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The assassin and the cat

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The day was dark, rain clouds had covered the sky until the eye could reach, the winds were starting to rise and make it difficult for those walking in the streets. It was going to start raining in no time, and because of that one could see people running in the streets trying to get to their destinations before that.

A man was looking at them while starting to cover the windows of his coffee shop so they wouldn't break. He found those people stupid, there had been several reports of the upcoming thunderstorm that would hit the city in the next hours and would stay for almost a week. He had bought everything to survive inside the house for at least two weeks, just so he wouldn't have to go out and risk to get his clothes wet or dirty. Now he only needed to close the shop and secure everything before going to the back part of the store.

He lived with his father, yet he was busy doing a private work with their people on the capital, so he would spent the next month alone while they did their investigations, unless of course his father required his help. He wouldn't be surprised if something like that were to happen, lately things had start to get out of control not only at the capital but around the country, the clans had started to fight each other out of nowhere, making trouble on the underworld and even for the innocent people that had nothing to do with it. 

When he finished cleaning the store he went to his house on the back and went out to the garden, he had to check the vegetables on the greenhouse, yet at that moment the until now quiet clouds let out the first thunder. As he was watering the vegetables the rain started, so as quickly as he could he finished there and went inside the house again, not without securing the doors. 

It was a calm night if you ignored the strong winds shaking the windows and the rumble of the thunders outside. Beacrox had just  finished cooking his dinner, he set the table and sit down starting to eat. He wouldn't have to open the coffe shop for the next days, since people would barely go out, so his free time would be used on developing some new recipes or looking for a way of improving the ones he already had.

The storm outside was growing stronger, moving everything, and yet, there was a sound that didn't belong to those the storm made. Beacrox grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started to look outside through the window, the trashcan had fallen, and he could hear something moving behind the other two, but since it was too dark he couldn't tell what it was. 

"I swear to god if it's another raccoon I'm going to make a complain to the neighbor since he damaged my fence" he opened the door. 

The garden was divided between the open part, and the half with a roof and the greenhouse, so he just turned on the light and walked to the trashcans without getting wet at all.


He then saw it, the dark red drops in the ground. He frowned and got closer, what was there was surely not a raccoon. Two little kittens hissed at him from behind the fallen trashcan, both with golden eyes, yet one was a fiery red and the other what was supposed to be a beautiful silver, yet both were dirty, wet and skinny as if they hadn't eat in days. Behind them there was another cat, a grown one, with red like blood fur that was wet because of the rain and the wounds in his torso. It would clearly die if he wasn't treated, it was like it had been in a fight with other cats, probably protecting his cubs.

"What shall I do now?" The kittens were fiercely guarding him like their lifes depended of that, he could just left them there, but that would mean he would have to not only clean the blood, but also the corpse of the cat, he really didn't want that. 

—Move, I'm not going to harm you nor him— he said as he pushed the kittens aside and picked the severely injured cat.

As he was going inside he noticed the too kittens following him in panic, he paid no attention to them as he went to his bathroom and put some old towels in the floor and the cat over them. He was no expert, but as his side job required, he had a little knowledge in wounds, so he first cleaned the area and stared at the deep cuts, there really was no use on trying, it would soon die, but...



The too kittens were crying at his side, almost imploring him to do something. It wasn't supposed to be used in this way, but he couldn't help it, he went and brought one of the the few healing potions his father had left behind for him in case of emergency, it was a really expensive product on the black market, even if what he was using now was one of the low grade ones. He poured half of it in a bucket with water, and the used the mix to clean the wounds again as well as the rest of the fur. When he finished, he dried the cat fur the better he could and  then began to bandage the wounded areas. 

After he was finished, the two kittens curled up next to big cat, but soon enough Beacrox picked them up and brought them to the shower, when, even though they fight with all they had, they still ended up being bathed and dried after it, the man wouldn't accept having two balls of dirt going around his bathroom, he also cleaned the floor and went outside to put the trashcan in place and clean the blood before it dried and was even more difficult to take out. 

After all was done, he cooked some chicken, without any salt or spices and shredded it, then he gave it to the kittens while he careful fed the cat a couple of spoons of what was left of the potion, he was planning on give it a little bit everyday until the storm ended, then he could take them to a shelter or something.  

He closed the bathroom door and then went to sleep, hoping those cats wouldn't make a mess out of his bathroom. Yet, the next morning when he went to see them, the kittens were quiet and still curled up next to the big cat. When he entered they looked at him with attention, yet they didn't dare make a sound, when usually a normal cat would be meowing or hissing at him. 

"Guess I put myself in good trouble, I don't think I can put them in a shelter" 

After a long heavy sight, he checked in the condition of the cat, who seemed to be breathing better than before.

—You two— he said to the kittens —Come with me.

He picked the cat and brought him to the couch, where he covered it with a blanket, after that he looked at the kittens.

—Your names.

The two flinched at his words and exchanged a gaze. 

—Don't make that face, I know you can talk, aren't you from the cat clan? 

They lowered their heads, then the voice of a girl was heard, but it wasn't an answer to his question. 

—Please, save him. 

—I'll do it since I already brought him inside, but you have to tell me what happened.  

—I...we...we escaped from the clan, they were going to get rid of us, but...but he saved us. 

—They were going to get rid of you? 


As she didn't answer, he understood that it wasn't something she could tell, so he did not insist. Without saying much he left them there and went to make breakfast at the kitchen, his rations for two weeks wouldn't even do for one now. Three omelets with bacon were ready after fifteen minutes, as well as cup of coffee and two glasses of milk, he put everything on the table and went to the livingroom.

—You two. 

The kittens looked at him.

—Come eat. 

"Eat?" That took them by surprise. They jumped down the couch and started to walk towards the kitchen, but the scary face of the man stopped them. 

—If you don't transform to your human form and wash your hands both will be eating outside.  

They nodded and proceeded to do as they were told. On and Hong sat on the table, and they felt as there eyes started to fill with tears, it was a warm and delicious food, not the usual hard bread and watered food they had to eat when they were in the clan.

Beacrox watched the children, as they put the first bit of food in their mouths silent tears started to escape their eyes and run down their cheeks, it was obvious they had been greatly neglected, they were skinny and one could see the bruises in their arms, as they were wearing light and old clothes. 

"How did they even lived like in that place?" Yet that wasn't something he should be interested in. If there was someone he should interrogate was the adult that was now unconscious. He didn't say a word and let the children eat and cry how much they wanted, when they all were done, he stood up and started cleaning everything.

The kids went back to the livingroom. "I think we still have my old clothes in the attic" the man thought as he finished cleaning.

As his house was behind the shop, the bedrooms were on the second floor, and at the end of the hallway there, were the stairs to the attic, since he was organized, the boxes there were all classified by it's contents, so he soon found what he was looking for. The two boxes were brought back, and he took two pair of outfits from them and tossed them into the washing machine.



After hearing the kids he almost ran to the livingroom, when he got there, he could see that the now kittens were impatient walking around the big cat, that was looking around with lifeless eyes. He took the rest of the potion he had been bringing with him the whole time and walked to them.

He carefully made the cat drink it, and just seconds after that it fell asleep again. This time not with an irregular breathing, but a calm one.

—He looks better nya!— the little one looked happy.

—He has to get better— the older one had a painful expression as she laid down with the older cat to give him warmth. 

Beacrox observed them for a while, they really cared for the older cat, and the girl seemed to feel responsible for his condition too, probably because he had ended up like that while helping them.

—You two— the kids looked at him —Your names, you didn't tell me before. 

—I'm On— the silver kitten answered —And this is my little brother-

—I'm Hong!

He nodded. —Come help. 

The kittens were confused at first, but then they realized that they were staying in someone's house, eating his food, and having their savior be treated there, so they just changed into their human form and followed the man, who gave a broom to the older one and a piece of cloth to the younger. 

—Clean the hallway. 


The house went silent, only the sound of the rain could be heard from outside as well as the thunders. The kids were fast and careful while cleaning, probably trying to do their best to repay the generosity of the man. They cleaned the livingroom and the bathroom while the man was busy with the second floor. 

Every once in a while they would take a look at the patient just incase it would wake up. Unfortunately that didn't happen, and the rest of the day as Beacrox was busy in the kitchen the kids just stayed with him in silence. It felt weird for them to eat three meals that day, something they hadn't have in a long time, not to mention it was good, nutritious and delicious food. 

After dinner the kids ended up sleeping in the couch, since they didn't want to be apart from the older cat, and Beacrox just let them be. He didn't know what to do though, he was hoping for the other cat to wake up and that he would tell him they had a place to go, cause how on earth would he explain to his father that he ended with three members of the cat clan on his house while he was away. 

The next morning Beacrox woke up and started to get ready for a new day. The rain was still falling without any sign of stopping, so he took his time getting dressed before heading to the kitchen to make breakfast. But as he was walking to check on the children he heard a soft thud. He hurried over and then he lost his ability to breath. 

In the floor was a young man, with white skin that contrasted greatly with his blood red hair that fell gracefully to his shoulders, his clothes were torn apart in the areas were he was wounded, and of course there were stained with blood. He had the same lost and lifeless gaze as the last time he had woke up, yet this time it started to recover it's light as he looked around, his eyes stopped on the man. 

—You are awake!— Hong, that had woken up due to the noise, exclaimed. 

Then the young man quickly turned his head in the kids direction, a soft and tender smile appeared in his face. Soon enough On also opened her eyes and showed her happiness along with her brother while they purred and rubbed their head against his hands. 

—We were scared, we thought you wouldn't woke up....— the girl said while almost crying. 

—When you fell unconscious we didn't know what to do!— unlike her, his brother was crying inconsolably. 

—I'm...sorry....— he was still weak, Beacrox was sure of it as he heard to that tired voice. 

Beacrox just walked into the room, and soon enough the young man looked at him with deadly eyes as he put himself in front of the children to protect them. The man raised an eyebrow. 

—Who...are you, and were are we? 

—I'm Beacrox, you are at my house. 


—Im sorry!— On came to him with her head down —After you passed out we didn't know what to do...and since this looked like a nice neighborhood we came here hoping they wouldn't follow us, and ended on this sir's garden.

—He took us in and treated you.

—You were bleeding too much so...

As he saw the kittens start to cry, the young man just sighed and petted their heads. 

—Don't cry, it was my fault for not being  careful enough, I scared you two.

—No!..I know it was because they were trying to get to me!!— the silver kitten jumped from the couch and turned into a human to hug and cry on the young man chest.

—I went to save you two even though I knew the possible consequences, so you don't have to blame you, it was all my fault.

It would be a lie to say that Beacrox only wanted to start with his interrogation to get this street cats out of his house, but he instead let them continue until the kids had calm down, in the meantime he prepared sandwiches for breakfast and something easy to eat for the injured one.

—You two, go eat— he said to the kids, that nodded and went straight to the bathroom to wash their hands.

Last night he had gave them the clothes he had washed and dried, so now both of them were using clothes a little too big and long for them, but at least they were clean. When they were finally gone, the two man exchanged gazes. 

—Who are you? You reek of blood, but not because you have been in a fight lately, but for the people you have killed.

Beacrox was slightly surprised, this man in front of him had a keen sense of smell, he hadn't done a job in a lot of time, yet he still could tell. And even though he was still injured he was also ready to attack if necessary. 

—You don't have to worry about that, I'm not working and don't plan on doing anything to the three of you, I just took you in for the kids.

The man seemed to relax a little, then Beacrox put the simple porridge he had make in the coffe table.

—Eat, I don't want you to die of hunger after I worked so hard to save you, my name is Beacrox by the way.

He then tried to leave, but he was stopped by his voice. 

—My name is Cale, and...thank you.

The man nodded and returned to the kitchen to eat his breakfast. The kids were looking at him.


—What do we need to clean today? 

—We will help! 

—Just eat for now. 

Cale ate the porridge slowly, it was one of the tastiest things he had eaten for the last month, not to mention the last week when he didn't get the chance to eat more that hard bread and disgusting water. His stomach, even though it was recieving food, was still making noises of hunger and he could feel the pain from it, he could eat a whole pot of this even at the risk of throwing up. How had he even end up like that? 

"It was my decision, so no back downs now, not to mention those kids could have died if it weren't for that" he just had to eat, recover, wait for the storm to pass and he would leave this place and go...go were? That bastard had betrayed him, if it weren't for him he would have never been found out and ended like this. "I'm going to fucking chop that bastard's head off when I find him, that dares to not only betray me but steal my things" 

So much money lost because of that son of a bitch, and the potions he had there, so many precious items in the hands of a bastard. "Youst wait you son of a bitch, you probably think I'm dead and won't move from that little hidden home of yours, let's see if you can keep with that after I'm recovered" 

He finished his food and returned to his cat form to lay down on the carpet and wait for the man to come back. Yet when he did, he brought with him some clothes and stared at him in silence after seeing he was a cat again. 

—I brought you clothes so you can take a shower. 

—Am I that dirty that you want me to clean myself that bad? 

—I don't like my house getting dirty, and since your wounds are at least closed, you could take a shower. 

—Alright— he turned back into a human and started to get up, only to almost fall again to the floor, the man quickly help him to stand —Fuck it hurts...

It was normal that it hurt, he had also been injured in his legs, but even so, he just used Beacrox to stand up right and then, as if there were no pain at all, he put a stoic expression in his face, picked the clothes and walked to the door. 

—Where is the bathroom? 

—Let me show you.

He was guided to the bathroom and left there with also a pair of towels, he quickly undressed and went to the shower.

—Where is he?— On asked as Beacrox returned to the kitchen with the plate he had served the porridge in. 

—In the shower.

—I see...did he eat?

—Yes— he showed the empty plate. 

—I'm glad. 

—He should eat more, much more. 

—I think you two should eat more than him.

—But...even though he was also trapped there with us...he gave us half of his food, half a bread a day is not good at all. 

"Half a bread?" He frowned —How much time were you there? 

—We had been separated from the others for a long time, we lived in an old house were they abandoned us, yet about two weeks ago they suddenly went and dragged us to an underground prison and put us on a cell. 

—Cale got there a week before, he was really rude, but he gave us part of his food. 

—Then we heard they were planning on getting rid of us, but before they could, Cale escaped and brought us with him, then we ended in your garden. 

—Wait, then he is not from your clan?

—No sir, he's not from our branch, he mentioned not being from here.

That was unexpected, every clan had different branches, yet they usually cooperate between them to get back on the others, why would he try something against other branch of his clan to get himself imprisoned and then hunted down? Well, there always were some exceptions weren't they? Just like with humans, they could stab each other on the back at any moment for money or power, and beast people weren't that different.  

"Maybe I ended with a lunatic on my house" it was too late to return them to behind the trashcan anyways. 

Should he report this to his father? No, it was better to wait for the red head to get out of the bathroom and interrogate him and see if he's a dangerous person ot not.

—Hey Beacrox. 

He turned around to face the owner of the voice, but his eyes went wide as the guy was only wearing the tshirt he had gave him, that was also covering just to his tights. 

—Your clothes are a little big for me, the pants were too big and I don't think I can keep them up even with a belt, do you have another pair? 

Cale was just casually drying his hair that, thankfully wasn't dropping water or Beacrox would had been real mad as he had just cleaned the hallway.

—Cale, do you want me to help with your hair?— offered On. 

—Oh really? Okay— he wasn't used to take care of himself after all.

Beacrox just got himself together before coughing and walking to him. 

—I'll go see if I have, if not, just turn yourself into a cat and stay like that.

Cale clicked his tongue. —I'm more used to my human form though.

—You won't be walking around like that on my house. 


The man was scaring, too much for Cale, so he just nodded and went to sit on the couch while the girl dried his hair and Hong, who recieved a hair brush from Beacrox was waiting to brush his hair. 

"More than a criminal or a lunatic, he looks like a spoiled brat" was what Beacrox thought seeing him letting the children do the job for him, and even though he wasn't on his berserk transformation, he could swear he could see his ears and tail moving while enjoying the treatment. 

—I have a hair dryer...

—It's it's alright, it's going to dry eventually anyways 

He tossed a new pair of pants to the man, who cath them instead of letting them hit his face sadly. The red haired look at it and nodded. 

—I think this ones will fit, still a little too big, but works, I'm going to need a belt though. 

—Just put those while I go for it.

—Okay— he proceeded to do as ordered and then took a look of himself in the mirror there, he looked like a homeless person.

—Cale, does it still hurt? 

—Does it?

He looked at the children and petted their heads. 

—Just stop worrying about me and worry only about yourself, I'm all right now so don't make those faces.

They nodded, but On still asked. —Why did you do it? 


—You could had run away by yourself and no one would have noticed, they only did because you take us with you...

—Oh well, I hate people that treats kids like that.

Beacrox stopped when he was about to go in, it was bad to spy on a conversation, but whatever it was his goddamn house. 

—Those that insult children and beat them are worse than trash, I'm a bad person but not even I wouldn't do that, those people were fucking bastards.

"He's..." On looked at her brother.

"A bad person?" and he did the same. 

What a lie, what kind of bad person would go saving children and almost losing their life because of it? Beacrox finally went in. 

—I need to talk with you— he gave a glance to the kids, that just nodded and went outside to probably just sit on the kitchen.  

Cale took the belt and put it on, then he sat down like he was in his own house and signaled the man to start talking. Beacrox obviously got mad because of that, but still sat down in front of him. 

—Can I hear your situation? I want to know if you have where to go now, I might be helping you now but I won't do it forever. 

—That's a good question, you see, for various reasons I went to the small city of the cat clan here to steal, no, retrieve something, but my partner stabbed me in the back, steal everything I had with me and abandoned me there, so the answer to your question, it's no, I'm literally homeless right now, that bitch even stole my wallet, I have no identification nor can I go retrieved money. 

The man let out a long sigh, just what did he got himself into? So this stupid bastard in front of him tried to steal something but was betrayed while doing so, wich lead to this whole situation. 

—And what are you going to do then? You can't stay here forever. 

—That son of a bitch must think I'm dead, so he should be in his house enjoying my money and all the artifacts I had on me and that he stole, I just have to go there and kill him so I can get everything back. 

Beacrox just checked his appearance with doubt, someone like that could actually kill?  Cale seemed to be extremely weak, as if he barely could even lift one of the children.

—Anyways, once I get my things back, I'll have money to go away and pay you for your help, I'm not someone that likes owing to people. 

—Then were is the bastard that betrayed you? 

—He's living on the north of the city, in a residential area kn the outskirtsofthe city, he rents a house there— he closed his eyes —A one floor house, color red, without parking space and with a small garden covered in dried plants, number 455, the exterior lights doesn't work— he opened them again —There are a few similar houses yet that's the exact description.  

"What kind of memory does he have?" 

—If you are asking, are you going to help me? It would be good for you cause that would mean we will go away.

—How are you even going to get there? 

—I'll just go as a cat and go in from the hole on the side of the house or the bathroom window he always keeps open cause it's stuck.

—He's going to kill you when he sees you. 

—Not really? He doesn't know I can turn into a cat, and in my human form fight back is easy.


—You and the kids, are the only ones that know that I'm not human.

Now that he thought about it, beast people had a singular aura and aroma, he didn't felt it at the start because of the smell of blood and wet fur, but he noticed the next morning after taking them in, but the man in front of him...he didn't had those characteristics, the only ones with them were the kids.  

—I'm a special case, so no one can really tell I am part of the cat clan, or well, that I share blood with them, so as a cat, I'm only that, no one would suspect me at all. 

—But that doesn't mean you can't get hurt again, aren't you extremely weak? 

—Well, yeah, I'm weak, but I'm also very good in stealth, I had to learn to get away with all the things I did growing up.

Somehow he didn't want to hear what those things were. —Then you can wait until the storm ends in two or three days to go there.

—Can't do. 


—I know that bastard, when the weather it's good again he will take the first fly out of the city or even the country, after all that motherfucker has my credit cards.

—So you are thinking on going like that? 

—I can deal with a little pain from the wounds, even if I hate pain, I can do anything for my money.

—I guess I can help you. 

—Nice, I mean, you are strong, are you perhaps an assassin? You look like one.

"And as scary as one"

—Something like that, but-

—Yes, I know, I won't intrude in your life nor anything, I just want to know who I'm working with.

—Aren't you afraid that I will betray you too?

—How shall I say it?, you are too good to do something like that. 


—You took us in, gave us food, treated me, let us stay, take a shower and even lend us some clothes, you wouldn't betray someone that you have helped, I just, feel like you are that tipe of person. 

—You feel? 

—I'm good reading people— seeing the face of the man he continued before he could say something —And before you try saying something, I knew that guy wasn't really the best option, but it was the only one I had, and I honestly offered him a really good deal yet he still betrayed me. 

—Okay...then rest, you are still not well, I have to do some things in the kitchen.  

—Oh, do you have books? That guy also took my phone so I can't read my web novels, I'll get bored. 

After a long sigh the man went out and then returned a few minutes later with three books for him to read. The kids, as he had thought, were just sitting there in the kitchen. Well, at least he had people to try the new combinations of sandwiches and pastries he will be making the next days.

—Sir, can we help with anything?

—Yes, we already cleaned, but is there anything else to do? 

He thought about it for a moment. —You can help cleaning the shop then. 

—The shop?

—Yes, the front of the house it's a coffee shop. 

—So your'e a chef sir? That explains why your food it's so delicious!— Hong said happily. 

—It must be the most delicious food in the world, it was just amazing— On nodded in agreement. 

A little painful feeling stuck in his chest, as he watched the kids, and how skinny they were, they barely had food to eat before, and it surely wasn't the best as he saw how they reacted to the omelets the day before. 

—If you work well I'll give you some sweets. 


—Yes, now follow me, I'll show you the shop.

The livingroom room was connected to a small entrance to the shop. The place wasn't really big, just a couple of tables for people to eat, but since they were in an area near some companies, a lot of clients just asked for take out. Usually Ron, Beacrox's father, would be selling in the front while he would be at the kitchen preparing more food, or if wasn't necessary he would just help serving.  

—Just sweep the floor and clean the tables and the counter, only that, then go back in.

—Yes sir!!

As he went back in, he saw Cale just reading there as he laid down on the couch. "Wait, is he even reading?" The guy was just turning page after page like he wasn't even reading at all. "Just a lunatic after all" it was best to help him quickly so he can be alone and in peace again. 

Back in the kitchen, Beacrox checked his phone to see if his father had sent a message or anyone, yet there was nothing, he just continued with his day. 


—Is it there?— he looked at the tall building on the other block. 

—Yes, we can't go in though, we tried several times but they discovered us, I think some of them are in the possession of ancient powers.

—Fufu, well, we humans have lasted all this time fighting against beast people, monsters and all kind of dangers, what are some ancient powers against our wish to fight them? 

—It will be difficult to get information though. 

—But bot impossible, what have you gathered until now? 

They closed the curtains. The hotel room they were right now was spacious and plain. Around ten men where there waiting patiently, while the two that were talking sit down. The old man was showing a benign smile while waiting for the other to give the information. The other man just put the documents on the coffe table. 

—It's quite thick even though you said it was difficult to get something from them, Hans. 

—Well, as you said Ron-nim, it is difficult but not impossible, we might not know what do they do in that building, but we can gather information from their activities outside. 


—The majority of the participants of this new group are members of the different clans, yet the ones in lower positions are human, although I would call those disposable pawns instead of members. 

—So they have hierarchies?

—Apparently they use noble titles to define their positions, the one on the head it's obviously the king. 

—What information do you have about him?

—He had been seen just twice, but he wears a hood and a mask all the time so is difficult to know how it is, but...


—One of our men saw him from a close distance and survived by feigning being dead, he said his hair is red like blood and falls to his shoulders, and also, he got to see his eyes behind the mask, he has redish brown eyes, yet that's all the information.  

—Red hair and redish brown hair..wait, isn't that? 

—Yes, I also thought of that, he matches the description of the son of the Henituse family that dissapeared a year ago. 

—It can't be possible they are the same person, Cale Henituse had quite the reputation here in the capital, he acted like trash and was a drunkard, he was also known as being extremely weak. 

—That why we only took it as a possibility, especially because he went missing after the terrorist attack and is probably dead, there was no body, but there was someone that saw him walking near one of the bombs seconds before it exploded.

—The family is still looking for him, but there hasn't been any reports of him being seen if I'm not wrong? I left that work behind after finding the few traces of him being there.

—Yes, a rare hair color like that would have been immediately recognized, but still, his death or disappearance was almos overlooked thanks to his trash nickname and the fact that the minister and other government officials were seriously injured as well as some of them dying. 

That was an unfortunate event, Ron remembered well, cause the head of the Henituse family was an old acquaintance of his, someone that gave him his support when he had just got to this country, he had saved him from an attack just to get money from him to feed his son, yet he gained much more, and also got the opportunity to start his own power on the underworld. It was a relationship not even his son knew about, that's why he got to see the devastation on Deruth's face when asking him to look for his son as he was sure he wasn't dead, but there was nothing to do, they didn't find more than a shoe and and part of the backpack the young man had that day. 

It was impossible to think that the new lider of this growing force on the underworld was the trash that dropped his studies, didn't have a single talent and liked to spent all his time in bars. 

—Letting the lider aside, you know wich clans are cooperating with him? 

—We know of the Bear, Lion, flame dwarf, cat, dark elf, vampires and siren clan, the rest are humans, mostly alchemists and also mages, the rest normal ones as said are just disposable for them. 

—Those are too many...

—Apparently they want to take over the underworld, but that will surely escalate to something worst. 

—There's no option but to take them down by one, I would said the first target should be the cat or the flame dwarf clans, they're the weakest, but one provides information and a good defense against us, and the other technology. 

—Oh, they're also looking for someone.

—Who and why. 

—It's called Midenas, apparently he stole something from them a couple of months ago and it's on the run, he rather fled the country already or is preparing to do so cause if not he's a dead man.

—Do you have anything about him?

—No, he's really good at escaping and hiding, we think he uses artifacts to hide himself or change his appearance. 

—That's a problem, he could have valuable information.

—That's the information we have right now, the rest of the details are in the document.

—I see, for now let's try with the plan I said, first we have to find the branches of the clans that are working with it, although it probably only gets to the capital, but we have to be sure.

—Yes sir, we will start the investigation, but...


—Are you not going to call for your son? 

—Not for now, let's just keep the investigation, if we have to go to a big battle then I'll call him over. 

—I understand, we will be going then sir. 

Hans bowed, as well as the rest of the men, and went out. The old man was left alone in the room, he leaned in the sofa reading the documents. He passed by the information regarding the enemies leader appearance and frowned. No, it was impossible, Cale Henituse should be dead, cause if he wasn't then for what reason hasn't he go back home? 

Not did they only had their problems with the usual powers in the underworld, but now they had this new one that had been growing nonstop since two years ago. Things were getting out of control, and he didn't want to put his son in the middle, but this might also escalate and become something bigger that a simple crashing of powers.

—If we could only find someone with the information we need and ways to take them down, it would be a gift from the heavens. 

Miles and miles away, lying down on a couch, a red haired man sneezed out of nowhere, he frowned while looking at the ceiling.

—Is someone talking shit about me again?




Chapter Text


—You are really comfortable aren't you? 

Cale slightly opened his eyes to look at the man and then closed them again, he hadn't been able to sleep like this in a while so he was enjoying it, he was scared of Beacrox though, so whenever he step into the livingroom that he had practically made his home, he would froze and hope for him to go away. Yet he had to admit he was really comfortable.

—I am— he responded. 

—Why are you even like that? 

"Like what?" 

Beacrox looked at the cat over his couch, fluffy red fur, with his stomach showing and in a weird seemingly uncomfortable position with his body twisted, yet he was happily sleeping in that same position a minute ago. He watched how his tale went up and down.

—I'm in the middle of my understanding on why the kids like to be in their cat form and at what I have been missing my whole life.

Certainly, if he weren't that cute Beacrox would have grabbed him and throw him outside because of his annoyance. But the cat was also injured, so he didn't dare be brusque with him, he really was weak to children and small creatures. 

—Why didn't you transform before? 

—Wasn't in a position to do so. 

—Isn't your family...?

—That's something I won't be answering.  

—Then get out of there and help cleaning.

—I don't understand why you have to clean every single day, you won't die by resting one day, why don't you take a nap?, we will be busy tonight after all. 

—You truly are-!

—Don't get mad, I'll let you touch my paws.

As he said that, he opened and closed his paws letting the man see the soft pink toe beans, truly a big temptation, yet the man just frowned.

—Just stay there, but you will clean all the fur from my couch later.

The cat clicked his tongue as he started to lazily move to find another position. Honestly, Beacrox was terrifying, not only because of the strong smell of blood that apparently only him could detect, but his face too, he didn't speak much, but after two days with Cale at home he had started to say his complaints outloud, the kids were by know the ones in charge of cleaning the shop since it takes more time, and as the man did the rest of the house he had to live with Cale just being there like a leech. 

Since he wasn't going to share his or his father's bed to a stranger, the three 'guests' have been slipping in the couch in their cat form, and today for some reason the red haired had spent the whole day like that. But who could blame Cale? He spent to much time hiding it, that now that he was experiencing it, he was impressed by how comfortable a cat could sleep in anywhere, truly the best dream of someone that just wanted to be slacking all day.

—You could at least try to help— the man growled in frustration.  

—I can make you food, would you like that? 

—You don't even know how to dry and brush your hair well but you want to cook? In MY kitchen?

—I'll take that as a no— he yawned —That's the only way I can think about helping you, I'm not good at cleaning.  

"You are only good at sleeping" 

The storm was partially calm that day, but apparently it would only last till around four pm, reason why they would go that night to kill the bastard that had robbed Cale, then two days after when the storm was gone as the weather report had said, he would be free of the three children. Cause yes, the red haired man was acting like one, a very lazy one.

—But I do know how to cook, just saying, I like to eat as much as I like to be lazy and spend money, so even if it requires for me to move around I'm willing to do it. 

Beacrox thought about it for a minute, it was almost time to make lunch, this parasite that took over his livingroom should at least help cutting the vegetables or stand there stirring the soup.

—You make a mess of my kitchen and I will let you stay the rest of the day in the garden.

—Don't worry, I have never set fire to anything, except for one time, but that wasn't a thing— he turned human and stretched.

The man ignored the las part of what he had said, even if it indicated that he might not be as harmless as he seems. What Beacrox hated more from this young man, was that being in his cat form made him look extremely cute and he couldn't do anything to him, and when he turned human he was blindly handsome even when those messy clothes weren't his size. But he had noticed that everytime as he was human and looked himself in the mirror, he would make a slightly annoyed face as he saw his hair. He didn't ask though, as it wasn't his place to ask about personal things about that stranger. 

They went to the kitchen, and the man, very reluctantly put the vegetables on the table and handed the red haired a knife. 

—Relax, I might not know how to take care of myself, but one needs to eat to live, so I do know how to cook. 

—Knowing how to cook and making delicious food are two different things. 

—Yeah you are right, but I'm not someone that gets content with things that don't taste good— said as he tied his hair with the hair tie the chef had gave him a while ago.

He picked the knife and started to skillfully peel the vegetables.

—I must cut them into slices, strips or what?



It was silence, only the two of them working diligently, wich surprised Beacrox, the cat was actually good at it, as if he was someone that had been cooking for a long time, but he did look like a spoiled brat, wich made this more confusing.

"It's not something you should worry about.." yet, before he could noticed more food was on the table as Cale started to prepare another dish. 

—What are you doing? 

—You are making soup, I'm making Haemul Pajeon. 


—Because I want to? The kids need a lot of food, proteins and vegetables, so I'm making this, do you have seafood?— without even thinking twice he went to the freezer and started to search. 

In fact, he was using all his mental power to not look at the owner of the house cause even if he didn't look like it, he was terrified. But he really wanted to make some more food for the kids, he couldn't help it, kids needed to eat well, and the two that he saved were too skinny and little to look the age they were. 

—Relax, I'll pay you for the food, the clothes, for letting us stay, for treating me and everything else.

Well, Beacrox could ignore it for now. Just two to three days more and the leech would go away. He would miss the kids, but there was no way he would  miss the man wasting time sleeping all day in his couch without doing a thing.

To his surprise, when they were finished cooking and sit at the table, Cale handed him a plate with one of the Pajeon in silence and proceed to do the same with the kids. His food was actually pretty good. 

—Thiff taftes great!!— said Hong with still some food on his mouth.  

Cale didn't even change his expression as he took a napkin and cleaned the boy's mouth. 

—Don't talk with your mouth full.


—Now eat more.

The kid smiled and continued to eat. The meal was somewhat nice, as Cale stopped with his sarcastic comments or just trying to get on Beacrox nerves when the kids were present. Then during the afternoon, they started to plan what they were supposed to do during the night. 

—Then I just have to help you get in the house and you will take care of it?

—Yes, I will talk with the rat, kill him, take my things and everything will be done.

—You make it sound easy. 

—It is easy, that residential area only has four security guards that go around, wich I doubt they will be doing that during the storm, and the other one is in the entrance, we will jump over one of the walls and just stealthily go to the rat's house, since he thinks he's safe there he won't be on much guard.

—What if he is? 

—Well I have my ways. 

With that relaxed attitude anyone would might believe him, but Beacrox felt that he was just spitting bullshit  righ now. Someone as weak as him couldn't possibly do a thing if someone tried to kill him. He couldn't trust him at all.

—Right, it sounds too easy considering we are going to kill the person that betrayed you. 

—That was only because he slightly poisoned me and that gave him time to robe me and ran away while the members of the cat clan discovered me. 

—He...slightly poisoned you? 

—Yes, it hurted like hell, I hate the kind of poisons that cause pain when entering the bloodstream, specially when they are used on me. 

"This just confirms he's crazy, he clearly has no training in poisons, not when he has such a weak constitution" he didn't even want to think how many times this man had been poisoned and in what situations.  

—Anyways, from what you tell me, from here to the rat's house should be around an hour in car, we should go around ten to eleven when is more dark.

—I understand. 

—Then that should be all Beacrox— he patted the man on the shoulder. 

He clearly didn't look happy. —You know I'm probably older than you righ?

—If you are mad because I'm not being respectfully enough I'm sorry, do I need to call you ahjussi? 

—I'm only twenty five. 

—And I'm nineteen, so for me is enough to call you like that, or you prefer to be called hyung? Hyung-nim? No that sounds too weird.

—Just don't act like you own the place. 


He let himself fall on the couch, turned back into a cat and snuggled into a corner of the couch. The man sighed in exasperation as he went out of the room, he would have to spend a whole week getting rid of the cat hair on his couch when the leech was finally gone. 

"But, was it me or he looked a little pale?" He always looked pale thanks to his porcelain skin, yet somehow it looked different now. "Whatever" 

Cale spent the rest of the afternoon napping, while the kids read some books, then he was woken up to help with dinner.

—Now listen well, you will go to sleep and don't do anything, just stay here, we will come back late, so don't think about waiting for us. 

The red haired warned the kids while putting the raincoat on. The two kids just nodded frantically.

—We will be good, I promise— said On as the responsible older sister.

—Don't enter the kitchen or the rest of the house while we are not here, only the livingroom and the bathroom. 

Beacrox added to the warning as he waited to go out. They repeated themselves to the kids one more before going out. The rain, even if it was better than before, was covering everything and it made it difficult to move. But no matter how intense the storm was, there were people that still needed to work, so not much time passed before they managed to get a taxi who took them to the residential area. 

Cale guided his assistant to a part of the external wall that was surrounded by nature.

—We have to jump over here.

Beacrox just did as told and with an easy move he was already on the other side, as he looked up he saw the young man using his hand to gain impulse in the top of the wall, he did a little turn in the air and landed on his feet. He might not look like it, but he actually was good with stealth, he barely did any sound despite landing on concrete. 

—Let's go.

The place was dark, and most of the houses that had the lights on had the curtains closed, so they were able to blend with the shadows easily as they approached the house they were looking for. Beacrox followed him till he saw a house with the description the young man had said before. All the light of the house were turned off except for one. They got close to the right side that was covered in darkness, then Cale signaled a window that was slightly open. 

As they discussed in their plans, he had to enter from there and after taking care of the bastard would let Beacrox in, who would have to stand in a safe spot under a little ceiling that covered what was supposed to be a door that was now removed and transformed into another part of the wall. 

Cale approached Beacrox and put his hands on his shoulders, getting too close for the man's liking. 

—Catch me and then help me into the window— he whispered in his ear before turning into a cat.

Beacrox quickly caught him and lifted him towards the window. The cat easily got inside. As Cale landed on the bathroom he carefully checked his surroundings, fortunately the door was slightly open, so he went to the livingroom where he had stayed for around a week, the place was a fucking mess, even more than before, like if someone had been trying to find something and didn't clean after. 

"There's no way he is already gone right?" He procured to make absolutely no noise while searching around, and he was happy to find his precious spatial bag next to a suitcase and some bags. 

—Stupid storm...they're going to get to me, they're going to find me, those cats saw me thanks to that son of a whore of Rok Soo, I have to get out of here. 

The man, sitting in his bed, was eating his nails nervously as he watched the wall with lost eyes. He was a dead man, or he would be soon if those cats following the white star get to find his home. Why did he had to do that? If he hadn't been so stupid to steal from that person a year ago he wouldn't be in this predicament. No, he had the necklace, he would be good, everything would be okay.

He had to left the country soon, make a new life somewhere else thanks to the things he had stole from Rok Soo and all that other people. But that stupid storm had to start and postpone all flights until it ends. Suddenly a thunder strikes and the light goes off, the man got paralyzed by fear, hearing carefully to sense any changes in his surroundings, his hand starts to carefully make his way to the nightstand and grabs the gun there. His arms shake, cause he can clearly hear something from his livingroom. He opens the door slowly and goes there, yet his heart almost stopped by a heart attack by seeing the figure in his couch. 

—Hello there, Midenas, it has been a while hasn't it? It's like it was yesterday when you fucking stab me with a poisoned knife. 

—You....what are you doing here? Y-you are supposed to be-!!!

—Dead?— he finishes while smiling —I already died once, and I'm not a fan of doing things twice, at least for now, I'm good with breathing and having a functional heart.

—You son of a-!— he aimed with the gun, yet he didn't said anything else after seeing the young man's smile. 

—So you will shoot me? Are you sure you can do that? Midenas? After all you are afraid of blood aren't you? 

The man's hand started to tremble. Yes, he was afraid of a lot of things, blood, injuries and death being some of them, he would do anything to avoid that. Yet for that exact reason....

He closed his eyes the exact moment he pulled the trigger. The sound of the gun was lost with the thunders outside. "Did I...did I do it?" He opened his eyes, yet what he saw was a holy silver light disappearing. 

—I'm sorry, but I'm not planning on letting you shoot me— he stood up and put on a pair of gloves as he talked —I'm afraid it will have to be the other way around.  

In a single moment the young man disappeared and he felt how someone forced him to the ground and snatched the gun from his hand. Someone was stepping on him and the cold of the metal was pressed against his head. 

—Please...Rok Soo— tears started to fall from his eyes. 

—You didn't hear to any of the people you have killed before when they asked for mercy, why shall I give it to you? 

—I just- 

He didn't get to finish as the gun made a sound and he was soon death there on the floor. Cale put the gun on the man's hand, he had made sure to shoot him on the side of the head to make it look like a suicide. Of course there were still some things that could later let others know it wasn't, but since he was careful no one should know he was there. 

He went to the door and opened it, soon Beacrox went in and frowned seeing the dead man on the floor. So Cale had really kill someone, although he didn't look like someone capable of that, he actually was. He saw the red haired putting on the bag and smiling. 

—Hey Beacrox, come help. 

—Help? Don't you already have your revenge and your things? 

—Almost, but we still have to loot everything here.


—Can't explain now, but everything here is extremely valuable, just take everything and put it in here— He tossed a small bag to him.

—How am I supposed to fit so many things in here?

—It's a spatial bag. 

—A spatial- how did you even get these? 

—Perks of being filthy rich, you can buy a lot of things in the black market, now start moving. 

As he was told he started to save everything in the bag as fast as he could, while Cale did the same. When they were done with the livingroom Cale went straight to Midena's room and started looking around until he found a necklace as well as a box in one of the suitcases there.


—What is that? 

—This is what I went to retrieve from the cat clan— he answered showing the blue box with flowers carvings that looked old and in a bad shape —And this is what the bastard wanted from me— he showed the simple necklace in the shape of a lily. 

—So you almost got yourself killed because of that? 

—This are not simple things you know, but anyways, let's go back after searching a little bit more. 

They prepared to go out again when Beacrox suddenly felt how the young man started to lean on him from behind. "What is he-" almost in a panic he started to turn around when he noticed how the other started to fall to the ground.

—Hey!— he went to catch him but then what he caught was a red cat that was breathing heavily. 

"Is he sick?" He had seen him more pale earlier that day, and now it wasn't possible to tell how he looked since it was to dark thank to him cutting the electricity off. He grabbed everything and ran outside, covering the cat under his rain coat. How could someone push themselves to their limits without saying absolutely nothing?

Well, he had shown some signs of reckless behavior hadn't he? Like after he woke up, his legs really hurt yet he only expressed it once an then went on like it was a normal day. 

"It had to be me the one coming across this stupid bastard" but despite thinking like that, he still kept the cat dried as he returned to his home the faster he could. But even when he got home, he had no idea on what to do.

The kids were sleeping on the couch, and if he were to take care of Cale there they would surely woke up and start crying. "Just this time" although he didn't want to, he went to the second floor and entered his room. Beacrox hated to have people in his space, as much as he hated having things dirty, yet here he was, laying the cat on his bed. 

—What do I do know?

First, medicine, he should go for medicine for colds. And so that was what he did, yet how was he supposed to give it to the unconscious cat?

—Cale...— he moved him a little trying to wake him up —Cale...

The cat slowly opened his eyes. 

—I need you to become human again and take this. 

His eyes closed again, yet he did as told, turning human again and taking the pills. Beacrox proceeded to put a cold compress on his forehead. After taking the medicine and sleeping for an hour the young man started to look a little better, so more relaxed, Beacrox put the medicine for tomorrow's morning in the nightstand as well as a glass of water and went to his father's room to sleep.

When Cale woke up, his head was spinning, who would have thought that a simple cold would get this bad just for a bit of forced excercise and exposure to cold? He certainly didn't, but by the time he started to feel bad there was no back down on the plan.

"Fuck....where am I?" He looked around in panic, but then he realized the place smelled like the chef, it was probably his room. More relaxed he put his head on the pillow again and closed his eyes. He was in a safe place, so he could sleep at ease, nothing would happen here. 

Beacrox woke up earlier than expected, as he was not accustomed to the bed he was currently sleeping in. He slowly remembered what had happened last night, and so he stood up and went to the shower, he did his routine of every day, but instead of going to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, he went to the room next to the one he was in. He opened the door and turned on the light, just to see a red haired man barely dressed on the bed, sweating and with a expression of pain, he was probably awake, but had his eyes closed. 

The man decided to ignore the appearance of the patient and put on his list to change everything in his bed and wash it later. 

—How are you feeling? 

—Like sleeping in a bed of flowers— he said with a smile before looking at him like he was stupid —What question is that? how the fuck do you expect me to feel? 

—Did you take the pills?

—No, since I didn't knew what time it was— as he said that he forced himself to open his eyes and grab the glass of water and the two pills in the nightstand —But since you are here I suppose it's morning. 

He watched him take his medicine. —Why didn't you tell me? 

—I didn't though it would matter, it was just an insignificant cold. 

—Insignificant? When you ended up like this? 

—That's what it was at the moment, I just started to feel worse when we already were at the residential area. 

—You could've have told me then. 

—We had to get that done, didn't everything went well? 

He really knew how to annoy Beacrox with that carefree attitude. —I'll go prepare breakfast, and...— he looked at him —Can you please put some clothes on?

—'s too hot. 

—I don't care. 

He clicked his tongue and picked of the tshirt he had thrown to the floor. Beacrox went out of the room and left out a sigh of relief. Why was he so nervous there? He couldn't help but look at the bare chest of the leech. It was nothing, nothing at all, he would go make breakfast and forget the blushed face, the chest and the..whole image there, yes, he would do that, since the red haired was awake and took his meds all he had to do now was look after the kids and make sure that the young man rested and eated well. 

On and Hong were nervous, as they woke up and didn't find Cale on their side. After so many days with him they were used to his presence, the only comfortable and reassuring person in their lives. They trusted Beacrox of course, but Cale was not only their savior, he was someone like them, from the cat clan yet different, they could tell. So they couldn't help but start panicking as soon as they woke up, then they heard noise from the kitchen. 

—Sir! Where is Cale?!

—Sir where is him?!

The man turned around to see them and sighed. —The bastard is sick, he didn't say a thing and waited until he collapsed, he's sleeping in my bed. 

—He's sick?— On was a little more relaxed after hearing his answer —Can we go see him? 

—No, let him rest, it's better if he sleeps so he can recover sooner.

—I understand...

Beacrox ruffled her hair. —You can help cutting some apples so he can eat. 


—Me too!

The kids were given a pair of children knifes that Beacrox had used long time ago to learn to cook with his father, then a couple of apples, soon they were carefully peeling them. The man had to admit they were good at it.

The whole day passed quick for Cale, as he was constantly falling asleep and then waking up, it was uncomfortable, painful and hot, one really could appreciate the times when we weren't seek when in a state like this. He preferred to be stabbed with a knife with poison again instead of going through this, at least the first one was healed after one or two hours thanks to his ability.

"But it's fine, I have felt worst than this, I can endure this, just..sleep more..." he had force himself to eat a little, but water was his priority as his sore throat did help at all while trying to sleep. Thankfully the next morning he woke up with only a headache and a little fever that was tolerable.

—I'm hungry...— he was, which was a good sign, but he still could barely move, and was now getting bored. 

He took his time to look around. Certainly all the house had a similar aesthetic. White walls, and different tones of grey to black, except for the different plants that gave the place some color as well as the family portraits, Beacrox room wasn't that different, he only had the basics like his bed, nightstand, a wardrobe, and a small desk. He had to admit that the bed was fucking comfortable.

Honestly he thought he would be left in the couch to recover, he didn't expect that person that's so overprotective of everything in his house to let him use the bed. "He can be tactful when needed I guess" 

—Hey, are you awake?— the door opened and Beacrox entered with what seemed to be his breakfast.  

—Oooh..— he sat on the bed and looked at the food with expecting eyes —Give me.

—If you are feeling well I might just send you to the couch again.  

—I have seriously thought on the possibility of me not returning your bed, Where did you buy this why is it so comfortable?

—Just eat. 

—Right, thank you— he took the tray and had a sip of the tea. 

As he was giving the first bite to his toast he felt the cold hand on his forehead and froze. Nervously, he slowly looked in Beacrox's direction, seeing him frown slightly before taking his hand away and putting his glove once again. 

—You don't seem to have such a fever anymore, that's good, just keep resting. 

He swallowed the food in his mouth. —Can you...can you bring me my stuff? I have clothes there and...I would like to shower or at least just change to something more comfortable. 

—I'll bring them, eat for now. 


He saw him go. It was strange, to have someone taking care of him, in the past he didn't had anyone on his side, alone and thrown away, it was because of that that he had this strange sensation earlier? Yeah it had to be that. He continued eating his breakfast, not long after the door opened again and the man returned with his bag.

—Give me that— he put the tray on the nightstand and reached out for his things, that even if the other person was looking at him suspiciously, he still handed them. 

Cale soon enough was looking through all the things he had inside until he took out the box and the necklace he had shown yesterday, he left the later with the tray and proceeded to open the box. 

A soft music started to fill the room as a dancing cat appeared in the inside of the box. A small broken mirror behind it, the box was full with hair ornaments and little accessories for a child.

—This is...what you were trying to steal? A music box? 

—I said I was not stealing, I was taking it back, this...— he paused for a moment, thinking if he should say it —This was my mother's, she left it in the clan and was never able to get it back.

Beacrox saw the soft look in his eyes, as if he was remembering something sad yet nice at the same time. It was somehow familiar, like the look in his father's eyes when he talked about his wife. 

—And well, it also has some nice things— as he said that, Cale closed the box and started to look around it until he found a little notch on the bottom, he opened it without thinking twice. 

Real little diamonds as well as a silver ring and what seemed to be a little diary came out of it. The space was not that big even though the box kind of was, but somehow it all fitted there. 

—This are my mother's treasures, what she got from his parents when she was little, you could say this are family heirlooms, I had to take them back since I'm the last one.

—Where are you going after you recover? 

—I don't know, somewhere?

—You don't have a home? 

—No I don't, but it's okay, I have money— he put everything back on the box and save it on the bag, he then took out some clothes, his phone and his wallet.

—So you don't even know what will you do and want to take the children with you? 

—Pretty much. 

—Didn't the cat clan saw your face? How are you going to walk around? 

—With this— he showed the lily necklace, seeing the confused face of the man he rolled his eyes and put the necklace on, then he pressed the back of the flower. 

Beacrox eyes widened as he saw how the hair of the man turned black and his face changed to that of an asian man. He saw him smile before pressing the back of the flower again and turning back.

—This is why that motherfucker betrayed me, he discovered I was using a false appearance, he wanted it to supplant me and use my identity to form a new life somewhere, or that's what he said while saying the typical villain monologue after stabbing me.

—So, Cale is not your real name? 

—Eh? No, it is my real name. 


—I don't know, I unconsciously told you and the children my real name, although I shouldn't have, after all before I get better you all will have to start to call me differently. 

—I see...then I'll let you eat. 

He nodded. —Thank you, your food really is the best.

Cale would surely miss the food after leaving, and feeling safe, and being able to slack while Beacrox did everything. Whoever were to marry the chef would have a nice life. But he was too comfortable around him, to even say all that to him, but there was nothing he could do about that, he had to go and find a safe place and someone to look after the two kids, they couldn't be involved in what he was doing.

—Maybe he can look after them, he's good with kids, and with cooking. 

He finished the food and and stared at the ceiling, he was now getting bored. "Wnat are the kids doing?, the books are in the livingroom, but I can't.." 

—Right my phone.

When Beacrox came back, he found a lazy parasite reading on his phone, he quickly snatched it from his hands.

—Hey I was reading that! 

—You should be resting. 

—I was resting, reading it's a kind of rest. 

—Yeah sure, how are you feeling now? 

—You are that desperate to kick me out of your house?


—I'm fine I guess, my head just hurts and I'm cold. 

—I'll bring you another blanket. 


—What?— he stopped in front of the door to look at him. 

—No, nothing...

He saw him go and sighed. "I should work soon enough, I don't have time to be sick" he closed his eyes "But...I'll just sleep a bit more.." he closed his eyes and hugged the pillow, ignoring the cold sensation in his body due to his sickness, and soon he started to fall asleep again.


—You were right, there were too many enemies.  

—Sir don't talk, we called miss Rosalyn for the favor she owes us, she must have already arrived at the city, she will take you to a safe place. 

—Maybe I'm just getting too old for this.

Hans continue to carry the man on his back. Drops of blood were falling to the ground as they ran away, their people stopping the enemy from following them. 

—Don't say that sir, the cats just didn't play fair. 

—There's no playing fair in this things. 

—It's just a light injury anyway, and we got our answers, didn't we? Now we have to go back, have you treated and then miss Rosalyn should be able to help infiltrate in the cat clan for those documents. 

—That would be if I make it out of here— the old man laughed, ignoring the pain on his leg.

—Don't make such jokes sir! Your son it's going to kill me when he finds out, it will only take one high grade potion to heal it completely.

—Well, I will have to go see him in a couple of days anyway, who would think the enemy was our neighbor— the man just smiled —Hans, at seven. 

Hans turned around and shoot three times, to the legs and stomach of the man following them. —Sorry sir, I was too concentrated in running. 

—It's alright, they're here. 

A woman walked closer to them, her long and wavy red hair combed into a bun and letting some strands of it fall on the sides of her face. Her heels clicked on the asphalt, and her suit highlighted her figure. She come closer with a smile. 

—Mister Ron, it has been a while.

—It has been indeed miss Rosalyn. 

—It's good to see you too Hans. 

—I can say the same miss but-

—I know, it's not the place to talk— her eyes landed on the wound in the old man's leg —And not the time either, guess I came to work for a few days an repay you, never thought I would be working so soon. 

—Sorry for the inconvenience— the old man laughed.  

—It's alright, just promise to give me some of the cakes from your shop and I'll forgive you— she put her hand on Hans shoulder as she saw some people running towards them with not such a friendly attitude —For now let's go. 

A circle of light appeared under them and before the bullets that were fired got to them, they dissapeared. Soon a clean room in a five start hotel appeared in front of them. 

—Hope you don't mind but I teleported us to the room I'm staying, since there's someone here that can help. 

Hans sighed in relief seeing they were out of danger. Although they had lost a full team of good people this time. 

—Rosalyn you are back?— a woman with short brown hair appeared from one of the door, wearing simple excercise clothing —Taylor said he would be coming la....did something happened?

The woman was clearly concerned for seeing an injured old man on the back of a man, both covered in blood. 

—Cage, could you help healing this man's injuries? It would be nice if you do it before he loses more blood. 

—Ah sure!— she quickly walked to them as Hans put the old man carefully on the couch.

The woman put her hand over the injury and a dark light appeared as the wounds started to disappear. 

—Ho? A priestess?— Ron asked.

—Ex, priestess, who wants to be in a fight of religions in modern times like this? I prefer going out to drink.

—I see then, shall I just call you miss Cage? 

—Hey I like this sir Rosalyn— she said laughing —Well we are done, hope my services were good enough sir. 

—Do you feel any pain mister Ron?— Rosalyn got closer to him. 

The old man stood up and moved his leg —No, the pain is gone and I don't feel anything wrong, truly a good work. 

—I'm glad to hear that, now, shall we talk? 

—Right to point, of course.

—I'll go back to the room then, so you can talk, bye— Cage waved her hand before disappearing behind the same door she had come out before.

The three of them sit down.

—What did you find? 

Hans immediately answered. —We discovered that the fog cat tribe on rain city are the ones working as informants for the white star, they also appear to be guarding something there, we still don't know what it is, but it could be a kind of artifact. 

—We need to find what is it, but the information is difficult to get, they reinforced everything after a man stole some important files from there a year ago.

The woman frowned, things really seemed to be more complicated that they first thought. —Do you know anything about the man? 

—Only his name, but he's good hiding his traces, not to mention...— Hans took his small spatial pouch and took a file out of it. 

—What is that? 

—Apparently we are not the only ones in a fight against them.

—There's another guild or group? 

—No— Ron answered while opening the file —It's one man only.


—Remeber the series of robberies from three years ago? 

—The ones directed to politicians that ended up on their information being exposed as well as their frauds and other several crimes? 

—Yes, the silver thief, that man was being investigated by arm, one of the branches of the group, apparently he probably has important information, not to mention, that apparently many of the people he robbed where related to arm and ended up ruining some of their plans. 

—The silver thief...but, he hadn't make any move after the terrorist attack last year.

—No— Hans corrected —There are two more cases that had been proved to be his doing, one to the Sekka family, that we know are on the white star side, and the other one was the one to the Pope of the sun church, wich you should have seen in the knews, how the corruption of the church had been going for years as they abused the kids they brought in and kept the money of the donations for the higher ups.

—So, we have to find this silver thief in hope to get the information he must have.

—Pretty much, is either him or Midenas, the man that stole from Endable kingdom or whatever they call themselves. 

—I see, so what's the plan for now? 

—Since the dragons didn't even consider working with us, we have to do everything by ourselves, thankfully the prime minister's son it's helping us— said Hans. 

—Right, Alberu-nim said he would send Choi Han over if we needed more help, after all I was supposed to be developing a new potion, but since you helped me to get funds for my investigations and a place on the alchemy institute, I came immediately after you called. 

—Since we have you here things will be easier, we have to prepare, then in a few days go to Rain city and start looking for whatever those cats are hiding. 

—Should I call your son then sir?— offered Hans —To let him now we will be doing a mission there. 

—No, I'll explain everything to him when I go back.

—Nice, now, it's not like I want you both out, but I had an appointment with my friends tonight.

—Of course mis Rosalyn, mister Ron and I will go back now, tomorrow we will tell you the date of our departure. 

—I'll be waiting for the call. 

—Then if you excuse us miss.

The old man and his subordinate stood up and bowed as a goodbye before the young one took a scroll out of his spatial pouch and used it to teleport back. Just a little after Cage came out of the bedroom. 

—Hey Rosalyn, you never stop working, sometimes I feel pity for you. 

—Well I don't live from my friends like other person. 

—There was no need to be so direct, but I won't say it's a lie though— she laughed —Where do you think I'm going to get a job when I didn't study anything because I was a fucking priestess? And you and Taylor are filthy rich, you should help a friend in need. 

—Yeah sure, so what did Taylor say? 

—He said he would be bringing some drinks and snacks, and he would take another hour to get here.


—Aren't you going to change? I get uncomfortable just by seeing you in heels and a suit. 

—Yeah, I guess I can do that, I'll take a shower first. 

—Want me to help you?— she moved her eyebrows up and down.  

—Why don't you better go and clean the mess I know you left on my room. 

She clicked her tongue. —Fine, but it was your fault for leaving me unsupervised.

The mage laughed before going to her room, grab some comfortable clothes and then going to the bathroom. 

"So, the silver thief..." she remembered well, the thief that was a sensation until a year ago, that people considered a hero even if he actually stole millions, because he only took money from people that had committed crimes, and he brought them to light.

The only clue about him was that they had seen him surrounded by a silver light before disappearing, and that no matter the target he had, the next day their information and secrets were up in different platforms on internet as well as handed to the police by mail.

She felt the warm water on her skin as she sighed. —The hero for the people and the enemy of those in the highest positions, he must surely be an impressive person.


Chapter Text

—Can you fucking move?

—Don't feel like it.

He sighed in exasperation. —I want to clean my bed, you are okay, so get up and then stay with the kids in the couch.

He let out a groan of displeasure. —I'm comfortable here.

—What are you five?

—No, I'm just lazy.

—Move, your food it's going to get cold.

—Then carry me.

—What?— he looked at him as if he was crazy.

The young man was still hugging his pillow and being a nuisance, a pretty one but still. How could he ever carry him? He was a whole adult. Beacrox saw how the young man sat on the bed looking at him with a little smile, and then he jumped to him.

—Wait the fuck are you-!

He caught the red cat in his arms, soon the feline moved to be in a better position. Beacrox was about to become crazy, seeing the belly of the cat as he just lazily rested in his arms. "No, it's a leech, a parasite, you can't let his appearance fool you" he had to resist the urge of touching the fluff.

—Let's go.

He closed his eyes for a moment before start walking. He couldn't say no to the fluffy and cute cat, it was like the bastard new it was his weakness and used it on purpose to get things from him. As they were at the end of the stairs Hong came to them.

—Sir, look it stopped raining!!

—Do you think it will stop completely?— On appeared soon after her brother.

—The weather report said it would stop during the afternoon, so it might have stopped completely.

—Can I go jump on the puddles now?!— asked Hong.

The chef frowned. —No.

The kid pouted. —Okay.

—By the way, Cale, why are you on sir's arms?— On looked at him in a weird way.

—It's easy to be carried than walk using my own legs.

The girl shook her head, she might like Cale and respect him for saving them, but the man was a serious case once you know him. He was a good cook, but was lazy enough to not do the other basic things like drying his hair properly, clean, walk, surely if he could be a plant and survive by just standing there he would take the opportunity to be one.

—So, now that the storm it's going away, we have to leave?

On and Cale stiffened after hearing what the little kid had said. They were comfortable there, it was the first safe place the kids had have in their lives and the first one in almost a year for Cale, but that wasn't their home. None of the cats had one.

—I guess we will— answered Cale, jumping from Beacrox arms and turning back to a human to go and pat the kid's head —But we will find another place were you two can be safe, I promise.

The two kids nodded. Beacrox couldn't help feel a little troubled, he needed them to go, but at the same time, the kids needed a place to feel safe, eat well, and be cared for, and Cale could barely take care of himself, there was no use on trying to avoid thinking about it but, the kids being with the red haired might bot be the best decision.

—You three can at least stay until you have an actual place to go and not just a hotel.

—Thank you sir!!!— both children screamed and hugged him, he was not really accustomed to much physical affection, but this wasn't as bad as he thought it would be.

—Thank you mister chef— Cale said with that smile that usually would mean trouble for others, but that this time seemed to be sincere —As a payment we can go to the supermarket for groceries and I'll be paying, although we can first go to the mall.

—To the mall?— the man inquired confused.

Cale pointed to the kids with his eyes, then Beacrox understood. The children had no clothes, and the shoes they had been wearing were torn and old.

—Yes, to the mall, I need to buy some things.

—I see, but for now we have to go eat or the food will get cold, if it isn't already.

As the kids were taking a shower before they went out, Beacrox took the opportunity to take everything from his bed and change it, when he went down again to put everything in the laundry room, he heard the sound of paper. He put the things in their place and went to the livingroom, on wich the coffe table was now full with piles of documents. The red haired was barely reading as he just took a mere look to the page before going for the next one, he keep doing that for a minute before stopping on one and frowning.

—This son of a bitch....I can't believe it...

—What's all this?— Beacrox finally went in —Are these the documents we stole?

—Yes, they are, this are the information he gathered for the last two years.

—Why did that man had so much information?

—He was a coward.

—A coward?

—He feared his own shadow, couldn't stand seeing blood either, yet he still killed a lot of people, this was his way of survival, if he had information, he could avoid his enemies, or exchange it for a way out in a difficult situation, or, use it to get rid of those that were a menace for him.

—And what is all the information about?

—Different things, about different people, say, you want to help me once more?

—To do what?


—Steal? Are you a thief?

—Hey, I only stole what people have already stole from others, and those are generally rich people, but this is not a simple thing.


—Better than this— he handed him the document he had been reading.

His face soon darkened as he read, as the red haired had said, this was no simple theft, it was dangerous and the person on the other side wasn't an easy one, but...

—I'll do it.

Cale nodded. —I knew you would, we can't let something like that keep going when we know about it.


—Tomorrow's night, but I have to contact someone first.

"Someone?" —Who?

—A slav- I mean, a friend, he went to do business to other country, but even if he's not here his people can come when needed, specially the one I need, let me give him a call to see if we can go tomorrow or postpone it one or two days.

He took out his phone and started to look for a number, then he made a call. The phone emitted a few tones before the call connected.

—Hey Bud how are you-

-Are you fucking kidding me?!! You literally send a text saying ok three months ago and haven't even replied or read my other messages!!! I thought you were fucking dead!!, and you just go and call saying 'Hey Bud', are you out of your fucking mind you antisocial bastard?!!- someone could be heard screaming and crying in the other side.

Cale, who had taken his phone away from his ear, stared at the screen with a frown before bringing it closer again.

—Oh right, I think I did that.

-You think?!

—I'm sorry, if it makes you feel better, I took out my sim card around that time to avoid getting targeted and put it back again around two weeks ago.

-Then why didn't you call me? Or fucking answered my texts?

—Well, I kind of went to steal something and got stabbed with a poisoned knife, the bitch who betrayed me and did it also stole my things and I was captured by the people I tried to rob, so, I was kinda busy.


—Ah but don't worry, I survived.

-You were stabbed?


-With a poisoned knife?


-And then you were captured?

—Yes? Your point on repeating what I said is..?

A long sigh could be heard on the other side of the line.

-I won't even ask how the fuck you survived.

—I'm a little lucky sometimes.

-By how we are talking righ now, I suppose you already killed the bastard that betrayed you, so were are you staying? Or are you living in hotels again?

—I' with someone, temporarily.

-Someone? Who? For what I know I'm your only friend.

—The person who found me before I escaped and treated me, anyways, can you lend me Glenn for a mission?

-Treated...? Whatever, what do you want him for?

-Hey I am here and I can hear both of you? The phone is on speaker?

A voice was heard from the distance on the other side.

—I have to infiltrate in a heavily guarded place and take something from there, it's really important, this is not one of my regular thefts.

-I don't even want to ask what you are doing- the sound of a chair moving could be heard -Glenn, you heard, can you go help and do something so he doesn't do something reckless again and kills himself?

-I could go and try, but you have to promise not to do something troublesome here or I swear to god I'll make sure to have you do paperwork for another two weeks.

-I would never!

-Yeah righ, like last time you said that and went out to drink and ended up throwing up in the bar and I had to go take you out of there, or the time I had to literally go pay so they would release you from prison.

-That only happened two times!

-I don't want to hear it, and tell Cale I Can do it, when do you need me to go and where?

—I'll send the coordinates later by text, it's tomorrow, can you come?

-Yes, if I can rest from this idiot.

—Okay then that's everything, goodbye.

-Wait wait!! I still need to know what have you been doing this past mont-

He ended the call without letting Bud finish and then gave one of his slightly vicious smiles to Beacrox.

—Well, I got us a mage, that will make things easier.

—Your friend sounded quite concerned and mad— like this wasn't the first time Cale had done something like that.

—He tends to exaggerate a lot of things.

For some reason Beacrox felt that wasn't the case at all, he could said by living with this idiot for a week.

—Now that everything it's settled, I'll keep reading this things— he made himself comfortable again and grabbed another pile of papers to read.

—Are you even reading them?

He just asked, what kind of person wouldn't ask about it after seeing him go through papers like that?

—Yes, oh right, after I finish I need to burn some of them.

—I...— he closed his mouth, it was better not to talk much with this lunatic, he would be gone in a few days after they found a place were the kids could stay, he shouldn't care that much for what he does.

—Cale!— Hong came running to him, although he was dressed, his hair was clearly wet —Help me.

—Hong!— the girl came soon after her brother, calling him with a reproachful tone.

—Aigoo...— the red haired sighed and made a tired expression, as if helping the kid was the last thing he wanted to do, yet made the kid sit and started to dry his hair with the towel —On give me the hairbrush and the hairdryer.

—Here— she did as told.

Soon Hong had his hair untangled and dried. Then it was On's turn. Cale did everything without a single complaint, the kids had big smiles by the end of it, as they were ready to go out.

Cale had to postpone the reading, to Beacrox displeasure as he didn't like the mess on his livingroom. They called a taxi and waited.

—Oh righ— Cale looked at the children —While we are out, you have to call me Rok Soo, ok?

—Rok Soo?— On gave him a confused look.

—Yes— he pressed the back of the flower on his necklace, making his appearance change —Legally speaking, that's my name with this appearance, so remember well, while looking like this, my name is Kim Rok Soo, Ok?

Both children nodded, then soon after that the taxi arrived.

The two kids were excited, how couldn't they be? Their whole life was inside the clan territory, and even there they couldn't go too far, they really wanted to see how the world, and the life for normal people, looked like. After they escaped they stayed inside Beacrox's house just being able to look out by the window, but thanks to the rain there wasn't much to see. So they got off the taxi really fast after they got to their destination.

—Okay, I guess we should go for clothes first?— Cale asked the man.

—I suppose.

—You aren't even helping...

He made the kids a sign to follow him. The shopping center was a five-story building spanning the entire block, it was normal to find from the cheapest shops to those of high-end. And since Cale was rich he didn't care at all about prices, he only wanted good clothes the sooner the better so that way the kids would be more comfortable.

—If I'm not wrong there were some good clothing stores on the third floor, let's go there first, and since there's a supermarket crossing the street we can go there later, got it?— he said as he looked at his phone.

The three following him just nodded. Beacrox couldn't say anything since he had never bought anything for kids and had no idea, he also rarely came to this place, so Cale, no, Kim Rok Soo was the one leading.

As the two children held each other's hand, Cale walked on the front, and Beacrox was behind them making sure they wouldn't get too far or distracted with something, since that could lead to them getting lost.

That was the first time On saw an electric stair, flashy showcases, food shops and playgrounds, it was the same for Hong, and because of all they could see it didn't take long for them to feel uncomfortable.

On took a peek at her clothes and then at the ones a girl around her age was wearing, shoes, hair, she was getting a little embarrassed, cause she certainly didn't look like all the other kids, but they were there because of that, so she just walked more close to Cale while strongly holding her brother's hand.

Cale just went into the first store that seemed to be the most expensive one and went straight to the children section.

—Hey Beacrox, can you help looking for something for Hong?

The man nodded and went to do as told, if it was clothes for the boy, it might be easier than something for On since he had no idea about girls fashion.

—On, Hong, don't just stand, look for something too, whatever you like we will get, since we don't lack money anyways.

—But, isn't this an expensive place?— the girl asked nervously.

She hadn't go out of the clan territory, but since there were little shops there she had a sense of money at least to some degree, and the prices here were not something she had ever seen.

—Don't worry about that and just choose, dresses, pants, tshirts, whatever you want, I will also help with that.

—You will?

—Yes, I used to buy clothes for my little...well, it doesn't matter, but I do have my experience with this so you can trust me, I won't choose something ugly.


The kids saw him starting to search between the different clothes, they just exchanged a little nod and proceeded to do the same, since On didn't want to let go of her brother's hand yet, she accompanied him to the boy's section and started looking for something there. The kid was happily going around unable to decide what to get, until he pointed at some tshirts, On went and started to look for a size that would fit her brother, after finding it she also started to look there for another one since apparently her brother liked that style.

—Excuse me...

They quickly got closer to each other before looking at the woman that had approach them. The lady passed her eyes from the clothes the kids were wearing to the ones in their hands.

—Where is your mother?

—We don't...— On stopped, was it necessary to say they don't have one? She didn't think so, she didn't knew this lady after all.

—What? Are you here alone?

—We are not.

—Then were is your mother? Your father?

The girl quickly started to look around searching for help, yet they had left Cale somewhere on the girls section and thanks to the mannequins and the rows of clothes around she could not see Beacrox.

The woman let out an exasperated sigh, changing her polite attitude immediately.

—Do you even know how expensive is this store? This is no place for you kids to play, what if you damage those clothes? How are you going to pay it?

—We don't-

—Judging for how you are dressing it can be the case you can afford this place, or are you trying to steal?

—We are not!— Hong screamed with panic.

They had tried to steal food on the clan before, and that didn't end well.

—Yeah sure you are not, why are you panicking like that then? I'll call security.

Both went pale when suddenly a voice behind them came to the rescue.

—Who are you calling? What did my children did for you to talk to them like that?

On recognizing the voice turned around. —Ca- Rok Soo Oppa...

Cale put his free hand on her shoulder, yet he didn't stop looking at the woman.

—You sir are?

—I'm their guardian.

—Oh...I see, I well I just...— she started to get nervous after seeing how good the man was dressed.

