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What is Love

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“Ooohhh, Nayeon was totally just checking that girl out!” Sana squealed in a sing-song voice, mocking the older girl across the round table from her, while poking the side of her girlfriend next to her to get her attention.

Nayeon quickly turned around to face her, her eyes wide from embarrassment. She stuttered for a moment before finally gathering her words, “I wasn’t checking her out!” 

“Well I think you just proved that you were,” Momo butted in. “Sana never said who you were checking out, just said you were checking that girl out.” Momo feigned a smirk to join in the mocking her girlfriend started. 

Again, Nayeon stumbled on her words, trying so hard to not prove them right, she definitely was checking that girl out. But, honestly, look at her, she was hot. “I have no idea what you two are talking about, I was just people watching. I can’t people watch in a cafe?” The lie could have been believable except for the heat in her cheeks that she knew was visible to the others, and probably anyone else looking at her. She placed her face in her hand nonchalantly hoping to hide the burning that seemed to grow hotter as she watched her friends' smirks grow wider. “Shut up.” She gave up after a minute of them just staring at her. 

“You’re too obvious,” Sana giggled. Nayeon slumped her face further into her hands in defeat.

“Nay, go talk to her if you think she’s cute,” Momo said after suppressing her laughter. 

“I’m not just gonna go walk up to her, especially after she probably heard you two yelling that I was checking her out!” Nayeon wanted to turn around to see if the cute girl was watching them, but she was afraid that she’d actually be watching them so she stayed with her head in her hands.

“Oh my god, you’re so dramatic,” Momo rolled her eyes.

“Mo’s right, just go talk to her. Buy her coffee for her,” Sana winked. 

“No, she’s already in line, I’m not gonna go cut her off and just throw money at her.”

“Well, no that’s not how you do it,” Momo looked at her best friend with confusion. “Is that really how you would do that, Nayeon? You’d just throw money at her?”

“Well no, I’d-”

“Exactly. Come on, where’d all your game go? You’re always a great flirt, what’s got you all flustered this time?” Momo forced Nayeon’s hands away from her face to make her sit up and look at her. “Did Nayeon really fall in love at first sight?” She mocked.

Nayeon just bit her lip, her eyes shifting to the side to hopefully steal a glance, but she couldn’t see her from her peripheral vision. 

“You know, Momo, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nayeon blush over a girl this easily,” Sana teased. “You might be right.”

Nayeon groaned and put her head down on her arms on the table.

“She must really find her cute, she’s lost all flirting ability.”

“Fine! I’ll go talk to her!” Nayeon exclaimed in annoyance, sitting back up.

“Good, go talk to her!” Momo jokingly exclaimed back in the same tone. 

“Uh, Mo-” Sana started, but the sound of the bell on the door behind Nayeon cut her off. Sana bit her lip and smiled innocently. 

Nayeon turned around and saw the girl leave the cafe, coffee in hand. Her short brunette bobbed hair blew in the breeze as she walked. Nayeon followed her with her eyes, watching her walk towards her from the outside of the glass window next to her and her friends. She was sure Momo and Sana were watching her as well. Nayeon couldn’t take her eyes off of her, she was gorgeous, even just in an oversized t-shirt and leggings. There was just something about her. She stopped right in front of the window where Nayeon was sitting and smiled brightly as she waved to a woman walking towards her. The other girl looked equally as beautiful with an air of elegance and grace to her, though she couldn’t get a clear view of her face as there was a glare on the window. Nayeon watched as the two girls met up with each other and embraced in a tight hug. Nayeon felt like all the air left her chest. She couldn’t look away, as much as she wanted to. She continued to watch the two obviously close girls hug and smile. The taller one Nayeon was enthralled with, pulled away first and cupped the shorter girl's face in her hands. They both laughed and smiled at a silent statement between them. After a moment that felt like an eternity to Nayeon, the two girls broke from their embrace, took one another’s free hands, and turned to walk down the street and out of Nayeon’s view. 

“Well, I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t go talk to her then,” Momo broke the uncomfortable silence as they all watched what just happened. 

Nayeon turned to face her friends as they both took a sip of their drinks. Any other time, she would have just laughed this off with them. It happens, you see a cute girl only to find out she’s taken, or not into women, or both, or something else. Momo was right, Nayeon was usually a flirt, but there was something different about the girl she just saw, something that made Nayeon actually sad and hurt when she saw her hug the other girl, something that made it so Nayeon couldn’t just laugh this off with her friends. 

“Eh, don’t worry Nayeon, maybe she was a serial killer or hated dogs or something,” Sana tried to come up with lame reasons why this girl would have secretly sucked, to help cheer up her friend she could tell was visibly hurt by this. 

“Yeah, she probably doesn’t have a job either and would mooch off of you,” Momo added, catching on with what Sana was doing.

“Yeah! And she has a horrible family that would hate you for no reason-”

“And she’s a bad kisser-”

“And she drinks too much-”

“And she smokes-” The two girls continued, at this point just making it a game to see who could come up with the worst attribute to this unnamed girl Nayeon crushed on. 

Nayeon giggled with her friends, their attempts at cheering her up working. Eventually Nayeon was able to leave what happened behind and leave feeling not as heartbroken over a five minute crush at the coffee shop. She and her friends eventually left and Nayeon went home almost laughing at herself for feeling like she fell in love with a girl she watched order a coffee. She’d never see her again anyway, it was pointless to feel so upset by a stranger hugging another girl. 

