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The Spy Who Loved Me

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Mew sat quietly in the conference room listening to the case being discussed around him.  He was bored.  He had been on leave for the past few weeks after his last assignment ended.  He had spent the time sleeping and having sex.  Things he had been deprived of for the past six months.  One-night stands were his choice. He wanted to not be remembered nor did he want any sort of relationship.  His job was not conducive to attachments.  He heard his moniker called- 008.  “What are your thoughts on this operation?”

“After reviewing the documents, I have some concerns. This will take time to infiltrate this group and trust-building. I know we have been doing groundwork in preparation.  Who will be the agent to pose as the model?”

A picture appeared on the conference room screen.  It showed a young male, early 20’s, black hair, dark eyes, plump lips.  He looked younger than his stated age. 

This is Gulf Kanawut.  He is an actual model who has made quite a name for himself lately.  He has big contracts as a model and spokesperson that enable him to travel.  He is 185 cm, athletic, graduated college with honors, by all reports he is a nice guy if you can believe that.  He is tech-savvy so we could easily teach him surveillance techniques.”

“So has he agreed?”

“No, that is where you will come in.  You will be running this operation and I need you to recruit him.  Based on our profile he is ideal for this role.”

Mew looked at the screen again.  He was definitely attractive.  Taller than average, lithely muscled with long legs and a nice smile.  His eyes were distinctive with long eyelashes.  But it was his lips that were his most striking feature Mew thought. They would make a straight man want to kiss them.  The curve of his generous mouth gave an impression of youth. He would definitely attract other men.

“What is his sexual identity?”

Unknown, we know he had a girlfriend in the past.  He is very private and despite our best techs digging they couldn’t find anything on social media or dating apps.  He does have a group of friends he is close to.  Some of them identify as bi and gay.”

“He’s too young with no experience.”

“We need him. The men we are trying to capture utilize young men like Gulf.  The younger and prettier the better. He is world-traveled, can speak well, and is educated.  He is the best choice.  He has an innate innocence that we can leverage.”

“If I don’t think he is up to the task, I will nix him.  I am not putting up with a whiny male diva.”

The SAIC was frustrated.  Agent 008 was hard to please, but he always got the job done.  He had been recruited into the service at a young age. For the past 14 years, he has honed his skills to make himself the best.  The best spy, the best killer, the best lover. He was highly intelligent with a sharp mind. His analytical skills were above average.  His biggest challenge was his ego.  He knew he was the best and did not tolerate fools.  Mew could make strong men cry.  “Let’s move on and discuss the mission.”

“The Priory is a group of men who extort very wealthy clientele of both genders. To facilitate their operation they groom young men to be used by these people. They set their marks up in sexual situations with these boys then film them and blackmail them-- not just for money but more importantly information and weapons.  The boys are kept together in a luxury villa that they call the Monastery.  They have ‘business’ meetings at a villa on Lake Cuomo where most of the interactions occur.  Rumor has reported that everything is on the table- BSDM, orgies etc. You can use your imagination.  Our goal is to have you 008 assume the profile of a billionaire who sells weapons primarily to fringe groups.  Your nickname will be Shadow.  Gulf will be your ‘boy.’  He will be able to infiltrate the group of young men to gather their trust.  Gulf will easily be a target for some of the men so we will need to make sure he is trained on the best ways to deflect their attention.  Worst case scenario is that he will need to be with one of them.”

Over the next few hours, the team discussed all the details of the mission. The key to success was being able to proactively identify weaknesses that would lead to the failure of the mission.

Mew had to speak up.  “This kid will most likely crumble under pressure.  Modeling and smiling at the camera is one thing.  Being the subject of old man’s fantasies is completely different. Granted as a model he is used to being objectified but this would be a challenge for  even a seasoned agent.”

Duly noted.  Read his file 008. He is not what he appears.  He was born to a single mother who had a rotating stable of men in her life.  Sources say he was emotionally abused by these men, perhaps physically. No mention of sexual abuse. He ran away in his teen years but always returned home.  He was scouted as a model when he was 16 years old, his mother died the same year.  He has been living on his own since then.  Despite his less than stellar childhood-- he worked, graduated high school with the highest honors, went to college. He has had no scandals attached to his name.  You of all agents should be able to train him.  I want you to recruit him by next week and set up a training schedule for him.”

Mew sighed.  Great, he thought, just what he wanted to be, a babysitter.   A muscle twitched in his jaw. He knew he was given this assignment because the SAIC didn’t like him.

“Yes, sir,” he said, not showing an ounce of emotion on his face.


The club was packed.  It was the new trendy celebrity hang-out that everyone was dying to go to and post all over their social media that they were there.  Gulf would never have chosen to be there but Mild had just been dumped and wanted a boy’s night out.  This was so not his scene.  He would have rather been in bed.  Mild had arranged for a table in the VIP section.  Gulf looked around the place seeing plenty of faces he recognized but had no idea who the people actually were. He noticed a man standing by the bar. He was tall and striking.  He reeked masculinity.  Gulf hoped one day he could be like that.  He just knew that guy had no trouble getting laid.  Gulf stepped back so he was in the shadows and watched.  The man was wearing tight black jeans, black boots, and a black turtleneck.  His attire was a bit out of place for the carnival atmosphere of the club.  He was nursing what looked like a scotch on the rocks while looking around.  Men and women kept coming up to stand next to him trying to engage him in conversation.  One such guy was able to get him to smile.  He had a beautiful smile even from a distance.  Gulf did notice that he seemed tense.  His muscles were taut under his shirt like he was expecting to have to run or something.  Gulf had become good at reading body language after having multiple stepfathers who loved to hit.  And the guy below looked like he was going to pounce.  Gulf chuckle. He looked like a sleek panther. 

Mew knew he was being watched. He could feel it.  He scanned the area but failed to pinpoint who was looking at him. He could feel the intensity of the gaze.  Was it an enemy?  Did someone recognize him from another assignment? He continued his scan. Suddenly there was a loud noise from the balcony. That pulled his attention upward. And there was his target.  Gulf Kanawut was looking down at the floor. He looked angry and nothing like the pictures that were shown at headquarters.  Mew’s gaze traveled down his body.  And what a sight it was.  The boy was wearing tight white jeans, a navy lace shirt, and sneakers.  Nothing special but they were like art on his body.  Mew couldn’t help but think that this assignment might be better than he thought.


The loud noise pulled Gulf out of his revere and back into the present.  He was shoved forward by Mild as the spotlight hit him in the face.  Mild was laughing and pointing at him.  “That’s my boy!” he kept yelling to a friend on the dance floor.  People on the floor looked up. Gulf looked down doing his best ‘don’t fuck with me’ look.  He knew he had drawn the attention of the man. He sneaked a look and he was hit with the full force of his focus.  Brown eyes met black eyes. They stared at one another taking each other’s measure.  Gulf saw a smirk start on the man’s face.  That pissed him off.  He turned his back.

“Mild, my friend, what the hell did you do that for?  I was enjoying my solitude.” Gulf asked.

“My friend from work didn’t believe you were my friend, so I had to prove that you are, that is why I pointed you out.  By the way, you look hot.  You now have lots of admirers”

“Gah, I don’t want attention. I only came out for you.”

“Well lighten up and let’s drink!” Mild said laughing. 

Gulf laughed and followed Mild to the table.  He was able to keep some anonymity and watch the dancers below.  After a few drinks, he decided he needed to dance.  Pulling Mild after him they went to the dance floor.  The floor was packed with people. He danced with boys and girls. The music was loud, and the techno beat was pounding.  Mild was being his goofy self-evidenced by his grinding into Gulf.  Gulf bent over double with laughter.  Suddenly a slower, deeper song came on.  It just oozed sex.  Gulf started moving his body to the sensual rhythm.  He felt it in his bones.  God, he thought, I need to get laid. He closed his eyes as he felt the beat.  Two hands captured Gulf’s hips.  Without thought, he leaned back into the person. He felt their breath on his neck, lips faintly touching the nape.  Electric sparks flew. He never had such a reaction to another person.  Turning around he found he was face to face with the man he had watched earlier. Gulf continued to dance staring at this incredibly handsome man. He felt small next to him even though they were close in height.  He gave a shy smile and continued to dance.  The song ended too soon.

Gulf turned and walked off the dance floor.  He knew he was being followed.  He sat back at his table and gestured for the man to sit.

“So, what would you like to drink?” he asked the stranger.

“I’ll have vesper martini,” Mew replied.  He assessed Gulf.  This guy was not quite what he expected.

“Soo—nice place huh?”

“Yes, it is.”

Gulf had no idea what to say.  This was just mortifying. He was so intimidated by this man.  He needed to put on the façade he developed over the years. Gulf looks up at Mew sitting across from him.  Mew sees the transition.  Their eyes lock. 

“So gorgeous, I haven’t seen you around here before,” Gulf says in a low voice.  “You are so my type. I just love an older man.”  Mew was a bit shocked.  The transformation to this sexy guy was abrupt.  He could tell it was all an act. 

How old are you kid? Are you even legal?  And you can drop the sex bomb act. I am immune.”

Gulf was shocked.  He had never been called out for his façade.  The persona he honed over years to cope with the modeling business.  He was pissed that this guy could read him so well.  A few drinks in and nice Gulf was gone.

“Well old man, I am older than you think.  I am twenty-three. And I’ll have you know it is no act. I need to get laid and if I must flirt my way to landing on my back I will.  But never mind—you are probably too old to get it up anyway.”

Mew snorted.  “Aww acting like a baby now because I called you on your behavior. Brat. And I am not old, and I can get laid with the snap of my fingers.”

“Are you kidding me?  What are we having a pissing contest to see who can get laid first?  Why would I do that with you?  I don’t even know you.  Go bugger off.”

“I’ll bugger you, name the time and place,” Mew smirked.

“Oh, for crying out loud.” Gulf burst out laughing.  “Ok, I call uncle.  I am not the best at conversations and meeting new people.  So, it is easier to act like someone else. My name is Gulf by the way.  Nice to meet you.”

“I am Mew. Nice to meet you as well.” Gulf just looked at him.  This man was handsome. He had dark brown hair and dark eyes; his skin was tanned.  His voice was incredibly deep and rich, the kind of voice that held people’s attention. Gulf didn’t have a problem with handsome men; he just didn’t like the effect they had on him. He tended to blush, stammer, and do stupid things around them. Handsome men who usually were either straight or uninterested in him, which made the whole thing even more mortifying. He had no gaydar.

“Gulf, want to come home with me?” Mew asked, testing the waters. 

“Hell, no. I might want to get laid, I am not admitting it or anything, but I don’t do strangers, nor do I go home with them. Sorry, find someone else.” Gulf replied.  He was so tempted.  He licked his lips and just watched Mew’s reaction to his answer.

“Well, that complicates things.  I want you.  I want you so how do I get you?” he asked in a low voice. Mew was testing the waters. If Gulf was impulsive it would have a negative impact on the mission.

Gulf choked on his drink.  Never had he been approached like this.  He had been groped, fondled, received countless propositions, and showered with gifts by men.  But none of them asked him how to ‘get him’ after he turned every one of them down.  As he was contemplating this Mild came running up.

Gulf, I got you a man. He is going to meet you at your apartment in 30 min. Let’s get you out of here. You have prepping to do!” Mild was a bit drunk.  Sloppy Mild was hard to manage.

He couldn’t resist asking Mild, “What is it a threesome, and are you going to help me prepare?”  Mild looked confused.  “Sure, let’s go,” he replied pulling Gulf.

Well, Mew, looks like I have an actual date and a drunk friend to take care of.  It was nice meeting you.” Gulf said.

“Wait, can I get your number?”

“No, I don’t give it out to strangers.” Gulf chuckled as he walked away.  “Oh and Mew—you couldn’t afford me,”  he said with a wink.

There was no man for him to meet. This was a trick Mild used to get Gulf out of an uncomfortable situation. They had done this act so often. It was simple yet effective.   As they left the club, they high-fived each other. Another successful dodge. Little did Gulf know Mew was right behind him watching.

Thanks, man,” Gulf said.  “I was so tempted but I have to be careful in today’s world of social media. I just want to meet someone you know?” he told Mild.

“I get it. Dude, I am sorry to have cockblocked you.  You just had this funny look on your face that spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  As your best friend, I had to stop you.” Mild responded.  “Hey, I’m heading home. Thanks for coming out with me.”

“No problem, that’s what friends are for,” Gulf replied walking away.  He headed down the street to the corner to catch a taxi.  He avoided Uber if he could because the risk of being recognized by the driver was high and he didn’t want anyone to know where he lived.  A taxi offered a level of anonymity that Uber couldn’t. Suddenly he felt a hand on his arm. He swung around to see who grabbed him, ready to fight if needed. There stood Mew half-hidden in the shadows.  Adrenaline surged in Gulf.  Was this guy a creeper or was he ok?


Don’t move,” Mew’s deep voice said. Gulf swore under his breath. How stupid was he?  He should have known the guy was too good to be true.  “Get in the car,” the same voice said propelling him to the idle taxi. Gulf didn’t resist, his mind racing. What was happening?  He was no one special. Just a guy who modeled clothes. Why him?  Gulf eyed him warily.

“Hello, Gulf,”

“Creepy” Gulf replied.

“I could make it creepier,” Mew replied with some amusement in his voice. “In fact, let’s have a chat shall we once we get you home.” To Gulf’s astonishment, Mew gave the driver his address.  How did he know where he lived? Very few people knew where he lived.  Gulf’s mind frantically tried to figure out who would have spilled the information.  In less than 20 minutes the taxi pulled up to his building. Before he could think, Gulf was walking through the lobby heading to the elevators.  Mew held his arm propelling him forward.  Once in the elevator, Mew press PH. 

“Oh, I have so many questions. You are a stalker, aren’t you?  Do you want money?  You want to fuck me?” Gulf mumbled, his mind struggling to understand.  Mew stood next to him looking ahead.  The elevator opened straight into Gulf’s apartment.  He bolted into his space quickly turning around. His eyes wide and face flushed, Mew took his look in.  He really was a beautiful boy he thought.

So.. let’s have a seat,” Mew gestured to the sofa.  Gulf sat down.  Darn his inner need to please and respond to authoritative commands.  “I know a lot about you Gulf. You are 24 years old, a professional model with a high IQ. You have the amazing ability as a chameleon in your modeling career. I need you… to come work with me.”  Gulf was surprised.  He knew he was known in some circles.

“Who do you work for?  Alexander McQueen?  Louis Vuitton? Which fashion house?  Why not go through my agent...”

Mew laughed, deep and sensual.  Gulf felt his stomach flutter cursing his hormones. “No one that exciting, I’m afraid.  I work for the Secret Intelligence Agency or MI6 if you prefer.”

Gulf eyed him suspiciously. “Prove it.”

Mew raised his eyebrow. “You do realize that it is a Secret service, and one doesn’t advertise that you work there, right?”

“I call you on that. If you really are an MI6 agent, you need some kind of ID to show the police if you need to explain yourself.” Gulf replied.  He saw surprise in Mew’s eyes and a bit of approval.

“I like how you think Gulf.  But strictly speaking, agents aren’t allowed to carry out operations on home soil. Most of us carry fake IDs anyway.  But not me. I belong to a special division that doesn’t have IDs. I am simply known as Agent 008.”

Oh, no frigging way.  You are such a liar. 008????” Gulf doubled over in laughter. “Seriously dude, what delusion are you in that you are James Bond.  OH MY GOD… I was abducted by a crazy man.  Do you have M listening in your ear to what we are saying?  Oh, I want to see the toys that Q has made you.  Did you know that Sir Ian Flemming named James Bond after an American ornithologist because he wanted him to be a dull character initially? So, do you like birds?  Oh wait, you could be in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest…” Gulf was grabbing his sides as he howled in laughter.  He had tears running down his face. “Can I be an agent… I want to have my own Pussy Galore… hahaha… wait even better can I be a Bond boy?  Daniel Craig is hot… I could definitely do him.”

Mew sat staring at Gulf a bit speechless.  Never had revealed himself and was laughed at.  He coughed trying to get Gulf to focus back on him. Gulf calmed a bit sensing that Mew wasn’t finding this humorous at all.

“So, what is your real name? I can’t call you 008… I might just die of laughter.”


Your name is Classified. Very unusual.”

Cheeky boy” Mew murmured. “I told you my name earlier.  And you are now one of three people who know my real name. So, if you divulge it, I might have to kill you.”

Gulf stretched his legs out in front of him.  “So can I get a fun name if I work with you,” he decided to see how far this guy’s delusion went. He had read it was better to play along than to try to force reality on a crazy person.

“If you join and are recruited, you will become a trainee. You will have a random number assigned to you. When you are done you would just be agent Gulf.”

Why do you have a special name?” Gulf asked curiously.

You know what happens to curious cats?”

“They die.”


Now Gulf wasn’t sure that Mew wasn’t being serious. The tone and tenor of his voice were serious.  So, he asked the only question he could think of.

“Do I have a choice or am I being forced to help?”

“You always have a choice. We can find someone else.  I actually don’t think you have what it takes to do this, but my higher-ups don’t agree.  It takes someone with inner strength and character to be an agent. You must do things you don’t want to do and see things you never wanted to see.  You are too young and innocent for this.”

Gulf felt uneasy. “Well, you are a lousy salesman.”  Gulf was intrigued.  He had felt discontent with his life recently like something was missing. Agreeing to this crazy scheme, if it was legit, might help him figure himself out. “Ok, I will do it.” He replied to surprising Mew.  The second he responded Mew’s phone rang and he picked it up.  “He’s agreed, It’s a go.”

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Mew was taken aback.  That had just been too easy.  He had anticipated much more resistance or questioning from Gulf.  He had questions for Gulf.  This young man intrigued him.

“So do you have any questions about this?” he asked resisting the urge to ask Gulf questions. 

“Oh, I have about a thousand questions.  Number one is... where is the hidden camera?  I just know this was for a variety show right? I am willing to play along for now.   If this is legitimate- why me?  Who decided I would be a good fit?” Gulf got up and paced the room.  The more he thought about it the fishier it seemed.  There had to be a catch.  Maybe instead of being a government service, it was a criminal ring trying to lure him to do work for them.  The only way to find out was to agree with this guy sitting in his room and to keep asking questions.

No, I can assure you there is no camera, and it is not for a variety show,” Mew replied.

“Why me?”

“I can’t tell you, it’s classified.”

“So, every time I ask a question am I going to hear-- it’s classified?” Gulf responded, rolling his eyes.

“For now- yes. You will need to be educated and debriefed first as to what we need from you.”

“Great, just great… ok how about we play twenty questions?  You can answer yes, no, or classified. Ok?”

“All right,” Mew nodded in agreement.

“Do you think I can do this?”


“Why not?”

“It can’t be answered in the parameters you gave.”

“Oh my God… just answer me!” Gulf was so frustrated.

“Because you are too young, too flighty, and lead an easy lifestyle. And this lifestyle isn’t for kids.”

“Assumptions much?  I can’t believe you made all these judgments based on a brief half-hour meeting you had with me in a nightclub… like who the heck is open and honest in a nightclub.  And why were you there? Just to meet me or to meet a hookup?”

I was not there to meet a hookup. I was there to talk to you and determine if we should recruit you. Your demeanor there was suboptimal at best.”

Gulf stood there wanting to punch this guy in the face.  Once again, people made judgments that were not true.  No one seemed to want to go beneath the surface.  Story of his life.

“No offense, but my current lifestyle isn’t easy or safe, either.  Again, what kind of mission do you want me for?”


“Ok, let’s start again.  How old are you?”


“Where do you live?”


“What size shoe do you wear?” Gulf asked, sure that wouldn’t be classified.

“12 EEE”

“Do you have a big dick?” Gulf was trying to get a reaction, any reaction from Mew.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?  Keep trying... these questions are ridiculous.”

“You won’t answer any questions regarding what you do or what I am supposed to be recruited for.  You won’t talk about yourself much.  So much for this being any conversation.” Gulf was simmering. 

Mew sat contemplating Gulf.  He understood how this must be frustrating, but he sensed that Gulf trusted very few people and that at some point he had been hurt.  He seemed a bit lost to Mew.  Mew shook himself out of his musing and focused back on the task at hand.

The next step if you agree is for me to pick you up in two days.  That should give you enough time to speak with your manager and set things, so you are available. Pack minimal clothes, clothes will be provided for.” Mew looked him up and down. “Oh, and forget about beauty products. You won’t be using them,” he commented with a snicker. “I will then take you to headquarters to begin your career with us.”

Gulf just stared at him.  He was having an internal debate about whether to do this or not. Yes he had agreed but it wasn’t too late to change his mind.  He was angry enough at this arrogant ass in front of him that he was inclined to agree.  Show him what he could do and that he could do anything he set his mind to.  Mew had no idea that he just challenged him.  

“Ok, I will agree. But it will take me longer than two days.  I need a week.  Contrary to your opinion I am a business, I have contracts and obligations I need to deal with.  I need to make sure my cat is cared for. In addition, I need a few Grinder dates in preparation for what I presume will be a long drought. Unless there are other handsome agents willing to help me out,”  Gulf added the last comment just out of spite.  Mew sat there and didn’t move a muscle or say a word. He felt a burn in his gut.  He knew the game Gulf was trying to play but just the thought of him being with another guy... he didn’t like it. Not one bit. Gulf had no idea what Mew wanted or what he was capable of. But this was neither the time nor place for him to enlighten him.

“Ok, one week and I will be back here to get you.”  Mew stood up and walked to the door. He turned back to Gulf and said “When you are flirting and fucking your way to next week, I want you to remember something.  Good things come to those who wait.  And bad boys get punished. So are a few minutes of release worth missing the opportunity of a lifetime?” with that cryptic comment he shut the door.  Gulf stared at the door.

Thump— the sound of his shoe hitting the door.


Twelve weeks later Gulf found himself flat on his back on the training mat.  He was face down in a Ninja hold. He spun and ended up on top of John his trainer.  His days have been filled with training.  When Mew left that night telling him to get his house in order, he had no idea that his life would change the way it had. His agent had to get him out of his contractual obligations which ended up being a lot easier than he would have thought.  Within a week of meeting with Mew he ended up in a government building signing papers, going through medical exams, and meeting his trainers.  He had no time to think let alone breath.  He found himself with no free time, sore muscles, and thoughts of Mew.  He never saw him after that night.  Today was the day he was to be briefed on the mission they had recruited him for. He was extremely curious about why they had wanted him.

Gulf was in the locker room getting ready to shower. He had no problem standing around in a towel or being naked in general. Being a model had stripped him of any modesty.  And if he was being truthful, his body had improved over the past couple months. The intense physical exercise and proper diet had accentuated his muscles especially his abs.  No pain, no gain as they say. The door opened behind him, and he turned. Mew stood there looking at him. His gaze slowly traveling up Gulf’s body. Gulf looked back at him, raising his eyebrow. “Like what you see?” he couldn’t resist asking, laughing as he said it. “I have to go shower.  Nice to see you again.” He said as he walked past Mew toward the shower.

Mew stood there.  He was shellshocked. Gulf had been gorgeous before but now.  He looked like a Greek God or a sculpture by Michelangelo.  He would have loved to have removed the towel to fully see him.  Shaking his head Mew left the room heading toward the conference room.  He needed his head in the game.

A half an hour later Gulf entered the room dressed in khakis and a white button down. His hair was damp from his shower.  He had met most of the people in the room over his time here. He nodded his greetings.  The only open seat was across from Mew. He snuck a look at him. He had forgotten how handsome the man was.  He still felt that same level of attraction that he had the night at the club. He blushed as he remembered their dance together.  He heard a throat clearing and looked up catching Mew’s eyes. Mew just smirked as he must have figured out what Gulf was remembering.  Gulf rolled his eyes and turned his attention to the SAIC.  The debriefing began…

After learning his role and what they expected of him Gulf could now see why they picked him.  This was his prior life.  He had been hit on, propositioned, and picked up by old men all time.  Creepy but true.  He knew how to handle them.  What he thought might be hard was that he was to be the boy toy of Mew.  That was going to test his new skills and acting ability to the max because he would love to be his real boy even for a night. He shivered at the thought.

008, you will now have to commence the special training and instruction of recruit 64.  I want you to test his basic skills with weapons, his response times and how he does with electronics.  In addition, you need to build and establish skin ship. You will both need to be comfortable with each other.  One flinch when touched by the other could bring down the whole operations.  Understand?” SAIC looked at both Mew and Gulf.


Mew led Gulf to the firing range.  Gulf picked up a gun. He aimed. Bang!  The gun recoiled hard, and he missed badly.  Mew gave him a condescending smile. Gulf fired a few more rounds but missed due to his nerves.  Mew picked up his gun weighing it in his hand. He rolled his neck and fired.  Bull’s eye! Gulf rolled his eyes. Of course. Mew feeling bad, made a few ‘bad’ shots. Totally bogus but he didn’t want to strip Gulf of all his pride.  Gulf picked up his gun again, reloaded it as he was taught.

“Can I go again?” he asked. Mew nods.  Gulf aims and squeezes off five rounds hitting them all dead center.  He turns to Mew and winks.  “Beginner’s luck?”

Next was the martial arts testing.  They had the room to themselves. 

“So, show me what you’ve learned.” Mew said. Gulf raised his eyebrow and smiled. This was going to be fun.

Well, let’s see- my goal is to stay off the mat, right?” Gulf said playing dumb. Mew nodded in response.

They faced each other on the mat.  Gulf made the first move as he had been taught. He positioned his hands in front of his torso. He then launched himself at Mew hoping to take him off guard.  His fingers dug into Mew’s bicep on the arm he had used to block the move. Electric sparks ran up his fingers. He looked Mew in the eye. Mew snapped his arm up and Gulf ducked under his swing, snapping himself back into the moment. He went on offense blocking Mew’s next move.  He approached Mew hoping to push him back to the edge of the mat.  Mew licked his lips and Gulf got distracted. Within seconds he found himself pinned under Mew on the mat.  He could feel Mew’s hard body.  Ugh, so he pushed up to get away.  They began again. Gulf got a few round house kicks in and was able to avoid being taken down.  He succeeded for about one minute, then he ended up on the mat again under Mew. He pushed off Mew. No holding back now. Gulf parried away from Mew and successfully blocked a few moves.  Suddenly he found himself on his back on the mat. Their bodies were completely pressed into each other. Gulf found it difficult to capture his breath.  Mew jumped up and they began the third round.  Gulf was determined to stay off the mat this time.  He wasn’t sure he would be able to hide his reaction to Mew. They sparred for a bit, lasting about ten minutes. Boom, Gulf hit the mat and Mew was on top of him again.  Chest to groin pressed against each other. Both staring into each other’s eyes. Gulf looked at Mew’s lips and back up to his eyes.  He watched Mew’s eyes darken.  He felt himself harden under Mew.  At the moment he couldn’t care if he was embarrassing himself.  Mew stared down at the man under him. He felt like he was drowning in his eyes and wanting to kiss those plump lips.  He started to bend down to kiss Gulf when a loud buzzing sound went off around them bringing them out of their lusty haze.  Both jumped up and fixed themselves not looking at each other.

