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One-Shots Of Korean Dramas & BL Series

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Hanseo always thought that he was worth nothing. His father and his stepbrother always told him to the keep his mouth shut because nothing good would ever come out from it anyway. They always told him how useless and stupid he was. The many scars that were covered up with makeup and with his clothes were made by them, mostly by his stepbrother Junwoo. He used his younger brother as an outlet for his frustration when something didn´t go as he had planned. Few times Han seo dodged whatever item it was that Jun woo threw at his direction but then he would get so angry and demand him to stay still so he could throw another item towards him, this time succeeding with what he was aiming for from the start.

One night when he was at a bar drowning his feelings with alcohol, he met Joohyung for the first time. The other man paid him a drink, the most expensive whiskey that the place had to offer. They started to talk, exchanged numbers and Joohyung offered him to spend the night at his place but Hanseo declined. Suddenly he was feeling insecure because he knew what it would mean if he joined the other man for the night. He wasn´t ready for someone to see all the scars he had physically and mentally. He didn´t want to just spend the night with some stranger who would ask him about his scars, but not really caring about the truth behind them. Hanseo didn´t want to share something so personal with someone who would just leave him the next day.

But what surprised him was that they started to talk more, texting and speaking over the phone for hours and after a month of speaking together Hanseo agreed for a date. The date wasn´t anything special just a movie and a late-night dinner but nevertheless it made him feel good. The atmosphere felt a bit too heavy for him at times and Hanseo found it hard to find subjects to speak about even though they have talked with each other a lot over the phone for the past month. It has always been harder for him to talk face to face, but he tries his best. When it gets too awkward, he suggests them to take some selfies together, Joohyung laughing that they look like teenagers, but Hanseo just waves off his comment saying that he didn´t get to really spend his childhood in a way many others did to what Joohyung looks at him with a questioning look on his face but doesn´t ask It must be hard subject for the other and maybe eventually he will come around and tell him.

Joohyung asks Hanseo to stay the night over at his place and this time he agrees and at the end of the day finds himself laying on the bed Joo hyung next to him his eyes wandering over all the scars and bruises on Han seo´s face and neck. He had removed the makeup from his face and now instead of wearing a suit he only had a white tshirt and a pair of sweats Joohyung had borrowed him earlier that night. They laid on Joohyung´s bed side by side and Hanseo felt so bare without the shield he had always put on his skin to hide something that hurt so much, he felt embarrassed and like he was too weak for letting someone else to treat him that way.

He felt Joohyung´s gentle hand on the side of his waist then on his neck and then on his cheek. It was so gentle that it didn´t even hurt the bruise that was new to his skin. Junwoo had been angry when Hanseo said something that he shouldn´t have and soon there was a hard slap on his cheek and the rings on Junwoo´s fingers didn´t ease the pain at all. The pain was so strong that he almost wanted to just fall to the ground and cry, why was his life like this, when did it turn out to be like this. He couldn´t cry in front of his brother it would only make him to look even weaker in the eyes of Junwoo and he would feel like he had won the fight, and maybe he had already.

It happened so fast and he didn´t notice that he was crying until his tears landed on his arm, he was resting his head on. He felt save enough to cry in front of Joohyung even though this was the first time for them to spend time together and being intimate like this. He didn´t ask him questions he wasn´t ready to answer to and he was grateful for it. He didn´t have to listen to words that were downgrading him so he didn´t feel bad that Joohyung saw him like this. Vulnerable. He had never cried before. He had wanted to each time his brother or father hurt him either with words or actions but he didn´t. It must be that he had become immune to all his own emotions when he was in the presence of his family.

Even though he barely knew Joohyung that well he thought how he wished he would be his family. He didn´t need Junwoo or his father if he could have someone that loved him the way he is. Told him that he was enough the way he is, that he´s not stupid or useless. He wanted to be happy and free from his brother and father and maybe Joohyung would be that something that makes him to realize that there´s a chance to do so. Joohyung will be the first step for him to start to love himself once again and leaving his past behind. But how many more scars he would have to suffer until he could get fully rid of them.

He doesn´t know yet but for now he wants to enjoy the easiness Joohyung´s presence brings around him when the other man pulls him closer against his chest, arms wrapping around his body.

- It´s okay, just let it all out. Joohyung whispers and that’s all that he needed before his crying got louder and he couldn´t stop anymore.