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The Day When Cale Henituse Suddenly Turned into a Girl

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"Young Master, this is your tea," Ron said as he handed Cale the lemonade.

"Good, thanks."

It's already nighttime not a suitable time to drink lemonade but the way Ron handed Cale the lemonade with his benign smile makes Cale shivering in fear.

Kim Rok Soo already became Cale Henituse for a day. Even though it's kinda shocking, it's not like he can decline it.

Today is the 28th day of the 3rd month in the 781st year of the Felix Calendar. Today also is the day where Harris Village, Choi Han's second hometown had been attacked by an unknown group of assassins.

Tomorrow Choi Han will arrive in this Rain City to report the attack that happened in Harris Village.

He was traveling like a lunatic for him only to arrive at the Rain City for a night. Even with carriage might take one day or two.


Cale yawned.

He sipped his lemonade not leaving a single drop of it or else Ron will kill him.


The sound of teacup had been placed on the table had been heard.

In order not to get beaten by Choi Han, he needed to have something to protect him.

The Indestructible Shield.

It had been stated in the book [The Birth of Hero] at the beginning of volume 1.

He needs to get that shield so that he can at least survive if people like Ron and Choi Han wanted to kill him.

He stood up from his seat and walked to his bed.

"I'm going to sleep. You can leave now."

"Sure, Young Master. Have a good night," Ron said as he took the cup that was on the table and silently went out.

Cale's sleepiness disappeared as soon as Ron bit his goodnight to Cale with his benign smile. He looked in the direction of where Ron had left.

'Vicious old man.'

Cale thought as he slowly drifting asleep.



Cale groaned as he was slowly awake from his sleep. His shoulder feels sore caused by his bad poster of sleep.

He then stretched himself.

"Damn... Why did my chest feel so heavy?"

Cale complained as he slowly sits up on his bed.

His brows lifted.

'Why did my voice sounds feminine?'

'Is my throat hurt?'

Cale's brows furrowed as soon as he heard that his voice sounded different than before.

He cleared his throat.


'It's still the same!'

Cale's brows started to wrinkle even more. He then woke up from his bed to get some water for his throat. Unfortunately, right after he got up, his pant slipped out of his waist. He immediately grabbed it.


'Why did my pajama suddenly grew bigger?'

Even his sleeves were longer.

But Cale chooses to ignore it. He started to look around to find some water but only found a mirror that showed a reflection of a red-haired young girl.


With a heart beating wildly, he ran towards the mirror while ignoring the pants that he left behind on the floor.

He touched his face, his lips and even pulled his long hair that reached his waist.

The girl in the mirror sure is his reflection.

"Ron... Ron!"

He shouted kinda sounded panic. The door immediately slammed opened then showed Ron was in front of it.

"Young Master, what happ- Young Master?"

Ron's eyes widened right after he lay his eyes on a person who was calling him.

A red-haired girl that only wears her top oversized pajama that thanks god covered until her thighs.

Her long wavy red hair that reached her waist was shining beautifully caused by the sunlight. The round but sharp brown eyes that were looking at him was sparkling.

Ron frowned. The person in front of him was unfamiliar yet familiar to him.

"Ron! What happens to me?"


"Ehem... It looks like all we can do now is wait. Even the mages said that they didn't found any trace of mana from it."

Count Deruth said as he looked at his son, no daughter who was eating her steak with a grumpy face.

"The priest also said that there no trace of divine power or curse from it."

He started to pity his son that suddenly turned into his daughter. It's must be hard for her to suddenly turned into a girl.

But then her face suddenly turned stoic as she had never been grumpy before.

She looked right into her father's eyes. It makes Count Deruth flinched after seeing his daughter's cold gaze.

"That's means I cannot turn back?"

"Cale, no-"

"That's okay."

"Yes, that's worst- What?!"

Cale frowned seeing her father's reaction.

Well, that's true by the way. Either she's a girl or a boy, it's not bothering her anyway. At least, she's still a human. It's not like she grows a tail or horns that might be worst if she truly does.

Imagine if trash from the count has a tail and horns, her nickname might change into a demon of the count.

Well, that's not bad either, people will keep their distance from her and will not bother her because who wants to bother a demon, right?

"Ehem... Is that so? Well if you don't mind, I'll spread this news so that people will know and be careful to treat you in the future."

Cale nodded her head.

"Yes, please do so."

Count Deruth smiled with satisfaction after hearing his daughter's answered.

"Are sure about it, Hyung-nim?"

Cale looked at Basen he then smiled. It makes Basen flinched.

"Yes, I'm sure about it, Basen."

"Oh..err. Okay."

Basen subconsciously blushed when seeing his bro- sister was smiling. He took a sip of his water to cover up his blushing face.

"Eonnim, you are so beautiful!"

Lily excitedly said. It makes Cale's brows lifted. She was kinda surprised by Lily's friendliness towards her.

'Is she forgot that I used to be trash?'

"You don't even hesitate to call me, eonnim, right Lily?"

"Errr...." Lily started to get anxious.

It makes Cale feels bad. That proved that Lily still remembers Cale was trash of this family.

Cale sighed the slowly cutted her steak.

"Thank you."

She said warmly. Actually, she didn't even realize how soft and gentle she had been talking to them.

"Y... Yes!"

Cale softly chuckled before bringing back her stoic expression. She continued to enjoy her meal without realizing that her family was communicated with each other eyes.

They realized that they need to protect this Cale.


The news of the trash Cale Henituse turned into a girl fast spreads around the Henituse territory also the Roan Kingdom. It makes them curious about how beautiful she will become.

'Even if she is beautiful but still has that trashy personality, it's still useless.'

That was what mostly the people said.

That rumor didn't even bother Cale who now was on the third floor of The Fragrance of Tea with Poetry shop while watching outside the window.

She was waiting for Choi Han to arrive at the Rain City.

'It’s that punk.'

The moment the gates opened for the morning, a young man wearing clothes with black marks everywhere, such that it made it seem like the clothes were burnt in multiple places, approached the gate. It was Choi Han.

Cale did not get up from her seat as she observed Choi Han.

'They must ask for an identification card. There is no way a person like Choi Han who suddenly popped out of nowhere has something to identify himself with.'

"They kicked him."

Cale just watched Choi Han walked back out of the gate. He didn't even throw a fit. It seems like he gained his sanity back after running like a lunatic from Harris Village to here.

If not he may already kill all the guards there.

He'll wait until the nighttime arrives then he'll climb up the gate. That's how he meets Cale who was busy drinking away.

Cale sighed. Now she is a girl, there is no way Choi Han will beat up a girl, right?

But remembering the contents of the book [Birth of a Hero] sends chills all over Cale's body.

"It's not hurt to prepare," she said then stood up from her seat.

Now is the time to get the Indestructible Shield.



Cale grumbled as she was lifting the bag of bread behind her back. Her woman body sure is weaker than average.

She recalled what had happened in the bakery a while ago.

'Young Mas– Lady! Welcome.'

The baker then bowed so low even his head almost touched the ground. Cale just nodded her head. She then pointed from the edge of the table to the other edge.

'Give me everything.'

A gold coin had been throw on the table. The baker looked at Cale in shock mixed with fear.

Cale lifted her brows as she looked at the baker.

'You don't want? I can go to another store.'

'Please wait a minute, Young Master... I mean Young Lady!'

The baker shouted as he immediately packed everything for Cale.

Remembering about that makes Cale sighed. Her trashy attitude sure was feared by many people.

Even though it's still kinda awkward for her to be called Young Lady but it is more awkward to address a girl as a young master.

"No, You can't approach that t-tree"

"It's a man-eating tree!

Cale then looked at the pair of siblings that approached her. A silver-haired girl and a red-haired boy. Both of them have a pair of golden eyes.

She then clicked her tongue and ignored them.

It’s a man-eating tree. You’re going to d, die.”

“I won’t die.”

Cale took two breads out of the bag and threw it toward the little girl. It didn’t matter if it rolled on the ground because they were all individually wrapped.

“Take that and get lost.”

The young boy instantly grabbed the bread, but the young girl was still hesitating. She stood up and pushed her head outside of the fence.

“You two don’t know about Cale the trash?”

"But Cale is a man."

"Oh! You know how to talk back? Huh?"

The young girl’s face turned pale. Her younger brother just looked toward Cale before picking up the other bread for his sister and started to tug on her arm.



The young girl looked back and forth at the tree and Cale even as she was being pulled.

“You can’t die.”

After seeing the kids finally disappeared from her sight, she continued to her work.

It was feeding the tree.


"Ah, Young Lady, you are back."

Cale nodded her head at Billos's happy greeting and headed back to the third floor.

"Yeah, I promise that I'll be back anyway."

Billos smiled brightly as he nodded his head.

"Yes, promises are meant to be kept."

It makes Cale frowned but then she laughed faintly.

"Bring me a new cup of tea. Something that refreshing this time."

"Sure, Young Lady. I'll bring you some dessert too."

Cale nodded her head then climbed the stairs to the third floor.

She then took her seat then looked outside the window.

Cale continued to order tea and desserts as she looked outside the window until the sky slowly turned orange and the sun started to set. She only got up when night arrived and it was dark outside.

"Now, it's time to go meet Choi Han."

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Right after Cale went to the bar where she often bought her beer, she went to the place where Choi Han was now.


She opened the bottle of wine and drank it until it was only half. Cale's face started to turn rosy but her head and eyes were still clear. She had a high alcohol tolerance anyway.



Finally, after 100 steps of walking just like what was mentioned in the book, Cale saw two cats were near the wall. Cale subconsciously smiled and went towards the cats.

Not far from them, there's a man who was sitting on the ground with his back against the wall.

Cale was sure that it was Choi Han since there was no way there is a person who had black hair and eyes and looks like Korean in this world.

Cale gulped.

Even though she didn't see Choi Han's eyes because it had been blocked by his hair, she knows that he was observed her either she's an easy opponent to kill or not.

Cale started to crouch down. She took out the chicken breast that she bought from the bar then gave it to the cats. They were hissing at her first but then the red one started to approach Cale.

Cale was not a cat person but she kinda liked the red one. She patted the red cat's head.

"Eats a lot, you tiny kittens."

Cale looked at Choi Han again. She needs to fast bringing him or else the soldiers that were patrolling around will catch him even though she knew that they were incapable of it.

Unfortunately, right before she opened her mouth to speak, there was an unknown voice coming from behind her.

"Wow, I can't believe there's a young lady that was alone in the dark. I guess I was lucky today." (A/N: Seriously, just writing this makes me chills.)

'Fuck! What the hell is this?! There is nothing like this in the novel!'

Cale's rosy face suddenly turned pale. Her heart also beating wildly as she looked at the drunk man that was now in front of her. She knows that she used to be a male but knowing that her body now was weak, she started to get scared.

'I don't have the Indestructible shield yet!'

Cale's body started to shivers and yet she didn't even notice it.


The cats suddenly went in front of her then start hissing at the drunk man. They were protecting Cale.

"Go away or I'll call the guards!"

"How scary! But let me have some fun first!"

Cale whose back was already against the wall was ready to shout when she saw that the man was getting closer to her. The cats also seem ready to attack.


But before the man was able to touch Cale, someone already punched him on the face twice.

It was Choi Han.

Even the man already collapsed on the ground, Choi Han still didn't stop punching the man which was giving Cale a nightmare.

'Look like the guy already take my role to be beaten to a pulp by Choi Han.'

If she annoyed Choi Han, she was sure she ended up like that drunk man in front of her.



The cats that were in front of him, protecting him just now were already hiding behind her back. They were scared of Choi Han as well.

Cale subconsciously flinched when Choi Han looked at her after stopped beating the man.

"Are you okay, miss?"

"Err... Yes, thank you."

Cale started to look away from Choi Han. It's because he keep staring at her.

'Maybe this is an opportunity to not being beaten by him.'

Cale brings her eyes to Choi Han again.


Cale called Choi Han as she tugged his sleeve. What a shameless act but it's not like her care. Choi Han flinched but Cale just ignored it then asked him a question.

"Are you hungry?"

It's an odd question to start a conversation but who cares?

"....Yes" Choi Han hesitantly answered.

Cale smiled. She was giving Choi Han the sweetest smile that she had in order to not get beaten by him.

"Follow me. I'll feed you."

The best first impression was to be the one who provides delicious food.

"..... Sure."


The red cat started to rub itself on Cale's skirt. It looks like the red cat wanted to follow Cale. Cale wants to cast it away but she knew that Choi Han was ever fond of mini animals such as cats.

She perhaps will be beaten if she treats the cats harshly.

Cale mentally sighed before crouched down and patted the cat's fur.

"Thank you for protecting me, I'll see you again soon."


The red cat finally walked away from her and went to the silver cat that perhaps its sibling. Cale looked at Choi Han again.

"Let's go."


"Welcome back, young lady."

Ron welcomed Cale right after she entered the mansion.

".... Yes, Ron."

This scary old man. He had been waiting for Cale outside the door. Cale didn’t expect him to really be waiting.

Ron’s gaze turned toward Choi Han, and his benign smile suddenly stiffened.

‘Ron should be at a level where he can estimate Choi Han’s strength.’

Choi Han also stared back at Ron. Cale didn’t care what kind of attacks they were sending each other through their eyes so she just ignored it.

"I want to meet my father," Cale spoke.

"Sure, I'll escort you to the Count."

"Sure and–."

She pointed her index finger at Choi Han.

"–tell Hans to guide him. Feed him first. He saved me today so treat him as an important guest."

"He saved you?"

Cale nodded her head.

"I want to report to my father about it so lead the way."

"Yes, young lady."


Right after they arrived in front of the Count's office, Cale waved her hand to Ron.

"You can go now. I want to talk to my father personally."

".... Yes, young lady."

When Ron already disappeared from her sight, Cale knocked the door.

"Father is me, Cale."

"Come in."

Cale opened the door and approached Count Deruth who was busy with his papers. Just seeing about it makes Cale feels tired. That's why her determination to become a slacker increased so that she didn't have to look at those piles of papers.

It's truly a wonderful dream to think of.

"Do you need something, Cale?"

Cale shook her head and it makes Count Deruth confused.

"I want to report something."

Cale's voice sounded so serious as she spoke. It makes Count Deruth subconsciously gulped.

"What is it?"

"Someone almost harassed me."


"WHAT! WHO IS HE?!" Count Deruth shouted as he slammed the table.

His face looked red. Cale knows that he was holding back his anger.

"Almost father, don't worry. Fortunately, there was someone who was protected me. I already brought him here so Hans is treating him."

"Cale, how am I not to worry? You suddenly became a girl today and someone already tried to take advantage of you?! That person deserves to die! Where's he?"

Cale sighed.

"He's near the main gate of the Rain City. He was passed out so I don't think he will regain his consciousness any time soon."

"I'll send some guards there to catch him."

"Thank you, father. Ah. And also I need more allowance tomorrow."

"Sure, I give you more tomorrow."

"Thank you, father. I'll take my leave now."

"Wait, Cale, are you sure you're fine?"

Concerns were printed on Deruth's face when he asked Cale about her wellbeing.

Cale smiled then she nodded her head.

"Yes, father. Don't worry, that man didn't even touch me."

There is a bitter smile on Deruth face but Cale didn't saw it since she immediately opened the door and went out from the room that was full of paperwork.

It was suffocated her.


"Young lady, you already awake."

Cale who now was sitting in front of the mirror while brushing her hair looked at Ron through the mirror.

She just finished her morning bath.

"Here's your lemonade."

"Thanks, put it there."

Ron puts the teacup on the table near the terrace. He then opened the closest.

"What color do you prefer your dress today, Young lady?"

Cale looked at the table as she puts the comb down.

What color?

What color was her favorite?

"Something dark...."

Cale Henituse, no Kim Rok Soo didn't have a favorite color. He wore anything that had in his closet but now he already became Cale Henituse, moreover, he's now a she, and inside her closet had every color that had in this world.

Cale turned to look at Ron who was holding two pairs of dresses. One is dark red and the other is dark blue.

Cale frowned when seeing that both of it are not her liking.

"I want to wear pants today."

'Since I'll be lifting bags of bread later.'

But Cale didn't say it out loud.

Ron nodded his head.

"I see. I'll ask a maid for it. Please wait."



After a few minutes, Cale finally finished dressing up. She then went to the dining room for breakfast. Ron was escorting her, like usual.

"Have a good meal, young lady."

"Yes, you too, Ron."

The door opened and Cale immediately entered the room then sit on her usual seat. The room was quiet but it didn't even bother Cale since she was enjoying the meal that was cooked by Beacrox, Ron's son.

"We already caught the man who almost harassed you, Cale."

"Thank you, father," Cale said but she didn't even look at Deruth and keep eating her steak.

"You should be careful next time, Cale. Now you are a girl, don't go out alone at night," Countess Violan was the one who spoke this time.

"I'll keep that in mind, mother."

"Hyu– Noonim, I suggest you bring some knights when you go out next time."

Cale stopped cutting her steak when she heard Basen's suggestion. If she brings a knight when she goes out, the knight can help her to lift the bags of bread to feed the tree.

But she didn't want them to know what she doing there so she shook her head.

"No need, but I'll bring some if I'm about to stay out until night."

".... That is good enough."

Basen nodded his head.

Deruth who was observed his daughter faked a cough.

"Are you planned on going out today as well?"


"I see.... Be careful."

"I will, father."

The conversation ended just like that. So Cale was able to enjoy her breakfast peace and quiet. But little did she know that Deruth and Violan were communicated through their eyes.

They were worried.


"Young lady, your guest from last night wants to meet you," Hans said.

Cale who was about to go out started to frown.

"What did he wants?"

"He said he wants to pay you back for the meal."

Cale's frown started to get deeper but then she sighed.

"I feed him because he saved me from that drunk guy. Told him that he doesn't have to but if he had something that he wished for, you handle it since just feeding him didn't enough to pay him back for saving my life."

Cale then immediately opened the door and went out without turning back to look at Hans who had a very odd expression on his face.



Cale lifted the third bag for today to the hill in the slum. It was for the man-eating tree.

Since the encounter with the drunk man yesterday, Cale decided to fasten the process of feeding the tree so that she can get the Indestructible Shield fast, because she may have this kind of encounter again in the future.

'Since I am too beautiful.'

Cale smiled proudly.

"N...Noonim.. Do you need some help?"

The dark red-haired child comes to Cale. Cale looked at the sliver-haired girl that seems to hurt. She was calling her brother to not get close to Cale but looks like he ignored his sister's words.

Cale shook her head. She then took out 4 small bags from the bag then gave it to the boy.

"No need. Go there to your sister, you'll make her worried."

The boy took the bags and immediately went towards the silver-haired girl. Cale smiled faintly then proceeded to go to the man-eating tree.


“It’s not bread. It’s meat and cake.”

She could hear the siblings talking about the food, but she did not care. She continued to walk toward the man-eating tree’s territory.


The black tree seemed to be moving its branches to welcome Cale. This eerie feeling made Cale nervous, but she still poured the contents of the bag into the hole underneath the tree.

The bread quickly disappeared.

It was at that moment.

-More, give me more.

Cale flinched. She then brushed her hair with her hand. She sighed.

".... This driving me nuts."

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Deruth looked at Violan who was for calling him. Her face has clearly printed that she was worried about something. However, Deruth knew what it is.

It none other than their son, no, daughter, Cale Henituse.

"Don't you think if we should send some guards to accompany her secretly?"

"She'll hate it."

"That's why I said secretly."

Violan sighed seeing Deruth who seem to hesitate to put a tail on Cale since he knew that his daughter might no like it.

She knows that this is for the sake of Cale not to throw a tantrum, but if an unexpected thing happened as last night happens again, Cale can get hurt.

"I'll send some people if she still didn't return at night."

Deruth's answer makes Violan sighed in unsatisfactory.

"Deruth, even in daytime something bad can happen, you know."

"..... ."

Violan shook her head faintly seeing her husband's silenceness.

"Cale is now a girl, Deruth, and the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I know you are well aware of it. Also, it's not hurt to send one person to take a look of her before something that makes us regret for the rest of our life happens to her."

".... I know."

"I said that because I am a woman, Deruth, and I know what being a woman feels like, but Cale was born a man so she didn't know how being a girl is like. She was unfamiliar with it."


Violan sighed again when looking at her husband who seems not wanting to speak anytime soon. She knows that there are lots of things in Deruth's mind and the incident that Cale was almost harassed by a drunk man was one of them.

Violan then slowly walked towards the door and opened it.

"I'll take my leave now."


The door slammed closed right after Violan exited the room. It makes Deruth heavily sighed.

Cale became a girl give a huge impact on Deruth. It is because she looks exactly like her mother. Her smile and her soft gentle voice, everything is the same.

And the incident about some man almost harassed Cale makes him scared. He was scared that he might lose Cale too.

He didn't want something precious to him had taken away from him but he also didn't dare to do something against Cale's will. He is also scared that he will the one who hurt Cale.

Deruth released a very long and heavy sigh from his mouth.

"I should find a swordmaster to make them her knight. I'll pay them no matter how pricey it is."

Knock Knock Knock

Deruth brings back his stoic face as he looks at the door.

"Count-nim, it is me, Hans and young lady Cale's guest from last night wants to see you."

"Let him in."

Hans together with Choi Han entered the room. Choi Han bowed right after he arrived in front of Deruth.

"Is there something you want?"

Choi Han nodded his head.

Choi Han then explained everything about what had happened in the Harris Village which caused more headaches to Deruth. Choi Han asked for Deruth to prepare a funeral for the death. He agreed.

"I'll send some guards to do some investigation of the incident."

"Thank you, Count-nim."

Deruth looked at Choi Han who seems to not be scared of him even though he's a commoner and even a beggar. He was looking straight into Deruth's eyes.

Based on what Choi Han had told him, he was 17 years old but he managed to kill all the assassins that attacked the Village.

'Should I hire him? He seems pretty strong.'

"So you killed all the assassins alone?"

Deruth asked and Choi Han nodded his head.

"Yes, Count-nim."

"I see... Also, thank you for protecting my so- daughter."

"I just happened to be there so I did what most people will do."

"I believe what most people will do is to take the advantage of my daughter," Deruth coldly said.

He then placed both his elbows on the table and his hands supporting his chin. His eyes were staring at Choi Han.

"Will you listen to this man's request?"


"... Could you please say that one more time."

"Yes. Cale."

Basen was standing next to Cale as well. Cale Henituse going to the capital is something that not happening in the novel but now, instead of Basen, she was the one who needs to attend.

"You shall go to the capital as our family's representative."

Cale could feel a headache coming.

"Originally, Basen was supposed to go. However, you are the first born of our family."

"Also, isn't this a perfect time for your debut as a girl?" Deruth added.

Cale just opened and closed her mouth repeatedly as she watched Count Deruth sitting there with a gentle smile.

"The crown is hosting a big event, and the noble families of each territory have been invited to gather. It will be your first time to go visit the crown, but Basen has been going to similar functions for the last two years. However, I am hoping for you to go this time."

The big event that hosted by the crown. That made Cale think about a single incident.

The Plaza Terror Incident.

This is the fourth time Choi Han encounter the secret organization and he stops half of the incident by himself. That is how Choi Han got the strong backing of the crown prince and a new party member.

Just thinking about it makes Cale feels chills. She then looked at Basen.

'Deruth said Basen normally goes to the events like this. Should I tell him to go instead?'

Cale's mouth continued to repeatedly open and close. She did not want to go to a dangerous area. However, she could not bring herself to say Basen's name.

A relationship that was neither good nor bad. That was the relationship between the original Cale and Basen. Basen found Cale to be difficult, but that was it.

Cale's mind started to get complicated.

"You will leave in five days."

Hearing Deruth says that, Cale knew that the Cale in the novel had not gone to the capital.

In the novel, he was beaten to a pulp by Choi Han. There was no way he could go to the capital in that condition.

Cale silently sighed.


Deruth looked toward Cale. Basen slowly turned to look at his older bro-sister as well.

"I am a bit worried about it since I didn't attend any events for two years. Also, I'm not very confident of myself since I suddenly turned into a girl."

Deruth nodded his head.

"Don't worry about it, you once a man so everyone will treat you like usual, but it's better for you to show yourself in a social gathering like this so that they'll know your current appearance."

Cale shut her mouth tightly. Deruth's point for her to go to the gathering was so strong that she didn't know how to deny it.

Cale nodded her head.

"I understand, father."


"Young lady, your guest for yesterday still wants to meet you."

Cale looked at Hans with her brows raised.

"Did he says something?"

Hans nodded his head.

"Yes, he heard that you will go to the capital from Count Deruth so he wants to accompany you there as your knight."

'But the truth is Count Deruth was the one who asked Choi Han-nim to accompany the young lady since our lady is too fragile.'

But Hans didn't say it out loud since it was an order from the Count to keep it a secret.

Cale immediately looked at Hans.

'Isn't this a good opportunity? I don't have to persuade him to go with me.'

Cale tried to prevent her lips from curling up, that's why she covered her lips with her hand.

She was planned on bringing Choi Han to the capital anyway since, in the middle of their way, they will pass through the Viscount Tolz territory where the black dragon attack happens. In order for her to keep alive, she needs someone as strong as Choi Han to protect him

"What did my father says?"

"The Count just allowed it since he was pretty strong, but either he follows you or not, it all depends on you."

Cale's smile became wider.

"Then call him here."


Knock Knock Knock

Hans opened the door, and Cale could see Choi Han standing outside. Cale waved her hand to send Hans away.

Only Cale and Choi Han were left in the room which gives the room a pretty odd atmosphere.

'It is me or the temperature of this room increased?'

Cale shook her head.

She kept the desk between them as she pointed at the chair across from her.

"Come sit down."

Choi Han slowly looked around the study as he sat down on the chair. Cale gives Choi Han time to look around the study because she knew that the main character Choi Han really loves books.

That's why right after he went out of the forest of darkness, the first thing he does was learned to read from the Harris village chief.

"Will you let me accompanying you?"

'Straight to the point aren't we?'

Cale smiled seeing how Choi Han didn't beat around the bush, she then nodded her head.

"Yes but I have a task for you, will you do it... For me?"

Choi Han rubbed the back of his neck as he slowly nodded his head. That reaction makes Cale smiled softly and she didn't even realize that.

"Yes... I can."

"Good. Also, can you kill people?"

"Yes, I can!"

The answer easily comes out of Choi Han's mouth.

Cale nodded.

"Then that means you can protect people."

Choi Han's eyes shook for a moment.

"That is difficult."

"But difficult does not mean impossible. You protect me, remember?"

"I guess that's true."

"Yes, it is. Also...."

