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The assassin and the cat

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He probably over did it. Yes, Cale was thinking that as he stared at not only the food he had prepared, but the additional chocolate chips and strawberries with cream next to those, he even made lemonade himself cause he knew Basen liked it.

—Mmmm....maybe more sweets.

Yes, that was a good idea, that was beneficial for everyone, specially him. He loosened up the scarf on his neck as he started to remember how to make pudding, as he had wanted to eat more after the kids made some for him.

—What is that on your neck?

Cale almost had heart attack as he heard the voice over his shoulder. He turned around and unconsciously took his hand to re arrange the scarf. Eruhaben looked at him still expecting for an answer.

The dragon had spend a lot of time with him as Cale liked to see the kids learn while he ated cookies or fruits, and they had exchanged some conversations about the cat clan and Cale's life as the silver thief. Him and Olienne had come to developed a little liking to the 'lazy yet intelligent bastard' that had ended up living there, the green dragon was even avoiding going back to his own lair just to spend time with Cale and the kids even if he didn't want to admit it.

That's why Eruhaben after hearing what Cale had done in the past and how reckless he was, had come to care a little for him and feel the obligation of protect him just like with the kids. So seeing him hiding 'that' with the scarf, he could just think one thing.


—That's nothing Eruhaben-nim— he quickly put his stoic face.

—Then why the scarf?

—I was cold.

—In the kitchen were there are around thirty degree temperature thanks to you cooking for at least an hour and a half now?


The dragon sighed, then in a quick move took the scarf without letting the red haired do a thing about it.

—.....— the dragon scowled —So I'm guessing the reason the bastard is not here it's because he is running away from what he did, if you two will do things like this again, at least be careful for the sake of the children.


—I don't wanna know, but if he does something against your wishes you can tell me and I will personally kick him out of here— he looked at the table and grabbed a cookie, eating it —Mm, not bad, I guess you do have quite the number of talents, is there a special occasion for this?

—My brother will come to have lunch with me.

—Aigo...and me the owner of the place just gets to know about it now.

—He is a good boy, he won't say a thing.

—Mmm, alright— the dragon just took a bunch of cookies, put them in a plate and went away —And if you are really trying to hide, those, at least use something different from a scarf, the place has temperature control magic, no one will believe it's cold.

Cale felt his ears getting red, but didn't say anything. After the dragon went away he decided to just finish with the cooking and go for a new outfit, didn't he had a turtleneck sweater that he hadn't use in two years that was supposed to be somewhere in one of his spatial bags? He could try using that.

After making sure everything was in order he went to his room and spent quite a few minutes looking for said sweater until he finally found it. It did help covering the marks, and he was free from that stupid scarf. He looked at himself in the mirror, coming closer to see his face and body.


He did look like his mother, and his mother was beautiful, so, he might be handsome? How to know, no one had said that to him, people only teased him about being pretty but a teasing and saying the truth was different. After last night it was difficult to keep denying of his liking to the chef, yes, he had to be honest, he liked Beacrox, but, it was something new to him, as someone that was never liked by others and that hadn't liked someone before.

The majority of the time the words bastard, trash, problem, creepy, and some others that were a bit worse, were the ones directed at him. Praises and good words? Only from Basen and Lily, but everyone knows it doesn't count when it's your family the one praising you.

So know his problem was to be liked by the man. After last night he had the slight hope that his feelings could be reciprocated, but, what if not? Was he prepared to be rejected? No, and there was no question in it.

—But he is a good choice, he knows how to cook, clean, he lets me slack and it's good to the kids....wait...

"Isn't he just the perfect kind of person for someone like me?" All this time Beacrox had already been pampering him by doing everything, and he was also very comfy to sleep on as a cat, "If I want my slacker life..." then, he had to get that man.

Cale Henituse was a lazy person, but if he had to do something he would do it. By how Beacrox acted last night, he had a high chance, if it weren't for that, Cale wouldn't even think about trying.

—Well, those people offering me to be a model wouldn't do it without a reason— he said in a low voice as he stared once again at his reflection, he had said before that he was handsome on his own, but it was just confident joking.

Maybe all that Beacrox liked was his body. But for his slacking life maybe he..

His face turned red just by the thought of it. No, he should patiently see how things develop in the future and make sure about how the other party saw him, he couldn't risk to be rejected by someone he cared for once again. For now, he would care about Basen's visit, then when Beacrox was back, he would have to carefully observe him to get a conclusion.

Cale took a deep breath as he made sure his hair was in order as well as his clothes, then he decided to go back to the kitchen, it was bad enough already that Ron and Eruhaben had discovered, that, so he had to be more carefull, he would die if the kids started to ask about it. Grabbing his long forgotten laptop he went back just to find a green dragon staring at the cookies as if deciding to steal some or not.


—Mm? Oh, you, what's all the food for?

—My brother will come, should be here in any minute.

—Another human to have here...— he said a little annoyed.

—Basen is a quiet person, he won't disturb you— he sat down and turn on his laptop.

—And the chef?

—He went to mister Ron's guild this morning.

—Then who did all of this?


The dragon had an impressed expression. Cale ignored it as he started to work.

