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The assassin and the cat

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The day was dark, rain clouds had covered the sky until the eye could reach, the winds were starting to rise and make it difficult for those walking in the streets. It was going to start raining in no time, and because of that one could see people running in the streets trying to get to their destinations before that.

A man was looking at them while starting to cover the windows of his coffee shop so they wouldn't break. He found those people stupid, there had been several reports of the upcoming thunderstorm that would hit the city in the next hours and would stay for almost a week. He had bought everything to survive inside the house for at least two weeks, just so he wouldn't have to go out and risk to get his clothes wet or dirty. Now he only needed to close the shop and secure everything before going to the back part of the store.

He lived with his father, yet he was busy doing a private work with their people on the capital, so he would spent the next month alone while they did their investigations, unless of course his father required his help. He wouldn't be surprised if something like that were to happen, lately things had start to get out of control not only at the capital but around the country, the clans had started to fight each other out of nowhere, making trouble on the underworld and even for the innocent people that had nothing to do with it. 

When he finished cleaning the store he went to his house on the back and went out to the garden, he had to check the vegetables on the greenhouse, yet at that moment the until now quiet clouds let out the first thunder. As he was watering the vegetables the rain started, so as quickly as he could he finished there and went inside the house again, not without securing the doors. 

It was a calm night if you ignored the strong winds shaking the windows and the rumble of the thunders outside. Beacrox had just  finished cooking his dinner, he set the table and sit down starting to eat. He wouldn't have to open the coffe shop for the next days, since people would barely go out, so his free time would be used on developing some new recipes or looking for a way of improving the ones he already had.

The storm outside was growing stronger, moving everything, and yet, there was a sound that didn't belong to those the storm made. Beacrox grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started to look outside through the window, the trashcan had fallen, and he could hear something moving behind the other two, but since it was too dark he couldn't tell what it was. 

"I swear to god if it's another raccoon I'm going to make a complain to the neighbor since he damaged my fence" he opened the door. 

The garden was divided between the open part, and the half with a roof and the greenhouse, so he just turned on the light and walked to the trashcans without getting wet at all.


He then saw it, the dark red drops in the ground. He frowned and got closer, what was there was surely not a raccoon. Two little kittens hissed at him from behind the fallen trashcan, both with golden eyes, yet one was a fiery red and the other what was supposed to be a beautiful silver, yet both were dirty, wet and skinny as if they hadn't eat in days. Behind them there was another cat, a grown one, with red like blood fur that was wet because of the rain and the wounds in his torso. It would clearly die if he wasn't treated, it was like it had been in a fight with other cats, probably protecting his cubs.

"What shall I do now?" The kittens were fiercely guarding him like their lifes depended of that, he could just left them there, but that would mean he would have to not only clean the blood, but also the corpse of the cat, he really didn't want that. 

—Move, I'm not going to harm you nor him— he said as he pushed the kittens aside and picked the severely injured cat.

As he was going inside he noticed the too kittens following him in panic, he paid no attention to them as he went to his bathroom and put some old towels in the floor and the cat over them. He was no expert, but as his side job required, he had a little knowledge in wounds, so he first cleaned the area and stared at the deep cuts, there really was no use on trying, it would soon die, but...



The too kittens were crying at his side, almost imploring him to do something. It wasn't supposed to be used in this way, but he couldn't help it, he went and brought one of the the few healing potions his father had left behind for him in case of emergency, it was a really expensive product on the black market, even if what he was using now was one of the low grade ones. He poured half of it in a bucket with water, and the used the mix to clean the wounds again as well as the rest of the fur. When he finished, he dried the cat fur the better he could and  then began to bandage the wounded areas. 

After he was finished, the two kittens curled up next to big cat, but soon enough Beacrox picked them up and brought them to the shower, when, even though they fight with all they had, they still ended up being bathed and dried after it, the man wouldn't accept having two balls of dirt going around his bathroom, he also cleaned the floor and went outside to put the trashcan in place and clean the blood before it dried and was even more difficult to take out. 