When she got home, she took a quick shower and got ready for the wedding she was hired to photograph later that afternoon. She told the two brides she’d be there about two hours before the wedding to get some before shots for them. It was cute that the two girls were taking the usual wedding traditions seriously, they weren’t going to see one another until at the altar, so they wanted pictures of one another getting ready with their respected bridal party. Mina and Chaeyoung seemed like the kind of relationship Nayeon hoped to have herself one day. Just from the few meetings she’s had with them before they hired her, she knew the love the two of them had for one another was real and unbreakable. 

Nayeon finished getting dressed and an hour to kill before she had to be at the venue. She grabbed her camera and supplies and headed down to her car. She was going to test her camera again at the park, to make sure the new lens she bought last month was exactly what she wanted. Of course she had already tested it multiple times since buying it, one of her test pictures being Momo’s new profile picture as she always tested her new equipment on her and Sana. But just to be sure, and to kill some time, she took her camera to the park by the venue and took some scenic pictures, making sure to not take too many, but just enough to know. 

The venue for Mina and Chaeyoung’s wedding was across the street and Nayeon watched as cars pulled up and caterers, guests, and crew got out to set up. She figured it was time to head over, but before she made her way over, she grabbed one last shot of the venue from across the street. The lighting was perfect, with the sun directly over the building, casting only small shadows. The people bustling around out front made it look like a still from a movie frame. Just this small picture told an entire story that was going to play out before her eyes soon enough. 

She drove over to the venue and parked to quickly look at the pictures she just took, erasing the boring scenic photos to save up more storage space on her memory card so she could take as many as she needed, and then some, for later. As she scrolled by, one picture caught her attention. In the side of the frame, she didn’t even notice when she took it, was a girl who looked awfully familiar. Her side profile was visible in between the sun’s lighting and shadows cast by trees above her. 

This wasn’t a picture she should keep, it wasn’t of the wedding but rather just a test picture from the park, but there was something about the picture. Nayeon wasn’t sure if it was the lighting or the girl off to the side. She zoomed in, hoping it would be clear enough to see why the girl looked so familiar. There was something about her as her short brunette bobbed hair blew in the breeze in the picture. As she scrolled over to zoom on her face, a knock on her window startled her. 

She looked up and rolled down her window to the stranger in a suit at her car.

“Hi, are you the photographer?” He asked.

“Yes, sorry am I parked in the wrong space?” Nayeon asked.

“Oh, no, you’re fine. I just figured I’d show the way inside,” he cleared his throat, obviously a little nervous. He was trying to flirt with her. Something Nayeon lacked the ability to do just a few hours ago. But unfortunately for him, she wasn’t interested. One, because who knocks on car windows to flirt when she was clearly busy, but also because she wasn’t interested in men. 

“Oh, thank you, I’m all set though. I need to gather all my supplies and then I’ll head inside.” She was polite in her rejection, even though part of her felt it was unnecessary, he interrupted her. 

“I can help you bring stuff in,” he smiled. He was younger than her, maybe just about twenty at most, and he was clearly nervous. It was almost kind of cute. Almost.

“I appreciate it, but I’m all set,” Nayeon smiled back and started rolling her window back up as he nodded and walked away. 

At this point, Nayeon forgot what she was originally doing and packed up her supplies from the passenger seat, turning her camera off and putting it in its case, and opened her car door and got out. She brushed out the wrinkles on her dress from sitting, and made her way inside. 

As she got inside, she saw two signs with arrows in opposite directions. One read “Chaeyoung” and one read “Mina”. She unzipped her camera pouch and took out her camera, turning it on and holding it up to take a picture of the two signs. As she brought her camera back down, she saw someone hedging towards her. She was half dressed, her dress not zipped in the back, her hair still had clips and pins in it holding it in place as she was most likely doing her makeup that was also half done. 

“Hi! Are you Nayeon?” She yelled from across the hallway, as she jogged up to her.

Nayeon nodded, “Yes, I’m the photographer for Mina and Chaeyoung’s wedding.” She sounded almost hesitant in her answer.

“Hi, I’m Dahyun, I’m Chaeyoung’s maid of honor. You can come right down here, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled you’re here already!” Dahyun’s excitement filled the air around the two of them. She’s clearly one of Chaeyoung’s best friends, her excitement for her friend's wedding was immeasurable. “We’re all still getting ready, but we’re all dressed-” she paused for a moment before correcting her previous statement. “Well, we have clothes on. No one is naked.” She laughed as she led the way down the hallway to a decorated door. It had a big sign with Chaeyoung’s name and white ribbon and confetti draping from the top of the door frame. On the sides were drawings of strawberries taped on either side of her name. Dahyun went to open the door but Nayeon stopped her.

“Hold on, I’d love a picture of the door, this is cute.” She held up her camera again and took a step back to get the whole door in view. 

“Awe thank you, I decorated it this morning before anyone got here!” Dahyun smiled, proud of her hard work. “Mina’s maid of honor, Jeongyeon, decorated Mina’s door too. I can show you the way over there after.”

“Do you want to pose with your hard work then?” Nayeon offered, holding her camera in her right hand and pointing to the door with her left.

