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Since Benny told Beth that he would go play poker that night, she had been counting down seconds until the moment he closed the door behind him. All day she was fidgety, on edge, she wouldn’t stop shaking her leg whenever she was sitting down and she could only focus when she had a chess piece in her hand. Her mind was a little hazy, to the point where she was worried that Benny would notice something. Nothing seemed to indicate that he did or he hid it well.

When they wrapped up their last game of the day, she was happy. She tried to appear busy while he was getting ready with a magazine in her hands. He closed his bedroom door to get dressed and Beth went over her own plans for the evening in her head. The few minutes felt like hours, but the door finally opened and he came out. For the last time, just before leaving he stopped and checked his pockets if he had everything. Beth eyed him impatiently. She was beyond overjoyed seeing him open the door. She was ready to kick him out if he had stayed one second longer than necessary.

Beth was determined to enjoy herself properly. First, she walked to the deli down the street to get something good to eat. She didn’t want to feel hungry before, during, or after what she was about to do. And she knew Benny didn’t have much food in his apartment that night, she didn’t want to go to sleep hungry. Then, after she got back, she took a shower, not bothering with closing the curtain. Her eyes kept flicking to the bed that Benny left unmade and she couldn’t wait to get there . Eventually, she had to force herself to get out of the shower. No matter how nice the warm water was, she needed to take Benny’s future water bill into consideration. Fuck it, I’ll just offer to pay half of his next bill. So she stayed a little longer. She dried herself, put on some panties and a bra and nothing else. To get as deep into the mindset as possible, she sat in Benny’s chair, reading some of Benny’s interviews in magazines with Benny on the cover. She thought about borrowing something of his for the occasion, like a kimono or a sweater. No matter how tempting that idea was, she didn’t. She would end up taking it off anyway.

A few articles and interviews later, she turned off the lights. Thanks to the streetlights outside, she could still see well. She fluffed up one pillow and smoothened the bedsheets the best she could. Then she got the softest towel that Benny had and laid it on the bed where she planned on lying down - right in the middle. She closed the door, but not completely, she left it a little ajar. She made a last-minute decision to turn on the lamp. The warm light made the room feel cozier. Poker nights tended to be lengthy, which meant he wasn’t coming back anytime soon. All the better.

She let herself sink into the mattress and let her fingers wander to her sensitive areas. She took off her panties and tossed them somewhere. Soft sighs and quiet moans filled the room. One of her hands toyed with a nipple while the other played with her clit. It was good, great even, it worked. She closed her eyes. What I would do for another set of hands. 

The idea of doing this in Benny’s bed- No, the actual reality of what she was doing made Beth feel a mix of excitement and nervousness. Whenever she felt a bit more nervous than she would have liked, she would press against her clit harder or roll her nipple between her fingers.

She could hear her moans get louder. Her legs spread a little more as she pushed her hips forward, grinding against her hand, trying to increase the friction.

She thought about Benny. Since she arrived in New York, he had been a prominent image in her mind when she did this. The only difference was that she used to do it on a shitty air mattress. Then the speed chess night happened and she thought that they were finally getting somewhere. But then he started talking about chess and, well, that was a debacle. They hadn’t talked about it. The morning after was a bit awkward, but by lunch, they were back in their usual swing of things. It had been three days since then, Beth had made her peace with the fact that Benny Watts was an insufferable ass a long time ago. She just assumed he would know what to say . But the sex was amazing. Being in his room, in his bed, surrounded by his things and enveloped by his smell, she wanted him.

She tensed when the familiar knot in her stomach began to unravel. She adjusted her hand and her moans got louder and breathing more labored.

She thought she heard the doors close, but that was surely only the wind or neighbors. Benny wasn’t supposed to be back for a long time. She continued.

Then the door was opened wide. Beth froze.

Benny Watts froze too the moment he looked over in her direction.

She cursed herself for turning on the lamp, now he could see her. Blood rushed into her cheeks in the most unpleasant way. How the fuck does this even happen?

It was dead silent. Benny always had something snarky to say, but obviously, he was at a loss for words. Beth felt like she needed to say something quickly to salvage the situation.

She cleared her throat. All that moaning and my voice is hoarse. “What are you doing here?”

“Poker night ended early.” He let out in one breath. His voice sounded like he felt - perplexed and trying to process the situation. He turned his body to fully face her. That was not what Beth expected.