Cale looked at Choi Han. Her sharp eyes softened when she saw pure lights sparkle in Choi Han's eyes when he looked at her.


"What is your name?"

Cale's sounded soft when she asked Choi Han that question.

"You don't know my name?"

'Of course, I do. You're the person who was going to beat me up.'

"I have heard from other people, but I want to hear it directly from you."

"Choi Han."

Choi Han reached his hand out.

"My name is Choi Han."

Cale shook Choi Han's hand.

"Great. I am Cale Henituse."



But little did they know that Ron and Deruth were peeking at them through the small gap at the door.

"Did I choose a perfect guard for her, Ron?"

Ron nodded his head at Deruth's question.

"Choi Han is strong so don't worry about it. Just I think there something I need to confirm first."

"What is it?"

"Nothing, you don't have to think about it, Count-nim."

Ron said with a benign smile on his face.

'I need to confirm either that punk is involved with Arm or not.'


The next day, Cale Henituse headed to the slums as soon as she woke up.

Chapter Text


Cale grumped as she threw the last bag of bread near the other bags. She sighed as she looked at the 4 bags that were near the tree.

Her shoulders and knees were both sore caused by walking shuttle from the bakery to the man-eating tree while lifting these heavy bags.

Cale then took the first bag of the bread then poured the fill into the hole under the tree.


The darkness inside the hole was slowly turning from grey to white. Cale started to smile, thinking that all her efforts were not for naught. It was at that moment.

-More, more, more!


Cale flinched and stepped backwards at the voice that now turned into a shriek. She even almost stumbled on the ground.

-More, more! I will give you a present if you bring me more. A present.



That word made Cale’s eyes start to sparkle. Although she didn’t expect the soul to go crazy like this, the end was near.

She, without hesitation, poured the remaining bread that she brought into the used-to-be black hole. It took Cale 3 bags of bread for her to finally got the ancient power that she has been desired for these past days.

She smiled in satisfaction.


The man-eating tree that was black turned white. It was a mesmerizing sight to see.

She then looked at the last bag of bread.

'I'll give that to the people that live in these slums.'

Cale lifted the bag then walk out of the man-eating tree territory. Her eyes started to look around searching for the pair of children that she had been feeding for these past days.

When her reddish-brown eyes finally meet the two pair golden eyes, she smiled. They were sitting in the corner. She then leisurely walked towards them joined them sits.

They flinched but didn't say a word.


Cale handed both of them a bread that she took out from the bag. She also took one for herself.

"Eat a lot. I still have plenty."

The children smiled then immediately stuffed the bread in their mouths. They hummed happily as they eat. It was so cute. That's why Cale was smiling.


The red-haired child called Cale as he tugged Cale's dress. Cale looked at him.


The red-haired child said as he pointed his finger at the people that were watching them. Cale raised her brows right after her eyes lays on the people that were peaking at them. There is 6 total of them. 3 children and 3 adults.

They were.... Drooling?

Cale sighed as she took 6 pieces of bread from the bag then handed it to the red-haired child.

"Go and give them this."

The red-haired child nodded his head and immediately went to the people then give them the bread that Cale gave him. He smiled in satisfaction as he walked towards Cale and his sister again.

"Good Job. Here."

Cale gives the children the bags that were still filled with plenty of bread. The red-haired child received it with hesitation. His hand was trembling.

Perhaps he was scared?

Cale sighed again then forced the bag into the red-haired child's hand.

"Eat a lot and since there still many breads in that bags, share it because if you keep it, it will rotten next day so it will be waste."

"Y... Yes!"


Both the silver-haired and red-haired children answered at the same time.

"I'll give you more bread again later."

Cale said as she patted both of the children's heads then walked away from the slums.

Later that day, she ended up picking two cats that smelled like bread.


'I can’t live as a trash forever.'

The words that Cale had said yesterday, stuck inside Ron's mind and played over and over again like a broken record.

Since the day Cale Henituse turned into a girl, her behaviour started to change. She became more mature and polite, didn't drink 24/7 also started to become kind, really unlike trash Cale Henituse.

Just how the trash Cale Henituse went to the slums just to feed the beggars. He never did that before.

Now, Ron finally found the answer, it's because she decided to change.

Did Cale Henituse pretend to be trash for all these years?

Who knows, right?


Ron turned his head to looked at his son that was calling him.

"I want to go to the capital with the young lady as her chef."

His son's desire startled him up.


"I want to go to the capital with the young lady as her chef," Beacrox repeated.

Ron started to frowned but in a second his frown face immediately turned into a smile.

Isn't it better for his son to follow them?

Ron nodded his head.

"I will talk about it to the young lady."

"Yes, father."


"Choi Han."

Cale called as she looked at Choi Han who was sitting in front of her. They were having tea in the garden.


"You will protect me, right?"

"Isn't that obvious? I'm your knight, Cale-nim."

Cale chuckled when she saw Choi Han looked kinda upset when she asked a very stupid question him.

She planning on letting Choi Han go anyway if they already get back from the capital because she knew that Choi Han accompanies her to the capital was Count Deruth's wish.

She overheard Ron and Hans's conversation.

"If I abandoned you, will you be mad at me?"

Choi Han flinched. He immediately looked straight into Cale's eyes but not even 5 seconds he already looks away.


Choi Han's fist clenched tight. Cale can see it clearly.

'If someone abandoned me, I'll be angry too.'

Cale nodded her head. The answer is so obvious anyway.

"Did you know that I used to be a man?"

"I know, Ron told me."

Cale raised her brows when she heard Ron's name come out of Choi Han's mouth. She exhaled softly.

"I see... '

'So why did you still treating me like I am a girl? Well, I do now but still...'

Cale wanted to say that but she feels like something was blocking her mouth so she just sighed.

"Anyway, don't worry I won't abandon you."

Cale smiled when Choi Han's eyes finally meet hers.

'Because you'll be the one who going to leave me first.'

But Cale didn't dare to say that out loud so she just shut her mouth tightly.

"Young lady, sorry for disturbing your tea."

Ron suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It makes Cale flinched but she immediately calm herself.

Ron glanced sharply at Choi Han before looked at Cale again.

Cale raised her brows.

"Yes, what's the matter, Ron?"

"My son, Beacrox has requested to be your personal chef for your journey to the capital. If you can, I would like for the young lady to consider about it."

Cale subconsciously smiled. She planned on bringing Beacrox anyway.

'Isn't this better? Beacrox cooking is the best. Also, I can send him and his father to Choi Han after the festival.'

Cale's smile becomes wider.

"Sure, bring him. I can't eat anything if it's not his cooking anyway," Cale said.

She then took a sip of her lemonade, failed to notice the frown on Choi Han's face and Ron's benign smile that getting wider as he looked at Choi Han.


"Noonim! Noonim! You and your black knight are lovey-dovey, right?"


Cale scoffed at this belief when she heard the red cat also known as the red-haired child that she feed in the slums named Hong. The silver cat just laughing at her.

They were now on Cale's bed, getting ready to sleep since tomorrow was the day they set out to go to the capital. They need enough rest for that.

"What nonsense are you talking about. Just because I suddenly turned into a girl, that doesn't mean that I am into boys."

Cale told as she slowly laying herself on the bed. She then patted Hong's head.

"So you going to marry a girl?" Hong asked again.

"I don't plan on getting married."

Cale yawned.

"Sleep, since tomorrow will be an exhausting day."

She said to Hong and the silver cat, On.

They nodded their head then curled up their body beside Cale and slowly drifting asleep.

Chapter Text

“I guess you are leaving today."

Today was the day that Cale would leave the Henituse territory and head toward the capital.

“It doesn’t look like you are nervous.”

Cale smiled instead of responding to her father’s statement. Cale’s complexion had gotten much better in the last few days. It had no choice but to get better.

‘Since I didn’t get beaten to a pulp.’

She could also sleep well now. This was because she could feel the Indestructible Shield always surrounding her heart


Cale looked at the breakfast spread that was fancier than ever.

"I noticed that there is a maid that will also accompany me to the capital. I think there is no need since Hans and Ron are enough."

Deruth flinched. His eyes immediately went to Violan.

"Oh, that–"

"It was my decision," Violan immediately interrupted.

She didn't even look at Cale as she said that. She only looked at her food.

"She will only help you with your clothes and bath because that two things cannot be done by man."

Cale smiled awkwardly.

"Oh... I see."

'Damn, I forgot that I'm a girl now.'


Cale feels like she wanted to vomit. Seeing the rabbit soup in front of her makes everything that she just ate this morning wanting to come out.

She sighed.

"Young lady-nim? Are you perhaps losing your appetite?"

The maid that her mother sent to her that named, Emma asked when she saw that Cale didn't even touch her soup. The soup is pretty good though.

"No. Just, I'm not a fan of rabbits."

'I'll eat anything aside of rabbit that Ron caught while laughing!.'

But Cale didn't say it out loud since Ron was standing near her with a benign smile on his face.

She gulped.

"Oh. This Ron forgot that the young lady didn't eat something if it's not the highest quality ingredients. I'll tell my son to prepare some steak."

Cale only nodded her head then looked at the kittens that were slowly approaching her then sits on her lap.



They meowed. They seem to be asking for food.

Cale gently patted their head.

"If you hungry go and ask Hans for some food."

They meowed again and immediately went to Hans. Emma who was watching it amazed by the cats' cleverness. Of course, she would think like that. She didn't know that On and Hong were the cat tribe. Neither her nor Hans.


Choi Han called as he slowly approached Cale. He then sits next to Emma who was sitting across Cale.

Cale looked at him.

"Ain't you scared? Of the bandits earlier?"

"...Not really."

Choi Han saw that Cale shivering just now so he thought that Cale was still afraid of the bandits. However, Cale was shivering because Ron was looking at her with his benign smile.

He looks like a grim reaper who want to take away her soul. Even Cale already looked away, she was still able to feel Ron's stare that can dig a hole in her head.

She had no idea why Ron was looking at her.

"…This must have been your first time facing potential death.”

It makes Cale scoffed.

‘First time facing potential death my ass. Do you know how nervous I’ve been the last few days because of you?’

That wasn’t even it. Ron’s smile as Choi Han brought back the rabbits, the sight of Beacrox sharpening his cooking knife, Cale was also nervous because of them. Cale started to think about all of the nervous moments she has had since they left the Henituse territory.

‘Now I really have no appetite.’

" Ughh."

Cale subconsciously groaned and she didn't even realise when the spoon that she was holding fell onto the soup bowl. That is why she didn't notice the understanding look of her soldier.

"Don't you have the desire to learn a martial art? Cale-nim needs at least to know how to defend herself."

"No, need."


Choi Han looked at Cale with confusion. He blinked.

"I have plenty of ways."

Cale took her gaze off from Choi Han the looked at her soldiers.

"You can see them too, right?"

Cale started to smile. She knew that they would all protect her since they will be punished if something happens to her.

She then made eye contact with Choi Han after looking at all her soldiers.

‘And they are not the only protection.’

She patted her heart as she answered.

“I trust my heart. I will live.”

Cale was thinking about The Indestructible Shield surrounding her heart will protect her.

She closed her eyes then opened it again softly.  The breezy evening makes Cale's hair fluttered while the sunlight makes Cale's straight hair gleaming. There even a butterfly flew around her, makes anyone that was looking at her mesmerized by her beauty.

It was a breathtaking sight.

Choi Han eyes shook when his eyes meeting Cale's that was sparkling beautifully as a precious pearl. He can feel the warmth in those eyes that were looking at him.

Cale smiled. Her eyes curved a little while her cheeks slightly turned rosy.

"Also, I have you. Why should I worry?"

Cale's face immediately turned stoic as she had never been smiling before and was giving Choi Han a warm gaze.

Cale was thinking about how she didn’t need to be so nervous anymore because she managed to avoid getting beaten up and also got the Indestructible Shield.

But then her thoughts were snapped when Choi Han suddenly stoop up from his seat after putting his bowl on the table.

"Where are you going?"

"...... I'll be practising with my sword."

"Why, now? Right after eating?"

"Yes, I feel like I need to get stronger."

‘…Scary punk. Are you trying to get strong enough to blow the whole Earth away?’

But at the same time, Cale was curious about what kind of practice that Choi Han will do so she had decided–

"Can I watch your training?"

–that she'll be watching him training.

'Since I don't have anything to do anyway.'

Choi Han smiled happily as he looked at Cale and was nodding his head.


Cale narrowed her eyes. She didn't know why Choi Han looked so excited when she said she will watch his training.

But right when she was about to stand up, Ron suddenly patted her shoulder causes her to flinch.

Cale immediately turned to look at Ron who was behind her.

"Young lady, your food is read."

Beacrox already served the steak in front of her. The aroma of the steak makes Cale gulped. She now completely forgot about her intention to watch Choi Han training.

"Looks like the lady now already have her appetite. Choi Han-nim, you can train on your own."

Choi Han clicked his tongue then brings his eyes from Ron to Cale. Cale who noticed Choi Han's gaze immediately opened her mouth.

"Choi Han, I'll watch your training next time."

Cale said while giving Choi Han an awkward smile. She is scared that Choi Han will be mad at her and perhaps will beat her there. That's why she already prepared her heart.

But Choi Han's thought was different, he saw Cale's smile was sincere. He also knows that Cale still didn't fill her stomach yet. So he responded to Cale's smile with his innocent smile that makes Ron frowned when seeing it.

"I see. Cale-nim needs to eat too."

"Ah... Yes."

"Then I excuse myself."

Cale watched Choi Han who already turned his back towards ger then walked away. When Choi Han's appearance finally disappear from her sight, she started to eat her meals.

“If everyone has finished eating, we will start our evening training session soon.”

The Vice Captain commanded.

The vice captain must be motivated by Choi Han or perhaps he also wants the young lady to watch the training.


'So cliche!'

Cale mentally screamed when she saw how Choi Han ran towards the old man that was in the middle of the road after seeing there a noble carriage was fast approaching him.

'The damn lunatic, Venion Stan.'

Cale swears right after she sees the crest of the carriage.

"Are you going there, young lady?" Hans asked when he saw Cale was walked towards Choi Han.

"If it's not me, then who will?"

Cale's voice tone was deep and low. She was annoyed with the situation they were in now.

Hans shut his mouth.

She clicked her tongue then went to the angry Choi Han.

However, Cale's annoyance is not because of Choi Han because she knew what kind of person Choi Han is.

Choi Han is a caring and kind person. He didn't care about status or whatever. Not to mention an arrogant noble like Venison who only think about himself. Who also will kill his brother in the future just to take the successor place.

Choi Han is also a person who will not allow people to do anything they like in front of him. That's why he didn't even hesitate to beat up a count's son.

It's because of Venion Stan. He is a psycho. A person like him is what Cale hate to handle the most.

"Enough Choi Han."

Cale patted Choi Han's back right after she arrived behind him.

"But Cale-nim–"

"Don't worry let me handle it."

Cale then approached Venion Stan who just got out of the carriage.

Right after they made eye contact, Cale saw he flinched.

Perhaps because he senses Choi Han's killing intent.

"Young Master. No. The young lady from Henituse?"

Cale just smiled.

"Greeting, Young Master Venion Stan."

".... Sorry for my rudeness. Greeting, young lady Cale Henituse."

Cale nodded her head and slowly looked at Venion's sleeve. There is some blood on it. That's why Cale knew that he just got back from torturing the black dragon.

'Twisted bastard.'

"I'm sorry for what had happened earlier. My knight seems to have bothered young master Venion's way."

Cale tried to smile warmly as she spoke to Venion. She needs to make this man in front of her disappear sooner. That's why instead of Choi Han, she was the one who apologised.

Since she knew that Choi Han will never apologise because he didn't do anything wrong.

Venion smiled but his smile was so wide that almost make Cale shiver in fear.

She senses DANGER.

"It's not your fault, young lady Cale. We just happen to encounter sudden obstacles sometimes."

He then looked at the old man. The feeling that he was disgust was clearly printed on his face.

Cale silently rolled her eyes.

'Is villain often annoying?'

Cale brings back her stoic face as she looked at Venion. Her instinct that telling him something was dangerous still didn't disappear.

"Sometimes, the people seem to forgot who has the right to use the road, right young lady Cale?"

He looked back at Cale and Cale smiled faintly.

Venion is the time of the person who treasures his pride as noble strictly. That's why Cale labelled him as an arrogant noble bitch.

"I'm sorry!"

The old man kneeled then put his forehead against the ground as he apologised.

Choi Han is still looking at Venion with his sharp gaze but Venion seems to not bother at it since he was still smiling at Cale.

Cale silently sighed then approached the old man. She patted his shoulder.

"Is there any bar here? I suddenly feel like wants to drinks."

"Y...yes. There is"

"Lead the way soon."

Cale stoops up then went to Venion again. She then handed out her hand for a handshake.

"I glad that I able to make young master Venion my acquaintance."

Venion frowned before took Cale's hand. He smiled then kissed Cale's gloved hand gently.

It makes Cale flinched and Choi Han boiling in anger.

Cale remembered how Venion looked down on commoners too much. He even feels disgusted to touch a noble's hands that were already held by the commoner.

But now he kissed her hand that just now was patting the old man's shoulder?.

The instinct that telling her it's dangerous still didn't disappear.

"Me too," he said.

Cale frowned then immediately took her hand away from Venion.

"Please, remember young master Venion, I used to be a man. Please don't treat me like a lady."

"I'll try to remember that, Young lady Cale," He said as he bowed.

It's made Cale flinched again. Based on both their father's status, Venion who is Marquis' son didn't have to bow himself to Cale who is only a count's daughter. But now he does that?

What was his intention?

"Young master Venion. We are already late."

Venion glared sharply at the servant beside him.

"Don't interrupt the conversation between nobles," he said before looked back at Cale.

"Looks like the time didn't allow us to continue this conversation longer."

"It looks like that, young master Venion."

Venion smiled again and it never fails to give Cale goosebumps.

"I know the lady is on her way to the capital. So I hope that I can share a drink with the lady when we are already at the capital."

"I hope so, young master Venion."

Venion nodded his head then get in his carriage. He looked at Cale again before closing the door.

"I'm on my way now, young lady Cale."

Cale just waved her hand. After Venion's carriage completely disappear from her eyes, she finally approached the old man.

"Old man, can you walk on your own?"

"Yes, I can! I'll bring you to the bar in this town."

Cale shook her head.

"No, need. I don't have the desire to drink anymore."

"If you are searching for an Inn, it's at the bar too. My place is an inn, bar and restaurant. It's the only inn in this town."

"I see. Then, Hans helps this old man here."

"Yes, young lady-nim."



Choi Han called Cale when Hans and the old man finally left, leaving him and Cale alone.

"Yes... Ehh!"

Choi Han immediately took off Cale's gloves. It makes Cale shocked and confused at the same time at Choi Han's action.

'He even dares opened my gloves?!'

Cale knows Choi Han was bold but she didn't know that he is bold enough to take something from the nobles in front of them without permission.

When Cale is about to scold Choi Han, he first opened his mouth.

"It's dirty. Don't use it again. I'll ask Beacrox to burn it."

"...... Yes."

Cale was speechless.

'Dirty It's because Venion already touched it?'


Cale was amazed by the amount of hatred that Choi Han had towards Venion until everything that he touched, Choi Han considered dirty.

'Oh poor, Venion. You just made this protagonist your enemy.'

"Also Cale-nim, don't you see how that noble look at you?! His eyes were full of lust. You should be careful next time."

"I know. Choi Han, I may be a woman outside but I am a man inside so don't worry," Cale said as she looked at Choi Han who was standing beside her.

"Also I'll make that guy regret for laying his eyes on me," Cale added.

She smiled widely when she thinking about the black dragon that she was about to ste– no take from Venion.

Chapter Text

Venion cannot stop his lips from curling upward. His encounter with the firstborn of the Henituse family is truly a blessing.

The face of the lady he meets earlier is still clear in his mind.

"I heard that Cale Henituse is the trash of the Henituse family."

"That was what the rumour had said."

Venion's smile wider.

"Now she already turned into a woman and have an angelic face, don't you think she will turn back into a man?"

The servant shook her head.

"I heard that there an unknown power that turned Cale Henituse into a woman."

"Unknown power?"

"Yes, it is neither magic nor divine power."

"I see... So if the power had not been discovered yet, there is no way to find the cure, right?"

"Yes, young master Venion."

Venion clasped his hand together then his curved eyes looked at his servant.

"And no one wants trash."

Venion leaned his back on the backrest of his seat.

"Shall I claim her? She is already an adult anyway."


Cale cannot sleep that night. She cannot even close her eyes either. She feels like Someone will eat her alive even if she only closed her eyes for a second.

"Ugh.." Cale groaned.

She glanced at the two kittens that were sleeping by her side. Soft snores can be heard from both of them. She patted them first before waking up from her bed.

She yawned.

Remembering about the meeting with Venion Stan makes Cale feels unsafe. Why did she have to meet that damn lunatic? The villain that will be a threat to her family in the future.

"Erggh!" Cale grumbled.


The red cat, Hong awake from his sleep. He blinked multiple times before stretched his body.

He yawned.

"What's the matter, noonim? Can't sleep?"

Cale crouched and opened her hands when she saw that Hong was walking sleepily toward her. When he was already in her arm, Cale stood up.

"Yes, I can't."

"I see. Wanna go on a midnight walk? Breezy night feels good."

Cale smiled then nodded her head. She puts Hong on the table first before took her shawl that was on the closest and wrapped around her shoulder.


Now the silver cat, On also already woke up from her sleep. She rubbed her eye with her front paw.

"Where are you going?"

On then jumped out of the bed then immediately went to Cale who already widened her hands to hold her.

"Walk. I can't sleep."

On nodded her head. She then snuggled in Cale's arm to find the warmth. Hong also does the same thing.

There is a faint smile on their face where they already find the warmth that they have been searching for.

In Cale's embrace is their favourite place.


"1893..... 1894........1903"

In the middle of the night, Choi Han was outside the inn and was swinging his sword. He was training.

The incident that happened this evening made Choi Han's blood boil in anger every time he remembered it.

He swings his sword harder.

The way that noble kissed his liege's hand, hold her hand and lay his eyes on his liege's body was so disgusting.

'I need to cut his hands, stabbed his eyes and pulls out his tongue.'

Choi Han mentally makes a note.

His liege was so defenceless. She didn't even aware of how people were looking at her. She didn't aware of how even her own soldiers were looking at her with their lustful eyes.


Choi Han sword fell on the ground. His hands were shaking.

What will happen if he didn't stay by his liege's side? Will something bad happens?

Will her own people take advantage of her?

Choi Han clenched his fists.

'Should I find a way to turn her back into a man?'

Choi Han still remembers the time when he was helping Ron arranged the needs for this trip. When he was walking around the Henituse estate, he saw a portrait of a young man.

He remembers how he was spellbound when looking at the portrait. The young man in the portrait was so mesmerising and breathtaking.

It was Cale Henituse.

Even when Cale was a man, Cale still cannot hide her beauty.

It's made Choi Han wonder. 

'How can a person be so perfect?'

'Is Cale Henituse an angel?'

Choi Han sighed then picked up his sword again and swings it stronger than before. He needs to get stronger in order to protect his liege.

His meeting with Cale is a blessing for Choi Han. His home that was slaughtered by unknown assassins now was gone and Cale brought a new home to him.

'I'll protect her no matter what.'


Choi Han swings his sword again.

"Choi Han?"

A soft voice appeared on his side made Choi Han petrified. He knew exactly whose that voice was.

He turned around followed the voice.

"Cale-nim? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?"

Choi Han puts his sword back to his scabbard then hurriedly went towards Cale. He fixed Cale's shawl that started loose from her shoulder.

The kittens were sleeping peacefully in her arm.

"I can't sleep."

"But Cale-nim, walking around alone at night is dangerous. You should at least bring a knight."

"They were resting. It's not like I want to go to the forest anyway."

Choi Han sighed in front of Cale for the first time.

"Come here."

Choi Han softly held Cale's shoulders then brings her to the bench nearby and helped her to sit down.

Choi Han brushes Cale's long hair to the side to prevent from Cale sitting on her own hair.

A nice scent of rose went to Choi Han's nose. It was so nice that even makes Choi Han addicted to it. He subconsciously sniffed for more.

He snapped when he heard Cale's voice.

"Why are you training at midnight, Choi Han? You are supposed to rest too. You are my knight, remember?"

"I need to get stronger."

"But isn't you already strong enough? I heard from father that you killed all the assassins that attacked Harris Village alone."

"I feel like it's not enough."

"...... I see."

Choi Han looked at Cale then sit next to her.  He was able to see Cale's faint smile thanks to the moonlight. His heart feels peace when he saw that beautiful smile.

Meanwhile, Cale tried her best to hide her nervousness by smiling faintly. Her guess about Choi Han wanted to be strong enough to blow up this earth was right.

Her heart was beating wildly. She was scared that she will be beaten to a pulp by Choi Han if he gets stronger. Her Indestructible Shield perhaps cannot block Choi Han's attack.

'I need to make sure to not make him mad.'

The silence between Cale and Choi Han was not awkward at all. Both of them enjoying the beautiful starry sky and the silenceness of the night. Only the kittens' soft snores and the insect's sound can be heard.

"Anyway Choi Han."


"I planned on doing something bad to Venion tomorrow night, do you mind helping me?"

".... Something bad?"


Cale looked above the sky. She smiled.

"I want that bastard to be kicked out of his house."

Cale's eyes that were looking at the sky was now looking at Choi Han.

Choi Han was staring at Cale too. But his face was in confusion and he was frowning. But soon after, he nodded. He agreed to help Cale.

That's why Cale was smiling.

"Anyway, have you seen a dragon before?"

"Dragon? I see something similar."

“You did? How was it?”

“…It was a monster.”

“How so?”

“Its appearance, its strength, everything. It was a monster in all aspects.”

“Is that so?”

Cale nodded his head and continued to speak.

“Then you have not seen a dragon.”

“Excuse me?”

“Dragons are like people.”

Cale pressed her shoulder against Choi Han as she yawned. She started to get sleepy.

Cale was thankful that Choi Han didn't avoid her contact.

“Dragons, Beast people, Dwarves, Elves, they are all like humans. Why? Because they also have emotions and lives.”


Cale leaned her head on Choi Han's shoulder caused him to faintly flinched, however, Cale had no awareness of it.


Cale's eyelids start to gets heavier. She exhaled softly before slowly closed her reddish-brown eyes.

She continued to speak.

"Such an existence has fallen into darkness since it was born. The only thing currently lighting up the darkness in its life is torches, and it has never even seen the light of the sun. What kind of life do you think it is having?”


“It is being forced to become an existence without rationality.”


