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Special Touch - Sundance

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I don’t know how long we talked or how much wine we drank but when the room door opened we were in tears laughing over something silly and Norman was standing like a Greek god in the door way, a god that needed worshiping.


He closed the door and dropped his bag. I hadn’t seen him in a few days but it felt like longer. I could tell Andy wanted to get up and hug him, but he’d give us a minute to say hello. Norman scanned the room, “My two favorite people drunk and waiting for me?” The smirk on his face said it all, it was going to be a hot weekend.


I crooked my finger and summoned him to the couch. “Get your ass over here baby.” He slid out of his leather coat and let it fall to the floor as he stalked over to us. I debated getting up but he resolved that by kneeling on the floor between us and he pushed me back against the pillows as his mouth found mine. I had missed him more than I realized, or it might have been all the wine, but I wrapped myself around him and kissed him back. His wispy hair grazed my cheek and I could feel every muscle in his back as I held him to me. Any doubt I had felt while talking to Andy was gone in this one perfect, reassuring kiss.


“Hi baby.” His voice was so quiet I barley heard him. “Missed you.” I kissed his chiseled cheek and nodded. I had missed him to. “You taste good.” He licked at my bottom lip. “Mind if I find out if this one tastes as good.” He nodded his head in Andy’s direction.


“Please do.” I wanted to see them kiss. There was something out of this world sexy about watching them together.


Norman turned to his best friend and smiled, they hadn’t seen each other in months and I was sure that he was rock hard just thinking about kissing him. “How ya doin’?” Andy was just as excited to see Norman, he had this mile wide grin on his face that made his blue eyes shine.


Norman held my hand as he turned and wrapped a hand at Andy’s neck and pulled him close.


“I’m good.” They stared each other down for a second then kissed, hard and fierce as they gripped at each other. Damn it was sexy to see close up.


Andy had tried to assure me that their connection was friendship and not sex, but he was missing the mark on that. There was a desperation in their kiss. Even if it was me that had softened an out of control Norman, there was no doubt that there connection went deeper than Andy realized.


The moan I heard came from the Brit as his American lover held him tight and kissed him deeply. I had to laugh to myself, all the conflict and the verge of jealousy I was going through just a little while ago was gone when I saw how much Norman enjoyed kissing him. They broke apart as quickly as and caught their breath. Norman sat on the coffee table and finally asked how we were really doing.


It was nice to catch up, he told us about his time on the set of his new movie that he was filming this week and Andy filled us in on his family and things going on in London. I mostly stayed out of it letting the guys talk for a while. Norman grabbed a beer and we all wandered out to the deck to enjoy the mountain view. He pinned me against the railing as he kissed my neck and rubbed his dick against my ass. Andy sat on the edge of the hot tub as they talked about plans for the weekend. Movie viewings, appearances and snowboarding hit the list. We had a few hours before the first thing on their agenda.


“Gael told me I had to give you two sometime this weekend.” They both looked a little surprised. “So I guess I’d be go find some shopping to do.” We were on our second bottle of wine and I was feeling pretty good by then.


Andy was laughing, “No. She told you to keep us both entertained for the weekend. I was there, I heard her. And she said to give us some time.” Norman just sat back and listened.


I had heard the first part of that when she had said it, but I didn’t seem to interpret it the same way Andy did. I knew he was looking for sex, and I couldn’t blame him, but I didn’t want to assume that that was what Gael had given permission for us to do.


“Don’t I get a say in this?” Norman’s expression was innocent.


It only took about two seconds for us all to break out into laughter, as if there was any of that he wouldn’t want. Andy stood up and turned the hot tub on, “Why don’t we jump in here for a while.” He was already pulling his shirt over his head.


“Hell yeah!” Norman loved the idea. He had already taken off his boots and now he started in at his sweater and shirt. It was chilly out, and though I knew the hot tub was warm I wasn’t sure I was ready to get naked out here. I started for the door when Norman pulled me back to his bare solid chest, “Where do ya think you’re goin’?” He wrapped his arms around me and held me as we watched Andy take his clothes off, this place had an amazing view and plenty of privacy.


