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Honey Drips at Night

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That spring was the busiest for Soyong as the sole ruler of the Inner Palace. Without the presence of both the Grand Queen Dowager and the Queen Dowager, she must supervised and led the annual sericultural rites. Perfectionist as she was, Soyong got herself involved in every process from the preparations because she wanted to give her best as the Queen of Joseon.

Thus, she did not have much time to share with her husband. Her daily routine for the past months had been the same: woke up early in the morning, practicing her weaving skill to be demonstrated at Seonjamdan even though Court Lady Choi had told her that she was really good, better than the Royal Tailor in Sanguiwon . She also checked every piece of clothing that was about to be worn by everyone during the ceremony, including the maids and eunuch. As if it was not enough, she visited the Royal Library every day, burying herself in stacks of books about silkworms rearing.

When she returned to her bedchamber at the end of the day, she was already exhausted and fell asleep right away. Not once or twice her attendants informed her in the morning that the king had come the night before, but went back to his chamber once he found out the queen had been sleeping.

Honestly, she missed him too. No, she missed him desperately. Soyong did not even remember anymore when was the last they shared their bed, and hearing the news day by day made her missed him more it felt like a bad stomachache.

A few days after the Seonjamje , she considered visiting him or sent him a love letter to invite him to Daejojeon, but from what Hong Yeon had collected from the maids in the king’s quarter, Cheljong had been busy even after the ceremony ended. There were many officials from the countryside who requested an audience to send their greetings and offering the harvests for the king. Although it was not necessary for him to see them in person, Cheojong had stubbornly met them one by one each day. That’s why she held back and sought for other activities to distract her instead -- such as learning some skills in the Royal Kitchen with Man-bok. Ever since Bong-hwan left, she had been avoiding that particular place. The memories of him overwhelmed her every time and to this day she still felt dejected at how abruptly and suddenly he left, without even saying goodbye to her.

Soyong’s long wait was finally over when the Head Eunuch came to her personally that morning, sending the letter from the king which asked her attendance at Huijongjeon after dinner. She immediately canceled all of her agenda that day and strode over to Sanguiwon to request a new nightdress in blood red color. 

She could sense Court Lady Choi snort silently in amusement behind her and could tell that Hong Yeon’s cheeks must be as red as the translucent fabric she held in her hands. Then she requested milk rose bath to be prepared. She wanted to present herself as fine as possible to the king.

Due to excitement upon meeting Cheoljong after a while, she could not bring herself to eat anything for dinner. It was even more thrilling and rousing than the day she was installed as a queen. She ignored Court Lady Choi’s various attempts to shove a spoonful of rice to her mouth, even pleading to Soyong that she would not be able to serve His Majesty properly on an empty stomach. She guiltily refused her: she felt like she might vomit if she forced herself to eat anything at the moment, and it was the last thing she wished for.

Waiting for sulsi to come felt like an eternity to her. When the twilight sky was replaced by the dark and star-studded one, Soyong threw an outer robe on top of her newly sewn nightdress. She almost ran across the connecting corridor between their chambers, unable to contain her excitement.

She pushed the doors of his outer chamber a little too enthusiastically before the Head Eunuch even announced her. Soyong could smell the relaxing scent of jasmine tea spread in every direction. It was already arousing as she pictured the king sat on his bedding in his white-gold night robe, waiting for her to come. The thoughts were both overjoyed and nervous her, so she entered Cheoljong’s chamber deeper in timid steps.

“Did you request for my presence, Your Majesty?” she asked, realizing that her tone was way too formal than she meant it to.

“O-ho, what makes you so timid, My Queen?” he chuckled. “Come here, you don’t need to be so formal with me when we’re alone.”

When she took a seat in front of him with the small table of tea separating them, he called out for the Head Eunuch outside, commanding all the attendants to return to their respective quarters and stay clear from his private residence that night. Soyong felt herself blushed in embarrassment when the king called her again. “Sit beside me, Soyong-ah.”

She rose on her knees and drag her feet onto the bedding, unconsciously leaving some space with the king. As he noticed this he brought himself closer instead. “We had not seen each other for a while, is that why you become shy, My Queen?”

“I miss you, Your Majesty,” she blurted out boldly. She could not bring herself to say anything. Then he reached out to cradle her cheek, cupping lightly and stroke it gently. She welcomed his touch by leaning against his hands. It felt good and soothing.

“I do too,” he said. “Forgive me for neglecting you. Let me make amends tonight.”

His voice, no longer warm, was husky and sent shivers down her spine. A moment later he kissed her, slowly and tenderly that Soyong thought she might melt into his mouth. She pushed her tongue inside him, which he gratefully welcome by sucking it and entwined it with his.

As their kiss went deeper Soyong climbed to his lap and sat on his solid thigh. She hooked one of her arms behind his neck and used the other to caress his cheek, his chest, and his shoulder. It felt so good that she could not stifle a whimper on the back of her throat. 

She could feel his hardness had fully erect as he pressed her body against his. When they finally out of breath did they pull apart and Cheoljong leaned his forehead against her, panting hard as he attempted to recover his breath.

He took a moment to study her and taking in her look, raising his eyebrows in amusement. “I think I haven’t seen this nightdress before, am I wrong?” he asked him a low voice that stirred her stomach.

“You and your attentiveness,” she replied him sweetly. “I personally came to Sanguiwon for this dress after receiving your letter this morning. What do you think?”

He did not reply to her back at once, instead roaming his eyes over her once more. “So appropriate with the moment, I should say.”

