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Kurosaki Ichigo and The Seven Marchens

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Kurosaki Ichigo jumped from his window, landing safely on a hard surface.

An invisible hard surface in the middle of the air.

“Sorry to make you wait.”

A soft hum reached his ears.

“Yeah, I know, the moonlight is beautiful tonight.”

They soared higher to the night sky.

Then, bit by bit, the invisibility started to molt in the moonlight, revealing the form of a majestic white dragon.

Her wings beat even stronger and faster, becoming one with the wind.

Ichigo spread his hands in the air, enjoying the feeling.

Then, the dragon growled, spreading explosive ash in the air, a clear sign of agitation.

Ichigo twisted his head, trying to see the cause of the agitation and immediately spotted the blonde man in the distance.

“Oh, shit! It is that hat-and-clogs guy again! It is okay, Elly. He is distracted by your ash-exploding-thing. Just turn into your stealth mode again!”

Thus, they successfully evaded the clutch of a curious scientist once again.

With Cinderella, Ichigo felt a new sense of freedom in the human world.


He wanted to be called Band of Animals. Bandy for short.

He was an aging bronze dragon who liked to take Ichigo into a place with lot of sands.

Bandy loved to sing there, attracting attention from the creatures of that place.

But they kept their distance. None of them ever tried to get really close. Like their instinct knew that Bandy was really dangerous. The highest kind of predator.

One day, his curiosity got the better of him and he voiced his question to the most humanoid-looking ones around Bandy and him.

The ones who answered his question were called Coyote Stark and Lilynette Gingerbuck. They were a Hollow and this place was apparently called Hueco Mundo.

Surrounded by Hollows who came to hear Bandy’s voice, Ichigo closed his eyes and found tranquility in Hueco Mundo.


The golden dragon, Golden Axe, loved to take him to the hidden world within the shadow.

The scales color was a sharp contrast to the silvery of the place.

The people in the shadow took one look at his dragon before they turned their eyes to him and bent their knees.

“Your Majesty.” They called him.

It was flustering.

With Golden Axe, he was crowned with power in the shadow.


Thrilling. There was no other way to describe the feeling.

Ichigo ducked his head to avoid another chain that tried to wrap itself around his body.

Snow White was a devil in dragon form and no one could convince him otherwise.

Snow White, in contrast to her name, was actually a black dragon.

A wild black dragon who liked to have an adventure in hell and took Ichigo along for a ride.

The sinners wanted to capture them. The guardians of hell, on the other hand, simply poked them a bit and left them alone.

It was quite an experience to hell and back. In the literal sense of words.

Flying with Snow White in hell, thrill found itself a place in his beating heart.


Bubbles was the one who took him to Reverse London.

They reached their destination in a half-day flight.

It was mesmerizing to see all kind of dragons there.

With Bubbles in the middle of Reverse London, Ichigo felt something akin to hope.

Perhaps, one day, his dragons might be accepted just like those dragons soaring freely in the Reverse London.

They quietly slipped out of Reverse London and returned home to Karakura before the people of west branch took a notice of them.


Sugar House was a mysterious dragon. Unlike the other, she never let herself appeared in the outer world, opting to speak inside his mind and took a form in his inner world.

Thus, he could only see Sugar House when he was in the middle of sleep or meditation.

It was also probably Sugar House’s doing that his inner world looked pretty much like a fairy tale.

It was practically a forest made out of sweets. There was even a river of chocolate. The kind of chocolate that he liked.

When an evil white version of himself suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of him and started to rant about an invasion of territory by a giant lizard, said lizard threw an unimpressed glance at his white clone before she threw him to the chocolate river.

Ichigo couldn’t help but snort at that.

It was also very difficult to be scared of a supposedly evil version of yourself when he was covered by chocolate from head to toe in the middle of a candy land.

After a fight and a talk, Ichigo finally got a name to call his white self. Zangetsu.

Both of the white version of himself and the quiet old man. They were both Zangetsu. They were a part of him.

It was also only fitting that his hollow form took after a giant white lizard.

Because it was thanks to Sugar House that Ichigo found a courage within himself.


It was satisfying to see the surprised look on the brown-haired guy face.

The guy was about to cut him in half with his sword when an invisible shield took place around him, protecting him from the attack.

The invisible shield was actually giant red talons surrounding his body protectively, courtesy of a stubborn dragon who decided to follow him to Soul Society from behind with Stealth Scale.

His red dragon seemingly materialized herself out of thin air, glaring furiously at the traitor of Soul Society.

The look of shock in Aizen Sousuke’s face was immediately shared by everyone within the vicinity. Guess it was pretty shocking to see a giant red dragon suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Ichigo smiled calmly when a violent growl tore itself out of Red Dress’ sharp mouth.

“Yeah, you hear that? My dragon is telling you to back the fuck off, asshole.”

With Red Dress, Ichigo found safety.


Marchen. Progenitor of dark dragons. That’s what they called them.

It honestly didn’t matter to Ichigo.

They were his hoard and he was them.

That’s all there to it.