“It has had to suffer through its loneliness, without any family or anything to lean on.”

Cale didn't know what kind of face that Choi Han was making right now since her eyes were tightly closed.

"Choi Han."

Cale's voice was so faint like she was whispering as she called out Choi Han's name. Her consciousness was slowly overwhelmed by her sleepiness.

"Yes, Cale-nim."

"Let's save that pitiful dragon tomorrow night..."

"Yes, Cale-nim."

After a few seconds, soft snores had been heard from Cale also the kittens in her arm. She fell asleep while leaning on Choi Han's shoulder.

"Cale-nim... Why are you so kind?.."

Choi Han whispered while slowly brings Cale to his arm then lifted her. He makes sure to not wake Cale and also the kittens as he held them in his arm. He carried Cale in a bridal style.

He then brings them to their room.

When Choi Han already lays Cale and the kittens on the bed and pulled the blanket up to covered Cale's body, he didn't immediately go out of the room. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and was watching Cale sleep.

Whole night. Choi Han was staring at the sleeping Cale for the whole night.

He only went out of the room when the sun already showed itself.



The knights were having their good time on the first floor of the inn while Cale was in her room together with the two kittens. Cale was the one who asked them to rest since they will continue their journey tomorrow.

"You guys already planted the mana disturbance somewhere at the mountain, right?" Cale asked.

Cale started to undress herself. On who was in her human form was helping Cale while Hong was on the table with his back facing towards Cale. He also was munching some cookies.

"Yes, we did a very good job."

"Very good job nya!"

Cale nodded her head.

"Good." Cale praised both the kittens.

She then took out the uniform of the unknown organization that was in the closet then put it on her body. It fits perfectly just a little bit tight.

Cale then put on the mask when suddenly there was a noise at the terrace.


It's Choi Han.

Choi Han finally came to her room through the terrace. He was shocked right after he lay his eyes on Cale.

She was wearing a tight black suit that even the shape of her chest can be seen. Choi Han's face started to get rosy.

Choi Han immediately shook his head to erase all the unimportant thoughts and slowly approached Cale.

"Wear this."

Cale threw the black uniform towards Choi Han and he catches it. Choi Han looked at Cale in confusion.

"We need to hide out identity. Fast, go change. We need to save the dragon now."

Chapter Text

“If you come, everyone here will die!”

Cale raised her brows as she looked at the shaking torturer. She knew that if the torturer received an attack that strong than a regular person, he will blow up.

This is all for the Marquis Stan's safety.

"Tsk." Cale clicked her tongue.

Cale then waved her hand while looking at the shaking torturer. Once she did, fog started to form in the air and headed to the torturer.

On was the one who controlled the fog.

“A, aaaaaah! Go away!”

The sounds of battle from the cave entrance. The approaching fog. Of course, inside the fog was completely filled with poison. The paralyzing fog quickly surrounded the torturer.

“Just what, ugh, p, poison…!”


The torturer fell to the ground. Looking at it makes Cale smirked. She was satisfied with what the kittens had done. Even they were still young, their ability was impressive.

Cale then walked towards the prison that was at the corner of the cave. She opened the lock with the key that she took from the torturer.


The door opened and Cale can see clearly a black dragon that was closing his eyes tightly, didn't even bother to look at Cale as he knew the person that was coming.


The dragon flinched. He slowly opened his eyes. His blue eyes lit when his eyes meet Cale's.

But soon he growled. However, Cale didn't mind because she knew why the dragon feels threatened when she approached him.

'Of course, he will act like that. He has been tortured by humans anyway.'

Cale crouched down and held the dragon in her arm gently.

"Let's leave."




Choi Han was silent for a while after calling out Cale’s name before he finally started to speak once again.

“What if the dragon decided that living as it wants was to follow you, Cale-nim?”

“That will never happen.”

“What if. Just hypothetically speaking.”


Cale thought about it for a while, before lightly responding.

“Well, it's not hurt to take care of another child anyway."

Cale then crouched down to brings the two kittens that just after getting back the orb in her arm. She smiled.

Cale didn't really mean what she said by the way. She said that because she knew that there is no way the dragon will follow her. He hated humans too much. He has been tortured by them anyway.

Cale just wanted to leave a good impression of herself to Choi Han for her own benefit in the future.

However, Cale didn't know that the dragon was watching her up above the tree in invisibility. Tears started to drip out from the little black dragon's blue eyes. He hugged the empty potion bottle tightly then decided to follow the red-haired human.

Warmth started to filled his long-frozen heart.


Ignore what had happened in the next morning and the days after, how they always got free food supplies out of nowhere but Cale knew from who, they finally arrived at the Puzzle City.

"Let’s go see the rock tower.”

The kittens’ ears started to twitch. Cale smirked internally at the kittens, who ran toward her like they were never angry from the start, and picked the people that would go with her.

“It will just be us and Choi Han. Oh, bring On and Hong with you too.”

"Yes, young lady!"

Hans responded and immediately prepared the carriage.

When they finally arrived at the rock tower, the kittens filled with disappointment. 

"It's not too pretty."

"Yes, nya. I can do better!"

Both the kittens complained but Cale's eyes were looking at a different place.

‘They are still here.’

She was able to locate the people that she was looking for as soon as they entered the ruins.

At a bit of a distance were a casually dressed man and woman. The man was in a wheelchair, with the woman pushing the wheelchair and heading out of the entrance of the Ruins, which was also the exit.

'Now that I’ve confirmed what they look like, I just need to make sure to avoid them.’

Since they didn’t know who she was, even though they might have seen her once, they still didn't know Cale's current appearance as a girl. That's why Cale just had to make sure she avoided them in the future.

At that moment, Hans stealthily approached Cale and whispered to her.

“I just saw the eldest son of Marquis Stan’s household.”

“…How do you know about that person?”

Cale was truly surprised. Hans smiled before pointing in one direction with his eyes.

“Pretty much any and all information about the nobles is in my head. I could see a man being pushed on a wheelchair. It was weird that there was only one person with him, but I was able to see that there was a red snake crest on the wheelchair.”


“Yes, young lady.”

“You’re better than you look.”

“Thank you!”

Hans smiled with a satisfied expression as he finished his report. He then asked Cale.

“What do you plan on doing?”

Cale could feel the left side of her face heating up and looked in that direction. Choi Han was looking at her. Cale shook her head and answered both of them.

“Ignore them.”

For Choi Han, it was the black dragon.

That's why Cale was sighing. She already decided to take the black dragon for her own benefit anyway.

Cale then looked at Choi Han who seem to make a wish together with the kittens. She smiled.

' Next ancient power is Vitality of Heart.'

If she had that ancient power, she had no worries if Choi Han or perhaps Ron wants to attack her.

That's why Cale's smile widening.


"I will only bring Choi Han with me."

Cale's declaration makes Hans, Hilsman the vice captain and Ron shocked.

"And why is that, young lady?" Ron asked as he looked at Choi Han who had a smile on his face.

Ron frowned.

"Since he is the strongest? Have any problem with that?"

Ron shook his head.

"But young lady, it's inappropriate for a lady being alone with a man. At least bring Emma with you."

What Ron had said makes Cale scoffed in disbelief. Did they forget that Cale Henituse used to be a man?

As Kim Rok Soo can remember when he was reading the novel [Birth of Hero], Cale isn't the type of person who had fun with any people. So why is Ron saying that to her?

Also, just because Cale Henituse is a woman now, she is into men. No.

No matter what she still is a man inside.

"That's funny," Cale said but her face did not show any sense of humour. It's stoic as always.

She crossed her arm as she looked at Ron, Hans then Hilsman.

"Tch." She clicked her tongue.

"Don't forget, my inside is still a man. Let's go Choi Han."

Cale ignored the odd expression of Ron, Hans and Hilsman as she turned her back to them and walked away with Choi Han by her side.

She started to feel annoyed.

'I need to find a way to turn back into a man.'

Later that day, she was scolded by Emma for getting her dress ruined and was forced to go shopping to buy more new dresses which made Cale knows how tiring it is of becoming a girl.

Even though it was a tiring day but since Cale already got the Vitality of Heart, it was just like walking around in the park. Only her mental that was tired.


Cale was reading the document that Hans give her while at the same time, in the same room Choi Han and the kittens were reading a book.

Tomorrow is the day she will send Choi Han away to go get Rosalyn, the mage and Lock, a beast people, wolf.

She knows that Choi Han will do a good job but she still feels anxious that Choi Han might go berserk since he will encounter with a group of assassins that might remind him of the tragedy of Harris Village.

Cale looked outside the window. The sky was still on its bluest. That's why Cale decided to take Choi Han on a walk together with the kittens to give him some happy memories first.

She stood up from her seat which take the three people's attention.

"Where you want to go, nya?"

On, the sliver kitten started to approach her as she asking  Cale a question. Cale took On to her arm and Hong who was hurriedly went to her right after he saw his sister being picked by Cale.

"Walk or maybe do some shopping."

Cale's eyes went to Choi Han who seems to patiently wait for his name to be called. She smiled.

"Choi Han, let's go."

Choi Han smiled innocently as he gets up from his seat.

"Yes, Cale-nim."


The kittens were now in their human forms since Cale wants to buy them some clothes.

On was holding Cale's arm while Hong was in Choi Han's arm. He was lifting him because he was pretty small for 7 years old. It's hard for Hong to catch up with their step.

"Just tell me what you guys want. I'll buy it for you."


Both the children answered at the same time with their sparkling eyes. Cale smiled then nodded her head. Her eyes went to Choi Han.

"You too Choi Han. Don't hold back, just tell me what you want."

Choi Han was hesitant but still nodded his head.

"I'll keep that in mind."

Cale didn't even mind spending her money for them. Choi Han who had been through so many hardships for tens of years in the forest of darkness and the kittens that were thrown away by their tribe, three of them should get better treatment.

They then entered a boutique that had so many kids dresses shown on the window. Cale saw that Choi Han finally puts Hong down then looked around.

"Welcome, young lady. May I help you?"

The boutique owner greeted Cale with her warmest smile. At a glance, she already knows that Cale is a daughter of a noble.

"I want to find suitable clothes for these kids."

Cale pushed gently both On and Hong towards the owner.

"Go find your liking, me and Choi Han will be on the second floor."

The children nodded their heads and followed the owner. Since the adult dress was on the second floor, Choi Han and Cale went upstairs.

"I need to find you some suit."

"For what?"

"You should at least have 2 or 3 pairs since you are my knight, you might follow me to attending some formal banquet."

Choi Han nodded his head and went to look at the suits that were on display meanwhile Cale was looking at the women dress. After a few minutes, Choi Han's voice had been heard. He was calling for her.



"I don't know what to choose."


Cale frowned but still went to Choi Han. She then saw Choi Han was smiling awkwardly and was rubbing the back of his neck.

"I don't know which one will look good on me."

Cale sighed when hearing Choi Han's reason. Her hands then moved to find good clothes from him.

"Go try this, this, this and this."

All the suits that Cale handed to Choi Han were dark coloured. Since Choi Han's eyes and hair are both black, the dark colour might look good on him.

Everything that Cale asked Choi Han to tried on was surprising look good on him. Cale nodded her head in satisfaction.

'My eyes never fail me.'

"We will buy all of that," Cale said as she pointed at the piles of clothes that Choi Han just tried earlier.

"But Cale-nim, that too much!"

Cale smirked.

"I have lots of money, you know. So don't worry. Take all of them and go downstairs. We need to pay for it."

"But Cale-nim..."

"No, but but or else I buy this entire shop for you."


Choi Han just surrender as he followed Cale from behind while holding 6 pairs of suits that Cale choose for him. He only able to sigh.

He agreed to become Cale's knight in order to pay her back for the meals that she feed him at their first meet, but now he ended up receiving more.

That's why Choi Han decided to stick with Cale and help her when she need.

He's her knight anyway.


After paying for the clothes, they went out of the boutique. Seeing the tired expression of On and Hong, Cale looked around to find a restaurant.

"Let's eat first," Cale said.

But then


Someone had accidentally bumped into Cale.

Chapter Text


Choi Han immediately caught Cale as soon as she was about to fell.

"Thank you, Choi Han."

Cale then looked at the guy whose shoulder was pushed her back earlier. His whole face was covered except his eyes. Cale saw how those brown eyes widening when their eyes meet.

Cale frowned.

"Please forgive me for bumping into the young lady. I was in hurried so I didn't see the young lady earlier."

The young man bowed his head as he apologised to Cale. Unfortunately, when Cale is about to open her mouth, the two children were faster than her.

"You should be careful next time, Nya! Our sister's body is weak. What if she got hurt because of your clumsiness! I won't let you go easily!" On scolded the man.

"Yes, Nya! I will feed you my poison if you hurt my noonim!"

This time Hong is the one who was threatened the man.

The man flinched, Cale can see it clearly but she soon flinched too when she looked at Choi Han. He was glaring at the man.

"Choi Han, I'm okay."

Cale tried to calm Choi Han down by patting his arm that was holding her shoulder.

"Are you sure?"

Cale nodded.

"Yes, Choi Han."

Choi Han sighed in relief and slowly letting Cale's shoulder go. Cale smiled when she saw that Choi Han already calm himself.

To calm the children, Cale just patted both of their heads.

"Don't worry, I'm okay," Cale said.

The children looked at each other first before nodding their heads.

Seeing that the kids were already well behaved, Cale looked at the unknown man in front of her. She then crossed her arm then raised her brows. Her face already turned stoic.

"You need to be careful next time. What if you accidentally bump into old people and cause an injury to them? You will get into big trouble, you know," Cale said.

"I will, young lady."

The man bowed again.

Cale sighed. She then waved her hand telling the man that he can go. The man bowed again and immediately walked away from Cale.

He even looked back twice. No. Many times before completely disappeared into the sea of people.

"Cale..." On called.

When she looked at On, Cale saw that On was lifting her hand and was fidgeted her hand many times.

She seems to be asking for Cale to hold it. Of course, Cale took it. She didn't want to let On lifting her hand for too long.

It was cute behaviour.

Watching the boutique's worker finished putting everything that she had bought into the carriage, Cale then walked to the restaurant nearby.

As always her beauty never failed to attract people's attention. However, Cale seems to not realize is that there were countless eyes were looking at her.

Cale is just like a goddess that fell from heaven because she lost her wings and was walking around the town to find a way back. The sunlight made Cale's skin and hair glowing, added more divinity to her look.

Cale's appearance makes the people around her look like a bug that was crawling towards the most beautiful flower.

The pretty one becomes average, the average one becomes ugly and the ugly one becomes even uglier.

Just standing beside Cale makes people feel insecure, questioning either they were in the categories of pretty or ugly.

But looking at Cale makes them realized one thing. Cale is the owner of the pretty category. Not only that, she is also the only member in it.

The street started to fill with people's whispered and murmuring about the existence of a goddess in Puzzle city. Everyone seems to be questioned about her identity but no one knows since Cale in her current appearance as a woman not yet make her debut.

There are so many young men who seem to have the desire to approach Cale.

But thank god, Choi Han and the kittens were there glaring at the people to not get close to Cale. If not, Cale may already be surrounded by weird people.

And thinking about it made Choi Han worried since he have to leave Cale's side tomorrow.

Choi Han looked at On that was holding Cale's hand and Hong that was in his arm.

'I need to buy a dagger for them.'


Alberu panted as he entered his room. Using the teleport scroll was more tiring than he thought. He threw the cape that was covering his whole body on the chair and wears his amulet back.

His brown hair turned blonde, his brown eyes turned blue and his dark skin turned pale.

His dark elf appearance turned into his crown prince of Roan Kingdom appearance. He exhaled relievedly when he saw no one was inside his room. If not he will be dead.


Alberu fell on the couch. He was exhausted.

He just got back from the Puzzle City to get some dead mana from the dark elf there. Thank god everything went smoothly except for one thing.

He accidentally bumped into a beautiful red-haired young lady. If only not for her knight or the two children, he may already have her name.


Alberu groaned as he slammed his face on the couch. He is well aware that his face slowly feels hot.

The young lady's smile stuck in his mind and he didn't know either if he can rid of that smile or not.

Because he knew that smile was not for him. It was for her knight. He remembered how the young lady's face immediately turned stoic as soon as she looked at him.

Alberu sighed.

Disappointment started to fill his heart. If he introduced himself officially and make the young lady his acquaintance, will she smile for him too?

Alberu suddenly stood up and walked out of his room. He went to the library.

"Greeting Your Highness. May I help you?"

The librarian bowed his head as soon as he saw Alberu has approached him.

"Give me all the information that you have about all the young ladies in the Roan Kingdom."


Alberu nodded.

It makes the librarian chuckled.

"Did someone catch the crown prince's heart?"

"Huh?" Alberu flinched.

The librarian looked at Alberu with a knowing smile on his face.

"It's for the crown princess candidate?"

Alberu's face turned red. He immediately looked away from the librarian then covered his mouth with his hand. His actions only make the librarian laughed.

"Do you want to know how I meet my spouse, Your Highness?"

The librarian start to tell his story as he began to find the documents in each drawer.

Alberu began to brings his attention back to the librarian.

"I meet her in the Henituse territory. She was a commoner."

The librarian looked at Alberu before continued to find the documents that he had been told to search for.

"It was love at first sight."

"First sight?"

The librarian nodded.

"When the first time I lay my eyes on her, I was like, 'Wow. That girl must be my fated one.'"

"Fated one...." Alberu murmured.

"Yes but unfortunately, I was in hurried that time so I didn't have the chance to ask for her name."

Alberu started to get impatient. He immediately asked the librarian.

"So how did you find her?"

The librarian chuckled.

"I went to meet Count Henituse and asked him for the list of the citizens that lived there. You know right how the previous count was?"

"Yes, He was an arrogant person."

The librarian nodded.

"So he told me that he will give me the list of people that lived in his territory if I can pay him a gold coin for one person."

"That much?"

"Yes and that time there were more than 3000 citizens that lived in Henituse territory."

"So you paid 3000 gold coins?"

"Yes, I choose love over money and I don't regret anything."

The librarian smiled as he looked at Alberu.

Alberu can see clearly how that old man's eyes lit when he looked at him. His eyes are still full of love.

'That woman is very lucky to have this man as her husband.' Alberu thought.

He too began to smile faintly.

"I found her and we got married. We had 5 children now."

The man exhaled softly.

"That is our happily ever after." The librarian said as he handed Alberu very thick documents.

"I pray with this will help you find you fated one, Your Highness. May you reach your happily ever after."

"T...Thank you."

Alberu then gets out of the library with his face as red as a tomato. The old librarian's story is the same as his.

He was in a hurry so he didn't have the chance to ask for the young lady's name. He then looked at the documents in his arm.

"Will this help me to find her?"

Alberu smiled but his smile soon faded.

'Happily ever after? Am I really allow to achieve such a thing?'

As he walked back to his office, Alberu looked at the bluest sky that resembles the colour of his eyes.

"I hope I get to meet you soon."


"Cale-nim, I don't want to leave."


Cale blinked her eyes twice as she looked at Choi Han. His face looked exactly like a puppy that begging their owner to not leave them.

The kittens that were in Cale chuckled as they looked at Choi Han's behaviour.

"Choi Han?"

"..... Yes, Cale-nim."

Cale sighed.

"Just leave."

"Cale-nim, are you throwing me away?"

Cale was shocked when she heard what come out of Choi Han's mouth but she immediately calm herself.

She knew why Choi Han was so afraid to leave. It's because she is the only place that he can rely on now.

Cale sighed then shook her head.

"I didn't push you away. I promise I didn't have any desire to throw you away. We will meet again soon in the capital."


"Choi Han, if you want to be with me as soon as possible, do your job properly. Bring Rosalyn and Lock to me," Cale said.

She patted Choi Han's head gently in order to calm him down. She smiled.

'It feels like I'm having a very clingy younger brother,' Cale thought.

"Aigoo, you are now a grown-up man, Choi Han. Even if I leave you, I know you can find me."

Cale chuckled.

Choi Han is still with his puppy face. If only he have a dog's ears and tail, Cale can tell that it already went down.

"Here some money and potions for you. Let's meet again in the capital."

Choi Han nodded his head lifelessly.

".....Yes, Cale-nim."

Cale wants to laugh when she watched the way Choi Han walked away. He will turn back every 5 steps he made and all Cale can do was waving her hand.

The kittens also waving their paws to Choi Han.

"Instead of a knight, he feels more like a son to me," Cale said as she slowly shook her head.

"Then I should call Choi Han hyung!"

"I will call him Oppa when he's back!"

Both the kittens spoke while wagging their tails. Cale just smiled as she walked inside the inn. The kittens were still in her arm.

"I hope he will be okay."

Chapter Text

"Cage, what's going on?"

Cage looked at Taylor who was sitting across her and was looking at him with his worried expression. Cage clenched her forehead before exhaustedly sighed.

"God of Death keeps telling me to find a red-haired woman. He said that he need to apologise to her."

"Mhmm? Why?"

Cage shook her head and shrugged.

"I don't know. He's been acting weird since last night when you asked me to destroy the rock tower."

"So we should not destroy it?"

"No! Ugh! I don't know!" Cage grunted as she stood up from her seat.

She then looked at Taylor while waving her hand.

"It isn't important anyway so you don't have to worry," Cage said.

Taylor just nodded understanding. If Cage said don't worry so he has to believe her.

"So when are we going to head to the capital?"

"Tomorrow," Taylor lightly responded.


"..... Nothing?"

Alberu stared at the document helplessly. It's already been 3 days since he has been reading the list of all young ladies in the Raon Kingdom.

However, from all of the 1863  young ladies included the one who had not yet reached her adulthood, no one had generous red hair like the lady he found in the Puzzle City.

There is one person that he knew who had red hair also. It's the Breck Kingdom first princess, Rosalyn. But he had seen Rosalyn once and she looks nothing like the young lady he meet.

Also if that really is Rosalyn, she may have informed the Imperial Family for her visit.
Unless she wants to start a war between the two kingdoms for visiting a foreign kingdom without inform that can be considered as spying.

"Is the young lady is a commoner? A wealth commoner? Should I ask the librarian for all the list of women in this kingdom?"

Alberu shook his head and sighed then brushed his face with both his hand.

He sighed again but this time is heavier than the first one.

"But asking for the list of all women in the Roan Kingdom makes me look like a psychopath."

Alberu groaned before slammed his body on the couch, an action that a crown prince supposed shouldn't do.

"I want to meet her so bad."

Knock knock knock

Alberu immediately stood up and sit gracefully on the couch while fixing his hair.

"Alberu, it's me Tasha."

"Oh, Aunt, come in."


The sound of a door opened had been heard. Tasha went inside Alberu's office with a smile on her face. Her eyes also sparkling as she looked at Alberu.

The smile of hope.

It gives Alberu a very bad feeling.

"Yes, Aunt. What is the matter?"

Tasha grinned getting wider.

"I have prepared you very handsome clothes for you to wear at the event. Want to see it?"

Alberu raised his brows but slowly stood up and approached Tasha.

'Just that? I thought she will be asking about the lady that I meet.'

Alberu sighed in relief. When he was already near Tasya, he nodded his head.

"Sure, I'm in my free time anyway."

Tasha smiled and immediately lead the way. However, his way to the dressing room was not quite peaceful. Tasha was secretly glancing at him then giggled.

It kinda pissed Alberu off.

"Aunt, what are you laughing at?"

"Nothing," Tasha answered shortly followed by chuckles.

"Aunt, split it out."

"Oh my, Alberu is getting mean to me."


Tasha laughed and gently tapped Alberu's shoulder.

"So you found the girl that took your heart?" Tasha chuckled.

It makes Alberu heavily blushed.

'I knew it! She will never let it go!'

"Aunt! It's not like that!"

Tasha grinned.

"Not like that, huh? If I were you, I will not accidentally drink water from a vase if I'm not too crazy in love."

The redness of Alberu's face deepening. He didn't know the most embarrassing thing he does yesterday had been witnessed by his own aunt.


Tasha laughed and teasing Alberu on their way to the dressing room.


“Excuse me, if it is okay, may we share a part of your campsite?”

A carriage arrived by Cale’s campsite area, and the person that seemed to be the driver got off and approached the Hilsman.

“May I ask who you are?”

Hilsman, the Vice Captain asked, even though he already knew the answer after seeing the red snake on the driver’s armour.

“My name is Tom, and I am a part of Marquis Stan’s estate.”


Cale almost said that out loud, as she looked at the shabby looking carriage without a crest. The window opened and Cale could see the face of Taylor Stan.

Taylor might not see her face yet since she was wearing a floppy hat that almost covered her whole face.

“My name is Taylor Stan. I saw Count Henituse’s crest, and asking for help, even though I’m sure it is not ideal.”

Cale had now met Marquis Stan’s eldest son Taylor and the crazy priestess Cage that she was sure was peaking at her. She started to frown.

‘Damn it.’

Cale approached the carriage with Hans by her side.

Cale didn't know why that crazy priestess was kept looking at her. Unfortunately, it's not for Cale to care.

Why should she know? That crazy priestess' curiosity is not her problem.


Cale could not help but sigh. She dropped her head before lifting it back up again. Once she did, she could see that it had become much quieter. Cale thought the silence was odd and looked toward Hans.

Hans smiled awkwardly, before stealthily gesturing toward the driver, Tom, and Taylor, who was looking out of the carriage window.

Taylor had a bitter smile on his face as he started to speak.

“If it is inconvenient for your party, we will leave.”

"Why would you leave?"

Cale walked towards Taylor's carriage with a stoic expression on her face.

“This isn’t my property. I wouldn’t do something so childish when we are both fellow travellers."

Cale then opened her hat. It caused her messy bun to fall off and her wavy red hair started to flutter as the wind blows it softly. Her brown eyes gleamed as she looked at the two people in the carriage.

Both Taylor and Cage's eyes widened. Not only the woman in front of them is beautiful but her face is enough to make every man that looking at her immediately fall in love.

Red-haired woman.
Just yesterday Cage has been told by the God of Death that she need find a red-haired woman and apologise to her for his sake. She didn't think to meet her this fast.

However, since when did Henituse's family had a red-haired woman?

"I am Cale Henituse of the Henituse family.” Cale introduced herself.

That introduction answered everything.

"Cale Henituse?" Taylor's voice sounded shaking as he repeated Cale's name. He was so surprised that even his voice barely come out.

Cale was not bothered by Taylor's reaction. It's normal for someone to react like that when they knew someone who was supposed to be a man suddenly turned into a girl.

As for Taylor, he knew about Cale, the trash of the Henituse family. A luxurious golden turtle as their symbol, as well as being a handsome young man with red hair. There was no one other than Cale who fit that description.

