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The day isn't alway bright

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The drive back was not as long and tiring as it was to get to Rochester . Since they took turns driving and stopped to let Donnie out a few times . Jessica smiled as she glanced up in her mirror and saw Stormy and Donnie both sleeping . She tried to carefully drive over the speed bump in her parking ramp but failed to do so . Stormy sat up and blinked a few times and yawned before placing her head back down on top of her dog . Jessica pulled into her usual spot and cut the engine. she didn't feel like hauling everything into night and decided to call moving men in the morning . She leaned back and nudged the two sleeping forms .

"Stormy , wake up we are here , don't worry about your stuff , I'll call in the morning to have it brought up before the car gets returned ."

Stormy nodded and gently prodded Donnie to get him awake . She slide out of the car and stretched while Donnie shook himself . They followed Jessica into her building , where they were stopped by the door man .

"Jessica, you know our rules about animals " the man questioned .

' I do and he will have his service jacket tomorrow and we will keep him leashed . I promise . Anyway this is my guest for a while Stormy Daze Wilson, and Donnie . This is Ed ,my door man . Ed tomorrow mover will be here to bring Ms. Stormy's items up before the car goes back" Jessica informed him . The man nodded and let them pass . She next stopped at the security desk .

" Jonathan , this is Stormy and Donnie , they will be my guest for a while . I'll need a key made up for them "

"Very good Ms, Pearson "

Jessica smirked as she walked by , she had been living here for a few years and even tho she wanted to just buy a house and move . Having a door man and security made her pretty happy and less lonely . Jessica held the elevator door as her guests stepped into it .

" i promise to keep out of your way as much as I can and keep Donnie out of the way as well "

" Non-sense , you are my guest and I will treat you as such . Plus I thought we could get you use to the city by Monday at least familiar with a few spots . I have two guest rooms so you can have your pick and three bathrooms . i also thought we could order in for right now and settle in for the night . " Jessica told the younger woman .

" Jessica , thank you for all of this and thank you for letting me bring Donnie " Stormy told her . The doors opened and she followed Jessica into the hallway , Jessica turned to the right and walked towards two large double doors .

" Well I hope you like it here " Jessica said as she pushed the two doors open , she stepped aside to let her guests in and closed the doors behind them . Donnie started to sniff around and padded to a rug on the floor and laid down , keeping his eyes on Stormy and Jessica .

" Jessica , this is beautiful " Stormy told her as she looked around the spacious area . Jessica smiled , she had bought the place after Harvey bought his . While Harvey's was open and empty , Jessica wanted spacious but homey . Windows walls where part of her kitchen , while the rest of the walls for the kitchen were a soft mauve color . There was an kitchen island with burners on it . Large counter space . One wall house the second stove and refrigerator/freezer. plenty of cabinet and counter space . Stormy continued farther into the apartment if you wanted to call it that . there was a living room area with a plush rug and furniture , large not overly large flat screen TV , three book shelves , a coffee table.

"The guest rooms are to the left and mine is at the end of the hallway , there is a master bathroom and one in the one guest room and one in my room. I will allow Donnie on the furniture as long as he doesn't chew on it . Make yourself at home . if you make a mess all I ask is that you clean it up . If you will excuse me I am going into my office to catch up on emails but feel free to find me if you need anything and tomorrow we will have a great time ." Jessica told her house guest and threw her a smile before walking towards her office .


Stormy , wandered back to the kitchen area , she admired how it was powerful looking yet warm at the same time . She glanced at a clock and realized she should check out the bedroom and pick one before the sun started to come up . She padded down the hallway and stopped at the first room, pushed the door open and stepped into it . She flicked the light on and was welcomed into the deep sea greens and blues of the walls and the rug was a soft tawny color. There was a queen sized bed in the middle of main wall . It was covered in lighter colors and two plush pillows . there was a dresser and pretty big closet , she opened a side door which lead into the paisley green bathroom , a tube and shower , sink with a mirror . She walked back out and went to the next room which was draped in black, silver and purples , the bed was slightly larger with three pillows , a flat screen TV and desk with a laptop and printer . there was no bathroom in this room but she loved it . She pulled back the curtains to find a small patio and window wall just like the kitchen . She opened one of the drawers and found a pair of shorts and t shirt in there . the shorts looked like they would fit her . She grabbed the clothes and headed off to find the shower and check on Donnie before taking her shower.

Stormy headed to the main bathroom when a picture on the wall caught her attention. it was outside a library at least it looked like a library . there where three people , a red headed woman , a dark haired man and a skinny younger man with blond hair and blue eyes . she lifted the picture off of the wall and studied it . It couldn't be the same guy she had met three months ago .

" it can't be " she whispered out loud as she placed a finger over the man she was questioning . She gently placed the picture back on the wall and walked into the bathroom . She pushed the image of the man out of her head as she turned on the hot water and willed the hot water to make her relax .

Jessica , had gone to her room to change her clothes and went back into the study , when she noticed Stormy holding a picture in her hand . Jessica heard the bathroom door close and she walked back out into the hallway to look at the picture that Stormy placed back onto the wall. It was in front of a library and it was after Jessica took them all out to lunch and she had snapped it on her phone and printed it out and it was one of her favorites . She smiled and went back into the study , she would ask her about it tomorrow .

Stormy , stepped out of the bathroom , completely relaxed . She patted her leg and Donnie followed her into the bedroom. She stopped once more and looked at the picture that had caught her attention. she would ask Jessica about it tomorrow. . She closed the dark drapes and climbed into the large soft bed. She let Donnie settle down first before curling onto her side . the bed was amazingly comfortable and it did not take long for the night to claim he dreams .