Mew was angry at himself. He was a professional, he never got involved. Sure, he would sleep with marks, but he never was even tempted to be with another agent.  His face was blank as he looked at Gulf.

“We need to get washed up and move onto your next test.  Meet me in room 108 in 20 minutes,” Mew told Gulf as he headed down the hall.  Gulf just watched his back as he walked away.

Still damp from his shower, Gulf entered the room he loved the most during his training time.  He really hit it off with Q and his team.  He had learned that Q stood for Quartermaster and that the head of the lab was always called Q. So a real Q did exist. The room was filled with all these toys and gadgets.  Everything a spy would love. The space was vast and had tables and shelves set up. Q walked up to Gulf.

“How are you today recruit 64?” Q asked.

“Oh, I am doing well today. It’s test day with 008.” Gulf answered rolling his eyes.  He had briefed Q on how he met Mew and their interactions to date.  Q in turn had filled Gulf in with what little he knew. In general, he had no patience for Mew as he felt he did not pay attention to him as he should. Gulf learned from Q about computer security and how to infiltrate networks. Gulf had a taken computer science classes in university and loved technology.  Mew walked into the room and gave Q a nod.

“Good afternoon Q, anything new and exciting?” he asked with sarcastic drawl.

“Nothing you would understand, 008.  At least not without days of education.”

“I highly doubt that… what are you working on for us?”  Q led them over to a table where a pair of dress pants lay.  “See these…. These are text pants.  You can tap on them with your finger in morse code and they will send a text message to other agents.” 

Looking at Mew Gulf had to speak up… “You do know what texting is, right?” he could resist the jab. “Wait, did they even have computers when you were growing up? How did you tell what the weather was going to be in the olden days before phones and apps?  It must have been hell.”

Mew chuckled and shook his head. “We sent sarcastic boys outside to give a report. If they got struck by lightning, we knew to stay inside.  I’m well versed in the digital age, Gulf.

“Hmmm... now you are, most likely thanks to Q.  But didn’t you grow up in the stone ages?  Did you go to school with Fred Flintstone? Did you have one of those foot operated cars? Oh wait... I don’t even know your age... because it is ….”

Classified” they both said at the same time.  Mew had a twinkle in his eye looking at Gulf.

“Oh, burn. Nicely played.” Gulf laughed. They spent some time reviewing pertinent tech that could be used for their mission.  Mew had to acknowledge that Gulf was very competent in this area. Once again, this boy exceeded his expectations. He wandered the room as Gulf was focused on something.  Q approached him.

“008, I know we haven’t exactly been close… He’s a great kid…...Well, don’t forget if there is anything you need…” Q stumbled over his words as he watched Mew looking at Gulf across the room. He saw the desire in his eyes.

Thank you, Q, but this time I do have the gadget and I do know how to use it.” Mew replied back.


Ready for your next test? I want to analyze your ability to withstand an interrogation by someone. You will be cornered and asked questions. How you answer them could determine the success or failure of the mission. A wrong answer could get you killed.” Mew said as he led Gulf into an interrogation room.

The room was dimly lit, had a two-way mirror on one wall with a table in the center. Mew gestured for Gulf to have a seat. He settled himself across from Gulf and looked at him.  Really looked at him. He tried to analyze what the marks for the mission would see in Gulf.  Gulf sat across from him looking back.  He had an inborne confidence that made him appear relaxed.  His eyes were so dark and intense as he stared back. 

“So, what would the questions be like? I just need to chat the gents up and flirt?"

“It’s not that simple, the key to being a good undercover agent is to know your cover so well that you can think and act without forcing it. A moment’s pause could give you away. The role you are assuming is of a young man with expensive tastes. You like older men who can give you the luxury you want. You also like older men because they know their way around the bedroom. You want someone to take care of you in and out of bed. In developing your profile, we have pulled some of your prior life into it. For example, the fact you are a model, that you are well traveled, educated, and had a challenging childhood.  You need to memorize your dossier. To trip you up these people will ask questions or make comments. They will start off simple.  Asking what you do, how old you are, how did you find yourself there.  Those I think you will be able to handle.  What concerns me is your innate confidence.  The ‘toys’ you will meet all have submissive tendencies as the men they are presented to tend to be dominant.  Can you pull of the submissive role?”

“I can… I am a good at morphing into what others want.  It has helped me in my career.” Gulf replied. With that comment his entire demeanor changed. He seemed to shrink into himself a bit. His facial expression changed to one of meekness. “You had questions for me, sir?” he asked in a soft voice while looking down. He sat with his hands folded in his lap. He quietly got up walking around the table. After a moment’s pause, he dropped fluidly to his knees and waited, his gaze lowered, eyelashes hiding his eyes. Mew was speechless.  His body reacted to this version of Gulf.  As he looked down at Gulf his mind flashed on a thousand possibilities. Gulf was waiting for some reaction from Mew.  He started to feel stupid and a bit humiliated. His face got hot, and he shifted.

“What is it? You were doing so well, but now you are blushing and fidgeting.” Mew asked moving closer.

I feel self-conscious, did I do this wrong?” Gulf shook as he replied.  He knew he did not want to disappoint the man in front of him.

“Don’t be,” Mew replied. “Look at me, Gulf” as he tipped the boys head up to look at him.

“I am sorry—I am not good at it. I probably looked stupid.”

You don’t. Trust me, you have no reason to feel self-conscious. You do this and you are exactly what they want.”

“Coming from a straight guy like yourself it doesn’t matter.” Gulf mumbled.

“Gulf” Mew said in a commanding voice that was impossible to ignore. “What makes you think that?  I may or may not be straight, gay, bi, asexual.  Don’t define me as you don’t know.”

And you really didn’t think I looked silly?”

No, you looked good. Now let’s try again.”

Gulf inhaled and relaxed his body. He visualized himself as being desired by the man in front of him. He liked the feel of Mew’s eyes on his body.  He wanted to be wanted.  He wanted to be taken care of.

 “Good boy,” Mew said in a quiet voice as he laid his hand on Gulf’s nape.

Gulf didn’t tense up. He looked up through his eyelashes at the other man, biting his bottom lip and leaning into the touch.  Mew’s eyes darkened. “I think you are ready.”

Chapter Text

Any other time Gulf would have been excited to be going to Lake Como.  Especially with a man as handsome as Mew.  But this wasn’t playtime.  This was the mission and he was here to work.  For the past few weeks, they had worked on physical closeness.  It had been uncomfortable at first.  Mew was so stoic and intimidating even when he was supposed to be relaxed.  Their first exercise had been to sit across from each other and look into each other’s eyes.  Gulf was the first to stop.  He just couldn’t hide his thoughts all that well when it came to Mew.  Physical proximity led to physical touches which led to more intimacy such as kissing in front of others.  Gulf mastered the art of thinking of Margaret Thatcher during a kiss with Mew.  It was the only thing that kept his hard-on from standing at full attention.  He knew he did not affect Mew at all.  He never even felt him slightly inflate.  It was sad to think about and hit his ego hard.  But he followed on his commitment to see the mission through.

Now he was on his own. He had been referred to the Priory group by a photographer who actually was a covert operator for the service. His cover story was that he was bored with his life, had significant debt from living above his means, and was looking for a way to make money.  Because he was a minor celebrity the group had vetted him.  He had to convince them that he could help them achieve their goals by offering the highest level of service.  To bait the organization, he had said already had a relationship with a billionaire.  He gave the story that he was willing to sell his relationship and bring him in for the right price.  Mew was the target the group really wanted.  His cover was already well known from prior operations as an arms dealer. Everything was set in place.

Gulf looked out the window of the plane as it circled the beautiful views of Italy.  He could definitely see the appeal for the rich and famous to vacation and live here.  He wished he could be here for pleasure and not work.  The service had given him carte blanch to build a wardrobe to pull this off.  It wasn’t hard as he had many signature pieces from his prior life and designers gladly sold him their latest fashion.  He pondered the past few months while he was in training.  Mew had been intense, molding him to be a covert agent.  They had spent every day together.  Long, hard hours together.  The hardest part for Gulf was acting as though it meant nothing to him on an emotional level.  Developing the appearance of intimacy without ever having been intimate was beyond his ability. Yet he felt true emotions bleed through.  He admired Mew.  And it didn’t help that he was sexy as fuck.  Plus, he was so unreachable it brought out the competitive side of Gulf as he wanted to break those walls down. 

When the plane landed at Milan’s Malpensa Airport, he was met by a private driver whom he assumed was part chauffer and part bodyguard. The drive took him through dramatic winding roads, past towering cypress trees, along the waterfront shrouded in a light misty fog.   They arrived at The Villa Fontanelle.  Gulf had been briefed on the history of this estate.  It was built in the first half of the nineteenth century by Lord Charles Currie, an Englishman who fell in love with Lake Como.  He built it right on the edge of the water. Its most famous owner was the Italian designer Gianni Versace who restored the villa to its neoclassical glory. Gulf had modeled for the house of Versace and knew the depth of his artistry. He read that it had three acres of gardens, three cottages, and a private dock. He was looking forward to being in a place where art was everywhere.  The current owner was a Russian oligarch Serge Novikov and thought to be the leader of the Priory.  He had renamed it The Monastery.

Gulf was escorted into the villa and met by an older woman.

“Ciao, Welcome to the Monastery. I am Madam Regina. I will take you to your room and give you instructions once we are there.”

As they walked down the hallways, Gulf couldn’t help but look around.  The art on the walls was incredible and he hoped he had the opportunity to explore the place.  He saw some other young people milling around in what appeared to be a dining room. 

“Here is your room, I hope you find it satisfactory,” she spoke.  Gulf looked around the room.  It had a twin bed, a dresser, and a small table.  There was a window overlooking the gardens. He noted that the room was about 4 stories off the ground.  Not easily accessible.  One of the things he learned in his training was to always have an escape plan. This room would be a challenge to get out of as it only had one door. She led him further down the hall and showed him a communal bathroom.  It occurred to Gulf that this area had been the servant’s quarters at some point.

“Breakfast is at 10 am, dinner is at 2 pm and supper is at 8 pm.  Most gatherings are in the evening. During the day you can use the sports facilities, library, and common rooms in this wing only. You have to earn the privilege to go elsewhere. Any questions?”

Not at this time,” Gulf replied in Italian.  Madam Regina looked at him in surprise. 

You speak Italian?” she asked.

“Un po’” he replied. “I modeled in Milan during Italian Fashion Week a few years.  I picked up enough to be polite, ask for the restroom and ask for direction.  And maybe some dirty phrases from the men who tried to pick me up,” Gulf replied with a wink and a laugh.  She smiled for the first time.

“Oh, you will be a favorite. Sei Bello!”

“Grazie” Gulf replied.  He entered his room.  His bags had been placed there. He wanted to rest a bit before the evening events started but decided to see if he could meet any of the other young men. Entering the room, he had seen earlier he eyed the other guys. There were about a dozen of them. And they were startingly handsome and confident.  Gulf suddenly felt like a fraud.  He wasn’t nearly as good-looking as these men.  He was sure any minute they would guess he didn’t belong here.  He suddenly heard a voice behind him.


Gulf turned around with a smile. A guy around his age was smiling at him. He was very beautiful, with big blue eyes, soft lips, perfect skin.

“You’re new to this aren’t you?” he asked.  Gulf nodded.

“I’m Gulf,” he extended his hand. The guy shook it “I’m Pan. Pleased to meet you! Don’t be nervous, sweetheart. You’ll be fine. You are gorgeous and so tall.  They will eat you up. My best friend came here last year. He was paired with a man who treated him so well when he was here.  But he passed on continuing anything with my friend after. I hope I meet someone who will take care of me long after the two weeks we will be here. What about you?”

“I like the idea of being someones. I want to be spoiled, doted on, and praised. I have expensive taste.”

“How about sex? Are you into anything in particular?”

“I love sex. And I like it rough. Maybe someone dominant.  But someone who will take care of me after. Age isn’t an issue for me but not too old.” Gulf replied.  He had no idea what he liked as he had limited experience other than a quick hookup.  The wham, bam, thank you man type. 

“I’m sure you will find someone.  You have amazing eyelashes! I wish mine were…”

“Attention please!”  Madam Regina appeared in the doorway.  “Please get ready for this evening’s meet and greet.  No phones are allowed, and we will be collecting them.  Remember this is your time to shine. First impressions are so important.  We will convene back here in one hour.”

“Well, good luck,” Pan said as they left the room. 

Gulf returned to his room.  He decided to wear a deep-cut blood red top, grey dress pants, and loafers.  He spent extra time on his hair.  He dabbed a tiny bit of gloss on his lips.  He then proceeded to the main living room as instructed.

The whole experience was surreal. A dozen or so rich men in bespoke suits and women in designer dresses mingled with the other young men. They made idle conversation and scrutinized the boys. Gulf had seen this plenty of times in his career.  It was a meat market.  Who would get sold to the highest bidder!  He hated this scene.  He was always uncomfortable with being objectified.  It bothered him that these people felt so entitled.  He looked around the room.  He didn’t see Mew yet.  His palms sweat with anxiety.  He hadn’t been in contact with him in four days once Mew landed in Milan.  Insecurity set in. What if he wasn’t here?  What if they found out he was an agent?  Was he in danger because it was known he had been with Mew in the past?

“Lift your head, boy.” A booming voice spoke in his ear.  Gulf looked at the speaker and saw an old man looking him up and down.  “How old are you? What is your name?”

Gulf knew it was time to assume his role.  “I am Gulf, sir.  I am 23 years old.”  He lowered his eyes after he spoke. He hoped he pulled off the submissive vibe. The man brushed his arm.

“You are such a pretty boy,” the man said cupping his cheek and brushing his thumb over Gulf’s bottom lip. “Maybe I can take care of you, no.” 

Gulf thought he would vomit.  He struggled to appear submissive when he wanted to snark at this guy and tell him what he really thought. Dirty old pervert.  Fuck, he wasn’t ready for this.  This had a whole different feeling from his modeling experiences.  He couldn’t imagine having to have this man touch him, fuck him, or own him.  He bit his lower lip tasting blood.  How was he going to get out of this?  Now he understood what Mew meant about doing things you never ever wanted to do when you were an agent. 

Before he could come up with a reply he heard a familiar voice, “He really is pretty.  But he is mine.  I don’t share my toys, Sir Michael.  You know that…” Mew all but growled.  Gulf turned and looked at him. His whole appearance and demeanor had changed.  He had styled his hair differently, allowed himself to have a five o’clock shadow that made him look older. His posture was relaxed, almost lazy. His designer suit accentuated his incredible body.  He was the perfect hedonistic billionaire.

“Shadow... I didn’t expect you to be here.  Or should I call you Jax Stone?” Sir Michael said.

“I would appreciate it if you didn’t share my real name.  I don’t want to talk about my trade.  I am here because I needed to chase my plaything here. He decided he could find someone else to take care of him.  But I am possessive of my toys, and I won’t let that happen.” Mew replied.

“Looks like you are lucky then.  He seems interested but maybe he will be enticed away, no.  Only time will tell.” He said as he walked away.

Mew turned to Gulf and looked him in the eyes. He put his hand on his neck, moving his thumb across his throat until it reached Gulf’s bottom lip.  Gulf couldn’t suppress his shudder.

“Very pretty,” Mew said, his deep voice getting huskier.  Gulf couldn’t help the blush that bloomed on his cheeks.  “Gulf, look at me.  I will take care of you.  We just need to play our part.” Gulf got lost in his eyes.  Mew kept looking between his lips and eyes.  He finally groaned and bent forward.  His lips softly touching Gulf.  Imprinting himself there to remove the touch of the old man.  It only last twenty seconds but it was a memory that neither would forget.  Their first kiss. 


Mew stood on the edge of the room watching Gulf work the room.  Gulf really was talented at this.  He had a way of charming the people he spoke with. Mew never saw such a bunch of cynical elites respond so positively to one person.  Gulf understood the art of conversation, especially of the wealthy man. He kept the topics centered on the person he was speaking with, asking questions, and letting them talk about themselves.  And boy did they like to talk about themselves.  When he was touched, or they got too close he was able to deflect it without offending the other person.    Gulf’s smile and laugh were things of beauty.  You wanted to be on the receiving end of both. He drew you in and made you want more. Mew noted looks of jealousy by the other young men. That would be something he needed to keep an eye on as they did not need more drama during the mission. 

A few hours into the cocktail party, Mew sensed Gulf was reaching his limit.  As was he.  Only so much any normal human could handle being around overinflated pompous men.  He approached Gulf putting his hand on his lower back.

Excuse me, gentleman, I need to speak with Gulf,” Mew said in an authoritative tone allowing no push back from the men surrounding him. “Gulf, come with me.”  They left the room and walked to a small music room.  Mew had checked the room out earlier and it did not have any bugs or cameras.  Even without surveillance, they needed to be careful.  Gulf sat down on the sofa, looking exhausted.

“Thank you, I was losing it.  I am so tired.” He said.

“No problem, how was your night?”

“You saw it. Lots of schmoozing going on.  Letting them think they had a chance with me. Gathering preliminary information.”

“I am going to speak with Madam Regina and express my desire to have you service me first thing tomorrow morning.  At that point, she will move you to my room.  After that, we will have time to build our relationship and gather the intel that we need.  We only have two weeks to do so. Do you have any issues with this?”

“No, I understand.”

“Ok well let’s call it a night.  But first I need to make it seem like we were getting reacquainted…so come here.” Mew said.  Gulf got up and walked to stand in front of him.  Mew pulled him closer. He looked into his eyes.  “You really do have gorgeous eyes,” his hand cradled his face, his thumb circling until it reached his lower lip where he gently caressed it.  Gulf used his tongue to touch Mew’s thumb.  Mew’s eyes darkened. He leaned forward. This kiss was deeper and far more intense than their first kiss.  Mew encouraged Gulf to open his mouth and take his tongue. Gulf opened his lips willingly, wanting to taste Mew in return.  It quickly became a battle for dominance with Mew winning.  He sucked on Gulf’s lower lip, nibbling a bit.  Gulf groaned, he wanted more so he pressed closer.  Mew pulled back to look at his artwork.  “You look ravished. Let’s go. We need to make one more pass of the room and we can call it a night.”  His face was devoid of any emotion as he spoke.  Gulf was still trying to process.  He knew he had to get better at not reacting.


The next morning the sun was shining.  It was warm and breezy. The Villa had a wide terrace around the pool, big sun loungers with bright cushions, and a veranda covered with bougainvillea that shaded a huge table and chairs for outside eating and looking over the lake.  Gulf had been up exploring the areas he had been allowed in.  That included a few of the ornamental gardens. He enjoyed the beauty around him.  As he approached the terrace, he heard voices and saw a group of men sitting at the table. They appeared to be drinking coffee and relaxing.  Mew was among the group.  He sat listening to the men talk but his mind kept drifting back to the kiss he shared with Gulf last night.  He had been unable to sleep well as his thoughts kept drift toward the x rated zone. He had a vivid imagination and imagine he did.  Mew’s thoughts were interrupted by a husky-voiced ‘good morning’ from behind him. Putting his cup down, he turned and was stunned by the sight of him. Gulf stood wearing only a pair of green and white shorts and carrying a black t-shirt, his long body on display.  He had a runner’s physique, lean and tightly muscled with long legs and elegant feet.  Mew felt his mouth go dry and he realized he was staring at his body. “Do you run?” he asked inanely.

“Yes, I do. In fact, I was coming to take a dip in the pool if I was allowed. Hence my bathing suit.  The gym was hot, and I ran ten miles on the treadmill. Do you think I can swim?” Gulf asked.  All the men at the table had stopped their conversations when Gulf walked up. They leered at his body and didn’t hide any of the lust they felt for him.  A dark voice with a heavy Russian accent answered Gulf’s question, “Yes, you may use the pool,” as he gestured toward the sparkling water.

Gulf felt like he was under a microscope.  He knew all eyes would be on him.  He had to swallow his discomfort and assume his role.  In a quiet voice, he answered the man, “Thank you sir” with his eyes downcast.  Mew quickly assessed the table.  Each of the men had responded to the submissive tone of Gulf’s voice.  He was now fully on their radar.  Gulf turned and went to a lounge chair near the deep end of the pool.  He put his shirt down and turned to stretch.  He started to untie his shorts and wiggle them down his hips.  He had on small black swim trunks that showed off his assets. Mew was dazzled by his long legs, slender toned body, and those full lips. Gulf approached the pool and dove in. He swam three-quarters of the way under the water. He did not want to see the lust in the men’s eyes.  It would make him sick.  He surfaced and looked at the sky for a bit while floating on his back.  The water felt so good against his skin.  He thought how peaceful it was to be in this moment.  His mind drifted to his kisses with Mew.  He had never felt like he did when Mew had kissed him.  He allowed himself to daydream a bit.  After a few minutes, he decided to swim laps to distract him from things that couldn’t be.  Once he was done, he pulled his long body out of the water.  He shook his hair to get rid of excess water.  He proceeded to lay on the chaise and dry in the sun.

Mew was gobsmacked.  He watched the entire performance. Gulf’s body glistening in the sun would forever be burned into his retinas. Yes, he had to keep reminding himself that Gulf had just performed as he was supposed to for this mission.  He also reminded himself that he needed to keep his thoughts away from what he wanted to do the boy.  Only 12 years separated them, but it felt like a lifetime.  He had seen and experienced too much. He wasn’t sure he could ever have real relationships.  But Gulf was stirring feelings in him he didn’t know he was capable of, more than pure lust. He got up out of his chair and walked toward Gulf. It was like there was an invisible cord pulling him toward this young man.

Gulf, good morning”

Good morning,” Gulf replied looking up at Mew through his lashes.  Mew was in shadow as the sun surrounded him like a halo.

Did you expect to see me?” Mew asked slipping into his role. 

“Not really, I hadn’t thought about you at all,”

“Is it true you tried to use a fake name initially?”

“Yes, but then I was quickly found out.  You don’t have a modeling profile like I do and not be recognized by someone.”

“Why did you come here?” Mew asked, he knew that they were probably being watched and recorded.

“Money, I have expensive tastes and what better way to get money than to hook up with a man. You didn’t want to play with me. So I moved on,” he explained. “You hid me like a dirty secret. We never went out, never got photographed together. You didn’t want to travel with me.”  This was part of the cover to explain why the tabloids hadn’t photographed them together.

“I am here now, I followed you.  Let me show you my interest while I do a little business here. But we have to be exclusive. I can take care of you.  But no touching others Gulf. Can you do that?  Did any of the men last night tempt you?”  Internally Gulf rolled his eyes.  Not in the least he thought. The only one who attracted him was the one least available to him. He was standing right next to him. 

Well since you made such a wonderful offer…” Gulf pretended to contemplate it.  This was all part of the setup. This would enable them to act like a couple. 

“I informed Madam Regina this morning.  Your belongings are now in my room.  I will see you later.” Mew spoke.


Madam Regina met Gulf when he entered the villa.  She showed him to Mew’s room which was located in another wing.  She asked if he needed anything to which he replied that he did not.  Gulf entered the room and looked around. It was a beautiful room. The palette was soft blue and white. The bed was huge, one where you could lose yourself for days.  There was a balcony overlooking the lake with chairs to relax in.  He wondered where the bugs and cameras were... he had been warned about the surveillance and knew to stay in his role at all times.  He decided to unpack his bag and organize his clothes.  It would keep him busy and decrease his anxiety.  An hour or so later Mew entered the room.

“Is this to your liking?” he asked.  Gulf nodded.  “Come here,” Mew said in an authoritative voice.

What would you like me to do, sir?” he said softly.

Mew winced. “Don’t call me sir. Jax or Jackson is fine. You know that.” Gulf rolled his eyes and pouted.  He was trying to act the part more and Mew shot him down.

Mew began unbuttoning his white shirt in a manner that was distracting Gulf. He tried not to stare but then realized he probably was supposed to stare.  Mew let his shirt fall open, revealing his muscular chest and absolutely mouthwatering abs with a happy trail that disappeared in his waistband. Gulf blinked and tore his gaze away.  Mew raised his eyebrow at him.  Sneak boy- Mew thought.  Blatantly checking him out.  Mew chuckled inside.  He never told Gulf his sexual preference and led him to believe he was straight.  He was as straight as a crooked arrow.  And Gulf was a mouthwatering man who was just his type.  Gulf blushed, realizing he had been caught staring.  His defenses rose. “What? I can’t stare at the man in front of me?”

“Good to know you don’t find me repulsive.  You should take a shower and get the chlorine off. You stink!”

Gulf sputtered. “I do not stink. What are you talking about?”

“You stink of the men who stared at you this morning as you tempted each one of us.” Mew sneered.

“Will you join me?”

“Maybe if you are good.”

Gulf went into the shower.  It was huge with multiple shower heads that hit in all the right spots.  The water was warm and luscious on his body.  He felt a firm muscular body press against his back.  Mew nuzzled against his ear.  “Two bugs in the room and a camera in the picture at the end of the bed. This will be the only place in this room where we can talk because of the water sounds. Also, assume there is a camera in here as well.”

“If there are camera’s in the bedroom we will have to sleep together right?” Gulf said with some trepidation.  He wanted Mew but not like this.

“Yes, and this is why I didn’t think you would be good for this job. You don’t have the experience to fake it.”

“Stop treating me like I am a child.  I was on my own at a young age.  I can handle it.  But can you? “

“Gulf, it’s not a game. Do you know what you will have to do?”

“I do” he replied as Mew’s hands drifted down his body. 

“I’m not going to fuck you, but I will have to do something, understand?”  Gulf nodded.  “Now let’s get ready.”

Gulf left the bathroom trying to not think about Mew’s gorgeous body.  Straight, unavailable, older, and way out of his league.  Gulf decided that would be his constant reminder mantra during this mission.

Chapter Text

What should we do this afternoon?” Gulf asked as the day stretched ahead of them.  “Would you like to tea, a blow job, or a fuck?  I have to say I have an oral fixation if you remember?”

“As much as you tempt me, I would like to save it for later. Would you like to go for a drive with me? We could take the scenic drive, stop and have lunch if you would like.”

“Oh, that sounds really domestic.  Or is it your age showing?  Sounds like a plan for the retirement set. But I guess I will go.” Gulf replied.  Mew rolled his eyes internally.  He hated how Gulf would reference his age for no reason.

“I will have them pull the car around.  Meet me downstairs in a few.”