But now, the Cale Henituse in front of him is a girl. He thought a while ago that this girl was Countess Violan.

'So the rumour about Cale Henituse turned into a girl isn't a joke at all,' Taylor thought as he silently observed Cale.

But then, Cage suddenly went out of the carriage and hold Cale's hands. It makes everyone shocked including Cale herself.

"I finally knew it why the God of Death suddenly told me to find you. He is the one who is responsible for turning you into a girl."

"Wh– what?!"

Cage let go of Cale's hands when Taylor tugged her robe. Cage faked a cough before greeted Cale respectfully.

“I,m sorry for my rudeness earlier, young lady Cale. My name is Cage. May the peace of the night always be with you.”

Cale nodded her head.

"Ah, yes. Anyway, why my sudden transformation into a girl had something to do with God of Death?" Cale asked.

"I don't know but he just told me to ask forgiveness from you so–"

Cage bowed her head to Cale 90 degrees.

"Please forgive him."

Cale flinched. She then immediately tapped Cage's shoulder.

She didn't know why Cage was asking for her forgiveness even though she didn't do anything wrong.

Also, what is wrong with God of Death?

If it is his fault that Cale suddenly turned into a girl, why didn't he apologizes to her himself?

Or give her something useful perhaps.

Cale sighed.

"It's okay, I don't mind about it either."

"You forgive him?"

Cale stoically said, "No, I don't but you don't need to apologize for his sake. It's his fault, not yours."

Cage looked at Cale with her round eyes before chuckling softly. She smiled.

"Yes, you are right."

Cage then lifted her head.

"Anyway, thank you young lady Cale for willing to shared part of your campsite with us. We really appreciate it."

"It's just normal," Cale said.

She then looked at Hans. Seeing his master was looking at him, Hans immediately approached Cale.

"Help them out."

Hans nodded his head.

Cale looked at Cage and Taylor for the last time before turning back.

"Feels free to make yourself comfortable," Cale said before walked away from the two people that she tried her best to avoid but still meet in the end.

Cale sighed.

Without her awareness, the two people were smiling while looking at her getting further away from them.

Chapter Text

After helped Taylor and Cage entered the capital stealthily, Cale finally arrived at Henituse residence.

However, her mood is not very good.

Cale stared at the invitation of northeastern nobles meeting with an exhausted expression on her face. Just thinking about it makes her feel really tired. She then threw the invitation away from her.

"Hans, do I really have to go to this meeting?"

"Yes, young lady."

"Can I not go?"

"No, it's a northeastern nobles meeting."

"I knew it."

Cale sighed exhaustedly as she leaned her back on the chair.

She knew why the others nobles held this meeting. It is because she is not Basen Henituse and is Cale Henituse, The infamous trash.

They must be scared that she will cause a scene in the banquet so they held this meeting to warn her up.

'Cale Henituse, people take care of you like you are a toddler.'

Cale can't help but to released another sigh. Think about this makes her feels hungry.

She called for Hans.

"Go brings me some food. I suddenly feel hungry."

"Yes, young lady."

"But first open up the terrace."

Hans immediately went out of Cale's room after opened the terrace. After a few minutes, he come back with other servants that were holding a tray of food while Hans had some documents in his arm.

He handed Cale the documents.

"This is the list of the nobles that currently staying in the capital."

"Good, now you can go."

"Yes, young lady."

On and Hong immediately sits on top of the table after the food had been served and Hans and the other servants already vanished behind the closed door of the room.

Cale looked at the opened terrace. She called for the cute little creature that was following them for the past few days.

"Come in."

Soon enough, Cale could see a couple of leaves floating in the air and sitting down on the table near the kittens.

The dragon had entered the room with a couple of leaves stuck to him.

Cale stared at the three of them, before opening the wine bottle and telling them to eat.

“Go ahead and eat.”

The red wine filled the glass.

“You gathered ingredients for us, but you never got to eat any of it.”

Cale brought the wine glass to her lips as she continued to speak.

“I’m sure it wasn’t easy following us.”

Cale smiled seeing the three kids happily chewing the steak that was cooked by Beacrox.

Cale then twirled her glass wine before took a sip.

She feels so peaceful right now but the feeling isn't last long.

Knock knock knock

The knock on her door sounded so in hurried. It gives her an ominous feeling. Looked at the black dragon that already turned invisible, Cale stood up from her seat and accidentally dump into the table that causes her glass wine to fall on the floor.

She knew this isn't right.

Her feeling keeps telling her that it is Choi Han. However, Choi Han was supposed to arrive in the capital in 3 days and they already promised to meet at a certain inn.

Unless he was travelling like a lunatic like how he had done when he travelled from Harris Village to the Rain City. But there is no way for Choi Han to travelling like that with Rosalyn and Lock by his side. Lock perhaps was injured right now.

"Choi Han?!"

Cale's eyes widened right after she opened the door and saw Choi Han was carrying Lock on his back.

She was right. It is Choi Han.

“Cale-nim. I’m sorry. You were the only person that came to mind.”

“Come in for now.”

Seeing Lock's condition, Cale knew that Lock was currently going through the pain before transforming into the berserk mode for the first time in his life.

Cale did not know why this state that happened a year later in the novel was already happening. However, she looked around at everybody and said just one thing.

“Don’t worry.”

Choi Han and Lock. Behind Choi Han was Rosalyn. These three people walked into Cale’s room.

"Lay him down here–"

Cale pointed at her bed before her eyes went towards Hans.

"and Hans bring some water to drink."

"Yes, young lady."

Cale closed the door not wanting for Hans to see everything. When she sure that the door already closed tight, she walked towards Lock who seem to be in pain and was panting so heavy.

Cale looked at the tall, but still young boy in front of her, who was doing his best to keep his eyes open.

Cale then gently caressed Lock's cheek to calm him down.

“Just keep your eyes closed. No need to strain yourself.”

There was no strength in Cale’s stern tone, but it had a way of making people listen. Lock slowly closed his eyes. The voice of this woman whom Lock did not know, flowed into Lock’s ear.

“Everything will be okay.”

It's so gentle and soft, which makes Lock feels safe after hearing it. That's why he didn't protest it and just closed his eyes.



After seeing Lock already calm down from his first time transforming into berserk mode, Cale called for Hans and Hilsman to bring Lock to his resting room.

Cale then slowly approached Choi Han who was only watched Lock been lifted by Hans and Hilsman.

Cale patted his back.

"What exactly happened?"

Even though Cale already knew what had exactly happened, she still asked Choi Han for details. She wanted to know what exactly happened to Lock until he entered his berserk mode for the first time.

According to the novel [Birth of Hero], Lock was supposed to enter the berserk mode a year from now and the cause was Pendrick, the elf healer died.

That's why Cale needs the reason.


Instead of answering Cale's question, Choi Han holds Cale's hand. He even squeezed it tightly.

This action alone tells Cale that Choi Han was angry.

Cale sighed before caressed Choi Han's cheek with her free hand that was not held by him. Cale knows the anger inside Choi Han's heart is boiling right now. He knew that the attack in Blue wolf village remind him of the Harris Village.

Seeing that Choi Han didn't show any sign of wanting to speak any soon, Cale looked at Rosalyn and called for her.

"Miss Rosalyn."

".... Yes?"

Cale was able to see that Rosalyn was flinching to her call but she choose to ignore it as she continued to speak.

"I think Lock needs his noona to take a look at him."

"Ah, yes."

Rosalyn immediately went out of the training ground by following Hans and Hilsman from behind. Before she getting further away from Choi Han and Cale, she turned back for the last time.

She was shocked after seeing that Choi Han was resting his head on Cale's shoulder and Cale was patting Choi Han's back to calm him down.

She started to doubt about Choi Han and Cale relationship.

'Are they lovers?'

However, according to the rumour that Rosalyn had heard about Cale Henituse was he is famous for being trash.

Let her repeated it again.

HE is famous for being trash.

HE! but Cale Henituse in front of Rosalyn is a fine woman, not a man and far away from being trash.

She is a kind, gentle and caring person even though all that personality she hides under her stoic that almost emotionless face. However, she showed that personality when she was with certain people for example Choi Han.

'I don't understand at all.'

Rosalyn was only able to shook her head then continued to follow Hans from behind.

"Excuse me, Hans, is young lady Cale originally a .....woman?" Rosalyn asked when they already arrived at Lock's arranged room.

"Rosalyn-nim may perhaps have heard about trashy young master Cale Henituse."

"Ah. Yes."

Hans smiled before nodding his head.

"That's true. Young lady Cale used to be a man. She suddenly turned into a woman 3 weeks ago. According to what I had heard from the priestess of Eternal Night, God of Death was the one who responsible of young lady Cale sudden changed gender."

"I see."

Rosalyn nodded her head.

"Thank you for the explanation, Hans."

"It's alright, Rosalyn-nim. Also, if you need anything feel free to let me know. I sure young lady Cale would like if you do so since you are Choi Han-nim's friend."

"I'll keep that in mind, Hans."


"Why are we going to the temple of God of Death?"

After hearing Choi Han's report about what had happened in Blue wolf Village, Cale had a feeling that Choi Han may start to doubt her.

Who doesn't right? She and Choi Han already pretending to be one of the secret organisations to save the black dragon and now the secret organisation turned out to be the one who slaughtered the Harris Village and Blue wolf Village.

If it were Cale, Cale will start to doubt about it either.

"I'm going to tell you two truths here with my life one the line."

"Cale-nim, you don't have to do that. I trust everything that you say," Choi Han sounded shocked as he spoke.

It makes Cale chuckled.

"No, you probably not. Come."

After getting a room and said the vow in front of the deaf priest, Cale finally looked at Choi Han who was looking at him with anxiousness clear printed on his face.

Cale already told Choi Han one truth before they entering this room which was that she didn't know about the identity of the secret organisation.

However, Cale said it again to conform Choi Han that what she had said is truly a truth.

"I, Cale Henituse didn't know the identity of the secret organisation."

Choi Han let out a deep sigh before covering his face with both hands. He slowly moved his hands away after a bit to see that Cale was still alive.

“I am being honest when I say that I do not know their identity.”

Choi Han released a sigh of relief.

However, he is shaking, he is aware of that. He clasped both his hands together so that Cale didn't saw how shaking he is.

He was scared.

What if Cale accidentally tells him a lie and just die in front of his eyes. It will be painful.

He didn't care if Cale lie to him. Everyone has a reason to lie and Cale is not a liar even though she is pretty good at telling lies.

He already said that he will trust Cale no matter what so why does Cale still need to go here?

Is his word isn't trusted enough?

'Please no more. Let just get out of here. It's okay even if you are lying.'

But Choi Han was unable to say those words. His mouth feels like it had been glued with super glue. He can't open his mouth to speak even a little.

"The second truth is I despise the organization and wish for it to disappear.”

Choi Han can't lift his head. He just stared down at the floor. Still, he lifted his head looked at the priest and then the black thread that was connected to Cale.

Cale is still alive, he relief.

However, it is weird.

'Why did Cale-nim hated the secret organisation even when she didn't know their identity.'

That's why Choi Han decided to ask Cale about it even though he didn't want because he was scared. The more Cale talk, the risk of her death will increase.

“How can you hate them if you don’t know them?”

“Because I know about a couple of the terrible things they plan on doing. The Black Dragon and Lock are two of them. Choi Han.”

Choi Han was able to see Cale was smiling before pointed herself with her index finger.

“I have lived my life as trash. That is my dream.”

'Please don't say that. You are not trash, Cale-nim.'

Choi Han’s expression changed after hearing Cale say that her dream was to be trash.

“I have no desire to become my family’s successor. Basen Henituse, my blood-related younger brother. I am hoping for him to become the successor.”

This was also the truth. That was why Cale asked Choi Han a question.

“So then why would I have come to the capital as the representative of the Henituse family? Especially when I am hoping Basen becomes the successor? My father, the head of the household, told me to go, but I could have said no.”

Choi Han pursed his lips unable to answer Cale's question right away. That makes him feel so stupid.

“…I am not sure.”

“It is because I know what the secret organization is planning to do in the capital.”

Choi Han’s pupils dilated once more.

“I cannot answer how I know. But they are planning to kill a lot of people at the capital. I couldn’t send Basen to such a place. I want to prevent that incident from happening.”

Choi Han immediately lifted his head to looked right into Cale's eyes. She was smiling gently.

“After taking care of all of these issues as quietly as possible, I plan on returning to the Henituse territory.”

“…You cannot tell me how you know?”

“Correct. I cannot tell anybody, no matter who it is, about it.”

Choi Han’s eyes were full of questions, but his mouth stayed shut. However, he silently glads that Cale is still alive.

Choi Han didn't care how Cale knew about it anyway because he knew if Cale is part of the secret organisation, she will not tell him about their plan. Maybe she just got into a fortunate encounter that let her know about the secret organisation's evil deed. Which makes Cale decided to go to the capital herself to stop the secret organisation to kill lots of people.


Choi Han gritted his teeth.

What if he didn't tell Cale about the secret organisation and only keep quiet and said that a random assassin group was attacking the Blue Wolf Village? Cale may not bring him here and tell all about the secret organisation's plan.

She may do all the job by herself. She will get hurt!

"The last truth."

'Please stop talking already!'

Every time Cale opened her mouth makes Choi Han's heart beating louder and louder. He feels like he wanted to drag Cale out of this place. This place had Cale's life at the edge of a cliff that will break any time soon and causes her to fall.

He didn't want that to happen but he didn't dare to open his mouth to shut Cale either.

“I have no desire to harm you.”

"... I know."

Cale raised her brows.

"You knew?"

"Yes, if Cale-nim really wanted to harm me, you probably will already ask Ron to kill me."

'I don't think Ron can kill you.'

Cale just chuckled as she looked at Choi Han whose hands was clenched and unclenched multiple times.

"Yes, you are right. I don't want to harm you."

Choi Han nodded his head as he looked at Cale's soft face.

'Isn't this an opportunity? Can he ask for one more truth?"

Choi Han bravely opened his mouth.

"Cale-nim, can I ask you a question?"

Cale nodded her head.

"Yes, you can."

"Have you had the desire to throw me away?"

Choi Han was looking at Cale with his eyes were sparkling. He looks like exactly a puppy that scared being left behind.

Cale smiled and slowly reached out for Choi Han's hand. This time she was the one who squeezed it tightly.

"No, Choi Han. I did not."

Choi Han innocent smile appeared on his face after seeing that Cale is still alive.

'She still alive! She still alive!'

However, he didn't know that words can be complicated. The innocent Choi Han didn't know how tricky words can be.

'I just planning on sending you away with Ron, Beacrox, Lock and Rosalyn. Perhaps, you are the one who will throw me away.'

Chapter Text

Cale looked at her reflection in the mirror. She didn't know either she should be happy or embarrassed about it.

She just looks... amazing?

Her red hair had been braided neatly without a single hair stick out of it, there was also even some jewellery decorated her hair that even Cale herself didn't know how they stick it on there.

Her face looked so porcelain and sparkling. Her cheeks and lips were rosy. Not even a single flaw can be found on her face. Only this time Cale is aware of how generous her face is.

Cale's reddish eyes slowly scanned the dress that she wore, it was lovely. She now wears a white blouse that had been matched with a black skirt.

The blouse had a long sleeve that is gathered at the bottom with a button cuff, slit and facing, which is called bishop sleeve. The blouse also had been decorated with black lace, pearl and ribbon that makes it look more stunning and generous. It is well-matched with the black skirt.

The black skirt did not have a complicated design, it just has too many layers which makes it heavier. It also was a high waist skirt. It showed how small Cale's waist is. It also had some golden buttons on it even though the buttons had no function at all. It just sticks there and being beautiful.

Cale looked at the length of the black skirt, it was barely past her knees which makes her calves and ankles were on a show. That was why she now wears a pair of long white socks that had some floral pattern on it to cover her beautiful legs since it was inappropriate to show them on.


Cale stared at the shoe that she was wearing, no, the heel. She was wearing a 3 inches black heel that had a ribbon with it that was wrapped around her ankles. It may look uncomfortable and hurt but surprisingly, it is not. It fit perfectly on Cale's feet. She can even walk properly when wearing it.

She looked towards the mirror again. To be honest, she can't even recognise herself. It makes Cale frowned. She look exactly like a cosplayer that was dressing as a lolita girl.

"Don't you think this is too much?"

Cale's eyes went to the side of the mirror that showed the reflection of two other people. It was Rosalyn and Emma.

Cale didn't know how Rosalyn ended up helping her to dress up but it's not her to concerns about it. Since the day Cale told Rosalyn about the black dragon, she started to spend way much of her time with Cale.

However, it did not bother or worried Cale at all. The thing that now worried her was their smile. It was a smile of a devil. A smile that same as Ron's benign smile. It terrified her way too much.

"No, young lady Cale, it's just perfect."

"Of course it's perfect since I am the one who was wearing it. However, this is too much. I just attend northeastern nobles meeting, not a big event where everyone in this world will see me."

Cale rolled her eyes as she crossed her arm. She also glared at both Rosalyn and Emma but what she received is not what she expected, they were giggling.

"Young lady-nim, I don't think this is overdressed. You are the one who has been wearing a too simple dress. That's why a little dress like this makes you feel that it was overdressed."

Cale frowned when she heard what Emma just told her. She was correct.

Since Cale had turned into a girl, she never wore anything other than a white or black shirt and skirt sometimes pants. She also sometimes wore a single coloured dress without any jewellery on it. Plain and simple.

Cale only sighed as she walked out of her room.

"Okay, fine," Cale said without even bother to look at the two girls that were smiling in satisfaction while watching Cale leave with the dress that they choose for her.

However, little did they know that even though Cale just dressed in a plain and simple dress, it was already enough to attract the whole of Puzzle City's attention including the crown prince himself. But what if she already dresses properly and beautifully? Even a god may look at her. A crazy god.


Cale sighed as she stepped out of the carriage. She was thinking about how she was supposed to act when she was in front of the other northeastern nobles.

When Cale's feet stepped the ground and Ron was already closed the carriage door, a butler started to approach her.

He bowed.

"Young mas– lady Cale, may I escort you inside?"

Cale raised her brows. Looks like some people are still confused with how should they addressed her. Luckily, Cale was fine with both of them though.

However, they need to know that Cale Henituse can't turn back into a man since God of Death is the one that responsible for her changed gender. Well, who had the power to fight god, right?


The butler nodded his head then immediately lead Cale the way.

As they are on their way, the servants inside the Wheelsman residence keep looking at Cale. Some of them had their eyes widened, some of them suddenly stopped their work to stare at her and some of them had their mouth agape, even the maid that was sweeping the floor had her broom fallen from her hands.

But Cale had no idea about it. She just keeps her eyes in front and only looked at the butler's back.

"Young master Eric, young lady Cale had arrived."

"Let him– them in."

The butler opened the door for Cale and Cale entered the room with a frown on her face.

The way Eric used pronounce they/them to address her make her feel a little odd. She knew that Eric was careful not to upset her. That's why she smiled faintly, hiding the fact that she was frowning earlier.

Tap Tap Tap

Cale's footsteps echoing through the room, taking the attention of three people that were sitting at the dining table.
Their eyes widening as soon as they looked towards Cale.

They were spellbound by Cale Henituse's beauty.

"Greetings," Cale said as soon as she arrived in front of those three people.


Cale received no answer.

It makes Cale frowned. She greeted them one more time but this time she raised her voice a little.

"Good morning."

They flinched and immediately took their gazes away from Cale.

"Ehem... Yes, good morning. Please, take a seat, Cale," Eric faked a cough before pointed the seat across him.

Cale nodded her head then walked to her seat then sit down.

Her movement was so graceful, making the three northeastern nobles doubt if the girl in front of them is really Cale Henituse.

After a long silence which making Cale a little bit awkward, Amiru Ubarr is the one who first started to speak.

"Young lady Cale, I know I might be rude but are you going to stay as a woman or are you now still finding a way to turn back into a man?"

"Even if I keep searching for a way to turn back into a man, I know I will never find it."

"Why is that, young lady Cale?"

Cale smiled as she looked at Amiru. Amiru didn't even flinch unlike Eric and Gilbert when Cale looked at them, she always had her calm smile on her face.

"I met with the priestess of Eternal Night before and she said that the one who responsible for my gender suddenly changed is the God of Death. That's why I can't change back."

Cale took the glass of water then sipped it.


The sound of glass had been put down on the table had been heard. Cale glanced at Eric and Gilbert before lifting her face to look at Amiru.

"Unless you know something that can fight God's will then I might have a chance to turn back."

Amiru smiled then softly nodded her head.

"I understand, young lady Cale. I hope you didn't be mad if I treat you like my little sister."

Cale chuckled.

"My parents already accepted the fact that I no longer their son but their daughter anyway."

'Most people already started to treat me like a girl anyway.'

Just after saying that, Cale face immediately turned stoic as she had never been chuckling before.

She then looked at Eric who keep avoiding her gaze.

"Hyun– no, Orabeoni, do you have something to say to me?"

Eric exhaled before turning his head to look at Cale. He awkwardly smiled when their eyes already meet each other.

"You will listen to this hyu– orabeoni, right?"


At the same time but in a different place, Alberu was arranging all the documents that were on his table. He divided it into the finished ones and the unfinished, the important ones and the unimportant.

And most of the unimportant ones were the queen's suggestion of his marriage.

However, Alberu had no desire to look into it.

"But what if she is one of the lists?"

Impatiently, Alberu started to take a look at the unimportant documents that might be important if the girl that he had been searching for was on the list.

"Red hair, red hair, red hair."

Alberu repeated those words like a mantra as he keeps searching for the girl he long to see.

At that moment, someone was knocking the door.

Knock knock knock

"Alberu, it's me, Tasha."

"Oh, Aunt Tasha, come in."

The door opened and Tasha entered the room with some paper on her hands and an orb.

Alberu looked at the orb on Tasha's hand, it was a recording orb.

"What's the matter, Aunt?" Alberu asked but still focused himself on the unimportant documents.

"Have you heard about the rumour that a young man turned into a woman?"

"Yes, the first born of the Henituse family. Why?"

Tasha's smile becomes wider. She seems to be so excited.

It makes Alberu frowned.

'What so excited about a man turned into a woman?'

However, seeing Alberu's frown face didn't stop Tasha from being a little too excited. She immediately started her storytelling.

"Accordingly with what I had heard, God of death is the one who turned him into a girl. That means that man can't turn back into his usual self and have to live as a girl for the rest of his life."


"I also already heard that the Henituse family already announced that their first born son is now a daughter!"


Alberu didn't have the chance to talk since Tasha's excited voice interrupted him.

"She's a goddess, oh elements! I know why God of Death turned that man into a girl."

"Enough, Aunt. I don't want to hear about that anymore."

Tasha pouted but then sighed.

"Fine. Well, have you seen her face?"

Alberu shook his head.

"Here, this is the recording of her."

"Wait– How did you get it? Aunt, do you stalk her?"

"It's not stalking when the wind is everywhere. I can't help but be curious about her."

"Aunt, that's not how you use your elements."

Tasha laughed as her hand rubbing the back of her neck.

"Hehe... Well, I have the copy so I leave this one here... So got to go. Bye!"

Tasha immediately went out of the room making Alberu in disbelief with his Aunt's childish action. He then looked at the orb that Tasha just left on his tea table.

He sighed and continued to look at the unimportant documents in his hand.

However, after an hour, disappointment is what Alberu got. The girl is not on the list and unimportant documents will still be unimportant.

He sighed and stood up from his seat to take the recording orb that Tasha left for him. He played it.

And watching the recording makes Alberu wanted to cry.

Chapter Text

Alberu played the record again, again and again.

He didn't know either he was supposed to feel happy since he already found the girl he had been searching for or he was supposed to be disappointed because the girl used to be a man that was famous for being a trashy young master.

However, when Alberu accidentally bumped onto her, Alberu saw no trash in her. She even told Alberu to be careful because he may bump into old people.

The two children seem to love her too. No one will love trash, right?

Alberu saw how she treat the children gently. No trash will act like that. No wonder why those children love her. Her knight seems to treasure her a little too much too.

Alberu sighed and carefully put the recording orb inside his drawer. If his aunt know that the girl he had been searching for is Cale Henituse, his aunt will laugh at him for sure.

Alberu took out the recording again and played it for the last time before putting it back in the drawer.

The way Cale Henituse smiled towards her carriage driver was so sweet. He wonder what the lucky carriage driver makes so that she smiled like that.

Alberu wanted to know so that he can make Cale Henituse smile.

It makes Alberu fall for her even deeper.

Alberu clenched his chest. His heart was beating louder and fast. He knows that he'll meet Cale again at the banquet but how is he supposed to act at that time?

Will, his heart work together with his brain so that it didn't act out of control which can make he accidentally expressed his feeling?

Alberu sighed.

"Hopefully, I don't accidentally confess when talking to her."


"Young lady Cale, you had received another invitation to a tea party but this time is from Marchioness Ailan," Emma said as she approached Cale who was laying on the bed and was frowned.

Since the rumour about Cale Henituse turned into a girl had been confirmed, Cale started to receive many invitations to tea parties, banquets and birthday parties.

Unfortunately for them, Cale did not even bother to open the letters and just throw it away.

Emma looked at Cale worriedly. She knew that Cale was struggling right now against the pain that all ladies must experience every month in a specific week.

A period cramp.

"Throw that away."

Cale's voice mixed with a groan as she spoke. Her eyes were tightly closed and cold sweat dripping out of her skin. Cale also was curling her body inside of her blanket. Her small body looked even smaller as she does that.

It makes Emma concerned. She knew how painful period cramp is since she's a woman herself but young lady Cale used to be a man and this is her first time experiencing it.

She remembered what had happened this morning.

Around 9 o'clock, Cale was having a walk around the Henituse residence together with Rosalyn and her kittens. She was paler than usual but Emma unable to notice it since Cale's skin was paler than anyone.

That's why in the middle of their walk, Cale passed out which makes the whole residence chaotic.

Thank god Emma and Rosalyn noticed what had happened to Cale. That's why they immediately gave Cale a little lesson and told her to rest.

If not, the chef who prepared Cale's breakfast since it is not Beacrox will get punished by Ron and Choi Han. They assumed that Cale was food poisoning.

"Emma... Give me some lukewarm water."

"Yes, young lady."

When Emma already walked out of the room, the black dragon and the kittens immediately jumped up on the bed. They then curled up their body near Cale to warm her up.

Seeing the children's cute actions makes Cale smiled. However, behind her smile, Cale mentally cursed the Vitality of Heart because it cannot reduce the pain of the period cramp.

