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I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it

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To say that it thrilled Zhao Yunlan seemed to be the wrong word, but he didn’t have a better one for what he felt. He just couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Zhao Yunlan sat on the couch. Well, sat was an understatement, as he was more bouncing on the couch than sitting.

He couldn’t help but grin when he thought about what he’ll do with Shen Wei tomorrow. He felt like a child with all the bouncing, but it was alright, he’ll let Shen Wei be the calmest and mature part of his soul.

Shen Wei was making dinner in the kitchen.

Zhao Yunlan looked at the clock on the wall behind him. He wasn’t counting the hours; he wasn’t that paranoiac, he just had an idea of the time left before their departure tomorrow.

‘More than ten hours,’ he thought.

He was alone in the living room, and time seemed to go by slowly as he had nobody to talk to. Da Qing was somewhere in the city doing whatever he did when on his own.

Zhao Yunlan grabbed his phone in his jean pocket and lied on the couch.

He thought reading the next web novel on his to-read stack might make the time go faster, as well as surf on the web and social medias.

He looked at the time again, on the top right corner of the screen. 19:17 it said.

He focused on his hearing. He could hear Shen Wei chopping.

‘So I have an hour, maybe a bit more. I might start with the novel.’

He opened the app where he usually read his web novels.

At the end of the first chapter, he glanced back at the time again. 19:27. Only ten minutes had passed.

‘Might read another one.’ He opened the second chapter, read it, and finished it.

He glanced at the hour again. 19:42. Only fifteen minutes.

Zhao Yunlan frowned but continued reading anyway.

He wasn’t sure if he was going to like this novel, but he had only read the first two chapters and felt curious enough to continue it, to see where this was taking him.

So, back to step 1: start a new chapter. And he did that until the end of the fifth chapter and looked at the time for what felt like the thousandth time.

His mood fouled, and he was fully frowning now. Zhao Yunlan was so excited he was being angry, and one of the characters in the novel wasn’t helping him feel better.

He closed the app and opened another one to surf on the web.

‘I can’t focus so I might as well doing something that doesn’t feel productive.’

After a few minutes, he felt something grab his leg. It was Da Qing.

“Stop moving your leg, you’re stressing me the fuck out.” He draped himself on Zhao Yunlan’s leg. He didn’t notice he was doing a quick, nervous little movement with his leg.

“You’re back, fatty!” Zhao Yunlan exclaimed with a grin.

Da Qing ignored the nickname.

“You can be worse than a child sometimes,” commented the cat.

Zhao Yunlan chuckled, “Yeah I’m a big baby child that needs someone to take care of me.” He grinned. “So please, take care of me and entertain me.”

Da Qing cringed. “You have someone to do that for you, don’t burden me with your shit!” he hissed.

“But Shen Wei is busy making dinner, if I go bother him you won’t have food.”

The cat jumped and landed on his master’s belly.


“Are you entertained now?” Zhao Yunlan could hear the grin in the cat’s voice.

Zhao Yunlan lifted a hand and scratched behind Da Qing’s ears and the cat purred.

“I’m just so excited about tomorrow,” the man said in a soft-spoken voice. “It’s been a long time since we went camping.”

Zhao Yunlan might be a god, but working at the SID still proved to be exhausting, and being a mountain spirit god meant living in a city was just as tiring. He needed to reconnect with nature sometimes. That was why he proposed to go camping to Shen Wei for a weekend. Plus, the SID finished working on a big case, which created the perfect excuse to take the weekend off to relax far away from the city. And Shen Wei barely knew how to rest, so it was another good reason to go.

“You really sound like your parents are taking you to Disneyland…” Da Qing paused.

“Come on LanLan, one more sleep until we can go,” Da Qing said, imitating a woman’s sing-song voice.

Zhao Yunlan wanted to slap Da Qing on the head when they heard a soft chuckle coming from behind Zhao Yunlan’s head.

Zhao Yunlan threw his head backward to look at the approaching Shen Wei.

“Shen Wei, ah, Shen Wei! How I missed you!” exaggerated Zhao Yunlan, taking Shen Wei’s hand in his to make him sit on the couch at his side.

“You’re such a child,” Da Qing said to his master before jumping down to the ground and going somewhere Zhao Yunlan couldn’t see.

“You could have joined me in the kitchen if you missed me,” Shen Wei said, his hand still in Zhao Yunlan’s.

“But I thought you banned me from the kitchen…” Zhao Yunlan pouted.

“I mostly want you to not cook and hurt yourself.”

Zhao Yunlan gasped, “You say that as if I don’t know how to cook!”

