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The Start of Something new (With You) (Jeremy Renner x Zac Efron)

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Zac looked on towards the row of famous actors with their posedd stances on the red carpet underneath the dramatic photos of greyed out heads. But he could only keep his eyes on one. Jeremy rrenner. The handsomest man Zax had ever seen. His spiked up hair glistened in the bright lights as cameras clicked in his vacinity. Zac had recieved a ticked to the event as a result of his fame. He had figured Jeremy would be there. But, sadly, he assumed Jeremy would never notice.

"God, I am such a crep" ZAc said to himself as he shook his head. He should have known that Jeremy would never want to be with him. He had a wife, after all. In zacs szadness, he opened his phone and flipped to the news tab. He felt his heart race as he saw Jeremy's name on the headline. "Jeremy renner's wife accused him of threatening to kill her- the two broke up." Zac's heart raced even faster. Jeremy is available now! Zac's lust for him increased even more as he realized that Jeremy must have been trying to get to him by making his wife leave him.

Jeremy posed again, turning to face a camera and flashing his gorgeoys teeh. Zac's heart leapt again as he realized he really did have a chance. He wanted to kiss Jeremy's slim lips and be more to him then a invested instagram follower. He wanted to marry Jeremy and be his husband. It was almost unbreabel that they were not together already.

And then he looked at him. Jeremy's bright eyes met Zac's. He nearly screamed as Jeremy smiled at him and broke away from the crowd. "Zac Efron, right?" Jeremy asked. Zac gulped as he prepared to respong. "Yeah. I'm a big fan." Zac frowned at the floor. How could he be so stupid! Compare himself to other fans. He wasn't like them. He was different.

Well, good to see you here." Jeremy walked away and Zac nearly cried. How could he be leaving? That wasn't fair. Zac needed him to notice him. He opened his phone and typed the words "Jeremy Renner" into the search tab. He saw an article describing an app. It was titled, the Jeremy Renner app. Zac was immediatly intrigued, and clicked on the app, the app starting to download and the homescreen loading the app.

Here i go" Zac said, opening the app. The desccription explained that you could reach out to Jeremy renner through the app, and get him to notice you. Zac's giant smile widened as he looked at his phone. He looked at his phone and smiled as he realized he could reach out to jeremy personally. He made a profile, setting the name to "Zac Efron". He kissed his screen as he looked at the photos of Jeremy that popped onto his screen. He yearned for him so deeply.

He clicked on the photo to like it, and saw that he could like it more than once. He clicked it again. ANd again. And again. He held his finger on the button, desperate to win Jeremy's attention and affections. He watched as the number of likes increaded from 100,000 to 1,000,000. He took his finger ogg yhe button, finally satisfied. He ate Maggie and smiled. The app asked for a million dollars. Zac confirmed the purchoas without a second thought.


Zac didn't know if it would be enough. He commented on the picture of Jeremy's gorgeos face with a smile, putting a heart emoji in the comments and commenting a heart. Just then, Jerem'ys face changed and he pulked his phone from his sleek silk pocket. He saw him read something on the screen and look in Zac's dorrection and his eyes widened. Someone beside Zac nudged him and says, "Looks like Jeremy likes you." Zac felt his heart flutter.

Jeremy winked at him, and Zac felt his phone buzz. He loooked at it and saw that Jeremy had replied to him comment. "See you later today ;)" The comment said. Zac nearly passed out. He felt his heart beating so fast that his chest started to hurt. Really. Hurt.

Zac moved a hand to his chest and felt his heart pounding. Then, all of a sudden, it sped up faster, and Zac felt his knees cave in. He feel to the cround and groaned loudly. People were surrounding him rapidly and He felt his chest burning like the firey love he felt for jeremy. Someone was shouting and Zac felt the world starting to turn dark. He passed out on the ground.


"Clear!" Someone shouted. Zac's eyes opened. He was the inside of an ambulance. A doctor made eye contact with him. "Zacy! We thought we were gonna lose you." The only thing Zac could say was "Jeremy." The doctor looked puzzled, and looked around. "Did Heremy Renner poison you?!? I don't know why I am suprirised. He wanted to kill his wife, didn't he?"

Zac wanted to scream. Jeremy would never do something like that. He couldn't handle these assasinations of Jeremy's character. He got so angry that his heart pounded painfully again and he blacked out again.

Zac woke up again on the grass, someone pushing their hands on his chest. Their lips touched his and he sat up in a shock. He nearly cried when he realized his lips had kissed someone other than Jeremy's. "How could you do this!" He screamed. The doctor looked puzzled. "You could have died. What do you mean?" Zac shook his head, tears rolling down his face. "YOu don't understand..." He wiped away the tears and asked the only question that really mattered.

