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One-Shots Of Korean Dramas & BL Series

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Eunbuyl was in the library searching for a book that would help her to finish her presentation about the classical music in the time of renaissance. She went through the book titles trailing her long slender finger over one line of books and when she found one that looked promising and was just going to grab it someone else´s hand suddenly grabbed it instead and stole it right in front of her eyes.

- That´s mine I…She was about to complain of seeing the book first, but she was interrupted mid-sentence when she saw that it was Seok-kyung that had took it and now reading through the back of the book but Eunbuyl knew that she wasn´t really interested in it.

- Music from the renaissance? Interesting. Is this for a school presentation or what? Seok-kyung asks like she doesn´t know that they have a presentation to do even though they´re in the same class but she´s just trying to come up with something to talk with the other girl.

- Yes, for a presentation that you should also be doing yourself as well. Now please give it back I saw it first. Eunbuyl says straightening her arm towards the other girl who pulls her own hand and the book behind her back.

- I want to have something in return. Seok-kyung answers with a little smile on her lips. Eunbuyl knows that smile and she knows that something unpleasant is soon to be freed from Seok-kyung´s lips.

- What is it this time? Eunbuyl sighs fearing what´s coming next.

- Hmm let me see. Seok-kyung says twirling a strand of her hair between her fingers. This wasn´t the first time for something like this to happen. They met for the first time last year when Eunbuyl´s family moved into the same penthouse Seok-kyung´s family was living in. They didn´t become friends even if they were the same age Eunbuyl being older by few months and they both had their eyes on a career of classical music but in Eunbuyl´s eyes they were just too different from each other being like day and night with Seok-kyung with her leather jackets, short cut hair and her questionable ways of getting through school assignments and tests even if it feels like she never really studies and take the school seriously. Eunbuyl on the other hand always on the top of their class being recognized by her talents by the other students and the teachers. She also seemed like the well-behaved girl from the neighborhood unlike Seok-kyung.
On the second week after they had become classmates Seok-kyung pretty much forcefully joined Eunbuyl on her lunches asking the other girl´s friends to move so she can sit on the seat closest to her. She started to confront her on the hallways or basically whenever she got a chance like she´s doing right now in the library telling her how she thinks Eunbuyl is so talented and that they should become friends. Eunbuyl didn´t want that she feared that being Seok-kyung´s friend would take her time off studying and eventually she would drop from the top position. Her mom has said many times that she needs to stay at least on the top ten in the whole school being the top on only in her own class wasn´t that big of a thing but if she drops from the top ten, she doesn´t even want to think about what she would do to her then.

- You should grab a bite with me but if you don´t want to you can come to my house and I´ll make you some ramen. Seok-kyung lists down putting up two of her fingers showing a v sign.

- You can choose from these two. Is it a meal or ramen?

- But you always eat lunch with me in the canteen. Eunbuyl notes wanting to continue her sentence with a ´even though I don´t like it´ but decides it´s better to keep her mouth shut.

- Yeah, but there´s always other people around this time it would only be me and you. Seok-kyung starts before reaching out her hand to gently draw a strand of Eunbuyl´s hair behind her ear with a little mischievous smile on her lips her eyes never leaving Eunbuyl´s. Even tho Eunbuyl is a bit older and slightly taller than Seok-kyung she always feels so small and intimated when she´s together with her and the way Seok-kyung´s beautiful eyes are always staring at hers makes her feel something odd inside her.

- Let me treat you a meal after school today.

- I have singing practice.

- Well after that then.

- Okay okay but can you promise to leave me alone after that?

- Well, it depends but this I can give back to you now. Here you go. She hands over the book finally with a pleased smile on her face for getting through with what she wanted. Eunbuyl takes the book with a little thank you before Seok-kyung gets closer to whisper into her ear.

- I´ll pick you up at eight. Wear something nice, pretty girl.




Eunbuyl´s singing practice went under the table that day and she got to hear about it from her mother that always expected the best from her up high rising daughter. She likes, loves to sing but sometimes the unrealistic expectations from her mother really tire her down but still she always tries to do her best and that´s why they practiced for an extra hour and when they finally finished it was almost eight and it made Eunbuyl to panic. She still needs to change her clothes so she quickly started her way towards her room after her mom told her she was dismissed.

- Eunbuyl would you like to have dinner with mom?