“I didn’t think you’d be back so early.”

“I figured.” He ran his eyes up and down her naked form splayed out on his bed. Beth noticed, he was not exactly capable of being subtle at that moment. He was dumbfounded, his brows were furrowed and his mouth slightly open. She thought he would try to apologize and get out of the room, but he didn’t move.

“Can I come in?” He asked as if he could hear her thoughts. Beth nodded and sat up awkwardly, adjusting her bra and pulling her knees up to wrap her arms around them and to hide… herself.

Only then it occurred to Benny what actually had just happened. He walked in on her masturbating, which is a very delicate and personal moment. He had not only interrupted her, he still was interrupting. She only stopped because of him and wasn’t continuing because he was still there.

“I’m sorry that I interrupted you. Can I do something to make up for my intrusion?” He spoke nonchalantly, but there was something in his voice that she wasn’t used to. There also wasn't anything sinister in the way he was talking.

“What do you have in mind?" She asked cautiously. She thought he meant something like leaving the room, or even better, leaving the apartment. Maybe giving her something to cover herself with. The next thing that came to mind was that he would be nicer to her for the remainder of her stay, maybe he would rush to buy her breakfast and flowers in the morning.

“I could eat you out.”

Beth let out a tiny gasp when he said the words. She would never have expected him to make such a scandalous offer. But then she let the idea run through her mind. She weighed the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that it was the best and most sensible option.

She let out a breathy “okay”. Benny didn’t seem too convinced, as her reply seemed unconfident. She noticed he didn’t move and added “Yeah, okay, let’s do that.”

Benny didn’t even realize how painstakingly he waited for an answer and how badly he wanted her to say yes. He unbuttoned his shirt, rolled up his sleeves, and climbed into bed, where Beth was lying on her back again.

“Nice of you to use a towel.” He said. Not to be an asshole, for once, but to lighten the mood a little. He could still feel the awkwardness hanging in the air.

He put his hands on her knees and slowly started parting her legs, looking out for any signs of discomfort. He didn’t find any. When he assumed it was safe, he lay down on his stomach, still careful about overstepping any permission that he wasn’t granted.

Lightly, with the tip of his tongue, he licked a stripe all the way up from her opening to her clit, watching as her body shook in the bliss.

“Tell me, Beth. Did you come on my bed?” He spread her open with his fingers and flicked his tongue over her clit a few times. He heard her mutter something inaudible but didn’t get an answer.

“Come on, answer me. Did you come?” Tentatively he pushed a finger inside her, to test the waters. She was wet. From her orgasm, he assumed.

“No.” She whispered.

Talk about a turn of events, he thought. “Why not?” He gently stroked her clit with one finger while his eyes were on her face, awaiting an answer.

“You got back before I could.” The way Benny was touching her was seemingly so effortless but effective, she had to stifle a moan.

“You plan all of this for when I’m gone and you don’t even finish on my bed? Have you done this before when I wasn’t here?” He moved his finger lower to play with her opening. At the same time, his tongue circled around her clit, avoiding it carefully. The teasing was enough to make Beth hazy.

Of course, I could’ve been doing this since I arrived here , she cursed at herself for not getting the idea sooner. “N-No.” She moaned the word and when his tongue made contact with her clit, her back arched involuntarily.

“Well, that’s a shame. We have to make up for it.” The words sent shivers down Beth’s spine. Can’t wait, she thought. 

Benny was aware of what she expected from him. Nothing less than a job well done. But that was not enough, not for him. Benny Watts was going to do a fucking amazing job eating out Beth Harmon.

He started with a kiss at the top of her folds, irritatingly close to her clit. Then he began moving clockwise. His hands wrapped around her thighs, caressing them and holding them in place at the same time. When his tongue reached her opening, Beth thought he might do something . He lapped up her wetness and continued upwards on the other side of her slit. He got back to the top and his tongue began flicking across her clit, slowly at first, starting to gain momentum.

Beth let out a series of soft moans, which were mostly quiet, but they did not go unnoticed by the erection growing in Benny’s jeans. He would have to take care of that later.

At the same time, one of her hands made her way into his hair, running her fingers through it and tugging on it. Her other hand grasped the bedsheets.

Beth’s hips began grinding against his mouth, he had to wrap one arm around her waist to hold her down.