Just because of it, now she makes the children worried.

She reached out her hand and patted the kittens also the black dragon.

"Get well soon, noonim," Hong said as he rubbed his head on Cale's palm.

"Yes, I will."

This time On was the one who was speaking.

"Cale, I heard for Rosalyn that you cannot get cold nya, do you want us to warm you up?"

Cale shook her head.

"No need, I'm already warm enough."

"But weak human, you are asking that ginger-haired human for warm water."

Cale looked at the black dragon then smiled.

"I'm okay, just thirsty."

The two kittens looked at each other before snuggled close to Cale. The black dragon was already in his invisibility as he lay on top of Cale.

After a few minutes, all of them already fall asleep.


•Cale... Cale

Cale tightly closed her eyes before slowly opened it up. When her eyes were widely opened, all she can see is just white. Everything and all around her was just white.

It makes Cale frowned.

•Cale, behind you.

The unfamiliar voice makes Cale flinched and immediately turned behind only to found there were three people were sitting on tall thrones in front of her.

Their face was so bright makes their face unseeable.

Seeing the holy sight in front of her makes Cale flinched. She subconsciously stepped backwards.

•My child, don't be afraid. We here not to hurt you.

A gentle woman's voice ringing in Cale's ears.

It may be gentle but the aura around the three people in front of Cale was cold and scary. That's why Cale still feels unsafe even the woman who was sitting in the middle was telling her that they did not have the desire to harm her.

"Who are you? And what do you want from me?"

•We are God, Cale

The man who sits on the right of the woman that has a black aura around him started to speak.

However, his words make Cale laughed.

"Impossible. There is no way I'll be dead because of period cramp just to meet God. I'm not that weak."

Cale scoffed in disbelief as she looked at the person who claimed himself to be God.

How bold people nowadays even claiming themselves as God.

•My child, we are God. I am God of Sun, this is God of Death and this is God of War.


The woman's voice makes Cale went quiet. Her voice was so serious and sounds no humour in it. Cale then realised that they weren't joking at all.

She gulped.

"What do you want from me?"

•We here to apologise to you.

The man that was sitting at the left of the woman and had an orange aura wrapped around him started to speak. It was the God of War.

•Yes, what God of War had said is true. It's our fault that you suddenly became a woman.

The God of Sun's voice soft passing through Cale's ear. But the soft voice has soon been replaced by God of War's voice.

•Well, technically it was God who likes to change gender's fault but God of Death is the one who helped him... So if you want to hate God, please just hate God of Death not me.


God of Death glared at God of War sharply. However, like an as*h*le, God of War ignored it.

•Yeah, if you just switched the soul using the usual method, God who likes to change gender will not interfere in those processes and Cale will not turn into a girl but you use your unbelievable method. Look, our child started to hate us.

•So blame God who likes to chamjdnskssnm– Shit! His name is too long– not me!

•You are the main reason why Cale suddenly turned into a girl. Like I said earlier if you just used your usual method while switc—

•Shut up.

Cale raised her brows as she watched the both God of Death and God of War arguing. It was so funny how they put the blame on God of Death.

Cale chuckled.

It took the three Gods' attention.

•Oh my! My child is laughing. Do you like seeing God of Death and God of War fought each other? I can make them fighting forever.

God of Sun is the one who spoke first.

Cale frowned and her frown deepening when she heard that both God of Death and God of War agreeing with it.

•Yes, I don't mind kicking God of Death's ass forever.

•Well, I'll be the one who kicks your ass!

'Are all Gods lunatic?'

Cale immediately shook her head.

"No, please stop fighting. If you brought me here to accept your apology, yes I'll accept it. So can you guys send me back?"

Even lights were covering their face, Cale was still able to see that the Gods were looking at each other before nodding their head. After that, they looked again at Cale.

•As you can see, we don't have the power to change you back into a man. I'm sure God who likes to change gender also can't since his power is too weak.

The God of War said.

"I don't mind about it anyway."

•We know. That is why we will giving you some of our power to help you since simple words of apology cannot pay back of what God of Death had done to you.


God of Sun ignored God of Death sharp glare as she stood up from her seat. The other two Gods followed too and they started to walk towards Cale.

It makes Cale flinched in shock. However, receiving a free gift like this especially from God is a rare opportunity. That's why Cale just stands still and waits.

•We know that you knew about the wars that were about to break out in the future. That's why, as our child, we will give you the power that will help you in those wars.

The God of Death spoke as he lifted his hand towards Cale, so does God of War and God of Sun.

•I, God of Death will grant Cale Henituse the vow of life. The ability to know the truth.

Then the God of Death touched Cale's head and send a dark aura all over Cale's body makes Cale feel a little bit cold. After a few seconds, God of Death took away his hand and been replaced by God of Sun's soft hand.

•I, God of Sun will grant Cale Henituse, the child that I chose, the ability to heal the pitiful one.

Then golden aura started to surround Cale's body. After the God of Sun took away her hand from Cale's head, Cale then looked at God of War who was looking at her too.

He seems like he didn't have anything to give to Cale. But soon he started to reach his pocket and was searching for something in it.

It makes Cale frowned.

'God have pockets?'

However, after a minute, he started to smile widely and took something out of his pocket.

•I, God of War will grant Cale Henituse— A gun! Hahaha! So she can shoot anyone who is in her way! bang bang bang! Everyone dead!

Cale flinched before looked at God of War in disbelief. She then glanced at the two Gods. They were nodding their heads and was smiling?

Cale shook her head.

'Why did they seem so satisfied with it? Are they want me to kill everyone?'

Cale looked at the gun on God of War's hand.

She already decided that she will receive anything that the Gods gave her since it will be useful for her to live her slacker life.

She then slowly reached out for the gun but right after she touched it, the gun disappeared and an orange aura started to enter her body. It makes Cale shocked. She immediately looked at God of War in confusion.

•That gun is my divine item and only you can use it. It has unlimited bullets. To summon the gun is the same as you summon the ancient power wood, the indestructible shield. Also, it cannot be destroyed unless you die.

Cale nodded her head after hearing the God of War explanation. The God of War then rubbed Cale's head.

•Hope this thing will be helpful.

God of War said.

As a person who can't handle a sword even in her life as Kim Rok Soo, receiving a gun is a big help for Cale to survive in this world.

That's why she thanked the Gods.

"Thank you very much. I appreciate all your gifts."

The three Gods nodded their heads.

• It is alright, Cale. So please do not hate us. It's understandable if you hate God of Death and God who likes to change gender but please just don't hate the other. We are kind. See, me and God of Sun granted you very useful ability for a war unlike him.

The God of War pointed God of Death using his head.

•Ability to know the truth.. Pft.. Who needs truth during the war? Useless.

•Can you please stop making Cale hate me?

•Well, that is the truth tho.

God of War shrugged.

Cale can see the spark that God of Death and God of War send to each other. However, she then looked at God of Sun who suddenly patted her head.

•I have two children who have my blessing with them. They were supposed to lead people to the path of the light but one of them had now has fallen into darkness. If you meet them, please help them. Lead them back to the path of the light. I know you can do it, my blessed child.

Cale looked straight into God of Sun's bright face. For some reason, the light that prevents Cale from seeing her face was slowly faded away. After a few seconds, Cale can see it clearly, a woman with golden hair and eyes in front of her.

The God of Sun had shown her face to Cale. Moreover, she was smiling at Cale.

•Now, wake up from your sleep, my child.

Just after the God of Sun said that Cale gasped awake from her sleep. Cold sweat was dripping out from her skin and causes her nightclothes to wet.

Cale looked at her side and saw the children were peacefully sleeping.

She then lifted her hand to pet them. However, she was holding a gun.

Chapter Text

Cale tried to calm herself down. Remembering everything makes her head hurt. Cale pinched her forehead before slowly stood up from her bed.

Cale looked outside the window and saw the moon was shining at its brightest. She then glanced at the gun that was in her hand. After a few seconds, the gun disappeared into the thin air.

She looked at both her palms, suddenly her right hand oozed a golden aura while her left hand is black.

"Damn, that's not a dream at all."

Cale cannot hide the smirk that getting wider on her face anymore. She silently thanked the God of Death for accidentally turned her into a girl. Now she already got not one but three gifts from Gods.

"Free things are the best," Cale proudly said.

She hummed softly while making sure not to wake the children up as she changed her cloth that was wet because of her sweat.


Cale rubbed her stomach that begging to be filled. She looked at the children, they were still snoring peacefully. Stealthily, Cale went out of the room then walked to the kitchen.

Cale raised her brows when she saw that the kitchen was bright because the light orb was still lit. It's mean someone was still there.

Cale peeked through the door and saw Beacrox was sharpening his knife. The scene that Cale just witnessed sends chills all over her small body.

'Who the hell sharpening their cooking knife in the middle of the night?'

Even though Cale's body was shivering in fear after seeing the terrifying sight, she still braves herself to enter the kitchen since her stomach keeps begging her for food.


Beacrox turned his head to looked at Cale who was slowly approaching him. Beacrox stopped what he was doing then walked towards Cale.

"Young lady Cale, why are you here at this time? You are supposed to rest since you need to attend the royal banquet tomorrow."

"I'm hungry."

Beacrox raised his brows.

"Sit there, I'll go prepare some food."

Cale leisurely walked towards the chair that Beacrox just pointed then sits.

While waiting for Beacrox to finish cooking, Cale started to hum a song. A melody that people might think was from a siren. Luckily, for Beacrox, he was the only one who was in the kitchen and experienced the voice of an angel.

Cale's soft voice filled the kitchen that was in the first place was only filled with noise that Beacrox made while cooking. Hearing Cale was softly hummed, Beacrox reduced the noise that he made.

It makes Beacrox's lips started to twitch at the corner then finally a faint smile had created. He enjoyed it.

Yet, Cale has no way of seeing it since Beacrox has his back facing her and Cale also had her eyes closed.

Even it is embarrassing, Cale didn't care since she didn't want to start a conversation with Beacrox. He didn't seem bothered with Cale's voice anyway.

It was so peaceful. That was what the two people that were in the kitchen think of. For Cale, it was peaceful since she didn't have to talk with the vicious Beacrox while for Beacrox, it was peaceful because he was able to hear Cale's soft humming.

However, the peaceful scene ended when Beacrox placed pumpkin soup with some bread in front of Cale.

Cale stopped humming and slowly opened her eyes. Her lips formed a smile after seeing the food that she had been waiting for was already in front of her.

"Please enjoy, young lady."

"Thank you."

While Cale was eating her meals, Beacrox continued to do the work that he delayed earlier. He was doing the dishes, clean the stove and more than he need to do.

Only silence accompanied Cale and Beacrox. Both of them acted like they were alone in the kitchen and the other person didn't exist. Beacrox didn't even bother himself to look at Cale to know what she was doing since the sound that she made is enough for Beacrox to tell.

However, after a few minutes, Beacrox started to feel weird. The silence this time is odd.

There is no sound of the cup been placed on the table, spoon and fork clashed each other surface or even someone shallowed their food. It was just too quiet.

If Cale already left, he can hear footsteps however he didn't. That's why Beacrox immediately looked at Cale.

Beacrox subconsciously chuckled when he saw that Cale was already asleep but immediately brought his stoic face again afraid it might wake Cale up. Cale was sleeping in the position where she was crossing her arms on the table to put her head on it.

'How cute.'

Beacrox looked at the soup that he cooked for Cale, the plate is already empty. He took the plate then brings it to the sink to wash it up. After finished all his work, Beacrox approached Cale who was still sleep peacefully even in an uncomfortable position.

Beacrox frowned.

If Cale is really sleepy, why she didn't go back to her room right away after she finished her food?

Is she waiting for him? But for what?

Beacrox sighed. He was too lazy to think the reason why this young lady chose to sleep here instead of her room.

Beacrox brought Cale to his arm then lifted her to brings her back to her room. He raised his brows, pretty shocked when he realized how light the young lady is.

'I'm sure, I feed her pretty well.'

That's why Beacrox decided that he will feed Cale more in the future.

When passing through the dark hallway to go to Cale's room, Beacrox meet his father, Ron who was lifting a corpse on his shoulder.

Ron frowned when seeing that his son was lifting the young lady who was peacefully sleeping in his arm so does Beacrox when seeing his father had a corpse with him.

"What had happened?" Both the Molan asked at the same time.

Beacrox raised his brows. Seeing his father showed no sign of wanting to speak, Beacrox opened his mouth first.

"Young lady Cale was hungry, that's why she went to the kitchen to find some food. I was there by chance, so I cooked some meals for her."

"And why she is sleeping in your arm?"

"She falls asleep in the kitchen."

"I see."

"How about you, father?" Beacrox asked while pointing the corpse on Ron's shoulder using his chin.

Ron raised his brows then patted the corpse.

"Ah, this. Someone tried to break through the young lady's room. Thankfully, the young lady was with you."

"Everything is settled?"

"Yes. There are still many outside the mansion perhaps but I guess that punk already settled it down," Ron said as he looked outside the window, hoping that Choi Han might catch one alive for Beacrox to torture them soon.

However, looking at how deadly he looked at the intruders, Ron knew that there is a very low chance that for one to survive.

"Is that so, then excuse me, I need to bring young lady Cale to her room."

"No, place her in another room."

Beacrox tilted his head, confused with what Ron had told him.

If all the intruders had been settled, then why need to move Cale to another room?

"Why?" Beacrox asked.

"Her current room is filled with paralyzing poison. It was the cat tribe children's work. So don't forget to bring the cats together with you to the young lady new room. They must be worried about her."

Beacrox nodded his head.


Ron then patted his son's shoulder as he passed through him. There is a faint smile on his face.

"Is your late-night date went well?"

It makes Beacrox frowned.


"Hoho... I just joking but if it went really well then good for you."

Beacrox only shook his head while watched his father walked away. He went in the direction of the back door of this mansion, perhaps wanting to throw the corpse away.

Uninterested in what his father wanted to do, Beacrox looked at Cale who was still peacefully sleeping in his arm then brought her to the new room then lay her on the bed.



The kittens' sound startled Beacrox up. He immediately went and opened the door and saw the two kittens were outside.

After seeing the door already opened, the kitten entered the foom and immediately jumped on the bed and curled themselves near Cale. It was a cute scene to see.

Not only that, Beacrox was also impressed with how fast that the kittens were able to find their Cale. He was about to pick them up anyway.

However, little did Beacrox knows that the whole time he was together with Cale, there is a tiny black dragon that invisibly followed Cale in order to protect her and was the one who called the kittens.


Cale's face was still pale. It's because it was her second day of period and what she had heard from both Emma and Rosalyn, the second or third day is the day where the period cramp is hurt the most.

That is true! Cale is dying right now but thankfully this time the Vitality of Heart helped her a little.

Rosalyn also recommended Cale stays away from alcohol since it will worsen the cramp.

That's why Cale had been holding back from drinking alcohol since the morning. Also, in the banquet all she needs to do is only stay still, not touching the alcohol may decrease the worry of the northeastern nobles, Eric, Gilbert and Amiru towards her.

"Weak human, why are you have god smell around you?" The tiny black dragon that was on top of Cale's lap asked.

It snapped Cale from her thoughts.

Right now they were in a carriage and was on their way to the palace for the banquet. Choi Han who was sitting in front of Cale flinched. He immediately looked at Cale.

It was kinda shocking how someone normal human had god smell all around them.

However, Cale just shrugged her shoulder then patted the tiny black dragon's body.

"Maybe because God of Death is the one who turned me into a girl?"

To be honest, Cale was impressed by the black dragon's intelligence. Even though he is still young, he can feel the gods' power inside Cale.

'As expected from a dragon.'

"Is that so? But if it's only God of Death, why there are four different aurae?"

Again Cale watched the black in amazement. He was able to tell the difference of power of God of Death, God of War, God of Sun and God who likes to change gender.

"What do you mean, dragon?" Instead of Cale, Choi Han is the one who was asking.

"This weak human here have four different aurae of god. In the first place, it's only two but now it increases to four."

"Even myself had no way of knowing why."

Even though Cale knew about it, she had no desire to tell Choi Han and the black dragon.

How did she suppose to tell them anyway?

'Last night I had a dream that three gods were giving their power to me so that I will not die during the war. They gave me the ability to know the truth, healing ability and a motherf*cking gun.'

Should she tell them that? Instead of making them confused, it is better to keep quiet about it. Also, is this era has a gun? No! So no answer is better than lies.

Cale flinched went she and Choi Han made eye contact. His eyes were darkened.

Cale subconsciously gulped. She didn't even know why Choi Han was making that kind of expression.

'Is Choi Han was mad because I have a god power with while he doesn't?'

However, Cale had no way of knowing that Choi Han was extremely anxious after knowing the cause of Cale sudden changed gender. It was all gods' work. As a mere human, there is no way he can find a way to turned Cale back into a man. No power in this world that can fight a god's will.

However, knowing that Cale was surrounded by god smell, It makes Choi Han wonder.

'Why Cale?'

'Why Gods are too interested in Cale?'

But his thoughts soon snapped by Cale's voice.

"Is there any progress with the magic bombs?"

Cale had assigned Choi Han and the black dragon to search for magic bombs around the plaza. It had been three days but she still receive no reports from them.

"Not yet," the black dragon answered.

"I see. Tomorrow is the event. I think they will install it tonight."

Cale looked at the black dragon on her lap then Choi Han.

"Let's move this night."

"Yes, Cale-nim."

The carriage finally stopped and Ron also already opened the door.

"We had arrived at the palace, young lady Cale."

Without Cale's awareness, there were so many eyes were staring at her carriage, waiting for the so-called goddess to walk out. That's what they were thinking of, the people who had not yet seen Cale.

Chapter Text

When Cale finally walked out of the carriage with the invisible dragon with her, the murmur that was loud a while ago suddenly went silent. However, Cale had no way of realizing it. Not even the nobleman that was drooling when looking at her.

"I'll be waiting here with Choi Han-nim, young lady Cale."

Cale nodded her head at Ron then immediately walked towards the gate. Her green dress and red hair started to flutter blown by the wind. 

Cale clicked her tongue as she brushed her hair to prevent it from getting messy. Since she walked out of her carriage, the wind keeps coming out of nowhere.


"I wonder how beautiful the famous trash Cale Henituse can be."

Cale frowned before slowly turned followed the voice. Her frown deepened as soon as she saw Neo Tolz was looking at her with a wide grin on his face.

However, as soon as their eyes meet, his grin faded. His eyes widened with his mouth agape a little. He was mesmerised.

Seeing how beautiful Cale is, Neo blushed however Cale misunderstood that blush for. She thought that the sun was the one who made this villain blushed.

-Can I kill him?

The black dragon spoke inside Cale's mind.

-How dare he look at you like that! I want to poke his eyes out!!

The black dragon vicious comment makes Cale flinched. She immediately shook her head then whispered to the black dragon. Her voice was so faint but Cale knew that the great and mighty dragon can hear it.

'Don't. Just record everything. Can you do that?'

-Yes, I can.

Cale sighed in relief after hearing the black dragon's response. She glads the black dragon so far was listening to her.

Neo flinched when he saw Cale who was crossing her arm was giving him a very sharp gaze. Neo subconsciously gulped.

"I... I am impressed that trash still can look so, beau... Pretty?."


Cale gave no answer or response to Neo and only raised her brows.

It annoyed Neo.

He was annoyed that Cale did not even talk back to him.

"However, trash is still trash no matter how beautiful it is," Neo provoked Cale even more.

Cale frowned and that reaction satisfied Neo. His grin getting wider than before and continued to insult Cale.

"Why? Are you mad? What are you going to do? Throw bottles at me?"

Cale held back her sighed. A villain will always be a villain. Neo's cliche action was really annoyed Cale.

If she can, she really wants to shot him with her gun right now. She can but she didn't want to. She can't murder a noble son inside the palace with many witnesses, she will be executed.

'However, the son of a viscount who didn't know their place and dared insulating the daughter of a count should be punished, right?.'

That's why Cale smirked. She had a black dragon that was recording everything. She also can tell Ron to kill Neo if she wants. Ron is good at doing his job stealthily anyway.

At that moment, Cale’s gaze turned to a new carriage that just arrived.


The carriage door burst open as soon as the carriage stopped, and Eric Wheelsman got out of the carriage. Gilbert and Amiru were inside the carriage as well.

Cale signalled Eric who was rushing over with his eyes wide open, with her eyes while pointing to Neo with her index finger.


Cale’s sincere voice that called out to him, as well as the cold gaze in Cale’s eyes, told Eric everything he needed to know.

‘Get rid of him.’

The eyes of the calmly standing Cale were giving that message to Eric.

“Ahem. Mm! Young master Neo, it has been a while.”

Eric immediately moved in between Cale and Neo. Cale saw how Neo's brows frowned. Cale may not show it on her face but she was satisfied with it.

After Eric, Amiru and Gilbert greeted Neo, Cale immediately turned her back towards Neo and walked towards the entrance.

Eric Wheelsman watched Cale walk away like a proud brother. He was thinking that the letters he sent every day must have worked. He immediately approached Cale so does Amiru and Gilbert. Three of them relief since Cale didn't make any mess.

Eric who was beside Cale flinched when he feels there was something that tried to hold his arm. When he peeked at it, his face suddenly turned rosy. It was Cale.

It's normal for a lady to enter the banquet hall while holding a man's arm however, that man needs to be the lady's partner. That's why Eric's face turned red.

But Cale had no way of knowing it. She just held Eric's arm to support her body. The period pain is started to kicking in.

Amiru and Gilbert who was behind them looked at each other before bringing their eyes back to Cale and Eric. Not only them but also the other nobles that about to enter the hall were watching Cale and Eric.

Most of the noble started to questioning about their relationship but the oblivious Cale had no idea about it. She was busy fighting against the period pain. Since she was in her period, Cale hardly control her emotions.

That's why Cale's thought about stabbing Neo with a knife 999 times accidentally split out of her mouth.

"I want to stab Neo with a knife 999 times."

'Or shot him with a gun 999 times.'

Cale nodded her head and smiled in satisfaction right after subconsciously saying those words.

It makes Eric, Amiru and Gilbert flinched but Cale soon flinched too as soon as she heard what the black dragon said inside her mind excitedly.

-I want to help you stab him too!!

It makes Cale frowned.

'Why this 4 years old black dragon sounds so excited about stabbing people?'

However, when Cale was about to whisper to the black dragon to say that he didn't have to, Eric, Amiru and Gilbert immediately surrounded her.

"Cale, you cannot do that! Listen to this orabeoni, Cale. Do.not.stab young master Neo!"

"Young lady Cale, I know you are mad but violence cannot solve anything."

"Young lady Cale, I hope you can calm yourself."

Cale's frown deepened.

"What are you talking about?"

"You said that you want to stab young master Neo."

Eric sounded panic as he spoke while both Amiru's and Gilbert's eyes were shaking.

Seeing the three nobles in front of her look so panic when she subconsciously said that she wanted to stab Neo out loud, Cale chuckled.

Looking at their terrified expression makes Cale feels funny.

"I just joking. Do you guys think I would do that? No, I don't plan on becoming a murderer."

Eric, Amiru and Gilbert were relieved after knowing that Cale didn't mean what she had said. At the same time, they also love how Cale was chuckle and smiling at them. It showed how innocent she can be.

"Let's go in," Cale said and as soon as they entered the room, the name had been announced.

"Young lady Cale-nim of Henituse family and young master Eric-nim of Wheelsman family had arrived!"

Without their awareness, someone from far away that just got out of his carriage was looking at them with eyes full of jealousy.

It was Venion Stan.


"Why don't we kill him now?" Choi Han looked at Ron who was holding him back from jumping into Venion who was staring at Cale.

Even though Choi Han and Ron followed Cale to the palace as her personal knight and butler, all they can do is just wait inside the carriage.

"You are the lady's knight. If you cause any ruckus here, the lady is the one who will responsible for it, you punk."

"But he is the one who sent those rats into Cale-nim's room last night!"

"Tch," Ron clicked his tongue, annoyed by Choi Han's stubbornness.

"I know but we don't have enough evidence to prove that he was the one who paid those punks to kidnapped the lady. The punk that admitted they were sent by Venion also already committed suicide."

Choi Han clenched his scabbard, trying to control his emotions especially anger while looking at Venion who walked towards the entrance with an unknown noble that earlier was talking to Cale.

He gritted his teeth.

'I'll ask the black dragon to blow up their houses soon.'


"Our table is closest to the entrance, as expected.”

Cale did not respond to Eric’s bitter voice.

The Palace of Joy had opened the eastern entrance as the designated entrance, and the Northeastern region nobles’ table was the closest to the door. Although the Northeastern region had a voice, they did not have a household that was strong enough to have a loud voice.

Cale tightened her fists that were still holding Eric's arm.

“It’s great that our seat is close to the door. In addition, it is great that we don’t have anyone we have to lower our head to at our seat,” Cale said with a faint smile on her face.

“Young lady Cale.”

Since they were in the company of others, Eric did not call Cale casually by name.

“I’m glad that my efforts seem to have paid off.”

‘Efforts? What efforts?’

Cale looked toward Eric in confusion, but soon she smiled awkwardly when she realised what efforts that Eric mentioned of.

It was the letter that he send to Cale every day. However, he didn't have to know that Cale just shoved the letter at the corner every time she received it without even reading it.

Cale let go of Eric's arm as soon as she arrived near her seat but an announcement made her stop moving.

“Young master Venion Stan of Marquis Stan’s household has arrived!”

Cale held back her sigh. The troublesome piece of shit had finally arrived.

Cale peeked at Venion who was now entering the room and was walked towards them with Neo by his side.

Now she knew why Neo didn't follow them entering the palace together, it's because he was waiting for Venion.

'Neo is Venion's minion anyway.'

She looked at the invisible black dragon that was on her lap. She softly strokes his head to calm him down. She can feel the black dragon trembling body on her lap.

She was scared that the black dragon might go rampage anytime soon. It makes Cale feels scared and restless.

-I'm okay

Cale nodded her head. Knowing that she had the great being mighty dragon by her side, Cale started to calm down. Still, she knew that she cannot avoid Venion since to go to his seat, he need to pass through Cale's seat first.

Amiru who since the start noticed Cale's uneasiness right after Venion's arrival had been announced stood up and went to Gilbert who was sitting next to Cale. He looks like still had no idea about Cale's situation.

"Young master Gilbert, mind exchange seats with me? I want to sit next to young lady Cale."

"Ah... Sure."

Eric noticed Amiru's odd action then immediately looked at Cale. His eyes widened right after he saw how pale Cale is. She also looked scared.