Dahyun jumped over and stood next to the door, pointing to Chaeyoung’s name and holding a finger up to her lips as if it was a surprise. Nayeon snapped a picture and smiled. This was going to be a fun wedding. 

Dahyun opened the door and led Nayeon inside, where Chaeyoung was sitting in a chair and another girl was standing over her trying to do her eye makeup. The girl standing over her looked taller than Nayeon, meaning she was much taller than Chaeyoung from what Nayeon remembered, she was a few inches taller than the bride to be. She was squatting, her legs spread outwards and knees bent. It couldn’t be a comfortable position to do makeup in. 

“Chaengie, look who I brought!” Dahyun exclaimed. Chaeyoung looked over and the taller girl pulled her hand back before Chaeyoung could smear eyeshadow across her cheek. 

“Nayeon!” Chaeyoung went to stand up and almost knocked the taller girl over. “Oops, sorry Tzu,” she said as she caught her before she fell backwards. She giggled as she helped her regain balance. 

Nayeon understood what Dahyun meant as Chaeyoung was only in a crop top and shorts, clearly not dressed yet. The taller girl was fully dressed, her makeup done, and hair pulled back with a small flower clip on the left side. The differences in the three levels of how they were ready was kind of funny to Nayeon. 

“Nayeon, hi, thank you again so much for being our photographer!” Chaeyoung made her way over to Nayeon. 

“Of course, thank you for trusting me with your special day. I promise I will take all the best pictures that I can.” Nayeon smiled.

“I don’t think Mina told you, but she refused to even meet with anyone else after we met with you,” Chaeyoung beamed at the mention of her future wife's name. “You were perfect.”

“Th-thank you,” Nayeon was taken aback. Of course she’s been a photographer for a little while, but this is her first wedding, and she explained that to them. She was used to just taking pictures of friends and family and friends of friends and family in small photoshoots at the park. She was shocked they thought of her as perfect for their wedding.

“All other photographers make things look too posed. Your pictures just look natural. We really liked that in your portfolio.” Chaeyoung explained, sensing Nayeon’s confusion to her complement. 

“I try to blend in with the background and take pictures of natural scenes between people, so everything is more organic and tells the story. I’m not a fan of posing, but I will do a few shots like that of the wedding party after, if that’s okay with you?”

“Oh, of course! We trust you, whatever you need.”

“Right now, Chaeyoung you need to finish getting dressed and stop getting distracted.” The taller girl who was doing her makeup before politely interrupted. 

“Yeah, you’re right, Tzu.” Chaeyoung turned around. “Oh, by the way, Nayeon, this is Tzuyu, she’s in my bridal party, she’s one of my best friends. And I’m sure you already met Dahyun,” she pointed to the girl who led Nayeon down the hallway.

“I did, thank you. It’s nice to meet you, Tzuyu.”

Tzuyu nodded back, then grabbed Chaeyoung’s hand and led her back to the chair to finish her makeup.

“Are you all okay with me just taking a few pictures of you getting ready in here?” Nayeon asked as she set down her bags on the chair by the door. 

“Yeah!” Dahyun exclaimed from the back of the doom, looking in a mirror to finish her hair. She was curling it to give it light waves.

Chaeyoung and Tzuyu agreed as well and Nayeon took out her camera again to take some pictures of the three of them laughing together, sharing stories, and talking about the day ahead. 

So far, Nayeon’s favourite picture was the one she took of all three of them right as Chaeyoung finished putting her suit on and looked in the mirror and realized what was going to happen in just over an hour. Chaeyoung was facing Dahyun, looking up, her eyes glossed over with happy tears threatening to escape, a smile plastered on her face, and Dahyun was next to her, one hand under her chin making her look up, the other wiping a stray tear away so it wouldn’t ruin all of Tzuyu’s hard work, as Tzuyu stood behind them, smiling. It showed so much of the day and all of their emotions. 

After about a half hour, Nayeon told them she was going to Mina’s room to get a few pictures of her and her bridal party getting ready as well. She’d switch between rooms a few times before the ceremony, as well as head outside to get a few shots of guests and where the ceremony would take place. 

As she left the room, she scrolled through pictures again to see the few she took so far and which she liked best. She made her way back to the beginning and saw the one of the girl in the park again right as she got to the door for Mina’s room. She zoomed in again and finally recognized her. It was the girl from the coffee shop this morning. She had taken a picture of her. What are the odds? 

She made herself ignore the weird excitement and pain in her chest at seeing her picture, and instead focused on her job. She wanted a picture of Mina’s door, with her name, ribbon, and decorations all over it. Right after she took the picture, the door opened and a girl stood there shocked to see someone on the other side.. 

“Oh, hi, I thought I heard something out here, you must be Nayeon. Tzuyu just texted me that you were on your way over. I’m Jihyo, one of Mina’s friends and part of her bridal party.” Jihyo extended her hand to Nayeon. Nayeon took it and smiled. What a difference between bridal parties, Nayeon thought to herself. 

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Nayeon, the photographer.” Nayeon introduced herself and stepped in the room as Jihyo moved to the side to let her in.

“Did I hear Nayeon is here?” She could hear Mina call from the other side of the room. Mina turned around and she looked like the most beautiful woman in the world. So much elegance and grace to her, just standing there in an unzipped wedding gown. The dress, even unzipped, framed her body perfectly. Chaeyoung was one lucky woman to have found herself as beautiful and kind as Mina, Nayeon thought, remembering back to what Chaeyoung said about Mina not wanting any other photographer but her. 

