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More Than Words

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At the end, after all the excitement of capturing a serial killer who was after them, the wedding took place.

The event wasn’t as private as they wished, but at least they compromised to have a simple wedding by the cabin, and no park ranger had to be asked to be their witness, since their family and friends were standing there, with huge smiles, as the judge married them.

Regardless, part of the compromise was to allow Abbott to call part of the catering to have the guests fed and she didn’t say a word when an impromptu dance area was placed and a DJ nearby.

Teresa thought she didn’t want any of the typical wedding shenanigans and for a bit she was resigning herself at the thought as the ir guests asked them two to have a first dance, when a familiar tune caught her attention.

Patrick smiled told her that he remembered too and that perhaps he was the one to blame, as she simply smiled back at him and took his hand to lead her to the dance floor.

Jane would keep telling her she was still a mystery to him, but the fact that with all the things going on, he had the mind to ask the DJ to play that song was so enchanting.

Her mind took her back to years before, when that song was the very same song it was playing when they danced together for the first time.


"Keep it in the dojo, Phil!" she heard Jane telling one of the alumni, walking away from them with a  joking smile in his face as they were pretty much done in the venue, since they had solved the case of the high school reunion murders.

"One thing I don't get. How did you persuade Risgby to play that charade?"

She could see Jane's face, as he was coming up with his response.

"I told him that you'd promised to give him Monday off."

"Not happening" Lisbon replied to him, with a dignified expression.

"Whoa... that lets me in an awkward position. I held up my end of the bargain."

She barely noticed what Jane told her as soon as she recognized the familiar sound of the guitar strings, as another song started playing in the school reunion they were at.

"Oh God... I used to love this song."  she mused with a soft smile and her eyes crinkling in recognition.

"Love this song."

"I used to love this song." she affirmed.

"You love this song. Obviously you want to dance."

"With you? No."

She knew Jane would come up with the craziest ideas, and even when this one wasn't the craziest he had come up with, her stomach would do a somersault just to think of dancing with him.

Jane insisted, with that smirk of his that drove her crazy and weak at the same time:

"Oh come on, you can pretend that I'm that mean, cold-hearted guy that you use to worship from afar but never talked to."

Lisbon was hesitant and tried for a bit to persist on her denial to dance with him of all people, but finally gave in saying:

"No funny stuff."


His smile full of confidence was maddening and so enticing at the same time, as he took her hand and led her to the dance floor. Lisbon automatically placed her hand on his shoulder as Jane placed his other hand by her waist.

"Trumpet?" he said, still inquiring about the instrument she used to play during high school.

"No" was Teresa's reply as she closed her eyes, softly following Patrick's lead as they danced.


She opened her eyes and it was incredible to think how many years had passed between then and now, and how different things were. Red John was now a thing of the past, and they were writing a new page in their future. Together. Teresa couldn't help to smile brightly and enjoy the moment, surrounded by different couples dancing as the song progressed.

Later on, they were sitting by the pond, while at a distance everyone else was dancing merrily in the dance floor.

"How are you feeling?" she heard Patrick's voice asking her, as they saw their guests happily partying.

"I'm so happy." she could hear her own voice full of real emotion.

"Me too. Me too." he smiled back at her and looked around, with his eyes shining bright.

She was feeling truly happy. All these years  Patrick Jane had been a constant in her life and she couldn't tell when or how she fell in love with this enigmatic mentalist whose presence on her team was justified by her solely because “he closes cases". Patrick had this wicked way to drive her mad, but whenever he wasn't around things weren't the same. And yet, she had decided in a whim to leave and start a new life in DC, but fortunately one of his crazier acts was to get on her plane and confess his feelings in front of everyone and that convinced her that, as much as she wanted to deny it, she felt the same way. Of course there were still things they would have to take care of, like Jane's project of restoring the cabin for them to live on, her work at the FBI and also...

"There's something I need to tell you."

Patrick looked at her, with a quizzing look and then dropped his gaze, following the movement of her hand towards her belly and looked back at him, saying more than what words could tell with a simple gesture.

Even so, he seemed to think they couldn't be happier as his smile was growing wider and he blurted out, asking her:

"No, you're kidding me..."

"I'm not kidding." Teresa smiled back at him, with glassy eyes. 

"You are?" she felt his hand holding hers, with a soft touch and hope vibrating in his question.

"I am."

He kissed her softly, and then he hugged her, as Teresa softly closed her eyes, thinking about their future and how, if she could go back to that dance floor and tell her own self that everything would be alright, to the one who tried to hide her budding feelings for the eccentric consultant she was dancing with, the one that already knew how important he was for her, more than words could tell.