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Breaking The Rules

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“Dude, it’s so hot.” Tobin groans as she throws herself back onto their bed.

“Sweetie, what did we say about you calling me ‘dude’?” Christen asks, watching out the corner of her eye as her girlfriend winces.

“Like, in my defence, it’s really hot.” Tobin pauses for a moment, a smirk growing on her face. “Not as hot as my girlfriend though.”

“Nice save.” Christen smiles as she settles herself more comfortably against the headboard.

“You almost done?” Tobin asks, nodding towards Christen’s still open laptop.

“Yep, just need to send this…” Christen clicks the mail icon, counting down the seconds as her Outbox clears before dropping the lid of her laptop. “And now I’m done for the summer. No more summer classes, no more students… No more random school mom’s hitting on the art teacher.” She says, narrowing her eyes at Tobin.

Tobin laughs shaking her head. “It was one mom, and she’s married.”

“Her kid wasn’t even taking your class!”

“Okay, okay, no more random mom. Just six weeks of hot weather and pool parties.” Tobin sighs stretching her arms up. A slip of tanned skin appears as she stretches and Christen bites her lip at the sight of her girlfriends abs. “Ash invited us over for dinner by the pool on Sunday.”

Christen hums in her throat and gently places her laptop on the bedside table. She’ll put it away properly later. Right now, there’s something more pressing.

She rolls on top of Tobin, her legs settling between Tobin’s strong thighs.

“Hi.” Tobin smiles, brushing some of Christen’s hair behind her ear.

“Hey. Wanna make out?”

A broad grin pulls across Tobin’s face before she lets out a deep laugh. “Dude, you’re such a nerd.”


Christen squints her eyes as Tobin’s lip catches between her teeth. It’s the slightly impish look on Tobin’s face that tells Christen she’s done it on purpose.

“That wasn’t very good of you, was it Tobin?” Christen says, rolling her hips into Tobin.

She watches Tobin swallow, her throat bobbing slightly. “I didn’t mean to.”

It’s a lie. Christen won’t call her out on it though. She knows exactly what Tobin is pushing for.

“You know what happens when you haven’t been good.” Christen states firmly.

Tobin whines, her hands gripping at Christen’s shirt. “I can be good. I promise.”

"You never did return that ruler you borrowed from me before you broke up for summer, is that it there on the desk?” Christen feels Tobin squirm underneath her. “Good girls get to come… Bad girls get punished.”

She knows Tobin will know the sort of evening she has planned for her. She can tell in the way Tobin raises her hands up above her head ready.

“Tell me your colours.” Christen orders, staring straight into Tobin’s wide brown eyes. It’s part of their routine. Any time they want to enter a scene, Tobin has to tell her the colours and Christen tells her what they mean.

“Green.” Tobin says first, lifting her chin up as Christen settles her fingers around her neck.

“Everything is okay and your boundaries aren’t being violated. I can continue.” She replies, pressing her fingers against Tobin’s skin, feeling the pulse fluttering underneath.

There’s already a dazed look drifting into Tobin’s gaze and Christen has to give her throat a little squeeze to bring her back.

“Orange.” Tobin sighs.

“Continue, but you’re nearing your limit. I shouldn’t do anything more.” She tightens her fingers a little more. Just long enough to make Tobin gasp when she lets go. “And what’s the last one?”


Christen moves her hand away and kisses the front of Tobin’s throat. She’s never hit red with Tobin, and she hopes she never will.

“Stop. The scene is over. I’ve gone too far. I’ll untie you as quickly as I can and make you comfortable.” Christen affirms and Tobin nods. “What colour are you now?”


“Good. Then you should get undressed. Quickly.” Christen pulls her phone off the bed side table and opens the stop watch app, showing it to Tobin. “I’ll be timing you.”

Smiling, Christen hits start before she pushes herself away from Tobin’s body. Three seconds have already passed in the time it takes Christen to roll away. Tobin quickly scrambles up to start taking off her clothes. Her socks get caught on her feet, and her shirt almost takes out the lamp in the corner.

By the time she throws herself back onto the bed, Tobin’s skin is already flushing red, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

“14.32 seconds. We’ll round that up to 15 huh?” Christen asks and Tobin nods. “Not that you have a choice, baby.”

Christen takes her time getting undressed. Purposefully dragging her hands down her body, her fingers tweaking at her own nipples as Tobin watches her.