—And what are you doing?

—Hacking the government to get the kids documentation and change a few things.

—You can do that?

—I can do anything I want, usually I'm too lazy to do so, but the next school semester will start soon and I want the kids to assist.

—Why not just let Eruhaben teach them? He might look like a wise cold elf and all but he likes kids.

Cale slowly looked at him. Just, why was the reason this antisocial dragon talked just to him? He ignored Beacrox, Rosalyn, Choi Han and Ron, but him and the kids? He easily talked to them.

—The other day the pipsqueak called him Goldie gramps, you should've seen how his lips trembled by him trying not to smile.

"You are saying that but everytime the kids praise you for something you do I can see how much you like their praises" to think he feared this dragons when they were like grandpas acting for the attention of their grandchildren.

Looking back at his laptop, he continued with the hacking. He had already done this before to get Kim Rok Soo a 'true' identity, so after fighting to get in for a while, the rest was fairly easy for him. Olienne observed everything from behind, he didn't understand anything he was doing but it was still interesting for the dragon, he wasn't someone that seek knowledge as much as Eruhaben, as he was good with what he had, but he was sure the golden dragon would be very much intrigued by this new ability Cale was showing.

Cale had a great concentration everytime he worked in something like this, cause making a mistake wasn't an option, so he didn't even notice when Basen appeared and how Olienne told him to stay quiet. They waited patiently until Cale let out a sight of relief, then with a little smile he erased any traces of his doing and and closed the programs.

—Basen? Since when are you here?— he asked when noticing his brother's presence.

—Not long ago— he lied —This sir told me not to say anything.

Cale looked at Olienne, that only smiled coldly. Yeah, now he was acting like a dragon, with his head hight and a cold expression that was clearly scaring his brother

—This is Olienne-nim, he's friends with the owner of the place.

—It's a pleasure..

The dragon didn't care to respond, he just looked at Cale. —I hope you make some food for me later too, I'll be going now.

—Olienne-nim, please tell the children to come eat, it's already time for that.

—Mm— he nodded.

Basen watched the green haired man go and instinctively bowed a little as a goodbye when he walked out. He then went to his brother.

—Hyung-nim! Who is he? His gaze gave me the chills.

—Well Olienne-nim..., he stays here because...I don't really know why, I'll present Eruhaben-nim the owner to you later, take sit, I'll re heat the food, it must be a bit cold.

—It smells good.

—Of course, it took a a while to prepare everything, although for the cookies I used pre made dough cause I didn't had time.

—Eh? You made it?

—Yes, I know how to cook, can you help me set the table?

—Ah, y-yes.

Raon, On and Hong had come running to the kitchen when the older dragon told them to go eat, but instead of finding Beacrox there, they saw Cale preparing the food and serving it. Basen was already sitting as he looked at his brother in silence. The three of them came in without a sound. When was the last time they ate Cale's food? They could just smile as they sit.

—I also made dessert, did you three wash your hands?— Cale just casually turned around surprising the kids that thought they had been careful enough not to be heard.

—Yes we did human!

—If not we can't eat.

—Yes, that's what mister tell us to do all the time— On said as she looked at the boy —Hello young master Basen.

—You all can just call me Basen.

—I prefer human's brother!— Raon fluttered his wings.

—Here— Cale started to put the side dishes as well as the meat and the rice for the three kids and Basen —And why did you wanted to come Basen?

—Oh...I...just wanted to spend some time with you hyung....but maybe you are busy...

Cale just stared at him in silence for a moment before slightly patting his head and sitting down.

—No, it's alright, just eat, you have to eat lots to grow up, you three too.

The kids that were just watching immediately nodded and started to eat. How lucky can they be? Beacrox was the best chef, but Cale was also really good at cooking, they once had starve and wished for just once piece of food, but now they could eat until they were full and even have dessert.

Basen smiled as he also picked up the silverware and took a bite. When did his brother learned to cook? It had been just little more than a years since 'that', it was not enough time to be able to cook like this was it? A particular memory and a thought crossed his mind yet, he just ignored it, after all, it wasn't possible, his couldn't be that those time he found him eating at the kitchen he....

—Tell me Basen, what school does Lily goes to? I think I never asked, I just remember the uniform.

—Royal Cross elementary school.

—Is it good?

—It's considered one of the best ones, it has elementary, middle and the high school buildings at the same location yet separated, I decided not to get in as I didn't want to leave my friends, but seeing Lily's homework and all, they do have a night level of education, why?

—Mmmm.....— he just looked at the kids —Do you wanna go there?

Hong's fork fell on the table. —Eh?

—To....that school?— On wasn't any better.

—Yes, if Basen says it's good then it is.

—But, we have never....— On looked down, but Cale understood well, they had never recieved any education on the clan, they must feel they could not do as well as the other kids there.

—Eruhaben-nim has been teaching you three, and I personally teach you how to write and read pretty well didn't I?

—Yes but...

—There are still two months left for the start of the semester, and I'm not asking you two to go and have extraordinary grades from the start, you are going there to learn after all, and in two months Eruhaben-nim can teach you enough.


—Mm— Cale nodded and then looked at Basen —You can bring her next week when she's free.