Nothing felt better than to be wrapped in his strong arms. “I was going to get towels and my bathing suit.” I wasn’t sure I wanted to be naked in broad day light.


Andy’s well-toned body and half hard cock looked delicious. I could tell by the way Norman planted his mouth on my neck that he was enjoying the view as well.


“Stop staring and let’s get in.” Andy blushed when he realized we were both mesmerized.


Norman pushed at my hip, “Go grab towels but don’t put anything on. Please?”  


As I walked past Andy I heard him snap at Norman. “No. Reedus. You put that phone down.” I turned back in time to see him snapping a picture of the hot tub instead of Andy’s naked body.


They were already eased into the water when I came back out wrapped in a towel, two more on my arm and some drinks. They were laughing and I was taking in the view of those two submerged with the mountain behind them was breath taking. The water sat chest high and all I could focus on was the way Norman’s body filled the space, his defined shoulders accented by his sharp collar bones. The small x of a tattoo that I had licked and sucked a thousand times just calling to me.


“Drop that towel and get your sweet ass in here.” Andy was well intoxicated and I couldn’t resist the invitation.


Norman stood up and I watched as the water sluiced down his body hugging ever flesh and defining every muscle. He helped me in and I sat between them. I didn’t often get hung up on their fame or the fact that woman worldwide lusted after the man I loved. But the thought hit me hard, how many woman would have done anything to be in the position I was in at this very moment. Sitting naked between these two men, both of which were immediately handsy and edging closer to me. I didn’t take any of it for granted.


Andy and I had spent the afternoon together and this was the first time we had kissed, I turned and slid my hand down his cheek and kissed his mouth. He was a great kisser and I enjoyed the feel of his arms around me. I felt Norman shift behind me and I was suddenly light headed, a combination of the wine and the men. Not that I was overly versed in threesomes but I have to say that one thing I love about them is noticing the difference in partners. Getting lost by the lover I know so well and noting the differences in the new one. Not comparing but finding the compliment of the situation.


His breath was hot on my skin as his accent filled my ear, “You going to keep us entertained Holly?” Gael had given him permission to be with us without her, given me permission as well. I wasn’t sure how entertaining I could be, but I knew I wanted this. I wanted to be with these two the way we had been with Sean. I wanted to be the center of this threesome though I wasn’t sure if this particular dynamic would work out that way.


My brain flashed, would I be able to give Gael this same gift? I wasn’t sure. Andy touched my face, “Holly?” I looked up and smiled into his beautiful blue eyes and I knew that I’d find a way to repay her for this. I kissed him and he kissed me back as Norman reached around and took my hand. Together we found Andy’s dick and started to stroke it.


We stayed that way for a while, hands groping under the water as we all enjoyed the touching and kissing. They guys never really got too close, I think the bright sun and the open exposure kept them in check but that didn’t stop them from stroking each other under the water line or kissing me. For a while I had a rhythm going of stroking them both, it felt powerful to have them each in a hand. Norman tipped his head back along the rim of the tub, eyes closed as he wrapped his hand over mine and helped me stroke him. The sunlight bounced off his skin making his collar bones pop even more. My eyes were fixed on the vains in his neck as he swallowed hard. He groaned out the word fuck as I felt him and Andy snake arms behind me and hold on to each other.


I would have loved to have mounted Norman right there in the tub, begged for Andy to come up behind me and press his hard body against me, but the fear of lurking paparazzi in this uber busy hotel area made me nervous.


Andy rested his mouth on my shoulder as I jerked him then finally his voice cracked, “Can we take this inside?” He was getting restless, “I’d really like to….” He lost his thought as I stroked his faster. We all agreed.


