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im yours and you are mine

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The door opens, revealing the large crowd behind it. Wei Ying keeps her eyes on her feet for the most part. It feels like someone has tied weights to her ankles. She takes one step and another and another. Her arm is tightly clutched in Jin Guangshan’s as he leads her to the altar where Wen Chao is waiting for her in all his disgusting glory. He is dressed in a white suit so pale that it is making her eyes hurt. She resists the urge to close her eyes. He looks so impatient, shuffling from one foot to another and not even looking at her.

Wei Ying would be kind of offended if she had any space left in her head. It is filled with sheer panic. 

The two stop right in front of the altar, Jin Guangshan’s suffocating arm finally leaving her own. She breathes in, finding it difficult for any air to fill her lungs. She does not want this. Wei Ying does not want to get married to an alpha she does not like. Especially Wen Chao. 

Wei Ying wishes Madam Jin was here by her side. The mother she had the chance to love. A mother who loved her just as much as her own if not more. If Wei Ying thinks hard enough, she can almost picture her standing by her side, looking at her with her gentleness instead. Oh, how much Wei Ying misses the figure that had been her mother for all those years. She would have hit her husband over his head and chide him for letting Wei Ying get married to such a stuck-up Alpha. Wei Ying feels herself laugh even thinking about it. 

Wei Ying has always been a romantic at heart. Always daydreaming of meeting her perfect match, a perfect alpha for her. An alpha who will take care of her and cherish her. And the man, the alpha standing in front of her is anything but that. 

It is all too much suddenly. Wen Chao with his hand extending towards her, his alpha scent tinged with smugness. She hates that. She hates him, she hates this. Wei Ying is aware of her hesitance being visible to everyone. Her adoptive father is already hissing behind her, telling her to take Wen Chao’s hand. 

"Wei Ying" he hisses out her name, "Take his hand" 

Run, her brain screams at her. Her hand hovering right above Wen Chao's, wanting to run and hide. 

Jin Zixuan sneaks her a concerned look to which Wei Ying only smiles and shakes her head as lightly as she can. Her brother knows she does not want this. Knows how much Wei Ying wishes to rather stop eating spicy food than getting married. But she had begged him not to say anything to anyone. She had been quite firm on giving her adoptive family this favor back. The alliance of the Wens and Jins will bring a ton of fortune to the two families. Wei Ying needs to do this. She had been looking for an opportunity all her life but now as her groom waits for her, why is she finding it difficult to take the final step?

The thing is, going on with the wedding is not the problem. She can handle that. It is what comes afterward is that scares her. The night of their wedding. The alpha, Wen Chao had always been known for his bestiality in bed. The way he changed omega partners without anything for themselves, looking for pleasure only for himself. Tales of his short temper well weaved in the upper society.

Wei Ying thinks and feels Wen Chao's hands snaking on her waist, traveling to her arms, his lips on hers and she shudders. She does not know where the tears come from. She only knows she has started to cry when Jin Zixuan stands from his seat, taking a step towards her, “A-Ying” It only makes Wei Ying cry harder.

She is full-on sobbing now, big fat tears rolling down her rosy cheeks, her distressed scent evading through the three scent patches she is wearing. She tries to wipe them down but a hand on her wrist stops her. It is Wen Chao. His grip painful and unmoving. 

“Ya ya, good crying. I get you are going to miss your family. Can we now get to it?” He sounds irritated as if Wei Ying had done something wrong. She should slap him, slap him for talking to her like this. But she stays silent. 

You should be comforting me instead; she thinks but doesn’t say anything. Refusing to budge when Wen Chao tries to drag her to the two steps. She resists, her other hand coming to wretch that ugly hand gripping her wrist but she fails, not being able to rip an alpha’s stronghold.

“You little bit—” Wen Chao begins, only to be cut off by hands pushing him off her. Her wrist is finally released and she stumbles back, almost falling as she sees the golden suit of her brother, Jin Zixuan throwing a punch at the other alpha.

“Do not dare to touch my sister like that ever again you fucking piece of garbage” He growls, easily holding back the weak punch Wen Chao throws his way. There are background noises of indignation and of awe for Jin Zixuan's chaotic behavior. It is a mess everywhere but Wei Ying does not pay any attention to that.

She catches Jin Zixuan’s eyes where anger suddenly leaves and instead, he smiles sadly at her, “Go. I will handle everything here. Mianmian” 

Not finding any words to say, Wei Ying can only nod and send her brother one watery smile and mouths, “Thank you”

"Never thank me again, sister. Just take care" He yells over all the noise. She wants to hug him now. She really has the best brother.

“Wei Ying lets go” Mianmian is by her side immediately, as the two had practiced this situation multiple times. Knowing her family well, she knows it must be the case. Wei Ying chuckles wetly.