"Where is Jeremy?" He asked, his eyes full of tears. "Don't worry, he's in jail where he belongs." The other guy said. Jeremy's face morphed into horror. How could they do that to Jeremy? He would never do anything to hurt him. "NOO!!" Zac screamed. He got to his feet and sprinted forwards, running towards the jail.

He got there quickly, and pounded on the door. The guard looked at him with confusion. Who are you? He said. Zac pulled off his mask, revealing his face. The guard gasped in excitement and dropped his gun, throwing up his arms to hug zac. Zac hugged him, punging him in the back of the head while he was in a sense of security and knocking him out.

"THat's what you get for messing with Jeremy" Zac said as he shobed the body into a bush. He opened the jail door and walked in, lookinf at all the prisoners. But he only had eyes for one. Jeremy stood in the cell in the back. He looked into the room, noticing Jerem'ys dicheveld appearance. But at least the orange of his outfit brought out the beautiful tones of his skin.

"Zac" Jeremy said, looking up at him. Zac nodded and smiled, as Jeremy cried. "Why did you say I poisoned you? I trusted you!" Jeremy cried. Zac shook his head. " I didn't do that! I came hear as soon as I heard. I had to save you!" Jeremy looked taken aback and smiled.


"I'm so sorry for accusing you. Thank you for saving me. I can't survive in here much longer." ZAc nodded tearily, and punched down the cell wall. Jeremy jumped into his arms, and Zac carried him out of prison, the other prisoners clapping and cheering.

"I need to tell you something, Jeremy." Zac said as he placed hEremy down in the passenger seat of his Tesla. "I have always loved you. Ever since I saw you shoot that first arrow in the avengers. You're so beautiful and so kinf.I need to be with you." Zac admitted, all of the words flowing out of him. "Ilysm, Jeremy."

"I love you too, Zac. We need to be together. My wife left me but I know you'd never do that. You'll be kind to me." (AUTHOR'S NOTE: Like Jeremy Deserves >:( )

Of course I will." Zac said with a frown.

"Yeah, because you're so king, Zac. You're abs are breathtaking and I can barely bare to see your face." Zac felt tears building in his eyes again because jeremy looked so gorgeous and his words were so kind.

"What happened to you, earlieer? I saw you felling down." Jeremy said. Zac sighed as he relived the traumatic memory. "It WAS technically because of you. I saw you and you looked so beautiful that I had a heart attack."

"Aww, babe. That's so sweet of you." Jeremy said and Zac nodded 4 times.

"Yeah, no problem. Anything for you." Zac said.

"Your so romantic, Zac." Jerem said.



"No, you are." Zac said.

You saved me from jail. There's not much more romantic than that." Jeremy said.

"You saved me from jail. Nothing more romantic than that." Jeremy said.

"Well it was my fault that I got you stuck in there in the first place." Zac said.

"I don't deserve you." Jeremy said.

"Of course you do! No on'es more gorgeous and amazing as you, Jer." Zac said.


"This sounds crazy, but...." Jeremy said.

"What?" Zac said.

"Will you be my boyfriend?" Jeremy said. Jeremy blushed.

Zac nearly croed. He felt his heart pulse again, and he fell to the ground again, dropping Jeremy. His heart started to stop, and he cried as he realized he was going to die, and lose Jeremy forever.

Jeremy screamed, but it sounded muffled. He felt jeremy's lips touch his, and he took a giant breath, allive. He chuckled because he finally got to kiss the guy of his dreams and not some rando docrot.

"YOu're alive!" Jeremy said with relief. Zac nodded and kissed Jeremy again. "I'll be your boyfriend." Zac said. THey made out. "Do you have a heart condition that you should get checked out?"


"No, it's just you. But now that I have you it won't be an issue." Zac said. He opened his phone and showed Jeremy himself deleting Jeremy's app. Jeremy looked confused and shocked at first until Zac explained.

"Now I won't need an app to connect with you," Zac said flirtatiously.

Jeremy smiled and they kissed again. It was better than either of them could ever imagine.

"We'll be together forever right?" Jeremy asked.

"Of course!" Zac said with a smile. I love you forever Jeremy." Zac replied.

"They're gonna try to catch me. I broke out of jail." Jermy said.

"So we go on the lam. Duh." Zac said.

"How are we supposed to live out on the lam? It sounds so hard."

"I'll live anywhere as long as I'm with you, Jeremy. It won't be a problem for me."

"you're the best boyfriend ever, zac." Jeremy said.

What if I wanted to be more?" Zac said

"What?" Jeremy asked.

"Will you marry me?" Zac asked, gulping down his anxiety.

"Of course! Now let's go. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, but not in jail." Jeremy chuckled.

"Should we play the avengers soundtrack or the High school musical songs at the wedding?" Zac said with a smile.

"Why not both?" Jeremy asked.

"Fair point." Zac replied.

"I love you, lets go and get merried." Jeremy said.

"Yeah. You're so amazing Jeremy. We belong together."