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One-Shots Of Korean Dramas & BL Series

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Seojoon opens the door and he´s face to face with a stranger. A tall man with black hair, around his age was standing in front of him, carrying a paper bag in one hand. He looks surprised when their eyes met each other, and he clears his throat before asking.

- Is Jiwoo home?

- Um yeah. Jiwoo come to the door! Shouts Seojoon and soon a pat of steps is heard behind him and Jiwoo appears beside him.

- Oh. Jiwoo lets out recognizing the other man.

- Hey Jiwoo-ah. The man greets maybe a bit too excitedly for Seojoon´s liking.

- Hey hyung. Seojoon whips his head a bit too fast his neck cracking in the proccess to look at Jiwoo. Who is this stranger that calls his boyfriend Jiwoo-ah, and his boyfriend calls him hyung? He had never met him before when they´ve been spending time with Jiwoo´s friends so who is he really?

- Oh, you two must have never met each other before. Jiwoo notes gesturing between the two men and totally Seojoon doesn´t know him and would be more than happy to know who he is.

- So Seojoon this is Hyungki we used to work together in the past before I changed to the place I´m working at right now. Jiwoo explains.

- It´s nice to meet you Seojoon. Hyungki smiles a bit too confidently offering his hand which Seojoon takes in his for a handshake a bit skeptically though.

- Nice to meet you too. He smiles not wanting to seem arrogant.

- Do you have some time to talk Jiwoo? Hyungki then asks and Seojoon would like to answer for Jiwoo telling him that they were just about to start making dinner, the saffron risotto that Jiwoo promised to teach him to do few days ago.

- Oh yeah, I guess. I´ll go out for a while. Jiwoo says giving his boyfriend a little smile before pulling on his jacket and shoes following this Hyungki dude outside from their apartment and closes the door behind him.

- What is going on? Seojoon wonders when he´s left alone trying to think why his old workmate was suddenly behind their door, holding a paper bag most seemingly containing something that´s for Jiwoo but who does this dude think he is gifting things for His boyfriend. He can´t even stalk them from a window since all of those are facing to the other direction.

- What if he´s confessing? Oh my, I mean Jiwoo is a catch, but would he leave me for someone like him if he did? Seojoon sits down on the couch taking out his phone trying to distract himself but it´s harder than he thought it would be.

- Maybe I´m too paranoid maybe he just wanted to reconnect with his old friend after a long time. Yeah, it must be and maybe he just happened to visit a shop near here and that´s why he had the bag and maybe it has nothing for his Jiwoo inside it. You could almost see the smoke coming out from Seojoon´s ears by the time Jiwoo comes back. Seojoon´s so deep in thought he almost doesn´t notice that his boyfriend had came back inside and the younger man sits down next to him letting out a heavy sigh. Seojoon furrows his brows quickly checking if Jiwoo has the brown paper bag his friend had with him at the door but he doesn´t and that already makes him feel a bit more relieved. He asks what´s wrong when Jiwoo bites the inside of his cheek in deep thought.

- Ah I´m just taken aback a little bit that´s all. Says Jiwoo rubbing his nape tilting his head to the side seemingly thinking about what his friend had said to him earlier.

- By what? By the way how your friend just suddenly appeared behind our door? Asks Seojoon slight of annoyance in his voice, he didn´t really like the fact that his boyfriend kept thinking about another man this much.

- Well maybe a little bit since we haven´t really talked after I changed my workplace.

- I guess he had something important to say to you then. Seojoon ushers him on lifting his eyebrows in questioning manner.

- Yeah. Don´t get angry now but he actually confessed that he has feelings towards me. And it surprised me so much because I had no clue.

- Well, I´m not so surprised you´re a real catch. Seojoon says while thinking that he had been right why else would that dude come all the way to their, well actually Jiwoo owned the apartment but that´s not what´s important right now.

- He had really mustered up his courage. Don´t get me wrong I don´t like him like that I told him I´m taken but the look on his face when I rejected him it was hard to watch.

- Hmm I totally get it, I have gone through that in the past as well but don´t worry he´ll find someone else.

- Yeah, he´s such a nice person so I don´t doubt that. Should I arrange a blind date for him? Didn´t you say that Homin is miserable being single? I think those two could be a great match.

- You must care about him a lot. Seojoon notes crossing his arms in front of his chest pouting his lips a little bit.

- There there, don´t get jealous hyung he was important to me when we were working together but just as a workmate. He was the only one who stood against people that were mean towards me, he didn´t give a shit if he would have gotten fired, he couldn´t stand injustice.

- I mean I feel like he must have been very forward, trying to show his affection towards you, but you have been so oblivious that you haven´t realized that. Seojoon snorts knowing how clueless Jiwoo can be from time to time.

- Well sorry, but let me tell you that the reason I wasn´t attracted to him must have been because I always knew that a handsome man named Kang Seojoon would come into my life and wipe off the carpet from under my feet.

- Well, okay I approve that answer, I´m happy you´re good with your words.

- Hmm and I´m also good at other things too. Jiwoo smiles.

- Cooking.

- Kissing.

They say at the same time Seojoon letting out an awkward laugh moving up to the edge of the couch ready to run away if needed but Jiwoo is quick to pull him back to capture him into a kiss.