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One-Shots Of Korean Dramas & BL Series

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So hey to everyone that might be reading this. I finally mustered up the courage to publish something here, I´ve been writing things for years now and I did wrote one fanfic in my old wattpad account back in 2016 but after deleting the story and my account I haven´t published anything after that so I´m pretty stressed how all things will go from here and using this app to publish my own work for the first time feels pretty overwhelming.

So yeah I decided to start with something simple and I think writing one-shots is pretty fun. I will update the tags as we go and probably add some warnings at the beginning of a chapter if there is something to be especially noted but I ask you to follow the tags please, thank you.

I hope you´ll enjoy my writing! Have fun reading.

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- I need help hyung I can´t get into the bed by myself. Sangha whines pouting his lips and reaches his arms towards Jin Won ready to be carried onto to the bed to get some sleep, even though Sangha doesn´t feel that tired since he´s been inside the apartment for the whole day for almost a week actually after he hurt his leg when they were running together with his boyfriend and he accidentally fell when he was staring at Jin Won´s handsome face for too long and missed the rock on the road.

- You know you have those crutches for that? Asks Jin Won taking a quick glance at the crutches leaning against the wall near to the door .

- Yes I do know that but as my boyfriend you´re supposed to take care of me.

- I´ve taken care of you for almost the whole week isn´t that enough?

- Nope. Now my adorable bear come here and carry me to the bed. Please. Sang Ha says with the cutest smile he can make and who is Jin Won to say that it doesn´t affect him. Sang Ha has always been the more outgoing social butterfly one in their relationship and maybe it´s a good balance for Jin Won´s from time to time annoyed and grumpy persona.

- Okay then. Sighs Jin Won before he squats down a bit to lift up Sang Ha up in bridal style and carefully carries him onto the bed not wanting to hit the other´s hurt leg anywhere and make the pain even worse. In all honestly he just doesn´t want to make the recovering period and his role as a caregiver any longer than is needed right now.

- I want to be the little spoon tonight. Come sleep with me. Says Sang ha when Jin won is covering him up with the duvet.

- Aren´t you always the small spoon? Jin won asks slightly tilting his head.

- Well yes I tried to be the big spoon once but you´re too big for that. Sangha smiles and makes a movement of reaching his arms around other person.

- Wow thanks.

- You should take that as a compliment I meant you´re tall and muscular. Says Sangha with a little smirk seeing how Jin won´s ears turned red.

- Now come here my big teddy bear. Sangha says making a grabbing motion with his hands.

- Alright then. Jinwon sighs accepting his defeat and lays down behind his boyfriend and gently pulls him closer being aware of his hurt leg.


Next day starts with Jinwon carrying Sangha around the dorm room trying to protest against it but everytime Sangha says or does something whether it´s a threat that Jinwon won´t get any kisses for the next two months or he gives the taller boy the cutest puppy eyes. If there´s someone that can oppose those eyes they don´t have feelings Jinwon is sure of that.

- I don´t want to sound ungrateful but your cooking skills are not that great. I mean I don´t know how you get simple pancakes to taste this…unpleasant. Sangha lets out every word out slowly following Jinwon´s reaction to them his shoulders tensing a little bit when his boyfriend looks up at him from eating his own pancakes but what surprised him was the disgusted smile on Jinwon´s face.

- You´re totally right no offense taken from your words. Jinwon laughs finishing the first and last piece of his breakfast. He gulps some water to get rid of the bad taste.

- Maybe it was because you didn´t follow a recipe. I´m pretty certain that you would be a great chef if you did that and practice a bit more. I mean of course you could have prepared the dinner with me the many times I asked if you wanted to do it with me but for some reason you didn´t.

- Alright alright I get it the next time when you ask I will do it with you…expect if I have a test coming or they release a new videogame.

- Sometimes I feel like I´m the oldest one in this relationship. Sighs Sangha pouring himself a bowl of cereal reaching for the milk but Jinwon is quicker to do that and takes it out from his boyfriend´s reach.

- But I am the eldest you should still remember that and now you can´t even fight me because of your leg.

- Would you be surprised if I just took off the cast right now and I could walk just fine?

- Well I wouldn´t be that surprised since I know you would use that tactic of a broken leg just to get me to carry you around like a majesty.

- Uh I like that now my precious peasant boy bow your king. Says Sangha placing an empty bowl on his head like he was wearing a crown.

- Alright jokes aside now.

- Nah ah at least you should give me the milk before I evict you out from my kingdom.

- I mean this is pretty shitty kingdom, this small room you have here your majesty. I wouldn´t be that heartbroken if I needed to leave from here.

- How dare you ridicule something that I built with my own two bare hands. You are playing on the edge trying out my patience.

- I really keep thinking why did I started dating you in the first place. It´s pretty dangerous and not so well looked upon that a king is in a relationship with a mere peasant. I would suffer a lot more if they found out about us.

- I don´t know if you recall that you told me I was the one you loved but I do remember. It´s carved safe in here... Sangha points at his head.

- And here. He then places the hand on his heart with a beautiful smile Jinwon is fond of even if he doesn´t want to admit it.

- Do you feel your heart fluttering? Asks Sangha fluttering his eyelashes with a cute smile.

- For god´s sake. Jinwon murmurs walking away from the table but there´s not a lot of places to go to hide so he skips to the bathroom. He sits on the toilet seat for a while trying to listen if Sangha is following him as the clinging koala he is. A koala that is very well able of walking on it´s own even if it has an injured leg. He can´t hear anything from the other side of the door though which is odd. He slowly, carefully opens the door being ready to close it again if his boyfriend suddenly attacks him from the other side. He peeks out to the table it´s unoccupied, also there´s no one on the bed either so he opens the door a bit more to look behind it and there his koala is standing munching on his cereal.

- Boo.



After their classes they go to the grocery store to get ingredients for the dinner Jinwon finally agreed on helping Sangha to prepare.

- You have to take the shopping cart my hands are occupied with the crutches and my walking phase is already slow enough as it is.

- Yes my majesty.

- Oh you´re learning fast. With this phase of progress you´re making you will have to agree to my proposal in the near future.

- Yes your majesty. Now tell me what we need to get.

- Let´s get some fresh fruit and vegetables first. I can take care of those you should go and find some cheap meat doesn´t matter the type but it has to be cheap as you know even if my kingdom lives very good life it doesn´t have the money to spend on just anything.

- I understand your majesty so now if you excuse me I´ll go and carry out my mission. Jinwon bows at his boyfriend or should he say his majesty slightly before walking off noticing the few weird looks directed at them because of their shared conversation but oh well they both had done even more embarassing things in the past so it doesn´t really affect them that much.

After the visit to the grocery store the majesty and his now soon to be husband made dinner together which went pretty well if we don´t take into consideration the fact that Jinwon almost burnt the meat and he got a cut on his finger when he was cutting out some carrots but overall the evening was spent in a good mood and comfortable chatter. The majesty also got to steal a little kiss from his lover which made him even more happy about the whole day.

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It´s been four months since Insoo saw Sangyi for the last time. He couldn´t hold back the excitement of meeting his boyfriend after so long when he was walking from the bus stop to their shared apartment. His manager Minseong had requested for giving him a ride from the airport but Insoo wanted to go with the bus so he could walk the rest of the way to get some fresh air.
He had hoped to arrive earlier but the plane was late. He sent the last text to Sangyi before the plane took off the elder boy saying it was okay.

When he reached the apartment building and walked the stairs to the fourth floor he really had to think about the passcode for some minutes since it´s been a while for him to dial it in and usually Sangyi was the one who did it if they were getting back home together and normally Sangyi was the first at home and he would open the door for Insoo who came home late in the evening because it takes a lot of time in the studio to prepare new music and Insoo also has more performing gigs at different venues. Neither of them complains about it though because Insoo loves his job and Sangyi loves seeing his boyfriend happy doing the things he loves the most in the world after loving him of course because Insoo is head over heels for his hyung.

He steps inside their apartment and after not seeing or hearing SangYi he quickly goes to the bathroom since he was feeling too lazy to do so at the airport.
Once again Sangyi reminded him what kind of person he is when Insoo stepped out from the bathroom and went further inside the apartment. He saw the dining table set with some lighted up candles on it. He steps into the living room where the tv is in low volume. He turns it off when he sees Sangyi sleeping on the couch. He must have been waiting for him but eventually surrounded to the feeling of tiredness. He would complain about leaving the lighted up candles on their own without supervision but instead he just coos at his cuteness, to the way his lips were slightly pouting.

Insoo got down on his knees in front of the couch and gently caresses Sangyi´s face with a content smile on his face. Sangyi stirs up a bit and slowly opens his eyes. For a few seconds he adjusts to the low dimmed room now the only light coming from the candles and the little window that was near the couch. When he realizes who´s in front of him his eyes shoot open and he pulls Insoo into a tight hug trying not to let out the tears that were suddenly wanting to pour out from his eyes.

- Insoo It´s really you. I missed you so much. Sangyi cries out not being able to hold back his tears. Insoo lets out a quiet chuckle at his boyfriend´s tears hoping they´re happy ones and caresses the back of his head in a comforting way.

- Yeah it´s me in a flesh. I´m sorry it took me so long to arrive. Insoo says leaning away from the other and looks into Sangyi´s eyes drying off the tears with his hand.

- It´s okay, it´s enough you´re here now.

- I´m happy to see you, I missed you a lot. How about a reunion kiss? Asks Insoo with a mischievous smile his boyfriend returning it with a little nod.

- What are you waiting for just do it. Says Sangyi already leaning forward so Insoo pulls him in and presses his lips onto Sangyi´s. It´s been a while when they have shared a kiss but when their lips touch and moves against each other Insoo feels like he has finally returned home SagYi as cheesy as it sounds is his home.

Their shared apartment is his safe place where he doesn´t have to act and he can be fully himself.
He has always thought that he was doing his best in life in different things but once he met Sangyi almost two years ago and when they eventually started to date Sangyi had got him to believe in himself even more and try his abilities 101 percent instead of one hundred. At the beginning it wasn´t easy but they are well working duo today and always support each other to do their best.
Sangyi has appeared in quite a few of In soo´s songs as a backup vocal but despite Insoo´s propositions Sang yi hasn´t wanted to write his name in the credits he likes to work behind the spotlight. Of course they will give him credit if one day Sangyi produces a song by himself which is one of his long time dreams but with something little like background vocals he doesn´t need credits for that.

Insoo pulls away but Sangyi pulls him back for another kiss and when they break apart for some air they just stay there staring at each other trying to find words to say but even without words you can see the love in their eyes.

- That just reminded me of the first time you kissed me back then. Says Insoo with a laugh Sangyi lightly hitting his chest

-Oh my god don´t remind me about that I can´t believe I didn´t ask you for consent like you always do like a gentleman.

- I think it might have been better that way because I don´t feel like you would have been able to ask me if you can kiss me and I got to say that it was pretty hot how you took the lead. Smiles Insoo trying not to laugh at the cute way SangYi tries to hide his reddening cheeks with his hands.

- Ya! Stop it or there´s not going to be more kisses for you. SangYi pouts lightly hitting Insoo´s chest with his small fists.

- Okay okay, you should go back to sleep. Says Insoo when his boyfriend yawns and he gently caresses his cheek.

- But I made you some kimchi jjigae it´s one of your favorites. What kind of boyfriend would I be going to sleep when we haven´t seen each other for four months.

- Well this other boyfriend doesn´t mind. I´m really thankful to you and we can eat the food tomorrow don´t worry. Assures Insoo getting up from the couch placing his arms under SangYi´s knees and behind his back.

- What are you doing?

- I´m carrying you to the bed. Laughs Insoo lifting up the other with ease SangYi letting out a little yelp the act surprising him.

- I see you´re getting better at your role as a gentleman.

- I don´t have to practice or act I was born as one. Insoo smiles making SangYi to laugh at his funny words.

- Put me down I need to put the food into the fridge. SangYi says suddenly but the other tightens up his grip just as they´re arriving into the bedroom and gently places SangYi on to the bed.

- Don´t worry I´ll take care of that. Says Insoo pulling up the covers over his boyfriend only his head visible under from it.

- I gotta take a shower I probably smell.

- SangYi I´m pretty sure I smell worse than you let´s take a shower together in the morning okay. I think we both need the rest and I won´t have work for the next few days so we can spend them together just you and me we will have a lot of time. Insoo talks softly petting SangYi´s hair.

- Okay. SangYi nods slightly.

- Insoo I love you.

- I love you too even more if that´s possible.

- It´s not. Chuckles SangYi before Insoo leans down to plant a kiss onto his lips before he walks out from the bedroom with a goodnight to blow up the candles and put the food into the fridge.

After he was done he went to bed under the covers pulling SangYi´s body against his own and he felt the feel of safety being at home with the person he loves the most.

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It always took some time to gather up his strength to be able to visit Yeonwoo´s grave. During the whole bus drive and walk he takes to the graveyard he doesn´t utter a word, he doesn´t listen to music that he does almost all the time but he just thinks. While staring at the sky going trough the memories he shared together with his boyfriend. The memories of how they drove the bus together Yoohan secretly connecting their hands making Yeonwoo to look at him like he had done something scandalous but eventually he relaxed and smiled at his boyfriend with that smile that makes Yoohan to smile everytime as well. The memory´s sweet but it leaves a bitter taste behind, he wants to remember them but at the same time he doesn´t because maybe that way it would be easier to let go of him to finally accept that he won´t see him walking through the classroom door anymore or he can´t share their lunches together on the school rooftop where they shouldn´t be staying at but Yoohan has never been one to follow the rules that strictly. One time Yeonwoo had made them some bibimbap by himself and that was the first time when Yeonwoo allowed him to feed him and he can remember that stupidly proud grin on his face when his boyfriend leaned forward to take the piece of bibimbap from his chopsticks.



- You´re eating so well. Said Yoohan while Yeonwoo was munching on the food, his ears turning red making him look even cuter than he already was.

- Don´t talk to me like I´m a baby.

- But you are indeed my baby Yeonwoo-ah. Yoohan coos wiping away few grains of rice from the other´s lips.

- And my baby is such a good cook you should do it more often and maybe invite me for some ramen one night. Yoohan suggests with a little wink admiring the blush forming on Yeonwoo´s cheeks.



When he arrives to the grave yard and finds the right grave just at the bottom of a small hill he spreads out a little blanket, taking a seat on it and takes a few lunch boxes from his bag placing them on the blanket one for him and one for Yeonwoo. He knows it´s pretty stupid because after all no one´s going to eat with him but for him this is a gesture of gratitude. A thank you for living his life to the fullest and for giving him a chance to spend it together with him.
He eats slowly not really having an appetite but he knows he needs to the last meal was his breakfast coffee about six hours ago and he needs some energy so he won´t pass out. It was a sunny day the sky blue and clear.



- What color means love to you Yeonwoo? Yoohan asks when they´re sitting on the sand of the beach. It´s pretty cold day but at the same time it´s good because now Yoohan has an excuse to keep Yeonwoo close to him to keep him warm.

- Well doesn´t they say that color red is associated with the word of love in different forms? I have never really thought about that before.

- Hmm yeah I think so too but for me the color that represents love is blue.

- Why?

- I will show you one day when the sky is blue and clear. Yoohan promised Yeonwoo with a little smile. Sadly that day never came.



- Look Yeonwoo the sky is blue and clear. Do you recall when I told you I would show it to you one day? Well there it is. He laughs without any humour in the sound gesturing towards the wide never ending place where Yeonwoo hopefully was right now living in peace.

- It´s just a burden that you´re not here right now next to me sharing this lunch box that I made by myself. It pretty much sucks you were always the better one at these things. Yoohan sheds few tears putting on his sunglasses to hide them from no one in particular.

- Ah don´t misunderstand I´m doing pretty fine it´s just so hard to accept that you´re not here anymore Yeonwoo-ah. I always thought we would grow old together until we are having grey hair and no matter how many wrinkles you would have on your face you´d still be the most beautiful person in my eyes. Yoohan thinks out loud hoping that Yeonwoo would hear him if he was listening somewhere whenever it was somewhere close or far.

- I would have gotten you a ring one day and proposed to you hoping you would say I do, but why would I be afraid of you saying no. I know you loved probably still do me the most just like I love you. We would have got married at our own fake wedding with probably just your aunt and our friends there but that would have been enough for me since you would have been there. Yoohan once again wipes new tears off with the sleeves of his hoodie well it belonged to Yeonwoo when he was still alive but it´s okay compared to those many times that Yeonwoo ´borrowed´ his shirts and for some weird reason always ended up losing them. He takes something from his bag, a photo album looking book that had their names written on the cover.

- I, ah this feels so corny but I made a scratch book out of our memories together just in case that I won´t forget them. I fear someday I will lose all our pictures from my phone so I wanted to make real copies I can securely keep forever. You´re my most precious memory Yeonwoo-ah. Yoohan flips few pages recalling their dates, trips, hugs and kisses the beautiful smile of Yeonwoo.

- I were your probe and you were my mono. I heard that a probe has just one mono in the world so now that you´re gone I guess I´ll be alone for the rest of my life but it´s okay I don´t think I would even want to live with someone else that isn´t you. You were part of my life for a specific time sadly that was too short but we experienced a lot of things during that time and I´m forever thankful to you for that. Sleep now without any pain. My inside out beautiful Yeonwoo.

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The first time they met was at the first script reading. In a way it was a dream come true for Kim Bum after seeing Lee Dongwook acting in other dramas and now he has a chance to act together with him and spend time with him. He has charisma everyone knows it and many are crushing on him dreaming how it would be like to date him, to love him. For Kim Bum he was more like a rolemodel a sunbae he would get advice from whether it was about acting or just about everyday life things. But that lasted only for some time at the bginning before Kimbum started to feel like there was something more going on and suddenly his feelings were all over the place here and there.

Dongwook has given him tips on how to bring out his emotions in a better way while acting. They had spent time together off screen by going to have drinks and dinners with the other cast and crew members but the first time when Dongwook asked him to have drinks with just him had surprised Kimbum a lot. At first they ate some ramen in a little tent restaurant they came across while they were on their way to the bar Dongwook´s friend owned. With the ramen they shared one small bottle of soju that was still burning inside Kimbum´s throat when they were sitting in the cab´s backseat. It was a good choice to take the cab since it took about twenty minutes to get to the bar and adding to that they still needed to walk for about five more minutes since the place was located at a quite remote area behind other taller buildings and Kimbum´s pretty sure he wouldn´t have known that a bar was hidden right there if he wasn´t told so.

When they were having ramen they talked pretty much about work how they thought it has been really interesting to be part of the project but nothing new really came up and during the cab ride they were quiet. Kimbum sat on the middle seat because one of the seats were occupied with few boxes owned by the driver. He doesn´t know why he didn´t but them away to the trunk but he has no place to complain because the way Dongwook´s thigh was touching his felt pretty nice, reassuring in a way.

From time to time Kimbum had shared his feelings about his complicated childhood and everytime Dongwook was there listening to him not judging just showing him support. Dongwook has become a rock to him he can lean on. He felt secured enough to talk with him about everything between the ground and the sky but he doesn´t want to admit it even to himself that after some time they had spent together Kimbum started to feel things in a different way. The way their eyes met off screen, the way Dongwook smiled at his stupid jokes and all the times their hands brushed against each other by accident or on purpose. He doesn´t want to admit that now he had started to see the other man as more than only his sunbae and it was hard.

He had never had feelings for another man he had been in a relationship for few times in the past but now these feelings he´s feeling towards Dongwook are feeling unfamiliar, something that he shouldn´t be feeling. He wants to forget those, forget Dongwook but at the same time he wants to continue spending more time with him so he´s not really getting anywhere from the damned circle.

They walk inside the bar, Kimbum following the older man looking around with a mix of curiousness and nervousness. There were little glass tables and leather chairs covering the quite spacious floor but Dongwook was clearly guiding them towards the bar counter. Kimbum notices how the place is filled with men not even a single woman in sight the workers being all men as well which confuses Kimbum a little bit.

- Why isn´t there any women in here? Kimbum wonders feeling a bit embarassed when he realizes that he had said it out loud. They sit down on the bar stools and one of the workers is coming to them immediately. He had a feeling it must be Dongwook´s friend.

- It´s a gay bar. The employee answers instead of Dongwook and Kimbum´s mouth opens in a schock.

- W-what? A gay bar? Kimbum stutters noticing the little smirk Dongwook is sharing with the other man.

- Yes I thought it´d be nice to introduce you to my friend but he´s always so busy with work so I decided to bring you here.

- Oh. Was all Kimbum could say at the moment.

- We can as well leave if you feel uncomfortable.

- Ah no it´s fine. I just have never been in one so that´s why I´m a bit surprised.

- Well would you two want some drinks? The man asks, Dongwook turns to him and orders two whiskies. He knows Kimbum likes it so he doesn´t have to ask what he wants to drink. They wait for their drinks in silence Kimbum not knowing what to say so he just sits there quietly rubbing his sweating palms on his pants hoping that Dongwook would start a conversation so it wouldn´t feel so awkward.

- I´m Minjae by the way. We´ll probably see each other more often from now on. Dongwook´s friend introduces himself giving them their drinks with a big charming smile. It must be true that good looking people has good looking friends as well.

- Nice to meet you I´m Kimbum, ah well you probably know that already. Kimbum says with an awkward laugh but Minjae just shrugs it off with another pretty smile.

- Yeah I do but it´s nice to finally meet you face to face after the numerous times Dongwook has been speaking about you. Kimbum almost chokes on his drink and while coughing he turns to look at Dongwook and almost drops from his seat when he finds the older man staring at him with something unfamiliar sparkling in his eyes.

- Um I need to use the restroom. He excuses himself and walks off to the direction Minjae had pointed at telling him the restroom was at that direction.

He splashes his face with some water when it doesn´t feel like he´s choking on his whiskey anymore and feels mortified when he looks at the mirror finding his cheeks red like two tomatoes.

- Oh man don´t tell me I was blushing while being there? What if he saw everything? Why does he have to be so charming just why? Kimbum asks from his own reflection vigorously shaking his head.

- Why are you here talking to yourself? Kimbum turns around looking like a deer caught in headlights, his heart making few extra beats being startled by Dongwook standing at the door, Kimbum not hearing the other one entering.

- Oh sunbae.

- You can call me hyung. Dongwook says with a smile.

- I actually lied to you earlier. Says Dongwook when he goes next to Kimbum to wash his hands.

- About that I brought you here to meet my friend.

- Oh.

- Well I wanted you to meet him but we didn´t come because he´s too busy with work because he´s not really. He has many employees and he´s here like three to four nights in a week.

- Okay but why then?

- I just wanted to see your reaction it´s not everyday that your co-star brings you into a gay bar don´t you agree?

- Well I was pretty surprised.

- Yeah I can tell but the bigger question is that what do you really think about this place, if the people here are seen as normal in your eyes or do you find it to be something wrong?

- No not at all I support everyone whatever they are.

- That´s good to hear. Dongwook nods in contentment drying off his hands. Kimbum starts to walk towards the door to leave but he is abruptly stopped on his tracks by the words leaving Dongwook´s mouth.

- Would you like to come over to my place?

- Right now?

- Well if you want to leave now, you have met Minjae and we could come again when you know where we´re going so you won´t be too shocked.

- And maybe next time you would be able to make some kind of conversation with the other people in here. Dongwook smiles clearly making fun of Kimbum but he let it pass for this time.

- Um okay let´s do that. Probably not the smartest idea made by Kimbum but he wanted to find out about something he didn´t want to talk about when there were other peole around so they left after Dongwook informed Minjae that they´re leaving, his friend asking them to come again soon.




It was the first time for Kimbum to visit Dongwook´s apartment and he was impressed. It was pretty spacious but surprisingly cozy. Kimbum had always thought Dongwook would have just few furniture in each room and the place would feel empty and cold but no. The walls and floors were not made out of wood but they were painted with a paint that gave you that look of wood. In the living room there was a huge couch and a huge coffee table on a even bigger carpet that felt super soft under his feet when Dongwook tells him to take a seat on the couch while he gets them some drinks from the kitchen.

The whole living room was dimly lighted with a brownish glow going well with the walls and there were few paintings on the walls as well. Kimbum sits down onto the couch with a bit too much force feeling like he´s sinking trough the bottom, the couch was so soft compared to his own.

- The couch is not so bad to sleep on actually, I have tried few times when I have gotten home after a long day feeling too tired to change my clothes or take a shower before getting into bed. Tells Dongwoo handing Kimbum a glass of wine before taking a seat as well. Kimbum noticed how he sat pretty close to him even though there is a lot of space on the enormous couch but it´s okay. Breathe in breathe out Kimbum you can handle this, he tells himself.

- Sun..Hyung can I ask you something?

- Go ahead. Dongwoo ushers taking a sip of his wine noticing the uncertain look on Kimbum´s face.

- Was meeting your friend the real reason you took me to the bar?

- Well yeah it was one of the reasons.

- What was the other?

- I wanted to see something.

- And that was?

- Like I told you before I wanted to see how you would react to the place and that would you feel comfortable around the people in there.

- Okay I get it but why in the first place you came up with this idea?

- Well if you want me to be honest I have noticed the many times you have looked at me off screen. Like how you have looked at me in the way normal workmates would not look at each other.

- Oh.

- I don´t want to seem too inquisitive and you don´t have to asnweer me if you don´t want to but do you like men? It´s alright with me if you like women, men or something else. I would just like to know.

- Why would you like to know that?

- Well if I tell you that I like people that I don´t care if the person I like is man or a woman would you be comfortable enough to tell me? I promise I won´t tell anyone because you could also use what I just told you against me so. Now Dongwook looked even more cool in Kimbum´s eyes. He was telling what he just said without any stuttering looking proud of what he was.

- Well to be totally honest I´m not so sure about anything yet this is the first time for me to be interested in another man. All the past relationships I´ve had had been with women and from the young age I always thought I´ll get married to a woman and have a family with her but maybe that was what I was supposed to do without anyone asking me if that was what I wanted to do with my life.

- And I´m the one you´re interested in.

- Um yeah. It´s okay if you don´t like me back but honestly it feels better now that I have told you about it. At least I won´t regret not telling you.

- It´s okay I´m flattered. Dongwook says while placing a strand of hair behind his ear.

- So would you like to date now?

- What? It´s the second time for Kimbum to almost choke on his drink during the same night.

- What would you say if I told you I like you as well? More than just my junior?

- You do?

- Mm. Dongwook nods his head with a little smile playing on his lips.

- Oh wow. And all this time I´ve been stressed out about my feelings when you have liked me back.

- I started to have feelings towards you pretty early but I didn´t want to tell you too soon. I was worried you would feel like I was just using you, me being older and having a longer career in the acting industry.

- I never thought about you like that. Says Kimbum with a little smile. Dongwook reaches out his hand to take Kimbum´s in his looking at him with a serious look.

- What do you say should we try it out? I know this is not that spectacular way of me asking you out but would you like to me my boyfriend?

- I well yeah I do. I don´t know what else I should say I´m still a bit overwhelmed.

- That´s understandable and we can take things as slowly as you wish.

- Well then can I stay the night it´s pretty late?

- Sure that´s okay with me, but we can really take things slowly. Dongwook shrugs with a little agreeing nod.

- I will sleep in the guestroom what were you thinking about you naughty hyung? Kimbum jokes with a little mischievous smile on his face.




Rest of the filming for the show continued in a pretty same way expect the two spent even more time together and there was one time when they were kissing at the back of a little restaurant that was one of the filming locations and Bo ah caught them in act after looking for them for being late to film the next scene.

- Well I guess I wasn´t that good of a kisser then. Was all she said disappearing behind the corner with a smirk on her face. A bit later Dongwook´s phone chimed and he snorted at the text message he got from her.