“Well, you offered me instant noodles boiled in coffee,” Shen Wei reminded.

Zhao Yunlan laughed, and Shen Wei joined him.

“Are you as excited as I am, dear Shen Wei?” Zhao Yunlan asked, squeezing the other man’s hand.

“I admit I have trouble focusing today,” Shen Wei smiled, squeezing his lover’s hand back.

“That’s good to hear. I can’t focus on anything either,” Zhao Yunlan confessed.

Shen Wei chuckled in a husky voice that made Zhao Yunlan shiver. He leaned over and kissed Zhao Yunlan. The kiss was slow, with tongues exploring mouths, making the other moan louder by the second.

Shen Wei stopped kissing and touched Zhao Yunlan’s forehead with his.

“Dinner’s ready.”

When Zhao Yunlan entered the bathroom, coming back from the shower, Shen Wei was already in bed, reading a book. Only the bedside lamps lit the bedroom.

“Ready for bed?” Zhao Yunlan asked.

“Waiting for you, my love,” Shen Wei said, looking up from his book.

Zhao Yunlan thought he was going to die. Those endearment terms from Shen Wei were so rare he wasn’t sure he appreciated them enough.

And those smiles made him speechless. They could turn him into a puddle of happiness.

Zhao Yunlan lifted a hand to his heart, feigning to be hit by a bullet in the heart.

“Ah! Baobei! Warn me when you say things like these next time!” Zhao Yunlan teased.

Shen Wei huffed, his head bent down and his ears a fair pink. “Just come to bed, Yunlan,” Shen Wei smiled.

Zhao Yunlan joined Shen Wei under the cover and lied down on his side, his back to the other man’s chest. He let out a sigh of satisfaction. Everything felt right: Shen Wei’s arm around his middle, the breathing against his neck, the kiss that follows and the whispered ‘goodnight’ that comes with it, to which Zhao Yunlan responds with a squeeze of his hand on Shen Wei’s on his belly.

Everything felt right. Shen Wei felt right. And so, Zhao Yunlan relaxed and tried to sleep.

But sleep didn’t take him. He tossed and turned for what felt like half an hour, but as he looked at the alarm clock on his night table, he noticed an hour and a half had passed.

He turned again and lied on his back with a long sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Wei asked with a hoarse voice and eyes still closed. “You should be sleeping.” He made soothing patterns on Zhao Yunlan’s hip, under the sleeping shirt.

Zhao Yunlan felt goosebumps growing on his skin from Shen Wei’s touch and voice. He turned to look at the sleepy man at his side.

“I’m just so excited I can’t sleep,” he whispered.

“I might have an idea about that.” Shen Wei opened his eyes and let his hand go up and down Zhao Yunlan’s torso, using his powers to light the room.

Zhao Yunlan grinned and turned on his side to face his husband. “I love it when you have ideas…” he said before kissing Shen Wei.

It was more a press of the lips, but Shen Wei was having none of that. He nipped at Zhao Yunlan’s bottom lip and licked it. Zhao Yunlan opened his mouth and let the other’s tongue enter. It was now a long and wet kiss, full of tongues and moans.

Shen Wei moved his hand down Zhao Yunlan’s torso to the small of his back to join their hips together with a bit of force, and rolled his hips, eliciting a loud moan from Zhao Yunlan.

They rolled and rolled their hips together until their wanting members were hard and hot, and they kissed again and again until they were out of breath and begging for more.

Shen Wei pushed with his hand and Zhao Yunlan was on his back again, Shen Wei between his legs and on top of him.

They continued rolling their hips, panting together and their breaths mingling and blending.

Shen Wei nosed Zhao Yunlan’s neck, his breath hot and tingling the skin it touched.

“I want to take you in my mouth,” Shen Wei growled, slipping his fingers beneath the waistband of Zhao Yunlan’s boxers.

“Please,” Zhao Yunlan whispered, out of breath.

Shen Wei kneeled between Zhao Yunlan’s legs and gripped the waistband. “Lift your hips for a second,” Shen Wei whispered.

Zhao Yunlan did as asked and gasped when Shen Wei freed his cock, feeling the cold air against the heated flesh.

Shen Wei threw the piece of cloth on the floor beside the bed and leaned to help Zhao Yunlan get rid of his shirt. And they kissed again.

Zhao Yunlan put his hands on Shen Wei’s back, grabbing and tugging at the pajamas. “Take these off, babe,” he said in a breath.

Shen Wei took his pajamas off in a swift movement and lied on his belly, his head between Zhao Yunlan’s legs, and breathed in the musky scent of the god, exhaling his hot breath on the waiting and wanting cock. He licked the perineum tentatively.