The boy that was quietly eating as he watched the cute scene in front of him, stopped moving as if his brain couldn't process his brother's words.


—Lily, I decided I want to see her, and she deserves to know too.

He wanted to be more open after all he had gone through lately, with people telling him that they cared for him, maybe it was true, and maybe he could care more for them, so, he wanted the comforting smile and love only his sister showed him for a long time.

—Aigoo...look at you— he took a napkin and started cleaning Raon's face that was covered in rice grains and meat sauce.

—HeHe— the dragon just fluttered his wings and laughed.

—She can also meet Raon, On and Hong, and since they will probably assist to the same school, She and Hong will be classmates on second year.

—I...— the boy smiled, clearly happy and excited —I understand hyung! I'll bring her over, she will be so happy! You can be sure I'll do it even with the bodyguards there!!

—And I'll be waiting— he ruffled his hair with a smile.

Basen was extremely happy, so much the already delicious food tasted like it was made by gods. He was so joyful he just kept a smile in his face as he eated and continued having a light conversation with his brother and the kids that liked to join in as Cale cleaned their mouths from time to time. When they finished the dessert, Cale, to everyone's surprise, put all the dirty dishes on the sink and then started washing them.

—Human! Are you feeling unwell? Why are you doing that?!

—Yes! Beacrox is not here to tell you to do it, do you have a fever?

On, although wanted to say something similar, just shook her head. This siblings of her, they just forgot that Cale would also wash the dishes on the first house. The red haired scowled at them, what image did they have of him to say all that? Whatever, he just quickly washed everything to everyone's astonishment.

—As soon as I finished here I'll take you to meet Eruhaben-nim, we need his permission to bring Lily over after all.

Not like he had asked for permission in Basen case though, but he wouldn't risk his luck anymore, not with a dragon. And since Basen would be the next head of the Henituse household, it was better for him to have connections.

—We..we will help you human!

—Alright, dry what I have already cleaned.

—Yes!!— the three of them said as they started working.

Basen soon joined them, although Cale didn't want him to. As they finished the red haired gave the four of them one of the candies that Beacrox usually used to recompense them for the help. Basen though just looked at the lemon candy weirdly, didn't his brother hate those? And he indeed hate them, exact reason why Beacrox bought them for the kids, so Cale wouldn't steal them.

—Now, let's go see Eruhaben-nim.

They went to the fifth floor, where the dragon spent most of his time, the moment they went in, Olienne, that was sitting on the couch, frowned yet didn't say a thing, Eruhaben that was sitting in the couch in front of him turn his head to see them.

—Eruhaben-nim, this is my brother Basen.

—It's a pleasure to meet you!— the boy quickly presented himself —I'm Basen Henituse.

—I see— the dragon stood up, looking at the boy with his head up —My name is Eruhaben, so you are this unlucky bastard's brother.

Basen felt how the elf observed him, he felt scared because of the pressure, yet it ended up quickly.

—Mmm, yes, a normal human, that's good— as he said that, the golden dragon nodded —Take a sit— he went and sit next to Olienne.

—I did told you that I'm the only one like that in my family— Cale said as he guided his brother to the couch.

—It's still better to confirm things on my own.

—Don't be rude Goldie gramps!— Raon came flying towards him —The weak human's brother is almost as weak as my human! Don't scare him!

—A dragon defending humans, you pipsqueak are seriously weird.

—At least I'm not a bitter person that only treats some people good and ignore others! You seriously need to learn how to make friends Oli Oli!!

—What did you say?!

—That you have zero social skills! Even Goldie gramps at least greets people in his own way, you are like a child! You can't compare with the great and mighty Raon Miru!!— the little dragon puffed his chest.

—I can greet people, I just don't want to, humans are boring and weak, I guess the one's around you are a bit interesting, but the others aren't.

—You need to socialize more Oli Oli— the little dragon said while shaking his head with a sad expression.

—What would you know pipsqueak, I have enough with the ones I know now, I have already meet countless people over the years.

—And his favorite is Eruhaben-nim of course— On said as she innocently sit down next to Cale after a brief fight with her brother for the place.

—Of course, Oli Oli likes him the most, but after him I can tell he likes the human!

—I do not-!!

—Of course he likes Cale!— Hong interrupted —He is the only one he asks us about.

"What is this?" Basen watched everything in silence, focusing on the green haired man whose ears were red "Is my brother ina love triangle?!" He could understand though, his brother was really handsome after all.

Cale sighed, catching everyone's attention. —Anyways, Basen, Eruhaben-nim and Olienne-nim are dragons, be respectful to them.


—Yes, Eruhaben-nim, I wanted to ask for permission for my brother to come in the future, and for my little sister, also, they still don't know about my nature, no one apart from those close to me right now know, even my family don't.

—They don't? I see, well, as long as they don't do much here they can come.

—Thank you.

—Human's brother! Did you also bring something today? You said you would come with more pictures next time!

—Ah, yes Raon-nin, I brought the photo album— although a little nervous, he took the book from his backpack and put it in the coffe table —It took me a while, father had it secured in his office.

—why?— Hong came and opened the book.