“Did I say you could talk?” Christen interrupts and Tobin’s mouth snaps shut. “16.”

Tobin groans her fingers grasping at the headboard. Her lower lip hangs out as she frowns.

“Don’t pout or I’ll round it up to 20.”

Christen makes sure Tobin’s eyes are still on her as she walks to the desk and picks up the little wooden ruler she had lent Tobin back in the Spring. She places it on Tobin’s stomach before opening the draw of the bed side table. There’s a chest in their wardrobe that contains some of their more exotic toys. They keep the essentials close to hand though.

She won’t need anything apart from the rope for now.

As Christen straddles Tobin’s chest, she feels the wetness between her legs. Having Tobin like this… She can’t believe she got so lucky.

With practised hands, Christen twists the length of rope into a basic knot and threads it through the headboard. If Tobin really wanted she could get out. Christen liked to take her through the steps at least once a month.

She pulls at the rope once she’s got Tobin’s hands trapped in the length.

“I want you to roll over.”

Tobin waits until Christen’s off her chest and then rolls onto her front. The muscles in her back flex, and Christen watches the rise and fall of her body as her breathing deepens.

“Lift your ass up for me.” Christen orders and Tobin does exactly that, raising herself just enough for Christen to slide a pillow underneath her.

She can’t help touching herself for a moment, her finger swirling around her clit lazily as she takes in Tobin’s restrained form. Just enough to take the edge off. She really can’t believe she got this lucky.

“You know what’s about to happen. Don’t you?” Christen asks as she drags the ruler down Tobin’s spine, all the way down to the cleft of her ass. “You know what you need to do?”

“I need to count them. I need to-” Christen snaps the ruler down on Tobin’s left cheek. “One. Thank you.”

“That’s right. I’m doing this for you, so you thank me for it.” She slaps the ruler down again, right against the same place as before.

“Two- Thank you.”

“Good, that’s really good.” Christen smiles, her hand rubbing at the light red mark on Tobin’s skin. Normally she uses her hand for this, so she doesn’t go too hard. She’ll ask Tobin for her colour soon, she’ll check this is still okay.

Before she does though, Christen strikes down twice on the other side, matching the pattern on Tobin’s right cheek. “Three, four. Thank you.”

“Colour.” Christen demands.

Tobin looks around, her neck twisting slightly awkwardly. “Green.”

“More?” Still looking into Tobin’s eyes, Christen raises the ruler a little higher.


“Good girl.” Christen slaps down a little harder, jolting a moan of delight from her girlfriend.

“Fiiive. Fuuuck.” There’s a blissed out look on Tobin’s face and for a moment Christen thinks she might have forgotten. “Thank you.”

She might have remembered the ‘thank you’, but Christen can still punish her for something else. “Don’t cuss. 17.”

Tobin’s head falls forwards onto the pillow but her ass raises slightly higher. It makes Christen smirk. She knows her girlfriend pushes the rules on purpose sometimes. It’s almost disappointing when Tobin keeps counting and thanking her perfectly. She checks her colour again when they reach 10 and Tobin’s ass looks like it’s glowing with how red her skin is becomming.

“You’re doing really well, baby. Just seven more. What’s your colour?”

“Green. Green-”

Christen slaps the ruler down again, avoiding the places she’s already hit. “That’s not the colour back here.”

“11, thank you.”

“You know,” Christen says as she soothes Tobin’s skin with her hand. “A good girl wouldn’t be enjoying this so much.”

She lifts the ruler again and Tobin’s moan echoes around the room. “12, thank you.”

“But you’re not a good girl, are you?” She asks and Tobin shakes her head. This time she slaps the ruler right across both cheeks.

“Ah! 13, tha-” Christen brings the ruler down in quick succession, smiling at the shuddering reaction from Tobin’s body. “14- 15- thank you.”

“Two more. One for each side.” She says as she lets the ruler linger on Tobin’s back for a moment before raising it into the air. She leaves it hanging there. Waiting for longer than Tobin will be expecting before hitting her right cheek.

“16- oh, I- 16 thank you.”

It makes Christen smile again to hear how incoherent Tobin’s becoming and she raises the ruler. She purposefully waits again, holding the ruler above Tobin’s body as she shudders in anticipation.


Christen discards the ruler onto the bed. She’s happy with her work, with how far she took Tobin without pushing her too far. She can tell Tobin’s enjoyed it too. There’s an obvious sheen of wetness smearing between her thighs as she squirms against the pillow.

