —

"Sneak Attack."

— drew his very expensively acquired imported pistol, aimed, and —


— marveled that even with his enhanced speed, he still couldn't see bullets with the naked eye. The spurts of blood from their knees, though, that confirmed that he had scored at least four hits. Quickly, just as his power's time was up, he holstered the pistol and advanced upon them.

"Y- you bitch! You shot me in the damn kneecap!" Coquillette exclaimed.

"Come now, I am a man, and that makes me a bastard," Mulot Gris responded. "Get your insults right."

"Holy crap, Mulot," Cat Noir said. "Is that... legal?"

"Less illegal than summoning a monster to destroy half of Paris, I'm sure," he said.

"That's, uh... a fair point, I guess," Cat Noir said, sounding awkward.

"... Cat Noir, I was referring to them."

"Oh! Well, yeah, obviously that was the only possible interpretation of that statement!" Cat Noir said unconvincingly.

"Just because you've kneecapped us doesn't mean we can't fight ba— wh?!?!" Reine Royale was in the middle of a protest when she found herself suddenly wrapped in Mulot Gris's jump rope, at the same moment Coquillette was tied up in Ladybug's yoyo.

"Now, let's see who's behind these masks!"

"Man, I was so shocked to learn who was behind those masks!" Adrien said.

"It's been a week and you've said that like twenty times now," Plagg said. "Why do you keep randomly saying that out of nowhere?"

"It's just... so shocking!" He said. "I never would've believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes!"

"Eh, you get used to stuff like that over the eons," Plagg said, nomming on his next wheel of Camembert. "I'm just glad everything's finally resolved. Not a loose end left untied. Now I can fully commit to my true passion — cheese!"

"You're such a glutton, Plagg," Tikki said, nomming delicately on a chocolate macaron.

"... I, uh, still kinda wonder where Dad got that gun, though," Adrien said.

"With his kinda money, he coulda gotten it anywhere he wanted," Plagg said.

"... also kinda wonder where it is now," he said.

"Officer Raincomprix. I happened to stumble upon this during my morning constitutional. I believe it is dangerous contraband and would like it to be disposed of posthaste."

"Uh, Monsieur Agreste, normally we fingerprint this stuff, in case it turns out to be evidence — you shouldn't have handled it without gloves, now the only fingerprints we're gonna find on it will be yours."

"... Oh. My apologies, I wasn't thinking."

"Well, it's probably not important. We don't have any reports of gun crimes for months. Other than that Mulot Gris, technically — he never got a license for that thing he used. But I don't think we'll be pursuing that particular infraction too far, given the circumstances. The hospital reported their wounds were fully healed by Ladybug's, uh, ladybugs."

"Fascinating," Gabriel said in that very precise tone of someone who does not consider it fascinating in the slightest. "I'll be taking my leave now."

"You have a good one, sir."