—You see...

The all saw the photos of a beautiful red haired woman holding a little kid almost identical to her

—This one has the photos of my brother's mother and him when he was younger.


The three kids almost jumped to see the pictures, the two ancient dragons also came a little closer to see while Cale just hid his face on his hands.

—Human you were so tiny and cute!!

—I didn't knew you could smile like this!

—Ho...— Eruhaben raised his eyebrows seeing the little kid in the pictures.

It was true, they had never seen such pure and happy expression on Cale face, it was like a completely different person.

—You...really changed from when you were a kid— Olienne said.

—Well, everyone changes after their mother dies and they end up becoming a trash— Cale said casually.

—Ah...— the green dragon looked away.

—Let's keep looking at the photos!— Raon started to go through the album.

It started with Cale being one year old, it was obvious how the time changed by how the kid in the photos grew as they keep going. Then when they reached the point were Cale was eight years old, the red haired was clearly uncomfortable as he tried to stop them.

—Why don't we stop now?

—But there's still more human.

—.....— he frowned as be watched them continue.

Soon enough the photos were one could see the happy family ended abruptly. And then it was just Cale, playing on the garden, participating in his school events, or just casual photos, all with just him on them, in just one, in wich they could see it was a first day of school, he could be seen with a black haired older woman that was clearly asian.

—Who's this?— On asked.

—My nanny, she had to go a year after my mother passed away, the took care of me, father was to busy to come with me that day so she came instead.

They finally reached the last picture, where a ten year old Cale had eyes as dead as the ones he had when On and Hong meet him.

—Mm, that's enough— he closed the album —You three can keep this if you want— he handed it to the kids.

—Really?— Raon took it.

—But what if father..?— Basen started but was interrupted.

—If he founds out just feign ignorance, I don't think he will notice anyways.


—I will show this to everyone!!

—Wait!— before Cale could say anything the little dragon had already went out of the room.

Eruhaben, that was thinking until a moment ago, looked at the kids. —Why don't you two go with Basen here to look aroun while I talk with Cale?

—Alright!— Hong said happily as he grabbed Basen's hand —Let me show you the garden! Olienne-nim put a lot of effort in it, oh and our room, although we don't use it much.

Basen chuckled. —Yes, brother, I'll be with them, after you finish here can we talk? I wanted to ask you about a few things.

—Sure, I'll go looking for you as soon as I'm finished here.

The three of them went out of the room, at that moment Eruhaben started talking.

—Say, how did you live after your mother passed away?

—Why the question?

—I noticed you were uncomfortable with the photos after her death, and that you don't seem to like your father much.

—Ah, that.

—Won't you tell us?— Olienne surprising joined the conversation.

"They are dragons, they must not care about it but they are curious by nature I guess, it's not like they will tell everyone, they wouldn't waste time with a trash" he though before finally nodding.

—Mm, well, after my mother died my nanny took care of me for a year, after that I just took care of myself, nothing much.

—You took care of yourself?

—Yes, the people working on the house did clean and washed my clothes and all, but they didn't like me cause they said I was an expressionless bastard and all that, so they gradually stopped doing my meals or taking care of my things over the years, that's why I learned how to cook.

—Why didn't you tell your father?— Olienne really didn't understand.

—Ha, like he would hear me, he never believed anything I said to him anyway.


To think this guy had a life of neglect, they didn't expect it as he had a good relationship with his brother and he treated the kids good.

—My father wouldn't help, when I was little and after my mother passed away people started to bully me in school, I tried talking with him but he was too busy working to pay attention, so I just beat them up and got myself grounded, I'm just a problem child after all, a trash.

—Then the reason you use a disguise when going out?

—I faked my death, if I didn't do that I might have actually tried to...whatever, it's not that big of a deal, those are things that are now in the past.

—Yes...— Eruhaben nodded, and even though his face had no expression, he was quite angry to know all of this —Things from the past stay there, but, the wounds don't.

Cale stiffened. He knew well, it still hurt to remember his mother or those good times with her, or the voices of the people pointing at him, the cold treatment from his father, but, if one pretended that it didn't matter, at least it hurt less. Yes, if you just don't care about something, it will be less painful when going through it or when it ends.

—I guess so, anyways, if that's everything, can I go with my brother?

—Go, I have things to do in the laboratory, tell the little kid to come later, we didn't finish the last class.


They saw him go out, just a second after they both frowned.

—And I thought he lived as a sheltered brat until a few year ago— the golden dragon commented.

—He did said him being a cat was a secret from everyone including his family, so, Does his father don't know?, to leave alone a child with such a rare condition that makes it extremely dangerous for him....

—Knowing or not, he still did a poor job as a parent, that cold and unlucky bastard could smile like that, but look at him now....

Suddenly one of the doors started to open, and Rosalyn shyly came out. She was at the laboratory and accidentally heard everything, she wanted to come out but it was just at the moment the dragons and Cale started talking.

—I'm sorry, Did I interrupted? I think I heard you both talking and I didn't want to be disrespectful.

—Oh, miss Rosalyn, no, you can go, you skipped lunch, so I recomend you go eat something— the golden dragon said as if nothing had happened.