- Next time not right in front of my salad. And get your asses in here or our director´s going to lose his shit and no one wants to see that.

Dongwook loved how she was always so soft spoken to other people but didn´t care about her words in front of him and maybe that was why they were so good friends off set.

- Do you think she´s not going to tell anyone?

- Of course not she´s fine with it. Let´s go back.

- Yes let´s go.

Chapter Text

Taekyung was feeling nervous. He´s going to attend his first date at the age of seventeen and his hands were sweating so much he feared they will leave visible marks on his pants. Honestly there was no a reason for Taekyung to feel this way, he´s known Daon for almost six months now but now they´re finally official after many longing glances, shared smiles and intimate moments in the school´s library and in the student council room.
It felt like now everything was starting to get real, his dream of them holding hands and sharing cute little kisses with each other. He had been the courageous one confessing his feelings for his hyung year older than him by giving him a small bracelet and the words ´I like you hyung, would you want to go out with me?´ The surprised look on Daon´s face made him feel a bit insecure when the other didn´t answer to his question leaving him to wait for it for longer than was enough. Daon gulped and as he was opening his mouth to say something they were interrrupted by Jungwoo telling them he needed Daon to come with him. So Daon left but not before telling Taekyung that they would talk later for sure.

So Taekyung waited and waited for some more until he was so tired he couldn´t keep himself awake anymore and fell asleep on the couch saving the last empty mattress for Daon to sleep on.
Taekyung wasn´t sure how much time had passed when he woke up to someone caressing his cheek gently. He slowly opnened his eyes not liking how his eyes were met with the bright light from the lamp that was still on so he supposed some students were still awake, so it must not be that late just yet.

- I´m sorry I´m so late Taekyung. Says Daon still caressing Taekyung´s cheek while trying to block the bright light from shining to his eyes.

- I was waiting for you but I felt so tired so I fell asleep. Taekyung apologizes getting up to sit so Daon can take a seat next to him.

- Aigoo it´s alright I am the one that should be apologizing. Daon says with a warm smile.

- Should we go out to talk? It´s pretty packed in here.

- Yeah let´s go. Taekyung agrees with a little smile and a nod of his head. So they went out and made their way into the same terrace where Taekyung had made his confession before and as Taekyung was turning around to ask something from his hyung Daon took the shorter boy´s hands in his and looked at him with a smile.

- Taekyung I accept your request let´s go for a date.


So here he was waiting for Daon to come. They didn´t really made any plans before hand just agreed to meet in the park near to their school. Taekyung was looking at his feet his hands now on the bench he was sitting on thinking about all the things they could do today and it made him ecxited.

- Taekyung-ah have you been waiting for long? Daon greets him the younger boy sprunting up from the bench startling Daon for a little bit but he was used to Taekyung´s personality traits by now. He liked the way how he was always so honest about how he was feeling and did things in a pretty blunt way most of the time but these are the things that made Daon interested in Taekyung in the first place.

- Oh hey Hyung. I actually came here a bit early because I was feeling a bit nervous so it´s alright, I didn´t mind waiting. Taekyung greets him with a little smile that Daon finds so precious it makes him want to pinch his cheeks.

- Have you thought about what we should do today? Daon then asked taking out his phone Taekyung thinking that he had a text but he soon turned the phone to him showing a website of some place.

- I found there´s an art exhibition near by should we go there?

- Well I didn´t really come up with anything else than just going to eat but your idea sounds good.

- Well then should we go there and after we can go have dinner at a place you want to?

- That sounds good. Taekyung smiles and he moves up to walk beside Daon only then noticing him carrying some kind of tube on his back.

- What´s that? He asks pointing behind Daon´s back.

- Ah that. You will see that later today.

- Okay.

- But what would you like to eat for dinner later?

- Tteokbokki. I like tteokbokki. Taekyung excitedly chimes Daon making sure to save that information about the other boy.

- Okay tteokbokki it is then. Daon agrees and smiles at the way Taekyung excitedly claps his hands together.


Taekyung really doesn´t understand art that much but he was happy to see Daon being so focused on each work telling his own views on them and he was amazed to hear how sophisticated words he used to do so. Taekyung recalled the time when he found the painting while they were cleaning up the old art classroom and Namgoong told him it was made by Daon. It was a family portrait but the artist didn´t want to open about the story behind it but closed up like a shell. He wishes that one day Daon would be able to talk about his family that seemed to be sensitive topic to him.


- Slow down a bit or you´ll choke on the food. Daon gives out a laugh looking at Taekyung who was stuffing his mouth with spicy rice cakes and swallowing at a fastest pace like someone would steal his food if he didn´t eat quickly enough.

- Sorry. I was just so hungry and it´s my favorite food. Taekyung apologizes again once he´s fully done with munching the latest rice cake inside his mouth.

- It´s okay but slow down a bit okay, I don´t want to bring you to the hospital on our first date. Daon says placing his hand on top of Taekyung´s on the table rubbing the smooth skin with his thumb.

- Hmm I understand. Taekyung shyly smiles thinking how he must have looked disgusting stuffing his mouth with food.

- Take this. Daon hands him a napkin slightly nodding at Taekyung looking at his lips.

- There´s some sauce around your lips. Taekyung thanks him and wipes off the sauce.


They went back to the park they left from and found a place to sit on the grass Taekyung leaving a little distance between them. Daon was seemingly thinking it was too wide and got closer to the younger boy who tried to hide the happy smile on his lips. He didn´t want to look too pushy but it felt really nice to see that the other wanted to stay close to him. These little actions showed him that his hyung was serious about their relationship and that he wasn´t just anyone to him. You see Daon is nice towards everyone in the school but Taekyung´s sure that the way he´s nice to others and the way he´s nice to him differ from each other.

- I made you something. Daon breaks the silence after a while and takes the tube he had been carrying the whole day from his back handing it over to Taekyung who looked surprised for receiving something from Daon but sad that he didn´t have anything to gift for the other.

- I don´t have anything to give to you.

- It´s okay Taekyung-ah it´s enough for me that you´re here now beside me.

- Uh why are you being so cheesy?

- I thought you´d like if I was being romantic.

- Well yeah but don´t make me blush every five seconds. Taekyung whines Daon proudly smiling hearing that his words and actions has that kind of effect on him.

- Okay okay but open it now. Daon nods at the tube still laying unopened on Taekyung´s lap. Taekyung nods taking off the lid and the rolled paper from inside it.

- What could it be? Taekyung wonders quietly rolling out the paper and when he get´s the full picture laid open he can´t believe his eyes. It was a portrait of him that Daon had most probably drew himself. He knew that Daon was talented in many things that he can´t possibly even count on but this still surprised him the drawing looked exactly like him and he felt flattered that his hyung had used his limited free time to do it.

- Wow this is beautiful Daon hyung. He turned slightly to look at Daon who gave him a content smile.

- Thank you so much, you´re full of surprises.

- I´m glad you like it.

- Totally. Daon sees a slightly mischievous smile on Taekyung´s face before he leans forward to place a little peck on his cheek. It was so sudden and Daon wasn´t prepared for something like that. He hoped they would hug and hold hands at most, kisses or even pecks weren´t part of it but it made him feel good, wanted and loved, something that he couldn´t get from his own parents. From now on Taekyung will be the one to make him feel important to feel like he´s worth of something.

- Thank you. They say in unison both letting out a laugh before they just stare at each other for a while until Daon mustered up the courage to lean forward to place his lips on Taekyung. Taekyung´s lips felt soft on his and he felt warmth spreading inside his body. It´s been a while since he felt like this and it felt surreal. He saw a future together with Taekyung and hopefully that was something Taekyung saw as well.

Chapter Text

It was not the first time for them to argue whether it was because of their complex past friendship, family things or Lim Joogyung.

- Do you like her? Seojun asks while mindlessly kicking the little rocks on the ground. His breath was fogging in the air it was fall getting near winter so the weather was pretty chill. He was wearing his favorite padded jacket since he was a really sensitive to coldness and because of that he hated winter but more than that he hated seeing Suho shivering only wearing a sweater seemingly not understanding how cold it was outside already. How he wished he could take few steps forward and pull the hands of the slightly shorter boy inside his own and warm them up. He was clearly trying to keep them warm by himself rubbing them together since his sweater had no pockets to hide them away to get some warmth.

- I don´t. Suho blurts out sounding annoyed they are talking about this same thing once again.

- But she likes you. Seojun quickly fires back a bit too agressively.

- Yeah I know that but it doesn´t mean that I like her as well. Says Suho trying to keep his cool he really doesn´t understand why Seojun is so interested whom he likes when there isn´t a possibility for him to tell him. He doesn´t want to ruin their little by little healing friendship.

- There´s someone else I like. Suho continues not so subtly trying to avoid Seojun´s eyes, the demanding look in them. He just couldn´t look at him anymore.

- Who´s that? Is it Soojin?

- Seriously why do you care? Can we just stop this it´s late already you should go home. Suho says and turns around to walk away but is stopped by Seojun grabbing his arm. He lets out a long sigh slowly turning around to look at Seojun´s desperate eyes.

- What is it now? He tries to act annoyed but in reality his heart is painfully bumbing against his chest. It feels tight, it hurts and the only way to fix it for now would be to get away from his friend.

- I- I can´t do this anymore Suho. Seojun says letting go of Suho´s arm opening his mouth trying to say something but nothing comes out.

- Is something wrong? Asks Suho, now worried of the uneasy behaviour of his friend.

- I. I can´t be only friends with you anymore. Seojun finally gets to say his voice shaking. Who would have thought. Han Seojun the biker boy of their school confessing his true feelings for his long time friend.

- What are you talking about? Suho asks burrowing his brows, being uncertain what his friend really meant by his words. Great, just twist the knife in the wound even more since this wasn´t hard enough to tell him face to face already Seojun thinks.

- I meant that I like you. I have tried to avoid my feelings, you can´t even understand how hard it has been to see you with others especially with Joogyung when I know she likes you as well. This is probbaly going to ruin our friendship that´s slowly healing but It´s okay I told you how I feel and I accept whether you tell me to get lost from your life and I will do that but just know that I can´t only be your friend from now on. Seojun ends his speech slowly looking up to see the look on Suho´s face who´s currently trying not to smile. The heck he has the audacity to laugh at me. Seojun thinks being ready to throw some hands.

- Wow. Suho blurts out letting out a little sigh the tenseness of his shoulders fading away. He starts to laugh uncontrollably folding from his stomach trying to keep himself up.

- Why the heck are you laughing are you making fun of me? Seojun asks unbelieving the situation. Suho raises his hand as a sign for Seojun to wait a bit until he gets his posture back together. Seojun impatiently waits for the worst thinking that his life is over, he laid everything on the table in front of him now waiting for the undeniable rejection. Soon the whole school will know that he has a crush on his best friend and he would become outcast, great just great why did he do it.

- Well yeah I´m laughing at us both. Seojun didn´t even notice that the enormous laugh from Suho had stopped and he now stood in front of him collected once again.

- I can´t believe that we can be so stupid. You were asking me if I liked Joogyung or Soojin when all the time I have liked you and now you told me you like me as well. It´s like christmas came early. Explains Suho and now it´s Seojun´s turn to feel baffled. His mouth is opening and closing like a fish.

- So what do you think should we just start dating since we´re pretty familiar with each other already? Suho suggests but the taller boy can´t get an answer out of his mouth just yet.

- I think the whole school´s going to be shocked.

- Are you saying that we should officially date like walk in hand in school sharing our lunches and looking at each other lovingly while everybody can see us? Seojun finally blurts out looking a bit uncertain if they should do that or not.

- Seojun there always needs to be someone who starts to make the change and if they don´t accept me the way I am who the fuck cares. I can do a little autumn cleaning inside my friend group then. Of course we´re not going to do it if you feel like we shouldn´t I can wait, months, years until we´ll get married…

- Wait wait wait can you slow down a bit I need to sit down. Seojun says and looks around seeing a little pench few steps from them and walks to sit on it.

- Ah I´m sorry I was just so happy about all this. Suho says sitting down next to him and places his other hand on top of Seojun´s that´s on his tigh and gives it a little squeeze.

- It´s okay let´s just take it one day at a time okay? Says Seojun his heart still beating fast from all the things he got to know this evening.

- Yeah yeah sure. Smiles Suho they both trying to avoid the urge to pull each other into a hug. But doesn´t Seojun now have a permission to keep Suho´s hands warm in his own? He turns towards Suho a little bit, turning his hand around under Suho´s and reaches for his other hand as well. He brings them together and gently blows some warmth into them and rubs them.

- I actually wanted to do this the whole time we were talking and arguing earlier. Seojun confessed sharing little smiles with the other boy.

- You could also lend me your jacket. Suho says making Seojun look at him like he´s crazy.

- Do you want me to freeze to death? Seojun blurts out stopping what he was doing.

- Of course not but I really think we should go somewhere warm. Says Suho chattering his teeth for emphasis.

- Should we go and get some hot chocolate? Seojun suggests trying not to look too excited.

- Aw our Seojun is not so cold hearted as he seems like. Suho coos trying to pinch Seojun´s cheek but the other is quicker to stop his hand midway.

- What? Do you want to have coffee? We shouldn´t drink caffeine before bed.

- Is sugar any better? Suho notes loving how flustered Seojun was getting trying to find ways to argue with him.

- We can get hot chocolate with reduced sugar you smarthead.

- Okay okay let´s go then. Suho laughs standing up waiting for Seojun to do the same and he actually reaches his hand for Seojun to hold.

- People will see.

- Who cares? I don´t care if they get heart attacks by seeing two men holding hands then that´s their own problem and seriously their hearts would be freaking weak. Says Suho just shrugging his shoulders which totally takes Seojun off guard. He always thought Suho is pretty timid person but he´s not complaining he likes to see the confidence of his soon to be boyfriend or are they boyfriends already they didn´t really agree to anything yet so maybe a bit later. He gets excited at the fact that now he can put million hearts on Suho´s contact number and wouldn´t have to keep it as a secret.

- Okay but please don´t curse you did that earlier and I don´t like hearing you swearing that´s my thing.

- Uh oh already telling me what I should and what I shouldn´t do. Possessive. Says Suho trying not to grin when Seojun sighs in annoyance.

- Please don´t make everything so dramatic. Seojun pleads with throwing his arms into the air.

- Okay okay, let´s get some hot chocolate Suho chuckles and they start their way hand in hand.




They found a little cafe that luckily served hot chocolate that Seojun so eagerly had wished to have. Suho tried not to laugh at the excited smile on Seojun´s lips when the employee brought their drinks. This so called soft side of Seojun was new for Suho since his friend had always seemed like the epitome of a bad boy but he doubts that he will act like this when they´re at school but it´s okay if this is something that only Suho can witness.

- Um so should we talk about what happened earlier? Asks Seojun with little bit of whipped cream at the corner of his lips. Suho sighs in his mind for this so predictable cheesy scene he´s about to do and grabs a napkin from the table and reaches out to wipe the cream off Seojun´s lips. For a few seconds Seojun´s startled but soon enough he smiles at the other boy thanking him for the action.

- Well I´m ready to start dating you if you´re ready. Says Suho putting the napkin away and takes a sip from his drink carefully not to stick any cream on his lips he wouldn´t be able to face the same scene that happened just a moment ago but reversed.

- Well yeah I don´t think we should wait any longer since we´ve both waited for so long like fools.

- Yeah we´re both such a fools. But from now on we´re boyfriends and it´s time for us to be happy. Says Suho Seojun nodding agreeing with the handsome boy he can´t believe is his now. It really is like early christmas like Suho had said earlier.

- Yeah.




Next day at school they met in their classroom for the first time because Seojun didn´t want to come to school together and walk through the halls hand in hand while everyone else is staring at them like in a overly dramatic romantic teen movie scene. Suho was in the classroom before Seojun which wasn´t a surprise since he was the top student in the school. Seojun walked to Suho´s desk and placed a redbean filled bread and a cartoon of strawberry milk on it with a little smile.

- I know you never eat breakfast so please have these it´s going to be pretty long until we´ll get lunch.

- Oh thank you Seojun. I don´t have anything for you though do you want half of the bread?

- It´s fine I already had breakfast. That was a lie but he just didn´t wan to take away even a piece of the breakfast he bought for Suho all by himself. He could get some snacks if he got too hungry before lunch.

- Okay thank you I´ll enjoy it. Suho smiles and opens the bread Seojun waiting for him to take the first bite before returning to his seat. He notices everyone staring at him with their mouths open and could literally see the question marks in their eyes and above their heads.

- What? He asks putting his hands into his pants pockets taking a seat, his friends surrounding him immediately.

- Did you just give him poisoned bread or something? Chorong asks him nervously not wanting to witness Suho getting poisoned by his friend.

- Let me tell you that you don´t want to be accused of murder Seojun. Manshik says to what Seojun answers with a long sigh.

- It´s okay nothing´s poisoned and no one´s going to die don´t worry. Seojun assures making his friends even more confused.

- But what was all that? Asks Chorong gesturing his hand to the direction of Suho who just finished his bread and took a sip from the strawberry milk cartoon. He really must have been hungry Seojun thought with a little proud smile playing on his lips.

- I just wanted to make sure my boyfriend eats something for his breakfast. Can I not do that? There´s a silence that feels like forever but really his friends are asking him million questions in less than a twenty seconds.

- What? Bo-boyfriend?

- Are you saying you two are going out?

- Or is this just one of your jokes?

- Well you can ask him. Manshik quickly goes over to Suho and leans to whisper into his ear asking if what Seojun´s saying is true. Chorong waits his friend to come back and to confirm that indeed these two that were each other´s villains until last week had started to date each other. They had to stop their conversation when the teacher came to start the class and his friends didn´t bother him during the free time between the classes but confronted him again while they were having lunch. Honestly at the same time they were and were not surprised to see Suho and Seojun having lunch together in the canteen chattering and smiling at each other. They shared disgusted faces between each other but it was because they thought they were being too lovely dovey Suho stealing away their always so cool and annoyed Seojun.

- Hello two love birds may we sit with you? Chorong asks his legs shaking a bit at the angry look Seojun was giving him for interrupting his time with his boyfriend.

- Why can´t you be as nice to us as you´re being to Suho?

- Clearly because neither of you is my boyfriend.

- What!? Are you two dating? Oh no it was Sooah the worst gossiper in the whole school soon everyone will now.

- Joogyung come here! She then shouts at her friend who hurries to her with a big smile on her face.

- What is it?

- Did you know that Seojun and Suho are going out?

- What? You are? She turns to her crush well now it´s going to be a past crush or is it an ex crush. Suho slowly nods confirming biting his lip uncertainly it felt a bit bad telling her since he knows she likes him.

- That´s great. Since when? Joogyung asks taking a seat next to Suho, Sooah sitting down next to Seojun leaving out his two friends. They dramatically walked away from the table like a main character walks in the rain after being rejected but nobody was watching them.
Suho and Seojun told the two girls what happened the other day and Joogyung assured it was fine she´s going to get trough and surely she will find someone as the true beauty she is.


Next day Seojun and Suho walked into school hand in hand not caring about the numerous eyes on them.

Chapter Text

Eunbuyl was in the library searching for a book that would help her to finish her presentation about the classical music in the time of renaissance. She went through the book titles trailing her long slender finger over one line of books and when she found one that looked promising and was just going to grab it someone else´s hand suddenly grabbed it instead and stole it right in front of her eyes.

- That´s mine I…She was about to complain of seeing the book first, but she was interrupted mid-sentence when she saw that it was Seok-kyung that had took it and now reading through the back of the book but Eunbuyl knew that she wasn´t really interested in it.

- Music from the renaissance? Interesting. Is this for a school presentation or what? Seok-kyung asks like she doesn´t know that they have a presentation to do even though they´re in the same class but she´s just trying to come up with something to talk with the other girl.

- Yes, for a presentation that you should also be doing yourself as well. Now please give it back I saw it first. Eunbuyl says straightening her arm towards the other girl who pulls her own hand and the book behind her back.

- I want to have something in return. Seok-kyung answers with a little smile on her lips. Eunbuyl knows that smile and she knows that something unpleasant is soon to be freed from Seok-kyung´s lips.

- What is it this time? Eunbuyl sighs fearing what´s coming next.

- Hmm let me see. Seok-kyung says twirling a strand of her hair between her fingers. This wasn´t the first time for something like this to happen. They met for the first time last year when Eunbuyl´s family moved into the same penthouse Seok-kyung´s family was living in. They didn´t become friends even if they were the same age Eunbuyl being older by few months and they both had their eyes on a career of classical music but in Eunbuyl´s eyes they were just too different from each other being like day and night with Seok-kyung with her leather jackets, short cut hair and her questionable ways of getting through school assignments and tests even if it feels like she never really studies and take the school seriously. Eunbuyl on the other hand always on the top of their class being recognized by her talents by the other students and the teachers. She also seemed like the well-behaved girl from the neighborhood unlike Seok-kyung.
On the second week after they had become classmates Seok-kyung pretty much forcefully joined Eunbuyl on her lunches asking the other girl´s friends to move so she can sit on the seat closest to her. She started to confront her on the hallways or basically whenever she got a chance like she´s doing right now in the library telling her how she thinks Eunbuyl is so talented and that they should become friends. Eunbuyl didn´t want that she feared that being Seok-kyung´s friend would take her time off studying and eventually she would drop from the top position. Her mom has said many times that she needs to stay at least on the top ten in the whole school being the top on only in her own class wasn´t that big of a thing but if she drops from the top ten, she doesn´t even want to think about what she would do to her then.

- You should grab a bite with me but if you don´t want to you can come to my house and I´ll make you some ramen. Seok-kyung lists down putting up two of her fingers showing a v sign.

- You can choose from these two. Is it a meal or ramen?

- But you always eat lunch with me in the canteen. Eunbuyl notes wanting to continue her sentence with a ´even though I don´t like it´ but decides it´s better to keep her mouth shut.

- Yeah, but there´s always other people around this time it would only be me and you. Seok-kyung starts before reaching out her hand to gently draw a strand of Eunbuyl´s hair behind her ear with a little mischievous smile on her lips her eyes never leaving Eunbuyl´s. Even tho Eunbuyl is a bit older and slightly taller than Seok-kyung she always feels so small and intimated when she´s together with her and the way Seok-kyung´s beautiful eyes are always staring at hers makes her feel something odd inside her.

- Let me treat you a meal after school today.

- I have singing practice.

- Well after that then.

- Okay okay but can you promise to leave me alone after that?

- Well, it depends but this I can give back to you now. Here you go. She hands over the book finally with a pleased smile on her face for getting through with what she wanted. Eunbuyl takes the book with a little thank you before Seok-kyung gets closer to whisper into her ear.

- I´ll pick you up at eight. Wear something nice, pretty girl.




Eunbuyl´s singing practice went under the table that day and she got to hear about it from her mother that always expected the best from her up high rising daughter. She likes, loves to sing but sometimes the unrealistic expectations from her mother really tire her down but still she always tries to do her best and that´s why they practiced for an extra hour and when they finally finished it was almost eight and it made Eunbuyl to panic. She still needs to change her clothes so she quickly started her way towards her room after her mom told her she was dismissed.

- Eunbuyl would you like to have dinner with mom?

- Ahh I´ll go eat with my friend tonight.

- Okay but come back early you still needs to finish your homework you couldn´t get done before our practice.

- Yeah of course. She shuts the door striding to her closet opening the tall white doors starting to go through her clothes but suddenly she freezes in mid action.

- Why should I change my clothes? I can just go with what I´m wearing now. She wonders turning to look at herself from the reflection of her mirror.

- But she said I should wear something nice and she´s probably going to wear something nice as well. Hmm I´ll just wear something simple so she doesn´t think I spent too much time deciding on my outfit.
She ends up with light colored denim jeans, and a white blouse and as she´s picking up her purse she hears the doorbell and quickly runs to open the door, but her mother is faster.

- Oh Seok-kyung what are you doing here? Her mom asks the girl not understanding why she´s currently behind their door.

- I came to get Eunbuyl we´re getting dinner together.

- Ah so you´re the friend she was talking about. Seojin feels uncertain, she knows that these two girls are not really friends and that´s good. Seok-kyung´s ignorance could really affect how successful Eunbuyl´s at her school right now.

- Oh, she called me her friend I´m flattered. Seok-kyung pleasantly nods her head and places an escaped strand of her hair behind her ear. At the same time Eunbuyl´s mother notices the helmet the girl was holding onto as her daughter joined them.

- Hey Seok-kyung we should go. She says while putting on her jacket and shoes wanting to get the other girl away from her mother. She didn´t really like seeing them two together.

- What´s that? Her mother asks Seok-kyung pointing at the helmet she was holding.

- A helmet. Seok-kyung shrugs her shoulders and she was really starting to get on Eunbuyl´s mother´s nerves.

- Mom please let us go the longer we´re staying here the later I´ll come back.

- Okay then but you. She points at the girl that hasn´t got her trust yet.

- You better bring her back in one piece.

- Yeah yeah of course I will. Now let´s go Ha Eunbuyl. Seok-kyung promises and grabs Eunbuyl´s hand to pull her out from their apartment and hand in hand they walk to the elevator Eunbuyl turning to look at her mom still standing in front of their door when they´re waiting for the elevator to arrive. She quickly waves her hand at her mother before they step in Seok-kyung now letting go of her hand to press on the button with first floor written on it.

- This is for you. Seok-kyung hands her the helmet she´s been carrying around when the elevator doors closed in front of them. Eunbuyl turns to look at her with uncertain look on her face.

- What do I need that for?

- You dummy of course you need one I´m not letting you ride on my motorbike without a helmet on.

- What?! A motorbike?

- Yeah. Does it surprise you so much that I own one? My dad gifted it for me on my eighteenth birthday so don´t worry I´ve been driving it for few years by now. Seok-kyung tells stepping out from the elevator when it opens its doors telling they have reached their destination.

- But I thought girls are not meant to drive things like that. Eunbuyl says following Seok-kyung who´s walking towards the entrance greeting the other residents that they pass by.

- Ah my sweet Eunbuyl you have a lot to learn but I do like that you´re so innocent though. Seok-kyung answers stopping and turns to look at Eunbuyl.

- There are actually other things as well that I´m really good at riding. She says with a little smirk before taking Eunbuyl´s hand in hers again and pulls open the huge front door guiding the other girl with her.

- What does that mean? Eunbuyl wonders astonished. When they finally reach Seok-kyung´s motorbike Eunbuyl gulps not knowing that it would be so big, but she had to admit that it looked pretty cool something that matched Seok-kyung´s personality well.

- Here let me help you. Eunbuyl´s not quick enough to even understand what´s going on when Seok-kyung puts on the helmet for her. She felt like her whole face was mushed but she guesses it must be a bit tight to protect her head in possible accidents.

- I feel I look like a hamster right now. Eunbuyl chuckles Seok-kyung stopping mid-way on putting her helmet to listen to that beautiful sound.

- Well, you´re a cute hamster. Now let´s get going. Seok-kyung says hopping on her bike.

- Get on and hold onto me tight. Eunbuyl does as she´s told not seeing a reason to back away anymore after coming this far.

- I hope you won´t drive too fast. Eunbuyl says when she wraps her arms around Seok-kyung´s waist hearing the little laugh leaving the other girl´ lips.

- Well, we´ll see about that. She says before taking off.

Chapter Text

Seojoon opens the door and he´s face to face with a stranger. A tall man with black hair, around his age was standing in front of him, carrying a paper bag in one hand. He looks surprised when their eyes met each other, and he clears his throat before asking.

- Is Jiwoo home?

- Um yeah. Jiwoo come to the door! Shouts Seojoon and soon a pat of steps is heard behind him and Jiwoo appears beside him.