Her mind was too lust-fogged to notice that his other arm let go of her thigh too. She only noticed when she felt him push a finger inside. He lifted his head to watch her reaction. What he did not expect was the lewd moan that escaped her lips. He wanted to hear more of them. Slowly he withdrew his finger and went in again, deeper this time. He lowered his head to continue his previous ministrations on her clit, swiping it left and right with his tongue.

She moaned his name and Benny added another finger. Her breathing got more erratic and her hips bucked wildly. She tried to say something a few times, but her moans took over every time. Benny knew what she would say anyway, she didn't need to tell him. In the corner of his vision, he saw that her bra was gone and she was playing with her nipples, but he couldn’t stop doing what he was doing.

He curled his fingers and that sent her over the edge. She let out a wanton moan, her lips in the O-shape that he loved to see so much, her head thrown back and muscles flexed.

He let go of her waist, licked his fingers clean, and spread her apart to lick up her juices. He made sure that no drop went to waste.

Beth propped herself on her elbows to get a better look at him. At the same, he looked up grinning like a devil. Her knees would have most likely given out, had she been standing. She lay back down and stared at the ceiling. Is this love? Or just the afterglow? Her thoughts dispersed when Benny began kissing his way up. Climbing up her body, leaving a trail from her navel, between her breasts all the way to her neck.

“Thank you.” She muttered, clearly still catching her breath.

Benny chuckled. “You’re welcome.” He placed a sweet kiss on her lips. Beth, upon tasting herself on his tongue, pulled him closer and deepened the kiss. Benny lost a little bit of balance and in that moment of weakness, his bulge brushed against her thigh. He groaned into the kiss and Beth broke the kiss and looked down.


“Yeah…” Benny cringed. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think…” Beth started.

“No, don’t worry about it. It’s fine, I’ll just…” He pointed to the door. “I’ll take care of it.”

Before Beth could say anything, he climbed off her and got out of bed.

“Wait,” Beth called after him.

He stopped and slowly turned around. “Yes?” They both knew what game they were playing here. It was up to Beth to decide if it would end or keep going.

“Come back.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. In a blink of an eye, he took his shirt off and left it lying on the floor. He climbed back into the bed and when the bed dipped under his weight, Beth felt goosebumps. He positioned himself the same way he was before, with his face hovering above hers, covering her with his body.

He leaned down. Beth thought he was going to kiss her, but then she felt his kisses on her neck. And lower.

He took her right nipple into his mouth and began playing with the other with his fingers. Beth yelped at the sudden unexpected contact and her head flew back. Once again, her fingers found their place in Benny’s hair and her other hand ran up and down his left arm.

“What do you want, Beth?” He looked into her eyes and let go of her nipple with a pop.


“Is this…” He took one of her hands and put it on his hard cock, which felt like it would explode any moment in his pants. “...what you want?” It didn’t help that she palmed him through the fabric.

“Yes.” Beth could feel herself getting wet at the effect she had on him.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to fuck me, Benny.”

He gulped. Then pulled away to unbuckle his jeans and within seconds, his clothes along with socks and shoes were carelessly tossed away and landed on the floor. Beth wanted to help. Sadly, before she could, it was done.  Then he reached out towards the bedside table to retrieve a condom. Beth didn’t waste her opportunity and when she could comfortably take his length into her hand and stroke it, she did.

Benny groaned. Cunning little vixen . Beth smiled triumphantly.

“Do you want to get on your hands and knees?” He asked while putting on the condom. Beth gave him an unsure look. He saw it and spoke up again when she wasn’t doing anything. “Well, I’ve noticed that this…” He pointed out their current position with his fingers. “ too boring for you,” he clarified.

She thought about it. Not boring, I just don't have the best relationship with this position. “I don’t mind staying like this.”

“Okay,” Benny said after a moment, slightly surprised, but he went with it.

He positioned himself at her entrance and looked at her. The expression on his face was so tender that Beth didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know if she was comfortable with that, but she didn’t hate it. Lucky for her, she didn’t have to think about it too long. Benny leaned down to kiss her and at the same time, she felt his cock rubbing up and down her slit.

He entered her on one steady thrust, her dripping wet pussy took him in easily. He grunted. Beth relished the sensation of being stretched beyond hers or Benny’s fingers.