The woman quickly ran outside. Eruhaben then casually turned to look at the green dragon and gave him a little smile.

—So, about before, Cale is your second favorite after me?

Olienne, that was about to ask what he wanted, closed his mouth and slowly averted his eyes as his ears and face started to turn red, successfully getting a little laugh from the other dragon. It wasn't fair, Eruhaben's smile was too beautiful, he was taken off guard.

Rosalyn almost ran through the hallways, she really shouldn't had heard that conversation, it was private and about a delicate thing related to Cale's past. Why did she have to stop the experiment and go to the door at that exact moment? But, even though she wanted to think that way, it was impossible. Cale's words were stuck in her head, he had talked about it lightly and as if it wasn't important, just like he does with his wounds or the problematic situations he has found himself in the past, that they knew were actually pretty serious.

—I don't think it was as simple as he explained.

No, she had already seen it, Cale had his ways of dealing with his feelings, wich it was sleeping through them and ignore them the better he could, at least it was like that with the negative ones.

She bite her lip, thinking, then she took out her phone and made a call, waiting patiently for the other person to pick up. She wouldn't normally do this, but it would be a lie to say she didn't care for Cale at this point.


—Hello, Beacrox, emergency meeting, we have to discuss something, I'll call Choi Han, you come back.


—It's about Cale.

‐...I'll go now.


She hang up and proceeded to call the swordsman, that also agreed to come. In the other side of the place, Cale, that was supposedly looking for his brother, was washing his face on one of the bathrooms.

That's why he didn't like talking about his past, he would start remembering everything, as if it wasn't enough with the dreams about it he kept having. Him and his cursed mind that would never be able to forget

—It's alright....I' a better place now, at least I'm not alone in this big place.

Yes, with the kids and the people he knew now, even though the place he was staying was big and mostly empty, it still didn't feel as if he was completely alone there, it wasn't cold and dark at all. He took a deep breath and proceeded to dry his face before going out and looking for his brother and the children. He found them in the garden looking at a weird blue plant that seemed to be moving on it's own.

"I have to buy them their school uniform, the books, the notebooks and pencils, shoes, for On I should really buy hair ornaments" he thought as he got closer.

He had experience it, going to a rich school, he was fine at first, but as he had said before, after his mother died and people noticed his father didn't gave him much attention, they started bullying him for having a mother from a poor family, saying he didn't deserve to be in that school, he had said he beat them up because his father didn't care about him, but although it was true, he also did it because of the insults towards his mother. On and Hong at least had Molan as their last name, and anyone that investigated a little would known it's a family with power on the underworld, and if anyone dare to touch a single hair of his children he wouldn't hesitate to use Bud and Ron to scare the shit our of them and make them suffer for it. The kids had already been through enough misfortune in their lives.

—So this is a carnivorous plant that Oli said could even digest an entire cow if given the chance— Explained On.

—R-really?— Basen unconsciously took a step back.

—Yes, but it only eats once a month, and he makes sure to feed it well, he even told us the days we shouldn't approach cause it might be dangerous, but it's fine now.

—Yes, he feed it last week— added Hong.

—I see— clearly most relaxed the boy smiled.

—You have learned a lot— commented Cale getting their attention.

—Yes, Oli likes to talk coldly but if you ask him something he actually answers, I like him— On giggled and went to Cale, shily taking his hand.

—You will have to study hard before entering school, I'll buy everything for it, so you have to give it all, ah, but don't pressure yourselves, it's okay to not be good at something or fail from time to time.

—I'll study hard— On smiled.

—Me too!, I'll study a lot, I can't lose to our youngest!

—I'll study here with Goldie gramps!, I'll be even more great and mighty as I know more and more things.

—Yes, you all will do good.

Basen smiled seeing the soft expression on his brother's face, surely, it was best not to tell his father, Cale was more relaxed and happy like this, and that was enough.

—They'll be good brother, after all they will meet Lily next week and she will make sure people treat them well, she took a liking to martial arts and after asking mother for over a month she agreed to let her learn swordsmanship so she can protect herself, she will protect them.

—We will protect her too— On said —We are also strong, granda Ron has been teaching us too.

—Then you will have to take care of Lily and she will do the same for you.

—Of course!— Hong let out a little laugh —Anyone that intimidates Cale's sister will have to face us.

—Yeah! And our dragon rage!!

—And the cat rage!!

The two boys laughed. On just looked at her siblings while shaking her head, but with a smile on her face.

Cale casually caressed the girl's hair, he knew well that On was intelligent, and she would make sure to tell him about any problem in school that might happen, and she would also keep Hong in line. They had learned how to control their powers better, he was not that much afraid for the children, but for the people that might try something honestly, but he would take care of any bullies anyways.

—Right, hyung, I wanted to ask you about something, do you think you could help with the reinforcement of the security system of the company? I was looking for people cause father gave me the task, but I don't know much about and I can't trust others that easily.

—I'm good at infiltrating in places, I can guide the team you prepare and also make sure the security system doesn't have any flaws.

—Thank you, I'll send you an email, just use a false name, we won't take much of your time, I just need you to supervise cause I don't know much.

