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One-Shots Of Korean Dramas & BL Series

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Minhyuk´s friends had pressured him to attend a blind date for almost three months now. He had always said that he doesn´t want to be single anymore but when his friends brought up the idea of a blind date for the first time, he made a powerpoint presentation of why he couldn´t attend one. To be honest none of them understood the words he had wrote down on the slides. Something about him fearing that the other one would be a weird man, too old for him and getting some kind of satisfaction from going on dates with younger boys, he didn´t want a sugar daddy.

He also told how insecure he was feeling after being dumped by his ex on their first-year anniversary. His ex told him he had someone else he liked more than him. He feared he would do something stupid and then his companion would think he´s weird and would not want to meet him anymore after the first date. So, when he finally after three months agreed to attend a blind date his friends promised he´s going to be just fine. That they had decided on his date by themselves, and they knew that he was not some old man. Last time he dated and the only person he had dated was back in high school so maybe because he was so young back then that the awful break up left so deep scars in him. And now being in college he still felt insecure but for his friends´ sake he agreed to go.


So here he was now in the restaurant which was a bit too fancy in his opinion waiting for his date. He didn´t know what he looked like, but his friends had said that he´s good looking, around his age and that he would be wearing dark gray slacks and a white dress shirt. Basically, he was wearing the same clothes as half of the population inside the restaurant. He snorted to himself while realizing it and almost jumped up from his chair when he felt a presence next to him and a quiet ´hey are you Minhyuk´ spoken to him. He turns to look to his side tilting his head upwards to see the face of the tall man and oh my, his friends were not lying about how good looking he is.

- Oh. Yeah that´s me. Minhyuk gets to say after closing and opening his mouth like a fish, internally cursing himself for acting so embarrassingly. He moves to stand up to greet the other man politely reaching out his arm for a shake. The other man does the same with an awkward smile on his face probably thinking that shaking hands was too formal for people at their age.

- It´s nice to meet you. Minhyuk blurts out maybe a bit too enthusiastically gathering curious looks from the couple from the table next to theirs. ´Why am I so embarrassing´, he thinks but the little smile on his date´s face surprises him and suddenly he doesn´t feel so bad anymore.

- Likewise. I´m Seokhoon. The man greets back before retreating to take his own seat opposite to Minhyuk. Minhyuk tries to think calming things like puppies and penguins, gathering his composure in front of the handsome man. He didn´t want to come up being too stupid. Even if nothing happens after the date with the two of them, he doesn´t want Seokhoon to have a story about a weird blind date to tell his own friends later on.

- I hope you didn´t have to wait for long. Seokhoon notes when Minhyuk didn´t come up with anything to say to start a conversation.

- Ah, no I just arrived here so I didn´t need to wait for long. Minhyuk says shaking his head and waving his hand dismissively before he continues.

- To be honest, I was worried I would be late while I was on my way here. First I saw a cute little puppy that was waiting for it´s owner to come out from the store so I decided to pet it a little. But while I was doing so I didn´t notice that the knot it´s owner had tied with the leash on the trailing came undone and suddenly the puppy was walking away and of course I had to run after it, screaming for it to stop because you see I´m pretty unfit and just trust me that even as puppies dogs can run really fast. When I finally caught it I returned it to it´s original place luckily the owner wasn´t there yet because they would probably have scolded me for stealing their dog or something. Then I continued my way and I saw a cart that sold ice cream and because I really like ice cream I had to buy myself some and they also had the newest flavor banana vanilla that I hadn´t tasted before so I tried it out and it was really good but still it didn´t pass my favorite one raspberry chocolate…

- Unfortunately, we don´t serve ice cream here but are you ready to order for some other great dishes we have here? Minhyuk´s not sure who´s talking to him at first being so immersed in his own story. He quickly spares a glance at Seokhoon who´s kindly smiling at the waitress standing next to their table and Minhyuk for the record wants to facepalm himself. How long have that poor girl stood there trying to get his attention.

- Ah, I´m sorry. Is there something you´d recommend?

- Um, well the house´s steak is the most sold one here but also the garlic pasta had gotten really good reviews.

- Okay then, we´ll take one serving of each. He looks at Seokhoon who nods in agreement.

- And can you possibly divide those onto two plates?

- Yes of course. What would you like for the drink?

- I think I´ll just go with some ice water. What about you Seokhoon?

- White wine for me please.

- Sure, I´ll be back with your drinks soon. They thank her and she takes back the menu from Seokhoon. He notices she has another one as well that was supposedly for him but she didn´t have a chance to lend it to him at any point.

- Just tell me if you´re not able to witness my ass of stupidity and if you want to leave. He tells Seokhoon who looks at him furrowing his brows.

- Oh, I must look mean again? My friends tell me that it´s hard for other people to get close to me because I look so angry eighty precent of time because I can look pretty intimidating when I´m not smiling. Seokhoon explains apologetic look on his face and that makes Minhyuk to feel bad immediately.

- It´s not like that. It just that I tend to be really awkward in new situations. One time I was hosting a morning radio show at our university and at the end of the program I said that one boy from my history class has a really cute ass not realizing that the mic was still on. After that my friends pretended they didn´t know me for almost a week. Minhyuk confessed and thought if he really should be so open with a stranger but the smile that appeared on Seokhoon´s face made him feel like it was okay.