After all was done, he cooked some chicken, without any salt or spices and shredded it, then he gave it to the kittens while he careful fed the cat a couple of spoons of what was left of the potion, he was planning on give it a little bit everyday until the storm ended, then he could take them to a shelter or something.  

He closed the bathroom door and then went to sleep, hoping those cats wouldn't make a mess out of his bathroom. Yet, the next morning when he went to see them, the kittens were quiet and still curled up next to the big cat. When he entered they looked at him with attention, yet they didn't dare make a sound, when usually a normal cat would be meowing or hissing at him. 

"Guess I put myself in good trouble, I don't think I can put them in a shelter" 

After a long heavy sight, he checked in the condition of the cat, who seemed to be breathing better than before.

—You two— he said to the kittens —Come with me.

He picked the cat and brought him to the couch, where he covered it with a blanket, after that he looked at the kittens.

—Your names.

The two flinched at his words and exchanged a gaze. 

—Don't make that face, I know you can talk, aren't you from the cat clan? 

They lowered their heads, then the voice of a girl was heard, but it wasn't an answer to his question. 

—Please, save him. 

—I'll do it since I already brought him inside, but you have to tell me what happened.  

—I...we...we escaped from the clan, they were going to get rid of us, but...but he saved us. 

—They were going to get rid of you? 


As she didn't answer, he understood that it wasn't something she could tell, so he did not insist. Without saying much he left them there and went to make breakfast at the kitchen, his rations for two weeks wouldn't even do for one now. Three omelets with bacon were ready after fifteen minutes, as well as cup of coffee and two glasses of milk, he put everything on the table and went to the livingroom.

—You two. 

The kittens looked at him.

—Come eat. 

"Eat?" That took them by surprise. They jumped down the couch and started to walk towards the kitchen, but the scary face of the man stopped them. 

—If you don't transform to your human form and wash your hands both will be eating outside.  

They nodded and proceeded to do as they were told. On and Hong sat on the table, and they felt as there eyes started to fill with tears, it was a warm and delicious food, not the usual hard bread and watered food they had to eat when they were in the clan.

Beacrox watched the children, as they put the first bit of food in their mouths silent tears started to escape their eyes and run down their cheeks, it was obvious they had been greatly neglected, they were skinny and one could see the bruises in their arms, as they were wearing light and old clothes. 

"How did they even lived like in that place?" Yet that wasn't something he should be interested in. If there was someone he should interrogate was the adult that was now unconscious. He didn't say a word and let the children eat and cry how much they wanted, when they all were done, he stood up and started cleaning everything.

The kids went back to the livingroom. "I think we still have my old clothes in the attic" the man thought as he finished cleaning.

As his house was behind the shop, the bedrooms were on the second floor, and at the end of the hallway there, were the stairs to the attic, since he was organized, the boxes there were all classified by it's contents, so he soon found what he was looking for. The two boxes were brought back, and he took two pair of outfits from them and tossed them into the washing machine.



After hearing the kids he almost ran to the livingroom, when he got there, he could see that the now kittens were impatient walking around the big cat, that was looking around with lifeless eyes. He took the rest of the potion he had been bringing with him the whole time and walked to them.

He carefully made the cat drink it, and just seconds after that it fell asleep again. This time not with an irregular breathing, but a calm one.

—He looks better nya!— the little one looked happy.

—He has to get better— the older one had a painful expression as she laid down with the older cat to give him warmth. 

Beacrox observed them for a while, they really cared for the older cat, and the girl seemed to feel responsible for his condition too, probably because he had ended up like that while helping them.

—You two— the kids looked at him —Your names, you didn't tell me before. 

—I'm On— the silver kitten answered —And this is my little brother-

—I'm Hong!

He nodded. —Come help. 

The kittens were confused at first, but then they realized that they were staying in someone's house, eating his food, and having their savior be treated there, so they just changed into their human form and followed the man, who gave a broom to the older one and a piece of cloth to the younger. 

—Clean the hallway. 


