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One-Shots Of Korean Dramas & BL Series

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- I need help hyung I can´t get into the bed by myself. Sangha whines pouting his lips and reaches his arms towards Jin Won ready to be carried onto to the bed to get some sleep, even though Sangha doesn´t feel that tired since he´s been inside the apartment for the whole day for almost a week actually after he hurt his leg when they were running together with his boyfriend and he accidentally fell when he was staring at Jin Won´s handsome face for too long and missed the rock on the road.

- You know you have those crutches for that? Asks Jin Won taking a quick glance at the crutches leaning against the wall near to the door .

- Yes I do know that but as my boyfriend you´re supposed to take care of me.

- I´ve taken care of you for almost the whole week isn´t that enough?

- Nope. Now my adorable bear come here and carry me to the bed. Please. Sang Ha says with the cutest smile he can make and who is Jin Won to say that it doesn´t affect him. Sang Ha has always been the more outgoing social butterfly one in their relationship and maybe it´s a good balance for Jin Won´s from time to time annoyed and grumpy persona.

- Okay then. Sighs Jin Won before he squats down a bit to lift up Sang Ha up in bridal style and carefully carries him onto the bed not wanting to hit the other´s hurt leg anywhere and make the pain even worse. In all honestly he just doesn´t want to make the recovering period and his role as a caregiver any longer than is needed right now.

- I want to be the little spoon tonight. Come sleep with me. Says Sang ha when Jin won is covering him up with the duvet.

- Aren´t you always the small spoon? Jin won asks slightly tilting his head.

- Well yes I tried to be the big spoon once but you´re too big for that. Sangha smiles and makes a movement of reaching his arms around other person.

- Wow thanks.

- You should take that as a compliment I meant you´re tall and muscular. Says Sangha with a little smirk seeing how Jin won´s ears turned red.

- Now come here my big teddy bear. Sangha says making a grabbing motion with his hands.

- Alright then. Jinwon sighs accepting his defeat and lays down behind his boyfriend and gently pulls him closer being aware of his hurt leg.


Next day starts with Jinwon carrying Sangha around the dorm room trying to protest against it but everytime Sangha says or does something whether it´s a threat that Jinwon won´t get any kisses for the next two months or he gives the taller boy the cutest puppy eyes. If there´s someone that can oppose those eyes they don´t have feelings Jinwon is sure of that.

- I don´t want to sound ungrateful but your cooking skills are not that great. I mean I don´t know how you get simple pancakes to taste this…unpleasant. Sangha lets out every word out slowly following Jinwon´s reaction to them his shoulders tensing a little bit when his boyfriend looks up at him from eating his own pancakes but what surprised him was the disgusted smile on Jinwon´s face.

- You´re totally right no offense taken from your words. Jinwon laughs finishing the first and last piece of his breakfast. He gulps some water to get rid of the bad taste.

- Maybe it was because you didn´t follow a recipe. I´m pretty certain that you would be a great chef if you did that and practice a bit more. I mean of course you could have prepared the dinner with me the many times I asked if you wanted to do it with me but for some reason you didn´t.

- Alright alright I get it the next time when you ask I will do it with you…expect if I have a test coming or they release a new videogame.

- Sometimes I feel like I´m the oldest one in this relationship. Sighs Sangha pouring himself a bowl of cereal reaching for the milk but Jinwon is quicker to do that and takes it out from his boyfriend´s reach.

- But I am the eldest you should still remember that and now you can´t even fight me because of your leg.

- Would you be surprised if I just took off the cast right now and I could walk just fine?

- Well I wouldn´t be that surprised since I know you would use that tactic of a broken leg just to get me to carry you around like a majesty.

- Uh I like that now my precious peasant boy bow your king. Says Sangha placing an empty bowl on his head like he was wearing a crown.

- Alright jokes aside now.

- Nah ah at least you should give me the milk before I evict you out from my kingdom.

- I mean this is pretty shitty kingdom, this small room you have here your majesty. I wouldn´t be that heartbroken if I needed to leave from here.

- How dare you ridicule something that I built with my own two bare hands. You are playing on the edge trying out my patience.

- I really keep thinking why did I started dating you in the first place. It´s pretty dangerous and not so well looked upon that a king is in a relationship with a mere peasant. I would suffer a lot more if they found out about us.

- I don´t know if you recall that you told me I was the one you loved but I do remember. It´s carved safe in here... Sangha points at his head.

- And here. He then places the hand on his heart with a beautiful smile Jinwon is fond of even if he doesn´t want to admit it.

- Do you feel your heart fluttering? Asks Sangha fluttering his eyelashes with a cute smile.

- For god´s sake. Jinwon murmurs walking away from the table but there´s not a lot of places to go to hide so he skips to the bathroom. He sits on the toilet seat for a while trying to listen if Sangha is following him as the clinging koala he is. A koala that is very well able of walking on it´s own even if it has an injured leg. He can´t hear anything from the other side of the door though which is odd. He slowly, carefully opens the door being ready to close it again if his boyfriend suddenly attacks him from the other side. He peeks out to the table it´s unoccupied, also there´s no one on the bed either so he opens the door a bit more to look behind it and there his koala is standing munching on his cereal.

- Boo.



After their classes they go to the grocery store to get ingredients for the dinner Jinwon finally agreed on helping Sangha to prepare.

- You have to take the shopping cart my hands are occupied with the crutches and my walking phase is already slow enough as it is.

- Yes my majesty.

- Oh you´re learning fast. With this phase of progress you´re making you will have to agree to my proposal in the near future.

- Yes your majesty. Now tell me what we need to get.

- Let´s get some fresh fruit and vegetables first. I can take care of those you should go and find some cheap meat doesn´t matter the type but it has to be cheap as you know even if my kingdom lives very good life it doesn´t have the money to spend on just anything.

- I understand your majesty so now if you excuse me I´ll go and carry out my mission. Jinwon bows at his boyfriend or should he say his majesty slightly before walking off noticing the few weird looks directed at them because of their shared conversation but oh well they both had done even more embarassing things in the past so it doesn´t really affect them that much.

After the visit to the grocery store the majesty and his now soon to be husband made dinner together which went pretty well if we don´t take into consideration the fact that Jinwon almost burnt the meat and he got a cut on his finger when he was cutting out some carrots but overall the evening was spent in a good mood and comfortable chatter. The majesty also got to steal a little kiss from his lover which made him even more happy about the whole day.