- Oh. Jiwoo lets out recognizing the other man.

- Hey Jiwoo-ah. The man greets maybe a bit too excitedly for Seojoon´s liking.

- Hey hyung. Seojoon whips his head a bit too fast his neck cracking in the proccess to look at Jiwoo. Who is this stranger that calls his boyfriend Jiwoo-ah, and his boyfriend calls him hyung? He had never met him before when they´ve been spending time with Jiwoo´s friends so who is he really?

- Oh, you two must have never met each other before. Jiwoo notes gesturing between the two men and totally Seojoon doesn´t know him and would be more than happy to know who he is.

- So Seojoon this is Hyungki we used to work together in the past before I changed to the place I´m working at right now. Jiwoo explains.

- It´s nice to meet you Seojoon. Hyungki smiles a bit too confidently offering his hand which Seojoon takes in his for a handshake a bit skeptically though.

- Nice to meet you too. He smiles not wanting to seem arrogant.

- Do you have some time to talk Jiwoo? Hyungki then asks and Seojoon would like to answer for Jiwoo telling him that they were just about to start making dinner, the saffron risotto that Jiwoo promised to teach him to do few days ago.

- Oh yeah, I guess. I´ll go out for a while. Jiwoo says giving his boyfriend a little smile before pulling on his jacket and shoes following this Hyungki dude outside from their apartment and closes the door behind him.

- What is going on? Seojoon wonders when he´s left alone trying to think why his old workmate was suddenly behind their door, holding a paper bag most seemingly containing something that´s for Jiwoo but who does this dude think he is gifting things for His boyfriend. He can´t even stalk them from a window since all of those are facing to the other direction.

- What if he´s confessing? Oh my, I mean Jiwoo is a catch, but would he leave me for someone like him if he did? Seojoon sits down on the couch taking out his phone trying to distract himself but it´s harder than he thought it would be.

- Maybe I´m too paranoid maybe he just wanted to reconnect with his old friend after a long time. Yeah, it must be and maybe he just happened to visit a shop near here and that´s why he had the bag and maybe it has nothing for his Jiwoo inside it. You could almost see the smoke coming out from Seojoon´s ears by the time Jiwoo comes back. Seojoon´s so deep in thought he almost doesn´t notice that his boyfriend had came back inside and the younger man sits down next to him letting out a heavy sigh. Seojoon furrows his brows quickly checking if Jiwoo has the brown paper bag his friend had with him at the door but he doesn´t and that already makes him feel a bit more relieved. He asks what´s wrong when Jiwoo bites the inside of his cheek in deep thought.

- Ah I´m just taken aback a little bit that´s all. Says Jiwoo rubbing his nape tilting his head to the side seemingly thinking about what his friend had said to him earlier.

- By what? By the way how your friend just suddenly appeared behind our door? Asks Seojoon slight of annoyance in his voice, he didn´t really like the fact that his boyfriend kept thinking about another man this much.

- Well maybe a little bit since we haven´t really talked after I changed my workplace.

- I guess he had something important to say to you then. Seojoon ushers him on lifting his eyebrows in questioning manner.

- Yeah. Don´t get angry now but he actually confessed that he has feelings towards me. And it surprised me so much because I had no clue.

- Well, I´m not so surprised you´re a real catch. Seojoon says while thinking that he had been right why else would that dude come all the way to their, well actually Jiwoo owned the apartment but that´s not what´s important right now.

- He had really mustered up his courage. Don´t get me wrong I don´t like him like that I told him I´m taken but the look on his face when I rejected him it was hard to watch.

- Hmm I totally get it, I have gone through that in the past as well but don´t worry he´ll find someone else.

- Yeah, he´s such a nice person so I don´t doubt that. Should I arrange a blind date for him? Didn´t you say that Homin is miserable being single? I think those two could be a great match.

- You must care about him a lot. Seojoon notes crossing his arms in front of his chest pouting his lips a little bit.

- There there, don´t get jealous hyung he was important to me when we were working together but just as a workmate. He was the only one who stood against people that were mean towards me, he didn´t give a shit if he would have gotten fired, he couldn´t stand injustice.

- I mean I feel like he must have been very forward, trying to show his affection towards you, but you have been so oblivious that you haven´t realized that. Seojoon snorts knowing how clueless Jiwoo can be from time to time.

- Well sorry, but let me tell you that the reason I wasn´t attracted to him must have been because I always knew that a handsome man named Kang Seojoon would come into my life and wipe off the carpet from under my feet.

- Well, okay I approve that answer, I´m happy you´re good with your words.

- Hmm and I´m also good at other things too. Jiwoo smiles.

- Cooking.

- Kissing.

They say at the same time Seojoon letting out an awkward laugh moving up to the edge of the couch ready to run away if needed but Jiwoo is quick to pull him back to capture him into a kiss.

Chapter Text

It wasn´t the first time for Minsung to dodge the whiskey glass his father threw at his direction. The glass ended up crashing against the wall, the shards falling, scattering across the floor. He was used to this. To all those disgusted looks from his family members to the hits from his parents from time to time and the downgrading words from his older brother.

But it was greatly worse when he was still young living with his parents but now that he has his own apartment, he doesn´t visit his parents that often so he can live pretty peacefully. To be honest he´s surprised his father hasn´t announced yet that he´s no longer their son. Maybe it would just bring too much trouble to remove him from the family register or they really think that there´s a way to cure him but in the end he doesn´t want to be cured. He loves himself, after those fifteen years of battling with the problems of self-worth, so he´s not going to bring down everything he has built up. He´s going to be just fine if he doesn´t have to come to this house he hates the most many times in a year.

Today is his brother´s 34th birthday and they asked him to join the dinner probably just to show to his fiancé what a loving family they are. His brother has given him weird looks during the whole time like signaling for him to be quiet, like his sexuality was a secret that can´t be revealed to anyone out of the family but Minsung had decided that if his brother can talk about his fiancé as much as he wants to, then he can also talk about his lover as well.

He turns to look at Jihyeon, his brother´s fiancé who looks shocked after the glass shattered against the wall.

- Jinhyuk I think you should leave for now I lost my appetite. His father says like his youngest son´s not even in the same room with them hearing everything.

- Yeah, me too. He´s not even surprised how Jinhyuk agrees with him.

- Why can´t I talk about him? Why? Jinhyuk talks about Jihyeon all the time she´s probably the nicest one out of all of you and I can´t even mention the person I love. He makes me happy and makes me feel loved, but you think it´s alright to shut me up against my own will. There´s no way I can be changed, I have finally started to treasure this side of myself thanks to him and no one´s going to take it away from me. While Minsung talks he turns to look at Jinhyuk who´s trying to convince Jihyeon to leave the table but his fiancé disagrees freeing her arm from Jinhyuk´s hold.

- You´re going to break up with him. His father growls his mother agreeing with a hum and a nod of her head.

- Why should I? I have done so enough times already. I finally realized this circle is not going to close if I always do as you tell me to. I break up and then I find a new one and you tell me to break up with them too. I´m tired of living like that. I love him and I´m going to live my life as I want from now on and if you don´t want to see me anymore because of that it´s fine because in the end I don´t need to see you either. He stands up to leave his father murmuring about something but he doesn´t care to stay and listen but puts on his shoes and jacket leaving the house behind.

He hears the front door opening but doesn´t look back assuming it´s just one of them wanting to shout something else at his face but the call of his name by Jihyeon stops him and turns him around. Jihyeon reaches up to him only wearing her shoes not having the time to put on a jacket before running after him. It makes him feel bad at the way her body is shivering in the cold when she stops in front of him for a few seconds before she pulls him into a tight hug.

- You´re being so brave Minsung. Just live your life the way you want and if you ever have something you want to talk about you can always call me. She leans back trying to hold back her tears, her eyes glistening under the streetlights.

- Thank you Jihyeon. There´s no more words needed for him to say before he shows her one grateful smile and leaves to his car.
He gets inside his car and dials Joohyung´s number hoping the other would answer.

- Hey Minsung. Minsung lets out a long, distress filled sigh when he hears the familiar voice over the phone.

- Hey hyung can I come over?

- Is something wrong? Joohyung asks worriedly when Minsung´s voice cracks during that short sentence.

- Ah I´m okay I just want to see you can I come over hyung?

- Yeah of course. Should I come and pick you up, where are you?

- It´s okay just wait there, it won´t take me long to get there.

- Okay drive safely.

- Yeah, I will and hyung. I love you.

- I love you too my Minsung.


When Joohyung opens the door Minsung all but lunges his body against Joohyung´s wrapping his arms around the other man as tightly as he could.

- Hyung. Minsung mutters against Joohyung´s shoulder blade hardly able to keep back his tears that wanted to be freed, caused by all the disappointed looks and words, the tiredness of feeling like nothing in the eyes of his own family members. He had tried for so long so many times to seem like a good son in their eyes but it´s never working and it never will.

- Minsung-ah did something happen?

- I went over to my parents´ since it´s my brother´s birthday today. Minsung sniffles trough his tears Joohyung immediately having a picture in his mind about what might have happened.

- Ah. But it´s okay now Minsung. I´m here. Joohyung gently rocks them from left to right trying to calm his boyfriend down and it seems to be working. Minsung´s loud sobbing is getting quieter and the unbelievably strong hold he has around Joohyung´s waist is getting looser little by little.

- I´m sorry I came over like this. Minsung mumbles feeling a bit embarrassed by the fact that he came to visit his boyfriend in such a disheveled state but he didn´t know where else he could go when he was feeling so down.

- It´s totally okay don´t worry about it my love. Joohyung says gently caressing the other man´s hair noticing it has grown quite a bit and probably would be ready for a little haircut. Minsung leans back to look at Joohyung´s eyes taking his face in his hands with a smile mixed with happiness and uncertainty.

- Please hyung. Tell me that you´re not going to leave me.

- Of course I´m not leaving you. I was actually planning on asking you to move in with me. There´s enough space for the both of us. Assures Joohyung with a kind smile loving the way how Minsung´s sad filled smile is starting to get filled with sincere happiness little by little.

- I would love to do that. Minsung agrees once again hiding his face against Joohyung´s shoulder plade, an embrace he loves the most to lean on in this whole world. Minsung had dated few times in the past but with Joohyung he really hoped their love would be forever. So much loved he felt when Joohyung was holding him like this, when they hugged, kissed and made love, everything felt so right and he knew he wouldn´t be able to let go.

Chapter Text

The prom was approaching but Rona still didn´t have a partner to go with and she was panicking. The times she had asked someone to attend the prom with her they always told her that they had already had a partner, or they kindly declined because they must not like her or be interested to attend the prom at all. She feared being rejected even more times so she didn´t want to ask anymore people to go with her so now all she could do was wait for someone to ask her or then she will just skip the whole thing. She really hoped she would be able to go, she´s been waiting the prom for half a year already and it would be more than disappointing for her not to be able to attend.

Then one day she found a little letter from her locker which advised her to come to the art classroom after the last class if she wanted to have a prom partner.

- Does that mean I agree to go with this person that wrote this if I go there? Or will they help me to find a partner? Rona thinks turning the letter around in his hand trying to see if there would be a name of the one who wrote it but there wasn´t any.

- What is that? Rona turns around to see Seokhoon standing in front of her nodding his head at the letter Rona was still holding.

- Ah this. I don´t really know actually. Rona shrugs handing the letter to the taller boy because there wasn´t really anything worth kept hidden on the piece of paper.

- Will you go?

- I don´t even know whom that is from. It´s probably better if I just let this go. Rona wonders closing down her locker after taking her notebook for their next class.

- I think you should go. Isn´t it nice that someone wants to go to the prom with you?

- Good for you to say, when the prom was announced Minhyuk asked you to go with him on the same day. And you agreed.

- What can I say I´m charming. Seokhoon shrugs making Rona grimace when she recalls all the times Seokhoon has looked at Minhyuk with heart eyes.

- And if I knew you´re going to be left out without a partner of course I would have gone with you then. Seokhoon says handing the letter back to Rona.

- I will go to the art classroom then. I bet it´s someone better than Minhyuk. Rona answers back a bit loudly, the other students turning to look at them in confusion.

- Yeah, you go. Fighting. Seokhoon chuckles giving her thumbs up.

- You´re seriously so annoying sometimes. Rona murmurs walking out from the classroom.

- Where are you going?

- To the bathroom! And no, you can´t go with me! Rona shouts already out from the room Seokhoon smiling at his friend´s behavior.




After the last class Rona was walking towards the art classroom on the second floor, stopping and taking few steps backwards and then onwards again from time to time until she feels like that if she´s going to go she should do that now or that mysterious person is going to leave after waiting for her for too long. She takes few deep breaths before opening the door and luckily someone was still there waiting for her. The person was sitting their back towards Rona, but she could see that it was a girl. She was a bit shocked but not shocked to the point that she would curse this whole occurrence and just flash out from the room loudly banging the door close.

- Umm I guess you left that letter for me. Rona says then to let the other girl now that she was there even though she must have heard her entering the room but who knows maybe she was so in deep thought that she didn´t.

- I hope you´re not too shocked to see it´s me. The girl says getting up from the chair and before she fully turns around Rona already recognized her from her voice. It was Jeni who was Minhyuk´s friend so she had met her on few occasions thanks to Seokhoon and Minhyuk´s relationship.

- Well I would be lying if I said that I wasn´t at all shocked that it was you waiting for me here but I´m relieved it was you and not someone who has the nasty personality like Seok-kyung.

- I like that you´re honest and happy that you feel positive since it was me. Says Jeni smiling playing with the sleeves of her shirt.

- Yeah well we´re like friends you know so it wouldn´t be so bad to go to the prom together. Rona says and honestly she might like her even more than just as a friend.

- You really think that? Jeni looks surprised.

- Yeah why not. Rona shrugs making Jeni to smile so widely and so prettily. She has to admit that Jeni´s smile was one of the most beautiful things in the whole world.

- And thank you for asking me I was already feeling miserable fearing I won´t be able to attend the prom. Rona smiles back.

- No I should thank you for saying yes to my request. I also apologize for asking you so late I just wanted to make sure that you won´t have a date before I ask.

- That´s totally fine don´t worry about it. Rona smiles again and leans forward and puts a strand of Jeni´s hair behind her ear.

- I´m happy I will have the school´s prettiest girl as my date. Jeni looks at her, her eyes wide open and Rona pulls her hand away with an awkward chuckle.

- Ah sorry I have spent too much time with Seokhoon. Says Rona awkwardly scratching the back of her nape. As Jeni was about to answer that it´s fine Rona looks at her again tilting her head slightly to the side.

- But the more I think of it I feel like you all planned this together. Did you not? There was a look of panic on Jeni´s face when she was trying to come up with what to say next.

- Well those two almost forcefully made me to admit that I like you and then they came up with this idea because they said that they can´t just sit on the side and do nothing. You know how they are. Jeni quickly explains stopping to get some air as she realized she just confessed her feelings towards Rona who was now looking at her feet. Was that blush on her face she was trying to hide.

- Ya you should have just told me your feelings in the first place. Rona says playfully hitting Jeni´s shoulder.

- How long have you liked me for?

- Well I guess it was love at first sight. Jeni confesses because why not she was already laying everything on the table in front of them.

- Oh I´m flattered. Rona smiles now playing with her own hair trying to come up with something else to say.

- Well should we go now or? Jeni thankfully suggests they both must be wanting to get out from this awkward situation.

- Yeah let´s go. I think we should talk again tomorrow when we´re both not feeling so overwhelmed as we´re now. Rona suggests Jeni nodding in agreement.

- Yeah that´s a good idea. Do you want a drive home my mom is picking me up today?

- No thanks I need to go to my after school tutoring before getting back home. Rona tells.

- Okay I see you tomorrow then.

- Yeah, see you tomorrow.




It was the evening Rona had been waiting for since the day it was announced and now she was chatting with Mari and her own mother waiting for Jeni to get ready.

- I´m so happy my Rona got such a nice date for the prom, she´s been waiting this day to come for so long. Yoonhee tells Mari after she called for her daughter once again to hurry up or they will be late.

- Likewise, it´s making me relieved that I don´t have to worry for my daughter going there with someone that might not be the best one, personality wise. Mari agrees and as she finished they felt a presence at the top of the stairs and all of them looked up to see Jeni walking down the stairs with a wide smile on her face. Rona couldn´t do else than just stare at her, the beauty she was radiating was over this world. She looked like straight out from a princess movie with the light blue prom gown and a little tiara on her head. When she reached the floor after almost dripping for three times during the way down, Jeni straightened out her dress.

- Wow you look amazing. Rona says, a slight blush forming on Jeni´s cheeks whose trying to hide it from her own mother.

- You too Rona. I love your dress it´s so pretty. Says Jeni pointing at Rona´s white dress and they both squirm in shyness.

- Let´s take a picture girls before we leave. Mari suggests pulling out her phone while Yoonhee ushers the girls to stand next to each other asking them so smile.

They took few photos before it was time to leave finally.




The rest of the night went really well and both girls enjoyed each other´s company to the fullest. They chatted with Seokhoon and Minhyuk whom seemed to be disgustingly in love but well it must be because Minhyuk waited for a year before he gathered the courage to ask Seokhoon out.

During the last dance after they had stared at each other the whole night they leaned forward and pressed their lips together. It was the smallest possible kiss but for them two it meant something much more.

Chapter Text

Everyone had always told him that he committed suicide. That by his own will he stepped in front of the incoming car but for some reason he always felt like it wasn´t the truth. Even though he was depressed and his mother didn´t seem to care about him that much, always telling him that he wasn´t good enough, how she wished that he would have never even been born. He didn´t want to believe that he killed himself. Why would he have asked Peach to come all the way from Thailand to see him if he was just going to say goodbye to his own life, it didn´t add up. He hated the fact that he couldn´t remember what really happened, what was the reason he was dead.

He had seen nightmares almost every night but for some reason this one was different from all the other ones. Instead of running in front of the car by himself he saw someone behind him, someone was reaching out his hands and he felt a touch on his back before the honk of the car was heard and the last thing he saw were the approaching headlights of the car.

His eyes shot open, his chest was rising and falling down within a fast phase and he was covered in cold sweat. It felt like his whole body was burning but the coldness of the sweat made him shiver at the same time. It took some time for him to realize that someone was calling out his name and when he finally recognized the voice his rapid heartbeat calmed down and it felt like he could breath again.

- Yoon oh is everything alright? Yoon oh slowly turns to look at Peach who had worry plastered all over his face. Peach was about to touch his arm but stopped midway not knowing if it was appropriate for him to do so. He feared it would scare the younger boy not wanting to stress him out more than was needed.

- Peach. Yoon oh whispers before he leans forward to pull the taller boy into a hug. Well it seems that he´s not scared of physical touch Peach thinks when Yoon oh moves to sit on his lap while hugging him.

- Is everything alright? Peach asks again gently caressing the back of the still shivering boy.

- It was just a nightmare. Was all Yoon oh said before he hid his face against Peach´s shoulder not having the strength to talk just yet. He can tell the details later.

- Is there something I can do for you? Asks Peach placing a little peck on Yoon oh´s temple.

- Nothing. Just stay right here. Answers Yoon oh with a little tear escaping from his eye.

- Just stay right here. He repeats his voice shaking more than on the first time. Peach nods his head in understanding, Yoon oh couldn´t see it but maybe he felt it.
They stayed like that for about twenty minutes, Peach trying to stay awake since it was still early but the sun was starting to rise so it gave him more willpower to not surround to the feel of tiredness until Yoon oh stirs on his lap and looks up moving his arms to rest on Peach´s shoulders.

- You know I care a lot about you Peach. Yoon oh says with a sad expression his eyes red from all the crying he did while hugging the other.

- Like I care about you as well. Says Peach gently petting Yoon oh´s soft hair.

- I don´t want to leave you.

- But you have to so you won´t become a devil soul. And I´m sure it would get hard to wander around as a ghost for god´s know how long. You would get lonely because not many people can see you.

- I know that too but we had too limited time to be together. I will leave at the end of the month and you´ll be left alone.

- We need to treasure our good memories together and I will feel at ease when you will finally be freed. Peach tries to assure gently caressing Yoon oh´s cheek, showing him a little smile, them both knowing it wasn´t the happiest kind of smile.

- But I want to live. I didn´t want to die in the first place.

- But didn´t you run in front of the car by yourself?

- No I just had a dream that someone pushed me onto the road. Yoon oh fights back looking at Peach with a serious expression wanting the other to believe him.

- But...

- Everyone always said that I committed suicide but why would I have done it now out of all the times when I just invited you to come all the way from Thailand? All the dreams I´ve seen have felt so real and this one must be as well. I didn´t kill myself Peach it was someone else.

- I´m relieved to hear that there´s a possibility that you weren´t feeling so bad that you would have wanted to end your own life but I also feel miserable that there was someone else that pushed you to your death.

- And why would I have killed myself before you came here. You´re the best thing that happened in my whole life and why would I have wanted for you to come just to find out that I was already dead.

- I feel the same about you but still that doesn´t make you ro come back, you´re gone. Says Peach and the relieved smile on Yoon oh´s face was replaced with agony when he realized that this information doesn´t really change anything anymore.

- I guess there´s nothing we can do.

- We should spend the last days happy together let´s not think about the upcoming but live in the present okay. Peach suggests taking Yoon oh´s face in his hands. His brown eyes were still shining from the cried tears but there was a little bit of hope in them. Peach wipes off the last remaining tears from Yoon oh´s cheeks before he leans forward to kiss his lips.
The firs time they kissed was about a week ago when they visited Yoonoh´s grave together and it was an emotion filled occasion and to try and make Yoon oh to feel a bit better Peach hugged him tight and pressed their lips together gently. Their kisses were always like this, sweet and gentle and for Yoon oh they also felt reassuring in a way. When he felt like he was drowning, when his life was basically slipping trough his fingers and he couldn´t do anything to stop it.
It was going to happen and he wouldn´t be able to do anything to stop it. One day he will disappear and he needs to leave Peach all alone and that would hurt more than anything that has happened in his life before and that´s why they need to live their remaining days together to the fullest before that happens.

Chapter Text

Jisoo loves Haewon´s hair and whenever he has a chance to touch it, he goes for it.
One evening he found Eungyu and Haewon were still at the restaurant after it was closed already.
When he took a seat next to Haewon he notices the few empty beer bottles on the table and the faintest scent of alcohol coming from Haewon´s mouth when the younger man turns to him to greet him.

- Hey Jisoo. Haewon smiles oh so brightly once again, his voice a bit slurred because of the alcohol.

- Hey, what are you two still doing here? I was just about to leave but then I saw the lights were still on and came in to check. Asks Jisoo noticing a little bowl in front of Haewon. It seems that Eunguy had prepared the younger man some jajangmyeon.

- I was teaching him how to make some jajangmyeon. I think you can recall that the last time he made it himself it was pretty tasteless. Says Eungyu with a little laugh.

- I don´t think it was that bad to be honest. Jisoo says shrugging his shoulders, not wanting to make Haewon feel too bad about his cooking skills. Haewon joined their team just a few weeks ago so it will take some time for him to learn how to prepare all the different foods but Jisoo´s sure he can learn to do so if he has enough determination.

- Our Haewonie is a fast learner. Jisoo tells Haewon who takes another bite of the noodles into his mouth and munches them slowly trying to save the flavor. Jisoo reaches out his hand to pet Haewon´s hair, it felt so soft.

- I just think that he won´t remember anything tomorrow since he´s drunk now. Eungyu points out with a little laugh not really knowing why he decided to do this cooking lesson now when he had drank those beers together with Haewon, the younger man drowning a few more bottles than him. Jisoo´s also impressed that Eungyu had not hurt himself while cooking.

- I will remember everything. Haewon defends himself a hurtful look on his face.

- Yes yes our Haewonie is so smart you will become the best chef in this restaurant. Jisoo says making Eungyu to look up at him faster than a lighting.

- Ya! He´s just starting he will not become better than I am. It´s Eungyu´s turn to look hurt. He leans forward to hit the head of his friend of fifteen years. Jisoo says ouch even though it didn´t even hurt as he´s always been the strongest one out of them two. He turns to Haewon and finds his hand still petting the man´s hair. He pulls a strand behind his ear almost cooing at the slight blush forming on Haewon´s cheeks.

- Haewon-ah you must make sure to learn well so one day you´ll be as good as Eungyu, okay. Jisoo encourages hearing the little snort from his friend.

Whe Jisoo met Haewon for the first time he told his friend that he´s just his type and after a week he already had a crush on him. Eungyu always tried his best to keep a straight face when he saw Jisoo falling over after staring at Haewon´s smiling face for too long not noticing the chairs in front of him. Eungyu wants them to end up together and he´s certain that Haewon also likes his hyung as well, but he can´t help but laugh at his friend being a hopeless romantic day by day.

- I will Jisoo. Haewon answers with making a little fighting sign with his hand and Jisoo can´t take it anymore even his hands are so cute.

- I need to clean up here can you take him home Jisoo? Eungyu asks giving the other a good way to spend some alone time with his crush.

- I can stay and help you. Haewon offers as the loyal and always helpful friend and employee that he is.

- It´s okay just go and get some rest. Eungyu promises with a dismissive wave of his hand.

- Let´s go Haewon. Jisoo stands up and helps Haewon up as well balancing him when he almost trips over the second he´s taking the first step.

- Careful. I don´t want to lose a new employee in less than a moth because he hurt his leg. Eungyu warns with a smile. He looks at the two when Jisoo steps in front of Haewon leaning forward a bit.

- Get on I carry you. Jisoo says patting his back implying for Haewon that he will give him a piggyback ride.

The mission of getting Haewon to his back wasn´t the simplest task and they needed Eungyu´s help for that but when Jisoo was finally walking down the stairs with Haewon on his back he had to wonder if tonight would be the night when he finally comes clear with his feelings for Haewon. He would like to but at the same time he´s not sure if he should do it now that Haewon was drunk, there´s a chance that he forgets everything that happens tonight if he tells him.

On the way he stops for few times to hop Haewon up when he felt like he was falling down. He had advised Haewon to keep his hands tightly crossed around his neck, he didn´t want Haewon to fall down headfirst to the cold hard cement stairs. Haewon was holding on tight, resting his head against Jisoo´s shoulder the older man stealing quick glances at his beautiful face from time to time. The close proximity made him nervous but more than that it made him feel good, excited even.

His friend always told him that he wouldn´t have the guts to confess his feelings towards Haewon first but maybe he has. Jisoo knows which door leads into Haewon´s room since Eungyu occupied it before their newest employee. He asks Haewon for the key but when he doesn´t get a reply and can hear the faintest sound of little snorts he realizes the other one had passed out. He reaches out his other hand now balancing the weight of Haewon with just only his other hand and fumbles for the key and luckily finds it pretty fast from the pocket of his jeans. He turns the key in the lock and walks them both inside the room. He navigates the bed still being at the same place as when Eungyu was living there and gently places Haewon on it taking off his shoes and the sweater, it must feel better to sleep in his t-shirt he thinks. He was about to leave feeling sad for not getting a chance to confess his feelings when Haewon grabs his arm.

- Please stay here. Sleep with me. Haewon mumbles and well who is Jisoo to decline the offer so he takes off his own shoes and his jacket before getting down next to Haewon who still had his eyes closed. Jisoo asks if it´s okay to get a bit closer so he won´t be falling from the bed which was pretty small, but once again he doesn´t get an answer because Haewon had fell asleep once again. So he just moves a bit closer to Haewon and rests his arm on his waist and slowly he drifts to sleep as well.




Next morning when Jisoo wakes Haewon´s not by his side anymore. He rubs his eyes and moves up to sit on the bed checking the apartment room but there´s no sign of Haewon, maybe he´s in the bathroom. He´s about to put on his jacket when the front door opens and Haewon steps inside carrying a plastic bag on his hand.