The house went silent, only the sound of the rain could be heard from outside as well as the thunders. The kids were fast and careful while cleaning, probably trying to do their best to repay the generosity of the man. They cleaned the livingroom and the bathroom while the man was busy with the second floor. 

Every once in a while they would take a look at the patient just incase it would wake up. Unfortunately that didn't happen, and the rest of the day as Beacrox was busy in the kitchen the kids just stayed with him in silence. It felt weird for them to eat three meals that day, something they hadn't have in a long time, not to mention it was good, nutritious and delicious food. 

After dinner the kids ended up sleeping in the couch, since they didn't want to be apart from the older cat, and Beacrox just let them be. He didn't know what to do though, he was hoping for the other cat to wake up and that he would tell him they had a place to go, cause how on earth would he explain to his father that he ended with three members of the cat clan on his house while he was away. 

The next morning Beacrox woke up and started to get ready for a new day. The rain was still falling without any sign of stopping, so he took his time getting dressed before heading to the kitchen to make breakfast. But as he was walking to check on the children he heard a soft thud. He hurried over and then he lost his ability to breath. 

In the floor was a young man, with white skin that contrasted greatly with his blood red hair that fell gracefully to his shoulders, his clothes were torn apart in the areas were he was wounded, and of course there were stained with blood. He had the same lost and lifeless gaze as the last time he had woke up, yet this time it started to recover it's light as he looked around, his eyes stopped on the man. 

—You are awake!— Hong, that had woken up due to the noise, exclaimed. 

Then the young man quickly turned his head in the kids direction, a soft and tender smile appeared in his face. Soon enough On also opened her eyes and showed her happiness along with her brother while they purred and rubbed their head against his hands. 

—We were scared, we thought you wouldn't woke up....— the girl said while almost crying. 

—When you fell unconscious we didn't know what to do!— unlike her, his brother was crying inconsolably. 

—I'm...sorry....— he was still weak, Beacrox was sure of it as he heard to that tired voice. 

Beacrox just walked into the room, and soon enough the young man looked at him with deadly eyes as he put himself in front of the children to protect them. The man raised an eyebrow. 

—Who...are you, and were are we? 

—I'm Beacrox, you are at my house. 


—Im sorry!— On came to him with her head down —After you passed out we didn't know what to do...and since this looked like a nice neighborhood we came here hoping they wouldn't follow us, and ended on this sir's garden.

—He took us in and treated you.

—You were bleeding too much so...

As he saw the kittens start to cry, the young man just sighed and petted their heads. 

—Don't cry, it was my fault for not being  careful enough, I scared you two.

—No!..I know it was because they were trying to get to me!!— the silver kitten jumped from the couch and turned into a human to hug and cry on the young man chest.

—I went to save you two even though I knew the possible consequences, so you don't have to blame you, it was all my fault.

It would be a lie to say that Beacrox only wanted to start with his interrogation to get this street cats out of his house, but he instead let them continue until the kids had calm down, in the meantime he prepared sandwiches for breakfast and something easy to eat for the injured one.

—You two, go eat— he said to the kids, that nodded and went straight to the bathroom to wash their hands.

Last night he had gave them the clothes he had washed and dried, so now both of them were using clothes a little too big and long for them, but at least they were clean. When they were finally gone, the two man exchanged gazes. 

—Who are you? You reek of blood, but not because you have been in a fight lately, but for the people you have killed.

Beacrox was slightly surprised, this man in front of him had a keen sense of smell, he hadn't done a job in a lot of time, yet he still could tell. And even though he was still injured he was also ready to attack if necessary. 

—You don't have to worry about that, I'm not working and don't plan on doing anything to the three of you, I just took you in for the kids.

The man seemed to relax a little, then Beacrox put the simple porridge he had make in the coffe table.

—Eat, I don't want you to die of hunger after I worked so hard to save you, my name is Beacrox by the way.

He then tried to leave, but he was stopped by his voice. 

—My name is Cale, and...thank you.

The man nodded and returned to the kitchen to eat his breakfast. The kids were looking at him.