—She said we were thieves!— Hong said and went to hug him.

Cale frowned and gave the woman a glare. —Beacrox!

The other man came closer, also holding some clothes on his arm. Cale took that and the ones he had on his arm and put them on the womans hands.

—Put this back on their place we are not buying shit in this store.

He took Hong in his arms and hold On hand with his free one as he started to walk out.

—Aren't you going to put a complaint?

—No, not yet, let's go buy some things on the store next to this one— he looked at the children —This time we will go together all the time, let's go.

When they entered the store Cale put Hong down and went to look for clothes. First for On, a pair of pants, tshirt, skirts, dresses, jackets, etc. And Hong was next.

—Can I help you with anything else sir?— the lady attending them smiled as she found the scene of the two kids modeling for their father extremely cute.

—Yes, can they go with this on?

—Yes sir, that would be no problem.

—Nice— he turned around and handed Beacrox his wallet —Pay for the clothes, I'm going to look for a belt, Hong might need one.

—Okay— he saw the now black haired man go to the other side of the store.

—Follow me please— said the woman, that had already take out the clothes labels —You both need to go to the cashier so we can take out the security tags out of your clothes, okay?

They followed the lady and soon enough as they were paying everything Cale appeared with some belts and another pair of underwear for the kids.

How couldn't the girl attending them be happy? She worked on commissions and just ow she had sold more than the last month in a single day just thanks to them, she could only think on her paycheck. After that they went to other three shops as well as some shoe shops too.

On was happy, looking at her outfit, she had to admit it, Cale did have a sense of fashion, and even though she and Hong were wearing matching outfits, this were also different in some way, they were done in a way the two kids liked it. It was also nice to walk in new and comfortable shoes.

Of course, Cale didn't forget to go to that first shop before going to the supermarket. He casually went in with all the bags of the other shops and called for a manager and the girl that had attend them before, he was used to do things like that, he wasn't a famous trash for nothing.

—I'm the manager, what might be the problem?

A man came to them, while the woman from before was standing there, pale.

—This girl right here insulted my children because of how they were dressed and even accused them of trying to steal.

The man carefully checked the children's clothing and the several bags full of clothes the group was carrying, then he gave his worker a glare.

—N-no sir, at that moment they were wearing-

—Wearing what?— Cale frowned, he had already prepared all the script and story in his mind. —We lost their suitcases on the airport and had to improvise after a few days, came here for clothes and were treated like that.


—I won't be losing more time here cause we have to go but I hope you do something about that sir.

Then he went out, meanwhile, Beacrox had been promoted to servant as he was carrying almost all of the stuff, while Cale had only one miserable paper bag with a pair of tshirts inside. Of course Cale didn't even want to do light work by carrying that bag so at the first opportunity he went to the bathroom and put everything in the spatial bag. They had to go buy groceries anyways, and that would be difficult while carrying all that.

—Did you really have to go back there just for that?— Beacrox asked as they were entering the supermarket.

—Yes, I hate people that does that, judging people just for how they look, that's not good, specially with children.

The chef raised an eyebrow. The leech wasn't such a bad person after all.

—Now, let's go to the candy aisle!

But he was still an idiot. Now it was Beacrox's turn to become the leader and make sure the red haired and the kids wouldn't put unnecessary thing on the shopping cart.

—Oh, let's buy this— Cale grabbed a popcorn bag.

—Why would we need to buy that?

—You have a huge television at home but in the week I have been there you haven't used it once, so let's see a movie, that wouldn't kill you righ?

—I don't watch much tv, my father is the one that uses it the most.

—Now that you mentioned it, where is your father? He hasn't show up in all this time despite living with you.

—He had work at the capital.

—Work?— Cale squinted his eyes —A normal job or, that job?

—A job you shouldn't be interested in.

—Alright— he took different bags of popcorn and proceeded to put them in the shopping cart.

—Take that out.

—Why? I'm the one paying anyways.

—But you will make them in my kitchen.

He clicked his tongue. —Then I'll go for another cart to fill with candies and snacks, what are you gonna do then?

He let out a sigh. —Fine, but only the popcorn and the candies the kids will choose.

—Fine— he smiled triumphant.

—Rok Soo oppa!— On came almost running —Wich one is better?

She showed two different kinds of chips. The man looked at them carefully, both were good options.

—Why not both?

—But I also want to get a chocolate.

—Then take both and the chocolate.

Why be so complicated when there was enough money for everything? Yet someone didn't think the same way as him. Beacrox soon proceeded to gave him a reprimanding stare.

—No, we settle it in two snacks only, they can't eat too much of this processed trash.

—Why not? I think it's okay.

—I already said no, my house my rules.

Cale frowned, but still took one of the chips bags in the girl's hands and put it in the cart. —That's the better one, put the other in it's place and go choose a chocolate.

—Yes— she went to look again.

—I want this ones!— Hong came as his sister was going away, with a bag of gummies and another of white chocolate bonbons, he put them in the cart and then stayed there happily.

—What else do we need?— he asked the chef.

—Meat, rice, pasta-

—Can we buy kimchi and gochujang paste?



—I don't like spicy food.

—But I do.

—It's my house.

—I'm going to buy it anyways.

He liked korean food, when he was little he had a nanny that was korean and would make him food, he liked seeing her cook, and he was thankful for that, as he needed to cook on his own a few years later after she quit. He might hate his good memory sometimes, but it was also useful, his life could have been much worse if it weren't for that.

—You really are giving me reasons to kick you out of my house.

—You won't do that, cause if you do you know I would take the children with me, do you want them to sleep in hotels and eat the food they serve in those places or fast food?

—We are still not buying it.

—At least the kimchi, I'm craving it, I haven't eat it in almost a year.

—Fine— he reluctantly agreed.

As they were done with grocery shopping, Cale called a taxi.



—So we just have to help you?— On asked.

—You both have abilities right?, you can control fog and Hong is good with poison.

The kids nodded.

—I don't need you to fight, just to paralyze and put to sleep some people so we can move faster.

—But, steal...isn't it bad?— Hong looked at him with doubt.

Beacrox was about to confirm that, stealing was indeed bad, when Cale ruffled Hong's hair.

—It is, but not when you steal from bad people.

—So this is bad people?

—Really bad people.

—Then we will help— On decided.

—But...— Beacrox tried to say how dangerous it would be for the childs, and Cale could tell because of his concerned expression.

—Don't worry, they're beast people, even if they look weak because they are still kids, you shouldn't underestimate them.

—Alright— who was him to try fight that? Cale was also someone of the cat clan so he would now better about that.

—Now, Glenn should be getting here soon— he took out his phone and started to type something, soon enough they heard a knock on the door that leaded to the garden —There he is.

Cale went to open the door and came back with a purple haired man behind him. The man in question froze when he saw the people there, specially the kids, then he gave Cale a confused look.

—Since when do you have children?

—Two weeks ago.

He didn't even deny it saying they weren't his. Both kids fidgeted in their place trying to hide the smiles in their faces.

—And I thought Bud was impulsive...

—This are On and Hong— he presented the children and then put a hand on the chef's shoulder —This is Beacrox, the owner of the house.

—It's a pleasure.

—Ok, now, why don't we pay more attention to our plans for tonight?


Cale took out a large map from his spatial pouch and put it on the coffe table, Beacrox and Glenn were just surprised, was this the complete structure of the building they were supposed to go today?

—How did you..?— Beacrox started to ask, but couldn't finish.

—I have my ways, I got it a while ago, I got some information about the things Venion Stan had done before, like injuring his brother's legs and make him a cripple, then I got curious about why he made constant visits to this secluded place, I got the blueprints of the place but not what was in it, of course until yesterday.

—So what are you stealing?— Glenn came closer and started to look at the map with attention.

—A poor soul that needs help.


—I suppose you have heard about dragons?

—Of course, they are the most powerful beings.

—Well, I don't know how, but this bastard got his hands in a baby one and has it here restricted with artifacts, the information I got wasn't nice, the poor thing have been suffering there probably since he came out of his egg.

—Just how?

As a mage, he understood how unbelievable this was, a dragon was an arrogant creature that could easily destroy a country, although due to the changes on the society and all the technological advances as well as how the world was now a giant red of information thanks to phones and internet, dragons had slowly and completely disappeared without a trace, people knew they were still somewhere there, but things as lairs was something of the past, the speculation was that they had merge with the society to go unnoticed, but no one could be really sure.

With the situation being like that, Glenn was intrigued, how did a mere human got his hands on a dragon egg and actually kept it imprisoned?

—The information it's from a couple of months ago, the dragon should be five years old, I'm worried though, the kid must have developed a hate for humans— Cale continued.

—Yes, in past times just freeing him and letting him made his life would have been enough, but...

—Cities are everywhere, as well as people that will want to take advantage of him.

—Just freeing him would be dangerous for people and the dragon.

—Exactly, so that's why I need you to teleport us to the dark forest after we are finished.

The mage eyes widened. —I see, since it's a place with no humans he might be able to grow up better there.

—And since it's close to rain city we can just take a bus or something so you can rest on the way back.

—Such a consideration.

—Do you want me to waste a magic stone on you?

—I don't really need one, don't worry I can bring us back.

—Ok, now let's go through the plan.

Half an hour later, they were hiding in the shadows of the trees near what looked like an old factory. The windows were al covered by metal planks and the only way in was the front door guarded by two men that were casually talking to pass time.

Cale waited for On and Hong to come back from burying the object he had entrusted them with. Soon enough two kittens appeared without a sound and rubbed against his legs. They waited patiently, during that time On used all her concentration to create fog to surround them. Both men guarding didn't even knew until too late that they were surrounded by fog, but at that moment they just fell unconscious thanks to the little red cat's poison.

Cale casually walked to the front door, he didn't care if he got caught on the security cameras, he was wearing a disguise anyways, a full black outfit with five white starts and one red, awfully made on the chest. His red hair was obviously covered too, behind him the two men participating in all this were wearing the same. The fog started to thicken as he went closer, soon covering everything.

He took the card from one of the guards and just opened the door, the fog immediately made it's way inside. They could not rely on magic, since soon it would be useless, so they let the poisonous fog made it's way until a safe place, then they hide in what seemed to be a supply closet unused in years.

—What time is it?— Cale asked.

Beacrox looked at the watch on his wrist. —Ten fifty seven.

—Just three minutes, remember well, all magic artifacts will stop working, but they still have guns, so be careful, On, Hong, you both have to be behind me all the time, understood?

—Yes— they both nodded strongly.

—As you may now apart from being fast and have good aim I'm weak, so I'm counting on you both to go on the front.

Glenn and Beacrox also nodded. Honestly this whole operation would be easier if they could use brute force, but they didn't have the chance to, the factory was quite far from the little town down the mountain, but if people noticed something strange was going on here it wouldn't be good, not to mention their strength was significantly reduced if Glenn wasn't able to use his magic and instead had to relay on his dagger arts.

—I'll take them down, just give me my weapon.

—I knew people still used swords and those things on the underworld, but since you are a, u know, an assassin, I didn't expect for you to use a great sword— Cale said as he took out the weapon out of his spatial bag and handed it to the man.

—Even in times like this, if you train enough and become a sword master bullets can't do shit to you— commented Glenn.

—But...— On asked carefully —Won't this people call for help?

Cale smiled and gave her a soft pat on her head. —You may not know this, but the majority of technology, including phones, relay on magic connection, they can work without a mage unlike old times, but just like other magic artifacts it will stop working if there is a sudden fluctuation intercepting the connection.

—How do you know that?— Beacrox gave him a confused yet impressed glare.

—Because my father's...well, it doesn't matter, we should already be in the time righ?

—Ten fifty nine, in any moment.

Just seconds later Glenn shivered and some alarms started ringing in the place.

—Quick move!

They went out and started running through the hallways, they had only forty minutes to get to the basement, get the dragon and run as far as they could. The kittens poisonous fog surrounded them, yet it didn't touch them at all, affecting only at the enemies. Some of the men that were in panic trying to figure out what was going on ended paralyzed in the floor before they could even see the intruders approaching, unfortunately not everyone could be so easy, and some of them were quick enough to cover their nose and mouth as they started shooting.

As they turned into a corridor, they suddenly came face to face with a group of three armed people.


Beacrox pushed Cale to the side and covered him as he used the sword to stop the bullets, meanwhile Glenn used the opportunity to kill the men as the kittens quickly moved the fog to interfere with the enemies abilities to move.

—All free— said the mage retrieving his daggers from one of the men's head, making a face of disgust —This is why I prefer magic...

Beacrox, who was still over Cale sighed and started to get up, just to see the red Haired surprised expression, then he realized the position they were in.

—A little bold aren't you mister chef?

—Shut up.

He quickly got up and cleaned his clothes before continuing. Not noticing the young man's red ears as he followed him.

—Fuck why it isn't working?!!

The mage in the basement was trying desperately to use any of the communication artifacts or his phone to ask for reinforcements, yet nothing was working, he was at least thankful that the mechanical door protecting him from the outside was designed to lock making sure no one could go in or out in a case like this

—We just have to wait, this can't last too much, the interference will end at some point and we will be able to ask for help, we have also a lot of people outside.

—I hope so...

The little creature in the cell opened his eye slightly, watching those human that had always act so mighty and superior, both trembling because of how nervous they were. If he didn't had this chains, if he didn't had this stupid collar, he could easily kill them, make sure they would suffer the same way he had, for hours, days, letting their flesh bleed, burn, be cut.

"I'll kill them...I'll kill all the humans, they are horrible beings, they deserve to be dead..." the first two will be his torturer and that man, the one that would come to see him and laugh of his misery.

He had endure this far, he should have gone crazy a long time ago, yet here he was, like waiting for something. But he didn't think he could wait any longer, he had thought many times to give his life away to have his revenge against humans and enjoyed little moments of freedom, but he wanted more than that, he...wanted to live.

He closed his eyes completely when something collided with the door making a metallic sound fill the place.

—How did they fucking get here already?!

—Quickly, grab a weapon!

"They really are noisy"

The door then fell. The mage and torturer were waiting to be attacked immediately, but instead, there was a thick wall of red fog. Both exchanged a confused expression, not noticing how the fog was quickly expanding on their feet surrounding them and climbing their legs. They saw as a figure started to appear and came out of it.

—Who are y-

The voice of the mage stopped as he grabbed his neck and fell to the ground. Soon the other man suffered the same destiny, ending paralyzed on the floor.

Cale leisurely walked to the cell, not before taking the keys from one of the men, and opened it.

The dragon was in a state of alert, he knew well this people had come for him, will they steal him to go and torture him in another place? Why wouldn't they? He heard the door of the cell opening and someone coming in, he fought to appear asleep.


That human spoke, yet he still didn't say anything. He felt how he was close now, and then.

—Let's leave.

The sound of his chains falling and the feeling of lightness on his body made him finally open his eyes. He gazed at him, like a warning. "I will not let you humans play with me, I'm going to live"

—What a nice gaze.

He flinched from the soft tone of his voice, and because how the human hands surrounded him in an embrace. He was lifted from the ground and held carefully. He was soon put on the ground again, this time out of the cell, from there he had the perfect view of the torturer unconscious on the ground.

—That looks like it hurts...


Two balls of fur circled around him with pitying eyes. He had never seen a creature like that before, Where they dangerous? If they were there with the humans it had to be so. The dragon growled at them. Yet soon, the silver creature went to the human that had hold him moments ago and tapped his leg.

—It really looks like it hurts.

The human nodded. —Hold on a second, Glenn, kill the torturer and the mage, Beacrox, come here.

The human walked to one of the walls and started looking around, concentrated like remembering something, then he put his hand on a particular place and knocked. A hollow sound was heard.

—Destroy this part of the wall, we don't have time to decipher the mechanism and open it.

The dragon ignored the two humans, he was glaring at the third one in expectation, the one holding the dagger gave him a quick glance before stabbing the torturer in the area of the lungs before giving him a little poison that would slowly kill him.

When the wall fell, a tunnel was revealed.



The dragon was taken by surprise because of the loud sound, but he had no time to think about that as the same human from before picked him up and hugged him tightly against his chest, as the kittens expressed his admiration for the other man.

Those arms were warm, and the beating he could hear on that chest was strong and fast. But he soon forgot about that as he started to think about his future. Would they take him to another horrible place to torture him? Saying how much they wanted to hear him scream and beg for mercy, then get upset when he refused to do a single sound? He just wanted to live, live and be free, why were humans so vicious?!

He gave the man a glare all the way while running through that tunnel that was being illuminated by some little objects on the other mens hands.

He saw the human struggling a little to keep up with the others, then their eyes met.

—Stop staring at me like that.

However, the human did not talk to him in anger as the other usually did when he gave him that glare, this one talked calmly. "What a weird one" he thought, not taking his eyes away from him.

A few minutes after that, they stopped in front of another wall, this time made of dirt and rocks. Without having to tell anything to him, the human with the sword proceeded to destroy it like the last one.

Then they continued running. The dragon was amazed. A wide night sky that reached until the eye could see, all covered in stars, was over his head. Beautiful. That was a word he had heard a lot of times, when that vicious man would look at him after a session of torture, seeing him bleed, the dragon could never use it until now.

The night sky was beautiful, the air was refreshing, and the sound it made while going through the trees branches and leaves was soothing. He understood then, this is what he was waiting for, the feeling in his chest at this exact moment as he was admiring the beauty of the world he had been deprived of before.

—On, Hong, go for the mana disturbance tool and come back quickly.


He was then put on a soft spot on the ground. He stared at the human that was looking at him, giving him a warning that way.


The human called again as he was taking something from a bag, a pair of gloves and some thing similar to scissors. He could see the others looking kind of nervous at this human's acts.


He was grabbed by the neck. "I know what he will do" he had experienced it before, how the torturer made several cuts to his wings, would he perhaps lose them forever now? The dragon closed his eyes waiting for whatever would happen.

The sound of a snapping noise as something was being cut got to his ears. Then his neck was freed.

"What?" He opened his eyes again to look at the human, that now had in his hand the mana restriction chain that had made him powerless for so long. The thing was letting out some sparks, but was quickly thrown away.

—What are you looking at?— the human took another thing from inside the bag, a bottle with a strange liquid in it —Do you know how much money I'm spending on you?

How many times didn't he heard that before? Because that stupid and vicious human would say it every so often. He had to obey, because that human spent so much money on him, and if he didn't, he was just tortured more. This human in front of him...this human was nothing different!, this human-!!!

—Since I spent so much money on you, you better heal properly, you stupid fool.

Instead of pain, the potion on the human's hand was poured over his injuries and then on his mouth, he was being healed. His heart was beating fast, the flow of his own mana on his body started to make it beat even faster, it was the feeling of being alive, of being strong while knowing no one could ever put a hand on him again. The blue light of his mana surrounded him in an instant.

—Hey— the human took out the black cloth, revealing his red hair as he took a step in his direction —What do you want to do now?

"Why is he asking?"

The red haired smiled. —I know you understand me and can speak, you are a dragon, the smartest and strongest being in the world— he gave the dragon a soft glare —What are you going to do now that you are free?

—...I.. — "I'm free?" Yes, he was, he could easily kill the human in front of him, and the other one's as well, since he was strong enough for that now, he could clearly kill them, but —I...I will live.

Yes, no matter what, just like he lived in that dark and horrible place for the last five years although he was tempted to die because of the pain.

—I will go away, and I will not be tamed.

—Yes, that's right, after all you are a dragon, A DRAGON, if not you who else in the world would have the right to be free?— he said as it was the most obvious thing in the world —And because of that I will not take care of you.

—You are a liar!! All humans are liars that only wait for the moment to come at me!!

—I guess that's kind of true, I do lie a lot, more than I should, but I hate lying to kids.

The dragon froze seeing the soft smile on the man's face.

—What do you want to do?

—I hate humans, and I want to be free.

—Good— he nodded —I will not take care of you as I said, but I'll take you to a place where you won't have to deal with us humans, a place you will be the strongest and no one will ever dare to hurt you.

"That's not true, he's lying"

On and Hong returned at that moment with a pouch and ran towards Cale, rubbing their heads against his legs.

—Good work you two— he then looked at the mage —Glenn.


A circle of light appeared under them, and before the dragon could react, they were teleported to a different place. A dark forest appeared, completely different from the one the dragon had just saw, different smells in the air, as well as the presence of dangerous creatures, ones the dragon knew he wouldn't need much strength to kill.

—This is the forest of darkness— Cale started talking —It's huge, filled with monsters, and a place any human would avoid— he then pointed to his left —In that direction you will find a human town, in the other one, the forest will continue for miles and miles until the Norland country, I guess that's enough space for a dragon.

"Humans are liars, humans are cruel, they are.." the dragon stared at that human's eyes, soft, warm, yet cold at the same time.

—Live freely— as he said that, Cale handed the dragon a small bag filled with high grade potions, then turned around to his companions —Let's go.

The others nodded before start walking. They would walk to Harris town now, since they teleported not to far away from it. Yet Cale didn't notice how the two kittens took their time before going after them.

—You look lonely— On said to the dragon.

—Yet you look strong— Hong made a tep forward slowly.

The dragon just growled at them.

—We were trapped too.

This got the black dragon's attention, he blinked slowly with his big blue eyes before talking. —You were?

—We were also beaten, yelled, and starved, not as bad as you of course— the silver kitten said.

—But they were going to kill us.

—Cale also saved us— On's voice was soft —I like him, he's a good person, and he has never lied to us, so you can be sure you'll be fine here.

—Although if you want you can be our little brother and came with us!

—That would also be good.

—Cale will treat you well!

—He gave us food and clothes, and a warm place to stay.

—We live in Rain city not far away from here, you can come and see— the red kitten smiled —We will be waiting for you!

As the little one said that, the both of them started running to catch up with the others.

"Rain city..." the dragon hugged the bag with potions. He hated humans, they were evil creatures, but...he could not help looking at the back of the red haired one that was now far away, as well as the kittens that had talked with him. He could not help looking until they were out of sight.

Chapter Text

He looked at the woman sitting in front of the window, looking puzzled as she got more and more lost in her thoughts, her beautiful red hair had been braided not long ago, and even though her expensive clothes, the beautiful room she was in and the delicious food on the table, Cale could tell she was sad.

He hesitated, should he approach her or not? He felt that he shouldn't, but at that moment the woman turned her head around and stared at him for a couple of seconds, then her eyes brightened again and closed slightly as she smiled. 


—My baby, come here my little kitten. 

She extended her arms, the boy quickly went to her and hugged her. Feeling her hand caressing his hair, that familiar smell surrounding him, and that soft voice. 

—My sweet Cale, did you remember the promise you made to mommy? 

—About the cat? 

—Yes, that one.

—Don't worry, I haven't tell or shown to anyone. 

—Cale, remember well, no one can know about that, not even your father, we...are different, very different from other beast people, we are not a cat or a human, but we can be any of those without others knowing about our blood line, that is something others can't accept, so you must keep it a secret, even after mommy...

The woman closed her mouth with a painful smile. She only held her son's face in her hands. 

—Although it pains me for asking you to do this, it's for your safety and our family's safety, so please, promised me again, that you won't ever let others know, and that you will be strong no matter what.

—I promise mom. 

—Good, that's my little kitten— she put her forehead against him and smiled.

It wasn't long after that, that Cale stood out of his mother's room as he heard his father's cries coming from inside. But he had to be strong, he had promised to. He let his father cry on his shoulder as he comforted him, yet he wasn't aloud to let out a single tear. He walked by the now extremely cold, silent and huge house, without smiling, the only comfort he had was the nanny that had been with him since he was a baby, but the old lady had to retire due to her age just a year after that. 

He continued to be strong. 

—He doesn't look like a child at all. 

—He is kind of terrifying, I haven't seen him cry or mourn his mother in all this time, mister Deruth has immersed himself on his work because of his pain, yet the son...

—That kid can't feel at all. 

An emotionless little bastard. That's how they talked about him.

"I can feel though, as well as I can hear you all" the gossip between the servants was cruel and hurtful, yet, he needed to be strong. 

Soon enough as his father stopped talking, eating or paying him attention until strictly necessary, the servants comments became louder and worst, they also started to ignore him. He didn't say anything so was just let there like an abandoned pet that was once cared for but had lost his family's love. And as such, he learned to take care of himself. 

Cale knew he was no normal child, once he saw, read or heard something, he was able to remember, it was a painful ability, but useful, thanks to it he made his own food to not starve, he really didn't like the occasional dinners with his father, but that was the only time he was sure people wouldn't forget about his food. 

Still, he endure all of that, because he had to be strong, even if he felt like he was losing something more and more as days went by. Then that day came.

—Cale, this is Violan, I will be marrying her in a month.  

"You are marrying?, after just two years of her death?" He wanted to scream and reproach him, how unfair all this was. He hadn't shed any tears, he didn't complain about anything, he couldn't even forget his mother. But he had promised. 

—Hello Cale, it's a pleasure to meet you. 


—Cale, can't you present yourself correctly? She will be your mother soon.

—No, I can't. 

He just left. He couldn't show his pain, but he could at least show his disapproval in that childish manner. 

"I'm never going to make a promise again" 

Then, he had to met his new brother Basen. Cale liked him, he was two years younger and even though he clearly was a bit afraid of his cold demeanor, Basen still followed him around from time to time. But then, while playing with him he accidentally pushed him making him fall. 

—Young master Basen!!

One of the ladies working at the house saw the scene and ran towards the kid that was on the ground still not knowing if he had to cry or not. 

—Are you alright? Does it hurt?— she comforted the kid as he started crying and then glared at Cale —How can you do this to a younger kid?! To your brother?!

"It was an accident" yet his father didn't even heard him before grounding him. He never heard anyways, no one ever did. They just talked and talked with no intention of paying any attention to him. 

—He is violent, a little trash master like the son from that other company's CEO. 

—You are right, now he is just intimidating his brother, but seeing how cold he is and the way he looks at others I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up becoming worst, he is already a problem. 

A problem. A problem?, if they wanted him to become like that, why not try? At least people gave a quick glance to those that were one, he would show them that he could actually be a trash young master. 

He ended up recieving his father attention in the form of scoldings for some time, but after his little sister was born, the attention he could get from him became almost nonexistant with time. 

—Just let it be, it will pass with time— that was what he heard his father said to his step mother once. If his own family wasn't concerned or interested about him, of course the other people wouldn't either.

Sometimes he was thankful that people didn't approach him or even checked on him. When he locked himself on his room no one would dare to walk in as the trashy young master could get mad and throw things at them. When he was sick, he became so unstable that he would turn into a cat without being able to turn back, it was okay to stay without food for a day while resting, he had to fulfill his promise of not letting anyone know, and since people didn't care about his food unless his father decided to eat with him, he would just endure with water until he was able to turn into a human again. 

He didn't want anything from his family, cause when he did want something from his father he could never have it, so why be interested in inheriting the company? Even if he knew how to, cause he had diligently studied since little, he was just...exhausted. Basen was better for that. He would be an even more bigger trash for his brother to have that, failing school and stop going, drinking and having fights with people. At least he really learned how to show emotions again while faking. Then, he became a thief.  

Stealing from others, feeling the adrenaline, having money on his hands, made him felt a little more alive. He was a member of the cat clan even if no one knew, so little by little he perfected his techniques to be stealthier and become a good thief, the worst that could happen was for him to get caught, but who would care?. He had promised to be strong, and that implied living the longer he could, so no matter what that was something he wanted to avoid.

Yet, he didn't recent his mother, she had made him promise thinking on his own wellbeing, because she trusted Deruth, as she knew she was going to die eventually, it wasn't her fault, but it also wasn't his father's fault, or at least that was what he tried to convince himself as the years went by, cause if he hated his father, What would be left for him?

Then, as he started his career as a thief, he used the money and information he had gotten to create a new life. His mother had left that necklace behind, one that could be engraved with the appearance of a person. His nanny had once a son that had died, he saw a picture of him, so replicating his appearance was easy, then Kim Rok Soo was born, walking with a new skin was refreshing too refreshing, and when he found out about the plaza terror incident, he faked his death and embraced that new life. 

But now.

Cale opened his eyes, he was on Beacrox couch, the lights were off, and not a single sound could be heard. He stared a the little bodies beside him, breathing calmly. He had broken the first and last promise of his life, but he was not worried at all. He had broken it by taking this kids out of that hell, and that was enough.

No children should be starved or mistreated, he could had never left them there. They had not live the same, but he could still understand. The same with the little dragon, he understood how much he needed his freedom, he was not as strong as that little one, Cale respected the dragon for enduring so much when he would have give up a long time ago. 

Seeing the chests of the kittens go up and down he maintained his expressionless face, but moved closer and surrounded them with his tale and body, sighing and resting his head to try and sleep again. Maybe this time this cursed mind of his wouldn't show him his memories instead of a simple dream. 

A solitary figure landed on the garden, invisible to other's eyes. He stared at the house, sensing those familiar smells from the inside, as well as the presence of those that had captured his attention, unable to understand the reason he was here. They had practically gave him a whole territory for his use, all to avoid the beings he hated, yet he was here in the middle of a city, looking at this house, waiting patiently until the morning and holding a bottle of healing potion between his paws.

They had said he could come, so he did, he wasn't going to be tamed by mere humans or be held captive again, but he was curious about the feeling in his chest and the words the kittens had said to him, that this human was good and had saved them too.

"They understand me a bit, since they suffered something similar, and it was that human who saved them" he had also saved him. 

Humans are cruel, vicious and evil, but this one had a nice gaze, warm arms and a beat heart whose throbbing was soothing. So he would take a little time to observe him and see if what the kittens said was true, somehow...he wanted to believe it.

When On woke up the next morning, she found herself being hugged by the big red cat that would usually push them away during their sleep. Her nose twitched and a smile appeared in her face as she enjoyed the sensation. She stayed there until steps could be heard on the hallway, soon the door opened slowly. 

Beacrox looked inside to see the silver kitten staring back at him, while the other two were still soundly sleeping. He made a sign with his hand so she could come closer. The girl carefully got out of Cale's paws and went out of the livingroom, then the door was closed again. 

—Will you help me with breakfast? 

—Of course. 

—Go wash yourself and come back. 


She went to the bathroom, change to her human form, washed her face, hands and brushed her teeth, then went back. The days Cale was sick she started to help him in the kitchen for simple things like washing the vegetables, peeling them, or learning little things she wasn't allowed to do yet but tried hard to remember.

—What do you want for breakfast? 

—Whatever is good sir.

—What about pancakes? 

Her eyes brightened. —We can? 

—Of course.

—Then yes, I want pancakes! 

—Go to the fridge and take out the blueberries, eggs, butter and milk.

Soon after that all those things, including the flour and the bowls she could not reach as she was too short, were in the table. She sat down there watching him do the batter quickly and then start making them. 

—On, can you take out the trash? This is almost full already. 

As he was cleaning and tossed the last egg shell on the trashcan, he said to the girl, that nodded, closed the bag and took it out to the trashcans in the garden. But as she was going back she saw a patch of grass that looked as something heavy was over it. On wasn't stupid, she smiled and went inside, washing her hands, taking a napkin and some blueberries and going back outside under the excuse she didn't put back on the trashcan lid. 

She didn't get to close to that section of grass, but she could see it faintly move, she put the napkin with blueberries on the grass and smiled. 

—This is your breakfast, I can't give you more right now, also, you are pressing down the grass so others can see were you are— she saw as some grass moved as if a tail had slide over it —Be carefull. 

The little dragon saw her get inside, he stayed there for a couple of minutes before approaching the fruit, he eated one carefully and his eyes widened. How come something could be this sweet and good? Compared to the raw meat he had eaten while imprisoned, this was just something that had fallen from heaven. He had look around in the forest of darkness, there were plenty monsters to haunt and eat, but things like this, he had yet to find any. He flew over to the pavement on the other half of the garden and sit there to eat, then he started to look through the window that lead to the kitchen.  

Beacrox finished another pile of pancakes and put them in a plate, then took out the syrup and covered them in it, not before putting some butter on it to melt, when he was placing all in the table, he noticed the girl staring to the window from time to time. He had obviously noticed how she took some fruit outside. 

"It could not be right?" He thought, he had seen the kids talking to the dragon the night before, but that was impossible, that dragon hated humans, why would he come here? 

—Go wake up those two, can't believe they are still sleeping...


To her surprise, Hong was awake, but he had fallen for the warm trap that were Cale's arms an tail that was wrapped around the really happy kitten enjoying himself there. After seeing his sister's glare though, Hong slowly started to move and got out of the couch returning to his human form. 

—Cale, Cale breakfast is ready. 

The cat took his paws to his face covering his eyes while slightly stretching, he wanted to sleep more, but that little conciousness he had there allowed him to smell the food, so although a little reluctant he opened his eyes and went with Hong to the bathroom to wash himself. 

—Pancakes!!— Hong screamed as soon as he entered the kitchen and saw the food. 

—They look nice right?— On carefully put her brothers hair out of his face with one of the hair clips Cale had bought for her.

—They do! 

—Oh, it had been a while since I had pancakes— Cale sit grabbing the silverware —We might need to cut your hair Hong. 

—Why? It's fine, you have it long too. 

—I have it long because it's too much work to cut it. 

—You mean it's too much work to walk, go all the way to the barber shop and get it cut— Beacrox sit down next to him as he said that. 


—I can cut it if you want.  

On saw how the red haired stopped his movements for a moment before continue to eat, nodding. 

—Okay, you are not cutting my neck though, right?

—Very temping, but no, I would hate to clean after, blood it's so difficult to get rid of. 

—How reassuring. 

—I'll be opening the coffe shop again tomorrow, you are going to work. 


—Don't make that face, the kids have done more than you this last week. 

—It's not my fault I was injured and then got sick. 

—It WAS your fault.


He continued to eat in silence, as On sighed. She then slightly widened her eyes as she saw how one of the leftover pancakes on the counter floated away through the slightly opened window.

She didn't saw a thing, nothing at all. But then her eyes stopped on Cale's face, that had apparently lose all appetite as he put his fork down. There were still three untouched pancakes on his plate, he put a little bit more of syrup on them and left it in the counter before grabbing an apple and sitting again. 

Beacrox watched him in confusion, not being able to understood what was wrong with this man that had replaced perfectly fine pancakes with an apple. 

—So, what am I supposed to do during work. 

—I need you on the shop attending the costumers while I make the food, it will be just for a couple of hours and then I will take over, do you know how to make coffe? 

—No, I know how to make drinks though? But I don't think you sell alcohol. 

—I'll teach you later then— he decided to ignore the other part. 


—I will help you on the kitchen sir— On said. 

—Me too! 

Cale nodded. It was better for them to be here than at the shop, the cat clan could recognize them. They might need to move to another city in the future, but. "All food it's going to be tasteless after eating Beacrox's food" 

They finished their breakfast, Cale and Beacrox stayed in the kitchen cleaning and washing the dishes, while On and Hong went to clean the shop as they had been doing every morning. 

Cale looked at the plate with pancakes he had left there in the counter, he went and opened the window completely, taking a peek outside, there was nothing, but, he was no fool. 

—This are yours, just take them, since you flew all the way here at least eat something. 

Beacrox gave him a weird look. 

—You know, I might not be the most strong person, in fact I'm very weak— he continued cleaning the table —But I have sharp senses, more than the majority of people. 


—I can easily detect presences and mana, the little dragon should be more careful.  

—Oh? That's an interesting ability. 

—It's not that good sometimes, you still give me chills because of the strong smell of blood.

Beacrox was surprised by his words, did this man really feared him? If that was the case he was something else considering how he always get on his nerves.  

—Is it that bad?— he slightly frown. 

—Well, your face is also scary, your person in general it's scary, but I don't know, you also feel comfortable to be around.


—Tell me, are you good with kids and small animals? I do feel more relaxed while being a cat, if not I wouldn't have let you carry me. 



—No, nothing, just didn't expect you to actually trust me. 

—As a human I fear you, but as a cat, I don't know, you are nice. 

"So it wasn't that he was manipulating me with his cat form, he just felt more at ease like that" he didn't know how to feel about that. Honestly, he was week against children and small creatures, usually they would get close to him, wich had always surprised him considering he was an assassin and children specifically should be terrified of him unconsciously, yet that was never the case. 

The little dragon heard their conversation as he eated the pancakes, he had take them while the two men were distracted and started to eat under the window. Humans were really vicious and evil, but their food was nice. "This are soft and sweet, are these the fruits she gave me before?" He didn't care as it was delicious.  

"That human is weird" he thought "He is weak, weaker than the tip of my claw, yet he was able to sense me, I have to be much more careful" he stuffed his mouth with the last pancake and licked his lips to clean himself, he then carefully put the plate back on the counter. 

—Are you going to stay here? I thought you hated humans— Cale said while drying the plates Beacrox had washed.

The dragon did hate them, but he was curious about one in particular.  

—If you are going to keep appearing here, then just say it, Beacrox can feed you. 


—Aren't you the owner of the house? Besides cooking for another mouth shouldn't be difficult, or are you going to starve a kid? 

"Yeah, he is really weird" just last night Cale had said he would not take care of him, yet now he was offering him food. "He did lie" but somehow he didn't mind this lie.

Not like Cale could had know the dragon would actually follow them back, what was wrong with the child? He was supposed to be on the forest of darkness enjoying his freedom but instead was here.

They heard how the window closed and turned around. The dragon had probably go and did that to let them know. 

—Do you think he will come back?— Beacrox asked.

—I don't know, it would be easier for everyone if he just decided to stay in the forest, but I guess I can understand him. 

Had someone appeared during the times he was the most unstable and weak to take him away from everything, he might have quietly followed him around. But considering the deep hate the kid had developed against humans, he thought it would be completely impossible for him to even think about it. 

—I saw the kids talking with him before as we were going away. 

"Aigooo...." he closed his eyes and frowned, it couldn't be this happened because of something the kids had said right? Right?

Anyways, now he had other things to think about, as Beacrox dragged him to the coffe shop to show him how to make the different coffees and also the prices of everything. That wasn't much work for him as Cale could remember everything the first time, then it only took a little practice to be able to make almost everything.

—I still think it's too much work, it's easier to just make instant coffee.

—I'm not selling crap in my coffee shop, you will have to prepare yourself, we open at seven. 


—This street it's the most short route to the center and a lot of people that are going to work stop here for coffe, so we open early. 

—You do realize I'm not a morning person?— "I don't really need to sleep that much but I still want to sleep!" 

—Then, do you prefer waking up at five to have the first sandwiches and pastries ready for when we open or just for selling coffe during one hour and a half before almost no clients show up until ten in the morning? 

He closed his mouth, cursing internally. —Fine...

—Now, I'll show you where we have the things if the client wants his order for take out.

—I evaded coffe shops and fast food restaurants for so long, yet I still ended up working in one...

—What? Did you never work in one of this? 

—How would I work? I didn't need to, my father would gave me all the money I wanted, one or two millions, that was almost like his pocket money.

—Then why were you avoiding this places? 

—Oh, that was during this year, I needed a work as Kim Rok Soo so people won't question were I got my money from.

—Why would you need to be another person if your father could give you anything? 

A fake smiled appeared in his face as he leaned on the counter. —Yeah I wonder, I'm probably just an ungrateful son. 

Beacrox knew immediately he shouldn't press more on that, so instead he just continued with what they were talking before. 

—So, come here, you have to learn everything so my shop doesn't end up in fire.

—Ugh okay. 

On and Hong had finished with the cleaning on the shop a little earlier than other days to let those two do whatever they had to, and now they were on the door on the kitchen, looking outside at the garden. 

—Are you sure he came? 

—I saw him this morning— although she couldn't really say that was seeing him. 

—Maybe he decided to just go...shoot, I wanted a younger brother. 

—We just have to wait and- 

She was cut by the sound of something falling to the ground. Their eyes widened as they saw a bag with oranges on the grass. Where they just seeing things? On walked towards it, the bag was the same one she had seen Cale fill with potions the other day, the one they had give to the dragon. The girl looked around and smiled. 

—Thank you, is this a repay for the fruits and breakfast? 

She didn't get an answer, but instead her eyes fixed in a section of the grass that was being pressed down. Hong also went to her side to look at it.

—This ones look delicious, since it's a gift, we will share it with you, here— she took out one of the oranges and peeled it, then handed it in the direction she supposed the dragon was. 

They counted, ten seconds, twenty, then almost at thirty, the orange flew on the hair and dissapeared at some point, but they could hear someone eating it. The two kids sat on the floor and started eating two. This brought On's memories about meeting Cale back to her. 

Cale had been thrown inside the cell next to theirs and started to curse to the guard without any filter, waking them up. Both of them stayed silent seeing him let out all his repertoire of curses before the young man finally laid his eyes on them. 

—What the fuck are you staring at?

His voice was filled with annoyance and it honestly felt that he wanted to say much more just like with the guard, but he closed his mouth after seeing them there and calmed down. They were afraid of him after seeing how he had acted at first, but Cale never said any bad word to them after that first one, he also got so bored of being imprisoned that he started to talk with them and got to exchange stories, then he had clearly taken pity of them as he started to give them half his food. He was sarcastic and rude, but nice to them, and when they heard the clan was ready to kill Cale as well as the two of them in the next days, they could only be okay with it since there was no way out, but soon after the storm started, the heard a metallic sound that was partially being hide by the thunders. 

Cale got out of his cell, and he could have just go, but he turned around and started to open theirs. 

—You can transform into cats right? Do me a favor and do that cause my arms are weak and I can't hold you both with my weak ass noodle arms.

If it weren't because Hong didn't cling onto him strong enough and fell, they wouldn't be found out, and if it weren't for a dagger going in On's direction Cale wouldn't have been hurt. He still carried them for a long distance before passing out and transforming into a cat. 

If it weren't for Cale, they would be dead, and this black dragon would have stayed in that place until losing his rationality and start killing everything around him.

Sharing food with someone in a similar situation or that understands you, it was nice, as well as helping others.

—This are delicious right?— On finally said while peeling her second orange —We didn't had a lot of things to eat before, but thanks to Cale and Beacrox we can eat delicious food every day. 

—And we are not beaten anymore, we also don't have to bear with the cold at night, I like it here— Hong offered the one he had just peeled, this time it didn't took long for it to levitate and disappear again.

—Where did you get this oranges anyways? 

She had only asked, not waiting for an answer, but soon enough a voice that clearly belonged to a kid was heard.

—A tree, the humans...were taking them, and one ate some. 

—Oh, I see, it's not good to steal, unless you steal for bad people, but you didn't know so it's okay. 

—Sister is right, stealing it's only good when you take things from bad people! 

—Bad.. people?— the dragon asked.

—Yes, like the people that kept you in that place, or the ones that had us trapped in that old house back in our clan, those are bad terrible people. 

—Very terrible— Hong agreed. 

—You might not believe us, but there are good humans, although, I wouldn't say Cale is a human though. 

—Not a human?— by his voice the siblings could say the dragon had quite the shock from that information. 

—He is from the cat clan like us, he is a beast person, he can also do this— On changed into her cat form —But he is different than us, he doesn't have the aura of our clan, so it's normal that you can't tell— she transformed back.

—Not human....

—Beacrox is a human, but he is good, he took us in and treated Cale after he got injured, he also makes delicious food! 

—You know— On sighed after before continuing —Cale said he won't take care of you, but I'm pretty sure he will end up accepting if you insist enough. 

—Yeah, he is lazy and rude and can barely do anything, he is also weak, but he is kind so he might actually take you in. 

—And Beacrox can't say no to him sometimes so he might also let you stay. 

The dragon heard their chatting in silence. He did see a lot of things, when he left the forest to look for them. The human cities were big and full of lights, with people walking on the streets without worries, ones even holding a children on their arms, others laughing and hugging, people that helped others, old ones that had difficulty to walk. So many different kinds of humans, and even though their faces were overlapped by that Venion human, they didn't act like him.

"I have a lot to learn" he had been on the dark for five years, thinking of what was a truth for him, that humans were evil, yet he had met others that had different opinions and was doubting even more his own ideas. 

—Oh, if you come later, I'll share my chips with you.

—And I'll share my chocolate bonbons!

—Chips? Chocolate? 

—Those are food, we haven't eaten them yet because we had popcorn the other day, so we will share them with you, so try not to take things from others, we will give you food. 

—You are our youngest, so we have to take care of you.

—I will be back for the food, not because of all of you!

After those words, the dragon spread his wings and flew to one of the trees in the nearby houses. He was confused, the world outside his cell was more big and complicated that he thought, "I'm free but...I want to know more" and that wasn't something he could do on that forest, so he would stick with them for a little bit more. 

As the day went, Cale learned the basics for his new job that he didn't even asked for, but did his best anyways. During the afternoon he was free to slack all he wanted as the kids decided to go play on the garden and Beacrox was busy preparing everything for tomorrow. Then next morning he was woken up by the infernal sound of his fucking phone alarm. 

—Uuuuuuuuughhh....— "Maybe five more minutes...." 

—Cale wake up!!— a red kitten started to move him around.

—C'mon Cale, we have to work!!

The two kids were so excited that all their sleepiness disintegrated the moment they heard the alarm. With nothing to say or do, Cale finally opened his eyes and stretched before turning back into a human and turn off that insufferable sound of hell coming from his phone.

After they were all done dressing up, they went to the kitchen, were Beacrox had already some things cooking on the oven as well as others on the counter ready to be put on the store.

—I put your sandwiches on the fridge, you two can take out the milk and serve it yourselves too. 

Cale let the children take out their breakfast. —Where is the tea? 

—The big drawer on my left.

—Wow..— he couldn't help show his astonishment seeing all the jars filled with tea leaves labeled with their respective names —I thought tea bags were good. 

—You drink that crap in my house and I swear to god I won't hesitate to kick you out.  

—Tsk...— he choose an apple one and started preparing it —It's more easier that way though...

—I said no. 

—Well, since this one taste better I guess I can make the effort of brewing it...I don't really now how though. 

—I can see that— he watched the young man for a moment before frowning and taking the cup from his hands and throw it's contents to the sink —Let me do it. 

—This would have been easier if you had done it from the start— he smirked and went to sit.

—I didn't knew you were this incompetent— he had said that, but had also the idea the red haired had done that on purpose to make him do it.

—In my defense, no one ever taught me, and, I didn't even need to— he conformed with water, juice, or alcohol while growing up. 

"Of course, you came from a rich family"  he finished brewing the tea and served it, then proceeded to continue kneading the dough he was working on before. 

—How much money I'm gonna be paid? 

—You are staying in my house for free, letting your fur all over my couch and doing nothing yet you want me to pay you? 

—Zero then I guess. 

—How do you get your money Cale?— On could not help but ask.

—By completely legal ways of course— he took a sip of his tea, but then saw the face of the girl —It's stolen, there, you happy? 

—So then you are a thief? 

—Pretty much, yeah.

—How do you steal the money? Don't adults have that like...virta..viruta...

—Virtual— On helped her brother.

—That! Virtual money! 

—It's not that difficult, I just hack their bank accounts directly from their own computers while I'm also taking other things.  

—What? Now you are a hacker?— Beacrox looked at him with incredulity. 

—Well yeah, that's how I get the information of my victims, I don't do it too much though, since it takes time...and effort, and besides, vicious old people lovers of money tend to have gold, jewels, bills and coins in a safe cause they like to see their fortune, so it's not always necessary.  

—I see...— the girl looked like she was taking mental notes in her head.

Beacrox that didn't liked that gave Cale a glare. —Can't believe I let a thief stay in my house. 

—Hey, you are an assassin and I'm not complaining, wich of the two professions it's the worst? 

—Still, you shouldn't talk about those things when the kids are here. 

—The cat clan it's known for their assasination skills and red of information, you think they haven't hear worst things before? 

The man just gave in, there was no use on fighting with Cale when he had such a way with words and knew how to respond back to fucking everything.

—Besides, I only steal from people that deserves it, like the family of that stupid Neo Tolz— he grumbled that last part and then started eating his breakfast. 

"Neo Tolz...?" Beacrox stopped what he was doing for a moment. Why did the name sounded so familiar? "I think he was on the news about a year ago or more" but before he could remember his thoughts were interrupted.  

—So I just have to be at the shop until lunch? 

—Yes, we have the shop open until two, close for half an hour to eat and then I can take care of it. 

—At what hour do you close? 

—At six usually, after that time it's not very wise to have the shop open,  the streets are dangerous around this zone.

—I see, not as dangerous as the people here though.

—Yes, but even so, I won't let some idiots destroy part of my shop. 

—I understand, I would also get mad if someone stole or destroyed my things.

Beacrox new that very well, although Cale looked weak and was kind of an idiot, be didn't hesitate to kill when needed. "How did a spoiled brat ended being like that?" He was getting more and more curious, but by how Cale acted when the topic came regarding his family or past, it was better not to ask.

That morning, Cale learned that he never, ever, wanted to work in his whole life, now he understood why people looked so soulless after work. Having to be polite to people that had bad attitudes, smiling instead of punching the fucker on the face, having to be standing for so long without being able to eat any of the pastries on display, truly a nightmare. He had obviously taken Kim Rok Soo's appearance so people wouldn't recognize him, but at least, everything went just like Beacrox had said. 

They opened at seven as Beacrox had said, then several costumer went in and he had to work fast and diligently to take the orders and make them, running from one side to another. How did the father and son duo take care of this place on their own? Maybe the constant practice made it easy for them, but this was his first day and he already wanted to quit, too bad he wasn't allowed. 

—Thank you, have a nice day.

He saw the last client went out and proceeded to sit down and take out his phone, it was almost nine in the morning, and as Beacrox had said, there was barely any people that came at that hour. 

So, as anyone would do, he started to read his web novels while no one was there. Unfortunately for him, about half an hour later a client came in, Cale mental alarm went off the moment the man opened the door, yet he stayed calm, pretending he was reading although his mind was busy with every movement this person was making, he then put his phone away when he came to close. 

—Good morning how may I help you? 

The man stayed silent for a moment, checking him from head to toe.

—A caramel macchiato and three vanilla donuts, please. 

—Immediately, that would be nine thirty, would you like it for take out? 

—No, I'll be eating here— he took out the money and paid.

—Alright, I'll make your order in just a moment.

The man nodded and went to sit to one of the tables, the took out a laptop and started working. His almost silver hair was combed perfectly and was probably using a perfume, but that didn't fool Cale at all, not with that strong smell of blood even worse than the one he could sense in Beacrox.

—There had been several crimes lately.

Suddenly the man comented, almost making him drop the cup in his hands. 

—Yes, the streets are more and more dangerous, we have to close at six because of that, here close to the center some criminal gangs have take a liking to go around and cause trouble. 

—I wonder what does the police do now, just a little more than a two weeks ago some people tried to rob my house, thankfully my son was there— the man stopped typing and watched how he was making the drink —You are new right? I haven't come in a while but I'm pretty sure the one attending almost all the time was an old man. 

—That's my boss father, I think he was out due to some business, should be coming back soon. 

—I see— his eyes went back to his laptop —Do you have cats? 

He finished the drink and put the three donuts on a plate, then heard the question, without any change on his facial expression he put everything on a tray and went to his table. 

—Why you ask? Did my cat let fur on my clothes again?— he checks his clothes after he put the food on the table. 

—Just one there on your shoulder— he signaled —A red cat I see, the only one? 

—Yes, it's a big cat that has been with me since I was little, very lazy. 

—Oh I see. 

He went back to his seat and took his phone out again. Just by that quick approach he was sure of it, that man was from the cat clan. "Did they found me or....the kids?" The man had asked for a cat pet, maybe thinking he had found the children in their cat form and took them in. After all, he might be an exception on the, aura and smell of beast people thing, but the kids were not and could be found because of that. 

He remained quiet and calm until the man finished his food about half an hour later, took his things and finally went out leaving him alone. 

"Do I really have to call Bud again and ask him to get rid of them? It won't be difficult since I have almost all the information about them" what a terrible thing it was to have everything to get rid of a problem, except for the power to do so, it was the bad part of working alone, it brought so many benefits but at the same time a lot of problems. 

He got out of his thoughts as a client went in, going to his business smile again. 

Cale wanted to die, was it that difficult to give him that? At least he would be able to sleep, and for eternity wich was a double prize. 

—Stop acting like a car went over you— Beacrox pinched the bridge of his nose. 

The red haired was now on the couch like a dying plant, limp and barely moving. 

—Just have some patience with me, I don't want to do that job again in my life, I'm seriously feeling so bad about the people that has to deal with shit like that the whole fucking weak. 

—If you weren't from a rich family or had the abilities to become a thief what would you even do with your life? Die in a ditch?

—I don't know— he said while finally moving and sitting how he was supposed to —Maybe become a trophy husband. 

Beacrox almost chocked after hearing that. —A what?!

—What? Who says only women can do it?, I mean I'm pretty handsome myself aren't I? If I weren't I wouldn't recieve offers to become a model. 

—Why would you..?

—If someone were to maintain me and give me everything want I don't see why not? But since I have money and abilities to get even more money in my own way, it's not that necessary.  

—Not that neccessary? Shouldn't it be that it's not necessary at all? 

—Who am I to ignore good offers?

He just shook his head and sighed. —Whatever, you have been here since I went to take over at the shop, why don't you fucking move? It's almost seven, do you want me to cut your hair now? 

—Okay, just don't kill me accidentally.

They went to the garden and put a chair in the half that was paved and Cale sit there, Beacrox put a white cloth around him so his hair would not fall to his clothes. On and Hong were playing on the grass with a ball, he watched them as he felt the chef's hand going through his hair. 

"It feels nice..." it brought some old memories, how many years had been since someone treated him carefully? The last one was his mother.

The little dragon was suffering in his own way, as he was curious about the game the kids were playing but couldn't participate, he was too stubborn for that, so instead he went near the humans and stared at them before making himself comfortable to watch On and Hong play.

It was rather peaceful for everyone. Then Beacrox finished with his hair. Cale went to see himself on the mirror. 

—I look the same as I did in school...

—That's bad? 

—No, I like it— he smiled and turned around to see him —Thanks. 

Beacrox forgot how to talk for a moment, he nodded and then saw the red haired go to the garden. 

—I should just go and make dinner...

The kids were sitting on the grass, it was already getting dark outside, so Cale watched them from the door, then his eyes when to the spot next to them. 

"I can't believe he is still here...." he wanted to cry, but still, a kid was a kid. 

—Hey— the kids looked at him —Come in already is getting dark, go wash your hands and face— he was about to go in but turned aroun —The three of you. 

On and Hong smiled brightly, as they stood up and went inside. Cale started to help Beacrox on the kitchen and when the food was almost ready he set the table.

On and Hong also helped, then they sit down, there was an extra seat in the table. Beacrox served the chicken with smashed potatoes for the five, then all take a sit. 

—Aren't you going to show yourself? We already know you are here anyways— Cale looked at the empty seat, then a second later the little dragon appeared there —Don't let it get cold and eat, if you want more just say eat, mister chef will give you more. 

Beacrox didn't even try to retaliate and just started eating.

—....why?— the little dragon laid his blue eyes on him.

By his gaze it didn't take Cale long to understand what he meant. —Kids need to eat, aren't you one? 

—No, I'm not small, I'm a dragon...

—Yes, a great and mighty dragon, but even dragons need to eat, so just go ahead and do that, you can also sleep inside tonight, you can stay as long as you want. 

—You say it like it's your house...

—Are you then going to make a kid sleep outside? 


—That's what I thought.  

The little dragon just saw them all eat, then looked at his own plate. Warm food, he had never had that before, he took the first bite of the meat, it was delicious. Then why did he want to cry? Was it because of the warm atmosphere he had never been in before? Or the feeling in his chest? It was like he was sad but happy at the same time. As he was stuffing his mouth with food, a long pale hand got close to him. He closed his eyes, yet he was then cleaned with a napkin.  

—You don't have to eat so fast, you are getting food all over you, no one is going to take it away from you so don't worry— Cale finished cleaning the kid and nodded at his good work. 

—Here eat more!— Hong proceeded to put more of the side dishes on the dragons plate. 

"'s really warm" the dragon though and continued with his food. 

Cale watched the kids eat and made sure they finished everything before starting to put all the dirty dishes on the sink for Beacrox to clean it, then he put a movie on the TV for the kids to watch and went back to the kitchen. Beacrox had already cleaned everything and was taking some ingredients out. Cale started to dry the plates and the silverware while watching him, taking his time. 

"I remember my nanny, she would make pie at night so I could eat it in the morning" he could tell by the ingredients Beacrox was making the same. 

—It's for the shop? 

—Yes, it takes a while for it to cool down so it's better to make it now so tomorrow I can put my attention in other things. 

—I see...— he dried another plate and grabbed the next one.

When he was ready with that he approached the table, seeing a little bit of the pie dough he could not help to take it and put it in his mouth as he did as a child. 

—Spit it out! 

Cale was startled. —Wha-? 

The chef grabbed him by the chin. —Spit it out, do you want to get sick again? 

Cale started to walk back seeing how close they were, feeling his ears and neck turning red, yet he soon found himself cornered against the kitchen counter, on wich Beacrox put his free hand to keep him from running away.

—Spit it out it has raw ingredients, that's not safe to eat. 

—Okay okay— he put his hands on the chef's chest in panic to put him away when suddenly the door to the garden opened and an old man entered.  

He looked at the two on the kitchen, who were in a very...compromising situation, with a blank face. Then Beacrox looked at him, then at Cale and how they were and his eyes widened as his blood started to go straight to his face.

—Ho...sorry for the intrusion— he closed the door behind him, walked to the other side of the kitchen and went to the hallway. 

They stayed silent for a moment, then Beacrox finally snapped out of it and let Cale go as he ran behind the man.

—Wait! Father! It's not what you think!! 

Cale was left alone in the kitchen, he silently spit out the dough in his mouth and throw it in the trash, then took a moment to breathe. "What the fuck was that?!!!" He covered his face with his hands as he could now feel his face burning.

He was just thinking too much, too much!!

"Wait...father?" He just then realized that Beacrox father the old assassin had come back "I should better go check on the children while he talk with his father" 

Beacrox would probably take his time explaining his father all that was going on in his house while he was out, so he just sat down in the couch and watched the movie in silence. Since the kids had sense Ron's presence, the dragon was invisible again, although one could tell his location since there was a weird space between the siblings.

When the movie was almost finishing the door opened and all the uninvited guests in the house turned their heads to look at the old man standing there with a benign smile that gave Cale th chills. Ron maintain his expression as he stared at Cale, then his smile become even more terrifying. 

—So, Cale Henituse, would you mind if we talk? 

Cale become even paler than he was hearing his whole name. This man knew him, he had recognized him. But he still maintained his stoic expression as he nodded and followed him, trying not to let his nervousness and fear show. 

It was going to be a rather uncomfortable chat for Cale, that was for sure.




Chapter Text


He sat down, they were on the old man's room, probably so the kids wouldn't hear their conversation. It was more like an interrogation than a simple chat but he couldn't complain about that, not when he was in that chair and the old man was in front of him sitting in the bed with his son. Beacrox looked serious, as his father probably told him about Cale's identity. 

—Cale Henituse, such a weird place to find you, my name is Ron Molan, and as you already know this is my son.

—Good to know you too, although I thought I would be out of here before you came back. 

—Yes, my plans changed and I had to return earlier, but letting that aside, may I know how someone who was supposed to be dead is here in my house? 

—Do I have to respond to that?— he leaned on the chair crossing his arms. 

Beacrox was shocked when he heard from his father who Cale was supposed to be, the man acted so much like a child that he couldn't believe he was known as a trash and a problem back in the capital, not to mention that he was supposed to have died a year ago during the plaza terror incident. But now it was the first time seeing Cale with a stoic face, relaxed and acting like a proper young master, not showing emotions.

—Well, I would like an answer, after all it was me the one that your father assigned to look for you after you dissapeared.

Although Cale didn't show any response, Ron could see how his hands clenched for a moment. He just couldn't understand how the son of a man that gave everything to his family, who was known as an idiot that failed school, was capable of not only faking his death, but create a whole knew identity and had been living like that for the last year. 

—You searched for me? Why would anyone waste their time like that? 

—Your father was devastated when he thought you were dead, and he was in an even worse state after we couldn't found but a piece of the bag you were carrying that day. 

Cale scoffed. —Like he would care. 

Ron scowled. —He was, a father would always care about their children, mister Deruth, he-

—I don't want to hear it. 

The old man closed his mouth and analyzed this young man in front of him, he had never really known him before, just heard the rumors, Deruth wouldn't really mention him much when they talked. In the past when he was just starting his life thanks to Deruth, he knew the child existed, at that time he should had around two to three years. Out of respect and for security, Ron rejected to meet him or his mother Jour, so although there were chances, he never took them and now, sixteen years later he finally met him under this situation. 

—May I know why you faked your death? 

Cale thought for a moment, then looked away form the father and son duo, it was not something easy to tell but, he trusted Beacrox somehow, and although his father was extremely terrifying, he had to deal with him now and so trusting him couldn't be that bad. He took a deep breath before answering. 

—I wanted to be death. 

Ron and Beacrox frozed to his words, the later more than his father.

—But I made a promise with someone, so I had to keep living no matter what, I faked my death cause it was my only way out. 

—I see...

—Anything else you want to know? 

—I respect your privacy and what lead you to do that, so I won't ask further, but I really want to know how you ended up here, my son didn't tell me much as he said it was something you should choose to say or not. 

Cale thought for a moment and held a sigh while looking at Beacrox, then started talking. 

—You saw the two kids on the livingroom.  


—I went to steal something from the cat clan— at his words the old man eyebrows twitched —I got caught and imprisoned, the kids were there too, since I was able to scape I just couldn't go without them knowing they were going to be killed, then I got injured while running away and ended here. 

—You..went to stole something from the cat clan? 



Cale raised and eyebrow. —What do you mean with how?

—They are experts assassin, the stealthier kind of beast people that exist and that deals with information, me and my people can barely get close to their walls since they have a strict security. 

Beacrox felt his heart skip a beat seeing how Cale suddenly showed that smirk that only meant trouble. 

—Your people...a trip to the capital, problems with the cat clan, an assassin, and has connections with my father, so you are the boss of the assassin guild that controls twenty seventh percent of the underworld on the country. 

Ron's eyes widened hearing this. —Ho... How did you know? — Did he somehow got their information? 

The red haired just ignored his question. —Although, if I'm not wrong, right know you should be in control of about how much..? Probably fifteen to twenty, you have to go against Endable after all. 


Beacrox couldn't help but yell after seeing his father take out a dagger and point it to Cale's neck, touching his skin, yet the one that was a movement away from being decapitated was calm and still had that smile in his face. 

—How do you know? 

—I have my own ways of getting information, aren't you curious how I was able to fake my death? The exact place the bomb would go off and the day it would happen?

—Who are you? 

Cale just shrugged —A simple thief.  

—A thief?

—Yes, I stole money and information, I know a lot of things, like the fact you have been fighting against that stupid white something or whatever he fucking calls himself.

—So a simple thief, your abilities must be good since you could infiltrate on the cat clan territory, but not as good since they caught you. 

—I was only caught because the fucker helping me literally stabbed me in the back, not because of my lack of abilities. 


The dagger finally moved away from his neck. The old man sat down again, letting his nervous son relax a little. 

—Would you like to make a deal?— Cale took now the initiative to get what he wanted. 

—A deal?

—You have problems with the cat clan right? I suppose you came back because your people discovered it's the fog cat clan the one cooperating with Endable, so now you have to deal with them, am I right? 

—That's right indeed— Ron nodded —And what would the deal be then? 

—It's easy, I will help you get in and get rid of them.


—You should have guessed by the fact I managed to get in, I know all the secret entrances they have in case of an emergency, as well as the sewer maze underneath their small little city. 

—That's a good offer, what would you get in return? 

—Not much, I just don't want them to go after the children, and it would also be my revenge. 

—Before I accept I would need to see the information or maps about what you have said. 

—Mmmm... I'm afraid I can't show it. 

The old man frowned. —Why not? 

—They took it out of me when they captured me, courtesy of that fucker that betrayed me. 

—Then why are you offering me the information if you don't have it? 

—It's not that I don't have, I just can't show you— seeing their faces of slight confusion he chuckled —The information it's here— he pointed at his head —If you give me enough paper and a pencil I can replicate it for you.

—What a terrifying ability, but I have to doubt you young master Cale.

—It's alright, you can give me anything to read, after once I'll be able to recite it word by word, that would be enough proof right? 

—I guess it would be.

—Good, cause I'm already sleepy.

Ron was a little bit surprised by the sudden change of actitud from a prideful noble to a normal man as he saw the red haired yawning. He didn't look like the trash young master from the rumors at all, it was a truly interesting person, and to think someone like that ended in his house. 

Cale was only helping because of the kids and because Ron was Beacrox father, if not he had not move a single finger, years ago he only interfered with Endable and all his plans by mere causality, during one of his first robberies, he found a document on the house he was robbing, about how his target was helping Endable by collecting magic stones and some alchemy materials, he saved the information just in case, the plans were not something good as it involved the life of a lot of people, so he decided the best way to take it down was to reveal all the black information about the people he was robbing so they could get arrested and be taken by the government.

He wasn't planning on becoming a kind of popular figure to the masses, he was only getting on the way of those that were affiliated with Endable, specially after the one time they targeted his family business. Then people gave him that embarrassing and stupid nickname of silver thief. Collecting information became an habit after three years, and thanks to his ability to remember everything sometimes he didn't even need to steal it and just memorize it.

Then one day he found information about the bombs, he could have stopped it, but he didn't, that's the difference between a good person and a trash like him, he used the opportunity for his own benefit, of course he made sure the majority of the bombs were found wich helped on the fact only ten people ended dying. He did it as a last favor, because his father and brother were present that day on the event, but only because of that.

—Oh right, I guess I should mention it, I'm also part of the cat clan.

This time that was enough for Ron to lose his smile and look completely shocked. 

—A member of the cat clan? But you- 

—I know, I don't seem like one, my bloodline could be said to be special, this is also a secret no one can know, your son and the kids only discovered it because I was careless.  

Ron looked at his son for a confirmation, the chef nodded. Beacrox didn't expect Cale to say it so easily, but considering he sleeps in the couch and transforms every nigh, it might have only been to sleep comfortable. 

—Anyways, if that's all I'll go with the children— he stopped in the door and hesitantly turn to see them again —Um, Beacrox, weren't before? 

—Ah, right, I'll go now— he saw the red haired go and close the door behind him, then looked at his father —Let me cook something for you father, you must be tired because of the travel. 

—Not really, I was teleported to the garden by one of my allies. 

—So that's why you...came in from there at...that moment. 

—Yes, I'm very sorry for interrupting. 

—I don't know what you are thinking but it's not like that, that idiot tried to eat dough, he was already sick once I don't want to take care of him again. 

—I understand, I'll rest now, tomorrow Hans and the other people helping on the plan will come, Rosalyn will be there too, she wanted to eat one of your pastries so make sure to put some aside for her. 

He nodded and went out, letting his father take a shower, change and go to sleep. 

Cale almost collapsed on the couch, touching his neck, he was so fucking terrified! If it weren't for his excellent acting skills he might have scream in panic, his senses after all could tell him how strong that old man was and the aura of an assassin in him was really strong, but he calmed himself with the fact it was someone that worked for his father and was also Beacrox's father, and he had determined that the chef at this point wouldn't really kill him. 

—Cale are you alright?— On asked. 

—I'm fine, just exhausted....

—Do we...have to move already?— Hong looked down, he didn't want to. 

—Not yet....but I guess soon we will have to— He petted the kids heads and then talked to the air —What are you going to do? Do you want to go back to the forest? 

The little dragon revealed himself again, he was under the coffe table.

—You are weak...

—Pretty much yeah.

—But you do dangerous things. 

—Not like I want to, but, yes, sometimes. 

—Why did you get me out of there if it was dangerous?

The little black dragon moved his head to look at him with those blue eyes of his. No matter how much he thinks about it, he wasn't able to understand this human in front of him.

—You are five this year right?— he saw him nod —A dragon can live hundreds of years, they are the strongest existences in this world, but they can still get hurt, you haven't even go through your first growth phase, you don't have an attribute yet. 

At his words the little black dragon become more and more gloomy, he knew he was weak too, because he feared such weak creatures like humans, he had nightmares about his years on that place, he knew well what it was to be weak and defenseless. 

—You are a great and mighty dragon, but you are still young, and I hate people that do bad things to kids, you deserve to be free, take revenge or do whatever you want, but that wouldn't be possible if you stayed there.


—I know I said I wouldn't take care of you, but if you want to come with me I won't stop you, since I freed you, if you want to follow me I should just take responsibility. 

—So are we going to really have a younger brother?!— excited, Hong almost screamed his question. 

—I guess— yet Cale answer was calm, as he was still staring at the dragon that had yet to give an answer.  

—S-since you are so weak, this great and mighty dragon might have to follow you around to make sure you are safe. 

At his words the other three just smiled.

To Cale displeasure, next morning he had to get up earlier again. He had gone to sleep a little late because he had to prove to Ron about his ability as well as write all the lost documents of information he had memorized about the cat clan, wich was a lot considering how he prepared to get back his mother's belongings.  

Ron helped Beacrox with breakfast wich made Cale nervous and unable to properly eat, then he had to go open the shop and stay there until two in the afternoon suffering. 

Father and son had to deal with their family's other business, so Cale was in charge of closing the store, and as Beacrox had given permission, he was allowed to took whatever he wanted of the leftover food, so with a little bit more of optimism, he proceeded to lock the doors, lowered the metal curtains and secured them too, cleaned the tables, counter, the coffe maker and everything else. 

He then looked at the two leftover chocolate donuts and the blueberry muffin that were all that had been left by the hungry people coming at noon, and what would be his food now. He put one donut on his mouth and the other one as well as the muffin on a napkin, turned off the power of the necklace going back to his original appearance and went to the house. 

As he was munching the donut, he opened the door connected to the livingroom and froze in place as a bunch of eyes went to stare right at him. Beacrox, that was sitting there, looked like he wanted to hit himself, probably because he forgot to tell him about the little reunion they were having with this unknown people. 

He quietly closed the door behind him and took the donut off his mouth while proceeding to munch what was still on his mouth. His eyes met with a particular person that looked like he wanted to murder him. 

—What is he doing here?

The black haired man asked while his hand started to grab his scabbard. Cale swallowed and then pointed at him with the hand he was holding the eated donut. 

—Oh, it's you, didn't though I would see you again. 

The red haired woman in a suit change her gaze from one to the other after asking. —Do you know each other? Choi Han, who is he? 