“Ha!” Zhao Yunlan exclaimed, closing his eyes.

Shen Wei kissed his thighs and took a testicle in his mouth, sucking slightly, and did the same with the other, not touching the cock.

Pre-cum pooled on Zhao Yunlan’s belly.

“I thought you wanted to suck me,” Zhao Yunlan whined. Shen Wei responded by licking his hole.

Zhao Yunlan mumbled and clenched the sheets in his fists.

Shen Wei lavished the hole with kitten licks, making Zhao Yunlan mewl louder.

“Shen Wei, please…” he begged.

The sound of Zhao Yunlan begging was irresistible. His cock twitched, and Shen Wei conceded to the plea. He licked the cock from base to tip with the flat of his tongue, slowly.

Zhao Yunlan sighed. The attention on his cock was more than appreciated.

He looked at Shen Wei and gulped. Shen Wei was looking at him in the eyes and finally took the member in his mouth.

Zhao Yunlan groaned and his head fell back on the pillow, appreciating the wet hotness of the mouth slowly taking his member.

The girth in his mouth felt comforting to Shen Wei. Zhao Yunlan usually did this, he liked to run his mouth on every inch of Shen Wei’s body, but to do this to Zhao Yunlan was a privilege, it felt like a blessing that filled him with the love, the pure love of the god.

Shen Wei’s cock begged and twitched for attention between his belly and the sheets, but Shen Wei continued taking care of Zhao Yunlan. He moved at a steady pace, making Zhao Yunlan trembling with the twirling of his tongue.

“Xiao Wei…” Zhao Yunlan whispered, putting his right hand on the Ghost King’s head and pulling the hair.

The hair pulling, the endearment term, and the cock in his mouth made Shen Wei come, untouched, growling and humming and pressing his hips and cock to the mattress, searching for more friction with the sheets. He stopped bobbing his head and exhaled hard through his nose.

The growling and the humming around the cock made Zhao Yunlan shiver and arch his back. He recognized these sounds. “Did you just come, Xiao Wei?” he asked.

Shen Wei hummed again, softly; but before Zhao Yunlan could react to that, he grabbed Zhao Yunlan’s free hand and placed it on his head.

‘Use me,’ Shen Wei thought, exchanging looks with Zhao Yunlan.

“Are you sure?” Zhao Yunlan questioned.

Shen Wei sucked the cock, holding eye contact.

Zhao Yunlan cried and slightly pulled the hair in his hands. Shen Wei hummed appreciatively, bobbing his head. He wanted Zhao Yunlan to take control. And Zhao Yunlan granted his wish. He felt the hands on his head press harder to maintain him in place. He tried not to clench his jaw and relax his throat muscles.

Zhao Yunlan gave a few shallow thrusts before stopping to calm his breathing. The mouth around him felt overwhelming. When his breath was under control again, he felt the tongue twirling and teasing against the underside of his cock. He pulled the hair harder and gave a deeper thrust, moaning.

Shen Wei couldn’t breathe, but it was okay. He didn’t need that. It was to reassure Zhao Yunlan that he was alive. And he could heal, so he let himself feel only his and Zhao Yunlan’s pleasure. He didn’t care about how his throat burned, how abused his lips felt. He only cared about Zhao Yunlan, Kunlun, using him. His still hard cock twitched between his body and the bed because of how happy he was about Kunlun using him and the taste of his pre-cum invading his mouth. The taste of Kunlun. He hummed.

Zhao Yunlan moaned louder and louder, and took and took all he could from Shen Wei, chasing after his release and panting from the effort.

He continued to thrust deep and hard in Shen Wei’s mouth, the building release rising in his belly by the second. He was close, desperately close.

“Xiao Wei!” he whined, thrusting deeper and faster, and he spilled inside the mouth, crying in relief.

Shen Wei stilled, feeling the hot, musky liquid at the back of his throat, and swallowed.

Zhao Yunlan shuddered and panted. He looked at Shen Wei.

Shen Wei freed the cock from his mouth, licking it clean, eliciting mewls and whimpers from over-stimulation.

He crawled his body back to Zhao Yunlan’s mouth to kiss him, trailing open-mouthed kisses along the body under him.

Once they were face to face, Zhao Yunlan surrounded Shen Wei’s hips with his legs, trapping him between them and against him.

Their cocks touched. They were both still hard.

They kissed, and Zhao Yunlan sighed at the taste of his own spend in the other’s mouth.

Their hands caressed and pinched and lingered and drew patterns on the skin.