—What do we need to clean today? 

—We will help! 

—Just eat for now. 

Cale ate the porridge slowly, it was one of the tastiest things he had eaten for the last month, not to mention the last week when he didn't get the chance to eat more that hard bread and disgusting water. His stomach, even though it was recieving food, was still making noises of hunger and he could feel the pain from it, he could eat a whole pot of this even at the risk of throwing up. How had he even end up like that? 

"It was my decision, so no back downs now, not to mention those kids could have died if it weren't for that" he just had to eat, recover, wait for the storm to pass and he would leave this place and go...go were? That bastard had betrayed him, if it weren't for him he would have never been found out and ended like this. "I'm going to fucking chop that bastard's head off when I find him, that dares to not only betray me but steal my things" 

So much money lost because of that son of a bitch, and the potions he had there, so many precious items in the hands of a bastard. "Youst wait you son of a bitch, you probably think I'm dead and won't move from that little hidden home of yours, let's see if you can keep with that after I'm recovered" 

He finished his food and returned to his cat form to lay down on the carpet and wait for the man to come back. Yet when he did, he brought with him some clothes and stared at him in silence after seeing he was a cat again. 

—I brought you clothes so you can take a shower. 

—Am I that dirty that you want me to clean myself that bad? 

—I don't like my house getting dirty, and since your wounds are at least closed, you could take a shower. 

—Alright— he turned back into a human and started to get up, only to almost fall again to the floor, the man quickly help him to stand —Fuck it hurts...

It was normal that it hurt, he had also been injured in his legs, but even so, he just used Beacrox to stand up right and then, as if there were no pain at all, he put a stoic expression in his face, picked the clothes and walked to the door. 

—Where is the bathroom? 

—Let me show you.

He was guided to the bathroom and left there with also a pair of towels, he quickly undressed and went to the shower.

—Where is he?— On asked as Beacrox returned to the kitchen with the plate he had served the porridge in. 

—In the shower.

—I see...did he eat?

—Yes— he showed the empty plate. 

—I'm glad. 

—He should eat more, much more. 

—I think you two should eat more than him.

—But...even though he was also trapped there with us...he gave us half of his food, half a bread a day is not good at all. 

"Half a bread?" He frowned —How much time were you there? 

—We had been separated from the others for a long time, we lived in an old house were they abandoned us, yet about two weeks ago they suddenly went and dragged us to an underground prison and put us on a cell. 

—Cale got there a week before, he was really rude, but he gave us part of his food. 

—Then we heard they were planning on getting rid of us, but before they could, Cale escaped and brought us with him, then we ended in your garden. 

—Wait, then he is not from your clan?

—No sir, he's not from our branch, he mentioned not being from here.

That was unexpected, every clan had different branches, yet they usually cooperate between them to get back on the others, why would he try something against other branch of his clan to get himself imprisoned and then hunted down? Well, there always were some exceptions weren't they? Just like with humans, they could stab each other on the back at any moment for money or power, and beast people weren't that different.  

"Maybe I ended with a lunatic on my house" it was too late to return them to behind the trashcan anyways. 

Should he report this to his father? No, it was better to wait for the red head to get out of the bathroom and interrogate him and see if he's a dangerous person ot not.

—Hey Beacrox. 

He turned around to face the owner of the voice, but his eyes went wide as the guy was only wearing the tshirt he had gave him, that was also covering just to his tights. 

—Your clothes are a little big for me, the pants were too big and I don't think I can keep them up even with a belt, do you have another pair? 

Cale was just casually drying his hair that, thankfully wasn't dropping water or Beacrox would had been real mad as he had just cleaned the hallway.

—Cale, do you want me to help with your hair?— offered On. 

—Oh really? Okay— he wasn't used to take care of himself after all.

Beacrox just got himself together before coughing and walking to him. 

—I'll go see if I have, if not, just turn yourself into a cat and stay like that.

Cale clicked his tongue. —I'm more used to my human form though.

—You won't be walking around like that on my house. 


