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One-Shots Of Korean Dramas & BL Series

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Min jae heard it from his grandpa, that Joo Haeng would be graving a doughnut today, so he got him one before he went to school. Like all the times he heard his grandpa telling him that Joo Haeng had forgotten his mittens at home and the day was going to be cold, or when he forgot his umbrella when it was going to rain in the afternoon. He always made sure to take an extra pair of anything when he left home, and he also reminded him about the upcoming test that they could practice for together.

Joo Haeng was the class president but sometimes he had some many things going on all at the same time that there were times he forgot about taking things with him and really it was understandable. Min Jae would get to spend more time with him and to see the happy smile on his friend´s face when he thanks him for yet another favor. Min Jae admired how smart and well-behaved Joo Haeng was. One day Joo Haeng had changed his hairstyle, there was some makeup on his pretty face and he also had the first button open from his shirt. He had never done those things before and when he appears in front of Min Jae at the school like that it takes the taller boy a while to gather his thoughts before he greets his friend. He looks at Yoo Han who´s standing next to Joo Haeng and has this all-knowing smirk on his face. Why does he feel like Yoo Han was behind this little transformation?

- Min Jae, is something wrong? Joo Haeng worries not getting a greeting back from his friend who´s just looking at him without saying anything. Maybe he´s just so focused listening to the voice of his grandpa telling him something important or then Yoo Han´s handiwork was really working. You see he wanted to impress Min Jae in some way because it seems that his grandpa is not telling his grandson about his friend having a crush on him, so he wanted to see if he likes him back and that´s why Yoo Han promised to help him, well Yeon Woo was there as well because those two are always together. Yoo Han had styled his hair as Yeon Woo did his makeup and Yoo Han opened the first button from his shirt saying that it was the cherry on the top that he had heard that Min Jae was a weak man for collarbones, especially Joo Haeng´s.

- I brought you a doughnut. Min Jae blurts out not knowing what else to say while his eyes were still looking at Joo Haeng´s outer appearance. Yoo Han snorts before disappearing inside the classroom and Joo Haeng as well tried his best not to chuckle out loud.

- Oh, can I have it? Joo Haeng asks with a mischievous spark in his eyes when Min Jae hasn´t even opened his backpack to give the treat to him.

- A-ah yeah yeah. Min Jae takes his bag and quickly opens the zipper and hands the little paper bag that contained the sweet to his friend who thanked him with a smile. Min Jae awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck feeling embarrassed how his brain stopped working so badly just because Joo Haeng´s appearance had changed a bit. What´s going to happen if there´s going to be a day when he could possibly see his friend without his shirt on. Oh no let´s not think about that right now. Min Jae shakes his head to get rid of his thoughts he should not think about something like this about his sweet friend but at the same time he doesn´t feel so good about the possibility that somebody else might see him like that.

- Why are you blushing? Asks Joo Haeng almost bursting out to laugh when his friend quickly brings his hands to cover his cheeks with a panicked look on his face.

- I umm I go to the bathroom. Min Jae murmurs pointing at the direction of the bathroom with his thumb.

- But our class´s about to start. Joo Haeng notes when he was turning around to start on his way.

- I´ll be quick. Min Jae says already speed-walking towards the bathroom on the first floor. He was vigorously shaking his head on the way hoping those thoughts would leave his brain by falling out through his ears.

In the bathroom he splashed his face with cold water noticing how red his cheeks were and he prayed the god that he could go back in time so he wouldn´t have acted like a such a dummy in front of his crush. He looks at himself trough the mirror going over the options how he should go back and hopefully he would act all collected and wouldn´t embarrass himself even more. He can´t stay in the bathroom for the whole class, he can´t skip his classes he doesn´t want to seem irresponsible in front of Joo Haeng. He joins the class five minutes late but luckily the teacher was in a good mood having heard that his wife was pregnant the night before so he didn´t get into any trouble for being late. He takes his seat next to Joo Haeng who looks at him for a few seconds but doesn´t say anything before he turns back to his notebook. Before Joo Haeng gets to cover it with his shoulder Min Jae notices that there´s a drawing of a little heart and inside the initials of M and J but he doesn´t comment on it because he feels like he wasn´t supposed to see it.




- What do you think about my new style Min Jae? Joo Haeng suddenly asks while they were on their break not so subtly hiding the little seductive smile on his face. The universe really was against Min Jae today and he didn´t know what to do anymore. Why didn´t his grandpa warn him about all this.

- I yeah I think you look good. Honestly I was a bit surprised but I think you look great like super great. Says Min Jae nodding his head agreeing with his own statement.

- Uuh I got the super great, so I must look pretty good then. Joo Haeng smiles tilting his head to the side and patting his eyelashes. And once again Min Jae was lagging, he stood frozen but inside he was screaming.

- Am I being too much? I think this is too much to do in one day. Wonders Joo Haeng tilting his head again but now there was a questioning look on his face and he also looked a bit regretful.

- I just, we thought it would be nice to try and make you flustered. I´m sorry if I crossed the line and made you feel uncomfortable, I just wanted to make you to notice me. Joo Haeng was nervously biting his bottom lip.

- But, I have noticed you every single day we´ve been with each other. Says Min Jae not really understanding the point. They always spend time together and he always brings him stuff if his grandpa has told him to do so and he´s always ready to help his friend if he needs it.

- I, well. I was hoping you would notice me in the way Yoo Han notices Yeon Woo. Like dating and stuff. Exlpains Joo Haeng shyly looking at his shoes and biting his bottom lip. He wasn´t feeling so confindent anymore like he did just a moment ago.

- Oh. Realization hits Min Jae like a wave and you could literally see the little light bulb lighting up on the top of his head.

- Yeah. Joo Haeng hums.

- So, are you asking me out? Asks Min Jae since he doesn´t know what else to say right now.

- Yeah, and I really hope that you will say yes. I mean I think we both knew we were attracted to each other but none of us had the courage to bring it forward.

- Yeah, you must be right. Min Jae sighs and without longer thinking he reaches out his hand to take hold of Joo Haeng´s the other accepting it with a shy smile. He seemed so cool earlier when he was trying to seduce him, actually succeeding in that and now, he was like a little cinnamon roll and to be honest he preferred it more when he was being his own comfortable self.

- You look like super great but please don´t feel like you need to change yourself because of me. I like the way you are, in my eyes you´re just great like that. Min Jae says wanting him to know that he doesn´t expect him to look like this every day.

- Thanks. If I really want to impress you I´ll do this again. Joo Haeng says pointing at his own face.

- But it´s a lot of work and honestly I´m too lazy for that.

- And that isn´t a problem with me. Min Jae smiles and taps Joo Haeng´s nose with his finger.

- I think we should go back for our next class. Joo Haeng notes after they had stood there hand in hand shyly exchanging looks between each other for a while.

- Yeah let´s go and let´s try to think where we should go for our first date. Min Jae suggests when they started to walk to the classroom hand in hand, well it was more like at this point Joo Haeng was just holding one of Min Jae´s fingers because he had so big hands.

- Yeah let´s do that. Joo Haeng agrees with a laugh and with smiles on both of their faces they walked to their next class.