However, they had no way of knowing the real of Cale's situation is. She didn't scared of Venion or feels uneasy about him, just her blood keep coming out and she was scared that she might leave a print on her chair. She also can feel the black dragon's body temperature had increased, which means now he was holding back his anger.

Cale understands what had the black dragon been through, that's why she understands why he's mad.

'Don't worry, we will get our revenge soon,' Cale whispered to the black dragon.

Since Cale's hands were still stroking the dragon's head, she was able to feel that the dragon was nodding his head. Cale smiled but soon her smiling face immediately turned stoic when she saw that Eric suddenly stood up from his seat.

"It's had been a while, young master Venion Stan."

Eric and Amiru both can see the annoyed expression on Venion's face before he immediately covered it up with a smile. Cale who still had her back facing Venion had no way of seeing it.

"Yes, it's indeed been a while. How are you, young master Eric Wheelsman?"

"Fine as always, young master Venion."

Eric smiled as he approached Venion then stand between him and Cale who was still sitting and confusedly looked at Amiru who was beside her.

"Let us handle him, young lady Cale," Amiru whispered making sure that only Cale can hear him.

Cale's mood immediately turned good. She was so glad that she didn't have to talk to Venion since she knew that if she do, she will end up shoot him with her gun.

Also, why should Cale handle this bastard when the people around him offered to help.

Cale smiled in satisfaction as she nodded her head.

'Being trash is the best. They even scared that I might cause a ruckus, that's why they didn't let me do anything even talking to the higher rank.'

Amiru smiled when seeing Cale's glad expression. She thought that Cale must already feel safe since she didn't have to face Venion.

Although they thought was wrong, it is better to let them think that way.

"Young master Venion, since His Highness might enter the hall anytime, don't you think we should keep our conversation short?"

It makes Venion frowned then stealthily stole a peek at Cale. She still did not face on his way. He then brings his eyes to take a look at Eric and Amiru again.

"That's true, young master Eric. Then, I'll excuse myself," Venion said before walked towards his seat.

But then without turning back he said something that makes Cale flinched.

"I hope young lady Cale didn't forget our promise to drink together soon."

Gilbert who was confusing with the atmosphere since the start finally get what going out around him. Neo who was about to sit down also flinched after hearing what Venion had said.

Amiru and Eric both frowned as they looked at Venion who getting further away from them. Soon after that they immediately looked at Cale who was frowned also and looks so confused.

'Since when did I promise him to drink together?'

Cale then remembered her first meeting with Venion in Tolz territory.

'I know the lady is on her way to the capital. So I hope that I can share a drink with the lady when we are already at the capital.'

'I hope so, young master Venion.'

Cale mentally cursed herself. At that time, she didn't even realize that she made a promise to Venion.

"Young lady Cale, I hope you don't spend time alone with young master Venion."

Amiru who was beside Cale warned. However, her warning only makes Cale confused.

"Why should I spend time alone with him? Young lady Amiru, you are saying weird things."

Amiru only sighed as she shook her head. Gilbert and Eric also sighed when they saw how oblivious Cale is about the situation.

"You... Still don't get it?"

It makes Cale's frown deepened.

"Don't get what?"

"Young lady Cale, you are a woman now."

"Yes, I am aware of that. So?"

"No. Just, if young master Venion invited you to join him drinking, make sure to bring some knights together with you."

Cale still didn't understand why Amiru was so worried about her drinking with Venion. However, since she didn't want to make them worry even more, she nodded her head.

"Alright, I will."

Amiri was relieved after hearing Cale's response. Her calm smile was decorating her face.

Cale leaned comfortably in her chair and looked toward the banquet hall entrance. The clock was getting close to 5 pm.

Click. Click.

The clock reached exactly 5 pm.


The large door opened and the main characters for this gathering showed up with their entourage.

Alberu Crossman, the crown prince, Robbit Crossman, the second prince and the third prince have entered the banquet hall with all eyes on them including Cale's.

However, right after they lay their eyes on Alberu Crossman, those eyes immediately went towards Cale Henituse. Everyone including the princes.

They noticed it. They noticed how similar Alberu's cloth with Cale.

They were wearing matching clothes.

Everyone noticed it. Everyone except Cale Henituse.


Alberu took a deep breath then exhaled slowly. He looked at the entrance of the banquet hall before glanced at his younger brothers who were behind him.

He wanted to ask his brothers either he looks good or not since this is his first time meeting Cale Henituse as Crown Prince Alberu. He needs to leave a good impression of himself to her. However, Alberu didn't dare to ask them since they will be suspicious about it.

Why would Alberu who is always confident about his look suddenly ask for people's opinions?

"It's already 5 pm. Let's enter."

"Yes, Alberu hyung-nim."

The door finally opened and the princes immediately walked inside.

When the butler that responsible for the announcement was about announced their arrival, Alberu immediately lifted his hand to stop him. He then immediately headed to his seat while his eyes were searching for someone.

Their eyes meet and it makes Alberu's heart beating louder and it becomes worst right after he saw the dress that Cale Henituse was wearing.

His and her clothes were matching.

Chapter Text

Cale suddenly craving popcorn. Watching the drama in front of her where Taylor Stan and Cage entered the hall which send the shock to Venion is really satisfying. Cale enjoyed the expression that Venion Stan made. Messy and funny.

Unfortunately, thinking about popcorn makes Cale's mouth-watering. Normally she was able to hold back her craving but since she was in her lady day, her craving worsened.

'I should ask Beacrox to make some after this.'

Cale smiled when thinking about Beacrox cooking some popcorn for her.

However, her smile soon disappeared and her mood worsened after remembering that popcorn does not exist in this world, and if she tells Beacrox how to make it, Choi Han will sure suspect something about her.

'I just want to eat something with corn in it.'

Cale looked at the meals in front of her. It is no longer appetising. All she wants right now is to eat some corn and there is no corn dish on the table.

-Human, why are you looking so down? Wait, it is hurting again? Your belly? Don't worry, I'll warm you up!

As soon as the black dragon said that inside Cale's mind, her body suddenly feels warm and her cramp lessened. It is because the dragon used his magic on Cale. However, it didn't help Cale with her craving. The feeling of wanting to eat corn is getting worst.

Amiru who was sitting beside Cale noticed there is something wrong with her. Cale didn't even touch her food. Not only that, her mood also changed instantly. Earlier she was smiling and then now she suddenly frowned and pouted. It's cute, Amiru admitted that but she still worried about Cale.

"Is there something wrong, young lady Cale?" Amiru asked when she saw that Cale had no intention of touching her food.

"Yes, it is."

It makes Amiru shocked. Not only her but also Gilbert and Eric who was near Cale.

"What it is, Cale?" Eric sounded panicked as he ask Cale. He even forgot to use proper etiquette when calling for Cale.

Cale's face turned stoic as she looked at Eric then Amiru and, Gilbert. It makes them subconsciously gulp.


They wait patiently for Cale to talk.

"...craving corn so bad to the point that I want to leave this banquet just to find some."


Eric, Amiru and Gilbert didn't know either Cale is joking or not. However, when looking at Cale's serious expression, they knew that Cale was telling the truth.

"Young lady Cale wants to eat corn so bad?"

Cale nodded her head at Gilbert's question.

"Yes, so bad that I want to leave right now to find some."

"I see."


The sound of a chair moving had been heard. It was Gilbert's chair. He suddenly stood up from his seat makes the nobles who were sitting at the same table as him, including Cale, confused.

"Where are you going, young master Gilbert?" Eric asked.

Gilbert just smiled at Eric's question before walking away and after a few minutes, he finally came back with a servant by his side.

"Give it to young lady Cale."

The servant nodded his head then slowly place a new dish in front of Cale.

It was Sweet Corn Gazpacho.

Cale didn't even realise that her eyes were sparkling as she looked at the dish. Excitement filled her heart also her stomach. She looked at Gilbert. She was saying 'Young master Gilbert, you are the best!' through her gaze.

It makes Gilbert slightly blush.

"Enjoy your corn soup, young lady Cale."

"Yes, thank you."

As soon as the servant left, Cale scoped the soup with a spoon then bride it in her mouth. The sweetness of the corn sends Cale to heaven. She didn't even realize that she was smiling as she eat her meals. She subconsciously hummed.

It caught everyone's eyes.

Amiru who was beside her clenched her skirt and closed her eyes tried to hold herself back from pinching Cale's cheek. Eric was covered his mouth with his hand and looked away tried to hide his blushing face. While Gilbert who was about to sit down, smiled calmly but his hand was clenched the chair backrest tightly.

Alberu who was talking to Taylor and Cage also looked at Cale. His eyes softened as soon as he saw Cale's lovely smile.

"Your Highness, if you stared too long at young lady Cale, you will dig a hole on her head."

Cage's voice snapped Alberu from his daydream and when he looked at Cage Cage showed her smirk while Taylor just chuckled.

When he looked at his surroundings, he is not the only one who was staring at Cale.

Thank goodness that they didn't really pay attention to what Cage had said earlier.

Most of the nobles have their eyes on her, including the third prince. Even though Alberu kinda disliked it, it's not like he can't prevent them from staring at her. He has no power on Cale.

“Ehem..." Alberu faked a cough to bring back the nobles' attention to him.

"For your seat, I guess there is a good spot for you.”

It takes Cale's attention then immediately looked at Alberu. They made eye contact again.

That moment, Cale realized something.

‘I guess this is the only possible spot.’

This was the only table without a high-ranking noble.

Although there were families who chose to become subservient to the different factions, there was still a balance of power on this table. Furthermore, there was a household on this table that was strong and wealthy enough that even the high-ranking nobles did not dare to poke at it.

“Mister Taylor and priestess Cage can sit at the Northeast nobles’ table. There just happens to be some extra seats there.”

“Thank you for providing seats for us, your highness.”

“Thank you very much, your highness.”

“It was nothing. We should work together with people who will make great contributions to the kingdom in the future.”

The crown prince said that as he looked toward the Northeast nobles’ table. Servants quickly rushed over to the table, as Alberu started to speak.

“Can we fix up the seats a bit?”

Cale's mood immediately turned bad again. It caused the nobles that were on the same table as her worried.

Not only them but also Alberu. He noticed how the happy smile on Cale's face disappeared as soon as he declared that Cage and Taylor had to sit at their table.

He suddenly feels guilty but it's not like he can take back what he had said. Is Cale didn't like Taylor and Cage? He just hopes that it didn't make Cale hate him.

However, Cale was not in a bad mood, she just frowning and it's not because Cage and Taylor sit at the same table as her, instead, it was because the black dragon keeps revealing the crown prince's secret.

-Blessing of the Sun God? Weak human, I don't feel any God power on him. The only one with God power is you.

-Also, the crown prince doesn't smell like a human.

-Be careful, human. The crown prince is not a human.

Cale just ignored the black dragon voice as she watched the servants arranging the seats for Cage and Taylor.

The servants bowed after they finished fixing up the table, before departing.

“Please sit.”

Alberu gestured to the group, and Cale quickly walked over to sit back down. There was no chair to her side, however, a wheelchair soon came to fill that spot.

“Nice to meet you.”

Taylor greeted the Northeastern nobles as he joined them. Cage naturally sat down next to Taylor. The two of them, no, all three of them, including Cale, pretended like this was their first meeting with each other.

“Young lady Cale, we plan to go greet the crown prince in a bit.”

Cale nodded her head at Amiru’s statement and focused on the food on her plate. Her appetite lessened and the corn dish that made especially for her no longer look appetizing.

Cale cannot understand herself either. Her mood keeps changing every minute and it got beyond her control. Even she tried not to show it on her face, she failed. She didn't even know what kind of expression she is making right now.

'Now, I know why some women were hard to handle when they were on their period.'

Cale eyes slowly looked at the wine bottle near her but soon look away and took the glass of water then drink it. Eric noticed Cale's movement then smiled proudly since he thought that Cale has listened to him when the truth is Cale just avoiding alcohol for her own good.

After a few minutes, Eric, Gilbert and Amiru suddenly stood up.

Cale also got up after seeing the three of them get up, and lightly brushed her hair back.

“Shall we go?”

Cale stood behind the three nobles and headed up the platform to meet with the crown prince.

“Oh, our Northeastern nobles!”


Alberu inhaled and exhaled multiple times when he saw that the northeastern nobles were slowly getting up from their seats. It means that they going to greet him. That also means that he can officially make Cale Henituse his acquaintance.

Alberu bit his inner bottom lips to prevent himself from showing any unnecessary emotions especially the feelings he had for Cale.

When they finally arrived in front of him, he showed them the brightest smile that he had.

“Oh, our Northeastern nobles!”


Cale's eyes widened as soon as she got close to Alberu. She can see that the crown prince was covered in a dark aura. It makes Cale subconsciously step backwards. Cold sweat started to drip out of her skin and her lips started to lose its colour.

At that moment—

•Kill him

Cale flinched. The eerie voice that suddenly appeared inside her mind makes Cale feel dizzy. Still, she tried to hold it back and just kept smiling every time she made eye contact with the crown prince.

•Kill him, kill him, kill him!

The voice gets louder and louder each time Alberu gets closer to Cale.

Cale tried to bite her inner lower lips as she was ignoring the voice. However, each time she tried to ignore it, the voice keep getting louder and painful to bear.

Cale gritted her teeth then slowly exhaled. She lifted her head that was looking at the ground then looked towards Alberu who is now giving some compliments to Amiru and Gilbert.

No matter how many times Cale tried to look away then looked back at the crown prince, the dark aura still did not fade away.

At that time a familiar voice that did not belong to the black dragon was suddenly ringing inside Cale's mind.

It was the Sun God.

•I'm sorry, my child, since you received my power, you'll automatically have the instinct to eliminate the creature with a dark attribute. But, you don't have to worry, I'll handle that.

Cale's head finally in peace again. The eerie voice finally disappeared but not the dark aura around the crown prince.

She then remembered what the black dragon had said to her a while ago.

The crown prince was not a human being and the dark aura around him proves that.

The Sun God also mentioned that the eerie voice only reacted when she saw a creature with a dark attribute, but since the Sun God had already handled it, she didn't hear the voice anymore.

A creature with Dark Attribute is a creature that capable of handling dead mana. They also use dead mana to strengthen themselves. Knowing that the crown prince is a creature with dark attributes makes Cale shocked.

As Cale can remember from the content of [Birth of Hero], the Crown Prince is a great person who uses people in order to make the kingdom a better place.

That's why Cale knew she didn't have to worry about that thing at all. The crown prince will not harm anyone. Also, everyone had a secret so it's not weird if the crown prince was hiding something.

At that moment, the crown prince handed his hand out to Cale who was slightly bowing for a handshake.

Looking at his hand makes Cale frown.

'It is just me who hallucinated or the crown prince's hand really is slightly trembling?'

"Lady Cale of the Henituse family, that is responsible for the edge of our Northeastern region. It may be my first time meeting you, but, thanks to Count Deruth’s good work, we are no longer afraid of the Forest of Darkness. You don’t know how reassuring that is for me and everyone else.”

Cale lifted her head to look right into the crown prince's eyes.

It was probably difficult to find praise for someone who was famous for being a trash like this. In that aspect, the crown prince was amazing.

“I heard that Lady Cale is a very free spirit. I’m sure this is because— Lady Cale, are you okay?"

Alberu stopped his glib tongue as soon as he noticed the unwellness in Cale. There is a concern in his voice as he asked. That makes Eric, Amiru and Gilbert immediately look at Cale.

Their eyes widened as soon as they see that Cale is paler than usual and there were also cold sweats on her skin. They wanted to help Cale but since she was having a conversation with the crown prince, they can't interrupt it.

"Do you feel unwell? If you do, you can take a rest."

Cale shook her head then smiled. Since the crown prince already used his glib tongue, now it was Cale's turn.

Cale sincerely grabbed the crown prince’s hand. Her soft and calm voice filled the air.

“This humble lady is fine, your highness. Thank you for your concerns, I appreciated it."

"I am glad that lady Cale is alright, however, there is no need to hold back. If you feel unwell, you can take a rest."

Cale didn't know either the crown prince Alberu is sincere with his concerns or just said that to bring the Henituse on his side. However, seeing the worried expression on his face makes Cale realise that he was honest with his words.

'Why should he be worried about trash like me?'

Even though Cale is still confused with Alberu's behaviour, she still does what she needs to do in order to reach her goal today. It was to step away from the crown prince since he usually avoid the people who were the same as him.

"Your highness, I am not holding back. I just somehow felt something after meeting you today. I realized that in addition to our current sun, his majesty, we also have you, the one who will shine over the night to watch over the citizens at night. It was a wonderful image for my eyes.”

Cale’s voice was very calm and relaxed, and she also looked very confident. It makes Alberu flinch.

“… Is that so?”

When seeing that Alberu now was looked confused, Cale did not miss this change.

Cale continued in a sincere voice.

“Indeed, your highness. I may not be able to sleep at night now that I have personally met you, the star in the mind of our citizens.”

Eric’s jaws dropped, while Gilbert and Amiru could not help but look at Cale in disbelief.

Cale could see the crown prince also starting to frown. She felt like she had taken another step toward his goal of, ‘getting away from the crown prince.’

However, something caught Cale's eyes. It was the crown prince's outfit.

It's the same as her's!

Cale suddenly feels stupid for just realising that now, that's why she subconsciously chuckled.

"What's wrong, lady Cale?"

"Nothing, I just realised that our outfits are matching. Don't you think is fate, your highness?"

At that moment, Cale can hear the black dragon

– Why did this weakling called the crown prince dye his hair with magic? It is at a level that only a great and mighty dragon like me would notice it. Did another dragon dye his hair? No, is it some other type of power? His eyes and hair are originally brown!

'Dark elf.'

That's the first thing that popped up in Cale's mind after hearing the black dragon's words.

Even though Cale was pretty shocked with the truth that she subconscious found out but her smile still did not disappear from her face when he saw how messy the crown prince's face is.

'With this, I'm sure he will avoid me in the future.'

Cale smiled in satisfaction.


"Nothing, I just realised that our outfits are matching. Don't you think is fate, your highness?"

Alberu knows that Cale was joking.

However, hearing Cale said that with her own mouth and in front of him, it makes Alberu's heart flutter and wanted to scream. He also feels like he wanted to run around while shouting 'She said we fated to be!'(Well, that's not what she meant by the way).

But, now they were in front of so many nobles. He needs to maintain his image as the crown prince.

While bitting his inner cheek until he was able to taste the iron taste of blood to calm himself, Alberu looked at Cale with a calm smile like he never had his face messy before.

"Then let it be, lady Cale."

Cale flinched.


Normally, if Alberu finds someone who is the same type of person as him, he will stay away from that person. However, he had the feeling that he shouldn't do that to Cale. The person who understands you the best is the person who is the same as you.

"Then let fate do its work."


The crown prince let go of Cale’s hand. Cale stepped back without a word, moving behind Eric. It was easy to use Eric as a shield when things got complicated even though it already is.

The crown prince's weird behaviour sends the chills to Cale's whole body. She feels like there is something that will happen that makes Cale have to work together with him. But she ignored the feeling since she thought there is no way that going to happen then continue to hide behind Eric.

The crown prince didn't stop observing Cale with curiosity, before turning his gaze over to Eric. Eric started to speak with the crown prince once again.

Cale looked at Alberu then Eric who was having a conversation before slowly approaching Gilbert and Amiru who was waiting for her to go back to their seat together.

"Young lady Cale, you still look pale, are you sure you are okay?"

Amiru immediately held Cale's arm as soon as Cale arrived near them.

"I'm okay, young lady Amiru... Just you know... Errr–"

Cale glanced at Gilbert before looking at Amiru again. For some reason, she was kinda embarrassed to say that she was in her period out loud. So she just whispered close to Amiru's ear.


Amiru's mouth 'o' before it formed a smile.

"I see," she nodded her head.

Gilbert who didn't hear a thing only able to tilt his head then shrugged. He wanted to know to but when he looked at Cale who seem to want to keep it secret, he just sighed.

"I'm glad that young lady Cale is fine," Gilbert said with a smile decorated his face.

Chapter Text

Venion gritted his teeth as soon as he saw how Cale was smiling at the crown prince.

Today is a horrible day for Venion. Not only his minions fail to kidnap the Henituse Goddess but his brother also suddenly popped in the banquet and was sitting beside her! Not to mention how the crown prince wore a matching outfit as Cale, it looks like they planned it together.

'Is they already in 'that' kind of relationship?'

As Venion can remember, it's only been a month since Cale turned into a girl so for  Cale to have a male partner this fast is impossible. Unless Cale's taste already went in a different direction since the start.

Venion looked at Cale who was standing behind Gilbert and Amiru. It's obvious that she didn't want to socialize with anyone because every time some nobles tried to approach her, either Amiru or Gilbert is the one who handle it.

He clicked his tongue.

'I'll send more people this night.'


Cale yawned as she slowly opened her eyes. She was so tired after the banquet that why she instantly fell asleep just after Ron told her that he will be leaving for a year. However, she didn't expect herself to awake in the middle of the night. She is usually a heavy sleeper.

Cale slowly stood up from her bed without waking the three children that were sleeping near her.


Cale looked on top of the table near her bed, there is nothing on it. She forgot to ask Ron for some water before he left.

Cale sighed before walking out of her room and going to the kitchen. Seeing how dark it is, Cale knew that there is no one around. After drinking some water and even bringing a cup of water just in case she will be searching for it again, Cale walked out of the kitchen and walked fast to her room.

However, before she can reach her room, someone suddenly covered up her mouth from behind and grabbed her wrist tightly. The glass fell to the ground and shattered into pieces. Suddenly there a cold metal touched her neck.

It was a knife.

The man that was grabbing her was pointing a knife at her neck.

"Make a single noise and you will die."

It makes Cale frown. She didn't expect there if someone wanted to kidnap her.

'I'm not even a protagonist! Why should I experience all these cliche things?!'

With her mouth covered, Cale sighed. She didn't even scared. She already had the indestructible shield also the vitality of heart with her. Not only that, she also had Sun God Healing power, God of Death Vow of life and God of War gun. So why should she be afraid, right?

'I can shoot him anyway and if I get hurt I have the vitality of heart and healing power.'

"Interesting girl, you not scared at all."

Cale started to get annoyed.


She summoned her shield that caused the man thrown backwards. Cale now was surrounded by a silver shield that shone brightly. It even brightens up the hallway.

It shocked the man. His eyes shook she look at the sliver shield that had two wings around it. Cale looks like a goddess as the shield surrounded her.

The man was unable to breathe for a moment. The sight in front of him was really mesmerising.

"Now I know why Venion wants you so bad! But don't worry, I won't give you to him. I'll keep you on my own."

Cale frowned deepened as soon as she heard Venion's name come out of that man's mouth.

'That Son of Bitch! What is wrong with him!'

Cale sighed before putting down her shield then looked straight into the man that was slowly standing up from the floor. He seemed to be ready to jump towards Cale.

Cale clicked her tongue as she summoned her gun.

"Don't worry, young lady! I'll treat you better than anyone else!"


Cale shot right into the man heart. Her eyes didn't even shake as he pulled the trigger. Her eyes were cold as ices.

"How pathetic."

Cale smirked at the man who was clenching his bloody chest and slowly fell down as she blows her gun barrel.

"You... Uggh.. Bitch!"

Cale ignored the man and looked at the gun that slowly turned into dust and disappeared. She was pretty shocked because the gun didn't even make a loud noise when she pulled the trigger.

"How interesting."

Cale then looked at the man who slowly turned pale with blood pooling around him before walking away from him. She is too lazy to clean it up so she'll let the expert such as Beacrox or Choi Han to do the job.

Cale yawned.

Using her ancient power and the gun really took a large amount of energy from Cale. She felt incredibly tried.

Cale smiled in relief after seeing the three children still sleeping peacefully on the bed. She slowly climbed the bed then lay next to the children.


Choi Han looked at Hilsman that was standing beside him.

"You did this?"

Hilsman shook his head.

"How about you?" Choi Han looked at Beacrox.

"If I'm the one who handles this, his body will turn into thousands of pieces already."

In front of them was one of Venion's minions that successfully entered the estate. Choi Han thought that he may already enter the lady's room, that's why, right after finishing handling the intruders that were outside the estate, he immediately went to the lady's room.

His heart was in peace when he saw how the lady and the children were still peacefully asleep. Didn't want to bother them Choi Han walked away from the lady's room to find that one rat that successfully entered the estate.

But Choi Han never expected to find the man in the condition where he was laying on the floor and was dead.

When Choi Han observed the corpse, he was stabbed in the chest with something round and small.

If he examines the wound carefully, it looks like he had been shot but who the hell had a gun in this era?!

Also, there are some glass shattered near him that caused the floor to wet. Thus, the person who killed him must went to the kitchen to take some water.

Choi Han sighed before looking at Beacrox who was crouched down to investigate the corpse.

Beacrox shrugged before standing up and patting his thighs.

"The person that killed him must be one of the servants that work here since Countess Violan always took a person who is skilled enough to be her worker."

Beacrox said as he took his white gloves from his pockets then wears it.

Hilsman nodded his head.

"I guess so. Thank to that person, our lady is safe."

Choi Han nodded at Hilsman's words before lifting the dead man. He needs to clean this up quickly before the lady saw this since the sun showed the sign that it will be up anytime soon.

He then looked at Beacrox and Beacrox just sighed.

"I'll clean the blood," Beacrox said as he went to the kitchen to take some rugs and water.


Right now, Cale was in the carriage together with Amiru Ubarr. As Cale expected, Amiru really wanted to make the shoreline in her territory useful. That's why Amiru approached Cale Henituse in this case.

Since order to build a military base needs lots amounts of money, Amiru only need to borrow from someone who had plenty.

“Please come visit the Ubarr territory next time. There are actually a lot of interesting places to see.”

“I will go if I have the chance to do so.”

The Sound of the Wind.

It will become Cale’s fast feet, and, at the same time, give her control over a whirlwind that can be used for both offence and defence. Cale thought about the Ubarr coast, where that ancient power was located.

“I hope that the opportunity comes soon.”

The carriage arrived at the palace as soon as she said that. Cale got off the carriage and looked around. The current time was 8 am.

The staff would already be at the Plaza of Glory to prepare for the celebration. The Royal Knights will allow people to enter at 8:30 am, filling the plaza full of people.

It will be a situation where it will be difficult for anyone to go in or out. The celebration will start thirty minutes after that, and Cale’s group will start looking for the hidden picture starting at 8:30 am.

Necklaces, bags, pendants.

The magic bombs will be hiding in all sorts of shapes. Cale’s group would find the people who have the bombs located on them. Well, it didn’t matter if they didn’t find them, since the answer will reveal itself.