- Oh you´re awake. Haewon notes with a smile leaving his shoes before walking to the table to set the bag on it and takes out few plastic containers.

- I was graving for fried chicken so I went to get some. Haewon explains gesturing Jisoo to join him to eat.

- Fried chicken for breakfast? Jisoo questions. He would have been more than happy to prepare a delicious breakfast for Haewon but that clearly needs to wait for some other time.

- I have a hangover so I think it´s just fine. Haewon smiles and quickly goes to wash his hands before taking the first bite. Jisoo also joins him after visiting the bathroom but he´s not feeling hungry so he just drinks some water.

- By the way thank you for last night. You brought me back here. Haewon thanks when he finishes the first piece of his fried chicken.

- You remember that? Jisoo asks baffled by the fact that the other one could remember what happened last night even though he was really drunk.

- Of course I do. I actually remember everything that happened and yeah just wanted to say thank you. Haewon shrugs like it´s not a big deal and smiles at Jisoo who then wishes he could wake up every morning to see that smile.

- Ah it´s fine no need to thank me. Says Jisoo, waving his hand dismissively. The silence surrounds them for some time and Jisoo wonders if he should confess his feelings now? The situation they are in at the moment would be such a good one now. Who knows when they get the next chance to be like this. Well Jisoo´s friends would most probably lock them in a closet until one of them would confess their feelings but honestly he doesn´t want to hide it anymore.

- Haewon? Jisoo asks Haewon´s attention to him. The younger man looks up with ´what is it hyung? ´

- You know. I have wanted to ask you this for a long time but didn´t want to do it last night because I worried you would forget it and then I would have to do it again. Jisoo explains pouring himself another glass of water to have something to do with his sweaty hands.

- What is it? Haewon asks furrowing his brows. He puts down the chicken piece he was eating, he had a feeling that this topic they´re going to talk about needs his full focus.

- Would you like to have a dinner with me tonight since we have the day off? Jisoo then asks shyly looking at his own hands too nervous to look at Haewon, who can´t help the little chuckle escaping his lips at his hyung´s cute behavior, Jisoo who always looked so cool and collected.

- Are you asking me out for a date? Haewon smirks with a mischievousness in his eyes.

- Well, maybe, yeah. Jisoo shrugs trying to act as cool as he could even though he was burning inside with anticipation.

- Okay, I´ll go with you. Haewon finally answers with a little smile and a thumbs up.

- Really?

- Yeah. I´m actually glad you asked me first I was too nervous to do that myself. Haewon says still smiling and now it was his turn to shyly look at his own hands.

- Do you mean that you like me as well? Jisoo´s friends must have been right about the fact that Haewon likes him as well, but it has always been he himself that didn´t believe so.

- Yeah. I like how you always take care of me, and I like how you touch my hair it always makes me feel so calm.

- I love your hair! Jisoo states excitedly wanting to reach out to run his fingers trough Haewon´s soft locks again but maybe at a time like this it would just make him look dumb.

- Uh, is that all you like about me? Haewon laughs at the panicking look on Jisoo´s face who’s trying to come up with something relevant to say.

- Of course not. I like your smile, how kind you are, you´re smart. And also, I love your hair. Jisoo says the last part quietly, but Haewon catches it anyway.

- What if I cut it shorter. Haewon teases.

- No! You can´t do that I would feel devastated. There´s a new kind of panicked look on Jisoo´s face when he clutches his chest like his heart was hurting.

- For your sake I won´t do it. Haewon chuckles putting a strand of his hair behind his ear.

- That´s the smartest decision you can make right now. Says Jisoo wiping off invisible tears from under his eyes. He takes few deep breaths before he looks back at Haewon collecting himself.

- Well, where should we go for dinner?

Chapter Text

- I really like him. Were the first words Joonjae heard when he returned back home. He´s standing on the door for some time still holding the doorhandle. Did he really hear those words correctly? Maybe Takuya was talking about someone else but as far as Joonjae knows Takuya doesn´t really have friends. It hasn´t been long since he moved back to korea and he only knows about Takuya´s childhood friend Haeryung. She lives in Busan and when she heard that Takuya will be returning to korea she came to see him immediately when she got a chance, so Joonjae knew she was coming over and that´s why after work he went to get them some food they could eat together but as he was walking to the restaurant and asked Takuya if they should eat together he told him that they already did and that Haeryung will be leaving soon so he had some bibimbap by himself before he went home.
He can´t hear anyone speaking anymore so he supposes that Takuya and his friend had realised someone was entering the apartment so he steps inside not wanting them to come find him with a baffled look on his face and the door still half open.

- I´m home. He gives a sign not to startle them too much while taking off his shoes and entering the living room area a beautiful young girl stands up to meet him politely.

- Ah no need to be so polite. We must be the same age. Joonjae assures shaking his hands in front of him.

- Ah it´s an ingrained habit. Haeryung chuckles and sits back down. Takuya had also stood up at some point and gestures to take the shopping bag from Joonjae who looks baffled at first but then he realizes what the other one was implying so he gives out the bag with a little nod.

- So you went to eat already Joonjae? Asks Takuya walking to the kitchen to put away the groceries. Joonjae sits down not wanting to leave Haeryung alone, it could be bad manners to do so.

- Yeah I did. I bought some ingredients so we could make some onigiri tomorrow, because you said you miss your family back in Japan. Explains Joonjae. He hears how the rustling of the shopping bag halts for a little while before it continues again.

- Ah you did. That was nicely thought from you. Answers Takuya his voice quivering a little. Joonjae hears the little chuckle from Haeryung and she gives him a little thumbs up when he turns to look at her.

- I think I should go now. Haeryung announces standing up Joonjae following her actions to walk her to the door.

- It was nice meeting you finally Joonjae. Next time when we have time we should spend some more time with each other. She smiles kindly before taking off to the front door Joonjae walking behind her.

- It was nice to meet you as well. I hope you could help me to learn some Japanese for Takuya. I have asked him to do it for me but he only advised me to watch some hentai.

- You naughty boy. Haeryung shouts in Japanese when Takuya joins them handing her her jacket.

- No wonder you like him, he´s the whole package. Haeryung continues in Japanese, Joonjae can just guess what they´re talking about wishing he would be able to understand and join the conversation but maybe it was something they didn’t want him to know.

- I know, I know. Takuya agrees with a smile.

- I´ll be waiting for the wedding invitation. She says while hugging her friend for a goodbye. She then wraps her arms around Joonjae as well who looks surprised but returns the hug anyway.

- I´ll be going now. Bye guys. She waves her hand and soon she´s gone. The door closed and an unfamiliar rather awkward silence was surrounding Joonjae and Takuya. Takuya kept wondering if Joonjae had heard what he said to Haeryung but he didn´t have the courage to just ask out of nowhere. He was very social person and outgoing but confessing his feelings for his roommate felt such a hard task to do and it made him nervous and his stomach was full of flying butterflies.

- I´ll go and take a shower. Joonjae announces then to get out from the awkward situation. He needs to cool down the heat from his body, he wants to bring up the thing Takuya told to his friend because if he was really talking about Joonjae it would be a lottery win because he likes Takuya as well. But what if it wasn´t? What if it was someone else he was crushing on? That would break his heart to hear that he likes someone else.

- Joonjae is everything alright? Takuya waves his hand in front of Joonjae´s face. He must have been frozen on his place thinking too much about what he should do.

- Yeah yeah everything´s alright. Joonjae shakes his head a bit to get rid of all the thoughts he was having.

- I-I think I was supposed to do something. He wonders out loud and Takuya can´t help but let out a little chuckle at his roommate´s silly behavior.

- You were going to the shower. Takuya reminds, Joonjae slowly nods his head in realization.

- The shower. He mumbles and starts his way to the bathroom but took a sharp turn to his bedroom to get a change of clothes and a towel. Takuya follows him with his eyes crossing his arms in front of his chest. Maybe he should just pull Joonjae against the wall and tell him that he´s the one he likes. He would love to see his roommate hopefully soon to be boyfriend blushing when his face is just inches away from his.




It was later that evening and they were watching some variety show from the tv which was pretty dumb but there was not really other options at the late hour of the day. Takuya had cut them some fruits and Joonjae tried his best to prevent the laugh escaping through his lips when he saw the little band aid decorated with flowers on one of Takuya´s fingers. It usually ended in a catastrophe if Takuya was left alone inside the kitchen so that´s why Joonjae was the one that prepares the foods for them and then Takuya takes care of washing the dishes. Suddenly Takuya lowers down the volume from the tv before he turns to look at his roommate with an unreadable expression on his face.

- Joonjae? He addresses the other man who was just finishing eating the last apple slice.

- What is it? Asks Joonjae not having a clue why Takuya suddenly looked so serious.

- Umm, did you happen to hear what we were talking about with Haeryung when you came back home? Joonjae is taken aback by Takuya´s question, not really knowing if he should tell the truth or lie right now.

- I mean, I did hear the last sentence nothing else. Joonjae admits not wanting to lie. Since Takuya was the first one to bring up the situation he should just be honest. Like what bad could happen if he knows there is someone his roommate likes. Although he fears that it´s someone else than him, then that would break him apart, he doesn´t know if he could be able to greet some other man that was Takuya´s boyfriend if that ever happens.

- Ah, I see. Realization hits Takuya´s face and he awkwardly laughs, rubbing the back of his neck. He´s avoiding Joonjae´s eyes and he thinks that if he wants the closure about Takuya´s feelings he should man and up and straight up ask him about it.

- Were you talking about me? Joonjae drops the bomb and it´s silent inside the apartment for some time. Takuya nervously bites his bottom lip.

- I mean you haven´t been in the country for long and as far as I know Haeryung is your only friend here. And I happen to be the one that you spend most of your time with. Joonjae further explains when the other one doesn´t answer him. Takuya slowly looks up at him and the slight nod of his head drops the heavy weight from his shoulders.

- I understand if you don´t feel the same but I´m actually pretty relieved that I got to come clear with this finally. Takuya says quietly, nervously picking at his fingernails. Joonjae weighs his options for few seconds before he reaches out his hand to gently touch Takuya´s cheek and guiding him to look into his eyes.

- I actually do feel the same way Takuya, I like you. Joonjae says with a kind smile and the smile that forms on Takuya´s face is one of the most beautiful things ever to exist. To Joonjae Takuya was always the stray of sunshine he needed in his gloomy life, when it felt that everything in life was hard he only needed to look at Takyua´s face for a bit to recharge with energy. He leans forward to peck Takuya´s temple and hears the deep intake of breath from the other.

- I´m so relieved to hear that you like me as well. Says Takuya when Joonjae leans back and takes a hold of the other one´s hands.

- I don´t really know what to say now. I guess I just want us to be happy from now on. Together. Takuya smiles still feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation but he couldn´t be happier.

- Yeah, together.

Chapter Text

The first time they met was at a meeting party for the parents of the students of the Cheong-a arts school. The meeting was exclusively for adults so there were no children at the scene, but she had heard that Soo ryun´s daughter Seol ah had really good potential in classical singing. Soo ryun had moved into the same penthouse Seo jin lived with her husband Yoon-chul who was currently accompanying her at the party and their lovely daughter Eun byul the only person she would do anything for in the whole world. She had heard that Soo ryun was currently a widow, Seol ah´s father had to face his death in a car crash.

Soo ryun came to introduce herself to Seo jin having heard that the primadonna lived in the same penthouse. Also that Seo jin was the daughter of the owner of the school. They made their introductions, Soo ryun apologizing for not having the chance to introduce her earlier but the move into her new apartment had taken all her free time during the past week. She also complimented Seo jin´s voice, dreaming that she could have as a great voice as well but still being thankful that Seo al had not inherited her singing voice. Soo ryun pleaded Seo jin to teach her daughter to sing better and she promised she would decide after hearing the girl´s voice.

So next week Soo ryun visited Seo jin´s apartment with Seol ah and Seo jin had to admit that she had skills. From then until now Seol ah goes there for a singing lesson once a week.

They met each other a lot after that. At school for parents´ meetings, for the club meetings at the penthouse and at dinner parties they arrange once a month in one of the residents´ apartments.



Seo jin knew already when she was walking through the aisle that their marriage would be forever loveless. At the end they only married each other because Seo jin became pregnant with Eun byul and Seo jin´s father would have felt too in shame if her own daughter gave birth to a child without a husband next to her. Seo jin would be ready to divorce from Yoon chul if Soo ryun asks her to do so.



She woke up from the large bed, the other side empty but still warm when she lays her other hand on the bed feeling the sheets. She buries her face to the pillow next to her head and inhales the scent of vanilla from it. She lets out a deep satisfied sigh thinking about all what happened last night but at the same time she felt bad that soon it would be over, and she would be dropped from the soft cumulus clouds.

Last evening, they had gone out to celebrate their first year together and she booked them a room from a hotel. Yoon chul was on a work trip to Busan but she didn´t want to risk that her husband would suddenly surprise them being in the bed together. Also she wanted to keep this as a secret from her daughter at least until her and Yoon chul´s marriage would be over.

Seo jin stretches her body before walking out from the bedroom to find Soo ryun looking out from the huge window in the living room area, slowly enjoying her morning coffee. She had also ordered breakfast from the room service and the smell of bacon makes her mouth water after all the wine she had enjoyed last night. Soo ryun doesn´t seem to notice her presence or then she doesn´t just show it. She walks to her, wrapping her hands around her waist and rests her head on Soo ryun´s shoulder. The other woman startles but just slightly before she turns her head a bit to look at Seo jin with always so beautiful smile on her face. That was the first thing that Seo jin fell in love with in the past.

- Good morning. Soo ryun greets placing her free hand on Seo jin´s that were currently resting against her stomach and gently rubs some circles there with her thumb.

- Good morning. Seo jin greets back taking a quick inhale of Soo ryun´s vanilla scent hair before placing a little peck on the side of her neck and then one on her cheek as well.

- I wish I could wake up like this every morning. Seo jin sighs already knowing what Soo ryun´s was going to say next.

- You will once you divorce from Yoon chul.

- I know and it´s in the progress. I think we will end it in good terms because in the end neither of us loved each other.

- Are you sure he doesn´t love you?

- I know he doesn´t. He never touches me if he doesn´t have to for the show and the last and only time we had sex was when we were both drunk and wanted a release for a one-night stand but then soon after I was pregnant with Eun byul.

- Hmm. It must have been hard for you.

- Yeah, but as hard as it was for me also Yoon chul has gone through a lot because of that.


-But don´t worry I´ll do that for you.

- I trust you but I´m just scared that your father would give you bad time for getting the divorce.

- Well, he was more worried about me raising my daughter alone and now she´s already seventeen so that doesn´t really matter anymore. Seo jin explains having to drop her arms down so Soo ryun can turn around. Soo ryun raises her hand to place it on Seo jin´s cheek.

- Just remember that I will always be by your side. If you need any kind of help you got to talk to me, okay. Soo ryun says gently caressing Seo jin´s cheek while looking into her brown eyes.

- I will don´t worry about that. Seo jin assures before leaning forwards to place a kiss on Soo ryun´s lips.

- Should we eat now before the food gets cold. She suggests guiding them both to the dining table when Soo ryun nods in agreement. While they had breakfast Seo jin dreamed about the day they would share an apartment and two lovely daughters together. That day will come eventually but they still needed to wait for a bit longer.

Chapter Text

Minhyuk´s friends had pressured him to attend a blind date for almost three months now. He had always said that he doesn´t want to be single anymore but when his friends brought up the idea of a blind date for the first time, he made a powerpoint presentation of why he couldn´t attend one. To be honest none of them understood the words he had wrote down on the slides. Something about him fearing that the other one would be a weird man, too old for him and getting some kind of satisfaction from going on dates with younger boys, he didn´t want a sugar daddy.

He also told how insecure he was feeling after being dumped by his ex on their first-year anniversary. His ex told him he had someone else he liked more than him. He feared he would do something stupid and then his companion would think he´s weird and would not want to meet him anymore after the first date. So, when he finally after three months agreed to attend a blind date his friends promised he´s going to be just fine. That they had decided on his date by themselves, and they knew that he was not some old man. Last time he dated and the only person he had dated was back in high school so maybe because he was so young back then that the awful break up left so deep scars in him. And now being in college he still felt insecure but for his friends´ sake he agreed to go.


So here he was now in the restaurant which was a bit too fancy in his opinion waiting for his date. He didn´t know what he looked like, but his friends had said that he´s good looking, around his age and that he would be wearing dark gray slacks and a white dress shirt. Basically, he was wearing the same clothes as half of the population inside the restaurant. He snorted to himself while realizing it and almost jumped up from his chair when he felt a presence next to him and a quiet ´hey are you Minhyuk´ spoken to him. He turns to look to his side tilting his head upwards to see the face of the tall man and oh my, his friends were not lying about how good looking he is.

- Oh. Yeah that´s me. Minhyuk gets to say after closing and opening his mouth like a fish, internally cursing himself for acting so embarrassingly. He moves to stand up to greet the other man politely reaching out his arm for a shake. The other man does the same with an awkward smile on his face probably thinking that shaking hands was too formal for people at their age.

- It´s nice to meet you. Minhyuk blurts out maybe a bit too enthusiastically gathering curious looks from the couple from the table next to theirs. ´Why am I so embarrassing´, he thinks but the little smile on his date´s face surprises him and suddenly he doesn´t feel so bad anymore.

- Likewise. I´m Seokhoon. The man greets back before retreating to take his own seat opposite to Minhyuk. Minhyuk tries to think calming things like puppies and penguins, gathering his composure in front of the handsome man. He didn´t want to come up being too stupid. Even if nothing happens after the date with the two of them, he doesn´t want Seokhoon to have a story about a weird blind date to tell his own friends later on.

- I hope you didn´t have to wait for long. Seokhoon notes when Minhyuk didn´t come up with anything to say to start a conversation.

- Ah, no I just arrived here so I didn´t need to wait for long. Minhyuk says shaking his head and waving his hand dismissively before he continues.

- To be honest, I was worried I would be late while I was on my way here. First I saw a cute little puppy that was waiting for it´s owner to come out from the store so I decided to pet it a little. But while I was doing so I didn´t notice that the knot it´s owner had tied with the leash on the trailing came undone and suddenly the puppy was walking away and of course I had to run after it, screaming for it to stop because you see I´m pretty unfit and just trust me that even as puppies dogs can run really fast. When I finally caught it I returned it to it´s original place luckily the owner wasn´t there yet because they would probably have scolded me for stealing their dog or something. Then I continued my way and I saw a cart that sold ice cream and because I really like ice cream I had to buy myself some and they also had the newest flavor banana vanilla that I hadn´t tasted before so I tried it out and it was really good but still it didn´t pass my favorite one raspberry chocolate…

- Unfortunately, we don´t serve ice cream here but are you ready to order for some other great dishes we have here? Minhyuk´s not sure who´s talking to him at first being so immersed in his own story. He quickly spares a glance at Seokhoon who´s kindly smiling at the waitress standing next to their table and Minhyuk for the record wants to facepalm himself. How long have that poor girl stood there trying to get his attention.

- Ah, I´m sorry. Is there something you´d recommend?

- Um, well the house´s steak is the most sold one here but also the garlic pasta had gotten really good reviews.

- Okay then, we´ll take one serving of each. He looks at Seokhoon who nods in agreement.

- And can you possibly divide those onto two plates?

- Yes of course. What would you like for the drink?

- I think I´ll just go with some ice water. What about you Seokhoon?

- White wine for me please.

- Sure, I´ll be back with your drinks soon. They thank her and she takes back the menu from Seokhoon. He notices she has another one as well that was supposedly for him but she didn´t have a chance to lend it to him at any point.

- Just tell me if you´re not able to witness my ass of stupidity and if you want to leave. He tells Seokhoon who looks at him furrowing his brows.

- Oh, I must look mean again? My friends tell me that it´s hard for other people to get close to me because I look so angry eighty precent of time because I can look pretty intimidating when I´m not smiling. Seokhoon explains apologetic look on his face and that makes Minhyuk to feel bad immediately.

- It´s not like that. It just that I tend to be really awkward in new situations. One time I was hosting a morning radio show at our university and at the end of the program I said that one boy from my history class has a really cute ass not realizing that the mic was still on. After that my friends pretended they didn´t know me for almost a week. Minhyuk confessed and thought if he really should be so open with a stranger but the smile that appeared on Seokhoon´s face made him feel like it was okay.

- Your days are so full of life, my own are always the same boredom. I´m happy I met someone that could make me smile so easily. Seokhoon says just before the waitress brings them their drinks and excusing herself again telling she would be back soon with their food.

- Well yeah sometimes more than I wish they would be. I wish that sometimes my mouth would have a better filter. It´s not always the best idea to say the truth or whatever comes to mind. Minhyuk wonders taking a sip from the iced water to cool down the little blush on his cheeks caused by the smile and the attentive look on Seokhoon´s face. It really looked like he wanted and maybe even enjoyed listening to Minhyuk´s blabbers.

- Don´t feel too bad, at least you could say that you lived your life to the fullest in a way.

- Yeah I guess you could think it like that. Minhyuk shrugs and their waitress returns bringing them their food. It smelled and looked delicious, Minhyuk couldn´t wait to get to taste it and give his empty stomach some fuel.

- So, are you living near since you said you walked here? Asks Seokhoon after they had a small quiet moment each of them enjoying the food.

- Yeah I do actually, it´s just a single-room apartment because, well I´m a student and no money for any better, you must know how it is.

- Yeah, it´s the same for me as well. I just live a bit more far since it´s closer to my own university.

- What are you studying?

- Psychology.

- Wah talking about aiming high. Minhyuk says letting out a little laugh.

- I´ll root for you. He adds giving Seokhoon two thumbs up. What he doesn´t know is that Seokhoon does his best to hide a coo at his date´s cute behavior.

- What about you?

- Well, I´m hoping to graduate with a bachelor´s degree within two years. I´m really interested in investigative journalism.

- That´s interesting, I´ll root for you as well. Seokhoon returns the two thumbs up to Minhyuk this time who lets out a little chuckle. After that they eat in silence again. He puts the brussel sprouts from his own plate onto Seokhoon´s who says that he likes them. Minhyuk can´t believe his words, he hates the taste of them no matter how they´ve been prepared. In exchange Seokhoon gives the rest of his pasta to Minhyuk when he tells him that he really likes it. Minhyuk blushes at the kind gesture.

- Would you want to tell me about your family? Seokhoon asks Minhyuk when they´re finishing with their foods. Minhyuk seemingly tenses his eyes wandering down at his hands.

- I´m sorry you don´t have to if you don´t want to. Seokhoon assures seeing how uncomfortable the topic made his date.

- Ah it´s just that I don´t really have a good relationship with them. When I came out from the closet they kind of ditched me and I don´t have any siblings I could turn to but luckily I have my friends they mean the world to me.

- I´m sorry.

- It´s okay really. It´s only on times that somebody brings them up that makes me a bit melancholic but overall, I´m alright. So, don´t feel like you did something wrong, okay. Explains Minhyuk releasing few long breaths to calm his distressed heart.

- What about you? Minhyuk asks hoping that Seokhoon would feel comfortable to talk about his own family members after hearing the unpleasant situation of his.

- Well there´s not much to tell really I have a younger sister and my parents are divorced. My dad was pretty awful so I´m not really missing him. I lived with my sister and mom until last year before I moved into my own apartment.

- Ah well that pretty much sucks as well but I´m relieved to hear that you´re doing well with your mother and sister. Does she study as well?

- Yeah, she´s in high school. She likes acting a lot so probably she´ll decide on that path. She once filmed a short movie with her friends, and it was pretty good.

- Oh, you have to show it to me one day. I-I mean if we´re going to meet again after this I mean.

- Sure, I´d like that.

- Great. They smile at each other and soon after it was time for them to leave the restaurant behind and head home. It was getting pretty late and they both had classes the next day. Minhyuk joined to walk him to the bus stop and at one point he feels Seokhoon grabbing his hand in his. Minhyuk turns to look at him a bit shocked but the shy smile on Seokhoon´s face melts him right away.

- Is this alright? Asks Seokhoon.

- Of course.
They continue their way hand in hand discussing this and that but mostly they stay quiet just enjoying the presence of each other. Eventually they reach the bus stop and they turned to look at each other Minhyuk´s eyes moving up and down between Seokhoon´s eyes and lips and it seems that the older one realized what he was thinking about and so he leans forward tilting his head down a bit since Minhyuk was shorter than him and captured his lips into an soft and loving kiss. Minhyuk felt how the other people on the bus stop stared at them unbelieving the situation happening in front of their eyes, but neither of them cared. Minhyuk had been ditched by his parents because of it, but he had learned to live without them so some random people judging him felt like nothing to him at this point. They broke apart and they could see the headlights of the upcoming bus already approaching so Minhyuk quickly pulls out his phone to hand to Seokhoon.

- Your number. He says nodding at his phone so Seokhoon takes it from him and quickly dials his number in. Then the bus was there and with handing back his phone Seokhoon gives him a quick hug warm hug and a peck on his lips before saying his goodbye and gets into the bus. He sits on the seat he can see Minhyuk from and waves his hand as the bus was starting to move again. Who would have thought that everything would go so well this evening, Minhyuk needs to thank his friends when he sees them. With light steps he walks back to his apartment a smile on his face during the whole way.

Chapter Text

Hanseo always thought that he was worth nothing. His father and his stepbrother always told him to the keep his mouth shut because nothing good would ever come out from it anyway. They always told him how useless and stupid he was. The many scars that were covered up with makeup and with his clothes were made by them, mostly by his stepbrother Junwoo. He used his younger brother as an outlet for his frustration when something didn´t go as he had planned. Few times Han seo dodged whatever item it was that Jun woo threw at his direction but then he would get so angry and demand him to stay still so he could throw another item towards him, this time succeeding with what he was aiming for from the start.

One night when he was at a bar drowning his feelings with alcohol, he met Joohyung for the first time. The other man paid him a drink, the most expensive whiskey that the place had to offer. They started to talk, exchanged numbers and Joohyung offered him to spend the night at his place but Hanseo declined. Suddenly he was feeling insecure because he knew what it would mean if he joined the other man for the night. He wasn´t ready for someone to see all the scars he had physically and mentally. He didn´t want to just spend the night with some stranger who would ask him about his scars, but not really caring about the truth behind them. Hanseo didn´t want to share something so personal with someone who would just leave him the next day.

But what surprised him was that they started to talk more, texting and speaking over the phone for hours and after a month of speaking together Hanseo agreed for a date. The date wasn´t anything special just a movie and a late-night dinner but nevertheless it made him feel good. The atmosphere felt a bit too heavy for him at times and Hanseo found it hard to find subjects to speak about even though they have talked with each other a lot over the phone for the past month. It has always been harder for him to talk face to face, but he tries his best. When it gets too awkward, he suggests them to take some selfies together, Joohyung laughing that they look like teenagers, but Hanseo just waves off his comment saying that he didn´t get to really spend his childhood in a way many others did to what Joohyung looks at him with a questioning look on his face but doesn´t ask It must be hard subject for the other and maybe eventually he will come around and tell him.

Joohyung asks Hanseo to stay the night over at his place and this time he agrees and at the end of the day finds himself laying on the bed Joo hyung next to him his eyes wandering over all the scars and bruises on Han seo´s face and neck. He had removed the makeup from his face and now instead of wearing a suit he only had a white tshirt and a pair of sweats Joohyung had borrowed him earlier that night. They laid on Joohyung´s bed side by side and Hanseo felt so bare without the shield he had always put on his skin to hide something that hurt so much, he felt embarrassed and like he was too weak for letting someone else to treat him that way.