—It's alright, if you are asking I can do it.

—Thank you hyung!!

Cale couldn't help but pet Basen on the head. After an hour more of them just spending time together the boy had to go back home, knowing he would be in problems if his father noticed he wasn't actually on the library studying as he said he was. The kids went back with Eruhaben and he walked towards his room.

He really was exhausted, was it because of the photos? Or him talking about that and remembering everything?, he couldn't tell, he just took out his clothes and put on his pajamas and went into his bed, falling asleep soon after.

In the kitchen, the now knew base of operations for the group of people that were talking about Cale, everyone was silent, they had heard everything from Rosalyn, and then Beacrox and Ron added their own knowledge to it, they now understood Cale a little better.

Choi Han was silent, he had been hearing everything without letting a word out of his mouth. It wasn't a secret he hated Cale at the start, and it made him even angrier that the red haired seemed to not care about that fact at all and just accepted it by simply saying it was his fault as it wasn't a big deal. But now, he understood the reason why, as Rosalyn said, the people working on his house insulted him and neglected him from an early age, he was just used to people being angry or mean to him.

Cale had explained why he said such mean things about his dead family, but now the way he was feeling at that time was more worrisome than he thought it was. He was a step away from actually trying to kill himself around that time, as Ron had said to them what the red haired had told them before.

The old man sighed. —And I truly thought Deruth was an attentive father and a good person all this time, but he let his child grew up like that.

—We need to show him our love— said Rosalyn with a terrifying expression —Even if it's by forceful methods, he thinks so low of himself he doesn't even care much about his own wellbeing, you all saw how he almost got shot and poisoned when fighting the mermaid king.

—Yes, he's too reckless with his own life— Beacrox felt tired, he expected Cale's childhood to be bad, just not that much, for the servants of the Henituses to actually let a kid to cook on his own and take care of his own meals and general wellbeing.

—Mmm, I'll send people to investigate— said Ron —Get proves of the way the servants acted and everything he did or others did to him during school, and throw it in Deruth's face to show him his poor job as a parent.


—I escaped to this continent with no money, I only had you and myself, yet I take care of you the best I could and made sure you never lacked anything, yet him having everything, just by losing his wife he drowned in his own sorrow and let his child behind, someone like that doesn't deserve to have children.

Beacrox didn't dare to say more, cause he completely agreed to what his father said. He took the photo album from the table, they had managed to get the little black dragon to lend it to them. Cale was a child with such a bright smile, yet that last picture, the eyes there were as dead as the ones he saw the first time he met Cale, eyes that screamed for help, yet his father never noticed.

—Let's call Bud— he finally said.

—Bud?— Rosalyn was confused.

—He met Cale when he was sixteen, and he has mention before that he knew about his situation, he can tell us more.

—Yes...that's a good idea, you have his number?

—No, but I have Glenn's number.

—Send him a message and invite him over, I won't be able to sleep if I don't have the whole story, we also need it to help Cale.

—He went to take a nap right?— asked Choi Han —He won't sleep for almost a day again will he?

—He might feel a little down now...— Rosalyn agreed —Should we buy sweets?, what does he likes apart fro sleeping, laying around doing nothing and sleeping?

—— answered Beacrox.

—...Nothing else?

They stayed silent. What did Cale liked? They didn't actually stop to think about it since he was easily happy by just having Beacrox baking sweets or carrying him around. They all suddenly stared at the chef that was still thinking.

"He....he likes Beacrox...but it's probably too dense to realize..." Rosalyn and Choi Han shared the thought, while Ron was just smiling knowing all the drama that had happened last night and his son and the red haired hadn't talked about yet.

—Well, you all can ask the mercenary king later, I'm sure Cale will be hungry when he wakes up.

—Mm, I'll make something he likes, he also had to cook today because I wasn't here.

—I'll go back to the laboratory, when Bud comes let me know— Rosalyn stood up and went outside the kitchen.

—I'll go train...— Choi Han followed her out.

Cale woke up by a knock on his door, wich was unusual, he was such a heavy sleeper that he would only wake up after sleeping enough. He heard how the door opened, but didn't gave it much attention, he was falling asleep once again, until he sensed that refreshing smell of lavender and soap. Only then he opened his eyes.

Beacrox had to use all his will power to come wake up Cale after what had happened last night, and now he had to work even harder to maintain a straight face as he saw the red haired slowly opening his eyes, still half asleep. Even more so when he slightly got up using one of his arms while rubbing his eyes with the other.

The chef wanted to dig a whole and disappear, seeing how the shirt was almost unbuttoned letting him see his collarbone and all the hickies and bites he had left there last night. How he wanted to just continue the work at that exact moment....


Cale sleepy voice took him out of his impure thoughts, yet his eyes were still fixed on the white skin he had decorated last night.

—Dinner is ready, I made tteokbokki, also, Bud and Glenn came and brought some alcohol.

With the mention of the alcohol Cale woke up completely, as he realized he and Beacrox were alone, and 'that' had happened and they had yet to talk about it.