“Look at the mess you made, Tobin.” Just to make a point, Christen pushes herself up so she can cup Tobin’s centre, pushing her palm against her. The reaction is instantaneous, and the moment Christen applies the pressure, Tobin's hips rock back into her. “Did I say you could move?”

“I didn’t mean- AH!” Tobin’s whole body goes taut as Christen snaps the ruler across her already reddened cheeks. “No, no you didn’t.”

“So stay still then.” Christen demands before returning her hand to cup over Tobin’s heated centre again. She smiles when Tobin groans, but this time her hips stay completely still. Almost. She’ll forgive Tobin for shaking slightly, her body barely containing her arousal. “That’s good, baby. You’re being really good.”

Christen swipes her fingers back until they’re dipping directly into the wetness between Tobin’s legs. It’s almost too tempting. It is too tempting. She pushes her fingers in for a moment, gathering more wetness on them until she’s satisfied.

“Open up.” Christen instructs before leaning over Tobin’s body and slipping her fingers into Tobin’s mouth. “Suck.”

Tobin does as she’s told and closes her mouth around Christen’s fingers, sucking and licking off the cum covering them.

“Good girl.” Christen hums as she kisses the back of Tobin’s neck. “What happens to good girls, Tobin?”

She’s pleased when Tobin doesn’t move her head, just keeps Christen’s fingers in her mouth as she speaks. “They get to come.”

“That’s right. Would you like to come?”

Tobin nods and sucks at Christen’s fingers again.

“Hmm. Not yet.” Christen pulls her fingers away and moves off Tobin’s body. “Roll over.”

Tobin hisses as she rolls onto her back, the fabric of the comforter rough against the raw and sensitive skin of her ass. The rope around her wrist has enough give for her to roll over a couple more times, but Christen knows Tobin will be able to feel the extra twist.

Christen raises her eyebrow. She knows this isn’t comfortable for Tobin. But she also knows Tobin likes it like that.

“Green.” Tobin says, flexing her fingers.

“Then hush, don’t complain.” Christen says, waiting for Tobin to settle. “Open your mouth and put out your tongue, baby.”

She watches Tobin do as she’s instructed, then climbs up her body. “Show me you deserve to come.”

This is how Tobin likes to get Christen off best. Christen asked her once, when her hands hadn’t been tied to the headboard.

She quickly situates her legs on either side of Tobin’s face, her lower legs bracketing Tobin’s arms before slowly lowering herself. Tobin’s tongue gets to work immediately, the little pink muscle swirling through the wetness Christen can feel almost dripping out of her.

She has to grip onto the headboard as Tobin’s tongue slides between her labia, licking her open. Tasting her. Pleasing her.

Tobin’s fucked Christen with her mouth enough times to know exactly what Christen likes. Exactly how hard to flick her tongue against her clit. Exactly how much pressure Christen can take before she needs to back away and stroke her whole tongue against Christen's wetness instead.

She almost regrets tying Tobin’s hands. The feel of Tobin’s fingers pressing into her hips as she pulls Christen onto her face is something that makes Christen’s whole body shake. Knowing Tobin wants her so badly...

“Want me to ride you, baby?” Christen asks her, and she feels Tobin’s moan vibrating through her clit. She feels her nodding, her chest rising faster. “Stay still then.”

They’ve done this many times before, so Tobin knows exactly what to do as she extends her tongue for Christen to rub herself against. She grinds slowly, rocking her hips back and forth on the deft muscle.

“You’re being so good. Letting me use you like this.” She looks down to watch Tobin’s response. With her mouth still open, she can’t say anything, but her eyes practically roll back into her head. “So good.”

Christen knows it’s for her benefit when Tobin starts to move her tongue again, so she doesn’t reprimand her. Instead she just stops rolling her hips and reaches out to grip her fingers onto the back of Tobin’s head, pulling her closer, deeper into her as her orgasm starts to build.

Having Tobin under her like this, completely helpless and at her mercy-

She twists the locks of hair in her hand and feels Tobin moan against her.

Christen looks down at the brown eyes staring up at her again. They look so desperate, so eager to please her-

It tips her straight over the edge.

“Tobin-” She gasps, her eyes slamming shut. “Don’t stop.”

Tobin’s tongue keeps lashing against her clit, prolonging Christen’s orgasm until she thinks she might pass out. It feels like her stomach muscles might cramp under the force of it and she has to let go of Tobin’s hair to hang onto the headboard.