Before Soyong could say anything he already undid the button of her long sleeves, baring her arms and shoulders. He planted tender kisses on the naked skin, sometimes licking it as he went by, making her pulse quickened under every touch. Soon he yanked down her dress down to her waist, staring solemnly at her as he cupped her breasts, squeezing it lightly and then hardly to heightened the sensation. Soyong had to tighten her grip to prevent her from falling backward.

Cheoljong did not let his gaze stray away from her as her mouth shaped in a perfect circle, moaning delightfully. Seemed like it was just the beginning because the next moment he pinched her nipples, twisting and elongating them in an almost painful, but pleasurable way that she moaned loudly.

“Do you want more?” he murmured.

All she could say was the breathless “ Yes, please,” and soon he took one of her breasts in his mouth, sucking, licking, and biting it while her body tightened and she whimpered, both from pleasure and pain. He kept treating her until she came apart and cried out. Her groin felt warm as she finished, and with some amount of shame, she suspected that her discharge must wet the king’s trousers too.

Cheoljong embraced her warmly, allowing time to recollect herself. “My King,” she murmured, overflowing with love that was unable to be put into words. He let out a low groan that almost sounded like a whimper. Then he reached down for the hem of her skirt, pulling it over her head, and tossed it aside. 

He lifted her up effortlessly, laying her flat on the bed. “Stay still, Kim Soyong,” he said authoritatively in a low voice, which she found so arousing. Soyong watched silently in awe as he stripped out of his robes, throwing them carelessly onto the floor.

When he walked over to the bed she instantly spread her legs apart to welcome him, much to her surprise that he kneeled beside the tea-table instead. “I told you to stay still, Kim Soyong. You are not allowed to move without my command.” Even his scolding was very seducing that Soyong obeyed him right away.

He took a small porcelain cup in his hand when he kneeled beside her. For Soyong this was a little bit offending, for how could one want to take a sip of tea when his wife was lying naked right in front of him?

But the next moment Cheoljong began to tilt the cup and Soyong squirm automatically in response. “Do not move, My Queen. I will not harm you,” he scolded her again, too sweet and soft. She tried to lay still once more as the liquid touched her upper chest. It was cool and felt so comfortable on her skin in the heat of the upcoming summer.

It must not be the tea, but she did not have to think for long before she found the answer: from the thick and sticky texture, it must be honey, served together with his jasmine tea by the servants earlier.

He continued to pour it over her breasts, make sure to touch her hardened nipples, drawing a straight line along her stomach, pouring more to fill her navel. As she was told to lay still, she moaned and gasped while grasping a handful of quilts in her palms.

After putting down the cup back to its place he kneeled beside her again, gazing down at her with such intense eyes that made her shy. “You look so beautiful, My Queen,” he said.

It was an overstatement for Soyong personally, as he was so beautiful himself. She would never enough to marvel at her muscular body, felt ever so hard and so good against her. But before she could praise him back, he already hovered over her, straddling her hips with his legs as if to make sure she stayed still.

Suddenly her mouth felt dry — she was thirsty of him. And the fact that he licked his lips at that moment did not help. Soon he bent down to kiss her delightfully, before breaking it apart and warned her with the most sensuous voice she had ever heard. “If you do not still, My Queen, I will not continue. We don’t want your body to get sticky all over, do we?” She nodded breathlessly. “I’ll make sure to wipe it perfectly.”

And after that Soyong was consumed by intense pleasure, feeling his mouth and tongue sucking and licking her skin, where he dripped the honey earlier. Her stomach clenched when he sucked and licked each of her breasts, his mouth felt hot against her skin.

She moaned hoarsely, wanting to touch him so much but she restrained herself since she did not want him to stop — she can’t let him stop.

Oh … oh… Your Majesty…” she pleaded weakly as he traced down the honey on her stomach. She panted hard, bending her back upward as the haziness was getting intense around her. Then he sucked and licked the depth of her navel and she gasped out loud.

Cheoljong moved to grab the honey once more, seat himself between her legs as he opened them apart to pour more honey to the small tuft of hair on her groin down to her most sensitive glands. She couldn’t help but gasped out loud when his tongue trailed it down her clit, pinning her legs open with his strong arms as he licked her mercilessly and she squirmed wildly until she cried out.

He returned beside her on bed, seemingly preferred to sit and marvel at her beauty from the side rather than wrapping herself with his body. Soyong sighed contently when he touched her cheek again, stroking his thumb lightly against it.

“Tell me, Kim Soyong. Who you belong to?”

She found it hard to conduct a conversation in the middle of this situation, yet she must obey the king no matter what.

“Your Majesty, of course.”

“That is right, My Queen,” he said as he reached down between her legs and slipped two fingers inside her, pushing them agonizingly slow. Soyong closed her eyes in contentment, making her wanted him even more.

Please… please, Your Majesty… I couldn’t--” She did not have to explain to him what she could not, because he had pushed himself inside her almost easily. He hissed in satisfaction since she was so wet and he had done the job well to wipe out all the honey, but it was not enough for Soyong. 

Cheoljong kept moving in and out at a considerably fast and stable pace, yet she wanted more. Then she lifted her legs, flung them over on each of his shoulders to lift up her hips so that she could accommodate him fully. 

He groaned and picked up speed, his breath getting harsher as he was close to coming. Soyong grabbed his ass to push him deeper inside her, if he could go for more.

“Come on, My Queen. Give it to me!”

He took her hands, interlacing their fingers together to keep their bodies in place. He went down to kiss her passionately, down to her throat without ceasing his move. She tossed her head back, opening up her mouth as she moaned.

“Your Majesty… oh…”

He groaned loudly as he burst inside her and came apart. It made Soyong’s muscles clenched and tightened all over, and she was out of her senses as she came powerfully, leaving behind her consciousness. She felt like she was floating, like she was just gulping down a whole jar of plum blossom wine.