Nayeon waved over to Mina as she smiled over at her, not wanting to move and trip over her dress.

“I hope Chaeyoung and her friends weren’t too much for you over there. Tzuyu is quiet, but I know how Chaeyoung and Dahyun can get when they’re together, so I hope they didn’t cause you too much trouble.”

“They were very excited, and very cute,” Nayeon replied, setting her bag down on the end table by the door. “You two make a beautiful couple, and you have really nice friends supporting you both today.” Nayeon looked over at Jihyo, including her in this as well. She seemed like a wonderful friend to Mina as well, she could tell she was the motherly type, as Jihyo made her way back over to Chaeyoung to help her zip up. And if Jihyo wasn’t the maid of honor, she was sure Jeongyeon was also an incredible person to have in their lives as well. 

“Jihyo, when is Jeongyeon coming back? I don’t want her to miss out on the pictures,” Mina asked as Jihyo started to zip the back of her dress. Nayeon was sure to grab a picture, eyeing them to make sure it was okay to start taking pictures.

“Oh, she said she had to go check on the flowers, someone said that the deliverer was running late. She promised she’d be back soon though.”

“I promise I won’t take too many without your maid of honor,” Nayeon said. 

Mina smiled over to her as a thank you. “If you’d like to go outside and get some pictures of everything out there as well, you can.”

“Whatever you’d like, it’s your special day,” Nayeon smiled to the bride to be. 

Mina’s face lit up like a thousand suns at the mention of her special day. Jihyo rolled her eyes.

“Stop being gay,” Jihyo poked fun.

“Hey, I’m allowed to be gay on my wedding day, where I’m marrying my gay wife,” Mina argued back. 

“Be as gay as you want, Mina. I support you,” Nayeon joked with them. Something about everyone in this wedding made her feel so comfortable, like she’s known them for years. 

They all giggled as Nayeon collected her things, taking one last photo before she left to go outside and get pictures of the reception tent, the altar where they’d get married, and guests as they arrived. It was just about an hour until the ceremony, so thing should be close to ready, but it’d be nice to get some of the set up as well, to be able to show Mina and Chaeyoung what they couldn’t see while they were getting ready. 

She made her way outside and was met with a beautiful floral archway path that led down to an even more beautiful gazebo lined with flowers and white lace. Chairs filled the space on the outside of the last two archways outside the gazebo for guests to watch the ceremony.  She stood under one of the arches and took a picture looking down the path, the gazebo being the focus. She stepped outside of the path, not wanting her footprints to take over where the wedding party’s should be. She made her way behind the gazebo and took a picture from that angle, sure to get the archways of flowers. To her left was a large tent, decorated as well with flowers, and a few people setting up chairs around the tables. She snapped a picture and made her way over. There was a gift table with a few gifts already on it and on the other side was a long table, clearly the head table. It had six chairs, the two in the middle larger. Fairy lights were draped behind the table, and two candles sat in the center of the table. Nayeon grabbed a picture, making a note to grab one from the same spot later with everyone sitting. It’d make for a cute before and after picture. 

Nayeon grabbed a few more before heading back inside. She found a chair to sit on and scroll through the pictures she just took, checking how things were coming out so far. A few pictures in from her outside shots, she found her again. The girl from her picture at the park, the girl from the cafe, the girl she swore she fell in love with from just a glance. She was in a different outfit, this time in a beautiful dress. This means she was going to be here at the wedding. How was this possible? She wasn’t supposed to ever see her again. How is it that in one day she sees her for the first time and has two accidental pictures of her? This can’t be real. 

Nayeon shook the shock from her face and decided it was time to focus on Mina again. She hoped Jeongyeon was back now and she could get pictures of Mina and her bridal party getting ready before the ceremony started, also hoping this would distract her enough from seeing cafe girl again. She wanted to text Momo, but she knew she shouldn’t text on the job, and also Momo would make fun of her. She got up and made her way back to Mina’s room. 

She knocked on the door and Jihyo answered. 

“Perfect timing, Jeongyeon just got back, she’s helping me with Mina’s makeup.”

“Oh, great!” Nayeon walked in and saw Mina facing her, her eyes closed, and who she could only assume was Jeongyeon’s back to her, outlining Mina’s eyes with eyeshadow. 

“Jeongyeon, say hi to the photographer-” Jihyo started.

“Shh, I need to concentrate,” Jeongyeon didn’t turn around. “Hi photographer, sorry, I can’t look away.” Her voice was soft as she obviously concentrated on making Mina’s eyes even.

“Hi, Nayeon, welcome back,” Mina exclaimed from her chair, trying not to move too much as she waved her hand from the side. 

Nayeon loved this and picked up her camera quickly to snap a picture, turning the flash off to not disturb the concentration, and she’d just edit the lighting later. Jihyo made her way over to start on Mina’s hair. Nayeon grabbed another picture. 