One by one we got out and wrapped up in a towels, shutting off the tub, picking up phones and heading out of the cold Utah air. By the time I closed the door Andy and Norman were locked in an embrace, naked and kissing as they held each other tight. It made me wet just to watch them. It was like being back in New York that first time they were together. I felt like I should leave but I couldn’t make myself go. So much had changed since then though, I could do this, I could be a part of all of this.


I took a hand from each of them and pulled them into the bedroom. They followed obediently and I crawled backward on the bed laid in the middle and waited for them to make the next move.


“Oh baby.” Norman’s mouth gaped open as they both came to the bed and joined me. From there it was hard to keep track, Andy’s mouth on my breast as Norman spread me wide and came at me tongue first. I caught glimpses, Andy’s fingers tangled in Norman’s hair, Norman stroking himself, it was all wildly erotic.


Andy kissed his way up my body, sucking and licking as he went till he found my moaning mouth. “He’s good with that mouth isn’t he?” I opened my eyes and nodded. Norman had skills, between his tongue, fingers and enthusiasm there was never a moment of oral sex that didn’t make me happy. “Is he going to make you cum?” Andy was whispering as smiling as he traced his fingers along my chin and played in my hair. I nodded, Norman was most certainly going to draw an orgasm out of me. I felt his fingers twisting inside of me, I could envision the muscles in his arms twitching, the tattoos on his flesh moving as his muscles flexed. He had one hand working its way inside me and the other kneading the flesh of my ass as he toyed with my tight little hole.


“Holly.” Andy spoke to get my attention. “I want to fuck him while he fucks you.” My eyes went wide at his statement. Norman must have heard it because he sighed out against my skin and fingered deeper into me. Andy’s hand was at my throat as he made me focus on him. “I want Norman between us as we pleasure him.” I nodded, it was a wonderful idea. “But first, I want to fuck this pretty mouth of yours.” He moved his hand up and slid three fingers into my mouth making me suck him. It was a dominate action, he pushed his fingers deep till he found my gag reflex. “There it is.” I think he ended up deeper than he expected as he searched for that spot that made me choke. He slid out, dragging spit with him then pushed back in.


Norman seemed to be challenging my focus, he was working hard between my legs bringing me to the edge and back again. They were stealing glances at each other but as I was in the middle of all of it, I found it hard to mind, as a matter of fact, it was sexy. This threesome was very different than when we were with Sean, simply the way the men interacted spoke volumes to have different things were. I gagged again and it brought a smile to Andy’s face. I knew he could be a bit dominate in bed, he had shown me a bit of that the last time we were together and apparently he had told Norman this as well at some point. The idea of being subjugated by this man was not unappealing to me, though I wasn’t sure it this was the right time or place.


Andy drew his fingers out of my mouth once more, than used my spit as he stroked himself. He used his free hand to grip my hair and he pulled me into a position that he wanted. It was a little uncomfortable and it was difficult to keep the balance between propping up for Andy and staying open for Norman. I felt the dick at my lips, he dragged the tip along my flesh and my tongue darted out to taste him. He rubbed his shaft along my cheek then gripped tighter as he spoke. “Open wide.” I wondered for a moment what defiance would bring me but I let the idea go as my jaw automatically opened. “Mmmm, nice.” Andy approved and he brought his dick to my lips again, this time pushing past, beyond my teeth and to the back of my throat. In one smooth motion he was fucking my face.


Iworked to stay propped but it was a losing battle, I was trying not to fight as I was mostly held in place by Andy’s grip in my wavy hair. I felt dirty that it turned me on so much. Norman finally let go of me, pulled his face from between my legs and took a breath. I had been working against him in this last minute. He knelt up and I watched as he kissed Andy who paused at the back of my throat to kiss him back. He licked at Norman’s face, licking my juices off of his flesh then kissing my lover again. The cock was motionless in my mouth and I moved to get in a better spot for face fucking.