—I'm the stupid bastard that started a fight with him and ended up in the ER after it— Cale answered cutting down the other man, then proceeded to take another bite of his donut.  

—A fight?— Beacrox seemed confused. 

—He started to insult me and my dead family in my face— Choi Han glared at him. 

—Yeah, I drank around twelve bottles that day and I was kind of drunk, sorry.

—I won't accept your apologies.  

—That's fine too, I actually think what I said was wrong, if it makes you feel better thanks to you punching me until I fell to the ground and passed out I got a glass from the bottle embedded near my ribs and there is a scar there now. 

As he said that he went to the little table were all his work was know piled up there in a corner of the room.

—You still haven't answer why he is here. 

He ignored the back haired's voice and sit down, finishing the donut, cleaning his hands on the extra napkin he had brought and unfolding a large paper, proceeding to continue drawing the map for the cat clan little city, he had to finish that one and starting with the one for the sewers.  

—He will be helping too— Ron answered. 

—Him? Don't you know who he is?

—Of course I know, Cale Henituse, oldest son of the Henituse family, presumably death at the plaza terror incident around a year ago. 

—Presumed death?— Choi Han seemed surprised by the news. 

—The media didn't gave much importance to his supposed death because of his reputation and for the fact more important people died at that time, of course I don't think it's necessary to say him being here is a secret.

Cale could feel all the eyes on him again, but just continued drawing while taking a few bites out of the muffin from time to time. 

—Anyways, he is working with us this time, now let's just focus on the plan.

For his own sake, Cale keep with what he was doing as the other one's discussed about something that had happened in the capital and the information they had get, meanwhile he finished the map, put it aside and started the other one in complete silent as the guy sitting on the other side of the room kee shooting daggers out of his eyes in his direction. 

There had been around ten minutes in wich he had almost finished, when he heard an interesting part of their conversation.  

—We know that the one that probably has the information about what they are hiding it's probably the one that stole from Endable around a year ago. 

Hans nodded at his boss words. —It's a guy called Midenas, but we haven't been able to found him since he is excellent at running away. 

—Midenas?— Cale couldn't help but ask —Midenas as in, coward that steals information and it was being chased away by those guys, the whale clan and the sirens?

Again all the eyes fell on him, but he kept working.

—That same one. 

—Them I'm afraid to tell he is dead.  

—What?— the ginger was dumbfounded —How do you even know? We have been looking for him for almost a month!!

—Well cause I killed him. 

There was a silent, but then Beacrox talked. — was that guy? 

—Yes that one.

—I see...

Cale stood up and took both finished maps and went to the coffe table, putting the first one there under everyones confused or wary eyes. He didn't mind, after this little mission he would go away and try living quietly with the kids, stealing from time to time though, money was important after all. 

—What is this?— Rosalyn stared at the map in the table with curious eyes

Cale maintained his stoic face. —This is a map of the cat clan city, courtesy of our good friend Midenas, hope he rottens in hell.

—A map of the cat clan city? How did he even put his hands in this? 

—I don't know, I went to him because I needed to go in, so he helped me, long story short, I ended up losing this to the cat clan after that fucking rat left me there to die, so I replicate it, if you see something you don't understand just ask. 

—You replicated it?— Rosalyn was impressed.  

—How can we even know it's accurate?— Choi Han asked while frowning.

—Mmm..guess you can only have trust in me— he laid his eyes in a tall boy that had remained silent the whole time —You...


—You are from the wolf tribe aren't ya? 

—Eh?— he was confused — How did you...? 

—Are you all taking him with you? 

—Of course, Lock is part of the team— the black haired glare at him. 

—You will need a way to cover his aura, is too strong, you might get caught because of it. 

—The aura?— Rosalyn watched the young boy who was looking at himself like trying to say what had give him away. 

—The one that all the beast people has miss mage— at his words Rosalyn flinched —Anyways, this is the map of the city, and here is the one for the sewers maze underneath. 

—I see you did a good work— Ron nodded as he gave him that vicious smile of his. 

—I already was working enough by attending the shop and now you put me to work like this, my wrist still hurts for all the documents I had to replicate yesterday...

—Stop whining, I'll make you bulgogi— Beacrox said while sighing.  

—And kimchi jjigae?

—Yes yes, and kimchi jjigae.

Cale smiled triumphantly and proceeded to take some papers out of his spatial bag. 

—Now, this is the information you all need for this operation.  

—You still had more?— the chef look at him in disbelief. 

—I can't give all for free, be happy I decided to exchange it just for food— he gave the papers to Ron. 

—What is this? 

—Well, there is one chief in every branch of the cat clan, in this particular one, this man, Krohe, is the one in charge, under him there are four more that help with the administration, now, you take them down and you are done. 

—Just taking down the leaders...but that won't mean they will stop working for Endable— Rosalyn took one of the papers on her hands.

—That's true, but we are not there to only kill them, but to steal their information, secrets and whatever is that they are hiding for Endable, after all it's impossible to not get noticed with a big group, that's why you will have to fight anyways, with just killing the elite group and the beta one will be enough, the rest one's are the one's that live as civilians. 

—I see, so it will take a fight anyways.

—But that's why you are all here miss mage. 

—What would you propose for us to do then? How do we proceed?— Ron asked, he was really intrigued by this puppy young master his son had found, or maybe kitten young master? 

—It's easy, you enter by the sewers about half a mile from the south part of their city— he pointed the map —There is low security here, from there you just have to follow the map to go to the center of the city and come out starting the attack. 

—So we just all go by the sewers?

—Not all, only the ones in charge of the big fighting, a small group has to go and get rid of the heads, also you— he pointed to the ginger. 

—Me?— Hans asked confused.

—You will take the best group you can and get all their information from the town hall, I'll give you the instructions for the mechanisms, also, whatever they are hiding it has to be there too, the rest of us will go in by the exterior walls as they probably are more attentive to the secret entrances. 

—But it's almost impossible to get in— Rosalyn frowned.  

—Impossible? How do you think I got in when they captured me? 

—But you were captured, showing it's difficult— Choi Han finally spoke —But considering it was you, it might be easier for us. 

Cale gave him a glare. —I don't need you to tell me what I'm capable of, I didn't get caught because of my lack of abilities, I got caught because a little bitch stabbed and poisoned me and let me there to die, so please, shut the fuck up and let me finish talking would you? At least I'm talking and proposing shit for the plan unlike you.

Ron and Beacrox hold a laugh seeing the face of the black haired man, while Rosalyn, lock and Hans were just staring at him like seeing a weird animal. Who in their right mind would go against Choi Han. 


He stood up and in less than a second was grabbing Cale by his clothes ready to punch him, yet Beacrox came quick to stop his fist. There was a dead silent in the room when suddenly the door bursted open and two kids entered in a panic. 

—What are you doing to Cale?!— On went and hugged the red haired, giving Choi Han murderous eyes.

—Let him go!!— Hong was a little more fearless and tried to push him away from Cale.

Then Choi Han heard a third voice in his mind. 

-Let him go if you don't want me to cut your hand!!

Black mana started to rumble. The black haired let go of Cale out of surprised, while Lock and Hans got scared, and Rosalyn was looking around in disbelief. Was this what she thought it was?

—Calm down, don't do that, do you want to blow up the house and the neighborhood?— Cale scolded the little one, who's mana started to disappear —You can't just reveal yourself like that don't you know is dangerous?

He petted both children's heads as they were now hugging him, then feeling a paw on his chest, he half extended his arms to hold the little dragon that seemed sad about being reprimanded. 

—That..that was!!— Rosalyn was now pointing at him, not knowing how to talk. 

Cale only looked at Ron. —Can you really trust them? 

—Of course, they won't be telling anyone, specially miss Rosalyn, she understands the situation well. 

He sighed. —You can show yourself. 

Then they all saw the black dragon that was barely being held by Cale's weak arms, and that was giving a murderous stare to Choi Han. 

—I can't believe it!! It really is a dragon-nim!! 

Rosalyn ignored the cold mood in the room and got closed, just to have the dragon bare his teeth at her. 

—Refrain from getting too close please— Cale said while stroking the kid's back, making the dragon relax with the soft touch. 

—I don't like him!— the dragon said staring again at Choi Han. 

—Me neither!— both children scowled at the man. 

—He dared to threaten you human! What if you pass out because of fear! You are weak!!! 

—Aigoo....— he shook his head —Did you all have your lunch?— he tried changing the topic.

—Yes we did— On answered.  

—Then I'll give you all an afternoon snack come here— he went out of the room to the kitchen, followed close by the other two kids. 

—Hold on you want to do what in my kitchen?— Beacrox also followed to prevent his work place to end up like a disaster. 

The room fell silent once again as the door closed. Ron clapped his hands to get the attention of the remaining people. 

—Now, I would appreciate if you keep your hate a little lower you punk— he said looking at Choi Han —I remind you he is the principal reason we can move this fast and also the reason we have the plan. 

—But he-! 

—He what? Are you going to punch him again and let him go to the hospital again? I understand you don't trust him, I also have my doubts, but my son does, so I'm relaying on that young man for this. 

—What did he even said to you to hate him so much? 

—He started calling me a commoner, then recognize me as the one who survived from the explosion on the harris villa...he laughed at my family's death. 

—Harris villa?— Ron gave him a weird stare —The one at the outskirts of the capital? 


Ron sighed, thinking on why Cale had said that, it didn't meant he wasn't acting wrong or that it was a excuse for his words, but still. 

—You should talk that with him. 

—I don't-!! 

—I know you don't want to, but he is not a bad guy, I don't have the details, but for what I can see, his life wasn't as good as everyone think it was. 

"If it were, he wouldn't have fake his death just to keep living and scape from whatever he was running away" 

—Hyung— Lock held Choi Han's hand —Please now relax.

—Lock is right, we need him for this, he's not only providing information but also the strategy, so you have to calm down, not to mention, if you do something to him those three children will come after you— Rosalyn sit down again.

—It is as miss Rosalyn said.

The black haired was silent for a moment, probably thinking, then he nodded. —Fine. 


He then went to the kitchen, seeing how his son had fallen for the trap and ended up preparing the three bowls of yogurt with fruit for the children, and was now peeling an apple for certain young man who was looking at him as he did, making him a little nervous. 

Ron raised an eyebrow as his smile grew. —I'm afraid I have to interrupt you both, but can we continue with the reunion now that the children have calm down? 

Cale kept himself from flinching, as he was distracted watching Beacrox for some reason, and the old man's voice surprised him. The chef put the apple in a plate, cut in pieces of course, and handed it to the red haired. 


—Thank you— he grabbed it and stood up, talking to the children —Eat here, we will go back to talk about the plan, and don't worry I'll stay away from him. 

Rosalyn, Lock, Hans and Choi Han saw the father and son duo as well as Cale, who was happily eating one of the apple pieces, come in again.

—So, Cale, what was the plan for us to get in and go for the leaders? 

—Oh, it's kind of easy, we will go tomorrow— he smirked. 

It was dead silent. The group of people moved forward, hiding in the shadow, in the direction of the walls that could be seen a couple of meters away. Then they disappeared.

-Human see?, I'm a great and mighty dragon. 

Cale nodded, when he went to retrieve his mother's belongings, he had used an invisibility ring to go in, now with a dragon it was easier and cheaper. They all jumped over the wall, and as Cale had said, they got face to face with an artificial river, Rosalyn used her magic to help them fly for a couple of seconds and to get to the other side, landing on the ground.

The city every clan lived on was the territory the government had gave them to 'keep them in control and have an eye on them', as they said, when in reality it was a fortress. Of course the plan was to isolate them as they were not humans and could be a problem, those that were feared were treated differently. The fog cat clan had a very particular way for their city to be constructed. Thick walls that seemed to be harmless, as they could not alert the civilians, but behind it they made an artificial river that contained a poison harmless to their people, after that, there were people carefully patrolling at all hours, since their senses were sharp it wasn't difficult to locate the intruders, specially because the ground after the river was covered in little stones that would make a sound everytime someone makes a move. 

Fortunately for them, they had a mage and a dragon that casted a soundproof barrier to not let the sound of their steps be heard.

—Alright we are in, easy right?— Cale said with a smirk. 

—Only because we have a mage and a dragon— Choi Han didn't want to admit it. 

—I did it without those thought— he shrugged —Anyways— he took out the map —We are at the east...we are currently on the first line of defense, in this area apart from the guards the rest are practically civilians so we cannot do anything to them, kids and old people are usually kept here until the first have the age to learn assasination arts, so moving from here, we have to go north to the clinic and go to the second area of the city, ok? 

They all nodded. Then Cale saved the map and they started moving. 

The clinic was the best option because it connected the two areas that were separated by a wall where there were sensors and other artifacts, but at that area as it was opened all day in case of accidents or sudden sickness they could not put those artifacts as they could be triggered by accident by the patients or the personal working. 

They carefully entered by the third floor of the clinic and went from one side to the other, going out by another window and finding themselves on the second area, here there were a lot of the cat clan members walking around. Cale guided them to a more isolated place quickly. 

Then went into what it seemed to be a small park, at the other side they found a couple of solitary houses, they jumped over the fence of one and landed on the garden of the old big house that had his walls covered in plants as no one had taken care of it in a long time.

—There is no much people around this place but we still have to be carefull, dragon, expand the soundproof barrier to cover the whole house, and you can take off the invisibility magic. 


The group became visible again, showing their black clothes similar to those Cale had force Beacrox to use while saving the little dragon.

—Why is this place so far away from the other houses?— Rosalyn asked while looking around. 

—Mm...they kept a specific family of the clan here to keep them in line.

—How does isolate them is keep them in line? 

—Now there aren't any, but before you could find several artifacts around, and there are none here close to the house but out on the park there are cameras if you didn't notice. 

—Why did they kept them here?— Lock came closer, while Cale opened he map again and started to go through all the information in his head. 

—Cause they were different, just like with On and Hong, but contrary to them, the one's here were considered useful. 

Lock knew about the kittens story as Cale had told everyone, so he just remained silent. The kittens, as they were still little, had to stay at home.

—Let's go inside the house for now— he saw the hour on his phone —Eleven forty three, the reunion of the five in charge finishes at midnight, we will move again after that and will get rid of them one by one. 

—Can we really go in?— Asked Lock nervously.  

—Yes, it has been abandoned for years— he casually opened the door and went in, followed by the others.

The house was neat, though covered in dust, as it someone had taken the time to put everything in place before abandoning it. 

Ron and Beacrox both showed their disgust seeing this, specially the neat freak Beacrox that seemed to be seeing his worst nightmare. Choi Han thought, didn't even mind as he went and sit on the couch. They all just found a place to stand as they waited, while Cale went through the information in his head as well as the maps to make some calculations. 

—What is this?— the dragon, that had gone around the house investigating, came back with a rag doll in his paws —It looks like you human.

—That's a rag doll, it's a toy.

—A toy? 

—Yes, they usually give those to girls, but I guess anyone can use them, why? you like it? 

—I do!, it has red hair like yours. 

—It was from the previous owner of the house so you have to take care of it, it's name was Drew if I'm not wrong. 

—It has a name? 

—Of course. 

—How do you know it? 

—Well it was my mother's doll after all. 

—I see, I'll take good care of it! 

Cale smiled and petted his head before turning toward the others. They all were looking at him with wide eyes and a dumbfounded expression.  


—Did you just say this was your mother's house?— Rosalyn asked. 

—Yeah why? 

—You...doesn't that mean...? 

—Oh...I think I forgot to mention that before. 

Beacrox sighed, he thought that Cale wanted to keep a secret the fact he was from the cat clan so he didn't say anything about it, but now he brought them to his mother's old house on the clan and just revealed it like that and apparently he just forgot to tell the others and it wasn't really a secret.

—So, you are a beast person?— Choi Han gave him a confused expression. 

—I guess so? 

—But you don't...?

—I don't have the aura? Yes I know, it's a family thing, better this way if you ask me. 

—But how? And why did they kept your family here? 

—Now that's something I cannot tell, it can be dangerous for me if you know. 

—Human....should I not call you that then? How should I call you?— the black dragon asked.

—I spent most of the time as a human and I'm half one so I guess it's okay, you can keep calling me that or however you want. 

—Human it is then! 

—Cale, it's midnight already— Beacrox came closer while looking at his watch.  

—Let's move then, from here we have to go to the training camps and go to the central area, as we talked about, we will start from the one at the south, and then we will go clockwise. 

The entrance to the third and central area was more difficult as they were almost no blind spots, except for the training camps, they managed to go through the place that had groups of people in the middle of their training, the place had no artifacts for similar reasons to the clinic, but since here you could find specialists teaching the other members, few people would thought about going through here, and there was no way they could detect them when a dragon was the one casting invisibility magic on them. 

Of course, someone like Cale might have, but this stupid people already did what they did and lost their 'little toys'.

The first murder was easy, Ron got in the house and quickly kill the man that lived alone, then they went to the next one, as that one hadn't get home yet, Rosalyn took care of him and hid the body with her magic. The third and fourth one had to deal with Lock and Choi Han. Then the only one left was the chief. 

—Prepare to give the signal, I don't think we can kill him without a good fight or without the other side knowing we are here. 

Rosalyn nodded and took out a sphere from her clothes. They moved in silence towards the chief's house, and stopped in the shadows of the garden, Cale approached it and started to hear. 

There were good things about his abilities that he discovers as he grew up, he always knew his hearing was really good, even if he didn't like it as it made him catch every whisper and rumor from the servants, but at some point was able to understand just how good it was. The young man closed his eyes and concentrated, the faint beating of the hearts of his companions, their breathing, the light wind on the leaves, the TV with the news and... the two pair of voices on the second floor of the house. 

—There are only two people inside, second floor, they're together. 

-Wow human how did you know!!! I was about to tell you that exactly!!


As Lock was asking he interrupted him. —The dragon told me, now, kid, expand the soundproof barrier again, all the area of the house, then we will go out, Ron and Beacrox will go by the other side and by the second floor, Choi Han and Lock from here, you make noises to distract them, miss Rosalyn and I will wait here, the dragon will help if needed. 

—Alright!, I'm expanding the barrier now human. 

They started moving as told while Cale keep hearing every movement. "Damn it would be easier if I turned into a cat, but that would be dangerous too..." soon enough he knew that the fight had started. 

The father and son duo had go in without being heard, and at that moment the two on the first floor intentionally broke a mug. The two persons inside froze for a moment before going to see who was there, then they were attacked by Choi Han and Lock by the front, while the other two took them by surprise from the back.

Rosalyn was nervous as she couldn't really do much without the people inside noticing her presence, and the fact that Cale was just sitting in the grass with his eyes closed wasn't helping, yet she had to trust them, even so, she was so chocked when suddenly the young man at her side opened his eyes and proceeded to stood up, take her by the waist and started running away.


—Dragon cover them!!! 


As they had gone a distance, the second floor of the house blow up. The mage eyes widened as her mouth opened in surprise. Just what happened? 

—Fucking psychos! 

Cale put her on the ground as he said that, gasping for air. How would he know they would actually use a bomb to defend themselves? Ron and Beacrox should still be fine since the dragon took care of that, but with the distraction those two escaped, not to mention that even if the soundproof barrier was there, there is no way other people didn't see the fucking explosion. 

—Rosalyn the signal!!

—Ah yes!!— she hurriedly took the orb and put magic on it. 

On the sewers under the city the different groups of assassins saw their own orb glowing, after covering their faces they proceeded to go out at the indicated place. Now it was a thing of quickly take down the enemy and then flee before the government got involved in all this.

As they were still invisible, Cale took Rosalyn closer to see the situation, the others had managed to take down one of the two people, while the other was now surrounded and heavily injured. As they were going to kill him the reinforcements of the cat clan got to the place and started attacking. Without thinking twice Rosalyn took out the invisibility magic and went to fight with them. Cale didn't even thought about doing that because their own reinforcements also joined the battle out of nowhere. 

-Human, stay still! You can't fight. 

—I know, I'm weak.

His mission here was to guide them and make the plan, then stay on a corner and let them fight, why would he step in a place where others could easily kill him? He might have stealth abilities, but he was a thief, not an assassin, he only kills people he despise or when there was no other option.

"Hans should already be stealing the information, if not he would have send a message, hope there it no problem there though"

He suddenly shivered feeling a sudden concentration of mana, that wasn't Rosalyn's nor the little dragon's mana. He looked around, it was difficult to tell with so many people around. Then he saw a familiar face, using his magic to go directly towards the ones of his group.


Ron screamed as he tried to get to his son, who was too busy fighting to notice the man with a sword going after him. He would not get in time, and as his son started to turn around and try to block the attack, a silver shield with wings fell directly over the attacker slamming him against the ground. 

When the shield dissapeared, a strong wind came and send the man flying over to some trees. All the presents were in disbelief seeing the unexpected scene that came out of nowhere. The one that suffered from all, raised his head and started looking around frantically. 

—Where are you you fucker?!! Why are you here?!!

—Man I can't believe we got to see each other here, Opid. 

As everyone was able to hear the voice, a man all covered in black appeared out of nowhere, idly walking towards the men. 

—You! Why are you here you fucking silver thief!!! 

—Man and I was happy to see you yet you are here screaming and swearing at me— he raised his hand.

The roots of the threes behind Opid suddenly started to move, as some branches also fell over him and wrapped around his body immobilizing him. 

—How's your plan to take over the ports and getting rid of the whales going? You should already have finished making the deal with the sirens am I right?


—Anyways, it's nothing personal, you just did something that made me get a little mad, so, sorry but I guess your life ends here. 

—Even if you kill me that won't stop our people from-!

—Oh I don't give a shit about that, I'm just mad with you, so bad you won't see that subordinate of yours again, Greetel was it? If I see him I'll give him your regards.

—Mister Opid!! 

The elite group of the cat clan wouldn't just stay quiet after hearing all that, they ran to kill the man that had their important business partner in a difficult situation. 

—Dragon, take all our allies away, don't worry I'll be fine. 

-F-fine but you better be!! 

Hearing the little kid's response on his mind, he didn't care more and raised his other hand. The sky rumbled as the enemies got closer, yet before any could touch him, a golden light fell from the sky. 

All the ones out of the range of the attack saw the heavenly golden thunder strike and burn the ground along with all the ones there. 


Beacrox was terrified seeing that the red haired was on the center of it, yet soon enough the young man come walking out like the flames weren't even there, he walked directly to the chef as he took out the cloth covering his mouth with a serious expression.  

—Beacrox, carry me. 

They all looked at him weirdly, did they heard well? But before anyone could say a thing, the red haired covered his mouth and coughed up a bunch of black blood as he fell on his knees. 



They all got closer yet after coughing a couple of times the young man then fell unconscious. Beacrox for the first time in his life didn't mind dirtying his clothes and proceeded to put Cale on his back with his father's help. The rest of the battle was something for the rest of the people they had brought with them, so Rosalyn, with the help of some magic stones, teleported them back to the house.

After things calmed down a bit, seeing that Cale condition wasn't that bad, Ron let his son take care of the red haired and left the room, then went to see the others. The kid's had been calmed down by Rosalyn, although the black dragon insisted on being by his human's side and stayed at Beacrox room with him. 

—How is he?— the mage asked as soon the old man came in. 

—He seems to be stable, there are no external injuries, apparently it's all internal but, his condition seemed to be well, he might have a regenerative ability, he's just sleeping right now. 

The people let out a sigh of relief. They all almost had a heart attack after seeing how much blood he coughed and how he immediately fell unconscious after that. 

—Can we go with him now then?— On asked. 

—You can, your little brother also needs to relax a little, go make him company too. 

The kid's smiled, On took her brother's hand and quickly went to the second floor. After only the four of them were there, Rosalyn talked. 

—So, Cale is...the silver thief?

—How...just how someone like him turned out to be like this?— said Choi Han. 

This was just, unexpected, Cale Henituse was supposed to be a trash, a bad person, someone that used his family name and money to cause trouble, an alcoholic, someone stupid that failed school and didn't even care about finishing his education and even talked bad to the teachers. Everyone knew that. Why was it that now he was not only practically a genius that could remember anything and was good with strategy, but also someone that was in possession of at least three ancient powers and was the well known silver thief that had helped taking down several corrupted people? 

—I don't know...— that was the only answer Ron could give —I'll go take some fresh air, you can sleep here today, use the shower and eat something, whatever you want. 

He went out to the garden and took out his phone, going through his contacts and stoping on one. Deruth Henituse. His plan was to finish this mission and tell the man that his son was alive, but now. 

—I wanted to be death. 

His words didn't leave his mind. Cale Henituse was obviously running away from something, and that something was probably his own family and life, the childish, caring, yet lazy, and teasing young man he had seen this last three days was nothing like the rumors.

Now Cale's identity as the silver thief gave a lot to think too. This nickname has been now for three years, meaning the young man started that life at sixteen if not fifteen since they had been cases people thought the silver shield might be involved since before.

—He doesn't want to go back, and he clearly doesn't seem to be comfortable when his father is mentioned, just, what did they do to him? 

He turned off his phone. Not only because Cale was valuable, but because he would probably hate to go back, so even if it wasn't the best for his old friend Deruth, the fact that Cale was still alive was to be kept a secret. 

"Beacrox could also thank me for this later, It's going to be fun seeing them interact anyways" being the grandpa of three adorable children, what could be better than that? He would get so much fun at the expense of his son.



Chapter Text

Cale had a terrible dream, a really horrible one. He was trapped in a room filled with lemons, and there was an old devil feeding them to him. So he was relieved when he woke up, but then as he opened his eyes he was recieved with a cup of fragrant lemon tea offered by the father of the man that had take him into his home. So maybe the dream was not that but a premonition.

—Ho, good morning, I prepared some tea.

Ron could see the confusion in the red haired's face, and then, the slight disgust after seeing the tea. Yet that interesting reaction was cut off by the kids, who hearing him talk moved in their sleep, getting the attention of the young man. Ron was surely using this kitty young master as a sort of experiment, an observation specimen that was really interesting for him, and for his son as he noticed. So even if the youn man tried to maintain a stoic or neutral face, he could still see the corner of his eyes soften as he looked at the kids.

One of wich was staring at him in silence. The little dragon seemed like he wanted to say something, so Cale smiled at him.

—What is it? Just say it.

—Human....— then they saw him start tearing up —You were unconscious for eight hours, seventeen minutes and forty two seconds....

—Oh, I took less than last time to wake up.

"Last time?" Ron's eyebrows twitched. "Does he mean he has cough blood and fell unconscious before?" Now he just got to know that the young man in front of him had no auto preservation instincts. Maybe he should tell his son to be more careful with what he let's him do.

—Human you can't faint again! Nor cough blood!!

—Aigoo....— seeing the little dragon make his best effort to not cry even though his tears keep coming down, Cale lifted him and took him in his arms to stroke his back —Don't cry, I faint because my power has it more easy to heal me that way.


Ron saw the scene, although he was a father, he wasn't the most affectionate one, he cared for his son and gave him all his support, it was good that this children found someone that didn't hesitate to show them affection when needed. Although Beacrox was always an independent kid so it wasn't really necessary for Ron to do so, still, he wished his wife would be with them, maybe that way his son would be more expressive.

—Do you feel uncomfortable or are in any pain?

—No, I'm alright— Cale answered without taking his eyes out of the kid —Right, how is Beacrox?

Ron slightly raised his eyebrows and forced himself not to change his usual smile. —He is fine, why?

—He is not going to kill me for throwing up blood in his clothes isn't he?

Kill him? How could his son do that when he spent all the night at his side with the lame excuse of 'he tried to protect me an ended like this so I have to take care of him now' to stay at his side. He didn't even change clothes when he is so usually disgusted by slightly dirty ones, it required from Ron to tell him to go take a shower and rest for him to step out of the room.

—He is alright, I have to thank you for that.

—Well he took me in and practically feed me and all so I had to do something I guess.

Ron just kept his smile while carefully analyzing the person in front of him.

—Now, drink the tea before it gets cold— he mischievously gave him the cup.

It was really funny seeing him looking at the tea like it was poison and probably going through his mind to find ways to reject it, yet still taking it anyways. He clearly didn't like it yet forced himself to drink it. "Am I that scary?" Though the old assassin after noticing how the young man gave him a quick peek before slightly closing his eyes and drinking everything at once.

—Is there anything you need?

—I need food, and probably a bottle of vodka, but food is still more important...I fell like I haven't eaten in days.

—I'll prepare some, just rest here.

"I'm feeling fine except for my stomach asking for something to eat though, well whatever is better to just slack" it wasn't good to have to wake up to some sour and awful lemon tea, but at least he could stay in bed.

"This is Beacrox's bed" he though as he closed his eyes "Seriously why it has to be this fucking comfortable..." he continued stroking the kid's back.

Ron went down to the kitchen, seeing a complete mess. He just left a couple of minutes ago, how was it possible for this to end like this? Well the culprit was standing there eating a bowl of milk and cereal. If his son saw this, the punk responsible of this would end up dead.

—I recommend you to clean this before my son wakes up.

Choi Han nodded while still eating. Ron saw the cereals in the floor, counter and table, it was obvious that the punk went to open a new box and used more strength than necesary.

—This are new...— Ron grabbed the box on the table —To think my son went and bought cereal specially for the children, and yet here you are.

Choi Han stopped eating at his words, finally looking around at his mess. He already made the children mad the other day, and now he wasted almost a full box of their cereal.

— he?— the black haired asked putting down the bowl.

Ron raised an eyebrow, surprised that he actually asked. —He just woke up, really, that young man doesn't even care about himself, he even mentioned that he was relieved that he took less time to wake up unlike other times.


—Considering we know he is the silver thief, I wonder how many times he had to relay in his ancient powers to get through his robberies, and you know he has a weak plate, having at least three, it must be very tiring for his body that is also very skinny and has no muscle at all...

—But...he is, I mean...— he just could not accept it, not after the experience he had with the red haired.

—You are still mad at him, I know, you knew him in a bad moment, for the both of you, now, I haven't met him for long but, I'm pretty much sure the whole being a trash thing was a facade, and if not he had a good reason for it.

—A facade?

—It's impossible for someone that can remember things with just seeing them once to fail school, unless they want to, and apart of acting childish or like a brat, he had a really good behavior while staying here, or at least that's what Beacrox said.

—...he did save those children...and saved Beacrox, as well as helped us for the mission, but I can't forgive him for what he said to me.

—I'm not saying you have to get along, but Cale is a crucial person for us to get with the plans and stop our enemies, you could try talking, or at least stop trying to murder him with your eyes in front of the children, unless you want them to get more mad at you.


—Anyways,— he opened the fridge and started taking out some eggs, bakon, butter and milk —Can you see if there is another box of cereal? I should also go give the kids their breakfast.

He started preparing a sandwich for Cale as well as some fruit. Choi Han thankfully found another box of cereal and put it on the table not wanting to make the same mistake as before, then proceeded to finish his own breakfast and start cleaning.

—After they eat I'm planning on interrogating him and convince him to help us.

—You still plan on working with him?

—Well of course, my son seems to get along with him pretty well, not to mention the huge quantity of information he has gathered in that head of his, he also seemed to know the man that tried to attack Beacrox, and mentioned something about the whales and the mermaids.

—The whales and the mermaids, it has been a little chaotic on the sea routes, Alberu said the sirens tried to take over on one of the whales routes and have also been too quiet after that.

—We know that the mermaids were connected to Endable, or more likely with the side branch Arm, but, Cale seems to know the whole situation for what he mentioned while talking with that man Opid.

—I guess we do need him...

—Of course we do, we managed to go with the plan almost perfectly thank to him, and Hans managed to get to the secrets room were they were keeping the dead mana.

Choi Han went silent. To think Hans would find containers full of dead mana that seemed ready to be delivered, yet they didn't know where, and considering Opid was there, it was possible that if they had taken more days to formulate a plan and get in, the black mana would had already be far away being used by their enemies. He did had to admit everything could have gone wrong without Cale planning and giving them the information.

—Excuse me— Rosalyn entered the kitchen, getting the attention of the two that were there —This phone has been recieving calls and I don't know who's is.

She showed a white phone that has an incoming call of someone that had been registered as secretary.

—That's Cale's phone, answer for now since it might be important and then go gave it to him he's already awake.

—Sure— she accepted the call and was about to talk to explain the situation when the other person started talking.

-Hey you damn bastard are you going to fucking answer my messages or not?!! Stop being lazy!! At least answer my calls! Why do you answer Glen but not me?! Is this all because I ate your apple pie that last time isn't it? I already said I'm sorry, you can't keep ignoring me I need your brain for the work here!!

Rosalyn as well as the two men were silence, Choi Han and Ron obviously had good hearing, meaning they were able to hear everything.

—Pardon me but...

-Eh? A woman? ...sorry I must have called the wrong number.

—Oh no, you called to Cale's phone.

-So it is the right number? I'm sorry but, may I know who are you?

—I...I'm someone currently working with him, I answered the phone cause he is in the second floor resting, he just woke up.

-Lazy as always, why did he even left his phone in other place? He always goes carrying it around and looking at it instead of people.

—He fainted so...

-Again?!! Did he over used his powers again? I told him not to, his plate is like fucking glass does he want to die or something? He is even unbalanced right now.


-Oh, nothing, don't mind me, tell him to call me later, but considering how he's better if I call, sorry miss, take good care of that idiot, he sends people to work and stays there causing more problems- he grumbled the last part before ending the call.

Rosalyn stared at the phone for a moment. Then looked at the other two.

—I...I guess I should just give him the phone later.

—Did you already eat miss Rosalyn?

—Yes, an apple and half a frozen waffle with marmalade.

The man took a deep breath. —I'll make breakfast after I deliver this to the kids and young master Cale.

He put the food on a tray and went upstairs. Then when he entered, the kids, that were already awake, looked at him while cuddling next to a mound, seeing there was no red haired there, Ron casually put the things on the nightstand.

—Young master Cale...?

The thing under the bed sheets started to move and soon the head of a cat appeared, the kids got closer again, On even half jumping over him, Hong just looking at the old man from behind it, the little dragon, that didn't want to accept yet the fact he wanted to be right next to his human at all times, just stayed in his place.

—Grandpa Ron, Is that our breakfast?— little Hong asked.

—Yes, I brought it for everyone, why don't you change to your human form? If you end up spilling on my son's bed he might get angry.

"He might?" Thought Cale, the man would probably not do anything to the kids but all the anger will go to him. He just got out of the bed, going back to human form.

—I'll go to the bathroom, give the kids their breakfast first— he stared at his own clothes, someone had changed them fortunately, sleeping with dried blood al over him wasn't the best experience someone could have after all.

He got out of the room and lazily walked to the bathroom at the end of the hallway, he opened the door and froze. A sleepy and clearly recently awakened Beacrox with his usual perfectly combed hair that was now all messy was standing there, halfway in taking off his shirt. They both stared at each other in silence for a moment, until Cale came back to the world after NOT staring at the man's abs.

—Sorry, I should have knocked— he only said that and closed the door.

"The bathroom down the stairs it is then" he thought as he leave and went there. Yes, walking like nothing happened and pretending his ears weren't red was the best to do.

Beacrox on his side, didn't understand what happened due to him being sleepy, but after the door closed realization came to him. He was first going to get flustered for some weird reason, but then realized that Cale had woken up and seemed to be fine as he was already walking around. He had been so scared last night after seeing him just faint out of nowhere covered in blood. Honestly, Beacrox couldn't really understand, how the son of a rich family that could get almost everything they wanted, ended with a life like that, specially after he changed his clothes, Cale's body was...too skinny. Beacrox just couldn't imagine how did he end up like that.

He knew there was a possibility it was related to his family since he would usually joke about it to try changing the topic or show he just didn't want to talk about it at all.

—Mmmm...I should make a big lunch then.

The leech needed more food so more food he would make. Just like the kids, they all were too skinny, maybe some desserts would do too, it was little to do if meant they would be happy.

Ron waited on the room, watching the kids eat, he didn't even knew why they started calling him grandpa but why would he complain? Soon enough Cale came back and ate his breakfast, the old assassin waited patiently until he finished.

—Young master.

—Don't call me that, just use my name.

—Fine, Cale, I wanted to discuss something with you.


—So, you are the silver thief right?

The young man showed a face of disgust. —Don't call me that, I hate that nickname, I don't know why people are so obsessed with it.

—But you are.

—...Yes— he sighed —Guess after that...idiot, said it it was obvious you all would hear— he looked at the kids, it wasn't good to swear in front of them.

—So it was like that, I heard also that you mentioned something about the mermaids and the whales?

—I did.

—Just, how much information do you have about Endable?

—It depends on what you are willing to give.

—A business man I see.

—Of course one has to be smart to earn money and have a comfortable life.

—Say, if I give you a good enough deal, would you help us on taking Endable down?

—I might think about it.

—Good, what about staying here?


Cale, as well as the three children looked at the man. They knew well, that this was not their home and they would have to move eventually, but they liked the place, the food, and the sense of comfort and security they felt in that house.

—Yes, if you help us you can stay as long as you want, I don't mind having you and the children here, they also need good care after what they have gone through, and I'm not saying you would do bad at that, but it would certainly be better having more people around to help with it.

—But...we don't have a close relationship or anything, it would just trouble you and your son.

"Not yet" he thought while thinking on his son, this was more a win for his side than for the other four.

—Not at all, I can even clean the other room we use as a little library for you to use.

—But even with that...— he really didn't want to do anything, but accepting would mean more work.

—Of course, I also won't tell mister Deruth about you being alive and at my house, you will be able to be here without having your secret being exposed and having food and a place to sleep that is not the couch.

It was a good deal if one took in count the children, they would be able to rest peacefully and have their stomachs full without him worrying about having to left them alone while going to rob someone.

—Also we won't force you to work on the coffe shop at all.


"That was easier than I thought" He took note of it, a good way to convince Cale was freeing him from task he deemed as troublesome.

—So can I make you some questions?

—I guess.

—How did you get to know about Endable?

—Well, first I found out about the side branch Arm, one of the people I was stealing from was collecting magic stones for them, so I investigated a little more and saw they were also part of a human trafficking red, I'm not one to do much work so I just left it for the government to solve it, I also put the information on the red cause it would be difficult to go against the masses and not punish a scumbag.

—Human trafficking?

—Yes, it wasn't just a person, there were a few, so I took care of exposing them, of course the human trafficking part of the information was only send to the police.

—I see...but, how did you get more involved with all that?

—They...targeted my family.


—More specifically the company and my father, they wanted to steal the knew technology they were developing, apparently for their own experiments, so I got a little bit more involved than I wanted and ended up finding a lot of their plans, that was also the reason I got to know about the plaza terror incident, they were behind it.

—I see....

—So, you want me to help you stop their plans with the mermaids and get the help of the whales?

—It truly is great that you catch up to what the others are looking for so easily.

—The whales don't like to meddle with the affairs in the land though, they just keep their attention on the ports and the sea.

—We can still get a favor from them can't we?

Cales smirked. —Yes, that is possible.

—Then, do you know what they are up to?

—Of course, they are trying to take over the ports completely to recieve materials for alchemy and their investigations illegally and without paying any taxes.

—Ho? You knew all that and didn't try to do anything?

—Who says I didn't do anything, I have my serva- secretary workin outside the country to stop them and prevent any materials from being loaded and send here, after all, one of the materials is humans too.


—I believe they are using them as guinea pigs or for something worst, wich could also be the reason why they have so much dead mana on them, also it's difficult to get rid of the mermaids, we should first kill their king, when they lost their head, you can take action and start crumbling their business along with the whales.

—For that we have to contact the whales first.

—My secretary can also help, also, we have to destroy their secret hideout, I partially know the area were it is and a way to get in, but it shouldn't be too difficult, it would be go in, place some bombs and then let the gravity and the explosion do the rest of the work.

—Then I should talk to the others, but you have woken up a while ago, I'll let you rest until late in the afternoon.

—Oh, thanks, but, Beacrox won't get mad as I'm using his bed?

—Why would he? If he were to get mad for that after you saved his life I would personally punch him.

—I see...

As the old man had said, no one bothered him the whole day, the dragon stayed at his side as well as the kids and Beacrox brought them their food. Truly, the best part of his deal with Ron was the fact he could keep eating that delicious food.

—Cale, aren't you going to talk with them?— On asked, looking at the big red cat hiding under the pillows.


Seriously, Cale just wanted to sleep. What a wonderful day had been, they really didn't bother him at all and let him sleep all he wanted, even the kids, that would usually wake him up to help or just to have him awake stayed silent at his side.

—Is it normal for humans to sleep that much?— the black dragons asked.

—Of course not, no one sleeps that much, he is just lazy.

A knock on the door made the three children turn their head in unison to see Beacrox going in with cookies. The red cat under the pillow didn't even move though, too concentrated on sleeping. On just shook hear head, Cale didn't pay attention to them nor the food, how are they even supposed to wake him up or making him go out the bed.


Beacrox put the cookies on the small table and let the children eat, then called for the young man. The cat under the pillows slightly move his ears.

—Cale, we have to go discuss about what you talked with my father.

He tried to move the pillows, then his heart almost melt when the cat stretched from underneath it and put his paw on his hand for a second before it dissapeared again.

—Mmmm....I'm going....

Even though he could tell by the voice that Cale was still half asleep, he still couldn't help but touch his hand, why was this bastard so fucking fluffy? Soon enough the cat emerged from his improvised den. He stretched for a bit before letting himself fall like a rag doll on the bed again.

—I don't want to move....

Beacrox stared at him for a moment. —Shall I...carry you?

Cale ears twitched in interest. —You would?

—Since you ended injured because me I guess it's the minimum I can do.

—Mmm, but aren't the others still here?— he mumbled to himself —Whatever, okay then, carry me!

He let himself be lifted. Beacrox arms were really comfortable, Beacrox arms...arms...the image of the man taking off his shirt that he had accidentally witnessed that morning came back to him. It's good that he was a cat right know, cause even if he is good at controlling his expressions, he is pretty sure his ears would have betrayed him.

"No no, it's just jealousy because I can't have abs and muscles as he does, yes, pure jealousy" he thought trying to absolutely fool himself. He slightly move finding a better position, apart from the commodity, Beacrox always smelled nice as he made sure to be completely clean all day, the scent of soap made him relax again, almost melting in the man arms.

They went down to the livingroom. Ron raised his eyebrows seeing his son carrying the cat yet didn't say a thing, the others though, were confused as they saw the cat slowly falling asleep in the arms of the man that had brought him here.

As he got close to the couch Beacrox slightly moved the cat.

—Okay, turn back now.

—Uuh...but I want to sleep more...

The other three flinched after hearing the cat talk and everything finally clicked in their minds, remembering about Cale being part of the cat clan. But who can blame them? The cat didn't had anything strange, it was like it was just a normal cat until it started to speak.

—You can stay like that but I'll put you in the couch.

—Tch— the cat clicked his tongue and jumped to the couch on his own —Whatever let's just finish this I want to sleep.

—So..this cat is Cale?— Rosalyn asked.

—Who else is gonna be? The neighbor?— the cat answered while moving his tail slowly from side to side.

The woman closed her mouth, while Lock just watched the cat with curiosity and Choi Han was giving him murderous eyes for talking like that to his friend.

—Whatever, just give me a sec.

He jumped out of the couch turning back to his human form, he was still wearing his pajamas, so he let himself fall on the couch, not wanting to waste precious sleep time.

—Well, shall we discuss our next move now?— Ron said while giving all that vicious smile of his.

—So, we are going for the mermaids now?— rosalyn composed herself.

—We will blow them up with a couple of bombs nothing much.

—Nothing much?— Rosalyn look at him with incredulity.

—So you all know the Hais islands right? — Cale saw them nod —In that part of the sea there is a cliff, with the information got, there is a hidden cave underneath the water that is one of the entrances to their hideout, we have to go in, place the bombs, then go out.

—How are we gonna get there? It's difficult to move freely under water...— commented Lock.

—I have my ways, the point here is, that we destroy this place.

—And what about their king?— Ron said as he was calmly staring at him.

—The mermaid's king is a public figure, known for owning great part of the ports and for his business, he rarely lefts the city, to give a good image to others he stays the majority of the time in one of his more well known tourist attractions.

—A tourist attraction?— Choi Han tilted his head —Why there?

Cale showed a grin. —Cause he gets to build up a good reputation and it's seen by a lot of people during the day, his aquarium is the most big one in Roan and people always praise him for going around and talking with his visitors.

—Then that means...— Ron started as he put a serious expression —That we have his location, but he is always surrounded by people and the defense of the place after it closes must be high since he is practically always there.

—Exactly, it's his fortress, that is also connected with his villa, so after the hideout explodes, what would he do?

—He would hide in his castle in wich he is confident no one can get to him— answered Beacrox.

—That's why, we will take care of the other thing, then we will go for him and his business.

—I understand— Rosalyn nodded —But how are we all going to get in?

—Oh, we can't go all, this is a mission for two people.

—Just two?— Ron scowled at him —And who would be those two?

—One has to be me as I'm the one that knows how to get in, the other one can be anyone here.

—Then I'll go— Beacrox offered, it was better to go personally and make sure the idiot that was Cale wouldn't get hurt.

Unfortunately, the red haired shook his head, he already had to save Beacrox once and didn't want to let him go to those places.

—Not you, it would be preferable if the one accompanying me is either miss Rosalyn or Choi Han.

—What?— the chef looked really chocked at the idea that Cale preferred to go with Choi Han who hated him before going with him.

—I'm also planning on taking the little dragon with me so the best option would be Choi Han, of course he has to agree with it.

—I guess I can, but you better not do things difficult— he warned.

Cale scoffed at him. —You wouldn't even be able to go in without me.

—Why Choi Han?— Ron asked as he saw his son wasn't going to.

—He is the strongest, I can tell, if I'm going to be in that place I prefer to go with someone that hates me but won't do anything to me than go with someone that can get hurt because of me.

—I see.

—So in case we have to use brute force Choi Han comes better, and we would have the dragon to support us too, I also have a ton of artifacts, it will be easy.

He would regret those last words later.

Two days later, as he managed to convince the others that he was okay, they went to the coast. The city they were in was well known for their tourism as well as the naval between that city and a small town more at the north, it helped to have under control the trading business at the ports.

Since they would be there for a couple of days, of course Cale would bring the kids with him. Hans had to return to the capital, Ron and Beacrox, as well as the other three, all went to stay at one of the houses the Molan Family had there for special occasions.

And right now they were in the van that the father and son duo had rented. Cale ignoring the look on Choi Han's face as he tried to sleep with the two kittens on his lap and a dragon right next to him. They had the bad luck of encountering some officers on the road to stop them to make sure they had their papers, that was when Cale changed his appearance with the necklace, Choi Han had been staring at him since then even though he had already gone back to normal.

"Just ignore it, I'm not in the obligation of saying anything until he speaks, and also I'm supposed to be sleeping" then he heard the little black dragon growling "I can never sleep with this people around..." he opened his eyes and petted the dragons head to appease him, at least Choi Han seemed to relax a little with his 'I'm going to murder you' eyes after the kid reacted like that.

—What do you want?— he rubbed his eyes before giving back the stare at the man.

—That transformation thing you did, why did you choose that appearance?

—You mean why I choose a korean man?


—It was the appearance of my nanny's son, happy?

—Your nanny?

—I ain't answering things that are too private.

—But, aren't you afraid of encountering him?

—He is dead, he died when I was a kid.

—I, do you know...korean?

—Although it wouldn't be necesary since not every descendant of a Korean family knows, yes, I do, I don't need it often though— he answered and after seeing that the black haired seemed contented with it he made himself comfortable again and closed his eyes —Now let me sleep and stop staring at me, just wake me up if needed.

—We are about to get there so maybe you shouldn't sleep more— comented the old assassin from the copilot seat.

—Why can't I fucking sleep...— he mumbled.

—You can sleep once we get there, but we have to clean first, we haven't used the house in a while— Beacrox said as he stopped at the red light —You can't sleep in the van— added as he somehow knew what the red haired was thinking about.

—What's the point of being able to transform in a cat if I can't sleep in the car?

—I won't be cleaning your fur from it, it's not mine.

—Then you should have taken my offer to buy that car.

—We don't even have where to put it.


Rosalyn watched their fight in silence until they stopped. —So...are you sure you haven't been living together for more that two weeks?

—Yes? Why would we lie about it?— Cale gave her a look of confusion.

—No, for nothing...

—You will go with Choi Han tomorrow anyways, that'll be plenty time for you to sleep— the now driver started moving the vehicle again.

—Why do you like to sleep so much anyways?— Choi Han questioned while frowning.

—Because is nice to sleep.

—Don't you have more things to do?

—Not really? I have enough money to live comfortable for a lot of time, I don't need to work, nor study, or do anything, I just want to sleep, eat till I'm full and don't worry about anything.

The black haired man didn't say anything else and the travel ended about five minutes later as they stopped in front of a big house. Someone had been taking care of the place every few days, but as Beacrox was obsessed with having everything perfectly clean, and Cale didn't want to help one bit, the chef throw him and the kids to the backyard to play there while the others took care of the cleaning.

Cale just watched On and Hong kick the ball from one side of the yard to the other, as the black dragon, as he could feel it there, was sitting next to him.

—Don't be sad because you can't play kid.

—Don't call me kid!— the dragon said a bit angry.

—Then dragon?

—That either!!

Cale scowled at him. —Then what do I call you?

—You figure out.

—Me?— he petted the kid's head as he understood the meaning behind his words —You really want me to give you a name? It might not be that good.

—Then just think hard!

—Alright then, but give me time.

—Humpf! You think about it human.

—Yes yes— he continued to pet it.

A name, even if he treated it a little lightly, it was still something important, so he had to think it carefully. He was bot naming a cat or a dog after all but a child. "A name...."

They continue doing the same for the next hour until finally the others let them in. Cale didn't waste time as he apparently had a room here, so he went to sleep immediately. Then the next day as they said, Cale had sit on the van again as they had to travel around half an hour to a small coast town near the big one they were staying at. This small town wasn't too known as few people came here due to the whirlpools on the sea, yet, to Beacrox and Choi Han surprise, the water was calm with only a few little whirlpools that were nothing compared to the dozens of big ones one could see on the past.

—Now, let's go to the shore...— he looked at his phone ad wrote something —Near a convenience store.

—Do you even now the exact place?— Beacrox looked at him from the side, carefull to not get too distracted as he drove.

—Well they don't know either apparently— Cale frowned as he let himself almost melt in his seat, he was really picking bad habits from being a cat.

—They?— the chef asked confused.

—The ones helping us today— his phone sounded indicating a new message, he read it and then looked around the street from the car window —Stop there! On that food stall.

Obediently Beacrox pull over and stopped the van near that place. The three of them got off the car and then looked around.


The red haired, and the other two, turned around to see a beautiful young man half running to them, long blue hair and eyes the color of the sea, he went straight to Cale with a smile and stopped just a few steps from him.

—Cale-nim it has been a while!

—Paseton, you look fine now.

—Yes, I completely recovered thanks to you Cale-nim!

—Who is this?— Choi Han came closer.

—Oh, are you Cale-nim companions?— the beautiful young man asked while tilting his head.

Choi Han frowned at the idea, but before he could deny it, a woman appeared from behind of Paseton. Now if they thought Paseton was beautiful, this woman was on a whole new level that left them all stunned, blue long hair and eyes, and even though she had a few scars on her arms it couldn't care less to make her beauty less. Cale, that was more used to her presence, went to shake her hand.

—Witira-nim, I see you and your brother are good.

—You also look good Cale-nim, didn't though you would come with your original appearance.

—I can hardly imagine someone would recognize me here, only those that knew me closely would.

—I see, then can I invite you to one of our business? There is a restaurant not far from here and we will have a safe place to talk.

—Let's go then, oh right, let me present you all, this is Beacrox, and this is Choi han.

—My name is Paseton— the beautiful young mas smiled as he presented himself.

—I'm Witira, you can just all me that— she shake hands with them and proceeded to show the way.

The restaurant was one of the few expensive places in town, and was only there because apparently Witira's family liked the view of the sea from there. They didn't even had to wait as the staff prepared a room for them and made them go in, taking their orders and then leaving the room.

—So, young master, you said you wanted to talk about business? I'm sorry my father couldn't come though.

—We can't trouble Shickler-nim with a small matter, besides you can talk with him later.

—Of course, since I'm already taking part of great part of the family business, my brother has been doing good in that aspect too.

—Good to know that.

—And so, Cale-nim, what business you want to talk about that you have to use the favor we owe you?

—It's about the mermaids.

Witira expression darkened a little as she smiled. —It has to do with that son of a bitch of their king?

—Partially, yes.

—Wait, can you tell them all this?— Choi Han interrupted.

Beacrox also wanted to ask the same, but he had learned that Cale was a good strategist and had quite a few contacts that were useful for them, he also trusted the leech as he was at least reliable when working, Cale liked to do things good and quick to not fail and be able to go rest later after all.

—Of course we can, you all said we needed their help so I'm using the favor they owe me because of you all.

—We said?

—Oh I guess I forgot to explain that part, this two are Witira and Paseton, the daughter and son of the Whale king.

The two men stayed silent for a moment, before looking at Cale in confusion, had they heard well? The whale tribe, the most powerful beings after the dragons, also one of the most riches and powerful clans with investments in a lot of business, including cruises, restaurant's, aquatic parks, and of course, they were the principal owners of the most important ports. They might own few of this compared to the mermaids, but theirs were more valuable and made a more profitable business. The two in front of them were the daughter and son of the man at the head of all that, and not only that, for some reason they owed Cale favor?

— did you...god...— Beacrox let out an exasperated sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

—How did he got a favor from you?

Choi Han was the most confused of the two, as Beacrox after all the things Cale had done, was a bit more prepared for whatever the red haired could come with.

—Cale-nim saved my little brother's life— Witira answered with a soft smile —Those repulsive mermaids....they found him when he was alone and attacked him, he ended up poisoned and left alone in the streets, yet Cale-nim happened to found him.

—I'm half human, so even though a whale would normally survive that, I'm not strong enough, I just survived because Cale-nim saved me.

—He...did?— the black haired looked at Cale, that was just playing with the napkin on the table.

-Human you really did something like that?!! I knew you were good human, you have saved not only me and On and Hong, but also this person!

Cale was just trying to ignore the voice of the kid that had been commenting the whole time in his head.

—Of course, Cale-nim is such a great person!— Paseton said enthusiastically.

The red haired just frowned. —I'm not, I'm a trash remember?

He had only help Paseton cause he happened to found him after leaving from the place he was robbing, he could tell almost instantly that he was from the whale clan as he had the features and also a deep poisoned wound that was clearly made by mermaid poison, who would the mermaids attack if not a member of the whale clan? He was about to leave when Paseton woke up and asked him to save him, he might be a trash, but if the person in question asked to be saved, it was difficult to just leave.

He also happened to know the cure to mermaid poison, which wasn't the prettiest of methods, he had to take one of the arms of the mermaids the young whale had managed to kill and used it's blood to cure him. It was one of the most disgusting experiences in Cale's life, if the whales didn't offer a favour in compensation he would have gone through that for nothing.

Witira just slightly laughed ignoring him completely. —As he saved him when he was in the doors of death, we are really in debt with him, honestly just one favour is too little to compensate, but he wasn't interested in the sea routes nor anything, and money can't show our deep respect for someone as good as him.

—I like money though.

—But for us something material like that can't expres enough.

Choi Han quietly stared at Cale, that acted as if what he did for them didn't had any importance at all.

Soon the food they ordered was brought. But it wasn't enough "This doesn't taste as good as Beacrox's food" it was a shame, but that didn't change the fact that it was still good, besides he could eat his food later.

—So, Cale-nim, what is the business you mentioned?

—We are going to take down the mermaids.

The woman put down her fork and smiled, making Cale slightly shiver. It was bad already to have his senses scream at him for being surrounded by strong people, but if they also made expressions like that his heart might not be able to handle it.

—With 'we', I suppose you are not referring to you and this two man with you.

Cale only looked at Beacrox at his side, that understanding slightly nodded.

—My father is the head of the assassin guild on the underworld, we have encountered quite a problem with a growing organization that has allied itself with different beast clans and are taking over slowly.

—A growing organization?

—They are called Endable, and are into really dangerous activities, as they actually are using dead mana for something.

The woman scowled at his words. —Dead mana?

—Yes, the same thing that I presume has been providing to the sirens and that has caused their strength to raise, they tried to kill Paseton because of that information, you knew they were getting it from somewhere, now that I know, I obviously have to tell you both, you see, this business is beneficial for your clan, and for us— Cale commented.

— was from there that they got it.

—The mermaids are working for Endable because of that, but it's not only bad that they are getting stronger, they are also providing this organization with materials and weapons, they play a big part on it, so we need to stop it.

—This organization, Endable, how dangerous it is?

—They are the ones behind the the plaza terror incident.

—So they don't even mind involving civilians...

—That is why— Beacrox started —My father saw the potential danger they are and has been trying to take them down, but with all the clans on their side is quite difficult, we, as well as great part of the population are humans, beast people are physically stronger and have abilities we humans don't, this are not the old times were humans would train in order to be strong and survive, the civilians are weak, if they decide to take over the country, wich from what I see they could try, it won't be good for anyone.

—Seriously...— Witira seemed to be lost in thoughts as she tapped the table with her finger —This is more complicated than I thought it would be.

As they were all distracted, Cale cut a big piece of his meat and offered to the empty space on his right, it soon disappeared.

-This tastes good- the dragon comented in his head.

—We will go and destroy the base they have in the cliff close to the Hais islands, we could use a ride there, but the important thing is, we are also planning on going for the head of the mermaid's king in a few days, your strength would come in handy at that time.

—I would gladly help in chopping his fucking head off.

—Of course you would understand that, after plenty of mermaids die, as well as their king, a lot of business will become unstable, specially after the black information about their questionable deeds is put on the media for everyone to see, I might even say some of it will end up bankrupt and would probably have to be sold.

—Oh? I like the sound of that— the woman smiled as she took a sip from her wine —I wonder who could buy all of that, probably someone with a better reputation, similar business and a lot of money.

—Weird, aren't you just describing your family?

She laughed. —Of course, we will delightfully take over all of their things, but obviously, if you want any of them, I'll gladly ignore it for you to take it.

—Oh? That sounds good.

—The favor will be lending our strength, but by doing so we are earning more than you, so obviously this much is the appropriate.

—Seriously, it's so nice to talk about business with you.

—Of course, my father taught me well, and now that I'm talking about him, he said he wishes to meet with you, what about a lunch or a brief conversation in two days?

—Sounds good to me.

—Perfect, now, you said you needed a ride?

—Yes, between Hais island twelve and fifteen, in that part of the cliff has to be the entrance to the mermaids secret base, so it would be nice if you could check on that and then take me and Choi Han there.

—Mmm, there are a lot of rocks there, to move while as a whale, it might be difficult...

—I can do it noonim— said Paseton —As I'm smaller than you I can go through the rocks.

—Are you sure?

—If anything happens I know you will be close, I can just go to you.

—Very well then, I'll leave that to you.

—We can all go to the beach later, let's finish this first— Cale said before calling for the waitress again and asking for more meat.

—You surely have a good appetite Cale-nim— commented Witira when the dishes came and Cale started to cut the meat and place it in a plate.

—This is not for me— he then put the plate in front of the free seat at his side —You can come out don't worry.

The little dragon didn't even think twice to undo the invisibility spell and start eating. Witira and Paseton opened their eyes in disbelief.

—He will also be going with us.

—Are you sure is safe to let him be seen?— Beacrox asked quietly.

—It's okay, besides, I can't let a child starve when we are eating, you also wouldn't right?— he gave him a smirk as he knew the man was weak with children.

Witira saw their interaction with interest, and noticing the little red on Beacrox ears, and the subtle soft smile of Cale, she couldn't help but raise her eyebrows as she finished her glass of wine. "So it is like that" she took note to make sure her family was also respectful to Beacrox and his father when they meet in a few days.

Chapter Text

—I can see you are comfortable— Beacrox commented seeing the red haired man sitting on a bench with sunglasses and eating a popsicle.

—What? We have to wait for them who knows how much I'm just relaxing a little bit.

—Are you even taking this seriously?— Choi Han gave him a glare.

—Of course I am— he lowered his sunglasses to look at him —I'm the one behind the whole plan after all.

—What are even the sunglasses for?

—People here don't know me, but you can never be too sure, and it's been a while since I could go out with my appearance and not someone else's.

—There's literally no one here.

They were waiting on a little park next to a solitary beach that had no visitors at all. The sun was already setting and the salty cold breeze was getting stronger, Beacrox casually stared at Cale, whose hair was moving because of it and wich the sunset lights were making look a more vibrant red and shiny than usual. 

—You can never be too carefull.

—Human look!

Cale looked down to the beach, were the dragon was enthusiastically flapping his wings as he showed the sand house he had made, and in Cale's opinion the kid had done a really good job, probably thanks to his magic.

—Oooh, that's great, a mighty construction for a great and mighty being.

The dragon smiled as he heard him and puffed up his chest. —Of course, I am great and mighty!

—Now you are covered in sand, come here.

The dragon flew to him and let himself be cleaned in silence.

—I think they are back— Choi Han said.

Two people could be seen going out of the water in the distance, but obviously that blue hair of theirs was unmistakable. Cale just took his time taking the sand out of the child before standing up and wait for the siblings to get to them. Witira came with a smile that made clear they had found what they were looking for.

—For what I can see your search went well?

—It went splendidly Cale-nim— the woman went up the little stairs and got to them —The cave is small and it's located in between a lot of rocks, we cannot go in, but Paseton can take you close enough without having to worry about the whirlpools and for you to go in swimming.

—That's good news then, now it's our turn to proceed with the rest of the plan, I suppose I can expect for you two to wait for us outside?

—Of course, and in case any mermaids come closer we will take care of it.

—Such vicious words.

—In land we follow the laws and morals, but in the sea were are nothing more than whales, being vicious towards those that had tried to kill us for hundreds of years, I believe is just but a slight matter.

—The land and sky are ruled by the dragons, but the sea is ruled by the whales, I believe people used to say that phrase a lot in the past.

—That is correct, while in the sea, we make the rules, if not those mermaids would had been able of making their kingdom a long time ago.

Cale just smiled. A pure demonstration of power, that's the correct way of defining the whales while in the sea, creatures that emigrate and travel the whole year, it was impossible for them to be deprived of their usual emigration routes because the mermaids wanted to build a kingdom, not when they were clearly the strongest existences there. Since ancient times they had been in war because of it, and now in modern times they took that battle to the land and their business, of course the one in the ocean was still going on, but that was something humans wouldn't meddle with.

—Certainly, now, shall we go?

—We will take you there Cale-nim— Paseton beamed as he said that.

—Beacrox, sorry for making you wait in the car— Cale said as he took off his sunglasses —But we will try to come back soon.

The chef nodded, he wanted to go but that wasn't an option, it was better to follow the plan. Witira saw their little exchange and smiled, noticing the slight sadness on the older man's eyes. "To be young" she thought, but then brushed those thoughts aside as she saw how Cale and Choi Han took out their hoodies revealing the black outfit under their clothes.

They had to climb over Paseton's back, even though he was smaller than Witira in his whale form, a whale was still a whale, the travel wasn't comfortable either, his back was slippery, and the cold and strong breeze in the sea and between the cliff and rocks was stronger than the one on land. The black dragon used his magic in all of them to make them invisible, and so they got to the place with no problems.

As Witira had said, there were plenty of sharp rocks in that section under the cliff, a perfect place to hide something from the whales as their big bodies would have it difficult to simply past through there.

—Cale-nim, you just need to go all the way down, the Ocean currents are a bit strong, but as long as you descend quickly it shouldn't be a problem.

Cale nodded, finding kind of strange that a literal whale had talked, but he couldn't say a thing since he was also a cat and it must be weird when he does that too. He put on a mask almost completely made of glass, put one similar on the little dragon and waited for Choi Han to put on his, he had spend so much money on this things and he was going to probably use them once.

—Human this is weird— the dragon said, carefully touching his mask, his voice came out muffled.

—Just hang in there for a few minutes, it's a really good product.

—It is?— the dragon asked with curiosity, he had never seen something like that before after all.

—It filters the oxygen in the water with this— he pointed to the little black box on the side of it.

—I see, this is a really interesting thing!

—Now— seeing that the three of them were ready, Cale grabbed the kid in his arms —Let's jump, I'll carry him.

—Can you swim with him all the way down?— Choi Han clearly didn't believe in his abilities.

—Yes, just jump— as he said that he hugged the dragon carefully not to let him go and jumped in the water

As the sky was already turning a deep blue, the water was cold and dark, but the light inside of their masks helped a lot. Choi Han didn't even wait for him to go down as he was looking for the entrance. Cale just watched him for a moment, and followed, at his feet appeared little whirlpools that let him go faster and easier through the water.

How to forget that it was almost a year ago when he found his wind ancient power in this same part of the ocean, under the biggest whirlpool, he thankfully had Bud and Glenn to accompany him there and get a strong enough magic bomb to blow the whirlpool up and get to the ancient power.

He just quickly made it to a cave around one and a meter and a half of diameter and went in, waiting a bit for his companion and then continuing. The cave didn't change much, but it was a bit long, partially going up, and at some point they made it out of the water, having to walk a little until they got to a plain terrain, completely desolated, but with a small hatch on a ceiling that was clearly not a natural part of the cave.

Cale took out his and the dragon's mask, putting them in his spatial pouch,  then turn around to look at Choi Han.

—Hear carefully, I don't have the map of this place, but I have general information, as I said there are seven floors here, we have to put a bomb in the seventh, fifth, and third floor okay? Preferably near the center but in different directions, the explosion plus the place going down will take care of the rest, we only have to make sure to place this things and go out as quickly as possible you got it?

The black haired man nodded. —I'll be careful...and I will follow your orders just for once.

—Good, now, dragon, put invisibility magic on us again, don't take it off unless I say so, and if anyone found us, we just take care of it, understood?

The two nodded. Cale went up the ladder and tried opening the hatch, until Choi Han had to come himself to open it. They went in to what seemed to be a storage room. Cale was extremely carefull, taking his time to hear and sense his surroundings in order to tell if someone was approaching them.

They walked out of the room stealthily and went down the hallway until they found the emergency stairs, the best was to start from the upper floors and then going down. In the seventh floor they encountered mermaids almost as soon as they went out of the stairs. They had to walk carefully not to make noise or colliding with them accidentally.

Cale wasn't such a fan of the mermaids after the disgusting experience of having to cut the arm of one and gave Paseton their blood to neutralize the poison. As he also expected, there were humans here too. Humans and mermaids were easy to differentiate even for normal people, as the later had a grayish skin and were more taller than the normal human.

"They are investigating something here" Cale thought as he briefly saw the interior of a room filled with chemicals and people working on something. He had to say he hated that place, the walls were all white, the people all used gray robes, it was kind of tiring for the eyes specially with that strong light illuminating the place. They still continued until they found a janitor's closet, they installed the bombs that had been programmed to blow up in one hour and hide it the best they could, then they returned to the stairs.

Placing the two other bombs wasn't that difficult either, and they were counting with half an hour to get out of there, the problem was that as they were entering the stairs again, the alarm went off.

—Fuck how did they even noticed?— Cale couldn't help but ask, specially because moments after the door to the stairs opened and armed people went in, then it clicked in his head.

"Fuck, they must have seen the door opening alone through the freaking cameras!!"

—Choi Han!!


The invisibility over the man was taken off, and all could see the black aura surrounding him. Now, Cale knew he was strong, but never really expected that he was actually a sword master. Bullets were stopped in the middle of the air by that back aura that stretched and moved erratically, Cale was calm, since as the dragon had said in his mind moments ago, he was actually protected by three layers of magic shields.

He looked around at the enemies that were going in and surrounding them, then he went and put his hand on Choi Han's shoulder.

—Hey, how long can your aura extend to?

—A few meters.

"A few meters?" This guy was more dangerous than he thought, his secretary, Bud illis, was only able to extend it to two meters at most after all.

—I see, then, can you try going up the further you can?

—For what?

—Collapsing the stairs of course.

The man eyes widened, understanding the plan, yet he still doubted a moment.

—You, will you be alright?

—Yes? I have the dragon, and my own shield, and they probably haven't noticed there are two of us, I'll just go to the first floor in silence and wait for you there, be careful.

They both jumped in different directions, Choi Han started attacking while going up the faster he could, Cale jumped down by the space in the middle of the stairs and quickly went down, using his wind ancient power to stop the fall and descend safely, as they were till people going in to the stairs area he had to wait for the perfect moment to go through the door, but he finally managed to get out, just to see people running around in a panic on the hallways. 

Soon enough a loud sound was heard, followed by screams, Cale casually walked further from the stairs, just to see the people that didn't managed to get out being crushed by the falling debris. He grimaced seeing this and carefully covered the kid's eyes. Now the door to the stairs was completely blocked, but Cale didn't care much, soon enough the ceiling broke and Choi Han came from there with his clothes covered in dust, surely Beacrox would scowl at that.

—Let's go, we don't have much time left, only about fifteen minutes.

‐Human there is someone coming from the upper floor!!

Cale grabbed Choi Han and pulled him out of the way seconds before a man fell making a fire burst and expand towards them. The silver shield soon appeared protecting them from it, a metallic and crazy laugh was heard.

— let me saw quite the lovely scene, so much blood tainting this colorless walls....

Cale went pale, recognizing the man from the records he had come across a while ago and the memories from the plaza terror incident. Redika the crazy mage, the one in charge of the terrorist attack and someone that went crazy with blood and the color red. He was thankful that he had covered his hair even if he was still invisible, such bad time to have red hair.

—You lack a bit of red but...I'm pretty sure if I slice you a little and took an arm or something I will be able to see a beautiful red!

—Choi Han take care of him quickly we don't have time!!

The mage smile widened. —Oh? There is someone else here? Then the shield from a moment ago....

Choi Han went forward attacking with his sword. —You go first!!

"And leaving you behind?" Cale ignored his words. —Kid help him, distract the mage for Choi Han to attack properly.

-I got it human!!

Fire balls appeared in the air and were directed to the crazy mage that had now quite the problem being attacked from behind and from the front. Using an opportunity Choi Han went and cut his arm. The man screamed, then Cale quickly took out a gun and shoot him three times in different vital parts just to be sure.

The dragon undid the invisibility magic at Cales signal, Choi Han gave him a weird look.

—What? Never underestimate the power of guns— he said casually —Now let's go before the bombs go off— he checked the watch Beacrox had lend him —Fuck, hurry up!!