Mew stood next to the convertible Jaguar under the porte-cochere waiting for Gulf.  Gulf appeared looking mouthwatering.  He had on jeans and a t-shirt. Normal clothes but on him, they were incredibly hot. The jeans hugged his long legs and ass, the t-shirt was tight enough to show off his lean torso. He had on sunglasses and his hair was loose and wavy.  He looked good enough to eat.  Gulf was grateful he had on his sunglasses. Mew stood next to the car looking way better than a man should in jeans and a polo shirt.  Gulf licked his lips to make sure drool wasn’t coming out of his mouth.  Mew opened the passenger door for him, gesturing for him to get in.

Once in the car, Gulf turned to Mew as they headed out.  He raised his eyebrow and gestured around the car.

“The car is not bugged.  It is my own and I made sure prior to this ride that they hadn’t added any surprises. Feel free to talk away”

Oh thank God, It is so hard to keep the act up.  I wouldn’t like me if I actually was so spoiled and petulant.”  Gulf laughed.  “Where are we going?  Oh look—over there... the lake it is beautiful.” Gulf kept chatting away. Mew felt relaxed as he listened to his voice.  They drove down narrow curvy roads, with tall Cyprus trees. 

I call dibs on the music,” Gulf said as he searched satellite radio for a good station.  He found one he liked. 

“What in the world is this?” Mew asked.

It is oldies but goodies!  I love sixties rock- like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones.  Mick Jagger is hot.”

Well if you like a shriveled raisin with sticks for legs,” Mew replied.

“Pffff… you are just jealous.  He bet he’s not dependent on Viagra.  I haven’t read where he is eunuch either.” Gulf couldn’t resist the dig.

“I will have you know I have never needed Viagra and I have a robust sex drive,” Mew replied.

Yea. I haven’t seen it so I wouldn’t be able to comment on your… ummmm... drive or performance.”

You wouldn’t be able to handle me at your tender young age.” Mew quipped back.

“Oh, is that code for you not being able to handle me?  And I know you wouldn’t be able to.  I love sex.  Just so you know I have no inhibitions in bed.  But don’t expect you to find that out.  Maybe one of the other men will…”

“Enough…” Mew knew he was trying to get him riled up.  He was getting under his skin.  No one was going to touch Gulf.  Gulf just didn’t know that.

As they drove with the warm sun on them and the breeze blowing, Gulf tried to not be a creeper, but his eyes were drawn to Mew’s hands- the strength of those tanned hands as they gripped the steering wheel and the veins that showed in his arm as he grips the gear shift and changed gears.  He couldn’t help but wonder what those long fingers would look like touching him or curled around his dick.  Gulf shifted in his seat.  Mew caught his movement and gives him a mischievous smile.  “Scared?” he asked in his deep rich voice. Gulf cleared his throat and puts his feet on the dashboard to conceal his hard-on and distract Mew.

What…no I am just thinking” Gulf replied.

They stopped in a small village to sightsee at Gulf’s request.  Mew enjoyed watching Gulf as he explored small shops and bartered with the vendors on the street for the best deals.  He had an inquisitive nature and asked a million questions.  Mew couldn’t remember a time when he had such fun.  As they walked Gulf’s arm brushed Mews.  He stiffened when he felt an electric shock run down his arm. Mew’s headshot around, and he stared at him, his expression hidden by his sunglasses with only the twist of his lips indicating he felt it too.  They stared at each other for a moment that stretched too long. Gulf noticed Mew’s chest rise and fall sharply. A loud noise jerked them back to reality.

“Should we get lunch?”

“How about over there?” Gulf pointed to a small café with outdoor seating.  “We could people watch from those tables.”

They talked about everything and nothing.

Now that I know what music you like, what about books?” Gulf asked Mew, “I bet you like spy novels.”

I do actually.  And crime novels. I’ve always thought it would be incredibly easy to murder someone and get away with it, so I like books where they find out who did it.”

Gulf blinked. “Said no man who ever who hoped to get laid.”

“I am not going to murder you Gulf. You are too special to get rid of plus you have a nice ass.”

“Well, I do bring happiness wherever I go.  And I knew my ass would save me someday.” Gulf bit his lip, laughter in his dark eyes.

The only way I would kill you is from an overdose of pleasure.”  Gulf rolled his eyes.

Promises, Promises.  Remember pride goes before the fall Mew.”  They laughed together. Mew brought the focus back to the mission.

“We need to map out our next steps.  Plan our strategy of how to get the information we need.  I think at tonight’s dinner I need you to charm Sir Michael.  Let him think he has your attention.  He has loose lips and will open up if he thinks he will get something in return.  If he has chosen a young man, befriend him.  Insinuate you would be interested in a threesome or something.  I trust you to figure out how to approach this.”

“Well, if he picked Pan, I would have no trouble imagining a threesome for sure.  In all honesty, my oral obsession is a truth. Nothing I love is better than giving head.  Well aside from sex…” Gulf’s eyes get hazy as he imagines sucking Mew off.   Mew reads it as Gulf wanting this Pan guy.  Not going to happen he thinks.  He alone will satisfy Gulf.   He stops mid-thought.  Where did that come from? This is only a job he reminds himself.

With an expressionless face, Mew replied “Why you are otherwise occupied I will look in Serge’s office.  I cased it out last night.  He typically doesn’t have security guards stationed but I know he has high-tech security equipment in there.”  He continues to discuss his objects.  Gulf just stares at him.  He starts to daydream about ways to distract Mew. They finish their lunch and headed to the car.


On the way back to the villa Gulf asked Mew to stop at a scenic overlook he had seen on the way to the village.

Isn’t it beautiful?” Gulf asked as the sun was setting.  Mew looked over at Gulf.

“It sure is,” not taking his eyes off of him.  Mew started to lecture himself again to fight his attraction to Gulf.  The day had been wonderful.  He truly enjoyed Gulf’s company. The non-stop banter was fun.

 “We need to get back for dinner,” Mew said. He got up and stretched out his hand to help Gulf up. Gulf reached up and let Mew pull him to his feet. However, as he stood, he caught his foot on a root and wavered at the edge. He closed his eyes involuntarily and before he could shout anything Mew jerked him back preventing him from falling down the incline.  For a second Gulf rested against him, getting his breath back and feeling the warmth of him. 

“Bloody Hell,” Mew muttered. The vibration of his voice travels through Gulf’s body. He nodded unable to speak or move away from where he rested against Mew, his arms around him in an almost embrace.  They stayed that way for a few seconds before Mew eased back.

 “Are you ok?” He asked. “That was a close call, it would have been a long painful fall.” Gulf felt his face flush and he pushed away from Mew.  He felt cold without his warmth encircling him.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me,” he quietly replied.

“Okay,” Mew replied staring at him for a long minute.


The drive back was quiet as each of them was deep in thought. Mew was trying to understand his reaction to Gulf and Gulf trying to talk himself out of his thoughts of Mew.  They pulled up to the villa getting out of the car.  Their eyes met as they approached, a silent acknowledgment that they were slipping back into their roles.

“I will see you in a bit,” Mew said. “I need to speak with Serge.”  Gulf nodded heading toward the wing their room was on. As he walked thinking he heard a voice

“Gulf, did you have a nice day?”  Gulf looked around; it was Sir Michael.

“It was ok… a bit boring, there are better things to do than sightsee.  I prefer more, um, tactile endeavors. Plus the village had none of the shops I prefer,” Gulf replied, pouting.

“I am sure we can arrange for something that you may like later.” Sir Michael replied, licking his lips and looking at Gulf suggestively.

“I am sure you can, if you can excuse me I need to freshen up,” Gulf said walking away.  In the room, he decided to take a bath.  Soaking in a bath was a luxury he enjoyed.  Especially with bubbles but he would never admit it to anyone.  He filled the tub adding his favorite smelling bubbles that he brought with him. The room was soon infused with the calming scent of sandalwood and vanilla.  He folded his body into the tub, closing his eyes.   He knew tonight would be a challenge and he wanted to mentally prepare for it.  He drifted off as he relaxed.  He heard the door open and a swift intake of breath.  Mew stood there gazing at the sight before him.  His mouth hung open.  He could honestly say he never expected to see Gulf in a bubble bath.  The bubbles had faded into the water, for the most part, leaving most of Gulf’s body exposed. Mew took his time looking at him.  Gulf meanwhile knew Mew was there and preened a bit. Let him look at what he is missing he thought. 

“Like what you see?  I feel like I say that to you a lot.” Gulf said.

“Not bad, but the strategically placed bubbles are blocking my view.”

You dirty man,” Gulf laughed. “Get out of here so I can get out. No use seeing the goods before I am ready.”

“No, I am going to use the shower so just wait until I am in there,” Mew said as he slowly began stripping his clothes off.  It was Gulf’s turn to drool.  What a sight to behold, Mew body.  It was masculine with well-defined muscles, his chest was hairless with flat nipples. Gulf’s gaze traveled down looking at the happy trail leading to an impressive cock.  A cock that was only semi-hard.  Like the kind of hard a guy gets seeing a somewhat appealing stimulus.  Not the reaction Gulf would have liked considering he was naked in the bathtub.   He closed his eye to the reminder that Mew just wasn’t interested in him sexually. Gulf let out a big sigh. Once he heard the shower door close, he got out of the tub.  He stood at the mirror with a towel low on his hips and examined his face.  He didn’t look any different. He spent time drying his hair as Mew got out. He peeked at him through the mirror, quickly diverting his eyes when Mew looked up.  He finished up and left to get dressed.

In the wardrobe was a Versace suit that he thought would fit the occasion. It was slim cut so he knew it would accentuate all of his positive assets.  He quickly got dressed and left the room before Mew came out.  He headed to the common room in the other wing where the other young men were.  He was hoping to see Pan to have a chat.

“Hello,” he said to the room when he walked in.  About 10 of the young men were lounging around.  They looked up when he walked up. Some had naked jealousy on their face when they took in his suit and how he looked.  Others had complete disinterested.  He saw Pan sitting near the balcony, so he headed over.

“Pan, Hello, how are you doing?”

“Oh peachy, heard you got swooped up by someone. The man of mystery they are chattering about over there.  Heard you knew him before.”

“I did, he followed me here.  Guess he missed my mouth,” Gulf replied with a smirk on his face.

“Hmmm, I bet.  You have lips that would look so good wrapped around….. well you know.  Will you stay with him? Or will you play with others?”

“If you mean yourself, I could definitely be persuaded to join you.  Did anyone show any interest in you yet?”

‘I have a few. Tonight, I will be doing a test run with Sir Michael.  He is old as my father, but I heard he was delightfully perverted.  Just my type too since he's rich as well.” Pan replied.  Gulf couldn’t believe their plans were falling into place. 

“Well, if you want me to join, I can sneak away, Jax doesn’t pay attention to me when he is deep in political conversations.  And this place seems to be a hotbed of deep conversations.” Gulf replied.

“Ok, I will definitely pull you in... worst case is we are together, just the two of us.  You are so hot.” He said winking at him.

Gentleman, the evening activities have begun,” the servant told them. The men streamed out of the room heading toward the area they were told to go. As they approached the double doors, they could hear the deep bass of techno music. Gulf looked at Pan and shrugged.  “Guess this is not a formal dinner... Let’s go have fun!” Gulf entered the room acting as though he didn’t have a care in the world, holding onto Pan’s arm, laughing at what he was saying. The room was set up like a nightclub this time.  It had a stage, multiple bars, and a dancing area as well. There was a DJ booth.  It was not the dinner that they had anticipated.  Private alcoves were set up with curtains, sofas were strategically placed to maximize conversations.  As they walked around the room, Gulf could hear couples having sex behind the curtains.  He saw Mew sitting on a plush sofa with one of the other boys on his lap. He was whispering in the guy’s ear while holding his waist.  Gulf made sure he was seen but walked right by.  He wanted to grab the guy off of Mew.  Gulf went to the bar with Pan. They decided on a cocktail called Blow Job.  It was a liqueur with whipped cream.  

Oh, we just have to get that one,” Gulf said.  Pan nodded in agreement as he ordered one for each of them.  Gulf made sure to position them for maximum viewing by the room.  The shot was placed in front of him, he bent down wrapping his lips around the glass, and tilted his head back drinking it down. Totally simulating swallowing after someone came in his mouth.  He put the glass down and licked his lips.  Pan had just finished his.  Gulf still had whipped cream on his lips. Pan bent over and slowly licked Gulf’s lips to remove the cream.  Gulf put his hand behind his head and pulled him into a kiss.  In the back of his mind, he knew he was doing this in retaliation for Mew’s actions but at the same time, it felt good.  Pan pulled back, lacing his fingers with Gulf’s, and led him to a private alcove.  He turned to Gulf and asked “What the heck was that about?  I know you are not into me.  Were you trying to get a reaction from that guy?”  He totally called Gulf on his act. Gulf blushed and shifted.  

“I want to make him jealous. He never shows any reaction to me, no matter what I do. Yet he followed me here.”

“Well, ok, I will help you,” Pan replied as he sat on the bed, patting the cover for Gulf to sit with him.  Within seconds they were wrapped around each other.  “You are a great kisser Gulf” as they became more engrossed in what they were doing, Gulf felt the breeze of the curtain moving.  He knew someone had entered the space.  He prayed it was Mew.  But he could smell it was Sir Michael.

“Mind if I join?” he heard in that creepy voice. They parted and Pan looked up at Sir Michael. 

“Do you want to touch or just watch us?” Pan asked. 

“I can watch for a bit and touch when I decide.” He replied.  Gulf was calculating how to get out of this before the touch part started.  He shivered not in desire but in repulsion.  He sent a prayer that Mew was aware of what was going on, but he didn’t have hope.  Pan kneeled on the bed pulling his shirt off. He had a slim build, his chest was hairless. He reached down to push the jacked off Gulf’s shoulders and start unbuttoning his shirt.  Pan couldn’t keep his hands off Gulf.  Gulf was getting turned on by all the touching.  He found himself laying back on the covers with Pan devouring his mouth.

Other hands joined Pan’s; they were strong with long fingers. Gulf couldn’t look. He just couldn’t see Sir Michael and keep up this charade. He felt Pan lift off him, shifting on the mattress.  The unknown hands traveled his body, tweaking his nipples causing Gulf to moan.  He licked his lips. He needed to get control of his body, but this felt so good.  Lips joined with his tasting of whiskey; warm tongue fenced with Gulfs. Those big hands held his head still and the kiss deepened.  Gulf shifted his body toward the other person.  Lust was controlling him now.  He felt the person spread out over him, his body weight pressing Gulf down.  It felt amazing. Gulf moved his hips so that he was brushing against the other man. He felt how hard the man was for him.  He let out a guttural groan.  Reaching between them, he squeezed the man’s cock and tried to unbutton his pants.  He heard a whisper in his ear, the voice deep and sensual.

“Gulf, you drive me insane. Let me help you.”  Gulf’s eyes flew open.  The man on top of him was Mew! He quickly scanned the room.  Pan and Sir Michael were no longer in the alcove.

“How……” he managed to squeak out.

“You are mine; I don’t share. I pulled Sir Michael out before he could get comfortable. Pan left with him. I told you before I don’t share.”

Please don’t stop” Gulf looked up at him through his long lashes.

“I will take care of you baby,” Mew said reaching down and undoing Gulf’s pants.  His hand slipping around his cock.  “You are so incredible.” He pumped his hand on Gulf. Gulf arched on the bed.  He wanted release.  He was afraid to speak his desire as Mew might stop.  He felt Mew pull back and he grasped his shoulders. “Don’t go” 

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Mew slid down his body, his hands exploring Gulf’s torso and chest.  He buried his nose next to Gulf’s cock and inhaled. He then turned his head a fraction and licked him. Gulf lost it.  He pulled Mew’s head toward him and pushed himself. Mew took him fully in his mouth. The warmth that engulfed him drove him insane.  Mew worked him like a musician. Playing him like a fine instrument. 

“Oh God, I won’t last….”  Mew worked harder and withing a few pumps Gulf shot down the back of his throat. Mew sat back licking his lips.

You, ok?” he asked as Gulf looked up at him

“Yeah, um, can I help you?”

“No, I am..” Mew stopped mid-sentence as Gulf leaned forward shutting him up with a kiss.  Gulf’s hands worked on his pants, freeing his cock. Gulf leaned forward, licking his cock, teasing his head. Mew leaned back on his hands allowing the pleasure to overtake him. He felt Gulf take him fully into his mouth, his tongue swirling and pulling.  He knew he wouldn’t last long.  He lost himself in the sensations, looking at Gulf’s lips surrounding him.  He got lost in the pleasure and soon found himself coming into Gulf’s mouth.  Now he got to watch Gulf lick his lips in satisfaction.

“Should we go out and get a drink?” Gulf asked.  Mew’s brains were a bit scrambled. 

Chapter Text

Gulf slunk out of the alcove licking his lips, similar to a cat that had just devoured a canary. His movements were languid and sensual. He could feel eyes on him watching to see who he exited with. He felt Mew’s hand on his lower back gently guiding him to the bar area. He looked over his shoulder at Mew. He had his blank face in place. Gulf was not surprised.  Resting bitch face was Mew’s norm here. 

“What would you like to drink?” Mew asked while looking at him. Gulf looked back, feeling a bit mischievous.

Can I order for you?”

“Sure….” Mew replied with some trepidation.

“How about a blowjob?”

Mew knew what he was playing at and responded with a chuckle... “Not if it is whipped cream in a shot glass.  I caught your performance earlier.  It was enticing which I am sure was your intention.  I will have a Macallan 25 double.”  Gulf ordered the drinks.  Figured that Mew would want a shot worth more than his car payment.  They settled on a sofa and randomly chatted. Gulf snuggled up next to Mew as he wrapped his arms around his shoulders.  He let out a contented sigh. Mew bent his head to snuggle and breath in Gulf’s hair.

What was that sigh about?” he whispered.  Gulf couldn’t answer honestly.  He wished this was real.

“Nothing, just tired.” Quietly admitted. “Can we head up soon?”  Mew looked him in the eyes and knew there was more to it than that. But he didn’t want to push it since it wasn’t the time or place.  Plus, he still needed to see if he could get in Serge’s office.  He had to adapt the mission to more electronic data surveillance. These men were too guarded to speak about their plans. They would need to plant a program to hack into their computers to gather the data.  To do that he had to access the main computer and link a program he had on his phone.  A simple transfer thanks to Q and his team. No cords are required.  Just had to be close enough to it.  He did want Gulf to see if there was a sex trafficking or sex slave situation with the young men.  That would be evident if Gulf spent time with them.   Mew stood up and looked down at Gulf.

“Come,” was all he said offering his hand to him. Gulf took his hand and stood.  They walked out holding hands and not speaking until they entered their room.  Gulf stretched, making idle chatter about being exhausted and wanting to sleep.  He even threw in some whining about the thread count of the sheets not being up to his standard since he slept naked.  He really could act like a spoiled brat when he put his mind to it.  Mew pretended he got fed up with the complaints.  Gulf took off his suit, not bothering to hang it up.  It killed him inside to not treat it with more respect, but it is not what his persona would do. He climbed into the bed snuggling under the duvet. He put on his eye mask and turned to his side.  Mew got ready to sleep as well, turning the lights off as he slid into the bed.  He played big spoon to Gulf’s small spoon, using his hands to roam over Gulf.  Gulf nudged his ass against Mew.  Mew felt when Gulf actually fell asleep.  He waited another period of time before slipping out of the bed. He quickly threw on black clothes and gloves.  He left the room by the balcony.  He had memorized the layout as well as how to avoid any surveillance cameras.   He figured he could finish this in about 30 minutes before he risked being caught.  He got to the office quicker than he anticipated. He quickly disabled the door alarms sneaking into the office.  He knew where the laser beams that triggered the alarms were as he shined a special light he carried.  He spotted his target computer tower hidden near the desk.  He crept close to it, turning on the app to get it started.  He just needed 60 seconds to deliver the program.  As he sat there watching the countdown, he listened for any noise that meant someone had been alerted to either an electronic intrusion or his physical presence.  The app signaled it was done and he made his way back out.  Within minutes he was on the balcony outside their room. Mew entered the room and came to stop in the doorway. The filmy curtains blowing in the night breeze off the lake, bathing Gulf in the moonlight.  He was lying naked facing the windows. He looked so beautiful lying there.  Mew knew at that moment he would do anything to keep him in his life. For the first time in his life, he wanted more. He was so impressed by this young man. He had made something of himself despite his childhood.  Mew felt an odd sense of pride in him. Odd, because he didn’t normally delve into his deeper feelings and the motivations of other people, but Gulf made him feel. What he wasn’t completely sure of. He did feel possessive of him. Not to mention how much he physically wanted him.  Mew knew he would eventually need to share his past with Gulf. That could mean he lost him for good.  Thoughts for another day he told himself.  He undressed and climbed back in with Gulf.

The next day found Gulf by the pool chatting with the other young men.  Evidently, the older men had a meeting to attend so everyone had downtime.   If you could call it that.  Some members of the group were naturally jovial men enjoying themselves on a two-week vacation.  Others were like sharks—ready to chew up and spit out any competition.  Gulf was used to that behavior as it was unfortunately common in the modeling industry.  He had developed thick skin but sometimes it got to him.   Case in point, a group of baby sharks gathered around him to talk about fashion and make digs at his career.  Not that any of them could compete but far be it for him to point out their lack of portfolio.  Whatever he thought to himself. One guy, in particular, was rubbing him the wrong way. Antonio had an opinion on everything related to fashion. He was rude and snarky even calling Gulf’s choice of a bathing suit into question.  Then he got personal.  He started to insult Mew as well.

“Well, that man you are with, his style is God awful.  I mean I am sure it is because he is not from money.  And as well all know new money can’t buy style.  Style is something you are born with.  I am sure you could understand Gulf.  Having come from nothing… you know like hangs with like.  For example, I noticed your suit last night… The fit was too tight on you.  You should have had them let it out a bit.  But I guess since you got in on the clearance rack….” Antonio droned on.  Gulf rolled his eyes.

“I’m so glad that you came to speak with me,” Gulf said coldly.  “Yes, I am very happy, because just what I needed today was some twink with a pert derriere and a grossly underused brain to come and give me the benefit of his sadly lacking wisdom.  Are you available for ongoing consultations?  Because my life would be lacking if I didn’t have you around to gift me with your very important views on how tight someone’s trousers should be this year” Gulf spat out.

I’ll have you know I studied at Parsons and interned with McQueen for a summer.”

“So, the sum of your knowledge would fit on a post-it note?”

Gulf had enough and lost his temper. He was tired of this catty boy in front of him.  He saw the pool water glistening behind Antonio. Within five seconds he reacted and gave in to temptation and pushed him. He watched with satisfaction as he flew backward, arms windmilling as he landed in the pool with a gigantic splash.  Antonio surfaced his hair a sopping mess, his mouth gaping like a fish.  Gulf turned to look at the others while yelling in his best drama queen voice, “Oh no, he’s fallen in. Quick help him.”

He picked up a cushion from one of the loungers and threw it at him. “Take the cushion Antonio and hold on to it of the love of God.”  He threw another cushion that smacked him in the face.  Antonio was treading water and if looks could kill... Gulf would be dead ten times over.  Therefore, he couldn’t resist adding “Whatever you do, don’t put your head under and inhale the water.”  Servants streamed out going to help Antonio who was sputtering.

“You did that on purpose!” he accused when he got out of the pool. 

“You think?” Gulf looked at him with a smirk on his face and eyebrow up.  “I thought you just tripped. You were standing so close to the edge.”

“This isn’t the end of this…I warn you.”   

Gulf turned around and the other guy stormed off.  He couldn’t hold in his laughter. He looked at the others and burst out laughing.  That was how Mew found him. 

What trouble are you up to hmm?”

“Trouble? Me?”

Mew knew he was going to get a lecture on how to keep his boy in line. Especially since this altercation involved the boy Sergei liked. It was going to be a long day.

“How about going for a walk with me?”

“Sure, where can we walk to? Am I in trouble now?  He really was a pain. He was getting on my last nerve, and he deserved the shove into the pool…... He was insulting my Versace suit and how it had been tailored and nothing else can piss me off more than somebody insulting my fashion choices”

I believe the lower gardens are a nice place to walk in the afternoon there is some shade down there.”

Lead the way,” Gulf replied. They walked in silence for a while. 

“I don’t like you being on their radar.  It won’t stop once we leave here since you are known because of your career.  You need to be careful and respectful.  They have very archaic views and respect is huge for this group.  Any perceived disrespect or slight can lead to unintended negative consequences.”

“Ok, I am sorry for worrying you.  I will try to behave… well I would behave if I had something to occupy myself with ….. like you for instance.” Gulf did an internal eye roll.  Could he possibly throw himself at him more blatantly? Shiaaaa…

Mew looked at the man at his side. He knew he didn’t understand the danger these men posed. They were a ruthless bunch who stopped at nothing to get what they wanted.  And Gulf was worth wanting… he was beautiful, sassy, smart, and kind.  He was the whole package.  They didn’t even know half of it. All the things he overcame in his life, his perseverance and grit, and how he maintained an innocence despite all of his life experiences.  He was an incredible man. Mew wished his life was different. If it was Gulf would be his partner.

Gulf snuck looks at Mew.  He recognized the complexity of the man walking next to him.  He had so many layers to who he was. Gulf wanted to go layer by layer to find out who he was.  He was locked down more than a bank vault.  He let his mind imagine Mew being a loving partner, father, and best friend.  Yet he knew Mew’s past life would always be a cloud hanging over his head.  The question was how to get past that.  God knew he couldn’t even get past the physical barriers let alone the others. Gulf realized he needed a plan. A strategic well thought plan—similar to Churchill’s during the blitz.

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The theme for the evening was Casino Royale night.  A fancy invitation had been delivered to their room.  Black tie was required.  Gulf decided he was going to ramp up his plan to entice Mew. The first step was to look hot.  Like breathtaking hot.  Hot enough to make a straight man want him.  Luckily, he had done enough photoshoots with top stylists to know what worked. In the shower, he took his time making sure to spend extra time grooming.  He stepped out and looked at himself critically in the mirror.  The sun had added a glow to his skin. He searched in his travel bag and found a skin illuminator sample.  He never used makeup when he wasn’t working but thought a little of this would draw attention to his cheekbones a bit.  And his lips- he had been told on many occasions that they could trigger dirty thoughts in a saint.  Rubbing them with his toothbrush would give them a plump appearance.  He spent additional time on his hair.  He decided to go for a masculine look with his forehead exposed and with his hair swept off his face.  He was pleased at his appearance.  Next was the tux.  His weapon of choice was going to be Alexander McQueen. It hugged his body like a second skin but had edgy details that brought his masculinity into question.  Once he was dressed, he headed down.  He knew this battle would be won tonight based on his ability to walk with confidence and to command the room. If he wanted to bring Mew to his knees, he needed to be a worthy opponent.