“Oh, you’re here?”

Cale received Eric and Gilbert’s greeting, before standing next to them with Amiru.

“Everyone came early.”

“Of course. We will start moving at 8:05 am.”

Eric said that to Cale, while his eyes were sending Cale another message.

Be still today as well.

Cale nodded her head while looking into Eric’s eyes, and reminded herself internally.

‘I do not know anything.’

As soon as she thought that, the crown prince appeared in front of Cale. The nobles would follow behind the crown prince today.

She then saw the person who arrived next to the crown prince, and covered her mouth with her hand. It was because she could not help but smirk.

Taylor Stan, the abandoned son of Stan because of his paralysing leg, now was standing with his own two legs next to the crown prince.

'How fun.'

Cale's eyes started to roll around tried to find a face that she knew was absolutely messy right now.

'Venion Stan.'

Besides, he did not only tried to kill his own blood-related brother but he also tried to kidnap Cale? This trashy noble who has nothing to do with the Stan family's successor.

Cale also already received reports from both Hilsman and Choi Han this morning about the intruder last night. It happened even before the banquet but since it didn't as worst as last night they didn't inform Cale about it.

Thankfully they didn't ask Cale anything about the dead man in the hallway since she had no way of explaining it.

Seeing how Taylor Stan was standing next to the crown prince shocked most of the nobles nearby including Eric, Amiru and Gilbert.

Eric’s shocked gasp and the murmuring of the nobles filled the area. However, Cale did not care about any of that. Instead, she lowered her hand while looking forward. Cale made eye contact with the person next to the crown prince then the crown prince himself.

Cale saw how the crown prince's eyes sparkles as he looks at her. She also noticed how the crown prince's cheek slowly turned rosy.

Are they wearing the same outfits again? No. Cale already confirmed it.

'Maybe it's because of the sun.'

However, she immediately looked away as soon as she heard the black dragon's voice.

– I am here.

Cale slightly nodded her head, and the voice continued.

– We are dismantling all of the bombs that are currently stationed in the locations we found. We will dismantle them completely at 8:55 am, as planned.

Everything seemed to be going as planned.

– I will be heading back now since we are busy, weak human. Use your shield if it seems like it’ll hurt.

Cale could not hear the Black Dragon’s voice after that. It seemed to have quickly returned to help the others.

‘There shouldn’t be any reason for me to use the shield.’

Cale was thinking that she would not need to use the shield if things continued like this. Besides, she had a feeling that she might collapse if she use the shield one more time since she already used it once last night and because of that Cale still feels a little tired today.

Moreover, her period is also still with her so her body is weaker than usual.

“All preparations have been completed!"

One of the knights shouted out loud, and the crown prince got on the Royal Parade Carriage and spoke to the nobles getting on the royal carriages behind him.

“Let’s go.”

Cale also got onto a royal carriage. The carriage soon started to move, and Cale sat there with her arms crossed while having a stiff expression on his face.

“Nice to meet you all again.”

The wheelchair-less Taylor greeted them.

“Nice to meet you. I am Amiru Ubarr.”

“…Nice to meet you.”

Taylor Stan, Young lady Amiru, and Venion’s lackey Neo Tolz ended up in the same carriage as them. Cale was wondering whether the crown prince purposely put them together in the same carriage.

It was Cale’s turn to introduce herself. However, only simple words came out of her mouth before looked out the carriage window again.

"Cale Henituse."

A trash was allowed to be this rude, right? Besides, no one seemed to be complaining about her rude behaviour anyway.



Cale turned her head at Eric’s calling. She could see the full Plaza of Glory behind their shoulders.

“Young lady Cale, let's go. It is our turn to enter the plaza.”

Cale nodded her head.

“Yes, let’s go.”

Cale pushed Eric and the others in front of her and started to walk. Her eyes roam around the plaza as they walked to the entrance.

“Young lady Cale, is this your first time at the Plaza of Glory?”

Cale leisurely nodded her head at Gilbert’s question.

"Yes. I briefly passed through on my carriage, but it is my first time seeing all of it.”

Cale looked around the plaza as she said that.

The tea shop to the South.

The inn to the West.

A flower shop to the East.

The top of the Ceramist Association building to the North.

These were the four places Cale focused on as she looked around.

“The plaza is pretty large.”

Cale verified the locations the magic bombs were positioned. At the same time, she looked toward the fountain to the south. A young boy was waving a flag like he was trying to welcome the king. That young boy was Lock.

‘Things are going as planned.’

Chapter Text

“His Majesty, King Zed Crossman, the sun of the Roan Kingdom, is now entering!”

King Zed was slowly heading toward the plaza from far off in the distance.

The fanfare for the king was still very loud. King Zed passed through the plaza entrance and headed to the highest platform.

Cale looked at the clock again.

The current time was 8:58 am.

The King lifted up his hand, and the cheers slowly died down. Finally, once the plaza was completely quiet, the king started to speak.

“It has already been 30 years since this king has received the blessing of the sun to rule over this kingdom.”

The king seemed very happy. Unfortunately, it was now 9 am.


Cale could hear Eric's confused voice.

"What is that?”

Cale then heard Taylor’s anxious voice. Cale leisurely raised her head to look at the top of the Bell Tower.

Cale started to smile then looked at the king who was shouting at the people who were on top of the Bell Tower.

Redika and his gang.

“Who are you?!”

Meanwhile, everyone was panicking, Cale was sighing in relief. Thankfully, there no one around her heard she sighed.

‘I was worried this would be different than the novel as well.’

If Redika did not show up, she would have needed the Black Dragon to reverse the flow of mana coming to the mana bombs in order to locate the hidden Redika, and allow Choi Han to kill him.

Cale was relieved that she would not need to do that. However, her relief soon had been interrupted by Redika's chilling voice that sounded like metal screeching against one another.

"Should be fun.”

Then, the red mana shot out to different spots in the plaza.

That moment was exactly 9:01 am.


A vibration started from underneath the Bell Tower.

Cale knows at that moment the mana disturbance that she had planted under the Bell Tower started to work.


Magic devices started to go off in multiple locations. The red mana that was flying toward the detonation devices inside the magic bombs suddenly lost strength and started to spin aimlessly in position.

It was the result of the mana disturbance.

Then, it happened inside the plaza as well.


Four spots started to ring in the plaza.

“Found it.”

It was the bombs.

Cale then rolled her eyes to look at Choi Han. She could see Choi Han ripping off the person’s necklace.

At the same time, someone was pulled her body while was shouting for her name.


It was Eric Wheelsman. He looked panicked but Cale ignored him and slowly looked around her, starting with the top of the Bell Tower.


The blood crazy mage Redika was laughing and it was the most annoying sound to hear. Cale clicked her tongue.

'Should I shot him? If I shot him now, everything will be end.'

However, Cale had no desire of revealing her divine power because there were so many priest in the plaza. They will recognise it was a divine power right away.

“Your Majesty! Please get to a safe spot!”

The Royal Knights and some mages were next to the royal family and the king in order to help them escape. Cale first looked toward the crown prince. His hair was still blonde.

‘As expected, the mana disturbance didn't give any effect to dead mana.’

Since the crown prince is a dark elf, there is a large possibility that he dyed his hair and eyes using dead mana. Dark elf also had its own mage so it's not impossible.

And soon Cale could hear the little black dragon's confused voice.

–Did another dragon dye his hair? Or is it a different type of strength?

However, Cale didn't have any intention to explain it to the little dragon. No, it's not like she didn't want to explain it, the surrounding was just too loud and there is no way Cale will let the little dragon shows himself in public.

That's why Cale just ignored the black dragon's voice as she observed around her.

All of the secret organization members other than Redika started to launch long-range attacks. Spears, daggers, and throwing knives; all sorts of attacks started to pour down upon the knights.

It was very loud but since the black dragon make a report straight to her mind, the noise around didn't bother her much but was still annoying to hear.

Cale then looked at Eric, Amiru, Gilbert and Taylor who had chaotic expressions on their face as they gathered around her.

"We need... to run.. too, Cale."

Eric's voice sounded quavering as he spoke means that he was panicking.

The door for the nobles and priests was already open, with many nobles and priests quickly heading out as fast as they could. It looked more peaceful because there were fewer people than the gate for the citizens down below, but it was still chaotic with each person trying to get out faster than the other.

The knights and mages that were fighting against the secret organisation, fell down one by one, either they dead or heavily injured.

It was completely a mess.

No wonder why the calm Gilbert, Amiru, Taylor and the capable Eric were also in a state of chaos right now. They knew if they didn't hurry to go out of the plaza, they will end up getting injured.

However, Cale soon heard a voice inside her mind that makes her frown.

–That is all.

“… What?”

“Young lady Cale, what is wrong?”

Taylor, who had been walking next to Cale, looked at Cale with confusion, but Cale did not have time to focus on him.

As Cale remembered, the black dragon only gave his report about the bomb four times.

‘There are only four? Isn't it 10?’

Had it changed?

'Did the number of bombs change because the story has changed?'

However, Cale's thoughts snapped as soon as one of the mage’s amplified voices rang out in the plaza.

“Activate Mana Stability Magic!”

At that moment, Cale could see four items flew past the mana stability that the mages activated just now. She knew that the work of Rosalyn and the black dragon. Since both of them were creatures that were sensitive to mana, handling mana bombs was just a piece of cake for them.

"Mana Stability Complete!" The mage shouted out loud.

Redika’s red mana balls started to chase behind the items flying toward the mountain. As the red mana balls finally came into contact with the four items…


A large explosion occurred in the sky. It plaza became silent instantly. None of the people dared to say a word. The lights that were blinding just now and replaced by black smoke that thick as clouds makes them petrified.

And soon Taylor's voice had been heard. It was a voice that mixed fear and amazement.

"Those are magic bombs."

Any noble who had the slightest knowledge of magic would know that only one item was capable of having such a destructive force.

A magic bomb.

Cale brushed her hair that was a mess from the gust of wind.

‘I guess there were only four bombs.’

Nobody had died. That makes Cale relieved.

–I saved them all!

Cale could hear the happy voice of 4 years old dragon inside her mind. This is the first time the dragon saved so many people, no wonder why he is so excited.

"Unfortunately, nobody died. Why did they go off over there?”

Redika's voice makes Cale flinch and immediately look at him who was above the Bell Tower.

“Guess this one was a failure.”

Cale's eyes widened.

‘…, ‘This one,’ was a failure?’

Cale’s expression stiffened. She started to worry that Redika might plan something else that was mentioned in the novel.

Redika's eyes curled up.


He snapped his fingers and two people appeared next to him. These two were just wearing black attires without the red star and white star symbol on their chest. They were each wearing a backpack.

Cale started to frown. That moment Cale finally understood.

‘Those are the remaining bombs.’

They must be suicide bombers whose life didn't matter.


Redika gave the order and the two people, whose bodies were now burning, rushed toward the citizens below the Bell Tower. Redika shot out two balls of red mana toward the two people.

"Stop him!"

One of the royal knights started to shout.

Unfortunately, Redika was closer to these two people than anybody else. The red mana reached the backpacks of the two suicide bombers.

– I’m coming!

Cale raised her hand as she heard the dragon’s voice.

“C, Cale, let’s go!”

“Young lady Cale, hurry!”

Eric, Taylor, Gilbert, and Amiru did not run away right away like the others. They were trying to save Cale as well. However, it was all too late.

Cale was extremely annoyed. If she started to run and the bomb went off, she would probably lose an arm and that would be extremely hurt. But, the Vitality of the Heart would help her recover her arm.

Unfortunately, the people who were trying to protect her would lose at least a limb no matter how fast they ran. They would also not be able to recover from their injuries as she could.


Cale let out a deep sigh and opened her palm up into the air. She had a very bad feeling about using her shield now since she already used it once last night.

But still, she cannot let the bombs explode near them. She didn't want to feel guilty for the people who tried to protect her.

At that moment, Rosalyn, who was teleported through the Black Dragon’s magic, created a two-layer shield around herself and Cale.

At the same time…


Redika shouted out with joy.


Rosalyn had a blank expression as she stared at what was going on in front of her.

The suicide bomber who was headed their way was surrounded by large wings. A silver shield shot up to the sky as if it was protecting the people in the plaza, and the wings of the shield surrounded the bomber. It looked like the shield and the wings were completely swallowing up the bomber.

And a strong shield that was not very visible because of the silver light surrounding the silver shield.

– I will block it as well.

The Black Dragon announced in Cale’s head.

A holy looking person with a silver shield was standing underneath the sun. A strand of silver light connected the red-haired girl with the shield in the sky. Cale started to curse as her hair fluttered from the gust of wind.


And then the bomb went off.



The two bombs finally exploded inside the silver shield. It stopped the explosion from getting even worst.

However, the silver shield that was protecting the people from getting hurt started to slowly break like pieces of glass. The silver wings crumbled down as well. As they started to crumble, black smoke started to come out of the encirclement.

There definitely was a person inside, however, nothing, not even a piece of flesh or even a drop of blood, could be seen.

Everybody looking felt chills going down their body. This helped them understand the strength of the explosion.

Their gazes naturally turned toward a single location. It was the end of that silver strand of light.

“Young lady Cale!”

Gilbert(I love him) who was near Cale immediately supported her from falling on the ground when he saw that about to stumble backwards.

He held Cale tightly in his arm.

Redika and his gang also already teleport away as soon as he saw that the two bombs also failed.

"Are you okay, young lady Cale? Young lady Cale!"

Cale lifelessly nodded her head but it didn't manage to calm Gilbert down.

His heart beat faster when he saw who Cale closed her eyes tightly. Cale looks so fragile in his arm.

As for Cale, she started to curse inside her mind.

‘Damn, it hurts.’

Her hands and internal organs feel like it was burning. Not to mention the pain that she feels in her lower abdomen. Everything feels like hell. Moreover, she was still on her period.

She already lowers the shield strength as soon as the black dragon declared that he will help her but still, everything is hurt. Even though the Vitality of Heart already reduced most of the pain, but it still hurt since her female body is weaker than average.

That's why Cale just shut her eyes. However, the longer she closed her eyes, the quieter it becomes to the point she cannot hear anything anymore.

The last thing that she heard was the tiny black dragon's voice inside her mind.

–Weak human, you cannot die! You are too weak! If you die, I will destroy everything! I will kill everyone, destroy everything, and once everything is gone, including your corpse, I will kill myself as well!

Cale wanted to say that she was okay, but when she was about to say a word, her world instantly went dark and quiet.


Rosalyn that was near them immediately approached Gilbert who had Cale in his arm. She looked at Cale's hands, it was bleeding. Her eyes started to shake.

"I think you guys should call a priest."

Rosalyn looked at Amiru as she gave them her suggestion. Amiru nodded her head and immediately went to find a priest together with Eric.

Rosalyn then looked around trying to find Choi Han and Lock. She soon find them as soon as she heard the knight's voice.

"…Please get out of my way.”

“No way. Civilians are not allowed inside.”

“…Civilian? Who came up with crap like that?”

Choi Han was looking at the knight with his cold eyes. His eyes even darkened as soon as he saw Cale was in someone else's embrace and was closing her eyes.

Choi Han clenched his fist tightly. However, he soon heard a voice inside his mind. It was Rosalyn.

–Go find the mage, we need to follow young lady Cale's plan.

Choi Han flinched before slowly walking away with the kittens in his arm. He looked at Rosalyn for the last time then nodded his head.

Rosalyn nodded her head as well and immediately looked at Gilbert who was hugging Cale tightly as soon as Choi Han disappeared.

However, Rosalyn's heart dropped as soon as she saw both Gilbert and Cale's conditions.

Gilbert's body was trembling so does his eyes as he looked at Cale. His mouth was opened but no word come out of it.

Meanwhile, Cale had her eyes both closed. Her face also so pale just like it has no blood in it. Her mouth was also opened but no word come out... Only blood. Yes, only blood. The blood didn't even stop and kept dripping out of Cale's mouth.

"We brought the— gasspp"

Eric closed his mouth with his hands as soon as he arrived near Gilbert. His knees also almost giving up makes him about to fall down but Amiru immediately grabbed his hand. His eyes shook and started to get teary so does Amiru.

Gilbert looked at Eric.

"Young lady Cale's body is so cold."

At that moment, the whole plaza became quiet. They immediately stopped their movement as soon as they heard Gilbert's shaking voice, including Alberu who was about to approach Cale.

His mind instantly went blank.

I draw bloody fem!cale Xd it didn't fit with the story so I didn't know where to put it😌 so yeah.

Chapter Text

Cale lifted the teacup then slowly brings it to her mouth. She sipped the lukewarm tasteless tea then placed the cup back on the table.


It makes a loud noise.

She then crossed her legs while her reddish-brown eyes were glaring at the three gods in front of her.



Cale tapped the table with her index finger once.

"Who is responsible for this time?"

Then two hands were immediately pointing to the god who had a black aura around him.

•Me, really?

God of Death said in disbelief.

•Believe me, Cale. It is 100 percent his fault. No God who likes to change gender this time.

Cale looked at the god who had an orange aura, God of War then the god with a golden aura, God of Sun who was nodding her head agreeing with God of War.

•How it's only my fault?! You guys are the ones who ask me to bring Cale here!

God of Death starts to raise his voice, denying. He started to get mad. But the stubborn God of War didn't even care. God of Death was raising his voice to him, it is not like he can't do the same.

•It is because you didn't bring Cale here at the right timing! When she was coughing blood?! Do you know how much chaos that you just made?!!

•You said to bring her as soon as possible!

•Are you stupid or idiot or dumb or brainless or all that four?! At least brings her at the time she was sleeping! Do you forget that bringing a soul here will make the soul's body cold and its heart stop beating for 3 minutes?!

•You just told me that the body will be cold! You didn't tell me that Cale's heart will stop beating!

Cale raised her brows as she was listening to the conversation between God of Death and God of War. She was shocked after hearing that she was dead for 3 minutes.

That's why God of War said that God of Death just caused chaos.

'Just what happened out there?!'


The two gods immediately stop fighting as soon as God of Sun clapped her hands. They instantly looked at her. Not only the gods but also Cale.

After faking a cough, God of Sun started to speak.

•We have an important thing to tell you, Cale. As you can see, you already received our power and our power isn't visible to normal human beings. However, for someone who is a divine power user like a priest, they will notice it.

•Cage, my daughter of night already noticed it. But don't worry, I already told her to keep quiet about it.

God of Death spoke calmly as he had never been shouting before.

•However, that's not the important thing that we wanted to tell you. The thing that we wanted to tell you is, we needed your help.

Cale tilted her head. Knowing that gods needed help from a mere human is funny also confusing.

Why would a great being above need a lowly's help who had no power?

However, her thoughts snapped when God of Sun started to speak again.

•I know what are you thinking right now. 'Why would they need my help?', 'Isn't gods can do everything since they had the power to do so?'. No, my child, we cannot interfere with the living beings in this world whenever we like. Becoming a God is like getting a job in a company. You cannot do whatever you like. The only thing that you can do is the job that has been given to you. That's why God have a specific name and is not only called God. That name is showed what our job is.

Cale nodded her head as she was listening to God of Sun explanation about God. It's interesting things to learn.

"But why me? I don't understand why it had to be me. Isn't God had their own servants? Saint and Holy Maiden?"

Cale frowned as she asked those questions.  Even though she is not a religious person but she had a common knowledge about religion. Each god is supposed to have their own saint and holy maiden to help them to guide its believers.

•Your soul is different, Cale Henituse. You had the strongest soul we've ever seen. Also, only me and God of War who had servants meanwhile God of Death got nothing. However, my children had fallen into darkness, isn't I already told you that?

Cale nodded her head. She remembered that. God of Sun had told her about her children at their first met. It was at the time the gods were giving Cale part of their power.

The only thing that shocked Cale was about her soul. Perhaps she isn't originally from this world which makes her soul stronger and different from the other?

Cale just shrugged. Her eyes then shifted from God of Sun to God of War.

•Meanwhile, mine is on the opposite of your side.

"What do you mean by the opposite of my side?"

•Cale, do you know that my power will get weak every time war will break down?

"No, I didn't know that."

•But now you know.

"Yes, I just know it just now."

God of Death and God of Sun chuckled as they heard the conversation between Cale and God of War.

God of War faked a cough then he smiled, however, his smile isn't visible to Cale since the light was covering his face. He continued to speak.

•Cale, my holy maiden isn't on your side. Not yet, also even if my holy maiden is on your side, she'll useless since her power will only focused on defence.

Cale sighed as she brushed her hair.

"Okay fine I get it, all of your servants is useless so what the thing that you need from me?" Cale finally decided to hear what the gods needs from her.

The gods looked at each other before nodding their heads. God of Death started to speak first.

•We need you to become our blessed child.

Cale started to frown.

•That's mean you can hear our voice anytime we want to communicate with you so we don't have to bring your soul here again.

God of Death added and the other gods just nodded their head agreeing with him.

•That's mean every time we need your help, you have to help us. Don't worry, it's not a one-sided advantage, if you need our help we will gladly offer you a hand.

Cale raised her brows, kinda shocked. The gods' offer was pretty good. She can easily stay away from the war if she has three gods by her side.

'Isn't that fantastic! Even gods gladly offer me a hand if I needs help.'

Cale covered her mouth with her hand to hide the wide smirk on her face.

"Sure but I didn't want anyone to know that I am your blessed child. I don't like attention."

'Since I planned to live my slacker life after this war so if anyone knows that I am gods' blessed child, the temple will not leave me alone.'

However, Cale didn't say that out loud. She keeps looking at the gods in front of her and was waiting for their answer.

God of Sun stood up from her seat and slowly walked towards Cale. She then started to speak.

•We already know that you will say that.

God of Sun softly hold Cale's wrist as she caressed it. A light appeared around God of Sun's palm that was touching Cale's wrist. As soon as the light disappeared, there is a weird mark appeared on top of Cale's wrist. After a few seconds, the mark disappeared.

It makes Cale flinch and immediately looks at God of Sun. She didn't even notice how deep the wrinkles on her forehead were. She was a bit lost just now.

•That is a seal to hide our auras that were with you. With this, not even a saint or a dragon could sense it.

Cale nodded her head as she looked at her wrist. For some reason, her eyes started to get heavier. She started to get sleepy.

•I guess it's time for you to go back.

Cale looked at God of Death who slowly approached her.

•Sorry for bringing you here at the wrong timing...

God of Death looked at Cale and then slowly shifted his eyes away to avoid Cale's eyes. He sighed.

•I can't help you to settle the chaos that I just made out there so..errr... Here I'll give you another gift. It's a healing power but with the power of death. With this, even the creature with a dark attribute can be healed.

God of Death then slowly closed Cale's eyes with his hand.

•I'm truly sorry, Cale...

That's the last words that Cale heard from God of Death before her sight slowly turned black.



Cale gasped as she instantly sits upon her bed. Her head was hurt and cold sweat was dripping out of her skin. Meeting Gods always make Cale feel like she just finished a 100km marathon. Sore and tired.

Cale touched her chest as he slowly breathe in and out. Her heart beating quite fast. She tried to calm it down.

"Damn, meeting god is so tiring."

Cale sighed exhaustedly. She then slowly stood up from her bed to go to get some water. But she was petrified as soon as she saw who were also inside the room.

Choi Han, Deruth, Violan, Hans, Lock, Rosalyn, the kittens, the crown prince, Eric, Gilbert, Amiru, Taylor, and Cage had their eyes widened as they looked at Cale.

It makes Cale frown.

Most of them especially Choi Han, Lock, her parents, Hans, Eric and the kittens had their eyes red and teary, runny noses and puffy cheeks.

Their cheeks were also wet like they just finished crying.

Is someone dead?

"What happened here? Is someone dead?" Cale leisurely asked as she stood up from her bed then brushed her hair with her hand.

She even yawned without caring all the nobles' eyes that were at her.

None of them answers Cale's questions. All of them just stand at their place without moving as they looked at Cale.

Cale then looked at her father. She immediately approached him when she saw that new tears started to drip out of his father's brown eyes.

She started to get panicked.

"Father! What happened?! Why are you crying? Fath– Wahh!"

Cale was shocked when Deruth immediately hugged her tightly while saying 'Thank you, God' over and over again. Her eyes slowly shifted from her father to Choi Han.

He was also crying.

'What had happened? What did I do?!'

Cale confusedly looked at them one by one. But then she heard a voice inside her mind that explain everything to her. It was the tiny black dragon.

–H... Human! You are still alive! You are still alive! I almost destroy everything when they said you are dead!

At that moment, Cale finally gets why most of them were crying especially her father and Violan.

Since the gods said bringing a soul in front of them causes the soul's body to be cold and its heart to stop beating, they perhaps thought that Cale was dead.

'This must be the chaos that God of Death talks about.'

Cale faintly smiled. She knew what it is feels like to lose someone important in life. It feels like the world is collapsing and it become useless.

They must be feels like that too.

"Young lady-nim."


"Lady Cale."


Cale watched the people that were in that room approach her one by one.

It makes Cale feel guilty since she was the one who made them look so miserable. However, it's not even her fault. The gods were the ones who brought her to them unannounced thus making Cale unprepared and causing chaos here.

"Cale-nim, we thought we lost you."

Cale looked at Choi Han who was holding her hand tightly. He even tangled his fingers with Cale's as he wiped his tears.

Cale wanted to pull her hand away but she noticed that Choi Han's hand was trembling so she just let him be.

"Young lady Cale, I'm glad that you are okay now."

"Young lady Cale...."

"Thank goodness you are still alive, young lady Cale."

Cale received many words of concern from the people that were inside the room. She then looked at her father who was still hugging her tightly. She patted her father's back using her free hand. He was also trembling.

"Father, I'm okay now."

Deruth slowly released his embrace from Cale then wiped his eyes. He started to speak.

"Your heart suddenly stop beating and your body was as cold as ice, how can I not worry about that Cale? You scared me to death."

Cale pursed her lips together as she cursed God of Death mentally. And suddenly someone was asking a question that makes Cale's body jerk.

"Young lady Cale, which God that you meet?"

It was Cage, the excommunicated priestess.

"You said earlier that 'meeting god is so tiring'. Also, a body turns cold and heart stop beating for 3 minutes are the effect of the soul meeting god and you, young lady Cale just experienced it just now."

All eyes immediately went to Cale. Their eyes were the times wider than usual as they looked at Cale. They were shocked.

Meeting God is not normal. They knew that, that is why their eyes also shook.

Cale glared at Cage sharply to tell her to fix the situation and say it was just a misunderstanding, however, she just smiled.


"No. That– Cage..."

It makes Cage laugh.

"So this is the birth of God of Death Holy Maiden?"