Mianmian drags her away from the hall, hitting anyone who dares to stop her. She is soon joined by Wen Qing, her mate who looks absolutely stunning in her blood-red gown amidst the golden that decorated the hall.

“Your mate is sexy” Wei Ying breathes out, almost losing her step on the stairs they are running down from. The fuck! Why are there so many of them?

Wen Qing smiles at her, even with everything around them, “And I see you are as cute and sweet as she told me” She is holding the back of Wei Ying’s extra-long gown in her hands lest she slips and breaks some bones.

Wei Ying laughs. It kind of help getting that tension off of her, “I can’t believe she told you that”

Luo Qinyang almost growls at the two, “As much as I like seeing my cousin and mate bonding like this, I wish they can find a better time for this than now!”

“Hey! There is no better time than now! And where the fuck are we going?” Wei Ying almost falls again as her feet finally lands on flat ground. 

“You will see,” Wen Qing says, guiding them across the street and to an empty alleyway behind a convenience store. The two finally stop, trying to catch their breath as they lean against the wall for support. Wei Ying is not doing anything better herself. Her dress is uncomfortably clinging to her sweaty body, her hormones all over the place. 

She leans against the wall as well, “Now can you tell me why are we in this strange place?” Panting, she removes the uncomfortable veil over her head. Not knowing where else to put it in, she holds the strap of her gown and puts it in her side boob. She will not throw that away. 

“Where is she now? Isn’t she supposed to be here already? That is not right, she is always on time” Wen Qing looks at her phone and then shares a bewildered look with Luo Qinyang.

Wei Ying straightens up, “Hey, can I know who this she is? It is me who is running away here?”

“Well—” Wen Qing begins, only to be cut off by a roaring in the background. Wei Ying goes still. Are they here? Did they find her?

But she does not get to a full-on panic for the roaring dies down and instead, steps echo in the empty alley. She smells her first. Sandalwood, before seeing her.

It is addictive, taking in all her senses and clouding her brain. She leans into that musky scent like every single part of her desires to be close to that. And then, Wei Ying sees her.

If her scent had been addicting, then what she sees takes her breath away completely. Dressed in all black with a helmet covering her face, she is breathtaking. Her figure is taller and broader than Wei Ying’s slim structure. Her legs are hugged by black leather pants, perfectly showing those strong thighs that shift under them every time she moves. To her, to Wei Ying.

Wei Ying feels the weight of her gaze even from the screen of the helmet that hides her from the view. She must be making quite a sight. Dressed in wedding attire with her hair out of place. Tear tracks trailing down her cheeks, smudging her makeup. She suddenly feels insecure, trying to hide herself from the view, squirming uncomfortably. 

The alpha stops in front of the three and takes off her helmet painfully slowly. She should hurry up! Does she not know the internal crisis Wei Ying is going through. And—



Silver hair sleeked back perfectly. High-defined cheekbones and full pink lips. Nose like built by the most skilled sculptor. But what throws her completely off are those contrasting golden eyes, starking in their appearance. Wei Ying feels her mouth going dry. 

As if this had not been enough for her poor self, a deep raspy voice calls her name, “Wei Ying”. The words falling off those lips as if meant only for that.

It sends waves of something all throughout her body. It feels like electricity. Wei Ying feels her knees going weak. She actually almost falls to the ground, gasping as her legs refuse to hold her up. In one moment and the other, there is a strong and steady arm holding her up by her waist as she gazes into those honey-like irises.

She blinks. “Hi”, Wei Ying her voice is way higher and squeakier than her normal tone but she cannot help it. Her body refuses to listen to her at all.

The girl holds her close, not even blinking as she says, “Hello”

Wei Ying can only blink back innocently. That is all she is capable of at that moment in that firm hold.

Only when someone clears their throat does the two break apart from their staring match.

“Wei Ying” Luo Qinyang says, turning to her and motioning to the girl, “This is Lan Wangji”

Lan Wangji, Lan Wangji, Lan Wangji, her mind keeps on repeating the name.

“She is Jin Zixuan’s friend’s sister. You will be staying with her until things settle down”.

Huh, they really had everything planned.

Wei Ying tilts her head, taking in the plan. It takes her a while for the words to make actual sense. But when they register, she reels back,  “Huh? Stay with her? Lan Wangji, are you really willing to help?” She asks turning to Lan Wangji who gives her a sure nod. 

“I would not say yes if I was not comfortable,” she says it like this is supposed to make sense.

As if seeing Wei Ying's resistance, she adds, "Jin Zixuan entrusted you to me. I made a promise. I do not go back on my words"

“You will make an enemy out of two business giants if you agree to this” She tries valiantly. Wei Ying does not know if she is refusing this for Lan Wangji or for herself. She has that inkling that it is the latter. She does not trust herself with Lan Wangji. 