The room was hushed as he entered. He heard the dealers speaking and the murmuring of the others in attendance. Music was playing in the background. Frank Sinatra was singing All or Nothing at All which seemed to fit Gulf’s mood.  He spotted Mew sitting with a group of men and their companions. He looked like he was bored to the average person, but Gulf knew he was on alert.  Gulf saw the moment Mew noticed him.  He froze. His eyes slowly traveled the length of his body stopping on his lips then traveling back down. Mew’s gaze found Gulf’s; his expression unreadable before he tilted his head slightly. Come here his eyes spoke. Gulf hesitated. All the chairs were occupied. Was he supposed to just stand there awkwardly while Mew sat there?  The more he thought about it the more annoyed he became with himself. So much for confidence. Mew was always cool and collected, maybe it was time for Gulf to push him out of his comfort zone for once. He glanced around the room noting Pan sitting on Sir Michael’s lap. Hmmm.  Gulf strode toward Mew with a slight smile. Mew watched him approach, he tensed as if he sensed Gulf was up to something.  Gulf sat down on Mew’s lap and put his arms around his neck. “Hey, there handsome.”   Mew stared at him blankly, body tense under him.  Gulf smiled his thousand-watt smile. “I missed you,” he said loudly. “What have you been doing?” instead of waiting on a response he leaned forward and kissed Mew, suppressing a laugh. Mew tensed more if possible before snaking his arm around Gulf and pulling him closer. He then kissed Gulf.  Like kissed him.  Gulf hadn’t anticipated this. His mind went blank. What started as a prank ended with the tables turned on him. This kiss was thought-annihilating, it was debilitating- he felt like he was in a free fall.  He had never been kissed like this before, with such control and forcefulness.  He felt shaky and unsure, out of control and off-balance.  Mew’s mouth was so confident, he kissed as if he owned Gulf’s mouth.  It pissed Gulf off, that he was accepting these kisses. That he was gasping, overwhelmed, and confused by Mew’s domineering kisses.  When Mew let his mouth go, Gulf could only gaze at him in wonder, out of breath, his mind in chaos. He licked his lips. They felt sensitive and tender.  Mew smiled at him. “I missed you too baby.”

This game continued throughout the evening.  They traveled the room holding hands, always touching with a palpable undercurrent of desire. When Mew sat to play cards, Gulf once again sat on his lap. He tried to figure out how they came to this point with Mew feeding him the maraschino cherries from his drink. He made sure to lick Mew’s fingers after he took the cherry into his mouth. Mew watched his mouth as he licked his eyes darkening. Gulf wondered what he was thinking. He knew he was physically reacting to this since he could feel the evidence under his bottom. Mew leaned in and captured his mouth again. Gulf’s eyes closed again. It was unbearable to be this close and it did not lead to more… more of what he couldn’t say.  He just knew he wanted more. Gulf felt like a stranger to himself. He was never meek and shaky. He was usually in control yet once again he found himself at a disadvantage with Mew.  A moan slipped out of his mouth when Mew pulled away. It was not a whine he told himself.

“You are a terrible kisser, you need practice,” Mew murmured, gripping his chin, and kissing him again.

“You kiss awful too,” Gulf replied when he came up for air. The world seemed fuzzy around the edges, distant and bizarre. Mew’s face was all he could see.  Someone coughed.  Gulf dragged his eyes away from Mew and noticed men watching them.  Gulf leaned closer to Mew’s ear and whispered, “We are being watched.”

“I noticed” Mew murmured into his neck. Gulf snuggled closer, nestling into Mew’s neck.

It’s Sergei, do you think it is because of my actions?”

No, I don’t think so,” Mew murmured, “I refused a deal he was trying to broker today. He was not happy that I was resistant. We are leaving in two days, so his time is limited to get his deal done. I am sure he will be looking for leverage.” This was all said as he caressed and licked Gulf’s neck. Gulf let out a moan as he responded to Mew’s actions.

“Umm, so far the guys I have talked to have all expressed their willingness to be here. I didn’t even get the sense that they are aware of the bribery and filming.  I have a final group to speak with tomorrow on the yacht… oh.. there…” he let out when Mew sucked on his neck at the juncture between his neck and clavicle. Mew guided his mouth to Gulfs effectively ending the conversation. It had been a risk to have this level of discussion but since the room was busy with players, dealers, and music it was muted.  Gulf pulled back from the kiss and got off Mew’s lap. He needed to getaway.  It was too much.  Gulf needed to keep his distance to keep his sanity.  He fortified his emotional walls and walked away from Mew.

Mew watched him walk away not sure how to stop him from going. He did not do emotions; he couldn’t afford emotional connections in his line of work. Over his lifetime he had learned to trust no one except himself. He was an orphan who had been shuffled around the foster care system until he was running away at 16. He was homeless for a while until he joined the service. They trained him to be who he was today. He was taught that sex was a tool to manipulate others.  But with this boy, he felt things he didn’t even know he was capable of feeling. He analyzed his emotions. He definitely felt lust. That was a given as Gulf was sexy and responsive. He wanted to protect him keeping him safe and not just on a professional level. That was new for him. He vowed he would protect him.

Gulf once again found himself walking around the casino floor chatting with the other men. He thought about Mew. He had formulated a partial plan he labeled Operation Mew.  First- engage him intellectually. Mew did not tolerate fools. He was fiercely intelligent and simpering whiney men drove him nuts. Gulf was smart and independent, so he needed to show that side. Second- be a challenge for Mew. Gulf sighed thinking about that. That was the harder part. Men and women fawned over him. Sex came easily for him. Gulf needed to appear aloof and not throw himself at Mew.  Ha. Gulf craved physical contact. Not just sexual. He loved hugs, holding hands, and snuggling.  It was a hard thing to not do when he was close to people. Now that he was more comfortable with Mew, he needed to reign that tendency in.  He went to the bar and requested a glass of wine. Pan and a big Italian man came up to him and started talking.  Pan introduced him as Matteo who worked for Sergei. He was a big guy, not really Gulf’s type since he was all muscle. He seemed nice. They talked about football and teams that they liked. Once Gulf started talking about Chelsea, he could go on forever. He saw Mew playing cards with Sergei. He sighed.

That was a big sigh,” Matteo asked.

“No, it was nothing. I feel a bit tired.  The wine seemed to hit me. I think I need to go lie down.  It’s weird as I usually never have an issue drinking wine. Maybe Italian wine here is different.” He said as his words slurred.

Let me help you.”

Mew had been keeping his eye on Gulf while analyzing the room. The behavior of the Priory members solidified his belief that they were not going to get the information they thought from being here. Other than knowledge of the sexual inclinations of the members which he would have rather not known. He realized he hadn’t seen Gulf in a bit. He scanned the room not finding him. Closing out his hand he left the table in search of his partner. He scoured the first-floor main rooms and didn’t see him. He asked whomever he ran into if they had seen him. It wasn’t until he ran into Antonio that he gained a clue.

“Have you seen Gulf?”

“Oh, he hooked up with Matteo. They left together.” Antonia preened as he said this to Mew obviously loving that he was telling him this.

“Where did they go?” Mew asked in a low voice. Antonio shrugged with a nasty gleam in his eyes.

“I am sure he will turn up tomorrow morning after he has been ridden hard. You know the type.” It took everything for Mew to not throttle the man. He had a bad feeling about this.  He knew Matteo was one of Sergei’s men. He continued his search throughout the mansion finally hearing noises on the third floor. He heard scuffling and a muffled cry. The door was locked. He broke it open.  Looking around in the dimly lit room he saw Gulf strapped to a St Andrew’s cross stripped of his shirt. He appeared drugged. Mew growled. He never before felt such overwhelming rage. He leaped across the room taking Matteo out in one swift kick to the head. He didn’t stop or care to see if he killed him.  He unstrapped Gulf, cradling him in his arms. He was barely conscious as Mew caressed his face. “Oh, my sweet boy, I am sorry. I failed you. I am sorry.” He was to have protected him and he failed. He had not anticipated such a blatant attack. He took his jacket off and wrapped it around Gulf. He lifted him up carrying him to their room.  He laid Gulf gently on the bed. He stepped away only to ring for security and servants. He returned his focus back on the man before him. Gulf looked angelic laying there. He started a body sweep to check him for injuries. He saw fresh bruising on his solar plexus indicating he had been gut-punched to immobilize him. It was also apparent that he had been drugged.

Marco, head of security at the Monastery entered the room. In a deadly low voice, Mew relayed what he saw and what he had done to Matteo. He made it very clear that they better identify who ordered this and that the person or persons involved need to be punished. His retribution for hurting Gulf was going to be deadly. “No one hurts what is mine.”  Marco looked into Mew's eyes and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would follow through on his threats.

Mew ordered a doctor be sent to the room. He wanted blood drawn to confirm his suspicions. He requested food and drinks as well. He would not be leaving Gulf’s side until he woke up.  The physician came and examined him. He suspected it was either Rohypnol or ketamine. He would wake up nauseous and with a wicked headache. He instructed Mew on hydration and medication administration.

The room quieted down. Mew sat on the bed next to Gulf- looking down at him. He looked so peaceful lying there. His gut churned. He hated that this young man had been pulled into his ugly world. He knew his gut had been right and that they never should have recruited him.

Throughout the night Mew kept watching over Gulf. He washed him down, changed his clothes as he sweated through them, and kept his sheets dry. Gulf reached out to him, clinging at times. Toward dawn, Mew drifted off. He woke to Gulf straddling over him, looking down at him. He was rubbing himself on him, his cock hard. He was a beautiful sight to behold. His body was lean with light muscular definition. His nipples small pink circles, he was hairless except for a fine trail of hair leading to his cock. He was manscaped most like due to his job. As he rubbed himself against Mew, he threw his head back in ecstasy. Mew laid still enjoying the show. He knew this was a side effect of the drugs and recognized if he was a better man he would have pushed him off and resisted. But he just couldn’t. These were the things he dreamed about. Gulf over him, under him, and surrounding him. He slowly reached out and stroked him. He was so hard yet soft. He could help him to pleasure. It wouldn’t be as bad if he didn’t receive pleasure right?  Gulf looked down at him, biting his lower lip. “Please, Please…” Mew stroked him harder, focusing on his tip. He could tell by the movement of Gulf’s abdominal muscles he wouldn’t last long.  He kept up a steady movement and pressure. Gulf’s movements became more frantic.

I’m…. I can’t… Oh God…” he said as he spurted all over Mew’s chest covering him in his cum.  He collapsed on Mew. He snuggled up to him and his breathing quickly evened out. After a bit, Mew disentangled himself getting a washcloth to clean him.  He wiped him down, settling him back under the covers. He settled back in behind him.

The morning light came in through the balcony doors. Gulf slowly opened his eyes. His head felt like shit. The last thing he could remember was drinking at the bar with Pan and that other guy. He recognized the room he was currently in. He looked over the bed and saw Mew. Oh My God… did they have sex and he completely forgot about it?   Had he drunk so much he didn’t know?  He clenched his bottom, but it didn’t feel like anything happened.  He gazed at Mew. His body was beautiful—long and taut, a delicious happy trail, and muscled arms roped with veins. Gulf thought that genetics were amazing to have created this man.  The early sunlight turned the scars on his body into dark areas. He traced them with his eyes, especially the one on his shoulder which has a starburst pattern. All traces of his life going on missions and risking his life. He knew some were from bullet wounds as Q told him.  He was either spectacularly brave or just unlucky.  His face was peaceful in sleep.  All his energy and tension were gone.  Mew moved suddenly, flinging his arm over his head, and turning his head restlessly.  He muttered something in another language.  Gulf leaned in to listen but quickly pulled back when he realized Mew had tears rolling down his face.  Gulf snuggled closer and wrapped his arms around him trying to bring him some comfort. Gulf knew he was in deep with this man. He just didn’t know how to keep him. 

He pressed kisses to Mew’s face. Mew’s dark brown eyes opened up and focused on Gulf. So many emotions crossed them in an instant.

Are you feeling ok?” he asked in a morning voice.

“I am ok, though I don’t remember how I got here,” Gulf responded.

Do you hurt anywhere?” Mew asked. Gulf stretched. 

No, I feel fine.  My head hurts and I feel queasy. But otherwise, okay. What happened?” he asked. Mew leaned over and kissed him.  Gulf could feel his erection against his hip.  Mew cupped his head, planting kisses all over his face.

Thank God you are okay.” He said. “You were drugged. But nothing happened. I got you in time.”

Gulf sat straight up in bed which was a mistake as nausea hit him hard. He almost passed out. 

“It’s the effect of the drug,” Mew said.  He got up from the bed. He was naked and it was a spectacular view for Gulf to see despite the fact that he felt like puking.  Mew returned with few pills and a glass of water.  “Take these.”  Gulf took them down and laid back down. “I can explain in detail later, you are safe, just relax, go back to sleep, I am here,” Mew reassured him. Gulf snuggled up to him like a koala bear wrapping around a tree and drifted back to sleep.


The afternoon rolled around and Gulf found himself on the yacht excursion. Mew had filled him on all that had happened. He hadn’t wanted him to go on this boat, but Gulf insisted. They were leaving the following day and he wanted to complete his part of the mission. So, he found himself once again surrounded by the other young men.  It was a beautiful afternoon, and the sun was hot. Gulf had done all the activities expected of him such as swimming in the lake, wave running, and drinking.  Not to mention looking hot for the men.  He had taken extra care getting ready to repeat his look on the day he swam in the pool.  His skin had turned a golden brown in the past few days. It shimmered with the lotion he had put on. He was stretched out on the pool deck, away from the others. He needed a break from the inane conversation surrounding him. He just wanted quiet.  It was something he missed since he started working for the service.  Gulf was by nature an introvert thrust into an extroverted world. Gulf turned his face up it, enjoying the warmth of the sun and sway of the boat. He started to drift off thinking of his encounters with Mew. He felt like something may have happened while he was drugged but he couldn’t remember. He just had sensations. Unconsciously his hand drifted down his abdomen stopping above his shorts. He heard a cough and slowly opened his eyes to see Mew standing over him.  His gaze felt like fire on his skin as it traveled over his body.  He felt himself react, so he quickly flipped himself over.  No way was he going to let Mew knew he had a semi.

“Go away,” Gulf says. “I want to be alone.” Mew sat down next to him.


Because believe it or not I like being alone and thinking.  I am good company. I spent the better part of this afternoon chatting up the other young men. I am tired.” Gulf closed his eyes hoping Mew got the hint that he wanted to be alone.  When he was alone his mind could drift into magical places where they were together. His mind was able to create such vivid scenarios.

“We have one more dinner tonight, they decided to have it on the yacht, so others are coming on board. They assigned us a room to shower in. Sergei is apologetic about what happened to you. He knows I mean business. He flew Matteo out last night. I heard he hadn’t regained consciousness. How are you feeling?”

“As I said I am fine, I want to be alone, go away so I can nap please,” Gulf replied. He really wanted to get back to his naughty thoughts with no distractions. Mew got up and left him. He wasn’t sure what going on in Gulf’s head.

Gulf’s brain was a beehive of activity for the remainder of the day. Primarily filled with thoughts of sex and Mew. He had turned himself on and had no relief in sight. Maybe if he begged Mew?  Or snuck away… or how about during his shower?  The shower seemed like a good solution. Stepping under the hot water, Gulf let the water run down his body. He was so sensitive he moaned; he allowed his hands to travel down to his cock. Suddenly he heard the door open. Oh, crap he thought. Then he thought… the opportunity to tease and torment his tormentor had arrived as well as relief for him…

“Are you going to stay in there all night?” Mew asked.

Gulf’s head popped over the shower door, shampoo in his hair dripping down his face. He smiled slyly and winked.

“I was waiting for you,” he said in a low voice

We will be late if you dally in there much longer,” Mew replied

Gulf sighed.  “Fine, I can finish on my own. Give me two minutes.”

Mew quirked a brow at the sultry noises that came from behind the door. Closing the bathroom door, he walked over and opened the shower door... Gulf stared right at him, leaning against the far wall, lip caught between his teeth as he stroked himself with languid pulls.  The water rained down on him, running over his chest and down between his legs.  Once Gulf realized Mew was watching he tilted his head back and groaned as he moved his hand faster.  Mew stared, watching this performance.  Gulf was a sight to see. Naked, muscles rippling in pleasure, tongue pressed against his upper teeth.  He watched for the signs of impending orgasm... watching for when his breath hitched, the slight tremble of his legs.  When he saw that he reached out and grabbed Gulf’s hand to stop him.  His eyes popped open. Mew pulled his wet body to his chest, wrapping his arm behind his back and pinning him so he couldn’t move.

“I was so close.” He panted.

You won’t be finishing until after we attend the dinner,” Mew stated.  Gulf whined as he blinked at him pouting.

You are joking right! I am not asking you to do anything!”

“Oh, I intend to do something. Later. Patience you must have, my young padawan.”

No… just no... you did not just use a Star Wars reference on me…” Gulf all but sobbed as he stepped out of the shower. 

You just teased the master of restraint... and now I see I need to teach you restraint,” Mew said as walked away. Gulf stood with his mouth hanging open. He was more than determined to win this war. Tonight was going to be an all-out battle. With him on top… well figuratively if not literally he thought. But then you never know how things may turn out…



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Gulf decided that the night called for romantic attire.  That consisted of a gauzy blouse and tight jeans with sandals.  No use dressing up.  He kept his hair casual and had no makeup.  He was who he was. After all they were on a boat.   He hoped to strip later on his own and float in the lake on his last night.  The dinner table was laid out for the party of twenty.  Twinkle lights and candles were the only lightings that created a romantic atmosphere.  If only they were there for real romance instead of work, he thought.  Gulf was seated between two older gentlemen who ogled him through the entire meal.  It was exhausting fending off their advances.  He couldn’t imagine seeing their old wrinkly balls no matter how much money was involved.  Seriously. He would rather be celibate like a priest.  He occasionally snuck glances down the table to Mew who was seated between two of the best-looking young men. Of course, Gulf thought, knowing he couldn’t compete.  Mew seemed to be enjoying himself especially when the one young guy snuggled close to whisper in his ear.  By dessert, he was practically sitting in his lap and Gulf was done.   He just couldn’t compete and at this point he felt defeated. Maybe this was his Waterloo. He presented himself in all his glory in the shower and was rebuffed. Not much more he could do. He got up from the table and decided to swim.  He headed to the diving platform off the yacht. He took his clothes off because, at this point, he didn’t care who saw him. If Mew didn’t care to see him so who cared right?  He drank another glass of wine quickly before diving into the lake.    It was beautiful. The only sounds were the lapping of the water against the boat and the sounds of music drifting down. The sky was a deep dark blue with stars twinkling above. The water in the lake was virtually still, reflecting the stars so that it looked like a piece of the sky has fallen to earth.  The air was heavily perfumed with the scent of jasmine and orange. 

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?” he whispered, looking out at the multicolored lights reflect from the boats on the lake.

“It is, gorgeous beyond description,” he heard next to him. He suddenly jerked up from his floating position to see Mew.

What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you.”


“Because you were gone, I wanted to find you,”

“Why” Gulf needed to ask

“Gulf, you have to know… I am drawn to you.  This is no longer a game or a job for me.  I want you. Please come back with me.” Mew replied quietly.

“Why,” he asked as Mew swam closer rubbing their bodies against each other in the water.

“Don’t you feel how much I want you?” as he pulled him close. Gulf felt warm inside at the thought of meaning something to Mew. He stilled at the touch, at the charge that ran through his body at Mew’s touch. “Please come back to the room with me” as he guided him back to the boat.

They climbed back onto the yacht slipping into the robes provided making their way to their stateroom, never parting for more than a minute even while dressing.  They jumped on to the skiff taking them back to the villa, touching and kissing the entire trip until Mew’s cell rang.

“Let me get this,” he said

“Okay,” Gulf said, his brain all foggy.  He could barely string a sentence together.  But he started to piece together parts of Mew’s conversations.  He heard Mew clearly say that he, Gulf, had failed his mission and that he needed to be released from the service.  His brain shut down.  His anger boiled over. He was totally and utterly betrayed.

They returned to their room at the villa, less than eight hours until they left. Mew quickly disabled the cameras while Gulf paced in agitation. He was so angry. How dare he say he would recommend having him terminated from the service as he had failed.  He had trusted him.  Gulf muttered to himself. Never before had he been so enraged.  He looked over the man who destroyed his trust. He flew at him not sure whether he was going to beat him or not. The next thing he knew he was crushing his mouth to his and gripping his head as hard as he could. He was not letting him go. Mew’s arms came around him, pulling him tighter until he could feel his hardness pressing into his belly. Gulf’s cock hit his thigh as he devoured Mew. Oh, how he hated him but oh how he wanted him desperately.

“Jesus,” Mew murmured moving his mouth to take his earlobe in his teeth. “So incredibly hot in your anger. I want to make you angrier.”

“Fuck you,” he spat. “You have no idea how I feel… I am angry enough… mpfh!” Mew’s hand circled the front of Gulf’s throat, squeezing, not hard enough to scare but hard enough to steal his breath and excite him.

“Less talking,” he growled.

“Don’t tell me…ughhh” the hand tightened again, and Mew stared straight into his eyes. Oh God... he was the sexiest thing ever, he pushed all of Gulf’s buttons. He wanted to give him complete control over him.

“Please,” he begged

“That’s better,” Mew said with a smile. “Much better.”  Gulf was torn. He didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of dominating him in every way, but he wanted him to dominate him in every way. He was such a mess.

“Please,” he begged again…. Oh, why did he say anything? He needed to learn to shut up he thought. Mew’s thumb stroked up and down his throat until his eyes fluttered. He felt butterfly kisses at the corner of his mouth. The whirl of lips, tongue, and teeth was unraveling Gulf, the way Mew expertly owned him, the kiss deepening into parts of him he didn’t know existed.

“You are a beautiful man,” he felt murmured against his skin. “So responsive, so submissive, you have no idea how badly I wanted you. You have been such a tease. You have challenged my resolve at every turn. When you are angry your cheeks turn pink, when you feel passionate about something your eyes shine.” He continued to press kisses along his jaw, using the hand on his throat to tilt his head however he wanted to. Gulf pressed himself closer to Mew. “In the shower, your desire made you completely and utterly…. edible,” he finished as he sucked on his collarbone.  Gulf moaned.  He wanted him to own him. This was his weakness. Giving himself over to a dominant, older man.  This push-pull that they had been playing with for the past few months had pushed them to this one moment in time.  It had been long foreplay despite the unequal powerplay.  Gulf tried to remember why he was angry at him. But when he felt Mew’s large hand slid under the back of his shirt, he forgot it all.

“Mew, I want to come, I want….. oh god, I need to come,” he shushed him, his hands wandering down the back of his pants while his mouth focused on his throat. His dick hardened, even more, when Mew’s hands squeezed his ass. Gulf was going to come all over.

“I can’t…... it’s been a long time,” he quietly admitted.

“How long?” he asked as he nipped his shoulder.  “Gulf? Answer me?” dominant Mew asked. “How long has it been since someone has had you? Since someone has been inside you?” his finger traveled between his cheeks pressing against his hole, teasing it, causing him to moan.

“Too long,” he gasped

Not good enough.  Truth…… now Gulf” he demanded.

Three years… only once.” Mew felt the answer to his core.

“Come to bed, come to bed with me sweet boy and let me have you, Gulf” It was so tempting. Gulf wanted him so much, but it would forever change him. He couldn’t change who he was. Mew didn’t do relationships, there was no promise of a future.  Gulf wanted a future.  Could he be a temporary relationship with this man? Could he walk away with any part of his heart or soul intact?  Sure he had been teasing him, yes, he had felt an overwhelming desire for him. But now that the reality was here, he had to decide what he wanted. If he became too attached, what would he do? During his internal debate Gulf found himself lying on the bed under Mew. His arms tightened around him, he smelled so good.

“Mew!” he snapped

What!” Mew froze

“Get off me!”

He quickly retreated off of him, “I am sorry.”

“I didn’t mean to snap… But we can’t, alright?”  Gulf stammered feeling terribly guilty.

“Okay,” Mew says quietly.  Gah... Gulf thinks. But he wants to, more than anything. He wanted to lean over and grab him. Claim him. God.  He rolled over and climbed on top of Mew in a way that he was not touching him. Mew looked up at him as he leaned over him, his legs on each side of his hips. Gulf was unsure what he was doing just knowing what he wanted to do but knowing what he shouldn’t be doing. Mew quietly looked at him, dark hair on the pillow, darker eyes watching him. His lips parted slightly bringing Gulf’s attention to them. He didn't say a word, but he didn’t need to. Gulf was mesmerized by this man.  He reached down and cupped his chin tilting his head up to him. Gulf leaned down while Mew met him partway. With the hand cupping his cheek, he ran his thumb over his bottom lip. Their mouths meld together, tongues and teeth clashing. His hand clasped around Mew’s throat holding him still as he devoured his mouth. Before his brain lost track Gulf thought to himself that he will enjoy this moment in time to the fullest. It will be his moment to shine brightly. He made his way down Mew’s throat leaving marks along the way, sucking at the juncture between his neck and shoulder. Mew moaned in pleasure. Gulf worked his way down his chest loving the pecs on this man. He played with one nipple while sucking on the other. When he pinched and twisted while sucking, he felt mthe response in Mew’s cock as it twitched. He continued his slow path down his abdomen, licking and sucking on the six-pack presented to him. His goal was to make Mew remember the pleasure he gave him so in the future he would remember him when he is with other lovers. He licked  into his v line on both sides. He borrowed his nose into his groin. Oh lord how he loves Mew’s smell, how manly he is. He wished he could bottle it and save it for the future when he is alone. When he only has these memories to keep him company on lonely nights.  He kissed around Mew’s cock as he feels Mew’s hands on his head guiding him toward it. He resisted as he wanted to continue his journey. He wanted to worship all of Mew’s body, not just part. He worked his way up and down his thighs, calves to his feet, and back up the other side. He returned to his balls making sure to breathe in the essence of this man.  He was determined to forever remember this. He took one ball into his mouth rotating them back and forth, his tongue traveled to his hole, rimming around his hole. He spent extra time there. Mew at this point was moving on the bed, trying to let this play out, fighting the urge to take control. He sensed that this was important to Gulf.  Gulf moved back up and in one move swallowed Mew’s cock in his mouth. There was nothing tentative in his movement. He went full-on. At this point Mew could no longer be a passive participant, he allowed Gulf to continue his sucking and licking, he encouraged him to swallow him as deep as possible.  When he got close to the edge, he pulled Gulf off.