They rolled their hips together again, chasing for more of that delicious contact and pressure. Their mixed pre-cum eased the movements.

The kisses were more a press of the lips, chaste kisses exchanged again and again.

The room was silent, except for the soft sighs and murmured ‘I love you’ they exchanged now and then with more kisses. They knew they would not be quiet for long with their waiting members between their bellies, craving for more attention.

“I want you inside me, Xiao Wei,” mumbled Zhao Yunlan, his hands on Xiao Wei’s ass and squeezing the cheeks.

Shen Wei extended his arm toward Zhao Yunlan’s nightstand where the lube was, his face in the crook of Zhao Yunlan’s neck. His hand fumbled inside in search of the small bottle and grabbed it.

While his Ghost King searched the little object, he kissed the temple of the head buried against his neck, his nose going to the hair and breathing in the smell of sweat, sex, soap, and ozone. This smell felt reassuring.

Shen Wei still had his face against his neck when he felt the cold of Shen Wei’s lube-coated fingers against his entrance. He gasped.

The fingers only drew circles, barely putting pressure. It felt more like tingling to Zhao Yunlan.

Shen Wei detached himself from the god beneath and kneeled between his legs, still drawing circles around the muscle, his free hand staying on the hip.

Zhao Yunlan stroked Shen Wei’s free arm, humming in pleasure, smiling, and eyes half-closed. He felt so relaxed under his Xiao Wei’s hands he could not move.

Shen Wei entered one finger and made quick in and out movements.

Zhao Yunlan held his breath at the sudden intrusion and grabbed the arm under his fingers.

“More, Xiao Wei. I need more!” he begged.

Another finger entered in a sluggish motion, scissoring along the way.

Zhao Yunlan was a mess. His eyes were closed, and his breathing was loud and irregular but in tandem with the fingers.

His godly powers increased his senses and made him overwhelmed and over-sensitive in his day-to-day life, but even more during sex. He could feel everything inside him. He could feel exactly when and where Shen Wei applied pressure to make him speechless, as if on his skin, and he wasn’t even touching his prostate.

Shen Wei leaned. He placed his hand on Zhao Yunlan’s chest and joined their foreheads.

“Breathe, Ah Lan. Breathe,” he whispered.

Zhao Yunlan moved his hand on the arms to the back of Shen Wei’s head, in his nape, in a silent ask for him to stay close. His other hand gripped the sheets.

Shen Wei moved his fingers slower still, and Zhao Yunlan took time to calm his breath.

Once Zhao Yunlan breathed slowly again, Shen Wei pressed his lips lovingly on the other’s cheek and asked, “Do you feel better?”

Zhao Yunlan nodded and hummed in response.

“Are you okay with a third finger?”

He kissed Shen Wei deeply.

“Go on, Xiao Wei…”

They were taking things slowly, their dicks so hard to the point it looked like they hurt. Zhao Yunlan could feel Shen Wei’s member touching his skin, hot, red, and leaking pre-cum, and Zhao Yunlan’s was in no better state.

They kissed again.

Shen Wei didn’t search for the prostate, deciding to keep it for later. He focused on stretching Zhao Yunlan, picking up the pace of the back-and-forth motion.

Zhao Yunlan tried to coax Shen Wei to go faster and deeper, but Shen Wei ignored him, keeping that for when he would truly fuck him.

Once the hole felt stretched enough, Shen Wei pulled out his fingers.

Zhao Yunlan sighed at the loss and opened his eyes to look at Shen Wei spread more lube on his dick, mixed with his pre-cum.

Shen Wei aligned his dick with the hole and only let the head enter before leaning toward the god and kiss him senseless. The hard member fully entered while they kissed, making the couple breathless and feeling connected.

Shen Wei pulled back until there was only the head inside again, changed the angle a bit, and slammed his hips against Zhao Yunlan, hitting the prostate.

Zhao Yunlan cried, almost screamed, and clenched around Shen Wei, making him growl.

Shen Wei did quick back-and-forth movements, aiming for the prostate again and again.

They turned into a pile of crying, whining, moaning, and grunting bodies, chasing their pleasure in the other.

Zhao Yunlan had his arms and legs around Shen Wei, holding him against his body and crying his name, while Shen Wei hid his head in the crook of Zhao Yunlan’s neck once more, supporting his weight with his elbows on each side of the body under him.

Shen Wei couldn’t help but lick and suck the skin of the neck, making Zhao Yunlan gasp and shudder.

Zhao Yunlan felt the orgasm coming; he scratched Shen Wei’s back with his nails and tried to warn him.