- Your days are so full of life, my own are always the same boredom. I´m happy I met someone that could make me smile so easily. Seokhoon says just before the waitress brings them their drinks and excusing herself again telling she would be back soon with their food.

- Well yeah sometimes more than I wish they would be. I wish that sometimes my mouth would have a better filter. It´s not always the best idea to say the truth or whatever comes to mind. Minhyuk wonders taking a sip from the iced water to cool down the little blush on his cheeks caused by the smile and the attentive look on Seokhoon´s face. It really looked like he wanted and maybe even enjoyed listening to Minhyuk´s blabbers.

- Don´t feel too bad, at least you could say that you lived your life to the fullest in a way.

- Yeah I guess you could think it like that. Minhyuk shrugs and their waitress returns bringing them their food. It smelled and looked delicious, Minhyuk couldn´t wait to get to taste it and give his empty stomach some fuel.

- So, are you living near since you said you walked here? Asks Seokhoon after they had a small quiet moment each of them enjoying the food.

- Yeah I do actually, it´s just a single-room apartment because, well I´m a student and no money for any better, you must know how it is.

- Yeah, it´s the same for me as well. I just live a bit more far since it´s closer to my own university.

- What are you studying?

- Psychology.

- Wah talking about aiming high. Minhyuk says letting out a little laugh.

- I´ll root for you. He adds giving Seokhoon two thumbs up. What he doesn´t know is that Seokhoon does his best to hide a coo at his date´s cute behavior.

- What about you?

- Well, I´m hoping to graduate with a bachelor´s degree within two years. I´m really interested in investigative journalism.

- That´s interesting, I´ll root for you as well. Seokhoon returns the two thumbs up to Minhyuk this time who lets out a little chuckle. After that they eat in silence again. He puts the brussel sprouts from his own plate onto Seokhoon´s who says that he likes them. Minhyuk can´t believe his words, he hates the taste of them no matter how they´ve been prepared. In exchange Seokhoon gives the rest of his pasta to Minhyuk when he tells him that he really likes it. Minhyuk blushes at the kind gesture.

- Would you want to tell me about your family? Seokhoon asks Minhyuk when they´re finishing with their foods. Minhyuk seemingly tenses his eyes wandering down at his hands.

- I´m sorry you don´t have to if you don´t want to. Seokhoon assures seeing how uncomfortable the topic made his date.

- Ah it´s just that I don´t really have a good relationship with them. When I came out from the closet they kind of ditched me and I don´t have any siblings I could turn to but luckily I have my friends they mean the world to me.

- I´m sorry.

- It´s okay really. It´s only on times that somebody brings them up that makes me a bit melancholic but overall, I´m alright. So, don´t feel like you did something wrong, okay. Explains Minhyuk releasing few long breaths to calm his distressed heart.

- What about you? Minhyuk asks hoping that Seokhoon would feel comfortable to talk about his own family members after hearing the unpleasant situation of his.

- Well there´s not much to tell really I have a younger sister and my parents are divorced. My dad was pretty awful so I´m not really missing him. I lived with my sister and mom until last year before I moved into my own apartment.

- Ah well that pretty much sucks as well but I´m relieved to hear that you´re doing well with your mother and sister. Does she study as well?

- Yeah, she´s in high school. She likes acting a lot so probably she´ll decide on that path. She once filmed a short movie with her friends, and it was pretty good.

- Oh, you have to show it to me one day. I-I mean if we´re going to meet again after this I mean.

- Sure, I´d like that.

- Great. They smile at each other and soon after it was time for them to leave the restaurant behind and head home. It was getting pretty late and they both had classes the next day. Minhyuk joined to walk him to the bus stop and at one point he feels Seokhoon grabbing his hand in his. Minhyuk turns to look at him a bit shocked but the shy smile on Seokhoon´s face melts him right away.

- Is this alright? Asks Seokhoon.

- Of course.
They continue their way hand in hand discussing this and that but mostly they stay quiet just enjoying the presence of each other. Eventually they reach the bus stop and they turned to look at each other Minhyuk´s eyes moving up and down between Seokhoon´s eyes and lips and it seems that the older one realized what he was thinking about and so he leans forward tilting his head down a bit since Minhyuk was shorter than him and captured his lips into an soft and loving kiss. Minhyuk felt how the other people on the bus stop stared at them unbelieving the situation happening in front of their eyes, but neither of them cared. Minhyuk had been ditched by his parents because of it, but he had learned to live without them so some random people judging him felt like nothing to him at this point. They broke apart and they could see the headlights of the upcoming bus already approaching so Minhyuk quickly pulls out his phone to hand to Seokhoon.

- Your number. He says nodding at his phone so Seokhoon takes it from him and quickly dials his number in. Then the bus was there and with handing back his phone Seokhoon gives him a quick hug warm hug and a peck on his lips before saying his goodbye and gets into the bus. He sits on the seat he can see Minhyuk from and waves his hand as the bus was starting to move again. Who would have thought that everything would go so well this evening, Minhyuk needs to thank his friends when he sees them. With light steps he walks back to his apartment a smile on his face during the whole way.