"He probably just likes my appearance though" he looked down and saw how he was, a mischievous smile appeared on his face for a second, that the chef didn't get to catch, surely if Cale had ears and tale one would have been able to see how the little mischievous cat inside him was planning something. He pretended to still be sleepy and started to get out of the bed as he let his shirt fall off his shoulders, then he finished unbuttoning it.

Beacrox eyes were wide as he saw this, barely breathing. He would need another cold shower right now.

—I..I'll go so you can get dressed— with that he just left in a hurry to go to his room.


Cale almost pouted seeing he didn't get a reaction, maybe the chef didn't like his body that much? What could he use if not the beauty he supposedly had? Although, the chef did act a little weird. "I just have to keep trying" he nodded, approving his own idea.

—What does someone does to get other to like you anyways?

Gifts? He could try but he didn't knew what Beacrox liked. Food? He was a freaking chef and the best one on that, that just wasn't an option. Help him on tasks? He was too lazy for that.

—Let's try with the gifts and the previous plan— he decided, ignoring the fact of how all his previous exhaustion had gone away just by the little interaction with the chef.

He finished dressing up and went out. He knew immediately that something was weird, for some reason everyone was staring too much at him and acting more nice than the usual. But, Cale decided to ignore it, knowing that the hickies and marks on his skin were wel hidden. He just decided to enjoy his food, ignoring how Bud and Glenn had completely exposed his past, his bar fights, how he lived with his family and all the dangerous situations he had got himself in in the past.

—You look a little pale Cale, did you catch a cold?— Glenn, who was sitting next to him, asked as he put his hand on his forehead —You don't have a fever, but that doesn't mean you can't stop taking care of yourself, have you drank any water?

—I did, I'm just naturally pale.

—You care so much about Cale, what about me?— Bud asked as he frowned.

—Your'e an idiot, idiots don't catch colds, you'll be fine don't worry.

At that moment Beacrox came into the room, his hair slightly wet. He casually sit down and started eating. Ron raised an eyebrow and kept his laugh for himself.

—Human, can I have what you are eating?— the little dragon asked.

—Me too Cale.

—And me!

The red haired stared at them. —This one is pretty spicy, I can make the safe version for you three later.

—But I want that one human!

—Can't you just let us taste it?— Hong pleaded with puppy eyes.

—....but don't come at me after because it's too spicy.

He took a plate and put a little in there, and slide it towards the kids, the three took one rice cake covered in the red sauce and give it a little bite.

—Haha— Cale laughed seeing the faces Raon and Hong made before going for a glass of water. The red haired kid was now as red as hair hair as he stuck out his tongue.

On was much better with spicy food, she had made a little grimace and her face turned a faint red, but she kept eating the rice cake until the end. Cale cleaned the sauce on her lips with a napkin.

—You liked it?

—It's really spicy, but I think I can get used to it.

—How it's possible that you can eat that noona?!— questioned Hong as he was still trying to get the strong flavor from his mouth.

—This..great and mighty dragon has to train more to eat this.

The others slightly laughed at the kids, while Beacrox just stroked Hong's back as he handed him another glass of water.

—Oh right— Cale looked at Ron and Beacrox —I already did some little things to the kids information, so, I hope it doesn't bother you two that they have Molan as their last name now.

More than one person eating in the table almost choked on their food or drink hearing this. Ron just smiled.

—I already agreed with it, so it's fine— the old man said.

—Good, I already found a school so we need the papers to go and enroll them there.

—I'll make the arrangements to get everything they will need— he nodded — think I would have three little grandchildren so suddenly.

—We will train hard grandpa Ron!!— Hong, that was now less red that before, exclaimed.

—Of course, you two are good at being stealthy, and good students too.

Cale just kept eating, his lips slightly curved up, Beacrox would had it even more difficult to run away if the kids had his last name, it was a good way to start making sure to get the man.

—If you have any problem with the school tell me— Bud, that had finally come to his senses again, said —I bet a little threat would make them change their mind.

—Sure— Cale replied as he kept eating.

—Are you even listening to me?


—Won't you ever treat me good?

Cale slowly looked at him and laughed. —Maybe.

—Your hyung brought alcohol for you yet you treat me like this.

—Didn't you do that so you could drink without having Glenn getting mad at you?

—Of course that was his reason— Glenn confirmed —But we will go back after eating, there's a pile of papers waiting to be read, so he is not allowed to drink.

—C'mon Glenn, just one glass...

—You already made a mess yesterday, no.

Beacrox was just there watching their interactions. He wasn't able to look at Cale in the face after having such thoughts before, specially because he had to take his little problem to the shower. He then heard his phone, he casually took it out and saw it was a message from Alberu.

The chef frowned and turned to his father. —I think there is an emergency.

—Mm? What kind?

—I'm not sure, Alberu just send a message saying he needs us and Rok Soo to go there now.

—Just when we were having such a good time here with everyone.

—Is there a problem?— Cale raised his head from his food and asked, of course he had hear everything.

—We have to go see young master Alberu, apparently there is an emergency.

—Alright— he took a last bite, cleaned his lips, and then stood up.

—Do we have to go too?— Rosalyn asked.

—No, only me, Beacrox and Rok Soo, just enjoy the food.