They ran to the hatch they had used to go in while putting on the masks, then they went down and started going to the water, they jumped in without thinking twice and swam the faster they could, yet when they were about half the way through it, the bombs went off and the whole place started shaking. Pieces of rock started to fall making it difficult to advance, so Cale put the Shield over them to block them, fortunately they managed to get out before the whole cave collapsed.

They didn't had much time to relax as outside wasn't much better, swimming back to the surface the shield saved them from quite a number of falling rocks. Then when they made it, Paseton came to them quickly and soon the cliff was left behind as the whales took them to one of the nearest islands.

—Cale-nim are you alright? Is the dragon-nim good too?— Paseton asked with concern.

—Yes..we are-

He couldn't finished as he started to cough, smelling the blood the young whale hurried up to land.

—Human!!! Don't faint you can't faint!!

—Cale!— Choi Han supported him after seeing how he dangerously lost strength and could fall from the back of the whale.

—I'm okay, it's not that much blood, I won't faint don't worry.

The swordsman didn't say a thing, but kept his hands on the man's arm just in case, and when they got to the island he didn't lose time helping him get down.

Cale sat on the sand and took off the mask and the black cloth over his hair. He really was okay, his ancient power, the vitality of the heart, was already working, after coughing a little blood the pain was already gone and he felt better than ever, but the others were still looking at him with concern.

—I said I was good, I just need to rest a little.

Witira frowned but still nodded. —I'll inform Beacrox of what happened and that we are alright, paseton come with me, go check if there are possible threats on the island.

—Yes noonim.

They went to another place to make the call, while the dragon rested his head on Cale's lap, still sniffing as if he thought his human could have died.

—Human, I have learned, I won't make the same mistake again, I know how to react in that situation, so don't use your powers again!

The red haired smiled and stroke the dragon's back. —Alright, I'll trust you.

Choi Han stared at him for a while, making him uncomfortable, yet when he was about to ask what he wanted, the black haired made a question he wasn't expecting.

—Why did you said those things at that time?

With those things he obviously was talking about the time Cale insulted his family and they end up fighting, if it could be called that as Cale was the only one getting punched.

The phrase, because I'm trash, was about to come from his mouth, but he couldn't say it, not considering the hurtful things he had said to someone that had lost his family.

—You know, my mother died when I was eight.

Choi Han just sit down, he had come to the conclusion Cale wasn't really a trash young master, it couldn't be considering how he acted and the fact he had saved quite a number of people and earned their gratitude. So he just listened without questioning what that had to do with his question.

—She was like me, one couldn't tell she was part of the cat clan, but she also had a poor condition, she was sick for quite some time before she died.

The little dragon also went quiet to hear.

—As you know I can't really forget anything, so I remember well that day, my mother went out to visit a friend in Harris village.

Choi Han stiffened at the mention of his home, grasping the idea of what would come out of the red haired mouth.

—It was raining heavily when she came back, my father didn't let me see her, saying the doctors and priests had to see her first to help her condition, yet than only ended with me being unable to say goodbye to her before she died, it's not like the people in Harris village had the fault for what happened, even if I don't know cause my father didn't want to tell me and I also didn't want to know.

Would he want to know the reason behind his mother's death? No, what if there was no culprit behind he could vent his anger at, and if it was, they might not even had done anything on purpose, his mother's health had gone down for a while already and it wouldn't have been strange for her to collapse. So he decided to not know what had happened, still, he didn't want to know anything about Harris village as it brought back painful memories to him.

—That day, when I come across you outside the bar, it was the anniversary of her death so I was quite in an unstable state, for that and because I was getting to my limits, I didn't really meant all those things but I just said them, even though I have to say my time in the hospital made me think a lot, it was in there that I decided to fake my death, so in a way I'm in debt with you.

—In debt?

—Because I faked my death I got to feel better and I also met the children, Beacrox and Ron, and I have a peaceful place to stay, I should say getting beaten up was for the better, although it was fucking painful and I hate pain.

—I guess I have to say sorry too, I was also mentally unstable at that time because of what had happened and I vented my anger at you...and have been acting a little...

—It's alright, I was in the wrong too, and I'm used to people talking shit about me and giving me bad faces, I'm a trash remember?

—Cale-nim— Witira returned —Apparently the explosion was seen from the town and the military is sending people to investigate, it would be better to go back now before they find us here.

—Can you walk Cale-nim?— Paseton, who had also returned offered his hand to help him get up.

—Yes, I'm good, let's go back now I'm hungry.

Thankfully the night was dark enough, even if they saw some boats in the distance, they took the long route back to the shore, where Beacrox was waiting for them with a change of clothes and ready to go back. Promising to go back in two days they left after saying goodbye to the siblings.

Beacrox was feeling uneasy for some reason, something had change and he didn't know why it make him feel uncomfortable, Cale and Choi Han hadn't fought for the last two days and they would even say hi to each other and peacefully sit down at the table or to watch TV.  It had to be with the mission, something had happened and he wanted to know what was it and why they were acting so amiable with each other.

Still, he wasn't someone really expressive, and for that reason he found difficult to even ask about it. Ron on the other side, was enjoying seeing his son take quick glances to a particular red haired and how his face slightly changed seeing him interact with the swordsman. He could have been a good and understanding father and go ask those two what had happen during the mission, but he was having too much fun to do so. His son probably didn't know what he was feeling or why, and for him that was hilarious. Watching him suffer a little was one of his new favorite activities, apart from givin Cale lemon tea or other bitter drinks, their expressions were great.

He was quite surprised when Beacrox told him Cale actually had connections with the whale clan, but considering all the things he had already done or shown he wasn't as surprised as the others.

Ron watched his son gave the fifth glance to the two on the couch for fifth time in ten minutes, it wasn't good to have an open kitchen apparently, the old man sighed. He put his tea cup down and stood up walking to the livingroom and sitting on the small sofa on the righ, the little dragon was in the middle of them watching a documentary about technology.

—So, we are meeting the whale king this afternoon right?— he asked after a while.

—Yes, around three, they invited us to their restaurant again for dessert, or that's what Witira-nim said.

—I see, are you bringing the kids?

—Since there is no danger there I don't see why not, they can go play on the beach after it, we found one where people don't really go to, the dragon can also play.

—We are going there again human? I liked that place.

—Yes, we are going there, I'll buy you and your siblings an icecream.


Cale looked at the old man again. —You, Beacrox, the kids, miss Rosalyn, Choi Han and Lock, we will all go, since this time is a mission for all.

—I understand.

Four hours after they were already entering the restaurant's private room. This time it was a larger one from before, and there were already four people waiting inside, Paseton smiled as soon as he saw them go in, he stood up and was imitated by his sister.

Cale was surprised, cause after them, the most handsome middle-age man he had seen entered his vision, but it was to be expected from the father of the two siblings, the whale clan was also known for their beauty after all. The man went to recieve them with a polite smile.

"I see that Paseton took after his father"  they really looked alike.

—It's a real pleasure to meet the benefactor and savior of my son— the man went to Cale and shook hands with him —I'm Shickler, Paseton and Witiras father.

Cale nodded. —I'm Cale.

Shickler was really curious to know the man that had saved his son, and he didn't expect to found a youn man with an air of nobility and a calm demeanor, he understood why his son and daughter liked him so much, he looked more like a king than himself with the way he moved and talked.

They couldn't really say more as the people behind Cale tensed, of course the red haired felt the change, he gave them a quick glance before noticing the fourth person behind the king, white hair, and a beautiful face that was glaring at him like he wanted to murder him. That was obviously the reason the others were going on guard.

"I don't want to have to deal with a punk ugh..." Cale frowned, wich made the man blood thirst go up, the red haired senses went to their limit, he hated having that ability in moments like that.

Shickler was about to reprimand his guard, when a chilling oppressing aura appeared in the room. Everyone felt chills as they stared at Cale, that had a stoic expression as he walked toward the man. One didn't have to be intelligent to know that powerful aura was coming from him.

The man was frozen in place as Cale stopped a few steps away from him. He was sure that the red haired was weak, as weak as a regular human or maybe even more, but he wasn't even able to look up at his face because of that aura.

—What's your name?— Cale asked.

The man didn't answer. Clenching his hands. The young man watched this and waited.

—If you can't even tell me your name then you shouldn't look at people like that.

It was his fault, all his fault!! Cale senses were sensitive, he was so scared that one of his ancient powers activated on it's own, Dominating Aura, the power to scam others making them think he was strong. Seeing the man looking at the floor and with no intentions of glaring at him again he relaxed. The aura soon started to dissipate and the people got to breathe again, they all felt the oppression, it was difficult to imagine how was it for the one it was directed at, that was now pale and wasn't able to raise his head.

—I'm sorry Cale-nim, this idiot is just a troublemaker that doesn't know how to behave unless my father beats some sense into him— Witira glared at the man.

—Yes, I think Archie needs some more training, I haven't beaten him up into a pulp in a while— Shickler laughed as he said that, making the white haired man, Archie, shiver.

—It's alright, now, shall we sit and discuss what we came to talk about?— Cale said as he himself sit down like he was the owner of the place.

—Of course— Shickler as well as the rest followed him —I heard from my daughter the business offer you had for us, now, in ancient times we would not have involved in the problems of the people in the land but, as a father, I decided to live here with my son, and therefore I want this country to be peaceful, as much as I want those mermaids to disappear.

—A father would always choose the best for their kids— Ron said, exchanging a smile with the other man.

"Always choose the best huh?" Cale thought before going back to the conversation.

—Well I managed to get the information to get in, we will need three teams, two as a distraction, and one to go through the mess and get to our target.

—I myself cannot go, but Paseton and Witira will, I'm also planning on lending Archie to you, if you don't mind.

—I don't think he will give a problem, right?

The man avoided his gaze as he nodded. —I'll follow my king's orders...

—Good, after we get rid of him and expose all the things they had done, you just have to take care of their business and make sure they have nothing to hold onto, if they don't have a thing, they won't be of help to Endable.

—As the head of my family and clan, you can be at ease knowing that I'll do everything to take even the smallest thing from them.


They ordered some pastries to eat as they discussed, and after a couple of minutes they were ready.

—Human, are we going to play now?— the dragon whispered to him from the side, at the same time On and Hong looked at him with bright eyes.

—Yes, I'll take you three to the beach don't worry— he sighed. 

—Remember you said you would buy us ice cream— the dragon remarked.


—Did you even brought sunscreen?— Beacrox asked as he frowned.

—Can't I just buy one somewhere around?

—Why do I even ask when you just solve everything with money.

—Well I have to use my money in something.

There was no use in fighting, Beacrox new that, no matter what he said, nothing would change Cale's belief that the best thing in life was money and that everything could be solved with it.


Cale gave him a triumphant smile. The others just witnessed the scene in silence, Shickler understanding why his daughter had told him to be extra respectful with the Molans, he also didn't knew Cale was a father to three children, but also didn't question it since they seemed like a pretty good family.

—Then, we will reunite in the place we talked about tomorrow at eleven— the old whale stood up —Such a shame I can't go to this funny excursion.

—I appreciate your help Shickler-nim, we as an assassin guild might not be as useful to you but we can also collect information in case you need it— Ron said.

—Now, we should let them go father, they promised the kids so we can't interfere with them getting icecream.

Witira smiled to the children as she held her father's arm. Half an hour later, Cale, disguised as Kim Rok Soo, was standing in front of an icecream shop while the kids at his side were trying to decide on two flavors, the invisible Raon was flying around non stop as he demanded his icecream.

-Human Human!! I want chocolate!! Chocolate and Pistachio!!

—I want raspberry cheesecake flavor with oreo!!— Hong finally said after being five minutes deciding.

—Alright, and you On?

—I want mint chocolate chips and Bavarian chocolate.

Cale approved of the girl's taste in good icecream flavors as he turned around to see the rest of the group standing at a distance.


—Ah, yes?— the boy came closer.

—Pick two flavors.

—What? But I...

—You don't want? I'm the one paying so take the opportunity, I'm filthy rich so it doesn't matter.

—A-alright then...— the boy shyly smiled as he went to choose.

Lock might be tall because he was a descendant of the blue wolf clan, but he was still a fourteen years old, in Cale eyes he was as much a child as there were On and Hong.

Cale accompanied the kids to the beach, not before Beacrox went to buy the damn sunscreen and made the children put some on to evade getting burn. The others took the time to rest and walk around.

—Hey kids— Cale called them after a while, three pair of eyes were directed at him —You know I said we would go and make a reconnaissance of the terrain tomorrow righ?


—Since you will come with me in tomorrow's mission, I guess we could explore the aquarium during the morning to see the best route to the enemies villa, what do you think?

He was saying that but it was more an outing for the kids to enjoy themselves.

—You...are you saying you will take us to the aquarium?— Hong's eyes widened.

—Basically, yes.

—We...can watch the different fishes and marine animals right?— On asked.

—Of course, me and Beacrox will do the work, right?— he looked at the man sitting next to him going through his phone.


—See? you three will be accompanying us, but you can also do whatever you want there.

—I want to go!! Human I want to see the fishes! Are they like the ones in the TV? Are there sharks? Or octopuses? I want to see those!

—I guess? I haven't gone to one either.

—You haven't?— On looked at him with surprise —But isn't your family rich? How could you have not gone to one?

Beacrox got more interested in the conversation as he looked at the younger man.

—Well they went sometimes, I just didn't went with them.

—Why not?

—I'm not sure they wanted me there, I'm trash and always cause problems after all, don't think anyone would take someone like that to a public place, besides it gave my parents some opportunities to have some quality time with my siblings.

The kids went silent.

—I-I want you to go there with us human!

—Yes!, you will go with us so it doesn't matter, we will do everything together— Hong followed his youngest brother's words.

—Well of course I'm just telling we will go together.

The kids looked at each other, they knew that Cale never talked much about his family as if he was avoiding the topic, and also the fact he faked his death, they didn't though much about it cause he wasn't the most normal person, but now hearing that, was that he might have been ignored by his family? They weren't dumb, as they had lived harsh lifes, they could be ignorant in some aspects, but not dumb.

—What else you didn't do?— On asked.

—Yeah tell us and we will go with you! We also haven't done a lot of things.

Cale laughed. —Don't worry about me, worry about yourselves, now go to play, we will go back in about twenty minutes.

The kids reluctantly went back to play in the sand, yet the three of them decided that they wanted to know about their guardian's past and how could they do things for him. Cale did found odd that the kids acted all obedient and complacent towards him the rest of the day until they went to sleep, and that the next morning they patiently waited for him to get ready even if it was obvious that they were excited, but he decided to ignore it.

—Are you sure you don't want to come?— Cale asked Lock a second time, but the boy just shook his head.

—No, I have gone before to that aquarium with my siblings, so it's okay.

—Alright then.

—Have a nice day kids!— Rosalyn waved at the kids, who were already on the van.

Soon enough they were on their way to the aquarium. The little black dragon was enthusiastically jumping around while On and Hong couldn't stop looking out the window, a couple of minutes later they were able to see the building and they become even more hyperactive than Cale had seen them before. It was difficult to park the van but the moment they did it and the door was opened, the three went outside like their lifes were depending on that.

—Easy there, I don't want you three to get lost, although I can't really see one of you...

—Don't worry if we get lost we will wait for you without moving!— On said with a smile.

—Come here— Beacrox went to the children and made sure their clothes were in order, then he handed them the little wallets he and Cale had choose yesterday in a shop near the beach —Take this and don't loose it, it has the house number as well as Cale's and mine phone number too, it also has money in case you want to buy something and we are not close.

—Alright sir— On took hers and put it on her shorts pockets and covered them with her hoodie.

Hong seeing this proceeded to imitate his sister. Since the dragon would go with them and couldn't show himself he didn't really need one, but was still sulking for the fact he didn't had one too.

—I might have to buy a phone for them later too— Cale, who was disguised as Kim Rok Soo, came closer after closing the doors and secured them.

—Aren't they too young?

—It can be a simple one, besides I said I might have, we don't go out too much anyways.

—Ca-...Rok Soo...hyung?— Hong wasn't used to it at all.

—You can call me whatever you want.


—I guess.


—That's also alright.

—Okay— he said before mumbling —It doesn't sounds right though...

-Human Human let's go!!!!

"Aigooo..." —Okay, if we have everything then let's go, make sure not to go too far away cause there is a lot of people— said as he looked around at the people walking to the entrance, he could even see some kids in school uniform.

On took his hand and Hong took Beacrox's, the poor dragon just kept sulking while following them.

The line to get in was long, wich was to be expected from the most known and biggest aquarium of the country, and although the kids were afraid Cale would complain about having to be standing for almost half an hour he didn't say a thing until it was their turn. Even before Beacrox could stop him the young man bought four VIP tickets, he wasn't going to wait in line again. The worker gave them the bracelets and they were finally in.

—Now what do you want to see first?— Cale asked looking at the big map on the entrance.

—I don't know...there are a lot of exhibitions...— Hong said with a serious face while staring at the map.

—We could start with the coral reefs exhibition since it's the closest one and then continue in order, stop at the cafeteria to eat and rest, then go to the dolphins or the sea otters— Beacrox proposed.

—Let's do that!— On pulled Cale's arm.

The children were fascinated by the colorful fish and coral. Going from one side to the other and reading the information of the ones they liked the most. The dragon was particularly captivated by the glowing reefs. Cale and Beacrox just casually looked from a distance letting them go around as there wasn't much people in this building.

"I guess it was a good idea to brought them here" Cale praised himself mentally while following the children.

Although Cale seemed to just be following the children, Beacrox, who was almost shamelessly staring at him, noticed how he was actually looking at the same things as them, and would even stop for a few seconds to stare at a particular fish or marine form that caught his attention, he even read some of the information.

—I haven't gone to one either......Well they went sometimes, I just didn't went with them.

He remembered what he had said to the kids the day before. Beacrox's family was small, he vaguely remembered living in a big house, playing with his mother and watching her practice with her great sword, he also remembers the screams and the fire, as well as that look his mother gave him after hiding him from the intruders. There weren't much memories from before the day the Molan family was attacked, but he didn't mind, his father gave him everything even when he wasn't the most caring human being, they saved some photos of his mother from the fire and ran to a new life.

Ron did everything to give him a proper life, education, trips to the beach, the aquarium, the circus, all the places he wanted to go, he went, all the things he wanted he got. He decided on his own to accept his father's training and also to use a great sword like his mother.

He had quite a nice life even after they loosed everything. But Cale, he was someone that was supposed to have that since birth, being born in a rich family and all, but he seemed to avoid looking back, the only aspects of his past he was willing to talk about were his time as a thief, and his siblings as those were the only names that he mentioned on his own.

He wanted to know, he really wanted to know why his eyes showed such a dark look everytime his father was mentioned. Would he be able to comfort him if he did? He wasn't sure, but seeing the lively and lazy leech he had known for these last weeks, he couldn't help but want it when that smirk turned to a disappointed look. For him it just wasn't right.

It made him feel a strange discomfort in his chest. But he just had to brush it aside since it wasn't his right to know.

After the kids passed their first explosive happiness state, they remembered the fact of Cale not having gone to the aquarium before, so the rest of the exhibitions he was dragged from side to side to see everything with them.

—I'm going to faint....

-Human don't faint!!! Why would you? you haven't used your powers!!!

—Here— Beacrox gave him a bottle of water.

—Thank you.

—So, do you want to go to the cafeteria or to that restaurant there?

—Any place, I just want to eat I'm hungry.

—Let's go to the restaurant!! I hear someone said you can see the penguins from the second floor— Hong pulled Cale's arm.

—Guess the restaurant then.

The place was kind of nice, the tables were separated by decorative shrubs, so the dragon was able to undo the invisibility, even though he had to sit on a corner.

—What are we doing now?— On asked.

—We can go to the penguins since is right next to this place, then to the dolphins and otters, we should be able to finish seeing almost everything before four— Beacrox said while helping Hong with the mess he was making trying to eat his pasta.

—Since we have to prepare for tonight, we will have to let some exhibitions out.

—So we won't be able to see everything?— Hong pouted.

—Well at least you will get to see almost everything before they close this place because the owners used the money from the donations to buy illegal materials— Cale answered.

—Such horrible bastards!— the little dragon commented before stuffing his face with his burger.

Cale almost choke with his food hearing the kid swear like that, and as he looked up he could just see Beacrox's disapproving eyes. "No why are you looking at me like that?! He must have learn it from Witira or the TV!!" He rarely said any inappropriate words in front of the children, unless he forgot they were there.

—It's still sad, that we can't see all the little fishes and sea animals before they close, where will they take them to?— the girl said downhearted.

— you like this place that much?

—Of course! It even has a cinema where they teach you about deep sea creatures and strange ugly fishes!— the boy explained with a smile.

—Do you want it then?


—The aquarium I mean.

—What? How...?

—If it's going to close and be sold what's the problem with buying it? You just have to hand it to other people to run it for you and you get to enjoy the money that comes from it.

He saw how the kids and Beacrox were looking at him with dumbfounded expressions.

—I gotta use my money on something right? I have only spent it in food and hotel rooms, I really have much more than you all think, specially taking to account the one that's not at my name.

—But...isn't this place super expensive?— the little girl still couldn't believe it.

—It will be cheaper in a couple of weeks, I'm not really fond of this place since I prefer restaurants, but I can put it at yours and Hong's name, although for that I will have to make the documents and get you both an ID and all that, last time I checked the cat clan didn't register you two.

—You...will you really give this place to us?

—Of course or I wouldn't mention it.

—Then...we would be able to come here whenever we want, and our youngest wouldn't have to hide.

—And let other children that can't afford it to come too!

Cale smiled and then looked at Beacrox. —Guess I choose some good owners.

—How will you register them?

—The same way I did for myself— he said pointing as his appearance —Although...I don't think the last name Kim would go well with their names, and I can't use Henituse...might as well just use Molan.

Beacrox choked with his drink and started coughing. Cale just casually stared at him waiting for him to breathe again.

—Relax, it doesn't have to mean they will be your kids, I'm still the one responsible of them.

—So we will be Molans then?— Hong seemed quite happy hearing that.

—I believe Hong and On Molan sounds better.


Cale interrupted the man. —We will be living in the same house anyways, I'll still pay for everything they might need, still I have to ask your father about it, if it's not possible I will just think of something else.

Cale smirked seeing the brown haired man cover his face with his hand in exasperation. Wasn't he kind of cute sometimes?. He froze. Cute? The assassin that he had learn a while ago was also a master at torture? That man...did he just thought about him being cute?

"I might be more exhausted than I thought" he distracted himself with his food again.

Cale got a good number of pictures of the siblings playing through the cristal with a dolphin, as well as some of the cute otters to put as a screensaver on his phone, On bought a dolphin plushie while Hong got a Penguin one, since the dragon couldn't enjoy much of the experience because he had to remain invisible, Cale didn't hesitate to fulfill all his petitions, reason why Beacrox had two bags filled with souvenirs, plushies and candy boxes.

—Hey, come here for a second.

He brought the children to a secluded place with a large mural, took some quick glances around and nodded seeing that no one was around.

—Now pose, the three of you.

—Eh..but...— the kids looked around —People wouldn't then see...

—It's alright there is no one around and this is a blind spot for the cameras.

—How do you know?— the chef asked from the side.

—I did say I came to work, I memorized the location of all the cameras, I also hacked the system when we were waiting for the dolphin's show to start, so I know it's safe, now pose— he pointed the camera of his cellphone towards the kids.

On squatted while still holding the cotton candy she had bought a moment ago, Hong slightly extended his arms to the sides while leaning forward, and the dragon just appeared over On's head. The kids smiled and Cale took quite a few pictures.

—Looks good— he said looking at it —Now let's go to see the jellyfish, after that we have to go, if I can't have a nap before this I'll seriously will faint.

—Don't be dramatic— Beacrox reprimanded him.


—Jellyfish? What is that? Isn't that a dessert?— the dragon was confused.

—No, that's jelly? Now let's go, you might like them, for what I know a lot of them tend to glow in the dark.

—Oh!!! Then I want to see it!

The dragon went invisible again and they went to the last exhibition for them. The place was almost deserted, probably because the third dolphin show of the days as well as the penguin one were about to start already.

Seeing the kids just commenting on a really weird looking one in the distance, Cale stopped in fron of one and for the first time in the whole day he didn't even care about feigning that he had no interest.

—Olindias formosus, or flower hat jelly— he suddenly said, making Beacrox turn his head to look at it.

He couldn't help but compare it to the old lamp on the antique store near their house, it even had a similar pinkish color.

—They belong to the Hydrozoa class.

—What does that mean?

—Well, this ones are family with the corals, that's quite interesting isn't it? Also if they sting you it fucking hurts but it also won't kill you unless you are unfortunately allergic to them.

—You know a lot.

—Only about this one though.

—Why? You liked it?

—No, my brother liked it when he was  younger.

—Your brother?

—Basen, yes, he has always been quite smart, really smart actually, he even started to help father with the company when he was fifteen and has always been at the top of his class.


—The first time he got first place in his school my father decided to reward him and let him choose where to go, so he decided to come here because it was the only aquarium at the time with this ones on exhibition, he talked to me about them non stop for days.

—He sounds like a good and smart brother.

—Yes, he really wanted me to see them because they were his favorite.

—But...didn't you said you never...

—Yes I didn't went with them, my little sister Lily was small so of course they brought her, but I waited for some days and my father never told me I would go with them, my step mother looked like she wanted to tell me to tag along but probably because I'm not her biological son she didn't want to ignore my father's decisions about me so...I just stayed home.

—Didn't you want to go with them? You could have asked.

—I don't know, I can't remember.

"What a lie" Beacrox frowned. Cale had said it before, he couldn't forget anything.

Did he want to go?, he did wanted to, but he was a trash, and his father never gave him a glance, he even stopped his act that week because he wanted to go and hear his brother talk all he wanted about his favorites, but he waited, and waited, even the day they would go, he waited patiently with the last stroke of faith in his chest but, nothing. He watched them go through the window and had to stay back in that empty house, more empty than it had ever been, all alone the whole weekend.

He could tell his brother was disappointed, but without his father's approval or direct invitation, he didn't dare to go.

Beacrox looked at him, Cale was in disguise but, his eyes, those reddish brown eyes, were the same, and they looked so empty and sad. He really understood now that Cale's childhood and life with his family might have been full of neglect from his father, if being a trash was an act, then it might have been for attention, if he faked his death, then he must have felt suffocated living in a lie while receiving hatred from others and nothing more than money from his father, cause as he had seen from the beginning while being with him, was that he liked receiving the attention of the kids or was a little to clingy with those that did pay attention to him.

—Anyways we should-

The young man froze, seeing Beacrox eyes. It was the first time in a long time no one had looked at him with hate, disgust or mockery, but concern, it made him feel a lump on his throat making him unable to speak. Maybe he had talk a little too much, he did felt comfortable around the man and might have been the reason why he had said that.

But, instead of recieving pitying words as he feared, Beacrox only sighed.

—Then is a good thing you got to come with people that want to share the experience with you.

His heart beat faster for a moment, watching the man that was now staring at the Jellyfish that had started all.

—I...I suppose.

He couldn't take his eyes from him for a while, until the kids came to him and dragged him with them. Maybe it was true? If he had gone with his family back then, Cale was sure he wouldn't have enjoyed the little excursion this much. Although, he did wanted to at least be able to enjoy it with his siblings.

Cale was unusually silent went they went back, and gave a quick excuse before disappearing to his room. This didn't went unnoticed by the others, yet, they decided to gave him space and instead concentrated their attention to the kids that went on and on talking about what they had done and seen that day.

Ron saw how his son went to the kitchen after a while and, without a certain red haired having to beg to him, started to make some bulgogi for dinner. He took the chance the others were paying attention to the children and went quietly to his son.

—Is something the matter? You don't usually make him the food he likes.

—Father, you knew mister Deruth well, didn't you?

Ron frowned. —Yes, I did, why?

—I can't really see him as a good person now, no...more than a good person, I wouldn't say he was a good father.

—....What happened?

—I...— he looked at the others —It's better to not tell here, I can say it's something personal for Cale.

—I understand.

The old man kept watching his son for a while. His supposition was right? He knew Deruth as a businessman, and although he had the opportunity to see him interact with his family at events or parties, if he thought about it carefully, none of those heartwarming moments involved Cale in them. If not, they hadn't just met and see Cale now that he ended in his house.

"Not calling him....that really was for the best" he thought. Maybe for once he would gave the young man a sweet tea instead of the lemonade he hated so much.


Chapter Text

One of the things Cale liked the most, was doing things fast and clean to not have to waste more time and effort later fixing the mistakes. That's why he was somewhat thankful in a certain way that mermaids corpses would dissolve in water after they died.

So seeing the all mighty and arrogant mermaid king with his head chopped of being thrown to the sea by Witira, although it wasn't the best of images, it was a bit comforting since there would be no evidence. Of course he was covering the kid's eyes with Beacrox's help. As much as they had seen, a murder and disposal of a body wasn't something they should be familiar with even if Cale was a thief and they lived with a family of assassins now.

—Guess that settles it— Witira came to them with a radiant smile as if she hadn't dragged a corpse and a chopped head all the way to this small cliff to toss it into the sea.

—I supposed I have to compliment your hard work.

—Wasn't much really, you and the two assassins had already cornered him, I just used a little too much strength when I tried to grab his neck with my whip.


—So have you decided if you wanted one of the business?

—Yes, I want the aquarium, could you block any other person trying to buy it?

—The aquarium?

—It's for us!— exclaimed Hong.

—We will have our first business!— On sad excited.

—Oh I see, that's good, and you won't have to pay a cent to visit the place and will get money from it, it's a good investment.

—I have to call my secretary for that though, since he is the one that will be buying it and keeping it for a time before changing the owners, I don't want the kids to recieve too much attention.

—That's good enough.

—I should call him now...— he took his phone out and pressed on the familiar name. It didn't take long for the other side to answer. remembered that I exist!!

He could hear the other man sniffing on the other side as well as some music and different voices, he frowned.

—Are you drunk?

‐Of course not! You know I am...the...the king of drunkards! I'm only on my seventh bottle, the only bastard that can win against me is you, you crazy bastard!

—Does Glenn know you are drinking? I don't want to attend your funeral, specially now that I need you to do something for me.

-Don't mention that bastard!! He ated my secrets stack of chocolate liqueurs! That son of a bitch!

—Anyways, the mermaid king has literally been obliterated from existence so you can come back.


—Are you still there?

-Yes....I just woke up from the alcohol, kind of, I'm still dizzy but, did i just heard you say....?

—He is death, six feet underground, sent to the other side, want me to continue?

-No, it's fine, I...think I'm going to past out in a bit so...I'll call you tomorrow, I have to call Glenn before I end up in the...the police station again.

—Alright— he mercilessly hang up without waiting for a reply and saved his phone.

—Quite the...interesting secretary you have Cale-nim— Witira commented after hearing the conversation.

—Yes, I picked him up from a bar, he surprisingly works well despite that fact.

—A bar?

—I think I was starting a fight with someone and he helped me, then challenged me to a drinking duel.

—How old were you?— Beacrox questioned with a concerned face.


The whale brothers as well as Archie and all his group looked at him with horror, didn't that mean he was going to bars and getting wasted from an even more earlier age? Cale was only nineteen after all, they already didn't believe about him being a trash, but was concerning.

—...Well, isn't it pretty late?, let's go home— he tried changing the topic since the kids were there, holding the somnolent Hong in his arms.

Beacrox just shook his head as he sighed. Then took On in his arms and went to the car, followed by everyone but Ron, who finished talking with the whales before going.

"Is he...?"

"He is..."

Rosalyn and Choi Han were staring at Cale while in their way back, he was sitting with the kids turned into kittens in his lap and the dragon on his side, his eyes were slowly closing and opening again as his head keep attempting to fall. They knew Cale liked to sleep at least twelve hours a day and he didn't get much because he went to the aquarium, so seeing him almost fall asleep like that, comparing it to his usual demeanor...this was kind of cute.

He finally gave in at some point and leaned to the window, falling asleep. Rosalyn smiled widely as she took out her phone and took a couple of pictures, she was sure Beacrox would like them even if he didn't knew it yet.

Choi Han just watched her in silence before looking away, when Cale discovered about the pictures and got mad he wasn't going to be part of that, Lock was thinking the same as the smart boy he was, looking out the window and ignoring his noona's actions.

Beacrox parked the van, glad that they were finally home, when he got off the vehicle he heard a giggle. Rosalyn came to him with a smirk, she was carrying the two sleeping kittens while Choi Han was holding the black dragon.

—We have our arms occupied, can you go get the sleeping beauty from the back seat?

"Sleeping what?" He gave them a weird look, wich just made the woman giggle even more before pointing at the window, where Cale could be seen peacefully sleeping.

—Ho?, the kids must be really tired, let's take them to their room— Ron, who was on the same page as Rosalyn, opened the door of the house for them, leaving his son behind.

Beacrox went to the open door of the van and looked at the red haired, the wind from the beach had made his hair a mess, and probably because of the heating of the car his cheeks were tinted with a soft red. He gulped, feeling nervous for a weird reason, then had to bring himself back to earth and remind himself what he had to do. He debated for a minute how to move the young man from there, then carefully placed one of his hands on his back and the other under his legs to lift him. It was a actually difficult to take him out.

"Why didn't I just...woke him up?" But, as he thought that he saw his sleeping face, Yeah he couldn't wake him up when he looked so peaceful and cute, specially because when you woke Cale up he would glare at you like you had just committed a felony.

He was so embarrassed to have to carry him in a bridal style, but what was he supposed to do? He went inside ignoring the stare Rosalyn was giving him, and just walked to Cale's room, where the children were already sleeping on their side of the bed. He put the red haired there and took his shoes before going out. Beacrox didn't want to talk about that again, but later as he was ready to sleep, his phone vibrated.

"What is it now?!" A bit angry as it interrupted his sleep, he took the phone and went to curse whoever texted him, just to see the pictures Rosalyn had send him. Maybe it wasn't that bad to save them just because.


—Have you heard? The police it's still unable to find Oliesta, you know, the head of the mermaid clan.

—God they haven't? So did he really ran away with the money?

—If he had any left after the silver thief robbed him.

—But, the silver thief hasn't done anything since a year ago, you can't really say it was him.

—Of course it was him, if not the info about the embezzlement and the traffic of endangered species wouldn't have been brought to light in social media.

—I still can't believe it, to think he used the rescue program as a way to sell those poor creatures, and even using the fundraising money to buy illegal drugs and alchemy materials, I even donated to that!! I want my money back.

A blue haired man listened to the womans conversation, putting his round glasses back in place as they had slide down. The purple haired man at his side scowled at him seeing how he tried to stealthily took out a beer can and drink from it. With a quick move he took the beer and tossed it to the nearest trashcan.

—My beer!!

—It's fucking ten in the morning you are not drinking.

—Ugh...— he started sulking there as if he wasn't a whole grown up man.

Glenn ignored him as he continued looking around, until a familiar face appeared in his range of vision. He stood up and waved his hands.

—Beacrox-nim, it has been a while.

—A little bit more than a month— the chef got closer to them.

—Sorry, we should have come back about a week ago but this moron here evaded his work and made us waste time.

—I already said I was sorry!

—So this is...

—Bud Illis, Cale's right hand and...secretary....— he presented himself.

—I'm Beacrox Molan, Cale has been staying with me, now, let me take you to our home so you can rest for a while.

—Good— Glenn gave Bud a glare with the clear meaning of 'behave' before following Beacrox.

The mage wasn't stupid, he had took notice of Beacrox being a talented assassin, he didn't want to have problems with him or his father who was also strong and, as he had heard, was the leader of the assassin guild, not to mention that if Cale had accepted to live with them for more than two weeks that meant he trusted Beacrox and that he was part of his people too.

Bud on his side really wanted to know more about the people that had let a mess like Cale stay with them, but under Glenn's supervision he decided to act properly.

When they got to the house, Beacrox was about to put the keys on the door lock, when it suddenly opened.

—You are back!!

Bud saw the red haired boy smiling in relief. Who was this kid?

—Hurry up Choi Han tried to cook and the burger is on fire!!!— On screamed from the inside.

Beacrox reacted immediately, running as fast as he could to the kitchen, filling a pot with water and putting out the fire. The culprit of everything was still standing there with the spatula on hand.

—You....I don't want to see you in or near my kitchen, ever again.

Looking ashamed, the black haired nodded and put the spatula on the table .

—Why were you even trying to cook?— Beacrox pressed his temples with his fingers.

—To eat?

—Just, go away...

Choi Han nodded and without even looking at the two men that were still on the door he went to his room.

—I'm sorry sir, we couldn't stop him, we were playing in the backyard when he came to the kitchen— On explained.

—It's alright, it's not your fault, where is Cale?

—He is sleeping! Our youngest is with him too— Hong said as he turned around to see the men —Oh! It's Glenn.

—Hello Hong, On, how are you?

—We are good!

—How about you?

—I'm doing good, most of the time at least.

—Who's the ahjussi?— the boy asked looking at Bud.

—A-ahjussi??!— the blue haired was shocked.

—This is Bud, he is a drunkard so don't pay him much attention kids, try not to be like him.

—Alright!— they answered in unison.

—No wait, why are you all being so cruel with me?

—Why are you all being so loud...— Cale appeared on the hallway, with bed hair, wearing a big hoodie, sweatpants and slippers.

—Cale! They are treating me badly! Saying bad things about me your right hand, tell them something!!

The red haired looked at him for a moment before ignoring him and going to sit at the kitchen.

—I'm hungry, Beacrox, make me something.

—Aren't you going to at least ask for it with a please?

—Well I can live from water and fruit anyways.

Beacrox let out a prolonged sigh before looking at the children. —Are you hungry?

—A little, can we have a snack?— On answered as she went to wash her hands.

—Oh right, you can come out, just ignore that idiot— Calse suddenly said to the air, confusing Bud.

—I understand human, I will not talk or look at him!— the little dragon that was now visibly flying around the kitchen said that and then went to sit next to his human.

—Oh, he ended up following you— Glenn smiled seeing the now kind of plump kid that had more lively eyes from the last time he saw him.

—Oh! Is the mage, hello!!

—A..a dragon...wait— Bud looked at Glenn —You knew about it?!

—It was supposed to be a secret, why would I tell you? Besides, it wasn't on the plan for the dragon-nim to actually follow Cale.

—Oh right, Bud— Cale finally gave him some attention —This are On and Hong, I want you to buy the aquarium for them.


—The Marine life investigation Oliesta aquarium, although we will change the name later, buy it at your name first, then in the future we will change the owner.

—I...— he took a deep breath, he was already used to Cale just giving orders —Okay, I'll take care of it as soon as it's available to sell.

—Don't worry, the whales will keep anyone from buying it, I'll give you the number of my acquaintance later.

—We have to stay here and take care of our own business anyways, so don't worry— Glenn reassured him.

—That's perfect— Cale nodded —We will go to the capital in two days, after you both finish here make sure to follow me.

—The capital? But Cale, your family-

Bud stopped talking as soon as he recieved a glare from Cale, but he couldn't help it, after al since the plaza terror incident the young man had avoided Capitol city like a plague. It was understandable that he had to go now because of everything that was going on, even if he didn't want to, and Bud, someone that had met Cale on his worst couldn't help but worry.

—It's bad for a secretary to spill out the secrets of their boss isn't it?

—Sorry....but even if I'm your secretary I'm aso your friend Cale, if anything happens just tell me, I ain't the head of the mercenary guild for anything, if you found those fuckers from your school I'll personally go and slam their heads against the floor.

Cale scoffed at him. —Like I couldn't do that myself if I wanted to, besides, I'm not going as Cale but Kim Rok Soo, Cale Henituse is dead, remember?


—You will have to share a room cause we are out of space, unless Glenn wants you to sleep on the couch I don't care.

—We can just stay in an hotel, that way we won't be a problem— Glenn said quickly, he was not going to share a room with that idiot when he was sure Bud would find a way to get his hands in some booze.

—Whatever you want.

Ron had recieved a call just yesterday, from the head on their side, the son of the prime minister, Alberu Crossman. Someone Cale had the pleasure of not meet during his eighteen years of life in the capital. After telling about all that had happened here with the mermaids and the cat clan, of course Cale's name, or more precisely Kim Rok Soo's, was bound to come to light. And now this bastard that Cale knew of having a glib tongue and an annoying nice smile had asked to meet him.

He was the one that had seen Choi Han's potential, meeting Lock and Rosalyn through him later on, as well as Ron, they all had the same goal of getting rid of what at the time they knew as arm and then get to realize it was actually a new force called Endable. The Crossman oldest son, the one giving orders and money.

Cale didn't want to meet him at all. But he had accepted to help them when he made that deal with Ron, so there was nothing he could do about it, he just wished to not meet his family while being there, which might be difficult to accomplish.

Although he was now in a dark mood, his face visible lightened when a plate with cookies was placed in front of him. The kids were already eating some marmalade sandwiches. Beacrox sat next to Cale, he had already clean the mess Choi Han had made.

—You are not eating?— the red haired asked as he started munching a cookie.

—I'm not that hungry.

Cale looked at him for a moment before picking another cookie and shoving it into Beacrox's mouth. The chef scowled at him but still ate the cookie.

Glenn and Bud were in shock seeing this, since when did that egoistic bastard share his food? Not to mention cookies, he loved those, yet he was sharing? Bud looked at Glenn like expecting an explanation but the purple haired man just shrugged, he did see that Cale and Beacrox kind of got along last time, but he didn't expect this kind of development.

Glen only made Bud a sign for him to shut his mouth and don't say a thing about it. They will have to worry about other things now, thanks to Cale their work was worse than ever and they even had to buy a whole aquarium and get someone capable to manage it and as Cale said, the safety and comfort of all the creatures in there was to be put at the top since the kids didn't want them to suffer.

A day later, Cale, Bud and Glenn were sitting on the living room. One diligently working, the other reading and the last one not knowing what to do, who was who you ask?

— do I get workers for that?— Bud was sitting on the couch while grabbing his head with his hands in exasperation.

—Just check the profiles of the former ones, if they are not suspicious nor have done anything wrong and work well, then offer them the job again with the same salary, I didn't take everything from the mermaid king to not use it, we will practically just buy the place and then run it with money that isn't ours until it becomes stable again— Cale casually answered while reading in his phone.

—I'll do the check up and select the best workers, if there are more needed then we can put up a post online for people that it's interested— Glenn efficiently said.

—Mmmm didn't you had that guy that studied marine biology but couldn't graduate because the faculty professor didn't like him? You know the one that got drunk and started to dance on the table that time before starting to cry about his life.


—Well, you can use him as the face of the aquarium, just send him finish his career and if any teacher tries to do anything funny just take care of them.

—I see, that's a good idea— Glenn approved.

Ron casually watched them talk, Cale reading his web novels, Glenn in his computer typing fast as he worked, and Bud just doing nothing. He knew Cale had a kind of secretary and such but, he never said it was the well known Mercenary king of the eastern continent. He had less power here in the western continent because organizations like the assassin guild, the dragons, whales and mermaids got a big part of the share. But here it seemed that the secretary was Glenn and Bud wasn't more than a decorative ornament that came with the other man.

—I will have to open a bank account for the kids, your people can share the twenty percent of net profit for being the face and managing the business, but the rest will be for the kids.

—Alright, I'll make an inform and a presentation to explain everything to the ones that'll be participating in this.

—Nice, now I'll go to sleep— he stood up and looked at Ron —The children?

—They were dragged by my son to the bathroom to take a bath, the boys should be almost ready.

—I see.

—Rest well, tomorrow we will have to travel since morning.


He went to his room, finding On sitting in the bed and trying to brush her hair, Cale came closer and without words took the hair brush and helped her, maybe he should have thought about buying hair products for her, after they get registered, in a completely not illegal way of course, he should also take them for a check up at the hospital and with a dentist too.

Being in charge of three children wasn't easy, specially because two of them needed all the necessary, at least the other one that couldn't be seen was contented with food and having Cale bought everything that was interesting for him. "I also have to see if they want to study at school or home"

Education was essential, even if he didn't finish school, because he didn't really need it as he could remember everything at once.


—Sorry— the girl had a nest of birds right there, it would have take some time to undo it.

—Cale we are done!!— Hong came in running and with his hair wet, while Beacrox entered with a little black dragon covered completely except for his head with a fluffy white towel.

—I'll take care of them you go shower— Beacrox said as he put the white fluffy ball on the bed.

Cale needed that shower, to relax at least a bit, he really didn't want to go back to the capital but it was necessary, he took his time under the water before ended his shower and stepping out of it, because of the warmth he felt really sleepy. Cale dried himself and put on his pajamas before going out. It was going to be a long travel tomorrow.

Beacrox had quite the problem, and he was glad his father decided to drive after lunch, now he was free to stare at the rearview mirror, and how Cale had fall asleep on Choi Han's shoulder. He didn't really understand this bitter felling in his chest, for some reason he felt that...something was different since that day on the aquarium, although he couldn't really grasp what was it. He was happy that Cale stopped being so thick headed and they didn't fight as much as before, but then realized it was the same with everyone else, it had to be as even right now as he was sleeping in the black haired's shoulder, Choi Han wasn't glaring at him not pushing him to the other side.

He thought things had change between him and Cale at the aquarium somehow, but the truth was that they actually changed for the red haired and Choi Han during their mission to destroy the secret base that night.

"It's just a stupid discomfort, probably nothing" he said to himself internally and then forced himself to look out the window, seeing how the capital was already visible from there. Choi Han would not stay with them here since he already had his own place anyways.

The dragon, who was already awake after a quick nap, saw the city and his eyes widened, it was much more bigger than the cities he had seen so far.

—Is that where we are going?!

Beacrox turned his head around to see the kid. —Yes, we will stay here for a while.

—Do we also have a house there?

—Not as big as the last one but, yes.

They actually had two houses at the capital, a mansion and a simple three bedroom house, but the first one was near the Henituse residence, so it wasn't an option as Ron and Beacrox had discussed.

—I can't wait to have my VIP hotel room all for myself again, although...Cage is probably still there— Rosalyn said as she opened a water bottle to drink from it.

—She might be with Taylor-nim— Lock tried to console her.

—It's not bad having her there, the problem is that she makes a mess of the place.

—Shall we let you by the hotel then miss Rosalyn?— Ron asked.

—Please, I'm so exhausted after everything we have been doing lately.

—We did rest a lot after finishing the mermaid king, two weeks— Choi Han said casually as he continued playing the game the kids had lend him while trying not to wake up Cale.

—Yeah but it's not the same, I couldn't used my potion nor alchemy equipment because Beacrox wouldn't lend me the kitchen, I was so bored!

—In your dreams I'll let you use the kitchen.

—Yes! Beacrox only let's lemon gramps and the human use his kitchen.

The car fell silent for a moment, wasn't information they didn't knew about? Ron had never seen Cale actually cooking but going to the kitchen and getting Beacrox to cook or prepare things from him in a way or another, had he really let the younger man actually cook in his precious kitchen?

—Dragon-nim....what you that true?

—Of course! Great and mighty beings like myself don't lie, unless is for scamming, or that's what the human said.

—What an interesting declaration— Ron slightly laughed.

—The human is really good at cooking! He made a thing with potatoes and meat in the oven and it tasted delicious, he also made me pasta with a green thing that was also delicious, he even uses the knife as fast as Beacrox.

—Cale can really cook? But he looks like he can't even dress himself...— Rosalyn was really surprised.

—He has some skills— Beacrox said, wich made everyone smile —Unlike certain someone that set a burger on fire.

Choi Han just glared at him. It wasn't his fault, the thing just catch on fire with no notice or reason at all.

—But it's still impressive how much Cale sleeps...— Rosalyn looked at the man, disguised as Kim Rok Soo —He fell asleep after lunch and have barely move since then.

Considering it was almost six in the afternoon, he had sleep a lot. If Choi Han's physique wasn't stronger than any other human his shoulder would already be stiff. Even Beacrox found it a little odd, Cale had the habit of taking several naps during the day but those were short and he would wake up to ask him for food or to read.

A few minutes later they stopped in front of Rosalyn's hotel, then took Lock and Choi Han to their home. By the point they were already pulling over on their house, Cale finally opened his eyes, a little disoriented by the surroundings until he woke up completely.

Looking around he saw the two kittens still sleeping on him, On almost kicking her brother from Cale's lap with her paw and Hong's head practically hanging from the side as he was being pushed. Outside Ron and Beacrox were standing in front of the house and talking with Hans. Cale stared at the chef for a while, loosing track of time until the man turned around and their eyes met each other's, the red haired didn't move, wouldn't it be more awkward if he suddenly evaded the man's stare after being discovered looking at him? So he just casually yawned to break the mutual stare.

—I see you finally woke up— Beacrox came closer —They already cleaned the house so let me show you your room, I'll start making dinner in a while.


Beacrox saw him nod, with a sleepy face and a bed hair he was very tempted to just comb.

—Then get out of the van, Hans will take it back soon, the dragon is already inside looking around.


He took the children carefully and got off the van, going inside as the chef guided him to his room. The young man would have asked to be carried as he was still a little sleepy, but he couldn't risk transforming while outside, and he was also holding the kids. But he could understand the children su much now, being held was warm and depending on the person it was enjoyable, just as much as sleeping like a cat.

—Here it is— he opened the door and showed the red haired his and the children's room.

—Nice— he went in and put the children on the bed before undoing the disguise and turning into a cat.

—This room is bigger human, I like it— the dragon went to the bed and curled up next to his siblings.

—I'll call you when dinner is ready.

Beacrox liked this house, not as much as the one in Rain city since he grew there, but still, it also had an open kitchen, and although the backyard was a little more small, this was at least a good and nice neighborhood, not to mention their rooms were bigger, and he had a more equipped kitchen since there was more space. So he started to work with enthusiasm.

—Beacrox, I have to go out to see the things at the guild, you stay here with the kids— Ron said from the door.

—Is there a problem?

—No, just some inconvenient petitions from some selfish little rabbit that needs to be hunt down.

The son nodded. —I'll save you dinner.

—Please do— then he left.

After a few minutes of silence, Beacrox heard little thump muffled sounds coming from the hallway. That was obviously strange so he carefully went to see with the knife on hand, and was surprised to see Cale, in his cat form, coming down the hallway with fast steps as if he was making little jumps.

Beacrox took a deep breath, that was such a cute image, Cale usually never moved around the house in his cat form unless Beacrox carried him as he had done a few times already, and when in his cat form he just slept around, this was such a rare view! Trying to ignore all of that he continued cooking, but as there was no sound he took a peek just to see the cat sitting on it's hind legs and looking at him with attention.


—Nothing, I'm just watching you cook.

—You are not trying to steal my recipes aren't you?

—They wouldn't taste the same anyways, and why would I want to cook when your food it's already the better I have tasted.

That took the chef by surprise, he quickly turned around letting the cat just see his back as he continued cooking, how could show he actually got a little flustered by his words?

But seriously, using his cute appearance against him, that was just cruel.

—Hey is that bitter melon?

—Eh?— he looked at the vegetable that he had already cut —Yes?

He could see the cat make a disgusted face. —Are you going to put it in the food?

—For what else would I have cut it if not to use it?

—Mmm.....but I don't like bitter things...— he mumbled.

"Is he seriously not a real cat?" He didn't like lemon, just like cats, he sleeps the whole day and barely moves, and he also didn't like bitter things, what was next? Purring and rubbing against things? Playing with little things? No wait, that would actually be a really cute scene.

—Then just take them out later, I'm not making extra food just for you.

The cat clicked his tongue, the chef could also see how the tip of his tail moved up and down. It was better not to look at him or he would give in, it was definitely better to have the human version protesting, at least it was easy to say no.

—Why are you still in your cat form anyways?

—I got lazy, and besides, I never noticed how the world changed so much, well I did but in the past I hated it, so I never transformed unless there was no option.

How could he like be even more small? Seeing the big walls and the ceiling far over his head, it made the house feel even more empty, and at that time he would only transform when he was in a weak state, it just made things worst. But now it was nice, the house didn't look too big nor empty.

Beacrox was about to ask what he meant with that, but decided not to.

—It's more cold than I thought here in the capital, maybe I should buy some sweaters and jackets for the kids...— Cale went to the couch and curled up there, he didn't want tomorrow to come since he would have to meet with that annoying blonde.

Alberu Crossman was someone that knew how to work and fight for his ideals and goals, a person that had gone through a lot of things to get where he was standing now. First son of a rich and very known family that was into politics and had under their name several companies, and he wanted everything, cause he was a greedy man and was proud of it. He would be the largest shareholder of the companies and the one in charge, and would follow his father's path in politics to make the country a better place.

Someone that couldn't even trust his shadow but had big goals and would do anything to make them reality. That was the kind of person he was.

So when he heard from Choi Han and Rosalyn about this Kim Rok Soo that had managed to gather valuable information as well as contributing to their plan as a strategist and helping on getting rid of two big problems in such a short time, he obviously decided to take this person to their side and make him one of his subordinates. The only problem here, was the mystery behind that man.

—Nothing....— not matter how much he looked at it, there was absolutely nothing, not a little piece of information about the man except for really general things.

—An orphan, didn't go to school yet took the high school test to get the graduation certificate about a year and a half ago, then apart from his purchases with his credit card in simple things like food or clothes there isn't much to see.

It wasn't rare for him to have quite the sum of money in his bank account since the man was probably selling information. That didn't change the fact it was weird, like the men had just appeared one day and made up a story of himself while somehow having information about a lot of things that no one knows where or how he got them.

"No, Choi Han and Rosalyn were careful when mentioning his name, almost hesitant, either there is something else about him I don't know, or they can't just go and mess with him" be it the option one or two, didn't really matter as he would get this man to work for him anyways.

—Just what kind of person it is?

—Thinking hard my dear nephew?

The man turned his head to look at the woman coming in with a smirk in her face.

—Are you perhaps actually considering that arrange marriage your evil step mother wants to force upon you?

—We woke up as a comedian I see?

—Was I that funny?

—You know I'll never marry, and there is no way I'll accept someone that woman got to play with me.

—Then why were you making such a complicated expression?

—It's about the informant Choi Han and Rosalyn came across during their mission to the cat clan.

—Oh I remember, it was a korean man right? They also mentioned that he made the plans.

—I send people to investigate him but there is so little about him, I don't know how to make him cooperate with us, if I can't know what he wants, there is no way to make a deal.

—Just go and ask, what's the problem? You just overthink too much, how difficult to get can be the thing he wants? A pink flying elephant? Your family is practically the one with the most influence in the entire country, just get whatever he wants.


—Besides, if you have no information how can you know he is trustworthy? He might even know more about you than you think since he collects information.

—Well, mister Ron said we could trust him, wich is a lot coming from him.

—He did?

—This man is also living with him and Beacrox, for that old assassin to accept him at that level, I wonder how did they met or what is their relationship for that to happen.

—When will they come?

—They are supposed to be here at four.

—It's...four thirty.


—Yes, look at the clock on the wall— she pointed it, her nephew looked at it and saw that it was in fact a little bit more than four thirty.

—That's weird...Ron and Beacrox are usually very punctual.

—Maybe there was too much traffic?

A knock was heard at that moment, a man entered —Young master Alberu, you have visitors.

—Is it mister Ron?

—Yes young master, he has come accompanied of other four people.

"Four people? Not two? Did he perhaps came with Choi Han and Rosalyn? No, Lucas would had mentioned their names"

—Bring them in.

Tasha saw the man go out and gave her nephew a look. —Should I go?

—You already know them, if you want you can go.

—Then I'll stay to watch the drama— she said with a really happy tone as she made herself comfortable in one of the couches.

They waited for a bit until the door opened and the butler came in, making a sign to the other people to enter.

—Please, come in.

Ron was the first one, then Beacrox, and when Alberu was waiting to see the mysterious man, a young red haired boy entered looking everything around, followed by a girl with silver hair.

"Children? Why did they brought children to a business meeting where confidential information will be discussed?" He was out of words, so much that he didn't even look at the man that entered last. "They smell...are they beast people?"

Cale looked at the room, the prime minister's first son did know how to live in luxury, everything in that gigantic house was expensive, the were even carved designs on the doors frames. Surely if they could they would cover everything in gold, as if the different ornaments, lamps and other stuff that was probably made of it as it was golden wasn't enough.

"I could do that, but I prefer money over useless shit, even if it's valuable" he then laid his eyes on the blond with the bright smile that was standing up from his desk and coming in their direction.

—Mister Ron, Beacrox, it has been quite some time, and I suppose you are Kim Rok Soo? I heard marvelous things about you and your contributions.

"So bright, it will make me blind" he squinted his eyes as he looked at the blonde, his shiny hair and blue eyes, he now understood why people gave him the nickname of prince. Surely he was a Crossman as he had the signature hair and eyes that had run in the family for generations and proved of his lineage.

Alberu however, seeing that the man looked at him like he was judging him just made him angry, yet maintained his expression, he needed Rok Soo on his side, so endure a little of his disrespect could be necessary.

—I am, it's a real pleasure to meet the talented son of the most rich and prosperous man of the country and beloved prime minister— beginning his act he smiled the same way the blonde had done and shook the hand this had extended in his direction a moment ago.

Alberu almost grimaced. —The pleasure is mine as I could meet the hero that helped our people to fight against the enemy not once but twice even putting himself in harm's way.

"This bastard..." Cale smile widened.

"Seriously this bastard..." Alberu's expression became even more radiant.

"It's just like me" their thoughts synchronized. What were the odds of finding someone similar to you at having a glib tongue when wanting something from others? Cale could even tell this man in front of him was thinking the same as him for his smile had stiffened a bit.

-How weird, why did this human dye his hair with magic?

"What?" He thought as the voice of the kid keep talking on his head.

-It's even at a level only a great and mighty being as myself would notice! Did another dragon helped him? No, it's not that, it's a different kind of power.

"Shit, I think I learned another unnecessary thing today" why did he even need to know about it? It was probably a secret of his birth, he really didn't care about it.

He fixed his smile as their hands finally let go of each other. "I don't know, I really don't know about it" yet despite his efforts to ignore it, the little dragon keep on talking making things worst for him.

-Even his pupils are dyed, is he plotting something? Is he perhaps trying to scam and rob someone as you do human? This weakling....

"Please, just stop talking already" but it was useless, not to mention that he couldn't even get mad at him as it was a kid the one talking, he didn't even know he was doing something that Cale wanted him to stop.

-Wait, he is not weak at all, he is strong! Human be careful, really carefull, this person is not weak and he is hiding it, he could really kill you, but don't worry cause I'm here.

—Well, you can all take a seat.

Alberu said as he did that and sat next to his aunt. When everyone was sitting, the blonde finally looked at the children.

—So, may I ask why you brought children to this reunion?

Though he was smiling and his voice was soft, the others could tell he didn't aprove of it. Cale, who ended up sitting next to Beacrox after for some odd reason the kids almost ran to be next to Ron, leaned back on the couch.

—Well we didn't have anyone to look after them, does the respectful prime minister's son expect me to leave alone the children at home?

—Of course not, I'm just asking cause the contents of our conversations might be too much for kids to hear.

—Oh don't worry about that, they have seen and hear worst things that anything we might talk about today.

—I see....— just what did they make those children do? Or perhaps he took them to the missions? If they really were beast people then it might be plausible, albeit not right —Well, this is my...uh, secretary Tasha.

—Hi there, don't mind me and just talk, by the way it's good to see you again mister Ron.

—I could say the same miss Tasha.

—Well let's go to the point there— Cale shamelessly said as if he was the one that had call the others for a reunion and this was his office and house.

—Of course— Aberu was more sure than ever that they were alike, having two people that liked to guide the situation according to what they wanted without hesitation, it could be a little hard —Kim Rok Soo, I want you to help us with the future plans, of course you will be rewarded for that, and for already helping us two times.

—What kind of reward?

—Anything you want.

—Anything?— he smirked.

Alberu was now a little worried, what would this man want? Power? A favor from him? Magic artifacts, potions or others? Or maybe something ridiculously hard to get just to mess with him?

—Then I want it.


—Money of course.

—Mo- huh?

—What else would I want if not money? That's what moves the world, the more the better.


—Of course, what else could I want? Everything I want I can get it, but for that one needs the money to do so, so give it to me, that won't be a problem you don't lack it anyways.

—Alright, how much?

—Ten billions.


—Or do you prefer twenty? I mean I can keep going up but I must warn you that I like going up by ten numbers every time.

Ron laughed internally seeing the surprise in Alberu's face, this kitty young master his son found was surely funny. Beacrox on his side was just keeping his mouth shut to not reprimand Cale for being so greedy, he knew there was no point but he still couldn't help but do so everytime, just this time he wouldn't say anything.

—Ten billions then, I'll give it to you.

—Alright, that's good, and I was wondering where to get the money to buy the kids a few sweaters.

Tasha couldn't help it anymore and let out a laugh, quickly covering her mouth and returning to her calm demeanor but still with a little smile in her face.

—Now, Can I know what do you want from me? Is there a job you need the information for?

—Actually, there is, there is going to be a party next week in the Secret forest auction, and there are some interesting rumors of it.

—You mean the auction house for the rich?— Cale looked at him with interest.

Secret forest was a widely known place by the people on power or important families with history, even common people could know about it if searching enough, the thing with it was that there were few places at every auction and this were hold in a particular way that a lot of people would call stupid, yet that hadn't fail for all the years the place had existed.

The products would be put for the people to see, with no cristals, nothing at all, just there like it was a piece of exhibition in a museum. There would be a party for everyone to eat and enjoy, even dance, while the objects were just there, then at a specific hour the auction would start and people could start bidding for what they wanted. No one had ever managed to actually steal anything even though there are no guards on the place.

Now, Cale's father, Deruth, was invited a few times but he would obviously not take Cale with him since he didn't had a good record in parties, so he had always been interes in that place.

—Yes, I see you know about it— Alberu said while taking out a tablet and searching something in it —There hadn't been one in a while yet out of nowhere they announced there would be a special auction and invited several houses to participate, like the Orsenas and the future head of the Gyerre family.

He put the tablet on the coffe table and slide it in the other three men's direction.

—Now, the rumors say the special item that'll be presented has relation with one of the big churches, and apparently Endable it's interested in it.

—So the idea is to go and see what it is, then make sure to buy it if it can turn dangerous in case they get it.

—Exactly, we need to make sure they don't put their hand in anything dangerous.

—But how will we go in?— Beacrox asked as he read the information in the tablet.

—They always send one invitation to each family, but it comes with free seats for other people they might want to invite, like other members of the family, friend, lovers, bodyguards, etc, since I have the invitation I can bring four people with me, and since my family is the most important one in the country they will accept my petition of using the four free spaces right away.

Cale listen carefully before asking. —Can I see the list of guests?


—Just for something, Do you have it?

—I do, but it's only the families, not the exact person attending.

—Yeah it doesn't matter, with that's enough.

The blonde proceeded to put the list on the tablet. Cale started reading at a high speed, finishing in a couple of seconds.

"So they are invited..." he slightly frowned.

—Is there a problem?

—Yes, right here— he pointed at a name —Family Oren, Gersey Oren is the one that will probably assist.


—He's the guy that's the closes to the white star, he has the marquis title in Endable, and honestly I'm surprised that the people from the Secret forest decided to invite him and not the Von Ejellans that have far more history, but I guess they might just be fucking racists or have a good reason for it.

It was well known that the Von Ejellans were vampires, they were the only ones that would show themselves pridefully despite the fact they were beings with the dark attribute, of course apart from the mermaids, yet the last one's only downside was their poison. Vampires were more feared for their strength and the fact they consumed human blood.

If it weren't for the fact this family and all the subordinates living under their name managed to found a substitute and use their power and money to contribute to society people would have tried to kill them a long time ago.

Sure society was more inclusive, or that's what they wanted all to believe, but just seeing how they put the clans in isolated little cities and how they let the sun church talk about getting rid of the beings with the dark attribute one didn't had to be stupid to see why dark elfs were still in hiding.

—Well, now that you mention it, it is rare, even if they never show up they still are invited every time.

—At least we are dealing with a marquis and not the duke of Endable, guess that's good.

—If they are part of Endable this is getting even more complicated— Alberu frowned.

—Who will be the people you will bring then?

—I was planning on bringing Rosalyn, Choi Han, mister Ron and Beacrox, but since you appear to know the important people that are working for the enemy I might have to take you too.

—I can even tell you what things are good to buy or not.

—Then I would have to let someone out...

—You can left me out of it— Ron said immediately —I'll look after the children.

—I wanted to see too though....— Hong pouted.

—Then train with Ron to manage your powers so I can take you and your sister to future missions.


—Sure, you both have a lot of potential after all— Cale really thought that, after all having the kids to make poisonous fog was quite helpful.

—You are really planning on letting children go to a mission?— Alberu was in shock, so the kids could not be left alone at home but go to places where they could get murdered? Even if they were beast people....

—Of course, but anyways, I hope you don't expect me to help in this for free cause I-

—Rok Soo— Beacrox interrupted him with a glare.

The young man flinched at the mention of his name and looked at him for a moment, then he closed his mouth and leaned back on the couch crossing his arms as he clicked his tongue. He wasn't going to admit it, but he had liked hearing Beacrox calling him like that, he had never really used the name Kim Rok Soo to call him until now.

—Fine but just this time.

—Then next friday you must come to my house at the hour I will indicate later, you can't bring weapons or spatial bags, only normal items and what you need to pay.

-Who need a spatial bag?! My dimensional space is much better!!

—I see, I'll make sure not to bring anything like that— Cale smirked.

—Then, I want to ask you for the information about all the important figures in Endable you may have.

—I will replicate the information and give it to you, although that won't be free, I put my life at risk to get it after all.

—We can talk about the details later but, what do you mean with replicate?

— I really have to answer that?— he thought about it for a moment, it should be alright since Alberu was someone on their side that the Molans trusted —The only information I carry around is the one that for one reason or another can't be destroyed, the rest I just set it in fire cause is might be risky to carry it around.

—You...destroy the information?

—Yes, my special ability is to remember everything I have seen, heard or seen once, so I don't really lose anything.

—That's a....very convenient ability.

—Sometimes yes, there is quite a few things I will have to rewrite so, in two or three days I should have it ready unless I sleep too much.

—Then I'll contact you through mister Ron.

—Sounds good for me.

This had gone better that what Cale expected, he still didn't want to be close to Alberu since that would mean trouble but he had already step into this boat so he was trapped in all the war between this people and those fuckers of Endable.

‐Now that I think about it, this human has a strange smell, I think I have smell it before....but where...

He decided to ignore the dragon one last time, seriously, for some things it was better not to know them.

When they went back home, Cale obviously went directly to his room to sleep as the kids decided to train with Ron immediately. After a while he heard someone knocking on his door.

—Come in...— he barely said as he was falling asleep.

The door opened, and his sleepiness went away seeing Beacrox come in, it was rare after all for him to come here if the kids weren't present. Cale sat on the bed, seeing the serious expression on the man's face.


—Is there a problem or something?

—I saw the list, and your family might be there, are you sure you want to go?

—Ah, so you saw it, well it's not like I can evade it, I also want to go there to see what I can buy, and they won't recognize, I'm...dead for them, and father he won't...

He wouldn't recognize him no matter what, he barely paid attention to him, it was impossible.

Beacrox nodded. —I...will be there anyways, if something goes wrong just tell me.


He saw the men gave him a little smile before going out. Whe the door closed, he suddenly let out the air he didn't know he was retaining. Was the thermostat too high? He did feel like his face was a little more warm than before.

Why was he feeling so strange lately? He couldn't help staring at the chef for no reason at all, and now seeing that rare smile he...

—I'll just go back to sleep.

This might be lack of sleep. Or so he thought trying to fool himself.

Chapter Text

The red haired was frowning in front of the mirror. There was no particular reason for it, except that he looked incredible in a suit. Be it in his normal appearance, or as Kim Rok Soo, was it the magical power of suits to make people look good in them even when their faces weren't the most cooperative ones?

—Will you keep changing appearance to look at the mirror or will you stop being a narcissist?

On asked from the bed as she looked at him. She had been here for the last five minutes seeing the man go from one appearance to the other and it was already too much for her, even if he looked good in the damn suit.

—Don't do I look...weird?

—No, you look good in both ways so stop playing around, Beacrox will get mad if you make them be late as last week.

—This time I didn't fell asleep.

—Only because of our youngest.

He looked at himself again. He wasn't used to wear this, as a trash he would usually wear expensive clothes and all, but because he never went to parties since he was fourteen or fifteen, it had been a long time since the last time he wore a suit and it was strange, specially as he was someone that would wear hoodies and sweatpants in a daily basis unless he had to go outside. Commodity over everything else of course.

—Why don't you try this other one?— Hong asked holding another one.

Cale was forced by Ron to accompany him to buy a suit since he didn't had one. They had ended up buying five of them, he was now trying on the second one.

—Why do you want me to try them all?


At that moment the door opened and the dragon came in, closing the door with his magic and almost screaming.

—The fourth one! The fourth!!

The boy went and took the suit and handed it to the confused Cale.

—Put this one on!


He took it and started changing as the kids whispered between them. Of course Cale could have heard them if he wanted but he just felt it would be better not to. On looked at him with a little pity, yet she was still on her brother's side with all this.

When he finished he looked at himself in the mirror once again. The suit was all black, except for the dark red shirt underneath. He fixed the tie, he really wasn't used to this.

—Well I better go out before Ron comes for me— he shivered.

—Don't worry, I'll watch the human tonight!— the dragon said to his siblings.

—You have to make sure he doesn't use his powers!— Hong said with a serious expression.

—Or that he falls asleep unless Beacrox is next to him!— On added.

—What do you think I am? five?— Cale scowled at them.

—Don't worry I'll do it!

—Let's go already.

—Alright human!! If I like something will you buy it for me?

—Okay, if it's less that ten billions I guess I can.


—I can probably take more in the future anyways— he mumbled with a smirk.

He walked to the livingroom, where everyone was already there. The kids ran to Ron with smiles and the man gave them a surprisingly warm one, he had to of course as partners in crime.

—Now you really do look like a young master— Choi han commented from the couch.

He was wearing all black, not even a little bit of color.

—At least I don't look like an emo teenager forced to go to a party— he smirked.


Rosalyn immediately stood up to interrupt the fight. —And how do I look?

Cale squinted seeing the golden dress full of sparkles. —I'm going to end up blind.

The woman did look beautiful, the dress only made her vibrant red hair more noticeable, and even if Cale had said that, the dress wasn't excessive, it was almost to the ankles wich suited the woman as she was tall, she was also wearing a pair of long gloves.

