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One-Shots Of Korean Dramas & BL Series

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- I really like him. Were the first words Joonjae heard when he returned back home. He´s standing on the door for some time still holding the doorhandle. Did he really hear those words correctly? Maybe Takuya was talking about someone else but as far as Joonjae knows Takuya doesn´t really have friends. It hasn´t been long since he moved back to korea and he only knows about Takuya´s childhood friend Haeryung. She lives in Busan and when she heard that Takuya will be returning to korea she came to see him immediately when she got a chance, so Joonjae knew she was coming over and that´s why after work he went to get them some food they could eat together but as he was walking to the restaurant and asked Takuya if they should eat together he told him that they already did and that Haeryung will be leaving soon so he had some bibimbap by himself before he went home.
He can´t hear anyone speaking anymore so he supposes that Takuya and his friend had realised someone was entering the apartment so he steps inside not wanting them to come find him with a baffled look on his face and the door still half open.

- I´m home. He gives a sign not to startle them too much while taking off his shoes and entering the living room area a beautiful young girl stands up to meet him politely.

- Ah no need to be so polite. We must be the same age. Joonjae assures shaking his hands in front of him.

- Ah it´s an ingrained habit. Haeryung chuckles and sits back down. Takuya had also stood up at some point and gestures to take the shopping bag from Joonjae who looks baffled at first but then he realizes what the other one was implying so he gives out the bag with a little nod.

- So you went to eat already Joonjae? Asks Takuya walking to the kitchen to put away the groceries. Joonjae sits down not wanting to leave Haeryung alone, it could be bad manners to do so.

- Yeah I did. I bought some ingredients so we could make some onigiri tomorrow, because you said you miss your family back in Japan. Explains Joonjae. He hears how the rustling of the shopping bag halts for a little while before it continues again.

- Ah you did. That was nicely thought from you. Answers Takuya his voice quivering a little. Joonjae hears the little chuckle from Haeryung and she gives him a little thumbs up when he turns to look at her.

- I think I should go now. Haeryung announces standing up Joonjae following her actions to walk her to the door.

- It was nice meeting you finally Joonjae. Next time when we have time we should spend some more time with each other. She smiles kindly before taking off to the front door Joonjae walking behind her.

- It was nice to meet you as well. I hope you could help me to learn some Japanese for Takuya. I have asked him to do it for me but he only advised me to watch some hentai.

- You naughty boy. Haeryung shouts in Japanese when Takuya joins them handing her her jacket.

- No wonder you like him, he´s the whole package. Haeryung continues in Japanese, Joonjae can just guess what they´re talking about wishing he would be able to understand and join the conversation but maybe it was something they didn’t want him to know.

- I know, I know. Takuya agrees with a smile.

- I´ll be waiting for the wedding invitation. She says while hugging her friend for a goodbye. She then wraps her arms around Joonjae as well who looks surprised but returns the hug anyway.

- I´ll be going now. Bye guys. She waves her hand and soon she´s gone. The door closed and an unfamiliar rather awkward silence was surrounding Joonjae and Takuya. Takuya kept wondering if Joonjae had heard what he said to Haeryung but he didn´t have the courage to just ask out of nowhere. He was very social person and outgoing but confessing his feelings for his roommate felt such a hard task to do and it made him nervous and his stomach was full of flying butterflies.

- I´ll go and take a shower. Joonjae announces then to get out from the awkward situation. He needs to cool down the heat from his body, he wants to bring up the thing Takuya told to his friend because if he was really talking about Joonjae it would be a lottery win because he likes Takuya as well. But what if it wasn´t? What if it was someone else he was crushing on? That would break his heart to hear that he likes someone else.

- Joonjae is everything alright? Takuya waves his hand in front of Joonjae´s face. He must have been frozen on his place thinking too much about what he should do.

- Yeah yeah everything´s alright. Joonjae shakes his head a bit to get rid of all the thoughts he was having.

- I-I think I was supposed to do something. He wonders out loud and Takuya can´t help but let out a little chuckle at his roommate´s silly behavior.

- You were going to the shower. Takuya reminds, Joonjae slowly nods his head in realization.

- The shower. He mumbles and starts his way to the bathroom but took a sharp turn to his bedroom to get a change of clothes and a towel. Takuya follows him with his eyes crossing his arms in front of his chest. Maybe he should just pull Joonjae against the wall and tell him that he´s the one he likes. He would love to see his roommate hopefully soon to be boyfriend blushing when his face is just inches away from his.




It was later that evening and they were watching some variety show from the tv which was pretty dumb but there was not really other options at the late hour of the day. Takuya had cut them some fruits and Joonjae tried his best to prevent the laugh escaping through his lips when he saw the little band aid decorated with flowers on one of Takuya´s fingers. It usually ended in a catastrophe if Takuya was left alone inside the kitchen so that´s why Joonjae was the one that prepares the foods for them and then Takuya takes care of washing the dishes. Suddenly Takuya lowers down the volume from the tv before he turns to look at his roommate with an unreadable expression on his face.

- Joonjae? He addresses the other man who was just finishing eating the last apple slice.

- What is it? Asks Joonjae not having a clue why Takuya suddenly looked so serious.

- Umm, did you happen to hear what we were talking about with Haeryung when you came back home? Joonjae is taken aback by Takuya´s question, not really knowing if he should tell the truth or lie right now.

- I mean, I did hear the last sentence nothing else. Joonjae admits not wanting to lie. Since Takuya was the first one to bring up the situation he should just be honest. Like what bad could happen if he knows there is someone his roommate likes. Although he fears that it´s someone else than him, then that would break him apart, he doesn´t know if he could be able to greet some other man that was Takuya´s boyfriend if that ever happens.

- Ah, I see. Realization hits Takuya´s face and he awkwardly laughs, rubbing the back of his neck. He´s avoiding Joonjae´s eyes and he thinks that if he wants the closure about Takuya´s feelings he should man and up and straight up ask him about it.

- Were you talking about me? Joonjae drops the bomb and it´s silent inside the apartment for some time. Takuya nervously bites his bottom lip.

- I mean you haven´t been in the country for long and as far as I know Haeryung is your only friend here. And I happen to be the one that you spend most of your time with. Joonjae further explains when the other one doesn´t answer him. Takuya slowly looks up at him and the slight nod of his head drops the heavy weight from his shoulders.

- I understand if you don´t feel the same but I´m actually pretty relieved that I got to come clear with this finally. Takuya says quietly, nervously picking at his fingernails. Joonjae weighs his options for few seconds before he reaches out his hand to gently touch Takuya´s cheek and guiding him to look into his eyes.

- I actually do feel the same way Takuya, I like you. Joonjae says with a kind smile and the smile that forms on Takuya´s face is one of the most beautiful things ever to exist. To Joonjae Takuya was always the stray of sunshine he needed in his gloomy life, when it felt that everything in life was hard he only needed to look at Takyua´s face for a bit to recharge with energy. He leans forward to peck Takuya´s temple and hears the deep intake of breath from the other.

- I´m so relieved to hear that you like me as well. Says Takuya when Joonjae leans back and takes a hold of the other one´s hands.

- I don´t really know what to say now. I guess I just want us to be happy from now on. Together. Takuya smiles still feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation but he couldn´t be happier.

- Yeah, together.