He felt Joohyung´s gentle hand on the side of his waist then on his neck and then on his cheek. It was so gentle that it didn´t even hurt the bruise that was new to his skin. Junwoo had been angry when Hanseo said something that he shouldn´t have and soon there was a hard slap on his cheek and the rings on Junwoo´s fingers didn´t ease the pain at all. The pain was so strong that he almost wanted to just fall to the ground and cry, why was his life like this, when did it turn out to be like this. He couldn´t cry in front of his brother it would only make him to look even weaker in the eyes of Junwoo and he would feel like he had won the fight, and maybe he had already.

It happened so fast and he didn´t notice that he was crying until his tears landed on his arm, he was resting his head on. He felt save enough to cry in front of Joohyung even though this was the first time for them to spend time together and being intimate like this. He didn´t ask him questions he wasn´t ready to answer to and he was grateful for it. He didn´t have to listen to words that were downgrading him so he didn´t feel bad that Joohyung saw him like this. Vulnerable. He had never cried before. He had wanted to each time his brother or father hurt him either with words or actions but he didn´t. It must be that he had become immune to all his own emotions when he was in the presence of his family.

Even though he barely knew Joohyung that well he thought how he wished he would be his family. He didn´t need Junwoo or his father if he could have someone that loved him the way he is. Told him that he was enough the way he is, that he´s not stupid or useless. He wanted to be happy and free from his brother and father and maybe Joohyung would be that something that makes him to realize that there´s a chance to do so. Joohyung will be the first step for him to start to love himself once again and leaving his past behind. But how many more scars he would have to suffer until he could get fully rid of them.

He doesn´t know yet but for now he wants to enjoy the easiness Joohyung´s presence brings around him when the other man pulls him closer against his chest, arms wrapping around his body.

- It´s okay, just let it all out. Joohyung whispers and that’s all that he needed before his crying got louder and he couldn´t stop anymore.

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Min jae heard it from his grandpa, that Joo Haeng would be graving a doughnut today, so he got him one before he went to school. Like all the times he heard his grandpa telling him that Joo Haeng had forgotten his mittens at home and the day was going to be cold, or when he forgot his umbrella when it was going to rain in the afternoon. He always made sure to take an extra pair of anything when he left home, and he also reminded him about the upcoming test that they could practice for together.

Joo Haeng was the class president but sometimes he had some many things going on all at the same time that there were times he forgot about taking things with him and really it was understandable. Min Jae would get to spend more time with him and to see the happy smile on his friend´s face when he thanks him for yet another favor. Min Jae admired how smart and well-behaved Joo Haeng was. One day Joo Haeng had changed his hairstyle, there was some makeup on his pretty face and he also had the first button open from his shirt. He had never done those things before and when he appears in front of Min Jae at the school like that it takes the taller boy a while to gather his thoughts before he greets his friend. He looks at Yoo Han who´s standing next to Joo Haeng and has this all-knowing smirk on his face. Why does he feel like Yoo Han was behind this little transformation?

- Min Jae, is something wrong? Joo Haeng worries not getting a greeting back from his friend who´s just looking at him without saying anything. Maybe he´s just so focused listening to the voice of his grandpa telling him something important or then Yoo Han´s handiwork was really working. You see he wanted to impress Min Jae in some way because it seems that his grandpa is not telling his grandson about his friend having a crush on him, so he wanted to see if he likes him back and that´s why Yoo Han promised to help him, well Yeon Woo was there as well because those two are always together. Yoo Han had styled his hair as Yeon Woo did his makeup and Yoo Han opened the first button from his shirt saying that it was the cherry on the top that he had heard that Min Jae was a weak man for collarbones, especially Joo Haeng´s.

- I brought you a doughnut. Min Jae blurts out not knowing what else to say while his eyes were still looking at Joo Haeng´s outer appearance. Yoo Han snorts before disappearing inside the classroom and Joo Haeng as well tried his best not to chuckle out loud.

- Oh, can I have it? Joo Haeng asks with a mischievous spark in his eyes when Min Jae hasn´t even opened his backpack to give the treat to him.

- A-ah yeah yeah. Min Jae takes his bag and quickly opens the zipper and hands the little paper bag that contained the sweet to his friend who thanked him with a smile. Min Jae awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck feeling embarrassed how his brain stopped working so badly just because Joo Haeng´s appearance had changed a bit. What´s going to happen if there´s going to be a day when he could possibly see his friend without his shirt on. Oh no let´s not think about that right now. Min Jae shakes his head to get rid of his thoughts he should not think about something like this about his sweet friend but at the same time he doesn´t feel so good about the possibility that somebody else might see him like that.

- Why are you blushing? Asks Joo Haeng almost bursting out to laugh when his friend quickly brings his hands to cover his cheeks with a panicked look on his face.

- I umm I go to the bathroom. Min Jae murmurs pointing at the direction of the bathroom with his thumb.

- But our class´s about to start. Joo Haeng notes when he was turning around to start on his way.

- I´ll be quick. Min Jae says already speed-walking towards the bathroom on the first floor. He was vigorously shaking his head on the way hoping those thoughts would leave his brain by falling out through his ears.

In the bathroom he splashed his face with cold water noticing how red his cheeks were and he prayed the god that he could go back in time so he wouldn´t have acted like a such a dummy in front of his crush. He looks at himself trough the mirror going over the options how he should go back and hopefully he would act all collected and wouldn´t embarrass himself even more. He can´t stay in the bathroom for the whole class, he can´t skip his classes he doesn´t want to seem irresponsible in front of Joo Haeng. He joins the class five minutes late but luckily the teacher was in a good mood having heard that his wife was pregnant the night before so he didn´t get into any trouble for being late. He takes his seat next to Joo Haeng who looks at him for a few seconds but doesn´t say anything before he turns back to his notebook. Before Joo Haeng gets to cover it with his shoulder Min Jae notices that there´s a drawing of a little heart and inside the initials of M and J but he doesn´t comment on it because he feels like he wasn´t supposed to see it.




- What do you think about my new style Min Jae? Joo Haeng suddenly asks while they were on their break not so subtly hiding the little seductive smile on his face. The universe really was against Min Jae today and he didn´t know what to do anymore. Why didn´t his grandpa warn him about all this.

- I yeah I think you look good. Honestly I was a bit surprised but I think you look great like super great. Says Min Jae nodding his head agreeing with his own statement.

- Uuh I got the super great, so I must look pretty good then. Joo Haeng smiles tilting his head to the side and patting his eyelashes. And once again Min Jae was lagging, he stood frozen but inside he was screaming.

- Am I being too much? I think this is too much to do in one day. Wonders Joo Haeng tilting his head again but now there was a questioning look on his face and he also looked a bit regretful.

- I just, we thought it would be nice to try and make you flustered. I´m sorry if I crossed the line and made you feel uncomfortable, I just wanted to make you to notice me. Joo Haeng was nervously biting his bottom lip.

- But, I have noticed you every single day we´ve been with each other. Says Min Jae not really understanding the point. They always spend time together and he always brings him stuff if his grandpa has told him to do so and he´s always ready to help his friend if he needs it.

- I, well. I was hoping you would notice me in the way Yoo Han notices Yeon Woo. Like dating and stuff. Exlpains Joo Haeng shyly looking at his shoes and biting his bottom lip. He wasn´t feeling so confindent anymore like he did just a moment ago.

- Oh. Realization hits Min Jae like a wave and you could literally see the little light bulb lighting up on the top of his head.

- Yeah. Joo Haeng hums.

- So, are you asking me out? Asks Min Jae since he doesn´t know what else to say right now.

- Yeah, and I really hope that you will say yes. I mean I think we both knew we were attracted to each other but none of us had the courage to bring it forward.

- Yeah, you must be right. Min Jae sighs and without longer thinking he reaches out his hand to take hold of Joo Haeng´s the other accepting it with a shy smile. He seemed so cool earlier when he was trying to seduce him, actually succeeding in that and now, he was like a little cinnamon roll and to be honest he preferred it more when he was being his own comfortable self.

- You look like super great but please don´t feel like you need to change yourself because of me. I like the way you are, in my eyes you´re just great like that. Min Jae says wanting him to know that he doesn´t expect him to look like this every day.

- Thanks. If I really want to impress you I´ll do this again. Joo Haeng says pointing at his own face.

- But it´s a lot of work and honestly I´m too lazy for that.

- And that isn´t a problem with me. Min Jae smiles and taps Joo Haeng´s nose with his finger.

- I think we should go back for our next class. Joo Haeng notes after they had stood there hand in hand shyly exchanging looks between each other for a while.

- Yeah let´s go and let´s try to think where we should go for our first date. Min Jae suggests when they started to walk to the classroom hand in hand, well it was more like at this point Joo Haeng was just holding one of Min Jae´s fingers because he had so big hands.

- Yeah let´s do that. Joo Haeng agrees with a laugh and with smiles on both of their faces they walked to their next class.

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- Can you stay still, I can´t draw you if you keep moving around. Sol asks Jiwan who´s pouting her lips not wanting to do as she´s told.

- But how much longer do I need to be still, it´s been forever since you started. Jiwan whines in pain and boredom almost dropping down from the chair she was sitting on.

- It has been only fifteen minutes Jiwan. You agreed to be my model and knew what you need to be ready to do.

- Yeah but I´m on my period and it hurts a lot. Says Jiwan with a scowl rubbing her stomach and her lower back.

- Is it that bad? Sol gets worried of the information. She puts down the pen and stands up to go to Jiwan who´s pouting her lips again in uneasiness. Sol squats down in front of her bringing her right hand onto Jiwan´s cheek with an apologetic look on her face.

- Why didn´t you tell me earlier? She asks gently caressing the soft skin of her girlfriend´s cheek.

- Because you were so excited to do it. Jiwan answers quietly leaning forward a bit caused by the sharp pain in her lower stomach.

- This won´t do let´s get you to bed. Sol says and tells Jiwan to wrap her legs around her torso so she can carry her into their bedroom.

The apartment they were currently living in wasn´t very spacious but they both liked the cozy feeling of it and the fact that it was a place they could spend time in peace with each other. There was Sol´s painting brushes, pens and sketchbooks here and there. And few articles of different fabrics Jiwan had planned on sewing couple shirts from for them. But their bedroom only had their bed in it, they had decided that they don´t want to bring anything in it that could be a distraction. They wanted to keep their bedroom as a place for rest and sleep.
She gently placed Jiwan on the bed pulling up the duvet that smelled slightly of their strawberries and vanilla scented detergent.

- I´m sorry I was acting so annoyingly, my mood swings can be pretty bad when it´s the time of the month. Jiwan apologizes pulling out her hand under the duvet to rub circles on Sol´s hand with her thumb.

- Yeah, I know don´t worry about it. Sol smiles assuredly. She leans down and places a little kiss on Jiwan´s cheek before getting up.

- I´ll get you something to eat, let´s watch some movie when I get back okay?

- Okay. Jiwan whispers before turning to her side most probably to ease some of the pain. Sol has never had that much of menstruation pain herself and she hated seeing Jiwan hurting so much so she tries to do her best to make her feel more at ease. The first time they met was during an painting class. Sol was a regular there but one evening a new face that she hadn´t seen before joined them and so she met Jiwan and the rest is history. To put it short at first they were paired together in the class and time after time they started to spend more time together outside of the class. Then one day Sol gifted Jiwan a painted portrait of her and asked if she wanted to be her girlfriend and fortunately she said yes and so here they are now.




When Sol got back she washed her hands before putting the still warm porridge into a bowl and the ice cream into the freezer to wait if Jiwan has the appetite for that later on. With the bowl filled with warm porridge she goes to the bedroom to find Ji wan sleeping on the bed. She put the bowl onto the nightstand before lifting the duvet to lay down as well. She turned to her side to look at Ji wan´s peaceful face smiling at the little pout on her lips. She brings up her hand to gently caress her hair pulling back when Jiwan´s body stirs not wanting to wake her up. Soon Ji wan slowly opened her eyes, a bit startled look on her face seeing Sol next to her.

- Oh you´re back. She says letting out a sigh rubbing her tired eyes.

- Yeah, I´m sorry I woke you. You should get some more rest baby. Says Sol continuing to caress Ji wan´s hair.

- I´m not feeling like sleeping anymore though. Ji wan says quietly bringing her hand to rest on Sol´s.

- I love you. Says Ji wan looking into Sol´s eyes with a pretty, sincere smile on her face. Sol recalled the reason why she fell in love with her, because her heart was pure gold, of course her pretty smile comes as a strong second.

- I love you too. You´re the most important person in my life. Sol tells her heart hurting a little bit because of the fact that she has lost both of her parents and that´s why Ji wan was such an important part in her life. If one day she would lose her, her whole life would crumble down and she would be left alone without anyone by her side.

- I brought you some porridge. Would you like to have some?

- Sure, I was feeling pretty hungry. Ji wan agrees and together they move up to sit on the bed and Sol reaches for the bowl and places it on Ji wan´s lap.

- Be careful it might still be hot. Sol warns before Ji wan gets to eat the first spoonful. She blows on it gently before she starts to eat.

- Is it good? Sol asks when her girlfriend had eaten some, just enjoying seeing the other girl eat so well even though she wasn´t feeling the best right at the moment.

- Yes. You should taste it too. Ji wan brings the spoon to Sol´s lips who takes it without complaint.

- Umm it really is good. Sol agrees. Ji wan finishes the porridge while they talk about their plans for the future and also when they should go and meet Ji wan´s parents. They still don´t know they´re dating just that they´re friends and at least now Ji wan´s not ready to tell them yet and Sol is willing to wait as long as is needed.

Later on Sol gets the ice cream from the freezer splitting it into two bowls since Ji wan said she´s not able to eat it all by herself. They spent the rest of the day laying down on the bed together watching a movie from Sol´s laptop and just enjoying the company of each other.

Chapter Text

Today was going to be Haewon´s first day working at the restaurant. He was getting ready in the changing room putting on the uniform all the other workers were wearing as well. He was feeling nervous but more than that he was excited because now he has a chance to spend more time together with Eungyu. Maybe it´s not the best idea to work in the same place as your boyfriend but hopefully everything will turn out good and that they won´t end up into petty arguments. Haewon looked at his reflection on the mirror fixing his hair when he heard the door opening. Straightening his back he turns to look at Eungyu who smiles at him and places a black apron on the chair next to the mirror.

- Let´s see. Mumbles Eungyu taking a hold of Haewon´s arm and turning him to look at his attire.

- You look good, the uniform suits you well. Eungyu compliments Haewon who´s shyly looking at the ground trying to hide the slight blush on his cheeks.

- But to be real you look good in anything. Eungyu continues bringing up his hand to caress Haewon´s hair.

- Are you nervous?

- Yeah a bit. Haewon admits biting his bottom lip. He really resembles like a giant teddy bear in Eungyu´s eyes and it´s hard for him not to coo at his cuteness every five seconds.

- Don´t worry too much okay. They´re all good people and I´m sure you get along well. Eungyu assures and leans forward to peck Haewon´s forehead.

- I´m just worried that I´m not good enough. I´m good at serving the customers but with cooking I´m not so confident.

- I´ll be right next to you and show you how to do things okay, so don´t worry and believe in yourself. Eungyu encourages. He reaches out to take the apron from the chair and unfolds it before wrapping it around Haewon´s waist.

- Harder. Says Haewon suddenly when he´s tying up the strips and that makes him to stop with his actions for a second.

- I meant that you should pull it tighter. Were you thinking about dirty things again hyung? Haewon chuckles suddenly not feeling so shy anymore.

- Well you said so the other night. You shouldn´t just blurt it out like that and make me confused. Eungyu mumbles struggling with his task at hand but at the end succeeding well enough with tying the strips.

- Oh, did I make you flustered. Haewon teased and Eungyu wished he could go back to being shy and cute.

- We should go now there´s a lot for you to learn. Says Eungyu changing the subject and leads Haewon out from the changing room.




His first workday goes pretty well if you don´t think too much about those few dishes they had to throw away because he added too much vinegar in them.

- Can you two be less coupely and more like workmates. Remarks Jisoo when Eungyu is wrapping a band aid around Haewon´s finger. He had cut it with a knife when he was too focused on Eungyu who was talking with one of their customers. A pretty girl that asked if she could take a picture together with him and as the nice person he is he couldn´t decline and for Haewon´s liking they were too close to each other. And when she asked for his number Haewon´s knife slipped and then soon there was blood dripping onto the cutting board. He gasped out loud because of the sting and of course Eungyu, who would recognized his voice even from the smallest squeak quickly walked up to him asking that what´s wrong.

- You´re just jealous because you´re single. Eungyu says and takes a plastic glove from the counter to give to Haewon so he can wear it to keep the band aid and the cut clean.

- Yeah maybe I am and whose fault is that? Jisoo playfully fights back but talks quietly so they won´t be disturbing their customers.

- We already talked about this. Eungyu sighs not wanting to go trough that same conversation again.

- Yeah yeah I know that you were always the one Haewon liked, but Haewon if you ever broke up with Eungyu I´ll be waiting with open arms. Says Jisoo with a kind smile.

- Now I gotta make sure that you two won´t be in the changing room at the same time. Eungyu jokes Jisoo answering to that with a laugh before he got back to work.


Rest of the day went by pretty quickly nothing special happened and Haewon got to take pictures with some excited customers as well. Honestly it felt a bit weird for him and he couldn´t help but think that if those people really came to the restaurant because of the delicious food or because it was full of handsome staff.




After they were done with their shift they returned back home. Haewon had moved in together with Eungyu after they had started to date. It was a pretty small apartment but the little balcony had a beautiful view of the city and they loved eating breakfast together while sitting on the little couch they had bought to furnish it looking at how the sun was rising, casting the whole city in rays of sunshine. And in the evenings they wrapped together under a blanket on the couch to look at the beautiful sunset.

They were getting ready to sleep Haewon already laying down on the bed when Eungyu came out from the bathroom after a shower only wearing a pair of pants, saying that he doesn´t like to sleep while wearing a shirt but they both knew that he just likes to show off his good looking body. If Haewon says that he doesn´t like seeing him shirtless he would be lying. Eungyu gets into bed, surprising Haewon by hovering directly on top of him few drops of water falling from his wet hair onto Haewon´s face.

- Don´t you think you´re wearing too much clothes? Eungyu asks caressing Haewon´s hair before taking a hold of his shirt´s collar.

- No, I don´t think so. It´s pretty chilly in here. Haewon says acting like he doesn´t understand what Eungyu is implying because honestly the room wasn´t chilly at all.

- Well then maybe we should do something that would make you to warm up. Don´t you think? Says Eungyu teasingly, his hand slowly dragging down from Haewon´s shirt´s collar. His hand reaches the hem and slowly he slides his hand under the shirt carefully touching the younger´s skin to not make him too startled if his fingers were cold. He looks at Haewon who´s not doing anything to stop him so he asks the other to lift up his arms so he can take off the shirt. Haewon does as he´s asked and quickly leans up to place a little peck to Eungyu´s lips before he returns to his previous position. Eungyu tosses the shirt away and leans downwards for a kiss. He starts with a little pecks on his lips, both of his cheeks, forehead and nose and Haewon is already ushering him to kiss him harder, Eungyu explaining that he´s trying to be romantic but Haewon just snorts at that and pulls the older man down to tightly press their lips together.

Chapter Text

- I don´t deserve to be loved. Namgung was taken aback by Daon´s words. He had asked his friend what´s wrong for weeks already, he had seemed down and forgetful, forgetting if they had agreed to meet up and once he had been so tired he didn´t have the energy to prepare for his exam which made him to get a worse grade than he had ever gotten before.
It instantly made their teacher worried as well as Namgung because he knew his best friend wasn´t his normal self at the moment. They were sitting inside the student council room their school day already over, just few other students inside the library studying. Daon was looking down at his hands, biting down on his lower lip. Namgung was sitting opposite to him on the other side of the table wondering what he should do, he´s so used to seeing his friend smiling all the time, even though he knew that things at home were not the best for Daon but he never showed it on his face which must have made him exhausted as well.

- Why do you think so? Namgung asks even though he has an idea what it would be about. He waits for his friend to answer giving him time because they both already know that this conversation they´re going to have is not going to be easy.

- I treated Taekyung so badly even though I could have done things in much better way and I hate myself for it. Starts Daon still not looking at his friend, finding his own fingers much more interesting. Namgung sighs, indeed it was about Taekyung as he had predicted.

- It´s just that everything happened so suddenly and I was not ready for it. First I was someone everyone looked up on and then in one night everyone turned their backs to me, thinking that I was weird.

- If I´m being entirely honest, maybe you could have handled the whole thing in a better way but you shouldn´t hate yourself because of the way you acted. If coming out and accepting themselves as they are is easy for someone else doesn´t mean you should be like that as well. All of us are in different life situations and in different kind of families and we shouldn´t bring down people that are too afraid or worried to come out. Some might never even have the chance to and they bring that secret to their grave. Namgung explains trying his best to give out some good advice. He most of the time uses the things he has heard from teacher Seo but this was a topic they had never talked about together so now he had to come up with words by his own. He tried his best to pick up the right words, not wanting to sound too judging or to make Daon feel even worse.

- And whatever you´ll do I will stay next to you. Smiles Namgung trying to make Daon to feel better. He had just finally looked up at Namgung and he showed the smallest smile possible before his face returned into a neutral expression which was a bit more on the sad side than normally.

- You will? Asks Daon making Namgung worried for thinking that he would leave him because of something like this.

- Of course I will. Namgung starts before he stands up to walk and take the seat next to Daon so he can sit closer to him.

- You´re my best friend and I won´t leave you. Says Namgung taking Daon´s hand in his and for some people the scene would have probably looked a bit too romantic to share between two friends, but that´s all they were, just friends. Namgung wished they could be more, but most probably that´s never going to happen.

- Thank you, Namgung. Daon says while looking into Namgung´s eyes. Namgung was trying his hardest to slow down the beat of his heart. They were close with each other, but they never really showed this much affection towards each other.

- Do you think I was being selfish? All I was thinking about was myself. I didn´t have the time to think about Taekyung as I should have. It took some time for Namgung to answer at first because he was still staring into Daon´s sadness filled, beautiful eyes.

- Not really. As I said we´re all different and we act differently in different situations and I think that because, like you said, everything happened so fast and suddenly you didn´t have enough time to progress the whole thing before you needed to act on it already. We all make mistakes and regret things we did or didn´t do in the past but that doesn´t change the inner you, the good of a person you truly are. Daon lets out a shuddering breath like he´s letting go some of the negativity he had inside himself.

- For some reason you are really good at speaking and comforting Namgung. I should have come to you earlier. Daon admits making Namgung feel proud of himself, seeing that smile on Daon´s face even though it still was smaller than normally, but soon enough it will get back to the way it was before.

- Wait here for a second, I´ll be right back. Says Namgung standing up and before Daon gets to answer he runs out from the student council room.




He comes back after about five minutes Daon wanting to note that he was gone for more than just a second but decides not to when he notices the many bags of snacks Namgung was carrying and how he was taking in some deep breaths, he must have ran the whole way to the vending machine and back.

- Luckily there were some of your favorite snacks still left. Namgung says making Daon to laugh quietly.

- Some. Notes Daon nodding at the huge amount of snacks Namgung was carrying, one bag of chips almost falling from his arms already.

- Yes, some. Namgung smiles and drops them all onto the table gesturing for Daon to start snacking. His friend picks up the wasabi flavored chips.

- Good choice. Says Namgung slumping back onto his chair after such an intense exercising moment. His whole life was running around three things, studying, playing games and hanging out with friends, he didn´t exercise. Daon was the fit one out of them going out for cycling at least three times a week and swimming twice a week, Namgung having no idea how he had time to do it all or then he was just lazy himself.

- You should have some as well. Says Daon but Namgung shakes his head.

- No, it´s all for you. Now you should eat them all and forget about the things that made you doubt yourself okay. You´re an amazing person Daon and yes you deserve to be loved. It might take time for that to happen but just know that there are people who cares and loves you. Said Namgung and he felt how all of it came out from his own heart with sincerity. He wished he could hold Daon´s hands and tell him that he likes him but he knows that Daon doesn´t like him back and he doesn´t want to ruin their friendship. He just needs to wait for someone else to appear in his life that would return his feelings, but he´s pretty sure that no one will be as good as Daon is.




They were walking back home, both of their houses pretty far away from the school but they both wanted to have some fresh air and more time to talk with each other, so they decided to walk. Daon also wanted to burn some of the calories he just ate. He could finish just half of the snacks, taking the rest with him to home after Namgung insisting him to take them with him. There were some stars on the clear night sky they kept admiring from time to time, trying not to collide with the other people walking on the sidewalk while looking upwards while walking. They stopped for a while in front of Namgung´s house, Daon thanking him for everything he had done for him and Namgung wouldn´t have been happier for seeing him smiling again. He still looked tired yes but he didn´t look so bad as he had for the past weeks.

- I´ll see you at school tomorrow. Says Daon but stops as he´s about to turn around to continue his way and takes few steps towards Namgung before placing a little peck on Namgung´s cheek.

- Thank you. He thanks for the last time before he walks away like nothing happened. Namgung stood there frozen before he brought his hand to his cheek, Daon had just kissed and he has to take back what he thought about before. Right now he felt the happiest.

Chapter Text

- To be honest I was expecting something, maybe a little bit more spectacular. Shi on says when they get back to his apartment. He had just won his first dance competition and Hong seok wanted to hold him a little congratulation party. But his idea of a party is a table full of food, with a cake decorating it all in the middle of it.

- Well sorry that I didn´t have the time to book flights to France, and I couldn´t find pigeons that I could set free into the air while I was singing you a serenade. I can take this away if you don´t want it. Hong seok jokingly snaps back already leaning towards the cake to grab it off of the table.

- No I didn´t say that I didn´t want it. You bought everything that I like. Says Shi on vigorously shaking his hands in front of him because he really, really wanted to eat that delicious looking kimchi stew and fried chicken waiting for him on the table. After all those countless boiled eggs that Hong seok had bought him while he was practicing for the competition.

- Should we go and eat then? Hong seok suggests holding Shi on´s hand in his and leads him to sit down. He lights up the candles on the cake and Shi on notices yet another pack of boiled eggs on the table, and all he wanted was to throw them onto the floor.

- You got me eggs again? Shi on notes with a disbelieving look on his face. Hong seok quickly glances at the eggs on the table with a regretful look on his face. He reaches out his arms and takes the pack of eggs and places them on the chair next to his so they will be out of Shi on´s sight.

- I thought that you would need them after today when you will practice for your next contest. You talked before that you will participate on a new contest again.

- Yes but it will not be until next summer so I have over six months to practice. And I will pack myself with protein only when it gets closer to the competition. Shi on explains talking as gently as he can, he doesn´t want to make Hong seok feel bad for doing what he did.

- Ah is that so? Hong seok sighs his eyes downcast. He rests his hands on the table for a while and before he could retrieve them away Shi on grabs them in his own and caresses them with his thumbs.

- But it´s okay I appreciate the act. Says Shi on looking into Hong seok´s eyes with sincerity.

- I like that you´re always looking after me. To be honest without you I would be in much worse state.

- Well, I do make sure you sleep and eat enough every day and take your vitamins. Hong seok agrees nodding his head.

Even though they had a little age difference they made it work, Hong seok had always wanted to have someone he could take care of not really having the need to be someone to be taken care of by someone else, so he always felt content when he got to help Shi on, whenever it was with buying new dancing clothes for him, teaching him how to cook or help him with his school work, even though he was never really good at school when he was younger.