Norman leaned down and licked at the dick that was in my mouth, kissing and tasting my skin as Andy began to fuck me again. A few strokes in my mouth and then into Norman’s and quickly back to mine. His grip had never eased in my hair and I loved how it felt. Norman sucked at my breasts and finally came up behind me and held my head in place as Andy violated me. I was pretty sure that the goal was not to cum but simply dominate and enjoy,which was fine because I was in no rush to have it come to an end.


“Look at me.” I opened my eyes and looked up at Andy as he continued to use my mouth. “So fucking pretty.” There was something erotic about being debased by man with such a proper accent.


Norman wrapped around me grabbing hold of my breasts as he held me to be used. “Ya okay?” He sounded a little concerned which made me heart sing. I tried to respond but Andy’s deep thrusts prevented that. Norman took my hand and held it as he let his best friend use me. “My good girl.” He sounded proud.


Andy eventually pulled out and stopped, got off the bed and caught his breath. I felt empty and lost and I was glad that Norman was there to hold me. We watched as he walked away smiling, he went to the living room.


“You okay?” Now Norman had my full attention and I was able to answer him. I nodded and he kissed me. “So beautiful.” We kissed and touched and I could hear Andy in the kitchen opening and closing the fridge. By the time he came back into the room Norman was on top of me, I wanted him inside of me and he was working toward that. He looked over his shoulder and extended his hand inviting our lover back into bed. He set down two bottles of water and drank down a third before he crawled in next to us. Hand and arms were looped together as we all touched and kissed. Andy never checked to see if I was all right he just seemed suddenly softer as he kissed me. His potential for getting out of control seemed more extreme than Norman’s.


I wasn’t sure whose hands were where and I was lost in the bodies I was gifted with playing with. Had you told me three years ago that I’d end up in a bed with two men who looked like Norman and Andy I would have told you that was impossible, but my life had changed so much and here I lay in the middle of these two, a dick inside me, a mouth on my breast, my fingers tangled in soft curly hair as I moaned out in ecstasy and I tried to stay in the moment and not think about the excitement to come.


Norman pushed slow and deep into me, kissing between Andy and myself as he made love to me. I could feel the connection between us as he seemed ecstatic to be with both of us. Though it all felt a bit odd not to have Gael with us, I wondered if this was the bisexual threesome Norman always longed for.


“Going to fuck your man Holly.” Andy’s came up from my breast the he was marking and spoke before kissing me. “Need you to get him ready for me.” I nodded. Though I didn’t want Norman to pull out of me, the idea of getting him ready to receive his lover was intoxicating. Norman seemed to like it too, his focused face eased as he worked in and out of me. He was nodding, agreeing with the plan. Andy grabbed a fist full of Norman’s hair and made him make eye contact. “You want that right?” My pussy contracted like a vice a round Norman’s dick. It was one thing to have Andy dominate me, it was another have him be this way with Norman.


“Fuck.” It oozed out of Norman’s mouth. Contented, Andy just laughed at his reaction.


Norman finally pulled out of me and laid down on the bed. I kissed my way along his flesh, licking at his tattoos, kissing my way down as spine as he laid there waiting for me to get to my goal. Andy sat next to him petting his hair as he watched me. I lingered my way down, dragging my nipples on his flesh till I was finally at his perfectly toned ass. I bit at his left cheek and smacked my hand down on his flesh before I spread his legs wide and began to lick at his puckered hole.


This was the first time I was being included in their sex. More than a spectator and it all made me dizzy and wet. I started with spit, letting it drip from my mouth down onto his skin. I watched it ooze between his legs then I used it to start working my finger inside of him. The moan that came from Norman made me proud. He was trying to relax, I could tell, but he was too excited.


“On your knees.” Andy was still petting his hair when he said it, commanding the scene. It took Norman two tries to do it but he lifted his body and got on his knees, his face still buried in the pillow. I worked my finger deeper in him, adding spit and now stroking his solid cock as he started to open up for me. A second finger, copious amounts of spit and a slow scissoring motion, I loved manipulating his body.