—Well what's the point of going to a party for the rich if I will not blind people with my beauty?

—Something I can respect— he smiled —It does look good on you.


It didn't really clicked in Rosalyn and Choi Han's head, no, it didn't until Beacrox came back from his room after going back for a tie for the swordsman that had totally forgot his. But when they saw the man wearing a white suit, with a red tie and a dark gray shirt underneath passing by Cale, their brain cells made the connection.

Rosalyn smile grew wider. Wasn't this matching outfits? "No no, they wouldn't have done it on their own, it's more likely..." she looked at the old assassin looking vicious as always and the kids that were somehow smirking the same way Cale did when talking about getting money from the corrupt rich.

—You always wear white— commented Cale to Beacrox without knowing the thought of the rest —I don't even know how you manage to not get your clothes dirty.

He had seen the man throwing away pairs of his white globes after the battles as he couldn't stand having them more time on after they ended with a bit of blood or dirt, but he wore them always no matter what so apart of him wanting the whole house clean Cale understood he had mysophobia at least in a small level.

—Well it does suits you so I guess it doesn't matter, well since we are all here let's go.

He walked towards the door missing the dumbfounded expression of the chef that was left there in an awe.

—Cale wait— Rosalyn stopped him —Let me take a picture first, one as you in like you are now, and one in your true appearance!

Cale grimaced at the mention of a photo, but since the kids started saying they wanted one too he just accepted.

—Now stand here— Rosalyn made him stand next to Beacrox and let the kids go next to him.

They all got in place and then Ron took a few pictures before making Cale take out the disguise. He looked as expected absolutely stunning and Beacrox was barely breathing at his side. After they were ready Rosalyn giggled as she looked at the photos saying she would later send them to everyone. Then Ron forced them to go outside, where Hans was already waiting in one of the black cars of the guild.

They got to Alberu's place half an hour later, the man was already waiting for them with the limousine ready.

—Such a nice car— Cale, no, Kim Rok Soo said as he went in.

—I know— the blonde said with his dazzling smile that made Cale want to go get out of the vehicle.

—This brings me so many memories— Rosalyn commented looking around the limousine.

—Really?— Alberu asked.

—Well, it reminds me of my graduation, my father got the best limousine for me and my friends, since we decided to go together instead of having a man going with us, don't know, men had always kind of fear me for some reason, not that I mind.

—I see, yeah, I didn't want to go to my graduation but since I was the president of the students council all the years I was in high school I had to.

—So sad— the woman laughed at him —I was the one that went all the way to Choi Han's house and forced him to go to his, although we ended up eating fast food in a parking lot after he got bored, what about you Beacrox?

—I didn't went, I had no partner and also we had a mission that night, not that I care.

—You didn't went? But you might have missed so much memories from it.

—Is the graduation party that important? —Cale asked while looking out the window, that was enough for everyone to go mute, just at that moment they remembered Cale didn't had a graduation party at all.

—Just, normal— Choi Han was the first one to answer —Very boring in my opinion.

—Y-yeah, it's just a party after all— Rosalyn played with her hands nervously.

—Guess I would also not attend mine— Cale said casually.

—A-anyways— Alberu tried to change the topic —When we enter the place I want you all to be really discreet and try to blend with everyone, the security is extremely good, and in the invitation they guarantee their guests safety, the place is like a fortress even if it doesn't look like it, but as long as you have an invitation and go in safely one can look around all the place with no problem, but never go to the fifth floor.

—Why not?— Cale was now interested.

—That's the only place with guards.

—I see, so, are the people running the place really elfs?

Alberu's eyes widened in surprise. —How did you knew?

—I have my ways of course, man, how hypocrite, saying that they are superior to humans cause they don't want material possessions yet they run an auction house exclusively for influential people.

—Well, there are rumors the place is not theirs, but other person that has them as workers only.

—Oh? Really?

—Yes, and in fact, you can hardly see them, only when the auction starts, the rest of the time the ones bringing in food or the ones in charge of the music are all humans, although you could guess they are all in the fifth floor managing the special items.

—I see, well that explains how no one can ever steal anything and why they don't need security.

—What do you mean?— Choi Han was curious.

—Elfs have a strong connection to nature, and you can see that either on their way of living, or how they are able to form pacts, see and talk with elementals, something we normal people can't do, probably the elementals are the ones guarding the products and when someone tries to hide it or take it away they inform immediately, the humans would never know what happened since they couldn't see a thing.

—That's actually a very good strategy— Rosalyn approved nodding —That means if there is a higher up that got the elfs to work for them, it did it for that exact reason, the Secret forest auction does promise absolute secrecy after all.

—No cameras, no guards, but elementals to do the job of those— Alberu smiled.

Cale was about to say something when Beacrox handed him his cellphone. Looking down, the young man read the text. "Shouldn't we worry about the dragon?" Cale eyes went wide at the realization.

-Worry about me? Why?

The little dragon asked in his head but he ignored it. Everyone knew elfs went crazy with dragons, they could literally kiss the floor they walked on if the dragon asked them to do so, Cale only wished that no elf that had already meet a dragon would be present tonight or they would definitely notice the little dragon's presence.

He took the man's phone and typed before returning it. Beacrox read it "Let's just continue and worry about that later..." he frowned at Cales irresponsible answer, but with just a look on the young man's face he could tell he was indeed worried about it.

The other three in the limousine saw the little exchange between them in silence and pretended like nothing had happened. Alberu obviously had noticed the matching outfit's, how couldn't he had guessed their relationship, although it didn't quite exist yet but he didn't know, based on that and how they had interacted last time and what he saw right now?

They went silence as they started looking at their phones, until some time later the little window to the front of the limousine opened and the driver started talking.

—Young master, we are here.

The Secret forest auction was located on the top of a hill at the outskirts of the city, vehicles could only get to a plaza outside the building from where the guests had to walking through the front gate and the garden. So they obviously did that.

—Wow, they do have taste— Cale commented as they walked through the garden.

Only the little path to the central building wasn't part of the huge greenhouse surrounding it. The two people guarding the entrance asked for their invitation and identifications before letting them in.

—And I thought your home had a lot of gold— Cale said to Alberu in a mocking tone.


Cale scoffed at him. —As if.

The whole place was golden, so much that it could blind them. Thankfully, soon enough one of the workers came and guided them to the main hall where the items for the auction were placed and in wich the decoration where a little more modest.

—Please enjoy the music and the food, and of course do look at the items for tonight's auction, we will start with the auction at eleven, you can look around the first and second floor, the greenhouse it's also an option, enjoy yourselfs as our Secret forest auction house will guarantee your security and privacy— the lady then went away.

The place was already filled with people, Cale looked around first and sighed in relief before confirming no one from his family's was there. "Father rarely comes after all, only when there were items he was interested in" he couldn't put his guard down since there was also a lot of people on the garden or just walking around the building.

-Human I want to see the things they are selling! Remember you say you would buy anything I want!!!

—You can all go and enjoy for now, if you see anything interesting call me, I have to talk with some people— Alberu just said that and then went to talk with a group of men.

Rosalyn hit Choi Han with her elbow, the man looked at her, she signaled the other two with her eyes and then pointed to the other side of the hall. The black haired seemed to be clueless at first as he gave her a confused look, until he finally understood.

—Well, we'll go look around have fun!— she said before walking away, with her head hight and showing her dress, followed by the man that didn't even know what to do.

—I guess we are alone now, let's go see the things— Cale said casually and started walking.

"Alone..." Beacrox followed behind, looking at the younger man's back. Why was he...a little nervous? He had to throw away those thoughts as they checked the forty objects that were going to be auctioned that day. Most of them were old paintings and sculptures from famous artists that had been lost for long periods of time in history.

Secret forest wasn't an inhuman place that would sell rare species, slaves, or creatures like other auctions houses, that was the only reason why his father would accept the invitation, they sold things that had historical, religious, scientific or magical value and were so uncommon or special that the people reunited here wouldn't hesitate to use their money.

-Human look at this! This is a weird thing! What is it?

Cale looked over to the next object, it was a strange sculpture of an unknown creature. A two headed snake.

—Is this a monster? I haven't seen anything like this in any history or biology book.

—It might have just been something the sculptor decided to make out of his own imagination— the chef commented.

-It's weird! I want it human.

—There isn't much to see here, at least nothing that had caught my attention— Cale said looking around.

—Then you won't be buying anything?

—No, I have to buy three paintings, one sculpture, the old dragon sword over there and those weird seeds that we saw earlier.

Beacrox smiled. —Your are being really generous today.

Cale smirked. —I don't have ten billions for anything, and it's just a few things to play with.

-There isn't anything else I want human, the others things are too normal, let's go to the garden! I saw smart Rosalyn going there!

—Alright, lets go to the garden then.

—The garden?— Beacrox followed behind.

—To look for the others, there is still some time before the auction starts.

Before going out he got to one of the nearest tables, filled with little desserts and appetizers. Cale took a napkin and started to select the things he wanted and what the little dragons asked from him.

—You always like to eat so many sweets...

—Well of course, this one's are free, and I didn't have to made them myself, so of course I'll have some.

—I can just make at home.

—Really? That'll be good— he smiled —I'm to lazy to cook myself that's why I never eat many unless I bought them.

Beacrox almost forgot what he was doing by seeing his smile, yet come back to earth by hi last words.

—Didn't you had people to cook for you?

—They would only cook for the rest of-

He stopped talking, he was so distracted with the food he unconsciously said something he shouldn't have. He stopped for a moment as he heard nothing from the chef and then continued.

—Anyways, let's go outside.

Beacrox nodded, understanding it was better so the dragon could also eat. But still, he was getting more and more angry with Cale's father, the red haired had almost confessed that he had to cook for himself for a long time, which explained his cooking skills, but that didn't mean it was something good.

Cale had to admit, that whoever ran this place had a seriously good taste, everything here was expensive including the plants outside, he could tell some were ingredients for potions and other just rare plants or flowers that wouldn't normally survived in this part of the planet, wich explained the huge greenhouse divided in sections.

After looking for a while they found Rosalyn sitting in a bench with a face of slight annoyance. But after she saw them she smiled and made signs for them to approach.

—Did you finish looking around?— the woman asked.

—Yes, I already know what I have to buy, what about you miss Rosalyn?

—I got bored and come here, there was a bastard following me around asking for a dance, since fighting is prohibited here I couldn't send him flying away, although Choi Han scared him a bit.

—Where is he?

—I send him for something to drink, my shoes are killing me, they're pretty but quite uncomfortable.

—That's so sad...

She gave him a glare. —Why are you two here?

—The little voice in my head told me to— he said as he put a chocolate in his mouth.

—I see, you should look around the garden, even this bench is decorated with gold, I don't know who is the owner of this place but they must be swimming in gold to use this much only for decorations.

—At least you match with the place.

She smiled. —I guess I do, my dress was surely the best option.

—So you will stay here?

—Yes, I want to rest until I can walk without feeling like walking over needles, so be good and don't even say that you saw me okay?— she put her finger over her lips —This is a very quiet part of the garden, and Choi Han will be here soon.

—Since you say so, even if Alberu asks I won't tell him, right Beacrox?

He sighed. —Yes.

—Now let's continue seeing the place, here— he took the last chocolate that he and the dragon hadn't eat during the conversation and shove it into the chef's mouth.

Beacrox almost chocked but managed to eat it without dying, he couldn't get used to that, Cale kept doing that without prior notice, he also does it with the kids, but at least they expect it to happen, not like him that is took by surprise every time.

-Beacrox are you alright? Don't worry! The human only gave it to you cause you haven't eat anything at all!

"No, he probably does that as a joke or something, cause it's always in a moment that he takes me by surprise..." even so he couldn't get mad at him.

—Let's go then, see you later Rosalyn.

—Yes yes, just go already, I can't curse out loud with you all here, I must as well just talk with Cage on the phone.

They continue seeing the place. Honestly, the only thing Cale could think about this place, was that it looked like how a dragon lair would, filled with gold and other treasures. "Of course that's imposible" he thought, dragons would never expose their lairs like this, inviting people to sell thing they would usually collect, the owner must be just an eccentric and clearly rich person.

"Yeah, there's no way a dragon would be part of all of this" he tried to ignore the odd feeling as they entered the building and went down the hallway to return to the main hall.

—I want booze.

—You can't drink, you have to be an example— Beacrox looked at him, a bubbly feeling appeared in his stomach as he saw the man frown and almost pout.

—You are asking a trash to be an example?

—You are not a tra-


They both froze in place as they saw the boy that had just appeared out of the next turn of the hallway. Brown eyes and hair, and with a expression of what it seemed to be expectation that died out after having the time to look at the faces of the men. He soon looked quite embarrassed.

—S-sorry, your voice sounded familiar— he said nervously before mumbling —How stupid can I be...I can't keep expecting for a miracle...

Cale was speechless, his heartbeat was going crazy, it had been so much time for him since the last time he had seen this person, he had convinced himself that he could act and play the part or just ignore them if got to see them, but now he was frozen and his mind had just stopped. He had only two reason to regret the decision of faking his death that would torment him every so often, and one of those two was now in front of him.

Not even knowing what he was doing, he slowly opened his mouth.


—Basen, I finally found you, what are you doing walking around like that?

A man came closer, ignoring the other two that his son had interacted with a moment ago, he put his hand on the boy's shoulder and smiled.

—You shouldn't go alone around here, even if the security is good, there is always people from other families that like to mess around with the youngsters.

—I'm sorry father, I was...just walking around.

"This brings back some memories" he would never blame his brother for anything, as he had no fault in what happened in his life, Basen was really a good person that new how to work hard, if his father gave him more attention because of that, Cale didn't care, the boy had found a father figure and was extremely happy from being praised and trusted. Seeing him get the attention while he was there on the back, it might not give the best of feelings, but he new well it was not Basen's fault but himself for how he acted.

—Oh, I haven't see you both, were you talking with my son?

Beacrox noticed how Cale's expression went completely blank, not showing the slightest emotion. He usually would have a stoic face, but even then one could see at least some faint mockery, happiness or annoyance, now however, there was nothing there, even when he smiled to answer.

—We just came across a moment ago and didn't even had time to talk.

—I haven't see you before, are you accompanying someone?


Noticing how the man didn't want to go further in his answer Deruth nodded. —Sorry for taking your time then, let's go Basen.

The boy, as Beacrox noticed, was trembling, looking directly to Kim Rok Soo like he was a ghost, yet he didn't say anything, just nodded and followed his father, not without turning to look back for a moment again.

-Human....don't make that face again....

—Huh? Face?— Cale asked to the air, yet he didn't get an answer.

"What face is he talking about?" Hadn't he just acted normally? He came back to his senses when his father arrived, if not he might have called Basen and all the farce would have collapsed in less than a minute.

He turned his head to ask Beacrox about it but the man was faster as he took his hand and, using a different path from the one the other two had gone just now, guided him to the main hall.

Cale looked at his hand, surrounded by Beacrox's, it felt somehow nice, even if he wasn't the biggest fan of human touch and would literally run away from it. His mind let go of his question and preoccupations as it got filled with the crescent feeling of panick and satisfaction colliding with each other.

Soon as they got to their destination, he felt somewhat disappointed when his hand was freed, he gave Beacrox a confused look as he saw they were next to one of the tables.

— sweets so, I suppose this was good to lift the mood from what happened before.

Beacrox didn't know why he did it or how his brain came with the idea, and he started to regret it halfway as he came to the realization of what he had done and that his hand was tightly grabbing Cale's, but it was too late to stop so he just enjoyed it and didn't let him go until they got there.

He had learned in the last almost month and a half that whenever Cale was upset or a little down, he would forget everything if you put a plate of cookies or chocolates in front of him, so this was the best idea he got after seeing that completely expressionless face on the young man's face that he didn't want to see again.

He did it without thinking, yet, he was glad for doing so as he saw at that moment how the young man gave him a smile, making his eyes slightly close as he let out a laugh, it was genuine smile that almost made Beacrox's heart stop for a moment.

—Were you really that worried mister chef? I would be more happy if you cook me an entire chocolate cake when we go back— as he said that he took a plate and filled it with cookies —Here.

This time Beacrox had time to respond, or to say it better, he didn't had to almost choke on the food cause Cale handed him the cookie instead of shoving it into his mouth. He grabbed it, taking a moment to see the other man still smiling as he ate one himself.

Then the lights went off and the stage at the end of the room was illuminated. Beacrox didn't even care about how the waitresses and waiters carefully took the objects to a side room, not the person that went on stage. He was staring at the cookie as he had realized something. Thanks to that last smile Cale had shown, he might have actually understood what was the feeling in his chest, that it wasn't just a weird thing but, that he...he had actually fallen for a troublesome lazy cat.

Thanks to the darkness, Cale as well as everyone there failed to notice the red mess the chef was, and instead focused their attention on the beautiful men on stage. He looked sick due to his pale skin, and although his beauty would let more than one acting like an idiot until get used to it, he had a Z shaped scar by his eyes. Of course everyone could say the man was an elf thanks to his pointy ears.

He just walked to the center of the stage and then looked at everyone for a second before start talking.

—Hello, esteemed guests, my name is Pendrick, and I'll be your host for the auction tonight, as we usually do, we will start from the last object on the list and go up until our two special items for tonight, I have to remind you all to refrain from doing stupid things, and to not bid if you don't have the money, also, after the auction ends, all those that had committed an infraction to the rules will be banned, this is, of course, just a reminder, not a declaration, so, let us begin now.

He clapped his hands and the lights slowly came back although not completely. Then the auction started. The things the dragon selected were all at the half or high up in the list, so Cale had to wait a bit before start betting, wich surprised more than one, as the people generally accompanying other weren't the ones with the money, and that they had never seen this person before who didn't even hesitate to add ten millions just because when he was competing with other person for the strange seeds found in the now destroyed house of the head of the magic research institute of the Whipper kingdom.

—Who is that?

—I haven't seen him before, maybe he is just buying in someone else's name.

—Yeah it's probably that.

People whispers were obviously heard by Cale's group but he didn't care at all, although there was one person that didn't take his eyes out of Kim Rok Soo the whole time, watching his expressions and every little movement. The boy was sitting next to his father. They had come to buy one of the paintings for his mother's birthday, yet he didn't expect to have an encounter like that.

That man, he had heard it in the hallway, his voice was exactly the one from his memories. Cale never talked much, and he always ignored everyone, except for him and Lily, he would be kind, attentive and even a little playful with them, that side of their brother was only for them, so he could remember it well. The last year he couldn't stop finding similarities in other people, maybe a glance, or a smile, or that annoyed face he would do, yet, he knew well his brother was dead, and he never got the chance to ask for forgiveness, it was his fault after all, that his father didn't pay him much attention.

Then, when he was lost on the hallways, he heard his voice, he was absolutely sure it was him, yet, the face was different, "It was just my mistake" he had thought, but when his father appeared, the man's face, it looked as lifeless and cold as the one his brother would make for his father everytime they saw each other. That could not just be a coincidence, or maybe it was just his mind making him see things that weren't actually there, but the way the man spoke, how he moved as he talked with his father, is was so similar that it was scary.

"Brother is dead...he is...but..." they never actually found his body. That was the only reason he could have hopes like those of finding him someday and discovering he wasn't actually gone forever.

He followed his father since the auction was about to start, and then spent the rest of the night looking at that man, the long he did it, more he could see his brother in him, the one he knew well, but, it had to just be a cruel game the world had decided to play with him.

"It can't be him, they don't look alike, it can't but..." he just wanted him to be.

—Now, for our special items.

Pendrick said as someone brought the object, a large box decorated with what seemed to be crystals and silver

It was at that moment that Cale's heart started racing, not because he knew what was inside, but because one of his ancient powers was reacting to it. The sound of the wind, the ancient power that used to belong to a thief that was said to end up dead while running away with a divine item. He casually stood up and went to get closer to Alberu that gave him a weird look when he saw him.

—Now it looks like a simple chest, but this, as well as the objects inside, where said to belong to one of the past holy maidens of the church of the sun god.

The people immediately got interested in it. Yet Cale just sit down next to the blond with a serious face. Followed by Beacrox.

—You have to buy that no matter the cost— he whispered on his ear —Trust me you don't want to lose it.

—We were planning on selling all the contents as particular objects, but decided it was better to do it like this since it makes it more valuable historically, religiously and monetarily, a win win for all of us, so now, we will start the bidding in forty millions.

The battle started. In the interior of the chest were some jewels, books, letters, what seemed to be ribbons, a compact mirror, a golden goblet and a dagger. Now Cale understood why they didn't invite the Von Ejellans, although non of the guests in the list were from the church of the sun god, now that he took his time to look around, there were a few people from it that were accompanying someone and were offering money like someone starving would ask for food.

The price didn't took much to raise over five hundred millions and it kept going, it was good that his father didn't had any interest in it, cause he had even more money than Alberu could have right now.

—Seven hundred!— Alberu said raising his hand.

—Seven hundred, anyone wants to raise the bet?

The answer was a complete silence, as one of the man that had been on the fight for it since the beginning clenched his fist in anger as he had lost. Cale looked at a man in the front, he hadn't yet tried to get any of the items.

"Did he come for the other special item then?" Gersey Oren, the right hand of the 'king' of Endable, for him to come, either they knew what was the last object, or they didn't want to risk it after getting some information about it.

—Then it is sold.

Then they finally brought the last item. And the same sensation from before, but stronger, made him shiver in anticipation. It wasn't a joke when they said this auction was oriented to religious items, just with this one was more than enough.

—This is, an antique book found in the now abandoned Vatican of the church of the sun god, as some can tell, it has a strong presence, no one knows how it ended there, it appeared after one of the walls collapsed and came to our hands thanks to the person that found it and decided to sell it to us, we don't know much about it, but we can tell is related to the God of death.

The people here looked at each other with curiosity and a bit of fear, if there was a god they didn't want to mess with, it was the God of death that was even stronger that the Sun god. The elf in the stage seemed to be nervous after seeing their reactions, if no one bought it or if they sold it for a low price it wouldn't be good.

—The start price for this item will be of seventy millions.

—Four hundred.

Pendrick had barely stop talking when a man raised his hand. Gersey didn't want to waste time and immediately offered a big quantity, it was not what he was expecting, but that didn't meant it wasn't a good item.

Pendrick breathed again in relief, how could he ever looked at his boss again if he wasn't able to sell this thing?

—Four hundred there, anyone wants to increase it?

—One billion.

Beacrox and Alberu looked at Rok Soo in astonishment, the first one because Cale had gone and actually use such a big sum of money, and the second one cause he thought of him as an idiot for offering so much when he could had just go for the safe route and start bidding little by little, how could he be sure that the other person wouldn't back down after raising the price just a little?

— billion...— Now Pendrick was actually speechless.

—Three billions— yet Gersey didn't back down at all and continued.

—Five billions.

—Seven billions.

—Ten billions— Cale gave the other man a smug smile, he could continue as much as he wanted, he wasn't going to stop.



Now Gersey put a bad face and finally put his hand down in defeat. Cale was extremely happy. There was no better sensation that wasting money like this to make things difficult for a bastard.

—Twelve billions at, sold!

Alberu looked at him in horror. —Do you even have that much money?

—Of course I do, but I ain't wasting my money, I have a secretary for a reason.

Beacrox scowled at him, he was about to reprimand him yet he couldn't bring himself to do so as his mind started to wander off to the realization he had made a while ago and couldn't even bring himself to talk to the other man or properly look at him.

-Beacrox your face is red, are you sick?

The man ignored the invisible dragon's question and tried to compose himself by breathing.

—A...secretary?— Alberu asked.

—Don't worry, the thing is that I have enough money for everything.

The auction finally ended, and so Cale went to retrieved what he had bought with Beacrox's help. The man was trying his best to act as always, but, why was it so difficult to do so after realizing what his feelings were? Those were there from before but after knowing what they were, it was so hard to not look at the younger man and feel his heart going fast with anxiety and that warmth fuzzy feeling.

Blessed be those in ignorance, cause they didn't had to go for something like this, the worst part is that for some reason the others decided to let them go alone wich made it more awkward, but he had to be thankful that at least Cale didn't seem to notice anything, even the little dragon was more perceptive than him in some ways.

Why was he so impatient anyways? They had been alone before, they had been even more close than now that they were simply walking down the hallway, he had already even hold his hand...." shameless have I been unconsciously?" He wanted the ground to split open and take him out of there.

Wait? Did the others new about it? Was that the reason they always seemed to make them sit or go together at every opportunity? He felt like an idiot now. Thankfully for him, before his face turned red a boy appeared.

—Sirs! Wait a minute!

Cale flinched before turning around to see his brother half running in their direction. His pupils slightly shaking, it was impossible for Basen to have figured it out right? He was always a brilliant child but, he could not have actually...

—Sir...what...what is your name?— he sheepishly asked.

—....I'm Kim Rok Soo.

—Kim Rok Soo....— he mumbled, then he handed him a bottle —Please have this.

—What-?— he stooped talking, seeing it was one of the bottles of lemon tea that his brother usually drinks.

Basen had a serious expression as he didn't take his eyes out of Rok Soo's face, waiting patiently for his reaction. The man just calmed down and took the bottle as if it was nothing, even smiling at him.

—Thank you, although I don't know the reason behind it.

—Drink it.


—Drink it.

—I'm...not thirsty.

—Even so, just a little should not be a problem, is an apology for mistaken you with someone else before, so I would appreciate if you at least drink a little.

Basen and Lily, they were probably the ones that knew Cale the best in a certain way, his domestic side, that he rarely showed to other people, the things he liked, those he hated, they knew it well, they learned to appreciate the moments his brother stopped showing a facade and was true with them, so they memorized every little detail, Basen even more than Lily, the person in front of him, acted to much like his brother that he couldn't help be suspicious and a little hopeful, if there was no corpse, that meant there was a possibility of him being alive, and he wouldn't find strange if he had decided to just go away, he'd never blame him for that, not with how things were at home.


—I'm sorry if I'm wrong but, you seem to know me, and you are also making your voice a little deeper right now, I'm sure you change it after my father appeared, and the way you also seem to dislike this— he pointed at the lemon tea bottle —You re just too similar, in the way you act and everything, Kim Rok that really your name?

He was being impulsive, Basen knew that, but he was desperate to get an answer to this tiny hope in his chest. How would he proceed if the man started screaming at him for how he acted? And how would he react if....?

He looked at the grown as he felt the dangerous sensation of tears forming in his eyes. He was a fool, wasn't it? Holding himself of a tiny rope that was surely about to be cut, he...

A hand fell on his shoulder and patted him softly.

—Why are you even crying for? Do you think I don't know when you cry? You always look down every time.

"Huh?" He looked up to see his eyes, reddish brown eyes. He just stared, forgetting how to breath. He had to be dreaming after all, right?

This is why Cale didn't want to even come near the capital, he wasn't able to lie to his siblings, he never had been, it hurt to see his father, but not being able to talk to Basen or Lily if he got to see them, they were the only comfort he had before, yet he felt so suffocated that decided to even lie to them and fake his dead and run away without looking back.

—I really can't even try lying to you.

Was this really a dream? He grabbed the sleeve of his suit.

Cale shuffled his hair. —Pen and paper— he extended his hand to the air, and Basen didn't even question how the two things he had asked for appeared in his hand.

The man wrote something down and handed it to him along with the drink.

—You are the one that likes this drink, so you keep it.

Basen really did cry now, seeing that familiar smile. —I'm sorry....

—Why are you apologizing for?— he looked around in panic, just for Beacrox to hand him a handkerchief out of nowhere, he took it and gave it to his brother.

—Because of me...father didn't pay you attention...I stole his attention and went away because of that!

Cale saw his brother cry. It was understandable, Basen was only sixteen, and he was also a good person, but it wasn't his fault at all, it was.....his fault, Cale was the one that didn't try at all and let his father get more and more distant, and also made his brother feel this way. The one making problems, letting others to hate him and giving up in everything.

—You are not at fault, that was just me not doing anything as always.

Basen flinched to his words. Him...not doing anything? The brother he had seen trying to talk to his father and start to lose the life in his eyes as time passed? Their father gave Basen and Lily almost all the attention, but he wasn't blaming them but..himself?

—But...hyung I-

—It's not your fault at all, you are just too good Basen, so don't blame you.

—....— he finally took the bottle and the paper.

—Fathe-, mister Deruth must be looking for you, now go, I can't tell you to not say anything, but I would appreciate if you wait until we can talk later to decided on that.

"He is telling me to keep it a secret?" But, did he really want to tell the others? Maybe Lily, and although he saw how his father cried after his brother disappeared and was presumed dead, for some reason he didn't want to tell him anything at all, seeing that expressionless face his brother used to make every day in the past....he really didn't want to tell his father, had to be honest, he was the cause of that.

— won't go away again, will you?

—Maybe, but not in the same way as before, I found a place to stay and it's nice there, but we travel sometimes because of work— he saw how the boy was still worried, he gave him a little smile —Basen, I didn't like my life before, but you and Lily were one of the few people I have care for and I still do, so I won't ran away from you again, alright?

Finally a little more relaxed, the boy nodded, letting go of his sleeve. He was still waiting to wake up, but instead, he said goodbye to his brother and saw him walk away with the same man as before. Basen stood there for a while, but he didn't wake up, instead, his father came for him.

Cale didn't had much energy to keep walking, but he had to, he went and pay for everything using a cheque he had got from Bud last time, he surely wouldn't mind if he used it this time. What was a few billions after all?

He felt a little better after using other's money. Some workers helped carrying the stuff to the limousine that had already came for them, he almost fall asleep as he sit down.

—I want to sleep...

—You always want to sleep— Choi Han said.

—And you always says the most obvious things.

—Well I'm not a lazy bastard.

—And I'm not an awkward emo guy that just stands there everywhere they go.

—Ladies, ladies, don't fight, you were acting so well until now— Rosalyn laughed at them.

—Whatever— Cale just closed his eyes and leaned on Beacrox.

The chef stiffened as he was starting to panic. Cale usually did that, but in his cat form, when they were watching a movie with the kids. It was the first time he did it in his human form and it wasn't the best time for that. He used all his energy to keep a straight face and look to the other side, doing as if there was no pretty boy sleeping on his shoulder.

-Beacrox I'm also sleepy I'll use your lap!

As he heard the voice of the dragon he felt his weight on his legs. Perfect, now he couldn't move at all.

—Since Kim Rok Soo is sleeping I'll get you two to your homes first— Alberu said to Choi Han and Rosalyn, trying to ignore the disrespectful bastard that just went and sleep on his limousine.

Cale woke up a little before they got home. So he went down on his own while Beacrox took the dragon carefully so the blonde wouldn't notice the invisible being on his arms. Ron came out to help with the things they had bought.

—He has to brush his teeth, wake him up— Cale said to Beacrox.


—Mmm— he came closer and extended his arms for the man to put the child there. He then told Beacrox to go in. When he had the dragon on his arms he started to move him gently —Hey, wake up.


—C'mon Raon, I bet On and Hong want to now what you did at the auction.

—I don't...— he stopped, the dragon opened his eyes and became visible, it was late and there was no one there since Alberu had already gone back —What did you say?

Cale smiled. —That you should go tell your siblings what you did tonight, Raon.

—You...!— he couldn't talk at all.

—Your first name is Raon, and your last name is Miru.

Raon, wich meant Joyful in pure korean, and Miru, pure korean for dragon.

—That's....that's my name....what does it mean?

—It means you, a name only for you on the hopes you have a happy and Joyful life.

—Only for me....

—Yes, for you and only you, cause you are a great and mighty dragon— he caressed the dragons back.

—For me...— he was trying really hard not to smile —I...I guess I can be good and make you the favor of using it.

—I'll be honored then, Raon.

Cale knew that a name was something special, it was the first thing one got after being born, his mother had gave him his name, it was something special one could hold onto to the end of their lifes even if they lose everything else. He had really thought a lot about the name for the dragon and came with this one with total sincerity.

The dragon fluttered his wings. —I'm the great and mighty Raon Miru!

—Yes, you are Raon.

—I'm Raon!!

He flew in the air. He had a first name and a last name, after five years of his life being called beast, bastard and even monster by that people that kept him imprisoned. He looked at his human, Cale had got him everything he asked for, and now he was also recieving a name from him, he had something that wasn't only special as it will belong to him until his last breath, but because it was this person the one that gave it to him.

—Thanks, Cale.

"Hmm?" He looked at the black dragon. —What?

—I'll go tell everyone!— a little embarrassed the dragon went inside as fast as he could.


—Did you get his name?

—It was Kim Rok Soo, your excellency!

The beautiful man, with long and shiny platinum blond hair and golden eyes sat there thinking. It had to be the same night he decided to not be present for the auction.

—Are you really sure about what you said?

—Y-Yes!! He had a strong presence of nature on him! And even if it wasn't him, the presence of a great being was at least following around at every moment.

—A dragon following a human? That's even more stupid that the first thing you said.

—I'm really sorry for my stupidity!!

"Aigoo..." the platinum blond rubbed his temples. "But, if he gave so much money for that book, he must have an important background, I should first investigate about it"

—What about the elementalts? Did they saw or sense anything else?

—No, this Kim Rok Soo only walked around, ate and talked with a few people, oh, but they said something weird about him talking with the son of the Henituse family.

—I see, I want you to investigate about it, I can't report to the others if I don't have the certainty that what you say is correct.

—I'll do it right away your excellency!!

—And stop calling me that.

—Yes! Great and powerful being!!

—Just...go already.

The elf left the room. The man got up and went to the bookshelf and took the book he had been reading. It was quite rare to find dragons, they were arrogant, prideful and egoistic beings that preferred solitude, it was rare to find one that didn't had a problem to interact with other species or dragons in a regular basis, but apparently there was one following a human?

—Time continues running and doesn't wait for the old ones like myself, no, even I and the others decided it was better to at least keep in touch for our security, if it really is a dragon that tolerates to follow a human, then I don't think there will be a problem with him joining us.

He opened the book and went to sit next to the window, the green house and the lights of the city down the little hill were visible. Mila and Rasheel had laughed at his decision of turning one of his lairs into an auction house, but as people say, the most visible place was the best to hide, who would even though that a dragon was the owner of the place? For humans after all dragons were but a mere rumor or tale.

And besides, it was just one night every few weeks or months. And also, Olienne had quite a good time taking care of the garden and liked that the humans appreciated his hard work every time they would come.

—I should call them all if the information is true, I just hope it's not other problematic brat.

Chapter Text

—He is being so bad behaved lately! Can you believe he threw a small statue to Jessica the other day?

—Young master is really becoming a problem child, I wonder why mister Deruth hasn't send him to a correctional school or a boarding school so we can rest from him.

—See the good side of it, at least he doesn't complain about what we do to his father, he only throws a tantrum and the man just reprimands him!

—Yeah, who's in charge of his meal today?

—Who cares? No one wants to go near an expressionless and cold kid, is terrifying whenever he looks at you, besides, he looks like he is doing fine even without us preparing his food.

—Isn't it...too much? He is only thirteen after all...

—Who cares? His father and family doesn't even look at him, oh but be carefull to go around saying things, miss Violan would certainly make a really big thing out of this if she gets to now about it.

"I guess she would, Violan does seem like she worries a little about me" it was too bad she didn't dare to get closer to him or meddle in his life too much. It was normal, he did reject her at the start and she understood he didn't want someone to replace his mother, so the woman maintained her distance, but at least it was her who invited him to eat most of the time or send clothes and other stuff.

—Guess this is a waste of the best place to eat...

His apple only had two bites, but he had already lost his appetite, good enough for breakfast he guessed.  He had gone all the way up this flat part of the roof that was hidden thanks to the three in the garden, but who would know those women would decide to start gossiping just under it.

—Do I have to look for another place now?

It was hard, he had good hearing, and the whispers and comments of this people wouldn't stop, he only wanted a moment of peace to relax. But he couldn't even go to his father and complain, he wouldn't even believe him, he didn't even listened to him after all.

He stood up and jumped to one of the side walls, walked over it to get to the other side of the garden near his room. It was then when he heard someone crying. Cale looked around and saw a little boy crouching in between some bushes, he immediately jumped and came closer.

—Are you alright?

The little boy flinched and stood up quickly, yet he was looking down not to show his face while sniffing. What to do? He had been caught crying.

—Why are you looking down? Even if you do that others will know you are crying if you are this loud.

—....— the boy just kept looking down.

Cale frowned a little concerned. —Hey, why are you crying?

He thought he wouldn't get an answer, but almost in a whisper, the boy replied.

—I...Oliver...said I didn't had the right to attend my school cause I wasn't a real Henituse.

There was silence. Yeah, Cale knew well, Oliver Griffin, second son and a spoiled little brat his same age, someone that believed was superior because his family was rich for more than five generations already, to look down on Basen who wasn't his father's biological son and came from a simple family, it wasn't strange, but that didn't mean there would be no consequences.

—I see, don't worry, he won't say that again.

Next day Cale beat him until he cried and begged for him to let go. Obviously he got suspended from school and was also grounded for a month. The rumors in home also became louder. But he didn't mind, it was bad to say those things to kids, Basen was only ten, and he was his older brother, so that was the better he could do.


He let go of the knife and looked at his finger, blood was starting to come out of the cut. He needed to be more carefull. There were no people using this kitchen anymore since his nanny left, he could use it as much as he wanted, of course occasionally others would come, since this was the kitchen where his meals were supposed to be done. But at least that meant there was food here, he would just normally eat fruit or frozen food that was easier to cook, but he wanted real food, around when he was eleven or twelve he started preparing simple things as noodles, sandwiches and rice.

He washed his hand to not get an infection, then opened the second drawer on the left to take out the first aid kit. It was necesary as he made several errors at the start when using a knife, thankfully it wasn't really big as he was careful and he had watch his nanny cook multiple times.

Twenty minutes later his rice accompanied with fried chicken and sauteed vegetables was ready. It didn't taste the same way his nanny would do it, but it was the best he had. He hadn't even take a bite when he heard steps outside.

"Can't I at least enjoy my lunch?" He was ready to go if a maid came into the kitchen, yet when the door opened, a little boy came in slowly, looking around until he saw Cale sitting there



Why did he come here? He didn't talk much with Basen, they played together from time to time as he would find the kid playing alone in the garden, but that was it, he liked his brother, but there wasn't much to talk between them, specially after that incident...

—Hyung...— the boy came in and stopped next to him, looking down —I..

Cale stiffened as he heard his brother sniffing. What happened now? Did Basen need him to beat the crap out of another bully?

—It's true that you were grounded because of me?

"Because of him?" He was probably talking about him fighting the asshole.

—Don't worry, it was not because of that, Stop crying— he ruffled his hair.


—Yes, I got grounded because of my own decisions, so it doesn't have to do anything with you.

Basen grabbed Cale's sleeve. —Can I stay with you a little?


He started eating as Basen sit down next to him eating some grapes. It was weird, he didn't dislike his presence, guess it was understandable as the boy didn't say bad things about him and actually wanted to spend some time with him despite being a problem. After a while he finished his food and looked at the boy.

Yes, it was certainly nice to have someone at his side even if they didn't say anything. And in this way it wasn't uncomfortable like when he went to eat with everyone.

—Don't you have classes? Wouldn't Violan reprimand you later?

—Mother gave me a free day, I don't really understand mathematics, fractions are too difficult.

—Really?— that wasn't the case for him at all —Just use food.


—for example you have a cake, you cut it in eight pieces, if you take one then you will have one eight, if you take five you'll have five eights, at least I did it like that.

—I see.

—For the rest you only have to memorise the multiplication tables and you are basically done.

—But it takes time.

—It's easier if you practice a lot.

—I see, thank you brother! Can I ask you if I don't understand something?

—I guess you can.

—Then I'll do that, I want to become the best in my class — the boy smiled.

—Yes, I'm sure you can, that will shut their mouths.

The brown haired looked at him shyly. —Hyung...


—Thank you for helping me with that guy.

Why wouldn't he help? He knew well what it felt like when others talked bad on your back or even right in your face, Basen was too much of a good boy to let him suffer the same. He smiled.

—I did it just because I wanted too.

Basen had a quite surprised expression on his face, but Cale didn't gave it much attention. After that the boy went back and let Cale alone, alone with the whispers that he was perfectly capable of hearing. As if it wasn't enough for him to remember everything, he also had to be able to hear every little detail.

He hated that, those voices, those words, so he obviously found a way to run away from them, as well as from his thoughts, preoccupations and that dark little world.

When you sleep you disconnect from the real world and go to one where anything is possible, for him, if was better than everything outside. And as people only went to his room in extremely rare occasions, he could sleep as much as he wanted. People usually sleep when they are exhausted, and he was exhausted from those voices and his home in a certain way, for a long long time, it was his way out, only waking up to a farce.

Basen was a ray of light in his life, he really enjoyed playing with him or teaching him whatever he asked, because he didn't judge him like the servants, he paid him attention and listened, then Basen started to brought Lily when she was old enough, Cale new that it was probably his step mother's idea, but he didn't mind, Lily was pure and liked him sincerely as just a kid could do, so he genuinely liked them back. His best memories aside from his time with his mother, were with his siblings.

"Ah, I was dreaming again" Cale had woken up, yet he stayed with his eyes closed, thinking. If be had to choose, he would surely choose the life he was currently in, but, having his siblings on his side too, maybe it was too much to ask for?

He had ask Basen not to say a thing, but, why would he not tell everyone immediately? "I don't want to go back to that empty room and that house" just thinking about the past was suffocating.

—Is he going to wake up or not? We have been waiting for an hour already.

—Beacrox didn't want to come and wake him up for some reason, and grandpa Ron went to work.

—Human wake up, I'm bored...

At least what he heard now wasn't the voice of people badmouthing him, but those of three children just openly complaining about his sleep habits.

—And I'm tired...— he finally opened his eyes, squinting at the light that was coming through the curtains.

—Human you are awake!!

—What time is it?

—It's ready twelve human, you slept much more than other days, are you sick?

—He is just lazy!— Hong said snickering.

"I guess I did sleep a lot....but I'm still tired" he slowly moved to sit, his eyes still falling slowly. On seeing this felt a sense of panick in her chest, this wasn't the usual Cale after waking up, this was somehow different. 

—Let's go tell Beacrox to prepare his food and then bring it over— she proposed while peeking at Cale.


—We will bring you your food human!

—I'm not really that hung-

Before he could even finish talking the two boys had already gone out the room. On stood there in the door looking at him.

—You have to eat at least a little, if you want you can keep sleeping afterwards.

He was a little surprised to be treated like a child by a literal child, but he was really exhausted, he nodded and then let himself fall on the pillow.

On saw this a little worried before going to the kitchen. Not even after fainting for using his ancient powers, nor the other times he had slept for around twelve hours, had she seen him so tired. Already at the kitchen she saw her brothers waiting patiently as Beacrox started to prepare Cale 'Breakfast', she went and sit over the table, also watching, then a few minutes later her brothers ran to the room with the tea and some light food and fruit for the red haired to eat.

—He looked tired.

The girl's words caught Beacrox attention immediately. —Cale?

—Yes, not like when he sleeps a lot, but really tired, he even was falling asleep again, is weird, he even said he wasn't really hungry but...he has always been a glutton.


Honestly, there were a lot of things they didn't knew about Cale, just a little grasp of what could have been his life, but the fact this had happened after coming across his family last night, maybe it was related to it.

—For now...let him rest, until he wants to get out of bed and come eat, it might be the best.

—Alright, I'll keep my brothers from messing around in the room and waking him up.

—Good— he went to one of the top shelfs, took out a candy out of it and gave it to the girl —A reward.

She looked at the lemon flavored candy and smiled —Thank you sir.

—Rosalyn and Choi Han will be coming later with some info Alberu Crossman, the guy we are working for, send us, so go and play with your siblings to the backyard, or make Cale some company okay?

—Yes, don't worry I won't interrupt.

—Then help me here with lunch, Can you peel the potatoes?

She nodded, already used to help, at first for the urge to do something as this man was feeding her and his brother practically for free, and after some time, because she enjoyed it. A few minutes passed by and then two boys came back with the tray of food that had been barely touched. Beacrox frowned at this.

—The human said he didn't want more, he went to sleep again.

—We did make him eat all the fruit at least.

The chef nodded. —Let him rest, why don't you go watch TV?

—Yes! My little dragons is about to start!

The dragon flew over to the couch and turned on the TV. Hong soon followed to watch. The idea of having three children living with him would had never passed through his mind a month and a half before, yet here he was. Right, he also couldn't even look at Cale in the face cause he felt his ears turning red, he went and tried waking him up earlier, but his sleeping face was too much for him so he just woke up the kids for breakfast.

He just needed time, yes, time to get used to the face of the leech now that he had realized what his feelings were. It was like seeing a person through a clouded cristal, and then suddenly the cristal was gone and he could see his face clearly. Was that much of an elaborated explanation? It was the only thing he could came with while not sleeping at all the last night.

As he was finishing preparing the ingredients the doorbell rang. Hong ran to the door and opened it.

—Hello there Hong— Rosalyn greeted him with a smile.

Choi Han and Lock entered behind her.

—Hello Rosalyn! And hello Choi Han, Lock.

—Why are you three here so early?— Beacrox came closer.

—Afraid we will interrupt your time with Cale?— Rosalyn joked, and a smug smile appeared in her face seeing how Beacrox's stiffened —Well, I didn't want to go to a restaurant or somewhere else to eat so I call the others to come earlier and eat here, you don't mind right?

Beacrox looked at Choi Han, the walking danger Choi Han, but just sighed. —As long as no one interrupts me while cooking.

—Yes, don't worry, also, where is Cale? Shouldn't he be awake already?

—No, the human is still sleeping! He didn't want breakfast but we still gave him some.

—He didn't eat much though, so he went back to sleep— Hong added.

The woman's smile fadeaway. —He didn't eat?

—But, even if he eats little he always wants to eat— Lock said with concern.

Beacrox sighed. —We met with his father and brother yesterday, I was thinking it before, but he did started to sleep more when we came to the capital.

—So, you are saying is a reaction to his problems or something like that? In this case it would be the fact he didn't want to see his family, but why?

Beacrox looked at On, that understanding nodded and took her brother's hand. —Let's go check on him? He might be happy if we are with him when he wakes up.

—Alright!— they both said before following her.

After they were gone Beacrox made them a sign to sit down.  —Well, I'm not sure if I should say it, but Cale didn't had the best of relationships with his family, no, to be more specific, it would be with his father.

—Mister Deruth? But, he has always been known for taking his family to parties and having an excellent relationship with them.

—But did he ever bring Cale with him?

Rosalyn's mouth closed. Had he? She could only hear rumors as she was busy working, she heard that Cale was trash, so at that time even if she saw the Henituses in a party, if Cale hadn't been there she would have understood but, he wasn't trash, that young man was a nice person that liked to hide it with indifference, mockery, or just rude comments, but he wasn't bad, he was even a genius if one were to ask her.

—I...think he did not.

—When we where at the aquarium, and last night at the party, he talked more than he wanted to, and thanks to that I think Cale was practically ignored by his father, he even said how he was used to cooking because he had been doing it for a long time cause no one would do it for him, he hadn't even go to an aquarium before even though his family had gone a couple of times.

—What? But his family is rich and surely have tons of people working there, how come he had to make his food?— Lock said.

—They probably do, but I don't know everything, so I can only guess how it was.

—Started drinking at sixteen or earlier, cooking for himself for a long time, him never going to the aquarium despite his whole family going, then his father must have really just let him do whatever he wanted without paying him much attention, I guess that's one of the reasons he faked his death— Rosalyn had a serious expression as she talked.

—He also did lose his mother at a young age...— Choi Han mumbled.

They were silent for a moment, was it that? A pitiful child that just acted for attention? But who would be stupid enough to ignore a genius? But of course, Cale didn't care at all about his own abilities and so didn't show them much, he was even good with being hated by Choi Han or the others in the past.

"Doesn't that mean..."

"That we..."

"Need to do something to protect him?!"

The three of them thought almost in shock, what was this feeling of protection? It wasn't as if Cale was a child but...

"He does act like one sometimes!!"

They were struck by the realization as they turned around to see Beacrox that just gave them a confused look. Cale usually had a stoic expression, and if he wasn't causing any problem or sleeping, he would roam around Beacrox like a little kid wanting attention. Like when asking for food, or to be carried, or just sitting beside him as a cat when the man was reading, or with the kids in the couch.

Then if they wanted to help, wouldn't the best option be keep his family away and let him be around Beacrox? Maybe some trips to different places he might not have gone before, or just give him money since he liked it so much.

"I'll be a good noona for Cale" Rosalyn decided as she was already experienced thanks to her younger siblings.

"I guess I can protect him..." Choi Han thought although he didn't want to admit it.

"I'll help him with whatever he asks" Lock nodded internally, Cale was after all someone important for their plans and he respected him for how efficient and trustworthy he was.

Beacrox just saw them in silence as he was trying to guess what the fuck was going in their heads for them to remain silent and gave him weird looks like that. He faked a cough and stood up.

—Anyways, don't disturb him for now, I have to continue preparing lunch.

—Yes yes, go, I will be going through some documents here and make sure Choi Han won't approach the kitchen.


"I'm hungry..." he woke up, feeling three little bodies curled up next to him and breathing slowly, his stomach was growling, but at least he didn't felt as exhausted as before, although he was still half asleep. He moved carefully not to wake up the kids and put on his slippers before going out of the room, his hair was a mess and half the way to the kitchen he noticed how the buttons on his pajamas were unbuttoned. He started to fix it as he got to the livingroom room, just to watch the four people there looking at him.

He scowled at them while wrinkling his nose. —What?

They flinched, he had clearly wake up with not the best of the attitudes, it was something weird to see. Cale yawned and went to the kitchen, starting to peek on the pots for what they had done for lunch. Beacrox stood up and went to him, trying not to put a weird face seeing him like that.

—I'm so hungry...

—Just sit down and stop moving things around my kitchen, why are you so grumpy?

—I just keep having those fucking dreams...

The chef was obviously concerned about what he had just said, but decided to let it go for now.

—Just sit and wait there.

Cale gave him a quick look before sitting and resting his head on the palm of his hand. Soon enough the men prepared a cup of tea while heating up the food. The red haired scowled seeing this, but then was quite surprised to smell apple tea.

—What? I'm not my father— Beacrox joked while placing the cup in front of him.

Cale looked at it for a moment as his face softened, then he laughed. —Guess I can be thankful for that.

Beacrox turned around quickly as his ears were dangerous getting red after seeing the young man's smile. He quickly served him the food.

The other's just saw this while starting to breathe again and then averted their eyes from them. Sometimes an open kitchen was the best to look at what was going on but, it was better for them to concentrate in the papers.

—Nothing better than lunch at three in the afternoon— commented Cale as his stomach was suffering from hunger and he took the first spoon of food to his mouth.

After serving the food for Cale Beacrox went to talk to the others again, the red haired eated his fried rice in silence while looking at him. It was a bit weird, he was feeling so exhausted, and yet, a little joke and some tea made it all better. The chef on the other side was nervous as he felt the other man starting at him. But suddenly a knock on the door gave him the perfect excuse, so he stood up and went to open it.

He thought it was a dream. After waking up that morning, Basen thought that the auction, and all that happened there wasn't but the dirty work of his mind trying to make him suffer a little more. Yet, it was then that he saw the paper on his nightstand, he felt a wave of relief. But to be honest, Basen didn't told a soul.

Was it too cruel from him to keep a secret like that from his family? It might be, but, he felt guilty for his brother's situation, and as he was thinking last night, came to the realized of an important fact. His father never truly tried to reach for Cale.

No, he knew that from a long time, since he started to left Cale behind whenever they would go out to a party or a family trip. Basen always blamed himself from stealing Deruth's attention but....

He really felt anger towards his father for the first time in years, how couldn't he? At the auction when he asked Cale for forgiveness, his brother blamed himself instead of taking his anger on him or his father. Thanks to that Basen understood the fact that his father never truly tried, even when Cale was waiting for him. And despite this, he still mourned and cried for his brother.

"I was used to never question anything he does" because Deruth wasn't his biological father and he was scared in some way of being ignored and losing his care if he did something bad "But instead I watched him do that to my brother"

He had been a fool, just like everyone else. "But this time...I don't want to lose him again" he regained his courage as he looked at the house in front of him, checking the paper and the number of the house, making sure it wasn't the wrong one. He fixed the baseball cap he was wearing to hide his face and went forward. Since his brother's 'death', his father was reluctant to let him, his mother and Lily go out without guards, so it was a real challenge to go out without anyone noticing.

"How did he even manage to do it every time?" Cale always went out without authorization and no one could ever catch him doing so, they only knew he had gone out when coming back from the front door, it was even possible that there were time they didn't even knew that he went somewhere.

"That's not something to think about now" he took a deep breath as his hand went up and knocked at the door. His eyes slightly widened seeing the same men that was accompanying his brother last night, who seemed to be a little surprised of his visit, open the door.


"What am I supposed to say?, Call for hyung? Or Kim Rok Soo?" He couldn't managed to say a thing, but the other man just slightly smiled, even though his eyes seemed to show his concern.

—Come in.

There were more people inside, a beautiful woman, a man that seemed to look at him with suspicion, and a guy just confused by his presence. They just stared at him until the sound of a chair and silverware falling to the ground change everyones attention to the kitchen, where his brother was standing and looking at him with wide eyes.

— I shouldn't...

Yet, Cale face soon softened as he walked towards him.

—Mm, is good to see you again so soon Basen, honestly I thought you would have come with the whole family to get me, I'm happy that you decided not to.

—I-!! I would have never do that! Hyung-nim, I know why you went away, why would I want you to suffer from it again?!— he was feeling like crying again, but hold himself from looking down —Sorry, I shouldn't have screamed.

—It's alright.

Even though he had a stoic expression, by experience Basen could tell he was actually happy. Cale took off the hat from his brother's head and ruffled his hair calmly.

—This are miss Rosalyn, Choi Han and Lock, I'm currently working with them.

—Hello young master— the woman just nodded.

The black haired nodded with a rare innocent smile that gave Cale the chills. —Hello.

—H-hi— Lock said a little nervous.

—This is-

—I'm Beacrox, it's nice to meet you— without waiting for the red haired to present him the chef did it himself.

—It's...a pleasure to meet you all.

—Now, Basen, shall we talk?


—Hold on— Beacrox glared at him —You haven't finished eating have you?

Cale averted his eyes as he was completely guilty. He was still a little hungry but, his brother was more important at this moment so he could wait a bit to fill his stomach.

—That's not good hyung-nim! You have to eat!, I can wait, don't worry.

—Mmmmm, fine, come sit with me, Beacrox, I guess it's time to wake up those three, if they sleep any longer they will stay up late watching tv.

—Fine, but don't forget to clean up the mess you just make.

Remembering the chair and the silverware the red haired nodded. That clean freak obviously wouldn't like such a 'mess' in his kitchen, it was good enough that he hadn't tried to murder him already.

So after putting the chair back in place and washing the silverware he continued eating while his brother watched. This brought back memories, Basen really liked to wait for him to finish eating before start asking him about school related things.

As he finished, he didn't forget to wash everything while Basen waited for him, soon enough On and Hong appeared.



They looked at Basen suspiciously from afar, yet they soon still came closer.

—Why didn't you wake us up?— On asked.

—You were sleeping, I hate when someone wakes me up why would I do the same to you?— he saw them nod —Also, this is my brother Basen, say hi.

They flinched and looked at the boy sitting there. They never really thought they would be meeting with someone from Cale's family, because the red haired didn't talked about them and seem reluctant to do so too.

—Hello, I'm On, and this is my brother Hong.

—Hello, I'm Basen Henituse— he presented himself before looking at Cale like wanting an explanation about the children.

—This are my kids, I'm taking care of them, so treat them well too.

Now Basen couldn't hide the surprise in his face hearing the bomb his brother dropped as if it was nothing.

—And since you didn't tell the others I guess I can also trust you with this, so Raon, stop screaming in my head and come say hi.

—Hello human's brother!! I'm the great and mighty Raon Miru and I'm a grand five years old!

Basen almost fell from his chair when a black creature appeared out of nowhere scaring the shit out of him. Then a second later he came to the realization that what was in front of him was a dragon, a real, breathing dragon.

—You shouldn't do that, you will scare him!— On nagged at him.


—Our youngest was just too excited, Cale's brother, how old are you? Do you want to play?

—The human ordered a new game and it came this morning!

—They need to talk, you can play with him if he wants but later— Beacrox finally came back.

—Alright...— Raon went to the couch sulking.

—Basen, let's go.

The boy nodded and followed his brother. Dragon aside and all, he couldn't help noticing how relaxed was the ambient in this house, it was nothing like back at his home, it may have felt like it, but only before Cale faked his death, although, sure, the only one's in a relaxed and warm environment might have only been him and Lily.

Once they were at Cale's room, they fell silent, not really knowing how to start the conversation. How could Cale explain why he did that? And how could Basen just ask after the realization he had last night? It was a quite long and uncomfortable silence.

—I'm sorry.

Basen stared at his brother, not understanding what he had just say. Cale seeing his confusion looked down.

—Im sorry for lying and faking my death, it must have been...a little bad for you and Lily.

—A little...?— he frowned —Hyung-nim, we love you, a little is not enough, we was difficult.

Cale didn't know what to say to that. Being loved, is not something he would associate to himself, he wasn't deserving of attention, or care, he learned that from little, so hearing it right now, made him feel incredibly uncomfortable, like those words were nothing but a lie. "How can someone love a trash like me?" Even if it was his brother, no, maybe if it was him, it actually might be possible to a certain extent, as he loved Basen, was it really possible he felt the same about him?

—Hyung-nin, I won't really blame you, even though it really hurted us, I know you had your reason, cause you are a very intelligent person, more than everyone I know, and you never seemed to be particularly happy at home, so I won't blame you no matter what.


—I also don't need to hear your explanation as I can somehow understand why you did it, and, you seem to look more relaxed and happy now, also, how did I even get two nephews and a niece in just one year?

—I rescued them, On and Hong were being mistreated at their clan, and Raon fell on the hands of a vicious motherfucker that we still need to take care of.

—I see..they look happy to me, you are making a good job.

—Well, Beacrox is the one that does most of the work honestly, since it's his house and likes to have everything in order.

—Right, how did you meet him?

—He helped me after I was sta- after I accidentally ended in his backyard with the kids, he was nice enough to let us stay, you could say he saved me in some way.

"From dying of blood lost to be more specific"

Basen just stared at him. Just now, Cale had made an expression he hadn't seen before. "They live together, take care of the children....they were also together last night, and now that I think about it their suits were matching...." no, there was no way his brother was actually...his brain stopped for a minute.

—Is there a problem?— Cale asked seeing his odd expression.

—No...don't worry hyung-nim, I support you!

"Support me? With what? What is he talking about?" He was going to ask but Basen just kept talking.

—And don't worry, I won't tell anyone unless you are okay with it, gave me your new number so I can talk with you and come visit another time too!

—Alright, here— they exchanged numbers —Are you going to stay for dinner?

—No, I gave the excuse of going to my friend's house and then got out by the back door to come here, I have to go back before the bodyguards father send to watch over me notice I'm not there.


—Since you supposedly died, he doesn't let us go alone while we are outside, I guess he is still preoccupied by the chance we might get hurt, but it's better than before, now I can go out with just two bodyguards instead of five.

—I see, don't worry, he gets over dead ones in about a year and half or so, surprisingly he hasn't got over it yet.


—No, nothing, it's better if you hurry up before they notice that you are gone.

They went back to the livingroom, where Basen said goodbye to everyone and put on the baseball cap again, and as he was going out he suddenly turned around and went to Cale.

—Right! Hyung-nim I brought you something— he started looking in his backpack —Although I'm sorry for going inside your room, I thought you would like to have this.

He handed him a framed photo with a smile. Cale looked at it and smiled, he didn't really need it since his memory was better that anything, but Basen didn't knew, and it was still good to have this.

—Thank you.

—I'll bring the old photo album next time if you want, goodbye.

As the door closed, all the curious people in the house gathered around Cale to look at the photo. A beautiful red haired woman was posing as she looked at the camera while standing in a green hill, it wasn't difficult to tell who she was as her eyes, hair and facial features were almost identical to the one holding the photo.

—Human, who is that?

—This is my mother, is a picture of that time we went to a picnic.

—She is the owner of my doll?


—She's really pretty— On commented as she stared at the photo.

—Yes, you look just like her Cale— Rosalyn said in an awe.

At least they knew now how was it possible for Cale to be that handsome, he obviously got all the good things from his mother.

—Oh, that is...— Beacrox pointed to the necklace the woman was wearing.

—Yes, is the one I use to change appearance, she was always wearing it.

—I see.

—Mmm, yes, she is as pretty as you human!

—What?— Cale gave the dragon a weird look.

—Our youngest is right!— Hong joined.

—I bet if you were a woman you would look just like this Cale— Rosalyn laughed —What a waste for you to be a man.

He scowled at her. —Whatever I'll go put this in my room.

They laughed seeing his red ears as he went away. He carefully placed the photo next to the music box, soon the dragon came and put the rag doll there too.

—Mm? Why are you putting the doll here?

—Isn't the pretty lady the previous owner of the doll? I want her to have it since she left it behind.

Cale petted his head. —That's very nice of you.

—Of course, the great Raon Miru learned that is good to share!

The man laughed, maybe it wasn't that bad to let him watch those cartoons for kids, apparently he was learning something from it.

—Anything but food or money!

The smile in his face widened. —Yes, you take everything that is free and just become more rich, but you can use your money with your family.

—I'll make sure to remember human.

—So, what did you find?

The man asked while elegantly drinking tea. The elf took out the documents and started reading.

—Kim Rok Soo was one of the people Alberu Crossman, the son of the prime minister, brought with him that night, his records are clean, he is an orphan that didn't attend school yet made a test to get the diploma, he has been unemployed since then, there is really not much information about him Dragon-nim.

—So practically nothing, but you wouldn't just come with that, Pendrick, what else did you find.

—He was seen in Rain city buying kids clothes about a month ago or so, we also found out that after the auction the Crossman heir took them to a house in the suburbs that belongs to the Molans, the elementals didn't went in, but they could tell there was definitely the presence of another dragon-nim inside the house.

The man smiled. —I see, then I suppose I should send an invitation, what two days, you can go personally and invite them all, there is no way of knowing how arrogant the dragon could be, even if he goes around with a human, if you disrespect Kim Rok Soo it might get mad, so it's okay for all of them to come.

—I understand, I'll go personally then and make sure to be the most respectful I can be Eruhaben-nim!

—Yes yes, now go, that disrespectful guy will be here in any moment.

—Olienne-nim will come?

—Just for a few day, but if he finds out about the other possible dragon he might want to stay for longer.

—Having three great dragons-nim at the same place...

—Don't think much about it and just go.


How couldn't Beacrox and Ron be surprised when almost a week after the auction an elf came to their house asking for Kim Rok Soo.

Father and son were ready to attack in  case this elf in front of them was there to look for problems, but what came out of his mouth wasn't what they expected.

—The owner of the Secret garden auction house wishes to meet with Kim Rok Soo-nim and those who accompanied him to the auction, if it's possible, it would be best if you all could come tomorrow morning.

—What? Why does your boss want Kim Rok Soo to visit him?

—Could I talk personally with him? Since the direct message is for him after all, not that I have anything against you two, but I was asked to do so.

Pendrick was literally using all his strength for his voice not to come out weird, this two men were terrifying. And he knew well they were the ones at the head of the assassin guild. He waited there patiently as he tried not to show his fear, until Beacrox came back with the Korean man he was looking for.

—Kim Rok Soo-nim, I'm glad to be able to see you.

The man gave him a weird look. —Yes, you are the one at the auction, Pendrick, what is your business here.

—The owner of the Secret forest wishes to meet you.


—Since you are a valuable client that spend such a grand sum of money, he wants to know you and talk to you.

—Like that's not suspicious at all, would it be better to call Alberu Crossman since he was the one that brought me with him to the auction? How do you know I didn't just buy it in his name?


—Besides, who would just call for someone that just spend a lot of money in their business? For a discount? I'm not even from an important family yet they are calling for me? It wouldn't be weird at all to think they just want to take all my money since I'm an easy target.

Pendrick was done for, guess he could only go with the truth. —The owner wants to meet with the dragon.

"Pleaso don't kill me..." he wanted to cry seeing the three men frowning and glaring at him like they wanted to murder him that instant.

—Don't take it the wrong way, some of our elementals felt the presence of the dragon-nim at the auction, to those that have already meet one is pretty easy to do so.

—There is no dragon here.

—Even if you say so, the elementals already confirmed it, we know for sure that there is a dragon-nim living here.

Cale sighed. —What does he even want to?

Pendrick smiled in relief as he felt that terrible aura go away. —Dragon-nim wants to meet with the one living with you.

There was a silence as the three men processed his words. Had he just said, that a dragon wanted to meet with Raon? Another living dragon?


—That's right, he is the owner of the auction house that is also his lair, he was absent during the auction so he didn't had the chance to talk to dragon-nim, that's why I'm here to gave the invitation.

Cale was having another headache. —When?

—Tomorrow, you can bring others with you, so you feel a little more at ease, but make sure to bring dragon-nim with you— he took out a letter and gave it to him —This is the invitation, the hour is also wrote here, please do come.

After giving him the invitation the elf almost ran back to the car and went away. Cale closed the door and almost immediately the black dragon appeared over his head.

—So I will meet another dragon?! Human I want to go!

The young man went back to his original appearance. —Raon, you have to be carefull, not all dragons are like you.

—What do you mean?

—If you piss them off they may flatten you up like a pancake.

—Flatten like a...but pancakes aren't flatt, they are fluffy!

Cale went silent for a moment, realizing all the food the dragon knew was the one Beacrox had made for them.

—No those are the ones Beacrox makes, you- ah forget it, just try not to get on his bad side.

—I'll try human! Me, the great Raon Miru, am a very sociable dragon after all.

—Can we go too?— On and Hong, who apparently where behind the couch the whole time listening, asked as they went out.

—Yes! Let's go! They said anyone could go, and since I'm the one that was actually invited I'll bring everyone.

Raon fluttered his wings as he said that and went to his siblings.

"Aigoo..." Cale would have to talk to them seriously later. But for now. He turned to see Beacrox and Ron.

—Should we take Rosalyn with us? She will surely be interested in meeting with the dragon.

—Yes— Ron nodded —We should bring Choi Han just in the case something happens, Lock too.

—If Bud and Glenn had managed to get here in time they could have gone with us, so unlucky— he snickered.

—What about young master Alberu?

—No, he doesn't even know about Raon, with the usual people is just fine.

—Then I'll tell the others and arrange for someone to come pick us up.

—Right, ugh, I think I need another nap.

—But human you just had one!

—But I got woken up before I finished it.

—Then I guess the kids and I will be the only ones eating chocolate cake— Beacrox said casually.

Cale's face changed immediately. —I also want, come and give me some.

He took the hand of the chef and dragged him to the kitchen, followed by the children. Ron snickered as he saw his son blushing while looking at his hand. "Oh? Did he already came to the realization?" That was an interesting progress in their relationship, the problem was that his son wasn't used to  them and probably didn't know what to do even if he realized his feelings.

Next morning, even though Cale didn't want to wake up, they were picked up by Hans in one of the guild's cars. This time when they showed the invitation the car was able to go all the way in.


—It's huge!!

On and Hong were looking around in awe as they got out of the car and looked around. Soon Pendrick appeared to recieve them.

—You brought...a lot of people....

—Well it wasn't my decision— Cale, now as Kim Rok Soo, said.

—I see, well, please follow me, he is already waiting for you.

Cale took the children by the hand so they wouldn't make a mess or touch something they shouldn't, and followed the elf. The place was completely empty, contrary to what they had seen during the auction, there were no people, just them and the elf.

Guided to an elevator and then to the fifth floor. Now, if Cale thought there was a lot of gold in the first floor, this was a whole new level. It was only a hallway, yet he could tell that the walls were completely covered in gold, including the chandelier and the lamps as well as the only door there. As they were not moving now, Ron asked.

—What now?

—We have to wait, the only one that can open the door is the golden dragon-nim, when he wants us to came in, we will be able to.

Beacrox gave the elf an angry glare, making him shiver. So he tried to change the topic.

—So, Kim Rok Soo-nim, the dragon accompanying you...?— he looked at every person there.

-Wow, is this elf not smart enough? I'm right here elf! Behind you!!

Cale contained a laugh. —He is-

As he was talking, suddenly the door opened slowly, letting them all see a huge room that occupied the whole fifth floor, not too different from the hallway they were standing in.

—He is telling us to go in, follow me please.

Cale narrowed his eyes as the golden of the place was almost blinding for a moment. Then just as they made a few steps inside, their eyes all went to the one approaching them.

A beautiful elf was elegantly walking in their direction, with his long platinum blonde hair falling to his waist. So beautiful that even the whale people couldn't even compare. He started to smile.

—It's an honor to be in your presence again dragon-nim!!!— Pendrick bowed in an instant.

Cale was impressed, this was a real grown up dragon, not like Raon that had just go out to the world, this was an adult dragon that could obliterated an entire city in seconds if he wanted to.

-I'll go first!!!

Hearing the kid's voice Cale panicked. —Wait!

The elf let out a surprised gasp as he saw the black dot that flew to the golden dragon without even hearing or letting Cale stop him.

—Hooo— the golden dragon said while raising his eyebrows, then giving Raon a weird look.

Raon smiled brightly and opened his wings the most he could as he puffed his chest, then he spoke confidently.

—Nice to meet you!— he was obviously excited, his greeting though, just made the blonde to look at him even weirder —I'm the great and mighty Raon Miru! Who are you?

After a moment of silence where Raon looked at him excited, the other dragon finally spoke.

—What the heck? Are you sure you are a dragon? Is there really any dragon that would go to another and say something like nice to meet you?

The little dragon in fron of him was really a rare existence.

Cale was just sighing on the back, how many times he talked to the kids? On and Hong obediently stayed at his side without moving and even though they looked as excited as Raon, the were still holding to Cale's clothes.

Dragons are greedy and prideful, they usually avoided each other and rarely interacted cause they always believe they were the best one.

And even though they were all incredibly nervous, Raon just kept talking.

—I am indeed a dragon!! Is your eyesight good?

The expression on the golden dragon's face was a poem. Any other dragon would start a fight at the exact moment someone doubted if they were really a dragon, yet this one in front of himself answered happily.