They finished with the dinner and with their stomachs full they ended up taking a shower together. The first time they showered together felt really natural, like something they had done time and time again even though it was their first. Shi on had read online people sharing stories about their first times with their partners when he knew that Hong seok would stay the night for the first time and got a bit nervous at all the things people had written about their own experiences.
But after all it was pretty much fifty fifty so he would have to wait and see how things would go.

And for his surprise everything went fine, it wasn´t awkward and he felt really comfortable and at ease at the presence of Hong seok and also the older man didn´t make the situation any way awkward so it felt easy. That same night they also made love for the first time. He had always feared having sex thinking that if it would hurt or if he would hurt his partner, and he also felt nervous that he didn´t really know what to do when he had his first time with Hong seok but as always Hong seok agreed to take it slow and to guide Shi on through it all not making fun of him if he did something weird or if he didn´t know what to do. The sex itself felt a bit odd but must be because he didn´t really know what it was supposed to feel like and it was the first time for him, but each time it felt better when he gained more confidence and wasn´t feeling so nervous anymore.

- What are you thinking about? Asks Hong seok while he´s shampooing Shi on´s hair, who´s enjoying the little head massage he was getting at the same time.

- Just that how easy everything is with you. Shi on turns around to look at Hong seok a glad smile decorating his face. He grabs Hong seok´s hands to hold them in his bringing them to rest against Hong seok´s chest.

- I really do love you hyung. I really do and I want to thank you for everything you´ve done for me. Shi on leans forward to press his lips onto Hong seok´s, they share one pretty short but firm kiss before they part and they continue their shower after Hong seok tells that he loves Shi on as well.




- Can you teach me how to make gimbap? My mother used to make it for me when I was young. Every Saturday we would go to the park and eat gimbap and sliced fruits together. Asks Shi on while they´re laying on their bed, Shi on playing with Hong seok´s fingers like he´s finding something interesting in them. Hong seok turns to lay on his side so he can play with Shi on´s hair that´s still a bit damp from the shower. He knows how the younger man misses his mother and hearing him sharing something so personal with him makes him smile. He would love to meet Shi on´s mother after hearing how good of a person she is. It´s a pity that he might never be able to but more than that he just wants Shi on to be happy and smile every day they´re together.

- Of course, and we can go for a picnic as well. Hong seok suggests with a kind smile to which Shi on answers with one of his own as well.

- Hmm we should wait with that until summer we would freeze if we went out to the park during winter. Shi on notes making Hong seok to laugh, he clearly hadn´t thought through about it.

- Ah, you´re right about that. Says Hong seok smiling widely.




For the rest of the evening they just laid on the bed in each other´s arms in silence for some time. Their days were simple, when Shi on went to his classes and dance training in the morning Hong seok worked from home and that way he had more time to take care of the chores at the house and prepare dinner for Shi on every evening. Mostly they ate chicken because Shi on needed his protein but from time to time he surprised his lover with kimchi fried rice topped with fatty pork or with bulgogi joined with some fresh vegetables and steamy rice. So in the evening they had dinner together and Shi on worked on his studies. They were both homebodies during the weekdays, but on weekends they went for dates and outings with Shi on´s friends, but that was enough of a social life for them both.

- I love you hyung. Shi on says and leans to kiss Hong seok who answers with a I love you too and another kiss. Once again they fell asleep like that, wrapped around each other with a promise of staying together for the rest of their lives hanging in the air.

Chapter Text

After Taejoo´s father had found out their secret.

After Gook had come to him while he was kneeling in front of his father asking for forgiveness.

After he came through all those guards like such a badass.

After they had stared into each other´s eyes, Taejoo wanting to cry seeing all those cuts and blood on Gook´s face, the cost from saving him.

After all that, they decided to move to Japan, together. They knew that neither of them could be able to live without one another. They were the happiest when they were together.

Taejoo asked if he would look like a pervert if he kissed Gook right then. Gook just shakes his head as a no and with a heavy sigh leaving his lips Taejoo takes hold of Gook´s bicep, leaning forward, he presses a long kiss onto his lips, that kiss was filled with desperation but with a hint of hope that one day when they have gotten out from the country they´re currently living in, they could get to be happy living together.

Until this day it´s been like walking on hot rocks waiting for the moment that one of them would burn their legs and today it happened. They´ve been careful but then Pilhyun had told his father that he had saw them kissing on the school´s football field. It was not to hurt them, they were good friends, even though they had rough beginnings, but he was curious about what was going on between them. Maybe he could have been curious at some other person than to his father because then his father told Taejoo´s father and that´s how he got to know about it.

Taejoo felt his own tears mixing with Gook´s when they kissed and with a shuddering breaths they separated, Gook instantly pulled his hand up to his cheek to wipe off the tears but Taejoo knew he was crying as well. He wanted to comment something funny about it but he felt like it was not the right time at the moment so he just looked into Gook´s eyes silently and hoped that everything would have turned out differently all the way from the beginning.

He didn´t want to erase Gook from his life, absolutely not, but he wished his father wouldn´t be someone with so high status, that him dating another man wouldn´t be such a huge deal. He knew that if the people his father was working with were got to know about his son being in a relationship with a man would be an end to his career.

- I´m the happiest when I´m together with you. Taejoo says while caressing Gook´s hair his hand slowly moving downwards to rest it on Gook´s cheek, his thumb gently caressing the spot. Gook brings up his own hand to rest on top of Taejoo´s with a small smile on his face, that smile contained so much emotions that neither of them could be able to handle if they were alone, if they were not together.

- Yeah me too. You´re all I have. Says Gook his eyes shimmering getting wet but he doesn´t let out the tears anymore. He has cried enough for his dead family by now and now Taejoo´s been his only family for years and that´s how it needs to be in the future as well.


With Taejoo´s father sleeping soundly and with the darkness giving them shelter they pack their bags and start their way to the airport. It felt wistful saying goodbye to the house that was their home for years but from today they´re going to build a new home for themselves, a safe place where they can live in peace and out of his father´s reach.




The scent of fresh coffee was what Taejoo woke up to. He recalled what had happened for a while, finding himself from the couch but after some seconds he remembered that he had been drinking with his work colleagues last night and Gook had told him to sleep on the couch not wanting his bad smelling breath near him.

He sits up rubbing his eyes with his hand, swearing how badly his head was hurting. He promised himself, like every time he woke up with a hangover that he´s not going to drink never again. With his head pounding he stands up and follows the smell of the coffee into their kitchen, finding Gook standing there, looking out the window.

He wasn´t wearing a shirt, his defined muscles flexing with every move he makes and Taejoo wanted as much as his head hurt, to run to him and bury him with kisses, but because he knew Gook would not have any of it because of his stinking breath he ended up with the second best option and walked up to his partner wrapping his arms around his waist from behind, resting his head against his back.

Gook wasn´t startled, he must have heard his quick steps he made to get to him and just smiled, not appreciating the smell coming from his lover, but it´s good as long as he´s not starting to kiss him, and he probably won´t since he has pushed him away so many times when he had tried to kiss him while being drunk or hungover.

He didn´t like Taejoo going out so often to drink with his workmates, but he doesn´t want to seem controlling, asking him to stay at home with him because at the end he´s happy that Taejoo´s doing so well with his colleagues, unlike him. His workmates doesn´t like him that much saying that he doesn´t smile enough, he´s too quiet and he doesn´t socialize enough.

He´s happy though not having to attend useless work dinners with people that don´t really care how he´s doing just asking him those things out of politeness. Taejoo also knows more Japanese and English so it´s easier for him to talk with people as well. Gook is happy if he just gets to spend his days together with Taejoo, he doesn´t need anyone else, hasn´t needed anyone else than Taejoo from the age of eight.

- You have a bad hangover. It was more like an statement but Taejoo answered to it anyway with a long frustrated sigh, hoping that Gook wouldn´t have brought his focus back on his pounding head.

- Hmm, but seeing you like this first thing in the morning made me feel much better. Taejoo says strengthening his hold around Gook´s body, snuggling his head against his strong back. Gook just snorts but Taejoo knows that he´s smiling. He likes to show this hard shell around himself but Taejoo knows Gook can be really soft especially for him.

- You should go to take a shower. Says Gook, sipping on his hot coffee, deciding he needs to let it cool down a bit, he can´t drink it as hot as it was right now.

- Come with me. Taejoo mumbles already feeling bad that he needs to let go and go to shower alone, he knows Gook already had a shower because his hair was still a bit damp.

- I already took one. Gook turns around, leaving the coffee cup on the counter not trusting that he´s able to turn around without spilling it.

- Just go now, I´ll take you on that date I promised when you´re ready. Taejoo´s eyes start to sparkle under the sun shining in through the window. He´s been waiting for this day to come and suddenly it feels like he has no hangover, and the pain is gone from his head. Promise of the date gets him to quickly start his way to the bathroom to have a shower, Gook shouting behind him that he´ll prepare him some hangover soup he should eat before they leave. With a quick thanks Taejoo disappears into the bathroom and soon the shower is already running.

Chapter Text

- Do gun hyung someone is here to see you. Ye jun tells appearing in front of Do gun who´s cutting up some apples for the dessert they´re serving tonight. Ye jun snatches one piece into his mouth, grimacing at the bitter taste, Do gun must know what he´s doing since his desserts are one of the best things Ye jun has tasted in his 26 years of life.

- Who is it? Asks Do gun, placing down the knife and wipes his hands on a towel that peeks from the pocket of his apron.

- I don´t know who it is. Answers Ye jun, Do gun missing the little knowing smirk on his face. As He leaves the kitchen Ye jun is left behind most probably looking for something to eat. He always eats bites of this and that when he visits the kitchen to tell which and how many dishes he needs or when he´s getting the dishes from the kitchen to serve them to their customers, his stomach must be bottomless.

Do gun arrives to the dining hall and looks around to see if someone would gesture for him to come over but there wasn´t anyone that stood out. He sighed annoyed, Ye jun must have got him out from the kitchen so that he could just eat something secretly again. As he was turning around he almost got a heart attack when someone was suddenly standing in front of him. He brings up his hand to clutch at where his heart is located and lets out a deep relieved sigh when he realizes it´s just Jung woo standing in front of him.

- Please, a quick warning before you just appear out of nowhere. Do gun says irritation evident in his voice, he was happy to see Jung woo, he really was but this was the worst time to come and see him because the place was filled with customers at this hour, and Jung woo, more than anyone else should know.

- But that wouldn´t be a surprise anymore if I did that. Jung woo says with a smile playing on his face, mischievous glimmer in his eyes. He then quickly grabs the strips of Du gon´s apron and pulls him closer, he´s done it so many times before that Do gun´s not that surprised by it than how he was back when he did it for the first time, but he still looks around to make sure their customers would not be witnessing the scene. Thankfully they were behind a little wall, but at any moment someone could come and see them like this.

- Well, it would be a surprise if you visited this place once in a while. Haven´t really seen you around. Snorts Do gun.

- You know I´ve been busy since the day you won on the cooking contest.

- I know, I do but why are you here now then?

- Is it so wrong that I wanted to see my boyfriend? Do gun still feels his cheeks burning a bit when Jung woo calls him that, or other pet names but of course he wouldn´t admit it.

- I know you must have some ulterior motive for coming here though.

- Wow I just told how happy I´m to see you and you say this.

- Hmm, so what is it, I know you. Ushers Du gon gesturing him to tell him already. All these minutes will take away the time that he should be working in the kitchen.

- You´re right there is something. But we should go somewhere where we´re out of sight from curious eyes.

- I really should go back to the kitchen. I have work to do.

- Don´t worry Ye jun will take care of everything while we´re gone.

- Why am I not surprised that you planned all this?

- Because you know me so well, maybe.




- You seriously brought me here out of all places. I thought you would drive me inside your luxurious car back to your bedroom but no. You brought me into the cleaning closet, just to let you know that the broomstick is not the thing I want to find poking my butt later.

- But this is the place that´s closest, my house is even further away from here than yours and you just complained that you have a lot of work to do.

- Yeah, but I really expected you to treat me better. Says Do gun dramatically, holding back his tears he turns away from Jung woo, like he´s acting in a melodrama.

- What if I´ll take you to my place then? Can you leave the restaurant for tonight? Do gun turns back to face him with a pleased smile on his face. Jung woo thinks that Do gun should be an actor instead of a chef, his facial expressions are sometimes so on point that it´s hard for him to hold back his laugh.

- Well I guess that´s alright since you already planned everything with Ye jun, but I´ll just go and say bye.

- Sure, I´ll go and wait for you in the car. Notes Jung woo leaning forward to press a kiss onto Do gun´s lips.

- I really do hope that you have something exceptional planed for tonight since you came all the way here. Do gun whispers into his ear before leaving the closet.




- I heard you´re hiring? Jung woo starts during the car ride to fill in the silence surrounding them.

- Yeah we are, but it´s hard to find a chef who would have some experience from working at fine dining. All the applications are from young people that have just graduated from culinary school. Explains Do gun, a heavy sigh leaving his lips. It´s been almost two months since they put out the notice for a new worker and still they haven´t found the right one and as a head chef the hiring is mostly his responsibility.

- You should hire me then. I have experience. Jung woo jokes when they´re waiting for the red light to turn to green. It´s dark outside already, the winter was near and people had started to wear long padded jackets while being outside. Du gon hated the cold, spring was his favorite season and everyday he counted how many days it would still take for him to see the first dandelion.

- I don´t know if I could be able to look at your face ten hours a day. Do gun snorts.

- Thank you, I know I´m handsome. Jung woo says smiling.

- And tonight you will get to stare at my handsome face for the whole night. Jung woo smirks.

Chapter Text

It started when he had his first day at the new school, it was during spring time, not the ideal time to start in a new school, but he couldn´t help it. His single mother had gotten a new job from the city so he had no other chance than to move there with her, and with the move would come new school as well.
They were in the same class and Yoonjae didn´t notice how Sejoon´s interest about him raised immediately when he introduced himself to the whole class.

The first thing Sejoon noticed was that he was such a good looking guy and later on he would also get to discover just how of a kind person he is as well.
His eyes stayed glued on him during the whole class, like an creep examining his prey but no, he was just curious to know how this new kid was like, well that´s what it was at first.

During lunch he ditched the few friends he had to sit closer to Yoonjae, leaving few tables in between them so that he wouldn´t seem too obvious. Anyone would be creeped out by the amount of minutes Sejoon used to stare at Yoonjae, but he didn´t find anything weird about his actions. He wanted to become friends, just friends, nothing more…

When their classes were over and Sejoon saw Yoonjae walking through the school yard he decided that he needs to approach him now, the sooner the better. He will become famous in school because of his good looks and good behavior so he needs to be quick and become his first friend and hopefully his only friend in his new school. That way he could keep the others away from him, he could be able to protect him from bad people. At this point he didn´t know that he would become the person that would be the most dangerous to Yoonjae.

With few long strides he reaches the new boy, drawing his attention to him with a little ´hey´. Yoonjae stops, turning to look at him with an unsure look on his face, clearly not recognizing him, which was understandable, Sejoon wouldn´t have been able to remember and learn all the people in his class either if he was in Yoonjae´s shoes.

- Hey. Do you know me? Yoonjae asks with furrowed brows, fixing one of his backpack’s straps as it was falling down from his shoulder.

- We´re in the same class. I´m Sejoon. Sejoon offers his hand, Yoonjae shakes it with unreadable look on his face. He was feeling a bit odd that someone was approaching him since to everyone else he seemed to be like air.

- Ah, I´m Yoonjae, well you probably knew that already. Yoonjae lets out a humorless laugh, turning back around to continue his way home.

- Would you like to have dinner with me? Sejoon´s question surprises him and he halts for a second before he slowly starts to walk, Sejoon following beside him.

- Isn´t it too early for dinner? He decides to ask, because with his mother they always have dinner at much later time, after he has finished his homework and done some extra studying. He didn´t like going to school and he wasn´t that smart but he did his best for his mother. He wanted to show her that even though some people might have had prejudice at her being single mother, raising her son all alone they thought he would end up being bad behaved and some even said he will end up in a gang without any kind of education. He´d like to see their faces right now and ask if he ended up the way they predicted. Some people have too much free time to meddle in other peoples´ business.

- Well we could do something else before that. Sejoon suggests, trying to come up with something that would grant him a chance to spend time with Yoonjae who seemed a bit taken aback.

- I need to do my homework. I really should go home now. Says Yoonjae trying to get him to back off.

- Can I come over then?

- Not today, maybe some other day, okay? He felt too uncomfortable to invite someone he just met into his house and beside Sejoon seemed a bit too eager to spend time with him.

- Oh, okay then. I´ll see you tomorrow. Says Sejoon before he walks away, before Yoonjae even has a chance to say bye to him.
Next day Sejoon joins Yoonjae during lunch and he glares at all the people that might want to greet the new boy or wants to eat with him so in the end it´s just them sharing the table for eight, the people keeping their distance because they knew what would become out of it if they made Sejoon angry.

- Don´t you have friends you should be eating with? Asks Yoonjae clearly not pleased that Sejoon was so hardly trying to get close to him.

- I wouldn´t call them friends they´re just people I spend time with inside the school. Your company is much better than theirs by the way. They always just play games, talk about games and they´re so loud that I´d like to ask them to shut up half of the time I´m together with them. And that was true. He didn´t see them as his friends just as someone that followed him and were ready to fight next to him if needed.

They didn´t become closer during that lunch break Yoonjae just listening to Sejoon asking him questions, many of them, answering to them with short and contentless answers.

The next day Sejoon helped Yoonjae out when Jungtae and his idiotic friends were bothering him, mocking him that he was using an old style phone, saying that he´s so poor that he doesn´t even have money to buy new shoes when they noticed his sneakers were dirty. Sejoon had saw how he had accidentally walked into a puddle on the school yard in the morning when someone, being in a hurry had pushed him out of the way. After threatening enough and smashing their phones Sejoon got them to go away. Sejoon handed him his phone back with a kind smile and for his surprise Yoonjae thanked him with a smile on his face. Well, he did look even more charming smiling like that, it´s a surprise that no one hasn´t asked him out on a date already.

That did happen few days later when Eunyoung from their class started to gift him things like chocolates, strawberry milk and once she even made him some cookies by herself. Then Yoonjae started to spend more time with her, they went shopping together few times, Yoonjae buying her a small bottle of flower scented perfume with the little money he got from his part time job at a convenience store he worked at few evenings in a week.

As they were getting closer he also started to spend more time with Sejoon who wasn´t such a jerk as he had first thought. To be honest at first he thought Sejoon was trying to get close to him, just to bully him later on but that didn´t happen. Eventually they became some sort of friends and Sejoon showed a lot of interest and support at Yoonjae´s guitar playing skills saying that he would be there if he never had a concert in the future. Yoonjae just laughed at that, saying that there´s not a chance that he would be able to do music for living if his mother had a say in it.

They talked a lot over the phone and texted, well mostly it was Sejoon that always started new conversations, Yoonjae answering not wanting to seem rude. But sometimes it got annoying when Sejoon called him five times a day and texted him nonstop telling about everything he had done during the day and asking what Yoonjae was doing and if there was someone with him. Especially on the weekends his phone was informing of a text all the time and if he didn´t answer within fifteen minutes Sejoon would get worried and once he even went all his way to Yoonjae´s house to find out if he was alright.

Sejoon wasn´t fond of him spending time with Eunyoung because he knew she liked him and he wished so badly that Yoonjae wasn´t feeling the same way.

One day Yoonjae was meant to have a date with Eunyoung but she never showed up. He waited for her for three hours, panicking when she didn´t answer his calls or texts. Then it was past midnight when he got a message that said that she couldn´t make it, that they wouldn´t work anyway.

She didn´t come to school on the next day, or the next, she didn´t show up during the whole week and few weeks later their teacher told them that she was found dead. He heard she was found from the river near to the shopping mall they went to together few times. They said she had jumped, there was a note left behind her and all the signs indicated that she had committed suicide, Yoonjae couldn´t believe it, but when the investigation ended there wasn´t anything else he could have believed it to be, and who would have even wanted to hurt the sweet Eunyoung anyway.

Chapter Text

Christmas was near and Taekyung had decided that he wanted to bake sugar cookies and as a good boyfriend Shinwoo had promised to help him even though it felt more like he was just standing on the way all the time and doing things in the wrong way, Taekyung always telling or showing him how things should be done in a correct way.

- I´ll show it to you again. Says Taekyung when he notices Shinwoo trying to pick up the small pieces of egg shell from the little cup with a fork. He had instructed how to crack them without the shells falling in but for Shinwoo it seems to be a bit harder task to carry out. He doesn´t really mind showing things multiple times, it´s nice to teach new things for Shinwoo who until now only knows how to make ramen, but in that he´s really good.

He´s surprised that Shinwoo still hasn´t got angry at him and fled the kitchen because Taekyung can be pretty perfectionist, especially about baking he has learned from his mother. So he shows how it´s done one more time and when it´s time for Shinwoo to crack the two eggs he succeeded with the task. Taekyung rewarded him with a peck on the cheek before they continued making the batter. He let Shinwoo to mix the room temperature butter and sugar together with an electric mixer while he mixed the dry ingredients together.

- You should mix it until the mixture is light and fluffy, it takes few minutes. Taekyung says as Shinwoo is starting the mixer, getting scared at the loud noise it was making. Taekyung smiled to himself hoping nothing dangerous would happen. He directs him what to do and finally they had baked the cookies, they had cooled down and the icing was waiting ready, now it was time for decorating. Taekyung wanted to gift the cookies to their friends and also for teacher Seo so he wanted them to be perfect.

- Should we do half and half, I do half for Daon and you do the other half and so on with the others too? Suggests Taekyung wanting to give Shinwoo a chance even though he knew they probably wouldn´t be as pretty as his own but you can´t never learn if you don´t try.

- That sounds good to me but are you sure that I should do them, maybe you should do all. Shinwoo asks with an awkward smile, massaging the back of his neck. He didn´t want to ruin all the cookies he knew Taekyung wanted to be perfect.

- No, I want to do it together and you need to try it out so you can start learning to be better at it. Have confidence okay.

- You should give me a confidence boost.

- Hmm what could that be. Taekyung thinks tapping his lips with his finger in wonder. He steps closer to Shinwoo, takes a hold of the strips of his apron and quickly places a peck on his lips.

- Would that be enough?

- Well if you give me ten more then I could consider it being enough, I guess. Shinwoo shrugs trying to act all cool but Taekyung knew he was screaming inside, so much he liked kissing him. Shinwoo´s ears were slowly turning red when Taekyung was tilting his head from side to side, wondering if he should grant his boyfriend´s request.

- Just say if you don´t want to kiss me. Shinwoo blurts out when he´s done waiting for an answer. Taekyung was enjoying how fidgety Shinwoo becomes if he´s feeling awkward or if Taekyung is showing too bold and romantic gestures at him. Taekyung´s boldness and honesty made him to fall in love with him at the beginning but sometimes his mannerism made him feel too much emotions that it felt like his whole face was burning red.

- It´s not that I don´ t want to kiss you, I just like to make fun of you. So what did you say, ten? He leans forward before Shinwoo gets to answer and lands ten little pecks on his cheeks and lips counting on them and just for Shinwoo he gave him one extra. He pulls away with a knowing smile on his face while trying not to coo at Shinwoo´s cute red ears.

- Let´s get back to work my own red eared reindeer. Says Taekyung and gets back to the counter where all the cookies and different colored icings were still waiting for them. Shinwoo didn´t answer he just followed and shakes his head to bring himself back to the present.

As they both had predicted Shinwoo´s cookies were not any kind of work of art but Taekyung noticed that there was a prominent development from his first one compared to the last.

- Should we just eat these by ourselves? Shinwoo asks eyeing his own after taking a look at Taekyung´s cookies.

- No we can´t. Have some confidence Shinwoo. It´s not about the quality, but all the work you have done for giving your friends such a nice Christmas presents. They will surely appreciate your effort.

- Well, if you say so.

- Yeah, let´s pack these up tomorrow before be leave for school. We need to let the icing harden before that.

- Okay.




Next day they were gifting the cookies at school, their friends pointing out the ones that must have been made by Shinwoo all of them knowing that Taekyung was the one that could cook and bake but teacher Seo wasn´t pointing it out probably out of pity and not wanting to bring Shinwoo down for his unexisted but developable baking skills. Even though they made fun of Shinwoo they said that the taste of the cookies was great and all of them had eaten their own by the next day and that made him feel a little bit better.




Shinwoo visited Taekyung´s house on the day before Christmas eve because they wouldn´t be able to on the next few days, both having to spend the time with their own families. He greeted Taekyung´s parents before following Taekyung into his room and shared a kiss with the other when the door closed after not seeing each other for few days. They´ve both been busy and they had only talked on facetime now that they don´t even have school days so they couldn´t meet up even at school.

- Take a seat I also have a gift for you. Says Taekyung after noticing the paperbag Shinwoo was holding assuming it contained a gift for him. He gestures him to sit on his bed and goes to his closet to take a small present out from it.

- I hope you like it even though it´s nothing special. Says Taekyung as he sits down next to Shinwoo and hands him the square shaped package. Shinwoo thanks him before tearing up the paper off around a thing that seemed to be a book. There was not any design on the cover expect the words love recipes. He opens it from a random page and there with a neat handwriting he recognized as Taekyung´s was written a recipe for how to make hotteok.

- I know you want to get better at cooking and baking, so I made you a little cooking book. I know some recipes might be a bit hard to understand so I wrote them in a way that is easy to understand. Explains Taekyung and it warms Shinwoo´s heart that he had seen the effort to do something like this for him. He had said it´s nothing special but he doesn´t understand how big of a treasure it´s for him. No one had never done anything like this for him before, he had always learned to do things by himself.

- There´s some recipes I´ve got from my mother so you can´t spread them around. Taekyung notes, taking pride that his own mother is such a good cook.

- I also noticed that there´s a lot of recipes for your favorite dishes and sweets. Shinwoo notes flipping through the pages and smiles at Taekyung for discovering this little point.

- Yes, because of course I hope that someday you´ll prepare delicious dinners for me. Taekyung smiles back with an look that says that Shinwoo must do as he´s told or else he would pout for always being the one to prepare them something to eat.

- There´s also your favorites as well. Taekyung notes, Shinwoo nodding his head, he had noticed.

- Yeah, I noticed. Thank you so much for this Taekyung, I appreciate it a lot. Shinwoo thanks, placing the book on the bed before pulling Taekyung into a tight hug, as he leans back he pecks Taekyung´s lips thanking him one more time.

- Now, it´s my turn. Shinwoo takes the present from behind his back and hands it to Taekyung, also saying he wishes he would like it even though it´s nothing special. Taekyung wants to comment that anything from Shinwoo would be great but he said the same words as he handed his present to Shinwoo so he decides not to. He opens the package and finds a knitted sweater in his favorite color.

- This is so pretty, thank you Shinwoo. Taekyung looks it over and quickly wears it.

- Look it´s the right side. Taekyung points out with a smile while looking at his reflection from the mirror, being happy that he could wear the sweater now that it fitted him.

- I actually made it myself. Shinwoo notes and almost cracks at the shocked face Taekyung turns to look at him with.

- Really? Shinwoo answers with a hum and a nod and he loved the way how Taekyung raised his arms in the air, like something spectacular had just happened.

- Wow, well now there´s something you need to teach me because I´m really bad at handicraft. Suggest Taekyung as he took back his seat next to Shinwoo on the bed.

- Sure if you have enough patience.

- Of course I have. I´m the most patient person in the whole country. Shinwoo wants to disagree with Taekyung´s statement but he doesn´t want to bring down his mood so he just nods.

- Thank you so much Shinwoo, I love it more than you can imagine. But in a way he could, since he felt the same about the book Taekyung had made for him. They share few more hugs and kisses before they make some hot chocolate together and wrapped themselves under a warm blanket.

