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One-Shots Of Korean Dramas & BL Series

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It wasn´t the first time for Minsung to dodge the whiskey glass his father threw at his direction. The glass ended up crashing against the wall, the shards falling, scattering across the floor. He was used to this. To all those disgusted looks from his family members to the hits from his parents from time to time and the downgrading words from his older brother.

But it was greatly worse when he was still young living with his parents but now that he has his own apartment, he doesn´t visit his parents that often so he can live pretty peacefully. To be honest he´s surprised his father hasn´t announced yet that he´s no longer their son. Maybe it would just bring too much trouble to remove him from the family register or they really think that there´s a way to cure him but in the end he doesn´t want to be cured. He loves himself, after those fifteen years of battling with the problems of self-worth, so he´s not going to bring down everything he has built up. He´s going to be just fine if he doesn´t have to come to this house he hates the most many times in a year.

Today is his brother´s 34th birthday and they asked him to join the dinner probably just to show to his fiancé what a loving family they are. His brother has given him weird looks during the whole time like signaling for him to be quiet, like his sexuality was a secret that can´t be revealed to anyone out of the family but Minsung had decided that if his brother can talk about his fiancé as much as he wants to, then he can also talk about his lover as well.

He turns to look at Jihyeon, his brother´s fiancé who looks shocked after the glass shattered against the wall.

- Jinhyuk I think you should leave for now I lost my appetite. His father says like his youngest son´s not even in the same room with them hearing everything.

- Yeah, me too. He´s not even surprised how Jinhyuk agrees with him.

- Why can´t I talk about him? Why? Jinhyuk talks about Jihyeon all the time she´s probably the nicest one out of all of you and I can´t even mention the person I love. He makes me happy and makes me feel loved, but you think it´s alright to shut me up against my own will. There´s no way I can be changed, I have finally started to treasure this side of myself thanks to him and no one´s going to take it away from me. While Minsung talks he turns to look at Jinhyuk who´s trying to convince Jihyeon to leave the table but his fiancé disagrees freeing her arm from Jinhyuk´s hold.

- You´re going to break up with him. His father growls his mother agreeing with a hum and a nod of her head.

- Why should I? I have done so enough times already. I finally realized this circle is not going to close if I always do as you tell me to. I break up and then I find a new one and you tell me to break up with them too. I´m tired of living like that. I love him and I´m going to live my life as I want from now on and if you don´t want to see me anymore because of that it´s fine because in the end I don´t need to see you either. He stands up to leave his father murmuring about something but he doesn´t care to stay and listen but puts on his shoes and jacket leaving the house behind.

He hears the front door opening but doesn´t look back assuming it´s just one of them wanting to shout something else at his face but the call of his name by Jihyeon stops him and turns him around. Jihyeon reaches up to him only wearing her shoes not having the time to put on a jacket before running after him. It makes him feel bad at the way her body is shivering in the cold when she stops in front of him for a few seconds before she pulls him into a tight hug.

- You´re being so brave Minsung. Just live your life the way you want and if you ever have something you want to talk about you can always call me. She leans back trying to hold back her tears, her eyes glistening under the streetlights.

- Thank you Jihyeon. There´s no more words needed for him to say before he shows her one grateful smile and leaves to his car.
He gets inside his car and dials Joohyung´s number hoping the other would answer.

- Hey Minsung. Minsung lets out a long, distress filled sigh when he hears the familiar voice over the phone.

- Hey hyung can I come over?

- Is something wrong? Joohyung asks worriedly when Minsung´s voice cracks during that short sentence.

- Ah I´m okay I just want to see you can I come over hyung?

- Yeah of course. Should I come and pick you up, where are you?

- It´s okay just wait there, it won´t take me long to get there.

- Okay drive safely.

- Yeah, I will and hyung. I love you.

- I love you too my Minsung.


When Joohyung opens the door Minsung all but lunges his body against Joohyung´s wrapping his arms around the other man as tightly as he could.

- Hyung. Minsung mutters against Joohyung´s shoulder blade hardly able to keep back his tears that wanted to be freed, caused by all the disappointed looks and words, the tiredness of feeling like nothing in the eyes of his own family members. He had tried for so long so many times to seem like a good son in their eyes but it´s never working and it never will.

- Minsung-ah did something happen?

- I went over to my parents´ since it´s my brother´s birthday today. Minsung sniffles trough his tears Joohyung immediately having a picture in his mind about what might have happened.

- Ah. But it´s okay now Minsung. I´m here. Joohyung gently rocks them from left to right trying to calm his boyfriend down and it seems to be working. Minsung´s loud sobbing is getting quieter and the unbelievably strong hold he has around Joohyung´s waist is getting looser little by little.

- I´m sorry I came over like this. Minsung mumbles feeling a bit embarrassed by the fact that he came to visit his boyfriend in such a disheveled state but he didn´t know where else he could go when he was feeling so down.

- It´s totally okay don´t worry about it my love. Joohyung says gently caressing the other man´s hair noticing it has grown quite a bit and probably would be ready for a little haircut. Minsung leans back to look at Joohyung´s eyes taking his face in his hands with a smile mixed with happiness and uncertainty.

- Please hyung. Tell me that you´re not going to leave me.

- Of course I´m not leaving you. I was actually planning on asking you to move in with me. There´s enough space for the both of us. Assures Joohyung with a kind smile loving the way how Minsung´s sad filled smile is starting to get filled with sincere happiness little by little.

- I would love to do that. Minsung agrees once again hiding his face against Joohyung´s shoulder plade, an embrace he loves the most to lean on in this whole world. Minsung had dated few times in the past but with Joohyung he really hoped their love would be forever. So much loved he felt when Joohyung was holding him like this, when they hugged, kissed and made love, everything felt so right and he knew he wouldn´t be able to let go.