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deep water, a little deeper than you thought

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The blindfold is new.

It had still been on the list, after all this time, and it hadn't taken much until Long-ge rolled his eyes indulgently and said, "If it makes you happy."

"Well, it's just that it's on the list," he said, reasonably, trying to look somewhat serious.

Long-ge smiled. "That's certainly a good enough reason." He kissed Bai Yu, for quite a while actually, and then said, "Yes. But no restraints."

"Fair," Bai Yu said, and stroked his hand down Long-ge's side to take his hand, to draw it to his lips for a kiss. "Tonight?"

"Wasting no time, huh?"

"I have so many ideas already," Bai Yu murmured.

"I bet you do," Long-ge said, and then kissed him again.

So, the blindfold is new.

Everything else is achingly familiar: the feel of Long-ge's skin under Bai Yu's hands, his sweetly parted lips, the slow spread of heat from his face to his neck to his chest. The way he moves towards Bai Yu's touch, asking for more, relaxing by a fraction when Bai Yu gives him what he wants.

Bai Yu licks his stomach, presses kisses around his navel, reveling in the way it makes Long-ge twitch and writhe against him. He lets up for a moment, lays his hand on Long-ge's belly to stay connected. "How are we doing?" he says softly, looking at Long-ge's face, or what isn't covered up by the strip of black fabric.

Long-ge nods his head, looking almost impatient for Bai Yu to get on with it.

Bai Yu smirks, then leans in to lick over a nipple, making Long-ge tense in surprise. He licks the other one, then softly blows on it, following it up with a hint of teeth. Long-ge stays tense, braced for another surprise, and Bai Yu is glad to comply, holding down Long-ge's knee as he strokes the soft underside with his fingertips. That gets a reaction, Long-ge visibly forcing himself to endure the sensation, the maddening softness of it.

"It's just a blindfold," Bai Yu says in a low voice, angling Long-ge's leg so he can lick the inside of his thigh. "I didn't gag you, did I." He bites down.

"Ah." Long-ge curls his hands into the sheets, his breath harsher now. Bai Yu hasn't even touched his cock yet, and it's already filling out.

"That's more like it," he says, trailing his fingertips over the spit-slick spot. "You don't have to hold back here."

He leans down to lick over Long-ge's mouth, kissing him when his lips part obediently, Bai Yu's hand on his jaw holding him still. Long-ge makes a needy little noise when he pulls away, and Bai Yu slides two fingers over his lips, into his mouth. "Good boy," he says when Long-ge closes his lips around them.

It's a wildly crowded field, but Long-ge with a blindfold on, hollowing his cheeks around Bai Yu's fingers, silently begging for more with his tongue and his teeth, might possibly be the hottest thing Bai Yu has ever seen. In the last two weeks. Top five, without question.

A slow, deep breath, and he gently slides his fingers out of Long-ge's mouth, holds him still again. "Such a good boy," he says, stroking the back of his hand over his cheek. "Pretty boy." Long-ge's nostrils flare, just a little, and Bai Yu smiles. "You look so pretty right now, I wish I could show you off." He leans in to kiss Long-ge's neck, the curve of his shoulder. "Can I tell you," he murmurs, "how I'd show you off?"

Long-ge swallows, his chin tilting up.

"You are so good for me," Bai Yu says softly. "So beautiful. I want everyone to know it's all for me." He kisses Long-ge's cheek, gently bumps his nose against it. "Let me show them."

A breath, and then a nod, Long-ge turning towards his voice. Bai Yu kisses him.

"Stay still for me, love," he murmurs, starts sliding his hand down Long-ge's body, down his sides, stroking softly over his belly before wrapping his hand around Long-ge's cock. "Don't move."

He starts stroking slowly, loosening his grip to run just his palm up and down the underside of Long-ge's cock, watching Long-ge the whole time, listening to the helpless little sounds out of his mouth.

"So good for me," he says, taking in the taut bow string of Long-ge's body, the way his hands press against the bed. "They can all see how good you are for me." Something passes over Long-ge's face, a subtle restlessness, and he stills his hand for a moment. "Strangers, love. They have no idea who you are. All they know is you're mine." He starts stroking again, slow and easy, makes an approving noise when Long-ge's hips only twitch up briefly before he settles down again. "All mine."

He pulls his hand away to lay two fingers on Long-ge's lips again, sliding them inside when Long-ge opens his mouth. Long-ge immediately starts sucking around them, greedy and wanton, and oh god, Bai Yu is so hard, he hadn't even noticed how hard he is. He's nowhere near done with Long-ge.