Chapter Text

He wrote a letter and left it behind when he walked away from the Ryu family´s house. He found his way to the small house that belonged to his grandparents in the past and there he waited. He wished that Ho sun would read the letter he left behind and forgive him, he hopes that he will understand why he did what he did and that he had no intention to hurt him. He wrote down the directions to the place he was currently waiting for him at and just waited hoping he would come one day. They both know that during those times Ki wan was disguised as his runaway sister they started to feel something more towards each other.

It wouldn´t be possible to live in the Ryu´s household if they decide to love each other, it would be illegal for two men to be in a loving relationship. They both knew it, but still hoped to be together one day. Ki wan has never asked for anything in life but these days he asked that he had the chance to share the rest of his life with Ho sun by his side. He counted the sunrises and sunsets everyday hoping that it would already be the last but when he reached fifty he started to think that Ho sun must not have loved him the same way as Ki wan loved him and that the kiss they shared must not have meant the same to him as it did to Ki wan.


It was a blessing that his grandparents´ old house was located on a beautiful place, the house was surrounded by tall, light green leafed trees, you could hear the birds singing beautifully from the early morning and just by walking few steps forward from the house you can see a huge lake, that´s nearing the size of an ocean, with its sky blue water glistening under the rays of sun. Ki wan enjoyed sitting down on the shore, just enjoying the beautiful view and breathe in the fresh smell of the water and nature. What might be over on the horizon, on the other side of the lake. If he got to step his feet on the ground, would he be happier living there than he is living in here?


He didn´t have much to do during the days, sometimes he walked to the little market that was located pretty nearby to get some rice and vegetables to fill his stomach with. He didn´t have much anything to pay for his food so he bought little pieces of meat only on some days when he got bored of the same taste of rice and vegetables. He should have took more money before he left from home but still he didn´t want to take too much from his own family since he loved them so much, he didn´t leave them because he hated them, not at all, he left because he knew that if he and Ho sun wanted to really be together they should have to do it in a isolated place like the house he was currently living in at and he didn´t want to bring any more shame onto his own family. He will go and meet them someday for sure if they won´t find him before that, but he still thinks it´s too early, he wants to stay and wait for Ho sun a little bit longer and he just hopes that one day he will come.




One day after he had counted on 78sunrises and 79sunsets, the miracle he had longed for so long, finally came true. He was just coming back from getting some firewood to keep the house warm when he noticed unfamiliar shoes left in front of the door and for a second he feared, stopping on his steps. What if it was someone that had come after him after finding out that he had pretended to be his sister? After deceiving Ho sun, making him believe that he was someone else than he really was. He put down the firewood, keeping one in hand just in case if he needs to defend himself from danger. He doesn´t take off his shoes before getting in if he later needs to ran away for his life.

The old door creaks a bit when he opens it and when he comes face to face with the other person inside the house the wood drops from his hand making a loud thud when it meets the floor.

- It´s been a while. It´s Ho sun standing there in front of him, a happy smile, tinted with regret on his face. Ki wan just looks at him not finding any words to say. He had waited for this moment to happen for so long, sometimes losing hope that it´s never going to come true but now that he was standing there, why was it so hard to say anything. Maybe there´s no words that could be enough to say right now so he just stares.

- I´m sorry it took me so long. I had to deal with things before I could leave from the Ryu´s house.

- You´re here. Was all Ki wan was able to say and the other man just nods his head agreeing with his statement.

- Come here. Ho sun opens up his arms inviting him to bury himself into his embrace. Ki wan closes his eyes for a second to make sure that his love was really standing in front of him and also to fight back the tears that wanted to escape from his eyes. He takes few slowly steps forward but as like it was realization that hit him he runs the rest of the way and collides so hardly with Ho sun that the taller man almost falls down. When they hug and rock themselves left and right for a while, then it happens and Ki wan´s eyes get wet with tears and now he doesn´t even try to hold them back, he feels like he had the right to cry his eyes out right now if he wanted to.

- I missed you. Ho sun says when they lean away from each other, he brings his hands to Ki wan´s cheeks wiping off the remaining tears and caresses them gently. Ki wan loved Ho sun´s eyes, they were always so gentle, gently looking at his own and his eyes were like mirrors to his inner feelings. When he said that he missed him, just by looking at his eyes he knew those words were sincere, that he really meant what he said.

- I missed you too. Ki wan chokes out and pulls Ho sun into another hug, this time it was shorter but didn´t contain any less emotions that the first one. They both had missed this feeling, having the other near and the familiar scent of Ho sun calmed Ki wan down and suddenly he felt more calm than he had for the last two months. When Ki wan´s cover was blown and his sister came back, they realized they loved each other. They shared their first kiss which felt bittersweet because either of them knew what the future would hold on for them but now he hopes that the next one they share will feel more grounding.

- Are you hungry? I have some left over rice from my last meal. Asks Ki wan once they lean away from each other again but Ho sun shakes his head taking Ki wan´s hands in his.

- I´m pretty tired coming here from my house.

- You must be, you should get some rest. I´ll just light up the firewood so that we won´t freeze during the night. Explains Ki wan showing the room where he could rest.

- I should help you. Ho sun notes as Ki wan was rolling out the mattress for him to sleep on. It was getting near to night so Ki wan will also get down after taking care of the heating.

- No you don´t, you´re a guest in my house right now. Now lay down or would you want to wash up before you get into bed? Asks Ki wan as he takes some clothes that would be more comfortable for Ho sun to sleep in from the closet.

- It´s fine. Thank you. He thanks as Ki wan hands him the pieces of clothing.

- Okay, just be comfortable I´ll be back when I ensure the house will be warm. Ki wan smiles and as he´s about to step out from the room Ho sun´s words make him stop for a moment.

- I hope that one day this will be our house.

- I would like that. Answers Ki wan with a smile before getting out. For the first time he felt at ease going around the house doing chores, it felt nice that now there was another person he would be able to make meals for and share time with. For the next, approximately an hour a smile was plastered on his face but the feeling of unsureness tried to kick it away. What will happen from now on? Would Ho sun really be able to stay and live here with him or will he need to go back to the Ryu´s house. But the truth is that if they want to live together they can´t do so at that house, this place would be their only answer. He got back inside and it was already pretty dark but the light was still on inside the room he left Ho sun to rest in. So he knocks on the door and after getting a come in from the other he opens the door and steps inside.

- You´re still awake? Notes Ki wan awkwardly lingering in front of the closed door, not knowing what he should do, should he sit down or just stand there and give Ho sun some space.

- I couldn´t fall asleep. I guess I must have been so thrilled to see you again after so long time. Ho sun smiles gesturing for Ki wan to take a seat on the other side of the mattress across from him.

- I thought if you´d like to sleep here with me tonight? Ho sun proposes as Ki wan was bringing in his legs to sit cross legged and straightening out his clothes a bit trying not to wrinkle them too badly.

- Oh. If that´s alright with you?

- Of course. I want to keep you near me now that I´m finally here. I don´t want to lose you for the second time. Ho sun takes Ki wan´s hand in his caressing it with his thumb. For a reason unknown he just said the same words Ki wan would have if he was in Ho sun´s shoes.

- I think you have gotten even more handsome while being away. Ki wan then tries to lighten up the mood and he finds himself still loving the way Ho sun´s cheeks colored in a light color of pink and the way he shyly giggled looking at his own feet.

- Thank you. I think you look really good as well. Ho sun returns the compliment.

- I think there´s a lot of things you would like to know. Ho sun says then after they sat there in silence for some time.

- Yes there is but that can wait for tomorrow, I think we both need some rest before that. We should talk when the next morning arrives. Ho sun slightly nods at Ki wan´s suggestion.

- Yes, let´s do that.

- I´ll just go quickly to change into something more comfortable. I´ll be right back. Ki wan takes few pieces of clothing from the same closet he got the clothes for Ho sun earlier that he was wearing at the moment and steps out from the little room to change into his sleeping clothes. The evening weather outside is serene, no wind or drops of water colliding against the roof can be heard and Ki wan´s heart feels at peace for now.

- I think I will sleep very well having you next to me. Says Ho sun with a content smile on his face when they´re laying on the mattress next to each other, facing one another.

- I haven´t been able to sleep well after you left.

- I´m sorry I left so suddenly.

- It´s alright don´t worry about it. That was something you needed to do in case to keep yourself safe and in all honesty, I feel so bad about myself that I couldn´t protect you.

- Don´t blame yourself there really wasn´t anything you could have done for me anyway but now you´re here and I hope you can stay here with me until forever but I understand if one day you have to go back.

- I won´t be going back there´s no longer a bed for me to sleep on or cutlery to eat with.

- Lucky for you I have an extra mattress for you to sleep on and utensils and cutlery for you to eat with. Ki wan smiles.

- I´m glad to hear that. Should we try to get some sleep now.

- Yeah let´s do that. The mattress they decided to sleep together on was pretty narrow, so they had to stay close to each other but neither of them complained.

- Can I hug you while I sleep? Ho sun asks and Ki wan´s heart skips a beat, he´s been waiting for this so long, waited for them to be close like this everyday after that one night they shared their first kiss.

- Sure. Ki wan nods and Ho sun moves closer to him and pulls him into a tight embrace letting out a long satisfied exhale.
Next morning Ki wan opens his eyes and finds that there´s no one next to him and fear takes over him. For a second he thinks that all that happened last night was just a dream. But then he hears someone walking in the next room and quickly he stands up to open the door just to find Ho sun doing something, he didn´t have any idea what but he was beyond relieved to see that it wasn´t a dream, Ho sun was really here and that´s all that matters.

- What are you doing? Ho sun turns around startled a bit, clearly not having heard that he had departed from the other room. He must have been really focused on the whatever task he had been doing.

- Oh morning, I thought about making some porridge for us to have, to show my gratitude to you for letting me stay here.

- There´s no way I would have left you outside to cope on your own.

- But still I appreciate it that even after I left you without any knowledge for two months you welcomed me with open arms.

- Of course, you had your reasons, we both had our own reasons, but now you´re here so let’s live our lives here, together, one day at a time.

- That sounds great. I will show you that waiting for me for two moths wasn´t for nothing.

- Umm you should. Ki wan says chuckling.

-And now you should take a look at the porridge so that it won´t get ruined. He notes then smiling at the hurried way Ho sun turns around to check on it. This was all Ki wan had hoped for and now it had come true. This was enough and now he can continue his life happily with the love of his life right next to him.

Chapter Text

Ever since the day Sae byeok lost her parents when she was only six years old she´s been alone. She has survived days of loneliness, money problems and encounters with people that at the end ended up in physical brawls. She had learned to live by her own, she didn´t need anyone else to meddle in it and to be honest she doesn´t see the reason of being in a relationship because at the end she would end up hurting the other person and everything would come crashing down. She has already accepted the fact that one day she will leave the world all by herself.

But then she met Ji yeong as she was about to snitch some older man´s wallet and she had the nerve to stop Sae byeok before she could do so. She grabbed Sae byeok´s hand and dragged her into a pretty isolated alley. Ji yeong pushed her against the wall rather harshly and took something from her own pocket. Sae byeok wondered for a while that if this other girl had snitched the man´s wallet but taking a closer look she recognized it as her own. She snatches it back from her hand.

- Are you trying to teach me a lesson or something? Sae byeok grunts as she´s going trough the wallet to see if the other had took something from her but everything was still there. She didn´t have much but more important than money were the last few pictures she still had of her family.

- Yeah, you shouldn´t steal from others, at least not from ordinary people. If someone deserves being left out without any of their money, then it should be those assholes that are basically swimming in money after doing all that corrupted shit behind the backs of the public. Says Ji yeong, Sae byeok understanding who she is talking about, not having to address them by name. Ji yeong steps away from her now to give her some more space to breathe.

- Well these people are a bit easier to steal things from. There´s no way I could steal money from those higher ups. Sae byeok says and places her wallet back to her pocket, where Ji yeong had took it from earlier.

- Well do you want to do it with me? Suggests Ji yeong with a glint in her eyes.

- No, I don´t have a death wish. Sae byeok mumbles ready to leave before they actually make any stupid ideas together.

- Are you leaving already? Why don´t you grab a bite with me? Suggests Ji yeong as Sae byeok is taking few steps towards the main street they came from earlier.

- I´m not hungry. Sae byeok grunts, she really wasn´t feeling like spending time with someone she just met. Even though Ji yeong looked friendly many times the people who look the most innocent were the scariest ones.

- You don´t have to eat just treat me. Smiles Ji yeong.

- Treat you? Why should I?

- Yes because I didn´t tell anyone about you trying to steal that man´s money even though I could have. She has a point, but at the same time she could just leave now and the other girl could do whatever she likes because who would believe her if she now went to tell someone that she tried to steal. Then Ji yeong´s stomach growled while she was patiently waiting for Sae byeok´s answer and what could be the worst to happen if she just treated her something to eat.

- Okay then but you got to eat something cheap. Sae byeok agrees then and a wide smile appears on Ji yeong´s face and to be honest she looked pretty cute.

- Okay. Ji yeong´s gives her the okay sign with her fingers before they start their way to the nearest place to eat.


- Didn´t I say that something cheap? Sae byeok notes annoyed knowing that her hard earned money will be spent on the expensive meat that Ji yeong was currently grilling.

- Yeah, and I ordered the cheapest meat and the side dishes were cheap as well so I won´t take any more complaints. Ji yeong states as a matter of fact shaking her finger in front of Sae byeok´s face to gesture her to stop complaining.

- Uh whatever. Sae byeok sighs and as Ji yeong is preparing her dinner she takes a look around and something like envy enters her heart seeing all those little families and workmates eating together. She always ate alone, so she didn´t have to pay for someone else´s food like she had done this time.

- My name´s Ji yeong by the way. The other girl brought back Sae byeok´s focus on her, instantly recalling why it was better for her to be alone.

- What´s yours? She then asks when Sae byeok doesn´t answer her immediately.

- Don´t act like you didn´t check my id card that´s in my wallet.

- I didn´t. And when would I have had time for that anyway. Ji yeong quickly argues back raising her arms up in a gesture of surrender.

- Whatever. Sae byeok mumbles with a bored look on her face. She sips on some water hoping that Ji Yeong would finish up soon so that she doesn´t have to babysit for much longer anymore.

- Stop saying whatever and tell me your name please. I want to know. Ji yeong whines taking a piece of meat into her mouth and contently sighs at the delicious taste.

- Why? Sae byeok was this close to leave to get some peace, leaving this girl that talks nonstop, behind.

- I need to have a name to call my future wife with. At that moment Sae byoek almost spits out the water from her mouth that she was lazily sipping from the little metal cup. She started to cough loudly after she safely swallowed the water first and it took her some time to regain her composure. She was about to argue back but when she raised her eyes she noticed the smile on Ji yeong´s face again and as corny as it sounds it made her freeze for few seconds to admire the smile, that was oddly really beautiful on the other girl´s face.

- Uuh did I make your heart flutter? Ji yeong squeals batting her eyelashes and Sae byeok could tell that she was doing this all on purpose.

- Don´t flatter yourself. Just eat the damn food so we can leave.

- Okay okay, but you have to take me home after.

- And why is that?

- Do you really have the heart to leave a young girl walking home all alone so late.

- It´s not even late yet, and I think we´re the same age.

- But it´s dark, you can´t never be too sure if someone is hiding in the shadows of dark alleys. Oh and also you should give me your number. Ji yeong hands her phone to Sae byeok who, like before everything, asks that why should she do so.

- So that we can have dinner again and next time I´ll pay. Ji yeong explains like she doesn´t have any other motive behind all this. Sae byeok gives in and start to type her number.

- Wha-

- No. Before you say whatever once again, please answer with something else.

- Okay. Ji yeong sighs giving up.

- Well better than the other. She shrugs as Sae byeok hands back her phone.
*** Later they were walking to Ji yeong´s place and when they suddenly stopped Sae byeok thought they must have arrived to the right place.

- Can I call you unnie, I guess you´re older than I am, you´re giving me the vibe.

- That´s fine. She almost answered with whatever, but then she recalled what Ji yeong had asked her to do earlier.

- Nice, unnie you´re my favorite person in this whole universe.

- That´s a lot to say since we only met this afternoon.

- Yeah, but with you it feels like I´ve known you for a long time already. So you got to text me back and answers my calls okay? And also you need to eat well, don´t skip your meals okay.

- Alright mom, I´ll do just that.

- Uh I´m not your mother. Ji yeong tries to look angry, but ends up looking rather cute instead.

- You nag in the same way that she used to do when I was young.

- Well I thought you would need someone in your life to take care of you.

- I get along alone just fine.

- Yeah maybe with everyday things but if things get hard for you mentally I want to be there for you. At those words Sae byeok slowly looks up at Ji yeong and her body flinches slightly when the girl she only met this afternoon places her hand over hers.

- If it´s alright with you please let me help you to find your smile again. You haven´t smiled the whole time we have talked with each other, I don´t know why it is so but if I can, I want to be the reason for you to smile again.

- Who taught you to be so disgustingly cheesy? Sae byeok can´t help but ask. The last time someone was so nice to her were her own parents years ago when she was young and when they always tried to act like everything was alright when they were around her but when she grew older without them after they passed away she learned that life is full of disappointments. When she arrived to the south she realized how much different her life would have been if she was born here instead of being born in the north.

- I guess I´ve watched too many dramas. Answers Ji yeong with a shrug.

- Would you like to come over to my place, I live nearby? Suggests Ji yeong, she was a lonely young adult who took the chance to spend time with someone whenever it was possible and Sae byeok seemed like a good person who wouldn´t be up to kill her or destroy anything inside her apartment.

- Is that a line from a drama as well? Questions Sae byeok the little smile on her lips doesn´t go unnoticed by Ji yeong. She feels proud in a way that she was able to make her smile, no matter how small it was.

- Well, yeah partly, if I offered you ramen then it would have been a perfect line from a drama.

- Is there a bigger meaning behind asking someone to come over for ramen?

- There might be but if I tell it to you now, you might deny my offer. There´s a mischievous look on Ji yeong´s face and she´s trying her hardest not to laugh.

- I guess you´re not a big fan of dramas?

- Hmm, my life is pretty much meaningless, I don´t want to watch something that would make me wish to have a better life.

- Well, that´s understandable, I guess. Ji yeong shrugs and she kind of gets what she means. She on the other hand loves to immerse herself watching all those overly dramatic and romantic fictional shows, hoping that one day she would be like one of the main characters.

- You´re coming? Asks Ji yeong as she´s getting ready to continue her way towards her apartment.

- Well, I think I should, but we won´t be watching dramas tonight.

- Yeah yeah, okay, but I’ll make you some ramen since you didn’t eat anything with me.

- You don’t really have to, I’m not hungry.

- You will be once we get there.

- You just said you live nearby.

- I’m just trying to be nice here, can you just accept the things I do for you? Ji yeong sighs annoyed, but she´s happy that Sae byeok agreed to visit her.

- Okay okay, I’ll eat your ramen. It´s Sae byeok´s turn to sigh, but she too feels pretty glad, Ji yeong doesn´t seem so bad.

- Great, let’s go.

Chapter Text

Oh je has known it for years and he had never really felt like he was different but right now looking at those people in front of him, cornering him against the wall, not having a way to escape from them and insulting words leaving their mouths and the disgusted looks on their faces made him feel that maybe he was different from all the others.

He was too stunned to speak up and defend himself, so he just stood there in silence just receiving everything coming his way. One of the boys starts poking the side of his head with his finger, Oh je´s head dropping down to the side and back up. He tells him to look down because that´s where he belongs that he´s nothing more than just disgusting trash in their eyes and it would be better for all if he just killed himself.

- Omo, it looks like he´s going to cry. One of the girls says with an annoyingly high-pitched voice and laughs with the others with her nasty laugh.

- What did you think, all homos are cowards. All they know is how to take it up in the ass. One of the boys remarks this time and again all of them laugh at him, like he´s not a person with feelings and it fucking hurts. He never did anything bad to anyone and he liked to keep things to himself so he really doesn´t know why they are attacking him like this right now. The rest of their words goes unnoticed by him he just looks at the ground holding back his tears the best way he could.

Then abruptly their voices die down and before he can connect what´s really happening he sees how each of them receives a soccer ball at the side of their faces and eventually when everyone had gotten a hard thud against their temple Oh je hears steps approaching them and as he turns his head he sees Jun woo coming to his side putting his hand on Oh je´s shoulder asking if he was alright. Oh je couldn´t do anything else than just nod, he was so in shock before that he had lost his ability to speak for a moment. He senses that someone else is there too with Jun woo and before he gets to see who it is he hears a familiar voice speaking up.

- How are you going to make it in life if you sill act like kids while in high school?

- I don´t think you should intervene us Hwi young. The one that has been poking his head earlier snarls and undeniably looks pissed but Hwi young was not any better himself. Oh je took a quick look at him and he has never seen Hwi young so angry, he just hopes that all this won´t end up causing a fight between his friends and the others.

- And why is that? Hwi young asks lifting his eyebrow. He seems like he´s arguing with an annoyingly loud little mosquito that isn´t giving him a chance to sleep because of all the noise it´s making.

- Well the whole school knows you are quite a troublemaker and do you think anyone would believe you if you said something bad about us? In the end you will be the one facing the most consequences. The boy explains with an irksome smirk on his face and Hwi young really wants to land few punches on his face but fights his best against it, counting down from ten in his mind. It´s okay if he gets punished but he doesn´t want to bring any harm in his friends´ way. Oh je walks up to Hwi young and grabs the sleeve of his hoodie bringing the taller boy´s attention to him. As soon as his eyes land on Oh je´s the angry look on his face disappears and it´s replaced with a look full of worry and regret.

- Are you alright? He asks softly, bringing up his arm to hold Oh je´s bicep. Oh je knew that Hwi young cares about him but the way he looks like he´s about to cry takes him by surprise.

- Yeah. Just let it be. I don´t want to cause any problems. Oh je´s voice is quiet, he doesn´t want the others to hear what he´s saying just to make more fun of him.

- Are you sure? Hwi young makes sure but to be honest he had already decided it himself that he won´t be fighting with these guys today. Oh je just nods trying his best to show the smallest smile possible not to make the other to worry about him even more. Hwi young turns around to look at the bastanrds that were still just standing there and they were quietly laughing between themselves and Hwi young can just guess that it was because of the moment he shared with Oh je.

- I´ll let this go for now but if I ever find you doing something like this again, I won´t leave you off this easily. Hwi young explains loudly, trying to bring out some authority he knew he didn’t really have over the other kids. The money and the bride of the school paid a big part in how the whole situation would end up solved in the end.

He just hated seeing Oh je getting bullied and getting hurt, he absolutely hated it but there wasn´t really a way to change that. He gestures Jun woo that they will leave and reaches out his hand to hold Oh je´s and as they´re walking away he hears the bastards laughing, calling them both disgusting homos and again he counts down from ten to fight back his anger.


After asking again if he´s alright Jun woo gets back inside the school and leaves the two outside to talk and they sit down on the bench close to each other, their thighs touching each other. Oh je lets out a long sigh and breaths in the refreshing air of spring, feeling like it was finally possible for him to breathe normally.

- Are you hungry? I could get you some snacks since you missed the lunch hour before. Hwi young suggests and Oh je shakes his head. Hwi young always takes care of him more or less and at this point he doesn´t know if there´s something more between them. He likes him more than just as a friend but he doesn´t know how Hwi young really feels. He told Da huin that he has a person he likes and that it´s not a girl, it has always been Hwi young, the troublemaker of the school but the one that´s always ready to fight for his friends and against the injustice the students are facing almost every day.

- It´s alright, I´m not hungry. Oh je declines but flashes him a little smile to show his gratitude towards Hwi young for asking him and always making sure he takes care of himself.

- You need to promise me that you won´t let those things they said get into your head. They´re no better than you are, remember that.

- I was doing just fine for years but now, today changed a lot. Says Oh je looking at his own shoes. It doesn´t take long until Hwi young sees droplets falling onto Oh je´s pants so he pulls the trembling, crying boy into a hug to hold him. He moves his hand up and down Oh je´s back gently and lets him wet his hoodie with his tears.

- It´s going to be alright. I´ll keep you safe. Always.

Chapter Text

Eunho loves three things, painting, food and the gorgeous smile of Heon´s.

Currently they were on a date in a café, occupying one of the small tables inside the little cozy building. It was the first time for Heon to see a polaroid camera and he´s searching it excitedly with his eyes, turning it around in his hands.

- What is this? His brown eyes are now curiously looking at Eunho waiting for an answer to discover what that little piece of plastic really was.

- Let me show you. Eunho reaches out to grab the camera and soon quickly snaps a picture of Heon. Heon looks in bewilderment at the flash, blinking his eyes clearly having no idea something like that would happen.

- You can take a picture with it like this and then. Eunho turns the camera around and waits the picture to come out to hand it to Heon.

- And then you get this. Eunho smiles at the way Heon´s mouth falls open and his eyes double in size.

- So, you´re telling me that you got this from that little box? Asks Heon while he´s looking at the photo of himself.

- Yes. Eunho nods and drinks the rest of his coffee, still grimacing at the bit too strong flavor of the cappuccino.

- Wow, that´s amazing. Can we take one with both of us?

- Of course. Eunho moves his chair close to Heon and pulls him in closer so they can both fit into one frame. They lean their heads against each other and as Eunho was about to click the picture button, Heon turns to him and pecks Eunho´s cheek. Eunho chuckles and his cheeks turn pinkish as he´s looking at the picture.

- Give me a kiss too. Heon demands tapping his own cheek with his finger and well who is Eunho to deny something so simple from the sweet Heon.




They were in the grocery store, Eunho was picking up some band aids for his finger he hurt last night as he was preparing their dinner.

- What is this? Heon asks taking a small package from one of the shelves and shows it to Eunho who´s about to pick a package of band aids but his arm stops halfway when he turns to look at Heon and the thing he was holding.

- Uh. Those are condoms. Eunho tells, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.

- What are those? Heon asks knitting his eyebrows. From time to time Eunho forgets that there really is a lot of things Heon has never saw or even heard of before.

- Well, you can use them for protection.

- For what?

- Well, when you´re having sex.

- What is sex?

- Umm I´ll explain it to you some other time, I don´t think we should talk about it here. Eunho looks around at the few people close to them that were looking at the two boys. They must think that it´s odd for someone at the age of Heon to not know what sex is.

- Is it something dangerous since you need protection for it or something?

- Ah no, it´s actually something many people like to do but it´s not really that common to talk about it in public, it´s a really personal thing.

- Oh, okay. Well, let´s talk about it when you feel like it.

- Yeah, let´s do that. Eunho let´s out an awkward chuckle and they go to the cash register to pay for their groceries.




They were walking back home from the store hand in hand and sharing quick glances and sweet smiles between each other from time to time. They had officially dated each other for about three months by now but still it felt like each day was the first one for being together. They were still getting to know each other better about things what they liked and disliked and Eunho loved being able to return back home from the university or from his part time job to find Heon preparing dinner for him, he didn´t even have to ask him to do those things and he felt grateful for that. One time he got back from work and found the apartment decorated with candles, soft music gently playing from the speaker and Heon placing the last side dish onto the dining table. At times like those Eunho felt the happiest and he thought he must have done something good in his life since he had someone so lovable at his side.

- Disgusting fags.

Eunho´s thoughts were interrupted and he didn´t realize what was going on before he looked behind him and saw two older men standing there, not so subtly still looking at them with disgusted faces. He decided not to give them any more of his time and continued his way but then he felt no presence next to him so he stopped and noticed Heon wasn´t holding his hand anymore and afraid he turned to look back again just to find Heon standing few steps back his eyes looking at the ground his brows furrowed in wonder.