The man was scaring, too much for Cale, so he just nodded and went to sit on the couch while the girl dried his hair and Hong, who recieved a hair brush from Beacrox was waiting to brush his hair. 

"More than a criminal or a lunatic, he looks like a spoiled brat" was what Beacrox thought seeing him letting the children do the job for him, and even though he wasn't on his berserk transformation, he could swear he could see his ears and tail moving while enjoying the treatment. 

—I have a hair dryer...

—It's it's alright, it's going to dry eventually anyways 

He tossed a new pair of pants to the man, who cath them instead of letting them hit his face sadly. The red haired look at it and nodded. 

—I think this ones will fit, still a little too big, but works, I'm going to need a belt though. 

—Just put those while I go for it.

—Okay— he proceeded to do as ordered and then took a look of himself in the mirror there, he looked like a homeless person.

—Cale, does it still hurt? 

—Does it?

He looked at the children and petted their heads. 

—Just stop worrying about me and worry only about yourself, I'm all right now so don't make those faces.

They nodded, but On still asked. —Why did you do it? 


—You could had run away by yourself and no one would have noticed, they only did because you take us with you...

—Oh well, I hate people that treats kids like that.

Beacrox stopped when he was about to go in, it was bad to spy on a conversation, but whatever it was his goddamn house. 

—Those that insult children and beat them are worse than trash, I'm a bad person but not even I wouldn't do that, those people were fucking bastards.

"He's..." On looked at her brother.

"A bad person?" and he did the same. 

What a lie, what kind of bad person would go saving children and almost losing their life because of it? Beacrox finally went in. 

—I need to talk with you— he gave a glance to the kids, that just nodded and went outside to probably just sit on the kitchen.  

Cale took the belt and put it on, then he sat down like he was in his own house and signaled the man to start talking. Beacrox obviously got mad because of that, but still sat down in front of him. 

—Can I hear your situation? I want to know if you have where to go now, I might be helping you now but I won't do it forever. 

—That's a good question, you see, for various reasons I went to the small city of the cat clan here to steal, no, retrieve something, but my partner stabbed me in the back, steal everything I had with me and abandoned me there, so the answer to your question, it's no, I'm literally homeless right now, that bitch even stole my wallet, I have no identification nor can I go retrieved money. 

The man let out a long sigh, just what did he got himself into? So this stupid bastard in front of him tried to steal something but was betrayed while doing so, wich lead to this whole situation. 

—And what are you going to do then? You can't stay here forever. 

—That son of a bitch must think I'm dead, so he should be in his house enjoying my money and all the artifacts I had on me and that he stole, I just have to go there and kill him so I can get everything back. 

Beacrox just checked his appearance with doubt, someone like that could actually kill?  Cale seemed to be extremely weak, as if he barely could even lift one of the children.

—Anyways, once I get my things back, I'll have money to go away and pay you for your help, I'm not someone that likes owing to people. 

—Then were is the bastard that betrayed you? 

—He's living on the north of the city, in a residential area kn the outskirtsofthe city, he rents a house there— he closed his eyes —A one floor house, color red, without parking space and with a small garden covered in dried plants, number 455, the exterior lights doesn't work— he opened them again —There are a few similar houses yet that's the exact description.  

"What kind of memory does he have?" 

—If you are asking, are you going to help me? It would be good for you cause that would mean we will go away.

—How are you even going to get there? 

—I'll just go as a cat and go in from the hole on the side of the house or the bathroom window he always keeps open cause it's stuck.

—He's going to kill you when he sees you. 

—Not really? He doesn't know I can turn into a cat, and in my human form fight back is easy.


—You and the kids, are the only ones that know that I'm not human.

Now that he thought about it, beast people had a singular aura and aroma, he didn't felt it at the start because of the smell of blood and wet fur, but he noticed the next morning after taking them in, but the man in front of him...he didn't had those characteristics, the only ones with them were the kids.  

—I'm a special case, so no one can really tell I am part of the cat clan, or well, that I share blood with them, so as a cat, I'm only that, no one would suspect me at all. 

