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a slow morning

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His bed is still warm. Gaon turns over and at that, ends up nestling his head back into the crook of a warm neck. Nuzzling into it, he sighs, opening his eyes to the expanse of Kang Yohan’s chest. 

He’s still here.  

Gaon hums, moving, raising his cheek from where it was resting on Yohan’s chest. Their legs are intertwined still, even as Gaon turns over, facing Yohan rather than being held by him. Carefully, Gaon traces a hand over Yohan’s features, still slack in sleep. 

There’s something so soft about him in moments like these, when his walls finally come down, the gruff and dangerous, but still a little soft, man underneath all of it. Gaon won’t claim to fully understand Yohan, doesn’t think that anyone really can, but with all he does know about him, loves him because of one thing. 

Yohan will let himself be vulnerable in front of him. Will bare his soul, his self, to Gaon. Through their fights, physical and verbal, will still give Gaon the opportunity to disagree, even if he eventually agrees for the most part.

Tracing the line of Yohan’s jaw, Gaon taps his parted lips with his fingers. Yohan’s breath is rhythmical, his bare chest moving up and down as he sleeps. 

Gaon still finds it strange that Yohan prefers to sleep shirtless, no matter how much he enjoys repeating the benefits of seeing a shirtless Yohan ever since they began sleeping in the same bed together. 

He gives himself a moment to trace Yohan’s skin, before pulling his hands back. Instead, keeping his head on Yohan’s shoulder, Gaon just relaxes into the tight grip Yohan has on his waist. 

They rarely get moments like this together. Yohan tends to leave their bed, now that they share it, earlier in the morning, before Gaon wakes up. Gaon doesn’t know exactly what he does, some morning routine that includes a jog judging by if he wakes up he can hear the door open and the shower he takes before he gets ready. 

So, most days, Gaon wakes up to a cold bed with the sheets bundled around him. He doesn’t mind, it’s hard enough to go to bed with Yohan, and it was hard enough to share the same bed with him to begin with, expecting to have him by his side in the morning would be unrealistic.

So, Gaon lets himself sink into Yohan. Into his presence, being by his side in the morning as light streams in through the windows. Despite their fight that still needs to be fought against what seems like everyone sometimes, they can take a moment. 

Moments, together. 

Gaon rests his hands back on Yohan’s shoulders, pressing closer to him, putting his head underneath Yohan’s chin. His hand reaches up to brush Yohan’s hair out of his eyes, tugging lightly at it.

A soft huff from him causes Gaon to freeze, hand still woven in Yohan’s hair. 

“Kim Gaon,” Yohan’s eyes blink open suddenly, and Gaon gives his partner a small smile. “How are you up so early?”

Gaon cocks his head at him in response, furrowing his brows, his hand still woven through Yohan’s hair. “It’s late, Yohan. Look at the light.”

Gaon watches as Yohan’s eyes flicker to the window, before looking down at him. His sigh ghosts over Gaon’s head. It’s as close to a you’re right that Gaon would even expect to get from him. 

And Gaon will take that. 

“You slept in,” he hums, “I’ll need to make food soon, unless you want Elijah to knock down your door.”

“Our door,” Yohan murmurs back, and Gaon’s heart thumps a little at that, the acknowledgment of his presence in Yohan’s life. 

“Our door,” Gaon nods in agreement, petting through Yohan’s hair like he’s Kkomi. Judging by the glare that Yoahn gives him, the exact look that Kkomi gives him sometimes, he’s well aware of it. 

“What are you doing?” Yohan shakes Gaon’s hand out of his hair, giving him the same affronted head turn that Kkomi does. 

Gaon shrugs. He just loves having the ability to run his hands through Yohan’s messy, down hair, nothing like how it looks when he’s acting as Chief Judge of their court. Not that Yohan doesn’t look fantastic either way, but Gaon has a soft spot for seeing Yohan like he knows no one else does. Not how he presents himself to the world, but instead as the more relaxed, wilder version of himself. 

Yohan pulls away from him, and Gaon pouts slightly as a chill races up his spine. Despite the blankets that cover the bed, if there’s one thing the mansion is, it’s freezing. The heating does nothing in certain corners of the house, including Yohan’s room for whatever reason. 

Yohan pulls himself up to sit next to Gaon, completely ignoring the cold as he stretches next to him and Gaon straightens up next to him. Running appreciative eyes down his bare chest, Gaon gives Yohan a look, swallowing at the sight of his abs. 

Even with all the extra work he does, it’s still quite unfair just how defined they are in Gaon’s opinion. Even when Gaon was a law student and able to access a gym for the first time in his life, he struggled to get defined abs. So, knowing Kang Yohan does nothing, and still has abs, annoys him just a little.