- Heon, what´s wrong? He hurries to him gently touching his forearm.

- I. I just thought that living in this time people would accept me the way I am. I guess I was wrong. One thing Eunho hated was seeing Heon sad, of course they argued like other couples, ending up apologizing to each other with their eyes glistening with incoming tears, but now it was different and it wasn´t Eunho himself that had caused it this time.

- There are still people that dislike us and probably will always be, but we shouldn´t listen to them. He brings his other hand onto Heon´s cheek gently pulling him to look up into his eyes.

- We have each other and that´s enough, let´s not give them any mind. Okay? Eunho had never really cared what other people thought about him, if his sexuality was something that made other people stop being with him then let it be so, he didn´t need them in his life. Heon slightly nods and brings his hand to hold Eunho´s again and he intertwines their fingers.

- Now let´s go get that ice cream. Eunho suggests placing a little peck onto Heon´s cheek.

- I want the pistachio flavor. Eunho chuckles at how quickly Heon´s mood changed when he heard the word ice cream.

- You have to learn how to do ice cream by yourself, so we don´t always have to buy it. Says Eunho when they started walking again their connected arms happily swinging between their bodies.

- You can make ice cream at home? Eunho fights back the laugh at the unbelievable look on Heon´s face and he thinks how badly he´d like to take a picture of him like this to not forget that look.

- Of course, how else do you think they´re able to sell it in the stores. Eunho answers with a shrug like it isn´t a big deal and to be honest it´s not, for him, but for Heon it must be something so unfamiliar and new.

- Wow, that´s awesome.

Yeah that´s really awesome, the way they originally found each other, how they kissed for the first time, how they got back to this time together and how they are still sharing the love between each other. Eunho knew that he was lucky, and that his future seemed so bright and he wouldn´t have it any other way.

Chapter Text

From time to time all Cheong san wanted to do was to tell everyone that he and Gwi nam were in a relationship, he wanted to hug him and walk with him hand in hand without having to answer to any questions why they were doing so, but he was Gwi nam´s little secret that shall probably never be revealed, because Gwi nam was so deep in the closet that there was no way for him to climb out from the darkness of it.

Students around the school knew that Cheong san likes boys, because once he made a representation of sexual minorities in Korea and not wanting people to go around asking and suspecting that he might belong to them as well, he openly told about his own experiences as well.

That was a reason why they couldn´t even walk to or from school together, because Gwi nam´s friends would start asking why he was spending time with Cheong san. They´ve been in this secret relationship almost one and half years by now and as much as Cheong san would like to tell everyone he doesn´t want to lose Gwi nam, he´s the longest relationship he had had and he´s also the best boyfriend out of all he had had in the past. He treated him well and told him everyday how much he loved him.

It was actually Gwi nam that had said those three words first, catching Cheong san off guard. They were both still young, only in the last grade of high school and Cheong san wasn´t sure if it was possible for him to know someone so well at that age, but they had been dating for about a year by that time, and after thinking for a while how happy and indeed loved, the few months older boy made him, he answered him with a I love you too.

Cheong san´s mother owned a chicken restaurant and named it after her son, even though he was against the idea, but his mother just said that more people will come if they knew a handsome, young boy called Cheong san was her son. He couldn´t do much just sighed when he saw the new name printed on the restaurant´s windows for the first time.

Sometimes even Gwi nam helps around in the restaurant, mostly he takes care of the dishes, so he won´t get caught by possible customers from their school. Cheong san thinks it´s pretty stupid for him to be hiding in the kitchen the whole time, but he appreciates the help anyway. Cheong san visits the back of the kitchen occasionally and quickly lands little kisses on Gwi nam´s cheeks to give him ´more strength´ to continue his task.

His mother was always a bit suspicious why they were so close with each other and her suspicions were confirmed when she one time caught them kissing when she went to look what was taking them so long after she had asked them to get more chicken thighs from the fridge.

Few days after Cheong san´s representation of the sexual minorities in korea she got a call from the school asking her to come to talk about something.

They had the audacity to say that her son needs help and that they had already researched places where she could take her son for a therapy. She just said there´s nothing wrong with her son and had left from the school trying to calm her nerves. One night she had discovered the printed version of Cheong san´s representation, he must have left it on her mattress and she read through it. There were no words exchanged between them two about the matter she just continued treating her son in the same way she always had, this thing would not change anything between them.


Gwi nam couldn´t help out at the restaurant today, but he was already waiting for Cheong san in front of their door when he got back home.

- You´re here. Says Gwi nam, lifting up a plastic bag he was carrying.

- I brought some snacks.

- That´s nice and I brought chicken. Smiles Cheong san lifting his own bag and they both laugh. This definitely wasn´t the first or the last time they would eat chicken that Cheong san had brought from his mother´s restaurant.

- Let´s go in. Cheong san tilts his head towards the door and goes to open it and as they step in and the door closes behind them Gwi nam leans to land a little peck on Cheong san´s cheek.

- I missed you. Gwi nam breathes out and Cheong san feels bittersweet again. It feels bad, that only behind closed doors Gwi nam is brave enough to be himself.

- I missed you too and I really like this new hair you have, you look really good. Answers Cheong san bringing up his hand to play with a strand of his boyfriend´s black hair.

- I´m glad to hear, I went to cut it today after school, that´s why I couldn´t help you and your mother today. Gwi nam looks disappointed as he´s apologizing.

- It´s alright, I don´t have time to help her there every day either. Cheong san tries to make him feel a bit better. It wasn´t a lie that Gwi nam always tried to act in the best way possible when he had the chance to be with his boyfriend. Because they couldn´t spend time together at school.

- I know, but you were there today and I couldn´t be there with you. Says Gwi nam as he brings up his own hand to play with Cheong san´s hair, gently.

- You poor boy, you´re here now and my mother will be gone until late so it´s just the two of us. Smiles Cheong san, even though he knows she would be alright if she knew that they were more than friends, but still Gwi nam felt a bit more comfortable if it was just the two of them.

- Are you suggesting we should do something naughty? Asks Gwi nam raising his brow. Cheong san knew he was smirking even though you couldn´t see it on his face.

- Well, that´s also a possibility. Smiles Cheong san mischievously before he walks away to bring the chicken onto the dining table so they can get ready to have some dinner and Gwi nam as always, follows him.

Gwi nam decided to stay the night at Cheong san´s home and as they´re laying on the mattress looking at each other Cheong san´s still admiring Gwi nam´s new haircut.

- You seriously look so good with that mullet. Cheong san says quietly letting out a breath, trying to let out some warmness he was feeling inside his body.

- It seems that you can´t get your mind off it, am I right? Gwi nam laughs and tries to a hair flip, but then they both laugh as he remembers that his hair isn´t long enough for that.

- Yeah, I can´t. How can I not drool after you at school from now on when you look this hot?

- You really must love mullets huh? Gwi nam snorts but feels flattered that his boyfriend finds him so attractive.

- I wouldn´t say I love them, because not everybody looks good in it, but it suits you very well.

- Thank you, that means a lot. Gwi nam brings his hand to gently caress Cheong san´s cheek with his thumb, his eyes were full of sincerity and Cheong san felt happy that he could make Gwi nam to feel that there were good things about him, even though he wasn´t brave enough to be himself in front of others. Cheong san could still make him feel like someone that mattered.

- But seriously, how am I going to cope at school? Cheong san asks again, pouting now for not getting an answer earlier.

- I don´t know, I guess you just needs to suffer through it. Gwi nam shrugs with a laugh, but Cheong san´s not laughing.

- Wow, thanks a lot. Cheong san snorts and turns to lay on his back, not wanting to see Gwi nam for a while now. Gwi nam lets out a laugh at the cute way Cheong san was sulking and moves closer to rest his hand on his boyfriend’s chest, feeling his heartbeat.

- Please don´t sulk, I can´t take it. I´m sorry. Gwi nam begs, he really can´t cope with Cheong san sulking, he wants him to be happy, always.

- Why do I feel like you´re not feeling sorry at all? Says Cheong san quietly, pouting his lips even more, if that´s even possible.

- Well, I didn´t know what I should have said. If I said that you should just go to the bathroom and jerk yourself off, you would have called me a pervert. Gwi nam explains as a matter of fact and earns a light hit to his chest from Cheong san.

- Pervert. Cheong san murmurs, still not looking at Gwi nam´s face that was now turning into a small knowing smile.

- See? Gwi nam makes a ´I told you so´ gesture with his arm, trying to conciliate the other boy.

- But- Cheong san starts and finally turns to lay on his side again to look at Gwi nam.

- Don´t you ever feel like that when you see me around school?

- Oh wow you don´t even know. Of course I do, and sometimes I just want to run to you and swing you around in my arms while there´s romantic music playing in the background, like they do in the movies.

- Geesh, that´s cheesy. Cheong san grins, holding back a laugh. Gwi nam was always capable making him happy, he didn´t need much effort to do so. He could just smile at Cheong san and that would make him smile as well.

- I know right, it´s so cheesy, but that´s how much I love you. Gwi nam says looking into Cheong san´s eyes so deeply that he can see his own reflection from them. Cheong san wants to remark that he just said another cheesy line but decides to say something else instead.

- I hope that one day you´ll be brave enough to do that. Says Cheong san as he´s caressing Gwi nam´s cheek and there´s a slight shift from Gwi nam´s kind smile into one a little less content.

- I´m sorry. Whispers Gwi nam and they both know what he means, but Cheong san just shakes his head.

- It´s alright. When you´re ready, I´ll be right next to you. Cheong san promises taking the other boy´s hand in his, intertwining their fingers.

- How can you be so confident about yourself? Wonders Gwi nam, he´s amazed how freely Cheong san brings out his sexuality from time to time like it´s an everyday thing for him.

- It has taken me months and years, but to be totally honest, still some things I hear hurts me. Gwi nam understands that and it hurts him, that someone´s able to make his Cheong san sad and unsure about himself.

- I understand, they must. Gwi nam slightly nods.

- I just want to remind myself that there´s nothing wrong with me and that I deserve to be able to love whoever I want.

- That´s true. Gwi nam nods again in agreement.

- And there´s nothing wrong with you. One day you will feel free to walk around with my hand in yours and I can wait until that day. No matter how long it takes. Cheong san assures, gently squeezing Gwi nam´s hand he´s holding to show him that he´s there for him.

- I hope so too. Gwi nam says with a hopeful smile on his face. He leans forward and presses a kiss onto Cheong san´s lips and brings him closer to hug him tight.

- I love you.

- I love you too, so much.

Chapter Text

- Here. Junho had heard that someone entered the room, and he heard the heavy and determined steps approaching him. He smelled the sweet and alluring scent of Minhyun´s blood, the scent of caramelized apples with a touch of cinnamon. He didn´t look at first since he knew who it was, but the light thud against the table got his attention and with a quick glance at the table he got a sight of filled blood bag resting on it.

- What is this? He asks even knowing very well what that red colored liquid was.

- It´s my blood. Minhyun states as a matter of fact.

- Yeah, I can see that, but why did you do something like this? Junho asks raising his brow, he wasn´t feeling that good that Minhyun had to do something like this, just for him.

- I know you´re afraid of hurting me the same way you did your lover in the past, but this way there´s no reason to fear that. You can just drink my blood from the bag and then you´ll turn into a human. Minhyun proposes as he takes a seat on the couch next to Junho, so close their thighs were touching each other.

- What if this is not enough and I´ll go crazy and attack you to get more? Asks Junho the sweet scent of the blood floating in the air. He wasn´t sure if only one bag of blood would be enough to him once he gets the taste of it. The least he wants is to hurt Minhyun, Minhyun that was looking at him his whole appearance filled with determination.

- I will go before you start so you can´t find me. If you want, I can lock the door from the outside, so you won´t go around and hurt anyone you´re not supposed to hurt. Minhyun suggests, he really has thought this whole thing through.

- I don´t know. Junho doubts, he still has his own suspicions that something will go wrong, terribly.

- But don´t we both want this? Asks Minhyun taking Junho´s hand in his.

- I like you and you like me. He states looking deep into Junho´s eyes to show that he´s not joking. He had draw that blood on his own will and he´s not going to walk away without Junho accepting his offer.

- The only way we could live together would be if you were a real human. I can´t lose you. Minhyun´s eyes were shining under the dim lights and the last sentence was almost inaudible.

- We have to try this. Minhyun continues to persuade, squeezing the hand of still doubtful Junho.

- Please. Let´s try it out, for us. They just stare into each other and the eyes of both were looking so sad, they both feared that if it´s not going to work they wouldn´t have much time together anymore before they would need to tell each other goodbye for good. Then Junho nods, finally agreeing with Minhyun´s plan.

- Okay, but you need to go somewhere, where I can´t find you. Junho says seriously, he won´t be able to live with himself knowing he has hurt the sweet Minhyun.

- It´s okay I´ll lock the door and…

- No. you need to make sure I can´t find you before I have fully turned into a human being, if that´s going to happen I mean. Us vampires, we have such a strength that I don´t think that door would be able to keep me hostage if I really thirst after your blood like a maniac.

- Okay, okay. I´ll make sure to hide and I won´t come to find you before you call me that everything´s okay. Does that sound alright?

- Yeah. I hope this works. Junho closes his eyes for a second and lets out a tired sigh, still thinking about all the ways this whole thing would go wrong.

- It will work hyung, I´m sure. If this won´t work, then we will come up with some other plan. Minhyun assures, trying to sound as encouragingas possible, but he knows it too that it´s not certain that this one bag of blood will turn Junho into a real human.

- But I´m dying, I don´t know how many days I have left.

- We need to at least try. We don´t know if we don´t even try. Says Minhyun and Junho sees the smile on his face for the first time today.

- I know, I´m just scared something will go wrong and I´ll hurt you.

- Don´t worry about that, I know you wouldn´t hurt me. If nothing else your heart will stop you from doing so. Minhyun comforts caressing Junho´s hand with his thumb.

- Now I think I should go and I´ll be waiting for your call. Since it´s Friday you will have the whole campus to yourself for a few days. I guess that would be enough time for everything that´s going to happen. Minhyun gets up but Junho pulls him back down to sit next to him.

- Can I kiss you? Junho sounds like he´s asking to do something for the last time and that makes Minhyun´s heart hurt inside his chest.

- Okay, but just remember this won´t be the last time. Minhyun assures lifting his hand to cup Junho´s cheek caressing it gently.

- I hope so. Junho whispers and he leans forward to seal his lips with Minhyun´s.





Then Minhyun waited, he waited, and he waited for some more. For the whole weekend he couldn´t really focus on anything and he occasionally checked his phone to make sure he hasn´t missed out on any calls ir texts from Junho, but every time it was disappointment waiting for him when there wasn´t any notifications on his phone´s screen. He knew it would have to take time for Junho to turn into a real human once it happens, but he can´t help feeling uneasy every evening when he went to sleep trying to rest, his mind racing around. He didn´t want to think about a world where Junho wouldn´t be next to him, he wouldn´t be able to continue living his life alone now that he had met someone like him.

Then finally the Sunday evening arrived, and he received a text, he almost drips on his own feet as he quickly goes to see his phone, that´s laying on his bed and he shrieks, seeing it was Junho who asked him to meet him at the campus in the room he left him on Friday. He answers with a simple I´m coming not asking how everything had gone because it must be that Junho wants to tell him face to face.
He finally gets to the campus after riding the bus, but today the ride felt much longer than normally. He was fidgeting with his fingers, controlling his quickened breaths and the beating of his heart.

As he got to the door of the room that´s like their hiding spot he sees the door is still locked so either Junho had not had enough strength to open it from inside or then there has not even been a need for him to get out.

- Junho! I´m here! He shouts just in case before opening the door to make sure he seriously was in a state to speak with him right now.

- Come in! He hears from the other side and that´s what he does. With shaking hands, he opens the lock and slowly pulls open the door. He can´t see Junho from where he is so he steps inside the heavy door closing after him loudly. Junho´s waiting for him, standing next to the billiard table, he still seems to feel a bit overwhelmed by what might have happened, supporting his weight by leaning against the table.

- You´re here. Junho breaths out showing him a small gentle smile.

- Are you alright? Minhyun asks carefully, not taking any more steps to get closer just in case Junho needed some space.

- Well. I don´t thirst after blood anymore and I can actually feel my heart beating in my chest. Answers Junho and the way his lips were slowly turning upwards into a smile was such a sight to see.

- So, it really worked? Minhyu´s eyes are filled with sparks of hope, if this is really true, they could be together forever, side by side.

- Yeah. Junho smiles tiredly, the whole turning has taken a toll on him, his body will most probably show signs of it for some time, but it will get better eventually. He moves up to stand straight and opens his arms as an invitation for Minhyun to come to him. As Minhyun runs to him, filled with happiness he almost knocks them both over as he wraps his arms around Junho and he can´t keep back his tears no longer but lets them freely wet his cheeks, they were happy tears, he wasn´t feeling anything else at the moment than happiness, it was such a great feeling.

- I´m so happy and relieved now, I seriously thought I would lose you. Minhyun mumbles against Junho´s shoulder, he´s making his shirt wet with his pouring tears.

- It´s okay, from this day onwards our future together only starts. Says Junho, placing little pecks onto Minhyun´s hair.

- Thank you. I´m so grateful. Minhyun whispers, closing his eyes breathing in the familiar, calming scent of Junho´s.

Chapter Text

Seol won was enjoying a good night sleep when he eventually was woken up to a loud beeping sound. He couldn´t bring his hazy self to catch up what was happening at first, before he heard yelling from outside his bedroom.

- What is this noise in the middle of the night!? Ye min shouts his voice filled with annoyance. Seol won checks the clock on his nightstand, it was three in the morning.

- Is the house burning!? He could hear Jae woo´s screaming from the hallway and then fast, heavy steps running past his door. Then it hit him. It was the fire alarm going off. Hurriedly, scared that the whole place was on fire he jumps up from his bed and runs to the hallway. He recalled hearing Ye min and Jae woo´s voices earlier, but he hadn´t heard anything from Cheol soo, so he runs to his room, not minding to knock on the door before entering because this was a dangerous situation. The door collided loudly with the wall as he threw it open, but there wasn´t anyone inside. His bed was still made, it looked like no one had been sleeping on it tonight.

- Cheol soo, where are you!? He screams out, not really aiming it at anyone, because no one wouldn´t hear anyway. The others were downstairs already and he could only hope Cheol soo was there as well, that nothing bad has happened to him. He runs the stairs down, trying his hardest not to fall over in his haste.

He doesn´t see flames, just the smell of something burned was wafting from the direction of the kitchen. There is also some smoke floating in the air and that must have awoken the fire alarm, thank god there wasn´t a real fire going around. How could he explain it to his mother, if the whole guest house burned down into ashes when she wasn´t around?

He finds the door of the oven being open, smoke coming out from it and he goes to open the window near the dining table to let out the extra smoke. In the next room Cheol soo´s standing on a chair trying to take down the fire alarm, Ye min next to him, telling him to hurry.

- Do it quickly, that sound is so loud. Ye min whines, earning a glare from Cheol soo, who´s trying to take care of it as quickly as he can.

- I´m doing my best, or do you want to finish this? Cheol soo asks annoyed, and then with a few more turns he succeeds.

- Finally. Peace and quiet. Ye min breathes out and goes to open some more windows to let out the smoke.

- What happened here? Seol won asks worried as Cheol soo gets down from the chair and places the fire alarm on the nearest table.

- Cheol soo wanted to test his baking skills. Jae woo, who suddenly appears next to him states.

- You should take care of the rest here, I have an important test coming tomorrow and I need my sleep before that. Ye min says and with tired steps he walks back upstairs.

- But didn´t you say you can only make ramyeon? Seol won asks and Cheol soo just nods.

- What did you even tried to do?

- A cake.

- A cake? So suddenly?

- I wanted to make it for you.

- For me? Seol won asks stunned.

- Yeah. Bong deok made you a cake and I wanted to make one for you too. Cheol soo sulks feeling embarrassed and points at the burned cake on the stove. Jae woo´s eyes went left and right from Seol won to Cheol soo and back, he started to back away as he read the room, he clearly wasn´t needed there anymore.

- I´ll go back to sleep as well. He informs and hurries to the stairs to get back up into his own bedroom. The two were left behind and Cheol soo, with dragging feet goes to the stove waving some of the still floating smoke out of his way, towards the windows.

- I totally ruined it. Cheol soo says, disappointed in his own inability of making a simple cake. It was his first time baking, but he followed the instructions really carefully.

- Did you forget it in the oven? Seol won asks carefully, there wasn´t any mocking in his voice, he just felt bad that Cheol soo had spent so much time to do something, all of it ending badly in the end.

- I started to do other things and I guess that happened, but I still don´t understand how it happened so fast because the cake was supposed to be in the oven for half an hour and I´m sure this all happened in less than fifteen minutes. Explains Cheol soo and Seol won goes to him and faces him as he takes his hands in his own.

- Cheol soo, don´t feel so bad. There must have been a logical reason for this to happen. I´m sure you´re way better doing things than you give yourself credit for. Seol won says sincerely, giving his hands an encouraging squeeze.

- I´ll help you clean up, and what do you say, should we do a cake together tomorrow?

- But it won´t be a surprise in that way. Says Cheol soo disappointed.

- That´s okay, I´d feel really happy to do it together with you. Seol won smiles and finally gets Cheol soo to smile as well.

- Okay, let´s do that. Cheol soo agrees and together they start to clean up the place and they leave one of the windows open for the remaining smoke to escape from the house before they get upstairs.

- Would you like to sleep with me tonight? Seol won asks as he stops in front of his bedroom door. Cheol soo looks at him surprised, it wouldn´t be their first time to sleep together, but they still haven´t done it for many times yet.

- Oh, sure, but I should wash up first. Cheol soo says already turning around to go his way, but Seol won stops him grabbing his wrist.

- It´s okay, we can take a shower together in the morning. Seol won suggests.

- But I smell like smoke. Cheol soo argues back.

- And so do I. Just come in already. Seol won ushers and pulls him inside his room.

- Okay, okay. Cheol soo chuckles, already feeling a bit better thanks to Seol won.

- Now let´s sleep and then we´ll bake a cake together tomorrow. Seol won goes through their plan once more as he gets under the sheets of his bed, Cheol soo following in suit. They lay there on their backs, some distance between them at first, but it doesn´t take long for Seol won to move closer. He lands a little kiss on Cheol soo´s cheek and wraps his arm around Cheol soo´s waist to sleep right next to him.

- Good night Cheol soo. Seol won mumbles against Cheol soo´s shoulder.
Before drifting into sleep Cheol soo kisses Seol won´s temple and pulls him even more close to his own body.

- Good night Seol won.




Next day as they had planned on they made a cake together, well mostly Seol won was the one that did all the work. Cheol soo just handed him the different ingredients and the other supplies he needed. He listened attentively to the instructions and tips Seol won was telling him through the progress and tried to save at least some of them in his memory for later use.

- So. Seol won starts as he places the ready to eat cake onto the table and looks at Cheol soo that´s putting out plates and forks onto the table for them to eat the cake with.

- Was there some other reason why you wanted to bake me a cake besides the fact that Bong deok made one for me? Seol won asks carefully, lifting one of his brows. He almost laughs at the way Cheol soo´s mouth first opens but then closes back down after not coming up with any kind of an answer.

- I feel pretty flattered, because I think you might have been jealous. Seol won keeps on teasing, letting out a little snort seeing the panicked look on Cheol soo´s face. His eyes doubled in size, making him look like a reindeer caught in the headlights.

- It´s okay, it´s cute, as long as that won´t become a problem in our relationship. Says Seol won and honestly he thinks it´s pretty cute when Cheol soo acts jealous, but he´s heard horror stories about relationships that have turned really toxic because one part has become obsessively jealous of their lover. So as long as Cheol soo´s actions are good natured and he won´t cross boundaries, it will be okay.

- It´s just, I knew that he had feelings for you, and I wanted to show you that I can do something like he can, but I guess baking is not my thing. Explains Cheol soo shrugging. They sit down and Seol won cuts both of them big slices of the cake onto their plates. Cheol soo didn´t really see Bong deok as a competitor, because as soon as he heard that he´s dating Seol won, he backed away. They both know Seol won likes sweets, especially cakes and so he wanted to try and make one himself, because Bong deok could do it too. Yeah, well maybe he was a little bit jealous, but just a little bit.

- Maybe, but you are very good at other things. Seol won encourages.

- What things? Cheol soo asks excited with a smile, the shock and embarrassment from earlier fully gone.

- Well firstly you´re great at sports. Remember that one time we went for a jog together and you had to carry me for the rest of the way back home? Seol won recalls the memory with a smile and warmth spreading inside his heart. That was the night they confessed their feelings to each other.

- Yeah, I remember. Says Cheol soo, seemingly remembering what had happened that night, if the wide smile on his face was for any indication.

- You´re also great at playing video games, always winning over Jae woo. You´re also very kind and considerate, and you´re a good singer as well. And cooking and baking are skills you can always learn on. I can teach you if you´d like. Seol won speaks with an admiring tone, he doesn´t want his boyfriend to feel so lowly about himself if he can´t do something, because there is always something else he can do well.

Cheol soo´s sure that Seol won´s heart is full of gold. He´s always so kind and he always speaks very respectfully, he can´t recall a time Seol won has yelled at anyone or used an angry tone, he just hopes that he will do so if it´s truly needed. He fears that he will end up being a pushover in certain situations.

- Thanks Seol won, I´ll try to remember that when I do something I´m not good at. Smiles Cheol soo and he reaches out to take Seol won´s hand that´s resting on the table in his and rubs it gently with his thumb.

- Should we try out the cake now and celebrate your amazing skill together? Cheol soo suggests and big smiles appears on both of their faces.

- Let´s do that. Seol won nods and they eat the first bites, both sighing pleased as the sweet flavors of cream and berries hits their taste buds.

- This tastes so good, you should make the cake for our wedding. Cheol soo praises, happily eating the cake. He can´t hear an answer from Seol won for some time so he looks up and finds his boyfriend frozen in place, staring at him.

- You want to get married? Seol won asks slowly, he´s clearly taken aback by his suggestion. Cheol soo lets out a little laugh, dropping his fork onto the now almost empty plate and he looks at Seol won with a serious expression on his face.

- Not right now silly, but I wouldn´t be against the idea. Cheol soo further explains what he had meant.

- Well, I´m not against it either, but would you be alright because your parents…

- They will never accept me. Even if only my sister would come to the wedding that would be enough since the two people I care about the most would be present. Cheol soo smiles assuredly, well he tries to, Seol won can still see sadness in his eyes. It hadn´t been easy, the first and the failed attempt from Cheol soo of trying to introduce him to his parents. It ended in shouting between the siblings and their parents and Seol won still can hear Cheol soo crying for losing his relationship with his parents from time to time.

- And your parents, they love me as their own son, so I do feel like I have parents around at the wedding. Seol won gets up and walks to the other side of the table to pull the other boy into a tight hug.

- I know you don´t like me saying it, but I´m so sorry with what happened with them.

- It´s okay. Cheol soo whispers and they stay like that for some time. Seol won knows Cheol soo doesn’t like speaking about his parents and he has agreed on waiting for him to come to him by himself, and talk about the whole thing if he wants to. They break the hug eventually and Cheol soo looks at Seol won with a little glint in his eye.

- Can we watch a movie now, I want to cuddle? Cheol woo asks and they both now that Seol won can´t say no, so he nods and Cheol soo gets up as well, taking his hand in his and starts to guide them both towards the living room, but Seol won stops abruptly.

- Wait, the cake. Seol won says and turns around to get the cake to bring it into the fridge. Cheol soo takes advantage of the situation and quickly takes off.

- The first one in the living room gets to choose on the movie!

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