The three girls joked as they did Mina’s makeup and hair, Jeongyeon never turning around, Mina not leaving her chair, Jihyo only leaving to get bobby pins she left on the other side of the room. It was organized but not stressful at all. Nayeon laughed along with them, grabbing a few pictures. Her favourite of the three of them so far being of Jihyo’s head thrown back in laughter, Mina’s gummy smile showing from across the room, and Jeongyeon pointing at Jihyo as she told the story of the first time Mina introduced Chaeyoung to the two of them and Jihyo said she finally wouldn’t be the shortest of their friend group anymore. Jeongyeon said she knew from that first meeting that the two of them would end up getting married. She then had to yell at Mina so she wouldn’t cry and ruin the makeup she worked so hard on. 

“So I’m emotional today, sue me,” Mina joked as Jeongyeon wiped a tear from her eye before it fell. 

“I will if you ruin my hard work. I don’t think I’ve ever made eyeliner this even on anyone, even myself!” Jeongyeon kept her finger under Mina’s eye so nothing else would fall. 

Mina jokingly pushed her away and Jeongyeon stumbled backwards for a second before regaining her balance. 

“I’m not going to push you back because it’s your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get you back another day,” Joengyeon joked. There was something about being in the room with the three of them as they shared stories and laughed together, Nayeon could tell they’ve been friends for a long time and their bond was unbreakable. She felt like a fly on the wall, capturing perfect memories on her camera.

She grabbed one last picture of them laughing together before announcing she was going to head back to Chaeyoung’s room, to get a picture of all of them dressed before she met everyone for first look pictures. 

She turned to pack up her camera bag as Mina thanked her again. 

“Do you need help with any of your bags?” Jeongyeon asked sincerely. Nayeon appreciated the help, but knew Jeongyeon probably had enough to do and worry about, she wasn’t going to have her carry her bags for her when she’s been doing it all day anyway, even if her shoulder was starting to hurt. But she’d be able to put the bag down again soon enough. 

“I’m all set, but I appreciate it,” Nayeon grabbed her last bag from the table before turning back around. By time she did, Jeongyeon turned back around, her back to Nayeon again, nodded, and headed towards a bag on the side of the room, to put her makeup away.

Nayeon left the room and made her way back to Chaeyoung’s room.

By now everyone in Chaeyoung’s room was dressed and ready. She grabbed a few pictures of them as they joked around and laughed. Chaeyoung posed in her suit, Dahyun on the other side of her posing as well, and Tzuyu in the back giggling at their antics. 

By now it was just about time for Chaeyoung and Mina to have their first look at one another. They wanted it to be in a private spot, only the two of them, and of course Nayeon to take the photos. Nayeon left first, to a small room in between Mina and Chaeyoung’s separate rooms where they got dressed. The door was plain compared to the others with their decorations, but when Nayeon opened it, she was met with a gorgeous room filled with more flowers, white lace, and fairy lights, just like outside. Whoever was in charge of decorating should definitely get a bonus or a raise or something, it was beautiful. All of it. Outside, inside, everyone who was here, it was all so breathtaking. Nayeon had been to a few weddings as a guest, so she never saw the behind the scenes like she was experiencing today, and she never realized just how beautiful everything about a wedding could be. It made her envious, but in a happy way. She couldn’t wait to find her special someone to share this day with.

As she waited for each bride to arrive, their friends were coordinating when to bring them over so they wouldn’t see each other beforehand, Nayeon went through her pictures again. Thinking about the beauty of today and how much love was in the air, she scrolled through her pictures mindlessly, but kept stopping on the two of cafe girl. She was here. She was at the wedding as well. Nayeon would inevitably see her again tonight, would she finally be brave enough to talk to her. 

Nayeon shook herself from her impossible thoughts. Of course she wouldn’t talk to her, she had a girlfriend. The way she hugged that other woman earlier today, you don’t hug like that unless you’re in love. The way she cupped her face. She was obviously taken, Nayeon wouldn’t dare try to interrupt that.

But there was just something about her. Nayeon couldn’t explain it. Was it really love at first sight? Does that really exist? It’s only in the movies, it can’t be real, but then again, Nayeon couldn’t explain the beat of her heart when she first looked over at her, the way her eyes couldn’t leave her, the way her breath caught in her chest, the way the atmosphere warmed when all she did was see her standing there, the way all thoughts left her mind, the pit in her stomach when she saw her leave, and the pain in her chest when she watched her embrace that other woman. In the span of five minutes, Nayeon fell deeply in love and was heartbroken with a girl she not only didn’t even know the name of, but someone she didn’t even talk to. 

And now she’s here. At the same wedding as her, with two pictures of her on her camera, and probably more to come. 

Should she erase those? Is it creepy to have her picture? She didn’t take them of her on purpose, though. She just happened to be in her shots. That’s bound to happen tonight as well, as Nayeon takes pictures of the ceremony, of the celebrations, of everything in between. 

She turned on her camera again and scrolled back to the picture of her at the park, before she made her way to the venue. She wasn’t in her leggings and oversized t-shirt like this morning, she was in a beautiful off the shoulder sweater and plaid skirt, her hair waving in the breeze. Nayeon stared at the photo, admiring each pixel, no matter how blurry. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. 

A knock on the door startled her from her thoughts and brought her back to reality. She quickly exited from the picture and opened the door. Dahyun and Chaeyoung stood on the other side and she ushered Chaeyoung in. 

“I’m going to text Jeongyeon to bring Mina now, so next knock, make sure Chaeyoung is ready,” Dahyun explained. 

