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Happily Ever After

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"Completely ridiculous."

"Sonny, come on," Will laughed as they walked into the store.

"Just...ugh," Sonny said in frustration as he pulled him to the clothes section.

Will had to laugh at his boyfriend, despite how serious he knew this Sonny, at least. He didn't see the big deal in all of this. It all started that morning when they were watching the weather. It was the first week of Decemeber and winter had slammed Salem with three inches of snow over night. So, when they were on their way to town so Will could go to class and Sonny could go to work, Sonny threw a fit when Will walked out of the house in a jacket.

Of course, Will had to slowly explain to Sonny had his wonderful -note the sarcasm- ex-husband said that he didn't need a winter coat because he didn't want to waste money on him. So that brought on a trip -after class and work because they were late- to the store and Sonny stewing all day.

Sonny grabbed his hand, "I don't get it."

"I know, Sonny," Will smiled slightly, "It's okay...calm down."

Sonny took a deep breath and nodded, "Okay, I'm calm."

Will raised an eyebrow.

"As calm as I'm going to get until you have a coat on," Sonny said, "As much as I would like it, I have my arms around you to keep you warm all the time, Will Horton."

Will smiled at him and his phone rang. He sighed, "Here we go again."

"Is it Chad?" Sonny asked.

"I haven't even looked at the caller ID and I'm saying yes," he told him. He took his phone from his pocket and showed him the picture of Chad putting Will in a headlock that Neil had snapped that he used as Chad's ID picture when he called.

Sonny laughed, "You're psychic."

"He's predictable," Will said and answered the phone, "Yes, Chad?"

"I'm calling upon you as my best man again," Chad said.

"You're abusing this," Will said, "Neil hasn't called Sonny once."

"Because he doesn't realize how cool it is," Chad said.

"Chad, I'm not getting you coffee again," Will said, smiling at Sonny.

"Will, come on," Chad whined.

"I'm busy right now, Chad," Will sighed when Sonny held up a coat and then yanked it away from him when he tried to check the price tag, "Sonny, knock it off!"

"What's he doing?" Chad demanded instantly. Despite his trust in Sonny now, he would never fully trust anyone with Will...not after Jason.

"He's just...being an ass," Will laughed, trying to look at the price tag again, "We're winter coat shopping and he won't let me look at the price tag."

"Will, don't be stupid," Chad said, "I know it's hard, but knock it off. Hand the phone to Sonny, I need to talk to him."

Will rolled his eyes and handed him the phone.

Sonny looked confused, "Hey, Chad...really? You are the best...okay...okay, bye," he hung up and handed him the phone before grabbing a coat off of the rack.

"What are you doing?" Will crossed his arms.

"Chad told me what size of coat you wear," Sonny said, "So let's go."

"Sonny, come on," Will whined, "I'm cutting back on my hours at the pub a-and even though you're doing great, it's still your money-"

"Will," Sonny stopped, looking at him seriously, "It's our money, okay? You being warm is more important to me than money."

Will pursed his lips, "You're trying to open the second club and-"

"Will!" Sonny cut him off, giving him another laugh, "It's a coat."

"Fine," Will mumbled, taking it from him and trying it on.

"There," Sonny sighed in relief, "Okay, let's get that, get Chad coffee, and go home."

"Okay," Will sighed, taking the coat off and putting it on the hanger.

"I have to go into see how the second club is going at five," Sonny said, "Did you want to come with me?"

"," Will shrugged, "I'm going to get some writing done."

"Okay," Sonny kissed his cheek, "Want to drive home?"

"Hell no," Will said instantly.

The wedding is in two weeks and things are crazy. All we have to do is get through a Salem wedding and get Chad and Neil on a plane to Italy for their honeymoon and we'll be free of them for a month. They're my best friends, but they're annoying as hell.

I have to admit, I like having coat. I'm writing outside on the porch and not freezing my ass off.

Sonny still totally overreacted.

"Will!" someone called, "Hey!"

Will glanced up and saw Paul walking over.

Oh damn, he's here again.

