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One-Shots Of Korean Dramas & BL Series

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Everyone had always told him that he committed suicide. That by his own will he stepped in front of the incoming car but for some reason he always felt like it wasn´t the truth. Even though he was depressed and his mother didn´t seem to care about him that much, always telling him that he wasn´t good enough, how she wished that he would have never even been born. He didn´t want to believe that he killed himself. Why would he have asked Peach to come all the way from Thailand to see him if he was just going to say goodbye to his own life, it didn´t add up. He hated the fact that he couldn´t remember what really happened, what was the reason he was dead.

He had seen nightmares almost every night but for some reason this one was different from all the other ones. Instead of running in front of the car by himself he saw someone behind him, someone was reaching out his hands and he felt a touch on his back before the honk of the car was heard and the last thing he saw were the approaching headlights of the car.

His eyes shot open, his chest was rising and falling down within a fast phase and he was covered in cold sweat. It felt like his whole body was burning but the coldness of the sweat made him shiver at the same time. It took some time for him to realize that someone was calling out his name and when he finally recognized the voice his rapid heartbeat calmed down and it felt like he could breath again.

- Yoon oh is everything alright? Yoon oh slowly turns to look at Peach who had worry plastered all over his face. Peach was about to touch his arm but stopped midway not knowing if it was appropriate for him to do so. He feared it would scare the younger boy not wanting to stress him out more than was needed.

- Peach. Yoon oh whispers before he leans forward to pull the taller boy into a hug. Well it seems that he´s not scared of physical touch Peach thinks when Yoon oh moves to sit on his lap while hugging him.

- Is everything alright? Peach asks again gently caressing the back of the still shivering boy.

- It was just a nightmare. Was all Yoon oh said before he hid his face against Peach´s shoulder not having the strength to talk just yet. He can tell the details later.

- Is there something I can do for you? Asks Peach placing a little peck on Yoon oh´s temple.

- Nothing. Just stay right here. Answers Yoon oh with a little tear escaping from his eye.

- Just stay right here. He repeats his voice shaking more than on the first time. Peach nods his head in understanding, Yoon oh couldn´t see it but maybe he felt it.
They stayed like that for about twenty minutes, Peach trying to stay awake since it was still early but the sun was starting to rise so it gave him more willpower to not surround to the feel of tiredness until Yoon oh stirs on his lap and looks up moving his arms to rest on Peach´s shoulders.

- You know I care a lot about you Peach. Yoon oh says with a sad expression his eyes red from all the crying he did while hugging the other.

- Like I care about you as well. Says Peach gently petting Yoon oh´s soft hair.

- I don´t want to leave you.

- But you have to so you won´t become a devil soul. And I´m sure it would get hard to wander around as a ghost for god´s know how long. You would get lonely because not many people can see you.

- I know that too but we had too limited time to be together. I will leave at the end of the month and you´ll be left alone.

- We need to treasure our good memories together and I will feel at ease when you will finally be freed. Peach tries to assure gently caressing Yoon oh´s cheek, showing him a little smile, them both knowing it wasn´t the happiest kind of smile.

- But I want to live. I didn´t want to die in the first place.

- But didn´t you run in front of the car by yourself?

- No I just had a dream that someone pushed me onto the road. Yoon oh fights back looking at Peach with a serious expression wanting the other to believe him.

- But...

- Everyone always said that I committed suicide but why would I have done it now out of all the times when I just invited you to come all the way from Thailand? All the dreams I´ve seen have felt so real and this one must be as well. I didn´t kill myself Peach it was someone else.

- I´m relieved to hear that there´s a possibility that you weren´t feeling so bad that you would have wanted to end your own life but I also feel miserable that there was someone else that pushed you to your death.

- And why would I have killed myself before you came here. You´re the best thing that happened in my whole life and why would I have wanted for you to come just to find out that I was already dead.

- I feel the same about you but still that doesn´t make you ro come back, you´re gone. Says Peach and the relieved smile on Yoon oh´s face was replaced with agony when he realized that this information doesn´t really change anything anymore.

- I guess there´s nothing we can do.

- We should spend the last days happy together let´s not think about the upcoming but live in the present okay. Peach suggests taking Yoon oh´s face in his hands. His brown eyes were still shining from the cried tears but there was a little bit of hope in them. Peach wipes off the last remaining tears from Yoon oh´s cheeks before he leans forward to kiss his lips.
The firs time they kissed was about a week ago when they visited Yoonoh´s grave together and it was an emotion filled occasion and to try and make Yoon oh to feel a bit better Peach hugged him tight and pressed their lips together gently. Their kisses were always like this, sweet and gentle and for Yoon oh they also felt reassuring in a way. When he felt like he was drowning, when his life was basically slipping trough his fingers and he couldn´t do anything to stop it.
It was going to happen and he wouldn´t be able to do anything to stop it. One day he will disappear and he needs to leave Peach all alone and that would hurt more than anything that has happened in his life before and that´s why they need to live their remaining days together to the fullest before that happens.