"Touch yourself," he says, keeping his voice as steady as he can, watches as Long-ge picks up where Bai Yu had left off, without question or hesitation. He falters briefly around Bai Yu's fingers, opening his mouth to let out a harsh breath, his own hand a little unsteady on his cock. Bai Yu makes a small sound of admonishment, and Long-ge's lips close around him again. "Good boy," he says, grateful Long-ge can't see him right now. He already feels a little unsteady himself.

He counts to three in his head, very slowly, and then gently pulls his fingers out. "Keep going, love. At your own pace."

He sits back beside Long-ge, taking a few deep breaths, watching Long-ge's hand, slow and careful around his cock; watching his face, his growing pleasure mixed with distress. It doesn't take very long until Long-ge turns his head to his side, toward Bai Yu, the frown only slightly obscured by the blindfold.

"I'm here, love, I'm watching you. You're doing so well, you're doing exactly what I told you. They can all see it." A sound is punched out of Long-ge and his body arches up, straining. His hand is moving faster now. "They wish they could touch you, you're so beautiful. But they can't." He curls his own hand around Long-ge's, tightening his grip. "Only I can."

Long-ge makes a keening noise, and Bai Yu strokes once, twice, and then stops. "Breathe," he says, watching Long-ge take a loud, shuddering breath. "That's it," he murmurs gently. "Keep your hand where it is."

He leans down, laying a hand on Long-ge's belly to hold him still, then breathes over his cock, making him cry out again. "Shh," he says, then licks around the head, licks up the wetness, tasting how close Long-ge is. "Shh," he says again, watching the rapid rise and fall of his chest. "You can do this for me. I know you can. Show them how good you can be for me." He licks again, and again, until Long-ge sobs.

"It's all right, I'll stop," he whispers, carefully lying down next to him. "Look at you, you're doing so well." Long-ge's cheek is so warm under his palm. "Breathe. That's it." He strokes his thumb over his lips, follows it up with his tongue. "So proud of you," he says softly. "So proud that you're mine." A careful kiss, Long-ge too out of it to really kiss him back. "They'll never get to touch you."

He pulls away again, stroking his hand down Long-ge's heaving chest, watching his bright red face, wanting nothing more than to straddle him and get himself off, showering Long-ge with praise the whole time. They've both reached their limit here.

"You can," he says gently, wrapping his fingers around Long-ge's to get him moving again. "You can come now, baby. I've sent them all away. This is just for me." The noise Long-ge makes is almost enough to undo Bai Yu, it sounds so close to crying. He leans in again to lick at Long-ge's collarbone. "Only I get to see this," he whispers, and then Long-ge is coming with a shout, and Bai Yu is telling him yes and yes and yes.

It feels like they're both catching their breath, after, Long-ge curled up half on his side, half on his front. Protective of all his soft parts now that he's coming down. "Shh," Bai Yu says, and then he's straddling him, following an impulse to get closer, to curl around him, needlessly shielding him from prying eyes.

Long-ge's still got the blindfold on.

Bai Yu is careful not to crush him as he drops kisses on his shoulder, the top of his spine, watching the flush recede from the pale expanse of skin. His dick is pressing against the small of Long-ge's back, but he's trying not to be too obvious about it, he really is.

Long-ge snakes an arm around, holding Bai Yu's head close. "Go ahead," he says, so softly it's more air than sound, and Bai Yu exhales and drops his forehead on Long-ge's shoulder.

"It'll take about ten seconds," he whispers back, his hand already pushing between their bodies at an awkward angle. It's perfect, anyway. This is perfect. "You were perfect."

"You too," Long-ge says into the quiet little space they're sharing right now. "Now finish."

It does take about ten seconds.

He drops more kisses on Long-ge's shoulder as he's coming down, Long-ge's hand a warm, heavy weight in his hair. He knows he'll have to get up soon to prevent them from sticking together, but it'll have to wait. He cannot bring himself to move right now.

He nuzzles against Long-ge's neck.

Five more minutes.





It hurts.

The pain distracts from the fact that Bai Yu has taken his hands off him, but it's not enough. He wants Bai Yu's hand back. He wants Bai Yu's fingers wrapped tight around his cock and Bai Yu's mouth on his neck, leaving marks nobody else will ever see, but he's not getting both at the same time.

He's getting: Bai Yu's body bracketing his own, Bai Yu's gentle hands on his flushed skin, Bai Yu's lips on the back of his neck. Behind the darkness of the blindfold, everything feels more.

