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Yufuin was writing something, and sighed as he stopped to run a hand through his hair. The alpha hadn't found his mate yet, and he felt really bad about that fact, bad for himself. Meanwhile, Kinshiro and Atsushi the betas were mates, and had also gained a redhead female mate named Jeshica. Io and Ryuu were also mates, and Akoya had joined them. He didn't even get how that had happened...but didn't really question it. Arima was another alpha who hadn't found his mate, so they had something in common there. Yumoto, his cute blonde friend, was an omega and had gone into heat once while they were in the springs. He hated to admit his instincts had told him to take the omega...Akihiko and Haruhiko, sub alphas, had beaten him to it though, and claimed their bond mate. They and the blonde were bond mates, soul mates, and they'd even marked him.

Gora had accepted them into the family, and the twins had been lucky Yumoto hadn't gotten pregnant...He'd recently called to tell Yufuin and the others he was feeling off, though, and Yufuin had a guess...


Yufuin and Arima still hadn't found their mates, but they'd developed a friendship over it. Kin-chan and At-chan had finally gotten pregnant, or more accurately Kin had gotten At pregnant. Then again, Atsushi had gotten Jesh pregnant, so they were both going to have babies. Aki and Haru were proud fathers to babies Yumoto had given birth to, both girls. They had their dads' hair color but Yumoto's eyes, only their hair would be longer as they'd be girly girls. They were only a week or so long, and yes it had taken all those nine months for At and Jesh to get pregnant. Anyhow, the betas were happy and the alpha omega threesome was too.

-skip again-

Arika and Hana were nine or so months old when Atsushi and Jeshica gave birth to their babies. Atsushi had a girl and Jeshica had a boy, whom had a down of red hair. They were both tired but happy, and had been put into the same room after everything was over. The doctors had agreed to a c section for Jeshica, and she disliked the soreness and such but was fine.

-and skip again, sorry guys but you know by now I find baby writing boring-

When Erina and Daia were a year and 3 months old, At chan got Kin chan pregnant and Kin chan got Jesh pregnant. Nine months later they were giving birth to beautiful baby girls, and they adored them. The three mates decided they were done having kids, and since they were betas that would probably be really easy. The two year olds and the newborns grew and matured. They started school at three or four, though it was just pre school. Yumoto's babies, which he now had four of, were all in school as well and he was pregnant yet again. The kids went to school and learned, continuing to grow and develop. They turned five, then six, then seven, then eight and so on until they reached their high school years. The betas' children all presented as betas, which was really no surprise. Arika and Hana presented as an alpha and an omega, and so Hana bonded with her 'mother' a bit.

When the two boys, both blonde like Yumoto but with a hair style like their alpha parents, reached high school they presented. Yuui was an alpha, while Faai turned out to be a beta, which yes was possible from non beta parents. The other two kids were only in elementary or middle school. They were too young yet to present, but would do so one day in the future.