She tips her head back and lets out a loud moan. The noise is met by a moan from Tobin too as she slows her movements, helping Christen come down from her high. Gentle kitten licks keep pulling shudders from her as Tobin gets to work cleaning the wetness away with her tongue. Tobin knows to avoid her clit, she knows how painfully sensitive Christen gets after she’s pulled an orgasm from her.

“Good girl.” Christen sighs, wiping the sweat off her forehead. “I didn’t even have to ask.”

She lets Tobin go for a minute longer before she moves herself away. A disappointed groan comes from her girlfriend and despite the scene, Christen smiles at how pouty Tobin looks. She can see the shine of her cum on Tobin’s chin, on her cheeks and still coating her lips.

Christen can’t help herself. She has to kiss her, she has to taste herself on those reddened, pouty lips.

She straddles Tobin’s hips and presses their lips together, groaning at the taste of herself. Her tongue licks into Tobin’s mouth. It’s a filthy kiss, their lips and tongues dancing together as Christen pushes Tobin down into the mattress.

Whilst Tobin’s distracted, Christen raises her hand to her throat again. She squeezes around Tobin’s neck, just hard enough to make her squirm a little. Christen pulls away, and kisses her jaw, just above where her fingers are resting.

“I’m going to take you with the strap now.” She informs her, constricting Tobin’s neck, watching as she starts to shake before releasing her hold. “Would you like that?”

“Yes-” Christen flexes her fingers, making Tobin gasp. “Please, yes.”

“What do you want? Your ass against the bed or me?” She asks as she tightens her fingers again “Both are going to hurt.”

“You- Want to feel you-” Christen lets go and roughly flips Tobin back over, the rope twisting tighter again. “Ah!”

“Colour?” Christen enquires as she gets off the bed and opens the draw again. She gently swats Tobin’s ass with the palm of her hand, just hard enough for Tobin to feel it.


“That’s good. You’re doing really good, baby. Making me come like that…” She quickly positions the strap on around her hips. It’s not the biggest dildo they own, not one of the ones that make Tobin squirm uncomfortably when Christen fucks her with them. “It’s time for your reward.”

And this dildo is a reward for Tobin. The uneven surface is something she knows Tobin enjoys. Something about the drag of it inside making her crumble into a wet, sticky mess quicker than any of the other toys they own.

“Please, Chris.” Tobin practically begs, her hips already rolling into the mattress.

Christen slaps her hand down onto Tobin’s ass. “Did I say you could beg?”

“No.” Tobin replies quickly as Christen brings her hand down on the other side.

“Then don’t.”

She pulls a bottle of lube from the draw and drizzles some onto the dildo. The liquid spreads easily over the toy and Christen pumps at it a few times, watching Tobin’s eyes as they darken. She doesn’t really need the lube. She knows how wet Tobin is but she knows every moment she isn’t inside of Tobin is another moment of anticipation for her girlfriend.

To make things easier, Christen slides the pillow back under Tobin’s hips, lifting her ass up slightly.

“Spread your legs for me, baby.” Christen instructs as she shuffles behind Tobin.

She was right about Tobin being wet.

The pillow underneath her already has a wet patch forming. There’s a light sheen to Tobin’s thighs too, her cum trailing between them as she opens them for Christen.

“You’ve made such a mess.” Christen comments as she dips two fingers inside of Tobin. She pumps them a few times, feeling the way Tobin tries to cling to her every time she pulls them out.

There will be time later for Christen to lick Tobin to orgasm. For now she just smears her cum covered fingers over the sensitive skin of Tobin’s ass.

“Hold on.” She instructs as she moves further up the bed. Far enough for her to dip the toy down to Tobin’s soaked entrance.

Tobin offers up no resistance and the toy slides in easily. In one slow pump forwards, Christen fills her right to the hilt.


“What was that, baby?” Christen asks as she pulls the toy back a little before pushing forwards again.

“Feels so full.” Tobin groans, her body melting under Christen’s movements.

“Do you want it nice and slow?” She slowly withdraws, until just the tip is resting inside of her girlfriend. “Or hard?”

Christen slams her hips down as she says it, punching a deep moan from Tobin.

“Green!” Tobin gasps, giving Christen her answer.

“It doesn’t matter. You don’t have a choice, do you?” Christen pulls away again, before roughly entering Tobin again.