Nayeon could see the excitement on Chaeyoung’s face as Dahyun spoke. She was going to see the love of her life in just a few moments. These next few minutes were going to be more intimate than the ceremony itself, and the two brides to be looked at one another for the last time as girlfriends but for the first time as almost wives, dressed to be married to one another, after an entire day apart. 

Nayeon nodded and closed the door, getting Chaeyoung into position. 

“So, I think if you stand over here, with your back to the door,” Nayeon pointed to the left center of the the room, “when Mina comes in, the door and I will block her view from you as I have her stand over here,” she pointed to the spot opposite of Chaeyoung. “Both of you will be facing away from one another, and when you’re both ready, I’ll count down from three, and then you two can turn to see one another.”

Chaeyoung took a deep breath to steady herself.

 “I don’t think I’m going to be able to hold back the tears, but Tzuyu did such a beautiful job on my makeup, I don’t want to ruin it,” she laughed, already holding her head up so tears wouldn’t escape. 

“I think Tzuyu will understand.”

A knock at the door interrupted them.

“Are you ready?” Nayeon asked Chaeyoung. 

Chaeyoung’s smile answered her as she turned around, her back to the door. She squeezed her hands together and took a deep breath. Nayeon went to the door and opened it only enough to see out but not let Mina see in. Mina waited, who Nayeon assumed was Jeongyeon next to her but just around the corner, so that Nayeon only saw the side of her shoulder.

“Are you ready, Mina?” she asked her. 

Like Chaeyoung, Mina’s smile said everything. 

Before she opened the door, Nayeon explained how she would lead her in, so that she wouldn’t see Chaeyoung on the other side of the room, how she'd get them in place, then count down from three. Then, she opened the door wider, and let her in, leading her to her spot, making sure she didn’t steal any glances. 

Nayeon, once they were ready, lifted her camera, and started at three. 

“Two,” she paused only for a short second. “One.” As soon as she said it, both women turned around slowly, but not hesitantly, and Nayeon let her camera take over. Nayeon was no longer here, the only people in the room were Mina and Chaeyoung as they looked at one another for the first time today, Mina in her gown, Chaeyoung in her suit. Nayeon was only a camera, placed there to capture this memory forever. 

After a few minutes, Nayeon left them to have more of a private moment. After this, it was time for the ceremony. So she gathered her things and headed outside to set up outside the gazebo. She put her bags down on a chair on the side of the tent, just outside of the camera's view, but close enough that if she needed anything, she could easily go grab it. She stood by the last archway next to the gazebo, ready to take pictures of everyone as they walked down the aisle. First would be Tzuyu and Jihyo, next Dahyun and Jeongyeon, next Chaeyoung  with her mom, and finally Mina with her dad. She wanted at least two shots of each set as they walked down, and one of each as they filled the gazebo. Then she’d make her way to the other side to be out of view for guests, but it was a clear spot to get pictures of the ceremony. 

Music started up and she knew it was time. She hardly knew these people, but she had butterflies in her stomach, a mix of nerves for it being her first wedding, and excitement for their wedding. She could tell how much everyone here loved the couple, and the few moments she’s spent with Mina and Chaeyoung, she knew how much they loved one another. This is what weddings were all about. 

Tzuyu and Jihyo walked down first, their height difference cute to Nayeon. She snapped her first picture of them under the first arch, and moved back to grab another as they got closer, then finally one last one of them under the gazebo. She turned back just in time to see Dahyun and-

It was cafe girl. Jeongyeon was cafe girl. The maid of honor on Mina’s side was cafe girl. 

Quickly, she shook herself from her thoughts to grab a picture of the two of them walking down the aisle, just under the second flower arch. She was so distracted by Jeongyeon, watching her, she almost forgot to move to let them into the gazebo. She forgot to take a second picture, but shook herself from her thoughts once again to grab a picture of them in the gazebo, Dahyun next to Tzuyu, Jeongyeon next to Jihyo. She made eye contact with Jeongyeon and the  girl from the cafe smiled at her. Nayeon thought she was going to throw up. She couldn’t tell if her face went pale white or fire red. Either way, she turned back around as the music changed and Chaeyoung stepped out of the building. Even though she had seen her multiple times today, she was even more beautiful now. She hooked arms with her mom, who was already tearing up and had to wipe her eye with a tissue. Chaeyoung let out a soft laugh and Nayeon snapped a picture of the soft moment between mother and daughter. She watched as the two walked down through the flowery arches together, Chaeyoung’s mom whispering something in her ear before she let go of her arm to let her walk into the gazebo. Nayeon made sure to get a picture of the intimate moment. While Nayeon had no idea what she whispered, Chaeyoung’s smile said it was something she’d always remember and a picture would help her keep the memory forever immortalized. 

Nayeon looked up in the center of the gazebo, taking a picture of the five of them standing up there, waiting for the last person to come out. She made eye contact with Jeongyeon again and her breath caught in her throat. She quickly brought her camera up and took another picture to pull herself away from staring and embarrassing herself. She turned back around when she saw everyone look away from Chaeyoung, past her, and up to the building at the top of the path. Mina had come out, arm in arm with her dad. 