—But that doesn't mean you can't get hurt again, aren't you extremely weak? 

—Well, yeah, I'm weak, but I'm also very good in stealth, I had to learn to get away with all the things I did growing up.

Somehow he didn't want to hear what those things were. —Then you can wait until the storm ends in two or three days to go there.

—Can't do. 


—I know that bastard, when the weather it's good again he will take the first fly out of the city or even the country, after all that motherfucker has my credit cards.

—So you are thinking on going like that? 

—I can deal with a little pain from the wounds, even if I hate pain, I can do anything for my money.

—I guess I can help you. 

—Nice, I mean, you are strong, are you perhaps an assassin? You look like one.

"And as scary as one"

—Something like that, but-

—Yes, I know, I won't intrude in your life nor anything, I just want to know who I'm working with.

—Aren't you afraid that I will betray you too?

—How shall I say it?, you are too good to do something like that. 


—You took us in, gave us food, treated me, let us stay, take a shower and even lend us some clothes, you wouldn't betray someone that you have helped, I just, feel like you are that tipe of person. 

—You feel? 

—I'm good reading people— seeing the face of the man he continued before he could say something —And before you try saying something, I knew that guy wasn't really the best option, but it was the only one I had, and I honestly offered him a really good deal yet he still betrayed me. 

—Okay...then rest, you are still not well, I have to do some things in the kitchen.  

—Oh, do you have books? That guy also took my phone so I can't read my web novels, I'll get bored. 

After a long sigh the man went out and then returned a few minutes later with three books for him to read. The kids, as he had thought, were just sitting there in the kitchen. Well, at least he had people to try the new combinations of sandwiches and pastries he will be making the next days.

—Sir, can we help with anything?

—Yes, we already cleaned, but is there anything else to do? 

He thought about it for a moment. —You can help cleaning the shop then. 

—The shop?

—Yes, the front of the house it's a coffee shop. 

—So your'e a chef sir? That explains why your food it's so delicious!— Hong said happily. 

—It must be the most delicious food in the world, it was just amazing— On nodded in agreement. 

A little painful feeling stuck in his chest, as he watched the kids, and how skinny they were, they barely had food to eat before, and it surely wasn't the best as he saw how they reacted to the omelets the day before. 

—If you work well I'll give you some sweets. 


—Yes, now follow me, I'll show you the shop.

The livingroom room was connected to a small entrance to the shop. The place wasn't really big, just a couple of tables for people to eat, but since they were in an area near some companies, a lot of clients just asked for take out. Usually Ron, Beacrox's father, would be selling in the front while he would be at the kitchen preparing more food, or if wasn't necessary he would just help serving.  

—Just sweep the floor and clean the tables and the counter, only that, then go back in.

—Yes sir!!

As he went back in, he saw Cale just reading there as he laid down on the couch. "Wait, is he even reading?" The guy was just turning page after page like he wasn't even reading at all. "Just a lunatic after all" it was best to help him quickly so he can be alone and in peace again. 

Back in the kitchen, Beacrox checked his phone to see if his father had sent a message or anyone, yet there was nothing, he just continued with his day. 


—Is it there?— he looked at the tall building on the other block. 

—Yes, we can't go in though, we tried several times but they discovered us, I think some of them are in the possession of ancient powers.

—Fufu, well, we humans have lasted all this time fighting against beast people, monsters and all kind of dangers, what are some ancient powers against our wish to fight them? 

—It will be difficult to get information though. 

—But bot impossible, what have you gathered until now? 

They closed the curtains. The hotel room they were right now was spacious and plain. Around ten men where there waiting patiently, while the two that were talking sit down. The old man was showing a benign smile while waiting for the other to give the information. The other man just put the documents on the coffe table. 

—It's quite thick even though you said it was difficult to get something from them, Hans. 

—Well, as you said Ron-nim, it is difficult but not impossible, we might not know what do they do in that building, but we can gather information from their activities outside. 