Wen Qing snorts behind her, clamping her hand on her shoulder, “Wei Ying, trust me, nobody is going to even think that you are with her. You will be safe and unbothered with her”

Wei Ying looks between the three of them as they give her that sure stare of theirs and Wei Ying sighs with resignation. She really needs a place to hide after all.

“Fine. Now how do we go about this?”

“I will take Wei Ying to my place. We can discuss the rest later” Lan Wangji tells her. There is something in the way that, take her to my place that strikes somewhere down there in Wei Ying.

She shakes her head to clear that sensation inside of her. It does not help much, “Okay, great! Cool!”

Lan Wangji stops her with a hand on her arm, it is tingling oddly, “You need to change first. Your dress is too" She stops midway, taking her in once again, considering what to say, "Eye-catching”

Wei Ying automatically looks down at her white dress and chuckles, sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck, “Ah, I didn’t think of that” 

A bride on a bike will definitely trend on all social media platforms. 

Mianmian and Wen Qing make a disappointed face at each other, “In a hurry, we fucking left the bag in the hall. Shit. What are we gonna do? Maybe I can--”

Lan Wangji begins, “No problem. I have some clothes if Wei Ying is comfortable with mine. I didn’t have enough time to buy anything new” She brings the bag she had been somehow holding this whole time, handing it to a shocked Wei Ying. Well, the other two also look surprised so it's just not her.

Wei Ying smiles for the first time in a while, genuine and bright, “It is fine! You came prepared Lan Wangji. But the thing is where am I going to change?” She looks around and walks to the corner most part which is mostly hidden from the view. “You all can turn so I can quickly change”

The three of them hurriedly nod and instantly turns their back to her. It is kind of embarrassing doing this but having no other option, she makes a quick change into the clothes that smell so much of Lan Wangji’s sandalwood scent that she sneakily sneaks a sniff. It calms her down, that scent. Never knew sandalwood could have such an effect on her. Well, she hadn't thought of running away from her own wedding also. It's always the first of everything.

Wei Ying must be emitting happy and content pheromones. At least with her wearing Lan Wangji’s clothes, her scent will be doused by an alpha. Hiding her weird behavior. Her heart flutters at that, bunching the fabric of the t-shirt in her fists. 

The clothes are really loose on her, the plain black t-shirt falling down her shoulders, the brown trousers way too long but nothing she cannot fix. Her omega is preening inside of her as she takes herself in Lan Wangji’s clothes.

“Done” She hurries back to the three waiting for her near the entrance. Wei Ying is hyper-aware of the way Lan Wangji’s golden eyes track her from head to toe. Is it her imagination or does her scent really got heavier?

Wei Ying steps to her cousin first, hugging her tightly. Wen Qing joins them hugging her from the back, ruffling her already messed up hair, "hey!"

Luo Qinyang only smiles at her, that sad smile, "So sorry we were not able to stop this from happening but do not worry. We will handle everything here. Stay safe, Wei Ying. We will miss you" 

Wei Ying sniffles at that. She is going to miss her family even though this separation is temporary. It is weird to not see them after living with them every day. She is going to miss the chaos and pranks. Who knows how long it will take for this to settle down.

"And do not cause any trouble for Lan Wangji okay?" Wen Qing pats her back. Wei Ying smiles at the two, "I will see you soon then. And thank you"

Luo Qinyang gives her a light chuckle, guiding her to Lan Wangji who nods at the two, "You need not worry. I will take care of Wei Ying"

Lan Wangji's hand sneaks onto her lower back, staying there like an anchor as they walk to the bike parked nearby. Wei Ying does not get any warning as Lan Wangji puts her helmet on her head, clicking the lock under. She puts the other hanging on the bike handle on her own. 

Wei Ying bites her lips as Lan Wangji straightens the bike, pushing the kickstand and waiting for Wei Ying to join. She does not know why she cannot move. It is not like she is scared of riding a bike. But her feet stay rooted at the spot.

When Lan Wangji sees her hesitating, she does not wait before pulling the kickstand back and standing back up. 

Wei Ying looks at her confused, "Lan Wangji?"

She does not reply but instead picks Wei Ying up like she weighs nothing, gently lowering her onto the bike before she herself sits in front of her. Wei Ying squeaks, balancing herself with her hands on Lan Wangji's shoulders.

Lan Wangji turns to her after settling down, "Hold my waist. It will make it less scary" She guides Wei Ying's small hands in her own way bigger ones, looping them around her waist. 

"Hold me tight, Wei Ying," She says one last time, turning back to the front and staring at the engine. Wei Ying leans into that warm back as they shoot out of the streets, away from everything.