Only a little, because Gaon can at the very least, benefit from the presence of Kang Yohan’s abs in a different way. 

Running his tongue absentmindedly over his lips, Gaon huffs, breaking the comfortable silence between them. “Seriously, Yohan, what’s going on?”

“Brat,” Yohan swipes at him, a love tap really, all things considered. “I can’t sleep in for once without being questioned? And in my house?”

Gaon laughs it off, shrugging his shoulders, “only an ahjussi would sleep in this late, Yohan. And it’s our bed.”

For once though, Yohan looks like he’s actually slept well in Gaon’s eyes. Sometimes, Gaon can see the lingering exhaustion in Yohan’s body as he lounges around the house, as much as he tries to hide it. But Yohan looks rested as he slips off the bed, padding on bare feet to his closet. 

Gaon takes a moment to drink in the sight of Yohan’s bare back. Even with the cross on it, scarred skin rippling as Yohan moves into the closet, it’s still an attractive sight. Not the pain that it must have caused, but that Yohan survived it. 

Survival. It’s a good look on him. Not the pain, but that he went through it. That he made it out in one piece, physically. Mentally is a different story for the both of them. They have their issues. Yohan’s darkness, Gaon’s own that he tries to hide more than Yohan does, they both manifest from their loss. 

But they’re still surviving despite that. Sure, it’s surviving on a mix of vengeance, a want for revenge, with the odd moment where they don’t hate the unfairness that exists in the world that’s driving them, but it’s not that bad. Darkness, with a faint bit of hope. Just like everyone else in this hellscape that cares for someone.

Not that bad, Gaon thinks, to not be driven by the idea of fair justice, to instead, be driven by his own sense of morality and Kang Yohan instead. 

He watches from the doorframe where the closet and the bedroom are separated as Yohan ghosts his hands over his hanging suit jackets, grabbing one and one of his nicely folded dress shirts. Yohan already changed his pants while Gaon was still in bed

“It’s Sunday,” Gaon frowns at him, even as Yohan turns to face him. “You’re not heading to the courthouse, right?”

“And if I am?” Yohan raises an eyebrow at him. It’s antagonistic, the smirk across his face. A challenge. Damn, Gaon prefers it when he’s sleeping next to him face slack and not smirking at him like that. As attractive as that smirk can be, he’s more than a little tired of it being directed at him. 

Directed at other people though, he has to admit that he likes it. More than he should.

Leaning against the doorframe, Gaon shrugs. “Nothing, but I won’t be accompanying you. Elijah and I are planning to get cake and coffee together.”

Gaon watches as Yohan casually buttons up his shirt, as well as the vest that matches his pants, pulling the jacket off of it's hanger a moment later. He doesn’t put it on though, just drapes it over his left arm. 

“Baby deer,” Gaon sneers at the nickname, but Yohan just laughs at him, “pick a tie, hmm?

Striding forward, Gaon glances over at Yohan’s collection of ties, all neatly bundled up in their chosen compartments. Running a hand over the cool glass, he opens one of the compartments, removing the tie. One of his striped black and grey ones. Gaon throws it towards Yohan who manages to catch it with a small upturn of his lips. 

“Gaon,” he cocks his head at him, and fuck if Gaon doesn’t want to pin Yohan against the wall of his walk-in closet and kiss him. Or maybe be pinned against the wall, he’s not picky. “I can’t put this on myself, you know.”

Gaon shakes his head at that, even as Yohan gestures towards the suit jacket hanging on his arm as an excuse. He could most certainly put that down. But obliging him, Gaon walks up to Yohan, standing so close to him that their noses brush, plucking the tie out of his hand. 

Yohan doesn’t lower his neck as Gaon drapes the tie around him, just stares, meeting Gaon’s eyes, smiling that little smile of his. Dropping his eyes to his hands, Gaon loops the end of the tie around to form a knot, quick confident movements as he ties it. Once it’s tied, he pulls the knot up until it rests right at the collar of the shirt.  

Yohan gives him a self satisfied smile, and Gaon turns his collar down. Patting his chest, Gaon steps away. “Is that all Kang pansa-nim?”

“Kim pansa-nim,” Yohan gives him a look as he responds. “I certainly hope you haven’t forgotten something else.”

Gaon raises an eyebrow, then looks down to see Yohan’s bare wrist. Of course. Sliding the glass to the side, Gaon picks a silver and black watch, taking Yohan’s left wrist and sliding it on him. Gaon caresses the skin of his hand slightly, leaning down to clasp the watch band around Yohan’s wrist. 

He pulls away, offering Yohan a small smile, “how is that, pansa-nim?”

“Excellent.” Yohan’s hair is still messy and unkempt, a contrast compared to how he normally has it slicked back and as put together as the rest of his outfit. It’s a state of in between, the cusp between personal and private Yohan, a mix, Gaon thinks, of the two. 