"Cale– my daug...hter m..eet god and become a holy maiden?!"

Cale immediately denied it.

"No! Hell no! That's –"

The room instantly went noisy as soon as Cage said about the birth of holy maiden. It makes Cale turn paler. If this spread out of this room, the temple of God of Death will never leave her alone.

"Stop!" Cale shouted and it makes the room instantly quiet. The crown prince also stop moving and silently gulped.

An angry woman is too scary.

"Cage, stop spouting nonsense here."

"Oops, sorry."

Cage giggled and it makes Cale sigh. She didn't even care the Northeastern nobles, Taylor and even the crown prince was inside the room.

"Yes, I do meet god but that because God of Death is the one who is responsible for my changed gender not making me its holy maiden. So stop saying nonsense here. I'm tired, I want to sleep."

Without even caring the odd expression on their faces, Cale pulled her hand away from Choi Han and went to the bed again. Not even a second, she already fell asleep.


"Let her rest, she must be really tired."

Violan slowly pushed Deruth out of the room also the other. However, Hans, Rosalyn, Lock and Choi Han stayed in the room since they were from the start were by her side.

"Hans, if anything happens, immediately contact us."

Hans nodded his head.

"Yes, Countess-nim."

After closing the door, Violan looked at Deruth who still had a complicated expression on his face. Violan sighed then went to Cage.

"Miss Cage, can you explain more about my daughter's condition."

Cage nodded her head.

The crown prince, Taylor, Eric, Amiru and Gilbert slowly approached Cage. They also want to hear more about Cale.

"I feel God of Death power around young lady Cale's body that is what makes me think that young lady Cale will be the next holy maiden but it's turned out to be a protection."

"Protection?" Gilbert asked and Cage nodded her head.

"God of Death was protecting young lady Cale. I didn't know the reason but this is the first time I see that God was protecting a human. Even its saint and holy maiden didn't have this kind of protection around them."

"Is this a good sign?" The crown prince who was shutting his mouth from the start, asked Cage.

"Yes, it is. That's all I can tell you all about. I'm sorry countess-nim if this explanation is not like what you expecting."

Violan patted Cage's shoulder as she smiled.

"It's okay, miss cage. It's enough. I think we can leave her now," Violan said as she looked at the closed door where Cale's room is.

Now they were in the palace.

Right after Violan and Deruth heard about the accident and Cale's condition, they immediately hired the highest tier mage to teleport them to the capital.

It was kinda shocking when right after they arrived in the palace all they had been told is they daughter is dead. They even almost collapsed after hearing about it.

Cage who had been informed by God of Death about Cale's condition tried to calm them all down and just wait.

Rosalyn tried her best to calm down the tiny black dragon from destroying everything. Good thing he was smart and able to feel the power of god around Cale so he didn't go rampage.

However, Choi Han was different. He almost kills himself because he blames himself for not being able to protect Cale. Gladly, the kittens and lock were by himself tried to calm him down.

Gilbert had his knees on the floor while Eric was crying and Amiru was calming him down even though she was crying too. Hans also crying too.

Taylor just sits down while both his hands were covering his face.

Not to mention the crown prince, Alberu who silently glared at Taylor and regretted his decision of healing him.

That three minutes of Cale's heart stop beating cause huge chaos inside the palace. Even though it was only 3 minutes but for people that were around Cale, they feels like it was more than 3 hours.

Chapter Text

Cale could only glare at Cage. At the moment, Cale opened her eyes, Cage's face was the first thing she saw. She sighed when she saw that Cage's smile only gets wider.

"This is the first time I saw God's blessed child. Not only one God that blessed you with their power but three!"

Cale frowned when seeing Cage fangirl about her being blessed with three gods. She is the one that has been blessed but why Cage is the one that over-excited.

"Don't worry, young lady Cale. I already vowed with my life to God of Death to not tell anyone about it. I just told them that they are under god protection. Your secret save with me!"

Cale nodded her head at Cage's statement. As expected from the crazy priestess, she understands Cale too well.

"If I were you too, I'll do the same. Tch! Who wants to spend the rest of their life in temple anyway."

Cale nodded her head again but this time with a smile on her face. That's how the conversation between Cale and Cage ended. It's not a conversation anyway since Cale only watched Cage fangirling about her being the gods' blessed child.

After Cage went out of the room, Deruth and Violan come in. Their faces still showed that they were worried.


Deruth approached Cale then immediately held her hands. He was squeezing her hands so tight that it was hurting her. However, didn't pull it away since she knew her father was worried about her.

"Can you tell this father of yours about you meeting god? Are you really meet them?"

Cale looked at Deruth first before her eyes shifted to Violan. Cale started to speak.

"Yes, I guess since I only heard a voice that claimed to be God of Death. He told me that he was the one that responsible for my sudden change gender. He said it was his mistake. Only that, nothing more."

Of course, it was a lie. There is no way Cale will tell them about the three power that she received from the gods. It will make them shocked.

Violan and Deruth looked at each other before nodding their head.

"I see. We will control this rumour from spreading out so you don't have to worry."

Cale smiled in relief after hearing her mother's statement. She nodded her head.

"Thank you, mother."

Deruth patted Cale's head then slowly kissed her forehead. It makes Cale flinch. It's rare for her to receive this kind of affection when she was still Kim Rok Soo. That's why she didn't know how to react so she just stay silent.

"We need to go back to the territory this afternoon since we had things to do, so rest well, sweetheart and take care of your health too."

"Yes, father."

Cale smiled softly while watching her parents slowly step out of the room. They seem to hesitate to leave but Cale continuously waves her hand to tell them it's okay to leave. Who cares if she is rude, her parents seem okay with it.

When the door already closed tightly and her parents had nowhere to be seen inside the room, the black dragon finally showed himself.

"Weak human, the gods smell around you already disappeared. Is that a good thing?"

"Yes, it is."

"I see."

The black dragon rubbed his head on Cale's arm before curling up beside Cale. Not even a minute, a soft snore already can be heard inside that room. Cale smiled and her smile immediately turned stoic as soon as she heard a knock on her door.

Knock knock knock

Cale immediately covered the sleeping dragon's body with her blanket.

"Come in."

As soon as the door opened, Cale was able to see Choi Han, Rosalyn, Lock and the kittens were entering the room. Just like her parents, they also had a cornered look on their faces. But still, Cale greeted them with a smile.

"Young lady-nim."

Lock approached Cale with the kittens in his arms then put the kittens down on the bed. Then kittens immediately went towards Cale and rubbed their heads on Cale's arm.

Cale patted the kittens' heads as she looked at Choi Han. He looked so guilty.

"Choi Han."

Cale call for him makes Choi Han flinch. He looked at Cale not instantly as usual but hesitantly.

With only seeing Choi Han's behaviour, Cale was able to know one thing.

He failed to kill the crazy mage, Redika.

"Tell me.”

Choi Han lifted his head. He started to approach Cale then sits on the chair that was prepared beside Cale's bed.

"That mage appeared in the location you told me. I tried to kill him, but his subordinates rushed toward me."


The secret organizations valued Redika quite a bit for some reason. Cale's eyes shifted towards Rosalyn.

Compare Rosalyn to Redika, Rosalyn is more talented and skilled than Redika.

“So they escaped?”


Choi Han lowered his head again as he continued to speak.

“I only managed to cut off his left arm.”

Cale raised her brows.


“I then burned the arm up in case he came back for his arm to put it back together. Ah, his left eye should be injured as well.”

‘Isn’t that a death sentence for a mage?’

Mages needed to cast magic with both hands for their mana to be balanced. Losing an arm would end up affecting that quite a bit. Cale looked toward Choi Han with a stiff expression.

Choi Han had his head down and fists clenched.

“I was supposed to kill him. I’m sorry.”

Cale holds back her sigh as she patted Choi Han's shoulder, tried to calm him down.

“No need to be sorry. You did well.”

Choi Han finally lifted his head to look at Cale. He smiled then nodded his head. But not even a second his smile disappeared again and his head down again.

"But I failed to protect you. Your heart. I thought. Lose. Cale-nim."

Cale was shocked when she saw Choi Han's eyes were getting teary. She looked at the kittens who were patting her arms with their paws then Lock. All of them were the same as Choi Han was on a verge of crying.

Thankfully, Rosalyn had a calm expression and the dragon was sleeping, if not she didn't know how to calm all the crying people.

"That was no one fault so don't cry. Also, I'm still here, breathing and moving."

Choi Han, the kittens and Lock nodded their heads.

Cale smiled.

"It's God of Death's fault so blame him."

At that moment, Cale suddenly heard someone whimpering inside her mind and she was really sure that was God of Death.


Alberu's heart beating even faster the closer he to Cale's placed room. He glanced at the priest that walking beside him. He looked anxious.

Maybe, it's because he had to treat the former infamous trashy young master of the Henituse family that now was a young lady.

So many rumours bad about Cale but as soon as she made her debut as a girl, the bad rumours were lessened and replaced by how beautiful she is. She is too beautiful that even Alberu falls for her at first sight.

Alberu tried to cover his blushed face with his hand. However, as soon as he remembered the day when Cale collapsed, his blush instantly disappeared. 

He remembered how Gilbert Chetter held Cale Henituse tight in his embrace. It was kinda hurt to see but it's more hurting when he saw how pale Cale was and blood also keep dripping out of her mouth.

It was horrifying. At that moment, his world suddenly turned black, just like in the past where the servant announced his mother's death. It was cold and scary.

"Your Highness, we had arrived."

Alberu breathes in then breathe out before he knocks the door.

"Come in."

He heard the voice from the inside then slowly opened the door. His heart melts as soon as he saw Cale's soft smile greet him.

She was on the bed, sitting while her hands were patting two kittens red and sliver that was peacefully sleeping beside her. At a glance, Alberu can tell that the kittens were not just normal kittens. They were a cat tribe since their smell was different than a normal cat should be.

'Are they pretending to be cats to get close to lady Cale?'

Alberu frowned but his frown soon disappeared when he remembered his first meeting with Cale. There were two children by her side who had the hair colour that same as these kittens fur. So Cale already knew that her kittens were a cat tribe.

Without further due, Alberu looked at the priest that came together with him.

"Please, treat young lady Cale."

The priest nodded his head and went to the side of Cale's bed when Alberu when to the other side. He then sits on the chair that was prepared there.

"Excuse me, young lady Cale. May I hold your hand?"

Cale give the priest her hand with hesitation and Alberu noticed that. He also saw the frown on Cale's forehead.

'Is she didn't like the priest?'

But her frown soon disappeared and was replaced by a sweet smile.

"Everything is good, your highness. Young lady Cale-nim's condition is good."

Cale nodded as she looked at Alberu. Alberu also nodded his head.

"You may leave now."

"Yes, your highness."

When the priest already left the room without really doing anything to Cale, Alberu opened his mouth and start speaking.

"Everyone thought that the lady collapsed because of overusing the power to protect the citizens from the bomb."

Alberu looked at Cale who was also looking at him.

"Even though miss Cage told us that you collapsed because of God power, but I think it's better to not change the citizens' minds."

Cale's smile becomes wider.

"That's a very good idea, your highness. I also didn't want to have any connection with the temple either if they knew I somehow had the connection with God."

Cale then shifted her eyes from Alberu to the kittens. She patted them slowly.

"The weak young lady collapsed from protecting the citizens with her weak ancient power. I think that's a good story."

"Ancient power?"

"Yes, I somehow had a fateful encounter that make me have this ancient power."

Ancient Power.

As Alberu can remember, an ancient power is a power that can be gained with a fateful encounter just what Cale said earlier. Ancient powers are mostly useless since they cannot be strengthened no matter how hard the person train.

If they got the weak ancient power, they had to stick with it since they cannot throw away the ancient power because it will destroy their plate. Not only that but having a second ancient power also can't since it will cause the ancient powers to clash with each other and makes the owner body explode.

"It's only a shield, right?"

"Yes, it's useless for anything else."

"I see."

As expected, each ancient power only had a single function.


Alberu frowned.

'This smell again.'

Since the first time Alberu met Cale, she had a dangerous smell around her. A smell that he never smelled before.  The smell of inhuman. The smell that'll make him tremble and wants to worship her.

The smell that able to change Alberu's heart rhythm.

"Are you a human?"

That question subconsciously came out of Alberu's mouth.  Alberu could see that Cale suddenly had an expression of disbelief as Cale answered back.

“…I am human?”

It was an expression that seemed to be asking why the prince was asking such a stupid question. Alberu subconsciously let out a sigh.

“Sigh. Right, of course, you are human.”

Alberu points at both of them before continuing to speak.

“You and I are both humans.”

However, a second after, Cale disbelief expression disappeared replaced by a smirk. She pats the side of her that seems to have something under the blanket.

"Are you sure both of us are human?"


Alberu's expression turned stiff.

Badup! Badup!

His heart feels like it jumped up of his ribs when he heard Cale's question. He was shocked but he tried to act cool and hid his uneasiness.

'There is no way she knew that I'm not a human.'

Alberu tried to calm himself down. He clenched his fist tight until his knuckles turned white. Thankfully he was wearing a black gloves so it was hidden from Cale.

"Of course, I am sure. Unless the lady is not. Haha, but there is no way that the lady is not a human."

Alberu laughed awkwardly as he rubbed his nape. He tried to avoid Cale's eyes but it only will make everything suspicious so he brave himself to look at Cale.

However, Cale just smiled. It makes Alberu flinch.

"You are right, both of us are human."

Cale took her hand away from the side that she patted then moved it to the kittens.

Alberu frowned by Cale's weird behaviour but soon faked a cough to change the subject. He choose to ignore the uneasiness inside his heart.

"Since you saved so many people in the plaza, the king wants to reward you a medal," Alberu said as he took out a scroll from his spatial bag then handed it to Cale.

Cale takes the scroll the read it with a frown on her forehead. It makes Alberu confused. Why did she look unhappy when she was about to receive a medal?

As soon as Cale finished reading the scroll, she handed it back to Alberu.

"I want to decline it."

"Why?" Alberu asked confusedly.

Everyone will be happy when they receive a medal of honour but this lady in front of Alberu didn't want and was also unhappy when receiving it.

'Is she really used to be the rumoured trashy young master?'

"I just didn't want to be recorded."

Cale's answer makes Alberu blink his eyes multiple times. He was confused. Being recorded means that your story will be told in the future generations, however, this lady in front of him didn't want it?

Alberu subconsciously released a sigh in front of Cale but Cale did not react at all. She just looked at Alberu with her stoic expression. That look means she was serious.

“What is it that you want? Something for your family? My agreement to invest in the Northeastern Shoreline? Or settling the battle for power in the Northeast?”

“None of those belong to me, your highness.”

“…It doesn’t belong to you?”

Cale pointed to herself as Alberu stared at her.

“Please give it to me.”

What Cale wanted was something she needed for herself.

That's what Alberu sure of.

Alberu, who was silent for a moment, let out a snort.

'She still had that trashy side of her.'

He had figured out what this woman wanted from him. Although Cale had lived as trash, humans, no, all living existences, wished to aim for greater heights and take control of everything.

In the end, Cale was the most important to herself, more than her family or the people around her.

'How can I fall for her? It's because of her look?'

Alberu started to question himself.

“Then what is it you want? A higher title? Do you want to have your own faction in the capital?”

Alberu’s expression turned odd as he asked.  Contrary to Alberu’s expectations, Cale shook her head no at Alberu’s suggestions. It meant that none of them were correct. She then said a single word.



Chapter Text

Cale looked at dumbfounded Alberu with a smile on her face. She didn't know what was so shocking about her asking the reward to be money.

Instead of everything that Alberu said, a higher title, medal, land, and own faction, money is more important when the war breaks out in the future.

"To buy alcohol?"

Cale pretending to be shocked.

"Gasp. How did you know, your highness?"

Cale could see that Alberu was frowning. His reaction was kinda funny. Cale smiled as she put her hand on her cheek. She then started to speak.

"You know your highness since I am a girl now, I also need to take care of my appearance. I need a lot of beauty products for my face so that I don't look ugly. No man wants to marry an ugly girl, right?"

Alberu's expression darkened and Cale could see it clearly. However, not even a second that expression disappeared on Alberu's face.

Cale frowned.

'What was that?'

But her frown soln disappeared when Alberu started to speak.

"You want to marry a man?"

"Maybe? Since I am a girl."

Even though it is obvious that a girl had to marry a man but for Cale who was originally a man, it would be confusing.

'Perhaps Cale was into a guy from the start.'

Alberu's heart started to race. If Cale's taste was really in that direction, that's mean he had a chance.

Alberu subconsciously blushed when he thought that Cale was in love with him.

'It will be beautiful.'

While Alberu was busy with his thoughts, he failed to realize that Cale was staring at him. She was raising her brows as he looked at Alberu's flushed face.

She started to look around.

'The room temperature is fine so why the crown prince's face is red?'

"Just kidding, I don't plan on getting married."

At that moment, Alberu immediately looked at Cale.


Alberu blinked his eyes once.

"Getting married? Pfft. Before getting married, you need to fall in love, and falling in love is the most cheesy thing to do."

Cale laughed while Alberu's brows lowered and the corner of his lips drawn downwards as he looked at Cale.

"Besides, who would fall for me? I used to be a man and I am indeed trash."

'I am!'

"Even if there any man who proposed me, I'll reject them immediately."

'Getting married is just a bother to achieve my slacker life.'

However, Cale didn't say that out loud.

Cale glanced at Alberu. Her eyes widened when she saw his expression. He looked hurt.

'Is he perhaps suddenly feel ill?'

"Your highness, you don't look good. You need some rest."

Cale started to get concerned. If the crown prince falls ill, who will arrange her reward?

When Cale is about to touch Alberu's shoulder, he immediately stood up left Cale's hand hanging in the air.

"You are right, lady Cale. I don't really feel good. I think I need some rest."

Alberu spoke without even looking at Cale. Cale wanted to see Alberu's face but he was looking down and his hair was covering his eyes.

'He must be really tired.'

"Yes, your highness, don't force yourself to work. Make sure to take care of your health too."

Cale smiled.

Alberu took a peek at Cale's expression with the corner of his eyes. His chest tightened when he saw Cale's beautiful face was smiling.

His chest tightened even more.

"You want money, right? I'll handle it and also, please get some rest too, lady Cale."

"Y... Yes."

Cale awkwardly waved her hand at Alberu as she watched him walk out of the room. She then looked at the kittens who had already fallen asleep during her conversation with Alberu.

She smiled then patted the kittens' bodies softly.

"I'll get more money soon."

Cale giggled.


Alberu quickly walked towards his room while his hand was clenched tight on the scroll. As soon as he arrived inside his room, he closed the door, throw the scroll on the floor, and put his back against the door.

He slides down and ended up sitting on the floor. He hugged his knees.

"I don't even confess yet but I already got rejected."

Alberu released a very heavy sigh. His lips started to tremble.

"How pathetic I am."

Alberu looked up at the ceiling and saw how beautiful the chandelier was sparkling above. He lifted his hand tried to reach it but was unable to do so since the chandelier is so high.

Just like how he was unable to hold Cale.

"I regret asking the question."

Alberu puts his forehead on his knees.

"I should never ask whether she will marry a man or a woman."

Alberu pursed his lips.

"Knowing the truth is hurt."


A week later, Cale got off the carriage. The carriage that she got off from had the Henituse Golden Turtle on it.

She was wearing a simple white dress that had transparent sleeves and the skirt was only reached her knees. She was also wearing a white plain legging to cover her smooth legs.

Since she will be under the sun, Emma also provides her with a white hat so that she will not get a skin burn.

Lots of eyes were on Cale but she had no idea about it. Her hand was holding the hat so that it will not fly away since the wind was pretty strong.

Her white dress and red hair fluttered by the wind. No one can take their eyes away from her. Since Cale was wearing a white dress, she look like she was glowing under the sun.

She looks like an angel from heaven that God sends to help the people.

– It has been a while.

The black dragon's voice had been heard inside Cale's mind, that's why Cale nodded faintly, agreed with the dragon.

Cale was currently at the Plaza of Glory. A large fence was around the northern part of the plaza that was destroyed by the explosion.

Cale just walked forward, only looking toward her seat. The Henituse family’s knight brigade, led by their Vice Captain, Hilsman walked with Cale in the center of their formation to protect her.

As Cale was walking, she heard someone say something that gave him the chills.

“Oh, Goddess Silver Light!”

"Young lady Silver Shield!"

Cale immediately started to frown.

“Ahem, hem.”

Cale could see the smirk on Hilsman’s face as he let out some fake coughs. Hilsman lowered his body a bit to whisper in Cale’s ear.

“Young lady, I guess they call you, ‘young lady Silver Shield,’ and 'Goddess Silver Light,' now. Ahem, cool people like you are bound to get awesome nicknames.”


Cale mentally cursed.

Goddess Silver Light, young lady Silver Shield, she didn’t want to hear such cheesy and embarrassing things. However, Cale knew that it would have been much worse if it wasn’t for the crown prince subduing the rumors, and so she could not say anything about it.

“I’m sure they’ll stop if I drink and act like I usually do, right?”

“Ahem, hem!”

Hilsman could not say anything and just turned away. That made Cale start to smile, but that smile immediately disappeared.

“I think it would be best if you avoided alcohol since you are still recovering.”

Cale was still officially recovering and not 100 percent.

The official story was that she was injured because she used her ancient power past its intended limits so that she could protect the crowd, causing a miracle to happen that prevented the explosion.

Thankfully, the rumors that she died for 3 minutes and was under god protection, didn't spread out. If that is spread out, it will be hard for her to go out of the estate since she will surely be surrounded by many people.


Someone was calling Cale. It was Eric who had Amiru, Gilbert, and Taylor near him. Cale glanced at Hilsman who already standing beside the gate guard. He cannot come in since the numbers that can enter the plaza had been limited, before continuing to walk towards her sit.

"You look so beautiful today, young lady Cale," Taylor straightforwardly praised with a calm smile on his face.

Cale smiled at Taylor's sincere compliment.

"Thank you."

Seeing Cale happy to be praised makes the other nobles nearby shocked and some of them immediately went to Cale.

"Young lady Cale, you look like an angel from heaven."

"Young lady Cale, your appearance never failed to take my breath away."

Not even a minute, Cale's had been surrounded by many nobles who only gave her empty words to get her attention. It annoyed Cale. She then looked at Amiru, Eric, Gilbert, then Taylor who was the ones that handling the annoying nobles.


Cale clicked her tongue. It was too loud enough for the nobles to hear. It makes them stop talking and only look at Cale.

She was crossing her arms and was glaring at them one by one.


After saying that single word, Cale sits down on her seat without even looking back at the nobles who were petrified by Cale's action.

'That's not my fault for being rude to them. Did they forget that I am trash?!'

Cale rolled her eyes.

Seeing Cale's expression, Gilbert immediately started to speak.

"Young masters, I hope you can give young lady Cale some space. She still recovering, it's bad if she is stressed."

Cale looked at Gilbert who was politely cast the nobles away. Cale silently admired him.

'He's helpful.'

When Gilbert looked at Cale, Cale give him a thumb up to thank him. It makes Gilbert giggle.

'Oh, he quite handsome when he laughed.'

That's why Cale decided to honestly praise Gilbert.

"Young master Gilbert is awesome,"


Gilbert who was about to sit down next to Cale immediately turned stiff. His face also started to get rosy.

Not only him but the nobles around also turned stiff and immediately looked at Cale.

"Young master Gilbert is kind."

It was true. Gilbert had helped Cale since the banquet at the palace where she was craving corn. He didn't even hesitate to ask the palace servant for it.

'If he always with me on every banquet that I attend, I don't have to do anything other than eat and stay still. I'm sure he will help me handle the nobles.'

Cale slowly closed her eyes as she leaned her back on the chair.

'It's good to have someone like him by my side.'

She opened her eyes again to look at Gilbert who seems to be frozen. However, Cale didn't realize it thus she continued to speak.

"I started to like young master Gilbert even more."


The plaza suddenly went quiet. Even a bird that was chirping 100 meters above could be heard.

It makes Cale confused with the sudden change environment. She started to loom around and saw all the nobles had their jaws dropped.

However, the situation became loud again when the guard announced the royal arrival and the citizens outside the plaza started to cheer.

Cale glanced at Gilbert who was covering his face and had his face away from her. Cale frowned.

'Is he sick or cannot take a compliment from trash?'

"Young master Gilbert?"

Cale tried to pat Gilbert's back causes his body to jerk violently. He hesitantly turned his face towards Cale. It was so red. Cale raised her brows. She then glanced at the sun then Gilbert.

'As expected, the sun was too hot, maybe that's why Gilbert's face is so red. Luckily, I wore a hat. Thank you, Emma.'

"... Y..yes? Young lady Cale?" Gilbert shuttered as he spoke.

"Are you okay? Is the sun too hot?"

Gilbert's eyes widened before they slowly softened. The redness on his face slowly faded away. He then sighed.

"I'm okay, thank you for the concerns, young lady Cale."

Cale nodded her head before snifting her eyes on the platform where the king was giving a speech. That's why she didn't see Gilbert's sad reaction.

'She just likes me as her friend,' Gilbert thought as he looked at Cale who was excitedly watching the people receive a medal that she was supposed to be one of them but she rejected it.

"Yes, he does a very good job during the crisis. He deserved the medal," Cale commented when one knight who had a scar on his face caused by the attack, walked to the platform and received the medal.

'You deserve it more than he does, Cale/ young lady Cale/ weak human."

Amiru, Taylor, Eric, Gilbert, and the black dragon thought as they shook their head slowly.

Cale then patted the side of her skirt where the pocket is. (Yes, Cale's dress had pockets!) It was a golden plaque that she received from the crown prince.

She could buy anything with it no matter how expensive it is. However, she only can use it twice so she needs to be careful with it.

However, the crown prince was so generous, he also gave Cale 2 billion gallons as an addition if Cale need to buy something cheap that was unnecessary to use the golden plaque.

Cale then looked in the direction where the crown prince us sitting. They unintentionally made eye contact. It makes Cale smile.

She was so delighted by the crown prince's action until she subconsciously said what was on her mind out loud.

"The crown prince is so generous."

'Since he gave me lots of money.'

Not many people could hear what Cale had said earlier. Only the nobles that were sitting at the same table as her and nearby. However, since the crown prince is a quarter dark elf, his hearing is better than normal humans.

That's why he could hear what Cale had said clearly which make him blush heavily.

'Wha– what was that? Didn't she say that she isn't interested in neither man nor woman since she didn't like the idea of falling in love? Is she lying?'

'That's means I had a chance?'

Alberu thought while covering his face that was uncontrollably red.