“Enough,” he gruffly said. “You are mine now.” He rolled Gulf over propping him up on pillows. He kissed him deeply while touching his cock, slowly stroking his balls, and touching him. Mew took his lips in a slow gentle kiss. Sending his hands into his hair, Mew gripped his head tipping it to the side.  He kissed him deeply and so thoroughly, all he could concentrate on was the taste of his mouth...  He raised his head to take a breath, looking him in the eyes. His finger drifted down his face, finishing at his lips here he outlined their shape. “So pretty,” he murmured.

I am not going to be gentle,” Mew said, breathing hard.

“I don’t want you to be gentle, I want to feel everything you have for me,” Gulf replied.

Mew sat on his hunches, he used his fingers to stretch and prep Gulf, in tune and watching all his facial expressions. He wanted to make sure his lover felt nothing but pleasure. He wanted Gulf to want more. To come back to him for more. By the time he worked two fingers in and found his prostate Gulf thought he had died the pleasure was so extreme. He kept dripping precum.

Are you going to cum for me?” Mew asked.

“I might not last long, this is too much,” he replied. Two turned to three leaving Gulf sobbing. “Please, now, Please… I need you…. Now….” He begged.  Mew bent Gulf’s legs back positioning himself between him so he could see him and kiss him. He wanted to feel him, make sure he was pleasured to the maximum. This man was his person. He never felt for any human what he felt for Gulf.  He started to push in.

Don’t be careful with me, I want all of you Mew,” Gulf felt the need to say.  Mew kept pushing in, opening him up until his thick cock slid in him. It felt so tight since it had been so long. Gulf felt pleasure rushing through him. He moaned grabbing onto him, digging his fingers into his back.  Soon he was buried deep inside him, Mew stopped and gave him gentle kisses causing him to grab him harder.  Why was he being so kind and caring?

“Are you good?” Mew asked him. He nodded; not sure he could trust his voice. Mew rocked his hips slighting before pushing in deeply taking his breath away. The sound of Gulf’s moans excited him more. Mew had never cared more about how another lover. Gulf’s pleasure was more important than his own. He felt Gulf’s hand stroke his cock as he clung to him.  Mew knew he was not giving him much room, but he wanted to be as close to Gulf as possible. He wanted his bare skin to rub against him. He wanted to feel every part of him.  Mew continued to rock his hips inside Gulf until the pleasure pushed away all thoughts.  He just knew he could never lose this man. He could never lose any of this. He would give up everything for him... his heart, his soul, his life.  Mew seemed to go deeper than ever.

“There,” he moaned. He is not sure how much more he can take.  Gulf threw his head back as Mew captured his mouth as his thrusts quicken, he was driving him crazy.  Pleasure consumed his body. He comes all over Mew’s body as he felt Mew pulse inside him.  Moments pass. He felt Mew go to get up and he does what he feared… he clings.

Don’t ever leave me,” he whispers. Mew’s hands tighten behind his back.

I won’t.”

“I can be a mean motherfucker when I get mad. You won’t be safe if you make me mad! I will hunt you down!” he threatens.

“So I am stuck with you?”

“To infinity and beyond….” Gulf replies

Oh, my Lord…. A Toy Story reference?  And you thought Star Wars was bad…” Mew says with a deep laugh.


Chapter Text

The following morning Gulf found himself sitting on the private jet across from Mew. He thought back to how excited he had been the two weeks prior at the start of the mission and how he currently felt. So much had changed inside him but nothing had changed. Mew was back to his stoic self. During the night, Gulf had clung to him as he drifted to sleep. When he woke in the early hour's Mew was gone and the bed was cold. That spoke volumes as to what their relationship was. No niceties, no morning goodbyes therefore there had been no awkward moments. Their bags had been packed the night before, so the first time Gulf had seen Mew was when he boarded the jet. He avoided his gaze, quietly saying his hello.  There was nothing to say.  They were co-workers who had a momentary lapse in judgment. That is all they were to each other Gulf had to keep reminding himself. And if he remembered correctly from what he overheard last night that would not be for long if Mew had his way.  He dozed off during the flight to London. Once they were debriefed, he planned to crash for hours. He looked forward to being alone to think and regroup.

In the conference room, the group gathered to analyze the mission. All agreed the mission had been only marginally successful in that electronic surveillance had been implemented on their internal computer systems which would enable their team of hackers to infiltrate multiple systems.  They should then be able to extrapolate quality information but that would take time to gather and analyze.  Q discussed the technology used, looking at Mew once in a while to see if he was awake during this time. Mew seemed to be paying attention. Either that or he did a good job of sleeping with his eyes open Q thought. Gulf on the other hand sat ramrod straight in his chair not moving a muscle, looking down at his hands folded on the table as the team talked. He was waiting to be told this was the end for him. He did not look at Mew once.  He knew his anger at the older man would be evident on his face if he did.  He was brought out of his reverie when he heard Mew speak.

The mission’s failure was due to our inability to obtain information from the young men to back our suspicions that they were recruited as sex workers or trafficked into the business. While they may or may not have had a knowledge of the larger enterprise, I feel with appropriate questioning we could have gathered more information.  This failure rests on Agent 64.  While it is not totally his fault since he had no prior experience, he also did not fully embrace his role instead staying too close to me.” Mew stated. Gulf was poleaxed.  If he was a cartoon character, the others would have seen steam coming from his ears he was so angry. His hands formed fists.

What say you 64?” M asked.

“I was able to do comprehensive interviews with the other young men and asked the questions we had prepared prior to the mission. I was also able to have private conversations with a few of the actual key players that 008 is not aware of. I will be typing it in my report. It was easy to establish trust with them due to the fact I had a history with them prior to this mission.  So I respectfully disagree with agent 008 as he does not have all the facts, ma'am.” Gulf responded in a clear, confident voice.  In his mind, he was giving Mew the middle finger loud and clear.  He would have filled him in if the man had managed to let him have a conversation with him this morning on the plane.  Mew stared at him, totally taken aback. He had not been aware of any private conversations Gulf had had with some of the Priory members. And why the hell didn’t Gulf update him prior to this meeting?  Oh, he was going to get him for this breach of protocol.

“All right, please type up your reports and submit them in 48 hrs. Let’s reconvene in 72 hrs to reassess. You are dismissed. Please take this time to rest as we don’t know where we will go from here.” M spoke to the group.  As the team disbanded, Q came up to Gulf and put his arm around him, walking out of the room with him. He had sensed that Gulf was upset and could see it was an issue with Mew.  Since he felt no lost love for 008 he thought he would keep Gulf out of his reach for the time being.

“Gulf, let me take you home. Hazard has missed you while you have been away,” Q said smiling.

“Yes... I am knackered…” Mew heard Gulf's reply as they walked off.  He stared after them. What was up with those two?  Are they in a relationship? Who was Hazard?  He would give Gulf a day and then he was going to confront him about the shit he brought up during the meeting.  How could he keep him safe if he didn’t know what risks Gulf faced?

Gulf walked down the hallway knowing full well he was using Q to avoid Mew.  He didn’t want to see or talk to that man. Not right now.  He just wanted to go home and sleep.  So he played along.  Once he was out of sight of Mew, he turned to Q and thanked him.  His neighbor had actually been watching his cat not Q.  “Thank you for the save.” He said, “I will see you in a few days.”


Gulf entered his flat. It was blissfully quiet.  He needed this peace after the past few weeks.  He needed to sleep and reevaluate his life. He was so tired; his eyes were blurry. He grabbed a big glass of wine before heading to the shower.  He allowed the warm water to slide over him.  It was so relaxing. Dressing in only pajama bottoms, he curled on his sofa. He remembered he needed to text his best friend Mia before he forgot. His vision was blurry from his exhaustion. He searched through his messages hitting the first M he found.

--Hello, Luv.. miss me?  I missed you… it was lonely without you

He waited for her reply. They always started their text chains off sappy as if they were an old couple.  He watched the three dots jump across the screen...

--Has it been that long…

--Wow, two weeks since you last kissed me and you forgot already?  And here I am sitting here half-naked, drinking wine, getting ready to watch Poldark to watch Aidan Turner with a stallion between his legs…... I need that…

--You could have that you know…

--M, what? I thought you wanted him... you wouldn’t be jealous?  I guess we could share. Might be odd though… an interesting holiday dinner topic, I guess.

--It would lead to interesting conversations. Are you alone?

--Yes not for long though. I have my dream man coming to visit soon.

--Excuse me??

--Mmmm, yes.  Hopefully, I will get him for a full ten hours or so…… I need it…..Oh M, he really pushes all my buttons.

--I am surprised you are telling me this

-- I tell you things so you can live vicariously LOL- wait till I tell you about the boys in Italy 😊 the untold stories I haven’t told anyone.

--Things you haven’t shared… what things

--naughty things

--naughty things??

--deliciously naughty things

--Gulf….  When is this man due at your flat?

-- I think at ten. So 30 minutes. I hope sooner.   I have to get ready. Talk to you tomorrow XOXOXOXO.

Mew stared at his phone.  What was he up to?   He threw a jumper over his flannels, slipped on sneakers, and grabbed his keys.  He knew where Gulf lived. He would be damned if some dream man was coming over to see what was his.  And to be there for ten hours or so…... his imagination was taking him down a dark, dark path.  Gulf better be ready for a big surprise.

Mew jumped in his Aston Martin and found himself in front of Gulf’s door in a record twenty minutes. With no hesitation, he was knocking on the door.  He heard the shuffle of footsteps before the tumbling of locks opening. Slowly the door opened to reveal Gulf in all his glory.  He looked delightful. He had a shocked look on his face that was quickly followed by a scowl.

Mew, what the hell are you doing here? At this time of night?”

May I come in?”


“Some conversations are better had not on the doorstep where everyone can hear or see them,”

Fine,” Gulf let him into his flat. Mew entered and Gulf followed watching him walk into his space. Mew had been here before, so he knew the layout.  He noted Mew seemed to be looking for something.  Gulf wondered what he was looking for.

Do you have company?”

“What business is it of yours? We are off the clock now,” Gulf replied in a snarky tone.  He sure wasn’t going to let Mew know that he was headed to bed alone.  None of his damn business what he did. Asshole throwing him under the bus. 

You are my business,”

“Oh please, stop the charade. You don’t care so don’t even go there.  We are adults.  We had a good time together. We had sex, no big deal, nothing we haven’t done with others before.  It shouldn’t impact our work relationship.  We aren’t in a relationship." Thinking he should be polite "Would you like a drink?  I have some vodka, whiskey, red wine?” Gulf said.

“I’ll have what you are having.”  Gulf poured Mew a glass of wine and refilled his own.  He quickly texted his neighbor Sam a 911.  They had a system to rescue each other from unwanted visitors.  Mew was an unwanted visitor at this moment.   Gulf brought the glass to Mew and sat back down.

“What are your plans Gulf?” Mew asked.  Gulf was sending every prayer to the universe that Sam would show up as soon as possible. He didn’t think he could have this conversation right now.  He was either going to say something he really regretted, rip Mew’s face off or jump his bones.  It could go any of those paths.  He was a bit undecided.

“Well, I am planning on a lay-in. Going to bed and sleeping, enjoying myself for the next 12 hours or so.” Gulf said as he licked his lips trying to look sexy to pull off the illusion that he really was going to be sharing his bed with an actual person versus an illusion.  Mew stared at his lips as he did this.  Both their thoughts started to center on their past kisses. The room grew quieter.  Suddenly the doorbell rang, Gulf jumped. 

“OH, umm, wow, let me get that,” he blushed as he said it.  Mew noted that thinking this must be the mystery man.  He heard them talking as they headed into the living room.  In walked a tall very handsome blond-haired man holding Gulf’s hand. If Mew was honest, he had to admit the guy was hot and sweet at the same time.

“Mew, this is Sam.  Sam, this is Mew.” Gulf introduced them.  “Sam is my friend.”

Your friend?” Mew asked raising his eyebrow at Gulf.  Gulf nodded yes.

Yes, my friend,” the best answer as it wasn’t a lie yet the assumption could be made he was more. “He is here to see me since I have been gone.  We are going to Netflix and chill, have ramen, you know….”

“You know?” Mew asked… just to get under Gulf’s skin.

“Oh come on…. Do you want me to spell it out for you?” Gulf said, now losing his temper at Mew.  This man drove him nuts.  Before he could say anything, Sam spoke up.

“We are friends with benefits. So we plan to fuck for a day or so.  Young guys like us need to have sex frequently. Not sure if you remember that or not dude.”  Gulf stared at Sam… oh my God… he had no idea what he just said and to who he just said that to.  To imply to Mew that he was old and sexually inadequate.  This was not going to go over well at all.  Gulf glanced up at Mew while biting his lip.  He knew he was in deep shit. Mew had frozen in place.  He looked like a statue.  Not a muscle moved.  He looked like a cobra ready to strike.  Gulf tugged on Sam’s arm, urgently whispering to him “Sam, Sam—follow me,” as he led him to the door.  Sam followed him, looking confused.  “What’s up?” 

“Trust me, get out of here now…. I will explain later.” Gulf said as he shoved him out the door.  He shut the door in Sam’s face and leaned back against it.  He took a deep breath before walking back into the living room.

Mew, uhh, sorry about that. He, um”

“Do not say another word,” Mew said as he stalked toward Gulf his eyes never leaving him. It was like being in the line of sight of a panther on the hunt. Gulf stood frozen. He didn’t move, he didn’t breathe. Yet he could feel a delicious anticipation start to build in him.  Mew stopped a few inches in front of him. Gulf’s eyes traced Mew’s face, looking into his beautiful brown eyes. Those eyes held so many secrets. Right now they were looking at Gulf—taking in his features. Lingering on his eyes, his lips then back to his eyes. His hand reached up to cup his face, his thumb outlining his lower lip. Gulf stuck his tongue out enough to lick the tip of his thumb. Mew inhaled.  His hand moved down to his neck, his thumb resting on his trachea, then his jugular notch, resting lightly. He leaned forward and lightly kissed Gulf on the lips. It was worse than if he had deeply kissed him at the amount of tension that tore through Gulf.  He felt like Mew was on the edge of losing all control.  Gulf felt butterfly kisses travel to his ear, down his neck causing him to moan.  He didn’t know how much more he could take.

Gulf, I am holding on by a thread. I ask you…. Yes or No…. tonight is your choice…. Yes or no?”

“Yes…. My God….Yes, please”

Mew let out the breath he was holding. He took Gulf’s mouth in a deep kiss. He was not letting this boy go tonight. He picked him up encouraging Gulf to wrap his legs around his waist as he carried him into the bedroom. He gently set him down next to the bed.  He slipped his hands under Gulf’s shirt and lifted it above his head sliding it off. His hands caressed his torso, worshiping his body as they made their way down to the ties on his pajama bottoms. One pull and they slid to the floor leaving Gulf naked.  He was a beautiful sight.  All lean muscle and pale skin.  Mew stepped back to admire him.  Gulf reached out and pulled off Mew’s jumper, throwing it on the floor, while Mew toed off his slippers and untied his pajama bottoms. They hit the floor soon after leaving him naked.  Gulf took in the man in front of him.  He reached out and let his hand trace his body, lingering over the scars of a lifetime of service. He was so in awe of him. He then leaned forward taking the initiative to kiss Mew.   Quickly the kiss grew to one of deeper passion. Within minutes their bodies were tangled on the bed trying to get as close as possible to each other. Mew worked his way down Gulf’s body, taking him in his mouth, sucking him in his mouth. He used every weapon he had—his mouth and fingers to edge him over and over. Gulf was losing his mind to the pleasure.  Mew was totally focused on bringing pleasure to Gulf. He wanted Gulf to feel how much he meant to him.  In his mind, if he made Gulf feel pleasured Gulf would know how much Mew liked him even if he couldn’t say the words.  He would know how much he meant to him. 

Please Mew, now… I can’t anymore… I need you... now…” Gulf begged

“Okay, baby, I am your…” Mew said as he entered him.  Both moaned at the sensations as Mew entered him. Mew allowed Gulf to adjust.  Gulf started to move his hips… encouraging him to move.

“I don’t know how long I can last, you feel too good,”

“If you don’t move, I will die and you will have to explain to the EMTs how a young man died in your arms. Please…..”

Whatever you need Gulf…” Mew moved, he moved with an urgency and force that he hoped imprinted him into Gulf on a cellular level.  He wanted Gulf to be ruined for all other men and only want him.  He worked until they came together. Gulf felt like he had died and gone to heaven.  After he curled in Mew’s arms, drifting asleep.  He didn’t know where things were going. He had felt cherished.  Maybe they had a chance after all he thought as he fell asleep. He had so many questions. How did Mew come to end up at his place? What did he want out of this? He snuggled closer.

He woke the following morning to an empty bed…. Mew’s side was cold….. no Mew…. no note…..He picked up his phone to text him. Holy mother of God!  He saw all the texts he had sent to Mew instead of Mia. He wanted the earth to swallow him up.  That's why he showed up. Gulf was so embarrassed. He tried to call but Mew did not answer. His texts went unanswered. By morning Gulf realized he had been ghosted. Was it because he sucked in bed?  His stupid texts?  Ugh...he was filled with so much self doubt. By evening he caved and reached out to Q. Per Q—Mew was gone. On assignment, no one knew where or until when. Gulf needed to finish this job and move on with his life sans Mew it seemed. Not the first time someone had left him.. he was strong and would survive.  

Chapter Text

The following year passed in a blur. Gulf had completed his mission and was thanked for his service to his country. He was able to walk away a bit wiser and proud of his contribution. He had learned a bit about himself. He recognized now that he was resilient and able to handle situations that he never had thought were possible.  Never again would he fall prey to another no matter what feelings they provoked.  His modeling career took off. The body he developed during his tenure with the service landed him more work. He kept in touch with a few of the boys he had met in Italy. He made sure his manager knew to keep him busy. The busier the better.  He could be found on billboards through the EU advertising everything from underwear to skin cream, in magazines modeling clothing, and appearing on talk shows.  He had recently been asked to do a cameo appearance in a movie that had been successful.  All in all, he was living the dream.

That is until darkness hit and he woke in the middle of the night.  Those dark hours were when his mind betrayed him, and he would have moments. Moments where he remembered the man who walked away.  He learned to shut those thoughts down.  He distracted himself with others but could never fully give himself to another.  Superficial was best.  He didn’t want any emotional connections or any relationships.  It was safer that way as far as he was concerned.  He was still young and could always do that later.  Despite his true feeling, he was linked in the paparazzi to various men. In the tabloids, they speculated on his love life on a daily basis.  He never refuted their stories because what was the point.  They wouldn’t believe his truth anyway.  It would be a waste of energy. He had a small group of friends that he trusted.

Xander and Gulf had been friends since they were in grade school.  They knew each other inside and out. They were each other's first loves. They came out to each other first, they experimented with each other, they slept with each other first... and soon came to realize that their friendship meant more than any sexual relationship ever would.  Now that didn’t mean they never shared a bed nor had sex.  They just were better as friends.  They had each other’s back.  When Mew walked away from Gulf without a word Xander picked up the pieces.  He had initially tried to defend the man. Saying he most likely hadn’t had the ability to let Gulf know he needed to go.  But that was quickly disapproved.  Over many nights of drinking, he really tried to spin stories so Mew’s abandonment would not hurt Gulf so much, but the bleak truth was that nothing helped.  The plain truth was Mew left.  So Xander decided to support his friend like he always did.  Distraction, drinks, and men.  He moved into Gulf’s flat about three months into what he termed ‘life after Mew’.

“Gulf, did you see the invite for the Venice Carnivale masquerade next month?  Oh, should we go?  It would be so much fun. We can go as a couple. Please take me” Xander begged. Gulf looked up from his tablet where he had been reading.

“If you really want to go, I will go.  We could get really cool masks with feathers.  I will ask Jenna the stylist to get us some costumes.  And Paul can book our rooms and flights tomorrow.  I owe you for everything you have put up with in the past few months.  I do appreciate you.” Gulf replied.

“You know you are and always be my friend, I will always have your back,” Xander replied. “Maybe we will meet a fabulous man for each of us.  Italian men are hot and romantic!”

“You never know,” Gulf said with a wink.

Before they knew it, they were stepping off a gondola onto a villa of the Grand Canal in Venice.  The building had beautiful gas lanterns lit, gondolas and motorboats were all around as that was the fashionable way to get to the party.  Gulf had chosen dress as Lestat de Lioncourt and Xander was Louis de Pointe du Lac from Interview with a Vampire. They had the details down perfectly. Their masks were made of brocade, lace, and feathers to match their costumes. The sensual feel of the costume heightened the experience of role-playing as a vampire. They had agreed to fully embrace the characters and have fun.  They entered the ballroom which was huge and lit with thousands of candles and gas lights.  It was almost like stepping back in time.  The only thing that gave away that it was modern was the variety of costumes all around. The music was also a dead giveaway as the bass pounded out of speakers with a modern techno beat.

Let’s get a drink and go on a hunt,” Xander said pulling Gulf after him.  Gulf laughed following.  He was determined to have fun.  He had some degree of anonymity with his mask. They made their way to the bar, grabbing their favorite drinks.  Crowd watching was one of their favorite pass times.

Oh look at him,” Gulf pointed out a tall handsome man “He is incredible”

Go talk to him,”

Oh, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t know what to say.   How about him,” he said pointing out an older man who was distinguished-looking.  Gulf was enjoying the variety.  “Let’s just dance.”  The two men headed to the dance floor.

Within minutes Xander had his eye on a really cute guy.  Gulf teased him about how fast he moved.  He just shrugged and laughed dancing up to the man.

“Will you be ok here?” he asked Gulf.

“Yes, I am going to have my whisky and then dance.”

After a few drinks, Gulf felt that he was on fire. His skin was so hot. He had so much pent-up desire.  He walked back to the dance floor and began to dance.  It was packed with people. He danced with boys and girls.  The lights were flashing.  He felt the bass pumping and the dark vocals surrounding him. He looked over and saw a man staring at me. He couldn’t make out his face, but he felt a pull toward him.  He turned away as he didn’t want to stop dancing.  He wanted to feel the music.  The songs got slower, pulsating through the air. He felt two hands on his hips. He naturally ground back to the pulse of the music.  It was so sensual. He felt the man’s breath on his neck.  His lips were moving along Gulf’s neck. He sighed into it. He imagined it was Mew.  He had hands that could take Gulf’s breath away.  His body felt like it was on fire. It was strange what desire will make foolish people do.  He slowly turned around to face the object of his desire.  He looked at the man who had been haunting him.

“How? How did you find me?” Gulf whispered.

Hush, just enjoy this moment,” Mew replied.

“Are you fucking kidding me,” Gulf replied, angered beyond belief. He pushed Mew away.  “You don’t get to touch me, you don’t get the privileged to speak with me, you don’t get to breathe the air near me.  I am done with you.”  He turned and stormed away.  Mew followed him grabbing his arm.

“Gulf, wait, listen.”

“No, you had your chance.” He replied.  Mew pulled him into a covered alcove. He needed privacy to have this conversation.

Let me explain to you."

“No, you did it to me twice, Mew.  Twice.  I understood your job.  But you could have left me some clue.”  sweeping his hand down his body he said, “This will never be yours, you will never get it again.”  He pointed at his heart, “this was yours, you broke it, see this mouth, you will never feel it again. It will never be around your cock.  I deserve more... I deserve more…” he said as his voice broke, his hands starting to shake.  “I ask you if ever, ever, felt anything for me… leave me the hell alone.”  Gulf pushed past him and walked away.  Mew stood there devastated.  He had never anticipated this outcome.  He always thought he would have been able to explain.  He hadn’t had a choice, it had been work, it was a mission.  He thought Gulf would have understood.  He thought Gulf would have known how he felt.  Hadn’t he told him?   He slumped against the wall, his hand creeping to his chest.  He felt empty, hollow.  It hurt. How do you get back something that you lost?  Something that you should have valued more when you had it?  How?


Gulf searched through the crowds for Xander. He couldn’t find him anywhere. He ran into a hard body with so much force he almost fell. “I am sorry,” Gulf said as he tried to steady his feet under himself. When his eyes landed on the man, he collided with, he froze. At 185 cm, Gulf was tall, but this man had a few centimeters on him but that isn’t want drew him to Gulf.  It was his overall appearance. He wore a black turtleneck, black jeans on his long lean legs, black boots, and a leather jacket. He had a piercing in his right eyebrow. He had azure blue eyes peeking out of his black mask. His eyelashes were so thick it looked like he wore eyeliner His hair was platinum. Gulf felt electrical sparks as he touched him. He caught himself staring. “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you,”

The man’s eyes made a sweep of Gulf’s body. “You are looking now, no?” There was a dirty glint in his eyes. Gulf blushed. This man was beyond sexy and mysterious.  Gulf was tongue-tied and that never happened to him. He always kept a cool head. 

I’m just…. I was just…. Umm” Gulf stammered.  The man stepped forward; the scent of his cologne found Gulf making his cock respond.  It was a sensual blend, masculine and seductive. Gulf wanted to burrow his nose in his neck and sniff.  Oh my God, he thought. 

Would you like to get a drink with me?” the man asked him. “We could get to know each other better”

“I think I would like that,” Gulf replied, walking toward the bar following the mysterious stranger.

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A few hours and quite a few drinks later, Gulf was relaxed and laughing in a dimly lit salon off the main room from where the dancing was being held.  He was thoroughly enjoying his conversation with Mikael. They had met before when they had worked on an underwear shoot in Norway.  They laughed about the subzero temperatures and how little they had to wear.  Gulf’s initial attraction to Mikael quickly subsided when he realized how much they had in common including prior hookups from the industry. A clear indication they would not be compatible as bedmates. By mutual agreement, they hung out and scoped out men that they wouldn’t mind hooking up with and ones’ that were just dressed atrociously.  As the evening progressed, Gulf’s lips loosened, and he shared what had happened with Mew.  He had such mixed emotions.

“Gulf, I have a fabulous idea….” Mikael said… his ideas so far that evening had been fun.  Including sneaking a bottle of Kristal for later and hiding it in his jacket.  “Jealousy is the way to go……... nothing brings feeling to the forefront like plain old jealousy.  You say he is cold, unemotional.  Clamped down like a monk’s ass cheeks... hmm?  Well… let’s try and get an emotional rise out of him.  He doesn’t know me.  I look like an alpha male… so he will perceive me as a threat.  You can come to my room, stay with me, travel with me. Who knows... maybe one of us can become a top? Stranger things have happened…... or you can have a sit-down conversation with him over tea like an adult... which would you like to do... a bit of fun or adulting?”  Gulf thought it over for a minute.