Even as he steps back, Yohan steps forward, placing his hand on Gaon’s collarbone, right below his neck. If Gaon had any sort of survival instinct, he would flee, considering just how many times Yohan has been on the cusp of strangling him, or actively strangling him in the earlier part of their relationship. But Gaon just relaxes into Yohan’s grip on him. 

“Yohan,” he sighs out in the silence, even as Yohan’s fingers trace his skin, leaving goosebumps behind. “Any longer and Elijah will actually knock the door down. Or try to burn the kitchen down since I taught her to make eggs last week.”

Yohan tugs at his hair with his other hand, guiding him until Gaon is against the wall, “just a moment, baby deer,” Gaon groans at the pet name, “she can wait.”

Then leaning down, he presses his lips against Gaon’s in a powerful, slightly domineering kiss, nipping at Gaon’s lips as he holds his face in his hands. Gaon surrenders into it, into the press of Yohan’s lips against his. Their tongues tangle together as Yohan devours him like he’s a starving man eating his last meal. 

Gaon lets him. Presses back into it, feeling just as desperate to be touched. Yohan’s hands tug through Gaon’s hair as he releases him from the kiss, their foreheads still touching. Yohan still looks so composed despite everything they’ve just done, but Gaon finds himself panting. 

Typical. So typical, for Gaon to feel like he’s been pushed and pulled and in the middle of a storm while Yohan looks as if he’s merely walked through a field. 

Yohan pulls his hands back, casually crossing them. “You said something about breakfast?”

Gaon feels his mouth drop open, even as Yohan strides out of his closet, like nothing happened. Like he wasn’t straight up devoured by Yohan moments before. 

“You-” huffing to himself, Gaon follows him, as he does his best to at least feel like he hasn’t been mauled, patting down his hair so it looks a bit more put together. But as he closes the door to their bedroom behind him, Gaon can’t stop himself from touching his fingertips to his lips, still feeling the ghosting touch of Yohan’s lips on his own. 

God. He’s really quite a fantastic kisser. 

They don’t walk hand in hand, but do arrive at the kitchen next to each other. Elijah, already at the table, gives them an assessing look that Gaon does his best to ignore, turning to the stove instead as Yohan slings his jacket over his chair before he takes a seat. 

He ignores the sound of the two of them bickering, still unable to shake the idea that they sound more like siblings than an uncle and niece. 

He places the vegetable omelet, tofu, and radish kimchi out on plates, spooning out bowls of rice. Sitting next to Yohan, Gaon clears his throat motioning towards the food. “Eat,” he interrupts and the two glare at the interruption but do as he says anyways. 

Gaon picks up his own chopsticks, placing his other hand next to Yohan’s own, barely touching. 

Elijah gives them a look in between bites of food, one that Gaon ignores. 

“When do you want to head out?” he asks her. 

“Hmm,” Elijah places her chopsticks down, giving Gaon one of her looks that makes her look so much like Yohan. “In a few hours,” she decides. “I have some schoolwork to do beforehand. The food was decent.” She turns around, starting to wheel herself away from them, then turns back to face the two of them. “Is that a bug bite on your neck, Gaon oppa?”

Gaon smacks his hand to the side of her neck as she laughs, right where Yohan was mouthing his neck last night. He blushes, even as Yohan gives him an assessing, possessive look. 

“There’s no need to look so proud,” he mutters, taking another bite of his food in an attempt to ignore Yohan’s gaze.

It doesn’t work, as Yohan, in that fucking suit with that fucking hair gives him a little smirk. “I think there’s a lot to be proud about,” he hums, one of his fingers tracing under Gaon’s neck.

He draws Gaon in for an additional kiss, a little press before moving away. “We have some time since Elijah’s delayed your two’s outing. Meet me in my office, I have something to talk about with you before I head out.”

Gaon nods at the request, lips upturning, as Yohan strides away, jacket slung over his shoulder, as casual as anything. 

This family confuses him, but he enjoys their presence. Loves them too, with everything that includes in it. Taking a last bite of his own rice, he stands, putting the dishes in the sink. 

These little moments of slowness, of calm, are all he needs as they fight the world together, him and Yohan, side by side against any that stand in the way of the form of justice they seek for everyone and the revenge that they’re taking alongside it.

And when he meets Yohan in his office, Gaon gives him a smirk before sitting in his spot on the couch, right next to Yohan, legs brushing against one another even as Yohan mentions the next target that they'll be bringing into the court. His lover, but also his partner, exchanges a glance with him loosening his tie slightly, placing a possessive hand on his thigh.

Gaon lets him, soaking in the pleasure of being by Yohan's side, alongside him, and in that quiet, slow morning he spent earlier with Yohan in his arms.