It's still not enough.

He's opening his mouth to beg, he's ready to beg, but then Bai Yu takes his hand and guides it to his cock, moving both of their hands together in a slow, too slow rhythm. He pushes up into their combined hold, his hips squirming for more friction, more everything, and Bai Yu squeezes one last time and lets go.


He wants to be good, wants to be slow, but he's allowed now and he can't stop himself. He speeds up his strokes, feeling Bai Yu's lips, soft against his skin, Bai Yu's arm across his chest--

Bai Yu's teeth on his shoulder, biting down hard, his own hand sliding off his cock as he flinches away, then falls back against Bai Yu's front. Bai Yu is licking over the spot, gentle and warm, dropping slow kisses as if in approval-- oh, god, he's being trained, he's being trained and Bai Yu will put his hand back on his cock and start this all over again, and then stop him again. When he turns his head, feeling hot and desperate, Bai Yu is right there to kiss him, to push his tongue into his mouth as he guides his hand back.

It's torture. It sends heat all through his body. It's perfect and it's too much and it's not enough and he wants to come; his hand is a tight fist around his cock and he's so close--

Teeth on his shoulder, digging in hard, and he yells out in pain, every muscle in his body contracting at once. He only realizes when he relaxes into Bai Yu's hold, feeling all his limbs going limp one by one.

There's scratchy stubble against his skin, soft lips pressed against the throbbing spot, giving way to a hint of teeth. A smile. A kiss. Bai Yu's arms tighten around him, holding him close.

His hand has ended up curled over Bai Yu's knee.

He is so, so hard.

"Please," he gets out, and lips brush over his skin, back and forth, side to side.


"Please," he tries again, turning in Bai Yu's arms, pressing his face against Bai Yu's shoulder. God, he wants to crawl inside him.


It's the first sound out of Bai Yu's mouth since he wrapped his fingers around his cock, and it seems to settle something inside him; a needy restlessness finally soothed.

Bai Yu is still holding him close in the bracket of his body, fingers cupping his face, and then Bai Yu's thumb strokes over his lips, nudges inside. He closes his lips around it, brushes his tongue against the pad of it, and feels it withdraw, then slide in again, catching against his teeth. He wants. He wants more than this.

When he shifts against Bai Yu, there's a nudge against his shoulder, against the side of his face, gently pushing him away. The thumb tap-taps on his lips.


The fingers stroking over his cheek feel like praise, once he's settled on his knees, gentle and warm and reassuring, and he leans into the touch before they're gone again. He can feel them tugging the blindfold more securely into place, then pushing into his hair.

Guiding him down.

The first taste of Bai Yu's cock, the first sharp intake of breath above him, the first few licks up the length of it and over the head, and he finally knows what to do, how to apply himself. Can finally fall into it.

Oh f--

A bitten off sound, Bai Yu's hand stuttering over his hair, and he slides down deeper, Bai Yu's cock bumping against the back of his throat. He pulls away, gasping for breath, then nuzzles at the base, dropping hot, sucking kisses before closing his lips around the head.

Ah, f--

He pulls off just enough to have his mouth free, fingers wrapped tight around Bai Yu like a bookmark. "Talk," he says, and then he sinks down again.



We're never doing that again. Whose stupid idea--

He feels his lips stretch around Bai Yu's cock; he's smiling and he can't stop, he has to come up for air.

"You look so hot," Bai Yu says breathlessly, "and I couldn't even tell you."

He laughs. He can't help it. His hand is still wrapped around Bai Yu.

He's pulled up, away from his task, and then Bai Yu is kissing him, making a humming noise against his lips.

"I've lost the bet, I don't care," Bai Yu says when he pulls away, "just let me keep talking," and he wants to tell Bai Yu that he's not the one calling the shots here, Bai Yu can do whatever he wants, but then he just leans forward a fraction, asking for another kiss. He can feel the blindfold against his cheeks when he smiles, and he can feel Bai Yu smiling too.

"That's a yes," Bai Yu decides, and he huffs out another laugh, feeling Bai Yu's fingers grip his hair again. "Now. Where were we?"

Another kiss, quick and sweet, before Bai Yu gently pushes him away again. He has to spend a second sorting out his limbs and then he's running his palms up Bai Yu's thighs to get his bearings.

"You look so good," Bai Yu says softly, running his fingers through his hair. "Trusting. It looks good on you."

He smiles, turning into the touch. For a moment, Bai Yu just keeps petting him, unhurried and gentle, and then he slowly grips the back of his neck, holding him in place. Holding his head down. His own arousal had just been a steady background hum, easily ignored, but now he wants to push into Bai Yu's hand, ask for more, always more.

