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When Years Go By

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The warmth of the summer afternoon was so pleasant, and their position so comfortable that Rika couldn't blame Satoko for having dozed off. She smiled as she patted Satoko on her sunset-lit head then hugged Satoko closer, thinking about how wonderful it was to have peace of mind with their peaceful surroundings under the perfect blue sky during this June of 1986.

Things changed so quickly as compared to before. Satoko was already so tall, though Rika herself seemed to still be waiting for her own growth spurt. It was more than alright though. Things would continue to change, surprising her, most often pleasantly, as they did so. She'd continue to change, physically, and perhaps mentally, and be happy with all the exciting things that life had to offer.

Though there could also be a lull, as Hinamizawa was a small town above all, considered backwater and slow to those from the city and other such places. Still, that kind of calm also seemed appealing to Rika. She could imagine spending many peaceful summer evenings with Satoko by her side, going through many summers, until they both died an uneventful death of old age.

It seemed like a good idea.