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A Changed Jinchuuriki

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In the aftermath of what had happened in Konoha, most shinobi and Kage present kept their mouth shut about what they had heard – not wanting to rouse suspicion on the fact that time-travel was a possibility, but to do so was to give up everything you had, unless of course you didn’t have anything left to give up.

The official statement, which had been send to all the shinobi villages, as well as every daimyo, included that they had found intel of an organisation planning on waging war on the world, for no other fact than to reinstate the Juubi and the practices she brought with them – meaning the end of the world as they had known it.

With the combined efforts of multiple shinobi and Kage; during the chuunin exams in Konoha, they subdued this enemy and killed him when he proved too dangerous to be left alive, but not before he ended the lives of those he had worked with. In the end the casualty was kept to a minimum, but for clarity’s sake the names of those in the organisation who had fallen had been mentioned.

Iwa in particular had grieved at hearing that, seeing as Deidara had been family to Oonoki, and to hear that his end was because of the cowardness of another, redeemed him in the eyes of his people.


About the people who had been found in Danzo’s headquarters, the ones ill or in the hospital care had been cured, for a select few – who had been too ill and had died within the first 2 weeks.

Of those that had survived, a portion asked to never be put on active duty again, mostly because of the trauma they already carried with them. Others because a disease they had, was never treated, making it life threatening for them to ever be an active shinobi.

Some others couldn’t wait to be back on active duty and applied for that even before their medic-nin agreed to let them go on active again.

One of them was Orochimaru’s apprentice Kabuto, who was found after the whole mess with Danzo and the Chuunin exams was behind them. The boy had amnesia from the torture Danzo put him though, after finding out he wasn’t ROOT anymore. He started to remember when Orochimaru came to visit him, after they found out he was still alive.

The dead had been buried or had been stored for out of village family members to come and claim the body. Even with all this happening, more than one person had thanked Tsunade for finding this out and giving them the closure, they needed after the disappearance of their family members.

All in all, Konoha was booming again as a village, and had at least a passable relationship with the other hidden villages.

However, this all had been 4 years ago, giving all of them time to rebuild, and more importantly to force more alliance between the villages, as well as attempt another Gokage meet, which proved quite fruitful.

After finding out what could have happened, all the villages agreed that waging war, for the sake of war couldn’t bring them anything but the loss of lives. Something none of them wanted, even if some relations stayed tense between certain villages, it was an improvement of what had been.

Now however, Tsunade could only smile as her nephew stepped up next to her, a haori not unlike his father around his shoulders with the kanji for Rokudaime spelled over the back.

Turning to the people gathered below them, she had to smile at the turn out. Lifting the hat from her own head, she placed it on Naruto’s, before announcing.

“I present to you, Konoha, your Rokudaime Hokage; Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto.”

A cheer came up out of the crown below, the loudest of course from the other members of the former team 7, as well as from her two partners standing in the opening into the tower. All of them had, had front row seats to seeing Naruto grow from the impressive teen, to a magnificent young adult.

Having made chuunin in Kiri, 6 months after the confrontation with Zetsu, together with his two teammates. To the surprise of no one, really. More than just Konoha had been rooting for the team of Hatake Kakashi. To Naruto’s joy, they also saw Haku and Zabuza, even if they didn’t know them this time around, it was nice to see both of them looking healthy and proud at the Mizukage’s side.

 All three of them made jounin in the next two years, especially with the help they had been getting to reach that level. Naruto had reached it already, but he waited for his teammates to catch up, so they could take the test together, and succeed.

All of them had dreamed big, like Naruto, and were working towards achieving those remarkable goals, and succeeding pretty well.

Sasuke was training to take over from his father as head of the military police force, all the while still doing mission with either of his former teammates, his cousins Obito or Shisui, or his brother.

Sakura on the other hand, followed in her own footsteps, having been taking more and more lessons from Shizune and herself, even more so now that Naruto will be taking over, and would be the next head of the hospital in a few years – she was already the best medic nin they had, outshining even her and Shizune.

Kakashi and Obito had settled down, finally, with Zetsu’s defeat, so too did Obito’s worries disappear, resulting in the Uchiha pulling down Kakashi to be face to face to him, pulled down the other’s mask and kissed him square on the lips in front of just about everyone.

More than one person had finally cheered, stating that the unresolved sexual tension between the two was becoming unbearable.

After that kiss both seemed to be attached to the hip and could be found walking around Konoha hand in hand, like an old married couple. Much to the joy of those who knew them, both as children, and now as grown men.

Obito became one of the best intel gatherers they had, with his Kamui, and made use of that ability until he started to get blind in that eye. Naruto fixed it for them, but he got put on a desk job after that. As without an eternal Mangekyou, the blindness would keep on returning.

Kakashi, while never accepted back into ANBU, became his lover’s left hand during his intel gathering days and retired to a desk job at the police force when Obito did. He was known to do heavy duty missions now and again, but never alone, he was after all still one of the best shinobi they had, especially now that he had a family to come home to again.

Naruto and Sasuke kept on dancing around each other, to the amusement of just about everyone who knew them. So, the moment they entered the Uchiha compound holding hands, beaming, both Mikoto and Sakura had squealed and congratulated them.

They had both turned red at that, but did agree that after everything they went through, as well as the connection they had, they just couldn’t live without the other in their life. Naruto let go of the past that could have been, and concentrated on the present, enjoying this new experience with a Sasuke that wasn’t burdened by what his first Sasuke had been through.

Even now years later, they were still going steady, living in a house on the Uchiha compound, close enough to Mikoto and Fugaku, but still far enough to have their own private little nest. With Naruto now as Hokage, she knew Konoha was in good hands and didn’t at all feel guilty for retiring, after all she had told the clan heads that she was only holding the hat until Naruto was old enough to take it.

Walking through the Village, Jiraiya and Orochimaru at her side, she couldn’t help but notice all the foreign shinobi also present to watch the new Hokage make his debut. She just shook her head, knowing that Naruto had kept in touch with the other Jinchuuriki, which then evolved into talks with their Kage/leaders. Resulting in a peace respected by all the nations, looked upon by the Jinchuuriki and their Bijuu.

Smiling they made their way to the Uchiha compound, where a feast was to be held honouring the new Hokage and the journey he had made to get there.

After all, Naruto was his parents’ son, meaning he would do anything to protect Konoha, but also do everything in his power to keep on improving it. She was older, but with his new point of view, who knew where the village would grow to be.

Arriving at the Uchiha compound, not that far before their newly instated Hokage, Tsunade had to smile at seeing him, Sasuke as his side and Obito and Kakashi just behind them. Sakura was standing next to Shizune, talking to Shisui.

This was family, all because a little blond sunshine, and an Uchiha who didn’t want to let go of their precious people, succeeding in changing so much compared to what they had been told. But as she took a cup of sake from Jiraiya, she couldn’t bring herself to care – they all had a family again, and a stable village with a wonderful Hokage.