Will quickly closed his laptop and stood up, putting it on the table as he did, "Hi, Paul," he smiled.

"Writing again?" Paul laughed, "Is that all you ever do?"

Sonny hadn't met Paul yet. For some reason he only came over when Sonny wasn't here...but he figured it was just the most convenient time for him. He probably had work or something.

"It's my profession," Will laughed, "It's what I do best."

"Where's the boyfriend?" Paul asked, stuffing his hands in his pocket.

"Working," Will smiled slightly, "He won't be home until late."

"He sure works a lot," Paul laughed quietly.

"He's opening a new club," Will smiled, "It's going great."

" you need someone to stay with you until he gets home?" Paul asked, "It's kind of creepy out here at night."

Will cleared his throat, "Don't worry about me, I'm used to it," he smiled at him, "We've been living out here for a while now."

"Uh-huh," Paul said, "Will, do you-"

Will's phone rang and he smiled, "Hold that thought," he said, answering his phone, "Hello?"

"Hey," Sonny said, "I'm finishing up here now. What do you want for dinner?"

"Uh...take out from the pub?" Will tried.

"You can't eat every meal there, y'know," Sonny laughed.

"My grandmother is the best cook in the history of the world," Will said, "I wish I could."

"Well, too bad you didn't inherit her cooking skills," Sonny laughed.

"Ouch," Will said, "Rude, much?"

"It's not rude if it's true, babe," Sonny laughed.

Will rolled his eyes, "Okay...just get me food and come home, dork."

"I call you babe and you call me a dork. You're so romantic, Horton," Sonny laughed. Will heard the car door shut on the other line.

"I know, I am," Will smiled and cleared his throat when he saw Paul, realizing he kept him waiting, "I gotta go, Sonny."

"Okay, I'll be home soon," Sonny said, "I love you."

Will grinned, "I love you too, Sonny."

Sonny hung up and Will turned back to Paul.

"Sorry, my boyfriend is bringing home dinner," Will explained.

"He sounds sweet," Paul laughed.

"He is," Will smiled, "What were you saying?"

"Uh...never mind," Paul said, "I'll see you soon, Will," he called, walking away.

Will stared after him, looking confused. He grabbed his laptop and went inside. He paused for a moment before sighing and grabbing his phone. He put his phone to his ear and waited.

"Yeah, baby?" Neil answered.

Will sighed, "Are you busy?"

"Not right now," Neil said, sitting back in the desk chair, "Why, what's going on?"

Will sighed, "I have this friend."

"Oh, I see where this is going," Neil said, "Let's call his friend Bill."

Will bit his lip, "Okay...good idea," he took a deep breath, "So this guy in the best relationship he's ever been in in his entire life with a guy named...let's call him Donny. He's so, so, so in love."

"Right," Neil sighed, messing with his fingernails.

" they just got this neighbor," Will sighed, "And Bill does like him...but as a friend. But Bill also think that this neighbor is acting weird towards him."

"Weird how?" Neil asked, starting to get interested now.

"Like...sometimes he winks at him," Will pursed his lips, "And he comes over and talks to him sometimes...he's really good at talking and he's nice and stuff. A-And I know...I-I mean...Bill knows...that he doesn't have feelings for him-"

"But Bill has this little habit of wanting to make everyone happy," Neil finished, "It's a nasty habit that he's had since high school that needs to stop. He needs to let this neighbor know that he is very much taken."

"He has," Will groaned, "He's mentioned the boyfriend many times!"

"Maybe I should just tell Donny," Neil said, spinning around in his desk chair, "I've heard his family might be the jealous type. Maybe Bill will get a hickey out of it."

Will wrinkled his nose, "Neil."

"Look, baby," Neil said, "Either you get your friend to take care of this or I'll take care of it for him. I don't want him in any relationship drama right now when he's doing so good."

Will bit his lip, "I'll let...him know, Neil."

"Thank you," Neil said, "Now I have to go, I'm trying to get my uncles to limit the amount of weapons brought to this wedding."

"Yeah, good luck with that," Will laughed, hanging up. He sighed, running his hand through his hair.

Everything would be fine.