Andy was off the bed and next to me, he added spit to my work then whispered. “Did you bring a bottle of oil?”


I always did, I nodded. “In my suitcase.” He walked away letting me continue alone as I prepared Norman to be fucked by his best friend.


By the time he came back with the bottle in his hand I was three fingers deep and Norman’s precum was oozing from him. “Good job Holly.” Andy said it as if he was evaluating my work. It felt wrong to be so proud but he had a way of making you feel that way. “My turn.” He was taking over, he was going to violate my lover. I nodded and Norman sighed.


“Now, like I said, I want to fuck him while he fucks you.” I was giddy like a little girl getting candy for the first time.


Norman moaned as I drew my fingers out of him, “Com’mer baby.” He was up on all fours now giving me room to get under him. I moved the pillows and slid my way, not so gracefully, under his rock hard body. “Nice hickey.” He was looking at the spot on my breast that Andy had left behind. I heard the smack as Andy spanked him. Once I was in place Norman laid his body on my, propped on his elbows as he kissed me and mumbled how much he loved me. ‘Mine’ ghosted off his lips and by the expression on his face I could tell Andy was beginning to work into him. I heard the oil cap flip and watched as Norman closed his eyes and prepared for the assault. I worked his cock inside of me, intensifying his pleasure.


The look on his face told me that he was liking every bit of this. He tried to stay still, letting me do all the work as Andy pushed into him. “Aahhhh.” The sound came from Norman but was mimicked by Andy. I guessed he had gotten the head of his cock through that tight ring of muscles. The sound made me tighten and I felt Norman thrust into me. Andy worked deeper inside till he was fully seated than held there.


“We’re gonna fuck you so hard Norman, you won’t be able to think for a week.” I felt my responsibility notch up and I loved the idea. Andy starting thrusting which pushed Norman into me and quickly the pace was set for a sound pounding. I saw the grip Andy had on Norman’s hips as we all fucked together. To say my first orgasm took me by surprise would be an understatement. I think it was the combination of the fucking, grunting and swearing that was happening. Norman was begging Andy to fuck him harder and Andy promising that Norman would feel him inside him all weekend. Norman held my hand tight as he was pounded into me, his eyes locked on mine as we still found a way to make love in all of this.


Norman began that quick, shallow nod of his head, as if he were agreeing with some voice in his mind. I knew it meant he was cumming, and he did. He exploded inside of me, his mouth gaped open as it happened and Andy never slowing the pace of his fucking. He powered into Norman as he spilled inside of me. I held him tight through the orgasm. It had been beautiful and powerful but it wasn’t over yet.


Andy could tell that Norman had cum, “I made you cum?” Norman nodded. “Good. My turn.” He had been holding back, he wanted Norman to get off first and now that he was done it was time for Andy to explode. He gripped tight at my lovers shoulder and pushed Norman down on top of me. I supported the weight of them both as Andy finally came, groaning out in a primal yell that turned me on beyond words with Norman still inside though the fucking had stopped.


In a slow, agonizing motion Andy pulled out of Norman. The room filled with the sound of panting and swearing as none of us could have fathomed how intense that all would have been. Norman finally eased out of me and rolled off the bed as Andy drank down a second bottle of water and wiped his mouth. I was ready to curl up and take a nap but I knew I needed to get up and wash up before that happened. Norman and I laid there holding hands as Andy paced around the bed, slowly going limp.


“That was hot.” I had to state the obvious and Norman agreed.


Without warning Andy grabbed my ankles and pulled, yanking me to the end of the bed and kneeling between my legs. He looked down at the sloppy mess Norman had left behind, looked up at me then to Norman, “MMmmm. This is hot.” In an unexpected moment of pleasure I felt Andy’s scruff at my thigh then his tongue on my slit as he began to lick me clean. Norman watched as he feasted between my legs licking me and tasting Norman. This was a first for me and though the concept of it should have grossed me out, it was one of the sexiest moments I had ever experienced in my life. The orgasm that ripped through me had me on the verge of blacking out.