—....Yes, you are a dragon.

Raon nodded. —Yes, I am a dragon, and you are also a dragon, that's why, nice to meet you!! Do you not know how to greet others?

—Are you...really asking if I know how to great others?

No dragon would do such a thing, greeting? Maybe a sarcastic comment or a glare. This was the first time in his long life to experience something like this. And it turned even worst when the young dragon extended his paw towards him.

—This...are you asking me to shake your hand?


—In my almost thousands years of life...This is the first time I experience something like this...

What the hell?. The golden dragon sighed as he made a doubtful expression on his face, and after a few seconds that had everyone else at the edge of a panick attack, he asked.

—Say...your IQ, it has to be really low, is it that?

That was it, Choi Han put his hand on his scabbard ready to interfere if a fight started, the other also started to get ready.

Raon fluttering wings stopped, shocked by such an insult. But instead of watching the young dragon's reaction, the ancient dragon looked on the direction of the others, they flinched, thinking he had caught Choi Han who was already slowly taking his sword out. But Cale noticed it, that the dragon was looking at him.

"Why is he looking at me?" To be honest, Cale was half hiding behind Beacrox and Choi Han as he was also keeping the kids close to him. He was at his limit already, dragons were a powerful existence, and someone like him that could sense his power, it was like a torture.

As their eyes encountered, the dragon seemed surprised. —Oh...there shouldn't be anyone alive that knew about that power or aura....

As he said that, his pupils turned completely golden. They were surrounded by a heavy and cold aura that felt like hail was falling on their skin, or at least that was the case for the others, surprisingly, Cale didn't felt more than a slightly uncomfortable sensation.

"Is this...dragon fear?" The aura every dragon had and that could induce fear to every living being. As he thought that, his body reacted on his own.

The Dominating aura activated on his own making his heart beat faster. The previous sensation in his sking started to fell like a light breeze. They all were looking at Cale, who, unlike the others, was hiding the kids behind him as he calmly made visual contact with the ancient dragon.

Yet, his vision of the dragon turned black as two paws covered his eyes. Raon said a little angry.

—Hey Goldie!!

They were stupefied hearing the kid calling the ancient dragon that.

—You can't do that! Our human is extremely weak! Do you know how much of a coward he is? He has to snuggle with the chef when watching horror movies!!

There was a long silence in wich they all gave him different looks that he thankfully couldn't see as his eyes were being covered. Ron specifically gave his son a smile.

-Human you looked as strong as my fron paw!! But don't be scared, the great Raon Miru is here to protect you.

"No, really, it would be better if you protected me in silence..." he could feel his ears turning red, he didn't snuggle with Beacrox, just used him as a heater as it was almost winter, he just took those moments to sleep while the kids watched the movie, it was a horror movie for kids, How could he be scared of that?

-Even thought goldie looked at you like that, I won't fight with him cause he looks like a decent guy as he reduced the effect of his aura on you.

—He does looks weak— the ancient dragon ignored the last comment as he talked —But, did you just refer to a human as 'our', are you really an idiot?

Raon finally took his paws of Cale eyes as he slowly flew to put himself between him and the other dragon.

—I'm not dumb! I don't have a low IQ, I just have high sociability, I'm not like you, socially awkward dragon that doesn't know something as basic as shaking hands.

Raon really knew how to talk back, Cale couldn't help feeling a little proud, he had really learned a lot in the time they had been together.

A loud laugh was suddenly heard. They turned their head to see a beautiful young man walking towards them with a smug smile. Short green hair and brown eyes, walking as he was in his own home and not showing any manners.

—The pipsqueak really managed to come back at you!

The golden dragon frowned seeing him, yet didn't say anything.

—Pip-! I'm not a pipsqueak!! I'm the great and mighty Raon Miru!!

—What is great and mighty about you? You are a kid.

—I'm not a kid!

—You haven't even gone through your first growth phase, so you are nothing but a kid, or even a baby.

—Olienne— the golden dragon gave him a glare.

The man clicked his tongue and let himself fall on the couch.

—He is just mad to meet someone as great and mighty as me! Did you also got surprised of my greatness goldie?

The ancient dragon left out a laugh. —I got surprised indeed, but because of your stupi- cough!

Red blood came out of his mouth and spill out from between his fingers. A dragon, a powerful dragon was actually coughing blood.

—Hey!— the green haired man stood up and went to him, but the golden dragon just raised his hand to say that he didn't need to come over.

—G-goldie!!! What is wrong? Why are you coughing blood? That's not okay!

The blonde looked at his bloodied hand for a second and then laughed.

—Why are you laughing?! Did you went mad? Do not laugh!

—A dragon worrying about other dragon, to think there would be two idiots to act like that.

The green haired gave him a glare when he heard that. As the ancient dragon coughed once more, the elf finally came back to his senses.

—Eruhaben nim!!— Pendrick ran to him.

—Little kid, my name is not Goldie, I'm Eruhaben.

—So that is your name, nice to meet you, but I'm not a kid!

As Pendrick started to heal Eruhaben, this one looked at the man in the couch.

—Will you not say anything?

—Why should I present myself to some pipsqueak and a bunch of lowly humans? You are seriously too permissive.

—If I weren't I would already beat you up until you closed that mouth of yours and showed some respect. 

—You should be thankful I didn't start a fight!— he then looked at Cale —But since there is one interesting being here, I guess this time I can be nice enough to gave you all the right to hear my name from my mouth— he grinned —I'm Olienne, but I don't give any of you the right to use my name!

—To have three dragon-nims on the same place...— Pendrick said as he was still healing Eruhaben —I thought I was cursed for not being able to see the elementals, yet I can see this instead...

—You are also a dragon grass hair?— Raon said innocently tilting his head.

—Grass ha- Do you really want me to crush you?!

—Olienne— Eruhaben warned him again.

—Tsk— he crossed his arms —Don't call me that again, I guess you can use my name, if that will kept you from using such a disrespectful way to call me.

—Eruhaben-nim, are you okay?— Pendrick asked.

—Yes, my coughing seems to have stopped, you can stop now.

—Yes sir!!

Eruhaben once again looked at the group of people that had come to his lair, and stared at Cale. Yet Raon didn't lose time to block his view.

—Don't look at him he is a coward!! He might faint if you look at him like that!

—A coward?— he saw the little dragon nodding, his eyebrows raised again —Interesting.

An odd feeling made Cale feel a little nervous, and apparently the others were also nervous as they again started to get ready for if the dragon tried anything. Yet at that moment the dragon just turned around.

—Follow me.


Chapter Text

—Follow me.

They exchanged a complicated look, yet still followed the dragon to a large table that, yes, was also made of gold and other jewels, this dragon was rich, filthy rich, probably even more than Cale if he was able to have a whole room like this.

—Human! Can I have a lair like this?!

The little dragons eyes, that had finally paid attention to the place, were sparkling greedily as he smiled rather viciously. Right, this was a real dragon lair, and the first Raon had seen in his short life, but that didn't mean Cale wasn't suffering because of it! No matter how much he liked to spend money, How could he live in a place covered in gold? The light reflected on it wouldn't let him sleep at all, even though seeing all this made him feel satisfied.

—If you save enough money.

—Really?! Then I'll fill my piggy bank and a lot more of those!!

—How much can a toy like that even have— Olienne, that had come closer when no one was paying him attention, scoffed at the kid as he went and sit right next to Eruhaben.

—A lot! It can have a lot of money!

—Doubt it.

—It's true! Last time human gave me a cheque for twenty millions!

As he was about to sit, Cale averted his eyes from Beacrox, who was giving him a reproachful look. Having too much money was bad for kids, or that's what the chef had said last time he saw Cale trying to give the three children a cheque of a million.

—Twenty millions?— the green dragon stared at Cale with stupefied expression, he had heard this was the human that spent a little more that twelve billions on the last auction, but to give a kid that much.

—It's because he worked hard for that.

—Impressive...— Eruhaben said while inspecting Cale once again.

—Goldie! I told you not to look at him like that!

—Mmm, so many interesting things about you, yet, first of all, why don't you take of your disguise?

Cale flinched. It really wasn't possible to fool a dragon. He turned off the power of the necklace letting them see his true appearance.

—I suppose Kim Rok Soo isn't your real name either.

—No, I'm Cale.

—I see....

Now he had two dragons looking at him. Would it had been better to just ignore the invitation?

—So the reason you called for Raon...?

—Right, I was so focused in how strange you are that I almost forgot about it.

—My human is not strange!

—You really are dumb, aren't you pipsqueak? Why you keep calling him human when he is not one?— Olienne asked.

—It really is impossible to fool a dragon....

—It is possible due to what you are, yet, we both have met those of your kind before, so we can tell— Eruhaben explained.

—It's hard to forget interesting beings like you, mutations inside the clans aren't that common, but yours, is the most rare one because the clan tried to continue your bloodline instead of ending it, if I'm not wrong the cat clan had a very interesting name for those like you— Olienne was quite intrigued by this person, first, because of him going around in a disguise, second, because of his ancient powers, and third, for the blood that runs through his body.

—I think I know wich one you are talking about— he grimaced, it wasn't such a pretty thing to know.

—Yes, if I'm not wrong, they were called the slaves of the clan, am I right?

—Slaves?— Rosalyn asked.

—What does he means?— Beacrox frowned.

—Is it as he says— Eruhaben said calmly —Do you not know the true nature of his bloodline?

They all shook his heads, included the kids.

—It was quite a few hundred years ago, when the first of his kind were born, they had mutated and so weren't able to go berserk, they lost something to gain another.

—They can't go berserk?— On looked at Cale, she, as well as Hong, knew that they also were unable to do so because of all the times the people on the clan would mock them, but to think Cale was also like them.

—No, it is physically impossible for them, but, as they lose that, they gained quite the interesting abilities.

—Not being able to be recognized as beast people is really useful for a clan of assassins, don't you think? Not only that, their bodies are weaker yet they are stealthier and have sharper senses, so, as they lacked strength but were useful, the clan would confined them and force them into dangerous missions, if they were caught, the enemy couldn't say the were part of the cat clan so it was one death for the bigger good as they said— Olienne added.

—We happen to come across one of them when he tried to rob us, I guess he survived because we were interested in him, although, I thought they would be already extinct by now.

—Probably they are— Cale said —Of course I would be the last one.

—Interesting, really interesting, how come you got out of the clan safely? They tended to have strict security to have them in place.

—My mother's family got out when she was a kid, I don't know all the details, but my grandfather died while taking my grandmother, my mother and my uncle out of the clan.

—I see, were they the last ones?

—Yes, for what I read on my mother's diary, they decided to scape after the clan decided that my uncle was in age to go on missions.

—Then we have here the last of them, who would have thought I could come across someone as strange as you when I was just trying to contact another dragon.

—My human is very special! Have you seen his greatness goldy? He is not as great as me but he is still great!

—He has a lot of interest things I have to admit, yet, what surprises me the most is that his body hasn't blow up yet.

Cale only smiled, even though everyone else was speechless. What did the dragon mean with his body blowing up? It had to be a joke, right?

—G-goldie!! What do you mean?!

—That's why your are just a pipsqueak, if you don't even know something as simple as that— even though he was mocking the kid, Olienne had quite the serious expression in his face —The way to obtain an ancient power, is by pure luck and the nature's wishes, that's what the foolish people believe, if you are smart enough you can find them and take them, but is rare to see someone with more than one, cause the body can't handle too much if it's too weak or if their plate is too small, so they explode because it can't contain them.

Eruhaben was silently looking at Cale and seeing his reactions as the other dragon explained.

—So, someone as weak and with a plate as small as his, having more than two...he should have died the second he got the second one, yet I can tell he actually has four, mmmm they are being balanced by something, probably that human ancient power it also because of that bracelet you have hidden under your clothes?

He didn't want to answer. Bud had already gave him the whole talk about it when he came across his second ancient power as he was running away from the capital after the terrorist attack. He had to admit he was a bit guilty, as just about two weeks after that he found a third one, thankfully he also found some dominating water in a cave and that helped with the balance. Bud then found the bracelet to contain the water for him.

—Yes, it's because of this— he showed the bracelet no one had seen until now, it had a small blue jewel in the middle, this was also one of the things that Medinas had stole from him.

—So you were aware of it— Eruhaben finally said —Judging by your answer and your expressions, you knew, yet it doesn't seem like your companions here knew about it.

They were probably going to sit him and reprimand him for an hour after all this.

—What should we do then Goldie?! I don't want my human to die! If he dies I'll destroy everything! Everything and everyone!!

—Is just a cat, why would you do something like that for him? You really are weird pipsqueak.

—I'm not a pipsqueak!! And he is not just a cat he is my human!!— he was already tearing up.

Cale sighed. —Raon.

The little dragon looked at him, seeing how he had his arms extended he flew towards him and let himself be comforted while sniffing.

—Impressive....— both older dragons didn't know how to react to that.

—It's alright, I'm not planning on dying.

—But human, you are weak!

—Our youngest is right! You already fainted and coughed blood! We can let you die!!

—You absolutely cannot die!

The three children were now just all over him. That's why he didn't want to tell any of them about that.

Olienne was a bit uncomfortable watching such a warm scene, and a bit guilty for explaining all that in front of the kids.

—A-anyways, you don't have to cry like that pipsqueak, since one of his ancient powers is a recovery ability, is supporting the others and keeping him from exploding, besides, you can easily fix his situation.

—It can be fixed?— Raon opened his eyes with hope as he looked at the green haired man.

—He only has to find ancient powers of the water and earth element as he already has the others.

—Really? Then we have to find them now!!

—Is not that easy kid— Eruhaben intervened —Even though one can find them, that doesn't mean it's such an easy task to do, one needs to be lucky enough to come across the information about it and how to find it, then going through a test to obtain in, besides, is still hard to find them.


—Well, if you want to find them so badly, then, what about we talk about the reason I invited you here?

—The reason?

—As you know we dragons are scattered across the continent, yet, as the world has changed, we decided to keep in touch, so I can ask the others about any information they have.

—You can Goldie?! Then ask them!

—Yes, but first, why don't you join our power?

—Power?— Cale asked. Did the dragons really created their own power in the continent? He thought Eruhaben was already an exception for having an auction house, yet the others were part of an organization or something like that too?

Olienne grinned. —Did you really think the Dragons, that are the head of several companies and businesses in the continent were just using that name for nothing?

—You mean-?— Ron was astonished, to thing the organization that they tried to contact before were actual dragons.

—Yes, so my offer is for the kid to become a member, since he is still young it would only be adding his name and he wouldn't have to do anything.

—Why were you going to offer him that? Didn't dragons live in solitude and avoided each other?— Cale could not let a kid just accept an offer when they didn't knew the real motives behind it.

—Time changes, humans and other races have developed and increased their numbers, there is obviously no race stronger than us dragons, but humans are more and more vicious, we even had to face the horrible experience of finding how they experimented with one of our kind long ago, not all dragons are born to meet with their mothers, being young and having no one, humans can take advance of that.

Olienne clenched his fists. —We decided to at least keep in touch, with the power we hold as the Dragons, he have access to plenty of information and can avoid some things.

"So..basically, is to prevent something like that to happen again by watching the humans and in case one tries to do something to any of them" it was a better reason from what he expected, the problem was....

—Even with all that, you all still can overlook some things....

Olienne and Eruhaben eyes widened as they heard his slightly resentful voice and looked in his direction, how Raon was silently hiding his face in Cale's chest. They wouldn't normally make any mention of what had happen to him, it hasn't been that long since they rescued the kid, he had suffered a lot and some nightmares about it would still torment the kid from time to time.

Cale caressed his back softly.

—It's alright, I'm not afraid of him anymore...

—Mm, you are a great and might dragon.

—I am great and mighty.


—So...I'll join you all, but you have to help me look for the ancient powers my human needs...— he slowly turned his head to look at the other two dragons —You have to!

The older dragons looked at each other. If they had understood well, then this kid...

—We will— Eruhaben said finally —And, since I'm already old, I can offer you to learn what I know.

Olienne frowned. —Why do you sound like you are giving your will already?

—It's not like I have too much time anyways, you bastard didn't want to learn anything from me in all this years, but this little kid seems more open minded and easy going than you.

—You have no right to say that, not when I know how you were in the past.

— will teach me Goldie?— Raon's eyes, even though still had a few tears, brightened.

—If you want me to.

—And it's free?!

The dragon was a little taken aback by his question. —....yes.

—Then I want to!! Everything that's free is good! Ah! But you have to treat my human decently Goldie!! No bad looks or he will get scared!

"What's wrong with this kid?" Eruhaben couldn't help thinking that as the little dragon flew around him talking nonstop.

—You also have to treat the others well! And stop calling me kid! I'm not a kid I'm the great and mighty Raon Miru, but I'll forgive you this time!

Olienne, seeing that the other dragon was recieving all the attention, slightly pouted and looked away. It was just a pipsqueak anyways...

—Aigoo...kid, are you always this talkative?

—My human says that we need to express what we think so that's what I do! Also, in My little dragons they also said it's important to voice your opinions!!

—I cute of you.

—Wha-! I'm not cute!

—So, stay here with me for a while so I can teach you, I might even considerate passing everything I have to you after I'm gone.

—After you are gone, you keep saying shit like that, you still aren't dead!— Olienne said as he crossed his arms.

—But I will, don't worry, my garden will still be yours, you already took over it anyways.

—So I can have everything?! And free?!!!

The little dragon looked as he was about to pass out because of his excitement, yet he suddenly froze.

—Wait!, even if you say that, you still can't die!

—That's just nature kid, I have already lived enough, even more than most dragons, and I think instead of worrying about me, we should worry about...Cale was your name?

—Yes, Eruhaben-nim.

—Correct, so, since you already have an ancient power of wood, fire and wind elements, we only need to find the other two, other dragons might know, as they usually go and see anything unusual that might be a risk for other living beings.

—Actually, I just need to find a water ancient power, or at least I think so.

—What? Really?— Olienne asked.

—My sla- secretary gave me a book last time we met and I read it not long ago and it seems to talk about an earth ancient power and I think I know where it is located.

—Just how lucky can this bastard be...?— Olinne was impressed, he thought they would have to take a lot of time to find the earth ancient power.

—Don't call him that grass hair!

—Gra- stop calling me that you stupid pipsqueak!!

—You stop calling me pipsqueak!!

—Hum, and here I thought I would be benevolent enough to let you know were the water ancient power was located.

Raon stopped. —You know it's location?

—Why wouldn't I? Unlike you pipsqueak, I'm a full grown up dragon and I know quite a lot of things.

—Can you tell me where it is?!

—I don't know...— he looked to the side as if he had no interest in the conversation.

Eruhaben sighed as he covered his eyes with his hand. That childish bastard...he just liked to talk back, but to act like that with a literally kid, he had thought he acted bad enough with Dodori, yet this....was he really weak to children?

—Tell me Oli oli!!

Olienne froze. —What?

—You don't like that I call you grass hair, so I'll call you Oli oli!! You old man.

Cale covered his mouth to not show how he was smiling. Beacrox at his side was just sighing. They may really have to stop a fight between two dragons now, no, to be more accurate, stop the green dragon from flatten Raon in the spot.

—What's up with that stupid name?!

—It's not stupid! It suits you very well.

—You little-!

—Olienne— Eruhaben reprimanded him with his eyes.


—Then, Oli! Where is the water ancient power?

—For now let's just focus on the earth one, since he has the bracelet, he can go for it while you stay here learning kid— Eruhaben interrupted.

—Stay....I can't go with my human?! But he is so weak he needs me at his side!

—If that's the case Olienne can go with him.

Now Cale flinched as he made eye contact with the green dragon that was slowly frowning. He was fine by himself, he had done everything on his own until just a while ago, even if a dragon was strong and could protect him, it can also easily get rid of him with a movement of it's hand.

Yet the answer the dragon gave wasn't what he expected, but a question.

—Where do you think is the ancient power?

—Eh?..ah yes, for what the books said, I think it's at the forest of darkness.

The dragon thought about it for a moment. —I haven't gone there in quite a while...maybe some interesting plants might have appeared in this last three hundred years— he finally looked at the golden dragon —Alright, just because it sounds interesting I'll accompany him, besides I just don't want to be around the pipsqueak while he is here.

"If you didn't want to you would just go back to your own lair you liar" Eruhaben was too old to just go and expose that bastard, so he let him be for now "Maybe I'm really getting old, to let two other dragons stay in my lair"

But even though Olienne liked to talk back he was actually really easy to read and a good dragon, even if he just liked to hang out in his lair for no reason at all and would only tolerate Eruhaben's presence in general.

—Oli will you really go with my human? You have to treat him well and see that he doesn't do anything stupid and coughs blood and faints again.

—Again?— the green dragon raised an eyebrow.

—He coughed blood when killing the leaders of the cat clan, when we destroyed the mermaids hidden base and also when we killed their king!! He fainted the first time and almost fainted the third one!!!

—Oh? You all have been doing interesting things, now I want to go even more!

—Human I'll stay here to become intelligent and strong! So you come back soon and we will get Oli to tell us where the water ancient powers is!!

—You'll stay here alone?— Cale frowned.

—We can stay with our youngest Cale!!— Hong said.

—You have to go so we can watch over him— On added.

—But just letting three childs alone...

—Then I can stay here too Cale— Rosalyn said excited, who would let go the possibility of being around a dragon teaching magic? Not her of course —I'll watch over them and make sure they don't cause any problems to Eruhaben-nim.

—Will you really?

—Yes!, you can have trust in your noona!

"Noona?" Since when was she his noona? Just because she was older didn't meant Cale would call her that.

—Is that okay Eruhaben-nim?— the red haired asked the dragon.

—I will take around three months for him to learn everything I suppose.

—Wait Goldie! I can stay here three months for free?


—And is free for them too?


—Oooh!! Then alright I'll stay here all you want!! Human you go for the ancient power and come back to stay here with me! Didn't you say you liked money? This place is covered in gold!

—Then should we go now? Or do you all have things to do?— Olienne said casually, it's not like he was getting bored and just wanted to go out in a little adventure even if it was accompanying a bunch of humans and a cat.

—Guess we can wait for a while-

—Cale!!— all his group yelled at him.

—What? It's not like I'm dying, at least not for now, I've been doing fine for the last two months, besides, living is the best.

—Don't talk to me about the last two months cause I now that you weren't doing fine when I found you— Beacrox reprimanded him.

—It was just a slight stab and a bit of blood....

—Stop acting reckless, do you want the kids to start worrying about you again?

Cale went silent as he looked down. But it was okay, he knew well he was not about to die any time soon, maybe after a year, but he would manage to stabilized his body before that, Bud and Glenn were doing a large investigation in the eastern continent by going through the records the mercenary guild had been accumulating for generations.

—Ah, I should probably call Bud or he is going to yell at me again, but I guess I can't let him know about the two dragons-nim?

—Who is that? Another boring human?— Olienne, that had been hearing their conversation, asked.

—The one that gave me the book, he has been helping me all this time with that, but he spends most of his time in the eastern continent since he is from there.

—Oh really? I'm from there too, but I get bored as there is nothing interesting.

"Is that why you are the the lair of another dragon?" He really wanted to ask, but stopped himself from doing so.

—Anyways, we still have things to do, so we could wait for one or two days before going, and I suppose I have to go for Raon's things that are at home if he's going to stay.

—Ho...are you just trying to take more time before going?— Ron gave him a benign smile that made Cale want to cry —It's better if we go tomorrow right, I have work to do on my guild, but Beacrox, Choi Han and Lock, as well as the dragon-nim should be enough company.

—But didn't we have to go inspect the things Alberu bought on the-

—Are you perhaps saying you won't go tomorrow as I said?

Cale shivered. —Of course not, we can just go see Alberu later.

—Perfect, then why don't you and Beacrox go for the kid's things?


—Ah, I'll guide you two outside— Pendrick stood up.

—Human please bring my snacks and my blanket!

—I want my chocolates too!— Hong said immediately after his brother.

—Can you bring the book I was reading?— On also asked.

—Sure— Cale gave them a smile before going out.

Hans was still waiting outside for them, and so they briefly explained the situation without revealing the existance of the two dragons that lived there. Cale only looked out the window until they made it home.

—I'll wait here for you two— said Hans from the car as he took out his phone.

Beacrox nodded. —We won't take long.

Cale waited for Beacrox to open the door as he yawned. He was getting sleepy already. As he was walking down the hall to his room, he started speaking.

—Hey Beacrox, can I take a nap as you take care of-

He went silent as the chef stopped him and cornered against the wall with his arms. His heart almost stopped as he looked at the man with a surprise expression as he didn't know what was going on.

—What...?— he felt how his neck, ears and face were starting to heat up, why was he even feeling like that? They were too close for him to be able to think and found an answer for this situation.

—When were you planning on telling us?

With only that Cale was finally able to think straight. He quickly averted his eyes, so that was it.... "That...was it?" Why had he thought that as he was expecting for something else? What would he even expect to happen? He didn't even knew but somehow felt a little dejected.

—There was no reason for it.

—No reason? You were in danger, you..could have died and we wouldn't even know why.

—I wasn't planning on dying, I have to live after all.

—That doesn't change the fact it could have happened, what if we didn't meet the dragons? And if Bud or you weren't able to find a water ancient power?

—It would have work out on a way or another...

—But what if not?

—What if not...? Then it wouldn't have mattered, right?, I'm a trash, I don't even deserve people's attention, I'm just...a problem.

Beacrox didn't know how to answer as he saw the red haired scowling at him with dull eyes.

—Aren't I right? I'm an existence that others don't even notice, so what if I disappear or just die? No one would care, but as I want to live I have to keep being a problem for others.


—That's what I am, don't you think the same? You only wanted me out of your house since we met, cause I was a nuisance, and the only reason why I'm staying here is because I'm useful for the plans you all have.

"I...don't even know why I'm saying all this.." yet he wasn't stopping, he felt now as his chest was heavier the more he talked.

—But don't worry I'll just go away once all is done to bless everyone with my absence.

He the suddenly felt how the other man got even closer. As he was going to push him away, Cale finally looked him on the eyes. Why did he even looked hurt? He didn't insult him...he was saying all that to himself, so..why?

—I do not want you to leave, and the kids would surely say that they don't want that too, even if the others doesn't show it openly, I'm also sure that they care for you too, Cale, if you really were a trash of a problem, why would we care and worry for you?

"Care? Worry?" He wasn't...befitting to recieved something like that, he was just, someone that would stand in the sides unless necessary for him to do something to gain attention. Like in the past. He was only a problem.


—Didn't Basen also told you how he missed you? You said you wouldn't go away again, were you lying?

—I wasn't...

—Why don't you want to see that him and the kids really care for you? And how much pain would it bring for them if you suddenly disappeared?

—I don't know.

—You have to tell your problems to others before they become something you can't manage, this time you got help, what if in the future it doesn't happen again?

—I can just do something, I've been always working alone in them.

—Can you just see others care and ask them for help?

—No, I can't.

Asking for help? Who could assure him that if he did that the others would actually help him? What if they just put his needs aside and ignore him? What if they don't care? He was strong, he could take care of things on his own, and those he couldn't, he would just endure. Trying to reach for someone, he had tried before. That was enough to not try again, why do that if the other side would ignore him anyways? There were few people he could trust, like Bud and Glenn, that had got him out of several problems in the past. Even if he didn't want to admit it.


—Why are you making so many questions?

—Because I want to know your answers.

—Why are you even this talkative? You usually barely say anything!

—Cause I can't just let it slide, will you answer or not?

—I don't want to!!

He hated it, the fact that, if he was a little careless he would actually blurt out his thoughts in front of this man and he didn't even knew why. "Why do I even care about what he says?, I-!!" He looked him once again in the eyes. Right, he was the first person in a while to look at him with concern, the first one to listen to him, wasn't he? Beacrox extended his hand first to help him even when they didn't knew each other. But, maybe because of that or the unknown feeling in his chest, Cale didn't want him to know the answers he was looking for.

Beacrox finally stepped back, letting him go, even if he felt dejected, and a bit hurt, be would respect the fact Cale didn't want to answer.

—I understand.

As the man said that, Cale saw him frown and look down before going to his and the kids room.

—I'll take care of all this, you can wait on the couch or the car.

Hans wanted to jump off the car. Cale had suddenly come and sit beside him without saying anything, and for his expression he didn't even want to ask. A few minutes later when Beacrox came out of the house and got in the car, he could tell something had happened for the tense atmosphere that surrounded them. And when they were back at Eruhaben's home, Cale asked for a room to use and practically locked himself in.

Yet, no one dared to ask what had happened during their short trip back home. Beacrox also stayed silent. And the two dragons? Eruhaben didn't want to involve himself in whatever those two had going on between them, and Olienne, even though he found it quite interesting, decided to just go to the gardens and distance himself from the sudden crowd invading the place.

He slept through the rest of the day, only to wake up famished and still exhausted. He didn't wanted to go out of the room though, if he was hungry he would have to ask Beacrox for something to eat.

"I don't even know why I'm angry at him" No, was he even angry? He couldn't tell, or more like, the bad feelings he had weren't directed at the chef but at himself. "What is even wrong with me?"

Before he could continue drowning in his own misery, his phone started ringing. He considered ignoring it for a moment, as he was exhausted and didn't really want to interact with other people for the moment, but seeing the name on the screen made him click his tongue and answer.



-.....Cale, are you perhaps mad?

Bud for some reason sounded a little frightened on the other side of the phone after hearing him talk.

—What do you want? I was sleeping.

-Ah, yes...we settled everything for the aquarium, it's under my name for now, we are going through the finances and deciding on workers to re open as soon as possible, or well, my men are doing that, I'm on my way to the capital already, you haven't encountered any problems right?

—I came across my father and Basen.

-What? For real?

—Basen recognized me and now knows that I'm not dead but promised to not tell anyone.

-And are you alright?

—I'm perfectly fine, we will go for the ancient power that appeared in the book you gave me tomorrow.

-You told them about that? I thought you wouldn't.

—I wasn't planning on, they found out on their own.

-I see, but I think this is better for you.


-You shouldn't keep things like that from others Cale.

—Why would I do that? Those are my problems.

A long and exhausted sigh could be heard on the other side.

-Cale, remember when we met each other?


-You were the sixteen year old with the most high resistance to alchohol I have ever met, I made that bet of being your assistant if I lose as a joke but ended up losing and here I am.

—What about that?

-I took you out of a problem more than once as you kept getting on fights with drunkards, all because you didn't want your father to know you were drinking, although Glenn took us both out of problem several times, what I'm trying to say Cale, that in the same way you relay on us, even if it's just as workers or whatever, you should try to relay in other people too.

—But I don't need help, I can do things on my own.

-And I'm not saying you can't, I more than anyone know the shit you were going through with your family at that time, you are not just a boss, as I have said before I consider you a friend, that's why I have helped you so much when you haven't ask for it, you gotta understand that, even though you are a bastard for not answering the fucking phone and ignoring my messages, I still get worried about you, and so do them.

—Since when are you this good at talking....?

‐Since I'm already on my fourth bottle.

He couldn't help out a smirk. —Glenn is going to kill you.

-Nah, he is right next to me, I have his approbation to drink this time.

—That's good.

-Yes, now, as I know what you are thinking you bastard, you can't keep giving the excuse of being trash to dismiss other people feelings.

—What are you..?

‐Didn't Cale Henituse die already? The one that was keeping silence and enduring everything on their own? I do know that at least the kids and that chef worry for you a lot, so don't be stupid and say shit you can regret later cause I know you.

—Who would though the day I could hear you talking like a hyung would come.

-Hey, hear me here you little...I'm an excellent hyung! If it weren't for the fact I'm your secretary I would make you call me hyung and write an entire essay on why I'm your hyung!! Now as I told you, let others take care of you, didn't you want to be a slacker? Then be one, let the others do everything for you and so don't make them worry, you might be a bastard, but you are a good one, ask, for, help, or I'll go there and make you!

—I think the alcohol is getting to you.

-Probably but don't change the topic, live differently as you did before or you will feel like shit again, just take it from your hyung!

—Who has a hyung? Just let me go rest already.

-We will stop in a hotel tonight so I'll get to the capital tomorrow, let's go drink then and-!!

—Whatever— as always he hung up the call without letting Bud finish.

He let himself fall on the pillow again as he thought. Maybe he had choose the wrong person to ask for help in the past, and maybe, as he was starting to care for the people that were in his life now, they might bot be bothered by him and instead care for him as Beacrox and Bud had said.

But..."I still said all those thing before, and somehow I don't even want to look at Beacrox at the face, it would be embarrassing..."

That, though, didn't change the fact he was fucking hungry. He had get used to eat so much in the time he was with Beacrox, that now his stomach couldn't tolerate a bit of starving.

He stayed there for a couple of minutes, thinking and just avoiding the task as he didn't want to confront a certain someone yet, when the door opened. On looked inside the room a little hesitant, but then her eyes landed on the man's.

—On, is there a problem?

The girl closed the door after coming in and went to the bed.

—Cale are you feeling bad? You have sleep a lot, you didn't even had lunch.

—Yes, I'm a little hungry.

—Then I'll tell Beacrox to make you food! Don't worry I'll come back with someone for you to eat.

—You don't have to...

Yet the girl didn't wait for him to finish and just went away. This helped Cale a little more, the kids he had save and that would pay attention to him constantly. Maybe, just maybe he really was important to them? He wanted to think that way, as Bud had said, 'that' Cale Henituse was dead, so why don't just...let himself live a little more now?

Still, after screaming at Beacrox it would be awkward to have to go with him to look for the ancient power tomorrow.

"He wouldn't be as petty as sending lemonade or something bitter for me to eat would he?" Yet, against all his worries, On came back accompanied by her siblings and Pendrick, who took to the room and electric stove and a pot that he knew very well. Had Beacrox just made kimchi jjigae for him after what happened in the morning?

—Beacrox said you wouldn't want to go out your room and asked me to bring this to you, I'll place it in the table so you, the children and Raon-nim can eat.

He sat down on the table. That bastard, was he really trying to bribe him with food?


—I really can't get you humans....

—Oh, so you finally accepted to call me human Olienne-nim?

—Well since you said you preferred to be called like that.

The green haired kept looking at Beacrox, Choi Han and Lock who were a few meters in fron of them fighting some monsters.

—Not that I want to meddle in your affairs, but since you and the chef fought yesterday you to have just been looking at the other whe is distracted and it's getting kind of annoying, it was bad enough to get designated as your bodyguards.

—I-Im not staring at him.

—Yeah sure, to me is obvious that both of you want to ask for forgiveness because you think you are in the wrong, it's a little funny if you ask me.

—Whatever, how close are we based on the descriptions and the map?

The dragon checked once more. —Not that fa...., actually, pretty far hahaha.



—What is it Olienne-nim?

—What you said yesterday, about us overlooking some things, just, what happened to the pipsqueak?

Cale expression darkened. He wanted to go and kill that bastard for doing something like that to such a cute child everytime he remembered or Raon had a nightmare.

—I don't know how, but Venion Stan, the second son of the head of Mavas company, got his hands on Raons egg, when Raon was born, and for the next five years of his life, he was tortured by them in an isolated place were he couldn't even have a grasp of what was outside.

Olienne was speechless, such a talkative and energetic child, he had to go through that?

—They restricted his mana so he couldn't defend himself or scape, when we went to rescue him...his body was covered in blood and injuries, yet instead showing how he was in pain he growled at us and kept a defensive attitude towards us.


—He is a great and mighty dragon for getting through all that and still being able to laugh and play with his siblings, don't you think?

The dragon didn't respond, yet his gaze was cold and dangerous. Venion Stan. Olienne was a dragon that enjoyed to be alone, in a calm place and had few interactions with others, Eruhaben was just an exception, for that, he rarely remembered a name, but this time he wasn't letting this one slip. Maybe after so many years of pushing the business on his name to Eruhaben, he could make use of them to slowly crushing a bug until the moment of grabbing him from the neck and show him what hell truly looked like.

Olienne didn't like kids much cause he ended fighting with them too much and they were too loud for him, but, he could never forget, that poor red dragon that he and Eruhaben found that was being used for experiments. A mere child that had come out of the egg to suffer like that, he was in such a bad shape that ended up dying soon after. He hates kids, but hated even more thos that did bad thing to them, as he had seen the results of that already.

—But I believe I shouldn't ask for you to not mention it in front of him.


—You really are an understanding and mighty dragon, Olienne-nim.

—I'm not the oldest dragon of the eastern continent for nothing.

That bit of information unknown to him surprised Cale a little. Eruhaben, even though had a young appearance, he also acted so elegantly and talked as someone who had lived a lot, thus, it was easy for others to see him as an ancient dragon, but the grass hair dragon? Short green hair, tanned skin and brown eyes that looked golden in the light or wheneverhe used magic, he used clothes that showed skin and even had two golden piercings on his right ear, his personality was also so different from that of Eruhaben, how could others even think that he was also an ancient dragon?

—Right...— he once more landed his eyes in a certain man that was just talking with the other as they had take care of the monsters.

—But to think there were monster this deep in the forest stupid enough to get close when I am here and not feel intimidated enough by my presence.

—It wasn't like that last time you came?

—I got bored while in the outer part of the forest, and since Eruhaben didn't come with me cause he said he didn't want to look at any of this ugly monsters, I went back after a while.

As they walked a bit more to the center of the forest, Cale suddenly felt a tingling in the palm of his hand.

—Oh? Is that your ancient power?— Olienne leaned closer to see the small flame in Cale's hand.

Beacrox on the distance saw this and frowned. He still hadn't been able to say sorry for asking things that made Cale uncomfortable, but he couldn't tolerate how close the dragon was getting to the red haired, they had been talking all the way there. "It's a dragon, what are you even going to do" he tried to rationalize until he saw the flame in Cale's hand.

—Hey why are you using your powers?! Aren't you going to make it worse that way?!

He ran to them, but was completely ignored as Cale was distracted with the reactions of his powers. The sound of the winds was creating a small whirlwind at his feet, the vitality of the heart was making his heart run wild, then a little silver shield appeared in his left and, and all this, including the fire in his right hand, were resonating with something in the depths of the forest. It couldn't be what he was looking for, right?

"This is weird, really weird" but going through the pages and words of the book he had read, the man the book talked about, that had fought and was the last one to live, the one that took al of his dead companions belongings and keep then in his hometown.

—Oh, this outing it's even more interesting than I thought it would be— Olienne said seeing this.

—We have to be close now....— Cale muttered before looking at the dragon.

Olienne nodded. —Follow behind me, we will make this quicker, just say the directions.

For the first time in all the time they had been walking around the forest, the dragon went to the front as he heard Cale's indications. It was easy to go around thanks to his attribute, wood, he easily controlled the plants to make a path as they went to the northern boundary of the inner region of the forest.


Cale finally said, as he stared at a giant boulder three times his size. His four ancient powers inside his body were going wild the closer he walked towards the boulder.

—What? Is it here?— Olienne stared at the boulder, it looked like any other one could find everywhere else

Cale only smiled. So the Super rock was actually friends in the past with the previous owners of his other ancient powers? They had mention them in the book, the thief that ran like the wind, the glutton that shielded them in battle, the fiery thunder that burned down their enemies, and the one that lived most than others thanks to his strong heart.

Suddenly the fire in his hand flew over to the boulder, and the moment they made contact the boulder started shaking. As the ground started to rumble making them lose balance, Beacrox supported him quickly.

Cale didn't had time to think about the 'fight' or that bubbly feeling to come and pester, since a profound and seemingly righteous voice started to speak in his mind. He was starting to get dizzy from all the shaking.

– My friend of fire! You have finally arrived after so much time, my eternal enemy and friend, you- hmm?

Now the voice sounded a bit nervous.

– going on? Why is the cheapskate with the thief, the glutton and the crybaby?

The fire of destruction, the sound of the wind, the shield, and the vitality of the heart.

- Who are you?

Cale smiled even more. —I'm Cale, Cale Henituse.

The others looked at him in confusion. Was he introducing himself to a fucking rock? Choi Han tried to get closer to ask if he had finally gone mad, yet the dragon stopped him by putting a hand on his shoulder.

—Don't interfere.

They all nodded obediently, after all the dragon was making an unusual serious expression. Cale was being surrounded by different powers of nature that were resonating with the power of earth coming from the cracks on the boulder.

Olienne made him step back as they watched how the boulder started to crack even more.

– You have earned all of their powers, you are a unique human.

The voice keep talking on Cale's head. Now with hints of disbelief. Yet the red haired was only watching the boulder slowly revealing the dark ot the entrance to whatever was underneath it.

They all saw how Cale, without the slightest hesitation, went into the pitch black darkness like it was nothing.

– You can take the belongings of my friends, you have the rights to do so.

And like that he was gone in the inside of the boulder. Lock was the first one to break the silence.

—Shouldn't we...follow him?

Choi Han and Beacrox lookrd at the dragon, who calmly went and sit down in a fallen tree.

—Ancient powers are unique, to earn them the one seeking for it has to go through a trial that it will change depending on the previous owner of the power, we cannot interfere, this is something he has to do on his own, I'll be resting here, you all wait for him there if you want but it won't change anything.

Cale wasn't ble to see a thing, yet, he had no problem at all to know were he had to go. It was like a silent voice or a feeling, like the earth showing him where he had to go, as he took every step, he knew were to make the next one.

Then the voice kept talking, and he stopped to hear. The voice, the one that left this ancient power, someone that wanted to survive yet had a power gifted by the heavens, he decided to use it for the greater good and save people, yet he couldn't save those friends he cared for the most, protecting the weak, but loosing his friends, then gathering their belongings in here for those that would earn their powers, but still, he ended dying before that happened.

– I'm still happy though, cause I was able to protect this land.

Cale continued walking. They were different, him and the super rock were really different. He wasn't such a good person to use his powers for others, he used them for himself, he was greedy and didn't found shame in that, a trash that only cared for money and put almost everyone aside.

Greater good? He didn't care about people he didn't know, him and his family, that was the first and most important priority. And most than all, he would never put his life in danger or sacrifice for others.

"But I guess we don't have to be similar" he would just earn this power and balance his plate, and probably take everything that was left here.

Cale could finally see a light inside all this darkness. He walked even more faster, and as he reached for it, the light flashed blinding him for a moment. When he was able to see again, there was a wide area illuminated for some orbs on the ceiling.

—What the-?

– Ehem, I...was not a materialistic person, but, I paid great attention while making this place as I didn't want my friends successors to find out that their belongings were in a shabby place.

There was a five-story grand villa made of marble, the different elements in it, pillars, walls, etc, were very simple, but had been placed in a way it gave the building a more refined and cool appearance. And that was without mentioning the carving in window frames, doors and pillars.

The place was hella fancy, more fancier that it could be any of his family houses or villas, this looked even more like a dragon lair if someone were to ask him.

The garden wasn't bad at all, it had no trees or plants, but was decorated with statues and a fountain. Cale really liked the place.

—Holy shit.

– I um... – the voice coughed – My house is a little nice, yes.

Cale smiled. Just a little? By the whole speech from before he couldn't have guessed this person was actually materialistic.

But then his eyes landed on something at the end of the garden.

—What is that?— he signaled the weird stone pilar covered in chains, something similar to talismans and surrounded by a magic circle with a ominous color red that anyone with a bit of intelligence could tell it wasn't a good idea to get close to it.

– In the past, I discovered something, in this forest were monsters not from this continent, I started to investigate and came across this cave, an I found the cause of it, here there was a mysterious path that connected this and the eastern continent, monster would come using it and mutating on the way, I had to do something about it.

Cale narrowed his yes and started to walk away from the stone pilar very slowly.

– My friends and I found that only monsters could go through it, so we sealed it the best we could to keep them from coming to this side. That way, I protected the western entrance.

Cale had found out about something useless yet once again.

– It should last for around 100.000 years more unless someone with my powers interferes.

"Well at least that's a lot, before it becomes a problem I'll be long gone"

He finally went inside the villa.

Choi Han and Beacrox were training to pass the time as Lock watched them. Olienne was resting with his eyes closed.

They all were just there acting normal, not wanting to actually show that they were getting a little worried about Cale as he bad go in a while ago and there were still no signs of him coming out. The dragon was the more relaxed one as it was something no one could do anything about.

Ten minutes, twenty, thirty, when almost going for an hour of waiting, that red hair finally re appeared with a weird expression on his face.

They got closer to him, fearing he had failed, when they hear.

—Who the fuck makes people go chewing rocks....

Chewing rocks? Just what the heck was that he had to do to earn the ancient power?

—I see you managed to get it— Olienne watched him from head to toe with a satisfied smile —Your plate is more balanced now, unless you go around using your powers like an idiot nothing bad should happen.

Cale smirked. —I did not just earn that thought.

—What do you mean?

—You wanna see it? My brand new home?

What if he had to chew a rock? He was even more rich that he was before, and now he had a beautiful villa with enough space and rooms for everyone.

Even Olienne couldn't help show his surprise seeing the huge place hiding underneath such a forest. He quickly looked around and went to the garden.

—Hey hey, you don't mind me playing around with your garden right? Can I put some plants here? Or trees?— as he said that he finally found the pillar stone —What is this thing? It looks old...I bet Eruhaben would like to study this thing.

Cale briefly explained what the Super rock had told him about the pair stone before.

—Also, I guess you can experiment with the garden.

"Eruhaben said he was the one that took care of things in that huge greenhouse, why wouldn't I let him"

He went with the others to the inside of the villa, and as he expected, Beacrox frowned the moment he saw all the dust accumulated through the years.

—Some rooms have treasures that are mine but you can choose whatever room you want I guess, mine is the big one on the fifth floor— as be said that Cale went up the stairs as he let the other look around.

Yet, someone followed him.


Beacrox called his name, making the bubbly feeling show up again. He maintained his stoic face.


—Can we talk?

"Guess this is a good opportunity to apologize" —Sure, follow me.

They went to his new room for some privacy, the place was big and surprisingly had some furniture, Beacrox started to feel a little nervous now, as he noticed they were alone, he didn't know how to start, but surprisingly he didn't had to.

—I'm sorry.

The apology came from Cale's lips instead of his.

—Why are you apologizing?

—Well, I should have acted like that and yelled at you yesterday.

—I'm the one that should apologize!— Beacrox got closer to him.

Cale fought his urge of stepping back.

—I shouldn't have asked those things when I clearly saw that you were uncomfortable and didn't want to talk about it.

—No...I, was just being a little too much, you don't have to apologize it was my fault, I also shouldn't have kept a secret the situation with my plate.

"He is blaming himself again" Beacrox frowned. Cale had not say but even one thing bad about him yesterday, everything was about him but he was apologizing?

—Is wasn't your fault, yesterday...just forget about it, I won't make you uncomfortable with questions anymore, and even though I'm still mad about you hiding that you could have died, at least now we can do something about it.


Why, just why?! Why was his heart beating this fast only by seeing Beacrox smile so close to him. There was definitely something wrong with him, this wasn't normal, and it only happened when this man in front of him was involved.

Suddenly the chef raised his hand. Cale almost had a heart attack when he felt it in his hair, almost as if it was caressing it. But it was only for moment before Beacrox retrieved his hand in wich there was a small ball of dirt that should had probably ended up in his hair at some point while he was walking on the forest or in the dark before.

—This place really needs to be cleaned, I should start soon.

Without saying anything else the man went out. As he was alone once again, Cale entire face went red in embarrassment for the silly thoughts on his head a moment ago.

Beacrox on the other side of the door wasn't any better. He really was going to just take that thing from Cale's hair, but...why did he softly played with his hair like that? He only came back to his senses after seeing his surprised face. Really, love was something to really be afraid of, for him to act so unlike him around Cale.


Raon flew to Cale with a big smile. They had barely arrived yet the dragon was already here as well as his siblings.

—Cale!— On hugged him and Hong soon did the same.

—Aigooo...this children.

Eruhaben appeared soon, shaking his head from side to side. This kids were terrifying, the cats were clever and paid attention to everything he had been teaching Raon that day, all with serious expressions not fitting for kids their age, Raon was also surprisingly cooperative and serious while studying, yet when Cale appeared they suddenly were kids again.

—Eruhaben! We found something really interesting!— Olienne went to him a little excited.

This was another child Eruhaben had to take care of. Suppressing a smile, the golden dragon looked at the other.

—What can be so interesting for you to act like that?

—You'll see when we go back there!, I also got for myself another garden to play with, ah, but now I only want a bath.

The green dragon got next to him and rested his head on the other's shoulder like it was nothing.

—Then stop making a fuss and just go.

—Don't wanna come with me?

Eruhaben scoffed at him. —I have better things to do.

—Oh, I also need to talk about something with you— the green dragon whispered in his ear —It's about the pipsqueak, I think you will want to kill a bastard as much as I do.

Eruhaben frowned, it was quite rare for Olienne to use such a serious tone.

—Then while the others are eating come to see me, then you can tell me everything.

—Sure— the green dragon finally lifted his head from Eruhaben's shoulder —I'll go for my bath now.

He walked away as the blonde watched his back.

—Goldie let's go inside!! I want to hear what my human did, do you want to hear too?— Raon said while flying around him —I'll also tell you about what I learned today human!! Where is Oli Oli? He was here a moment ago.

—He went to bath, he takes his time on that so you will probably see him later.

—Alright!, now let's go.

"Aigoo..." Eruhaben was regretting his decision a little bit, but, on the other side, is was nice to hear the children's laughter and how this half cat half human person was the one they opened up to the most.

Chapter Text

—Cale is avoiding me.

Ron slowly finished his tea before looking at his son, who was sitting there at the other side of the table with a expression that very much made him look like a dejected puppy.

—He is? I thought you two got everything solved about your fight the other day, after you all came back from the forest of darkness you bkth even ate with everyone and went back with the kids to show them the place, you five even watched a movie together.

—We did talk about it, and I thought it was fine, but now everytime I go into the same room as him he doesn't look at me and then suddenly has things to do, it has been going for the past three days.

—Mmmm, say, you didn't try to eat him too early did you? I didn't raise you to be like that.

He almost openly laughed seeing his son's face, like he couldn't believe what he had just heard, soon enough his ears turned completely red.

—What are you...? Why would I do something like that?!

—You didn't? Then that's good, you cannot force things with the one you like, it can make them react badly.

—The one I..?

—What? Did you though I didn't knew? I'm your father, I must be blind if I wasn't able to see that, he is the only person apart from me you let use the kitchen, or watch you cook, you even carry him around and tolerate his fur over your clothes when you hate not being completely clean, I have to say it was funny seeing you struggle until you realized you liked him.

Beacrox was speechless. He really was that transparent? So it was true that everyone else knew but him?

—Was I that...?

—That obvious? Yes you were, but anyways, Why don't you try talking with Cale? If I'm not wrong he must be on his villa right now with Eruhaben-nim, Olienne-nim and the kids, practice what you will do on the meantime.

Beacrox sighed. Maybe his father was right, they did solve things by talking that time, now he should try to be more expressive, did he upset him by accident? He could not be sure. Maybe asking was a good idea, but if the red haired was avoiding him how was he supposed to do that?

He thought about it as he finished his own tea and proceeded to clean before starting cooking their lunch. Cale had gone with the dragons so Eruhaben could investigate the stone pilar, while Olienne started whatever he wanted to do in the villa's garden.

So Beacrox put his attention into what he was best at, cooking. He worked diligently and with high concentration until the kitchen door opened. Before he knew it, and as the food was almost ready, an hour had already passed.

—Beacrox what are you making?

Raon came in, followed by On and Hong, the three of them seemed to be in good humor. Beacrox stirred the mushroom soup as he answered.

—Mushroom soup, and steak.

—That sounds nice! The human was really hungry.

—Where is Cale?— he just couldn't help but ask.

—He went to his room, he's been acting weird, all the time in his phone and wanting to be alone— Hong commented as he sit down in one the of the chairs.

—Really?— was it that bad that he felt relieved? Apparently Cale wasn't just acting weird with him but with others.

—Yes, but he still listen to us so I guess is good.

—He was also complaining about having to go to see the minister's son!— Raon said.

—And he was saying the other day that we had to go— Beacrox slightly laughed, Cale only found things annoying when they didn't help him to save him from another.

—What if we made him a dessert?— proposed On —He likes sweet things, maybe it will help?

—Yeah I want to make him something!

—The human surely would like it!

—Sir, can you teach us?— On asked cautiously, she knew Beacrox didn't like people going around his kitchen.

—I guess I can during the afternoon.


They had got the best teacher to learn how to make something delicious for Cale.

The red haired though, was laying on his bed as he went through the chapters of a new web novel he had found. The problem was that his brain wasn't processing a thing. He couldn't help it, 'that' kept coming to his mind no matter what he did, and it was even worse when the chef was close, he would have to fight his embarrassment and nervousness, looking at his face wasn't any good either so he would just make any excuse to go away.

"I still don't understand..." why did it have to be Beacrox? No, he didn't understand why it happened at all, he had never experienced anything like that in his whole life. What might you ask? He could remember very well.

Heavy breaths, a sweet touch, and that sensation of something pressing on his lips, then, as they separated, the chef's face, who was over him. Seconds of a dream that made him wake up immediately without understanding why he had dreamed something like that.

Cale had never liked anyone, not even the slightest attraction, he could tell when someone was good looking or beautiful, yet he didn't feel anything about it, it was just an appearance, he never even had a fiscal attraction for someone nor anything, not even a faint interest in anything related to sex, even if he knew about the subject thanks to his biology classes or those talks they did in schools so the hormonal teenagers wouldn't go around unprotected and becoming young parents. No, Cale never had an experience nor thought about it. Yet he had that dream.

He was so confused and embarrassed, the worst thing was that he couldn't even forget it and so it would come to mind everytime the chef was nearby. Fucking ability to remember everything, it was just ruining his peace.

Just what could he do about it? Already mad at his brain for making such things. Cale closed the app where he was reading and went to the forum he would usually go to read some interesting things or gossips. Going down through the different rooms, until he found one that was for free questioning of daily things.

—I..actually might be going crazy...

He must be, as he was trying to write and explaining what Halle to get his answers. He could hide his identity and location anyways, or erase the whole post after, he was a hacker after all. Yet he still was embarrassed. So he left it as a simple question.

– @MoneyMoney123:
>What does dreaming about someone means? I really need an answer or I will not be able to fucking sleep.


>>[MoneyMoney123] That depends? We need context, was a bizarre dream? A funny one? Creepy? Calm? Or a you know, steamy one?


>>[ISayMiawBitch] By how they didn't explained the dream to let us guess the meaning, I bet it was a steamy one, this teenagers.


>>[ThisBoyGotHisFreeTaco] Ooooh, now I want to know, is this a confused teenager that had his first questionable dream about the girl he likes?


>>[MoneyMoney123] Give me, give it to us, I want the gossip as someone with absolutely nothing to fucking do.


>>[TeacherSaidFoolAndISayWhat] dude chill the fuck up.


>>[ThisBoyGotHisFreeTaco]  ...... was one of those dreams.


>>[MoneyMoney123] Well then it might just be that you found that person attractive? Or do you like them?


>>[ISayMiawBitch] It could also mean nothing you know? I had a dream of those with someone I barely interact with, sometimes your brain just makes shit up without your consent.


>>[MoneyMoney123] There are so many possibilities, it's normal if you are in that age.


>>[ISayMiawBitch] I don't think I like him? He is just my roommate to say it in a way, although I like his food.


>>[MoneyMoney123] OMG my name finally comes in handy for something.


>>[MoneyMoney123] Then it can just be anything? Mmmm, tell me, do you get nervous around him? Or like how he moves around, like to stare at him, think about him or what he likes? Do you feel like floating or unusually happy with him?


>>[Brittanyan] Oh, I see were you are going.


>>[Brittanyan] I...guess? Well, yes? I have been feeling kind of strange around him, and since I had the dream I can't even look him in the face.


>>[MoneyMoney123] Let me guess you have never been in a relationship before.


>>[Brittanyan] ......
I didn't had time and I was not interested, those things doesn't matter to me.


>>[MoneyMoney123] well it's easy to say then, you...


—Cale!, food is ready.

The kids came in running, but stopped after seeing their guardian staring blankly at his phone, not moving at all, like frozen in time. They looked at each others before approaching him.

—Human? Are you alright? Do you feel bad? Do I have to tell lemon gramps?

—Is there a problem Cale?— On asked as she put her hand on the red haired's arm.

The touch made Cale come back to reality, quickly putting his phone away like hiding it. He stared at the children for a couple of seconds before his expression went back to normal.

—Sorry, I was....just surprised by one of the ends of a novel, what did you all say?

—Food is ready human!

—Beacrox said we could eat first before the others find out— Hong smiled.

This only helped Cale to froze once again, this time though, only for a moment, he shook his head and stood up. Is was nonsense, pure nonsense, yes, he should just go and act as normal, why would he had to worry about something so stupid.

—Let's go— he carried the little dragon all the way to the kitchen as his arms shake due to his almost non existant strength that was being completely used to not let the kid fall.

He entered normally, took sit and waited for the chef to serve his food. It was delicious as usual, but he was...a little nervous, because he noticed how Beacrox kept looking at him from time to time. Did he wanted something from him? Or did he do something that made him mad?

He could barely taste his food, and when he was done with half of it he couldn't do it anymore.  He pushed the plate aside and stood up.

—Thanks for the food, I'll go nap now, wake me up when we have to go to see mister blondie rich.

—Are you not going to eat more?— Beacrox asked a little concerned, Cale hadn't finished the soup and didn't even eat any of the side dishes or the steak he liked so much.

—I'm fine, I had some snacks before and I'm not that hungry, I'll go now.

He went out and started to walk towards his room. First at a slow pace, then fast walking, jogging and by the time he got to hi room he was already running.

It was impossible, him and his fucking perfect memory. Now not only the dream was stuck in his head, but that stupid comment on the forum.


>>[MoneyMoney123] well it's easy to say then, you simply like them!, you should try seeing if they like you too, oh but don't go so fast with him or you might scare him, men are usually bold and take anyone that goes to them, little shits, but some are a little shy so go slow! Oh young love.

No. Definitely not, it wasn't that at all! He didn't like the chef! It was an imposible idea!! He only liked to watch him work, and his cooking, and yes it felt nice to be around him, and being carried, seeing or feeling his abs was also kind of.....

His face went red as he covered it with his hands. He had always hated when people came too close to him or touch him without his consent, only his siblings were out of that, as well as the kids, but...didn't he left the chef carry him around, or didn't he liked to sleep close to him as a cat? He even had used him as a pillow while being human once. When...just when did this all started for him not to notice something like that?

No, he definitely didn't like him, it was just that he felt comfortable with him as he had saved his life. It was just that.

He sighed, letting himself fall on his bed, then his phone ringed letting him know he had a knew message. Even though he didn't want to, he picked up his phone and saw the name and what the person had wrote, his eyes shined with anticipation as he, for the first time in months, actually replied back to someone the moment he got the message.

—How is it?— On asked a little nervous.

—It's delicious.

The red haired ate a little more of the pudding. He wasn't really hungry, but dessert was dessert and the kids had put a lot of effort into this.

—Why don't you eat too?

They didn't hesitate to taste their share after making sure Cale had already ate more than half of his.

—What is this? Can I have some?

Olienne came into the kitchen with his hair slightly wet and a loose tshirt. If it weren't for the fact he was a dragon Beacrox might have try to kill him with his eyes when he went and took some of the pudding from Cale's share.

—Ah!! Oli Oli you cannot do that!! The human hates sharing his food!

The dragon felt a shiver down his spine when he saw Cale's face, he was looking at him as if he wanted to murder him, even if it was for a second before he realized it was a dragon the one he was going against.

—Mmm, I'll...I'll try not do that again...but...I saw him sharing with the three of you.

—That'll became the human only shares his food with us and the chef!

Cale flinched to the information he had failed to realize before. Did he?, if he thought about it, he stopped talking with Bud when he ate his apple pie but with Beacrox....hadn't he even share to the point of feeding him straight to his mouth even if it was half a joke?

—Oli Oli where is Goldie?

—Eru? I think he was reading in his study? Don't you have classes with him now? And stop calling me that you pipsqueak!

—You stop calling me pipsqueak!! I'm the great and mighty Raon Miru!!

—What is there about you that is so mighty? You little pipsqueak.

Olienne give the little dragon two soft pats on the head before stealing an apple and going out again. Raon was practically froze cause of that sudden show of affection towards him from the green dragon.

—Human...Oli Oli must be going nuts!!

Cale laughed. The dragon had slightly change his attitude towards Raon after knowing of his past, even though they kept fighting over everything, and as days had gone by he could notice that even if the dragon said something he might not mean it at all, he would just mock when happy and act a little childish, but that was only with the kids or Eruhaben, he was a little rude to the others, except for Cale.

—Why don't you just finish your dessert before going to your class? I have to go out now.

—Can't I go with you to see the the minister's son?
—Don't you have classes?

—I can ask Goldie gramps for a free day!  And we already view a lot of things this morning.

—Mmm no, education is important, wich reminds me, I have to get all the papers for On and Hong so they can go to school.

The two kids looked at him, On with her mouth open and Hong letting go of his spoon. School, were they really aloud to go?

—Really?— On asked.

—Of course, you both need to study and learn a lot of things, I'll prepare everything later, and we can go buy all the things you might need for class.

They smiled. They had been able to do and experience so many things since Cale save them, and now they didn't had to stare with envy at those kids that were lucky enough to learn, they will be able to go to school soon enough.

—What about me human?!

—But Raon, you can't go to school as a dragon, and I won't force you to turn into a human, you will have to be home schooled here with Eruhaben-nim.

The black dragon pouted. —Alright....

After the children went with the dragon that, at this point was already their nanny. Cale, Rosalyn, Beacrox and Choi Han got into a car and went to see Alberu. The red haired woman and the swordsman noticed right away there was something going on when Cale choose to sit next to Choi Han instead of Beacrox as he would usually do.

—This is so annoying— Cale said as he put on his disguise again and the car stopped in front of Alberu's house.

What received them there, was the still closed chest Alberu had bought on the auction, that he didn't even dare to touch. And the blond man with his bright smile.

—It has been a while Rok Soo-nim, you have been so busy later that you forgot to come here to tell me what was the reason you make me buy...this.

—It's a pleasure to be in front of someone as radiant as you are young master Alberu, and I'm really sorry but people also have other things to do.

They both exchanged smiles. "What an asshole" they thought. Cale wasn't dying but the others made him go for that ancient power and then forced him to rest, they didn't let him do a thing, not to mention he had to take care of his new villa, how was he supposed to come any sooner? Sure Alberu had work to do, and Cale understood why he wanted to finish any business related to that chest quickly, but it just wasn't possible until today.

—Now, why don't we talk about business? Before we start with whatever it is in the chest that you found so interesting to make me buy it, let's talk about our other plans.

After they sit, Cale again avoiding Beacrox wich made the situation more awkward even for Alberu who had guessed that, as their relationship was so good before, they must have surely fight. But, it had nothing to do with him and there was work to complete, so he just kept talking.

—My people talked with the tiger clan, as they have not join forces with Endable yet.

—The tiger clan? But aren't they from...?— Rosalyn asked worried.

—Yes, they are from the eastern continent, a part of the side branch arm has been doing some business there and tried something against them, some of them will come in case there is a fight and we need more strength, we also found out....that one of the enemies allies is the vice headmaster of the alchemist institute, and that has probably been helping in all their investigations wich means they might have developed a strong weapon, this is all just getting out of control...

—I mean, considering that miss vice headmaster of the alchemist institute is a black mage I would say shit has been out of control for a while now. 

They all slowly turned their heads to stare at Cale who was calmly looking at his phone. Due to the silence he looked at them.


—Black mage?— Rosalyn managed to say.


—Since when you have this information?— Alberu was speechless.

—Oh right, I think I forgot to put that document with the others I send you, anyways, they have been in the dark for over five years already, most of the mages in higher positions are black ones, but they know to hide it well, I had infiltrated their base as one does, and they found me, it was difficult to get rid of them, specially cause they tried to blow me up with a death mana bomb.

—They tried what?— Choi Han's eyes went wide.

—They tried to blow me up, but since I have my abilities and one of them specially comes in handy for dead mana I easily survived.

—Seriously! How many dangerous things did you do on your own?!— Beacrox asked suddenly.

Cale became slightly smaller on his seat as he averted his eyes.

—Just...a few...

"The fuck?!" The other three in the room seeing their interaction though that as they saw Rok Soo suddenly acting a little shy. What the hell was going on?

—The important thing is, we have to take that into consideration.

—Black mages...— Rosalyn mumbled —Using dead mana....

Alberu slightly tensed hearing that, Cale, that had been staring at him, slowly turned his head to look at the mage.

—Do you have something against dead mana?

—Well, Is lethal to any living beings! It's against nature.

—Really? What about dark elfs?


—They can get stronger with it, since is something that naturally exists and forms after a living being dies, but they don't kill for it, and if it were something against nature, why would they even exist and being able to communicate with elementals?


—Isn't it like mages? They have a power that for normal people would be strange and against nature if it weren't for the fact is considered normal, if something really existed against nature, then it wouldn't be able to survive in it.

The woman opened her mouth yet closed it again, a little ashamed, Cale did had a point, and as a mage, she was supposed to believe in what her eyes saw and not in rumors or other people opinions.

—As people say, power is dangerous depending on how the one holding it decides to use it, so in this case, we just have to chop off the head of this fuckers.

Alberu was slightly surprised by his speech, and for some reason his smile was a little less annoying when he talked to Rok Soo again.

—That's a very interesting point of view.

—Well, it's not pretty when people talk bad about you even in your face— his three companions stiffened as they remembered how people would talk about Cale in the past —Besides, they didn't choose to be born like that, people shouldn't have to discriminate others for something they can't change, that's why the Pope deserved to be robbed— he mumbled that last part but still everyone heard.

—I see, we are more similar than I thought.

—To hear that I'm similar to such a great and talented person as yourself the prime ministe-

—Stop— Alberu sighed —Right, have you heard about the jungle?

—The sanctuary for flora and fauna? Yes, who wouldn't know about such a place, president Litana is famous for domesticating that huge panther.

—Well, last night a fire started there.


—Other countries had send help but, they don't know how the fire was made, water or magic won't work, alchemist are working on it.

—It doesn't work...

—You hold a large amount of information, would you perhaps know anything?

"Fire that can't be dealt with normal things, then..." he subconsciously put his hand over the wrist the bracelet was located. No, that wasn't his business, and he hadn't go for the water ancient power yet, the bracelet didn't had such a big capacity of storage wich mean that after using the water inside it could become dangerous. He wasn't going to die, it was bad for the people that lived in and helped protecting the jungle, but he wouldn't risk his life for them.

—Unfortunately I don't.

—I see, having a good relationship with them would have gave me some merits for when I postulate for president in the future, now, can we talk about the chest I bought on the auction?

—Yes, but before that, I have to talk about something with you, in private.

The blonde saw the different expressions of the other three people, Choi Han seemed calm, Rosalyn, that was curious about it probably wanted to object, and Beacrox, if a stare could kill...

—Please leave us alone.

The three stood up and went out. Soon Cale took out an object from his spatial bag and put it in the coffe table between them. He pressed a button.

—It's nice to have money and connections, is difficult to get a sound proof artifact for secret conversations.

For some reason Alberu started to have an odd sensation.

—I see, so, about the chest-

—You haven't opened at all right? Yes, I think it's a good decision considering your nature.

—Excuse me?

—I mean, anything from the church of the sun god that is even a bit dangerous would be troublesome for a dark elf like you, right? Young master Alberu?

Alberu suddenly stood up and took a gun out of nowhere to point it at Cale.

—You don't have to act so defensive, I have nothing against your people, and as long as you give me money I won't tell anyone.


—A great and mighty being told me.

Raon couldn't tell at first, but after Eruhaben showed him a small sample of dead mana he was able to tell what the weird smell was, and the fact Alberu gave a similar impression as the elfs that worked for the golden dragon, Cale just had to connect the dots.


—As I say I won't tell anyone, and the other person won't either,

—How can I trust you?

Alberu saw how Kim Rok Soo seemed perplexed by his words.

—You say we are similar right? I wouldn't trust someone similar to me, so you also wouldn't, just pay me, I'll keep my mouth shut if you give me another ten billions, no, make it twenty since Beacrox can't stop me from getting my money right now.

Alberu smiled, they were similar indeed. He put his gun back on the spatial ring in his hand and sit down again. What were twenty billions anyways? He could make that money easily thank to the companies under his name.

—So now that your highness the great and wonderful start of the Crossman family has calmed down, let me tell you, there is a divine item inside the chest.

—......a what?

—A divine item.

The blonde man looked at the chest and grimaced. He had such a dangerous thing with him this whole time, and since it was with the things that belonged to a holy maiden, didn't that mean it was probably a divine item from the church of the Sun god? That would be mortal for him....

—Aren't you happy?

—Happy? Happy of what? Of having my literal weakness at less than two meters from me?

—By going with that same logic, you should say you have a great weapon against the black mages at less than two meters from you. 

Alberu grabbed his head and sighed. —You are seriously driving me nuts...How are you even going to use that thing?

—Well, if it is the divine item I think it is, I know two people that could use it, aren't they famous? How was that people called them? The holy twins?

—....You can't be serious?

—Well, the sister was working with arm and helped with the selling of drugs and get rid of some people, don't ask me how she got involved cause I don't know, one of the people drugged her and tried to take advantage of her, but as she was running away her brother found her and help her hide, I happened to come across them by coincidence.

—Don't tell me that....

—Well, he asked a lot for me to help them, and I had the antidote so, they not only owe me but they hate arm, they don't know about Endable yet, but Hanna surely wants to take revenge and destroy them all, she is also pretty strong.

—Seriously....this in unbelievable...

—The hard part will be getting Jack's help, they are going from a place to another since the church of the Sun god half collapsed, but I think he was working in an orphanage in the east district of puzzle city.

—I'll...check into it.

—Good— Cale stood up and opened the chest, searching for a particular object.

Alberu saw how he grabbed an old compact mirror and opened it.

Cale let out a dry laugh. —Condemnation.....

Yet this was enough for Alberu to have chills. The condemnation of the sun, a divine item that was deemed as lost. To think it had been confused with an old mirror and sold just like that.

—You don't mind if I keep this right? Don't think you want to have it in your hands.

—Please take it.

—Alright, for the problem and giving me this, I'll make you a discount.

—A discount on the twenty billions?

—No, a discount in this— as he was sitting again while putting the mirror in his spatial bag, Cale took out two bottles filled with a black liquid.

—What is..?

