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come back and don't leave

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Even the unpleasant pain in the whole body did not distract when the latest events, like a kaleidoscope, were spinning in Ga On's head. The very real thought that if Soo Hyun hadn't happened to be in that terrible area, he would definitely be dead, haunted him. It's not that the fear of death is clouding the mind. There was something else.

Just for a second, Ga On thought about Yo Han, remembering how he protected him from trouble, unable to hide his concern for him. He was on his own this time, right?

"You know that you could have suffered, what," Soo Hyun did not stop wailing, sometimes losing her thoughts, but meaning only one thing — boundless excitement.

When she finished rewinding Ga On's battered body, she exhaled convulsively as she looked at him.

"Now do you understand what your connection with Kang Ye Han led to?" Soo Hyun blurted out, involuntarily clenching her fists.

"What does Ye Han have to do with it?" Ga On was confused, turning half-sideways to her, slightly wincing from the aching pain in his chest.

"It's clear that all your troubles are only because of him," she spat out angrily, without saying that it was Yo Han who sent her to him.

Subconsciously, Soo Hyun did not want Yo Han to somehow continue to participate in Ga On's life, to involve him in obvious crimes, to force him to risk his life. And, even the fact about his call-she wanted to hide it.

"Soo Hyun-a, I'm fine," taking her hand in his, Ga On smiled slightly, feeling that she was trembling. He made her worry, and he had to calm her down, isn't that what friends do?

To know that your friend has feelings for you for a long time and continue to pretend that it doesn't matter — Ga On's used to it. But it wasn't until he was on the other side, in Soo Hyun's place, that he got scared.

No, but he himself did not understand why every moment spent with Yo Han spread warmth all over his body, why his mere presence made the younger one feel calm. And every day Ga On wanted to get closer to him, even if it was a quarrel, even if it was because of his next absurd trick. Just to get any attention.

Ga On finally became afraid when, acting in tandem with Yo Han, he became an accomplice to suicide. And even if it was a criminal, she committed suicide because of their joint pressure. In any case, trying to cope with the shock of what He saw, from his immoral actions with the search for a flash drive, from the sticky blood on his hands, Ga On broke down.

Not assuming that Yo Han would give him a choice, Ga On retreated with words that he had never thought about, did not even imagine that he would express them to him, the person who became his world, not Soo Hyun.

"Soo Hyun - is my world".

And how shameful it was to run away, shouting sharp words that caused pain to be reflected in Yo Han's eyes, but at the same time realizing that what was said was a lie.

Without noticing that Ga On had been looking at Soo Hyun's face for too long, thinking not about her at all, He could see, as if in slow motion, how she timidly reached out to him, closer.

"The phone," Ga On muttered abruptly, getting up from the bed, realizing that, perhaps, he had brought her to the line right now.

"Is it really so important now?! You are safe, the professor is also safe, why do you always... " shouted Soo Hyun, unable to cope with the surging emotions. How tired she was.

"Elijah, what happened?" As if he had fenced himself off from the scream with an invisible wall, Ga On breathed out in one breath.

"Please come. Yo Han, he's injured, he's covered in blood, and I'm scared," the girl sobbed, stuttering on every word.

"Yo Han, injured" Ga On couldn't understand when he managed to start breathing normally, and not panicking for air. Knowing that Elijah never exaggerated, he was seized with fear. The fear that Yo Han might die.

"Soo Hyun-a, I need your car," realizing that every minute counts, Ga On hastily exhaled, still gasping for breath.

"And where will you go in this state?" She had no doubt that it was Yo Han. Ga On's frightened look spoke better than words.

"He needs me," he managed, not realizing how he took a step towards her, as if he was going to take the keys by force.

"What is your connection with him?" There was no trace of her former worry left on her face. Only the cold.

"Soo Hyun, give me the keys, I'm asking you, what should I do? Kiss you?" When Ga On was in front of her, said desperately, feeling a sharp flash of pain on his cheek from the slap. So familiar, as it was then, next to the police station.

"I told you never to show your face to me again… If he hadn't called me, I wouldn't have come," Soo Hyun shouted out emotionally, clasping her trembling hands, burning her friend with a look.


"Kang Yo Han, he said you were in danger," Soo Hyun added dismissively, tossing him the keys, knowing that all Ga On cared about was Yo Han.

Without controlling the permissible speed, without noticing the traffic lights, Ga On mentally counted approximately the remaining distance, having learned the way to Yo Han's house too well. And the smile of the elder, so often appearing when they returned together after work, haunted Ga On, adding to the pain.

"He said you were in danger".

Until the last moment, even when Yo Han was in a terrible situation, he was worried about him.

Biting his lips until they bled, Ga On suddenly screamed in muffled despair. From the fact that he ran away so stupidly, left him alone, deprived of support. If only he…

When Ga On reached the mansion, breathing heavily, he, acting intuitively, ran into the kitchen, meeting Elijah's frightened eyes. The girl was holding Yo Han's head on her lap with the last of her strength as he slid to the floor, hugging her.

"I called our doctor, but he is still not there. Oh, the blood doesn't stop," Elijah sobbed in panic, trying not to look at the bloody floor.

Picking up Yo Han in his arms, Ga On carried him to the bedroom, gently laying him down, immediately pressing his palms to the wound, pinching it, receiving a painful groan in response.

"Please don't sleep, can you hear me?" Ga On pleaded brokenly, looking at the blood oozing through his fingers.