“You good?” His voice was tight and breathy.

She nodded quickly a few times. “Keep going.”

He did as he was told. He pulled out and pushed in a few times. It seemed like he didn’t want to go too fast too soon.

“Go faster.” He straightened himself and pulled her body closer to his. She felt his hands grip her waist tightly. He went in and out at a steadily increasing pace. Slowly, Beth rocked her hips. A series of moans and other sounds escaped her lips, each one louder than the previous one.

One of Benny’s hands went to her clit and began rubbing with his fingers like his life depended on it. Beth was beginning to feel the familiar tightness in her abdomen.

“Benny…” She whimpered. He needed to stop for a second and breathe, or he would have come too soon. Fuck. She’s so hot and tight and wet.

“Please.” Her voice was needy like he’d never heard before. Something in him switched and twitched , he started thrusting again. He picked up the pace and in return, Beth’s moans got louder than they were before. The faster he moved and the more Beth moaned and squirmed under him, the closer he was to exploding.

Beth was walking the line, dangerously close to her own climax. The heat in her abdomen was almost unbearable and it felt like one small thing might set her off.

Benny’s hips didn’t miss one beat, ramming into her with all he had. His moans joined Beth’s, they were both panting and he was sure the smell of sex would linger in the room long after they fell asleep.

One of his hands went to circle and stroke her clit. “Come on my cock, Beth. Please, come with me inside you.”

The words sent Beth over the edge. She let out a high-pitched yelp and came undone. The knot in her lower abdomen snapped and wave after wave of pleasure ran through her body. Benny let out a snarl and pushed his cock into her as far as he could. Her walls clamping down on his cock, pulsing and holding onto him felt like heaven. He emptied himself into the condom and pulled himself out of Beth. Panting, he crashed next to her, having enough strength to hold himself so he wouldn’t crush her. They lay there, next to each other for a few moments. Benny looked over at Beth to see if she was alright. She was clearly basking in her afterglow, eyes closed, a thin layer of sweat glistening in the dim light, red flush on her face. He dropped a light kiss on her cheek to get her attention.

“We should probably wash up.” He hated to interrupt her, he really did.

“Yeah, you’re right,” she had to admit. Reluctantly, they both got out of bed. Beth felt a tiny bit too exposed Standing in the middle of Benny’s room naked, Beth felt a tiny bit too exposed. And cold. She felt something soft touch her forearm. She turned her head in that direction and found Benny offering her one of his robes to cover up with. She mumbled a quiet “thanks” and put it on.

They both refreshed in the bathroom, Benny got rid of the condom and Beth got them two glasses of water. Benny then grabbed a box of cookies from some stash and offered them to her. She didn’t want any, but it reminded them to brush their teeth before going to sleep. Lastly, they picked up the clothes from the floor. None of them wanted to risk tripping over anything in the morning. Beth went back and Benny followed, after he turned off the lamp.

It wasn’t the biggest. While it was okay for him, it could be a little tight for two people. They had to move around a little bit to ensure that they were both comfortable under the covers. It ended with Benny lying on his back and Beth curled up against him with her head on his chest and leg thrown over Benny’s. For him, it was a perfect position. He wrapped one arm around her back and with the other, he moved a few hair strands out of her face.

“Jus-” Benny started to say. Beth’s eyes opened in horror.

“Don’t.” Her voice was sharp, but it sounded sleepy too. “Don’t say anything stupid.”

Benny chuckled and his chest shook under Beth. “I was going to say that I am sorry about interrupting you. In case you thought I was being insincere before.”

Beth allowed herself to calm down. “I’m not sorry about it.” She said with a shrug. She pulled herself to lie higher in one motion, and her head moved from Benny’s chest to his shoulder. She couldn’t stop her breathing from slowing down and before she knew it, she dozed off. Having one of Benny’s arms around her and the other softly combing through her hair was strangely soothing.

“Of course you’re not,” Benny muttered to himself after a moment but didn’t get a reaction. He looked down at Beth. Her body rose and fell evenly with each inhale and exhale, he figured she was already asleep. It was about time he went to sleep. The last time he checked, it was after midnight and they still had some work to do before she left for... Paris.

“Good night.” He whispered to himself and Beth even though she wouldn’t hear it. He said it to send any unwanted late-night thoughts away. Effectively, it seemed, as soon he fell asleep too.