She focused her camera and got a shot of all the guests looking at Mina, Mina and her dad in the background. She then zoomed in and got a picture of the two of them, her dad’s other hand resting on top of her hand linked in his arm. Slowly, they made their way down. She grabbed one more picture of them walking and then like Chaeyoung got a picture of her dad stopping at the entrance and Mina hugging him before he went and sat next to who Nayeon presumed was Mina’s mom and Mina stepped into the gazebo and took her place across from Chaeyoung and next to Jeongyeon. She got one final picture of the gazebo now filled with the wedding party and the two brides to be and the officiant between them. Before she took her camera back down, she swore Jeongyeon looked at her again, but rather than letting herself dwell and wonder and panic, she moved to her new spot to let the guests have a clear view and so she could get pictures from a new angle. 

The ceremony wasn’t long, but it wasn't short either. Before Nayeon knew it, they were reciting their handwritten vows. Chaeyoung was first, and after she read them, Mina turned to Jeongyeon who handed her a piece of paper with hers written on them. She was shaky, she could tell, overcome with emotions. It would only be a few minutes now before they would be announced married and able to kiss for the first time as wives. Nayeon held her camera steady and took a picture as Mina turned from Jeongyeon to Chaeyoung and started reading. She paused a few times to catch her breath and keep herself from crying. 

Next was the rings, and as Mina turned again to Jeongyeon to get her ring for Chaeyoung, Nayeon watched as Jeongyeon cupped Mina’s face and wiped a tear away from her eye with her thumb. It was the same way she had done this morning with the other girl at the coffee shop. Nayeon lowered her camera in realization. Cafe girl wasn’t with someone else. It was Jeongyeon seeing Mina before her wedding. Of course the maid of honor was going to hug her best friend like that on the day of her wedding. 

She once again shook herself from her thoughts and grabbed a picture before Jeongyeon let go and Mina turned back around. Nayeon zoomed in on Mina and Chaeyoung as they placed their rings on each other's fingers. And as the officiant announced it and told them to kiss, Nayeon felt a tear fall from her eye as she took a picture of their first kiss as wives. She zoomed back out and got a shot of the entire gazebo as they kissed. As she pulled her camera down, she looked at Jeongyeon, who was watching Mina with tears in her eyes. She quickly wiped them away and as she did, she turned and looked at Nayeon. Nayeon was frozen, she had gotten her pictures, and she couldn’t bring herself to look away or bring her camera back up to take another picture to distract herself. Her eyes were locked on the girl from the cafe she saw for the first time hours ago. Her heart beat again like it did this morning, her breath was once again caught in her chest. Jeongyeon smiled at her and wiped another tear away before turning back to Mina and Chaeyoung who just pulled away from their kiss. Nayeon, free from her gaze, pulled her camera back up and took a picture of the couple again. 

Nayeon stepped off back to her beginning spot again to take pictures of them leaving arm in arm. They turned their heads behind them as they got to the top of the path and Nayeon grabbed a picture, their arms still linked, just their heads looking over their shoulders at all their friends and family, before stepping back inside. She continued taking pictures as the rest of them made their way back inside, and made her way over to the tent with the rest of the guests. There was no assigned seating, everyone could sit as they pleased, so Nayeon found a table off to the side and placed her things down. The celebration would start soon, with their announcement and first dances, then dinner, and finally the rest of the party. The DJ was set up on the other side of the tent and people made their way to tables. Some tables sat up to ten people, and others were smaller and only sat up to four. Not knowing anyone, she claimed one of the smaller tables, and she sat taking pictures from her seat of people mingling, wiping tears, and hugging. 

Soon, the DJ turned on his mic, and asked everyone to find their seats so he could announce everyone. Nayeon recognized his voice and looked over and saw the young kid from earlier who tried flirting with her at her car. She chuckled to herself before standing up and getting her camera ready, finding a good spot. 

“Entering first is one of Mina’s best friends from school, Jihyo, and Chaeyoung’s close friend Tzuyu, who Chaeyoung told me would hopefully be next to do this wedding thing,” the Dj announced. Laughter filled the room and Nayeon watched Tzuyu’s face go bright red and Jihyo held her hand and pulled her closer, reaching up on her tiptoes to kiss her cheek. Nayeon didn’t know the two of them were also a couple, but now that she saw them together, it was obvious. They were cute together. “And next we have the two maids of honor from either side, Chaeyoung’s best friend from childhood, Dahyun, and Mina’s best friend also from school, Jeongyeon. Though, unlike the previous two, they are both single, so if anyone out here is looking-” he was cut off by a glare Nayeon could see from across the tent from Jeongyeon. “I’m kidding...kind of.” He laughed to himself as the two of them made their way to their spots at the head table. Nayeon grabbed a picture of the four of them standing behind their seats, with two empty chairs between them. “Finally, we have the brand new married couple, my favourite sister in the whole world, Chaeyoung, and her beautiful new wife, Mina.” The tent filled with cheers as everyone clapped for the entering couple.

“I’m your only sister!” Nayeon heard Chayoung yell to the DJ as she entered the tent.