Revenge,” he said with an evil twinkle in his eye. “Let’s go find him.”  The two got up and went on the prowl.  It had been a few hours so there was the possibility that Mew had left.  Gulf got the sense that Mew hadn’t been there to see him.  He felt that he had been there because of a mission and not to see him.  So he would be there still.  Gulf had lost his jacket at some point as well as his mask.  His pants were low-slung and hung off his hips. His shirt was a light gauze with lace that left little to the imagination. Mikael had run his hands through his hair a few times to give him a bedhead look. Add to that the alcohol flush he looked a bit decadent.  Mikael looked like the bad boy he was.  Gulf hung onto him as they roamed.  Not long after, Gulf spotted Mew watching them from an upper balcony.  He whispered in Mikael’s ear, “He’s on the balcony, looking down.” Gulf leaned toward him making it look like he was licking his way up Mikael’s neck, Mikael threw his neck back, his eyes half shut, letting a moan out. This enabled him to take a peek.

“He is laser-focused on you. Whoa if looks could kill I would be dead. Let’s keep this up.”  He chuckled. Gulf pushed his body closer, undulating from pelvis to chest making sure every part of his body touched his friends while his hand traveled between the two of them. “Oh, that really feels good, promise you will help me get off later.”

“Oh, I will,” Gulf said as his lips touched Mikael’s giving him feather-light kisses which led to deeper kisses.  Mikael’s arms came around him, gripping his ass, pulling him closer. Gulf was actually getting turned on at that thought that Mew was watching him with another man.  He wondered at Mew’s reaction- was he getting hard? Did this affect him at all?  His thoughts were driving him nuts. They kept dancing with each other. Other men kept joining them as the sound pulsed around them. Gulf’s shirt clung to him. He glanced up to see if Mew was watching and saw him looking right at him. The intensity in his gaze took his breath away making Gulf stop and stare back. He licked his lips. He hoped his gaze said what he wanted to say… this is what you could have had... me.  All of me. Gulf turned away from Mew and put his arms around a stranger turning his back on Mew and his past.  He wanted to look toward his future.  Mikael came behind him… He whispered in his ear… “Let’s get out of here… enough... you are hurting yourself. Please….” Gulf looked over his shoulder and nodded.  Mikael grabbed his hand, leading him off the dance floor.  They made their way down a dark hallway toward the elevators.  Suddenly Gulf found arms surround him, pulling him into a room the door shutting behind him. The room was almost pitch black. He couldn’t see anything. He could only sense that someone was holding him.

“What do you want?” he asked.  The person held him from behind, nuzzled his neck, with his hands roaming Gulf’s torso. Up and down. His shirt stuck to his sweaty torso. Gulf took a deep breath at the arousal he felt. He knew who this was.

“You, only you.”

You don’t deserve me,” he whispered in the dark.

“God, do I know that. But I can’t watch you with someone else. You are all I have thought about. Three hundred and sixty-six days… you… I have questioned everything about my life, my existence.  You deserve better than me.  I tried to let you go. I can’t let you go. Help me let you go so you can go on…” Mew replied as his lips found Gulfs. As his tongue interwove with Gulf’s he felt it to his core. He knew in this kiss that he was home. Gulf was his home.  He had never had that. His life had always been about survival. One day at a time, one mission at a time, one kill at a time and he had been okay with that. Some inner part of him accepted that he wasn’t good enough to have more. That he shouldn’t want more. Until this man, this incredible man in his arms.  He knew his opportunity with Gulf was slipping through his hands like water. But he had no idea how to hold on. He poured his desperation into this kiss. His hands held Gulf’s head still as he deepened the kiss. Gulf’s arms crept up around his shoulders pulling him closer. Their bodies touched from sternum to pelvis. Mew could feel how much Gulf wanted him. He knew Gulf felt how hard he was.  He pulled back from the kiss, letting his thumb travel across Gulf’s bottom lip. They stared into each other’s eyes, searching for an answer, a way forward. Mew’s eye glittered in the dim light. His want for Gulf was such that it brought tears to his eyes.  Their foreheads touched. “Please, please give me another chance,” Mew whispered.  “I can’t lose you. Seeing you with that other man…. Gulf…. Were you trying to hurt me?” His voice escalated. He stepped back and ran his hands through his hair. He felt hurt and anger, despair. “I am sorry…. Fuck… I can’t find the right words.”

“Mew, stop, just stop.  This is all just so over the top. You should let me go.  And that is okay. Work is what is important to you. You ghosted me and walked away.  I have picked up the pieces and went on with my life.  I have new relationships. My career has gone on.  Yes, I mourned the loss of what could have been.  But it is over.  You didn’t want it at that time. Now you act as if you want it now…. I am so confused.  So if you are being honest and you want to build a relationship with me, we will need to start from scratch.  It will have to be back in London. Maybe friendship first? I don’t know, it is hard for me to stay away from you.  I just know I am not ready to commit to you.  I don’t trust you. You need to earn that back.” Gulf said, opening the door and walking away again with his pride.  Mikael stood on the other side, he grabbed his hand and walked away with him. Mew watched as they walked down the hall.

As Gulf walked away with Mikael, black eyes followed him.  What providence the man thought... he could get his revenge and give a beautiful gift to his boss.  He stayed in the shadows walking behind the pair. He just needed the right opportunity. That boy was going to lead to a big payday.


Mikael, I need to go.  I need to be alone. I can’t be here knowing he is here right now.” Gulf said in a shaky voice. “I just want to go….” Mikael hugged his new friend.

“It will be okay…” he whispered.  Gulf pulled away.  He went to the doors leading out to the gondolas. He would grab one and take it to his hotel.  Maybe the fresh air would help settle his thoughts.  The valet assisted him into a waiting boat, telling the boatman where to go. 

Plaza Vecchio, please,” Gulf repeated.  He sat back among the soft pillows. His mind was in a whirl, so he wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings.  He missed when the boat went off the main waterway and had entered a smaller way.  It was dark, the water looked murky. Suddenly the boat lurched, pulling Gulf out of his daze.  He felt a thump and a large dark figure stood in front of him... he looked up.

Remember me?” the man said. Gulf stared. Recognition hit him hard.

“Matteo? I thought….”

“You thought what?  That I was dead, that I had been dealt with?  No, no… Sergei shipped me off. I lost my position. What I did was follow orders.  But because of you and your boyfriend, I lost everything. So now…. you are going pay.”  Gulf scrambled to think… how to get out of this.  He wasn’t in the service; Mew wasn’t going to come to his rescue.  No one knew where he was.  He would need to figure this out himself. Trying to not show his fear, he wanted to engage Matteo.

“I don’t remember much, you drugged me.  I don’t know anything about why it was done. I was a fuckboy for that guy. I haven’t seen him since I left there.”

“Liar, the way he looked at you.  He wouldn’t have just cut you off.”

“Well, you were wrong. He did.  I was nothing to him.  What do you want? I can’t reach him.  Do you want money?  I have some but I am not rich.  I am just a minor celebrity.  I am really no one.” Gulf kept talking.

“Oh, I know what I want….” As he reached out and caressed Gulf’s face, his hand trailing down to his chest. “I can think of ways you can make it up to me…..” he said with a lecherous smile. He leaned closer to Gulf. So close Gulf could smell his stagnant breath.  He tried not to shiver in revulsion.  Matteo turned to the boatman speaking in rapid Italian.  The boat changed course.  “You are coming with me….” He said as he knocked Gulf out.  He didn’t want to risk the boy yelling out.  Gulf slumped on him, making it appear he was sleeping.

Awareness came to Gulf slowly.  He tried to remember everything that had happened.  It came rushing back to him.  He looked around the room.  It was a decent size bedroom. He was lying on the bed, half-dressed.  He tried to ascertain if anything had happened without his consent.  It didn’t feel like it.  He took a deep breath.  He needed to keep his head and figure out a plan to make it out of this.  Light crept through the window so it must be the following day. Oh, his head hurt, and he felt nauseous.  He hoped someone noticed he was missing.  He didn’t think they would realize it until later thinking he had gone home with someone.  He laid back down.  His thoughts drifted to Mew.  He wished he was here.  He cut those thoughts off.  They were not helping him.  He noticed a glint of metal in the corner.  He scrambled off the bed to see what it could be.  There logged between the wall and floorboard was a nail.  He grabbed on to it.  Maybe he could use it.  He rolled it between his fingers.  At least it was something.  He heard heavy footsteps coming to his door.  He quickly jumped back on the bed, feigning sleep.

“Still asleep, I brought you food.  You will definitely need substance to keep up with my plans for you. Get up!” Matteo said as he nudged him.  Gulf opened his eyes as if just waking.


“You heard me, get up, eat.  I told you I had plans for you.” He pushed the tray closer to Gulf.  Gulf looked down and saw an unappetizing stew of some sort and water.  He opened the water bottle first taking a long swallow.  He picked up the spoon and stirred the stew.  He had no desire to eat but knew he had to play along.  He took a mouthful, praying it wasn’t drugged.  “Eat it all, now.”

Gulf ate slowly as he tried to analyze the situation.  If he played along with Matteo, he would have a better chance than if he fought him, right?  But what would that entail?  Suddenly a ringtone sounded startling both of them.  Gulf recognized his phone.

“That is mine. I don’t know where you put it.  If I don’t answer they will search for me.” He said in a quiet voice. Matteo pulled Gulf’s phone out of his pocket. He thrust the phone at Gulf. 

“No funny business or I will end you here.  Don’t doubt that I will kill you.” He threatened.  Gulf looked down at the phone.  It was a number he did not recognize.

“Hello, Gulf here,” he answered.

“Gulf……” the second he heard the voice tears pooled in his eyes.  How did he know to call him…?  “Are you okay?”

“I am wonderful darling; a nice man is taking care of me. He has plans for us today.” Gulf said looking up at Matteo to gauge his reaction. He didn’t appear to be upset by what he was saying.  “I wish you were here with me.  It would be so fun.”  Gulf prayed Mew would get that he was anything but okay.

“Does someone have you…. Gulf… what is going on?”

“Yes…. My time is limited.  I can’t talk long.  But in case I don’t speak with you again… just know you meant….” Mew heard Gulf cry out and scuffling that followed.  The phone suddenly cut off.  Terror swept through him.  Taking deep breaths, he picked up the phone and called his team.  He needed their help.

“Q, do you still have a tracker on Gulf’s phone?  I don’t have time to explain.  He is in danger.  No, I am not 100% sure... I have a strong feeling.” Mew spoke into the phone.  “Damn it…. I am not invading his privacy.  Please for the love of all things holy…. Please help me.  I will sit through every god-awful tech meeting you have and stay awake.”

Within a minute Q had remotely downloaded the GPS tracker coordinates to Mew.  Mew then called his partner Mina.  “I need your help. I need you to back me up. Trust me, please.” He urgently spoke to her.  He saw Gulf was located about 10 minutes from his current location.  It was in a seedy part of town. He worked out risk analysis in his head.  He didn’t know what he would be walking into, but he needed to get Gulf.  He headed out the door determined to save Gulf. 

The building was old, musty smelling.  Mina had sent the schematics to Mew’s phone. She had sent a drone to peep in the windows.  Mew prayed in thanks that technology allowed a bug-sized camera to be able to narrow down where Gulf might be.

“It looks like he is in the third-floor apartment.  I could see the other floors and didn’t see anything. The infrared heat sensors are only picking up two figures.  Third-floor apartment, front room.  Near the window.”

“So from what you sent me… there is one door in… any other access points?  Any other areas of egress?”

No, and only ways out are through the front door or the third story window.  The window lands in the water. I don’t recommend that as a consideration. The water looks dirty.” Mew chuckled… it wasn’t that they could break bones jumping three stories, but the fact the water was dirty.

Okay, I am entering the building. I will be on silent.  I can hear you but won’t be able to respond.” Mew entered the building. He slowly ascended the stairs to the third floor.  The hallway was dimly lit, dirty, and smelled like urine.  He slowly approached the door and knocked.  No response.  He knocked louder.  He heard footsteps approach the door.

Who’s there?” a muffled male voice said.

Excuse me, I am the building supervisor. I heard you had a rodent infestation.  I need to see it.”

“No-go away. No rodents are in here.”

“I beg to differ,” Mew responded as he kicked in the door, knocking the male back.  He quickly entered.  A fist came at him. Mew went into full fight mode.  Years of training paid off.  Despite the man’s big size, Mew was quickly able to immobilize him.  He recognized him as Matteo.  His blood boiled. Sergei was going to pay.  The second time one of his men had gone after Gulf.  Mew pulled his gun out and ended the threat.  He would deal with the consequences, but this piece of trash could no longer hurt Gulf.  He headed to the front bedroom.  Opening the door, he saw Gulf on the bed. He was huddled against the headboard, staring at the door.

“About time you showed up…” he said with a smirk that quickly turned into tears.   Mew rushed over to him, taking him in his arms.

My sweet boy, it’s okay. Are you okay? Did he hurt you? What happened?” Mew’s hands swept all over Gulf looking for injuries.  He felt intact, his clothes were intact.  He looked into those beautiful brown eyes… “Are you okay?” he asked again.

“I am now, thank you. Where is he?  He was going to do things……. Oh, God…... I can’t think.” Gulf grabbed onto Mew, hugging him, sobbing on his shoulder. “Hold me, Mew. Don’t leave me.”

“I am not leaving you; I am here.”  Mew knew he could never leave Gulf.  He buried his face into Gulf’s neck, inhaling his scent. He hugged him tighter.  “I am here, I won’t leave you.”  Slowly Gulf’s sobs quieted down.  He pulled back embarrassed.

“Oh, I am sorry.  I just ruined your shirt.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say. His hands fluttering like butterfly wings smoothing Mew’s shirt.

“Gulf, I have to make some calls ok…. I am just going to sit here as I do it.   I am not leaving you, okay?”  Gulf nodded.  Mew made calls to Mina and the team.  He asked for evacuation and a cleanup.  “In a few minutes, the team will be here to help.  I will take you out of here okay”  Gulf nodded again.  He snuggled closer to Mew.  He felt safe in his arms.  He didn’t know what his future held…. But at this moment he knew he belonged with Mew.

Chapter Text

 Mew led Gulf out of the old building arms tightly wrapped around him. His goal was to get him to a safe location.

Where are you staying?”

 “Plaza Verona” Gulf quietly answered. Mew thought a moment. Going there would mean dragging Gulf through crowds he couldn’t handle at the moment.

“I’m taking you someplace else okay…trust me,” he said looking down at the face he adored. Gulf nodded his response. A speedboat pulled up and Mew assisted Gulf on and jumped in behind him. A few quick words to the driver and they were off. Gulf clung to Mew, his body with faint tremors.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am stronger than this. But when I saw you, it was like something broke in me.” he softly said. So low Mew barely heard him.

Shh it’s just your adrenaline dropping. You will be okay,” Gulf closed his eyes, inhaling Mew’s scent. It calmed him. He must have dozed off a bit. His next memory was of being guided into an old house and up a flight of stairs. Mew held his hand with their fingers entwined. Keys jangled as the door was opened. He walked into a beautiful sunlit room with a wall of windows overlooking the grand canal. Mew led him to a blue velvet sofa and sat him down.

Wait here a moment. I will be right back.”

“Don’t leave me”

“I won’t leave you”

Mew went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water as he started tea for Gulf. He leaned on the counter taking a deep breath. He couldn’t believe that Gulf was here in his place sitting a few feet away. It was like a dream come true. But it happened in the worst situation. Why couldn’t things ever be normal for him? He was tired of the drama of his life. He wanted calm. He wanted to live a life with the man he loved. He could vaguely picture it. He hadn’t really allowed himself the time to fully visualize that life because he never thought it was possible. But the past 24 hrs. had shown him what was important. And that was the young man sitting in his living room. He mattered. Everything else was secondary. But how did he get Gulf to realize he meant it. That might be his biggest challenge yet.

Gulf looked up as Mew came back. His eyes drank in the sight of the man. He had been too angry last night to really look at him. In the daylight he could see how tired Mew was. How his shoulders sagged a bit. Yet his strength as a man was still evident. Not just the physical but his internal strength. It is what attracted people to Mew.

What made you call me? How did you know……. “

Umm Well I umm”

“Well, this can’t be good if you are stuttering. Use words, Mew.” Gulf said.

“I had a feeling”

“A feeling?”

“Yes, a feeling. It was uncomfortable like something wasn’t right”

“Since when did you act on feelings? I am missing something here. Or maybe the stress is getting to me”

“Over the years I have developed a sixth sense that I trust. It has saved me more times than I can count. It’s like my body goes on high alert, I get tingles or burning sensations. Sometimes a sense of foreboding.”

“A sixth sense—do you see dead people too?  Wait--Mew- are you saying I gave you tingles so you called me?” Gulf had to tease him. “What a nice thought- you all tingly and stuff.” Mew’s head turned toward Gulf.

Seriously? You give me more than tingly feelings just by breathing.” Gulf leaned closer, his eyes moving across Mew’s face.

“Like what?” His hand traveled to Mew's thigh, light touches as it traveled higher until it reached its goal. “Oh, this you mean…. I am not sure I can say what I feel at this moment other than something warm and hard.” Mew groaned.

“That is not what I meant but you can continue, and we will see what feelings get you later,” Mew replied raising his eyebrow. “Hmmm do you want this now?” he asked as Gulf let out a sigh.

“As much as I want you-- I want to know how you called me, how did you find me. Were you spying on me? Did you know…….”  The questions started pouring out. Mew put his finger over his mouth to stop them

“As I said- I had a feeling. A bad feeling. At first, I thought it was because you walked away with that guy. So I finished what I had to do at the party. I found out who you had been with, so yes, I had someone do a background check. Don’t give me that look…I needed to know about my competition. The feeling didn’t go away. I went to his room and you weren’t there. I used my contacts to see if you had returned to your hotel. They weren’t able to verify but one clerk said you had arrived. So I assumed you were there. At least you were safe. I couldn’t sleep so I went to your suite. I knocked but there was no answer. Initially, I thought maybe you were passed out. But the feeling intensified. I bribed a maid to get into your room. You weren’t there. I have to say that scared the shit out of me. I chased down your friend who had gone home with another guy. He hadn’t heard from you but assumed you were okay. I asked for your phone number. I was sure in the past year you had replaced your old one. He wouldn’t give it to me. After considerable begging, he gave it to me. I called and you picked up. Your voice, your words—I knew something wasn’t right. When I heard you cry out…”  Mew stopped he dropped his head into his hands. His shoulders trembled. Gulf’s hand hovered over his back before settling in a soft caress. Mew looked up with tears in his eyes.

“You know how they say you see your life flash before you when you die…..well that is what happened when I realized you were in danger and I had no idea where you were or what the situation was….all my missed opportunities. I just knew I had to get to you. I had to save you. I had to…. You can thank Q. When you entered the service, he had a hidden GPS attached to your phone. And since you never changed your phone or your number, he was able to pin down your location. My partner helped with the rest. So here we are…. I am so very glad you are safe.”  Gulf put his hand on Mew’s cheek moving his head so he could look into his eyes.

“It’s because of you. You saved me. Thank you.” He leaned over and softly kissed Mew on the lips. “Thank you for being the man you are.” Mew didn’t know how to respond. Kindness was foreign to him. He looked down.

Well, um. Would you like to take a shower? I have some clothes you can wear.” Mew got up walking toward his bedroom. He was looking in the drawers when he felt Gulf behind him. Warm arms surrounded him from behind as Gulf pressed his body against him. Mew froze. Gulf whispered in his ear.

“Would you mind taking a shower with me? I don’t want to be alone.”  Mew nodded. He felt like he was flying blind. He didn’t know how to navigate this new relationship. He leaned back into Gulf’s warmth

“Mmm, I can if you would like me to” He replied as he turned around in Gulf’s arms. He cupped his face in both hands and kissed him. He knew this moment was too important to let slip by. He packed as much emotion into the kiss as he could. He infused it with the joy of reconnecting, relief Gulf was safe, and hope that they could begin something new and wonderful. Gulf allowed himself to sink into the kiss. As Mew's mouth traveled, he sighed. His tongue licked a trail from behind his ear down to his throat. He threw his head back exposing his throat to his hungry lips and tongue. Mew gently kissed his way down to his collarbone. He then repeated his actions on the way up the other side ending with another soul-scorching kiss. Gulf pulled back with doubt in his eyes.

“I don’t want you to feel obligated to take care of me. I don’t want to be another person you ‘save’. It crushed me when you disappeared. I can’t do it again. I will always want you, but I need to be sure that a relationship with me is what you want. I can’t have you disappearing or putting me last. I need to do the right thing for me.” Gulf’s voice grew quieter the more he spoke.

“Gulf—look at me. I am a man who knows what he wants. Right now I want to touch, kiss, and fuck you like I should have been doing for the past year. But…..If that is not what you want or need. If you don’t see us being able to…..” Gulf's mouth slammed into Mew’s. His kiss left no doubt about who he wanted.

Mew took control of the kiss. This he could do. He could bring him pleasure. He guided Gulf into his bathroom. He had him lean on the vanity. He turned and put on the hot water which quickly enveloped them in steam. He never stopped touching him.  His hands traveled down Gulf’s torso until he could grab the edge of his shirt. He allowed his hand to gently caress his abdomen. He peeled the shirt off throwing it on the floor.  His hands made quick work of the pants sliding them down his long legs before pushing them to the side. He stepped back to look at Gulf. He was stunning, standing there watching Mew with intense dark eyes. 

Your turn, I need to see you,” Gulf said with a bit of desperation in his voice.  He reached out and grabbed the edges of Mew’s dress shirt.  He tore open sending buttons flying. “Sorry, not sorry,” he said with mischief in his voice.  He let his hands travel the gorgeous torso in front of him. He couldn’t believe this man was in front of him. 

“Gulf…” Mew said quietly.  Gulf looked up at him. 

“Sorry, I got a bit distracted by the view.”  He resumed undressing Mew.  He pulled down the black briefs that Mew wore getting his first glimpse of how much he was wanted.  He ran his hand up and down Mew’s length.  He let his thumb travel the tip, dripping in precum.

Enough..” Mew took control.  He guided Gulf under the water letting it cascade over them. He took his mouth in a deep kiss. His mouth moved all over, nipping his jaw, down his neck, to his collarbone. He looked up at Gulf. His eyes were half open and filled with such heat.  He pinched and rolled his nipples as he made his way down his torso before traveling back up.  He took the body wash and poured it onto the cloth. He gently washed Gulf of all the dirt and hopefully the trauma of the past 24 hours.  He paid extra attention to his favorite part.  He turned him around massaging and scrubbing his back. He cupped his ass in his hands, then worked his way down his long legs.  He spread Gulf’s cheeks leaning in to place a kiss. Gulf jumped at the contact then settled down, moaning his pleasure.  Mew turned him back to face him.  He stood back as Gulf reached to touch him.

If you touch me too much I won’t last too long,” Mew said, his voice lower and gruffer than normal.

“I need you, now Mew, now..”

With those words, all control was lost. He used his hands, his mouth, and his whole body to express to Gulf how treasured he was.  He quickly worked him loose, then proceeded to lift him. Gulf wrapped his long legs around him. Mew slowly pushed in.  “Are you okay?” he managed to get out.

Mmmmm, yeah… move, I won’t break. Now Mew.” Gulf demanded. Mew’s hips pistoned, he drove harder and harder into Gulf. Gulf enveloped him in warmth, squeezing him to the point Mew thought his brain would implode.

“I am not going to last long. You feel incredible.”

“mmmm,” Gulf murmured.  The friction on his cock created by Mew’s body stroking him with each movement was driving him to the edge.  “Oh… oh… uhhhhh” Gulf said as he came hard between them. Mew felt him spasm which drove him over the edge.  He groaned out his release.  He almost collapsed from the pleasure but somehow managed to keep standing.  He gently lowered Gulf down.

“Are you okay?”

Stop asking me that…. I am better than okay.” Gulf responded. “Now take me to bed” Mew quickly rewashed both of them. He stepped out first grabbing a thick towel to dry Gulf with.  Once Gulf was dry, he quickly toweled himself.  He led a sleepy Gulf to his bed. He pulled back the comforters.

Lay down” Gulf climbed in and settled.   Mew followed behind, spooning behind Gulf. 

“Gulf, we need to talk…”

“I know, we can talk in the morning.  Let’s have tonight.  We can figure things out in the morning,” he replied as he drifted off to sleep warm in Mew’s embrace.

Mew laid in the dark lost in thought. He’d been with all kinds of men in his life, but never had he been with one he felt so conflicted about. He wanted to fuck him, he wanted to take care of him, he wanted to lock him away and never let him out in the big bad world. He wanted a happy ever after with him.   But his greatest wish was that he, Mew Suppasit, mattered. He just wanted to matter, wanted his feeling to matter, he wanted more than anything to find one person who could feel that way about him. He wanted to be loved.  The question is whether Gulf could love him as broken as he was.  Or was it too much to ask?  He let out a big sigh.

“I heard that. You need to go to sleep,” Gulf in a groggy voice. “We will figure things out. You matter to me” Mew hugged him tighter and finally drifted off to sleep his arms surrounding the one he loved.

Chapter Text

Gulf woke the following morning to an empty bed. He felt the mattress next to him, but it was cold. He burrowed his face into the pillow inhaling Mew’s scent. How he would love to wake up every day knowing Mew was with him. The reality was cruel. He stretched his body, luxuriating in the soreness he felt. Getting up he padded down the hall. His anxiety grew as he worried that Mew left him here without a word. He heard the sound of a voice. It was tense and angry. Mew was unhappy with whoever he was talking to. When he saw him storm clouds were in his eyes when he looked up at Gulf.

I have to go,” Mew said trying to end the call “Yes, I heard you, yes I know, yes but we are talking about this soon,” he said as he hung up.

The men looked at each other. Gulf walked up to Mew and hugged him.

Good morning. Though that didn’t sound very good.”

Mew's arms tightened around him. “It’s a good morning because you are here” he replied as he snuggled his face into Gulf's neck. “Would you like coffee or tea? I was working on breakfast when I was interrupted. Eggs ok?”

Sure..whatever you have”

Mew continued in the kitchen making idle chit-chat. He plated the food setting it on the table.

So you want to tell me what your call was about,” Gulf asked.

“I have to leave. I was called back to HQ to get briefed on a new mission and to report what happened with Matteo.”

When do you have to leave?”

This afternoon,” he said reaching out to grab Gulf’s hand. “I don’t want to go but  I need to finish things.”

“I know. It’s your job. It’s important to you”

“Gulf look at me. Nothing is as important as you. I just need to figure it out. Can you trust that I will figure it out?”

“I can trust you. I don’t trust that it will let you go. Or that a life with me will be enough. Only time will tell.”

“Will you wait?”

“For now. Let’s take it a day at a time, okay?”

“All right. What do you want to do before I leave?”

You really need to ask that?” Gulf replied in a sexy voice. He got up from the table walking back to the bedroom. He stopped looking over his shoulder. “Are you up for it? Or is your age..”

Before Gulf could finish Mew was on him pushing him against the wall.