We hardly had time to shower and change before the guys were expected at a red carpet event and a movie screening. I stayed with them the entire night through all the interviews and photographs, just far enough away to stay clear of the excitement but close enough where Norman could grab my hand whenever he wanted. We were sitting in the screening room of a film produced by a friend of his when he leaned over and whispered, “I can’t stop thinking about this afternoon.” We had completed our mission, we had fucked him till he couldn’t think about anything else. I squeezed his hand as he rested his head on my shoulder.


Dinner and drinks led to laughs and a late night of conversation with industry people and old friends. By the time we got back to our room, Andy had been in his for over an hour. He had gone back early to call Gael as she was waking up, there was a seven hour time change there. We had asked if he wanted to sleep in our room for the night but he declined, promising to meet us for breakfast.


We rolled into bed a little drunk and very tired. “Today was intense.” Norman was cuddled up against me as we let the day settle behind us.


“Very. When you said Andy liked to be in control...” I wasn’t sure what I imagined but I could envision him getting pretty dominate with Gael in the bedroom, though I didn’t necessarily see her as submissive.


He lazed his hand between my legs, not playing but touching. “That blow job.” That wasn’t the right term for what we had done. “You liked it?”


I smiled, I really had enjoyed the face fucking.


“Dirty girl.” He laughed as he glided his hand lightly over my sex. “You like the rough stuff don’t you.” He sounded a little far away, I wasn’t sure where his brain was.


This may not have been the right time to talk about it but I did anyways, “I miss you being rough.” I can’t explain why this still bothered me but I seemed to be hung up on his lack of losing control these days. He looked up at me trying to figure out what I was talking about. “You know, this past year, you’ve really stopped getting out of control with me.” I played in his hair. “I’m glad you’ve found your balance but sometimes I miss…” I wasn’t sure if I should say more but I did. “Miss being there for you. But it’s good you don’t need that anymore.”


“You miss me practically raping you?” He sat up quick and turned on the bedside light.


I saw the look on his face and felt bad all of a sudden. “It was never like that.”


He touched my face, “You know I hate being like that with you.” It had bothered him from the start yet oddly, I had never minded.


We were now sitting face to face, cross-legged and hugging pillows as we talked. “But I was always glad to be there for you. I’m yours, remember.”


He held both my hands. “I’m so glad I don’t get like that anymore baby. Don’t treat you that way. You’ve got me so calm, I don’t do that anymore.”


I chuckled just little, “Took two of us to get you that way.” I was so glad that he had Andy in his world now, but it made me a little jealous sometimes. I leaned in to kiss him but he stopped me.


His fingers at my chin, he paused, leaned in and kissed me then held me as he spoke. “He has nothing to do with this Holly.” One more kiss. “Nothing. I stopped being a dick, I don’t have that need any more.” He stopped being so serious and smiled. “You know you make me a better person, right?” I nodded. “Not him Holly, you. Mine.” I hated when he got sweet on me, it always brought tears to my eyes. “Oh baby, come here.” He pulled me into his lap and rocked me as he kissed my hair. “You’ll always be my dirty girl Holly and if you need me to fuck your face sometimes…”


I batted my eyelashes and smiled up at him, “Promise?” we both laughed as we cuddled back into bed. “Norman?”


“Yeah babe.” He was turning off the light as I snuggled to his chest.


“Was today good? I mean, the way the three of us were together?” I think I was still trying to figure out what his ideal bisexual scenario really was and today felt pretty good to me.


He pulled the blankets over us but uncovered one leg of mine, he knew I’d get hot as the night went on. “Yeah, it was. But without Gael, it doesn’t work for everyone.” This couldn’t be a long term situation and I knew that. He pulled a lock of my hair, “But any time you wanna do that thing with your finger,” He wiggled his index finger at me, “Or whatever, I’m cool with that.” We had recently begun to explore new territory between us and we were both enjoying it greatly.