—Dead mana? Your people like it so I brought it over, I was investigating the trading between the mermaids and arm, and found out they were taking something from the forest of darkness, there was a huge black swamp there, we thought it was the poison they were after but it was the swamp itself.

Bud and Glenn had gone with him, thanks to them it was easy to find what arm was going for.

—This is the death mana we managed to get from the swamp.

—This is still....

—It's from a dragon.


—There was a death dragon on the swamp, and that, it's the death mana that came from it, we had to destroy the swamp for arm not to use it anymore, so, this two bottles are everything I have, you do understand their price is unbelievably high.

—Alright....I'll buy it.

—twenty billions.

—Another twenty?

—No, twenty for each bottle— he smiled.

It was so good to not have anyone to stop him from getting money, now that he would have a lot of pocket change he might enroll the kids in the best school he can find, they were pretty intelligent after all.

—You are really driving me nuts....

—What can I say, I like money, as much as you like working hard to change things in the country.

Alberu gave him a glare before going to his desk and taking out a cheque, writing down the price he had to pay for trying to control a bastard like Rok Soo. 

After Cale had his cheque on hand, he slide the two bottles over to Alberu, who immediately took one and drink it. Seriously, even dough Cale knew he was a dark elf, it was still impressive to see someone take a bottle of literal poison and drink it as it was juice. But what surprised him the most, was when his appearance changed.

Dark brown hair, eyes and skin, although dark elfs were said to have a beautiful black skin as dark as pearls, this one in front of him wasn't close to that at all, but was also far from being as wait as he looked with the disguise of a blonde with blue eyes.

Alberu finished the first, waited a moment to feel his body, and then drank the other one.

"Well, elfs are beautiful no matter if they are half or quarter elfs" he had to give that to the man and his annoying smile.

—How do you feel?

—Stronger than ever, but I guess I don't have to remind you...

—No words will come out of my mouth about it, since I already have this— he put the cheque in a safe place and smiled.

—Good, I guess that since you already know about this, I can give you some specific works too.

His smile dissapeared. Had he actually get himself in another problem for just some money? He saw how Alberu took a necklace out of his clothes and activated it. His blond shiny hair and blue eyes came back in just a moment.

"So he was hiding his appearance with that, guess it is like mine"  he turned off the soundproof artifacts.

—Well, guess that is everything for today?

—Pretty much yeah, I'll be contacting you later if needed. 

—Please don't. 

—Why wouldn't I seek for the help of the one that has gave us so much of his help and has done such heroic deeds for our people!

—My, I can't accept such words from someone as shiny as the sun that will illuminate the people of Roan with his ideas and plans for a greater future.

—What a shame, when you have done so much service for the people, but your words can really be a little too much.

—Your handsome face won't save you from your words being annoying. 

—But I'll still be handsome at least.

He gave him that bright and annoying face, then the door opened and the three outside came in. After the soundproof artifact had gone out they obviously heard even inside, Beacrox was trying to control the ugly feeling in his chest, and Rosalyn and Choi Han would not let anything get between the chef and Cale.

Seeing their expressions Alberu's smile grew bigger. —We have finished for today, I believe Rok Soo-nim can tell you all about the...significant part for the plan of our conversation.

—Sure, let's go.

Now, Beacrox calmed down, they would go back, and this time, they will surely talk and he will know why Cale had been avoiding him. He could just forget about whatever the young man and Alberu had talked in that office. But, as they went out and started to get on the car, Beacrox noticed how Cale was just looking at his phone.

—Hey little brother, come sit with your noona— Rosalyn called from the car to mess with him a little.

Cale gave her a glare. —No, I have plans now.

They froze. Cale, having plans? This person that never went out and used all his time sleeping? Was that even possible? As they thought that a car pulled over and a well known blue haired man came out of the car.

—Hey let's go, I found a great place that opened a while ago, remember that time we got arrested? Apparently they have an even stronger alcohol here!

There was a silence in wich Bud finally noticed the others.  He awkwardly waved at them.

—I'll go out with Bud and Glenn, I'll come back late I guess, tell the kids.

And without saying more he got into the other car and then left. The others went back to Eruhaben's lair in silence, Beacrox lamenting that his plan had to be postponed.

Cale had accepted to go drink with them cause honestly, he needed a distraction with all that was going on about...Beacrox, so when he got Bud's message about going out to drink he accepted immediately, he hadn't been able to freely drink since the kids were in his life

—So, Glenn will be with us so this time we don't get arrested.

—YOU, were the one that got us arrested, I was dragged with you just because I was nice enough to hit the guy coming at you from behind with that chair.

—You both are just a complete fucking mess of human beings....— Glenn sighed as he stopped at a red light —Just don't start a fight Bud or I swear to god I'll chain you to your desk for a week.

—Why are you telling me and not him?

—Cause Cale only gets involved after you started something.

Cale laughed. Bud glare at him. —Why are you so bad with me Glenn? I just want to have some fun and rest from work!

—Because you just make problems and make more work for me you fucking moron.

After a while they parked near a clearly new bar, the building was spotless, and the place was lively although not too crowded, to make sure Bud wouldn't do anything stupid Glenn asked for a private room, so the three of them just sit there to eat and drink.

—Here, as you asked, our most strong alcohol— the waiter said as he put down a bottle in the table —Then, the appetizers from the menu B, glasses, and the non alcoholic drink for the designated driver.

—Thank you— Cale started to pass the things to the others.

—Anything else just press the button on the table and someone from the staff will come, have a nice night!

The second the man went away, Bud opened the bottle and poured two glasses, handing one over to Cale.

—What do you say about a competition?

—A small one, I don't want to feel like shit tomorrow. 

—That's good enough!!

Cale obviously was the one that got to the last glass without having to relay on one of the appetizers to take down the strong flavor on his mouth. And even though he was not drunk yet, his face was really red. Bud was already showing signs of starting to get drunk, and Glen was peaceful eating and looking at his phone.

They called for the waiter again, asked for three more bottles, more food and Cale for some chips. Now as the ambient music on the room was playing, the crunch of the chips could be heard as Cale eated some after drinking a bit, Bud was slowly eating as he also drank from his glasses from time to time as he went on and on about talking of what he had done while Cale didn't bothered to talk with him.

As Cale helped finishing the third bottle he was already feeling light headed and a little more talkative.

—Hey Bud, how do you know when you like someone?

The blue haired man, that was drinking at that moment, spit put the drink over the younger one.

—For god sake Bud!!— Glenn started to clean the mess and Cale immediately.

—I'm sorry, took me by surprise.

—Gross...— the red haired let Gelnn help him clean the alcohol from his face.

—Why...why are you asking that?— Bud finally questioned.

— know?

—Mmmm, well, it depends, what kind of 'like' we are talking about?

—Liking someone in a..romantic way I guess.

—Well, it's difficult, normally one can just tell.


—You like a lot of people that you know right? You like the children, you probably even love them, but even if you do, loving someone in a romantic way will always feel different, it's difficult to explain cause you can just tell when you feel it.

—You make no sense.

—You make no sense you bastard!, anyways, you worry for that person, you like different things from them even though you might not have noticed them or think of them as a negative thing in the past, your mind just suddenly associate things you see with them or you just think about that person out of nowhere, I can't explain better than that cause seriously, one just knows that we like someone romantically, it just felts different.


Where his feelings for Beacrox different? They indeed were, he thought of him and treated him differently too, maybe he actually liked him. But that didn't mean the man would like him back, who would honestly? A trash, a bastard, a problem that only bothered others.

He pour himself another glass, he might need more alcohol to go over the new feeling of dejection he was having for probably never being corresponded. Two more bottles were brought soon after that.

—You seriously are a problem— Glenn said as he helped Bud stand up and not move much to avoid for him to possibly throw up.

—Cale, I already paid let's go back to the car.

They young man was unusually quiet as he was lost on his thoughts and probably drunk, just not as much as Bud, yet he still obediently followed the other two to the car and sit down. Glenn as the mother of the group secured the both of them before sending Beacrox a text for him to go and recieve Cale at the door as he seemed to be too absent.

—Eh? You changed house again?— Glenn asked after Beacrox replied.

—The secret forest auction house...I'm living there.

—I won't even ask why.

He just drove to the place and was surprisingly able to go in after one of the guards saw Cale, then as they stopped outside the door, Beacrox didn't take long to appear while Glenn was helping Cale out.

—I'm sleepy...

—Yes, you will be able to rest soon— Glenn said —Beacrox take him to his room please, he turns even more lazy when drunk.

—I'll do don't worry.

—We'll go now before Bud throws up in another car.

Beacrox stayed there as he saw them go, then looked at Cale that was staring at the floor.



—Carry me.

He just left himself fall over the man that quickly saved him from falling to the ground as he lifted him on his arms.

"Yeah this is better" Cale thought as he  casually surrounded Beacrox's with his arms and rested his head on his shoulder.

The chef was paralyzed for a moment yet soon enough he was walking towards Cale's room. He couldn't have such thoughts when the red haired was now practically falling asleep due to the alcohol. The others had already ate, and the kids were with his father making cupcakes to gift Cale tomorrow morning.

He took the young man all the way to his room, and then lay him in bed, that was the moment he froze. Cale slowly opened his eyes, letting him see those long eyelashes, the reddish brown eyes he liked so much and a faint sweet smile that appeared on the red haired face. Before he knew what was going on, he had already stole a kiss from him.

He only came back to his senses after seeing Cale's surprised expression. He had fucked up.

He took a few steps back before going to the door trying to run away, but as he was about to open the door another hand shut it closed again. Beacrox turned around to see Cale with both hands on the door, and at his sides, preventing him from going away. Then this time it was Cale the one stealing a kiss from him. First, slowly, then more desperately, and when Cale went to gasp for air again, that was all Beacrox needed to turn around the situation and corner Cale against the door as he slip his tongue into the other's mouth.

Cale didn't even knew what was happening, he just felt those warm hands touching wherever they wanted making an absolute mess out of him, and as he felt the other men hands on his tights, he let himself be lifted, surrounding Beacrox's waist with his legs. After a bit more of desperate kissing, he found himself on the bed with the chef over him, both breathing with difficulty as they looked at each other.

"Am I dreaming again?" The red haired though as he saw how messy Beacrox looked right now, his perfectly combed hair wasn't perfect anymore as Cale had passed his finger through it during the whole thing from before. This looked a lot like his dream, so why wouldn't this also be one? If it was a dream he could just do whatever he wanted, right?
He hold Beacrox's face with his hands and brought him closer licking his lips and giving a mischievous smile after.

That was when the last straw of rationality Beacrox had was cut, he slowly started to give little kisses on Cale's neck as his hands made their way under his clothes and to the red haired chest. Cale smelled sweet, but it was being subtly covered by the smell of alcohol all over him. His sense of reason was nowhere to be found as he carefully left marks on his white skin and somehow got rid of his shirt, Cale really was beautiful, and he was having a taste of it for the first time, what had been but his pure imagination was now tangible and in front of him.

Beacrox started to go down and down as Cale breathed with difficulty trying not to let any weird noise out of his mouth. And when he was about to get rid of the pants that were on the way for what he wanted, Cale suddenly kicked him out of the bed.


He raised his head just to find a red cat sitting there. He didn't understand what was going on, but his questions was answered when soon enough the door opened.

—Human aren't you going to have dinner?

—Aren't you hungry Cale?, we thought mister would bring you to eat but he never came back— Hong came in following Raon inside the room and soon On appeared too.

—Mister Ron told us to bring this, is a drink to help you digest the alcohol better.

As the kids were distracted with the cat that was just listening, Beacrox quickly re arranged himself and went out of the room.

Just what was that? He had....kissed, to just say he only kissed him was too little. But to think Cale would jump over him like that and act so playful....

He ran to his room and took a cold shower. He had to stop thinking about it, Cale was drunk, he might have done that due to his intoxicated mind, and he had take advantage of it, he was nothing but a bastard. Yet, he couldn't help but remember everything everytime he tried to close his eyes and go to sleep.

Cale woke up with a headache as it was to be expected. The kids were already up and probably with Eruhaben as they knew Cale usually wakes up late and it's probably to be expected for that late to be even more late as he had come back home drunk last night. He got out of the bed and went to take a shower. Bud had spit his drink on him yesterday yet he forgot to take a shower before going to sleep.

He started to took his clothes of when suddenly he saw his reflection on the mirror. His neck and chest, his abdomen, all covered in little red and bite marks. He got closer to the mirror and touched one of the red marks on his neck. His mind finally started working as the memories of last night came outside of the mist only the alcohol could create. His face went red quickly after. It hadn't been a dream, he shamelessly jumped over the other man and did all that without any restrictions. Stupid alcohol and the key it holds to take all the chains of rationality out of a person.

Now that he had remember, he could still feel the soft touch on his skin and how those kisses went down his body so carefully as the man played with him, the worst part was that he shamelessly liked it and let him do whatever he wanted. How was he supposed to get out of his room now....he could hide most of the bite marks with one of the hoodies he always wears, but those on his neck...

—No almost winter, if I use a sweater and a scarf it wouldn't look weird, I mean, Raon goes around in his new scarf all the time.

He took a quick shower and selected the clothes. As he was finishing dressing up his phone started ringing. Was it Bud calling him to see how he was as he sometimes did? He was surprised to see his brother's name on the screen. He quickly answered.

—Hy- ah, Rok Soo-nim, are you free today?— Basen, that had almost called him hyung as he wasn't used to use the other name yet, asked.

— there a problem or..?

—I just..wanted to go see you, can I?

—Of course, I'll send someone to take you here.

—But I can go there on my own.

—No, you see, we are living in another place now due to different reasons, I'll explain to you later, would you like to have lunch together?

—Yes!, then were do I have to wait?

—Let me see, on the mall near the hospital, you just wait in front of the pet shop, it's still eleven, at twelve someone will be there.

—Alright, I'm already heading out so I'll wait.


—See you later Hyu- I mean, Rok Soo-nim.

—See you later.

The call ended, and Cale put on the scarf, walking to the kitchen, praying to whatever god that was there for the chef to not be at that place. Fortunately for him, or unfortunately, Ron was the one reading a newspaper as he drink tea.

—Are you feeling well? Should I prepare something for a hangover?


The old man nodded as he started to make it, Cale looked around and then started to prepare his breakfast, simple toasts with scrambled eggs.


—My son went on my stead to the guild, he said he wanted to help me— he stopped what he was doing and looked at the young man —Why?

—No, nothing, it's just that he is usually here.

—Mmm, he didn't do anything to you did he? For you to be avoiding him.

Cale accidentally let the wooden spoon he was using to make the scrambled eggs fall. Ron slightly frowned as he noticed his nervousness. Cale quickly finished the eggs and put them on the toast, then he sit down on the table to eat. The old man handed him the drink, as he was thinking. Wasn't Cale choose of outfit a little different from always? Like he was...

The man's eyes widened. —Don't tell me my son tried to eat you last night.

Cale choked on the drink and started to cough violently. Eat him....more than Beacrox doing that, it was Cale the one that first jumped like a hungry animal over the chef. Although after that it was Beacrox the one leading and taking control over him but...His face went completely red as he tried to hide himself on his scarf.

—Guess I have to discipline a bastard that takes his opportunity over a drunk person.

Ron face was scarier than ever. Cale jumped to defend the chef without even noticing. 

—Ah no, it's not like that, I mean, it was but not like you..he didn't well he did but I mean-

—Ho...— his face just become worst.

—It was me...the one that...

Now Ron seemed a little surprised. He also started to find the situation funny, to think it would be the other way around, and although that didn't change the fact of what his son had done. It was still fun to se Cale all flustered trying to explain.

—Just this time I won't kill him for acting like that, but you two better talk it out, and have the kids in consideration, I guess I understand now why my son was running away like that.

—Ah, that reminds me, my brother will come to have lunch, can you ask someone to go for him?

—Young master Basen? Yes, but my son is not here to cook.

—There's no problem I'll cook.

—You will? I can do it.

—It's not that difficult and I'm used to it anyway, aren't you taking a free day? To ask you to do that when you are resting is...

—I understand, I'll let you cook then, I want to know how good you are for my son to let you use the kitchen, I'll go read to another place then, and I'll send someone to pick up young master Basen, where will he be?

—At the mall near the hospital, in front of a pet shop.

—Alright, I'll take care of it.

Then Cale finished his breakfast and started working. He was more used to cook for himself rather than a lot of people, but it's not like he couldn't do it.

He wanted to talk with his brother, as he decided he was ready, ready to meet with Lily again and let her know her know On, Hong and Raon. And maybe, he could finally let go of the burden and told them about his nature, that he wasn't completely human.

They...would accept it and nothing would change right? They wouldn't abandon him nor look at him like he was...he stopped himself from thinking, it would be fine. No, everything would be alright, he would talk now with Basen, ask him to brought lily next time, things couldn't be as before, but they could be better, he had now a safe place and people to relay in, he also had kids to care for.

Yes, there was absolutely nothing to worry about, he would have a nice meal with Basen and the kids, then...he would have to do something about Beacrox, but after what had happened Cale was sure he wouldn't even be able to look him in the face.

—Let's just work it out slowly, I...

He still didn't knew well but, the kiss Beacrox had stole from him, maybe, just maybe the chef also liked him? Such an absurd idea but, if it was like that...

Cale's cheeks reddened by the thought as he continued to prepare the meal. It was better to forget about it for now.

And Beacrox, who was trying to do the paper work at the guild, couldn't help but just think about last night and feel guilty for what he had done even though he wanted to experience it again. 


Chapter Text

He probably over did it. Yes, Cale was thinking that as he stared at not only the food he had prepared, but the additional chocolate chips and strawberries with cream next to those, he even made lemonade himself cause he knew Basen liked it.

—Mmmm....maybe more sweets.

Yes, that was a good idea, that was beneficial for everyone, specially him. He loosened up the scarf on his neck as he started to remember how to make pudding, as he had wanted to eat more after the kids made some for him.

—What is that on your neck?

Cale almost had heart attack as he heard the voice over his shoulder. He turned around and unconsciously took his hand to re arrange the scarf. Eruhaben looked at him still expecting for an answer.

The dragon had spend a lot of time with him as Cale liked to see the kids learn while he ated cookies or fruits, and they had exchanged some conversations about the cat clan and Cale's life as the silver thief. Him and Olienne had come to developed a little liking to the 'lazy yet intelligent bastard' that had ended up living there, the green dragon was even avoiding going back to his own lair just to spend time with Cale and the kids even if he didn't want to admit it.

That's why Eruhaben after hearing what Cale had done in the past and how reckless he was, had come to care a little for him and feel the obligation of protect him just like with the kids. So seeing him hiding 'that' with the scarf, he could just think one thing.


—That's nothing Eruhaben-nim— he quickly put his stoic face.

—Then why the scarf?

—I was cold.

—In the kitchen were there are around thirty degree temperature thanks to you cooking for at least an hour and a half now?


The dragon sighed, then in a quick move took the scarf without letting the red haired do a thing about it.

—.....— the dragon scowled —So I'm guessing the reason the bastard is not here it's because he is running away from what he did, if you two will do things like this again, at least be careful for the sake of the children.


—I don't wanna know, but if he does something against your wishes you can tell me and I will personally kick him out of here— he looked at the table and grabbed a cookie, eating it —Mm, not bad, I guess you do have quite the number of talents, is there a special occasion for this?

—My brother will come to have lunch with me.

—Aigo...and me the owner of the place just gets to know about it now.

—He is a good boy, he won't say a thing.

—Mmm, alright— the dragon just took a bunch of cookies, put them in a plate and went away —And if you are really trying to hide, those, at least use something different from a scarf, the place has temperature control magic, no one will believe it's cold.

Cale felt his ears getting red, but didn't say anything. After the dragon went away he decided to just finish with the cooking and go for a new outfit, didn't he had a turtleneck sweater that he hadn't use in two years that was supposed to be somewhere in one of his spatial bags? He could try using that.

After making sure everything was in order he went to his room and spent quite a few minutes looking for said sweater until he finally found it. It did help covering the marks, and he was free from that stupid scarf. He looked at himself in the mirror, coming closer to see his face and body.


He did look like his mother, and his mother was beautiful, so, he might be handsome? How to know, no one had said that to him, people only teased him about being pretty but a teasing and saying the truth was different. After last night it was difficult to keep denying of his liking to the chef, yes, he had to be honest, he liked Beacrox, but, it was something new to him, as someone that was never liked by others and that hadn't liked someone before.

The majority of the time the words bastard, trash, problem, creepy, and some others that were a bit worse, were the ones directed at him. Praises and good words? Only from Basen and Lily, but everyone knows it doesn't count when it's your family the one praising you.

So know his problem was to be liked by the man. After last night he had the slight hope that his feelings could be reciprocated, but, what if not? Was he prepared to be rejected? No, and there was no question in it.

—But he is a good choice, he knows how to cook, clean, he lets me slack and it's good to the kids....wait...

"Isn't he just the perfect kind of person for someone like me?" All this time Beacrox had already been pampering him by doing everything, and he was also very comfy to sleep on as a cat, "If I want my slacker life..." then, he had to get that man.

Cale Henituse was a lazy person, but if he had to do something he would do it. By how Beacrox acted last night, he had a high chance, if it weren't for that, Cale wouldn't even think about trying.

—Well, those people offering me to be a model wouldn't do it without a reason— he said in a low voice as he stared once again at his reflection, he had said before that he was handsome on his own, but it was just confident joking.

Maybe all that Beacrox liked was his body. But for his slacking life maybe he..

His face turned red just by the thought of it. No, he should patiently see how things develop in the future and make sure about how the other party saw him, he couldn't risk to be rejected by someone he cared for once again. For now, he would care about Basen's visit, then when Beacrox was back, he would have to carefully observe him to get a conclusion.

Cale took a deep breath as he made sure his hair was in order as well as his clothes, then he decided to go back to the kitchen, it was bad enough already that Ron and Eruhaben had discovered, that, so he had to be more carefull, he would die if the kids started to ask about it. Grabbing his long forgotten laptop he went back just to find a green dragon staring at the cookies as if deciding to steal some or not.


—Mm? Oh, you, what's all the food for?

—My brother will come, should be here in any minute.

—Another human to have here...— he said a little annoyed.

—Basen is a quiet person, he won't disturb you— he sat down and turn on his laptop.

—And the chef?

—He went to mister Ron's guild this morning.

—Then who did all of this?


The dragon had an impressed expression. Cale ignored it as he started to work.

—And what are you doing?

—Hacking the government to get the kids documentation and change a few things.

—You can do that?

—I can do anything I want, usually I'm too lazy to do so, but the next school semester will start soon and I want the kids to assist.

—Why not just let Eruhaben teach them? He might look like a wise cold elf and all but he likes kids.

Cale slowly looked at him. Just, why was the reason this antisocial dragon talked just to him? He ignored Beacrox, Rosalyn, Choi Han and Ron, but him and the kids? He easily talked to them.

—The other day the pipsqueak called him Goldie gramps, you should've seen how his lips trembled by him trying not to smile.

"You are saying that but everytime the kids praise you for something you do I can see how much you like their praises" to think he feared this dragons when they were like grandpas acting for the attention of their grandchildren.

Looking back at his laptop, he continued with the hacking. He had already done this before to get Kim Rok Soo a 'true' identity, so after fighting to get in for a while, the rest was fairly easy for him. Olienne observed everything from behind, he didn't understand anything he was doing but it was still interesting for the dragon, he wasn't someone that seek knowledge as much as Eruhaben, as he was good with what he had, but he was sure the golden dragon would be very much intrigued by this new ability Cale was showing.

Cale had a great concentration everytime he worked in something like this, cause making a mistake wasn't an option, so he didn't even notice when Basen appeared and how Olienne told him to stay quiet. They waited patiently until Cale let out a sight of relief, then with a little smile he erased any traces of his doing and and closed the programs.

—Basen? Since when are you here?— he asked when noticing his brother's presence.

—Not long ago— he lied —This sir told me not to say anything.

Cale looked at Olienne, that only smiled coldly. Yeah, now he was acting like a dragon, with his head hight and a cold expression that was clearly scaring his brother

—This is Olienne-nim, he's friends with the owner of the place.

—It's a pleasure..

The dragon didn't care to respond, he just looked at Cale. —I hope you make some food for me later too, I'll be going now.

—Olienne-nim, please tell the children to come eat, it's already time for that.

—Mm— he nodded.

Basen watched the green haired man go and instinctively bowed a little as a goodbye when he walked out. He then went to his brother.

—Hyung-nim! Who is he? His gaze gave me the chills.

—Well Olienne-nim..., he stays here because...I don't really know why, I'll present Eruhaben-nim the owner to you later, take sit, I'll re heat the food, it must be a bit cold.

—It smells good.

—Of course, it took a a while to prepare everything, although for the cookies I used pre made dough cause I didn't had time.

—Eh? You made it?

—Yes, I know how to cook, can you help me set the table?

—Ah, y-yes.

Raon, On and Hong had come running to the kitchen when the older dragon told them to go eat, but instead of finding Beacrox there, they saw Cale preparing the food and serving it. Basen was already sitting as he looked at his brother in silence. The three of them came in without a sound. When was the last time they ate Cale's food? They could just smile as they sit.

—I also made dessert, did you three wash your hands?— Cale just casually turned around surprising the kids that thought they had been careful enough not to be heard.

—Yes we did human!

—If not we can't eat.

—Yes, that's what mister tell us to do all the time— On said as she looked at the boy —Hello young master Basen.

—You all can just call me Basen.

—I prefer human's brother!— Raon fluttered his wings.

—Here— Cale started to put the side dishes as well as the meat and the rice for the three kids and Basen —And why did you wanted to come Basen?

—Oh...I...just wanted to spend some time with you hyung....but maybe you are busy...

Cale just stared at him in silence for a moment before slightly patting his head and sitting down.

—No, it's alright, just eat, you have to eat lots to grow up, you three too.

The kids that were just watching immediately nodded and started to eat. How lucky can they be? Beacrox was the best chef, but Cale was also really good at cooking, they once had starve and wished for just once piece of food, but now they could eat until they were full and even have dessert.

Basen smiled as he also picked up the silverware and took a bite. When did his brother learned to cook? It had been just little more than a years since 'that', it was not enough time to be able to cook like this was it? A particular memory and a thought crossed his mind yet, he just ignored it, after all, it wasn't possible, his couldn't be that those time he found him eating at the kitchen he....

—Tell me Basen, what school does Lily goes to? I think I never asked, I just remember the uniform.

—Royal Cross elementary school.

—Is it good?

—It's considered one of the best ones, it has elementary, middle and the high school buildings at the same location yet separated, I decided not to get in as I didn't want to leave my friends, but seeing Lily's homework and all, they do have a night level of education, why?

—Mmmm.....— he just looked at the kids —Do you wanna go there?

Hong's fork fell on the table. —Eh?

—To....that school?— On wasn't any better.

—Yes, if Basen says it's good then it is.

—But, we have never....— On looked down, but Cale understood well, they had never recieved any education on the clan, they must feel they could not do as well as the other kids there.

—Eruhaben-nim has been teaching you three, and I personally teach you how to write and read pretty well didn't I?

—Yes but...

—There are still two months left for the start of the semester, and I'm not asking you two to go and have extraordinary grades from the start, you are going there to learn after all, and in two months Eruhaben-nim can teach you enough.


—Mm— Cale nodded and then looked at Basen —You can bring her next week when she's free.

The boy that was quietly eating as he watched the cute scene in front of him, stopped moving as if his brain couldn't process his brother's words.


—Lily, I decided I want to see her, and she deserves to know too.

He wanted to be more open after all he had gone through lately, with people telling him that they cared for him, maybe it was true, and maybe he could care more for them, so, he wanted the comforting smile and love only his sister showed him for a long time.

—Aigoo...look at you— he took a napkin and started cleaning Raon's face that was covered in rice grains and meat sauce.

—HeHe— the dragon just fluttered his wings and laughed.

—She can also meet Raon, On and Hong, and since they will probably assist to the same school, She and Hong will be classmates on second year.

—I...— the boy smiled, clearly happy and excited —I understand hyung! I'll bring her over, she will be so happy! You can be sure I'll do it even with the bodyguards there!!

—And I'll be waiting— he ruffled his hair with a smile.

Basen was extremely happy, so much the already delicious food tasted like it was made by gods. He was so joyful he just kept a smile in his face as he eated and continued having a light conversation with his brother and the kids that liked to join in as Cale cleaned their mouths from time to time. When they finished the dessert, Cale, to everyone's surprise, put all the dirty dishes on the sink and then started washing them.

—Human! Are you feeling unwell? Why are you doing that?!

—Yes! Beacrox is not here to tell you to do it, do you have a fever?

On, although wanted to say something similar, just shook her head. This siblings of her, they just forgot that Cale would also wash the dishes on the first house. The red haired scowled at them, what image did they have of him to say all that? Whatever, he just quickly washed everything to everyone's astonishment.

—As soon as I finished here I'll take you to meet Eruhaben-nim, we need his permission to bring Lily over after all.

Not like he had asked for permission in Basen case though, but he wouldn't risk his luck anymore, not with a dragon. And since Basen would be the next head of the Henituse household, it was better for him to have connections.

—We..we will help you human!

—Alright, dry what I have already cleaned.

—Yes!!— the three of them said as they started working.

Basen soon joined them, although Cale didn't want him to. As they finished the red haired gave the four of them one of the candies that Beacrox usually used to recompense them for the help. Basen though just looked at the lemon candy weirdly, didn't his brother hate those? And he indeed hate them, exact reason why Beacrox bought them for the kids, so Cale wouldn't steal them.

—Now, let's go see Eruhaben-nim.

They went to the fifth floor, where the dragon spent most of his time, the moment they went in, Olienne, that was sitting on the couch, frowned yet didn't say a thing, Eruhaben that was sitting in the couch in front of him turn his head to see them.

—Eruhaben-nim, this is my brother Basen.

—It's a pleasure to meet you!— the boy quickly presented himself —I'm Basen Henituse.

—I see— the dragon stood up, looking at the boy with his head up —My name is Eruhaben, so you are this unlucky bastard's brother.

Basen felt how the elf observed him, he felt scared because of the pressure, yet it ended up quickly.

—Mmm, yes, a normal human, that's good— as he said that, the golden dragon nodded —Take a sit— he went and sit next to Olienne.

—I did told you that I'm the only one like that in my family— Cale said as he guided his brother to the couch.

—It's still better to confirm things on my own.

—Don't be rude Goldie gramps!— Raon came flying towards him —The weak human's brother is almost as weak as my human! Don't scare him!

—A dragon defending humans, you pipsqueak are seriously weird.

—At least I'm not a bitter person that only treats some people good and ignore others! You seriously need to learn how to make friends Oli Oli!!

—What did you say?!

—That you have zero social skills! Even Goldie gramps at least greets people in his own way, you are like a child! You can't compare with the great and mighty Raon Miru!!— the little dragon puffed his chest.

—I can greet people, I just don't want to, humans are boring and weak, I guess the one's around you are a bit interesting, but the others aren't.

—You need to socialize more Oli Oli— the little dragon said while shaking his head with a sad expression.

—What would you know pipsqueak, I have enough with the ones I know now, I have already meet countless people over the years.

—And his favorite is Eruhaben-nim of course— On said as she innocently sit down next to Cale after a brief fight with her brother for the place.

—Of course, Oli Oli likes him the most, but after him I can tell he likes the human!

—I do not-!!

—Of course he likes Cale!— Hong interrupted —He is the only one he asks us about.

"What is this?" Basen watched everything in silence, focusing on the green haired man whose ears were red "Is my brother ina love triangle?!" He could understand though, his brother was really handsome after all.

Cale sighed, catching everyone's attention. —Anyways, Basen, Eruhaben-nim and Olienne-nim are dragons, be respectful to them.


—Yes, Eruhaben-nim, I wanted to ask for permission for my brother to come in the future, and for my little sister, also, they still don't know about my nature, no one apart from those close to me right now know, even my family don't.

—They don't? I see, well, as long as they don't do much here they can come.

—Thank you.

—Human's brother! Did you also bring something today? You said you would come with more pictures next time!

—Ah, yes Raon-nin, I brought the photo album— although a little nervous, he took the book from his backpack and put it in the coffe table —It took me a while, father had it secured in his office.

—why?— Hong came and opened the book.

—You see...

The all saw the photos of a beautiful red haired woman holding a little kid almost identical to her

—This one has the photos of my brother's mother and him when he was younger.


The three kids almost jumped to see the pictures, the two ancient dragons also came a little closer to see while Cale just hid his face on his hands.

—Human you were so tiny and cute!!

—I didn't knew you could smile like this!

—Ho...— Eruhaben raised his eyebrows seeing the little kid in the pictures.

It was true, they had never seen such pure and happy expression on Cale face, it was like a completely different person.

—You...really changed from when you were a kid— Olienne said.

—Well, everyone changes after their mother dies and they end up becoming a trash— Cale said casually.

—Ah...— the green dragon looked away.

—Let's keep looking at the photos!— Raon started to go through the album.

It started with Cale being one year old, it was obvious how the time changed by how the kid in the photos grew as they keep going. Then when they reached the point were Cale was eight years old, the red haired was clearly uncomfortable as he tried to stop them.

—Why don't we stop now?

—But there's still more human.

—.....— he frowned as be watched them continue.

Soon enough the photos were one could see the happy family ended abruptly. And then it was just Cale, playing on the garden, participating in his school events, or just casual photos, all with just him on them, in just one, in wich they could see it was a first day of school, he could be seen with a black haired older woman that was clearly asian.

—Who's this?— On asked.

—My nanny, she had to go a year after my mother passed away, the took care of me, father was to busy to come with me that day so she came instead.

They finally reached the last picture, where a ten year old Cale had eyes as dead as the ones he had when On and Hong meet him.

—Mm, that's enough— he closed the album —You three can keep this if you want— he handed it to the kids.

—Really?— Raon took it.

—But what if father..?— Basen started but was interrupted.

—If he founds out just feign ignorance, I don't think he will notice anyways.


—I will show this to everyone!!

—Wait!— before Cale could say anything the little dragon had already went out of the room.

Eruhaben, that was thinking until a moment ago, looked at the kids. —Why don't you two go with Basen here to look aroun while I talk with Cale?

—Alright!— Hong said happily as he grabbed Basen's hand —Let me show you the garden! Olienne-nim put a lot of effort in it, oh and our room, although we don't use it much.

Basen chuckled. —Yes, brother, I'll be with them, after you finish here can we talk? I wanted to ask you about a few things.

—Sure, I'll go looking for you as soon as I'm finished here.

The three of them went out of the room, at that moment Eruhaben started talking.

—Say, how did you live after your mother passed away?

—Why the question?

—I noticed you were uncomfortable with the photos after her death, and that you don't seem to like your father much.

—Ah, that.

—Won't you tell us?— Olienne surprising joined the conversation.

"They are dragons, they must not care about it but they are curious by nature I guess, it's not like they will tell everyone, they wouldn't waste time with a trash" he though before finally nodding.

—Mm, well, after my mother died my nanny took care of me for a year, after that I just took care of myself, nothing much.

—You took care of yourself?

—Yes, the people working on the house did clean and washed my clothes and all, but they didn't like me cause they said I was an expressionless bastard and all that, so they gradually stopped doing my meals or taking care of my things over the years, that's why I learned how to cook.

—Why didn't you tell your father?— Olienne really didn't understand.

—Ha, like he would hear me, he never believed anything I said to him anyway.


To think this guy had a life of neglect, they didn't expect it as he had a good relationship with his brother and he treated the kids good.

—My father wouldn't help, when I was little and after my mother passed away people started to bully me in school, I tried talking with him but he was too busy working to pay attention, so I just beat them up and got myself grounded, I'm just a problem child after all, a trash.

—Then the reason you use a disguise when going out?

—I faked my death, if I didn't do that I might have actually tried to...whatever, it's not that big of a deal, those are things that are now in the past.

—Yes...— Eruhaben nodded, and even though his face had no expression, he was quite angry to know all of this —Things from the past stay there, but, the wounds don't.

Cale stiffened. He knew well, it still hurt to remember his mother or those good times with her, or the voices of the people pointing at him, the cold treatment from his father, but, if one pretended that it didn't matter, at least it hurt less. Yes, if you just don't care about something, it will be less painful when going through it or when it ends.

—I guess so, anyways, if that's everything, can I go with my brother?

—Go, I have things to do in the laboratory, tell the little kid to come later, we didn't finish the last class.


They saw him go out, just a second after they both frowned.

—And I thought he lived as a sheltered brat until a few year ago— the golden dragon commented.

—He did said him being a cat was a secret from everyone including his family, so, Does his father don't know?, to leave alone a child with such a rare condition that makes it extremely dangerous for him....

—Knowing or not, he still did a poor job as a parent, that cold and unlucky bastard could smile like that, but look at him now....

Suddenly one of the doors started to open, and Rosalyn shyly came out. She was at the laboratory and accidentally heard everything, she wanted to come out but it was just at the moment the dragons and Cale started talking.

—I'm sorry, Did I interrupted? I think I heard you both talking and I didn't want to be disrespectful.

—Oh, miss Rosalyn, no, you can go, you skipped lunch, so I recomend you go eat something— the golden dragon said as if nothing had happened.

The woman quickly ran outside. Eruhaben then casually turned to look at the green dragon and gave him a little smile.

—So, about before, Cale is your second favorite after me?

Olienne, that was about to ask what he wanted, closed his mouth and slowly averted his eyes as his ears and face started to turn red, successfully getting a little laugh from the other dragon. It wasn't fair, Eruhaben's smile was too beautiful, he was taken off guard.

Rosalyn almost ran through the hallways, she really shouldn't had heard that conversation, it was private and about a delicate thing related to Cale's past. Why did she have to stop the experiment and go to the door at that exact moment? But, even though she wanted to think that way, it was impossible. Cale's words were stuck in her head, he had talked about it lightly and as if it wasn't important, just like he does with his wounds or the problematic situations he has found himself in the past, that they knew were actually pretty serious.

—I don't think it was as simple as he explained.

No, she had already seen it, Cale had his ways of dealing with his feelings, wich it was sleeping through them and ignore them the better he could, at least it was like that with the negative ones.

She bite her lip, thinking, then she took out her phone and made a call, waiting patiently for the other person to pick up. She wouldn't normally do this, but it would be a lie to say she didn't care for Cale at this point.


—Hello, Beacrox, emergency meeting, we have to discuss something, I'll call Choi Han, you come back.


—It's about Cale.

‐...I'll go now.


She hang up and proceeded to call the swordsman, that also agreed to come. In the other side of the place, Cale, that was supposedly looking for his brother, was washing his face on one of the bathrooms.

That's why he didn't like talking about his past, he would start remembering everything, as if it wasn't enough with the dreams about it he kept having. Him and his cursed mind that would never be able to forget

—It's alright....I' a better place now, at least I'm not alone in this big place.

Yes, with the kids and the people he knew now, even though the place he was staying was big and mostly empty, it still didn't feel as if he was completely alone there, it wasn't cold and dark at all. He took a deep breath and proceeded to dry his face before going out and looking for his brother and the children. He found them in the garden looking at a weird blue plant that seemed to be moving on it's own.

"I have to buy them their school uniform, the books, the notebooks and pencils, shoes, for On I should really buy hair ornaments" he thought as he got closer.

He had experience it, going to a rich school, he was fine at first, but as he had said before, after his mother died and people noticed his father didn't gave him much attention, they started bullying him for having a mother from a poor family, saying he didn't deserve to be in that school, he had said he beat them up because his father didn't care about him, but although it was true, he also did it because of the insults towards his mother. On and Hong at least had Molan as their last name, and anyone that investigated a little would known it's a family with power on the underworld, and if anyone dare to touch a single hair of his children he wouldn't hesitate to use Bud and Ron to scare the shit our of them and make them suffer for it. The kids had already been through enough misfortune in their lives.

—So this is a carnivorous plant that Oli said could even digest an entire cow if given the chance— Explained On.

—R-really?— Basen unconsciously took a step back.

—Yes, but it only eats once a month, and he makes sure to feed it well, he even told us the days we shouldn't approach cause it might be dangerous, but it's fine now.

—Yes, he feed it last week— added Hong.

—I see— clearly most relaxed the boy smiled.

—You have learned a lot— commented Cale getting their attention.

—Yes, Oli likes to talk coldly but if you ask him something he actually answers, I like him— On giggled and went to Cale, shily taking his hand.

—You will have to study hard before entering school, I'll buy everything for it, so you have to give it all, ah, but don't pressure yourselves, it's okay to not be good at something or fail from time to time.

—I'll study hard— On smiled.

—Me too!, I'll study a lot, I can't lose to our youngest!

—I'll study here with Goldie gramps!, I'll be even more great and mighty as I know more and more things.

—Yes, you all will do good.

Basen smiled seeing the soft expression on his brother's face, surely, it was best not to tell his father, Cale was more relaxed and happy like this, and that was enough.

—They'll be good brother, after all they will meet Lily next week and she will make sure people treat them well, she took a liking to martial arts and after asking mother for over a month she agreed to let her learn swordsmanship so she can protect herself, she will protect them.

—We will protect her too— On said —We are also strong, granda Ron has been teaching us too.

—Then you will have to take care of Lily and she will do the same for you.

—Of course!— Hong let out a little laugh —Anyone that intimidates Cale's sister will have to face us.

—Yeah! And our dragon rage!!

—And the cat rage!!

The two boys laughed. On just looked at her siblings while shaking her head, but with a smile on her face.

Cale casually caressed the girl's hair, he knew well that On was intelligent, and she would make sure to tell him about any problem in school that might happen, and she would also keep Hong in line. They had learned how to control their powers better, he was not that much afraid for the children, but for the people that might try something honestly, but he would take care of any bullies anyways.

—Right, hyung, I wanted to ask you about something, do you think you could help with the reinforcement of the security system of the company? I was looking for people cause father gave me the task, but I don't know much about and I can't trust others that easily.

—I'm good at infiltrating in places, I can guide the team you prepare and also make sure the security system doesn't have any flaws.

—Thank you, I'll send you an email, just use a false name, we won't take much of your time, I just need you to supervise cause I don't know much.

—It's alright, if you are asking I can do it.

—Thank you hyung!!

Cale couldn't help but pet Basen on the head. After an hour more of them just spending time together the boy had to go back home, knowing he would be in problems if his father noticed he wasn't actually on the library studying as he said he was. The kids went back with Eruhaben and he walked towards his room.

He really was exhausted, was it because of the photos? Or him talking about that and remembering everything?, he couldn't tell, he just took out his clothes and put on his pajamas and went into his bed, falling asleep soon after.

In the kitchen, the now knew base of operations for the group of people that were talking about Cale, everyone was silent, they had heard everything from Rosalyn, and then Beacrox and Ron added their own knowledge to it, they now understood Cale a little better.

Choi Han was silent, he had been hearing everything without letting a word out of his mouth. It wasn't a secret he hated Cale at the start, and it made him even angrier that the red haired seemed to not care about that fact at all and just accepted it by simply saying it was his fault as it wasn't a big deal. But now, he understood the reason why, as Rosalyn said, the people working on his house insulted him and neglected him from an early age, he was just used to people being angry or mean to him.

Cale had explained why he said such mean things about his dead family, but now the way he was feeling at that time was more worrisome than he thought it was. He was a step away from actually trying to kill himself around that time, as Ron had said to them what the red haired had told them before.

The old man sighed. —And I truly thought Deruth was an attentive father and a good person all this time, but he let his child grew up like that.

—We need to show him our love— said Rosalyn with a terrifying expression —Even if it's by forceful methods, he thinks so low of himself he doesn't even care much about his own wellbeing, you all saw how he almost got shot and poisoned when fighting the mermaid king.

—Yes, he's too reckless with his own life— Beacrox felt tired, he expected Cale's childhood to be bad, just not that much, for the servants of the Henituses to actually let a kid to cook on his own and take care of his own meals and general wellbeing.

—Mmm, I'll send people to investigate— said Ron —Get proves of the way the servants acted and everything he did or others did to him during school, and throw it in Deruth's face to show him his poor job as a parent.


—I escaped to this continent with no money, I only had you and myself, yet I take care of you the best I could and made sure you never lacked anything, yet him having everything, just by losing his wife he drowned in his own sorrow and let his child behind, someone like that doesn't deserve to have children.

Beacrox didn't dare to say more, cause he completely agreed to what his father said. He took the photo album from the table, they had managed to get the little black dragon to lend it to them. Cale was a child with such a bright smile, yet that last picture, the eyes there were as dead as the ones he saw the first time he met Cale, eyes that screamed for help, yet his father never noticed.

—Let's call Bud— he finally said.

—Bud?— Rosalyn was confused.

—He met Cale when he was sixteen, and he has mention before that he knew about his situation, he can tell us more.

—Yes...that's a good idea, you have his number?

—No, but I have Glenn's number.

—Send him a message and invite him over, I won't be able to sleep if I don't have the whole story, we also need it to help Cale.

—He went to take a nap right?— asked Choi Han —He won't sleep for almost a day again will he?

—He might feel a little down now...— Rosalyn agreed —Should we buy sweets?, what does he likes apart fro sleeping, laying around doing nothing and sleeping?

—— answered Beacrox.

—...Nothing else?

They stayed silent. What did Cale liked? They didn't actually stop to think about it since he was easily happy by just having Beacrox baking sweets or carrying him around. They all suddenly stared at the chef that was still thinking.

"He....he likes Beacrox...but it's probably too dense to realize..." Rosalyn and Choi Han shared the thought, while Ron was just smiling knowing all the drama that had happened last night and his son and the red haired hadn't talked about yet.

—Well, you all can ask the mercenary king later, I'm sure Cale will be hungry when he wakes up.

—Mm, I'll make something he likes, he also had to cook today because I wasn't here.

—I'll go back to the laboratory, when Bud comes let me know— Rosalyn stood up and went outside the kitchen.

—I'll go train...— Choi Han followed her out.

Cale woke up by a knock on his door, wich was unusual, he was such a heavy sleeper that he would only wake up after sleeping enough. He heard how the door opened, but didn't gave it much attention, he was falling asleep once again, until he sensed that refreshing smell of lavender and soap. Only then he opened his eyes.

Beacrox had to use all his will power to come wake up Cale after what had happened last night, and now he had to work even harder to maintain a straight face as he saw the red haired slowly opening his eyes, still half asleep. Even more so when he slightly got up using one of his arms while rubbing his eyes with the other.

The chef wanted to dig a whole and disappear, seeing how the shirt was almost unbuttoned letting him see his collarbone and all the hickies and bites he had left there last night. How he wanted to just continue the work at that exact moment....


Cale sleepy voice took him out of his impure thoughts, yet his eyes were still fixed on the white skin he had decorated last night.

—Dinner is ready, I made tteokbokki, also, Bud and Glenn came and brought some alcohol.

With the mention of the alcohol Cale woke up completely, as he realized he and Beacrox were alone, and 'that' had happened and they had yet to talk about it.

"He probably just likes my appearance though" he looked down and saw how he was, a mischievous smile appeared on his face for a second, that the chef didn't get to catch, surely if Cale had ears and tale one would have been able to see how the little mischievous cat inside him was planning something. He pretended to still be sleepy and started to get out of the bed as he let his shirt fall off his shoulders, then he finished unbuttoning it.

Beacrox eyes were wide as he saw this, barely breathing. He would need another cold shower right now.

—I..I'll go so you can get dressed— with that he just left in a hurry to go to his room.


Cale almost pouted seeing he didn't get a reaction, maybe the chef didn't like his body that much? What could he use if not the beauty he supposedly had? Although, the chef did act a little weird. "I just have to keep trying" he nodded, approving his own idea.

—What does someone does to get other to like you anyways?

Gifts? He could try but he didn't knew what Beacrox liked. Food? He was a freaking chef and the best one on that, that just wasn't an option. Help him on tasks? He was too lazy for that.

—Let's try with the gifts and the previous plan— he decided, ignoring the fact of how all his previous exhaustion had gone away just by the little interaction with the chef.

He finished dressing up and went out. He knew immediately that something was weird, for some reason everyone was staring too much at him and acting more nice than the usual. But, Cale decided to ignore it, knowing that the hickies and marks on his skin were wel hidden. He just decided to enjoy his food, ignoring how Bud and Glenn had completely exposed his past, his bar fights, how he lived with his family and all the dangerous situations he had got himself in in the past.

—You look a little pale Cale, did you catch a cold?— Glenn, who was sitting next to him, asked as he put his hand on his forehead —You don't have a fever, but that doesn't mean you can't stop taking care of yourself, have you drank any water?

—I did, I'm just naturally pale.

—You care so much about Cale, what about me?— Bud asked as he frowned.

—Your'e an idiot, idiots don't catch colds, you'll be fine don't worry.

At that moment Beacrox came into the room, his hair slightly wet. He casually sit down and started eating. Ron raised an eyebrow and kept his laugh for himself.

—Human, can I have what you are eating?— the little dragon asked.

—Me too Cale.

—And me!

The red haired stared at them. —This one is pretty spicy, I can make the safe version for you three later.

—But I want that one human!

—Can't you just let us taste it?— Hong pleaded with puppy eyes.

—....but don't come at me after because it's too spicy.

He took a plate and put a little in there, and slide it towards the kids, the three took one rice cake covered in the red sauce and give it a little bite.

—Haha— Cale laughed seeing the faces Raon and Hong made before going for a glass of water. The red haired kid was now as red as hair hair as he stuck out his tongue.

On was much better with spicy food, she had made a little grimace and her face turned a faint red, but she kept eating the rice cake until the end. Cale cleaned the sauce on her lips with a napkin.

—You liked it?

—It's really spicy, but I think I can get used to it.

—How it's possible that you can eat that noona?!— questioned Hong as he was still trying to get the strong flavor from his mouth.

—This..great and mighty dragon has to train more to eat this.

The others slightly laughed at the kids, while Beacrox just stroked Hong's back as he handed him another glass of water.

—Oh right— Cale looked at Ron and Beacrox —I already did some little things to the kids information, so, I hope it doesn't bother you two that they have Molan as their last name now.

More than one person eating in the table almost choked on their food or drink hearing this. Ron just smiled.

—I already agreed with it, so it's fine— the old man said.

—Good, I already found a school so we need the papers to go and enroll them there.

—I'll make the arrangements to get everything they will need— he nodded — think I would have three little grandchildren so suddenly.

—We will train hard grandpa Ron!!— Hong, that was now less red that before, exclaimed.

—Of course, you two are good at being stealthy, and good students too.

Cale just kept eating, his lips slightly curved up, Beacrox would had it even more difficult to run away if the kids had his last name, it was a good way to start making sure to get the man.

—If you have any problem with the school tell me— Bud, that had finally come to his senses again, said —I bet a little threat would make them change their mind.

—Sure— Cale replied as he kept eating.

—Are you even listening to me?


—Won't you ever treat me good?

Cale slowly looked at him and laughed. —Maybe.

—Your hyung brought alcohol for you yet you treat me like this.

—Didn't you do that so you could drink without having Glenn getting mad at you?

—Of course that was his reason— Glenn confirmed —But we will go back after eating, there's a pile of papers waiting to be read, so he is not allowed to drink.

—C'mon Glenn, just one glass...

—You already made a mess yesterday, no.

Beacrox was just there watching their interactions. He wasn't able to look at Cale in the face after having such thoughts before, specially because he had to take his little problem to the shower. He then heard his phone, he casually took it out and saw it was a message from Alberu.

The chef frowned and turned to his father. —I think there is an emergency.

—Mm? What kind?

—I'm not sure, Alberu just send a message saying he needs us and Rok Soo to go there now.

—Just when we were having such a good time here with everyone.

—Is there a problem?— Cale raised his head from his food and asked, of course he had hear everything.

—We have to go see young master Alberu, apparently there is an emergency.

—Alright— he took a last bite, cleaned his lips, and then stood up.

—Do we have to go too?— Rosalyn asked.

—No, only me, Beacrox and Rok Soo, just enjoy the food.

The three went out of the room and headed outside to get on the car. Cale activated the necklace while on the car, a few minutes before arriving. There was already someone waiting for them.

Alberu was in his office with a dark expression as he read some papers. When someone knocked on the door and announced that the three men had arrived.

—Come in.

—Young master, what could be the problem to call us so suddenly?— the old man looked at the blond with curiosity.

—This— he showed the papers on his hands —According to my subordinates, a man named Greetel has been seen in the jungle accompanied by a mysterious person, they are trying to get a talk with president Litana.

—Greetel? That son of a bitch is still alive? I thought he would have already get himself killed by failing on the plan with the mermaids.

—With him there's also this Syrem that goes around like a bodyguard for the other person we don't know it's identity.

—Syrem? Then it has to be something bad...

—Who are they?— the chef looked at both of them waiting for an answer.

—They are part of arm, or well, Endable, Greetel is a replaceable pawn, but Syrem has a bit more of influence, he also wants my head.

The other three, with unimpressed expression turned their head in his direction. What could they expect from him at this point?

—May I know why?— Alberu asked.

—Mmm....well, I guess I can tell you.

The blonde raised an eyebrow.

—Remember the robbery to the Sekka family?


—Well, they were also working with them, and they would really be a threat, so I made a little act there, and then proceeded to stole something they were keeping safe for the organization, an object Syrem wanted, but I decided it was too dangerous to let an object like that fell in the hand of anyone, that's why I kept it even though it gaves me such odd vibes.

—The Sekka family....wait..are you talking about the time their information got out and how they were planning on starting a revolt and the way they had covered the death of a lot of people?

—That same one, yes.

—.....— Alberu took a deep breath —Then, are you...?

—Please don't say that ridiculous nickname I hate it.

—God you are driving me you are that thief...

—How do you think I got the information?

—Right, what else can I expect from you.

—But, going back to the jungle, if they are there then that means the alchemists are involved in this, the fire might have been caused by something they made, and they also might be trying to win over the people on the jungle by pretending to be their saviors and extinguishing the fire.

—Then we have to do something about it.

Cale put a hand over his bracelet. —Let's go there tomorrow.

—Tomorrow? You have a plan?— Beacrox frowned.

—Yes, we can't let them extinguish the fire, we gotta do it first, or get rid of them quickly before they got the chance.

—That's you actually have a way to extinguish the fire?

—I do, there's something called dominating water, it surely will help.

—You-!— Beacrox looked at him angry, he knew what that water was, he couldn't let him use the only thing keeping him alive —You won't use that.

—It's not that bad if I use it, I just have to let some left so it doesn't get dangerous, and as soon as we go back we will ask Olienne-nim about the ancient power.


—I promise I won't use all, living is the best after all.

Alberu watched their interaction, apparently they were on good terms now, but, what were they talking about?

—Should I be concerned by what you two are talking?

—No, young master, It's just something related to me— said Cale casually —But let's get back to the important things, we will go tomorrow and get rid of the fire, you wanted to get some points with the people right? And we will have better access to the fire if it's you the one introducing us to president Litana.

—I'll arrange my schedule, how do you plan to do it?

—I'll just have to act like an altruistic person to get her favor, I haven't acted like a good and holy person in a while.

"What do you mean by that?" Thought Beacrox. Cale was a lazy person, but the chef knew that he liked to act extra sometimes, he was already getting a bad feeling.

—Well then, we will fly there in one of my private jets, before noon would be the best, so if you all can come here early in the morning it would be best.

"Ugh...on the morning" —Alright...

—I'll tell the others and make sure we all are at the airport early young master Alberu— reassured Ron.

—Then I guess it's settled, we will go to the jungle and do something about those bastards.

After they discussed the last details, the three went back. Ron decided to drive this time, so Cale and Beacrox sat on the back seat. The chef fighting to act natural, while Cale just yawned and closed his eyes. Traveling always made him sleepy, he thought on just let himself lay on the window, but then remembering his plan, he faked being asleep and let himself fall on Beacrox's side and used him as a pillow.

"Much better" although he truly fell asleep now. The chef though, was agonizing, specially as he could see his father laughing at him from the driver seat. Thankfully for him, the red haired woke up when they arrived and walked on his own to his room as the chef had to go inform the others.

Cale changed once again into his pajamas, brushed his teeth and washed his face, the kids also came and did the same as it was time for them to go to sleep too. They went to bed and quickly fell asleep, but Cale took a little longer to do so, as he stared at the bracelet in his wrist. He had to be careful, more than ever, he had to live.

"So weird, I desperately wanted to die back then, and now..." he had found reasons to really want to stay alive not just by a promise. Watching the kids, hearing their laughs, it gave him a warm sensation, and he wanted to keep them close, and see how they grew, he now also wanted someone in his life, and had people that didn't look at him as if he was nothing but a problem or something unworthy of their time.

He was really receiving a lot. But he couldn't help be scared of getting used to it, and then having everything taken from him suddenly, like it happened with his mother. Looking now at the children, all curled up in the bed with him, he smiled and turned into a cat, embracing the two kittens and giving his warmth to the dragon too.

It was better not to think in useless things.

Chapter Text


On was always the first one to wake up. So that morning as usual everything was quiet when she started to open her eyes, just to find herself between two red cats, one bigger than the other, and with a black dragon next to them.

"It's so different" how could she not compare this to the time she lived in the clan? Waking up earlier, but to clean the old house and go begging for food outside, with cold or rain, just for her and her brother to have something to eat. Only the two of them.

Now things were clearly different, she didn't had to starve, neither her brother.  Hong could laugh and play as a normal kid too. A small smile appeared on her face as she rubbed her head against Cale, that only moved a little and then continued sleeping. Very carefully she got out of the bed, turning human and heading to the bathroom. Washing her face and brushing her hair. Then picking a few clothes and dressing up.

—All done...— she took the two hair ties Rosalyn had gave her and went out of the room.

She knew that Beacrox would be in the kitchen as he always had his breakfast early, and as she expected, he was there drinking coffe and reading in his phone, the old assassin was also there enjoying his tea.

—Mister, good morning— she said happily as she entered —Good morning Grandpa Ron.

—Good morning— father and son said.

—Mister, Can you comb my hair?

She extended her hand with the two hair ties, Beacrox took them and told her to turn around. The man soon sat her on one of the chairs.

Ron watched how his son quickly did two ponytails getting the hair out of the girl's face. He was already acting as a father and he hadn't even start dating Cale.

—Is that good?— Beacrox asked.

—Yes, thank you. 

—What do you want for breakfast?

—Whatever you want mister.

The chef sighed, the kids still had some problems to ask for things, at least it was like that with On, she would ask Cale for whatever she wanted, but with others it was a bit more difficult.

—You can ask anything, it's okay.

—Then...can I have the cookie and marshmallow cereal?

—Sure, I'll open a box, just sit there.

She sheepishly smiled as she waited. She knew it wasn't good for a kid to ask much, as she was taught on the clan, but it was difficult to not be selfish with the life she had now. Cale would give them everything even if they didn't ask for it, they didn't lack anything and recieved so much. They didn't even expect them to work to pay back.

Honestly, she thought that the best decision she had made in her life, was to hide in Beacrox's garden, any other house, and things would have been really different, but now she and her brothers were happy and safe.

"I even get to learn how to read and write, Eruhaben-nim even started to taught us other languages, I have to study hard to do good in school" Cale had said to them yesterday, that the only obligation of a kid was to study and have fun, if they wanted to pay for their meals they had to work on enjoying school when they start going, so she would work hard to learn.

—We will travel today— the chef said as he put the bowl with cereal and milk in front of her.

—Cale mentioned that last night, that we're going to the jungle.

The man frowned. —He's planning on taking you three?

—He said we would do a little bit of tourism while staying there, also, Raon insisted on going. 

He sighed. —He shouldn't bring kids to that place..

Ron took a sip of his tea. —The kids have been training, and we will be there to make sure they'll be safe, and you can't expect the esteemed dragons to make their food while we are not here.

On just ate in silence as she heard them argue about it, at some point she put the spoon down and casually asked.

—Are you really going to investigate how Cale's life was before faking his death grandpa Ron?

The two went silent looking at the girl. She didn't plan to hear them talking about it yesterday, she casually went to ask for an afternoon snack for her brothers. Knowing Cale suffered like them, she stayed until they finished talking, she wanted to know more about him after all.

—How do you..?— Beacrox started yet got interrupted.

—I heard it yesterday when you were talking here, it's not like I didn't suspect it a bit, he doesn't like talking about his family, he also said how his father didn't take him with the rest of his family to their trips, and it also explains why he looks so sad sometimes.

—What do you mean?

—He doesn't do it often, but I have seen him staring at nothing for long periods of time with dead eyes, as if his mind it's in another place, it's rare for that to happen now though, but when we first met him, well, I saw it quite often.

—I see...

—I want to help him cause he has help me and my brothers too, but I don't know how— she sighed —I can only go to him and distract him when he does that.

—Maybe he is not as fine as we though...— Ron was now a little worried.

How much did Deruth neglected Cale? They couldn't really know by just the little information they had, and if they didn't knew, it was difficult to guess how hurt Cale came out of that, of course he wasn't even close of being alright as he had thought about dying.

—At least he looks happy when we are with him— "and when he is with Beacrox"

On of course had noticed the two liked each other, but as they were idiots that need to do things on their own she just gave the chef a pitiful look. What could a soon to be twelve year old do anyways?

—I already send people to investigate, so we only need to wait, but I'm convinced you will help us in making him feel better.

—Of course grandpa Ron!, I really love Cale, I would do anything for him.

—Then that's good enough for now, so eat your breakfast and then go wake up your brothers.

—Alright, how long will we stay there?

—Im not sure, but tell Cale to take enough clothes for you and your brother— Beacrox answered.

—I'll do that, I really want to see the jungle, Cale said that it was beautiful!

—But you have to consider we are going there to extinguish a fire that's consuming a whole sector of the jungle, not for tourism.

—I know, but he said he would go see president Litana, Oli said that she's an interesting human, because she loves nature, and she also has a huge panther on her side, Hong really wants to see it, Raon too.

—Olienne-nim talked about it with the three of you?— the chef was impressed, since the dragon barely talked to them.

—Yes, he likes plants, he said the jungle was one of his favorite places, he looks cold but Oli is a good person, he really likes Cale too.

As she was about to keep eating she heard how the box of cereal fell to the ground. Ron laughed at his son that had a frightening expression in his face. On sighed and just kept eating.

—You don't have to worry mister, Oli likes Goldie gramps more like anyone else, he's the only one he listens to.

Ron's smile grew wider as he saw how his son was being comforted by an eleven year old girl. As she finished her cereal, On stood up and put her dishes on the sink before going out.

—I'll go wake them up.

She went back to their room, just to find her two brothers snuggling with the older cat that was still sleeping. 

—You have to get up— she whispered.

—I know, but he almost never sleeps like this with us— her brother answered in the same way.

—But we can't be late, don't you wanna see the jungle and the giant panther?

—Oh right.

Although he didn't want to, be came out of Cale's embrace and started to stretch lazily. The dragon did the same, then they went to the bathroom to get ready.

—Cale...Cale— the girl called him until the cat opened his eyes, he was clearly about to get angry but saw her and relaxed.

—What time is it?

—It's eight and something.


—Mister said you have to take care of our things and save enough clothes if you are taking us too.

—Ah....that's right, I forgot — he stretched as he yawned —Did you eat?

—Yes I did.

—Then pick some clothes that you like, remember that where we are going it's not cold like here, you need something to change before we get there— he turned human and stretched a little more, it was too early to be awake.


—Good— he patted her hair and went into the bathroom too.

She picked some clothes for her and her brother and placed them on the bed. It was almost November, and it was indeed cold outside, as the greenhouse and the whole place had temperature control, it was difficult to notice, and they never really go outside, just to Cale's villa that has been redecorated and in wich Olienne had take his time to fill with plants everywhere.

—This should be fine— she said to herself almost in a whisper.

Soon enough two red haireds and a dragon came from the bathroom and started picking their clothes, Cale saved some for the travel and made sure everything important was there before changing. Fortunately thanks to the vitality of the heart's power all the marks on his body had dissapeared already. He casually put their clothes in the spatial bag as well as all the things the kid asked him to bring along, they didn't knew how many days they would be there, but it surely wouldn't be one or two, so videogames and books went into a small suitcase. Then they went to eat breakfast.

On though, as responsible as she was, picked up her notebook and went to the fifth floor. The door opened on it's own as always, letting her in. Eruhaben was sitting on the couch with what looked like a casual attire that he used as pajamas, letting the book he was reading aside, he turned to see the little girl walking towards him.

—Gramps, I brought my homework.

—Right, I think that old assassin mentioned they would be traveling today.

—Yes, that's why I brought mine.

—Well done— the golden dragon put a hand on her head and gave her two soft pats before opening the notebook and going through the excercises he had given yesterday.

On sit down next to him. She was waiting patiently when one of the doors opened and Oliene came out with bed hair and clearly half asleep. The dragon was yawning when he saw her, then after pausing for a moment, he went to sit in the couch in front of them.

—Good morning Oli.

—What are you doing here so early? You usually come around nine.

—We are traveling today, we are going to the jungle and Cale decided to take me and my siblings along.

—The jungle?

—There's a huge fire in one of the sections of the jungle and they are going to look at it and try extinguishing it. 

—That pumk is going there?— Olienne frowned.

—Such an unlucky bastard, getting himself in problems with his own two feet— he leaned on her direction showing the contents of the notebook and signaled two excercises —This two are wrong, try doing them again. 

The girl looked at them and nodded, the dragon with a movement of his hand got the pencil case to fly to them, On erased them and started again. Eruhaben looked at Olienne, that had been staring at him.

—Why don't you go with them?— The golden dragon asked.

—Why would I?

—Don't you like the jungle so much you wanted to go visit?

—But I don't want to go alone.

—You'll be going with them.

The green dragon frowned and almost pouted. —They don't count.

Eruhaben smiled, he knew well what the other was trying to say, and maybe he could grant his wish once in a while. He was also worried that unlucky cat would get himself in more problems, he had already heard enough about him being in situations that almost killed him, that was worrisome, he could help them this once and investigate the rare fire they mentioned couldn't be fought with magic or water.

—Have you investigated about the water ancient power?— he finally asked the green dragon.

—Yes, there are three possible places for what I know, two are more prone to be what we are looking for.

—Good, how much would it take to see wich one it is?

—I don't have the coordinates to one of them, I will probably have to fly there, but, it shouldn't take long, as I believe one of the places I already been at is the one we are looking for, it was a really strange lake, so, I would go there first, and even if it isn't, in just a couple of hours to a day we can check the others.

—I see...

—I'm done— On handed over her homework again.

The golden dragon took it and checked it, nodding in approval. —Yes, now they are right, good job.

The girl sheepishly smiled. —Are you coming as well?— she tilted her head.

—Mm— he said as an affirmative answer —Since someone doesn't want to go alone.

The girl didn't had to ask to know, she just nodded and went out to tell the others. Olienne looked at the beautiful elf and as he slightly averted his eyes he asked.

—Are you really going with me this time? You never accompany me anywhere. 

—With the face you were making how could I say no, you really act like a child sometimes.

The green dragon stood up and went to him, slamming his hand on the couch just centimeters away from Eruhaben as he leaned over. Such a fierce expression in his face as he got closer to the other's ear.

—For what I remember you don't say that when doing "that", now do you?— he smiled, showing his teeth and gently biting his earlobe, then he got away just to see the shocked and slightly flustered expression he wanted to see.

"What a good morning" he couldn't help but thought, the other soon scowled at him.


—Anyways I'll be taking a bath, you can come if you want— he left just like that while the other composed himself.

Of course it was a big surprise for Alberu to have not only the people he knew would be going, but also two kids and two mysterious men that he had never seen in his life there in the airport.

—Young master Alberu— Ron came to him with his usual benign smile —This are Eruhaben-nim and Olienne-nim.

The now platinum blonde man seemed to be looking at him with interest, yet he only nodded. The green haired one thought just gave him a look before ignoring him. Such disrespect, as the son of one, if not the most, important family of the country, to have people to be so disrespectful towards him was something new, and he thought Kim Rok Soo was the only one that would dare to do that.

—And they and the kids are coming because...?

—You really expect me to left two children unsupervised for who knows how many days in an empty place?— Cale asked while raising an eyebrow.

—Well, no but..

—I can't let them alone so they're coming, and Eruhaben-nim and Olienne-nim and the children bodyguards.

Both dragons looked at him in disbelief, yet then sighed as they decided to go along with the lie, not like it was actually one, they were there in case things might get a little difficult, specially if the kids got involved.

—I....whatever just get in so we can go already.

Cale smiled on his triumph and holding Hong's hand he got into the airplane. The kids monopolized their guardian as they took the seats next to him and the little black dragon just used his lap.

-Human, Human, How does this big metal thing works?

—I don't know how it works, why don't you try studying about it when we arrive? I'm sure you can look at it online— he said in a low voice as he caressed the dragon's back.

-Can I do it now?

—No, you can't use phones here, it can make the airplane fail, although they might have an option to use internet, but you have been using the phone Eruhaben-nim lend you too much, read something or sleep while we travel.


The other kids, that had managed to understand their little sibling was talking to Cale, looked at each other.

—Our youngest can read with me— Hong whispered as he showed one of the comic books he had brought to read.

Cale felt how the little dragon moved from his lap to sit with his brother to read. And seeing the others were almost done and that the plane was about to take off, he just made himself comfortable to take his morning nap.

On, as she saw how peacefully he was sleeping, took the job of keeping an eye on her brothers, in three hours or so they would be there after all.


—My little kitten, be carefull!!

—Uh?— he turned around to see his mother running to him.

—Don't get any closer is dangerous!

He looked down to the edge of the river and stepped back, waiting for his mother to get there.

—Gosh I leave you with your father for five minutes and you ran off somewhere else, you almost gave him and me a heart attack.

—I'm sorry...

—But you really don't make much sound when walking, he was looking and yet couldn't find you at all.

—Then how comes mama found me?

—I wonder~ —she smiled as she caressed his hair —A mother always finds their children, and cats can hear their babies from quite a far distance you know? They have good hearing, I bet if you concentrate enough you'll be able to hear your father calling your name or the sound he makes as he walks.

—You can do that?

—....Of one grows up, if they're like us, is a normal thing— although she tried to hide it, he could see the pain in her eyes —But I pray you don't have to— she then lean over and kissed his forehead. 


—Because sometimes is annoying, but it can be useful too, mama will teach you the basics my kitten, since I may be not strong enough to...anyways, don't go near water when you still don't know how to swim Cale, I'll get you to learn this summer, but until then, do not get closer.

—Alright, I'll do that.