“Xiao Wei, I’m going to-”

Shen Wei took the dick in his hand and masturbated. It took only a few movements to make Zhao Yunlan come hard and with so much cum. Zhao Yunlan trembled and shook, holding his breath and arching his back, making their chest bellies touch, spreading the semen on the other body above him; Zhao Yunlan clenched so hard around Shen Wei that he soon came inside, crying ‘Ah Lan!’ and biting the neck, but not enough to break the skin. It will bruise beautifully later.

Zhao Yunlan let out his breath with a long and loud moan.

They trembled together, breathing hard. It took a while for them to come down from the euphoria of their climax and breathe normally again. Once their breathing slowed down, Shen Wei pulled out and kneeled again and watched as his cum slowly leaked from the hole, and lied down on his belly once more and licked Zhao Yunlan’s hole clean.

Zhao Yunlan hummed in appreciation when he felt the cum leak out, but it soon turned into a whine as he felt Shen Wei licking his over-sensitive hole, fiery red from abuse.

Shen Wei alternated between using the flat of his tongue and then the tip, pushing in and out of the hole and circling it. He also went up and down the perineum, teasing. He pushed his tongue inside to catch all his cum when he felt a hand gripping his hair hard, tugging almost painfully.

He looked up and saw his Zhao Yunlan eyes closed and tears running down his cheeks to join his hair, whining; he looked at the cock in front of his face. Zhao Yunlan was coming a third time, his soft cock ejaculating small spurts of cum that joined the mess of his previous climax on his belly.

Shen Wei licked the hole one last time for good measure and watched as Zhao Yunlan calmed down from his third orgasm, resting his head on a thigh, kissing and petting the soft skin there.

After a moment, he looked up to see Zhao Yunlan looking at him, smiling and eyes half-closed. The hand in his hair descended to his face and petted his cheek.

“You look good there, between my thighs,” he murmured, his voice sounding exhausted from all the moaning and crying.

“I like it here,” Shen Wei acknowledged in a husky voice. He closed his eyes and let Zhao Yunlan pet him.

When Shen Wei opened his eyes a minute later, Zhao Yunlan’s head rested on the pillow, his eyes closed and the petting of his hand slowing down. He looked exhausted and ready to sleep at any moment. Then he looked at the semen on the belly, salivating.

He crawled up Zhao Yunlan’s body and the hand on his cheek now rested on his shoulder blade.

“Hm?” Zhao Yunlan opened his eyes and saw Shen Wei lick the cum on his belly.

Zhao Yunlan was stunned. Shen Wei already licked and swallowed sperm twice, he thought he would just clean this with his powers or a wet cloth, not lick him clean again!

The thought that Shen Wei might have a cum swallowing kink could arouse him if Shen Wei didn’t suck and fuck him to exhaustion. Instead, he just enjoyed the feeling of Shen Wei’s tongue on his skin and caressed his shoulder and the back of his neck, eyes closed. The tongue made him chuckle when it touched some parts of his skin.

He felt Shen Wei move up his body and going down for a lingering kiss, the taste of cum heavy on his tongue but a testament of how much he loved when Shen Wei fucked him.

Zhao Yunlan felt himself drifting off to sleep when Shen Wei stopped the kiss and said, “Let me clean this mess.” He hummed in agreement, and Shen Wei left for the bathroom.

The eagerness he felt for hours about their trip was finally gone. Now he just felt exhausted but satiated, warm and soft, the room barely lit and smelling of Shen Wei and him, sweat and sex. He finally drifted off to sleep.

Shen Wei came back from the bathroom to the sound of Zhao Yunlan snoring softly. He stopped in front of the bed, wet cloth in hand, and watched Zhao Yunlan sleep for a moment, smiling lovingly.

He snorted softly and moved to clean the sleeping god with delicate, small, and slow gestures to not wake him.

Zhao Yunlan woke, feeling the bed and the sheets move beside him. He hummed.

“Go back to sleep, lovely Ah Lan.”

It was the sound of Shen Wei’s voice, lying beside him and putting his arm around his middle.

Zhao Yunlan sighed, contented, and went back to sleep.

They woke up the following morning feeling exhausted, considering the late-night activities they had the night prior, but they were happy to finally spend some time to rest together.

They lingered in bed, “Just five more minutes,” as Zhao Yunlan said, to cuddle, their bodies glued together, warm and pliant from sleep, and relaxed from sex.

Zhao Yunlan looked up at Shen Wei as his head rested on the Ghost King’s chest and said “I love you.”

Shen Wei adorned one of his rare bright smiles and answered, “I love you too, Ah Lan.”

And they kissed. The first kiss of the day.