 Nayeon got pictures of both the couple and their friends and family cheering for them. They made their way to the center of the dance floor as Say Yes by Punch ft Moonbyul started playing. The two brides didn’t take their eyes off one another as they swayed from side to side to the song, spinning in a circle a few times, keeping their dance simple as they held one another in each other's arms. Chaeyoung reached up and kissed Mina and everyone erupted in oohs and cheers again. Nayeon continued to get pictures, a few times turning her camera to the head table and getting a picture of the four of them watching. She got one picture of Tzuyu looking across the table at Jihyo, who was on the opposite end, just like they stood for the ceremony. Jihyo met her gaze and smiled over to her and Nayeon took a picture. The DJ was right, she also hoped they’d be next to get married, even not really knowing them, she saw the look of love shared between them. She pulled her camera down, ready to enjoy some of the dance from her own eyes and not through the lens of her camera, and met eyes with Jeongyeon again. She swallowed the nervous air in her throat and smiled at her for the first time. Jeongyeon smiled back and pulled her gaze away to watch the couple again, as the song finished. Nayeon took one final picture as Chaeyoung dipped Mina and Mina laughed, clearly not expecting the dip. Everyone clapped as they finished their first dance. Chaeyoung’s mom came over as the two pulled apart and Mina’s mom and dad made their way over as well. The next song played and the five of them danced together. Rather than separating two dances for the typical father daughter dance, the five of them danced together, Mina’s dad switching with Chaeyoung’s mom at one point, dancing with each other's daughter, then switching back. Nayeone thought this was a cute way to show that they would be connected as one big family now. It was sweet to show how much Mina’s dad cared for Chaeyoung and Chaeyoung’s mom cared for Mina as well. The song ended and they all hugged and laughed together. Nayeon was sure to get a picture of the group hug between the five of them before they all made their way to their seats, Mina and Chaeyoung finally at their spots at the head table. Nayeon took a picture before everyone sat. 

As the night went on, Nayeon took a break to enjoy dinner, before taking more pictures, of both the couple and guests. She grabbed a few of the two of them, cutting their cake, and timed one perfectly as Chaeyoung stuck her tongue out after wiping some frosting on Mina’s cheek. The rest of the night moved on, couples and friends dancing on the dance floor, people enjoying others' company, and the energy of the tent just filled with love all around. 

Nayeon took a break and sat down at her table, enjoying a small piece of cake, and overlooking some of the picture’s she grabbed over the night. She felt someone come up behind her and she looked up to see Jeongyeon standing there.

“Sorry if I startled you,” Jeongyeon said. “I just realized I haven’t properly introduced myself to you all day, so I wanted to come say hi.”

Nayeon felt her stomach drop and her heart start beating in that weird unexplainable way again. She cleared her throat as she realized she still hadn’t replied.

“Hi,” she said, and mentally slapped herself. Jeongyeon chuckled and pulled the chair from next to Nayeon out to sit.

“Mind if I join you?” She asked.

Nayeon shook her head and put her camera on the table.

“You can keep looking,” Jeongyeon said. “I just needed a place to sit and it’s a little quieter over here. Plus, I was kinda hoping I could maybe get a sneak peak at some pictures…” She smiled in a pleading way. Nayeon laughed and picked her camera back up.

“Of course, I actually got some that I’m really proud of, so it’d be nice to be able to show someone right now.” Nayeon’s nerves calmed a bit as she picked her camera back up and had a topic of conversation she could distract herself with. Jeongyeon was sitting next to her. The girl she fell in love at first sight with, if that was even real, was sitting right next to her. She turned her camera so Jeongyeon could see as well and scrolled through a few, finding the ones she was most proud of. “Of course, I’ll edit them later so they’re more clear, but I think the timing of this one was perfect,” she showed the picture of Mina and Chaeyoung’s first kiss under the gazebo. “And this one, it might be silly, since I don’t know what she said to her, but I love the look of Chaeyoung’s mom whispering in her ear right before she stepped into the gazebo. I think by the way Chaeyoung is smiling, it was something important to have a picture of, something she can have immortalized forever in a picture.” Nayeon continued rambling off her favourite pictures to Jeongyeon, explaining different things like the lighting or the angle and why she loved each picture she took. She looked up at one point and saw Jeongyeon looking at her instead of at the camera and she felt her cheeks warm. 

“I think you’re  a really talented photographer,” Jeongyeon said, looking back at the camera like she wasn’t watching Nayeon the whole time. Naeon couldn’t tell from the dim lights, but she swore Jeongyeon’s cheeks were also blushing. 

“Thank you,” Nayeon mumbled as she scrolled to the next picture, not realizing it was the one from Jeongyeon in the park. She quickly scrolled past it, back to the picture of Dahyun in front of Chaeyoung’s decorated door, and put her camera on the table, hoping Jeongyeon didn’t notice. She looked back up to the girl from the cafe sitting next to her. 

“You know, it's funny how we’d see each other today. As soon as I saw you were the photographer, I couldn’t believe how life just plays out that way.” Jeongyeon looked from Nayeon’s camera on the table back to Nayeon.

“Huh?” Nayeon was confused. 

“I’m kind of glad it worked out this way, but I think your friends were right this morning,” Jeongyeon started and Nayeon froze, her breath catching in her throat again, her heart going back to its irregular beat. “You could have come talk to me.”

Nayeon didn’t know how to reply, but she felt her cheeks heating up again.

“I’m glad we at least got to meet here though,” Jeongyeon smiled, placing her hand on top of Nayeon’s. Nayeon was still frozen, Jeongyeon’s hand warm on top of hers.

“Me too,” Nayeon was able to get out, her breath uneven, her heartbeat beating like never before. Her eyes met Jeongyeon’s and Jeongyeon used her free hand to tuck a stray strand of hair out of Nayeon’s face and smiled.