"Ga On... " Yo Han said weakly, and there was uncertainty in his voice, as if the familiar voice that he missed so much could be an illusion.

"I'm here, next to you, just stay with me," Ga On stammered, squinting as tears began to cover his eyes.

"Are you slightly injured?" Reaching out a pale hand, Yo Han gently touched the younger's cheek, being in a semi-conscious state, continuing to worry about him, for the stupid boy.

"Yo Han, I'm sorry," Ga On whispered on an exhale, and kept repeating, not even really realizing when the doctor came and forcibly removed his hands from Yo Han's body.

Just in an instant, Ga On was hunched over on the floor, pressing his fingers into his knees, wanting to rewind the time so that He could return and not leave. Never.

When Ga On felt a small hand on his shoulder, He jerked sharply, meeting Elijah with reddened eyes. He fell out of reality again, only now noticing Yo Han's peaceful face and the bandages on his body.

"He'll be fine," Elijah smiled slightly, squeezing her hand on Ga On's shoulder a little harder. She saw everything. His panic. She heard everything. His regrets. She understood everything.

When Elijah closed the door, leaving him, Ga On got to his feet, unsteadily staggering. Now the beatings on the body hurt much more than before.

Grimacing, but steadfastly withstanding, Ga On approached the bed, hesitantly stopping right in front of Yo Han. Also hesitantly stretching out his hands to cover him better, to cover his bandaged body, still holding on to the edge of the blanket, Ga On bent lower, barely touching the man's forehead with his lips, not holding back a relieved exhalation, feeling the warmth.

]"Please don't ever leave me," Ga On whispered, lying down on the edge of the bed, facing Yo Han, unable to leave. Maybe in the morning this sudden impulse will turn out to be a mistake, but not now, having experienced all the horror, imagining that I lost it.


Probably, lying with my knees tucked up to my chest, given the bruises all over my body, was not the best solution.

Frowning slightly, opening his eyes, it didn't take much effort for Ga On to jerk back to feel a strong grip on his elbow, thanks to which he didn't fall to the floor.

"Take your time," Yo Han insisted in a measured voice, with a slight hoarseness from a long sleep, without taking his eyes off Ga On, without removing his hand from his elbow.

And everything that Ga On wanted to ask Yo Han, even the obvious one: "How are you?", seemed to evaporate. He was silent, looking into the eyes of the elder, for an unknown time losing the ability to breathe normally.

"I'm sorry that you got hurt because of me," Yo Han said, breaking the silence, touching the bandages on Ga On's stomach as his hoodie lifted.

A heavy inhale, a long absence of exhalation, and then Ga On grabbed his hand.

"Why do you keep worrying about me when I ran away, when I damn left you," Ga On listed them, pursing his lips, in an unsuccessful attempt to get up, finding himself on his side again, under the piercing gaze of the elder, who always squeezed his lungs.

Yo Han was silent, giving him the opportunity to speak out.

"You got hurt because of me, because I wasn't there, and it's my fault," Ga On broke into a muffled whisper, wanting to get up again, but this time stopping when Yo Han forcefully pressed him back into the bed, hanging over him.

"Did you say everything?" Yo Han asked calmly, holding on to the hands placed on either side of the younger one.

"Yell at me, do something, but don't be so indifferent," Ga On desperately blurted out, feeling an unpleasant lump in his throat.

"Kim Ga On, I've never been indifferent, just not with you. You made a choice, and it's not your fault that it didn't coincide with my wishes" everything is also balanced calm.

"This is not so, this is a choice that I wanted to hurt you, I wanted you to stop me" Ga On could not stand it, noticeably raising his voice, biting his tongue late, looking away, just not to drown in his eyes.

"And what is your real choice?" On the contrary, lifting the younger's face by the chin, Yo Han did not let him hide.

"You..." Ga On did not immediately and cautiously answered Ga, thinking for too long how right he was doing, how much he wanted to be with him, and, of course, losing inwardly if he had not chosen him.

A touch on his lips, so accommodating and soft that Ga On involuntarily grabbed his fingers into his unbuttoned shirt, crumpling it as Yo Han deepened the kiss. Involuntarily resting his hands on the shoulders of the elder, Ga On looked at him in fright, biting his wet lip.

"I admit, I was pleased when you kissed me on the forehead," leaning closer, Yo Han slowly touched his ear with his lips.

The tips of Ga On's ears turned red in an instant, and he diligently tried to get out from under Yo Han, hearing his ringing laughter, which was so lacking.

"Yo Han," Ga On called to him without a trace of amusement when he managed to get out of bed.

"Mm?" Understanding only by the intonation, the elder stopped laughing, seriously meeting his eyes, seeing in them an indecisive timidity.

"Thank you for saving me, even after I left," he gasped, remembering with horror how he ran through the slums with the faint hope that Yo Han would save him, right?

"Even if you stood up against me, I would still save you without hesitation," Yo Han said seriously without hesitation.

Having managed to take only a few steps towards the door, Ga On turned around, while covering the distance back to the bed, in just one wide step, as if subconsciously feeling that Yo Han was waiting for this, immediately closing his arms around his waist, pulling him into his arms, feeling his shoulder become wet.

"Ga On left again" Elijah abruptly opened the bedroom door. She did not know that he had not left his uncle's room, stopping in surprise on the spot.

"He won't go anywhere else, not even to the plants that I will move here," Yo Han said decisively, ruffling Ga On's already disheveled hair, hugging him to her, smiling at his niece.

And she understood everything, as well as in the night, when she saw the sincere tears of Ga On.