The three went out of the room and headed outside to get on the car. Cale activated the necklace while on the car, a few minutes before arriving. There was already someone waiting for them.

Alberu was in his office with a dark expression as he read some papers. When someone knocked on the door and announced that the three men had arrived.

—Come in.

—Young master, what could be the problem to call us so suddenly?— the old man looked at the blond with curiosity.

—This— he showed the papers on his hands —According to my subordinates, a man named Greetel has been seen in the jungle accompanied by a mysterious person, they are trying to get a talk with president Litana.

—Greetel? That son of a bitch is still alive? I thought he would have already get himself killed by failing on the plan with the mermaids.

—With him there's also this Syrem that goes around like a bodyguard for the other person we don't know it's identity.

—Syrem? Then it has to be something bad...

—Who are they?— the chef looked at both of them waiting for an answer.

—They are part of arm, or well, Endable, Greetel is a replaceable pawn, but Syrem has a bit more of influence, he also wants my head.

The other three, with unimpressed expression turned their head in his direction. What could they expect from him at this point?

—May I know why?— Alberu asked.

—Mmm....well, I guess I can tell you.

The blonde raised an eyebrow.

—Remember the robbery to the Sekka family?


—Well, they were also working with them, and they would really be a threat, so I made a little act there, and then proceeded to stole something they were keeping safe for the organization, an object Syrem wanted, but I decided it was too dangerous to let an object like that fell in the hand of anyone, that's why I kept it even though it gaves me such odd vibes.

—The Sekka family....wait..are you talking about the time their information got out and how they were planning on starting a revolt and the way they had covered the death of a lot of people?

—That same one, yes.

—.....— Alberu took a deep breath —Then, are you...?

—Please don't say that ridiculous nickname I hate it.

—God you are driving me you are that thief...

—How do you think I got the information?

—Right, what else can I expect from you.

—But, going back to the jungle, if they are there then that means the alchemists are involved in this, the fire might have been caused by something they made, and they also might be trying to win over the people on the jungle by pretending to be their saviors and extinguishing the fire.

—Then we have to do something about it.

Cale put a hand over his bracelet. —Let's go there tomorrow.

—Tomorrow? You have a plan?— Beacrox frowned.

—Yes, we can't let them extinguish the fire, we gotta do it first, or get rid of them quickly before they got the chance.

—That's you actually have a way to extinguish the fire?

—I do, there's something called dominating water, it surely will help.

—You-!— Beacrox looked at him angry, he knew what that water was, he couldn't let him use the only thing keeping him alive —You won't use that.

—It's not that bad if I use it, I just have to let some left so it doesn't get dangerous, and as soon as we go back we will ask Olienne-nim about the ancient power.


—I promise I won't use all, living is the best after all.

Alberu watched their interaction, apparently they were on good terms now, but, what were they talking about?

—Should I be concerned by what you two are talking?

—No, young master, It's just something related to me— said Cale casually —But let's get back to the important things, we will go tomorrow and get rid of the fire, you wanted to get some points with the people right? And we will have better access to the fire if it's you the one introducing us to president Litana.

—I'll arrange my schedule, how do you plan to do it?

—I'll just have to act like an altruistic person to get her favor, I haven't acted like a good and holy person in a while.

"What do you mean by that?" Thought Beacrox. Cale was a lazy person, but the chef knew that he liked to act extra sometimes, he was already getting a bad feeling.

—Well then, we will fly there in one of my private jets, before noon would be the best, so if you all can come here early in the morning it would be best.

"Ugh...on the morning" —Alright...

—I'll tell the others and make sure we all are at the airport early young master Alberu— reassured Ron.

—Then I guess it's settled, we will go to the jungle and do something about those bastards.

After they discussed the last details, the three went back. Ron decided to drive this time, so Cale and Beacrox sat on the back seat. The chef fighting to act natural, while Cale just yawned and closed his eyes. Traveling always made him sleepy, he thought on just let himself lay on the window, but then remembering his plan, he faked being asleep and let himself fall on Beacrox's side and used him as a pillow.

"Much better" although he truly fell asleep now. The chef though, was agonizing, specially as he could see his father laughing at him from the driver seat. Thankfully for him, the red haired woke up when they arrived and walked on his own to his room as the chef had to go inform the others.

Cale changed once again into his pajamas, brushed his teeth and washed his face, the kids also came and did the same as it was time for them to go to sleep too. They went to bed and quickly fell asleep, but Cale took a little longer to do so, as he stared at the bracelet in his wrist. He had to be careful, more than ever, he had to live.

"So weird, I desperately wanted to die back then, and now..." he had found reasons to really want to stay alive not just by a promise. Watching the kids, hearing their laughs, it gave him a warm sensation, and he wanted to keep them close, and see how they grew, he now also wanted someone in his life, and had people that didn't look at him as if he was nothing but a problem or something unworthy of their time.

He was really receiving a lot. But he couldn't help be scared of getting used to it, and then having everything taken from him suddenly, like it happened with his mother. Looking now at the children, all curled up in the bed with him, he smiled and turned into a cat, embracing the two kittens and giving his warmth to the dragon too.

It was better not to think in useless things.