You'll get to come when you're done.

He moves against Bai Yu's grip in a nod, wanting to feel the fingers tighten around his neck, imagining red little imprints.

If you swallow it all.

He makes a little sound, and he wants-- he wants Bai Yu to keep talking and to leave marks on him and to touch him, everywhere. He's pushed down, and he opens his mouth, and then he hears a shuddering breath as he closes his lips around Bai Yu's cock again.

This is what he wanted.

He can almost pick up where he left off, the rhythm of his movements and the curl of his fingers coming back to him at once. Bai Yu is holding himself still under him, barely thrusting up into his mouth.

So good. You feel so good.

If he was allowed, he'd press his own cock against the mattress now, rearrange himself to get some friction, some contact, anything. He's squirming, he's sure Bai Yu can tell, but he doesn't stop the movements of his mouth and his hand on Bai Yu, focusing on the stretch of his lips, the smooth weight against his tongue, the sounds Bai Yu is making. The hand in his hair.

Just like that, don't stop, don't stop

He starts sucking harder, pressing his tongue against the tip with each bob of his head, letting the mess of spit and precome coat Bai Yu's cock and the palm of his hand.

There's no commands anymore, just sounds, and he's so hard already, just from listening to Bai Yu, from knowing this is all his doing, and then--


--he's lifted up, straining against the grip, trying to sink back down, to close his mouth around Bai Yu, to swallow it all. He wants to, he needs to--

Oh god

He knows Bai Yu is coming, he can hear all of it, but he's trapped, the hand in his hair holding him away, and then there's fingers on his lips, smearing wet against them, and he sucks them into his mouth.

You can still do this, sweetheart. Show me how much you want to come

The hand and the fingers guide him down, until he bumps against Bai Yu's belly and starts licking automatically, gathering up the strings of slick he can feel under his tongue.

Good boy, that's it

A shiver goes through him, a needy little noise escaping his open mouth.

So good

If he doesn't stop, the praise won't stop either, and he needs Bai Yu to keep talking. He keeps lapping at skin, feeling Bai Yu's fingers grip his hair, and he wants to come, doesn't want it to end--

Breathe, baby, it's okay, you're getting there

His head is lifted, and he can feel the air inside his lungs push against his rib cage, and then leave his body in a rush. He sucks in another breath.

You're doing so well, you're almost done. Here, I'll help you

Fingers against his lips again, and he sucks them into his mouth greedily, mindlessly; so desperate to lick them clean he barely tastes the salt, the skin, the texture mixed with his own spit. He swallows it all down.

Good boy. Such a good boy. You did so well, sweetheart, come here

He's being pulled down again, gently, always gently, and then Bai Yu is kissing him, soft and slow, everything is soft, and slow, and muffled, like swimming through syrup.

You can touch yourself. However you want

Oh, god. Even his own hand is slow to find his cock, and then his fingers finally wrap around it again-- it feels like it was hours ago that he was getting himself closer and closer and never quite close enough--

You can come, baby, whenever you want. Do whatever you need

He shivers; he feels like he's shivering all over just from the lightest touch on his cock, like he can feel tremors of it all through his body, but not where he wants to feel it.

it's okay, take your time, you've been so good

Bai Yu's hand on the small of his back, guiding him into a sitting position, until he's straddling Bai Yu, nails raking down his front and fingers digging into his hip, solid and real, making the tremors stop. And then there's nothing but the unbroken darkness around him, nothing but Bai Yu's body, warm and solid under him, nothing but Bai Yu's low voice--

let me see you, that's all I want, I know you can do this for me

--and, yes, the feeling he was chasing, his muscles tightening in just the way he needed, everything coming together in one white hot spot, cracking him wide open--

that's it, that's it, just let go, you are so beautiful, you're perfect, you're all mine

--and he is, he is all of those things, he's perfect, he's beautiful, he can let go, he can finally let go--

yes, like that, yes, yes, yes.

He leans into the warmth against his cheek and takes a breath, and then another.

Another, deeper one.

Slow lungfuls of air.

His body doesn't quite feel like his own, tingly and cold--


--and then Bai Yu's hands are on him and he's lying down and there's warmth, and lips against his skin; everywhere is warm, and he can let go again.

The last thing he feels is Bai Yu carefully slipping off the blindfold, gentle fingers stroking his hair; the last thing he hears is Bai Yu's voice, hushed and sweet.