Don’t. Don’t even try the age comment.” He whispered as he ground his lower body into Gulf letting him feel how up he was for it. He captured his lips in a kiss. The kiss heated up and before Gulf could think he was laying on the bed covered by Mew. His hard body pressing him down. He loved the feel of Mew’s weight on him. Mew’s hand caressed Gulf’s face as he gazed down at him. His eyes misted. Oh how far he had fallen for this man. He prayed to every deity that things would work out. He leaned up for a kiss and forgot the world for a while lost in Mew.


Mew got up looking down at his lover. He didn’t want to wake him. He didn't want to say goodbye. He knew he promised but he didn’t think he could leave if he did. He knew the next mission was critical. That it was very high risk. He had heard rumors about it. He had pushed back but, in the end, he was an agent. He was bound by honor, duty, and love for his country. They were important to him. He wanted to walk away proud that he had served. So he knew he had to take this final mission.

He moved around the room packing his bags. He gathered his wallet and keys. He went back into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed next to Gulf he gently touched his face.

“Love, I have to leave now. I don’t want to leave but I need to do this.”

Gulf stirred awake enough to hear him. He heard the longing in Mew's voice.

“Hey, please be careful and come back to me. Find me. I will wait. This isn’t goodbye. We will see each other again. Promise me”

“I promise I will do my best to get back to you.” He gave Gulf a kiss. He got up and walked out the door. He didn’t give himself the luxury of looking back.

Gulf laid back on the bed, tears flowing. He had a bad feeling about this. But he made promises and he would keep them.

He picked up his cell and arranged to leave Venice. Time to return to reality.


Gulf found himself back at work distracted and not presenting his best self. He hadn’t heard anything from Mew in over a week. He was done with waiting. His own intuition told him Mew was in danger. So he did the only thing he could do. He called Q and begged. He cajoled, bribed, and pleaded. He offered him money clothes gifts and finally himself. Q played along but Gulf offering himself tipped him over the edge.

Alright enough. I will get you the information. No need to do anything. As much as I would delight in letting Mew know we had sexual relations, I can’t in good conscience do it to either of you. I will be over tomorrow” he said

‘Oh, one thing Q…..sexual relations? What the heck are you referring to? You are only 30 why speak like an old man?

“Can’t help it …..I love retro things.” He laughed.

Twenty-four hours later Gulf paced his living room as Q laid out the current mission Mew was on. It was evident that Mew was at high risk of not coming back. And Gulf was not going to let that happen.

“So he was in Paris and his mark is a former SAS agent turned art thief with connection to the Russian mafia? The same group who we infiltrated…the Priory group.” He repeated back to Q.

“Same players. And a few new ones that make Sergei look like a kitten. And this time the goal is art and forgery. It has been going on for years and is quite profitable. The key will be the SAS agent. He loves men. Beautiful men. Word has it he is into sexual domination. Get close to him and you could get information to expose them. Now you wouldn’t have the backing of the Ministry so you are on your own.”

Q spread out pictures of the man. He was younger than Gulf expected. Maybe in his early thirties. He was attractive in a very alpha way.

“Hmm, I could definitely get close to him. It wouldn’t be a stretch. How can I get introduced do you think?”

“Your good friend Xander actually knows him. Get him to set you up. But don’t tell him why or the purpose. You need to keep this as quiet as possible. No one can know what you are doing. Not even Mew when he finds out.”

“Well, I am doing this for him. He wants to be free and have a normal life. I want him to have that and find someone to love even if it’s not me. He is a good man. Give me a few days and I will contact you once I make contact with Lucien Beauchamp. But I can’t promise to not tell Xander. He will know something is up.”

“Gulf, you need to be very careful. I can’t stress that enough. They know you from Lake Cuomo, they will do their research.” Q replied. They spent the remainder of the night planning.




Hello Xander, can you come over or I can meet you somewhere?  I have a favor to ask.” Gulf had thought about it for hours.  He weighed the pros and cons of involving Xander.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but this was so important to him. He knew that his friend would have his back.  Evening came quickly bringing Xander to his door.

Hello my friend,” Gulf said as he led him into the living room. “Can I get you something to drink? How have you been?”

“Busy… no different than you.  I would love a scotch on the rocks.  How about you?  I haven’t really spoken to you since we got back. 

“I know, the weeks have flown by.  Work has been busy.”

“You never really told me everything that had happened in Venice, especially surrounding Mew. Are you still seeing him?  Or did he disappear again taking your heart once again?  Am I here to help pick up the pieces?  I’ve never known two people who are more in denial. You both put up walls a mile high.”  Gulf decided he needed to open up about his realizations and feelings to Xander.

“I love him Xan, it really is a simple as that.  I let go of the anger. It isn’t his fault that things are the way they are.  We came to an understanding of sorts.  But as long as he is with MI6 things will never be normal for him. So I decided to follow the wisdom of the ages… if you love something set it free. If it comes back to you then it was meant to be yours, if not then it never was.  He got called for a mission.  He left and I haven’t heard from him in over a month.  I have a really bad feeling about this.  I can’t shake it.  I tried to distract myself and rationalize my feelings. But it is an overwhelming feeling.  That is why I asked you are over.  I need your help.  I need you to trust that I have thought this out.  That I know the risks to myself.  If ever I need you as my friend, it is now.  Would you consider helping me?”

Gulf, I can tell this is important just by the tone of your voice.  You know I am no fan of Mew. But I love you.  What can I do to help you?  Anything I have is also at your disposal.” Xander replied in a serious tone.

“I met with Q and found out what the mission is that Mew is on.  He is to infiltrate and expose a SAS agent turned art thief.  I found out that you are friends with him.  His name is Lucien Beauchamp.”

“Lucien?  What has he got to do with this?  He is a SAS agent?  Art thief?  I can’t believe that. He is a good chap.”

What do you know about him?”

“His family is minor aristocracy; he was in the service, but I never asked which branch.  His family has old money.  He went to Eaton, Cambridge... you know the normal.  He restores art at the British Museum.  He is absolutely gorgeous and very masculine to boot.” Xander said the last bit with a big sigh and dreamy eyes.  “I heard he is skilled lover… thought I have to say I don’t know anyone who has been a boy or girlfriend of his come to think of it. I’ve seen him with both at events.”

“Seems like he is a lot more than he seems.  MI6 has been looking at thefts that have occurred in France. They involve him or so they think.  There are links back to the Priory group and the Russian mafia.  Rumor of sexual kinks and sex trafficking.  I need an introduction to him.  Under the guise that I want to learn about art. My goal is to try and establish a relationship with him. And above all Xander… it has to be real to everyone.  This is not a game.  You can’t breathe a word to anyone about what I have shared.  Lives may depend on it.”

“Mmm, I can definitely set you up for introductions.   There is an art opening this weekend for an up-and-coming painter.  He is sure to be there.  Are you ready that soon?”

Yes, the sooner this begins the sooner it is over. Text me the details.” Gulf thought about how he was going to approach him.  He knew that sticking as close to his real self would be the best. He just hoped he could attract a man of this caliber.


The car pulled up to the East End gallery. Gulf took a deep breath. Let the games begin he thought to himself.  He had to do this for Mew.  The car door opened, and Gulf climbed out.  He took a moment to look in the bright picture windows of the gallery.  Through the window, he saw the elite mingling and drinking.  He stood with his hands in his pockets taking the time to look at the art displayed in the windows.  He felt a presence next to him.

“Not many stop to look at these.  Everyone is in a rush to get inside to be seen.  I think these are some of his best works,” he heard a deep voice say. Gulf looked at the man standing next to him.  He was about 190 cm, broad-chested and gorgeous in a fitted black suit. The man looked at Gulf. He seemed to be assessed with those eyes.  His eyes were unreadable.

Well, I can’t say I know anything about this… I just know what it makes me feel.  And the picture on the right just pulls me. It reminds me of grief, loss.”  He turned away to walk into the gallery.  He sensed that to attract this man he needed to be the prey.  This was a man who had people throw themselves at him.  Gulf refused to be one of them. As he reached the door a large hand-pulled it open.  The man gestured for Gulf to proceed with him. As they entered a hush fell over the room, Gulf felt eyes turning to look at him and the man behind him.  He started to walk forward when he felt a hand at the base of his spine guiding him to the right.  He leaned back into the warmth.  People came up to them, focusing on the man and looking at Gulf as if he was a puzzle.  Gulf pulled away as Xander came running up to him.

Gulf, I have been waiting for you.  You are late as always.” His friend said as he leaned in giving Gulf a quick kiss.

“I told you I would be here.  I am sorry. There was a traffic delay from my last shoot.”  Xander looked behind him noticing who he had come in the door with.

“Lucien, I didn’t see you there.  Oh, I see you have met my dear friend Gulf.   Gulf this is my friend Lucien.  Lucien is an art restorer, and his presence can make or break an artist's show.  So I am sure the artist is very please you are here tonight.  Did you come with anyone?” Xander made a show of looking around as he flirted with Lucien.

“Now Xander, you know I don’t mix business and pleasure if I can avoid it.  How have you been?”

“Good, good.  Busy… Oh, I see Byron over there…. Gulf… If you start over on the right side, you can follow the exhibit.   I will be back in a bit I really need to grab Byron.”  Gulf nodded his understanding.  He felt Lucien’s eyes on him.  He looked up at him, nodding as he walked away.

He started with the first painting, it was a bit ugly and he couldn’t see what anyone saw in it.  But he tried to apply the little he remembered from an art class he took in college.  He turned his head to the side, then the other side.  He really couldn’t figure it out.  Suddenly a glass appeared in front of him.

“I wasn’t sure what you like so I just picked a red.” He heard Lucien say in his ear.

“Thank you” Gulf murmured taking a sip. “Mmm, it really smooth” He took another sip tilting his head back a bit.  Lucien’s eyes followed his throat as he swallowed.  He licked his lips unconsciously at the thought of the man licking his neck.  Gulf had to admit he was attracted to him.  But then a dead person would be attracted to a man as gorgeous as Lucien Beauchamp.  “But…. I don’t get it…” he said as he waved his hand at the painting.  “It is just blah like someone threw up punch after eating a salad.  Not very attractive.”  This earned him a chuckle.

“Dare I ask if you have seen that combination before?”

“Well, yes… college parties and overconsumption…..” Gulf laughed.  “I can’t believe I picked that analogy.  Way to go…. I am sure I have now totally unimpressed you..” his eyes were twinkling.  A deep loud laugh came from the man standing next to him.  Eyes turned to watch.

You have already made quite the impression Gulf.  Would it help if I talked you through what I think the concept is?”  Gulf nodded.  “See I think he was using the deep purple to represent deep emotion… and the green tones to express rebirth…. Similar to how someone would feel as they vomited grape punch after eating salad.”  Gulf’s eyes flew to Lucien’s face, and he burst out laughing. 

“That was a good one….”   They continued to chat as they walked through the gallery.  Luc as he asked to be called was a very engaging companion. For a bit, Gulf forgot why he was there and just enjoyed his company.  That was until Xander came back.

“Gulf, now, you told me you wanted someone to help you understand art.  I have someone I want to introduce you to.  He wants to meet you as he has been admiring you from afar, oh his words and not mine.  Maybe you will get more than art instruction…. Would help with your dry spell.”  Gulf turned bright red.  He couldn’t believe what just came out of his friends’ mouths.  It was the story they had worked on but hearing it was a whole other thing.   Gulf wished the floor would open. 

“Xander, I am hurt that you wouldn’t consider me,” Luc said.  “What... don’t want your friend to be friends with me?”

“Oh… well… you are um… so well known.  I didn’t think you would have time. Gulf is not your normal type if you know what I mean.”

“Normal type?  I wasn’t aware I had one.  Xander, would you care to elaborate?” Luc replied with a raised eyebrow.  Xander rolled his eyes.

You know... you usually bring gorgeous men with you or women. Gulf is beautiful... but he…” Gulf jumped in. 

“Enough Xan, enough…. Luc is your friend. Don’t dig the hole any deeper. Also, I am not looking for a lover, just a teacher.  I can always find both online….  This is just too embarrassing.” Gulf said “I am going to the men’s room. I will be back and hopefully you will have removed your foot from your mouth.”

Gulf walked to the men’s room.  He entered and leaned against the washbasin taking a deep breath.  He hoped that Lucien would take the bait.  Xander had done his best, but they really didn’t know what Lucien liked.  Gulf acknowledged that he might not be his type.   He waited a few more minutes before leaving the room.  He walked right into a human wall. His hands reached out to grab it for balance.  Arms swept around his waist to stabilize him.  He looked up into whiskey-colored eyes that held definite interest.

Luc, I am sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” He murmured. “I am so sorry about Xander.  He can be a handful…. I don’t…” he didn’t get to finish as soft lips touched his.  The kiss deepened.  Gulf kissed him back moving his hands up around his neck.

Shhhhh, I would love to teach you about art,” Luc said softly.  “How about we talk about your lessons over dinner tomorrow.”  Gulf agreed wondering where this was all going to lead.  They returned to the art show where for a few hours Lucien explained light and competition to him. 


Dinner the following night, led to more dinners, dates, movies, and late-night talks.  Gulf learned about Lucien who was surprisingly open. He talked about his SAS years, how he got into art restoration.  Gulf could sense that he held something back.  The few times they were intimate never led to sex.  Just intense kissing and hand jobs.   Gulf finally decided he would need to just ask.  Otherwise, he would never learn what he needed to help Mew.  They were walking to Luc’s apartment after dinner.  Gulf took the plunge.

“I have to be honest Luc. I get hit on all the time, I work in an industry that promotes physical appearance and all things superficial. So why haven’t you tried anything with me?”

What are you talking about?” Luc asked truly perplexed.

You haven’t given any indication that you want to go further. I catch you staring at me. At your age, I don’t think you are celibate. So what is going on? Do you not like men or is it just me? You have to feel the pull… or it in my head,” Gulf muttered.

Lucien debated how much he could or should tell Gulf. His patience had rewarded him. Lucien knew all about Gulf. His team had done a thorough background check. He knew that he had worked with MI6 and had prior run-ins with the Priory.  He knew he was linked to 008.  What he didn’t know was what Gulf was up to…. Not for one second did he believe that Gulf didn’t have an ulterior motive. So he sat like a cat waiting for the mouse to make its move. Gulf was now showing his hand. Poor boy.

“Can I take you somewhere Gulf?  I think that would give you some insight to me or we can continue as we are… not friends and not lovers.” He spoke.  Gulf let out an internal sigh. This may lead to more information.  “I will pick you up on Thursday night.”

Lucien showed up at his door on Thursday as scheduled.  Gulf took one look at him and thought he looked like a fallen angel.  He was dressed head to toe in black. His bespoke shirt and pants showed off his body to its maximum potential.  Gulf hadn’t been sure what to wear.  He had asked questions, but Lucien refused to give any details.  So he chose dress pants in charcoal and a white t-shirt with a jacket on top.  He made sure the t-shirt was tight, so it accentuated his torso.  He had styled his hair to look like he had just rolled out of bed.  Lucien looked at him, licking his lower lip.

Mmm. You look good” he said in a low voice.  Gulf lowered his eyes blushing at the sexual undertones of such a mundane comment. “Ready?”  Gulf nodded.

They arrived at a nondescript building.  Lucien walked to the door ringing a buzzer.  They were let into a large industrial-styled foyer. A security guard did a brief pat-down and an electronic wand over them.  Gulf looked at Lucien with a question in his eyes.  Why this level of security he wondered?  Lucien took his hand and guided him into an elevator.  Neither said a word.  The elevator went up and opened to a large open space. There was music playing and people mingling. A large bar took up one entire wall.  Gulf looked around.  It seemed like a mixed gathering of people.  Men with men, women with men, women with women.  Lucien led him to the bar ordering them drinks.

So where are we, Luc?”

“A private club, see these people.  These are the people behind the scenes that wield both power and money. When you get to their level of power, they have you seek power elsewhere.  At that is where this club comes in.”

“What do you mean?”

Gulf, see that couple over there?” as he pointed to a young man and an older gentleman.  The young man looked down at the floor as he spoke to the man.  Gulf noticed he was flushed listening to the man.  “That man is a CEO of a multinational corporation, and that boy is his.  He is dominant in the boardroom and in the bedroom. The boy is his. Do you understand what I am saying?”  Gulf shrugged. He had an idea. “The young man thrives on being controlled and the man thrives on demanding control. So for them, it is a win, win situation.  Mutually beneficial arrangement.”  Gulf studied them some more watching their behavior.   He thought back to when Mew had him kneel in submission for their mission.  How it had felt natural to him.  He chose not to verbalize this to Lucien. So he allowed the man to continue to talk.  “This is what I like and crave.  I am a dominant Gulf. I don’t get off with the vanilla sex life of the average man.  I get off on having a man submit to me, of their own free will.  Letting me take over to give them maximum pleasure.”

How did you get into this lifestyle?” Gulf was genuinely curious.

“That, my friend is a story for another day.  Would you like to see more?”  Gulf nodded his agreement. 

Lucien showed him through the club. He showed him the exhibition rooms, the voyeur rooms, the orgy rooms, and finally the dungeon as it was called.   It was here Gulf saw the more extremes of Lucien’s lifestyle.  He saw the spark in his eyes as he watched what was happening.  Gulf could feel the excitement coming off of him in waves.  He put his hand on his sleeve…

You can join if you would like.  I can watch,” Gulf said. 

Lucien debated. He calculated this may be the way he could figure out if Gulf would want to join him in this.  He nodded as he rolled his sleeves up.  He approached a tall man who was wielding what looked like a cat toy.  It had a feather on the end yet was thin as a whip.  The gentleman handed the instrument over to Lucien.  Lucien faced the young man who was attached to what looked like a cross. His arms extended to the side of his naked body standing tall against the pillar.  The young man’s eyes stayed on the ground, his skin pink and flushed.  Lucien walked around him, speaking to him in a low voice.  He began using the feather to tease and tantalize. Occasionally he would use a flick of his wrist to mark the man.  Gulf watched entranced.  He kept picturing Mew doing this to him. He was turned on by the thought.  He shook his head.  No, he was not here to imagine sexcapades with Mew.  He was here to help him.  Lucien noticed that Gulf was turned on by what he saw.

Gulf would you like to try?  You don’t need to get fully undressed.  I could just show you how it felt on your torso.”  Gulf thought for a moment.  Anything to help.  He proceeded to take his t-shirt off leaving him feeling vulnerable.  His chest only had light definition.  He knew his shortcoming from being a model.  Lucien quickly strapped his wrists to the cross beam.  He used his hands to gently touch Gulf.

“I am just going to touch you.  I am going to put a blindfold on you. I want to heighten your senses, so you really feel this.” He explained.  The world went dark for Gulf.  He heard Lucien breathe.  The sounds of the room became muted as he focused on the man.  He felt the feather touch him. It was light, it moved around his torso causing him to get goosebumps.  Suddenly he felt a pinch.  Like a rubber band being snapped against his skin.  Then immediately the soft touch.  It happened over and over.  It was driving him crazy the mixture of sensations.  He bit his lower lip.

Lucien looked at the sight in front of him. Gulf was beautiful so flushed pink, his cock semihard.  His beautiful lips.  He snapped a picture.  It took everything in his power to stop and not play this out.  He reminded himself of the bigger agenda.  And a gorgeous young man was not going to bring him down.  He gently unstrapped Gulf whispering in his ear. “You did beautifully, how do you feel?”

Gulf was in a haze.  He didn’t know how to answer.  He threw his shirt back on.  “I need a drink” he replied.  They moved back to the lower bar. 

“So now you know about my proclivities.  You are welcome to join me anytime. I would love to play with you.” Luc said testing the waters.  How far would Gulf go for Mew?

Gulf looked at him with dark eyes.  “I think I would like that.”  He knew he needed to follow this through if he wanted to save Mew.



Mew couldn’t believe it had been six months since he last saw Gulf.  He was exhausted.  He was tired, tired of the darkness he lived in. He felt like an empty shell going through the motions. He knew this risked his life but he couldn’t find it to care. Would this ever end?  The nights were the hardest for him.  In the dark, he thought of Gulf.  He dreamt of him. He dreamt of a life with him.  Then morning came and he knew that he was the worst thing to happen to that boy.  Gulf deserved so much more. He deserved more than an assassin.  Mew wasn’t sure how he could let him go.  He wasn’t sure he was that big of a man to walk away. On the outside, he appeared the same. Same old Mew.

 He had been able to infiltrate a group of wealthy art collectors still using his persona from Lake Cuomo. He knew that cover was thin at best.  He had been able to pinpoint the mastermind as one Lucien Beauchamp.  Mew had been surprised to find out he was a former SAS agent.  He had met him a few times in the past but had no inkling of his position in the organization. He hadn’t got a clear read on the guy. He had heard rumors about a dark side filled with murder, kinks, and power. Whispers of the young men he had and how he corrupted them.  Mew had taken those whispers and created a deviant side to his persona.  It wasn’t hard to do. His emotions swirled and he let them guide him down the abyss.  Part of him hoped he could come out the other side and his other side thought it would be the perfect way to escape. 

He studied, he practiced. He skirted the edges of the BDSM world in Paris.  A participant yet not.  He found a few young men who had prior interactions with Lucien. They were able to enlighten him on how the man operated.  He wanted full and total control.  He got off on control.  Mew learned he was brilliant in the subtle ways he achieved his goals.  Mew finally approached him.  He knew that he needed to lay all his cards on the table to appear plausible.  Figuratively throw his persona to the wind.  So on a rainy October day, he met with Lucien and let all his secrets out.  He admitted he was an operative, that he was meant to infiltrate his band of thieves and that he was looking for a way out.  Lucien sat across from Mew trying to figure out his end game.  He knew that this ‘confession’ was scripted.  That while Mew gave truths he also held back.  Lucien was determined to find his weakness. Then maybe, just maybe he could beat Mew at his own game.

Lucien pulled Mew into his circle.  He took him to dark clubs, taught him how to best dominate submissives.  Hours upon hours they talked.  Letting each other see sides of themselves they hide from others.  Months into this charade Mew slipped. A tall young man with black eyes and dark hair walked into the club in Paris. He did a double-take.  He looked like Gulf but was only a shadow of Gulf.  In those few moments, he gave himself away. Lucien knew then that all the rumors had been true.  That Mew and Gulf were more than prior co-workers.  He saw all the longing, love, and desire in Mew’s eyes.  The sadness that happened when he realized the young man was not Gulf.  So now Lucien charted out his course to destroy Mew. He had the chess pieces, now all he needed to do was move them to checkmate.


Paris in the fall was beautiful Gulf thought.  The weather was crisp. The trees had turned beautiful colors.  Gulf loved sweater weather.  He loved to snuggle in the warm layers that hugged his body.  He had flown over with Lucien.  The man who still remained a mystery to Gulf. He had taken him under his wing showing Gulf a side of life he never imagined existed.  Well, he had heard of it, but he hadn’t understood the psychological impact it had.  His days were busy being himself, but at night, after an evening with Lucien, he let his mind wander.  He re-ran scenes he had witnessed in his head. He replaced the key player with Mew and Gulf.  In the dark, he could let his fantasies run free.  Maybe, just maybe if things worked out, he could explore this side of himself.

He entered the bookstore. It was his favorite place in Paris, hidden in a back alley in Montmartre. He loved the musty smell of the old books.  He nodded at the owner and headed to his favorite alcove.  He had brought his current read and was planning to spend the afternoon reading.  A flash of red caught his attention. He looked toward it and lost his breath.  Standing across from him was Mew.  Mew with his arm around a young man, laughing and smiling.  He leaned down and kissed the young man while whispering to him.  Gulf dropped his book, making enough noise that it drew their attention.  Mew’s face registered his shock.  Gulf just stared.  He felt like his heart shattered into a thousand pieces.  He heard,

“Gulf, wait….” As he turned and walked away.  He was not talking to him.  He was not going to acknowledge him.  Gulf left the store and quickly ducked into an open doorway, shutting it behind him.  He held his breath.  He heard footsteps go past the door, stop and head back to the door.  The knob jiggled but the lock held. A voice that haunted his dreams whispered, “I am sorry.” He heard the footsteps recede.  He slid down the door.  He didn’t know how long he sat there.  It could have been minutes or hours.  His mind was a swirl of emotions. He tried to dissect what he saw, what he knew, what he wanted, how he felt and how could he forget what he saw.  

Fuck… fuck…” Mew thought the moment he saw Gulf. This was not how he expected to see him.  He knew that it looked damning.  The instant shine of tears in Gulf’s eyes said it all.  Mew, once again, hurt him.  His stomach plummeted.  He needed to explain.  He murmured to the young man he was with and took off after Gulf.  But he lost him.  He didn’t see him anywhere. Mew thought he might have gone into a doorway, but the door was locked.  Every instinct in him told him Gulf was on the other side of the door. He could only say he was sorry…


At Lucien’s request, Gulf found himself entering an exclusive club later that evening. Lucien had picked up on Gulf’s emotions.  He knew something had happened that afternoon. Given the way Gulf was acting it had to have involved Mew.  It was time to start the end game.  The club was La Tanière du Loup an ultra-exclusive, invitation only club. The entry was dark-lined in purple velvet.  Huge beefy security guards stood at the ready.  The receptionist, if they could be called that, greeted him. He asked for the code and ID which Gulf provided.  He was escorted to a bar that extended along the back wall.   The bartender took one look at Gulf and poured him a drink.  “You look like you need a drink, this one is on me. Enjoy!” as he slid the Macallan toward him.  Gulf nodded his thanks.  He looked around.  It was definitely impressive.  He wondered what he would find.  As he sat looking into his drink an employee came up to him.

 “Do you need instructions about our Den?” Gulf nodded.

“First floor is our mix and mingle.  Where everyone gets comfortable. Level 2 is where people start to pair off or gather in groups depending on their wants.  Level 3 is private areas.  Level 4 is the Den. Anything goes there.  What you wish or desire we will provide.  There are no limits here.”

“You mean if I want someone, I can’t have... you will get them for me?” Gulf said bitterly.

“We provide you with whatever you desire,” was the reply.

Gulf cringed at this. 

Do you have strong dominants?” he asked.  In his mind, Mew would be dominant. Maybe he could find his replacement here. Maybe it was time for him to give up his foolish dreams.  He thought of the times he had been with Mew.  He had gladly surrendered control to Mew because he had trusted him.

Yes, we do.” was the reply. “Including the one you want. Master Lucien said it was his gift to you.”

Gulf was speechless.  How did Luc know?  But then he thought… how did Lucien not know.. that man was a shark.  Of course, he knew.

“Where would I find what I want?” Gulf asked.  He took another sip of his drink.  He finished it and motioned for a second.  The man waited for Gulf to ask again.


“The Den… what you want is in the Den,” he said. After a few minutes, Gulf turned and spoke.

“Lead the way.”