“Chriiis.” Tobin whines, her body sinking into the bed in submission.

Christen adjusts her position, her body hovering over Tobin’s fully as she starts to move. She works up a rhythm quickly, not giving Tobin any time to adjust to the fast, sharp movements of her hips.

The harness of the strapon slaps against Tobin’s already sensitive skin. Christen knows it must smart. That Tobin must be feeling the sting of it as she fucks into her. She can tell by the way Tobin’s shaking, by the way she’s still gasping her name and desperately twisting the rope in her hands that it’s exactly what she wants though.

When Christen thinks Tobin might have settled enough, she moves back onto her knees, changing the angle of her thrusts. She roughly palms Tobin’s ass, the skin warm under her touch. “You look so pretty like this. All red and well behaved.”

Tobin groans deeply in response, her hips pushing back into Christen’s as she slides the toy back inside again.

“And you take me so well. You’re being so good for me, baby.” She stills her movements, her hands gripping onto Tobin’s hips and pulling her onto the toy. “Fuck yourself, Tobin.”

With Christen’s hands guiding her, Tobin lifts herself up onto her knees and starts rocking herself onto the strap on. Christen wishes she had thought to keep her phone closer. The image of Tobin desperately fucking herself like this is one she wants to preserve.

“Christen, I’m going to- please.”

Christen leans herself forwards and slips her hand between Tobin’s body and the bed, her fingers roughly finding Tobin’s clit.

“Ride my hand. Make yourself come.” Tobin changes her movements, pressing herself down onto Christen’s hand. “That’s it, just like that.”

It gets harder for Christen to move her hips as Tobin’s walls grip onto the dildo. She still manages to punctuate each roll back of Tobin’s hips with a deep thrust of her own though, burying the toy as deeply as she can before Tobin pulls away.

“Come on. Be a good girl.” With her free hand, Christen slaps her hand down onto Tobin’s ass. “Good girls come when they’re told to, Tobin.”

With one final strike from her hand, Tobin’s body freezes. She practically yells as the first wave of her orgasm rocks through her. Her hands clutch useless at the rope tying her to the headboard. Christen feels herself clenching at the scene underneath her, sparks of pleasure travelling through her own body at the sight and sound of Tobin coming.

She settles the toy deep inside of Tobin, letting her ride out her climax for as long as she needs. Her name falls like a mantra from Tobin’s lips as she struggles to breathe.

“I love you so much, Tobin. Love seeing you like this.”

Her words make Tobin’s whole body tense again, and Christen gently fucks her with the dildo again. Giving her just the right amount of stimulation to send her spiralling into another orgasm.

“Love you- fuck I- love you too.”

Christen strokes at the skin on Tobin’s ass, gently soothing her as her climax starts to ebb away. As Tobin’s shaking starts to slow, Christen carefully moves her hips away. She watches as a string of Tobin’s cum stays connected to the toy, stretching out of her until it snaps.

Tobin drops onto the bed, her breathing deep and muscles relaxing.

Christen takes the strapon off and quickly drops it onto the floor. She’ll take care of it later. Right now she needs to untangle the ropes from Tobin’s wrists. She eases them out carefully, kissing the little red marks. Tobin rolls herself over, a dopey smile on her face.

“How are you doing?” Christen asks, helping Tobin stretch her arms out before settling back on the bed beside her.

“Mmmm, really good.”

“Not feeling to subby?” Christen questions as she brushes Tobin’s hair away from her face.

“No. I’m good.” Tobin’s voice still sounds floaty, but her eyes seem focused enough. “My ass hurts though.”

It makes Christen smile. “I got some more of the lotion you like. Want me to run a bath first?”

“Please. And then we can have pizza?”

She drops a kiss onto Tobin’s nose. “I would have said yes to pizza earlier, you didn’t have to seduce me.”

Tobin grins at her lazily. “But I really like seducing you.”

“I noticed.” Christen says as she lets her finger circle around Tobin’s still erect nipple. “Want me to join you in the bath?”

“Christen Press,” Tobin holds her hand to her chest. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Sure am.” Christen kisses Tobin on the jaw, sucking at the skin gently. She feels Tobin’s body let out a sigh and the nipple between her fingers growing firmer.

“Dude. You’re the best.”


So that’s the kind of night Tobin wants.

Christen twists the nipple still in her grip. “What did we just talk about, baby?”