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To Free Yourself-Persona 5 Glimpses

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He sleeps. And dreams.

The room is red, deep red. It is a shade somewhere between blood and cherry nail polish. There is a chair in front of him, straight-backed, unoccupied. Except it is stuck to the ground by a heavy chain and large metal ball. Then there are two chairs, then three, then four. Each one gains its own ball and chain as he blinks in confusion. Finally there are five chairs, each with chains, and he feel they are calling for him to sit down. But he cannot move, and he finds himself shaking in terror as he stands there.

Why am I so scared? He thinks, trying to calm himself. It’s only a bunch of stupid chairs in a stupid dream. And what does this dream mean anyway? That I’m terrified of sitting?

These chairs symbolize the ones that came before you. Each one gained power, but dealt with terrible challenges and ordeals. But all managed to break these chains that bound them through revelation…or sacrifice.

Who’s there? Who are you?

Look at the chairs again. Do you see the figures sitting in them?

Yes, but barely. They look blurred, out of focus.

They have already gained freedom from themselves, and turned back terrible powers that threatened to destroy all. I am showing you this, because you are yourself trapped, but have the chance to become free.

I don’t understand. What does any of this mean? And you said the others had power…but what kind?

You have not awakened to your own power yet. But you will soon, and you will need it to confront the darkness that awaits you. For a grave peril is once more threatening the world.

The chairs fade before him, and the room is plunged into darkness. He feels himself beginning to fall.

Return to the waking world now. But remember, I will be by your side, even when you do not see me there.

But who are you?

He falls, and sees a golden butterfly fluttering above him. He stretches out his hand to it…and wakes.

He barely remembers the dream.