- Ahh I´ll go eat with my friend tonight.

- Okay but come back early you still needs to finish your homework you couldn´t get done before our practice.

- Yeah of course. She shuts the door striding to her closet opening the tall white doors starting to go through her clothes but suddenly she freezes in mid action.

- Why should I change my clothes? I can just go with what I´m wearing now. She wonders turning to look at herself from the reflection of her mirror.

- But she said I should wear something nice and she´s probably going to wear something nice as well. Hmm I´ll just wear something simple so she doesn´t think I spent too much time deciding on my outfit.
She ends up with light colored denim jeans, and a white blouse and as she´s picking up her purse she hears the doorbell and quickly runs to open the door, but her mother is faster.

- Oh Seok-kyung what are you doing here? Her mom asks the girl not understanding why she´s currently behind their door.

- I came to get Eunbuyl we´re getting dinner together.

- Ah so you´re the friend she was talking about. Seojin feels uncertain, she knows that these two girls are not really friends and that´s good. Seok-kyung´s ignorance could really affect how successful Eunbuyl´s at her school right now.

- Oh, she called me her friend I´m flattered. Seok-kyung pleasantly nods her head and places an escaped strand of her hair behind her ear. At the same time Eunbuyl´s mother notices the helmet the girl was holding onto as her daughter joined them.

- Hey Seok-kyung we should go. She says while putting on her jacket and shoes wanting to get the other girl away from her mother. She didn´t really like seeing them two together.

- What´s that? Her mother asks Seok-kyung pointing at the helmet she was holding.

- A helmet. Seok-kyung shrugs her shoulders and she was really starting to get on Eunbuyl´s mother´s nerves.

- Mom please let us go the longer we´re staying here the later I´ll come back.

- Okay then but you. She points at the girl that hasn´t got her trust yet.

- You better bring her back in one piece.

- Yeah yeah of course I will. Now let´s go Ha Eunbuyl. Seok-kyung promises and grabs Eunbuyl´s hand to pull her out from their apartment and hand in hand they walk to the elevator Eunbuyl turning to look at her mom still standing in front of their door when they´re waiting for the elevator to arrive. She quickly waves her hand at her mother before they step in Seok-kyung now letting go of her hand to press on the button with first floor written on it.

- This is for you. Seok-kyung hands her the helmet she´s been carrying around when the elevator doors closed in front of them. Eunbuyl turns to look at her with uncertain look on her face.

- What do I need that for?

- You dummy of course you need one I´m not letting you ride on my motorbike without a helmet on.

- What?! A motorbike?

- Yeah. Does it surprise you so much that I own one? My dad gifted it for me on my eighteenth birthday so don´t worry I´ve been driving it for few years by now. Seok-kyung tells stepping out from the elevator when it opens its doors telling they have reached their destination.

- But I thought girls are not meant to drive things like that. Eunbuyl says following Seok-kyung who´s walking towards the entrance greeting the other residents that they pass by.

- Ah my sweet Eunbuyl you have a lot to learn but I do like that you´re so innocent though. Seok-kyung answers stopping and turns to look at Eunbuyl.

- There are actually other things as well that I´m really good at riding. She says with a little smirk before taking Eunbuyl´s hand in hers again and pulls open the huge front door guiding the other girl with her.

- What does that mean? Eunbuyl wonders astonished. When they finally reach Seok-kyung´s motorbike Eunbuyl gulps not knowing that it would be so big, but she had to admit that it looked pretty cool something that matched Seok-kyung´s personality well.

- Here let me help you. Eunbuyl´s not quick enough to even understand what´s going on when Seok-kyung puts on the helmet for her. She felt like her whole face was mushed but she guesses it must be a bit tight to protect her head in possible accidents.

- I feel I look like a hamster right now. Eunbuyl chuckles Seok-kyung stopping mid-way on putting her helmet to listen to that beautiful sound.

- Well, you´re a cute hamster. Now let´s get going. Seok-kyung says hopping on her bike.

- Get on and hold onto me tight. Eunbuyl does as she´s told not seeing a reason to back away anymore after coming this far.

- I hope you won´t drive too fast. Eunbuyl says when she wraps her arms around Seok-kyung´s waist hearing the little laugh leaving the other girl´ lips.

- Well, we´ll see about that. She says before taking off.