The staff member led Gulf to level 4.  They went down an elevator reaching the lower level.  The door opened to a huge floor.  Many people congregated around the floor.  In the center, there was a dais. On it was a huge throne.  Gulf chuckled to himself as it reminded him of the Iron Throne. He wondered who the king was.  People were mingling all over.  In the center was a Cross. On it, a young man was strapped. He was beautiful in his supplication.  Over him was a man, his face hidden behind a mask.  Gulf knew instantly that it was Mew.  Gulf held his breath. How had Lucien known? Had this been his plan all along.  Defeat Mew by using Gulf?

The hair on Gulf’s body stood on end.  His body was hyper-aware that Mew was here. He stepped back into the shadows to watch the show. Mew was using a flogger on the man. Gentle then harder then back to gentle.  Gulf stood watching transfixed. A voice murmured in his ear.

“Would you like to surprise him? Are you wishing it was you?” Gulf nodded in response without much thought to Lucien’s voice.  Of course, he was here. “I can make that happen. But think about the consequences. Make sure it's what you really want.”

“I want it. It will either be another beginning or the end. I know Lucien, more than you realize.”

“See that woman, tell her I sent you over.”   Gulf approached the woman. 

“I want to be next. I need to be next,” he said. She looked at him then looked over his shoulder. She gave a slight nod. Stepping back she analyzed him… the young man was stunning, and he would definitely draw a crowd. 

Have you ever done this before?” she asked.

“No, but I have wanted to.” He replied.  Little did she know that he wanted it only with Mew. To be truly owned by him—body, mind, and soul. She looked at him.  Really looked at him. Gulf was afraid she would see through him.

Okay, I will have you up next.  Once this one cums, okay, you should strip” 

Gulf stripped down to his underwear. Getting dressed that evening he had decided on lace. He never thought he would show them to the world. He hesitated. Maybe this was a mistake. 

“Umm, I didn’t expect to…. you… you know…” he gestured down to his panties. “Maybe I could keep my pants on… just unbuttoned.” His face was flaming red.

“Oh… no… these will be perfect.” The dominatrix responded to him. “You are incredibly sexy.  Even I want you and I don’t want men,” she said in a low voice. “He won’t be able to control himself.” Shaking her head as she ran her hands up and down his body. “Let me put a light oil on you…” as she poured a light glittering oil and rubbed it on his torso.  Gulf inhaled… it burned and tingled.

What is that?” he asked.

“My special oil.. it will heighten the sensations for you, I promise.”  Gulf felt like his skin was on fire but in a good way. Her hand traveled down to touch his cock.

Nope… you are not going there,’ He pulled away.  He was sensitive as it was.  She gave him a mask to put on.

Before he knew it, she pushed Gulf forward.  The lights were very dim as he was positioned. He knew initially  Mew wouldn’t be able to see that it was him.  He tried to relax knowing that Mew was going to be in charge.  He was strapped to the cross feeling exposed.  The lights went up a bit. Out stepped Mew.  He wasn’t looking at the man on the cross.  It was his way of disassociating from what was happening.  He began to gently touch the man causing him to moan. Wait, Mew thought, it sounded so much like Gulf.  He opened his eyes and saw the love of his life in front of him.  The realization caused Mew to stop and stare. What the hell, he thought. How did he end up here?   The watching crowd grew restless. He allowed his hands to move across Gulf, feather-light touches to stimulate him.  He took his fill of him.  How beautiful he stood, in his lace, his gorgeous body exposed for him.  He pulled Gulf’s chin so that he looked at him. So Gulf knew it was him. That he knew it was Mew who was in charge and pleasuring him.  Gulf swallowed and nodded. He knew.

Mew wanted nothing more than to please Gulf.  He absolutely loved this man.   But so much was at stake.  There was no way the powers to be didn’t know who Gulf was and what his relationship was to him. Gulf was his ultimate weakness.  He had no doubt now that Lucien knew it.

Gulf shivered.  He felt every slight touch from Mew.  His body responded with goosebumps and shivers. He couldn’t control his body.  Even if he wanted to deny his feelings, his body did not.

There was nothing more he wanted than to have Mew own him, his body and soul.  Yet he recognized the need to stay in the moment. He was here to prevent Mew from being killed. 

Mew began his sweet seductive torture. Gulf was soon lost in his head. Lost to the sensations created by Mew. He couldn’t tell how long it was going on. He let himself slip to a place where reality was gone.  In his mind Mew and Gulf were together, floating between pleasure and pain. He heard moans that turned him on more. Not realizing he was the one moaning.  Soon Mew’s body was covered with a layer of sweat. He was rock hard.  He didn’t know how much longer he could continue this. Gulf had given himself totally over to him.  Just as he felt they both reached the end…. Gulf thrusting his hips forward, going to cum without any hands-on him, Mew quickly unstrapped him.  The crowd booed.  They wanted to see the culmination of Mew’s actions.  Mew was not sharing Gulf’s release with them.  He picked the boy up and carried him off the stage. Gulf was slightly aware he was being carried.  His next awareness was of Mew’s body covering his as he was leaned against the wall. 

“Baby, Let go… It’s okay… come for me,” he heard Mew say in his ear.  Gulf let go.  He was utterly wrecked.  Once he was done, he collapsed, Mew’s arms the only things that kept him from hitting the floor.  He opened his eyes.

“Mew, everything I did was for you,” he murmured. Mew’s hands gently cupped his face. 

Suddenly gunfire erupted.  Mew covered Gulf with his body while trying to assess the threat.  What could be happening?   People rushed by.  More gunfire and screams.  Smoke filled the air.  “Wait here, baby,” Mew said as he got up to run. He went out to the room and took in the chaos.  A group of men dressed in black swat clothes was firing on the crowd.  Mew picked up on English accents.  They were demanding Lucien Beauchamp. 

Lucien stepped out into the light.  He saw these men were not the Russian mafia.  He had actually been set up.  Some of these men he recognized as part of his SAS team.  Gulf had betrayed him.  He had underestimated the young mans’ love for Mew.  Lucien flicked his wrist toward Gulf. A shuriken flew and hitting Gulf in the chest.  Gulf let out a cry as the gunfire hit Lucien bringing him to his knees.  He managed to throw another star at Gulf.  This hit his neck causing torrents of blood to erupt.  He had some satisfaction as the world went black around him.

Gulf’s hand went to his throat.  He could feel his blood seeping out.  He couldn’t see Mew.

“Mew…” he tried to yell out above the deafening noise around him.  His world was getting fuzzier. 

Mew heard the cry.  He turned and saw Gulf.  Oh God no… he saw blood everywhere and had watched the second shuriken hit him.  He couldn’t get there in time to stop it.  His hands clutched Gulf’s neck trying to stanch the bleeding. 

“It’s okay baby… I’ve got you.  Help…. I need help!” he yelled out.  He tore off his shirt and wrapped it around Gulf’s neck.  Trying to stop the bleeding.  Through the chaos he knew he hadn’t been heard.  He picked Gulf up and ran.  Ran like he never had before.  He opened the door to the street.  SWAT cars were all around.  “Help, help him please,” he begged.  Paramedics raced up grabbing Gulf from Mew.  “Stay back,” they yelled.  Mew took a few steps back.  He gripped his head in his hands.  No, this couldn’t be happening.

He watched as they triaged Gulf and then loaded him into the ambulance.  Will he be okay he asked... he heard them say... it doesn’t look good.  He coded already.  Mew tried to get in the ambulance with him, but the team held him back. 

“You need to stay and be briefed.  Let him go, get the help he needs.” It was the last thing Mew wanted to do.  He was fighting them pushing and punching.  He then felt a pinch in his arm and the world went dark.


Hours later Mew woke up sitting in a dark interrogation room.  Across from his was M and fellow agents. 

“Well, this had ended in quite a mess 008.  But it was successful.” M said.

Gulf… how is he?  Where is he?” Mew didn’t care about the mission.  He just didn’t care.  He should have been the one hurt. M gave him a look of pity and sadness.

“Mew… he…. He didn’t…”  Mew let out a howl of pain.  No, they were lying.  Gulf was fine. He was in the hospital.  His boy was okay.  He heard M say again… “I am so sorry.  He took this on himself.  He went to Q months ago.  He developed a plan to make sure you got out alive.  He left a detailed notebook that will enable us to capture the highest in command.  Our country owes him a huge debt.”  She spoke.  Mew stared at her thinking he couldn’t have heard her correctly.

“Let me see it.”

“After we debrief you... so let’s start at the beginning.”  Mew went back to the day in Venice when he received the call.  He left nothing out.  He just wanted this to end.  He needed to see Gulf.  He wanted to read his notebook.

When can I see him?” he asked.  M let out a big sigh.

“He is gone Mew, we transported him a few hours ago. His family will be there for him.”

Mew crumbled.  This is not his reality.  

“Let me read the notebook,”. They handed it over.  It detailed the last eight months. The amount of detail that Gulf captured would ensure these men never would see the light of day. He got to the last page.  He knew it was for him...


If you are reading this, I am most likely gone. But you are still here.  And that was my goal.  I want you to have a beautiful life. Take this as a gift that will enable you to be free of MI6. 
Find the man of your dreams, buy a house, get married, have dogs and kids.  Live free knowing you did your best for your country.  Forgive yourself…you did the best you could at any given moment.  I have never met a man I admired more than you.  I have never loved anyone more than you.  You have my heart and soul.  I knew going into this it might end this way. I was ready. 

As Jack Powell said ‘Please don’t worry so much. Because in the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky, when the stars are strung across the velvety night, and when shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day, make a wish. Think of me. Make your life spectacular. I know I did’ especially by loving you.



Mew shattered.  He didn’t know how he was going to go on.  He looked up at M. 

“I am done… no more.” He said as he got up and walked out of the room. 


Chapter Text

Gulf floated…. he saw himself lying on the gurney. Mew holding onto him. Crying. Why was he crying? He was here… he was okay.  He was warm. The light surrounding him was beautiful. He wanted to tell Mew it was all right.  He tried to move his arm, but he couldn’t.  He wanted to reassure him.  I love you, Mew.  He tried speaking but he saw his mouth didn’t move.   He watched as men pulled Mew away… Don’t take him! He wanted to fight the men.  But he couldn’t move. 

His next awareness was of a sharp current going through his body.  God, that hurt.  What were they doing to him?  He felt every pain in his body.  This was awful.  He wanted the warmth and peace back.  He could hear the people talking around him.

“He has a rhythm… BP 60/40”

“Bolus him with another 500 ml... get additional epi ready.   I need to get his airway stabilized.  Where the hell is trauma?”

“They are on their way... should be here in a few.”

“Fuck, this guy’s too young.  Young man, you are not dying on my watch.” 

The light and the warmth were back…. Gulf floated again. He watched the people below.  They were working so hard on this person in the bed.  He heard them frantically speaking amongst themselves.  He looked toward the door and saw a figure…. It was his grandmother.  She was waving for him to come over. Her mouth wasn’t moving but he could hear her.

Grammy- I love you!   I miss you…” he said.

“I miss you too Gulfie…. But it is not your time.”

“But it is so warm and peaceful here.”

You are not done.  You have a young man waiting for you.  You have love waiting for you. It is not your time.”

“But he doesn’t love me, not as I love him.”

“Oh, you foolish boy.  He does love you.  Go back to him.  He needs you.  Do you want to leave him alone?”

Gulf thought about it.  He couldn’t leave Mew.  Definitely not like this.  He knew Mew wouldn’t survive his death especially if he thought he caused it. 

Grammy…. I love you.  Watch over me please.” He said reaching toward her.

Once again, he felt an electrical current that hurt.  Wow, it was extremely painful.  

We got him back again.  Keep the fluids running. Is the OR ready?”  Gulf slipped back into oblivion.


Minutes, hours, days, and weeks later Gulf was laying on the bed.  Sunlight streaming on his face.  It was so warm. He was back in his body but floating between dimensions.  He had a vague awareness of what was going on, but he hadn’t yet been able to pull himself completely back.  He was comfortable in this state.  He was able to dream of his perfect life with Mew.  They were together. Totally in love and happy.  They bought a cottage together; it even had a white fence.  He felt Mew’s arms around him, he went to sleep in his arms every night and woke up next to him every day.  They laughed and loved.  When he came out of his fugue state, he could hear the people around him.  Sometimes he paid attention.  On one particular day, he heard the distress in a woman’s voice.  Who was that? What were they saying?

“Any update on Mew? has he found out our deception yet?”

“No M, he has not.  But he is not doing well.  He never leaves his house, I heard he is fading away.  It is to the point he is not eating, not drinking.  It is like he wants to die.”

“Have we sent the medical team”

“Yes, he won’t let them in the house.  He refuses everything.  It has been six weeks and his condition is deteriorating.  We need to tell him… losing two of them… is it worth it?”

“Damn it, I want things wrapped up.  Then I can tell him… how much longer?”

“Give me twenty-four hours,” a man’s voice spoke.

“Make it happen,” M spoke.  Gulf felt the words.  Mew wasn’t doing well?  He just saw him.  Or did he?  Gulf tried to push out of the fog.  He moved his fingers.  He tried to open his eyes.  Damn it—why weren’t they opening for him?   He needed to help Mew.  The pull of sleep pulled him back under.


In Kensington, Mew heard a loud bang.  He didn’t care to get up and find out what it was.  Life had lost all meaning to him.  He had been drifting in and out of sleep. He wished he was with Gulf. He dreamed of seeing him again.  He thought of the life he wanted with Gulf.

“Mew, get up!  How dare you lay there like that!” M loudly spoke. “I need to speak with you, and I need you to hear me. So get up.”  She gestured at the men with her. They assisted Mew to a sitting position. “Get him a drink, you are going to drink a cup of tea while I speak with you… do you hear me?”  Mew nodded.  Anything to get rid of her.

“Mew, you know I care about you? I had to make a calculated decision to complete the mission.  It took longer than I anticipated to wrap it up.  But it is done.” She took a deep breath as she sat across from Mew.  She took both his hands in her hands.  “This hasn’t been easy.” He watched her face.  She looked guilty.

What have you done?” he asked.

“Mew---Gulf isn’t dead.”  Mew shook his head, sure he misheard her. 

What did you say?”

“Gulf isn’t dead.”   Before she could finish her thought, he grabbed her by her coat.  Fire lit his eyes.

“Explain….” He said in a deadly voice.  M went on to update him.  Mew flew off the sofa.

Take me to him” M nodded at the men to follow Mew and take him to Gulf. 

Mew’s mind was racing a mile a minute.  He couldn’t believe the level of deception.  His love was alone, and she hadn’t told anyone…. Not his family? Not Mew?   He raged in his head.

He flew out of the car running.  The men around him led him to the door.  He stopped, he took a deep breath.  Behind this door was Gulf.  Mew opened the door, unsure what he would find.


The room was bathed in bright sunlight.  Lying on the bed was Gulf.  Mew slowly approached.  He looked like he was sleeping.  Like sleeping beauty.  So very beautiful.  Mew extended his hand to touch him.  He was warm, he could see his chest move up and down.  This wasn’t a hallucination.  Sobs erupted from his chest.  He grabbed Gulf pulling him into a hug.

“My good boy, oh God.  I thought you were gone. I love you… Oh, I am sorry I am so late getting here.” Mew whispered over and over as he hugged Gulf.  He pulled back and kissed his face.  There was no response from Gulf. His arms hung limply. Mew caressed his face as he gently laid him back.  He wept and wept.  He felt a hand patting his back.  He looked over at M.  She looked like she had aged as she watched in sadness. 

“I will never forgive you, never," he told her with venom in his voice.

He sat there day and night.  He talked to Gulf about how he envisioned their life together. He read books to him.  He begged him to come back to him.  He wouldn’t leave.  Friends brought him clothes and food.  He tried to get his strength back.  He needed to get strong and be the man Gulf needed when he woke up.  He had a vague sense of time.

It was evening, the room was dimly lit.  Mew had fallen asleep with his head on the edge of the bed while holding Gulf’s hand.  He smiled in his sleep as he felt a hand run through his hair.  In his dream, it was Gulf petting his head.  Awareness came slowly.  There was a hand stroking his hair.  He slowly lifted his head.  Gulf was looking at him. His hand gently caressing his hair. 

“Are you really awake?” Mew asked, not sure he was really seeing Gulf awake.  Maybe he was just overtired.

“Mmm,” a low hoarse voice came out of Gulf as he nodded.  “Wha….”

“Oh my God… Gulf….. oh God..” Mew spoke as he rained kisses all over Gulf’s face.  “You came back to me, baby.”  Mew rang the bell.  Staff entered the room.  Physicians came in. Assessments were done. They pushed Mew out of the room.  He paced in the hall like a caged lion.  Finally, they came out.

“He is remarkably good.  His voice is hoarse and his muscles are weak but neurologically he is intact.  He is asking for you Mew.  Be gentle he has to build up his strength.” Mew nodded

He approached the bed. Gulf was looking up at him. They stared at each other. Mew sunk into the chair next to the bed.

“You thought you could get rid of me?” Gulf said. 

What… I was ready to follow you…” Mew replied.

“I am harder to get rid of.  I told you I was in this for good.  You just didn’t trust me.”

“Well, I didn’t give you many reasons for you to trust me.  I am sorry…. For everything.”

“Stop, no pity parties, thank you very much. I just returned from the dead. I know what I want, and I am not stopping until I get it.” Gulf replied. 

“Care to share?”

Not now…. I just need to know you will be here when I wake up.”

I am not going anywhere… I left MI6.” He replied quietly. Gulf took that information in. He had so much to plan. He remembered his conversation with his Grammy.  Maybe one day he would share it with Mew.

Are you happy about that?”

“I am relieved. But I’ve been in a dark place for a long time. My sunshine was gone.  But now it is back so….”

“Gah.. you are so cheesy…. Stop!” Gulf laughed. “Sunshine my ass….They are moving me to a rehab hospital tomorrow.  It will mean busy days.  I want to get strong and get out of here.”

“Yes.. you will need all your strength back for what I have planned for you,” Mew couldn’t resist replying, wiggling his eyebrows. Gulf threw his pillow at him. 

“Enough…. I am tired… go home. Take a shower. Get sleep in a bed.” Gulf replied yawning.

“Yes sir….. Gulf—seriously… Thank you for coming back to me.  I love you.” He said with tears in his eyes.

“I love you too” Gulf replied. “I am glad you stayed for me.  I know what you were planning. So thank you for being here.”  Mew kissed him gently. “See you in the morning.”  Gulf closed his eyes. Tomorrow was the beginning of his life with Mew.


Chapter Text

Gulf laid his head back down thinking of the man doing the banging.  His husband. Annoying as hell and full of energy.  He had earned his nickname as Tigger for a reason.  He always had an exorbitant amount of energy.  Gulf on the other hand was the chilled one.  He made it his life mantra to take it easy.  Not much could agitate him. His entire perspective had changed after his near-death experience.  He knew what was on the other side.  But he also learned that he had to embrace every single second of this wonderful life with Mew.  It hadn't been easy getting to this point.  He thought back to the rough days in the rehabilitation facility.  He had banned Mew from visiting except for two hours on the weekends.    Mew had whined and pouted.  Who would have ever thought a former MI6 agent would pout? He should have taken pictures and posted them on his Instagram account.  Mew would have killed him for sure if he had done that.  During the downtime he had he plotted and planned.  He called in favors especially from the guilt-ridden M.  He had seen in his dreams the house where they would live.  He purchased a small farm on the outskirts of London.  The cottage was everything he dreamt of.  It was a stretch to call it a cottage. It was actually a manor house.  Tomato, Tamato Gulf thought.  He made sure it had a music room, an exercise room, and a library all set up.  He knew Mew loved to make music, to keep fit, and to read.  This house was going to be his gift to Mew.  He kept in mind things he wanted as well.  He made sure the kitchen was big and inviting, they had a garden with a patio for entertaining.  He had envisioned their friends and family coming over.  He made sure there was an extra bedroom that he secretly wanted as a nursery at some point.  He also included what he thought was the best-kept secret... a hidden room off the library.  There he had made sure Mew and he would be able to act out any fun fantasies they had.  That had been a challenge to work on without everyone knowing its intent. So he had Xander do it for him.  It had turned out beautifully.  

Gulf stretched on the bed, his mind drifting again.  The beginning of their new life came on a gorgeous May day.  The sun was out, and the air was warm.  Mew had picked him up at the hospital.  He had taken Gulf to his apartment to get him settled.  Gulf had sent Mew home telling him to meet him tomorrow.  So the following day Gulf pulled up in a rented car to drive Mew to their new home. 

“Hey, you ready to go?”

Where are we going again? I thought we could... you know… get reacquainted,” Mew said suggestively wiggling those eyebrows of his.

“Yeah, in your dreams lover boy.. I have other plans. And they don’t involve sex.” Gulf replied.  Mew full-on pouted.  The drive took about an hour with them talking throughout. Mew had a thousand questions about Gulf’s rehab and Gulf had a thousand questions about how Mew left MI6. Gulf noticed their surroundings as the car slowed.

“Ok, Mew… I need you to trust me, okay?”  Mew looked at him, slowly nodding. Gulf took out a blindfold and put it on Mew.  “Shhh, I promise you will like it.  Trust me.” He whispered. They got out of the car. Gulf took his hand, intertwining their fingers. He watched their steps as he took him up the stone path. He stopped in front of the manor house.  He took off the blindfold. Mew blinked and looked around. He had the wrinkle that he got between his eyes when he was trying to figure out something. Gulf grasped both his hands and had Mew face him.  He had thought about what he would say but he was nervous. His self-doubt hit but he took a deep breath and forged ahead.

“Mew, Since I met you, my life has changed.  I have experienced more in the past few years than most people do in a lifetime. Some have been really good, and some have really been bad.  But the one constant that came from this is my love of you.  Once I accepted that I loved you and gave my heart, I found my purpose.  I was lucky enough to have met my Grammy on the other side.  She pushed me to come back to you.  So what you see in front of you is a humble man who loves you with his whole heart, what you see around you is yours.  A place to rest your head, to dream, and always know that you have a home.  You physically have a home, and you have a home here in my heart,” Gulf pointed at this chest. He then pointed at Mew’s heart. “My home is with you, wherever you are.”

Mew stood speechless.  Tears welled in his eyes.  This beautiful man standing in front of him was his.  To love and cherish.  He looked around and couldn’t believe the house in front of him. 

“How did you do this?”

Well, that if for me to know and you to never know…” Gulf laughed. “It wasn’t easy, but I dreamt of this for us. Mew, I love you.”  Gulf guided him up the steps to their home.   He gave Mew a tour.  When they made it to the master bedroom with the king-sized bed in the center-facing the large windows that overlooked their meadows he blushed.  Gulf imagined all the things they could do in that bed.

“I had most of our stuff moved in, I am surprised you didn’t notice all the missing clothes and books… we will have to finish the move ourselves,” Gulf said.  Mew opened the walk-in closet and saw his clothes.

“Gulf, I am speechless.  How will I ever compete with this?  This is beyond any dream I had for us. I never had a home.  I never thought I could have a home.” Mew spoke quietly. Gulf came up to him and gave him a back hug, snuggling close.  He kissed the nape of Mew’s neck.  He pressed his body flush against his back. Mew felt how hard he was and smiled.

Mmm, soooo, dooo you…” he couldn’t finish his sentence as he turned around capturing Gulf’s lips in a deep kiss.  He pulled him as close as possible without them melding together.  His hands cupped Gulf’s ass. “God, I have missed you so much, I want you…” he murmured.

“I want you too, do what you want to do… I have been waiting,” Gulf said in return.  Mew lost control. He drowned himself in Gulf’s mouth, his hands roaming all over his body. He wanted to touch everywhere.  He wanted to kiss all of this man.  Gulf returned the passion with his own.  If he could have absorbed Mew into his body, he would have.  Clothes flew across the room and soon two beautifully naked men were wrapped in each other.   

“I want you Gulf, I want you to have everything of me. I want to be totally yours.”

Mew- you already are. Everything that you are is mine.  Your arrogance, your vulnerability, your ability to make me feel safe, to make me laugh, your loyalty, your kindness.  I will protect your heart.” Mew realized there was no rush. He was going to worship every inch of his man.  Gulf was his, now and forever.  Gulf embraced all the feelings overwhelming him.  He loved this man. He knew they both had their faults and that their life wouldn’t always be happy, but he was willing to sacrifice for him.  He knew that he would take his last breath with Mew holding his hand.

Mew’s hands roamed over his body; his lips followed.  His warm mouth surrounded Gulf’s cock, licking, and sucking.  Gulf felt like he was having an out-of-body experience. He couldn’t keep his moans in.

“That’s it, baby, your sexy moans drive me crazy,” Mew said

 “Please, don’t stop” Gulf couldn’t have formed a complete sentence if his life had depended on it. Mew’s fingers found his crease and played with his hole.  Gulf spread his legs allowing Mew access to his body.  Mew played him like a fine instrument bringing him to the brink over and over. 

Oh God, please, I need you in me…. I don’t want to cum without you in me,” Gulf begged.  Mew moved up his body, cradling Gulf’s face.

“I love you Gulf, with all that I am and all that I will be,” Mew said as he pushed into Gulf.  He watched as Gulf felt him enter. Gulf’s eyes widened then glazed over.  Mew began to move his hips. Gulf thrust up to meet him.

“I am not a girl, I won't break. I need you, Mew…” he cried out.  Mew pushed his knees back and let loose. Gulf felt every inch of him.  He egged Mew on to go faster and harder.  Mew obliged.  Soon both were dripping in sweat, Gulf was seated on Mew with his legs wrapped around him.  He knew he was close.

How does it feel?” Mew asked, “You know that I belong to you, body, mind, and soul”

Gulf’s eyes widened, “Unreal, I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

“It’s real,” as he grazed his lips over Gulf’s. “I love you.”

Gulf’s eyes fluttered shut, trying to contain his emotions.

“I love who you are as a man, your smile, your laugh, the sexy sound you make when I do this,” Mew said as he kissed behind his ear making him moan. “Yes, that. I love it all. But I love how you are a man who persevered and beat the odds of life yet have stayed positive. You opened your heart to me and now I give you mine.” When Mew raised his eyes to look at him, Gulf opened his eyes and replied.

“You… I love you too. So much... It’s—God, I can’t even speak right now.”  Gulf picked up his pace until he came all over Mew who quickly followed.

And so they began their happily ever after.  Mew still struggled with PTSD and learning to forgive himself. His road was not easy. Gulf was there to help him during the dark times knowing that the light would come.  A year later, Mew asked Gulf to marry him.  Happily, Gulf said yes. They married in a quiet ceremony on their property surrounded by family and friends.  Love won! 

On quiet nights Gulf would find himself out in their garden looking at the stars.  He thanked God for all the gifts he had been given. He was happy with the spy who loved him.