—Good— she looked like she wanted to hold him in her arms as she got closer, but then opted to just held his hand and guide the way back —....But, you know...

He looked up. As his mother seemed to be absent mindedly staring at the clouds.

—Cursed or blessing, if you learn how to use your abilities well, you can make sure to never lose those dear to you, or run away from those that want to harm you, like mama, she will never lose you, even if you hide I can find you, cause I'm the one that knows you the best and will never let you alone, now, where's your useless father?

He saw her close her eyes for a moment before opening them and smiling.

—There he is, that idiot.

"Never lose those dear to me" he did lose his mother. Even though he knew he was dreaming and could think straight about what was going on around him, he wasn't waking up. He didn't want to, unlike those useless dreams he usually had, the ones of his mother would usually calm him down and let him rest, but, this was wrong.

He could remember this day, he was seven, and even though everything his mother just said was a part of a memory, the location of the threes and the hair ornaments his mother was wearing were not correct. He was actually dreaming for once and not just remembering.

—Cale— his mother called his name once again —Don't lose sight of them, you can do that right?

—What?— this was not part of his memory either.



—C'mon were already here wake up!

He opened his eyes slowly, just to see two pairs of golden eyes looking at him.

—We're already here! Let's go I want to see the place!!— Hong insisted.

—Yeah, I'll go, just give me a moment.

He lazily got out of his seat, almost falling on his back when a sudden extra weight hung up from his shoulders. Yet he still didn't say a thing to the little dragon. Since they only had a suitcase it was easy to take it and go down. The kids seemed really excited to get out of the airport, yet once they were out their face became gloomy.

—This looks like any other city...— said Hong looking out of the window of the car Alberu had brought for their use.

—Of course it does, the jungle is a protected place, not everyone can just go an enter, this is the big city outside of it, Alberu got the permits so we can go in, that will be a little more nice to look at.

—If people can't go in where will we stay?— On looked at him.

—There are people living inside the jungle, those that had been living there in communion with nature for over three hundred years, they have places to recieve tourists don't worry.

—I see.

—We will stop for lunch and then enter the jungle— Rosalyn, that was sitting next to driver seat, inform them.

—What will we eat?— Raon, that was now visible as only trustworthy people were there, asked with sparkling eyes.

—Are you already hungry?— Cale pat the kid's head —I have snacks on my spatial bag.

—You shouldn't gave the kids snacks before lunch— Beacrox reproached him from the driver seat.

—It's just a cereal bar.

—You'll ruin their appetite and they did had a snacks on the plane.


—Gosh you really act like an old married couple— Rosalyn laughed at them.

Beacrox ears turned slightly red, Cale maintained his stoic face, yet his lips slightly went up.

—What's a married couple?

They all went silent because of Raon's question. Rosalyn just looked away avoiding responsibility.

—Two people that have married, that live and spend their lifes together— answered Cale as if it was nothing.

—Like a family?

—Yes, you could say that, but it's usually people that like or love each other, you know, like the old couple in the movie we watched the other day.

—I see— he thought for a moment, then his eyes had a strange spark, he opened his mouth to keep talking —Then are you and and the chef going to get married?

The car suddenly move to the side for a moment before it stabilized again, scaring everyone. Cale saw Beacrox red face through the rearview mirror. "How cute" he wanted to tease him a bit, he was not sure but, he had noticed Beacrox had quite a reaction around him, maybe his chances were higher than he thought.

—I would marry him if I could eat his food for the rest of my life— he said in a serious and contemplative way.

The kids faces for some reason brightened up, meanwhile Rosalyn was completely shocked. Beacrox was dead silent as he tried to get them alive to their destination, even though his mind was repeating Cale's words in a loop.

—But of course, marriage is only for those that like each other and you can't force it.

—I see— the little dragon said with a serious expression —But, I don't want you to marry if that means you won't stay with us like in that movie.

The three children bright atmosphere turned into a gloomy one. Cale frowned.

—Why wouldn't I stay with you, you three come before everything else.

—....really?— this time On asked.

She wouldn't be mad at him, after all everyone else had abandoned them and treated them poorly, Cale was the only one with whom they had feel cared for and at ease, but it wasn't his responsibility to take care of them at all, so if he decided to choose someone else, she would understand even if it was painful.

—Of course, I said I would take care of you, I can't just let children alone, besides, I'm not even planning on marrying someone— not yet at least, he was still nineteen.

— have to stay with us forever Human!— Raon snuggled against him.

—We won't let you go now— Hong hugged him while smiling widely.

—Mm— On leaned on him, a soft smile and pink cheeks showing her happiness.

He just let them be, it felt nice to have them around even if they were a little too hyperactive and liked to talk a lot. He petted their heads while forgetting how he had publicly declared he would be willing to marry Beacrox, yet Rosalyn and the chef were still going around his words, both thinking. Had he actually mean it? Or was it just a joke?

The chef had no idea what to think, and Rosalyn was still under the idea Cale hadn't realized his feelings, so, how could anyone really know? Surely if his father had decided to go on the same car as him he would be openly laughing at his son.

—T-they're slowing down— Rosalyn pointed at the other two cars in front of them, that were starting to slow down and preparing to stop next to a big restaurant.

—Finally! I was hungry— the little dragon said as he went invisible again.

—I will probably have to ask for a private room so Raon and the kids can eat peacefully.

As soon as they got off of the car, the two ancient dragons came closer. Olienne was obviously not enjoying having to spend time with all of them, but he still looked quite happy for having the golden dragon accompanying him.

—I'll ask for a‐

As Alberu started to speak to inform about his plans, Cale, now Rok Soo, raised his hand and stopped him from continuing, earning a few glares from the blonde's bodyguards and secretary.

—I'll eat in a private room with the kids and a few more people, I'm just asking for a little privacy, young master.

—....Alright— he answered ignoring the disrespect he was just showed. 

—Mm, let's go in— he held the kids hands and went in with the rest.

The others were looking at him weirdly, wasn't he acting too protective of the children? He usually wasn't like that, sure, he cared for them, but now he was not letting them out of his sight, he wasn't really showing it openly, as he had his usual stoic face, yet still, for the ones that knew him it was pretty obvious. And Cale knew that as well, but since he had that dream of his mother, he had an odd sensation and couldn't help keeping them close.

Although Beacrox liked seeing the warm atmosphere between Cale and the kids, he didn't like to be this ignored, specially after what the red haired had said on the car. Yet they ate peacefully, then got in the car again, and proceeded to the area were the jungle practically started, were they had to show their permits and identification, security was more strong than ever since the fire started.

—This looks so different from the forest of darkness!!— Hong exclaimed as he looked out.

—Look, you can see the sky turning red in that direction....— On pointed out, the flames were indeed big if they could see them from there.

—Have you been here before human?

—No, I just read books and info about it, they say the view by the beach is quite beautiful too.

—Will we be able to see the panther?

—We're supposed to meet with president Litana so maybe.

—Will it like us though?— On said —Felines are very protective of their territory, you don't think it will dislike us because we are cats right?

—We'll probably be fine— Cale said ending the conversation.

Although the people of the jungle were against the endangerment of the flora and fauna, they still made a road from the outside to the cities on the different sections and the one on the center, for political reasons more than anything, as they couldn't just give their coordinates to other countries mages and risk having people come and make a problem, and of course for communication and business. Cale agreed with the first reason, with all the contamination, protecting one if not the biggest green lungs of the continent or the world was essential, the air here was clean, unlike the polluted one of the big cities.

—When are we going to arrive?— even if the scenery was striking, the kids would obviously get bored after a few hours of traveling

—Section seven it's quite far since it's at the center, but we're almost there.

—You are not lying are you human?

—I don't like lying to little kids.

—I'm not a kid I'm a mighty dragon!!

—Yes, I know.

—I think we are already here— Beacrox said suddenly.

The kids all looked at the front of the road with sparkling eyes. It was really a good view. Houses and buildings that were clearly a mix between old and new and that also were perfectly coexisting with nature, as trees and plants grew around them and were part of them too. Of course new architecture and technology had reach the jungle too, but they didn't change their own ways of living too much.

The old palace of the jungle could be seen from far away, the place where kings and queens had lived for hundreds of years and that now was the presidential palace stood tall and big with all his majesty. They would stop there now as the reason they were here was an emergency, surely Cale was lacking his sixteen hours of sleep but if they could end all this soon enough it would be better. Why did he even proposed this plan? The jungle wasn't his problem, all this underworld affair wasn't his problem, sure, he didn't like the whole people being sold and experimented on thing, so he interfered in their plans, but if he hadn't gone to the cat clan and help...

He slightly frowned and looked at the children, then at Beacrox on the driver seat. No, things had already happened and even if he didn't want to admit it he liked things as they were now. He let out a long sigh, getting everyone's attention.

—Is there a problem Cale?— Rosalyn asked.

—No, there is none— he slightly frowned.

—He must be sleepy— Said On —If I'm sleepy I can't think how bad it is for him.

She was a little guilty though, for joining her brothers on making Cale play cards with them while traveling and preventing him from having his afternoon nap, but they were really bored.

—You'll be able to sleep soon don't worry— Rosalyn reassured him.

He was just a little too sensitive for that weird dream, the odd feeling, and the thought of working though, sure he hadn't sleep much, but with the vitality of the heart with just having three hours of sleep was enough to be a functional human being. And more than everything else, was the fact that the moment he gets out of the car, he would have to act as a good, humanitarian and righteous person that only sought for justice.

—I just don't want to work....— he mumbled, yet everyone heard him perfectly.

Right, his slacker life, just where had it gone? He was good with laying around Beacrox's house, being able to do nothing. Now he had to go to another country and extinguish a fire just because a fucking lunatic wanted to take over the underworld and have power all over the fucking continent. Life was not fair at all.

"If you didn't want to work why would you even propose this then?" Beacrox and Rosalyn thought. Seriously, Cale kept saying he doesn't want to work and that he would be a slacker, yet he was the one proposing plans or creating situations, the kids though, were the only ones that knew he had made a deal with Ron.

—Human, Human. Can we have a home like that one? I bet Oli Oli would love one!!

—.....— he didn't dare to answer, not when the dragon was pointing at the palace.

Cale could only sight as he watched the orange pink sky product of the sunset. They had take so much time to get here, even he wanted to rest from this terrible car and, maybe not walk and stretch his legs like the others, but at least lay down in a comfy bed.

As they approached the place and started to slow down, he let out another long sigh, then he casually said as they were stopping.

—Starting from the moment o get out of the car, I'm a good person.

—Why are you saying human? Did you went nuts?


The dragon made himself invisible again as the car door opened. Apparently there were already some people waiting for them, people that seemed impressed by the number of visitors they got this time. Cale stayed on the side as he watched Alberu talk with them, On and Hong were on his sides looking around with curious eyes, and even if the rest couldn't, he was able to hear the little dragon talking non stop on his head making questions about the place.

A shiver went down his spine suddenly, he started to look around just to suddenly see a black shadow jump out of the palace and run towards him. The kids quickly hide behind him as they heard some screams, yet even though Cale was kind of terrified he didn't move.

The biggest and scariest black panther he had ever seen, not that he had actually seen one before apart from pictures, had stopped but a few inches from his face. Seriously that thing was terrifying, his fangs were as long as Cale's arms, it wouldn't be difficult to eat him in one bite, yet he kept looking at those dark blue and big feline eyes that were fixated on him.


A petite woman with pitch dark hair, brown skin and a firm psychic was running in their direction. At her call, the panther slowly looked in her direction while slightly moving it's ears, yet soon enough was already staring back at Cale.

There was another round of screams and people running as they saw the panther open it's mouth, yet just a few moments later they all stopped, as the big cat, that had licked Cale's entire face, was now rubbing it's big head against him. They were obviously speechless, except for two dragons that were enjoying all the show as they just stood there.

—Goodness...this is the first time she does something like this....— the woman from before said as she got closer —Ten rarely likes people...

"Is this because I'm a cat....?" Cale thought. Seeing that it was safe, On and Hong got a little more closer, the panther looked at them for a moment, and the just presented her head to Hong letting him pet her.

—President Litana— Alberu got closer as he kept his eyes in the three and their interactions with the big animal.

—Young master Alberu, a pleasure to have you here in this situation, I was so happy when I heard you might have a solution for our problem, nature is to be respected and protected, to suffer from such a situation....

—I understand president Litana, I couldn't just let such a beautiful place to burn, yet I'm not the one that can help, but one of my men.

She smiled and looked around. —Who might be the good man I have to thank for their help?

— right there...— he pointed to the panther the woman had turned her back on a moment ago.

Ten was now laying on the ground, over a very much troubled Kim Rok Soo that the kids and Beacrox were trying to get from under the panther.

—Oh my god, Ten!! Come here!!

The big black panther looked at her for a few moments before standing up and walking in her direction. The black haired asian man that had been it's victim was now slightly frowning and cleaning his face that had been licked twice already, his ears red as the brown haired man wearing white gloves was re arranging his clothes and hair that had been messed up, not realizing that he was touching the other man everywhere. The two kids were tightly hugging his legs.

—Rok Soo-nim— Alberu called getting his attention, that was the moment everyone from their group went speechless.

Cale gave a warm and relaxed smile as he went to them, extending his hand toward Litana and even speaking in a more soft voice.

—My name is Kim Rok Soo, it's a pleasure too meet you president Litana, I have heard many things about you, and I admire your strong wish of protecting such a marvelous and beautiful place as it is the jungle.

The woman shook his hand as she smiled back.

—The pleasure is mine, Rok Soo-nim, I heard from young master Alberu that you are the one with the method to extinguish the fire?

—Yes, I am, since I heard from the fire I was worried and wanted to try it, although I'm not completely sure it would work, it's better to have hope and try something to get good results than not trying at all and let such beautiful place to burn.

The woman's eyes sparkled. —I see why Ten liked you so much, such a good person!

The others could barely close their mouths by their exchange, Cale in specific was hearing not only Raon's voice in his head, but the ones of the other two dragons too.

-Human!! Are you sick? Do we need to get you to a doctor? Why are you smiling like that? think you could act this well you unlucky bastard...

-You seriously are an interesting being! It's good I decided to come if I could see this.

What was even the point of talking in his head if they knew he couldn't answer back?, or perhaps that was the reason they did so.

—May I ask what method are you going to use?

—It's quite simple, in my travels I happened to come across some mysterious water that had some strong properties— he showed his bracelet, making his companions frown, wich didn't went unnoticed by Alberu and Litana —I believe this will work against the weird fire.

— have it in your bracelet? Isn't it valuable? To use it here...

—Don't worry, even if this one has not as much capacity as other artifacts, the quantity of water stored here is not low, I can use part of it and still have some left, so you don't have to worry, extinguishing the fire so plants can grow and animals can go back at doing their homes is more important that some simple water.

—You truly are an altruistic person Rok Soo-nim! Honestly, I would love for you all to go to the fire immediately, but you have traveled a lot, and I can see some of you are tired— she looked at Hong that had just yawned —We can go-

—I would suggest going right now— Cale interrupted her.

—Eh?— Alberu looked at hi shocked —Right now?

—We can't just not go and let the jungle burn even more, I can rest on the way there, and after we extinguish the fire, I believe that is more important than just resting.

The faster they ended this the faster he could go back to slack. Besides, the more they wait, more time had the other side to use the opportunity to take care of the fire and get the credit.

—Are you sure? But you all must be...

—I'm fine don't worry, and they can stay if they want.

Stay? Like hell they would send an idiot that didn't know how to take care of himself to such a place without the supervision of several people. They immediately gave Alberu a look that said they would be going too.

—We have to go into the car again?— Hong asked sulking.

Cale hesitated for a moment. —You and your sister can stay here with Eruhaben-nim and Olienne-nim if you want.

—No, I want to go with you— On said.

-Me too human!! You are to weak, we can't let you go alone, what if you trip over a rock and broke something?!!!

"That's just exaggerating...." —Alright, let's just wait until tomorrow....— he sighed, he could not let the kids stay up all night, that wasn't good for them.

—Oh my...— Litana whispered, to think he was not just a really good person but such a dedicated father!

—Yes, it's better for them to rest— Beacrox said next to Cale.

—Then we shall show you all the hotel you'll be staying, we will make sure you can rest and eat well— one of the men working for Litana came forward.

—You all can go, I have to stay to discuss some things with president Litana— Alberu told them as he was receiving a folder from one of his assistants. 

—Ah, Ten!!— Litana exclaimed with exasperation as the panther had once again gone to rub her head on Cale almost making him fall to the ground.

—Ten is really soft...— Hong, that had his face buried on Ten's side, said with a muffled voice.

—I know!— Litana came closer —Why don't you let Ten take you to your hotel?

Cale looked at her, at the panther and then at her again. Who would want to get on such a terrifying creature? He would rather walk there, but as he was opening his mouth he was interrupted.

—Can we?!— Hong exclaimed and then looked at Cale —Can we please?

On hadn't say anything, but by her eyes he could tell she also wanted. But he couldn't be convinced so easily even with those puppy like sad eyes they were making.

—You don't have to worry, Ten really likes children and it's safe to ride, I personally go around the city in her as it's faster than using a car— Litana reassured him.

—I don't really think it's appropriate, after all Ten is president Litana's loyal companion.

—It's alright, besides Ten also wants it! Just go ahead.

"For God's fucking sake..." he thought as he saw the panther obediently crouch down, Litana helped On first and then Hong to get on, while explaining how they had to sit and hold onto to not fall. Without another option Cale got closer, yet only stared at the panther, he was too lazy to get on it's back all on his own.

—Do you need help Rok Soo-nim?

—No, I'm fine— he could just jump but...he turned around and looked at Beacrox —Help me.

The chef stiffened a bit yet went anyways, grabbing Cale from the waist and lifting him. He was really skinny, he had noticed it before, but now he was rational enough to see he really weighed little. Carefully he helped Cale to get on the back of the panther, not taking his eyes away from him.

Litana just watched this and slowly covered her mouth to not show her smile. What an interesting development, and then seeing how Kim Rok Soo smiled at the other man her mind cleared. "Oh my....they have a lot of chemistry and tension going on there..." this was such a lovely couple, "No wonder the brown haired man was so worried about Rok Soo-nim before when Ten was over him"

Once Cale was secured on Ten's back, he made sure to get the children to sit more closer to him, Raon obviously was there too in between them. The others were already getting in the cars.

—Ten, listen well, go slowly, since this is their first time, you know wich hotel they have to go, is the only one you know anyways.

The panther let out a soft growl as it closed her eyes slowly. The as the cars started to go, Ten waited to receive a pat on the head from Litana before following them. The only thing Cale wanted was to get off, yet the kids seemed to be enjoying the situation a los since at every little jump or turned they screamed or laughed as if the were in a roller coaster.

"Maybe I should take them to a amusement park after all of this and a long time of rest" they would surely enjoy it if they liked this. He would have to get another person to go with them in the attractions, cause right now he was very much pale and feeling weak as he held on tightly. He surely enjoyed the moment they got to their destination, but he would have liked it more if Ten hadn't decided to go running around like giving them a tour before deciding to finally get to the hotel.

He was as pale as a ghost when the others, that were waiting for them, saw them arrive. He just helped the children get off, then he barely managed to get to Beacrox arms that helped him regain balance. He didn't want to ride that panther ever again.

—Are you ok?— On gave him a pitying look.

—Yes, I'm okay...— he put back his stoic face yet the girl didn't believe him like her brothers, she couldn't when Cale was still holding onto Beacrox's arm.

Ron got closer and coughed to get their attention, clearly staring at the two men that were conveniently too close just as everyone else was doing.

—Let's go inside, we have to eat and rest to wake up early tomorrow.

—I really just want....a bottle of vodka— commented Cale as he let go of Beacrox.

—I want meat— Hong followed Cale's example of voicing what he wanted.

—I want something sweet.

-Human I want steak and sausages!! And that bread like thing that's sweet and covered in chocolate.

—Alright, let's get you all what you want.

They finally went inside the hotel and to the dinning room, as their rooms had already been booked. He was just leisurely walking when his senses raised in alarm. He quickly looked around, yet it didn't seem like there was anyone looking at him. That was strange, and it only helped the odd feeling that had started to disappear to raise again. He just casually walked closer to the kids and Beacrox.

When they were at a good distance, a man sitting in the corner just looked at them again, right now, that asian man had felt awfully familiar for some reason, but he had to be careful cause he had felt his gaze. "What an interesting human"

It was good he had come in disguise, that way even if that black haired man had seen him before it was impossible for him to recognize him.

—What are you looking at?

A voice from his side caught his attention. He frowned as he saw his companion sit next to him and put an artifacts over the table turning it on, all noises from the other tables dissapeared and now no one could hear them unless they came closer.

—Took you long enough Syrem. 

—It's not my fault this people are so careful about their information, Greetel had to take quite a while to infiltrate and get an appointment with president Litana, tomorrow we can go, use the artifact our liege gave us and get them on our side.

—This damn place, so irrelevant, why not just set on fire the whole damn thing, I don't even understand why our liege wants us to do this stupid mission, if I hadn't messed up with the Sekka family....

Syrem laughed at him. —Then just work hard and don't mess up here Edrich, or do you want king Dorph to name you as the disappointment of your family? Your cousin at least stayed obediently in her hotel room.

—Shut up you useless piece of shit!— Edrich growled as he took Syrem by the neck.

—C'mon, hit me, hit me and help us get discovered so the mission fails, I dare you, you know I only care about myself, and as it is now I don't think our liege will throw me away as I'm still useful, but what about you?

How could he be discarded? He was the only one with the plate to obtain those ancient powers, he was useful, and as long as he kept raising in ranks until having enough power for him was enough, overpower those that thought are the stronger, see the despair in their eyes as they understood they are no match for him, that was just the best.

Edrich finally let him go. Just a minute of silence after another man approached them with a dark expression, he didn't say much but a couple of words and that was enough for the others to understand their plan wasn't going as they wanted.

—Someone appeared with a solution.

—Who?— Edrich asked immediately as he looked at Greetel.

—I don't really know, it's a man that came accompanying Alberu Crossman, the son of Roan's prime minister, his name is Kim Rok Soo.

—A korean man?— Edrich eyes darkened as he remembered the asian man he had found familiar before, yet there was also another one on the group, it might be one of those two people.

—Yes, we have to do something, maybe get rid of them on their way to section one, we can't risk having the fire extinguished by others, we will lose the chance on having free pass to the jungle and use it as a base for the business.

Syrem was silent for a moment before speaking. —This is easy, we only have to kill the man, and in case whatever he is going to use it's an artifact like ours, then we stole it and problem solved.

—You really think it can be that easy?— Edrich laughed at him —I just saw two korean man in a group that came in earlier, one was weak, the other strong, and both were surrounded by a big group of strong people, if by any chance one of them is the Kim Rok something Greeted mentioned, then I want to see how you are going to deal with it.

—Then we will do everything to stop them, we can't fail, we have men under our command, let's just use them.

The other two frowned, Syrem was taking the matter as if it wasn't serious, but it was for them, Greetel and Edrich had already failed once, as well as the other member that had been hiding in her room. Even though Edrich and his Cousin were related to someone with a higher position in the organization, they were still disposable pawns, they would only be removed of the line of inheritance and was not necessary to say how would they end. Even if it was difficult, they had to make the plan succeed, and if not, at least removing the hindrances that had appeared would placate their liege's rage. And so, after getting more information they prepared to go out next morning.


Cale had enough. Not only did he had to wake up early, and be around three hours in a car to get to section one, but as the roads weren't close enough to the fire he had to face this situation yet again.

—Ten is the most reliable and fast, she will take you to the fire and watch your back Rok Soo-nim.  

He used all his strength to not let go of his act of a good person. Yet he had that little voice in his head telling him to just accept.

‐Human! The panther might not be as big and mighty as me, but I liked the ride yesterday, and this way you won't have to walk much!!

—Alright, I'll humbly take your offer again.

—Then Cale, can we-?— Hong hadn't even finished talking when he got his answer.

—No, you and your sister will stay here with the others and won't approach the fire.


—But, you can't go alone— Choi Han said frowning.

—I won't be alone— he gave his sly smile as he put his hand on Ten's side —Ten is coming with me.

Of course everyone understood that he was actually talking about Raon. The two ancient dragons spoke in the little kids mind to instruct him on how to protect Cale and to place several layers of shields so the fire wouldn't hurt him. They had agreed to stay with On and Hong as Cale insisted on it for some reason.

Beacrox, although was against letting Cale go alone with Raon, came closer and helped him again to get on the panther, while Litana just looked at their interactions wanting to scream. Why did they had to be such a cute couple? It was like seeing the father and children sending their other father to the battlefield by their faces and how the chef and two kids were looking at Cale.

—We will go behind you and come closer after the fire is gone— Alberu comented.

—I'll go now then— "Maybe then I can take a long fucking nap of ten hours and go back home, I still have to think how I'll tell Lily and Basen about me being a cat" —Miss Rosalyn.

—Ah yes— She came forward and put a shield over him and the panther to pretend.

He felt Raon snuggling against him, and so he carefully held him without others noticing. After that, as if Ten had noticed all her passengers were secured, she started moving forward to the giant pilar of fire that had engulfed almost the entirety of section one.

The air soon became hot enough to make him sweat, but thanks to Raon using a temperature control spell Eruhaben had taught him it was easier for them and the big black cat that was putting itself in danger by carrying them there. Soon they were at a distance of a few meters from were the fire was, and as Litana had said, it looked like an invisible line was preventing the fire from spreading, it just suddenly stopped, yet the plants around weren't exactly alive due to the hot air that was coming from it.

Ten crouched down to let him get off easily. This time as Cale had experience this kind of travel before he was in a better state and just used his ancient power of wind to descend without any issues, not like he could have donde the same even without his ancient power last night, and no he didn't do it just to feel Beacrox's arms, absolutely not.

—Let's get over with this soon— he slightly pet Ten for her hard work and went a little more closer to the fire, then he placed his hand over his bracelet.

Using one third of what he had in it would be enough, or so he thought, he wasn't really sure, the capacity of the artifact he had wasn't as much as the one Bud first wanted for him, a necklace that had the same properties but was better in every aspect, yet they didn't manage to find it, and as the time was running against them then the bracelet became the only option. 

—One third shall do I hope.

—You just do that Human, I'll watch and protect you from here!

Even though he had the temperature control spell and the shields, the air was still suffocating.

—Ten, step back— Cale ordered.

Surprisingly, the black panther looked at him for a moment, then at his hands, and as he had ordered, she started to move back without taking her eyes from him, as if she was ready to jump and take him out of there were something dangerous to happen.

—Raon, protect Ten too.

—Alright human!


He heard people approaching at the distance. He clicked his tongue, couldn't they had waited until he was finished? Did they want to get wet? It was nice enough it was not raining even though the sky was covered in black clouds, and they had probably brought the kids too. He smiled, he was surrounded by a bunch of overprotective idiots.

He just raised his hands and heard the fire crackling. Soon he felt the power of the bracelet as a deep like crying noise started to came from it, he closed his eyes, yet at the distance the others could see the blue like light the bracelet was emitting. The water that suppressed and dominated fire and everything, he decided finally to use a little bit more of a third of it, and at that moment he used it.

The others were still at a good distance where they could only see he light from the artifact, but now they all gasped in admiration seeing the wall of water that shot to the sky.

"Like a storm...a powerful one that can get rid of any fire or wall, taking everything on it's way..." that's what he wanted, then he opened his eyes. Cale had to admit he was surprised himself of the huge quantity of water above his head. Maybe he had used too much water?

—Let's get rid of it all human!! Of all this unnatural fire that's killing the jungle!!

Cale smiled. —Yes, let's get rid of it all.

Ten unconsciously moved back even more. The noise suddenly stopped, and just seconds after, the wall of water fell. Like a big and strong wave taking everything on it's way, it ate up the fire and everything around it, including Cale.

All the people that had been approaching him forgot how to breath for a moment before starting to run. Vapor started to come from that direction covering everything, and even if normally Litana and her people would be happy cause it meant the fire has been extinguished, they could only thing on the poor man that got buried under all that water.

Yet as they got closer and the vapor started to disperse, they saw someone sitting in the grown with a big panther circling around him making some sounds that could be interpreted ar worry. And above them, a silver shield was protecting them.

They all breathed in relief, feeling a little flustered for forgetting about that.

The silver wings disappeared along with the shield, and soon a breeze came from Cale's hands, pushing the vapor and letting them see what was left of the green beautiful jungle. Just black and burned ground and rocks.

Cale was holding his head, as he heard the kid crying voice in his head.

‐I'm so sorry human!! I was distracted with the water and forgot the shield!!

"No, it's good, I also forgot about mine" he had heard Raon's voice at the last minute, mentioning the shield, as well as Ten's growl as she tried to come at him and get him away, so he used his ancient power to protect the three of them, yet they still got hit a bit by the water. Such a pressure, if he hadn't act on time he would have been flatten like a pancake, the three of them, but maybe it wa better not to tell anyone about that.

-I'm so sorry! I'm really sorry human!

Great, now the little dragon was crying.

—It's fine— he whispered —We survived thanks to you.

He really wanted to comfort the kid and tell him not to blame himself but soon the others got there.

—Are you ok?!— Beacrox went to him followed by the dragons.

He was actually fine except for the fact he was a little dizzy. So he nodded and attempted to stand up, just to casually almost fall. The chef quickly supported him.

—Oh my god are you okay?— Rosalyn, that had finally get there, asked worried as she was followed by Choi Han.

Cale frowned. —I look like drenched rat....

Ten rubbed his head against him and soon On and Hong came and hugged him.

—You'll get wet.

—We already did!— exclaimed On, and just then Cale noticed the ground was covered in water and the people here had all got at least a little wet.

—Oh, sorry for that, but I told you all to wait at a good distance, Ten here came to protect me see?

—It's more like you protected her...— Litana said as she came closer to hug her panther —I didn't know Rok Soo-nim had such a power.

—It's just something I got by chance, more important, you should go and talk with your people.

—I will, but are you really okay?

—I am—he rreassured her, then added —It's such a shame though.

—What?— Beacrox asked as he hadn't let him go yet.

—That— he looked at the burned land —I heard section one of the jungle had one of the most beautiful sunsets if you watched them from the beach.

Or that's what Lily had said once at least, and he agreed when she showed him a picture.

Litana heard this and her eyes brightened. —Have you seen pictures?

—A few yes.

—Then, as you liked it, I don't mind giving you all the shore of section one as a thank you!


—You saved us, if it weren't for you this fire might have been here killing the land and making it difficult for new life to ever grown again, for that, I can't find anything good to pay for your good heart and actions, we have plenty land here in the jungle, as our population is not as much compared to other countries, but I know something as noble and good as you wouldn't harm the land, I don't mind giving you the shore for you to enjoy whenever you like.

—No...I can't possibly accept that.

No wait, wasn't it free land? Everything free is good after all, but this was still too much.

—I didn't do it to get something in exchange.

Alberu looked at him in disbelief, this shameless bastart took another couple of billions out of his pockets for all this and was now saying such bullshit.

—You are too much of a good person— Litana said, and everyone just looked away, they knew how greedy Cale was after all —But I insist.

—Then, I'll just choose a patch of land to build a summer house or something.

—Yes, the size doesn't matter, you can go and explore so you can choose the place you like, we will even help you build whatever you want!

"Nice, less money to spend" it would be good too for if the kids wanted to go to the beach, he didn't really liked to go to crowded places.

—You should go right now! Ten will go with you!

—Excuse me?

—I have to settle thing with my people and let them now it's safe, you and everyone else from young master Alberu's group can go too, the view won't be as beautiful as before the fire, but, once you choose the land and we build the manor, when you come back, I promise we would have worked hard enough for it to be enjoyable.


Four people watched from afar the exchange between the woman and the savior of her jungle, clenching their teeth with rage. They had get there late, yet, saw their opportunity a while later when said men went to explore the burned lands accompanied by just a few people, following close, they just had to wait for the appropriate moment to attack.

Chapter Text


—I feel like he did this to just get rid of me.

Cale was casually sitting on Ten's back, honestly, after two times riding the panther and with how the feline worried about him, he had come to accept her a little more, specially now that they were leisurely walking on the chore, the kids sitting with him, and Beacrox, as well as Olienne and Eruhanen that were following them, the later in the distance while in their own world.

The green dragon seemed to be really angry about how black the section one looked like, and Eruhaben was also frowning at it. Beacrox was just following Ten and looking at Cale. 

—You mean Alberu? 

—Why on earth would he encourage her to send me to look for a piece of land that I liked if not, I only want to go to sleep.

—He wanted to talk about business and needed my father and miss Rosalyn for that, and she would kept getting distracted with you there. 

—I guess, at least I managed to dry myself thanks to Eruhaben-nim. 

—Yes...— he looked back, the two dragons had stopped to talk as they watched their surroundings, like looking for something, he didn't give it much thought, they were, after all, the strongest beings on the continent if not the world. 

—Cale, I know it's not the best place for, but can we build a sand castle?— On asked suddenly.  

—Mmm....— The young man looked around, everything was covered in ashes, he didn't mind them getting covered in dirt cause he could buy clothes or whatever he wanted for them at any moment, but it was Beacrox the one that had a problem with that, he gave the man a look.

The chef understood soon that the other was asking for his permission, it somehow gave him a feeling of pride and happiness. He nodded, and then helped the kids get down. 

—Help me too— Cale had barely said that before jumping to his arms, Beacrox soon caught him and put him in the ground as he kept staring at his eyes. 

Could this be a good moment for him to talk about what had happened the night Cale got drunk? But what if the red haired had been ignoring it because he didn't want to talk about it? Everything was normal, Cale didn't seem to care and just continued his life as if nothing had happened. Maybe it was for the best? Maybe this way their relationship wouldn't change? But, could he just live like that? Ignoring his feelings? It was better to get rejected than keep waiting for something to happen with hopes that might never come true. 

He slowly let go of the red haired as he thought that. The dragons were looking around as they talked at quite a distance from them, they could only see their silhouettes as they seem to be going somewhere inside the forest, but the kids were right here, and Cale didn't seem to want to get too far from them as Beacrox noticed how he kept an eye on them at every moment.

—Ah, Raon, don't go into the water— Cale frowned as he got closer to the kids. 

—But I can dry myself later human! 

—No, the water is pitch black, don't go there, is already enough that I let you three play in the sand covered in ashes— if he got Alberu's car dirty he might use the opportunity to take some of his money back.

—Mmm, alright human, then I'll just have to use magic to create water for the sand castle.

—You all will get your hands covered in ashes. 

—We can just wash them later— Hong said as it was the obvious. 

—Do you want to play with us too Cale?— On said almost in a mockery tone. 

—No thank you...

—Where are Goldie gramps and Oli Oli?— the little dragon looked around.

—They're walking around, Olienne-nim must be angry as he likes nature, all this burn section, it just looks depressing if I gotta be honest. 

—It's really different from all the green we saw yesterday— commented Beacrox as he nodded. 

—Let's just choose a place later and go back— Cale looked at the kids —Where do you want a house? 

—We can choose?— their eyes filled with sparkles.

—Yeah, I don't really care, any place is good to be honest, so you can choose. 

—I want a big house so it has to be big!!—Raon flew high to watch the surrounding land. 

—I just want it to be close to the beach— On said as she continued with the sand castle. 

—Yes, close to the beach, big so everyone can live in it, and it has to have a great view too! Cale said he liked the view of the sunset! 

—Then what about there?!— Raon pointed at a small cliff next to the beach they could see quite far away from where they were standing.  

—Should we go see?— On cleaned her hands with a handkerchief Cale supposed she got from Beacrox or Ron, and turned to see were her brother was pointing at. 

—Let's go then!!

—Wait a minute— Beacrox got closer and started cleaning Hongs face that had finger marks made with ashes.

—Thank you— the kid smiled. 

Cale stoic face was adorned with a smile as he saw this. Soon Ten came to his side offering her back again, but he just shook his head. 

—Now, we have a lot of time, just play around with ten and we can go see the place later, Eruhaben-nim and Olienne-nim are still a little far. 

—I have something to play with!!— Raon showed the shovel that he took out of nowhere, his siblings and the panther followed him.


The red haired, that had a subtle smile on his face as he watched the children, looked at Beacrox, who had called his name. 


—I...can we talk? I think we need to... 

Even though he hadn't say anything, he noticed how Cale stiffened and his relaxed face lost that little softness it had a moment ago. 

—...Talk? About what? 

—About...what happened the other night.

The already somehow tense atmosphere became even worst as Cale seemed to be doubting about having the conversation or not, finally he nodded and signaled him to go a little further away for the kids not to hear. 

Cale had to be honest, he was completely expecting for his new found feelings to be crushed and destroyed, cause, no one expected a nice and happy talk after someone tell the so famous phrase of I have to talk to you, although the chef hadn't say it like that, but it was still the same. Maybe...after all, he was as hated and detestable as always and everything was just in his mind.

A cold hearted bastard that couldn't shed any tears and that everyone just hated. Did...did Beacrox think like those people too? He calmed down and took a deep breath to compose himself and control his expression before answering.

—Ah, that....what about it?

—Cale....I'm sorry...

"Ah...thought so" it was all a mistake, he's the one to always. 

—Why asking for forgiveness?

— were drunk and I wasn't thinking properly, I shouldn't have done something like that while you were drunk. 

He just stared at the chef for a moment before opening his mouth. —Just... because I was drunk?

—Well, of course, it's a crime— he said with a serious expression. 

—Just because of that?

—Well, you weren't on your right state of mind and I...I don't even know what took over me.

Suddenly Cale's body relaxed, he might now understand why his mother always said one had to talk things. The problem here is that one was someone that barely talked, and the other was someone that said things half way or incomplete letting other people confused. 

"So not because it was a mistake that it was me, but because of the being drunk part..." for the son of an assassin and someone that, as he had heard, was a master in torture, this was surprisingly cute, at least he could be sure Beacrox was a gentleman. 

—That's why, I think I owed you an apology.  

—I see, then apology accepted— he said as nothing, yet then he suddenly blushed a little —I'm...also sorry for jumping over you...

—Ah no...that...I understand you were, I mean, we were...I...

Cale saw the chef's red ears. Maybe if he did the same thing right now he wouldn't get mad at all. Maybe he wasn't wrong after all and the chef had at least a little liking to him?

—Why so nervous?— he himself felt like becoming a tomato —It's not like I hate- 

Suddenly his eyes widened as he turned around and extended his hand towards the children. A silver shield appear and surrounded the three of them and Ten just in time as something invisible collided with it. Beacrox on his side quickly took out a dagger and intercepted the whip that was aiming for Cale, who was busy pointing his other hand, imitating a gun, and shoot a gold rose thunder against the person that had attacked the children. 

A scream was heard as blood fell to the ground. 

"Fuck.." Cale frowned as he saw his enemies appear after undoing the invisibility magic, not because of who they were, but because just now the use of his ancient powers made his organs a mess for a moment. "What is this? Is it because I used part of the water?" 

—To think we would find out the identity of the silver thief, you bastard son of a bitch!— Edrich, who's hair, similar to a lions mane, was golden once again as he had take off his disguise, was smiling as he put his hand over the wound Cale had left in his arm just now.

—Shit...— that was all Cale could say after his secret identity was somehow revealed, and although he was worried about that, instead of doing something with those people he and Beacrox just ran towards the kids, standing in between them and the other people.

—You....— a man said, that was using a mask resembling an imugi, he sounded quite shocked —Why are you using that face?!

"The fuck is he taking about?" He decided to ignore him as he took out his gun and made sure the kids were behind him.

Those motherfuckers that decided to interrupt in the critical moment of his talk with Beacrox, usually he wouldn't really get mad but, somehow that made him angry. 

—Silver thief, why are you- 

Cale didn't wait for the imugi little shit to finish before shooting at him and his people making them step back, who would in their right man just let the enemy talk like they were in a fucking picnic? 

—We will help!

As On said that, a reddish fog started to surround the place. Raon meanwhile, had gone invisible and Cale thanked whatever god there was out there that he was being buried in the sand when the others attacked and they might not have seen him. He would need a bath later though. 

-Human don't worry I put shields around us! Goldie gramps taught me a lot so I'll protect you!! 

—Aaah!!— Gronica jumped forward and attacked with her whip once again being intercepted with the shield. 

Cale used the opportunity to create a whirlwind to send her flying, Edrich also wasn't as lucky to get close thanks to Beacrox and Greetel was looking for the opportunity to attack. Just then Syrem attacked the shield. Cale felt once again how his interior seemed to twist when the light aura that came out of his sword collided with the holy shield. 

He quickly cleaned the blood from his mouth as he used the fiery thunderbolt once more to make them step back.

—You are bleeding!!— On exclaimed suddenly noticing the blood on his mouth. 

—I'm fine, just stay behind me! 

—Silver thief!! I'll ignore your appearance and it's resemblance to that person for now, but, you have something that belongs to me!! 

—God not again with this egocentric little shit...— Cale really was done with Syrem and his bullshit about becoming the most strong existence at the level of dragons. 

It had been the same during the time he robbed that weird crown from the Sekka household, the bastard was screaming and destroying everything as he ran behind him, luckily he got the chance to become a cat and run to the sewers before the other could get to him. He almost died crushed by debris but managed to come out without a single scratch. The only problem was that he fell unconcious for the overuse of his powers.

—I already lost it, grow up and get over it already!— he send a strong whirlwind to them, that mixed with the venomous fog made them cover their mouths while they evade it. 

At that moment fire and light arrows fell over their enemies, injuring Gronica, who didn't managed to dodge.

—It was a good decision to follow you here after all you unlucky bastard— Eruhaben appeared at their side with a noticeable frown in his beautiful face.

—Who are you?!— Syrem pointed his sword towards the new face, behind him poor Gronica was screaming in pain as her leg and shoulder had been burned severely leaving an open wound. 

Edrich mercilessly ignored his cousin and prepared himself to keep attacking.

—Me?— Eruhaben started —I'm the distraction. 

At that moment Olienne fell from the sky and landed a good punch on Edrich, making him fall to the ground and making the sand flew on the air as the others distanced themselves from the place. When the sand storm formed by the punch disappeared, they could see Olienne standing there in a crater, in front of him Edrich was in a state they couldn't say if he was alive or not. Beacrox and Cale covered the kids eyes from the vicious dragon while Ten stood in front of them to protect them.

—I hadn't fought in a while— the green dragon smiled with malice —Guess I over did it a bit.

He moved his hand a bit as if he was warming up for another punch. The others could just look at this with wide eyes, after all, they knew Eruhaben was strong and they had heard how he liked to beat his opponent until dust flew on the air when he was younger, but Olienne, he was just a rude old dragon that never did much and spend most of his time taking baths or with his plants, they didn't knew he was this strong.

Eruhaben just smiled, that punk, he had massive strength but lacked a little in magic as he was not really interested in fights, he was okay with being surrounded by nature after all.

-Oli Oli that was fucking awesome!! 

Hearing the little kid's voice in his head, the dragon smiled even more. Using the chance, Eruhaben made a thread out of magic and wrapped it around Greetel legs, then with a little force he dragged the man to them, throwing him to the air, Olienne made a lance out of ice and threw it successfully piercing the assassin's chest, his body well to the grown close to Edrich's. The green dragon then walked towards Gronica to end the job when Eruhaben called his name.

—Olienne dodge!! 

He immediately turned around to see the other man with the mask coming at him with a weird sword. A strong power of nature coming out of it. It was no ordinary sword and he understood that in a second. He jumped backwards as he placed some shields in front of him but this ones were easily broke by the sword.

"What the heck is that sword?!" He kept dodging and trying to block it but there was no use.

Eruhaben, making use of the same trick as before, wrapped a mana thread around Olienne's wrist and, distracting Syrem with a gravity and a destructive spell, pulled the green dragon towards them. Cale also attacked with the fiery thunderbolt, making the previous crater even bigger and using the opportunity to make sure the other enemies were dead. His interiors moved weirdly once more.

Cale knew well that sword was dangerous even for the dragons, his sharp senses could sense it, the compressed power of natural disasters inside that sword, volcanic eruptions, hail and storms, all in one, and the facts that it managed to go through a dragon's shield could say a lot.

—An ancient power...— Eruhaben mumbled as he helped Olienne stand up after he fell on the sand next to him —It's too troublesome, a power that can go against dragons, I only heard of something similar from the stories of dragon slayers...

—If it's something like that it explains it almost gets to me...— the green dragon stood up and then turned to stare at their enemy.

—The only thing hard enough to stop it might be the body of an ancient dragon....

Olienne immediately glared at Eruhaben. —You do one funny shit and you'll know my rage.

—We can still manage to fight against him, but, we would need Choi Han and the others for that.

—Are you all scared now?— Syrem started to laugh as he saw they weren't attacking anymore, blood coming out of his mouth as he had been partially hit by their attacks —Give me the crown, you shitty thief, and I'll consider killing you and your friends painlessly, this sword is the most powerful one after all!!! 

—We should teleport out of here for now— Eruhaben said as he and Olienne got closer to the others, and before Syrem could get to them, a light surrounded the group and they dissapeared out of his reach. 

They appeared somewhere far from the burned section of the jungle, surrounded by nature and lively sounds of nature. They all sighed in relief. Cale soon enough was checking that the three kids were okay along with Beacrox. 

—We have to call the others and inform there's a strong lunatic running free on the jungle— the chef said after making sure the kids were fine.

—Yes, we should do that— Eruhaben took out his phone and send Rosalyn a detailed message. 

—We also have to hide Cale.

Olienne looked towards Beacrox. —Is it because he knows his identity?

—Yes, they recognized him as the silver thief.

—That's easy then, just have him go in his normal appearance and we can change the color of his hair and eyes, just tell president Litana that he's under a disguise because of the attack. 

As the green dragon finished saying that, a hand smacked the back of his head, he let out a groan. 

—What was that for?— he scowled at Eruhaben. 

—If I hadn't told you to dodge you wouldn't even had pay attention to that maniac.

—Tsk, but I was sure you would watch my back, wasn't I right? 

The golden dragon sighed in exasperation. —That doesn't mean you shouldn't just go and attack without paying enough attention to your surroundings. 

—Goldie gramps, Oli Oli, don't fight, we have to go back now! 

—Yes, I'm hungry— Cale commented, maybe he used his ancient powers too much, he still felt weird inside and he had used the most strong one quite a couple of times, his clothes had gotten covered in blood somehow. 

But he was more concerned about the voices in his head. Quite some time ago he learned he could heard the voices of his ancient powers, although he usually never mentioned it after commenting about it with Bud and Glenn, the both of them gave him such looks as if he was crazy that he understood immediately that was something that only happened to him, they would usually be quiet but right now during the fight, when he was staring at the sword of disasters, the first ancient power he got talked to him.

 •It's weak....individually, those disasters are weaker that the ones you have...Can I eat it? 

The glutton, or in other words, the shield. What did she meant by eating it? He didn't know, but he did understood that maybe his ancient powers could go against that if they had to fight again and the kids were in danger. A sword that could be used to fight dragons. He gave the black blob flying around a look. Raon was young, he couldn't let a child fight against that.

 •But Cale, you should really rest now, don't move much, even if you are as hungry as me. 

The same voice said, then the one of the vitality of the heart also joined.

 •I'm afraid he will have to eat much later...

"What?" His world suddenly was going in circles as he coughed once more, this time making his throat hurt as he fell on his knees. His insides were a real mess, but not as much as the vitality of the heart was taking action.


He heard the voices of the kids and Beacrox calling, yet he soon fell to the ground.

The jungle became a mess. After the fire was extinguished, Litana went to reassure his people and inform the situation had been successfully ended with them being able to start with the restoration of that section. Humans and animals took part of it as they wanted their beautiful home to go back to what it was before and it was publicly announced that the heir of the Crossman family of Roan kingdom was the one that found the method to put out the fire.

A lot of people were celebrating in the streets and going to help. Yet the group that had the most participation in helping, was inside the big presidential palace, with gloomy faces, waiting for someone to wake up. 

It had been already three days since Cale had lost consciousness. This time he had coughed more blood that the first time Beacrox and the others had seen it, and he was more pale than ever. 

—It's because he used part of the water on the fire.

The first day, after they all calmed down and Eruhaben had time to check on him, he had said that, wich made Litana feel even more guilty. 

—But he said it should be enough!— Hong almost screamed —He said the remaining water was enough. 

—Yes, it is enough, the problem is that his body was unstable, as he only left a bit more than necessary so his ancient powers would be in balance, but his body should first had got accustomed to the change, it shouldn't have been a problem, but he ended using his ancient powers soon after that and not just once or twice. 

—It's all the fault of those people!!— On said as she tried not to cry.

—That masked maniac like bastard!!— Hong exclaimed as he teared up next to the unconcious man.

—It's our fault, because he used his power to help our people— Litana, that was in the room, lowered her head with remorse. 

—Don't say that miss Litana, it's everyone's fault for only sending few people to accompany him, specially mine— Alberu tried to comfort her.

Finally after that, they let Beacrox, the dragon's and the kids stay inside the room to protect him, and Choi Han and some of the jungle most strongest warriors to stand outside.

And the three days had passed, now they were quiet. The kids only left his side to go eat or bath, and the dragons stayed all the time, Olienne even abstained from taking his usual baths. 

"I did faint..." Cale opened his eyes in the middle of the night of the third day, everything was dark, he felt the kids sleeping at his side, except for one, that just like last time, was looking at him. He put his finger over his lips to tell him to stay quiet as he pointed at the two kittens. 

Raon wanted to scream and let everyone know that his human was awake, but he knew well his siblings had barely slept this last days as well as the others, so he kept quiet as he cried and snuggled in the young man's chest.

-Almost four were unconscious for almost four days human!!

Cale heard his cries in his head as he caressed his back. Then he looked around, Eruhaben was sitting in the couch with his eyes closed, Olienne was using him as a pillow. Beacrox was sitting at his left, in a chair next to the bed in a very uncomfortable position. He looked at him for a while before extending his hand and carefully playing with his hair for a moment or maybe a minute before hugging Raon and starting to fall asleep again, he was really hungry, but also exhausted for some reason.

Next morning when Eruhaben woke up, he found Olienne using his lap as a pillow shamelessly. He quickly moved making the green dragon fall to the ground, waking up the others. The poor victim was confused as he found himself in the floor and looked at Eruhaben that was walking to the bed, there, a red cat was curling up on the pillow next to a black dragon. 

Eruhaben raised his eyebrows, until now, he didn't had the chance to see Cale in his cat form, as he would usually only transform while in his room, there were still elf's working on the place and the red haired didn't want any of them to know. Beacrox also stared at the cat, that was peacefully sleeping, he carefully extended his hand and caressed the cat's head. He had wanted to do so for so long he just couldn't resist anymore. 

The cat slightly moved showing his neck for the man to pet, and then his belly. The two dragons looked at this, their hands ached as they also wanted to feel the fluff. It was at that moment, when Cale started unconsciously purring as he was half asleep, but the moment he realized he was making such a sound, he opened his eyes in a panic just to see the three men staring at him, Beacrox's hand being just centimeters away from him. 

If it weren't for the fact he was a cat right now, everyone would have been able to tell how embarrassed he was.

—Y-you...— he said as his ears were down and pressed to his head, but due to his embarrassment he didn't say more and just went to hide underneath the blankets. 

—At least he woke up— Eruhaben said as he faked a cough to not laugh at the situation.

Olienne was too proud to admit that was cute so he just stayed silent. And Beacrox was embarrassed of himself for doing that.

—I'll...I'll go make something for him to eat, he hasn't ate the last three days after all— the chef stood up and ran away like a coward.

It wasn't long enough when all the other's went to see him, yet Olienne guarded the door not letting everyone in as Cale was still a cat, just when his embarrassment went away he turned back human and let others go in to see him. 

—Has that psycho appeared again?— was the first thing Cale asked to the others.

—No, we have been looking for him but until now there's no sign of that man— Alberu answered —There are no traces of him, we believe he ran away, we also don't know his appearance, but my men working here haven't seen anyone with his characteristic.

—He probably just ran away, the problem here is that he knows my face now, and he also saw Beacrox, the kids as well as Eruhaben-nim and Olienne-nim.

—We really should have killed him....— the green dragon sighed —The one I should've crushed against the floor should've been that bastard.

Cale shivered as he remembered how Edrich had ended in the floor, like one of those porcelain doll that break under the clothes and look like a sack filled with shattered pieces. If he didn't die by the punch he surely suffered a lot. 

"I will never make Olienne-nim angry..." he tried to forget about it and continued eating his oat with chocolate and berries. Litana had come to see him the moment she knew he was awake, and after a lot of apologizing she went back to work as she was still very busy with section one.

—Now that we are alone, and my appearance as Kim Rok Soo is known by the enemy and associated with the silver thief— he started, and everyone looked at him —I guess I'll have to use my real appearance now after all...unless we manage to catch that bastard and kill him. 

—Real appearance?— Alberu was clearly confused.

—Right, guess I can tell you now Alberu— he completely let go of a polite speech, not that he was very polite before, and then took out the necklace —My actual name is Cale Henituse.

The blonde looked at him shocked, then he massaged his temples, closed his eyes, and looked at him again. 

—I'm very sorry I think I'm hallucinating.

—You are not, I'm Cale Henituse the trash, the bastard, the mistake...and other nicknames I won't say with the kids here, whatever— he took a sip of his, finally sweet, tea.

The other's tensed hearing what he had said, as if it were nothing. The dragons specially, they didn't know much about Cale except the fact he faked his death, maybe after this they should investigate a bit.

—You...are Cale Henituse? died on the...

—The plaza terror incident? Yeah, I faked that, I'm also the one that gave the info to find most of the bombs.

—But...your family literally did a huge investigation and send people to find you yet found nothing. 

—Yeah, well, I was busy running away around the country, anyway, now that we are over that, I'll have to take a new identity.

—Wouldn't it be better to just say you are alive? 

—.....— he put his spoon down and gave him a cold stare no one was prepared for —No. 


—Now— he continued as if nothing had happened  —I'll dye my hair and eyes, and we tell president Litana is a disguise for me to not get recognized by the psycho, when we go back...well, it's not like I go out a lot. 

Alberu, who was still processing everything, covered his face with his hands in exasperation. —I...I'll talk with rest, god you are seriously driving me nuts— he stood up and went out. 

The moment the blonde closed the door, Cale suddenly remembered. 

—Fuck, I have to go back, I told Basen to meet next week...where is my phone? 

—I will contact your brother— Beacrox suddenly talked as he was half glaring at him —You'll rest now.


—Mister is right Cale! You have to rest, you ended up like this because you were protecting us...— On hated to just be a burden as she was still young.

—It's not you fault, it's that bastard's fault.


—I said it's okay and it wasn't your fault.

—But after this we won't wait anymore, as soon as we go back we have to search for the water ancient power— Eruhaben said with a serious expression —The fact that your body became unstable just by you using part of the water and then your powers shows just how weak is your body.

—This is fine though? The first time I used the fire of destruction I ended up unconcious for almost a week. 

The golden dragon pinched the bridge of his nose. —You unlucky bastard...and you say it like it was nothing. 

—So when will we go back?

—We would like for you to rest here for a couple of days— Rosalyn started —But, we haven't found that Syrem guy, so probably tomorrow.

—Nice, I have to talk with-

—Oh no, you won't be moving from your room— Ron suddenly joined the conversation. 

—Perfect, I don't need to move to read or use my phone.

First thing first he should talk with his sibling and tell them the true, after that was settle, he would go serious with Beacrox, maybe jumping on his bed in the middle of the night would do, or just talk, the two methods seemed to work. 

"But, for some reason I still have a weird feeling...maybe he should not take his guard down at any moment, Syrem wouldn't just give up, and he probably knew where he was too. The only reason he hadn't attacked yet was because he was surrounded by people.

The idiot was still better than that crazy son of a bitch of Clopeh Sekka that literally lost his mind and started calling him an apparition send by the gods. He shivered as he remembered. 

—Cale are you cold?

—Human you can't be cold!!

The two kittens and the dragons snuggled against him. 

—No I am....— he sighed, letting them be, it was the minimum after what they had to go through during the battle and how they were worried about him. 

"I want a vacation..."  

There wasn't much for him to do but sleep, so he did that, and as they had said, next morning they got up early and said their goodbyes to president Litana. Ten was reluctant to let Cale and the kids go away, yet calmed down after being pet for a bit.

Cale, who had now his natural appearance, had dyed his hair brown and his eyes blue, he had smiled looking at it, remembering his sister, he was also wearing round glasses. His sweet smile made everyone's hearts flutter, specially certain chef that didn't knew how to deal with the image of Cale plus the glasses.

They made all the travel put the jungle and stopped at the same restaurant as before. Cale was in constant alert the whole time until the plane was finally in the air. Only then he relaxed.

He wanted to turn into a cat and sleep so fucking much, yet he couldn't unless he was in a safe place, wanted to admit it or not, he was the most weak as a cat, that's why his mother insisted on him not turning into one. On and Hong could use their powers, but he was nothing but a cat with sharp senses.

Cale remembered, when he was little and had caught a cold, he wasn't able to control his transformation so he turned into a kitten, and his mother turned into a beautiful cat and stayed by his side. A warmth like that, he missed it so much after her death, no one, absolutely no one gave him even the closest sensation, at least, until he met the children.

"And I almost let the enemy harm them" he looked at the kids sleeping and using his shoulders as pillows, and although he couldn't see him, he felt the small dragon on his lap.

That dream with his mother had been weird, but thanks to it he never stopped listening to his surroundings, if it weren't for that, he wouldn't have heard the light footsteps on the sand, so sense the strength of the invisible enemy in time to stop their attack.

"Next time I'll ask Glenn and Bud to be their babysitters" at least Glenn would do a good job. 

Even if Buf was a drunkard, he was just faking most of the time, his tolerance was as good as Cale's, he just liked the taste of alcohol too much. 

Once they got to Roan once again, the moment he made a step inside Eruhaben's lair, Olienne grabbed him like nothing and put him over his shoulder and started walking. Cale only saw Eruhaben and the others nodding as he was practically forced to stay on the fifth floor.

The green dragon put him down on the couch and then sit in front next to Eruhaben who gave the red haired a severe expression. 

—Cale, you'll stay in this floor with us for some days. 

—What? Why? 

—For security reasons, no one can enter without my or Olienne's permission, we will investigate this Syrem guy using our connections and will contact other dragons to tell about that unusual sword of his, and in a few day we will go for your last ancient power. 

—Yes human stay here with Goldie gramps and Oli Oli! We will also stay here with you!— Raon, who was sitting next to the golden dragon too, said as he puffed his chest. 

—We will let you slack all you want!!— Hong said as he jumped next to him in his cat form.

—And make sure you can eat whenever you want— On did the same as her brother. 

—....— he saw al their serious faces and sighed inside —Alright I'll stay here, but you all have to let me meet with my siblings, I said we will see each other next week and I'm not planning on changing that. 

—Fine, but stay here, you can use the place as you want.

—But stay out of my room, unless you want to be eaten alive by my plants— Olienne said with a smile.

Cale didn't even want to ask what kind of dangerous plants prohibited by the government the dragon might have on his room.

—I like Goldie gramps room more!— Raon said — It has a really big bed and everything it's golden.

The kittens nodded, of course the children had pester the old dragon to the point he let them see his room. Olienne hearing this smiled and got closer to Eruhaben's ear.

—I also like your room more— he whispered with a smirk and immediately got a glare from the golden dragon.

"No..I did not just heard that" Cale looked to a very interesting pot on the other side of the room, trying to hide his embarrassment. He had the idea the two dragons were close because they were in 'that' kind of relationship, but, he didn't need to confirm his suspicions like this thank you.

—Alright...I'll stay here, but don't get mad because of the fur. 

—What do you-? 

Before the golden dragon could finish, in the couch in front of him there was already a red cat preparing to nap, letting all his belly to be seen as he practically bent into a really uncomfortable position, at least for others. The two kittens cuddle with him with big smiles in their faces. 


The golden dragon wouldn't admit he found the scene really cute, just like Olienne who clearly wanted to pet them but was holding himself back, no, because Eruhaben could already see red fur on his white couch.

—Oh right, we found this on the jungle, it was the reason why we were so far away during the attack— he tossed a spatial bag towards the table —It's filled with magic stones.

—Magic stones?— that caught Cale's attention. 

—Yes, a lot of them, I did took some for myself since I was the one finding them, but you can keep the rest I guess. 

—Wow, you really are generous Goldie gramps!!— Raon went and opened the spatial bag to see it's contents —Human! I'll keep this safe!

The red cat saw the dragon laughing as he looked at the magic stones, as the little greedy thing he was, but didn't say anything, he could buy as many magic stones as he wanted.

The next day Olienne took a few things and went back to his lair to then go check the possible places the ancient power could be at. Cale had to spend the morning watching the kids study, cause the moment they answered right they would look at him with bright eyes.

As promised, the day after that, Basen and Lily would come. 

—Okay, there's no one over here.

Basen said as he held his sister's hand and made her follow him and they ran out of home. Little Lily was honestly really curious, his brother never went against their father's words, yet he was not only going out without permission, but also dragging her along. The only explanation he had gave to her, was that they were going to a secret place that she couldn't mention to others as it was a secret, apparently they would meet with someone there.

As they managed to get out by the staff door on the back of their property, the older one guided his sister to a bus stop and then made her use the hood of her hoodie as they waited. Soon enough they were in their way to the mall.

—So, where are we exactly going?— she asked seeing how nervous yet happy her brother looked like.

—I told you, we are going to meet with someone, but you really can't tell anyone, you'll know why when we get there.

—Hmm, you are lucky I didn't have sword or martial arts classes today.

Basen laughed. —I think you would let your classes aside in an instant if you knew where we are going. 

—Really?— she was a little sceptical, but, it was the first time in a lot of time she saw her brother smiling like that —Then I'll trust you! 

It took almost twenty minutes to get to their destination, honestly it was the first time Lily used the public transportation, but it was quite the interesting experience. They almost lost their stop but managed to get off the bus. Then, against what Lily thought they would do, they didn't went inside the mall but went to a pet shop and started waiting in front. 

—We only have to wait for a bit okay? They'll come for us. 

Lily was starting to think someone was tricking her brother and she might need to teach them a lesson, when a black car stopped near them, a very smiling ginger came out and walked towards them.

—Ah, young master Basen, I'm sorry, there was a traffic jam on the way here and I was stuck there for a while, I was supposed to be here twenty minutes before you, god mister Ron it's going to kill me. 

—It's alright, we didn't wait much. 

—I'm really sorry, please go ahead, I'll try to get back in less time. 

They got into the car. The way from the center of the city to the 'auction house' was almost an hour long, time in which Lily played in her phone while talking with her brother, when she was bored enough she looked at the driver.

—So, where are we going exactly? 

—To the Secret forest auction house— Hans answered happily. 

—Why there? Isn't that the place you and father go sometimes?— she questioned her brother. 

Hans only smiled, and Basen did the same. —Yes, you are really on guard right now, but once you see who are we seeing you won't stop smiling. 

She couldn't understand, her brother was acting so strange today. Finally they arrived, it was...shocking, not only was an elf waiting for them on the entrance, but an old man she had seen before a couple of times.

—Young master Basen, young lady Lily, it's a pleasure to see you two again.

—Mister Ron— the boy greeted politely, his sister imitated him.

—This is sir Pendrick, he works here for the owner, he will accompany us since we have to go to the fifth floor, so please follow us.

It was the first time for Lily in a place like this, she curiously watched everything in their way to the fifth floor, the quantity of gold was too much. They took the elevator and once there, they just stared at a big door, she didn't dare to say a thing, as no one was talking, but soon enough the door opened. 

The first thing she heard were kids laughing before almost getting blind because of the golden room at the other side.

—Noona you are so intelligent!! 

—You are as great and mighty as me!! 

But, when those kids noticed the door opening, they went quiet. The two siblings entered just to see two kids on the table with their notebooks open and pencils all over it, although strangely enough, there was a third notebook too. Standing next to them was a beautiful elf with long platinum gold hair that for some reason made her think immediately she shouldn't make him angry.

The red haired kid leaned over to her sister. —Is she..?

—It has to, she's with him. 


Basen smiled. —On, Hong, this is my sister Lily, come meet her.

The two kids looked at each other and stood up to go greet her. 

—Hi!! Im Hong!!

—Hello, I'm Hong sister On.

The two kids seemed excited to meet her for some reason.

—I'm..Lily Henituse.

—We know!— Hong said while gigging —Ah! I'll go for him, he was sleeping on Goldie gramps bed! 

On watched his brother go and then smiled once again to Lily and Basen. —Do you want cookies?— she pointed the jar waiting to be opened on the coffee table.

Eruhaben just watched all this and sighed. —I'll be on the laboratory while you all talk— then without saying more he went to one of the door and entered the room. Lily unconsciously grabbed her brother's hand, it was at that moment that another door at the end of the big livingroom, opened. Her eyes went wide. 

The man, although nervous, walked like nothing towards them, accompanied by a very happy Hong, then he stopped when he was in front of them and smiled.

—Hello Lily. 

The girl took her shaking hands to cover her mouth as her wide eyes started to tear up. Basen just smiled, he wasn't any better when he realized it was his brother on the day of the auction. And just like that day, Cale didn't knew what to do, he just stood there, luckily, soon enough Lily reacted.


She ran and hugged him as she started crying uncontrollably. Cale only smiled and caressed her back letting her cry all she wanted. It was understandable, a dead person that she loved and missed suddenly appeared in front of her like magic. She was even doubting if this was a dream

—I thought you once said you were a big girl that doesn't cry.

Although she kept crying, she still gave her brother a little punch on the chest. 

—We..I...I thought you were...!!! 

—....I'm sorry..

He let her cry until she calmed down a little, On brought her a wet and cold towel to put on her eyes, then they all sat down, Lily still glued to Cale. As she was sniffing, she suddenly glared at her brother. 

—Oraboni, I'm not dreaming am I? You are real right? 

—Of course I am, aren't you still hugging me?

—But....— she looked at Basen.

—I thought the same as you, until now at least I haven't woken up. 

That made Cale's heart sting a little, he had hurt them so much because of his selfish decision, but, he really was on the edge at that time, even though he acted like an idiot, this whole situation was better than the other possible scenario where he would actually be....

He looked at the kids and his sibling. "Surely...being alive is the best" 

—And...who are they?— Lily finally asked about the two cat siblings. 

—They are your niece and nephew. 

—Eh?— the girl gave her brother a dumbfounded expression. 

On and Hong smiled more than ever hearing his words.

—Ah, but there's one more, Raon, you can show yourself. 

The black dragon that was pouting on the corner of the couch suddenly raised his head and flew to show himself more majestic as he undid the invisibility magic.

—Hello Human's little sister!! I'm the great and mighty Raon Miru and I'm a grand five years old!!— he offered his paw to the girl.

Lily, although she still didn't knew what was going on, still hold it and shook the little black dragon's paw.

—L-lily Henituse...

—I know!! The human has talked to us about you! We were waiting for you to come visit, we have now one more person to play with us since the human is too lazy for that! 

Hearing that her brother had mentioned her with her new niece and nephews, for more strange that it was to thought about them like that, made the little doubts and fear in her chest go down as they were replaced with warmth and happiness. 

—Ah..but, from where did you make them appear?— the little girl was confused. 

On took the chance to explain. —Hong and I were saved by Cale, the place we lived before...they didn't want us and we were mistreated, he got us out of there, with Raon was something similar.

—The Human took me out of a horrible place....but, that doesn't matter anymore cause now I'm here with him, and the chef, and Goldie gramps, Oli Oli and lemon gramps!! We have a big family now, ah! You are part of that too now! 

Cale slightly laughed at the kids words. That was true, somehow he made a new family and now his important family members were meeting each other.

—Cale said we will go to the same school as you, so we will be classmates!— Hong said proudly —We are studying a lot for that.

—Really?— the girl's eyes sparkled. 

—Yes!, Cale says that since we have the same age I will be in the same grade as you! Noona is older, but we can still spend the recess or lunch time together, mister even promised to make our food every morning.


—He means the chef!— Raon answered —He's the one the humans said he would marry! 

Cale shocked on air as he heard that. His two siblings looked at him with wide eyes, Lily more than Basen since the latest had already seen the dynamic between the two, but he was still surprised about the marriage part, his hyung-nim was, after all, someone that he could imagine saying something like that.

On looked at Cale with pity. Her brothers really never learned when they had to not say some things, but it was too late for that.

—No, I mean, I didn't said it like that...

Lily suddenly held his hand. —I won't let any man take my  brother from me unless I approve him!! 

Cale covered his face with his free hand in embarrassment. He didn't even had the time for the talk to confess. 

—Let's stop here, Lily, I need you to promise me something. 


—Promise you won't tell father, or absolutely anyone about the fact I'm still alive. 

The girl looked at him as if he was saying something unbelievable. —Not..tell mom and dad? 

—No, you can't tell them.


—I..beg you, please.

She closed her mouth. Right, she always knew, didn't she? That her brother wasn't happy, it was weird, it seemed as the adults just looked away instead of noticing those eyes, the eyes she worked so hard to make feel alive when she spend time with Cale and Basen. More than once she thought to herself if it was normal, but, as she commented it once to her mother, she recieved a shocking answer. 

—It's not that others can't see it Lily, your father, he just chooses not to, and the others don't care, I'm...not her mother and I'll probably never be even close of being called like that, so I don't have the right, that's why, you, that love your brother, must make sure to give him company, you are a very loved and caring child, so I'm pretty sure you can ease his pain. 

As her mother said, even though Cale never said anything rude to Violan, he never even once was close of calling her mother and treated her just like a stranger. His father wasn't any better, she sometimes got angry at him. Young Lily just didn't understood, why adults always made things so complicated and treated her brother so differently from how they treated Basen and her. 

Yet now, as she was crying and accepting the situation, she didn't noticed it at first but, those dead eyes were no where to be seen. "The people he lives with now must pay more attention to him, they are not bad adults...", she looked at Basen, that only nodded, like guessing part of her thoughts. 

—I...alright, I won't tell anyone, no one at all, I promise! 

Cale smiled and patted her head, making her blush out of happiness, she had missed feeling her brother's hand on her head. 

—Right, now that I have your word, I guess I can tell you both. 

This caught their attention, Basen was the one that asked. —Tell us what? 

Another adopted child that came out of nowhere? His formalized relationship with Beacrox? 

—I'm not completely human, I'm part of the cat clan. 



Both brown haired siblings opened their mouths at the same time.