—The majority of the participants of this new group are members of the different clans, yet the ones in lower positions are human, although I would call those disposable pawns instead of members. 

—So they have hierarchies?

—Apparently they use noble titles to define their positions, the one on the head it's obviously the king. 

—What information do you have about him?

—He had been seen just twice, but he wears a hood and a mask all the time so is difficult to know how it is, but...


—One of our men saw him from a close distance and survived by feigning being dead, he said his hair is red like blood and falls to his shoulders, and also, he got to see his eyes behind the mask, he has redish brown eyes, yet that's all the information.  

—Red hair and redish brown hair..wait, isn't that? 

—Yes, I also thought of that, he matches the description of the son of the Henituse family that dissapeared a year ago. 

—It can't be possible they are the same person, Cale Henituse had quite the reputation here in the capital, he acted like trash and was a drunkard, he was also known as being extremely weak. 

—That why we only took it as a possibility, especially because he went missing after the terrorist attack and is probably dead, there was no body, but there was someone that saw him walking near one of the bombs seconds before it exploded.

—The family is still looking for him, but there hasn't been any reports of him being seen if I'm not wrong? I left that work behind after finding the few traces of him being there.

—Yes, a rare hair color like that would have been immediately recognized, but still, his death or disappearance was almos overlooked thanks to his trash nickname and the fact that the minister and other government officials were seriously injured as well as some of them dying. 

That was an unfortunate event, Ron remembered well, cause the head of the Henituse family was an old acquaintance of his, someone that gave him his support when he had just got to this country, he had saved him from an attack just to get money from him to feed his son, yet he gained much more, and also got the opportunity to start his own power on the underworld. It was a relationship not even his son knew about, that's why he got to see the devastation on Deruth's face when asking him to look for his son as he was sure he wasn't dead, but there was nothing to do, they didn't find more than a shoe and and part of the backpack the young man had that day. 

It was impossible to think that the new lider of this growing force on the underworld was the trash that dropped his studies, didn't have a single talent and liked to spent all his time in bars. 

—Letting the lider aside, you know wich clans are cooperating with him? 

—We know of the Bear, Lion, flame dwarf, cat, dark elf, vampires and siren clan, the rest are humans, mostly alchemists and also mages, the rest normal ones as said are just disposable for them. 

—Those are too many...

—Apparently they want to take over the underworld, but that will surely escalate to something worst. 

—There's no option but to take them down by one, I would said the first target should be the cat or the flame dwarf clans, they're the weakest, but one provides information and a good defense against us, and the other technology. 

—Oh, they're also looking for someone.

—Who and why. 

—It's called Midenas, apparently he stole something from them a couple of months ago and it's on the run, he rather fled the country already or is preparing to do so cause if not he's a dead man.

—Do you have anything about him?

—No, he's really good at escaping and hiding, we think he uses artifacts to hide himself or change his appearance. 

—That's a problem, he could have valuable information.

—That's the information we have right now, the rest of the details are in the document.

—I see, for now let's try with the plan I said, first we have to find the branches of the clans that are working with it, although it probably only gets to the capital, but we have to be sure.

—Yes sir, we will start the investigation, but...


—Are you not going to call for your son? 

—Not for now, let's just keep the investigation, if we have to go to a big battle then I'll call him over. 

—I understand, we will be going then sir. 

Hans bowed, as well as the rest of the men, and went out. The old man was left alone in the room, he leaned in the sofa reading the documents. He passed by the information regarding the enemies leader appearance and frowned. No, it was impossible, Cale Henituse should be dead, cause if he wasn't then for what reason hasn't he go back home? 

Not did they only had their problems with the usual powers in the underworld, but now they had this new one that had been growing nonstop since two years ago. Things were getting out of control, and he didn't want to put his son in the middle, but this might also escalate and become something bigger that a simple crashing of powers.

—If we could only find someone with the information we need and ways to take them down, it would be a gift from the heavens. 

Miles and miles away, lying down on a couch, a red haired man sneezed out of nowhere, he frowned while looking at the ceiling.

—Is someone talking shit about me again?